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Archives: November 24, 2005

The Nation | The Rebel Jesus

Lest we forget Ed Koch's 2003

Those who see the war clearly: Reps McKinney, Serrano & Wexler

The Real McCain-The Nation

Why Tony Blair must be forced to face a public inquiry

Report: How the Oil Companies are ripping off the Iraqi's PSA's

Baghdad Burning - House of Horrors (blog from Iraq)

Joe Klein: Think Twice About a Pullout

S. Blumenthal: The long march of Dick Cheney

The perfect tax plan (Income, buisness, and LVT together?)

Programmer types: how could this DRE system be rigged for Bush?

Diebold shell game, "peas" are in windows operating system

Is Governor Vilsack blogging on Dailykos?

Monitor settings at start-up

Cannot open .asf files on my laptop

I Having A Democratic Party Meeting At My House On Dec. 8th, 6:30 p.m.

US : mounting EU pressure on secret CIA prisons

Did everyone see 11/18 Riverbend Girl blog?

Heads up - Hardball with Paul Hackett coming up on MSNBC

Those who died in Iraq from Nov 13 to 19:

What would Bush* and Blair need to hide from the press? Falluja.

Regarding Los Angeles Times Dismissal of Robert Scheer--Annoying LAT Reply

Since We Can't Get The Truth At Home, Maybe We Can Get It From Britain

Anybody here sell pot?

Guess who wrote the following (and don't look it up)

great cartoon

Winning the "hearts and minds"

PBS, NOW w/ David Brancaccio, Friday, November 25th . . . a must see . .

The Rise and fall of Oil Prices and Thanksgiving

The Bush Solution! (haha)

gwb/Blair. We know they're very close, but this video shows their secret

Daniel Ellsberg: 70th protest arrest today

Anybody ever get busted for pot?

It's Not Counterproductive to Hop Off a Train Headed for the Wall

"They hate us for our freedoms"...

Is there a Transcript of Michael Moore's Speech?

Have you ever smoked pot?

Blair branded 'Bush's lapdog'

"Jewish" = 'race' or religion?

Tell the people of Qatar 'America does NOT stand with GW Bush"

History Channel's "The Presidents" misses key point

Caption This * PIC - - - - - >

Anybody watching Andrew Jackson's bio on the History channel?

Cheat Sheet to Find a Human

Mental institution escapee on freeway on way home from work

Just watched MIchael Moore for the 2nd time today--There's a leader.

Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

PNACer Bill Kristol says, "Administration Looks Weak Right Now"

It will keep getting worse for *

Very cool invention for recycling tires ...

HELP! Does anyone have the crazy fundie lady wife swap video?

Take a look at this blue map

The propaganda starts: The US can whip China in a troop tussle...

Here's an unbiased poll, courtesy our fiends at FR

And an inadvertantly revealing, well-known recent quote from Bush:

I watched Michael Moore twice, but I missed what the sign

Has This Administration Reduced You to Drug Use?

Friday is Buy Nothing Day - Rev. Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping

Heads up to any Arizona DUers: Rep. Kolbe is quitting

US says Iraq insurgents can be 'part of solution'

Anyone watch Law and Order:SVU last night?

60's "protest" music era on PBS now.....

nominate cindy sheehan for time person of the year a write in candidate

I Would Like To See The "Vietnam Syndrome" Return To The US!

Bushies Republican Guard rounding up Cindy's peeps in Texas

Will America ever become not bullshit again?

Has anyone seen the Wal-Mart countervideo?

Anybody watching Frontline? Brownie got hostile

Michael Moore Keynote speech - CSPAN1 now

Best sign on a church ever

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Shout Out


VIDEO-Michael Moore snippet

Cindy Sheehan's sister, others, arrested in Crawford

36 U.S. Navy dolphins armed with dart guns may be loose

Shocking pix of the Gulf Coast

2 Dems help stonewall WHIG investigation. Lost 23-25 :-(

Announcing the Carnival of the Liberals!

Why are those "Turkey Deep Friers" still legal? CNN about to replay...

Bombshell paper confirms the Rip-off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

My Local News showed a Preacher getting Clocked...

What would you do?

The Decision Is Ours: America, or Not

Anyone collecting all the various Dem withdrawal plans?

Give us a Freedom Car

I want to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all the C&B regulars

Farm Pac Kitchens-has anyone ever heard of this company?

(UK) Fury over gagging threat 'to spare Bush's blushes'

Group decries Bush HIV policy in Africa (WH reverts to bad AIDS rule)

36 U.S. Navy dolphins armed with dart guns may be loose

Reid thinks Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan earthquake

Binge-drink women may lose right to claim rape

Secrecy gag prompted by fear of new Blair-Bush revelations

Bolivian President Under Fire for Missiles

Italian Withdrawal From Iraq by End of 2006

DoD Identifies Army Casualty ( # 2099 )

Computer Worm Poses as E-Mail From FBI, CIA

Reid: Stubborn Bush is "campaigner-in-chief" (refers to "bush's brain")

Bankruptcy Spike Before Change Spurs Q4 Credit Card Write-offs

WP: Bush's Space Plan in Danger

Battle intensifies over gay marriage in Massachusetts

'Brownie' seeks fresh start as consultant in Colorado

Firefly Fans Heads up! Mini Marathon on SciFi Channel Tonight!

You guys Bridgit needs our help she's lost her undies

Why was DU dropped from Drudge Retort - anyone know?

Really short quiz


Damn! I forgot to order the sweet potato pies!!!

I've missed the chance to exploit my 5000th post for attention. Now what?

"Intelligently designed" bacteria creates photograph!

I think I'm in trouble again

Yes, it IS panda week!

Xmas sales will be better than last year's!

Only 396 days until Xmas 2006!

bwaaaaahahahahahhahahhahahaaa (pic)

Is this proof of intelligent design?

What's your Thanksgiving nightmare?

Sometimes a Seeger is just a Seeger

Great. Food Poisoning from our fave restaurant.

So where were you 42 years, 2 hours, and 17 minutes ago?

I just ate garlic was good...



Some Holiday Cheer!

I've been eating this for 2 days. And now I hear this?! :cry:

Hey! I got lost in a house today!!

A smilie for Agent Mike.

My 2 bosses decided to celebrate thanksgiving by destroying the company!

"i don't want to learn, i just want to get drunk"

Question: what's so special about the "unrated" version of DVD's?

Which film should I watch tonight? Help me decide!

am onLy one who hears the "benny hiLL show" them song

On PBS now....

Oh, yeah. I'm gonna eat a friggin' sandwich 'cause JARED tells me to?

Garrison Keillor on Thanksgiving...

is it just me or are these weird?

Cartoon on "Current TV" has Michael Moore and Dick Cheney

* has another problem opening a door

Fair warning indeed! (pic)

The City of DETROIT vs. Colorado in five minutes

flavor country is more than a place

What's up with the $378 laptop computers at Walmart on Friday?

Anybody here sell pot?

can anyone suggest a nice cream sherry

"LOST" kicked ass again tonight (No Spoilers)

MOTOWN BEATDOWN COMPLETE! Pistons and Wings kick much CO booty

Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar...

WHY does Wheel of Fortune have that BEEEeeeeoooop sound for when players

When Fonzie eats ravolio alone at christmas time who doesn't cry?

so I just walked near a smoker and I can still smell it

Anybody here sell out?

You kitty's great contribution to popular culture.

My God...when did DU attract such a huge following of panty-waists?

Foiled again! Wildcats paint school colors on A Mountain

Dick Vitale is a government stamped bona fide idiot......

Any guilty pleasure Christmas shows you watch annually?

Anybody ever get busted for pot?

i'm not in love

dude! i am totally stoked

I am the richest man in the world.

LynneSin....I am sorry I beat you in Fantasy Football last weekend.

Write a one line poem.

Beavis and Butthead is on Com central

WOOT! I just got a free copy of this book from Ring of Fire on AAR.

RADIOHEAD - picked up the new DVD release yesterday - 1994, Astoria

How does everyone like my new Avatar image?

This is Wednesday night. Not Saturday night. Keep repeating....

A burning "Lost"' question about last wk's episode (spoiler?)...


You think this site is kidding? It looks serious.

Have you ever smoked pot?

Hmm... never thought of bumblebees as sexy before

Thanksgiving food: Anyone ever eaten an egg custard pie?

You know who you are -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - -->X

"Amelie" is surely one of my favorite films of all time.

Oh never mind

When you're recovering from flu, what do you eat?

It's a Raymond Chandler Evening.

What's Your Favorite Christmas-Themed Movie?

What totally weird, useless talents do you have?

New Things Made Out of Old Things: e.g.: Spatuloon.

A minor yet blatant plea for sympathy.

I Smoke. I Can't Quit. Guilt Doesn't Help.

Attention Atheists (& Xtians): Need your help in destroying Christianity.

They're breaking up the Sox - Aaron Rowand is a Phillie

Foiled again! Wildcats paint school colors on A Mountain

It's Obvious What T.O. Should Do Now

NFL fans - what's with Bill Maas?

The military taught dolphins to kill.

Having a recurrent dream theme--how do I interpret this?

Reid: Stubborn Bush is "campaigner-in-chief"

The Kerry's Thanksgiving message

A little duck series

KOEB 11/23/05 -- He's Here! Edition

DU is now listed as a link on C-Span's website. Anyone else

So if the WH is brought down by liar-gate, Rove by Plame, and the House by

Whispers of Troop Withdrawal - We must be on the eve of an election year

Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) is not seeking re-election

Hide the Ball, * & Blair

OMB Watch update on Congressional Budget and Tax Votes

If the U.S. Isn't Torturing Black Site

senator bill nelson, republican in democrat's clothing.

Pelosi's pro-war stance ...

on KO Dana Milbank just said:

Which Would You Rather Take Back - House Or Senate?

Amy Goodman and Frank Gaffney were just on "Hardball" on MSNBC

Jimmy Carter - could he run?

Hackett may have just stepped on a land mine.

Are Republicans more likely to go to Hell?

Bizarre oil politics. Venezuela=bad. Saudi Arabia=good.

The Intentionally Divided States of America: The Cold Civil War

Is the U.S. military coercing YOUR high school kids?

Lieberman in Iraq - American forces will remain until mission complete

Sharon's Centrism the Likely Winner of Israel's Shake-Up

"Lesser Neocons of L'Affaire Plame"--by Christopher Deliso

Secrecy gag prompted by fear of new Blair-Bush revelations

Tax Cuts are a Real Turkey for the Economy

The Murtha Moment


The Savage Nation vs. the Bushbots

Israel is on the verge of a political earthquake

British government threatens prosecution to suppress claim that Bush...

Insider's view / Murtha may also be speaking for the military

Cheney's Trouble with the Truth

A Failed Presidency?

NPR Takes On Washington: Battling for the Airwaves in Berlin

A plague on both their houses

"They've been in power too long," Mr. Nofziger says of Republicans.

Two years ago, he served a rubber Turkey to the Troops

John Pilger: Web Alternative (on the reporting of the WP story)

Sometimes, a Tax Cut for the Wealthy Can Hurt the Wealthy

Thomas Friedman: "George Bush's Third Term"

Isolating Cheney?deepening rifts in the administration

O'Connor Fires Back on Judicial Independence

Galloway speaks Baathism in Damascus

Cheney's Trouble with Truth

I'll go to jail to print the truth about Bush and al-Jazeera

Pakistan earthquake: A tragedy the world forgot

The Real McCain

'You have the only hard copy'


Can "tipping points" accelerate global warming?

How soon will effects of increased Greenland ice cap melt be obvious

The border of the state of Ramallah

Jewish American agenda

Sharon party officially launched (Kadima)

Twin Towers' Designers Anticipated Jet Impacts Like September 11th's

If flight 175 had hit WTC2 at a similar angle, towards one side,

Discrepency with Passenger Phone Calls and AA versus United Flights


Update on the Reported Power-Down of the WTC Right Before 9/11

Question to ATC re: flight plan change of UA 93

2004 Ohio Election Rigged? Polls Wildly Different from Results

Election Archive Needs Favorable reviews (Have to register).

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 11/24/05

LBN Cross-post: US Sues Missouri Over Voters in 2004 Election

Cali DUers, San Fran, 5 days to kill, Road Trip

Arlo Guthrie's ALICE'S RESTAURANT - WXRV at noon

G.L.A.D. to fight anti-marriage ballot question . . .

Special Election 12/27 Can pick up state senate seat

11/25 Patty Wetterling to be on CNN headline news Nancy grace show

Getting rid of drop down box in Firefox.

Don't shoot me -- please just read the reports

It's time to head up to Crawford again

We have to restore the political process to the people

Happy turkey day WI!

Tucker Carlson's Thought Crime.

GOP Committee Determines Oil Execs Didn't Lie To Congress

Freeper on a Selective Service committee

BradBlog: Ohio's Bob Ney Appears to be in Big Trouble...

DCCC Disloyalty!! Help FLA candidate who almost beat Katherine Harris!!

An argument against the PNAC

Denny White, Chair of the Ohio Dem Party, resigns today.

I am the richest man in the world.

Michael Moore replay up now (11:50est) on C-Span

bush will not leave any kind of "legacy" behind.

Pakistan earthquake: A tragedy the world forgot

Democratic Underground Opinion Poll

"We are Fucking Doomed: Part II" Hilarious Blog

Why Tony Blair must be forced to face a public inquiry into the Iraq war

Thom Hartmann on Wed. -- Anybody hear it?

Cheney to Headline DeLay Fundraiser

Rich to the rest of America: “FU”

Stripes letter: Defending the war?

Well well well, look at what the Reverend Don Wildmon's up to......

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Police accidentally hit a naked man in the

dubya in college

Letters to the NYTimes about "worst" president ever.....

Limbaugh: Murtha "just the useful idiot of the moment"

"CDC proposes new measures against bird flu" (listen)

Attention Atheists (& Xtians): Need your help in destroying Christianity.

PHOTO: Cackling, wrinkled-neck White House bird pardoned!

Happy Peak Oil Day!

A little something on Thanksgiving...

Pope urged to convert Jews and others

Turkey toon - 11/24

Historian David Irving charged in Austria with denying the Holocaust

Idea! Say "No" to Bush's Agenda because he was wrong on Iraq

MIchael Moore on cspan now

this female insult comic on the "Morning Sedition" is hilarious

Pass me the________ . Please

US,UK asked to explain Jazeera memo

No Happy Thanksgiving in the hills

2006 Will be the Year of America's Salvation, or its Demise

Why do FAUX drones insist on arguing?

RIP Tariq Ayoub

This needs to be said on Thankgiving

Happy Thanksgivings !

America's Badlands

Women 'face worst abuse at home'

Florida says they had the first Thanksgiving in 1565

Chris Matthews' brother is running for Lt. Governor of PA as a Republican

DUers, What Are Your Freeper Relatives/Friends Saying This Holiday?

New looks at the types, and effects, of meditation

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Police accidentally hit a naked man in the

The Forces on the Left Rock Happy Thanksgiving Day

Scientific American on the flu pandemic. Read Link

Mean Jean gets ripped in her local LTTE page

The War on Thanksgiving

I'd like to caption that pic of the turkey "goin down" on *

Well...lookie what appeared in my mailbox with DSM subscription

Permanent Bases in Iraq???

'You have the only hard copy'

Perfect Day For Bush/Cheney Frat Boy False Flag Op....Eh?

Anyone have a link to the SNL parody on Schmidt? Thx! n/t

Irate Canadian client pays Visa pennies (Patriot Act related)

A Thanksgiving poem. "When the Frost is on the Punkin"

Here is what you can do to support the troops

The latest in GOP cronyism...

Can you say Civil War - I just watched this video off of Reuters

The Have/Have Not Question

Their's a "Camp Gannon" in Iraq!?!

LOL on Wash. Journal : Pro * caller said "Happy Easter!"

Alice's Restaurant (MP3): Lefty Thanksgiving Tradition

Al-Jazeera workers hold protest against 'bomb memo'

"Mission Creep", remember those words. Clinton was hammered with them

It's Bob Novak day at my house today.

Bwaaahahahaha! MSNBC is one of the "free" channels on Dish Network

Thom Hartmann is LIVE today.

Micheal Franti and Spearhead played at Folsom Prison


Nobel Laureates Urge Clemency for Stanley 'Tookie' Williams

Gangsta (50 Cent) praises Gangsta Bush

The REAL story of THANKSGIVING (nice)

Naked Prowler Shot In Genitals (Florida)

Lobbying Scandal Brewing In D.C.

Alito Ad Flap Centers Over Strip Search

Lawmakers Helped Tribes Get Federal Money

RANT ON --- Books a Million Roanoke Va.

Three who see the War Clearly

A big toast to those attempting to close the "SOA"!

Iraqis Call for U.S. Troop Withdrawal, Mimicking Language Bush Used

5 AM, the stores open 5 AM tomorrow, Conservative values my ass

Al Jazeera and Eason Jordan's vindication

I know I am just asking to get flamed, but all you carnivores and vegs

Former Abramoff Partner to Cooperate

Bush's former cocaine dealer gives Bush some praise

Bush, Pentagon sell out to terrorists -- they hate America!

The End Of The War (by Robert Reich)

Bush's Supporters broken down

What were the Predictions of the Founding Fathers?

Funniest RW'ers calling Air America. Who are they?

Why are US Troops still handing out toys to children? Hello? It kills them

CNN interview with Secretary of the Army

Thanks For DU'ing My Hometown Newspaper's Poll!!!

Halliburton Boasts of "Fun and Festive" Thanksgiving in Iraq for US Soldie

Who gives a damn what Bush is having for dinner

Steve Bell: Pardoning the Turkey

Stick it to your freeper relatives this year! Tell your story here.

HAL/KBR Serving whole roasted PIG in Bagdhad along w/ turkeys?

Christians in Islamic Terrorist Groups?

U.S. Soldiers Mark Thanksgiving Overseas

What would you think of a '08 Unity ticket: Gore/Kerry?

The Fall of the One-Party Empire ...The imperial dreams are in ruins.

2104 Reasons why The DSM is Important

One Weekend A Month

We need our own "Michelle Malkin" !

Regarding the Al Jazerra thing, wouldn't it have been less

Researchers find animal antibiotics in vegetables

DU Help: Cards From All 50 States For Soldier Friend In Iraq

If any Democrats are caught up in the Abramoff scandal


Michael Moore's honoring Wellstones speech!!! Love him

I think we're in Iraq&have a culture of corruption in DC cause of gun nuts

Welcome news: Brandi Swindell lost her election

Alice's Restaurant-Arlo Guthrie-Story/song-Happy Thanksgiving to All DUers

Bush deserves no credit for pulling troops out of Iraq. None.

How can a person introduce Progressivism locally?

Happy Thanksgiving DUers. Have a great one!!

Surprise - The 'persecuted' RW'ers gain control!

Dear DU brothers and sisters: I am leaving the house for the next 5

A poll from deep in the (red) heart of Texas

Ekera and Faro hold the Secrets...roll the armor and take those 2 bases

"I would be surprised if he survives another 24 hours" - re George Best

A quote from Paul Krugman which I understand but disagree with

Liberté, égalité, obésité

More conservative "values"

I have to say, poking trolls with a stick is as fun as Carmel Apple pie

PHOTOS: Al Jazeera staff not amused by George's supposed "joke"

Thanksgiving Day, 1976

How disgusting.. The US is "set to import more food than we export""

Iraq and Abramoff could be the best thing to happen to the Left since FDR

A MUST-WATCH documentary video on the torture at Abu Graib!

Small, but hopefully effective...

Michael Brown HAS NO SHAME. He's

so why ISN'T the ape in Iraq serving fake turkey to the troops this year?

Canadian media Vs American media

I have no sympathy for terrorists ....

Is this in any way a contradiction

Unlawful Combatant vs Enemy Combatant - which is it?

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!


Does foul language lower the standard of public discourse?

Mark Crispin Miller on AAR *now* - TDay morning!

Happy Thanksgiving! cartoon with Bush!

Fundies & conservatives: The thing they fear most is change.

BBC: Iraqi detainees tell of torture

Activist Judge Sandra Day O'Connor now complaining about attack on judges

The Unfeeling President

BUSHFELLAS ~ Casino Jack & the Republican Thuggees

Balloon Injures Two at N.Y. Parade


Before I carve the turkey today I will make a solemn vow that: fill in the

Scalia distorted the truth...

They keep running this story about a Oklahoma Pastor getting punched....

"The Tom Delay Show" -- Bringing Down THE HOUSE! (literally)...

The latest Washington scandal may top them all

War protesters in Crawford, TX plan Iraqi meal for Thanksgiving

Cindy Sheehan | Blessings?

Man the 'other side' is both clueless AND stubborn

Notes on the Fallujah context of the Bush-Blair 'Bomb al-Jazeera' Memo

I need help responding to this e-mail.

Every wonder why the Arab world hates us?

2004 Ohio Election Rigged? Polls Wildly Different from Results

Michelle Malkin believes she knows what Project X is!

US Classified White Phosphorus as 'Chemical Weapon'

DUers, what are you thankful for?

A "false" sense of well being

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backward.

ADL demands Michael Jackson apologize for anti-Semitic lyrics

a tale and treatise for Thanksgiving #11.6

I just gave my wife a birthday present she'll never forget

Sen. Nelson Opposes Iraq Troop Withdrawal

is the Chimp drunk in this pic ? (from when his dad was pres)

"Chipotle maple whipped sweet potatoes". How "regular guy"! How "like us!"

Memo to Congressional Democrats: you better read this... (a rant)

You can help start a new TV news channel,

Who are the 35% that still support Bush?

Happy Thanksgiving DUers!

WHAT SHOULD THE BUSH ERA BE CALLED? ... Camelot? Morning In America?

Does anyone have a recipe for Sauerkraut balls?

The Best Laid Plans....(snowed in)

Does anyone have the "Joy of Cooking" on CD-ROM?

Election will bring another Grit minority: Klein (ROFLMAO)

Agreement would ban Great Lakes diversions but permit large withdrawals

Leaders Sound Hopeful on Iraq Troop Cuts

Can you say Civil War - I just watched this video off of Reuters

(UK)Families Want Inquiry

Priests Citing New Problem in Gay Policy

US resumes arms trading with Islam's 'voice of moderation'

"CDC proposes new measures against bird flu" (listen)

O'Connor Fires Back on Judicial Independence

Bush's TVA board nominees are big political donors

Suicide Car Bombing Kills 30 in Iraq

Abuse payout for Canadian natives

Top Labor politician defects to Sharon's new party

Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe (R) won't seek re-election in '06 (Yes!!)

US resumes arms trading with Islam's 'voice of moderation'

Michael Jackson in trouble after anti-semitic phone rant

Judge rules boy who married woman is a delinquent

Bush's TVA board nominees are big political donors (cronyism AGAIN!)

Alito Ad Flap Centers Over Strip Search

US death toll in Iraq tops 2100

Lobbying Scandal Brewing In D.C.

US groups denounce Vatican's gay edict

Iraqi detainees tell of torture

Two Task Force Baghdad Soldiers killed by gunfire (2101)

Life Goes On in Fallujah's Rubble

Children's Hospital (Pittsburgh) offers to help badly wounded Iraqi boy

Michael Moore's honoring Wellstones speech!!! Love him

Allies warn US over CIA's secret jails

GOP sets sights on one of its own (moving to purge moderates in N.C.)

Halliburton to serve more than 170,000 troops Thanksgiving dinner

Appeals court reinstates permits for mountaintop removal coal mining

30 die in bomb attack on Iraq hospital


FL Gov. Jeb Bush opens largest faith-based prison

Suicide Bombing South of Baghdad Kills 20

Qatar shock at al-Jazeera bombing report

St. Petersburg Republican Takes Charge Of 'Scooter' Libby's Legal Defense

Utah Religious Leaders Endorses Anti-Torture Bill

Romania Base Focus of Secret Prison Probe


Case Not Closed (Padilla - WH will still hold indefinitely as "enemy"

Florida opens third faith-based prison

Doubts Now Surround Account of Snipers Amid New Orleans Chaos

Iraq wife "to sue US"

The entire cabinet of Jordan has resigned

Salazar & McCain propose commission on health care

White House 'double-crossed' Blair, says Plame husband

Lawyer Held in Car Crash Fraud Ring (bible study group)

President calls members of U.S. armed services; thanks them for defending

United States Nears 1,000th Execution

Jazeera fury over 'U.S. bomb' memo

EU Accuses Iran of Having Nuke Documents

Another Side Emerges in Post-Katrina Sniper Case (Snipers on Bridge)

House GOP stumbles more with DeLay absent from leadership post...

Cuba raises salaries of skilled workers (total of 25% this year)

Bush set to pull out 60,000 troops

Defying US, Chavez pushes for Spanish military deal

If I could make a wish

overheard in an elevator

Does anyone have a link to that very cool xmas light show

The good night Happy Thanksgiving thread

Maybe I should get a sponsor for donations to DU for this

Best Sophia Petrillo comment!

the cactus is our friend

Planes, Trains (and Buses ! ) and Automobiles...Let the Holidaze Begin

What "anomolous phenomena" do you believe are real?

How would you like to live in a town so shitty that.....

Ray Davies is on Conan O'Brien tomorrow night!

Is there anyone more self-serving than Hannibal?

The only thing that matters is the joy I get from singing.

Help--God damn virus filling my hard drive!

My God...when did DU attract such a huge following of panty-wearers?

go ahead; get it out of your system

In CA if you have a medical pot scrip, does it exempt you from drug screen

Oh, by gosh, by golly


Quick Christmas Song Recommendation:

Is there anyone more elf-perving than Santa?

Snowing In Northern Wi., In A Log Cabin, Fireplace Going,

What President (living or dead) would you pick to win a Battle Royale.

i heard this awesome 'braziLLion' joke

Thank you DU

Ack! Warning-I watched the "coolest Xmas light" video

No family this thanksgiving, thank god...

Joan_Alpern You Did It Now ....

I am bating another DUer

So I just threw some dirty dress pants in the washer

I am rating another DUer

I am berating another DUer

I am flagellating another DUer

My house smells sooo good right now. Like apple pie. What about yours?

Woo Hoo!! Four day weekend!

I'm mating another DUer

Can you curl your tongue?

What's Georgie gettin' for Christmas?

Worlds ugliest dog dies at fourteen.

Weezer as Goat Punishment

I am jading another DUer

Stove Top stuffing co-creator dies at 74!

Happy Holidays, Arbor Day is here!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh. Oprah makes me thick!!

Do you use DU spellchecker, or are you just that good?

A sonnet for Monty Hall (in Opitzian style)

I am interrogating another DUer

Write a fucking sonnet, you lazy bastards!

I am eviscerating another DUer.

A Thanksgiving message from God

Damn, I just lost heat to my house!

I'd like to thank texanwitch and Robeson

I decided to piss in a Snapple bottle...


Testing my star.... or, an image for the graphics group that I

I'm not telling what I am doing to another DU'er....

What is it about me...

It's comedy time!

Funny military quotes (really!)

Brrrr... the heating unit in my room just went out.

Make Joan and Merh stop with the moving fonts....

OH, NO! IT'S TRUE! Simpson, Lachey Officially Separating

Why does nobody here believes

Rickie Lee Jones... Someone to Watch Over Me....

It was Christmas Eve babe..

Do you believe ...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, darlings...

48 hrs and 4 hrs sleep

the temperature in south florida currently is 53 degrees ...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie darlings...


Thangsgiving pulls a truck with HIS PENIS!

Diet 7-Up with Splenda...

Four years ago today, I got married

Yuck. The Today Show's big news, Nick & Jessica Split.

Today, I am thankful for DU! Feeling connected

Any Pink Martini fans here?

dolo amber is cooking Thanksgiving dinner

Kitten Huffing

Best Kevin Smith Movie

SciFi is showing "Night Of The Living Dead" on Thanksgiving.

Macy's (and others') Thanksgiving Day Parade Thread

New looks at the types, and effects, of meditation

A warm and sincere holiday message for everyone here at DU.

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Police accidentally hit a naked man in the

It's 12 degrees F in St Paul. Why the frig is it January weather in Nov.?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

LOL! Turkey inside a monk fish!

Symptoms of the BIRD FLU...

Who's sexier?

Music Videos ala World of Warcraft

All this talk about the food is making me upset

There is a good turkey wav on this web page.

"I'm dreaming of a wwwhhhhiiiittteeeeee THANKSGIVING....."

Matcom's Cheesecake...

My All-Time Favorite Parade Balloon Character Is... UNDERDOG!

Good Thursday Morning and HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Everybody!

Canadian debate on motion of "No Confidence" on C-SPAN now

Why do they call it "gizzard?"

I'm leaving for England in about one hour!!!!

A visit to the dentist

Paging khashka. Paging khashka ...

o.k., which of you are responsible for some of these personals ads?

Who was this guy?

HELP! I forgot to thaw the turkey. And my microwave is not big enough!

That's it. I officially hate America

i just read a really funny joke

Okay, if what they are showing on NBC during the parade

pray to your favorite being that i don't kill my parents and

Who else here thinks perpetual channel ID logos suck?

Happy Thanksgiving, freaks!

Moore Goode Dick from the Arkansas Razorbacks

So, what IS the difference between a yam and a sweet potato??

corporate executives trade golf clubs for firearms

Let's be thankful that vegetarians are not the main course today...

no politics at the table

Has suddenly everybody left?

Pass me the________ . Please

I am hating another DUer

Am I the only person who will NOT eat potluck?

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Star Trek: The Next Generation by Dr. Seuss

So the White House has a balloon in the Macy's parade this year . . .

Well, you all believe that I am sweet and innocent.... right?

Every ChickenHawk who votes to sent our men and women to war should

I'm mating another DU'er

Triumph takes on 4 republicans...

I want to ask for donations for Dems. What organization?

Is anybody else roasting a turkey in a Nesco Oven?

Hey - Canadians - what is your good party? Liberal? Conservative? Other?

seems like a good day to listen to

Anyone here work in retail?

Eminem 'Mosh' LIVE video

So, how many of you FREAKS are shopping tomorrow? (Black Friday)

Anyone else treating this as a normal day?

Need turkey help!

I Hate The Will Pitt Thread

Is this a normal Thanksgiving?

NY Du-ers, it's officially Thanksgiving! "March of the Wooden Soldiers"

you have an eye for these things

Aaaaaah! Snow!!! (1st Snow of the Year Pics Inside)

Memo To The NFL - Maria Carry Is NOT ROCKIN'

I must say....I just look and feel fabulous today!

Meat-eaters what is your side dishes today?

my good looks paid for that pool

Cheney cooking Turkey (toon)

I am creating another DUer.

i can't decide

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/24/05)

The I hate __________ Thread

Should I start drinking yet?

Moral Question: Which is Worse?

Recipe for Disaster. The other side of the Henslee clan is cooking Turkey

Pecan - how do you say it?

Anyone watching the "National Dog Show"?

Has the Macy's Thanksgiving parade always been this bad?

Will Georgie take Cindy a fake turkey?

Just survived the onslaught

"Alice's Restaurant" Online Streaming coming Up on Q104.3 FM

Any San Diego DUers who are alone today? If so PM me and come over.

Carlos Delgado traded to the Mets

A thanksgiving poem for you lounge lizards

Unhappy anti-Thanksgiving, no one! I hate none of you!

I'm stuck at home due to the snow

Naked Prowler Shot In Genitals (Florida)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

Are there any okies or cake bakers in the house?

I feel like I'm gonna fucking EXPLODE!!!

Fresh Pizza, get it while it's hot!

**YAWN** I'm Up! Couple Cups Of Coffee And I'm OFF TO COOK

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog v. GOP Congressmen

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I love you all!

more of my nihilistic, career-fragmenting assholishness at work...

The menu was thus:

Kate Campbell: any other fans here today?

Hilarious spam I just got...

Pssst. Hey you. Yeah, you. C'mere. I have something for you.

There IS such a thing as too much togetherness.

bird's in...

Thanksgiving Gratitude List - Are you grateful today?

So Jon Voight is going to play Pope John Paul 2?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I am thankful for tooth paste and showers.

I am crating another DUer.

I'm A Tryptophan Fan... Are You?

Any guesses on why no Christmas lights are up?

If I Say So Myself..... My Chateaubriand was AMAZING!

Is it possible to make jello by layering colors?

Cutsey-poo locutions

Off to the Country Club for Prime Rib.... Ta Ta......

happy t-day all

"Just in time for the Holidays...Look for it on your grocer's shelf"

Listen people... the day after Thanksgiving is NOT the biggest...

Who Would You Do? Anne Coulter or Jean Schmidt?


Pumpkin pies made by yours two views of my kitchen!

How Many Were (Will Be) Around Your Thanksgiving Table?

If any new animals are discovered, can they be named things that...

What's A Fair Price To Ask For My Seven-Year-Old Computer?

C'mon, Vegetarians. Lighten up.

Rufus the Bull Terrier wins Best in Show in Philly

The Duck is trussed up tight! Ask me anything!


Vegetarians what is your main course today?

I am dating another DUer

Ah shit, my fucking turkey exploded!

I am baiting another DUer.

Heavens to Betsy -- It appears I have stepped on some "toes" in GD

We have psychic moderators - I had a thread locked just for thinking it

Most insane-o website on the internet??

Who remembers when all we had were 78 rpm records

Comedian Bill Hicks: On Creationism.....

Happy Thanksgiving to all DUers

Hey ad savvy folks: Help me write a google adwords

Seriously, I could have any DU woman that I wanted.....

I sliced the tip of my finger off today! Ask me anything!

"What I'm Thankful For" by John Cusack (a tribute to Joe Strummer)

What do you Hate most about Thanksgiving??

equal-opportunity aphrodisiac

"Baddest" player in NFL history?

Alone for Thanksgiving

To any and all who are alone today:

Priests Citing New Problem in Gay Policy

Is this in any way a contradiction

Why does Pat Robertson wants to convince people no Christians in England?

Is God an accident?

Guess who was a Creationist!

Has anyone read this book?

A three pronged health payment plan?

Kilowatt Ours .org

G.L.A.D. to fight Massachusetts anti-marriage ballot question

George Best - "I would be very surprised if he survives another 24 hours."

My baby

Katrina survivor and Miss Kitty's owner dies

Drinking out of MY water!!!

My Position on "Religious Tolerance"

If you will permit one more Boston thread

Here is a good article about last year's election

Group newbie asking for advice......

"Extreme Processing" Challenge -- preliminary info...

I thought I hated Walmart before

To my KOEB friends

Happy (COLD, WINDY) Turkey bird Day to the KOEB!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to the KOEB and the Botanists and Bartenders who love

"...he would never call a fellow Marine a coward..."

We need 548,000 troops in Iraq....

Iraqis miss oil fortune: report

"All presidencies get the blues...

Andrea Mitchell, Imus Vid Clip: "There is confusion because I am confused"

State Takes Over Detroit Mayoral Ballots


Names-when will we know names in the Abramhoff scandal?

Mission Accomplished ?!

2004 Ohio Election Rigged? Polls Wildly Different from Results

Bush's Legacy ?

Check out this RW moran from Georgia - re: Schmidt. (LTTE)

"Thanksgiving in Crawford" Photo Gallery: Bush "rests," protests continue

No matter what Murtha says, the troops are coming out...

Big oil has crude designs on Iraq wealth


Should Lobbyists be limited to a publication sent to elected Representatives

"Did Bush Really Want to Bomb Al Jazeera?"

Crooks & Liars Vid Clip: Paul Hackett on Hardball, standing his ground

A Thanksgiving Message from THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA

Republicans Steal Thanksgiving

King George III

Google or Yahoo may host 60 minutes archives and CBS back to 1947

General Clark or Senator Edwards - a win win primairy finale

How come no DC chickenhawks went to Iraq thisThanksgiving?

Now that Mike Brown is a consultant

What Are The Chances That bu$h Will Finish his Second Term?

"No Pardon for Crawford's Turkey" (Banner on tent @ Crawford protest)

Reid: Stubborn Bush is "campaigner-in-chief"

The case for impeachment

As Murtha noted, "The public turned against this war before I said it."

Hillary, You're Not Listening.

Pathetic 25% approval rating for Democrats is not good news.

Woodward and Bernstein On DAILY SHOW on Plame Leak (in Hindsight)

DU this CNN Poll: Do you believe Bush talked about bombing al-Jazeera HQ?

Oh, we're in Iraq because Saddam wouldn't let inpectors in.......

Black Georgia legislators demand resignation of Republican for racism

I think the widely-posted pic of Reid is a little creepy and not good PR

Times Confronted By Ms. Rice In 2002 But Held Ground

Fox reports on those Y-U-M-M-Y Halliburton Thanksgiving troop meals

The Abramoff Scandal

NJ Gov. Codey Not Interested in Running for Senate--bad break

Alice's Restaurant Part Two..

McCain Will Be The Republican Nominee In '08

The founders left God out of the Constitution. It wasn't an oversight.

Why is Kolbe referred to as the only openly Gay member of Congress?

"Chavez embarrasses Bush with cheap fuel for US poor"

Sometimes, a Tax Cut for the Wealthy Can Hurt the Wealthy

Warner Is The Most Electable

Biden, Clinton, Kerry, or Edwards

Do you want Hillary to get the 2008 nomination?

Newsweek: Dems 53% Repubs 36% ...Don't believe the hype.