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Archives: November 25, 2005

The Katrina Housing Debacle, NY Times - Thanksgiving Day

Sometimes, a Tax Cut for the Wealthy Can Hurt the Wealthy, NY Times

Natural Resources in the U.S.-Andean Free Trade Agreement

First Light - Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

Dark Armies, Secret Bases, and Rummy, Oh My!

Chavez and the Crawford Madman


The Black Commentator: 3 Who See the War Clearly...

Hi Home team! Happy Thanksgiving! Vote this Thread up

Upgrading for Latest Games.

Our holiday present from the Republicans

Karl Rove captured by US Forces

" White Supremacist David Duke in Syria " WTF?????

We Give Thanks for our Freedom (Chris Floyd)

Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

Has Bush or Cheney Violated His Oath of Office???...

San Francisco Supervisors ask the FCC to look into KNEW's license

WaPO.....Worm poses as e-mail from FBI

Faux Casts Shrub as LINCOLN. HITCHENS Sez He's Not a Wingnut

Viewer Alert -- C-Span 2 -- "Clinton Historians" @ 8 eastern

Tonight I am thankful for my niece

We're doomed... but by what?

Attn: George W. Bush. One of your pals is under arrest.

Jack Abramoff is WHY we need to probe the Council for National Policy

Channel 4 News - London,UK ***Video included***

America collapses and then is reborn...

That was priceless... the Halliburton line was too much!

It's going to actually quite funny WHEN this happens

Mass freeper orgasm

If China is our enemy, why are 1st graders learning CHINESE?

I'm looking for dave chappelle kkk video any one have a link


Dave Matthews Band, PBS in Houston now, 9pmCT. nt

Do you think at this point, if Bin Laden would be caught....

Dead soldiers' mothers feel betrayed

SHE'S BACK >>>>>

Six US troops killed in last 24 hours in Iraq

Stabilizing climate change more daunting than thought

The Government's Concerned Deity, is he Yours?

New from Riverbend

Anyone know much about

Off the subject but....


A reminder as to why *'s numbers are down:

Faux news: Gibson: Democrats only have one agenda

What does "The Mighty Wurlitzer" mean?

What should our number one wedge issue be?

The Long March of Dick Cheney

Unease, dismay simmer in Europe over reported CIA flights and prisons

U.S. pullout would create instability in Iraq, general says (Gen. Casey)

CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'

Torture claims 'forced US to cut terror charges' (Padilla - "dirty bomb")

Poll shows Sharon party ahead

(Rep. Jean) Schmidt invited to visit Iraq

City flees to country as toxic slick chokes river (China)

Cat trainning question - how do you get a kitty to jump into your arms?

What's A Fair Price To Ask For My Seven-Year-Old

My gift to myself....the iTunes 60's soul hits iMix

Dinner isn't until 8 and I am STARVING

who ate a big bird today?

Do you know what I'm thankful for?

Elvis 1956 on now

wtf? ron dayne??

The Man Who Loved The Cat Eating Clams

I have been by myself all day

Who remembers when all we had were cassette singles and import CDs?

Who remembers when all we had were slate LPs played with a bird's beak?

Great song production...

In Two Hours, the Hottest Sounds are all yours

real men sing falsetto

"instant holiday classic"

I thought this was pretty useful and humorous at the same time.

As good as it gets?

I found Mrs. tuvor's first Christmas present.

ok, whose turn is it to play host to this cold?

The children asked him if to kill was not a sin?

i got night fever

Thatcher the vote snatcher (Mrs T's daughter on reality TV show)

TV commercial music irony.

I am placating another DUer

Guests are gone, dishes done, I'm finished

Cream reunion CD

the magic of disney

Anybody see "Ice Harvest" yet?

Sonya Thomas hits a new record!

i just watched dunston checks in, ask me anything

All hypochondriac DUers check in here.

Ughhhh. Why Oh Why Can't Women Ever Remember To Put The Toilet Seat Up???

I'm surprised no one mentioned this classic TV moment today.

Benjamin Harrison was the first president to have electricity in the WH.

For my 2000th post ... Happy Thanksgiving!


"CSI" is one informative show.

And the Christmas Music Insanity Begins... Mild Rant ------>

Is there anything like mac's dashboard for windows?

What time was your Thanksgiving dinner?

Well, I won't be buying a Mustang convertible after all.

What Film Is The Guyest Guy Movie of All Time?

OK, 'fess up mods!

what's the sickest, most disturbing movie you've ever seen?

What do you like on your pumpkin pie?

What Film is The Chickiest Chick Flick of All Time?

The ultimate hollywood tough guy poll - past and present.

Dave Wannstedt's halftime adjustment theory

Mooch may be gone

TO in Purgatory

The Government's Concerned Deity, is he Yours?


hey FCUK YOU you george bush you fcuking douchebag!

Who shot President John Kennedy? Thom Hartmann interview part 2 TODAY!!!

Vote on Iraq Withdrawal, Check the block for Repugnik Win

A very good panel of Clinton Historians is on CSpan 2 right now

If I hear 'Hillary" one more time I might go bonkers and do something rash

Junior called TEN SOLDIERS and thanked them before his dinner. TEN! WOW!

One of my Republican relatives admitted * is "stupid" tonight.

Helen Thomas - "Democrats Must Stand for Something"

Personal account of one of the people arrested in Crawford today

You NEED to see this video - REALLY powerful stuff.....

Accelerated rise in sea levels blamed on global warming

The Right to Eat what you want. Vegans, vegetarians cartoon.

Replant the American Dream

WaPo: In Baghdad, Capital Vistas Gradually Shrink With Insecurity (MST RD)

Alito's remark on strip search of girl, 10, prompts questions

Warner's Rising Star: Following the 'Clinton Route' to the White House

Bush/Blair split by Al Jazeera leak

American capillary vision and inventions of democracy

Ambiguous (Cuba) policy has clearly bad results

Capital sewer: The Abramoff case is Washington at its worst

Olson/ZNet T-Giving Commentary

A News Revelution Has Begun

WaPo: Bush Faces Dual Challenges on Iraq (must read)

George W. Bush Gives Me Hope

The implications of Bush’s diplomatic debacle in Asia

Russert credits lesson from nun for being aboveboard in CIA case

Paul Krugman: "Bad for the Country"

On the Road to Rock Bottom - How Many More Will Die?

Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al Jazeera Gone

"In Baghdad, Capital Vistas Gradually Shrink With Insecurity" NY Times

Newcomers may have edge

Is Bush lying about his lies? Greeley

Inhumanities of the North Atlantic Seals before fashion

Molly Ivins: Let's make lemonade this Thanksgiving

CBS News: Support our Troops

Baghdad Burning - Iraqi girl's blog - update

from THE PEACE PULPIT Bishop Gumbleton

Replant the American Dream - WaPo - David Ignatius

What Oil Wants

Can You Spell Withdrawal without O-I-L?

Juan Cole Round-up: A Link for Every Thing Iraq this Weekend

Help the public schools, not the voucher schools

If Bush was Joking, Why is Blair Panicking?

Chávez the Bush baiter

First Light


The Phony War Against the Critics

Group Suggests Hybrid Tax; Billing Drivers By Mile

Rise in Gases Unmatched by a History in Ancient Ice


Secret British document accuses Israel

Zionist love Bolton - will give him a Defender of Israel award

Gaza-Egypt border reopened

Barghouti wins Fatah primaries

Occam’s Razor and 9-11 Conspiracy Theories

Internet will expose false conspiracy theories!

Action alert: Poll on Jones and the WTC

KSM's evidence is unreliable

Robert Koehler: Poll Shock (Ohio election reform numbers off by 40 pts.)

GD post: : 89% believe Election Fraud Should be Our #1 Issue on Kos

BATON ROUGE, La.-- state officials negotiated the contract with Sequoia

So what happens if Hari Hursti can't hack Diebold in CA?

Hacker gets blessing to hole democracy (Inquirer, UK)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 11/25/05

Parallels Between the JFK Assassination and the 2004 Presidential Election

PLEASE call, email, FAX Gov. Schwarzenegger. STOP this execution!

AP: Do we have room for 10 million more people?

Going to be in the big peace rally ...

DCCC accused of Meddling with CD11 's race

Looking For Someone To Send A Card To A Soldier In Iraq

Why does Archbishop O'Malley hate the poor and disadvantaged so much?

Anybody Willing To Send A Card To A Soldier In Iraq?

Strange e-mail in my outbox with attachments. Does anyone know how

BitTorrent P2P question

Hackett info

Polls not matching vote .... Issues 2 - 5

Winter came early, it's cold, it's snowy--I'm going XC skiing!

Thanksgiving message

Crawford stories?

My Thanks Giving Message (Cartoon) Warning: Large file

As Thanksgiving draws to a close,

Three cheers for Wisconsin Republicans

Oh Great! Just what we need!

Dive Rescue Teams Search Cedar Grove Pond

equal-opportunity aphrodisiac

Rep. Murtha: 78% approving of what I'm doing

Do You Think Bush and Company Would

Tennessee Law Office Linked to CIA Renditions

Our turkey tonight was named "Scooter"

I wonder if the "Troops" know how much we support them?

Dang, I just done heared a song on the radio by Cat Stevens.

I swooned over soccer great George Best when I was a young girl

As A Result Of Torture

Triumph interviews repubs on global warming

U.S. Marines in battle with Syrian troops

Vegans, vegetarians, and Kucinich fans ... your cartoon!


Here's how to get around (being put on hold) computerized customer service

Three weeks of Iraq slaughter.

Al Jazeerah, Al Qaeda it's all the same you know...

What Do DU'ers Think About Drinking Contests? Freedom Or Gluttony?

Chavez's cheap oil for US poor angers Washington

I learned something from DU today: Conservatives have always been evil

NYT on US food production and how to make things better.....

Stripes letters:DOD personnel system unjust/Troops need Sec. Harvey’s help

Let's announce a timetable for troop withdrawal....

The madness of war memo -- about Al-Jazeera -- what's next?

How far are we willing to go...

Cranberries may help prevent cavities

I just found a historical novel featuring Smedley Butler.

Post-Thanksgiving Giving Thanks Post - W.H. Auden: September 1, 1939

Bush Goes to China and 2 massive chemical spills threatens millions....

The US knows it will have to talk to the Iraqi resistance

Wikipeda on Skull and Bones

Poll: Obama most likely to become president of U.S.

Black Friday turning Black? Police breaking up fights in 2 stores here

Why Geography Matters: Three Challenges Facing America, CSPAN2

The Electricity Conglomerate that Screwed Over New Orleans

Freedom of Information logs reveal media's lack of military curiosity

Point man Cheney viewed as liability

Happy B-day barb and jenna!!!

Concerned about air travel (safety, delays, etc.)? You can DO something.

Online daters sue, Yahoo for fraud

Satellites may aid 'secret prisons' probe

funny how the word 'mistake' gets misused, as in, 'the war was a mistake'

If you're at this site and you don't belong here

We have lots of work to do, a new potential Schism in the RW could open up

Important reminder from (P)Rick Santorum

Shopping madness: It's the only remaining way to belong.

A reminder that not all is warm and happy on the Gulf coast this holiday

AUDIO: "... slow crawl towards civilization."

Reporters on Rice's Iraq Trip Had Government Minders

How did it go yesterday and today,and tommorrow with ...

MEDIA BITCHES workin' hard for pimp daddy WAL-MART this weekend

Framing; "Republican's complete failure in Iraq."

Who's up for some CARTOONS?!?!

Hacker to try to attack state voting machines - California

I LOVE this...just sayin'

JP Morgan and his American Legion myth.....

All hail America's New Gods

We need to focus our attention more on the GOP and less on Bush*/Cheney

UNITED WE STAND until Walmart's doors open. Then..

Editors threatened with jail in Britain if they publish Bush memo

Fox News Last Nite

How many votes do we need to filibuster Alito?

Malaysia investigates abuse claim

Craigslist Founder Slams U.S. Press, May Launch Online News Project

Here's an update on CNN's former anchorman, Aaron Brown...

Give us FREEDOM from POOR LEADERSHIP, Give us your POOR

Hey, it took 10 years for Vietnam to be saved from Communism.

Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti - Bush Quiz

how obscene are faith/character based prisons

I'm giving up

Bill Press was right: the Christian Coalition's Legislative Agenda

I think the Dems have 42 Senators. Do you think 41 will filibuster Alito?

slimy Bechtel gets another bushgang contract

A three point proposal to bring jobs back to America.

Can we give thanks for this?

Coulter on Murtha: He Longs “To See U.S. Troops Shot, Humiliated”

33 killed at Iraq gift giveaway

Apparently Brownie has no shame, whatsoever.....

Site of the Day

Ex-FEMA Head Starts Disaster Planning Firm

Government goes witch-hunting

Today's NOT the biggest shopping day of the year

What's Up with Wingnuts Target "Boycott" Over Toys for Tots?

Iraq's New Army Recruits Sunni Arab Officers Who Served Hussein

Am I the only one who really hates the new word "Blogosphere"?

So they are arresting people for protesting in Crawford TX, but in Iraq we

Democracy in America Has Officially Become a Privatized Circus

The freeptards have locked onto a new phrase: Positive Discrimination

Caption This - George Calls the Troops ---pix->>>

My R/W B-I-L (a GOP judge) makes asinine comment at dinner table.

O'Reilly's fill-in


Fantastic idea from a Hartmann caller/ statement for tax payers

Caption this picture of dumbya ---> PIX

The REAL Christmas "under siege": violence on Black Friday morning

Thom Hartman read an FDR 1944 speech on his AAR show

An interesting idea on FINANCIAL ACTIVISM!

A Crisis Of American Leadership?! You betcha!

2105 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

89% believe Election Fraud Should be #1 Issue on Kos

Why is it "legal" for the U.S. Government to practice Age Discrimination?

Will big OIL's influence wither with GOP?

If Iraq is so wonderful and safe..

From the Stars & Stripes - DOD personnel system unjust

A News Revolution Has Begun (mainstream journalism voice of rampant power)

Rumsfeld said that he would have been pro invasion, even w/o WMD evidence

If everyone agrees war was mistake, shouldn't someone be held responsible?

Just when you thought it couldn't GET any more blatant....

Biggest US shopping day-- buy something important

(VIDEO) A Thanksgiving Prayer by Williams S Burroughs

CNN:Syrianna Bashing Bush?Hollywood again

Letter to Howard Dean on Iraq

This Peter Brookes guy, Author, "A Devil's Triangle" is about full of it

Iraq is the cradle of civilization and the US is arrogant enough to think

Latest line from Marine recruiter

learned yesterday that my neice will be going to Iraq . . .

Dare we feel hopeful that the madness is ending?

Why the republicans should (and won't) win in 2006/8

HEY MEDIA: If Bush would bomb Qatar, he'd assassinate Hariri


Anyone here besides me actually cook Thanksgiving dinner yesterday?

Is Harry Potter a Christian movie?

Why did Bush Administration announce pullout of 50,000 troops ??

Bernie Sanders on Hartmann LIVE now!

Talking to an Iraq war vet yesterday

The Enduring JFK Mystery

Shoppers Trampled On Black Friday

MSNBC: Compared to last year, are you spending more or less this holiday

Are Republicans anti-wage?

Lycos Ordered to Tell Web Client Identity.......... Here we go.

I need a new flag to fly........

On TOP of it all... he's cheap.

CNN: Georgie Best segment coming on now n/t

Since the US has already bombed al-Jazeera two other times

Replant the American Dream - WaPo

Secret CIA prison identified in Kosovo

Can anyone show me an American news site reporting the six troops killed

Why I Visit Freep Sites And Why You May Want Join Me.

Good UK Explanation of the Bush/Al Jazeera Flap

NYT editors think the public schools in N.O. should never reopen

Al-Jazeera demands 'US bomb' memo

Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant 1997 Massacree Concert

SPC Spoon's Bad Day

Something to share...

IRS targeting Liberal church WTF?

The JFK Assassination: The Medical Evidence, Cover-up & the 2004 Election

Conservation Refugees (compelling read)

Ann Coulter: Murtha and His Ilk are "Gutless Traitors"

The Economic Elephant In The Room

How long till the Al Jazeera memo hits the web?

Does talking about withdrawal from Iraq lower troop morale?

In 2000, I Told People That Bush Would Be An Incompetent President

PBS Chairman Broke Law

What do DUers think about eating contests? Freedom or gluttony?

CNN: 911 getting emergency calls re line cutters at Walmarts.

The Comedy Award of the Year goes to.....MICHAEL BROWN!

I wanna be a patriot! So what should I buy today?

Do you eschew Christmas? Why? Or why not?

Rest in Peace Pat Morita

Israeli intelligence site: US Marines cross border, battle Syrian troops

Med school home schooling supplies are available--cadaver extra.

Don't call the religious right, Christians anymore, here's a better name!

Lou Dobbs Wal-Mart Segment with Director Greenwald

Soldiers die for our right to shop early

Withdrawal or what?

What is wrong with the fat ass Dick Morris on C-span2...

Let's make this thread #1 recommended -->

So how about a Constitutional Amendment that says "No Superstitious Yahoo

Black Friday...did you, or will you, go Christmas bargain shopping?

A proposal.

Just how many US companies were working with the nazi party in Germany?

Important C-SPAN poll

Who DOESN'T Bush want to bomb?

Dunning letter from "The Nation Magazine" Collection agency scam

I'm missing something. Why is the Al Jazeera bombing memo such a threat?

AP: US Chamber of Commerce recommends taxing Hybrids.

What would be the reaction if Bush did drop a bomb on Syria or Iran ?

What questions would you like to ask conservatives?

MY NEW ANTHEM: Neil Young's "When God Made Me"

Just In Case ANY Of You Have Forgotten...

What makes republicans think that Blacks will vote for Condi...

Who wants to locate the CIA prisons? (YOU can from your own home)

2106 Reasons why The DSM is Important

If Bush began hearing voices, what would they say?

Is Cindy Sheehan's work diminished by the financing she is receiving?

Where the hell does the term "Black Friday" come from?

The Holiday Spirit - Stand In Line At Wal-Mart, Punch Someone

Why did the US drop a 500 lb bomb on al-Jazeera in Kabul?

homeless people and the MTA

David Duke in Damascus to express solidarity with Syria

Be Gone Freeper!

U.S v U.S.A , are there 2 constitutions??

Study disputes claims about porn

Proposal to tax hybrid vehicles to maintain highways

Does anybody know how much of the US national debt China really owns?

New PBS documentary film stirs talk of abuse of religion

Does anyone else find the implications of NBC's censor of this chilling?

Scientists Trying to ID Frozen Airman -- for leftstreet and others!

C-SPAN WJ: Bill Press

*** Friday TOONs: Turkey of the Year Edition ***

Bush is supposedly giving a major speech this week...

A Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan today

i'm curious. so many people over the last few days have

Anthrax Redux: four years gone

OUTRAGE: Bush*/GOP use of our troops in fund-raising! This is personal!

Scary Freeper Post Supports HomeSchooling For COLLEGE!

McD's giving away 'witch dolls' in happy meals

A Message to All Republians from the BIBLE

Baghdad Burning brother and I just totally took down my Freeper uncle in a debate

Just LOOK what the Declaration of Independence says about bush....

So ..... your Thanksgiving meal and celebration ........ how'd it go?

Project for the near future

How many will an 18lb turkey serve?

A morning laugh for you all....

Balloon Injures Two at N.Y. Parade

Elton John and partner plan Civil Union

(LA) Mayor talks tough to unions

U.K. Official Charged Over Al-Jazeera Leak

NYT: Political Donations, Bribery and the Portrayal of a Nexus

AP: 3 L.A.-area airports have worst runway safety records in U.S.

Oceans rise at record rate as industrial age gathers momentum

Group decries Bush HIV policy in Africa

Child antidepressant use increases

Task Force Baghdad Soldier killed in tank accident (2105)

Publish 'bomb al-Jazeera' memo, demands MP

Bush Faces Dual Challenges on Iraq

dup how to delete?

Tacoma mall shooting: Assault rifle purchased through classified ad

Ex-FEMA Head Starts Disaster Planning Firm

Woman charged in stabbing of dog

George Best dies, aged 59

Malaysia investigates abuse claim

Government goes witch-hunting

Actor Pat Morita Dies at 73

Female circumcision 'affects 3m a year'

Chavez's cheap oil for US poor angers Washington

(Washington) State PAC to push for right-wing judges

(British retailer) pulls anti-Semitic books

Jazeera seeks Blair meeting

UN`s Mehlis seen close to giving up on Syrian cooperation in Hariri probe

Russert credits lesson from nun for being aboveboard in CIA case

Iraq says pullout will lead to violence (Iraq Foreign Minister to Japan)

Al-Jazeera seeks 'US bomb' talks

U.S. already planning Iraq pullout, lawmakers say

Lawmakers Helped Tribes Get Federal Money

Iraq asks Japan to extend mission

Many Went Online for Hurricane News (and Pew hypothesis)

U.S. Expert Expelled From Indonesia, Again

Witness in Saddam Hussein Case Dies

Bush firms up Arizona visit plans (Monday)

Church hopes 'Narnia' will pack pews

Vt. Teacher Accused of Anti-Bush Quiz

Rep. Dicks now sees war as a mistake

Inhumanities of the North Atlantic Seals before fashion

Winter, High Oil Costs Cause Global Chills

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 25 November

Clashes drive more Quezon folk fleeing (Philippines)

Syria accuses US of launching lethal raids over its borders

Video claims to show Al-Qaida attack plans

Dive Rescue Teams Search Cedar Grove Pond

Site chosen for Eisenhower memorial

Ann Coulter: Murtha and His Ilk are "Gutless Traitors"

PBS Chairman Broke Law

UN to Hold Largest Climate Conference Ever

Lycos Ordered to Tell Web Client Identity

Prisoner Is Released Despite Evidence of Role in Bombing

Sixteen die in India bus plunge

U.S. terrorism expert kicked out of Indonesia again

US ran prison camp in Kosovo: report

Protesters eat Iraqi meal for Thanksgiving near Bush ranch

In Mississippi, Time Stands Still: Recovery Stagnant In Post-Katrina Towns

Iraqi Official Says He Received Call From Resistance Leader

Jordan's king urges war on Islamic militancy

Spain clears US of blame in CIA flight probe

Documents tie Taylor (R Congressman, NC) to lobbyist in ethics case (AP)

Move past era of oil, experts say

Syria agrees to U.N. questioning

Iraq: One week, more than 180 dead

Senate GOP lays out 2006 agenda

Democratic Lawmaker Lament Iraq War Vote

Site Chosen for Eisenhower Memorial

Genital mutilation of women worsens across world

WSJ page 1: Federal Influence-Peddling Inquiry Casts Wider Net

US firm to fight Somali pirates

Lawmaker Urges Release of Bombing Document (Al Jazeera)

NBC Stuck to Sunny Rebroadcast of Last Year's M&M's

Xbox 360: a Thanksgiving Turkey? (Register UK)

CIA allegedly flying terrorist suspects via German airports

Bishops Preach Against Stem-Cell Reasearch (Missouri)

Defense hawk (Rep) Dicks says he now sees war as a mistake

The Apprentice now bids for Congress

School vouchers could aid autistic students

N.M. Gov Admits He Wasn't Baseball Pick (Richardson)

Conrad Black: Fraud charges against him are 'one massive smear job'

Teacher under investigation for alleged liberalism

LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!! (clap clap clap clap clap)

God. I am thinking of ordering "Facts of Life" reruns on InDemand.


Who else here does Designated Driving . . .

I am not going out tomorrow.

My Show will come on in just a moment!

on giving thanks

Pssst... tomorrow is "Buy Nothing Day". Pass it on.

Choice quotes from my mother on Thanksgiving:

"South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut" is on the Comedy channel now! Yay!

Alberta Clipper.

Return of the Chupa Cabre: ‘Blood-sucking creature’ killing sheep in UAE

I saw an XBOX

Did you see Robert Plant Tonight?

Never mind, the Nighthawks thread has been created...

Good Night DU.

How many spent Thanksgiving home alone?

Why am I still up?

Rudest headline ..EVER!

Good night. Sleep tight!

Haven't checked my post count in a while, it's past 11,100!

Thanksgiving nightmare. All my moms side of the family does is needle

thoughts on walking home at night

Are YOU venturing out shopping tomorrow?

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page had good acid

a wave of gratitude

C'mon, Veterinarians. Frighten pup.

Is there no way to view own posts from before the last 48 hours?

Drunk Man Flees Police On Stolen Lawnmower

Dumb Things You've Done Lately

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

I swooned over soccer great George Best when I was a young girl

Today was JFK Jr's birthday too....

Please someone interpret this for me. One extremely wierd dream!

Don't these idiots ever learn? Nigerian spam...

Venting - abscessed tooth + vicodin

ROFL! It's a blizzard out there this AM! Who's doing their xmas crashin'?

Want a patriotic magnet for your car?

My 1000th post, here in the DU Lounge

Statue of Virgin Mary cries blood (Video)

And? Did anybody explode from all the food?

is catching a matinee movie "going shopping" - Is Carmike Blue?

Thanksgiving arguments with relatives - check-in here

OK. Answer this post and you will receive my 2400th post in reply

"Would you like a Sierra Mist Free?"

Cranberries may help prevent cavities

It's almost time...

learned some "things" from my freeper family:

Man Stole $200,000 Worth Of Legos

Bush/Cheney Issue "Cheerful Checklist" on Iraq

If the Lions can axe Maruicci midseason...why can't the Vikes can Tice!

How many of you are off work today?

I don't mean to cause a commotion but...

so who has to work today?

What Do DU'ers Think About Drinking Contests? Freedom Or Gluttony?

I am spaying another DUer

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/25/05)

Would you make a good spy?

This is my 5455th post. Don't you just love numbers with 2 prime factors,

Top terrorist 'may be master hypnotist'

Online daters sue, Yahoo for fraud

Now remember shoppers, for anyone wanting to send a clear message

So Kevin Smith thinks Clerks 2 is his best work ever...


Toasted buttered muffin with scrambled eggs plus hot vegetable soup.

I kind of understand all these people mobbing Wal-Mart today

Indelicate gastrointestinal question

I realize it's "Don't Buy Anything" day...

Bring Forth The X-Men Music...

'Titanic' is on---don't tell me how it ends

My nephew played this Goldfinger song for me

Bring Forth The X-Mas Music...

Happy B-day barb and jenna!!!

It is 55 degrees in my apartment.

Yuck! I just saw the most disgusting nakedness on the internet! (pic hvy)

George Best feature coming up on CNN

Does the mail run today?

Thanks for Nothing, Cowboys!

George Best, Pat Morita... Okay, who's number three?

Hey, DUers - say hello to my nephew Christian!!

Retirees: The Whole Truth, Nothing But ...


Well we're getting our first measurable snowfall......

Is anyone familiar with the music site called "24/7 Downloads"?

Anyone else getting pornographic Simpson's spam?

Oh, those naughty magazine designers

Hi all... Need some law advise please

Law & Order Marathon - Anyone Watching?


OH MAN, I got a 72" Plasma, a new DVR and Surround SYSTEM TODAY!!!!

What movie/play ending would be perfect for the Bush-Cheney nightmare?

The Bar is OPEN, C'mon IN!!

Everyone...say hello to Mrs. Lochloosa...she rarely shows up

I haven't bought a damn thing today (Black Friday)

True or false: Most men marry to get laid regularly.

What do DUers think about eating contests? Freedom or gluttony?

Is this really necessary??


THANKS, Loungies!!

I just heard from a friend who has been missing in New Orleans!

Question this answer: "Because he has the receipt."

Kazakhstan Threatens British Comedian with Court - Borat aka Sacha Cohen

Breaking: Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) Dead At 73

The Early-Bird Gets The Rebates!!

I need a favor from my Lounge friends in certain states...

Just Want You To Know

Penguins and Polar Bears together, eh?

Do you eschew Christmas? Why? Or why not?


...and keep your ass off the copier!

Early Morning Shoppers Pepper Sprayed At Beaumont Wal-Mart

Worst Heisman Trophy pick?

Colorado Fans

Remind me again why I have cats


Do you like Christmas lights on homes? Check this.

KatRate Master

Actor Pat Morita Dies at 73

Hmmm... "Tremors" is on AMC - is this movie worth watching?

Leftover Turkey Recipes...line 'em up!

Elton John to wed partner in December

Just got my shopping done at Wal-Mart - ask me anything

My furnace won't come on. I think the pilot light is out

We just got burglarized

WTG, Huskers!!!

Rented "Bewitched" recently. Don't.

'Tis the season, asshole

I just ate eight Slim Jims....

"Jesus Christ Superstar" in Japanese (or "Rocky Horror" in Norwegian)

Morning everybody, btw, it's my birthday today!!!!!!

Stupid Kodak commercial made me cry

need some good thoughts

George Best dies, aged 59


Has you saw the new King Kong teaser?

Doggie park!! Run, Brattie, run. Sniff, hump, pee.

True or false: Most women marry for security

C. S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley

Will any digital camera work with my MAC?

Help please... I'm sick, I'm down and I'm bored...

Anyone here besides me actually cook Thanksgiving dinner yesterday?

Name a Big Hoax

X-BOX 360 - Crashing like MAD!

Name a book that takes place where you live.

What US states have you NEVER been in?

Minor pregnancy vent...

I feel harassed by the Salvation Army.

U.S. Troops Find Abused Cheetah Cubs

Name a movie with a liberal message that you'd like others to see

Another sinus infection

What I Woke Up To This Morning

If you were trapped in a closet half full of water . . .

I'm sad! My regular computer is in the shop. I'm stuck with my

Nighthawks 42

"So this is how liberty dies - with thunderous applause."

It's 15 degrees here

Attn: December/January babies!!

Do you go to the 'topic forums' regularly?

Secular Joke for the day...

Please help me out here, my confusion is illogical...

How BIG is DU ?

What are some songs told from the perspective of an older woman?

"Bloodhound Gang" VS "Mathnet"

Church hopes 'Narnia' will pack pews

Don't call the religious right, Christians anymore, here's a better name!

The Bible, The Qur'an and Science.

Child antidepressant use increases

The first beach BBQ – 12,000 years ago

Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon

Scientists, be on guard ... ET might be a malicious hacker

British Synagogues To 'Marry' Gay Couples

Hate at the Macy’s parade?

Mass. Archbishop: Catholic Church Isn't Prejudiced Against Gays

Gay Man On Trial Seeks To Keep Partner From Testifying

Luongo on the trading block?!

Thank God Texas finally got some challenge.

George Best dies, aged 59

Ecclestone to sell interest in F1

you know you want to pet my belly....

Crybaby showed up w/broken leg and saw vet

Really unsettling dream, any thoughts on the state of my mind?

Suggestions for creationist Christmas gifts (comic)

Just sayin'

A little "deliverin' the Kerry card" story

Scott Lehigh column in BGlobe 11/25/05 (Not bad.)

I find this VERY hard to believe:

This is why the Democrats voted against the Hunter tactic (so angry!)

A Kerry Christmas Project

We have RIBBONS!!!!!


A "Mogster-like" Thanksgiving picture...

Anyone have any suggestions on filters? Glass or Plastic - coated or ?

Craigslist Founder Slams U.S. Press, Hints at New Online News Project

Technology pushing political films to forefront

Former FEMA Director Brown to start emergency planning consulting business

SurveyUSA Bush approval rating map for Nov. 2005

Dear useless Republican representative:

Murtha Question - If wrong, can someone please correct me...

Put Honesty Back Into Government.

Ohio Bumper Sticker Sighting "I Pray and I Vote"

One Bush supporter sets up camp "a few miles away" from Cindy Sheehan

Bob Woodward then and now.

Top 5 Democratic Hawks in the Senate

Tenn. Office Linked to CIA Renditions

25 NOV 1986 - Another great day in GOP History

I noticed on Msnbc they have been taking advantage of the Holidays...

Privatizing Pirate Protection

US threatens to block £890m Spanish arms sale to Venezuela

Cheney's Trouble with Truth ----- by Robert Scheer

Abramoff probe broader than thought

I've been a supporter since 2003

What Always Puzzled Me About The JFK Assination Is.......

Zionist love Bolton - will give him a Defender of Israel award

Bush-Blair Al Jazeera bombing memo back in the news

Daily Dose Of Durst

wouldn't you like to see this..

Sanctus Santorum

Reaching one voter at a time... as long as we fine tune our message

Granny Bee – Lucky Eating!

Who is this crackpot Mark Levin? (Some flack on Hannity's show now )

Wisconsin To Hold Oil Executives Accountable

My fun Thanksgiving story

Vegans, lend me your ears. Cartoon time.

Bil Press was extremely good on CSPAN this morning?

Latest rightwing media "talking point" tape (play, rewind; play, rewind..)

When arguing with right wing friends and relatives this weekend.....

So when this election happens in Iraq ...

i heard on the news yesterday that bush was having a free range

Ohio's vote goes funny again. Polls showed major support but election

WaPo comments on 10 House Races to Watch

Dictionary of Republicanisms

Anyone else hear Limbaugh say, "And people wonder why I don't have kids"?

Fox tool John Gibson whines over his "incredibly vicious e-mails"

Pre-election antics won't help Michigan

after the stench left by bushco, which repubs will be viable in 2008?

Bolton threatened UN member countries to do what US says or. . . .

Will the real Giuliani stand up?

Harry Reid says Chimpy is "stubborn" and "mean spirited"

Anybody else get a fund raising letter from Bill Clinton?

Congressman Roy Blunt's Blunt Facts--braggin' for the home crowd. . .


Vermont Teacher's Anti-Bush Quiz

Truth, Lies, and Flawed Intelligence

Freep-holes react to Colin Powell calling Murtha attacks "disgraceful"

My Fellow Citizens.

Are DUers really that far outside the "mainstream" body politic?

Get registered with Zogby Internet Polls, DUers!

Whatever happened to the official Iraqi vote?

LTTE in The Day: Lieberman The Kind Of Democrat We Need

Looking forward to 2008, I'm not worried about the candidate..

Cheney friends describeVP as if total political freedom brought on madness

Dick Morris laying out Campaign Points Condi Vs. Hillary (on C-Span)

Any Connection? Abramoff & Diebold Fixing of Elections. Point of Origin?

Looking forward to 08!!!