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Archives: November 28, 2005

American messianic nationalism & the fall of Cheney

The Nation: The Plight of Public Universities

"A Very Accident Prone Economy"

Why Republicans Are Desperate to Bait the Antiwar Left

Global warming stalks Yosemite

How they silence whistle-blowers .....

Webster Griffin Tarpley on 'Synthetic' Terror.

Know Our Audience: Who Tends to Reject Election Fraud Outright?

Doolittle may be snagged in abramoff investigation........

how hard is it to build your own computer?

hd getting ready to crash?

Research Topic - Crimes of the Contractors

Any Good Liberal Religious Sites?

Rove the cheapskate

This is driving me crazy. What is correct pronunciation of Tournament?

Clerk Refuses To Call Police After Robbery (store policy...)

cigarettes = leading cause of global warming?

SeaHawks 24 NYG 21.....FINAL

Intelligent Design in public schools: Can any of you guys help me...

What would be more frightening?

This "withdrawal from Iraq = surrender" thing

Why is it that....?

A Free Republic soldier rants from Iraq. (heavy)

BRAD BLOG: Confusion, Misreporting on Reports of CA Diebold 'Hack' Test!

AOL Poll: on listening to * give a regular update on Iraq

Ruben Cantu - An innocent man executed in Texas.

Bush is SO Weird....he is SO out of it....he musta got a MIDNIGHT LOBOTOMY

God I miss him

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Intelligent Design in public schools: Can any of you guys help me...

The trouble with earth

Peaceniks v Patriots in fight over war dead

clinton and saddam on impeachment day

How Long, Lord, Will the Apocolpyse of Shrub Go On?

Legalization of Plan B: help get Dems elected?

Aljazeera blog

What is your sexual orientation?

Darn! WalMart boycott canceled.

Is Good Night & Good Luck Showing In Your Area Yet?

US seeks Iran's help to quell unrest in Iraq

A very important factor to keep in mind regarding the Scandal party

Wikipedia's pages for 06 elections - big, handy resource

60 Minutes Plan B segment on right now n/t

TVC's Sheldon Accepted Big Bucks to Support Gambling, Mislead Followers

What's up with the Chuck Hagel lovefest?

Did you see the ads for the new movie, "Fun With Dick and Jane?"

Dogs and cats for fur: Paul McCartney vows never to perform in China.

Sounds like a plan -- but it's just a flip-flop

Pogge's Global Resources Tax? Why not?

George Bailey Takes His Complaints To The Secure And Undisclosed Location.

Edwards didn't want to concede

Why is Condi so angry?

Protestors demand WalMart put CHRIST back in Christmas

I feel like sticking pins in my eyes

Texas Woman Mauled to Death by Six Dogs

Stunning Photos from School of the America's Protest- WOW!!

Report: Iraqis losing out on oil fortune

What are these "freedoms" that Americans hold such a monopoly on?

How was the election stolen?

CBS's one-half of A Tale of Two Americas on 60 Minutes...

Well, my parents' next cars will be Toyotas. No more Ford or GM.

White Turkey Chili Bistro Bistro

White House Iraq withdrawal plan "remarkably similar" to Democrats(Biden)

So what have they got to hide? Official secrets, lies, & the truth

Sniffing for more spoor, Kkkarl

NYT: U.S. Catholics Are Divided Over New Directive on Gays

Guardian: US may use planes as substitute for troops in Iraq.

Pressure Mounts for Sedition Laws to be Delayed--Australia

Police Rethink 'Always Armed' Policy

U.S. says it won't accept any new 'constraints' at Kyoto talks

Pirates Free Ukrainian Ship; Crew Safe (AP)

Opposition leader wins election in Honduras: Poll

Uncle Sam lures more (recruits) from rural Michigan

Hastert challenges Kerry over comments on Murtha

Medicaid Cutbacks Divide Democrats

US may use planes as substitute for troops in Iraq


Family Guy Tonight!

So, we were talking to NSMA, Zomby, and Nini on the phone....

Packers finding new ways to lose

Has this happened to you on DU?

OK, so I'm probably being egotistical, but hear me out.

Mastercard advert on fox football game commercial break

The Giants-Seahawks game better end quickly...

Oh, okay Football fans - You are forgiven

"free" wireless?

The post-game show....

Anyone else watching The Simpsons? (no spoilers)

Milhouse Mussolini van Hauten - LOL!

Sleaziest brand name

Tornados all over Arkansas!

*^&@&$# - two missed field goals in overtime? Finish this fucking thing!

Does FOX have ANY shows that don't say the phrase...


The Cheery Red Tomatoes?

3rd week in a row w/o The West Wing

How bout dem Chargers?

Woody Allen's New Movie, "Match Point", Is About Marital Infidelity...

The War at Home - insane, bizarre, yet funny as hell.


SeaHawks 24 NYG 21.....FINAL

I heard a rumour

Best APOCALYPTIC pop song?

What would be more frightening?

Classmates deaths: Is it anyone's bee's wax?

Well, I turned off The Simpsons tonight

I have $10 left on my Connect Tunes download - recommend some songs

What is Your Wedding Anniversary??

"Family Guy" Thread

Anyone know the AL Governor? I need to plan my vacation.

Anyone got a fave/most hated Christmas commercial yet?

I put oour tree up tonight - who else has their tree up

Who's drinking what? And is this training for the holidays?

"American Dad" thread

Hmmm...listening to "White Riot," by the Clash

If you've pigged out all weekend, why stop now?

LT's 41-yard TD run gives the Chargers a victory over Redskins in OT.

Right now I'm listening to

Things that don't belong! (pic hvy?)

What ORDINARY fact about you do people think is amazing/unbelievable?

Anyone drinking?

Best use of bagpipes in popular music?

One Of These Days, DU Is Going To Break Up My Marriage

And Then my new glasses FINALLY came in...

If they ever make Futurama a movie...

DAMMIT, I'm riled!

Boondocks time!

We're getting POUNDED with freezing rain right now. (It's hell outside)

Do you have a condom? Never mind I got this Milky Way wrapper....

Chicago Vs. New York (pizza)

Family light of Thanksgiving Horror stories....

What is a PSL in Soldier Field worth?

And coming up the rear from the inside is the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

My bud's new toy ..

I want some meat well done! Where are all the grill guys?

I will burn you with my mind. Wooooooooo......

Did Anyone Just See The King Kong Preview on NBC?

Happy Holidays, my shiny metal ass.

I'm holding out for the re-make of "My Mother The Car"

What is your biggest disappointment this holiday weekend?

Dont miss Desperate Housewives Tonight - discussion may be spoilers

there's a blue light in my best friend's room

So now I am the big Bitch in the family...(family rant)

Say hello to my dear, sweet Tiddlywinks

It's 10:00 at night... And I have the front door open to

I want to meet someone

Dennis Leary's Merry $%&in Christmas on Comedy Central

Any one familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

I just brought home a new Honda Civic 2006 EX

This is driving me crazy. What is correct pronunciation of Tournament?

Remember the kid from the movie, "Sling Blade"? Well...

Post two pictures of your current favorite bands.

Andre Reiu...anyone ever heard of him?

My nephew videotaped his first tornado

Just saw "Good Night, and Good Luck."

What is the worst apartment you ever lived in?

I need DU's artistic advice on this

Post your shoe size, toothpaste brand, and towel color in your bathroom.

It's my 500th post and I'm an attention whore!

Calling all GREAT GUYS - Where do you hide?

What's the WORST present you've ever received?

Ex-Cowboy arrested and in other news Eagles file complaint against Cowboys

What is your sexual orientation?

Post something very personal about yourself

Any other "Waterworld" fans?

NSMA and Zomby - Los Angeles Waterfront!

The Godless Constitution

Wasn't there a bible translated straight from the Greek/Aramaic?

The crying Virgin Mary statue.

Scientology Woo-woo base found in New Mexico

The system is irretrievably broken now

'Loony' jibe at US policy over climate (The Observer)

Breeders Crown Results and Video

Trivia time!!!!

I'm having trouble getting my puppy completely house-trained.

Kerry Stands Behind E-Mail on Hastert Comments

Yes, another Boston thread - head count please!

So what have they got to hide? Official secrets, lies, & the truth

Going in to '06, let's remind Republicans - "You Broke It, You Own It."

Humans headed for extinction? Nothing done about global warming...

I'm tired of.....

AOL Poll : Bush

If Kerry won the election,

Bush desperate - about to divide America again, issue latinos

Ending The Drug War?

Congressional District Maps (**bookmark this!**)

Mitch Albom: Koppel leaves a rich legacy

Bush's Expanding 'Fallen Legion'

Fighting Fascism, Then and Now

"don't give the Bushies a moment of peace to regroup their forces..."

"Forum for the Future Ends in Discord" (another *Co failure)

Bush Owns the OSP and the Broken Iraqi Pottery

An Exit Strategy Bush Can’t Ignore By: Joe Conason

Over time, tax-cutting can also harm the rich

Arctic Booms as Global Warming Melts Polar Ice Caps

President McKinley roils passions(statue of Rove's idol catching hell)

Back in Iraqi 'bad guy territory'

NYT: A Judge Tests China's Courts, Making History

50 Cent calls bush 'a gangsta'

Topeka Mayor Now Highest-Ranking Non-Indicted Republican Official

The Grave Threat of the Bush Administration - Paul Craig Roberts

If you read any long OP today, read this Judith Coburn on Busco's crimes

Jim Kunstler: Season's Greetings

Wampumgate - A School for Scandal

Padilla case is warning to all Americans

"We are deputizing the military to spy on law-abiding Americans....'

The Man With the Inside Scoop - the once respected Bob Woodward

Cindy getting slammed for US, deserves support POLL link

CSM: The Iraq story: how troops see it ('We made it better than it was')

Has this been posted yet? (Rove may be indicted-Truthout)

Jesus Rejected Violence

Fascism Then. Fascism Now?

John Leo is irrelevant

Walmart sponsored paper/conference concludes Walmart good for US

U.S. Home Sales Fall More Than Forecast; Unsold Homes Reach 18-Year High

yield curve partially inverts

Study offers a dire prediction for waterfowl population

Coal mine accident in China kills 68 people.

Canada Talks Tough On Climate, But Emissions Nearly 25% Over 1990 Levels

Yellowstone's Cutthroat Trout Populations In Trouble - ENN

Sea Level Rising At 2X Rate Of 150 Years Ago - Science, 25 November

Bold New Bush Parks Plan - Corporate Sponsorships, Minimal Ethics

Argonne National Laboratory Ethanol Study: Key points

Solar tweaks to reach large-scale production.

CO2 Levels Highest In 650,000 Years, Antarctic Ice Cores Show - CSM

The best solution to a world oil crisis...

Stirling Energy Systems (SES) mirrors to power CA's 500MW and 300MW Solar

Report: Iraqis losing out on oil fortune (Al Jazeera)

Mubarak: Only Sharon can make peace with Palestinians

Shin Bet: Hamas charity network funded terror activities in Jenin

Barcelona & Jerusalem

Poll: Hanegbi most corrupt minister; PM makes top five

Israeli Islamist mulls joining Kadima

Fatah ousts old guard in Palestinian poll

Kadima supporters and the road map

E.U. won't press Israel on Barghouti

U.S. Supreme Court declines to block judgment against PLO, PA over deaths

Cub, parrots snatched from zoo

EU, Arab nations locked in dispute over anti-terrorism code - Haaretz

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood chief: We don't recognize Israel, but won't fig

Report says Israel should dismantle nuclear weapons

The EU thinks that Israel wants "to complete the annexation" of Jerusalem

Indira Singh- Ptech, Bohemian Grove, 9/11, Child Slaves & Bush

I Was Never 100% Sure Until I Saw THIS

Intellectuals protest Egypt poll fraud

Hey, Guys! A thread in GD needs your help. Poster is asking

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News MONDAY 11/28/05

Diebold (DBD) security woes on Yahoo Finance page

Fitrakis and Wasserman to brief Congressional Progressives

Diebold posters...making the point with theater and humor that bites:

Further Humboldt Implications of the GAO Elections Report

Electronic Frontier Foundation just Won a Case For Voting Rights in NC!

Small point about holding the corporate media accountable.

Bradblog: MSM distorts report on CA SoS Diebold hack test

Here's How We Do Paper Ballots

Mark Crispin Miller - WOW!

Further Humboldt Implications of the GAO Elections Report

Cunningham expected to plead guilty in federal probe

Randy, Cuningham (duke the repuke) pleads guilty & resigns!

More Braley in QC Times

Someone tell Nussle to give Duke's money back!

So, everyone still think Iowa's status safe? Not me!

Hello from storm central in Detroit Lakes!

Stephanie Studebaker will run for Ohio U.S Congress 3rd District


Has Kucinich made an endorsement...?

More on Denny White Quits and Ohio Dems Possible Rebirth

Petro running fundie tv ads

No Thanksgiving for Austin Postal Workers

Major David Harris on Air America Tomorrow!

Mary Denny (R-Flowermound) will not seek reelection to TX House

Final Drinking Liberally-Houston for 2005 is this Thursday

Shady Donors Funnel Money To Wisconsin Governor Candidates

Recall group aims to grow, take on Doyle

CNN: Part of the marble fascade of the Supreme Court has collapsed.

Our Dear Laura Takes Delivery of the WH Tree ---pix->>>

How would you compare Mccarthur to the chimp?

Price of Iran Electricithy Exported to Iraq Will Rise

Tookie Williams clemency - can anyone tell me....

I keep watching the Katrina animal rescues and reunions

All you complaining about the corporate media.....

Local Pastors involve themselves in stem cell research

anyone remember the teenage muslim class president who was detained?

Has England announced a withdrawal?

An eye-opening speech by Bill Clinton for Democrats

"How is honor possible in a war like the one in Iraq?"

For imediate release

The Whacks are back! - "Teen allegedly kidnaps girl for demonic ritual"

Global warming equals weapons of mass destruction: scientist

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death

A law the Stasi would have loved: Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

Political Humor Poll -- What's your favorite Bushism?

Even men are abused in relationships

For the Freeper F*** nabbed earlier...

Saw I commercial on TV...

Stay the Course Man!

GOP says Dems Vet Strategy 'Just a Bunch of Hoopla'

Please Canadian DUers...Make a garden of...

T shirt Idea Support Stem Cell research

Tenn. School Confiscates Student Newspapers

Black friday Sales UP 22%

Video of Contractors in Iraq Firing on Civilians (dupe)

bush covers ears & says, 'La la la la la la la la--I can't heeeear you"...

Butler 'a servant of America', Scott Ritter about Australia's Butler

USA Today: For poor, housing wait gets longer

IRAQ: Ahwazi refugees told it might be best for them to leave the country

I just brought home a new Honda Civic 2006 EX

Mad at "60 minutes" programs, CNN report, wondering about Grey's..

It's not just the layoffs, it's the other business affected

Did anyone see the SNL skit on New Orleans/Katrina Saturday? Link? Video?

Help! I need right-wing talking points!

Student Loan Financial Insecurity

CNN Transcript Doctoring Of Krugman Interview Yesterday...

LOL Great LTTE - this says it all!!

Bush ain't no Roosevelt and never will be the

Another Time reporter to testify about conversations with Rove's lawyer

A Bush Haiku

How come this Woodward quote hasn't come up more

Egyptian vote could be bad news for U.S.

Ugandan Women Raise Money for Katrina Relief

Feingold: U.S. Due for 'Cheesehead' Prez

What Can 20,000 Liberty Activists Accomplish in New Hampshire?

Latest affirmation of my decision to leave the Catholic church...

Two Congressmen Hurt in Iraq Vehicle Flip

So, suppose the Dem's came out against the Iraq occupation en masse....

Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity

How much was/is your student debt/loans when you graduated?

Repubs are suggesting that all we need is about 6 more months of war...

Monday morning, sober as a judge, thinking clearly and loving every

Where is the Bush Pina Colada song posted?

List of "preliminary charges" against Saddam Hussein & other info

"Loony" jibe at US policy over climate (The Observer)

Does anyone actually believe we'll survive 3 more years???

Tokyo Rose Schmidt must resign now!

For propaganda to be effective, it takes 3 to 6 months....

Are there any studies that show the correlation between...

Do you think Jon Stewart knows?

S. Edmonds Case Rejected by USSC: Facade of Buildg Collapses. Coincidence?

Mark Warner, Governor of Virginia, on The Charlie Rose Show tonight

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A bit about Danny Goldberg, CEO of Air America

Does Bush go to church every Sunday?

They've broken Iraq

Chertoff on MSNBC talking about the border

I am learing about some new DOD stuff

Man Accused Of Kidnapping Children To Perform Demonic Ritual

It you haven't seen Raw Story front page and need a reason

death penalty - what no one speaks about

Famous People you use to love and respect but now YOU HATE

I Ripped off a Scab Last Night


Ramsey Clark speaks for me

Another Conspirator in CasinoGate - Louis Sheldon

Patrick Fitzgerald looks like he's about to Hiccup

Driver Fatigue May Be Behind Bush Crash

the person subing for Springer is great

Mafia informer asked to solve mystery of stolen Caravaggio

David Swanson: A Congressman for Impeachment

Special delivery at front door of White House --->

I've had enough of this - Bring UN into the US

TvNewsLIES Radio Live.... Now On Line.

Ex-FEMA Chief To Do Disaster Consulting

Missing Strawberry Ice Cream at the White House...Bush infuriated

TIME >>> Bush to Rally the (GOP) Troops

Do Y'All Really Want Bush Out, Or Just Saying So?

VIDEO-William Odom "What's Wrong with Cutting and Running?"

Caption this Katherine Harris pic...

New Poll Shows that Every Rationale Amercican Wants New President for Xmas

$500,000 Bonus for employees (Goldman Sachs)

I've come to liberate your Soul. Freedom does comes with a price.

yield curve partially inverts

The Supreme Court Crumbles

The Wagon is Waiting for him!

Latest Scientology craziness....New Mexico news report irks faithful.....

Forgive me father for I have sinned.....

I was Anti-bush when Anti-Bush wasn't cool.

Book - Thank You, President Bush

Bernie Sanders has the right idea

USA Today predicts *s disastrous future

Global warming causing dramatic changes in Yosemite.

Rummy DID advocate war against Iraq. Remember. this?

Has Syriana opened anywhere? Anyone seen it? n/t

Rep. Al Green Dem TX--saying need to the the right thing-for Katrinia

This will make you cry, furious, ashamed, and wonder if you could

The ULTIMATE BushCo Metaphor...Supreme Court building facade collapses

Interesting Katrina side effect

Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham to Plead Guilty to Tax Violations

Last Chance For Love

Nothing like RNC consistency...

A "Gay Gene" equals a genetic defect?

Viveca Novak vs. Robert Novak

Or so he thinks... ---pix->>>

Fairy Tale for the RW'ers - Bush and Cheney

an interesting thought : detainees as props


I rally wonder why this is not discussed on DU

Look What Your Tax Dollars are Being Spent On.... torphy video

what the heck is an "insurgent" anyway?

What if the Bush Administration was a murder suspect on trial?

Dissecting a fundie freeper post....

House GOP Rep (Cunningham) Pleads Guilty To BRIBERY (Among Other Things)

Steve Bell: On Bush and Al-Jazeera

Just out - San Diego-Area Rep. Cunningham Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

MSNBC's O'Donnell claimed Bush is seen as authentic; polls say otherwise

What happened to Mel Gibson?

Choosing the time to die - Suicide and the Elderly

For a good time, err, laugh: Uncyclopedia's "Ann Coulter" article

"Yet, the most apt depiction of the President and his minions is that ...

Thanking them for their service

John Dickerson, another * apologist, has changed his tune

Interview with Vatican reporter John Allen, author of Opus Dei:... on Now

Where is Haig when you need him?

Did you catch Cunningham's conference? Crying about how he LIED..

CNN axed Aaron Brown -- are they now wasting Anderson Cooper?

Well, when will we invade Egypt to spread freedom and democracy?

Hmm...Wikipedia changed its article on the World Trade Center bombing

If I believed media, I'd believe Clinton deserved impeachment, that Gore

U.S. Farmers Use (lethal) Pesticide Despite Treaty

With increasing evidence that there's a crazy man in our WH, will anyone..

Ed Schultz...just had a coronary on-air here in Austin.

Staying in Iraq because of past deaths is inconsistent with...

Atlanta school to pilot BellSouth learning initiative

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Asia’s Poor Build U.S. Bases in Iraq (Halliburton)

if you're not ashamed to be an american right now, you should be.

Programming notice: "Unconstitutional" on Sundance

Tonight on Countdown ! (11-29-05)

Anyone Seen the Paul Hackett article...

Who is next? First Cunningham, but who is next DeLay?

Are you a gay or straight DUer?

"Duke" Cunningham case: the Repubs MUST have all been convinced that

Duke Cunningham was just another tool of the Military Industrial Complex.

Border Patrol uniforms - Hecho en Mexico

Replying to a Freeper - list of Bush/top GOP officials who were

Cyber Monday. Now they are just making shit up.

I used to be offended by DeLay et al's access for GOP lobbyists ONLY

Help me debunk a freeper email!

Cnn Situation Room to have Duke's resignation

The second domino . . .

50 Cent thinks Bush is "incredible"

Rhandi reported troop staying in till 2009

WSJ: Dividends, Buybacks Set New Benchmark for Largess

We may win a majority in 06, but nothing may change

Pray for our Fearless Leader

Who is/was the most incompetent--The Chimp or The Gipper?

WSJ: In Iraq's War Zones, Therapists Take On Soldiers' Trauma

TOON: Cheney's Thanksgiving

another one bites the dust

Missouri Catholic direct sermons to fight exempt status?

RW'ers boycott Pro-Choice, Pro-GLBT orgs

Sad commentary on our ME options

NPR--"The president is the voice of moderation on the subject

since there is no future, other than the rapture, anything goes

I just called the DoD regarding the casualty discrepancy

Happy Birthday Jon Stewart!

Newspaper is off stands at a school in Tennessee

Didn't the British govt Stipulate to the accuracy of the Al Jazera ...

Who is Susan Ralston?

Bush Just Said "Border agents are deploying new aerial technology....

Why They Hate Us

I need to bitch -- Thanksgiving prayer was political

New to DU (sorta)

U.S. Catholics Are Divided Over New Directive on Gays

"Life" BOYCOTT expands: Komen Breast Cancer foundation, Nike, Tommy...

If you type 'FAILURE' into google and then hit "i feel lucky", gues what?

An example of sheer arrogance

Monday: Pentagon says more capable Iraqi battalions >> Wednesday: * speech

Have law suits been filed against the corp msm shills for their lie's?

2006 Election theme.....R.I.G.

How are the right-wing talking heads spinning the Cunningham debacle?

Iraq vets are coming back to run as Democrats.

Rep. Cunningham resigns

Religious Group pays reporters to put Bible verse in secular publications

Tweety interviews Mike Wallace....talking about Westmoreland Lies Re:

Paper ballots and hand counts...Nothing more, nothing less,,,,,NOW!!! n/t

Evolution controversy boosts sales of niche products

Why are all the RW hatemongers screaming about "Happy Holidays" being used

Democrats to Hold Meeting in New Orleans

Dark day: Supreme Court rejects FBI linguist's Sibel Edmonds appeal

A What If Poll

Little Lord Pissypants arrives in AZ ---pix->>>

Duke quotes. geesh

Mother's diet can influence a child's taste, says study

Global warming equals weapons of mass destruction: scientist

USA Today: Flight diverted after passenger smokes, urinates in aisle

We need a warning chart/scale for Civil War in America

2.4 million dollars in bribes...Randy 'Duke' Cunningham should cry.

Specter on Santorum--"He's the presumptive favorite"

NEVER underestimate the power of a makeover

Dayum!!! Anyone see Cafferty reading viewer emails?

White House Christmas Theme....."All Things Bright and Beautiful"

YAHOO/AP: Missouri Priests Urge Opposition on Stem Cells

A nice NASA page.

Do you think the crumbling statues where the Supreme Court

Hardly needs DUing, but have at it anyway. Lou Dobbs poll:

Is there a General brave enough to disable Bush**'s "nuclear football"?

PHOTO >> Bush: Whatchya got down yer sleeve? >>>

Okay, did anyone see that video on Randi's website?

Has the Canadian Parliament had the Confidence vote in Martin yet?

Concerned Kansas Parents Want Books Removed from Curriculum

US Govt lacks ways to gauge wins against terrorism

It isn’t Vietnam that is the model for Iraq…it is Enron.

American Hiroshima – the next 9/11?

Investigations Involving Congress Members

Important: Any buzz on major combat in Iraq?

Shields editorial nails "Free-Market" hypocrisy (PBS/WSJ)

I heard something about the Iraq war that really disturbed me...

Can I watch Canada's Parliament online? The Government is going to fall...

PHOTO: Bush "calling the troops" on Thanksgiving....crying here

Breaking?: Wilkerson takes on Cheney (from AP)

bush is a prisoner now, like howard hughes in his last days

Another FIrst Class Bush Appointee

Last story at "Freerepublick" Duke Pleads Guilty

"Use of Chemical in Iraq Ignites Debate" ...DEBATE???

Binka was just on Marc Maron...Morning Sedition!!!

Is Bush a reincarnated Herman Goering? You decide:

The stupidest RW Belief of all...

Jeb hires woman fired in Minnesota for education job, pays her $152,000.

Poor George ---pix->>>

A letter to the Editor sent to rebuke a WINGNUT

Are you an observer or an activist?

Palosi response (on msnbc)--Duke is part of Repug culture of corruption

Herbert: "To continue sending people to their deaths under these ...

Hmm....The Bush Family cookbook.....

Juan Cole clues Bush in on how kindly history will view him

I'll give one thing to *, he's mastered the "photo op"

Pelosi Statement on Resignation of Congressman Cunningham

This WAS a DUer's car

New cybercrime treaty. If I were you, I'd develop carpal tunnel quickly.

Freeper's "Iraqi Civilian Casualty Fable" and my response

Is America pro-life or strongest-only?

So how many "execution orders" did Bush sign as governor of TX?

Ted Rall cartoon from last week

Greetings from Kabul

Talk about weird weather

Canadians 13 minute until the confidence vote! Edit: goverment falls

Are we forgetting Louisiana's Katrina victims

I have a HUGE question about the pre-war intel on Iraq.

Post your Cafepress shop URL

SammyBlue's Top Ten Conservative Idiots of the Week

Innocent man serving life in prison

Board game created based on the Iraq War

Level of devastation in New Orleans: Does the rest of the nation "get it"?

Biden's running for president. What's your opinion of him?

the die hard bush/war supporters apparently haven't seen the pictures

Wearing Satan's jersey to Wal-Mart

Maron Just Said Morning Sedition Is OVER!

A nice effect of Hurricane Katrina?

Nasal Spray Arouses Women's Desire To Have Sex In Minutes

My letter to the herald- need help trimming and puncutation.

Neighbor issue

VIDEO-Duke Cunningham Caught and Crying Like a Baby

Laura Bush just wished everyone "Happy Holidays" (twice) on live TV (CNN)

Attn: Freepers - Please don't read this post. (Limbaugh stuff)

If "Freedom isn't Free",then why don't corporations and the rich pay taxes

Tweety apparently thinks we are all "whack-jobs"

Please help Un-Freep this (Bush country) poll on the Alito nomination

Age of Anxiety

Dept. of Defense Report today has 130 extra US deaths...2,245 total

Elderly Texas woman killed by her neighbor's dogs

Why are all the RW hatemongers screaming about "Happy Holidays" being used

Plea for Bruce Springsteen

Franklin D. Roosevelt “The Economic Bill of Rights”

unemployed / underemployed What's your excuse for not looking for work?

This week on The Daily Show

WTF? Caretaker Of Crawford Ranch Has Psychotic Breakdown???

Forget who you want as President, who do you THINK will get the

Ed Schultz...just had a coronary on-air here in Austin.

All of my Photoshop satires and parodies collected in one place...


So, I'm watching live coverage of the Saddam trial,

Cunningham's statement: Not good news for the K St gang and others

11/28 *** URGENT*** 15 Days to STOP the EXECUTION!

Does anyone else SOMETIMES fell like DU gets too LEFT?

Department of Defense Suddenly& Silently Increases Iraq Death Toll

Let's say your child has to write a letter to bush for school.

Stripes letter: War based on a lie


Why do Republican Conservatives HATE America?

Katherine Harris - part of Duke Cunningham's bribery scandal?

Susan Ralston: Traitorgate, Abramoff scandal, AND election theft witness?

Moyers: The Admin Turned Its Hitmen Loose on Us

Anti-war Democrat takes on Hillary

Where is Scott McClellan?

Seymour Hersh article is now online ---->>>

Digby's recommended reading: "A Clean Break: A New Strategy ...

Favorite Christmas Cookies

Need Cake Recipes -Specifically for specialty cake pans

This sounds so good - Sugar Plum Pudding Cake

Canada's Dollar Rises as Traders Focus on Economy, Not Politics

WP,pg1: Afghans Confront Surge in Violence

Two Congressmen (Murphy - R(PA) Skelton - D(MO) Hurt in Iraq Vehicle Flip

Second Time Reporter To Testify In (CIA) Leak Case

Salt Lake Trib: Three people in Utah file suit to marry as a trio

BBC Breaking: Reports of Britons killed in Iraq

"Janitors' Drive in Texas Gives Hope to Unions" - NY Times

Poll: Americans back abortion limits, oppose ban

As Calls For Pullout Rise, Two Political Calenders Loom Large: NYT

NYT: As Calls for an Iraq Pullout Rise, 2 Political Calendars Loom

Iraq Qaeda slams Zarqawi family for disowning him

King Abdullah: The War in Iraq Served Iran

Iraqi president angry at claim that abuse is 'worse than before'

Fatah ousts old guard in Palestinian poll

EU May Suspend Nations With Secret Prisons

Met (Police) chief faces inquiry over shooting (de Menezes cover up)

American Citizen Reported Missing in Iraq

Supreme Court Facade collapses

CNN: Part of the marble fascade of the Supreme Court has collapsed.

Part of the marble facade on the US Supreme Court building collapsed

All disquiet on West Wing front (NY Daily News)

Report says Israel should dismantle nuclear weapons

Congress acts to let wounded soldier to keep her on-duty dog (Rex)

BBC: Four Westerners kidnapped in Iraq

Priests urge stem cell opposition (Missouri Resolution)

"Forum for the Future Ends in Discord" (another *Co failure)

Bush plans anti-illegals campaign

Arctic Booms as Global Warming Melts Polar Ice Caps

Saddam confronts trial judge

Rock Hall of Fame Announces Inductees (Sabbath, Miles, Sex Pistols!)

Companies Face Penalty Over Asbestos Disposal (friends of Jeb & *

LAT: Octane's Allure Hurt by High Cost

Britain ponders maintenance of nuclear weapons

Saddam Trial Resumes, Then Is Postponed

Iran Revolutionary Guards chief vows to defeat U.S. in Iraq

Iraqis protest for and against Saddam

Petrol giant denies exploiting Katrina

Afghan Government: U.S. ‘Very Lenient‘ (punishment for burning bodies)

FEMA won't release hurricane survey data

Testimony from Rove's former assistant may solidify case that he misled...

Mugabe sweeps senate polls

Still No U.S. Comment On CIA Jails

NYT: Being Quoted 'on the Record' on What You Might Have Said

Pentagon: consensus grows on Iraq force cuts

Merck announces (7,000) job cuts, restructuring (1/2 in US)

California Congressman Admits Taking Bribes (and Resigns!)

(UK) Naked marines bullying video 'not typical'

Piece of marble moulding on U.S. Supreme Court building falls

Cunningham resigns! Hallelujah

Crooked congressman admits receiving bribes

US lacks ways to gauge wins against terror - report

Syrian witness says Hariri's son forced him to lie

(SFGate )San Diego-area Rep. Cunningham pleads guilty to conspiracy

Ed Schultz...just had a coronary on-air here in Austin.

Sunni politicians, bodyguard killed in Iraq

Jordan seeks death penalty for Zarqawi in chemical plot

Recruits hear Marines' call to duty, honor

LAT: Hot on Parkinson's Trail (pesticide exposure as a cause)

Officials wary of border uniforms made in Mexico (Security Concern)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 28 November

Cunningham Resigns!!

Ex-Powell Aide Criticizes Detainee Effort (bush 'all-powerful'!)

Why are all the RW hatemongers screaming about "Happy Holidays" being used

The Guardian:US may use planes as substitute for troops in Iraq

US Govt lacks ways to gauge wins against terrorism

Pentagon: More Iraqi Battalions Leading Counter-Insurgency

Solar power stays on after hurricane hits

Internet poker licensing advocate exploring ballot initiative

GM to raise India workforce by 30% (Cut 30000 in US)

USA Today: Flight diverted after passenger smokes, urinates in aisle

Venezuela signs Spain arms deal

San Diego-area Rep. Cunningham pleads guilty to bribery, resigns

Investigations Involving Congress Members

RAWSTORY: Testimony from Rove's former assistant may solidify case

For Retailers, Looks Like Holiday Season Off to Strong Start (or not?)

Alito Faulted Government Ethics Office

NYT: Mall Stores See Trouble in Sales Data(discount chain, Web sales rise)

Appeals court upholds decision striking down abortion ban

Timing Entwined War Vote, Election(Daschle)

Georgia bill proposes to allow Ten Commandments display in public

US existing home sales fall 2.7 percent

Democrats to Hold Spring Meeting In New Orleans

White Phosphorus Use Ignites Debate

UP IN THE AIR: Where is the Iraq war headed next? by Seymour Hersh

Blair: no information US planned to bomb Al Jazeera

Democratic panel considers Nevada for January voting/ Party might change

Bush’s Colorado trip seen as pre-emptive strike to help Musgrave

Pennsylvania Congressman Renews Push For Offshore Drilling

(Ted) Turner says Iraq 'no better off' after U.S.-led war

Lieberman 'encouraged' by Iraq visit

(Katherine) Harris' staff quick to quit

Canada's Martin May Fall, Leading to January Vote

Rep. Cunningham to Plead Guilty

John M. Olin Foundation to Close After 52 Years of (RW) Philanthropy

Ban on men sitting next to children

Marble chunk falls from Supreme Court facade

Democrat Gov. Warner rejects Iraq withdrawal date

Rice to seek to defuse prison scandal in Europe

LAT: Border Activists Draw Line in Suburbs (Minutemen target employers)

Poll: Critics hurting U.S. war effort (70% - criticism hurts troop morale)

Mass eyes defiance of "Blue Laws"

McCartney attacks China over fur

Ex-Powell Aide Criticizes Detainee Effort (Wilkerson)

Allawi: Bremer is a Dictator

Bush Says Alien Worker Program Would Stop Illegal Immigration

Supreme Court rejects appeal by fired FBI linguist

March for girl set alight after marriage refusal

Gimme an Rx! Cheerleaders Pep Up Drug Sales

To my Canadian neighbours: Grey Cup

So funny for Thanksgiving.........

Passenger urinates in aisle. "Acted inappropriately."

"I'm the one who found George Bush after Hurricane Katrina"

The perfect day for her and him

I'm watching all four seasons of Farscape and you're not.

It's going to be Monday soon, and I need my top ten fix

texas1928's sig is a hoax!

DU is at 81,000 members!!!

Quick! Post the contents of your clipboard here

Sportscenter "Can the Bears D take them to the Superbowl"?

For: Sean Caller: Mr. Alucard (school?) Message: Interested in Van Halen


Post a pic of your two favorite singers/musician.

I've been bad. LOL. Very bad! I just got an email from the local Demo Club

I'm proud of my "Lounge-like" front page for my news service.

Does anyone else here use a Westclox, wind-up alarm clock?

What did you think of the BIG houses on 60 minutes?

I saw Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" Saturday evening

Whoa! I've gotta Star! Thank you somebody!

I have to wake up and get ready for work in the morning.

You know what kept me up all night: BED BUGS, damn NYTimes article!

What MOVIES do you WISH they'd make sequels to?

Police Involved In Persuit With Gang Of Thieves On Donkey Cart

I have a sock full of hot rice tied to my head. Ask me anything.

Have fun with Bush's freefall

Amtrak Train Strikes Bald Eagle (Eagle Survives)

A question for any Dinosaur buffs out there

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

I woke up for work at 4.45 am ...ask me anything!

Not everybody does it, but everybody should.

Having a hard day back at work?

WV animal shelter needs help

The Iraqi Army goes to the firing range

The world spins so fast -

Somebody on the AP must be a DUer or other disgruntled type.

15 year old gal dies from kiss!

Wooooo-hooo! I just won NaNoWriMo!

Who would have thunk it!! Kimberly Stewart's engagement off after 11days

I hate commitments

MUST HAVE ALBUM: Damien Rice's "O"

remember that image of bush made up of dead soldiers?


Share some of life's little annoyances

One of the funniest smilies.....EVER!

Globe Theatre's Measure for Measure - worth 50 bucks per?

Wife Learns Of Husband's Affair From Family Parrot

Does anyone know the name of the actress that plays sister mary

Rabbis Tell Faithful To Get Rid Of The Internet (Students Could Be Expelle

The Poor Man's Security System:

Honda cured Ham and the evil devil boy (my nightmare weekend)


All rise for the Chairperson's Thanksgiving address (dial up warning)

If I hear that Black-Eyed Peas "My Hump" song one more time ...

I've got a fat roach and I'm going to smoke it

Tourists Gather For 17th Annual Monkey Banquet

This may cheer some of you up


One Family's Thanksgiving Tradition - Pub Crawl

My Gift to the Lounge: Two photos of my home and garden...pic heavy


Giant Scientology symbols visible from space

Want a book idea for gift-giving this holiday season?

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

Lion cub and two (Arabic-speaking) parrots kidnapped from Palestinian zoo

insecureness is a curse

Marble Moulding From Supreme Court Falls To Floor Near Tourists

My sweet daughter gave me the greatest gift of all.

Satanist charged in bizarre kidnap plot

It's official: Romantic love 'lasts just a year'

MORE PHILOSOPHY: This one's a good one!

"The average person spends 2 wks of their life waiting for a streetlight..

it will not fit

The Closer I am to Fine...


I'm dog sitting for a week and any advice is welcome.

New Cartoon!

Hot grits a-flyin' over in GD

Child Safety Group Releases List of “10 Most Dangerous Toys”

Anyone still awake?

I heard that Mr. Miagi died on Thanksgiving....

A Challenge! Rhymes with Orange!

Gather Round Kiddies For sundog's JO'The DAY!

How much Christmas shopping have you done?

Playing hookie and watching "Mailcall" on the History Channel!

Lingering Steve Using Windows Live Model To Get Attention

Check this out - - - >

stupid question here: what happened to "Greatest"??

Gather round kiddies for the madinmaryland joke of the day.

I went to see "Ice Harvest " this weekend

please help settle trivial but furious office argument over 'Rocky 4'

Get in the groove and let the good times roll

The halls of justice are crumbling as well.

Which toe sticks out further, your big toe or the one next to it?

Lingerie Store Using Live Window Models To Get Attention

My 5 yr old wants to know...

Hey...did you hear???

I'm actually excited about writing a paper

Somebody's messing with me

2006 R & R Hall of Fame Inductees - Can You Say Culture Clash?

Stunning incompetence: Redux

I'm listening to Utopia. You are jealous.

Which threads do you see prefer locked?

Should a progressive flee the Titanic, or pierce the belly of the beast?

Rules I can live by!

An old thread that you should read if you love animals!

Police Arrest Ronald MacDonald For Stealing From Wendy's

Do you work from home?

Today's cheerleader/vaginal yeast treatment salesperson profile-Onya

Republican Singles !!!!

The World's Funniest Joke? awkward family moment this holiday weekend!

Better names for Britney Spears' new perfume, Curious

WilliamPitt really pisses me off...always getting the long threads..

Tell me your hemorroid experience.

i really hate it when i make an obscure reference to something in a thread

attn mods my sigline is half the size

Calling all insane, dangerous and mean women - WHERE DO YOU HIDE???

Most embarrassing moment of the past week!

i'm thinking about getting my legs cut off

I was delighted to find at the inlaws...

Is Larry David's "Curb" Running Out Of Steam?

We just saw (finally) Good Night and Good Luck

I only saw 2 W stickers in Orange County California during my visit!

Another toe poll.

Gather Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The DAY!

It's SNOWING!!!!!

Time to play:Foo Fighter or Bears QB?

Who here would say this about himself/herself?

"If the rice is wiggling....

Would you ride this roller coaster.. Pics

I survived driving on the California Freeway system

Is it wrong to laugh while hosing your cats with flea spray?

A Minor Rant - Disneyland

so, who pissed on YOUR Cheerios today?

The Supreme Court is falling apart.

I can't believe Matcom missed this

today is Jon Stewart's birthday

how many protests have you participated in?

Books that make you cry?

No offense to anyone who works for the industry here, but.........

If heterosexual people are called 'straight',

So, what do you smell like?

Advantages of going on vacation

it might rain tomorrow

Going to the dentist tomorrow - need good thoughts

HTML help needed

Well, I'm going to do it

"Carolina cheerleaders and the Fla. teacher to be in special Penthouse..."

When you were a kid, did you ever eat bugs or worms?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What the Hell play is this?? These pictures are waaaay out there


Drat, I didn't even notice that I finally broke 6,000 after more than 10

How can one reason that Clinton's BJ was worse than Bush's war???

Celebrities you loved as a kid that you can't stand today

I am back!

I finally watched The Polar Express.

Who do you give a pass because they're liberal?

Ketchup on hamburgers is vile in every way

Worst drivers in the world out today! Rant.

Guess how many messages were in my email inbox while I was gone!

A question , boys and girls

Lara Logan, CBS News

What lyrics make you go "WTF?!"

Here is a nice NASA page for those who like this sort of thing:

what's your age

The city of Chicago is getting ready to vote on a smoking ban in bars...

I finally made a South Park icon for myself...and it's creepy.

Do you love your laptop? Then tell me where you bought it!

Is this photoshopped or is it really someone's Christmas lights?!

Elmo sucks by the way.

I can think of at least 20 captions for this photo...every one pure evil

What is the ugliest word in English besides racial slurs and swear words?

Monday Morning Poll: Do you make your Bed every morning

Nothin' says Yee Haaa better 'an rattlesnake skin panties.....

Do you think it is OK to tell a child Santa is not real? Or not?

Just got back from Cancun area, where I picked up the greatest souvenir

It is absolutely HORRIBLE outside.

Just think. In about six months the midterm campaigns are going to start.

Was that a killer Grey Cup or what?

Are you a gay or straight DUer?

What job would you have today if it's the career you picked at age 6?

Since I hear 50 Cent is endorsing Bush, what other knuckleheads

Want to see the "Chipmunks" as they originally were?

Now, you just know the Asshole Christians are jizzing over this image

Heavy Metal Noize?!

Pa. hunter lives to tell story of attack by bear

I have another drawing I would like you to comment on

What's the best beginner's photo editor

Life is so fucking unfair sometimes....

Nation States DUers!!!!

DS1 is so BAD!!!

Kiss may have been fatal for teen with nut allergy

A quiet wintery ...AWWWWWWWWW!

Post something very personal about sundog.

What a day on DU for me!

ATA Redux: Skinner do you have a list of who's been naughty or nice

Indecency guide for tourists to India

How many bands can be found in this picture?

What (if anything) do you drive?

Beautiful foggy, drizzly day here on the mountain.

Maybe you beat me last week MrsGrumpy, but we won when it counted the most

East Coast DU'ers... what did you think the first time you saw California?

Good Morning all you Crazy Libruls!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/28/05)

It's obvious now that this person is cheating, Help Me Beat Them!

1,000 posts! I think I'm ready! (dial-up warning)

Rock Hall of Fame Announces Inductees (Sabbath, Miles, Sex Pistols!)

Isn't it great.... When one of your cats comes into the office...

Detroit fans: Mariucci fired by the Lions'

Japanese, Chinese Angry Over 'Geisha' Casting

Calling all great, nice, and emotionally stable women - WHERE DO YOU HIDE?

Post office gets ready for Santa mania

One of my exfriends died

I need help advice on how to handle this please no flames

Why are so many liberals atheists?

"Infidel Guy" to be on ABC show "Wife Swap" tonight, 8 / 7 Central

My book is now required reading for Interfaith Ministers !

Place of prayer at stadium welcomed

Can anyone recommend a good academic biography of Jesus?

Europe Sees Measles As Vehicle To HIV Vaccine

Gay Arabs may face hormone injections, Charlotte Observer 11-27-2005

Is It The Final Chapter For 'Gay Chat Mayor'?

Both Sides On Georgia Gay Marriage Issue Eagerly Await Court Ruling

laugh break! . . . not sure this is gay-related, but . . .

New Hampshire Voters Support Gay Marriage Repression

Bid To Get Gay Rights In Snowbird Popular Orange County

Calif. Gay Org. Opens New Fronts In Marriage Amendment War

Bush Rushes To Aid Beleaguered Anti-Gay Amendment Author

U.S. Jews and same-sex marriages

Pro-GLBT Christians planning walk across America in 2006

Court Asked To Dismiss Conn. Gay Marriage Case

for those of you who may have never seen "Degrassi" . . .

Michael Irvin: should ESPN keep him, or can him?

Giants/Seahawks-3 Missed Field Goals!

Herman Edwards Should Be the Next to Go

Mariucci fired by Lions

WV animal shelter needs help after explosion destroys facility

Update on Stray Kitten....

You were an accident and now nobody wants you.

The Wishbone

The role of myth and fantasy in growing up

Note this from this morning's Liberal Oasis:

Baseball Scouts for Truth

West Coast Card: where to next?

Yellow Dog Blog says nice things about Kerry's 1971 SFRC testimony

Scary new Sy Hersh article up online about WH Iraq plans

Last MA gov poll - Apparently, it is not good to criticize the state you

Boston Thread - Who wants Kerrycrat buttons?

Ice On The Window

Need recommendations for dig camera w/accurate color portrayal in closeups

Too late for the "Fall" Contest...

Countdown Newsletter -- 11/28/05: Leak Investigation Marches On

"The hallmark of the Dick Cheney administration is its illegitimacy."

"What we have here is a failure to com-mun-i-cate..."

Bush thinks Scalito & border security will distract you from war, CIA leak

Sinclair Broadcasting-Whoremongers and Titty Bars

WITHOUT googling tell me what you think of this Presidential candidate.


Did they ever relay the DNA results of Al- Zarqawi ?

Time reporter, Viveca Novak to testify about conversations with Rove atty

A good reason to not support Mark Warner

When will people learn...It's the lies...

The only arguement that pukies seem to make to those who criticize Iraq

W deaf to bad news on Iraq, says mag

From The Memory Hole...Ari and Helen..WH Briefing 1/23/03

anyone have the transcript of the "Disneyland" NOLA photo op?

SWMO Paper: War critics "vultures" 403-3 res. = war support

The Income Gap Grows

Carl Rove's message to Andrew Card?

Bruce Willis to make pro-war film based on Green Beret blog

Saddam's Trial postponed again --

Looking for Clarkie input

from our friends at FREE REPUBLIC, the end of the "American way of life"

Wanna run for Congress in a District that's soft puke to Moderate puke???

Rep. Cunningham's House Sale Probed (to defense contractor)

Andrew Card leaves Crawford by plane - smoke forces emergency landing:

And this will help identify US secret bases in EU countries?

revealing look at lobbyists and Capitol Hills Blues

Are you upset with the right-wing tilt of cable news

Albright attacks Bush's support of sham democracies in Arab countries

Supreme Court denies FBI translator's (Sibel Edmonds- Bush knew?) case

Withdraw from Iraq and establish US bases in Israel.

a Bob Termite Woodward . . . thing (pictorial?)

is it legal for the bushgang to keep the cost of the invasion out of the

Veterans take on new battle: run for office

Will the Abramoff scandal free our Congress from the clutches of lobbyists

Mary Landrieu threatens to hold the Senate through Christmas Break

Defining Current Politics, Old Style Rant Mode On.

Marv Kalb is a Fox News Contributor

Bush has completely morphed into Captain's your proof.

Rasmussen delusion: Chimp Job Approval at 46%?

The Federal Government should rebuild the levees in New Orleans

Here it is. Will it br Fitzmas again??

Look What Your Tax Dollars are Being Spent On....torphy video

Democrats to Hold Spring Meeting In New Orleans

Should millionaires be pressured to build prisons to house

Here's How We Do Paper Ballots

Supreme Court Denies FBI Translator's Case (Sibel Edmonds)

Republican Congressman resigns (accepted bribes)

Bush, In Denial and On a Crusade

Protests expected for Bush speech (Denver, CO)

Why even breathe the word impeachment until.....

CREW files IRS complaint against James Dobson's Focus on the Family

What should Democratic foreign policy be?

So, are Duke's friends going to give money back to him?

Calif. Congressman (Rep.) Admits Taking Bribes ($2.4 million)

Pardon me, Mr. President

Innocent man serving life in prison

What did U.S. military know before 9/11?

Are there any Democratic congress people who have been linked to scanlon..

Pentagon casualties numbers updated down to 2106.

Question about the "Duke-Stir" issue

We Need A TOUGH Politician For '08

The 25th Amendment!

Assisted Suicide

Who will be running for Duke Cunningham's seat?

Fireside chat

CA Congressman Doolittle

"60 Minutes" last night on Plan B

I received this by way of reply from Lamar Smith


Media Complicit in Bushco's War Crimes could face Tribunals?

Has Bush had a breakdown??

Ohio Dems in Trouble and need help

"Duke's" briber Mitchell Wade is in bed bigtime with GOP

The truth about Medicaid - for anyone who thinks it still exists.

If a person opposes stem cell research

Two polls that need our help

Bush, Al-Jazerra, and being Irresponsible

We'll never hear the end of this: Holiday sales up 22%

Has McClellan Been Dumped?

Who are the 12 senators involved in the Abrabhoff case?

Raw's Fitzmas teaser: Testimony by Rove's assist. may help indictment

The Constitution. The Bible. And Christians

Lou Dobbs "Question of the Day" .. Bush on Border Control..

CAPTION crooked, disgraced Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham

The "New Democratic Party" - Make the DLC Register Officially?

Words are important - We need to call it: BUSH's WAR!

I just got a call from an organization headed by LaRouche

CT-Sen: DU Straw Poll.

Prison overcrowding in America can be significantly reduced.

Dems make me so angry! Why the hell can't they stand up to the media

Washington Post writer considers Walmart to be Progressive

Government crime and corruption


Another Good Reason To Support Mark Warner

EFF just fought a "Voting Rights Case" here in NC...please give them some

Proposed porn tax creates dilemma for some anti-tax conservatives

ROVE'S gonna get it...just in from lalarawraw RawStory

We cannot forget about this electronic voting problem.

Alito's Extremist Affiliations

Governor Warner on Iraq...

One (Cincinnati) soldier's opinion of Schmidt

Three LOVELY pictures from Bush supporters in Crawford.

One more reason to hate wally-mart;

am I the only one rooting for Feingold?

Duke Pleaded Guilty to "conspiring to take bribes" AND Tax Evasion

Wes Clark cut to the Plamegate chase two years ago

Hartford Courant LTTE's: Lieberman's Controversial War Stance