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Archives: November 27, 2005

British warship sunk during war with US may hold lost treasures

Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

Failed Policy in Iraq? Prove It!

PM plans to draw 'the final shape of Israel'

"Palestinian Lawyer, Ali Naouq, Files Lawsuit ...

On the structure of the WTC

Pics of Boeing 757-- with bulges--

UPDATE: CNN Sells Stake In German News Channel N-TV To RTL (DJ)

Cindy Sheehan on The Laura Flanders Show now

a great new protest song: New Kicks by Le Tigre

WMDGate: The Fraudulent "Clinton Did It Too" Defense

"It's a Wonderful Life"

War divides family of fallen Marine

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

The republican party's biggest problem with the war:

Fringe-Right Looks to North Korea For Help (Seriously!)

" 'Black Friday' tepid; Wal-Mart a winner" -CNN

GREAT CHRISTMAS IDEA: Have you seen the new wireless mouse?

Church as theater

The White House Christmas Tree?

Remember the anthrax mailings?

Heterosexual teacher resigns, pleas-out after peeping-tom allegations

Anyone Considering A Bush 2005 Review in Photos?

The Rebel Jesus

Well now you've gone and made Mary cry

Catholic Church Sex Abuse Investigator Accused Of Molestation

Yet another "America's a Christian nation" chain letter, and my reply.

The strange case of fundie preacher Daugherty's sock in the jaw

NBC was out promoting Bush's war on the news tonight.

So much for the big bad Black Friday (off to a flat start)

Iran: U.S. should be tried for war crimes

Out West, Democrats Roam Free

Will the Bush "withdrawal" plan bring his poll numbers back up?

In light of the nicely shiftng winds, new bumper stickers are in order.

Kucinich LTTE and Huffington Post blog

someone is making fun of us over in the lounge

Your guy sucks

History Channel On Kennedy Assassination

Couple Sues Operators of Evolution Site -University of California-Berkeley

Holiday Sales Off to a Lukewarm Start

Sunday Talk Shows

Does anyone have the link for the free XM Radio deal?


Education: breeding of conservatism

Most awesome Xmas light display in the history of mankind.

oh yea... white phosphorous? we use that. so?

Pastor arrested in sex abuse case dies in fall at national park

To any lurking "independents" or "libertarians"....

Cheap china from China.

Will Andrea Mitchell still be darling of MSNBC after her HUGH gaff?

Quotes from Republicans when Clinton committed troops to Bosnia:

If you haven't heard "Witness to an execution" you're not educated...

Public High School suspends girl for refusing to pray

Vermont teacher accused of giving anti-Bush quiz

This Thread is for Cindy Sheehan

This PISSES me off - PLEASE put me in touch with this creep

Frank Rich: Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt ...

By and large what age group are people here at DU in?

Are leashes and halters OK to use on children in dangerous situations?

Kid Kill and Maim in Iraq

What good does the death penalty do?

Perpetual Pie

"Palestinian Lawyer, Ali Naouq, Files Lawsuit ...

Italy to give Iraq pullout calendar in few weeks

Plane carrying White House Chief of Staff makes emergency landing

Iran President: Charge Bush for War Crimes

Plot to kill Saddam judge uncovered

Russia bars star TV news presenter from studio

PM on the defensive over Official Secrets Act trial

Kurdish rebels launch missile attack on Turkish police building

NYT: Help Wanted: Academic Economists, Pro-Bush

Book on recession sent to U.S. officials

WP: Shiite Urges U.S. to Give Iraqis Leeway In Rebel Fight

You've watched the war, now play the game ('Battle to Baghdad' board game)

Bush Official's Plane Makes Emergency Stop

NYT: In Terror Cases, Administration Sets Own Rules

Abuse in Iraq as bad or worse than in Saddam's day: Allawi

Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqis

New shop´s use of live models draws mixed reaction

Do you have "Holiday Traditions" that make no sense?

My Favorite Chicken Dish -- this week

Family fun on a Mountain.......(pic heavy - warning for dial up)

Ahhh...Coast Range Calcutta 420 IPA

I got out my copy of "Voyages of the Vicky Mary" (by 180) yesterday.

and now for a great new protest song: New Kicks by Le Tigre

I wish I had a clear lid for my toilet tank so that I could see problems..

"JFK. Beyond the Magic Bullet" Discovery Channel.

A little humor and off to bed 'Rebecca Strikes Again'

I think they are all going to run out of band names soon

Yo, Minnesota

Most awesome Xmas light display in the history of mankind.

I just can't tire of making fun of Jean Schmidt... I can't

Favorite Mitch Hedberg lines

is there such a thing as a wireless network usb booster

Top Thirty Facts about Chuck Norris

I'm all alone. Dr. D. is on her way to Poland tonight .. on bidness!

My legs sting from the knees down and my toes

President George W. Bush to be named "Time Man of the Year"


Who the fuck is Tony Sinclair?

I just watched 2 hours of "Good Times"

Why are 'Mandarin' oranges sometimes called 'Japanese' oranges?

I saw "Rent" today ... it was awesome!

Doesn't Jessica Simpson just look and act like the kind that would cheat?


aw shit - Chris Whitley is dead.

CD Rom and Windows media player help

Sirius users: We just got it, tell us about it, please.

So I've moved to Connecticut...

Why do you hate America?

An 'on the water' story for our friend oneighty

Can anyone suggest a good username for my SO?

BlueCross Blue Shield vs United Healthcare

Nini and I are meeting NSMA tomorrow


Movies that make people uncomfortable like "American History X"

I know Jack Shit AND I know shit from shinola. I'd say ask me anything,

What kind of drugs do DU people have?

ZombyWoof and ZombyGrandson at Eldorado Park!

By and large, what are the ages of people on DU?

A card short of a deck

Shittiest band name

I have a nice cup of hot chocolate and Peppermint Schnapps right now.

does anyone know about Petsmart pet hotels and daycare????

Life long care for your pet should you die

IMDb Movie Ratings

Countdown to Boston

I saw Pat Robertson tonight! And I lived to tell the tale . . .

Laura Flanders pissed me off tonight

Found on AmericaBlog (no politics, just a JK sighting)

Does Bsh intend for us to withdraw troops or is he trying to divert our

C--the new mark

Abramoff's Restaurant

The outline for a survival plan

Mark Crispin Miller on C-span 8:30 am Sun.-- Will talk about his book...

Donkey rising. NYT: Democrats' election successes

Santourm suddenly turns PRO-Social Security. Yup, its an election year.

Did Pubs apologize for 403-3 stunt?

DU this poll on torture, please.

Why do people switch Parties ?

On Monday we will hear from the MSM how "great" the economy

The problem with the GOP myth creation is that once we know the lies

Just A Slow Turning From The Inside Out

For my first post.......I'd like to share one of my favorite pics...

Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity

Wyoming people, did your governor really say this?

"Ney and DeLay said to be focus of Abramoff investigation"

Alito to know, you to find out

Ohio Scandals May Give Democrats a Lift

Libby judge tough cookie;background far different than privileged Libby

Parents, Children, Sex and Judges

Forced to Marry Before Puberty, African Girls Pay Lasting Price

The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession with al-Jazeera

Neocons Floated Idea of Bombing Al Jazeera Before

Torture, American-Style: This Debate Comes Down to Words vs. Deeds

Holocaust denier Irving turns to friends in US

NYT/Frank Rich: Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt ...

My suggestion to about Free Republic: Carry DU!

So what have they got to hide?

Bush administration plays to religious right in delaying contraceptive

HERSH interview with Blitzer--scary stuff.

All disquiet on West Wing front

Can't fight this power (Hip-Hop)

James Q. Wilson. Bush should tell the US "we are winning" in Iraq...

America: the capital of punishment

Montana Senator Conrad Burns (R) part of Casino Jack Abramoff probe

It looks like 'a conservative crack-up'

A Journey That Ended in Anguish (Suicide? of officer ? Contractors Iraq)

So now Broward County finds itself in the intelligent design debate

The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession with al-Jazeera

Will America Self-Destruct?

God and Country, Where the Christian Right is Leading Us

Science, faith clash in class

Global Work Force Helps Fed on Inflation

'Loony' jibe at US policy over climate

Labs versus deployments -- fed solar funding squabble.

Salt Lake group praises Nevada mercury plan

Arctic booms as climate change melts polar ice cap

American chemists investigate sequestering CO2 in natural gas brines.


Mofaz's compassion

The leftist Bush should appreciate

Falling in the Mud of Madness

Way paved for Israel's accession to Red Cross movement

Settlers cut down W Bank olive trees

We don't need no stinkin' planes.

The Amazing New PENTA-LAWN !!!!

Grand Jury Investigating Voting Machine Contract

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 11/27/05

NY: In Defense of Full Face Ballot (straight party voting vulnerability)

Mark Crispin Miller replay of today's C-Span WA Journal: 11 p.mEST Sunday

California well represented at SOA Watch action

Pictures from the Liffey! (Dial-up warning)

enufalready (in MN) needs a helper

Crime on the rise under Republicans...

Brown to kick off Senate run

Want to know what a real soldier thinks?

Texas Woman Mauled to Death by Six Dogs

"This country is overdue for a Cheesehead President"

Want an Unusual Christmas Present this year?

A question for commercial pilots.

Anyone Know What Buchanan's Prediction On McLaughlin Was?

Must watch TV - C-Span Book TV NOW - secrecy in govt.

Blitzer on CNN - concern about American interests in Iraq.

One of the best quotes.....

good grief! here is the whole story on the woman on the bus ID caper

Blitzer - CNN - Iraq bad intelligence Clinton's fault.

Good quote

"What's that?" (satire pic)

President George W. Bush to be named "Time Man of the Year"

Nigerian evangelist: God mad at nation, caused plane crash

Scientific American: The Trials of Life (a funny ID rant)

Iraq abuse as bad now as under Saddam -former PM - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The Greatest Strategic Disaster in American History

The story of Allen Daniel

Who will be on the Sunday talk shows?

Fiction vs. Reality ---pix->>>

Replay of Fourth Estate Radio Show at 1am!

AP: Marketing individual health care plans

Arab Emirates: Gov. ordered hormone treatments (two dozen gay Arab men)

Blitzer - CNN - Fantastic view of the Iraq invasion by marine officer

bushgang to cut $500 mil from Calif. fire fighters - oh yes

Some Thoughts on This Thanksgiving Weekend

The worse RW website.

Project X Update - Phase 2 Changes and important announcements

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: COMPASSION, What we must remember.

15,000 hepatitis cases reported in Baghdad neighborhood

Intelligent design a Trojan horse, says creationist

On this holiday weekend, I'm thankful for Liddy Dole.

All Hail the Democratic Process in Egypt

HeatDish... Potable Electic Heater.

Feds Probing SunCruz links to GOP

"Ask Questions! Demand Answers!"

Throwing out an idea...

NBC cheated it's viewers re: Macy's parade

A proposal for a new misery index.

Any interesting political debates over Thanksgiving

Privatizing the west

Bill Press and "How the Republicans Stole Christmas"

CNN still being the conduit for lies about Election 2000

Have you seen the Newest Anti-Alito ad from PFAW? Sign the Petition too!

Just watched a Nova show on PBS regarding Katrina

Drop in new San Francisco AIDS cases gives hope in prevention battle

In God and Darwin We Trust

cspan getting ready to talk about the Pentagon's

Lots of good ideas from lots of bright people... now what do we do with...

Allawi: Iraq'a Human Rights Abuses Worse than under Saddam

Funny Freepers on WJ this morning!

Funny FCC cartoon

Music biz to 'hijack' Europe's data retention laws

at halftime: KIA: 2108 WMDs found: 0

Estrogen in wastewater affecting ocean fish

Definition of a republican

VIDEO- Brzezenski Comments from Late Edition

Hey Bolton -- how's that UN Reform coming?

Oh, marvelous...we're under a tornado watch...

What Happened To Guy James?

Ex-Green Party Member (registers Democrat) and Challenges Hillary

Watch Senator Levin spank Chris Wallace

VIDEO-Clinton at the Texas Book Festival (Austin) about Elections

Republicans for Humility

Serious questions about domestic violence & prosecution.

What I heard about the death penalty I couldn't believe

Florida is the next creationism battleground...guess who is in charge.

Remember all the Michael Badnarik interviews before the 2004 election?

Minutes ago: Two more things for us to cheer about.

Do we have a list of Dem lawmakers working on voting machine fraud?

Biden's Iraq stance and others like his blur the opposition and give cover

Karl Rove is nothing more than a jumped up WWF wrestling manager

Anybody Got Some Serious Dirt on the Religious Right?

Denver Post Op/Ed about Deb Davis

2108 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Seymour Hersh basically claims * has 'lost it' to religious idealism...

Europe close to anti-terror pact with Muslim neighbours

Saddam/Iraq WMD >.Have question??


Something to be thankful for - Chimpy can't run again.

CNN needs to cut the B.S.

Today Father Alex Sherlock entered Hell

VIDEO- Fick/Wright on the Iraq War -Inside the War

breaking up is so very hard to do isn't it george?

The first Republican President was very wise and held certain truths to be

looking for an article........

With today's Security Systems, Secret Service, bullet proof vehicles

Abortion Rights - We Need to Change the Way the Issue Is Framed

First Job Out of College: Combat-Zone Commander

To ALL OUR RED states Dems..........

Bushco Sunday Fundamentalist Revival! PRAISE THE BOSS!

Katrina Hero Arrested on Heroin Charges

Tennessee H.S. Pulls Copies of Student Paper

Read this. A reason we used to have Labor Unions.

Interested in discussing non-fiction books?

I think it is time to lay off of the Shrub now. We need to go after

"This country is overdue for a cheesehead President"

Will freepers argue the wisdom of George Washington??

Kids Gone Wild

God bless the British Media

Donna Brazille on CNN on the NO Rebuild/Recovery.... you go

Rev Joel Osteen Refuses to Say Other Religions Go To HELL: Fundies PISSED:

November Camp Casey threads? (Please share here)

December 13-Iraq War 1000 days old.

(VIDEO) Earth To America, global warming comedy special

How does a 'New' form of Capitalism sound?

Who the hell is RT Strategies?!

Could RW operatives such as Malkin, Coulter et al

Tin Foil Thread - If Foster and Brown were killed, who did it?

Closing the 'part time' loophole as a means to single payer?

Ever since the day I heard that a carbon fiber nano-tube no bigger

Let's face it -- Kerry really IS a flip-flopper

Naked prowler shot in genitals with Taser

"Operation Tigers" in Ramadi. Means More "Collateral Damage".....

Exodus of Phillipine doctors and nurses

Russia keen to participate in Iran-Pak-India pipeline project

What is the value of a euro in US dollars? n/t

By and large, what are the ages of people on DU?

NYT: Help Wanted: Academic Economists, Pro-Bush

Limbaugh called Vietnam "Iraq" on Hannity's TV show.

Sometimes journalists and their sources get too cozy for comfort

Funny Freeper LTTE

Mark Crispin Miller on RIGHT NOW on C-SPAN!

Kids Gone Wild

Have you seen the Newest Anti-Alito ad from PFAW? Sign the Petition too!

C-SPAN's Washington Journal is REPEATING NOW.

"We are currently recording IP address of all Yahoo Chat Room users"?????

O'Naturals Organic Fast Food - Will it go national?

Colonol Hackworth, perfumed princes and true patriotism, would

is anyone else bothered by the bombardment of xmas ads?


So All Chimpy Needs to do is don a Cardigan And have a "Fireside Chat" LOL!

NYT Frank Rich: Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt ...

What responsibility does the U.S. have in the development

Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta


VIDEO-This country is overdue for a cheesehead president

Military Question

Adopt a wild horse-burro is back on line.

If we're going to keep electing rich guys to be President...

Want to know what a real soldier thinks?

Here's how you know gun control is the way to go...

Bush To Tout Iraqi Troop Preparedness. Too Bad It's Not True

Stripes letter: Chew on this awhile (w/commentary on today's Army)

Do you think USA's voting irregularities disqualifies us as a democracy

"I ain't tryin to be disloyal, but I ain't dyin for your oil""

Two visions of America

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW!! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Free Clarence Elkins

Plamegate: Viveca Novak supboenaed

Granite Bay Couple Sues Website Over Evolution

An update on my success so far, Wife's birthday present

What Do You Think Of America's Youth?

"This country is overdue for a Cheesehead President"

Top White House aide's plane in emergency landing

Post office to release new GWB stamp tomorrow --->>>

Why was this thread moved to the DU September 11 forum?

Wasted Life

Excellent arguments against Intelligent Design

Woohoo DU, my 1 year anniversary 10,325 posts later, and I feel good!

John Warner just said the Bush family is known for it's integrity ....

Which Dem candidate for President will investigate the Bush cabal?

Looking for picture - "worthless iou's"

GOP 2008.......Dems 2008

Out West, Democrats Roam Free

Viveca Novak to testify, what's up?

It takes 1/2 gallon of gasoline to produce one two-pound box of cereal

Carl Levin is my Senator. Good. Mike Wallace must feel bad about Chis.

Secret new meme of Bush and the Repubs :

We're being sold to China.

About Mark Crispin Miller's book

WPost: Alaska Would Be More at Home in Russia

Happy Birthday Caroline Kennedy

Sharia is happening in Iraq


U.S. Due For Cheesehead President

Public Service Announcement: PLEASE drive carefully!!! >>>

Laura Flanders (AAR) interviews 'Tookie' Williams advocate, Barbara Becnel

Heres one that says it all about repuke thinking.

Mark Crispin Miller: "I Promise You Kerry And I Had The Conversation"

Army Manual: against the 'laws of war' to fire white phosphorous on ppl

Had Enough?

Coming Home - After Fallujah (video documentary) rare.

What would you do if your flight was hijacked by terrorists?

Enlistment commercial "Join military, clean up Oil spills for environment"

Bob Woodward is lying.

Just watched Fahrenheit 9/11 for about the 5th time.

Do you ever feel guilty to be American?

shit. contractor trophy video of civilians being shot at in Iraq

Official portrait of GWB released --->>>

If GWB was on Mt. Rushmore, it might look like ---->>>

George W Bush: if you are strong on national security, end offshoring now.

18 House Republicans hold districts that Kerry won last year

Welcome to Germany, 1933

mining next to Glacier National Park

Military Ethicist's Apparent Suicide Raises Questions

Do you think that drugs should be de-criminalized?

Mark Crispin Miller's C-span interview (re. elections) --VIDEO link

Anyone watching this DLC thing on CSPAN with Gary Hart?

what does present day American culture have to offer

I just made the most delicious sweet potatoes this evening.........

Haiti support hits the streets

GIs Who Burned Fighters' Bodies to Be Disciplined

Switzerland Votes on GM Crop Ban

How a heart-throb became the voice of liberal America

Court to Weigh Never-Enforced Abortion Law

Adverts pulled from S.Korean TV amid stem cell fury

Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate (Trent Lott)

Eight held over Saddam judge plot

Science, faith clash in class

Fallujah; a city remains captive

Authorities Find Unexploded Bomb in Tokyo

Forced to Marry Before Puberty, African Girls Pay Lasting Price

Holocaust denier Irving turns to friends in US

Kids Gone Wild

Congressmen's wives tie into lobbyist investigation (charges soon?)

FDA is urged to halt sale of RU-486 (the abortion pill)

(British) Marines 'violent bullying' probed

The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession with al-Jazeera

Money flows from Spitzer

Foreign lawyers to join Saddam defense team

Ohio Scandals May Give Democrats a Lift

A Journey That Ended in Anguish (Col. Ted Westhusing's 'suicide' in Iraq)

Britain opposes Bolton tactic on UN reform

Iranians show support for nuclear program

House Bill Raises Welfare Work Requirement

Iraqi leaders hit back at Allawi abuse claims

Arabic press anger at al-Jazeera 'plot'

TIME: Getting the Lowdown on Iraq - Never Enough Troops

Battles have put the court in Christmas

'Several die' in south Iran quake

Official: 4 Aid Workers Kidnapped in Iraq

Two Congressmen injured after vehicle flips in Iraq

NewsMax: Bruce Willis in Pro-Iraq War Film

Strip search video scandal rocks Malaysia ('Malaysia's Abu Ghraib')

Liberal group ads targeting Hayworth's Iraq stance

The Observer: Abuse worse than under Saddam, says Iraqi leader

‘US Will not Completely Retreat from Iraq’

White House lays foundation for US troop withdrawal (AFP)

McTeague: Two Canadians among four aid workers kidnapped in Iraq

Another Time Reporter Agrees to Testify (RE: Rove discussions)

Maine Green Party School Board Members set Precedent

Canada in $4.3bn deal to fight native poverty


Storm CLouds Gathering: Scandal could take in at least 12 in Congress

Is Iran adopting our message on Iraq War. 8(

Meehan's rebuke of Republicans draws worldwide attention, press

Four Westerners 'seized in Iraq'

Two lawmakers injured in Iraq vehicle flip

US politicians urge more security duties on Iraq (cut & run all the rage)

Texas Woman Mauled to Death by Six Dogs

The Plot Thickens...

Sherrod Brown to kick off Ohio Senate run

Iraq a Tricky Issue for Dems Eyeing 2008

Iraqi Official Expects U.S. to Pull 30,000 Troops in Next Year

US blocked dozens of experts from attending biotech conference in Cuba

Hangman sacked, admits 'I'm happy'

Deficit cracking GOP's solidarity Party-line votes no longer assured

'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi driv

As Cheney stands up, his polling goes down

Middle Class Gets in Line for Help With Rising Heating Bills

Hayworth relents, will join Bush (flip flop?)

Greyhound bus overturns in California, causing injuries

Governor takes first drink of water to dispel pollution worries

Rumsfeld’s Al-Jazeera outburst

White House claims 'strong consensus' on Iraq pullout

War protesters pack up, leave (* ranch, vow to return for Easter)

Pulling US troops would lead to 'disaster' -- Kissinger

Bolton loses British backing for UN tactics

Katrina's toll on the sick, elderly emerges

Bush says (Katherine) Harris has potential to be a viable Senate candidate

(Rep. Jim ) Marshall OK after accident in Iraq (convoy vehicle overturned)

German Leader Vows to Intensify U.S. Ties

U.S. Farmers Continue to Use Pesticide (Methyl Bromide)

McTeague: Two Canadians among four aid workers kidnapped in Iraq

GOP picks Lieberman as favorite Democrat

US to reach out to Iran in bid to quell Iraq unrest

All disquiet on West Wing front

Feingold: U.S. due for 'cheesehead' prez

Ex-Green Party Member to Challenge Hillary

Willis film to show diehard GIs 'fighting for freedom'

Gay Arabs may face hormone injections

(Ramsey) Clark arrives to assist Saddam defense

Bill would put "God Bless America" on Alabama car tags

Second Reporter Asked to Testify on Leak

Border Security an Issue for GOP

Couple sues operators of UC Berkeley Web site that teaches evolution

Top GOP senator suggests Bush use Roosevelt-style public presentation

For all who miss KitchenWitch as much as I do.

Am I losing it or is the sloth in this picture moving?

My internet service provider is abominable (Rant)

"Cold Case" was a good one for liberals tonight.

Mmmmmmmm the new foundation of the Big McLargehuge food pyramid


Notre Dame is trying to blow $14 million

I have a question. I just cleaned my furnace filter.

Paging the Cohen Brothers...

Damned liberal computers ain't got no respect for the Veep.

The Brothers Quay

Jada Pinkett Smith's metal band

Good night DU. I leave you with these words

Where is Heidi?.....

Send me some good vibes just had to call 911 my son

I got the greatest complement tonight

My Mom rocks

my music

U.S. Yankees - Grey cup pick?

just found this,thought i'd share it old xmas carol,a peruvian waltz,

Vengeful Iraqi unleashes ancient demon on US forces - Sci-Fi movie

Does anyone have a recent picture of Governor's Island

Heaven help me, but The Rolling Stones is the greatest rock band ever!

Am I the only one who imagines George Stephanopoulous

Am I being Cynical?

Goddamn Salvation Army bells

Chicken little sucked ARSE

"He can eat crackers in my bed any time"

I was reminded why I love Pittsburgh today

I just bought a new Mustang GT. It has no ashtray or lighter.

oh fudge, my first batch didn't work...

Is there a doctor in the house?

I just won a complimentary vacation because I entered the drawing!

Let the holiday season begin, I just made the first batch of fudge

CDC has released a list of symptoms of bird flu

OMG...The horse did not evolve!

Nighthawks 43 (Dial-up warning)

Should I go see that Johnny Cash movie?

An amusing yet telling encounter.....

The worse RW website ever.

Can somebody spoil the ending to "Flight Plan" for me.


FU, H2! (Pic warning)

Apparently, my diet of Slim Jims and Cashews is not working..

Dogpile in the lounge!!!!!

U.S. Wants to Peer Into Phone Service Networks

Back from camping, saw a very large hawk on the trail within 10

I like your new Mustang, but it appears you're still a slave to tarmac...

I love my XBOX. I Love Playing It. I Would Play It All Day If I Could

My Sad Sad Sad little Christmas Tree...

I'm having trouble changing my avatar.

Music analysis question: German and French augmented 6ths!

Ben Hur...oops, wrong place. Should be in gayest movie. Sorry.

I am on my way to a visitation.

The Wayans brothers are writing and producing "The Munsters"

Cat Activity Update

I want to have a flame war with myself.

A Chilling Thought Last Night

I don't mean to start a flame war, but

I want to have a flame war with myself.

My flu is gone hip hip hooray

Is Marg Helgenberger beautiful or what?

So how was your Thanksgiving weekend?

What kind of pigs to DUer's have?

XBox 360 Crash Fix -- With String

So I took my dog to the vet to have her teeth worked over.... she

HEY! I'm cooking stew!

Ever alert yourself?

Anyone else feeling especially lazy today?

I like hyphenated names and all but...

Bears win again


What's with George Eads' mustache?

Wild weather day

A Place in the Desert for New Mexico's Most Exclusive Circles


I just personalized my Google page.

What about the V.P. choice in '08? I say Lyndon LaRouche!!

The Packers are beating the Eagles?

Road trip stories

What's your weirdest baseball cap?

Seahawks/Giants game has no commentary.

It smells like dirt in here. My house that is. Not dissing the lounge.

New Republican joke

check out these beautiful fall foliage pics i took!

Question Re: War of the Worlds ** SPOILER**

Diamonds are Forever! On! Now!

Best. License plate. Ever.

BREAKING: Tom Cruise invented AIDS (and masterminded 9/11).

So, the preacher said...

I found the guy who destroyed Christmas

What kind of dugs do DUers have?

Anybody ever had Boiled Custard?

Anyone have experience with small kids who snore themselves awake?


Who else here makes their kids MUTE all commericals while watching TV?

This is spooky ..........

Company switching insurance, medical history form

Anybody wants a cat?

Hey - RevCheesehead - post your sermon!!

MMMM green chile flavored pistachio nuts.

'KAZUKO' First page.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/27/05)

Why do SOME men lie so freely?

What song was the first "power ballad"?

Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix

It's my 5th anniversary with my S.O. today

Schools hold students accountable for their online writings

First Post using my anniversary/birthday gift - ask me anything

Owner clings to his SUV as thief speeds off

There is a birthday card for Caroline Kennedy over in GD:

So, did anybody else here used to think there was a grassy knoll gunman.


So, I brought some nice loose leaf teas to college with me

Please share your looniest Mother in Law stories with me:

What's the best present you ever got?

Please choose some Q names for tropical storms and hurricanes

This is, by far, the oddest question I've had to ask... (PG13)

Just found a Jackson Chameleon in my backyard.

Christmas is coming..... have a listen to what it sounds like

Sleaziest Band Name

Maybe I'm just an asshole, but I love wearing a suit, even at home

MSNBC - Vote for the biggest turkey car.

A rather unusual Christmas display...

Has anybody ever posted to EVERY single thread on Page

HELP!!! Book recommendations needed for my wife.

Santa hat murder motive mystery

If you could restore any extinct species, what would it be?

Quick! First movie scene that comes to mind:

Has anyone been to St. Petersburg, Russia? Going there after the holidays.

Should we initiate the "newbies" like they did in "Dazed and Confused"?

Pet treats Made in China. I was told not to buy pet treats made in China

The Stations of Random Koolzip

What keeps you from meeting other DUers in your area?


That's it. Steven Spielberg needs some serious ass-whoopin'. (spoilers)

What kind of digs to DUer's have?

Come On DU, Click This Link. Share In What It Felt Like :) (link fixed)

A reward for your help, my Shrimp Scampi recipe.

Any Good Liberal Religious Sites?

Why does the Catholic Church excommunicate people?

A succinct, devastating case for errors, contradictions in the Bible

A few useful terms

Free online physics text

Happy Anniversary...You stupid idiot.

Bear down, Chicago Bears....

wow! pats are getting their ass kicked

Notre Dame wins!!!

Self Delete

so my partner says " we gotta do a bush...."

Our new guy

Smoke and Sterling dealing with the cold...

Are there ANY benefits to having Saturn in the tenth house?

The Power Of “8” – Revisited

Japanese Cure for Hot Flashes

A small bit of positivity to brighten your evening

Very upsetting GD crap going on again.

About the different plans in Iraq - Four ideas emerge for ending war

There's a movie set in Iraq on Sci-Fi right is a 2005 horror

Not Kerry related, but check this out

Attention Goldeneye and Firespirit!

Found in LBN:

East Coast card: May I ask the Status?


The New Way Out - or A Revision of the Kerry Way Out?

Will Bsh go to heaven or hell?

The media's spin is completely pro Republican

Question from people from VA

New details about Alex Kerry's projects

My trip to Gold Hill and Eldora yesterday

HELLLOOOO! Anybody t'home?

They are giving us

Democrats Urge Focus on Energy Costs

Need a little music to get you through the night?

Anyone know if the song is anywhere online mocking Bush...

Question for DUers (esp ones in RI)

Making Money Off Iraq

Out West, Democrats Roam Free

Whats with Ramsey Clark and Saddam Insanes' defense

Ohio Republicans in trouble; try to distance Bush/Cheney

Mark Crispin Miller up next on Washington Journal

UK Observer: No more evasions...about the lead up to this disastrous war

HuffPost: Advice For Scott McClellan

Dishonest, Reprehensible, Corrupt ...

"Staying or leaving", one republican's analysis of Iraq situation.

How a heart-throb became the voice of liberal America

Just a note about Bruce Willis

Geo W., his father, and his grandfather--all honorable men of integrity. .

We need a "wanted poster" of accused Republican criminals

The Staged Terror Is Set (Great Statesman Newt Gingrich Warns of Danger!)

Will The Saddam Trial Go On? .......

Sen. John Warner suggests Bush use ''fireside chats'' to explain Iraq

Are There Any Good Conservative Books?

Bush arrogance and inability to accept responsibility destroying the US.

Will it be Republicans, Democrats, or Democracy? We must choose.

Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate (Trent Lott)

The Election was Stolen- How to put sense into these conspiracy theorists?

Boston Globe prints my LTTE, SORT OF

Newsweek: The Vet Strategy (Iraq War Vets Running as Dems)

Bob Kerrey in '08

"Bush's self-delusion, disengagement, and sheer mush-headedness..."

Carving up Our Economic Pie

Poll Numbers

Who is less intelligent?

What is wrong with this picture? NOTHING!

Will Bush finally crack up (straight-jacket type) if Rove gets indicted?

WHAT can we do?: "America: the capital of punishment"

Total and complete Republican policy failure but they want to stay the...

Bush "determined to stay the course," needs Hughes to "get back on track"

Fox's "deer in the headlights" front-page photo of Bush

Hersh on Late Edition last night, article coming in NYer on Bush

Is this picture of Bush and Guckert real?

An exchange I had with a Rightie

family rejects Military explan of suicide--(invest. US corruption in Irag)

Two Congressmen hurt in accident in Baghdad...

Given Bush's aversion to any dissent and growing domestic surveillance,

Bushworld = Crappy Christmas Sales (but the economy is STRONG!)

Cheney Led Cheerleaders of Iraq Invasion

Bush To Tout Iraqi Troop Preparedness. Too Bad It's Not True

ROFLMAO!!! This pic from Daily Kos is FUNNY!

BUSHFELLAS - Casino Jack & the Republican Thuggees

The WH plan: Things will improve after December Elections, but then What?

A treasure-trove of criminal corruption--the Abramoff emails

"Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz"

coulter claims more repukes are vets than dems are

Need Answer about DLC

So Michelle Malkin Has Been Wondering What 'Project X' Is

Iraq a Tricky Issue for Dems Eyeing 2008

Will Cheney Run in '08?

Your must read list.

How sick is Bush's "base?" AP posts DISTURBING "Crawford Protest" pic...

Happy Anniversary-1 Year Since this TruthIsAll Post--It's still the TRUTH

DU's Best Clark Threads

DUers! Let's do an armchair psych eval on Bushie!

The New Way Out - or A Revision of the Kerry Way Out?

Meeting in New Orleans to discuss Rights, Recovery, and Renaissance.

Russ Feingold on ABC's This Week

Clean up the mess: re: Grover Norquist/John McCain

Storm CLouds Gathering: Scandal could take in at least 12 in Congress

Your opinion of 'Log Cabin Republicans'...

Doonesbury-Defining Moments in Torture (Is this true... ?????

A little good news - Santorum lags challenger

Open Letter to President Bush by Eric Massa (for congress)

The Plot Thickens...

Who is this Weasel Peter Schwiezer on CSPAN?

Gov. Mark Warner (probable '08 candidate) has a lot to sleep on..

Why is Mark Warner hesitant to revisit this death penalty case?

Someone explain to me how Kerry was the most electable in '04?

Mark my words, Clark will support Hillary Rodham Clinton if she runs.

Can you rank the last 6 pres. contenders from most left to most center?

"How I Became a Red Neck Liberal"

Will a Hillary Candidacy Doom the Dems to Lose Again '08?

Abramoff used DeLay to fund anti-intifada militia - "rabid Zionist."

Kucinich to appear on Larry King Wednesday Nov. 30th