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Archives: November 23, 2005

Iraqi Leaders Call On U.S. To Set Timetable

Italian journalist /US intelligence classified white phosphorus

Growing corruption scandal threatens to engulf Republicans

The Strange Case of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali:

The answer to pollution and growth issues is right under our noses...

Are Israel's values Canada's values?

911:Nila Sagadevan an aeronautical engineer discusses the Pentagon lie and

California invites Black Box Voting to hack Diebold machines

CA: Report on SoS Hearing on Certification of Diebold's TSx voting system

Why Did Long Voting Lines in Dem. Ohio Precincts Mean Low Voter Turnout?

When did election polling and actual reported counts begin to diverge?

Help elect Steve Young!

another Austin question - please recommend a good, cheap motel!

Texas Property Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

Well, I guess we have one thing to be thankful for...

Online Poll About Iraq war

Please delete. Dupe error

I like the new changes to the website

The Big Lie

"Unembedded " STUNNING Book of photos from Occupied Iraq

From earlier: "Those Big Government liberals are ruining our lives"

When's The Last Time You Watched Nightline?

Anyone have good examples of "Non-Propaganda Media" reporting tonight?

PBS/nova tonight - hurricane katrina

Anyone notice the subtle symbolism in this photo? --->

With Ted Koppel signing off, will Nightline survive?

What happened to all those Clinton Conspiracy Theorists?

Sam Seder is talking about Murray Waas' article about 9/21/2001 Bush

What would life be like if everybody became 8-12 years old?

Catholic Action League to protest against Catholic Charities

Chemical Farm

Question with Clinton

Bush and Blair talked about bombing Al Jazeera??!!

Norwich Bulletin---Our view: Time for Woodward to go

So how come Padilla is still "Dirty Bomb Suspect"

Who's gonna play * in the movie version of his life? I say Leslie Nielson

CNN al-Jazeera Poll For Your DUing Pleasure

CNN Article: Only Hawks Are Patriots

I know Thanksgiving is still two days away, but ...

Having trouble logging in ???

YOUR Country Is Invaded Newt Says You DON'T HAVE A RIGHT To Kill The Enemy

Remove...Pix didn't come through to verify post...."SORRY!"

OH....MY....GOD !!!!

Vets call for ban on torture, like they should even have to think

POLL : Confidence in Future of Iraq Falls to New Low (only 32% confident)

The orange chickens fry on Russian gas

TV alert: FRONTLINE on Katrina on tonight

X Over Cheney's Face - Oops, Already Mentioned. Sorry

Were terror warnings before 9/11 like long line warnings in Ohio 2004.?

Shiite, Kurd, and Sunni Call for ALL Foreign Troops Out in 12 Months

I move for no more "08 Presidential polls until '07!!

VIDEO-Bush's Pre-War Intelligence Sep 21 PDB

Independant commission for torture scandal, veterans for common

VIDEO-Letterman on Cheney's turkey

J.F.K , how mush does the first Woman to rule Germany, owe Johnny

Let's get out of this hellish war and rebuild New Orleans!

anyone know how to file a formal complaint against a FEMA Contractor-inspe

Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio who has the lowest approval rating ...

Why does Junior supposedly go to bed at 9.30pm every night?

If the PDB of 9/21 said that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11...

VIDEO-Robert Novak Puppet Theatre/Jeanine Garafolo

for your reading pleasure-Cheney on MTP 09/14/03

Souther Oregon Gulf Coast Relief Network going to Algiers, CommonGround

Sleazemeister John O'Neill at it again

Chemical Farm

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Nails Four Repuke Congressman

Editors are threatened over alJazeera bombing claim

Susan Ager (DFP): Bah humbug, urban legend and O'Reilly started it

Code Pink, Murtha, Walter Reed, and flowers (Can we DU this?)

The Schmidt diversion...

Niger forgery procurer Rocco Martino worked for George H. W. Bush in 80s?

Update on Rep. Davis' threat to subpoena WH over Katrina

New rare Fallujah video footage found by DU digger....

Question about Dick Morris

VIDEO-Countdown Smacks Nicole Wallace- heh

Jeaneane Garafalo on Countdown talking about Novak

Hurricane season is about over; Bush officially doesn't give a shit.

MSNBC "Connected" poll re: Bush staying the course

Freepers want this poll freeped!!

I just want to say that I'm SOOOOO GRATEFUL for DU!

Anybody seen one of those color-coded terrorist alerts lately?

Did anyone captured the CNN X over Cheney

Schmidt calls Bush Coward after President Pardons Turkey

michaeL brown = giant turd

Please K & R post about Mark Crispin Miller rebutts SALON on 2004 Fraud

Feed The People by Stephen Stills

According to Rummy we didn't go into Iraq because of WMD.

Our Fake President...let us review:::

Bush told no Iraq - 9/11 link 10 days after attack

Did the Intel Committee have access to the same "RAW" intelligence?

My response to Cheney and other lowly attack dogs...

I'm going to the Florida State Convention as a delegate next month.

In a losing race with the zeitgeist

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Today Rush said Clinton refused to pull out and Chelsea was born

Olbermann to talk of Mean jean and $$ going to Dunkin Donots (Fema).

Media says bushitler planned to bomb Al-Jazeera

My best friend's wacko Freeper boss is boycotting Wal-mart

Smirky goes to Crawford (photo - Cindy's back!)

Hannity says we're all gunna die...just thought you should know.

New DU Muslim/Islamic Group

What happens to a volunteer army if no one volunteers?

Prayer in School

"Mean Jean" "Bitch Bag" Schmidt whines about attacks from left.

Fox News Won't Show Ad Opposing Alito

Caption Rummy and Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Martino - photos

Colin Powell's Form Chief of Staff Interview is worth listening to or read

Two Post-Katrina PBS Documentaries tonight on NOVA and FRONTLINE

would you like to see condi run for president in 2008?

This was the most important story of the day, but

The worst tragedy for America in the 21st Century isn't Iraq!

My email reply from Danny Bubp

About that "Ratings System." Should those of us with "0" Ratings Leave DU

Atlanta outlawed panhandle at the request of aquarium owner.

Mother Jones exposes in detail the deadly Fundamentalist threat:

Bombing Al-Jazeera? This officer said NO! Support those that resist.

Thoughts on this please -- a purported video from a detention centre

GOOD GAWD! Boomers it's TIME TO BOOM! We War Babies can't keep

NBC news -Brian Williams slamming piece of Schmidt -Gregory too!

Pls keep kicked. CONTACT Jean Schmidt and TELL HER

Is America Losing It's Tech Edge??

*** Tuesday TOONs: Pre-Thanksgiving ***

People go nuts for my Chex mix: here's the recipe

I've missed reading this forum a lot.

Advance prep?

U.S. reduces softwood duties to less than 1%

NORM: JFK book includes Vegas connections (T Hartmann)

According to Rummy we didn't go into Iraq because of WMD.

Obama calls for troop withdrawal!

WP: Court Decision on DeLay Case Postponed (sought dismissal)

Report: 9/11-Iraq link refuted days after attack (more proof Bush LIED)

Unions see long fight to battle erosion of jobs, wages

Official Checks 31 Suspected CIA Flights

Democrats to run anti-Burns ads (Montana)

A Dangerous Trade--Inst. for War & Peace Reporting, UK (Iraq prostitutes)

WP: Reiner, Beatty Lag in California Poll

Man found guilty of conspiring to kill Bush

Chemical Farm

CNN: Murtha faces little backlash from constituents

Suicide Bomber Kills 21 in Iraq; 3 GIs Die

CNN/AP: FBI warns of e-mail scam (e-mails purportedly sent by FBI)

US intelligence classified white phosphorus as 'chemical weapon'

Feds Seek To Dismiss Andersen Indictment

State Department says Iraqis are not endorsing terrorism

Iraq war may go for decades: report

Governors to Visit Troops in Middle East (for Thanksgiving)

US Sues Missouri Over Voters in 2004 Election


Former Prisoner in North Korean Prison Camp Tells Horror Stories:

Legal gag on Bush-Blair war row

Presidential Library Disaster!

Are all the mods on vacation or did the rules change and I missed it?


In pharmacology, all drugs have two names....

A Møøse once bit my sister ...

I haven't seen a Fitz thread in a while

Is anyone else getting dizzy with the new DU look

Firefly marathon on Sci-fi channel!

I think I'm going to go to bed...

*gasp* I lost my clothes

OH....MY....GOD !!!!

Life is GOOD!!

I saw some Costco folding tables at Walmart yesterday...

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

The X that CNN had on Cheney's face? Ever see the movie The Omen?

Money Saving Tip: Segregate Your Change

My Thanksgiving Wish for All DUers

Has anyone noticed a lack of Xmas commercials and

What would you rather do? Have Stigmata or win the Lottery?

COMPUTER EXPERTS: One of my hard drives went from NTFS to RAW

HypnoToad and Charmin's TP in GDP

'FBI-Paris Hilton' worm called the year's worst

Money for college.

Best Throwback Uniforms?

Had my allergy testing today.. I am allergic to everything BUT CATS!!!

How does YOUR country's flag rate in terms of its "vexillilic aesthetics"?

A very good show comes on at 10 Eastern on CMT

Ever been to The Exumas Cays in the Bahamas?

50 Cent approves of bloody video games

Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy!

Coming up on 9,000 posts. Anyone want to help me out?

Do you know anything about REGGAETON?

I'm sick. Tell me your favorite home remedies?

Charmin now has lotioned wipes!

"The Office" - stupidest show on television

Rosemary rubbed, Garlic Sauted Chicken Breast.....

At what age is it no longer acceptable to pick snot?

Who has never seen "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

Score one for my husband's company.

And, the moral of the story is...........never be a lesbian

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings, week 10

Agh! AGH! There's a CAT in my house!

An Even More Unique Use For Duct Tape

38 posts from the 700 club ask me 138 from escaping it ask me any thing

Virgin Mary weeping tears of blood at church in California

OK, so help me write my newspaper column for Thursday....

Okay, WHY are they remaking "King Kong"?!

"The Last Waltz" - another Thanksgiving Tradition!

Three Cases of Bawls

GOOD GIft idea!!

Why do they give kids homework

Well now I'm crying like a lil baby

I'm confpuzzled...

Anyone Watching the American Music Awards??

A Thanksgiving Blessing to share with all my lounge friends:

It's times like these I wish I had a good woman.....

Red and Green chromatography column?

Ohio state legislator(R) sues university over domestic partner policy

Hey, everyone: If you were me and you got this horoscope...

Here's something to fire the imagination!

STARLIGHT NEWS: Struggling into the New Iraq

Obama calls for troop withdrawal!

Ted Stevens has lost his mind: Did you see this on Commerce

Colin Powell's Former Chief of Staff Col. Wilkerson Interview - WOW!

Latest presidential 08 poll on kos - please help.

European Probe to Check Suspect Planes (mentions Kerry)

I thanked Ed - did you?

Please help Lydia Leftcoast find a slide scanner.

KOEB Meetup Poll

The Schmidt has hit the fan edition - KOEB 11/22

TPMCafe: Another Shoe Drops On Rep. Ney

One good thing about all the protests about Iraq...

I was listening to a republican

Tweety, on Hardball: "The President doesn't drink..."

OK which WH turkey will show up in Iraq on Thanksgiving?


Charmin now has lotioned wipes!


Need help to debunk this idiot email from my uncle

*Required Zip Codes + 4* to contact mean jean. Turn It UP!

Dodd running for Pres?

Bush is SO screwed.

Don't DU this poll....

DU this poll!

Rush implied that clinton raped hillary and that is how chelsea was born

The modern day repuke party was born 42 years ago today.

"insight into a terribly wrong perspective"

Petition: Demand the Truth

If you want a good laugh...

ANOTHER fundraising "survey" from Hillary Clinton - here in CA!

OK, which one is the anti-Christ? Bush, or Cheney?

California invites Black Box Voting to hack Diebold machines

ALERT: Frontline on PBS doing investigation about Katrina tonight

Hillary Clinton said that Saddam " gave aid, comfort and ....

I would like us to help the president out. Please list the books

just who did Schmidt quote and what does he stand for?

Exit Strategy in Search of a Party - WaPo

God help him. Alito gets religion.

Seattle P-I: Time for us to get out of Iraq (with poll)

Iraq war may go for decades: report

Iraqi Leaders Call On U.S. To Set Timetable--maybe I missed this but

The death penalty's fatal flaws

After Afghanistan and Iraq wars- Is the world safer now?

Director for Torture

While We Were Sleeping (TV gave Vietnam 2x more time than Iraq)

Were my captors worse than the Guantánamo jailers?

University Christian Forfeits Friday's Playoff Game

LATimes Ed) Making connections (save taxes by using Philadelphia approach)

Many who give care can't afford to get it

How come Kerry never apologized for blocking Clark?

Chemical Farm

Turkey with a Dash of Bitters (editorial on New Orleans)

Too Many Choices: Why seniors won't sign up for Medicare drug plans.

GOP loses an asset: 'purple' Democrats

Iraqis Worried About Their Wives

Doubts grow over US Afghan strategy

From Ed Koch: Let's Stop Destroying the Country We Love

The Second Amendment and the Founding Fathers

No Thanks to Thanksgiving

The Madness of King George (Chris Floyd)

The Misleaders Who is Dick Cheney kidding?

Stephen Pizzo: "A Failed Presidency?"

Mark Morford: Scenes from a Bush Thanksgiving

Creationism: It's not just in Kansas anymore

Whoops! Harbin (PRC) Water Contains 108X Maximum Benzene Levels

European Warblers Now Migrate To UK, Not Africa, When Winter Comes

Tropical Storm Delta Forms in Atlantic

34 Hospitalized After Drinking Poisoned River Water In SE China - AFP

Bonner Dam On Blackfoot River (MT) Removed Ahead Of Schedule

Peak Oil resolution in U.S. House of Representatives

Appeals Court Reinstates Permits Process (mountaintop mining)

The ADL stops giving evangelicals a free ride for "supporting" Israel

Top adviser: PM to offer PA independence for security - Haaretz, Nov 23

GU in the sky with diamonds

Bush is not a Likudnik

Justice Ministry rejects recommendations of Sasson report

Read this, this is crazy!!

The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw (video)

FAA Controllers Had To Be Part of the 9/11 Hijacking Exercise

California invites Black Box Voting to hack Diebold machines

Virtual private networks in voting systems -- please clue me in

CEPN's CA Diebold Hearing Report (11/21/05)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/23/05

CA: Voting Systems Testing Summit 2005, Agenda

TIA has his own website?

CA SoS Accepting Public Comment on the Diebold TSx

DNC meeting on Election Reform "wet noodle reforms"

Westly's website in Chinese

CA SoS Accepting Public Comment on the Diebold TSx

This week's Civic Skinny - 11/23/05

Rep. Jeffrey Perry (R-Sandwich)-Article 8 Alliance anti-gay radio Nov. 25

DFL Terri Bonoff won the special election of SD-43

Minnesota Democrats exposed in trouble?

how do you find out your IP address

Denny White Quits!

1st Suit Filed Against Domestic Partner Benefits

Grendell "on board" w/ Blackwell

The Agonist on the air w/Chris Bell and Margaret Cho tonight

Progressive in Dallas

This board rocks!

Harris County Democrats picks new Executive Director

So, we've got that mystical first snow covering in Milwaukee Co.

Prices not valid..

So Green's Campaign Manager

Come Drink Liberally in Milwaukee Tonight! (11/23)

How Low can Faux News go

WaPo lead story: Troop cuts in Iraq planned!!!!

November 22, 1963

"Fire The Driver!" Obama on Daily Show

How many times has the Pentagon said they were reducing troops by (?date?)

Michael Wilson, no not a Beach Boy

dupe delete

Next time around, should I offer myself up to be a:

Male Bovine Excrement

Come Together....hippies and churchgoers

Hey Rush...I know you come here. So here is something just for you!

French government is shutting down (and even jailing) bloggers

Wish Rep. Jean Schmidt a Happy Thanksgiving

Fineman on KO - Repubs probably knew what Schmidt would say!

November 22, 1963

Great read: Why I back Jack in 2008

Does this in any way sound familiar?

If you were Rove, what advice would you give Bush/Cheney at this point?

Watch Walmart the high cost of low prices

Hey, how'd they do?! (Text of 1994 Repub "Contract with America")

Is the end near for Ney? (mounting evidence of unseemly dealings)

OK, help me write my newspaper column for Thanksgiving....

Sprint drove me to the edge today. Heard of this?

Growing corruption scandal threatens to engulf Republicans - Guardian

Blessed are the peacemakers:

Asscroft is singing on Malloy's show

The First Thanksgiving or Same Song Different Verse...

Read this, this is crazy!!

NYT Editorial: "And, of course, if he is innocent, he was the victim of...

I loved Ted Koppel's Farewell tonight

Frontline's Complete History of FEMA

Anybody see Law & Order SVU tonight? (maybe previews)

Murtha's Poll-the con echo chamber at work

In What Way Are You a Talibani?

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Withheld From Congress

Comprehensive description of Yellowcake Forgeries now at SourceWatch

Whoa! Check out the CNN poll. Did Bush talk about bombing Jazeera?

Whoa! A very frank column by Anderson Cooper: "Talking Sex with Mom"

The Radio Factor booted from Denver

GM cuts may be just the beginning

If the Democrats go back to labor for support we will be unbeatable

So, once the turkeys make it to Disneyland, then what?

WSJ Science Journal: Some Drugs Work To Treat Depression, But It Isn't Cle

Democrats need to turn up the heat again on Iraq Pre-War Intel.

Thank You Mr. Chavez

Ray Flynn, Vatican ambassador: "Pedophiles prosecuted & no gay priests"

Calling Paul Hackett!!! Your job is waiting for you!!!

US Marines to appear before Philippine prosecutors over alleged rape

Iraq's Talabani says Iran promises support against insurgents

Tomorrow as we sit down around the table to celebrate

from the mouth of a marine vet.....

Did Jack Abramoff ever work with a CIA spy to accomplish a mission?

An email from "the FBI" contains virus

Toon: "Room Full Of Prisoners"

That age old saying comes to mind

Home loan advice needed

Will Nobody Rid Me Of These Pieces Of Schmidt ???

Right now I would be sweating bullets

Democrats closing ranks on GOP; GOP losing support from moderate Dems

Freepers Hi-Jack Murtha Poll & Newspaper hails it triumphantly

Bush is Toast Now for the Question.

Whatever happened to the fiend of a friend Linda Tripp..she of fake friend

David Obey Dem WI on cspan now.

Bribery probe may ensnair Ney & others in Congress

Produce causes more illness than seafood, poultry, beef...or bird flu

Yahoo: "Bush informed in 2001 of lack of Iraq-Qaeda ties"!! Rate it Up!

Halliburton is the only group that's been helped in Iraq

LATE NIGHTERS! Don't forget to DU Murtha's poll.

With all of this Anti-Liberal Fear Mongering going on

Fundies chase world-class scientists to Singapore

So are militant fundies against secular America traitors?

Why do we fight in Iraq?

Ask Jean Schmidt to Produce The "Thousands of Emails"

Obama Calls on Bush To Admit Iraq Errors

Please DU this AOL Poll on Jean Schmidt! New One!

Intelligent Design=mutant offspring of creationism

I am thankful that folks are finally awakening from their 9-11 stupor

Richard Perle live on CSPAN Journal (call-in)

PLEASE READ if you're traveling on I-95 from the Northeast

If America was a Christian Nation...

Who is Susan B. Ralston: The WH, Rove, Abramoff connection

Anyone brave enough to photoshop this picture of Jean Schmidt?

Explosion Ruins Water Supply for 4 Million in China

Xbox 360 very unstable, crashes

Focus on the Family plans to spread anti-gay hate at the Macy's Parade

Alabama governor sent other 49 states letters urging them to BOYCOTT ARUBA

My brief encounter with a really stupid typical puke schmidt supporter

About that Pennsylvania kid who shot his girlfriend's parents ........

How history repeats itself.

CNN bunch indignant about Chavez's oil discount...

Take away bush's Masturbatory War & what have you got?

Rookie lawmaker's 'coward' remarks ricochet (Cincy Enq)

Israeli warplanes hit targets in Lebanon

Republicans criticized Clinton during the Kosovo conflict

Sign Petition: Save Morning Sedition Dot Com

How Quickly do We Want to Withdraw the Troops

Was Jesus a Liberal or a Conservative? Ask THAT CSPAN.

What's everyone think of this Pat Buchanan article?

Is Bush already ditching Iraq despite his crap about helping terrorists?

Don't let dubya pardon this turkey

When the US bars its door to foreign scholars

Has anyone else ever gotten an e-mail supposedly from the FBI like this?

Gunmen Wearing Iraqi Uniforms Kill Sunni Tribal Leader and his Family!

DC Panel Approves Living Wage Bill

P. NOONAN: Dems should explain why they backed Iraq Invasion

SCALIA Smacks FRANKEN, 'splains Votes, & Proud of His 98-0 Confirmation


Iraq's Privatization

Looking for a link or screen shot of 2000 Snickers ad...

"Please pray for Mike, and others out there like him... "

HAHAHAHAHAHA -- Found on another blog

Act now!! Don't Delay!!!

Criminal Administration supports another Criminal

Univ. of Kansas To Offer Class On The Mythology Of Creationism and ID

WAPO: 3 Brigades May Be Cut in Iraq Early in 2006

Should "pretty" people be sent to jail for raping children?

Please DU this poll - Did DimSon talk about bombing Al Jezeera

Supporting the troops - I want to do more

Maligning Murtha as a "gutless wonder" (Howie Kurtz)

"Unwelcome Reading for the British and US Governments"

Japan flexes muscles

$4,200 buys you photo with Cheney & chance to help Delay

Jean Schmidt = Stella Mudd! from the Original Star Trek!

NY Times Confronted By Ms. Rice In 2002 & More Miller

Weekly church-related crime update, November 7 - 13

The Gay Marriage War on Christmas

Wingnut? Or Wanker? "The Editors" educates....

Santorum Challenges Casey To Debates

Fear the Turtle, Especially in First Class

FEMA refuses to allow Katrina records to be used for absentee voting

Bush emboldens the terrorists.

Bush going to take plastic turkey to Iraq?

With one word, Cheney revealed himself.

Bush Did NOT Want to Kill These Journalists & NO You Can't See the Memo >>

Al-Jazeera "bombing" remark highlights Bush's incredible shrinkage

Chickenhawk....its whats for dinner tomorrow !!

New Fallujah video footage - important imagery to see , not shown in US

Funny call from the RNC this morning

How many men have to die all in vain, before bush can call himself a man?

US fixing Iraq by committing a war crime within a war crime within

LAT: Federal Turkeys Wing It This Year

Amazing response written on another blog--must read

Will MSM cover the "Bush Knew no connection Saddam/9/11" story?

the house is on fire, but LIEberman says NO HASTY WITHDRAWAL

Help! I can't find my bookmark list.......

What does this say?

The Cheapest don't deliver for The Greatest

"Bridges to Nowhere" May Get Built Anyway

So if she was a fat, ugly, middle-aged man...

The road in Crawford is a public road, right? The ditches are

Bush's Approval Sticks at 36%/American Research Group survey

Catholic Church downsizing

John Kerry elected.....Jury Foreman

The new color map of the US (looks much better!)

Michael Moore & Richard Clarke Coming Up On C-Span

dick perle on c-span now

"Yes. I give the Devil benefit of law for my own safety's sake."

36 against 2,000--Lost At Tora Bora

Hey, Smirky. You said dissent was patriotic (photo)

Urban Legends regarding the Iraq war

For This Thanksgiving

I didn't realize Ohio's minimum wage was so low. $4.25 per hour

MSNBC: Some of Cindy's group in Crawford have been arrested

FOX Filed More Freedom of Info Requests than NYT, CNN, NBC

Amy Goodman on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC tonight (Wed.)

Help me debunk "Everybody thought Saddam had WMD"

We did it!.. my building just moved smokers BACK outside

Bush knew no Iraq link pre-9/11: report

Are we losing the ability to..

Gobernator corrupto?

What is Mark McClellan trying to sell Medicare recipients on CSPAN?

Stephanie Miller's show take on Bush and Al-Jazeera

Anyone else getting hammered by E-Mail worm?

Michael Moore is rocking on CSPAN; watch if you can! nt

Coleman says 190,000 Iraqi security forces are trained and equipped

Amusing Anti-Anti Evolution Website

US Kicked Out Of Uzbekistan

Craigslist plans to make news

GOP looking to punish Murtha with "ethics probe"

I wish we had a Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party

Try and see what you get when you switch these letters around...

US forces did shell al Jazeera HQ in Baghdad early in the war

a thanksgiving prayer

Both leaving and staying are likely to result in disaster-Joe Conason

The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw (video)

Someone's sending DU'ers viruses?

What's your favorite part of the "Thanksgiving" meal?

Anyone going to be at the next DNC meeting on Dec 2nd?

Bats in your belfry? How about gators in your living room?

I love Christmas!

"no longer a matter of making it home alive and in one piece...Just alive"

A timely Thanksgiving Proclamation - Abraham Lincoln

3611 Emails from soldiers for basic supplies, if you would like to help

Michael Moore Keynotes for people that missed it.

Jesus condemns conservatives to ETERNAL HELL -here's their proof

Amid ruin, `a beautiful thing' (feel good story du jour)

One-man, one-vote and Reapportionment: Will someone explain this to me?

A Public Road in Crawford TX and wimpy, whiny, cowardly *

Our only hope today lies in ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit

Bush informed in 2001 of lack of Iraq-Qaeda ties -

The New Bush Media Whore: Nicole Devenish Wallace! Liar in Chief.

Tell McDonalds* Tough Tomatoes*

CSPAN: Michael Moore Speaks

Freepers Hi-Jack Murtha's Poll: WND hails it triumphantly

Remember this guy?

Deborah Davis wouldn't give up her seat or her I.D.

Blair threatens Brit newspapers with Official Secrets Act

UK Press Gagged and on Lockdown - 1984 anyone??

First Female Conscientious Objector Speaks Out

Who knew? Michael Moore such a great speaker and very religous.

How is it that "balanced budgets", "crime fighting" are Republican ideals?

Pressured by Democrats, Bush, Cheney cave on Iraq withdrawal, is it real?

UK Press Gagged by Attorney General over Bush Plan to Bomb alJazeera

Bumper sticker, "Support Plan A".........


Anyone got a good time line with documents showing the cooked Iraq intel?

What's the toll free number to call Congress? I've seen it posted

JoeMentum says we have to win in Iraq.

War Stance Isolates Lieberman

I emailed CNN re:no report on 2100 dead soldiers...

War... oh Glorious War...

A WTF Headline: "Sheehan activists arrested in roadside protest"

Venezuela sending cheap oil to Massachusetts

Will the person who donated for my star please contact me...

MSNBC: What should administration do with US troops in Iraq?

Bushco is pissed because Murtha popped their "strategic bubble"

Andy Rooney: Ike Was Right About War Machine

Amazing what passes for journalism on Fauxnews.

I know what Freepers want for Christmas...

What will Junior be having for his Thanksgiving Dinner?

The Lie That WH Was Duped by CIA Incompetence (TPM re:Waas)

Assassination Attempt on Carter in 1979--Raymond Lee Harvey

Condi Rice-I was telling my Husband

So how will the US o' A resolve its little $8 trillion debt?

Iraqis Worried About Their Wives

AP: Jobless Claims Rise Sharply Last Week


Conf. Call for Jan 7th Antiwar events

Mary Matalin & Toensing have valuable info re Plame

US Press Was 'in Coma' in Run up to Iraq War(Pincus/Koppel/Arnett)

Now we know what Bushists meant by "war to be paid for by Iraqi oil..."

"If a US pilot is captured in Middle East, beaten & held naked?"

Become a Republican (obvious satire)

Interesting website, audience participation allowed:

Who gets to spend the holiday with RW relatives?

Sudan peace talks to resume under cloud of division

Scenes from a Bush Thanksgiving--Morford

Stan Goff on Murtha and the House resolution last Friday

I feel so privileged: the CIA says I surf illegal websites!

For Those With RW Relatives, Let's Come Up With Talking Points

Teen People tells Neo-Nazi twin singers, "Heil, No!"

Joke needed!

Turkey With a Dash of Bitters

In What Way Are You a Republican?

Who is Darth Cheney more like?

Bushit has began a much deserved 6 day rest at his 'ranch'

DU This Poll! It's being freeped!

Computer literate? Please help. How do I recognize

RW'ers want a plan to get out of Iraq?

*** Wednesday TOONs: More Pre-Thanksgiving ***

Dems win Special Election in Minnesota--Gain a GOP Seat

If republicans are so fiscally responsible - THEN PROVE IT!!!!

The Republicans Lost Iraq!

Three students face expulsion over anti-Bush protest

DoJ 'Signals' GOP Corruption Probe Could Be Huge, Says NY Times

Kucinich: "A Zarqawi Takeover Is As False As Saddam's Mushroom Cloud "

"Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home" (Cartman) - A worthy PICTURE.

(AUDIO) Kucinich's Prayer for America - nearly 4 years on, still relevant

Scenes from a Bush Thanksgiving

Here's a taste of "Corporate Poisoning"...

Topeka Mayor Now Highest-Ranking Non-Indicted Republican Official

Is there any feasible way to take the profit out of war?

New Rove talking point: "We were just stupid"

Mass. Guard on the hunt for recruits-Visibility rising at malls, in sports

Bush was informed of the lack of a Hussein Al Queda connection in 2001.

China would win war with U.S. (UPI)

Judge slams N.Y. sex-teacher "victims"

Great C-Span this morning... Turn it on!

2098 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

AEI pimping for ID on Cspan2

Dubya pouts, no one brings pie & why is Rove looking at Barb that way?

The "beauty" of being conservative

help please, does anyone have a link from just before the war when

That Freep Site Banned Me. They Can Not Deal With The Torture Issue...

Question about pet custody

There is a madman in the WH

When you went to school were you taught about the "Puritans" and if so

In a debate with a Chavez-hater

Bush at the Tipping Point

Check out this LTTE in my school's newspaper!!

Richard Clarke points out "The 7 major costs of the War in Iraq"

Who/What will ** be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

True or False

How is it that being "tough on crime" is somehow Republican?

Paul Hackett on Hardball

New Talking Point Alert! This one is hugh111

Steve Clemon's List: Who is Lying About Iraq WMD Intel?

Thanksgiving a Christian Holiday?

Another soldier killed, Sunni leader gunned down

BRAD BLOG: Democracy in America Has Officially Become a Privatized Circus

I have to say this: I CANNOT STAND TWEETY

Katrina Abu Ghraib????????

CNN: School crime rate cut in half over

Had Al Gore chosen someone other than Lieberman in '00...

The foundations of our country starting with thanksgiving.enjoy the turkey

Aljazeera Reporting on Attacks of Fallujah-Reason Bush Freaked

Thomas Paine on Cheney v. Murtha:

Remember the story I posted last week about the kid who brought a taser

FEMA lists Katrina response as 1 of its top three accomplishments of 2005

Hey Connecticut..Can't you run a Dem against Lieberman ?

I Think The Crawford Protesters Should Bring A Big FAKE TURKEY!

In my search for reasons as to the crumbling of the Democratic Party...

I'm grateful for DU this Thanksgiving.

It's killing me!! What in the world could be in these documents?

(FIORE) Stay-The-Course Man

Lieberman in Iraq, basically trying to sink Murtha's plan.

Horsey's "Terrorist Alert" == Richard Pombo

19-year-old soldier killed in Iraq

How does it end? What are their plans for Nov 2008?

If prizes were given out for "Most Idiotic LTTE", we have a WINNAH!

There were some bombshells today...

Have a best idea "since sliced bread"?

Staying the Course - Support these Soldiers who Choose to Fight Back

Since nobody is saying it - HAPPY THANKSGIVING, DUers!!!!!

*Sigh* Home for the holidays

Michael Moore video from C-span

Let's give us some variety to our vocabulary. Sample: "idiot"...

Republicans attack Sen. Kent Conrad for his religious affiliation.

Brain Damaged Bush Fails Yet Another Test Of His Presidential Leadership!

Thanksgiving in Iraq

Freeps busted on Murtha poll

Squanto and the Pilgrims: Native Intelligence (Great article)

temptation was too great for me -- new toon 11/23

Has anybody read Mary Mapes' book?

Anyone see that new Michael Moore documentary: This Divided State?

Say - does anyone remember last Thanksgiving on DU?

Times Confronted By Ms. Rice In 2002

Watch Frank Gaffney and London's Al-Jazeera Chief get into it (link here)

Under the holiday radar, BushInc pushing final moves against KnightRidder?

Cheney is one of the biggest war profiteers ever; Truman called

Please DU This Poll! (My Hometown Newspaper)

Bush/Condi announce Troop Withdrawals...Murtha laid down Gauntlet..

does anyone watch dan abrams. he's on right after tweety. i

I'm confused, Murtha says withdrawal, GOP screams, now GOP says withdrawal

U.K. charges official with leaking Blair memo - WOW

We must tweak the debate on Intelligent Design it's not creationism

I found this on Craigslist and it explains a lot about the USA

Please DU this carTOONist poll

Limbaugh, Carlson claimed Marine referenced by Schmidt is serving in Iraq

Imus to Mitchell: "Were you drunk when you lied about Valerie Plame"?

You know what REALLY pisses me off about Joe Lieberman?

"Foreign powers are main cyberthreat, U.K. says"

Okay, let's play a game called...It's The Clenis' Fault

Arlington Cem: 3 months waiting list, even with an "in"...

Bush can't hide: Protesters Gather Again Near Bush's Ranch

Photo of the Year?

No Thanks to Thanksgiving (a white-supremacist holiday?)

Why does nobody talk any more about Unit 731 and the atrocities committed

Did anyone hear Andrea Mitchell eating crow on Imus this a.m.?

Joel Stein knows about poor people by watching 'Good Times'

WHO dislikes the Lieberman/Hillary Clinton faction of DEM party?

Christian Radio -- I happened upon an alternate universe last night

When Was The Last Time Bush Mentioned KATRINA VICTIMS?

George Bush's Third Term By Thomas L. Friedman

Stripes letter: Shame on Army secretary

CNN explains 'X' glitch over Cheney's face

Don’t let the switch to digital TV hurt consumers!

Breastfeeding may reduce mothers' diabetes risk

He ( * ) doesn't own that road in Crawford...

Cops say the Tacoma Mall shooting covered so extensively here Sunday...

Rep Murtha blogs at HuffPo: "Time for a White House Meeting on Iraq"

Dick hasnt seen Lynne naked in years-He realizes this is a very good thing

Katrina survivor and Miss Kitty's owner dies

Republican Jean Schmidt....or Ramses the Fifth?....YOU decide

Does anyone else have wet/dry counties in your state

This child, my niece Destiny Marie, needs stem cell research

Exit Strategy in Search of a Party - WaPo

What are you thankful for?

Meet the new Jerry Falwell...."Christo-crat" Rev. Rod Parsley

Hunger kills 6 million children a year: UN report

Dissent is Patriotic, Unless You're In Crawford Texas ---pix->>>

When We Stand Up An Iraqi Army, Do We Start Calling It A Civil War?

Mean Jean Schmidt 'APOLOGIZES' for Murtha comment

Mike Moore for PRESISENT>>> or maybe VP under Hillery..

what is the url for websites that can compare prices or ads for stores?

"If a US pilot is captured in Middle East, beaten & held naked?"

Wall Street Journal : Public Schools In New Orleans Should Never Reopen

John Kerry......elected Jury foreman!

SUCCUBUSH! Bush Repeatedly Interrupts Rumsfeld Press Conf--TO FEED!

Dim Son Arrives in Waco with his Ridiculous Little Dog ---pix->>>

Get your News right here in one place

Fake CIA email, originating with freepers

Timeline for Plame scandal...

Bush Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes Leaked To Press!

My 3-Point Plan for turning America around immediately

If only * had gotten a blow job and lied about his private life...

NPR review of Syriana correctly says struggle for OIL behind wars

If you could bring back a dead President to fight the RW, who would it be?

EEK! Email from the CIA???

Survey USA: A Newer/Bluer Map

How George Bush Has Destroyed Crawford TX --->>>

How confused to you have to be to see Chris Matthews as a "liberal?"

Cindy Sheehan will win the Time magazine person of the year

Freepers Riled Up Over Fat People Being Denied New Knees and Hips

Reverend Daugherty, leading with his chin.

Two myths that keep the world poor ( a should read)

ok, so let's be productive.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Nutmeg Question

Pre Holiday Grocery Trip

Does anyone have any handy dandy tips for BBQing a turkey?

I found a great sourdough recipe.

Harper's no-confidence motion (text)

Merry Christmas election

fire, downtown winnipeg..

Forests paying the price for biofuels

Fundies chase world-class scientists to Singapore

Black avoids humiliation of court appearance on fraud charges

CNN--Toobin: Woodward admission doesn't help White House

Japan plans to change its pacifist constitution

GOP loses an asset: 'purple' Democrats

Venezuela's Chavez to Discount Heating Oil in Boston

Obama Calls on Bush To Admit Iraq Errors

Far-right group (FOF) to use Macy's parade to spread anti-gay message

Mormon church ordered to pay for sex abuse

Iraq war 'could last for decades'

US wraps up Iraq border assault

Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Sues U.S. to Get a Bible

Iraq war may go for decades: report

Groups Set to Contest Student Loan Cuts (GOP gutting education again)

Clerical abuse victims press legislators to lift limit on lawsuits

Sunni candidate among latest victims of Iraq violence

Italy prosecutor, boss clash over CIA case

3 Brigades May Be Cut in Iraq Early in 2006

Saddam trial to resume Monday

Cheney to Headline DeLay Fundraiser

ABC News/AP--U.S., Partners End N. Korea Nuke Project

Legal Gag On Bush/Blair War Row (Guardian UK)

Rookie lawmaker's 'coward' remarks ricochet (Cincy Enq)

WP: 3 Brigades May Be Cut in Iraq Early in 2006 (Cut & Run?)

Bush informed in 2001 of lack of Iraq-Qaeda ties (from AFP)

No jail time for Lafave (too pretty for jail doesn't get jail grr

European Watchdog Steps Up CIA Probe

Hicks' UK citizenship bid continues

Fear the Turtle, Especially in First Class

Rice says Iraq Toop Levels may be draw down

US terrorist suspect exploited for political gain: lawyer

U.S. Will Resume Military Ties With Indonesia, U.S. Govt Says

Britain fumes over U.S. arms export rules

South Carolina’s jobless rate soars to 6.9 % (3rd highest in the nation)

Council of Europe opens probe into CIA prisoner flights

MPs seek independent inquiry into Iraq war

High unemployment rate (in Louisiana) stays level after Rita

Craigslist plans to make news

Sheehan activists in court and ditches today (Waco Trib)

Dominican Nationals Sent to U.S. Prison for Human Smuggling

WP/AP: Rep. Bob Ney is poster boy in bribe probe

Coach Sues Over Right to Pray With Team

Colorado Univ. students protest racism

French intelligence chief warns of terrorist attacks (traced to Iraq)

Britain to press US for answers on CIA 'terror camps'

White House Says Alito Was Assuring on Districting (wink, wink, trust us!)

CNN/AP: Russia moves to ban foreign (human rights) groups

Peak Oil resolution in U.S. House of Representatives

Lieberman: Failure in Iraq would be 'catastrophic'

CNN explains 'X' glitch over Cheney's face

War Stance Isolates Lieberman

John Kerry Elected ... Jury Foreman

Task Force Baghdad Soldier dies (# 2098 )

NHC: Tropical Storm Delta Advisory Number one (far from land)

WP: Freshman Republican Weathers Backlash

U.S. morale in Iraq is marked 'fragile'

Pinochet charged with tax fraud

Protesters Arrested Near Bush's Ranch

US forces closing in on Zarqawi: General ("in the not too distant future")

WP: Ford's Chief Makes Case for Federal Help

Iran pledges $1b loan, security help to Iraq

ARG Poll: Bush Job Approval 36%

Tenn. Office Linked to CIA Renditions

New Drug Benefit Questioned(Dems say cheaper at VA, Costco,

Rice Optimistic on U.S. Troop Draw Down

U.S. to comply with NAFTA order to cut lumber duties

Rice sees conditions for US troop reductions in Iraq 'fairly soon'

Bush administration wins victory over No Child Left Behind

Report: Dissenting View on Pre-War WMD Coverage Not Heeded at 'NY Times'

Bogus E-Mails Contain New 'Sober' Worm

Metra Train Hits Multiple Vehicles

(Conservative) Institute urges cities to map out family roles

Ex-partner (Scanlon) cooperates in fraud prosecution (SunCruz casinos)

Jobless Claims Rise Sharply Last Week (up 30,000 to 335,000)

Senator tells Iraqi leaders US won't leave until mission complete

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 23 November

Carter criticizes Bush administration:Ex-president says policy for war wro

Republican Unity Frays as Lawmakers Brace for Election Fights

U.S. general: Iraqi army can't be rushed

Arizona Rep. Kolbe won't seek re-election, associates say

As foreman, Kerry wins praise from fellow jurors

First Woman Conscientious Objector Resists Deployment to Iraq

WSJ: Majority Believe White House Misleads Public, Poll Shows (64%)

Army Drops Prisoner Abuse Charges

NYT: RU-486 (abortion pill) connected to deaths? FDA investigating...

Iraqis miss oil fortune: report (billions going to foreign oil companies)

Schmidt blames media for storm

Attorney general (MA) tells Wal-Mart to close stores on Thanksgiving

CNN: Venezuela sending cheap oil to Massachusetts

Bolton Admonishes U.N.: U.S. Could Bypass World Body if Reform Fails

Post-Katrina mortgage forbearance period nears end

War protesters arrested near Bush ranch

Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Waiting Period

Maine exploring discount heating oil deal with Venezuela

Carter expects son to win: Ex-president endorses Las Vegan's potential bid

Area soldier fights for his life after bomb blast

Test test test n/t

Hey, I love the DU layout changes!

It was one of those really bad days today, really bad.

"Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken"

How do I stop these damn things from popping up on my computer?

dont you hate it when..

OK, I know this joke is old and lame but,

Happy BDay Scarlett Johansson!

Have you ever lost time at work and realized you might have...

Bowels Won't Move!

Who suggested the Eggnog Latte

I have a BIBLIOGRAPHY question for those who know the Chicago Style...

Pick some sage, toss it in with the turkey for the last 30 minutes, and

I want to eat something different, I don't know what

Funny Christmas card!

Gold mining!

This is the weirdest case of tummy flu ever.

So, an elderly couple goes to the Doctor...

I'm going out for snacks. Whadda-ya-wan'!!

Don't hate me because...

Two things you should NEVER mix...

Oaky, I'm havin' a Peanut Butter and Marshmellow Cream

Where were you on November 22, 1983?

For those of you who have never seen Arrested Development,

Tried to add myself to my buddy list

Is it me or does System of the Down really suck?

Good night DU,

Orgasmatron? Is this real or is it

I don't care

BitTorrent help please!

Poor Wigs

I'm going to be starting a blues band here in Chicago.

War Pigs


Dogs of War

good grief

I call my dibs on your Thanksgiving dinner

When they make canned mandarin oranges, how do they peel each segment?

my Xbox 360 review

So, why are you up?

Stupid friggin' cat!

is it bad to not put milk in mashed potatoes?

American Music Awards...boring. Except for Linday Lohan.

The Black eyed PEED!!!

Drunk Man Mistakes Police Car For Taxi - Arrested

Norwegians Feast On Sheep's Head (Yes, they eat everything)

Man Robbed At Gunpoint For XBox 360

Baby Panda Pic!! (NEW Baby Panda Pic!!)

They made a break for it!

The Mini Cooper's mom is a Peterbilt??

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Seriously I should strip my lasses today...

I am mold

Forget about Darwin and "intelligent design"



Wooden motorcycle

I am a Load

I am toad

Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff SING?!?!??!

Time to boycott Arbys and their S-U-B's...

All joking aside-We do have a lot to be thankful for

I am bold

I am cold

The incontinent older dog.

And that explains what the dog was doing with those quarters.

Girls Trash Kansas School Art Room (6 & 7 Years Old)

TESLA!!! "Bowie to star in film of scientist's life"

The Great American Trailer Park Pageant (pics)

THE major news story according to Yahoo News photos seems to be.......

Any northern Ohio lizards around this morning?

"My Name Is Earl" clears my lungs better than 5 miles on my

Morning funny...

The Marlins will leave Miami

I may have a 3:30 AM breakfast of chicken taquitos.....

It's my birthday, and I'm baked :)

Has anybody gone to see "Rent" yet?

Hello, I need someone to talk to. I cannot sleep this morning.

I should venture into GD and GDP, see what's going on...

Whiskey galore for prawn catchers (BBC)

Anyone besides me not celebrating Thanksgiving?

Drunk German wets bed, sets apartment on fire drying it

"We got a mess of people comin' and we need AK-47's , Tech9s & uzis"

So, Did I Hear Right? Oprah Will Be On Letterman Next Week?

Naked man jumps from 8th floor of building

In 2 days, I'm going to England

Swedish Teen Girls Design Anti-Rape Belt

People without tattoos: What image would you get, and where would it go?

Local Radio reported at 6:00 am this morning - MA Pike 54 Mile Backup

I'm A Liberal Airhead!!

health insurance

god rest ye merry gentlemen

Has anyone seen these books which are a take on the Dummy series


Man Assaults Couple Over XBox 360 - Arrested

To the entire DU family.

Great read I picked up last night: "Republican Like Me"

I am gold

Best Intelligent Design cartoon EVER!!!

I have to say grace tomorrow.

Traveling I-95 south to NC... advice needed

I don't think they're gonna be able to spin their way out

Chunk Of Man's Ear Bitten Off In Fight

Why am I at work? I have sooo much stuff I need to do.

Ok, I USUALLY Don't Get Creeped Out But........... (PIC)

The odds of Poison frontman Bret Michaels arranging his own drive-by

For my very first subject post, HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Okay time for me to ask for your good thoughts and prayers.

Seeking music recommendations

I Beleive People here at the DU Generally Like me, But:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog skewers four GOP congressmen

Teen charged for having sex with mannequin

I have to save grace tomorrow.

Funky Disco Turkey Most Popular E-Card Of All Time

i declare it national stealth brazilian joke post day!

OK Happy Thanksgiving, PEOPLE!!!

DU Cooks will you use EVOO tomorrow for Thanksgiving?

What? No DUer has a birthday today?

Seriously I should skip my classes today...

8000 Posts for Me! w00t!

Housing bubbles, bursting, growing...

My sincere apology to Longhorn fans

What will Pres Cheney do with the extra 2 cents postage on each letter?


Tech support e-mail

Distinguishing Turkey, from TURKEE (Bird vs. Bush)

Ok everybody bust Taverners ass for telling the Brazilion joke!

Things that sound dirty on Thanksgiving...but arent

Some fun facts about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims

Texas football teams CHEAT!

What should I do?

The Wanker-Wingnut Continuum

Should I see GOF on T/Day or wait.

"DON'T EVER PLAY 'LADY OF SPAIN' AGAIN!!" Random movie quote time!

Katie Holmes dumps Tom Cruise for Taverner!

Tomorrow I have nothing to do but bring beer...

Daddy, what does regret mean?


One more fucking brazilian joke

So, Tim LaHaye Can't Live Within 1,000 Feet Of A School or Playground

Let's all congratulate....

It's about my dog, any vets on board, should I be concerned?

So, Debra LaFave Can't Live Within 1,000 Feet Of A School or Playground

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?!? Me: Porcupine Tree

in the thanksgiving spirit

Pregnant with triplets

BREAKING NEWS - - Rumsfield Resigns

What would you do if Crispin Glover and Ron Palillo (Horshack)read poetry?

Horrorview Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot

What was your high school experience like?

Holy Shnikeys!! 16F Thanksgiving night?? Brrrrr!!

Turkey is gross!!

My Brother's Plan for a Liberal Voice at the Thanksgiving Table

Let's make a movie cha - Ehhhh, screw it.

THE Joke:

To the next person who posts that joke:

I'd like you all to check this out... indulge me... it's my favorite post

What is the difference between a "moderate Democrat" and a "moderate Repub

I don't want anybody else, when I think about WillPitt I touch myself...

Who would win in a fight? Davros or Ironside?

CatWoman's patented "diet aid" to get you thru Thanksgiving

Will the person who donated for my star please contact me...

Is there anything more sexy than a yankee accent?

Well, I'm off for the rest of the day, bye!!!

English Idioms and Proverbs

You mean The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe is not about Judy Garland???

Joke of the day: how funny is it?

"Kick you in the taco"

You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you.

Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe...

Owens suspension and sit-down upheld.

I pounded on a farmhouse

Greece is gross!!

What kind of idiot puts video tape down a toilet?

The Pink Penis At The National Gallery...

"Kick You In The Taco" Mystery SOLVED!

Helpful cat.


Report: T.O. suspension to be cut

Anyone who tells that damn Brazilian joke again should be boiled in oil

So..the dog "fetches" the roman candle...mayhem ensues

join the "Rep. Jean Schmidt" fanclub now

An Atheist Thanksgiving Prayer


At what age is it no longer acceptable to masturbate?

What a Beautiful Day :)

Recommendation for new DU Headquarters

Do these times seem more stressful than usual?

At what age is it no longer acceptable to masticate?

Hillary Clinton quits the DLC

a newbie has a question...

I'm leaving work in 30 minutes! So, to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Woody Guthrie"This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 11/23/05)

Stuffing Recipes....

Redneck humor.

Xbox 360 very unstable, crashes

At least two people claim to have put me on ignore this week.

This is outside my front door!

Is there such thing as a company that comes to your house and tests for

If you're interested in public service--

What do you say or do to get rid of a telemarketing call?

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do

Who here likes Goblin Cock?

I have not put you ignore

For sale: used Starfighter jet, one careful owner

Thinking Ahead to 2007 High Def TV Tech Questions

Never mind

here is a brazilian for you. <<<<-------- LOOK HERE(This should be blinkin

I only like the cream filling.

Ruth Siems Is DEAD (Invented Stove Top Stuffing)

You know what? Myspace is f***ing joke!

My husband cooked Spam in the kitchen for lunch today.

Let me describe heaven to you.

My playlist is up for tomorrow night's show

Ernest Scribbler Remembrance Day!

It's "Craptastic !"

I need help with oyster dressing....

For anyone that believes in Intelligent Design...

Recipes for oyster dressing? Not a Joke.

Taverner can't live within 1,000 feet of a school or playground.

We need BLOGCRAWLs on Automobile BUMPERS.

What is your favorite Classic Western television series?

if the pilgrims had shot a bobcat instead of a turkey, what would we eat?

80's videos that make you say,"WTF!"

MrScorpio's Just A Thought©: Dressing is like stuffing that's homeless

Why being a dumbass and deep frying a turkey don't mix

poem thread!!!

Would You PLEASE Help Me Wish Kelly Brook A Happy Birthday!

Anybody read Jimmy Carter's new book?

Recommend a Thanksgiving wine please.

This will make you like Charlize Theron....if you don't already...

A U.S. view: Thank Canada!

Go home to stay

I'm feeling light-headed


Did Roger Ebert have a stroke or something?

How the FReak Do Those Numbskulls Do It???

What is Boxing day?

I love my wife but

To everyone at DU at Thanksgiving,


I was in an elevator with the Savage Weiner the other day

They got a pet monkey, he likes to get drunkie

GUYS: If you used your Penis to pull a truck

Well I'm taking off

Show me the way to go Home


Just smoked a turkey breast.

Favorite Blues Musician -

This is the thread for those who are not celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving

I just got the COOLEST martini recipe from Oprah!

Latest house of squalor news - 56 Cats Found in House

you know who you are-------------->X

Ok who else is spending Thanksgiving alone or with just their pets?

Now, when I was 14, if this had happened to me, I doubt

A chicken, inside a duck, inside a turkey?

poem thread!!!

Your favorite gift the Earth brings you.

The definitive poll to end ALL definitive polls:


How do I "take charge" of an interview

Take THAT, offspring!

So, I called my sister to find out if she had my mom's stuffing recipe

It's one thing to have Christmas lights outside...

Oh! We need a poem thread, check it:

Who would win in a fight? Rachel Ray or Paige Davis


off topic but Gonzaga vs Mich State? anybody watch that?

Bird Flu , Fact or Fiction

Happy Thanksgiving!

DU Horror Fans: What was your initial reaction to "Last House on the Left"

Favorite Christmas animated special?

brazilian joke

Who would YOU pick to be the next Bond girl? could put a saddle on a bobcat

Sam, the world's ugliest dog, dies:

Coldplay... A real band or....

What wouldn't Mommy buy you when you were a kid?

Fuck this fucking shithole website. And fuck you, too. I'm leaving.

Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin

So, Tom Cruise bought an ultrasound machine to monitor his baby!

Most under-rated singer/songwriter of the folk rock era?

meat products in cans

DU This Poll! It's being freeped!

BEHAVE! You are ALL outta CONTROL!

KitchenWitch says Hi! From Sunny SoCal........pic heavy!

Nighthawks 41 (dial-up warning)

Anyone going to break out their MST3K "Turkey Day" dvd?

Stuffing or dressing

The turkey I'm making/going to have is this big (lbs):

1000th Post, and a joke about a South American country

Anyone who tells that damn Brazilian joke again

Stunning incompetence: part deux

Who Has Ever Been To Croatia?

Post a picture of something you CAN'T do, but wish you could.

What's your favorite part of the "Thanksgiving" meal?

Do you remember Paraquat Pot?

Lost Cat! (pic inside)

Is this a case for justifiable homicide?

I know Minnesotans are supposed to be modest and self-effacing, BUT

"Breakfast At Tiffany's", a touching story

For your viewing pleasure: "A Thanksgiving Prayer" by William S Burroughs

50 Year Old Man Pulls Truck With His PENIS

Ahhh! Oprah makes me sick!!

Happy Thanksgiving

Big Favor to ask....troubleshoot possible DNS issue


Traffic Light

I couldn't ______ without DU.

Is my avatar sexual in nature?

Eddie. Kiss me good night.


I changed my mind, It's times like these when I need a BAD woman.....

I just left a mean note on someone's car, what's wrong with me?

What's your favorite 80's music video and why...?

Is there anyone more self-serving than Oprah?

FREE: Association

Joke needed!

I think matcom's new avatar is sexual in nature

This I Believe - Penn Jillette

Two Christian churches protest against one another over gays and gasoline

Question about prayer

Republicans attack Sen. Kent Conrad's private religious faith

NOLA Police Harassing Medical Volunteers

Pope urged to convert Jews and others

"Jewish" = 'race' or religion?

Why do you believe what you believe?

AARP returns my call about their Rx plan - 12 days later!

Pharmaceutical use is a leading cause of hospitalizations and deaths

Spacecraft Lands Successfully on Asteroid

The Mad Scientist (Profile of PZ Myers, biologist, blogger, ID opponent)

Washington Gay Couples Anxiously Await Court Ruling

American Airlines launches gay and lesbian friendly website

Gay Marriage Repeal Becoming Canadian Election Issue

Marriage equality advocates unsure about a signature challenge

Oklahoma Gay Students Call For Action To End Bullying

MA Anti-Gay Amendment Backers Collect Double Number Of Signatures Needed

Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada going further off the deep end...

Another reason to admire Charlize Theron

NJ County refuses to extend pension to partner of dying cop

2 - 8........the Packers are 2 - 8.

Mets Trade For Carlos Delgado

Arbitrator Upholds Owens' Suspension

new obsession

Gas Explosion at a WV Shelter - they need help!

Cats and Chrsitmas trees

Louisiana abandoned animals' situation still grim....

hero dog memorialized as "cat of the year"

How Do My Fellow Freethinkers Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Wapo: Bush to withdraw troops from iraq

Michael Moore on C-Span (11-23) comments on John Kerry in speech . . .

Good article about how the dems do not promote a unified position on Iraq

Why is there a home page article about Murtha?

Next segment on CNN - JK's juror

Murtha for Pres article while attacking Feingold and Kerry

As foreman, Kerry wins praise from fellow jurors

Turkey Day

John Kerry: Good or bad candidate?

Difficult post to make but

Now I know why Amy Goodman is

Well, it's a done deal -- the order is placed

In honor of Thanksgiving...a preview of my Monday column!

Happy Tgiving to my Fav EDVs of the KOEB

"For the first time, Iraq's political factions...called for withdrawal..."

Expect a Delay with the DeLay

MoveOn forming a new Organizing Group. Sounds interesting.

'The air was not thick with anything except political bullshit.”

Another Lawsuit Filed Against Bush Team Claiming Free Speech Violations

OK - let's bait Hannity into having Phil Donohue on again

WI GOP donation scandal/corruption

Time to Give Thanks

I told my GOPuke friend off cuz he told me I was stupid about Schmidt

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Withheld From Congress

Schumer and Pelosi lead opposition to Bush's "Tax Simplification" agenda

Photo: Bush & Barney land in Waco: "Double Scotch, keep 'em comin'..."

Privacy Rights Amendment To The Constitution - Ideas?

What I want to see the Dems do....

What can DU do to help the "Fighting Dems" (Iraqi vets for Congress)

No Easy Exit

(TX) Demo chairman post is not for the weak

Did I hear him right? Three brigades to leave Iraq?

WTF is "Cook/RT Strategies"? All of a sudden, no-name polls are popping up

To the 'Cheney-X' crybabies: remember who put "RATS" in "Bureaucrats"?

Lets see how the conservative lemmings spin this

Uh oh - Al Jazeera bomb plot story is all over the press - now in WaPo.

Good editorial in Cape Cod Times this morning - "Decision time"

So, what facts does Fox dispute re: Scalito Ad?

The new (and improved) "map

All the Repubs calling for schedule for withdrawal

Mike Moore...Take Those Flip-Flops And Smack Them Right Back

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel

It's about the "lies"...

A thought for the day. The Dissassembly of the Former USA

We have become a Nation of Hatred

The importance of mis-leadership and framing the debate

So the WSJ says that 28% of Repubs surveyed think .......

MSNBC Poll: Are the Crawford roadside camping & parking bans fair?

Jimmy Carter on Leno

Europe, Thy Name Is Cowardice (right wing email propaganda)

UK gags paper over Aljazeera memo

The Real Story of Thanksgiving .... .... By Rush Limbaugh

The claim that Wilson outed Plame

GOP loses an asset: 'purple' Democrats

War protesters arrested near Bush ranch

Murtha blogs at Arrianna: Time for a White House Meeting on Iraq

The perfect experiment to try on your rightwing acquaintances:

What's this "WE" shit relative to cutting and running

Don't look now... But Bush is starting to bounce back in the polls..

"A National Registry of Insurance Executives similar to

Four Governors spending Thanksgiving in Iraq

Santorum's Special Interest Friends

We won in Iraq. The problem now is nation building.


Libby hires attorney who defended Oliver North in Iran Contra hearings

Please DU the hell out of this one on MSNBC.COM

Of Knots and Nations: New Solutions for Iraq

Ask your Representative to support HR 507. Energy and Peak Oil

When you speak to your wingnut relatives/friends on Thanksgiving

Paul Hackett on Hardball Wed 23rd - What will he say on Schmidt?

Are Bush, Condi and Rummy beginning to hijack John Kerry's plan for Iraq?

Democrats lose moral high ground on Iraq (yeah right) Editorial

I wonder if Junior's lackeys burned a DVD of the protest arrests...

Bush wants to hush this up - so I'm enthusiasticly talking it up!

Uh oh - Bushland is in trouble!

Tweety's brother: Matthews to run for lieutenant governor (PA).

Britain warning media over Jazeera bombing report

Iraqis Call for U.S. Troop Withdrawal, Mimicking Language Bush Used

New Harris Poll: 64% believe Bush Admin "generally misleads" public

Cheney--aggressively subtracting from the sum of human decency

Dirty big secrets, dirty big lies.........

Huffington Post.

Is there any way Constitutionally that McCain could become

Yo! Alito! I got yer Original Intent right HERE!

Utahns Lash Out at Hatch

Ohio Breaking News - Denny White Resigns

John Kerry on Ed Schultz today - Audio

Nazi Twin Tour Slammed (Australia)

Bill Press makes one, two punch on Situation Room

Untie the gag!

We should email the Qatar embassy & let them know most Americans...

They are for real folks, troops leaving Iraq...

Mick Jagger's Love Song to Lyndie England

Please DU this poll...

This is so sad - I hate having hungry Americans when we're the richest...

Tired Of Being Lied To? Modern History You Can't Afford To Ignore

Andrea Mitchell encouraging the WH to Bring on another 9/11

Tweety's talking to Paul Hackett about Bush snorting COKE!

Deborah Orin, New York Post, on Dems and pulling troops out of Iraq

Sign Petition to Support McGovern Bill H.R. 4232 - Pull-out *now*

Here's how Libby will get off. He will ask for all sorts of

Einsteinia reports on CA Diebold hearing 11/21/05

Richard I Love Judy Miller Pearle opened his mouth

Wow, Michael Moore is at his best right now on C-Span...

Detroit Mayoral race experienced computer glitch...anyone hear?

Kerry does Jury Duty - Praised by Republican Jurors!

About Mrs. Clinton

Bush agrees to take lie detector test!

Schmidt doesn't understand what the fuss is about, sees herself as victim

Is O'Reilly a coward? (he calls for a timetable)

Clark popularity at DU ...... will it carry over?

Map shows only two red states

So you think carrying a gun will help you?

Nominate Cindy Sheehan for Time Magazine Person of the Year

Who Are The Clark Supporters Here? (We're A Small Vocal Minority You Kno