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Archives: November 22, 2005

"Should we stay or should we go? In Iraq?" by Jim Kunstler

"Blame-Throwing Bush Tries to Burn Democrats"

Philip Girardi - "Money for Nothing" - American Conservative mag

Sorry, Mr. President, we won't shut up

Iraqi Factions Seek Timetable for U.S. Pullout

Dana Milbank On Cheney

Bob Graham on Tenet and the intel

Help...should I join the Sierra Club or the NRDC?

1st Hit Reaction Shot

Gay Marriage

Is this legal in the State of Texas???

Is there a football game tonight?

What's the story,can the Crime Family go to the Hague?

About that Bush video from the China news conference

check this in GDP

So what do we think of the Korb plan for Iraq Withdrawl?

U.S. News re. speaking fees (Woodward: $50,000/speech)

Think DiFi needs a new email response macro?

The Daily Show video: Cheney the Jackass hits the Jackpot

Speaking of cut and run let me tell you who will never cut and run

Annual Protest draws Ire of those supporting Troops

Our marching orders for the next few weeks. Urgent!

Please, proof my oped before I send her in.

TOON: the future with GOP supreme court

Self loathing gay man on Fox at 9:45 Eastern, 6:45 Pacific

"GIs Kill Three in Iraq Civilian Vehicle"

Transcript of Woodward's Appearance Larry King Nov 21st

VIDEO-Gergen on White House Woes/No Exit Strategy

LTTEs...2 dems,2 repubs...welcome to my Hell :)

VIDEO-Schuster-Criticizing the Iraq War

DU Lawyers: I got this email claiming to be from CIA

PHOTO: Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for back alley abortion pictures

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World

PBS's RFK tonight.

Larry King interview with Booby Woodward teaser (ThinkProgress)

Iraqi Leaders Demand Pullout Timetable

Mislead means deceived and deceived means...

Drug Policy - bad news (Katrina victims?!) and some good news

Olberman leading off with the * "exit strategerery"

Casey's campaign says they are now target of Swiftliar group.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Odom on Jim Lehrer NH

Freeper Bird Dogs?

The 'generousity index' is hooey.

FYI , Brewster and Jennings CIA, VX and Iraq search on Google

The nephew of a co-worker was killed in Iraq

Woodward to Larry King "Reporter's Juices" were running

I wrote this to a Repub relative and he says I am a kool aid drinker

I am looking for a list of who voted for and against the Iraq War as

Bob Woodward=Crock of Shit!

Hypothetical Voting Question...

Norah O'Donell said Jack Abramoff tied to leaders of Republican Party

Post your Web Group, Blog, or Forum!

Do you smoke?

Can someone help me ...I cannot get into AA as they keep asking

New Director Appointed to Head FDA Office of Women's Health 'How the secular humanist grinch didn't steal Christmas'

Working America "JOBTRACKER" : Find out what companies are anti-labor

Letter from Nick Lampson in TX to DeLay re: Scanlon memo:

Here's the Woodward/King transcript so you don't have to watch.

Petition SCOTUS to Reverse "Bush V. Gore"?

MSNBC (via SJBJ): FAA will probe takeoff safety

LOL KO called ugly mean jean the...

Reality based fact check

Woodward says hes the reporter who told Libby about Plame

Oprah, Dave: Together Again

Able Danger Part II

Woodward is a walking contradiction

GM cutbacks portend tougher road ahead

If you get FBI or CIA mail

Who is your choice for Democratic presidential candidate in 2008?

We led you to vote for the war, and you should stand by your vote

November 22, 1963

CIA email via Snopes (I never get the good viruses, no one loves me)

question about credit cards...after you pay them off is it better to close

Colin Powell involved in bidding war for Washington Nationals

Lawmaker Returns Home, Murtha received three standing ovations

Can some one explain the difference between the Hunter vote

Commend Representative Murtha for Speaking Against the War

Chain-Knee "X"d Out on CNN (SLUDGE stirs the freeper pot)

From Mean Jean's Own Site...

Would opinion of Iraq War be different today if Bush found WMD?

Where is the Native American Holocaust Museum?

Oprah's favorite things show for Katrina heroes

"I want the heads of Osama and Zarqawi shown on TV"!!!

Woodward's shaky voice and demeanor proves to me,...

Why can't Dems point out the fact that when you have to "sell"

I'm Sorry, But This Countdown Political Blunders Hall Of Fame Is Fucking

VIDEO-Fingering Friends-Abramoff

Niagara Falls Reporter: "We may have lost our national soul in Iraq"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Round Up

Woodward on Larry King now... Isn't anyone watching?

So I listened to hannity's show tofay for the first time in 9 months

I just felt like I had to say it: SHUT UP JIM CRAMER. YOU ARE ANNOYING.

New Poll: Your choice for Presidential candidate - 2008

I saw the strangest thing tonight!!

Juan Cole's Ten Steps Out of Iraq

we don't NEED a plan for exiting Iraq, just pick up and leave, it's simple

Jean Schmidt LAYING LOW: "Things way too partisan right now."

Catholic Priest Arrested on Molestation Charges

Threat of federal charges against Delay, member of Congress grows

Who is your LEAST favorite of the dem '08 favorites?

Benedict Arnold's name synonymous with treachery. What will hapen to GWB'?

I wish CNN had a poll like this:

Are Right Wingers Victims of Paranoia?

Best quote of the day from moronic media.

ONE MORE PHOTOSHOP: Crazy like a bush -->

VIDEO-Political Bloopers


It would be funny, if it weren't so serious (Harry Reid)

Bush Will Pull The Troops Out of Iraq Next Year

Walter Williams (Rush Limbaugh stand in) totally slapped down last week..

FOX news: 30,000 GM layoffs will make life "better for everyone involved"

U.N. claims breast feeding saves 6 million babies

Kerry: No one has less credibility on Iraq than Dick Cheney

YoKo pissed that "Dateline" gave airtime to the murderer.

Please keep your family intact this Thanksgiving.

mean Jean

ok...anybody else having trouble with browser bringing up pages?

*** Monday TOONs: Exit Strategy ***

Awful Freeper LTTE-should I offer rebuttal?

Is Mean Jean Schmidt Also A Law Breaker?

The RW does NOT control the media

What matters most of all

Oprah is so amazing... on today's show she had an audience

I'm going to see Cindy Sheehan tonight!

How was our pulling out of Viet Nam described? I don't remember anyone

Early on '08 picks

Hypothetical Voting Question...

Mideast leaders fear another Iraq in Syria -Annan

A Bush Loyalist Tackles Katrina Recovery

Iran says it supports Iraqi 'freedom'

CNN: Woodward (to Larry King): 'I was trying to avoid being subpoenaed'

NYT: Louisiana Sees Faded Urgency in Relief Effort

London Times: 60 years on from Nuremberg, US balks at international court

Calls For Talks Transcript Blair and George Bush

Enron defense has work cut out for it

U.S. pulls out of Uzbekistan base after eviction

CNN: Experts: Pandemic fears premature

Japan to Have a 'Military' again for First Time since WWII

Threat of federal charges against DeLay grows

The spoils of war:Iraqis face the dire prospect of losing up to $200bn

Guitarist Link Wray Dies at 76

Bush Plot to Bomb his Arab Ally

Blood debt women offered up for rape

CNN/AP: Last survivor of 1914 WWI 'Christmas Truce' dies

I'm having a "Blue" Thanksgiving! No repugs! No Fundies!

One of my husband's clients already has his Christmas tree up!

Computer help needed!

So, I come home for a wonder week off for Thanksgiving

If you used something made in China today... please state what

Anyone else get this email from the CIA?

I have a question about not-really-doo-wop

Signature lines are currently turned off due to:

I am so embarrassed to be wired. I don't know how else to bluntly say

Anyone watch The Trailer Park Boys?

What is the difference between the Hunter Resolution and

I was asked if I was a GRANDMA today!

Help me out here

Squash question:

Ebay/PayPal codes

Need family advice.

DUers who have lived in the same city/town their whole lives check in.

Honey, I'm home!

MUST SEE Photoshop of * in GD

When was the last time Hank WIlliams jr. recorded a

Power Chord Pioneer Link Wray Dies at 76

I am naked and slathered in MAYONNAISE!

Who are you rooting for tonight?

click click boom

Who here is man enough to bring back the big mustache?

I am naked and slathered in MIRACLE WHIP!

The Ultimate packer fan

Signs that I must really love my mother

Flvegan has a STORY for the LOUNGE!!

My brain is shut off now

how many U.S. WWI vets are still alive?

For those of you who missed it last night, my wife's first tattoo.

This smilie just cracked me up!

Everytime I hear a Patti Smith tune I'm reminded how much most

I'm so unmotivated tonight...

Enjoying Lyrics Thread Every Day

Do you think Michaels and Madden are wearing Green and Gold?

damn, Marlins are pissing away their team again!

CIA email via Snopes (I never get the good viruses, no one loves me)

Important Court Ruling in San Francisco (HUGH!!!)



Good Evening!

Enough about Mayo and Miracle Whip n/t

If you could ask the Devil one question what would it be?

Anyone here already decorating for the holidays?

Little help! How many of you are watching TV or using other media

Anyone else put their ice cream in the microwave?

Detroit Red Wing, Jiri Fisher collapsed at tonight's game...

Has anyone ever seen this movie?

Green Bay - Minnesota.

Lets play: Make fun of the person that posts ahead of you.

Favorite piece of chicken?

XBOX 360 mania on eBay

What is an AMD mobile sempron?

OK Who took my fuckin 3-D glasses!


What should I eat for dinner?

I am so embarrassed to be white. I don't know how else to bluntly say

Favorite quote that know one has ever heard.

I made a classic rock iMix.

My cat has lymphoma :-(

Do you smoke?

Do we need to request a Thanksgiving support group?

The Temp Is Going Down

Photos of Arches National Park for your Monday viewing pleasure...

I'm so in love with my sig picture! Why aren't you?



What will be your role in the coming revolution?

Sugar Wafers fear me.

I can't believe it...

Deal in place to bring Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell to the BoSox

Rose Won't Be on Hall of Fame Ballot

BCS Rankings (Week 13):

White House Attack Dogs are At It Again: Kerry Responds to Mehlman

You're invited...

If anyone wants to respond to this....

The swiftboating of...Bob Casey


Any chance we could pull this off?

KOEB 11/21/05: Will He or Won't He Be Here? Edition

get out the popcorn, gang

"Hope your children are beheaded."

"This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy."

What would your ideal political spectrum be?

Mr. President, you are either with us or against us!

J.D. "Flat Top" Hayworth on Hardball, linking Iraq and Osama...

Repub resolution to bring troops home on 11/21 failed 413 to 3....

Excerpts of Dean's Keynote Address at the AIPAC "Salute to Congress" Dinne

A letter to Sen. Frist

Murtha reminded us what this party once was and still can be.

Is anyone else sensing a disturbance in the dark side of the force?

Left Coast Alert: Odom on Jim Lehrer NH NOW!

Doesn't Bob look like a Liar

What's going on with the CNN "X's" ? Reminds me of R-A-T-S

Bush seeks advice from dead presidents...JOKE...funny look at it!!!!

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-OR: A Plan For Iraq

Will Cheney run in '08?

Got my first dose of Warner last night, and as a Clark supporter

Why Condi won't get

is it just me..or is he seriously looking at this yak like a cow...

GOP "in the know" video - not to be viewed with a full stomach

Rumsfeld's 'Hit Back' ( I heard him Sunday on abc--He was really

Murtha may lose support, GOP says (Johnstown Tribune)

W.H. Attack Dogs are At It Again: Kerry Responds to Cheney & Mehlman

STAN GOFF: INCOMING! - Murtha fires the first shot in Bush’s Dien Bien Phu

Hillary Clinton: Immediate Iraq Exit a Mistake-Yahoo News

Losing the Fear Factor: How The Bush Administration Got Spooked...

DNC: McCain's Bob Jones University?

LtGen. Odom: "Stay the course" = feeding forces they think they're against

Over 100,000 letters in support of Murtha....DNC blog

Clark's Iraq Policy recommendations: "Before it's too Late"

Dems: fire back against Cheney

San Diego Union Tribune: Voodoo science

'Civil Rights,' Bush style

Sudan's Department of Gang Rape - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

WP's E. J. Dionne Jr.: Bring Democracy to Congress

WP's Eugene Robinson: No Way Out for Bush and Co.

Libby's not off the hook

Land-grab trifecta

It's Great Up North


Eminent Domain Project at Standstill Despite Ruling (New London)

Homeward Bound (the real glass ceiling is at home)

Mail&Guardian: Was US press in 'coma' during drive to war with Iraq?

Iraq and the 'L' Word

Interview with a Heretical Preacher

Kneejerk DUers and counterproductivity

Middle America asks: 'Did we give up our young so cheaply?'

Fall of the D.C. Democrats

CIA's "Torture Taxi" in the Spotlight

Molly Ivins: An old, ugly, mean trick (BushCo attempts at intimidation)

Why It's Time To Bring American Troops Home

Coburn: Worse than Watergate? The Mother of All Constitutional Crises

Give Thanks No More; It’s Time for a National Day of Atonement

Waiting to hear the endgame of Team Bush (Murtha)

Heading toward the 'dark side'

THE STRAW MEN OF IRAQ: Ten Pro-War Fallacies

Indymedia Server Takedown

Taxing an Unfriendly Church

Use The FORCE ... today's Neil Lisst political cartoon

Crude designs: the rip off of Iraq’s oil wealth

The War Didn't Go Wrong; It's Always Been Wrong

Taxing an Unfriendly Church

Behind the phosphorus clouds are war crimes within war crimes

Doublespeak is Alive and Well in America

Profit Tax: Horrendous or Terrific?

Income taxes, and nothing more...

Indian Oil Demand Growth May Hit 5% Annually - Reuters

Munich Re Issues Bond To Protect Against Anthropogenic Storm Damage

No Federal $ For Bush-Proposed Great Lakes Rescue Plan - ENN

Low-Altitude Oregon Ski Resorts Hanging On, Hoping For Snow

Mexico's Wildlife Officials Hoping For Better Monarch Migration Numbers

UK Will Miss Greenhouse Gas Target By 20% - BBC

San Diego Union Tribune: Toxic woes fester at Camp Pendleton

Romney doubts seen delaying emissions pact

Study Of Pines + CO2 Poses Big Questions, Problems For Sequestration - WP

Look! Look! Bush Admin "Could Be Ready" For Voluntary GHG Targets!

Tony Blair says that the UK will need nuclear power.

Forests paying the price for biofuels

US Opposes Kyoto, Opposes GHG Trading, Opposes Kyoto Successor

Israeli polls show Sharon gamble could pay off

Interesting Append Elsewhere On DU

Arsenal to build bridges in Israel

Harsh UN resolution condemning Israel removed from agenda Haaretz

Herzog okays 350 new homes in Ma'aleh Adumim neighborhood

Sharon beats Labor, secures third term as PM

9/11 conspiracies debunked!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News TUESDAY, 11/22/05

Mark Crispin Miller's Reply to Salon >

Jay Leno says according to voting machines, Jeb's already won FL 2008

On Voting Technology (BBV and the Texas Constitution)

Someone please explain this to me

Humboldt Election Problems Seen In GAO Report

1 Year and 1000 Posts on DU--My Current Project and Appreciations

Bush LOST. RESIGN Now. New TruthIsAll

Gilchrist attracts support from out-of-state politician

FIELD POLL: Voters aren't saying hooray for Hollywood Govenor...

Corporate personhood to be challenged tonight in OC

"Warden Removed in wake of Prison Escape"

Vatican: Sexually Active Gays Unwelcome

Culver stands out on Iowa Press

Thousands in Mass. to get cheaper oil

H.R. 4194 would kill free speech on the internet

Amnesty International Human Rights Day Write-A-Thon 11/30/05

Al Franken will be in town Dec. 4

Property taxes

IE question

Symantec just put out an Outbreak Alert for [email protected]

Looking for a manual for obscure Mobo...

Cleveland traffic camera locations

(OH Cong.) Boccieri: Schmidt, Bubp off mark with comments

Dec. 5-Cheney in Texas to speak at DeLay Fundraiser/Westin Galleria-Hou

2005 Fish Fry - Dallas County Democratic Party (With pix)

Need a little help/advice about Austin

Protest of DeLay, Cheney, Cornyn on Dec 5th in Houston

Election reform heads up

Lautenschlager Challenges Falk To Run A Clean Campaign

The PENTAGON says White Phosphorous is a chemical weapon...

Little help! How many of you are watching TV or using other media

George Bush in court A distant relative and namesake

Mail Just Received From Democrats.Com "SUPPORT JOHN MURTHA"

Religion/Politics/Philosophy - any difference between the 3 really?

Another evil Repukelican idea

Hillary repeated Levin's talking point on Iraq, we need to do this!

5 Girls in Pakistan ordered raped to pay off debt


Withdrawal from Iraq

Steve Bell pays tribute to fellow Guardian cartoonist David Austin

Dems compared to Repubs that voted against military force

Iraq/Detroit comparison email. (Debunk Link?)

Regarding Alan Colmes...

Check out the columns at the Huffington Post! Talk about coordination

How many veterans have the Republicans slimed this year

Pray for a warm winter

Like "Deep Throat," what should this White House mystery source be called?

Cheney and the Word of the Day

I applaud all the LTTE's that you guys post here. I can't do it...

Shouldnt Bush be concerned about catchin the bird flu while he was in Asia

Same process: A company announces major layoffs

Classified Pentagon Document Described White Phosphorus As Chemical Weapon

Is George Clooney doing a movie on Valerie Wilson?

When does our government tell us the truth?

(pabloonpolitics) a quick word about Jean Schmidt

Funny LTTE about Bush and Intelligent Design

I now believe this is all a bad reality show (Repost from October)

TOO funny! Can we get Bushit & Chaney to do this?


At the table, I'll say, "I'm thankful that Arnold's potatoes were mashed."

It is time the leave/stay in Iraq question be put in context

Bush plotted to bomb Al Jazeera: report

Cheney on Murtha -- Doesn't this say it all???...

US rejects international probe into Iraqi detainees torture claims: report

Jimmy Carter whipped some serious ass on Leno.....

Iran reportedly building nuclear weapons

Times-Picayune rips Feds....again. Damn good paper.

Please vote this poll now

Larry Johnson: Bob Woodward, Lost in Cronyism?

Scary pic of Delay on rawstory frontpage

Can someone tell me when Nighline



Cheney's new lapel pin?? Seen it?

The Magic of Make-up

What if Iraq responded to demands that he pull out of Kuwait this way?

for you late night DUer's a funny cartoon of a "rapping bush"

JFK conspiracy theories on coasttocoastam NOW...check this site for

Tavis Smiley nitpick..

Overweight Kids at Risk for Broken Bones

US military searches for foreign fighters on Syrian border. Can't fine one

The frost is on the windows

I figured it out tonight....

Woodward begins with a lie and ends with telling how truthful he is

about bush* not finding an "exit" (quip by my partner)

"Night of the Zombies" remake, starring the entire Republican party -->

stupid as i am, i'm 10 times smarter than our president, and that's sad

Multinationals, not Iraqis, to reap oil fortune: report

Pickles and Prince Charles pic from a few weeks back...

Question: Just how big are the Abramoff/Congress scandals?

Report: Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales

WP: Bush-"just keeps burrowing deeper into the pile of manure"

road tour ramp up for State of the Union?

Tomorrow (11/22/05) the Turkey-in-Chief pardons a turkey.

Check out this e-card my son sent me for my birthday!

Enter sexy, interest-creating subject about praying in school here.

NYT: Exploring a Hormone for Caring

Economy goes forward but leaves many behind

An era of TV news journalism ends tonight

more and more, the republicans see US as the terrorists

Cnn Marks Cheney: Network Flashes 'x' Over Vp's Face During Live Speech

Bush had plans to bomb al-Jazeera, but Blair stopped him.

Hired killers get life terms for assassinating new sheriff in Georgia


Iraqi leaders call on U.S. to set withdrawal schedule

Don't be a pro-life Dem that doesn't wear a seat belt

The World According To Leo Blair

Mortar Disrupts U.S. Ceremony in Iraq

On Militancy

Shouldn't Schmidt and Bubp

And, in other news..6 million children die of hunger every year.

It's past time to bring the dead and wounded home in honor

Drudge frothing over CNN putting an X on Cheneys face nonsense.

it's no unsolved mystery, i've known since age 12 the U.S. killed Kennedy

Bush planned to bomb Arab TV station-No 10 memo reveals

Why do we continue to subsidize the US oil industry

soldiers returning with no legs still support bush. how sad is that?

Humanity's Biggest Ailment...

Would the media mention Cheney's 5 Draft Deferments if he were a Democrat?

What goes around...

Betcha didn't know this. Interesting service records in military

Caption This (Bush in Mongolia)

Overheard in a bar: 'bush is dead to me".

Political Correctness in regard to the Disabled.

Something the 'liberal' media didn't cover. Racist tried to sell bombs.

Iraq's oil: The spoils of war

Jimmy Carter is on the Tonight Show right now!!!

Houston Chronicle editorial re: Scanlon; Nick Lampson calls on

Good Idea from a Lady on the Stephanie Miller Show

Seven Invisible U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

If intelligent design is real, how do you explain george bush?

Just listened to this morning's DemocracyNow and Larry Wilkerson

We can leave now, right?

Blair: Guantanamo Must Be Stopped:More distancing from across the pond

Here is the transcript of Tim Russert selling out to his corporate bosses

This year, BUY BLUE for Christmas and starve the Republican beast!

Share a little today

GM: Investors play "3-way game of chicken to see who'll swerve first"


Spock vs. Dobson

Kennedy's murder and 9-11- two polarizing and defining moments

Have any great sign ideas for the bushitler welcome wagon?

Is Labor Loyalty Outdated?

Blair talked Bush out of bombing al-Jazeera

Airlines are telling more late fliers, 'Sorry'

Jimmy Carter coming up on Leno (nt)

How Can They Possibly All Have The Same Out Of Iraq Message??

NYT: This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis

America is not a Democracy

Judith Miller, Chalabi, INC = CIA

Bush, Sheehan Return To Central Texas

More great LTTEs from the Denver Post

Why should I enlist? (hypothetical)

Playing Devil's Advocate - Woodward could be telling truth...

November 22, 1963

Mirror Article hits AP Wire >> Report: Bush talked of bombing Al-Jazeera

Bill Ford on CSPAN touting research in alternative energy sources

Iraqi leaders adopt Murtha proposal for withdrawal

"Message from my inner Frenchman" - OUTSTANDING Jesus' General rant

MSNBC covering Al-jazeerah bombing idea

Bush (God forbid!) could actually be a whistleblower!

Bush plotted to Bomb Al Jazeera says report

On Cheney and "shameless revisionism":

Using wounded soldiers to sell the war.

I think the Michael Scanlon plea will finally bring down the rethug party.

estimate of all those who will die unless & until we STOP THE MANIACS

9/11 - Unanswered Questions! TVNL Radio Live - Noon Today...ET

PA. Repubs Trying to Tax Food, Clothing, Shoes and Haircuts

Bush laid a foreign egg. Gold mutual funds up 2-4% Is there a link?

JFK's Death....

BUSH: "Seeking comfort from his nannies"

the president didn't lie, he just didn't tell the truth...see the diff?

Wizard Of Oz time. * white house revealed.

Lou Reed, The Day John Kennedy Died

I just saw the ad on cnn

I'm taking a cautious attitude towards the 2006 elections

Powell and Bremmer and Joint Chiefs rep said we'd leave if the Iraqis want

McCain backs Dem calls for interviews of top-level admin officials

how can Christ's teachings & bush's agenda co-exist in the same skull?

Schmidt in a war of words (Tuesday's Cincy Enquirer)

'World's Ugliest' Dog Dies At 14

Dick Cheney: "The Iraqis Are Stabbing Iraq In The Back."

I put this in the LBN but thought y'all would want to chew on it as well

DU this Poll

What happened to "Greatest"???

God bless Keith Olberman

'Industrial' hemp support takes root

Koppel: "Emphasis on what interests our most favored commercial customers"

Army general: Bitter US debate on Iraq 'disturbing'

'it is not possible to think that the pres of the US who believes in free-

Why are natural gas prices skyrocketing?

Whenever I see a thread in GD or LBN that has "rape" in the title,

KU takes up creation debate

Clooney Denies Bush Attack in New Film (Syriana)

Soldiers:"what limb they would rather part with, if they had a choice"

DU this poll

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore

Can anyone get to

FOX and the right wing can piss on us all they want. I beg them to do so.

Something fun!

Laura Rozen: "the pre-war intelligence issue is clearly the issue that is

Urge Congress to End the War in Iraq (Support John Murtha!)

More Drudge bias: still no mention of text beneath "X" over Cheney

CNN covering the Al-Jazeera bombing memo now. n/t

Even Faux News isn't buying Bush's BS >> "Caveat Emptor?"

Tom Friedman gets some pocket change from his corporate masters

-1% prison population commits 18% of murders: guess who?

Slime is as slime does.

Anyone Else Here Go Through C-Span Withdrawl When Congress Is On Break?

Why the Fear Factor is Vanishing From Among Us

A Question for WilliamPitt - Re: Woodward's statement

Front Sight Firearms Institute Sued for Racketeering

Anyone here read A People's History of the US by Zinn?

Rep Murtha's Poll.. please help UNFREEP it!!!

I swear--Rummy and Scotty M compete as to which one can out baffle the

(Newport Beach, CA) Daily Pilot: A strong voice on right

LA Times poll on Murtha's call for Iraqi withdrawal:

TOON: War critics vs. Warmongers

Bush LOST. RESIGN Now. New TruthIsAll

mean Jeans marine: low-level right-wing operative

New Way To Save For Retirement..(pay attention 30-somethings)

The Day John Kennedy Died

Help me slap down a serious assh*le

The Gates of Hell (Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque)

BUSHENFURHER wanted to bomb Qatar to knock out a news station rate it up

Thom Hartmann Time!

I think Woodward's source was Rove

Let's Discuss the Terri Schiavo FRAUD

Former GOP Gov. George Ryan Says Look At Phil Gramm's ENRON Connections

Hey Kids!! Get your very own free 'Stop the Maniacs" Bumpersticker!!

College course seeks to debunk intelligent design

Would you consider a Pullout of Iraq without Presidential Accountability?

Do you think reagan's attempted assassination was staged?

Blair talked Bush out of bombing al-Jazeera:

Now CNN reporting Bush wanting to bomb Al-Jazeera

MSNBC Video: The Daily Mirror >> Bush talked of bombing Al-Jazeera

Life plans

EXCELLENT article from LA Times. Re: Words from Soldiers in Iraq

Perfect Republican paradise (satire)

NPR's Talk of the Nation seeking Calls from Democrats re:Murtha Res.!

The Big dog and the Melham commercial

NEW Murtha Poll .... this one requires registration

Ever hear of Myrna Blyth? She has declared war on Maureen Dowd

Meehan / Shay's H.R. 4194 would kill free speech on the internet

Hayworth (R) on CNN now -> Blooming Idiot!

I Know It Is A Bit Early. But, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

An answer to not having enough forces in Iraq

"got ammo?" - bumper sticker i just saw

The World Toilet Org.I think now I`ve seen it all .

Bush Planned to Bomb Al-Jazeera HQS: Mirror - is this a reliable source?

Promotion Idea: DU Open House

I'm a silly DU'er

"Anybody here seen my old friend John?"

Newsmax >> Adviser: Bush Must Attack Critics

GOP puts out a commercial about Harry Reid and other Dems.

``They're using Scanlon to get everybody''

Will Bush be serving plastic turkey in Iraq again this year?

Didn't Bush say that we would leave Iraq if they asked us to leave?

Families of Alzheimer's victims are calling for riskier treatments...

My new Pellet Stove also burns corn!!!!

I cant shake the image of our soldiers being CLAY PIGEONS in Iraq

Is Al-Jazeera Being Targeted by the U.S. Government ? Record 2003

Guantánamo Inmate Says US Told Him To Spy On al-Jazeera

VIDEO: What's your opinion of this new AD by

Network flashes "X" over Cheney's face

2097 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

RawStory: Obama calls for reduction of U.S. troops in Iraq after Dec. 15

Galloway's party in gay rights row

2100 dead GIs now. Victory must be near.

Padilla charged with planning "violent jihad."

Best place to get a progressive newsfeed for a website?

Cheney Demands Bush "Pardoned" Turkey Be Held At Guantanamo

WSJ: Firms' New Grail: Skilled Workers

Katrina and the strange workings of Mother Nature

Friends have asked how to support Congressman Murtha

Even if you don't like Wayne Madsen, check out his 11/22 commemoration.

WSJ: Latest Inflight Fee: $2 for a Pillow

My new T shirt "Every day I pray for world peace...

Another example of Bush`s war profiteering.

msnbc talking of Mirrow story again.

Update on Rep. Davis' threat to subpoena WH over Katrina


DeLay Dealt Setback by Texas Judge in Felony Trial Today


Anybody see this ad on CNN?

Is anyone familiar with the 4GW theory?

Commercial by Ken Melham

How the hell did we end up back in the dark ages?

How the hell is a foreign gay person supposed to move to the U.S.?

Vote on AOL POLL Do U find the report of bombing Al Jazerra Credible

What are you buying for xmas gifts this year?

I just love the way Rep. Murtha say's 'illusion' :-)

Republicans Want Answers, Too

Obama sounds like a cross between Hillary and a Democrat

Does anyone else find it hard to log in? I find I have to answer a thread

If it's all about Oil and Reconstruction Contracts, you don't Cut-And-Run

Matalin: "Everybody in town knew" that Plame was at the CIA

My neighbor has a bomb.

One of these things is not like the other...

Anyone else catch Wolfie almost pee his pants when Cafferty

1968 Democratic National Convention

The pentagon classified WP as a Chemical Weapon

Is there no end to his generosity?

Gov Bush questioned Clinton in 1999 over Kosovo....

donald scumsfeld next on the wolfie show. n/t

Murtha poll...

Did i just see a RNC ad using democrats to support Bush's war?

BULLSHIT Repuke ad on CNN by

So, what's the plan for when the sea levels rise?

The most subversive thing ever aired during prime-time? Earth to America

Oh My Wolfie just shot down Nicole

I try not to think about LIHOPs and MIHOPs at times like this.

CNN Poll Number: Some improvement?

There are 6644 people missing from Katrina

Hey America! Look what the cat draged in>>>>>

Watching Canadian House of Commons on C-SPAN

I came of age in a town that no longer exists

Tweety Does Torture! He asks about the Mob using "thumbscrews."

Homeless man steps up to save cop's life

Just what does "Winning the war" look like?

America's problem: MILITARISM

Is there any way to make War Profiteering as much an evil as Gay Marriage?

The FBI virus

Caption This ---pix->>>

VIDEO-Wallace, White House Shill, Wolf and Cafferty comments

Novak gets into a first-class shoving match

Is there a strong Dem. running against G.I. Jean next year in Ohio?

2,100 before Thanksgiving :-(

What's up with stupid poll answers? CNN poll....

SALON:STRAW MEN OF IRAQ: Ten Pro-War Fallacies

Are we all going to do the democrat thing for thanksgiving

European Probe to Check Suspect Planes (CIA Prison Investigation)

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel (Murray Waas)

Rush is on the radio discussing the plight of workers

Another Lawsuit Filed Against Bush Team Claiming Free Speech Violations

Possibly The Creepiest Racist Threat At FR EVER...


What's with this patting everybody on the head? (Pic)

How does the Far Right refer to Facts

i like the new site design!

Fox News Won't Show Ad Opposing Alito

GOP to returning troops from Iraq: Thank you, now get lost and grow up!!!

Fox News Refuses to Show Ad Opposing Alito

Iraq's Oil: The Spoils of War...

Why do the Repukes do what they do?

Michelle Malkin is lying scum

I can live with this new look

The Pa. teen went to her parents' funeral????

Santorum: The working class is greedy

Local fundy preacher punched out at "altar"cation

cbs doing report about the new law---paying people to get married.

Anyone just hear the poem Randi played on the air by Carly Sheehan?

Maryland Gov. Race: Ehrlich trailing two Democrats

Obama calls for troop reduction in Iraq

Caption this photo

I got tickets to "The Colbert Report"

Refute for me please the claims of "Tons of enriched uranium in Iraq"

CNN is trying to explain the X!!!

Washington Journal Tomorrow (11-23-05) Looks Interesting

Who's the first ReThug that comes to your mind who is NOT

What happened with Delay?

NORM: JFK book includes Vegas connections (T Hartmann)

Will there be a ticker tape parade for U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq?

Help! Information regarding France/Germany & Iraq.

Imus, Ted Kennedy, JFK....anyone watching?

Complete this... "Profit always means..."

Is the 'christian' Right a Tool? (Regarding Christmas)

Rummy's eyes are as dead as any mass murderer.

In Diehard Kentucky, President Bush Losing Support

Thankful for the Democratic Underground, truly, deeply, sincerely

VIDEO: What's your opinion of this new AD by

My response to: "The government controls the media"

"Mean" Jean Schmidt - Congresswoman From Hell (Animation)

Cheney X on CNN - Fox/Druge spreading false CONSPIRACY's - PROOF of GLITCH

Iraq Calls For US Pullout, Declares Insurgents Not Terrorists

"Partisan Rancor" - The Latest and Lamest RW Spin

Paul Wellstone on Values and Democrats from 1998 -- Still relevant I am standing in my back yard throwing the ball to the dog

If Rich and Upper Middle Class White Kids Had To Fight, The Troops...

Need help. Difference between WP rounds vs. Chemical Weapon

John Kerry will be on Ed Schultz's show today

Sharing the moment - 42 years ago today

11/22/63 & Big Crime Think

Average of 64 U.S. soldiers killed every month.

Do you think Cheney practices his faces in front of a mirror?

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving Thank You GD

AOL Poll on w* , Blair and Al-Jazeera

Help about prewar intel

Need info for this source; - Is it legit?

BATTLEFIELD RADIATION - DU vet: 'My days are numbered'

Al Gore wakes up from a nightmare

CNN Official Statement re: Cheny's X

Bill Moyers excellent post at HUFFPOST. MUST READ!!

Bush Drank Alcoholic Beverage in Mongolia ---->>>

Cafferty just told Wolf that CNN viewers were giving him (Wolf) kudos for

Those Big Government Liberals are Ruining our lives...

Jury awards $4.2M in Mormon abuse case

If Dick Durbin was forced to apologize in public -- why not Jean Schitt

VIDEO-Bush Wanted To Bomb Al-Jazeera?

Just had a huge fight with a marine friend of mine

Vietnam Vet Defines 'Patriotism': Letter to Editor of the Toledo Blade

I just watched "Crash"

Randi is playing Kerrys testimony from 1971

Buy Nothing Day is November 25, 2005.

My psycho-analysis of Bush...

Is the use of torture ever ok?

Steve Clemons: Fitz has his own source inside the WH

To All Of The Trolling Freeps I Would Like To Say, CINDY WAS THE REAL DEAL

11/22/63. Where were you?

NewsWeek >> "Karl Rove recently took out a $100,000 line of credit..."

The Pope in Comfortable Shoes- Pope Wears Prada (intelligent designer?)

Is Michael Moore going to defend himself?

WSJ: Britain Stirs Outcry by Weighing Benefits of Drugs Versus Price

Scalia: It was all Gore's fault:Election dragged into courts by Gore

Can You Stand One More Photoshop Today? Justice For Bush DA Style!

New Murtha poll up!

Please Un-Freep this poll on Judicial Nominee Sam Alito

Georgia police kill gunman after high-speed chase

Mark Crispin Miller talks about our theocracy

Would Right Wingers Condone Using A Crown Of Thorns In Interrogation?

Some See Jesus On Truck Tailgate ('s a sign...

A Pair of Turkeys - Pass the Stuffing ---pix->>>

Rep. Jean Schmidt busted lying.

Will corporate personhood become a thing of the past?

Here are some of the journalists George Bush wanted to murder ---pix->>>

Venezuela's Chavez to Discount Heating Oil in Boston

Rev Dobson's gang to pass out antigay balls at Macy's parade.

There are worse sites than Free Republic, check out the :"High Road"

November 22, 1963

Joan Mellen's book on the JFK Assassination MUST READING !

Failure Notice, Return Mail - New Email Scam?

Revolution doesn't have to be a violent, bloody outburst

People here just keep talking about "2006" and "2008"...

the most evil repugs in government

Get Some

Would you sneak into Canada if

Update on my Ex-Sister-in-law Please read.

Kneejerk DUers and counterproductivity

John Murtha has a survey

Why Did Long Voting Lines in Dem. Ohio Precincts Mean Low Voter Turnout?

I have an idea of how we can get universal health care in the back door

Is toture ever OK?

I just called Hillary Clintons office and they confirmed what AP reported

"SLICK Chavez" on CNN! Did you SEE that?? Giving Oil to MA??

Guaranteed laughs! - 100 Bush Photos!

JFK: 42 Years Gone, But the Facts Are Still Coming In

The Return of Dickensian London?

Pregnant Teacher Fired - Catholic School

November 22,1963...Where were you?

With the Holidays coming,thought I'd repost this XM deal

So I read this joke to my devout hubby and BIL

Bill Maher quote "I know Americans vote for their wallets,but how about

I Am No Theologian. Hell I Am An Atheist. But I Feel Comfortable Saying...

Tookie to be executed Dec. 13; PLEASE contact Schwarzenegger for clemency

Who do you wish the GOP would nominate in '08 and who do you fear most?

Why do some people (DU'ers too) think that Communism is the worst ?

H20Man:Amendment 1 Blues .....

Mark Crispin Miller's Reply to Salon >>>

What military weapons were you trained on? (For our freeper friends)

First The Brits Give Us The DSM Now They Out Bush's Terrorist Tactics!

What Do YOU Do With Lemon Curd?

Pecan Pie Recipe Question

Can someone tell me the point of "Semi-Homemade?"

Salad dressing fatigue

I can't believe this FOG

Court papers: Girl chose to go with Pa. teen

George Bush faces Queensland court

Jimmy Carter is on the Tonight Show right now!!!

ACLU sues over Bush event (threw people out of meeting for being Democrat)

Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months

Mexico's relations with Venezuela recovering: FM

3 soldiers killed in clash with NPA rebels in Quezon (Philippines)

N.C. Man Charged In Iraqi Kickback Scheme Has Criminal Past

Bush has little to show for Asia trip

Chavez, Kirchner in 'unity' talks

McCain, Graham Warn GOP May Be in Trouble

Germans say U.S. was warned on Curveball

AIDS rate hits new high worldwide

[Tony Blair] halted Bush plan to bomb [al-Jazeera]

IPS: POLITICS-CHINA: Democracy is Fine but Party Comes First

Israeli polls show Sharon gamble could pay off

Pakistani defendant: Terror confession was coerced

Turkey's Thanksgiving is a Trip to Disneyland (Bush/pardon)


Ejection violated rights, suit says (lawsuit "big deal". Rove involved?)

Labor chief sees anti-union efforts growing bolder (surprise,Bush lied)

Annan: Arab Leaders Worried Over Syria (becoming next Iraq)

Memo: Bush wanted Aljazeera bombed

Baltimore City Urges Troop Withdrawal

WP,pg1: Bush Administration Grants Leeway on 'No Child' Rules

Insurgents kill two U.S. troops in western Iraq

Islamists triple seats in Egyptian parliament

European Investigator Seeks CIA Details

Iran Urges Iraq To Set Withdrawal Timetable

Insurgents fire mortar at palace while Americans hand it over to Iraq

WP: Parents' Effect on (student) Achievement Shaky

Schmidt in war of words. Rookie lawmaker's 'coward' remarks ricochet

US western land up for grabs if mining law retooled

Iraqi leaders call for U.S. withdrawal timetable

Chirac tries to end France rail strike

"Partisan Rancor" - The Latest and Lamest RW Spin

Error - when I try to post in GD it goes to LBN anyone else having this

Need help. Difference between WP rounds vs. Chemical Weapon

Blue Stream opens new horizons for Russia (Turkish gas pipeline)

Pentagon Docs: White Phosphorous Is A Chemical Weapon

Blair: Guantanamo 'must be stopped'

ANALYSIS-Islamist gains in Egypt give US pause

WP: Biden Criticizes Bush Policy on Iraq but Opposes a Pullout Deadline

PA. Repubs Trying to Tax Food, Clothing, Shoes and Haircuts

Report: Bush Talked of Bombing Al-Jazeera - (AP Headline)

Blood Debt women offered up for rape (Pakistan)

Suicide bomb blast kills 12 in Iraq's Kirkuk-medics

Iraq's militant groups positively respond to Talabani's call for talks

Scanlon Plea May Help Prosecutors Clear Constitutional Hurdle

New National Blog Site Takes on the Religious Right

Al-Zarqawi likely alive, commander says

GA: Two sentenced for (murder-for-hire) killing sheriff-elect

Report: Bush Talked of Bombing Al-Jazeera

Bloomberg: Scanlon Plea May Help Prosecutors Clear Constitutional Hurdle

DeLay attorney asks judge to throw out charges

DeLay's defense to argue today for dismissal

House leader pledges to give back 9/11 funds (Hastert)

S. Fla. pushes for Latin senator (in New Jersey)

Iran reportedly building nuclear weapons

WP: Time Magazine Reporter Hugh Sidey Dies at 78

Afghan Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier

Syria asks for U.N. help on Hariri

Dread Takes a Toll on GIs in Iraq

Iraq asks Russia for security help, signals more cooperation

Venezuela September Government Spending Jumps 52 Percent

Overturn (US) data sharing law, says EU law officer

After 3 years in custody, Padilla is charged

S. Fla. pushes for Latin senator

US tells Syria to stop delaying Hariri murder probe

Bush is Hitler, says Kim’s Korea

Blair persuaded Bush not to bomb Al-Jazeera headquarters: Daily Mirror rep

Fox News Won't Show Ad Opposing Alito

U.S. Death Toll In Iraq Hits 2,100 (2k to 2,100 in less than a month)

Suspect in Bush Assassination Plot Convicted

Youngest Mayor Sworn In, Has Algebra Test Next Day

Angela Merkel confirmed as German chancellor

More Americans than ever are pessimistic about Iraq's future: poll

CNN X-Plains Glitch (X appeared briefly over Cheney's face)

Man gets 24 years in Denison immigrant case


The Spoils of War

Dems win McCain’s backing - pulled this from Raw Story

More Americans than ever are pessimistic about Iraq's future: poll

Iran Urges Iraq to Seek Pullout Timetable

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 22 November

U.S.: Al-Jazeera bomb story 'outlandish'

Iran calls for US exit from Iraq

North Korea compares Bush to Hitler

Bush al-Jazeera 'plot' dismissed (White House official)

Obama calls for troop reduction in Iraq

Microsoft Warns of New Security Threat

Western Shoshone chief seeks clarification of law

FEMA extends hurricane hotel program(10 states until 1/7; 12/15 elsewhere)

Change is required to revitalize job market

WP: Shortage of Immigrant Workers Alarms Growers in West

Time to talk: US engages the Taliban (US asks for truce)

US threatens to delay UN budget if reforms not done

Bitter debate on Iraq 'disturbing': Army general

O'Reilly Column Says U.S. Needs Timetable to Get Out of Iraq

Woodward: CIA leak not Bush

On Gulf Coast, Thanksgiving Amid Scarcity

Libby hires expert in criminal law on national secrets

Univ. of Kansas Takes Up Creation Debate

Jury convicts American Abu Ali of plotting to assassinate President Bush

DeLay's Judge Withholds Dismissal Ruling; No Speedy Trial Seen

High School locked-down after accidental release of dead Anthrax sample

'Dirty Bomb' Suspect Padilla Indicted

Baby milk scare widens in Europe

Voters unimpressed with Schwarzenegger

Cheney will speak at DeLay fundraiser

Schmidt Breaks Silence On 'Cowards' Comment

"Teacher Fired For Being Pregnant"

Vatican: Sexually Active Gays Unwelcome

Americans to pay millions to recapture battle flags

Schmidt in hot water

Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel (Saddam-Qaeda Link)

6,644 are still missing after Katrina; toll may rise

Fox News won't show ad opposing Alito

Darwin exhibition frightening off corporate sponsors

Scalia Raps Gore for '00

Conrad Black, Ex-Hollinger Chief, Skips Arraignment (Update1)

Report: Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales

U.K. charges official with leaking Blair memo (so, --there WAS a memo)

Snows fail to fall in Arctic tundra

Women 'forced to wed rapists or die'

Big oil has crude designs on Iraq wealth - report

Now, let us all watch the Vikings implode.

Fark Pshop Contest. If ads told the truth...

Preach it Lewis!

"I Can Hear You Now!"

FLIPSYDE: We The People

Internet Explorer question...

Just got back from the Springsteen concert

Jimmy Carter coming up on Leno (nt)

Has anyone been made unable to nominate threads because they...

It's been a funny week, I think...


Is Leno a re-run? Jimmy Carter and The Eurythmics?

"Another Nuded up Rear End here...."

Some moran bought a brazillion hugh jars of Miracle Whip


OK, kind of freakin' out. A strange man entered my backyard.

Vikings win!

They need to put Paul Edinger's face on the $100 bill.

red sox get josh beckett and mike lowell


help me!

Absolutely Free

Being sick sucks...

strangers in the night, exchanging rubbers....

Christmas gifts for our beloved president

Good Night all, Its been fun


OK - so tell me who the guy on the Kodak movie commercial is.

I have something to say...

What do you think of the book the Grapes of wrath?

I am climbing into the pit of despair.

Do you think, right now, there's a sword fight ensuing somewhere?

I'm going to bed, but I could use some good night hugs.

HELP!!! I need a lawyer but i cannot afford one.. is there a lawyer here?

I am watching my favorite holiday movie "Home for the Holidays"

URGENT: Is the Daily Show a Re-run?

In the still of the night sha do be do be - Ear Worm

David Blaine Secrets

Nighthawks 40

See you in a week, DU!

Could someone please wake me up

Should Goths' makeup be taxed to fund research of Gothic language?

Photoshoppers..found a perfect pic to "Cheney-ize"

You look up from the table as they sedate you and your doctor is wearing

I feel like a newly divorced person

Cheney's new lapel pin?? Seen it?

Misunderstood song lyrics

The Magic of Make-up

We don't have to .....

An elderly man goes to the doctor

A frog goes into a bank

Q: Why did Bush stop moving his bowels?

One last one!! These are great!!

X box line ups--not one, not two, but three...!!!

I jumped over my own shadow yesterday

G'night everyone. Oh. Ever notice how in The Bible ........

A link between teen smoking and movies?

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

ok that last version sucked...try this one...

70 hours of community service for Pussy.

I hate Khashka.

"A Must Listen on Thursday" for fans of Louisiana Music wherever they are

Khashka hates T.J.

The official "I hate TJ thread"

Toshiba or HP laptop?

A man goes to the doctor because he FARTS CONSTANTLY

Man Hit In Head By Train - For Second Time

Man, 88 Years Old, Allows Girl, 7 Years Old, To Drive His Pickup

Man At Gun Show Accidentally Shoots Himself In Bathroom

Brett-ney Fah-vre.....

Purse Snatcher Runs Into Wall, Knocks Himself Out - Arrested

Witches & Pagans Put Curse On Government Over Christmas

Ad On Buses Deemed A Road Hazzard (Naked ASS - with PIC)

Naked Man Accidentally Hit In Genitals By Deputy's Taser

Man Uses Frozen Turkey To Save Couple From Burning Car

so then Sister Mary Katherine

good chicken recipe using POPCORN for stuffing

TV history..(I love old TVs)

I'm as liberal and tolerant as the next DUer...but come on now

Oasis is the best band in the world -- ever!!!

What'd you think of "Catcher in the Rye?"

Non-alcoholic beer poll

Sister Mary Katherine

6.45am in London, UK, and I've just got out of bed. Morning all!

Have I ever made a better post than this one?

There is a hole in my pants.

The RetroLounge Poem of the Day (Tuesday)

I need the PETA emergency action hotline number


Anyone want a good laugh??

Bush is JUST like Hitler except he’s WWWWWWWWAAAAAYYYYY stupider!

Can we have a Movie group?

Oh Laaaaaadies!!!-Need a date? See, you DO have something in common

It hurts when I laugh.

DU freaks and geeks-weird elf or Bill Gates clone?

Bizarre Scenes from a Movie

OMG! Look at this auction for the XBox 360 on Ebay!

A wise man was telling stories to me

Onion Bagels, Scrambled Eggs, Honey sweet Ham...

I think you can buy this OTC medicine in prescription strength...

Transition begins after 5 frames black

PITA hotline?

Columbia U. students plan to party "like the savages we really are" (NUDE)

West Memphis Three: Did Satanist kill three little boys?

Mysterious bogs pose lethal danger to Russian mushroom-pickers

Breaking: Ugliest Dog Dead At 14

Moscow Wax Figure Exhibition Highlights Graphic Dangers of Drugs

Man Hopes To Make $1Million Selling Pixels. Yes PIXELS

What kind of DU mod would you be?

After Years Of Feuding, Oprah Agrees To Go On Letterman's Show

in bed at 9:00 pm, got 8 hrs., work out regularly, take vitamins.... why

I want to move to New Zealand.

I am sick

My genitals are so heavy! Who has a bananahammock I can borrow?

Has anyone seen the "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter" commercial?

Did someone say bananahammock?

International Symbol For Marriage Finally Approved...

Right NOW! At this very moment.....

At what age is it no longer OK to sport hickies?

I just took a Schmidt. Ask me anything.

Post here if you love your family but can't take more than two days

My eyelids are so heavy! Who has a pillow I can borrow?

BAD combo: Hot Glue Gun and opposable thumbs.

ok. I Want My 'LOBBY' Link Back!

Fugitive hides in church only to find police praying

Do you like Dean Koontz as an author?

How socially deficient is this?

NE Ohio Lounge Lizards: Cleveland traffic camera locations

Prime Rib dinner at 1:00....

Has anyone here played or better yet, `finished` Hyper Frame?

Ft. Myers (FL) Police Accidentally Shock Nude Man In Genitals With Taser

"Most Stolen Car" Honda Civic: Motor Trend's Car Of The Year

dupe delete

Does the fact that I am now buried with tons of unsolicited

When will I learn to keep out of GD?

Russian Woman, Sons Accused of Cannibalism

He was a friend of mine


Has anybody here seen my old friend John?

Can someone tell Mrs G to stop with the sudoku?

'World's Ugliest' Dog Dies At 14

Does your town have a local-drive-in-car hop "fast food" place?

Only two more "Dark Tower" books to go ...

Bush meets with Atilla the Hun

Breakfast At McDonald's

Guitarist Chris Whitley 1960 - 2005

Somethings different on this page and not the ICON's

*THE* 2005 Photo of the Year

"Cost Dad the election" Beau Bridges guest stars on "EARL" tonight

dolo amber's first and only kitten thread

Ooooooooh ... I LOVE the new setup of the navigation icons!

Oh, no you did-int?

Anybody have experience with Mintek flat-screen TV/DVD combos?

"HD-TV Ready": Does this mean I can see HDTV with my digital cable box?

What's with white meat?

Linguistics question

Freep This Poll

I saw "Good Night and Good Luck" last night

Disgusting lounge talk

I am bored anyone want to go poker and play a game of hold em?

Naked prowler shot in genitals with Taser

Best Rose Nylund comment EVER!

I'll bet your Thanksgiving Day turkey doesn't do this....

Tim Allen stars in a new movie!

Someone help me pick out an HDTV

What Happened To The Bookmark Icon?

Christmas gifts- how do you stop the madness? HELP!

definition of bush

How long have your genitals been "taser free"?

It's only 11:30

how is your vision

any Jeep drivers?

Saw some interesting bumper stickers on a truck today

Ten years ago yesterday...

Avatar Suggestion: Cheney with an "X"

latex bracelets

Symantec just put out an Outbreak Alert for [email protected]

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through George W. Bush's Mind At This Moment"

Why don't the people at the DMV pick up the damn phone?

I have a test in Advanced Mathematics for Engineers today

Oh Great. First we had the "soup nazi". Now we have the "lunch nazi"

George Clooney Denies Bush Attack in New Film

Thanks for sharing, Ricky Martin. Thanks.

Pardoned Turkey To Be Held At Guantanamo

Accept it, the saxophone was the lamest addition to rock music EVER!

"War of the Worlds" came out on video today

What a nice rack

So are you a lifelong gay or just transitory?

Pants Party

I'm BANNING All SMELLY Food From YOUR Office!

I have to get away from DU...

Should I get this T-shirt?

How stressful is your thanksgiving going to be

Woman selling house -- she comes along with it

Mildly Depressed People More Perceptive


I need a new job

Yesterday ...

So, is everyone's house clean for Thanksgiving?

Have you ever gotten a MODERATOR message?


I am making the dressing tonight for Thanksgiving!!

Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt??

Holy Crap..........I need a beer.

Cheney and Kerry argue about who´s job is harder.

I got my ass kicked by Mr. Whipple!

What's with the White Album?

Thanksgiving Divorce

When you watch sitcoms, do you try to do this:

Sam, World's Ugliest Dog, Dies at 14

And now for the picture of the day...

What are some crazy websites you like to visit?

MY Hatespeak Images (dialup warning)

I just made spiced cranberry sauce with zinfandel...

Dylan covers Clash's 'London Calling'

When the pimp's in the crib ma, drop it like it's hooooooot...

Comfort foods for when you have the flu! (humorous)

Nudie Cohen

Buy your holiday gifts from New Orleans businessess!!

Caption "The Chancelorette"

Virus e-mail question.

And you thought that Toby Keith was bad....

I confess, I enjoy Madonna's new single

Answers to letters to the editor

The JFK town-name poll

How many televangelist stations do you get?

so i wandered into the lounge today

Satellite/Cable/internet questions

I need ideas (please!) : something really nice I can do for my friend.

Want to buy a Picasso, Renoir, Chagall? Go to Costco in Naples

Cheney speech brought to you by: The Letter 'X'

somebody send me a PM

Useless Facts--- But yet, very useful!

Don't let Dennis Miller beat Al Franken in the yahoo tv poll!

Do NOT buy one of these girls

A little cartoon for the cube-rats. (This is safe for work.)

so i into the lounge

Pie Party

I took my dog to the vet today.

Best fast food Hamburgers

I really have nothing to say....., annoying or what?

I am a jolly Doenitz

Has anyone taken online courses at Boston University?

Is this too harsh to ask suitors to fill out when

Have you ever SHOVED something UP

What are your opinions on T-Mobile?

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

Kick Ass Joani just Kicked Ass !

Pizza Night what kind of pizza should I get?

Why has there never been a good movie about the Spanish Civil War?

Freepers post here.

Tomorrow I leave for the land of Freepers and horse shit,

Do not buy an Iriver H10 20GB Mp3 player!!

Attention Men! Scarlett Johansson is 21 Today! I REPEAT! She Is 21 Today!

Do I really have to get up and stand in line for an Xbox 360 tomorrow

Pic of me outside the white house with my friend James

So who got lasik done?

Better late than never.


I would like to update on my Gay Fund .

I am a jelly donut.

Do NOT buy one of these grills.

WATCH OUT! SouthlandShari's on a rampage through the lounge!

Other uses for a frozen turkey:

lets play broken telephone

So when somebody introduces a Republican or neo-con to me

"Best" Xmas lights display ever (video)

I've got a Hungry Man Turkey dinner, I've got Alice's Restaurant

For your viewing pleasure, and to get me to 12,000 Posts:

"Darn tootin' I'm a Rebel"

Today is my baby's 17th birthday


So, uh, got any unique uses for duct tape?

Jesus Shows Up On Pickup Truck Tailgate!

Ever met a Repuke that you just, couldn't for the life of you, dislike?

Holy Crap! The new iPod costs more than my rent!

at what age is it no longer acceptable to smoke pot?

Why in the hell are they remaking "Fun with Dick and Jane"?

Have I ever posted my favorite fundie site on here? (insanity warning)

Where were you 42 years ago today?

2 cool tests at one site

Bush Rejects Timetable For Withdrawal Of Turkeys From Oven

What's on the Thanksgiving menu? The obvious or the unusual?

Best fast food hamburgers


PA/NJ people: Come see me play at Harrah's in Atlantic City this Saturday!

I'm making Horus45's recipe - now take 2 minutes and vote for it

Day #2 of my vacation doing nothing. Wine was opened at 3pm

Name one book that changed your life, or your perception of the world.

At what age is it no longer cool to sport cold-sores

"to keep society free from this horny jerk-off situation"


Secular activism: stop trying to get religion out of pub schools, instead

Has anyone read Kreeft/Tacelli Handbook of Christian Apologetics?

December's Mother Jones mag on Christian Right

Ted Rall on ID

Childcare reduces stress levels for kids with working mothers

Lack of cuddles in infancy may affect development of brain

Viagra is now a cure for serious lung disease

Jewish leader blasts anti-gay religious groups

Colo. School District Ends Gay Group Suit

Indianapolis Revives LGBT Civil Rights Ordinance

Being openly gay saves lives by facing down fear

Judge Approves Gay Teen Prison Suit

Safest city in America has a gay congressman (Rep. Barney Frank)

Diocese dissolves church that protested gay bishop

FOF Brings 'Ex-Gay' Crusade To Macy's Parade

The Official "Please God let Ben Play Thread"

I think the Lions should trade Charles Rogers for Terrell Owens

Simmons: Ten things I like about Josh (Beckett)


Thank goodness Bret Favre is on this team or they wouldn't be anywhere

Thank you all

Musical chairs with cats..

As the Sun glides majestically into Sagittarius today.....

What was the supposed incident in Iowa during the primaries re: an ad

Boston Herald: Kerry: Cheney ‘misleading’ on war

Kerry vs. Warner: Road to the White House

Republicans "Support the Troops" -- what one soldier thinks

WOW!!! JK needs to see this and see what he would do now!

Need help...

Check this out!

OK, what does this mean?

My only joke

Happy day before the day before Thanksgiving.

Randi Rhodes is playing JK's testimony on Air America right now!

John Kerry will be on Ed Schultz's show today

My John Kerry movie (now showing for a limited time)

I'm getting the west card either tomorrow or Friday,

The final poll is up

A few So. Cal Autumn pics

It's my DU anniversary!

Snakes + Enya

Sports Illustrated article from when KO joined Patrick's radio show...

Federal suit filed by two ejected from Bush event

Bu$h will pull out

Two scary books--

So who will * serve the turkey to this holiday?

Which is the bigger mistake.. ?

I, for one, support bush

What good has come out of the entire government since 2000?

WaPo: Voters Moved by Murtha, Not Necessarily His Views

I just found this interesting comment on one of the blogs

Bush returns to DC to face a restless Congress (and VACATION, Stretch!)

Did Woodward take questions and if so.....

Is Cheney...."X"?

GEORGE W BUSH!!!! get your ass on that chair! LISTEN!

"Before the supreme court said he was elected"

South Florida pushes for Latin senator (to replace Corzine in N.J.)

Hmmmmmmmmm. Just a news blip, but a real possibility. You gotta

Time for Democrats to get in the game

Remember how oil revenue was going to help pay for reconstruction?

Dems need to challenge GOP voters. Turnabout is fair play.

Ordinance banning gay bias revived (in Indianapolis)

bubp - run of the mill slimy republican

Don't Mess With Dems (a flyer)

Can someone please tell me....

Gen Clark will be on Fox Special Report on Iraq 11AM today

Another Leaked DSM - This Time - Bombing Al Jazerra .......

Is Anyone Else Outraged By Cheney Raising $$$ For Tom DeLay?

Team B

Wilkerson, Powell's chief of staff, on DEMOCRACY NOW at 11:23AM, EST.

Cheney’s Defiant Public Image Concerns Some White House Aides

The wheels fell off the wagon

Best Congressional watch website?

The Left Must Learn From 2004 -- An interview with Joshua Frank

Pics: Last night's victorious homecoming for Bush and First Lady Pickles

Will Jean Schmidt call the Iraqis "cowards" if THEY want U.S. withdrawal?

Journalists Against Bush's B.S. (JABBS) re: Rummy

So, it is National Turkey Pardon Day. . . . It does make one think, no?

Discussion of the ruling in the Padilla case....

*I* am thankful that the DU rules allow me to call Jean Schmidt a bitch

Once merely messianic, Blair is now unhinged

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through George W. Bush's Mind At This Moment

GOP running scared on Iraq! Have reverted to campaign style attack ads!

This gets my panties in a bunch (and not in a good way)!

Anchor on CNN is implying Murtha called for immediate pullout.

Dirty bomb! Dirty bomb! Dirty bomb! Get yer Dirty Bomb right here ...

“Potted Plant” Rumsfeld Cautions Against Speaking Out

Jean Schmidt - Rove's Hindenburg

Murtha faces little backlash from constituents

ULTIMATE Pro-War Talking Point Debunker!

The ole Bill Clinton and Oral Sex nonsense

Does anyone have a link to Murtha's original proposal?

BOSSHOG says everybody in town knows bush is an idiot

"It's time for a nation to return the favor" to NOLA

This guy's either inspired by Bush or ready to bite him...I can't tell

Will Angela Merkel (new German *hancellor) suck up to Junior

Senator Kerry is on Big Eddie radio show right now...

Obama in 08/Eric Zorn

*Beep**beep* backing up!!-Ohio Colonel says he never mentioned Murtha

"Mr. Danger" ding ding we have a new nickname!

Cindy Is Serving Protest For Thanksgiving

The Clark/Hannity SMACKDOWN

Debate confuses patriotism and loyalty (opEd and poll)

What would damage the morale of US troops more, the...

Cheney shows White House would not relent in its campaign against critics

The Rendon Group -- Randi's Talking About This Rolling Stone Article.....

when Bush leaves office the rest of us will be left with his handiwork

Help me argue against someone who says Dems need to move right

Can the Evil Darth Cheney be stopped? Who can do it?

next Dem to call for "withdrawal without conditions" ??

PNAC Statement of Principals Collaborators

Awwww...looks like The Hammer won't be getting a dismissal for Christmas

This from a guy in a dress

Abortion - Inconsistencies?

We must be clear on who John McCain really is.

Do you think the "2 party system" should be

Our kids are fighting and dying in Iraq

New National Blog Site Takes on the Religious Right

CNN--Toobin: Woodward admission doesn't help White House

DU this poll

Are you a Conservative Leftist? I am.

I remember JFK and Camelot.

Humboldt Election Problems Seen In GAO Report

Jean's Schmidt's Mysterious "Col. Bubp"

In remembrance...

Someone get on the horn with Schumer and Corzine. Codey leads by 23%!

Do you size up people when you meet them for the first time?

Are we going to end up a nation with strong states' rights?

Scalia slams Gore, says 2000 election "dragged into courts by Gore people"

Louisiana to join OPEC?

New Iraq Report: US/UK oil scheme exposed

Why the Fear Factor has Vanished From Among Us

Dean speaks on fundraising and working with the congressional Dems....

OHIO - Recall Jean Schmidt

Headline: Sen. Clinton says immediate withdrawal would be mistake

Ok. '08 presidential poll

Vegans, Vegetarians and Kucinich fans!

Has this been posted yet? WSJ has Bush at 34% (Disapproval at 65%).

Jay Leno says according to voting machines, Jeb's already won FL 2008

I tried to email Jean Schmidt and this is the response I got

Election Day 2006: US military is out of Iraq. Democrat's BEWARE!