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Archives: November 26, 2005

Drawing fire: Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson

Blood money boom for Iraqi donors as hospitals run dry

The Struggle to Gauge a War's Psychological Cost

`Dishonest and reprehensible' words from Dick Cheney (Galloway, KR News)

Ann Coulter: Murtha and His Ilk are "Gutless Traitors"

A new neocon/media ploy? The selling of McCain to save the war cause?

Palestinians postpone first-ever Fatah party primaries

BBC bias complaint upheld

Recap of Diebold hearings from last Monday

"When the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down...."

Twenty years from now, if you were

LIVE (not repeat) Bob Kincaid Show tonight!


Al-Jazeera Kabul offices hit in US raid (13 Nov 2001)

Sad news of more Iraqi

Sad news of more Iraqi

TAKING TERRORISM SERIOUSLY (Knowing what we know now, is it possible?)

Tonight on NOW: FEMA-Nazi MICHAEL BROWN Throwing Feces!!!

I Hope Bush DOES Announce A Pullout This Week (Bout TIME He Did GOOD)

Olberman leading off with Brownie's new job

Yes you CAN buy a Water Buffalo, cheap (!), from an on-line catalogue!

The Bush that destroyed America!

Jim Maceda's smarmy report from Bagdad,

I started Christmas

Finally! A generous pharmacist

Isn't It Sad When Freepers Attempt To Be Funny?

A favorite 12 Monkeys rant as a tribute to "black Friday" consumers

The phonebook I sent to Bill O'Rielly came back RTS

Good news for inmates who aren't already tattooed

Love, you All, Everybody!


I'm not paranoid, but what if Plan X fails? Consider the downside!

Taser Int delisted from Nasdaq

Give a click to promote literacy!

Jack Abramoff and "The Sneetches"

Which RW'er is most like a Pull-String Doll?

WWII ended 60 years ago, and we still have troops in Germany & Japan.

Pulling out troops as needed to boost *'s approval ratings is the same as

Shop 'Till We Hurt Somebody?

Anyone remember the Australian in

Iraq Warned Against "Straitjacket" Oil Deals

FINALLY! Coulter named Worst Person in the World on

Does God not like Bush?

Who has control?

BEST HEADLINE >>> "Laughing stock of Katrina makes disaster his business"

John Pilger on media whoredom of the sainted BBC.

Gas prices "dropping" to spur holiday shopping? Are we under control?

Online Journal: Questions Bob Woodward has not answered

Could Somebody Take Matt PUDGE & COULTER Off Our Sympathy List? n/t

Anybody watching Paula Zahn Now, and the hack job it's doing

The So Called MSM: Right Wing Tool, Left Wing Tool Or Just Ratings Whores?

I think Al-Zagawri is dead. Or we would have heard from him by now.

Demanding fiscal accountability from this administration

Please DU this History Channel poll...we can push it from 89% to

Tell your Thanksgiving family gathering political argument horror stories.

We have the top 10 Conservative Idiots. Who would be 10 Liberal Heroes?

How do we ACCOUNT for the Strategic Oil Reserve?

A bit of news from New Orleans

I remember gazing out across the DMZ at North Korea almost 40 years ago,

What should be the number one issue on Democratic Underground right now?

Protestors Unveil Monument Honoring Sheehan

My direct action Christmas shopping list

50 "W" Quotes (definitely not the sharpest pencil in the box)

Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

KATRINA'S LIVES LOST: Clementine Eleby, 1926-2005 died at Convention Ctr.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Shopping Frenzy Results in Melees and Trampling

Malkin draws SIXTY to speech: "Media is against Bush administration"

One way to take your country back. Don't shop at corporate stores.

Why aren't journalists over the world incensed about the AlJazeera memo?

arrest nightmare in new orleans

Don't forget to feed the furbabies! Click for FREE to feed pets in need.

Bush admin. breaks promise by expanding global gag rule to HIV funding

Falwell announces he will SUE those that spread misinformation about Xmas!

Iran hails IAEA meeting as farsighted

Abramoff probe broader than thought: paper

Public TV Outlet Battling Christian Network

Sad news of more Iraqi

Protestors Unveil Monument Honoring Sheehan

Goldsmith denies gag attempt (Al Jazeera Memo)

Ohio Cleric to Be Deported for Terror Ties

NYT: Venezuela's Leader to Send Heating Oil to South Bronx

Schwarzenegger Mulls Clemency for Williams

Blair walking tightrope over new inquiry into Iraq war

NYT: Questions on the Legality of Campaign Fund-Raising

Spain-Venezuela arms deal nears

Saudis building big export refinery

Battle Lines Set as New York Acts to Cut Emissions

WP: Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyist

Britain gives approval to torture, claims Amnesty

The Long Marching Dick of Cheney

I just discovered the perfect cure for the hiccups

Where's the baby!?!?

I HATE Black Friday ads!

KBR wants You!

How OLD is DU ?

"A Christmas Story" is coming on at 8 eastern

Is there any interest for a "singles" forum on DU.....

Songs sampled most often by rap / hip-hop artists?

"Pride and Prejudice" was wonderful!!!!

The thermostat claims 72 degress.

True or False: Floogeldy is a copy catting smart ass

Anybody watching "I shouldn't be alive" on Discovery channel?

Instructions on how to clean your toilet

One word movie lines - guess the movie! I will start.

Thanksgiving turkeys bite back

I rented the movie Saw - you must see it!!

Just saw the movie Rent. If you are a fan of the musical, go see it.

Fans of the old Chicago (band, not city)...

Have you seen the movie "RENT" ? If so,

Dick Vitale is doing the NIT Championship game tonight

Best single word for dimsun

'Sue me,' says Borat

Should I go to the bar tonight? Or stay home?

I just rented some nipples. Don't bother seeing them.

Alright Lounge, I've got a bellyache I need 100ccs of silliness STAT

OK, another baffler for the DU experts!

WARNING: Can I rant in the lounge? IM STEAMED!!!!

For those of us home tonight: Post lyrics to annoying songs you like!

Donald Trump is an amoral scumbag

I made a huge mistake

Needed: Two Lady DUers

I'm not paranoid, but what if Plan X fails? Consider the downside!

Leaving on cruise tomorrow. I'm a little worried.

Do we look alike?

I just sawed a movie I had rented. Don't bother seeing it.

Whewie! That was one damn-ass good-ass Ribeye/Mushroom/Asparagus supper!

Time for a POLITICAL TYPOLOGY survey

For the women

Just saw Harry Potter - tell me what you though of it!

Asshole Benz driver gets his due ( video - wmv )

Harry Potter: A couple of miss hits, but otherwise FABULOUS!

Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free

That was WAY too fucking close! But you still get to HOOK 'EM!

I am sad about Jessica and Nick...really, I am...

For those who do Xmas trees

What's the wildest, craziest thing you have ever done?

What kind of dogs do DU people have?

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

I can finally exhale. I have been in agony for the past two weeks.

Rev Joel Osteen Refuses to Say Other Religions Go To HELL: Fundies PISSED:


Sex’ helps bacteria cope with a changing world

The earliest animals had human-like genes

Is Einstein's blunder right? (Astronomy Magazine)

KOEB 11/25/2005 - He's There!

Any update on the pending confirmation

Vote Fraud: Proof the Election Was Stolen

GOP hegemony in the House: delay, do little and ney!

the latest from "a star from mosul"

I'll Go To Jail To Print The Truth About Bush And Al-jazeera

Bushco Attacks Syria?

Give us the truth and I will get off Bush's back....

Repubs will attack Democrats as liars and flip-floppers in 2008...

I just wrote the Cincinnati Enquirer about Jean Schmidt

Did anybody just see the NBC report

Conservative British MP : I'll go to jail to expose Bush/Al Jezzera Memo

Do you think the terrorists had plans to hit us again after 9/11 ?

My take. Don't elect a Dem President until you can elect a Dem Cong.

Who will be the first black President or Vice-President (Democratic)

Alito Alarm!

I'm looking for book recommendations........

McCain Joins Dems In Seeking Review Of Administration Pre-War Statements

Waiting for Countdown to come on, I caught the tail end of Hairball, and

A little fun-filled diversion for the weekend: "Bush in a word"

The ironies of ironies: Ex-FEMA head to start disaster planning firm

on the road to ..... hell, baghdad, empire ????????

Time for An Iraq Timetable By Joseph R. Biden Jr.

K Street corruption (Should be titled "GOP Corruption")

No wonder al-Jazeera was a target

Dinosaurs, evangelicals and the state

The Genocidal Imagination of Christopher Hitchens

Don't Tell, Ask: Bob Woodward had no duty to disclose anything.

Is Cheney Insane?

"The Fall of the One-Party Empire"-JONATHAN SCHELL (NATION)

Pushed By The Polls?

To the Person Sitting in Darkness By Mark Twain

Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

Cheney's history needs a revise. LA Times

Bush not racist, but he panders to those who are

The Greatest Strategic Disaster in American History

America is caught in a conflict between science and God

The Noble Cause: $3 gas and the American Way

Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Bush supporters show their true colors

America's Moment of Truth -- The Price of Freedom

Tropical Storm Delta

New Athena National Passenger Rail System

Kibbutzniks help Palestinians restore destroyed olive groves, Haaretz

IDF soldiers still Hizbullah targets

Sharon rejects land for peace approach, says aide

Foreign Office 'unrelentingly pro-Palestinian' says Israel

Palestinians stab haredi youth in J'lem

B.O.H.I.C.A. - Get ready for the next round .....

A question for commercial pilots.

Let's just remove NORAD from the picture altogether...

David Race Bannon - Interpol Assassin

Cameras at Logan Airport

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 11/26/05

The Mortician From Ohio

Eureka Greens Adopt Voter Confidence Resolution

Bob Fitrakis to run for OH Governor in '06 on Green Party ticket

OK I'm pissed. Maybe we should fight fire with fire.

Friedman: Democracy in America Has Officially Become a Privatized Circus

OC Weekly: Campbell’s Dupe

Live Update - MN DU Meetup at The Liffey

Lydia Leftcoast, you have an uncanny way of selecting the day for meeting

Meta-data, processor ID, WindowsXP.

East-Central Ohio/Steubenville

Just so you know.. Coleman's main campaign consultant

Bloggers – The new ingredient of civic discourse - By Roldo Bartimole

What has happened to my hometown? (San Antonio)

Stay off the ice!

Tragedy near home...

Anybody get this message when trying to link to al Jazeera site?

Don't Bomb Us - A blog by Al Jazeera Staffers

US ran Guantanamo-style prison in Kosovo, says rights envoy

If you have no choice but to shop at a Wal-Mart, dress like this ->

Mike Webb is streaming LIVE tonight -- no repeats or 'best of'

Wanna keep your kid out of the influence of military recruiters?

"Fear and Flu". Good article about bird flu

Public TV Outlet Battling Christian Network

Steven Wright

Have they voted on Murtha's proposal yet?

Thanks giving from the Waveland Cafe in Waveland, MS

I miss Carl Sagan

History Channel's "The Presidents" series - W's "baseball card"

Anyone going to the Darwin exhibition in NYC?

Baltimore Sun: K Street corruption

Painful reminders...

to save space, place all the good news coming out of Iraq HERE:

Need some stocking stuffer ideas FOR YOURSELF?or anyone else anti bush?

Why didn't Bush want to bomb CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, I wonder?

Under the dept of "Where have you been?" NY Times; people now sick of *.

If you don't get "Current TV" but want to watch a sample online,

Caption this... ->

Colombian volcano erupting; villagers sacrifice image of Virgin Mary.

Mankato Free Press: Our View — Washington press corps too cozy

Happy Birthday Caroline !! An American Hero!!

I'll ask again in 2007, but who is a Dem we can all stand behind?

PHOTOS: U.S. Soldiers deliver food to Abu Ghraib

"Gross National Happiness?" (contentment vs. consumerism)

Mass pro-Khomeinist demonstrations in Iran

Back From Vacation, Who Wants To Give Me the Highlights Of the Past 9 Days

Where can I get a " Support our 'Legitimate Targets' " Bumper Sticker

Mail order guns.... Kennedy and now a mall rampage...

Freeps have NO STORY on "acts of resistance" or "legitimate targets". Hmm

Did Anyone Else See The National Geo Special Called "Elephant Rage"?

Just a reminder... The last person to remove inspectors from Iraq was

Do most believe the Catholic Church took responsibility for the sex abuse?

Picking up where the Soviets left off

the "Iraqi Intelligence Cell" hidden away in the Pentagon

Evidence BushCo is off their game

Would you support anti-machete legislation and/or registration?

Iran pledges $1 bln loan, security help to Iraq

N.Korea says CNN image of public execution fabricated

Once the primairy starts i'll be ABH - anybody but Hillary.

Fake news from Faux Snooze

Abu Ghraib photos? What happened? Or, let me guess,'s what we need to do about congress

The are debating more tax cuts.... what are they thinking?

Heidi Fleiss builds brothel as exact replica of White House..!!

Repuke family values and lack of parenting skills. On Display in Crawford!

Show us your papers, please.

I just watched about 18 minutes of FAUX NEWS

Would YOU Like To Be Sued By Jerry Falwell? Contact Info INSIDE!

Are all the wingnuts up and about this morning?

War. What is it good for? Calley's prosecuter's closing argument:

Question For DUers on Patriotic Statements

Every time Bush* does a staged Photo Op he LIES to the people

In two days: UN to Hold Largest Climate Conference Ever

*Proof* How Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, & Libby - Fudged Pre-war Intel…

Faux Sees Shopping Brawls as Sign of Good Economy

GOP now sings:"All we are saaayying, is give 2006 a chance!"

Is Bush lying about his lies?

Try Bringing Democracy to Folks on Capitol Hill

Let's not talk about a nominee for '08 until we shore up '06!

Violence against occupation opponents continues in lead-up to Iraq electio

Norm Dicks (US Cong. 6th District WA) Changes his mind on Iraq!

BBC and Fallujah: War Crimes and Media Lies

Daniel Ellsberg is clearly not a sociopath

Good bumper sticker idea

First Periodical Report of Monitoring Net of Human Rights in Iraq

WARNING - Watching Fox News can cause Brain Damage

Bush supporters, opponents converge in Texas for dueling rallies

Double Standards in Assessing War Crimes

When Republicans get all glossy eyed and remember the "good ol' days"

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

If we had national health insurance, GM would be in better shape (Krugman)

T or F: Our species peaked in the last century and is now in decline

I'm sending a lump of coal to GW for Christmas. Please join me.

President Bill Clinton's Keynote Address Now Starting On C-Span 2

Don't go on ice unless you know how thick it is.

From the memory hole...Bush's Favorite Terrorist Buddy...

Malkin: Eric J in MN gave me an idea for email campaign.

Self Delete

Blood money boom for Iraqi donors as hospitals run dry

A request for Skinner

Sea Level Rise Doubles in 150 Years

Which is the HUGHEST Repuke scandal...which is the ONE?

Which is the more egregious form of mindless consumerism?

Britain gives approval to torture, claims Amnesty

Did I miss something? bush approval rating down to 28%?

another victim of Vatican's condom war

Al Jazeera calls for Bush memo to be made public

Al-Jazeera boss demands to see 'bomb' memo

OMG. Freeps make fun of 'Top Zarqawi Aid Killed' news from Fox.

Has the pResident broken his oath of office?

Mark Twain Address to the Anti-Imperialist League of New York, 1901

As Cheney stands up, his polling goes down

1000s of Katrina victims denied help because of way prior drug charges

It's officially X-mas shopping season

How To Fight The Right

I got my Democracy Bond in the mail Friday.

sorry about your shitty year george, the next 3 will be much, much worse.

US Air Force unveils hand-held laser gun

NYT: Poor Grades Aside, Athletes Get Into College on a $399 Diploma

Vote Up this video about police brutality at "Curent TV"

Web site offers Saddam uniform for sale

When will the Christian Right realize they have been duped by Bushco?

Will the Guy James Show be on this afternoon?

When Your Ostensible Ally Says Blowing Up Your Troops isn't Terrorism....

Do you believe that Churches that promote taking away the competitive edge

Laughing stock of Katrina (Brownie) makes disaster his business (Guardian)

How the well-to-do are spending their money now.

Rapper 50 cent praises Bush

Where can I find a FREE transcript

You know what Watergate taught these guys? Stonewall it to the

Mental Records Missing From Gun Database

I was watching a program last night, and the Cuban Missile Crisis came up

A Union in trouble

Who's worse?

Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant" tribute coming this hour on NPR ATC

Rigged elections, corruption, torture, militarism.

After reporting Bush's attack on war critics,media ignored Hagel's response

Why Hillary??

Bush admin plays to religious right in delaying contraceptive approval

Has anyone seen George lately?

Do leftiers really hate right-wingers?

Infant Mortality Red State vs. Blue States

CNN's "Undercover in the Secret State"

Is Excess the Road to Wisdom?

recently,someone was looking for an Iraq war timeline...

I want to believe in 06 and 08--but the people were so damn stupid in 04.

IRAQ is Nearing its Second Tipping Point! It Is Vietnam All Over Again!

Russ Feingold on ABC "This Week" Sunday morning

Bullshit AP headline : Alito's abortion stance tough to decipher

Dinosaurs, evangelicals and the state

I've just watched a batshit crazy Royal Marine video

What do you fear? -- A much needed poll.

Tabling (a tale of recruiting for peace)

Outing Brewster Jennings

Have we read an Freeper's reactions to

Does anyone know where I can find a list of how many soldiers have been

Time to change my sig pic.

Why Freeps "feel" they way they do....

According to Google there is only one Methodist Church in Crawford TX

Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

Paper: Hospitals Sent Homeless to Skid Row

World recored broken today - Nearly 70,000 ft. in a hot air balloon

12 Bush Supporters Showed Up For Crawford Rally

"Abramoff's hiring of several congressional wives"

BushCo is FAAAAAAling!

Black Friday. The crowds were insane!!!

Woodward defines journalism as reporting Bush administration falsehoods

Stupid, drunken frat boys outside torturing a wild animal

Public School Runs Contest For Best Anti-Gay Essay

What became of the peace dividend?

We call them Freepers, What do they call us?

"The Kennedy Assasination. Beyond Conspiracy" History Channel 2nite.

How to protect yourself against avian flu...

It was nice to see that the Republican controlled Congress got a pay raise

"Living in Limbo in New Orleans" -- not ready for MSM...

Boston Tea Party In Ohio: No Taxation W/o Representation

Who's the boogeyman China or Corporations who move jobs there?

Video of Bush bouncing globe like a ball in "Great Dictator" takeoff?

What is it with,Hardball &Tweety and DU?

Does the US need a new constitution?

Is the hippocratic oath dead because of the lack of universal health care?

Bush upset about Nick & Jessica split?

Just Try to Sleep Tight. The Bedbugs Are Back.

TOONS: Turkey Leftovers (but still very TASTY)

Thanksgiving 2016. The George W. Bush Presidential library in

US denies criminal wrongdoing in Taleban body burnings

Archer Daniels Midland : Case Study in Corporate Welfare

A Message to Potential Customers of Brownie's New Business:

Poll: Cincinnati Enquirer - What is your opinion of Jean Schmidt

Anyone a member at Care2?

Photos from our "living art memorial"/peace rally ...

*** Saturday TOONs: Torture ***

Would you boycott Christmas shopping this year?

Is There A Worse Species Than Homo Sapiens?

Cheney in Charge!

CNN's Anderson Cooper off to a poor start... Media Life Magazine

Outrage grows at Bush bomb claims

Until Kerry said he never said lie, he said he used the word misled

MP Wants Rapper '50 Cent' Banned From Canada

What advice would you give to the framers of our Constitution if you could

Governor agrees to (Stanley 'Tookie') Williams hearing

A Modest Proposal: Corporations Should No Longer Exist

Ohio battle over biology continues -

How do they do it?

stem cells repair Luzerne county woman's heart.

Able Danger: Uncovering the 9/11 Cover-up

Why in the hell would someone dress like this bozo on CSpan for a

Black Friday was a bust; this is how I know

Bushboys in a pickle.

100% (non)Scientific Poll Reveals Who Still Supports *

A Simple Question for Michelle Malkin

Wal-Mart Mayhem - They do it on purpose

GIs fight for abused cheetah cubs in Ethiopia...

Sex, Lies And Statistics

CNN: No Child Left Behind lawsuit thrown out

I am thinking of the lives lost due to abortion:

Love IT or leave IT, you assholes!

bushitler Welcome Wagon is now full... Have a look.

Have a Look! The Freaky Freepers on Parade in Crawford!!!

If you were forced to choose a republican which one would you pick?

F**k It!

Did CNN really do that to Cheney?

BIG OIL using a Hollywood scam to steal Iraq's oil profits

She's back - and just in time for Christmas!

Where are you in the Democratic Party?

I'm Flipped Out About Voting Irregularities In Ohio--What Can We Do?

If Kerry had been King.

The OCTOPUS in Dallas: Poppy involved in JFK Assassination

Stop drinking diet coke. Aspartame causes cancer

I'm putting the soup on

Can anyone give me info on the cake contest held in Tulsa OK

Just for you HeyHey

Bono Urges Canada to Increase Foreign Aid

New law could block Black's citizenship bid

At least Canadian Politicians have a sense of humour...

Iraq Warned Against "Straitjacket" Oil Deals

'Sue me,' says Borat

Syria claims US forces suffered 11 casualties in a Syrian-US clash

Universities Say New Rules Could Hurt U.S. Research (NYT)

Kuwait: Rethink on US Dollar peg urged

Students Ace State Tests, but Earn D's From U.S. (NYT)

The Struggle to Gauge a War's Psychological Cost (NYT)

U.N. Says 90M Girls Not Getting Education

UAW opposes Delphi exec bonuses

Laughing stock of Katrina (Brownie) makes disaster his business (Guardian)

Black Will Show Up to Face Fraud Charges

Some Oppose Army's Sexual Assault Database

Quake in east China kills twelve

Russian takes 'The Simpsons' to European court

Sun-Sentinel: Witness claims he heard hit plan in Boulis murder

Car bomb kills 4 in Baghdad

CBS News/AP: Despite Fraud, No Revolt in Azerbaijan

Syria: UN can grill officials in Vienna

White House Official Seeks Welfare Changes

Defense hawk Dicks says he now sees war as a mistake

Republicans Are Deeply Split Over How to Apportion New Tax Cuts

Feds probing SunCruz links to GOP

PHOTOS: U.S. Soldiers deliver food to Abu Ghraib

Poland risks Russia's wrath with Soviet nuclear attack map

U.S. Starts Laying Groundwork for Significant Troop Pullout From Iraq

US-Iraqi troops wage offensive against Ramadi insurgents

Iranian president calls for war crimes charges on US

Bush Supporters, Opponents Gather in Texas

Bush Mourns Fallen Troops in (radio) Address

Democrats Urge Congress to Focus on Energy (radio address)

No US charges over Afghan bodies

II MEF Soldier killed by IED ( # 2107 )

David Duke in Damascus to express solidarity with Syria

NYT: Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate (Lott)

US military admits it burned bodies

Public TV Outlet Battling Christian Network

Just Try to Sleep Tight. The Bedbugs Are Back.

US military admits it burned bodies

Democrats call for policy to address high fuel costs

NYT: Pension Officers Putting Billions Into Hedge Funds

N.Korea says CNN execution image fabricated

Germany calls on U.S. to answer claims of secret CIA flights

Mental Records Missing From Gun Database

NYT: Shiite Cleric Increases His Power in Iraq (Moktada al-Sadr)

Way cleared for trading between Trinidad & Tobago and Cuba (CARICOM bill)

U.S. GIs to Help Rescue Ethiopia Cheetahs

L.A. Hospitals Sent Homeless to Skid Row

Report: Big job cuts coming at Merck (thousands of jobs)

Holiday shopping season off to flat start

In Chinese Uprisings, Peasants Find New Allies

Accusations of land grab in budget bill

Four Wash. Inmates at Large After Breakout

Gas prices 'may spark recession' (BBC News)

US auction Web site offers Saddam uniform for sale

WSJ: Airlines, Battered By Losses, Look Set for Rebound

Even Supporters Doubt President as Issues Pile Up (NYT)

NH abortion law (w/no health exemption) goes before Supreme Court

Report suggests taxing hybrid cars

Researching sales techniques -- can anyone recommend...

I have the first line of my novel

I managed to shut my own arm in the oven door... OUCHIEEE

I love the DLC.

All Of Pregnant Woman's Favorite Names Used Up On Cats

People, you have to brine your turkeys next year.

Actor Pat Morita dead at the age of 73

Warren Zevon's "Mutineer"


Pretzel Crusted Crab Cakes and Mozart make for a wonderful

We saw "Walk The Line" today (spoilers)

Hey, Feygukeed (Feygokid)!

Are people just stupid, or what?

Comedians of Comedy- Patton Oswalt, Brian Poshen, Maria Bamford, Zach

i have been watching

Well, I DIDN'T get trampled at Wal-mart....

I received a billiards injury yesterday

I wonder if any repukes remember saying this...

Everythingsxen just made a perfectly round pancake

SHITE -- looks like the entire city of Biloxi just went black

Another 80's music thread. The Bronski Beat.

Fundie Relatives got me sick:(

White guys with high hair lines and 5:00 shadow look like Zombies.

If you have no choice but to shop at a Wal-Mart, dress like this ->

Is the musical "Aida" told entirely in song...

*singing* "Light up...light if you have a choice...

QUICK, somebody! Get a message to Cheney in his bunker

Our new puppy just got her third set of shots today!

America's thriving gay rodeo scene

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

OK, so James Blunt seems to be interesting

so you like country music?

Has everyone seen gloria gobbler?

Healthrider.....feed back please

Johnny Horton Appreciation thread

If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands.

Harry Potter's lineage

Question for Hypnotoad...

Who did NOT go shopping today......

10 posts from 700 110 from 800 ask me anything

Russian takes 'The Simpsons' to European court

Question about viewing bookmarked items

I have sneezed approximately 450,000,000 times this morning

Jessie, Jessie, Jessie. You and Nick had such a good thing going!

OK, who else saw everyone pushing, shoving, and fighting on the news...

The kiss of death .. how sad.

woohoo ~ junior brown...

Do you play an Estaban guitar? What do you think of it?

Has anyone seen Ice Harvest?

I watched The Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson last night. That

to the pit with you - a michael jackson moment?

I know sex threads are verboten, but what about poo threads??

Does anyone else here listen to David Baerwald?

Walk the Line a good show - Witherspoon (wow)

Any Johnny Cash Fans Here?

Crap! One O'clock and I am just now getting up off my butt to go

Name something you really wanted, but were disappointed with when you got

I changed a light bulb.

11 O'clock news...TOP STORY..."Trampled at Walmart!!"

Bed Sheet Rope Aids 9 in Escape From Jail

I admit, I missed it, what is the origin of "hugh" ?

Miracle banana bread.

O great - Wing-nut brother is arguing Social Security with my dad.

Brokeback Mountain preview

The carillion chimes at midnight.

Its a stretch: Man, 50, pulls truck with penis

Man, being here has put me in a bad mood.

Here's my Thanksgiving pics! (Dial-Up Warning!)

Would it scare you if you saw some hippy that was into gangsta rap?

Post holiday Free Association thread

Let's talk about John Titor.

Everyone else has an automated pay-by-phone service, why not Comcast?

How is the political climate going to

Last call--check MN Forum for info on DU gathering in St. Paul today!

The joy of Thanksgiving...

Worst AOR 'whitebread soul' track?

PA/NJ folks: Come see me play at Harrah's Atlantic City TONIGHT! (Nov. 26)

The Power is back on - Thank you all

Weekly World News: CIA wants to hire Dr. Phil as interrogation consultant

"Matthew Lesko has free money for me!!"...

What exactly does "Film Noir" mean?

So, I'm going to make a blog

Has there been a Congratulations on 30,000 HypnoToad thread?

Why am I destroying a cheap creche?

Just built a bed for my 3 year old grandson.

Lectures on tape for the blind?

I changed into a light bulb.

Grand Canyon Skywalk ... Would You Go Out On This Thing?

Ten Thoughts to Ponder for 2005

Who wants a Turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich ?

newest E-Bay scammers (IOW, Poor SOB)

fun thing heard on a film-set: "I need a large furry clam".

My very favorite chicken dinner ever

"He dropped him like overalls at quitin' time."

Have you ever heard a funny lightbulb or knock-knock joke?

"Crazy in Alabama" is on Lifetime channel.

Any Xmal Deutschland fans here?

Would you not eat poptarts if it would lower the price of gas by 5 cents?

Can I join the Salvation National Guard to avoid fighting poverty on...

Post a picture of yourself

Is it time to haul the Christmas lights out of the basement?

Bush v Blair swearing contest (edited videos)

So I watched that stupid Star Wars movie

Is there a polite way to move my old dog to the other end of the couch?

After a total of four years here, I find our prettiness no longer funny.

Ok, Now I'm Curious. What Movies Make You Cry The Most???

Why hasn't the world record highest parachute jump been broke in 45 years?

The Last Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

My 800th Post... Top Secret DU Plan X Exposed

Norton Anti-Virus: Renew or Ignore?

After a total of four years here, I find our pettiness no longer funny

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/26/05)

Why is there no Salvation Navy or Air Force?

Movie poll: "Magnolia" vs. "Steel Magnolias"

Anyone have any odd experiences affter discontinuing Lorazepam?

Andrew's last ride; a dog story.

Terra, Marle, Princess or Fyda?

Just Saw "Syriana" (No Spoilers)

in praise of public libraries

"Supper's Ready"

I cannot believe I am crying while watching an Adam Sandler movie

I'm in trouble...

I just found out someone I know was a judge on Iron Chef America


Proof I am not just a mere lounge lizard rackin' up the ol' post count:

For your viewing pleasure: How I spent Thanksgiving! (dial-up warning)

How many DU: GD forum members does it takes to change a light bulb?

worse parents?

Mose and Me Catch Some Oysters

What do you think about Photoshop's Bevel and Emboss layer style?

How friggin' AWFUL is Nickelback?

How a Disco Turkey survived Thanksgiving

NOT KIDDING: Tom Cruise buys sonogram machine to watch baby

3.4 points behind and 4 days of voting left.

eBay XBOX 360 Rip Off


Pat Morita - Arnold from Happy Days passed.

Can anyone recommend a good *far* left site/forum?

I admit it... I admit it...

What Film Is The Gayest Gay Movie of All Time?

What was your undergraduate/graduate degree in...

My last name might be changing, and I need new baby names!

Priests, Father Mulcahy?

Liberal Christian Blogs.

Has anyone ever brought up John Titor in here before?

Antidepressants and psychotherapy show similar adolescent suicide risk

Hayabusa spacecraft apparently collects asteroid sample to return to earth

What is 'Dark Energy'?

*Straight but not narrow!*

PIERRE SEEL, Last Living "Pink Triangle" in France, Dies

Counter-protesters: 'God loves gays'

The "conservative alert" rallies support for homophobe fired for misuse...

School Runs Contest For Best Anti-Gay Essay

Whaddaya think the chances are of getting an NBA team in Canada?

Gary Stevens Retires; To Join TVG as Analyst

Excellent article on the state of the Saints.....


My cat, Jasper, got out w/o his collar - he's missing

Emotionally wrecked over a dying pet.

Anal Retentive Dog

For stress relief (sort of) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' astrology.

Do you like my new sig pic?

Did anyone see the debate on ID on C-SPAN? There was a biology

For inspiration.


Who in the Midwest still wants the West Coast card?

How does Biden's plan fit with Kerry's and the others

How much do we care about JK?

Dup, colonize for pics

In honor of our anniversary (And the fact that I now have some free time)

Why does the Nation pretend that JK doesn't exist?

And when viewed from Gull Bay the Lodge seemed so nice .....

Bush Dictatorship? Regime Change is needed here in America

Congress, Chimpy, and Roe question.

Is Eleanor Clift a pragmatist or an apologist?

The "Saddam wouldn't let inspectors in" argument on C-Span

did anything ever happen to the freeper that called for the assassination

So Bu$h is doing a border state tour,...

Anybody here familiar with the "tugboat theory"?

Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate

Britain gives approval to torture, claims Amnesty

"Flawed policy wrapped in illusion"... on at least 85,000 pages now

A Call to Insurgency

The Democrats have no leader. Lucky for them.

Maximum Chutzpah

his inability

Is Bush lying about his lies?

Biden Editorial in WP: "Time for an Iraq Timetable." Aljazeera "original source" of Bush "28% Approval" story

Cindy Sheehan called our local Peace Rally today !!

Mark Twain on Operation Iraqi Freedom

What things did we think would bring BushCo down?

Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate (Lott)

Chairman Howard Dean Sends Thanksgiving Greetings

Bush America - Hospitals Sent Homeless to Skid Row

Iraq - Our Options

BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD JOKE ---- but it's no joke, it's so true!

Our Indebtedness to China?

C&L Audio, Alan Colmes show - George McGovern: Bush 41 against Iraq War

Bush Administration Laying Groundwork for Significant Troop Pullout From I

Troop Levels - I Need BIG Help

DNC: Republicans Play Semantic Games as President Bush's Credibility Sinks

Fox News has Shrub's approval rating at 28%!!!

i still can NOT wrap by brain around the HOW???

Midterm Elections! How many seats do we need to take control?

What Really Happened at Mar del Plata - Out Foxed?

Reuters posted a GREAT pic with the "Bush honors fallen troops" story

NYT: Look Who's Talking About Making a Comeback in the Senate (Lott)

Frustrating NYTimes Article on Chimpy Voters: SLOWLY they wake up...

anyone here in tom feeney's congressional district?

The Mortician From Ohio

Just how "crazy" will rethugs get in their 2006/08 campaigns?

TRUE and HILARIOUS proof that Conrad Burns is not SO dumb...

9-11 widows: Too Little, Too Late From the Sept. 11 Commission

Dean to appear on Leno

Google Search: "Most Liberal Republican"- Interesting

David Brooks apologizes for calling Murtha non-serious

How do you feel after reading / hearing Bush's Thanksgiving Troop Tribute?

I'm off to "Meet the RW F*ckers" Plz give me talking points!

UGH! Greensboro NC News and Record Columnist is a SHILL for the RW.

some asshole posted this on another board and i would love DU rebuttal

Abramoff Investigation Widens, Evidence Points to Corruption in Congress

My unpopular opinion

Schmidt backtracks on Murtha

Suppose Bush's approval sinks to 3%, then what?

Exit poll information

How long do you think it will take the US to recover from BushCo?

"Dictionary of Republicanisms"

DLC - "New Democrat" Conference on C-Span Now

Frustrated w Ohio Politics? Bob Fitrakis to run for OH Governor