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Archives: November 21, 2005

British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'

'We're here because you were there' (France)

How to make an honest case for Iraq

Dispute Over UN Division of Authority Grows (Bolton: US will go elsewhere)

December Shreet Sheet: bin Reilly?

In Arctic, global warming evidence mounts

Areva announces plans to apply for new nuclear plant licenses.

Ha'aretz: Sharon likely to leave Likud Party

Rightists mark Kahane murder

John Newman, Former NSA Analyst, July 22nd, 2005

Discovery Channel is broadcasting a really scary program about bird flu

What do we know about this group?

I just started a site for Progressives in Iowa.. check it out

Somebody from Steve Kelly for Governor called me tonight

question about saving images to my pc-why don't some show?

Why I'm going to be a candidate for Attorney General in 2006

Bush "escapes" to Mongolia tomorrow...

What's the consensus on Rummy's

Bush Plans To Go On Democracy-Spreading Mission to Moon.

TOON of the year

Mark Warner on CSPAN!

Anyone know where I can see SNL spoof from last night?

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

This is just nuts! Ad on our local freecycle

Maybe we can get Murtha to run for pres.

Harold Ford Jr. held my hand...

'Mean Jean' Goes to Washington, and Invites a Firestorm

Surprise, in Mississippi it’s not a crime if the Boss does not pay you

Arlo Guthrie and Friends - Katrina Benefit

MTP Murtha Transcript!

John Nichols &Bob McChesney on WPR (Kathleen Dunn) 9 AM

Quit complaining about your job.....

Falwell fighting for holy holiday; He'll sue, boycott groups...

"The Revolution" is just a t-shirt away


What religion are you? (curious, considering the anti-fundie posts)

Osama Bin Bogeyman = Emmanuel Goldstein

2095 Reasons why The DSM is Important

I Dreamed I joined the Jean Schmidt Crusade

It used to really bother me

Family Guy: "Florida: Just think, somewhere in this state right now...

Just listened to the new Franken book on audio while on a long drive.

I will NOT support ANY PRIMATES in the primaries.

"Earth to America" on TBS - Environmental concern from Comedians?

I'm Not Supporting Jeb/Colin/Condi/ (substitue ANY REPUKE) in '08&FOREVER

Hold on...let me consult my Magic 8 Ball...and a Bubp chaser

Caption these

Powell aide: Torture 'guidance' from VP

I will NOT be supporting Howard Dean in 2008

I'm not supporting John Edwards in 2008!


I will NOT support ANY Democratic Candidate in the primaries

Al Zarqawi says he didn't mean to select Shrub n/t

Is anyone else worried that the party nominee will be a senator in 08?

Jean Schmidt just wanted attention

I will NOT support Gumby for President

This is getting better than The Lounge!!

People, I'm not supporting Bill Frist in 2008.

Hello my name is Nikki and I will NOT be supporting Dr. X this time around

December 1st GHWB is gona be in our town and I will be protesting

Over my dead body, I will not support Jon Stewart in 2008!!!!

All right then... I'm not supporting my couch as it supports me!

The Unified Democratic Message For 06 And Beyond

A great post for those serving or knowing people who serve.

I would never support Clark!!

Let the troops vote right here, on DU..... there must be quite a few

I will not be supporting George Allen in 2008

Justice Dept. signaling a look into Tom DeLay

U.S. probing if Zarqawi among Iraq dead

Question: Is discussion of Israel and Palestine permitted in the GD Forum?

Governor Dean revisted (Bandwidth alert)

A heterosexuals observations on the "gay lifestyle"

WARNING to GOOGLE users...

This clip will piss you off.

Poll: Do You think the WH Misled the Public in its case for war?

Al Zarqawi says he didn't mean to hit wedding?!

Which one is Jean Schmidt ???????? Photos

I use Dogpile ...have no idea if they spy on me or not, but I

Please tell me.... How do we get Wes Clark's name mentioned for 2008?

What is the problem with voting for a person from Congress vs.

Anyone Else Sick And Tired Of Having To Call Bullshit On Repugs ALL THE

DU Poll for Okla: "Is it time for US troops to be withdrawn from Iraq?"

GAO report of stolen elction '04

video of smirkey's chinese door puzzle

"Earth to America" is repeating NOW!!! TURN IT ON! Tears a new one in *

Executed man may have been innocent

Which side of the great GD gun debate has won you over?

Crooks & Liars posts SNL "Jean Schmidt" clip from last night's show

Pat Lang's insights on the LAT "Curveball Story"

DC People: How annoying is the phrase "Reagan Airport"??


Yahoo post of the day!!!

Seeking Clean Fuel for a Nation, and a Rebirth for Small-Town Montana

You know, Mr. Bush, this is just bullshit

Rove's War The best movie I've seen this year

so were the politicians able to stop 60 min from running story

Coyote attack

How many ARVAN in the A Shau? Ia Drang?

Can someone tell me why President Clinton doesn't say this?

Mark Warner is running for President

CITGO to begin distributing heating oil at discounted prices

We have a problem with our journalists

Remember Country Joe McDonald?

Let us NOT FORGET the significance of this Tuesday...

How 'Conservative' sites handle debate...

Rapture Day - a new holiday

People stop the "I'm not supporting so and so shit. We need to be united

So, we plan for days, shop for days, and cook for days.....

I'm marinating some deer meat for jerky right now.

Has anyone stopped eating canned tuna because of

Thanksgiving appetizers ?

British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'

US doubts

(HHS Secy.:) U.S. Unprepared for Super-Flu Pandemic (not enough vaccine)

Talabani offers insurgents talks

Defense Mega-Projects in Snub to US Arms Makers--S. Korea

Florida Minimum Wage Increase Had "Minimal Effect" On Job Lay Offs

Newsview: GOP Malaise Due to Iraq Unease

WP: Bush Tries to Tone Down High-Pitched Debate on Iraq

U.S. Backs Squeezing Oil From a Stone---(fed.lands opening to industry)

Ruling Camp Confirms Troop Cut from Iraq--Korea Times

Suspect Arrested in (Tacoma) Wash. Mall Shootings (AP)

WP,pg1: Costliest Part of Gulf Rebuilding Yet to Come (who will pay?)

Anger Over Iraq Leads Some (in Jordan) To Take Pleasure in Hotel Blasts

With U.S. Consent, Iraq's New Army Looks a Good Deal Like Its Old One

Boeing's $10bn worth of orders overshadows Airbus in Dubai (The Guardian)

WP: Witness (Scanlon) May Have Pivotal Role in Probe of Alleged Corruption

In the Senate, a Chorus of Three (Warner, McCain, Graham) Defies the Line

Row is all Bush's fault, Chavez tells Mexico (The Guardian)

CNN: Powell aide (Wilkerson): Torture 'guidance' from VP Cheney

Bush Hails Mongolia for Backing Iraq War

A deadly legacy: the cluster bomb

Well, my biostatistics has me completely flummoxed, entertain me

You'll never believe this picture I found.

"The Handmaid's Tale" on Radio Enigma tonight

Hot Sauce Appreciation Thread

C&L, CanOFun, and all who post video --APPRECIATION thread

Check out my wife's birthday present.

expand my brain learning juice

What time's our next meeting? (Operation Ixnay Istmaschray)

Sandpeople Chior - ROFL - Family Guy Thread!

Video games and the Golden Girls just shouldn't go together.

"Family Guy" time

after a female cat is spayed does she still go into heat?

I googled my little brother (age 14)

Help me restore my faith in the male gender!

I salute the San Diego Zoo Bus Driver!

"American Dad" Thread

My Kitten Tsonga - the day we got her home from pets in need.

Joachim to Play Me Loving CatWoman ---Nobody ELSE! n/t

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

if a female cat has kittens will she still go into heat after spaying

Who would win in a fight Muhummad Ali or Bruce Lee

Curb You Enthusiasm has been hella funny tonight.

Seriously I Think Matt PUDGE Has Jumped the Shark

I just listened to 156 minutes of Neil Diamond, and I don't feel like a

Ah, the Stinger - has God given us any better Wintertime cocktail?


Testing pic of my dog

F*cking cockroaches!!!!

Someone in GD has mentioned something about The Lounge.

*sigh* I'm bored.

why do I bother.

My fish tank, by popular demand

I graduated from college

Why does this have to happen every year?????

By request...Hawaii pics! (Dial up warning!)

Do ya have a spare $1,000,000?

Anyone watching EARTH TO AMERICA on TBS right now?

Question about wills

Chicken breasts

Who Is The World's Best Dictator?

Testing my pic posting abilities

We got a new puppy dog!! (dial-up warning!)

Assuming you were trapped in a room, which would you least prefer?

Bono on 60 Minutes

yes, we have achieved a lefse/anti-lefse collision!

Beer and Wine are nothing but Yeast pee.

Does this song make the artist a pedophile?

You know who I absolutely HATE and can't stand infecting my tv?

Sith Lords need some loving, too!

Desperate Housewive thread - if you want to be spoiled .

What religion are you? (curious, considering the anti-fundie posts)

Millions face glacier catastrophe (The Observer)

Wrote this for Mark Bingham, but mostly for Chris.

Any DC football fans here?

Should they have put Antwaan Randel-El in for Tommy Maddox?

Would anyone like to post to this thread?

Did I miss something? All other threads mentioning not voting for

How to deal...

This is George Bush's exit strategy

Dems using Kerry's bashing to defend Iraq War - Who is Jonathan Chait?

Okay, so you know you're going to meet Sen. Kerry

Pic thread. Cuz, just cuz

I thought of entering this for the FALL contest

New blog: At least they're not fighting at the Pierre

Nigeria Daily Independent: "US sink deeper into Iraqi quagmire"

Would a 3 tiered Pres. primary make sense? Give the smallest electoral

* Quote o the Day

Hmmm -- I guess we were all just imagining it

dowd, fineman, matthew-discussion of war on cnbc NOW.

bush's new "heckofajob" bioterror czar

Sittin' Here Watching Dem Primary Debate '04 On Faux:

StreetSheet / Dec Edition / Ferrari Comedy Col: bin Reilly?

British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'


I took Saddam's cash, admits French envoy

Funny cartoon on lying oil execs

DU this poll, please!

Bush runs into a closed Door

You will not fucking beleive this!

Getting closer, Cheney is going out, McCain is going in

How long will it take to rebuild our military after Bush and the Repubs?

Political stunt on the horizon: an Iraq pull-out by Fall 2006.

Let the Iraqi's Experience the power of Democracy - Vote the U.S. out.

TBS and Hollywood on global warming. Earth to America on Now!!!

is the bush administration "1984" run amok or "atlas shrugged"?

Former Lt Gen NSA Wm Odom speaks out against Iraq War

Cheney's Cabal; Frighteningly, they still control US policy.

Send Congressman Murtha a note telling him that you will not be silent

Cheney told Murtha. "I don't know a blankety-blank thing about defense."

Reform Jewish Leader Blasts Relgious Right's "Monopoly On God"

Republicans' Evening at the Improv (Horowitz,

Democratic Hawks: The Avian Flu of the Antiwar Movement

A Fight with a Twist: Democrats have a new weapon against Samuel Alito

Kent State Redux?

A shift in the debate over illegals

Sen. Obama's Stock Quietly Rises

NYT: Journalist, Cover Thyself (Howie Kurtz's WP/CNN conflict of interest)

WAR IN IRAQ: Time to begin marching out

Looking for Leadership or "How Democrats are funding the Bush Regime."

Staying is not the answer (by John Murtha)

Blessed are the poor, for it is on their backs that budgets are balanced

Sasol's Potential Climate Solution

Do Attacks on Wal-Mart Undermine the War Effort?

Paul Krugman: It's time to leave

"Sorry Mr Bush , I am in the Majority" by Michael Moore

Jim Kunstler: Stay or Go?

The West 'should buy the Afghan opium crop'

The Man Who Sold the War

"Newsweek suggests Armitage was Woodward's source" (Laura Rozen)

Generosity Index does not measure Generosity!

Universal Health via the states) Governors Write Their Own Prescriptions

Democrats' War Opposition Not a United Front?

My prediction: Bush will break the "Nixon floor" between Feb. and May

Scanlon, Abramoff `Backroom Guy,' Points Probers at DeLay, Bob Ney (R-OH)

Russian warhead alters course midflight in test

WOW! I just finished "Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the

A 'Loyal Opposition' Won't End the War

"He’s Done" (Laura Rozen--American Prospect)

Too Close For Comfort - Woodward and Bush

Confessions of a Repentant Republican - A Remarkable Essay

In Middle East, Diplomacy Is New Word of Day: Experts Credit Rice w/ Shift

What I knew before the invasion

WPost-bush not interested in cultures or people

How the Bush administration got spooked

DLC: A Technological Call To Arms

Economic Apartheid in America

Chris Mathews: Bush wanted 'big bang'

US: The Man Who Sold the War

WP: No Closer to Cracking the Kennedy Case

Did Texas execute an innocent man?

Harold Pinter: No belief in happy endings

Is the "bird flue" just a code word for a coming currency devaluation?


Smarter Use of Nuclear Waste, Scientific American Dec 2005

Greenpeace activists set fire to tracks transporting radioactive materials

Hydrogen Hoax

Palestinians make slow progress transforming former Gaza settlements

Poll: 25% of settlers east of fence prepared to leave homes

Anti-pullout protester gets 2 years for planning to torch cars

Campaign to free Pollard finally breaks out of rightist camp

Four die as Hizbollah raids Israel

Scenario 12 d - Operation Northwood embedded

German 9-11 author Mathias Bröckers

Compare and Contrast: Flight 77 and Flight 93

MSNBC Tucker Carlson interview with Physics Prof on 911 WTC preset Bombs

UA 93: Detailed analysis of crash site: It's faked!

Voting Cases Could Shape Debate Over Alito

Hey, could we get two more votes here?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/21/05

An idea to stimulate media coverage of computerized election issues.

NY -- Breaking News -- ES&S to Submit PB/OS and Automark for State Cert.

New York "THIS" close to machine purchase

Sacramento River salmon at highest population level in 24 years

I met Francine Busby today in Del Mar!

Shenandoah mayor ends campaign for governor - DM Register

Will the Ankeny real estate scandal hurt Bill Knapp

Culver's stance on death penalty - WCF Courier

Library sex offender incident fuels Internet filter push

Massachusetts Democratic Campaign Institute 2006 March 4-5th

What are your favorite musical acts from Massachusetts?

Feedlot plans are awash with debate

Bush Makes an Impression in China

Jean Schmidt's pledge when sworn into the House of Representatives

GOP sues to shut down Web site (classic GOP repression)

Hey, Ohio, can you help us?

A candidate whose record demands progressives’ support

Republicans for Voldemort

Terri Hodge (Dallas - D State Rep) "ethically challenged"

Mystery 2nd Dem candidate for LD107? / More on Prop 2

More trouble for da bugman?

Citizens for Equality Election Protection becomes part of DCDP

Attorney General Abbott Brings Spyware Action Against Sony

Join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford - Thanksgiving week schedule

(TX-32) The Congressional race is getting crowded...

DFW loses a real good guy. KERA's Glenn Mitchell is dead.

Wisconsin corporate embezzler donated thousands to GOP candidates

If You Live In The Green Bay Area - Watch At 6:30 p.m. - I'm On T.V.!

Does Scott Walker Have His Own Contract Scandal Brewing?

GM's Janesville plant likely to be shut down

Hey! They made a movie out of the whole sorry republican party! --->>

Program Alert: Boondocks is on starting now (11PM EST)

CNN Presents on the Egyptian democracy movement...

McCain on Larry King Live now(CNN)

Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months

Oh, woe! O'Reilly's addy is bouncing.

Jean Schmidt Frau Blucher separated at birth?

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA!... "Mean Jean, the Dress-Up Queen!"

About Internet gambling on "60 minutes"

What I would love to see

Mugabe wants to harness the power of the atom

Oh cripes a troop

my, my have not listened to peter werbe in a while

Exceedingly funny--Become Republican

21st Century Schizoid Man...

Why Republicans become Republicans, Nature vs Nurture..

great t-shirt from Arlo's record company . . .

great t-shirt from Arlo's record company's website . . .

"Dude, I'm just screwing around!" ... City restricts laser pointers

Boston Globe: The fall of Bob Woodward

This has nothing to do with nothing

How Many Times Has al-Zarqawi Died Now? I Lose Track

Du Wolfie's poll,while you're at it Re:Withdrawel

Does Dennis Hastert have any children? What's his bio?

VIDEO: Lt. Gen. Odom's Gives 9 Reasons for Withdrawal

Clinton Speech on C-Span: "I will go to My GRAVE Believing that I was

AP: Food chain is warned to close on holiday (in Mass.)

OK DLC Democrats, Jack Murtha gives you cover now. Support withdrawal!

Torture photo release deadline...when is it?

so xm will have fox news talk in Janurary

*~*~HELP~*~*~ Fundie considering CONVERTING!!!!! Woo HOO!

hartmann on peter werbe

Al Franken dislikes how Bob Woodward wrote about John Belushi

We need to save this picture on the main page forever. Caption it, please

KFI poll. Should Tookie WIlliams be put to death. Im anti-death penalty.

Remarks by President Bush in Mongolia as Prepared for Delivery

Jewish Group Votes to Oppose Alito

I support the president because...well, because I'm real stupid

On Imus show - just said Mary Matlin said Libby was the leak. She said th

"They set expections low and met them" - ABC's GMA on *'s trip

Check out the NYT cover today

how does it make you feel when a republican calls you Unpatriotic?

Caption this please... ->

Body Count on the Rise on Prime-Time TV

Comment From Conservative Columnist on Nat Review About Murtha

Your weekly dose of Opus, because most papers don't carry it.

The Big Picture....

So what's up with AAR stream?

Bush provides China with lectures and a few laughs (guardian uk)

What do these people want to hear exactly? CSPAN WJ callers

Military fears critics will hurt morale (today's bit of war machine...

Meanwhile back in Chicago: FITZ Indict's Lord Conrad Black

Suggestion-If you're gonna watch or listen anyway, RECORD IT

ONE THIRD believe that JUNIOR is doing a good job

Like the swallows to Capistrano, so too, the idiots to Mongolia...

No Outsourcing of Homegrown Terrorism---Shooting in Tacoma

Zarqawi killed! no wait--he's ALIVE! no wait--he's dead...i think...

What are your favorite non-traditional online news sources?

Too Creepy

Isn't it funny?

So, Rummy Says We Just Need Better PR, Huh?

Meet George W. Bush. American War Hero (pic)

Was there ever a point in history...

Attention Everyone! I have drank the Kool-Aid

HAhahahahahahaha OMG! too funny

Ack! My boss's husband is a freeper.

Duffle Bags

'Highly Unlikely' Al-Zarqawi dead. Now that the AM shows have speculated.

Which direction should Dems go? (Left or Right)

Scanlon Knows Where All the Bodies Are Buried'

Black magic, murder and madness in Satanist South Africa

Powell Aide Col. Larry Wilkerson: Torture 'guidance' came from Cheney

For Christmas, do you have a relative you can share charity with?

New revelations of US military use of white phosphorus in Iraq

Defense of Phosphorus Use Turns Into Damage Control

Legacy, what is shrubs biggest contribution to Our country or Society?

Library sex offender incident fuels Internet filter push

Two of the Denver three are filing a lawsuit

Was Libby on crutches so there wouldn't be pix of handcuffs?

Prediction for CORZINE's Senate Pick

yahoo email (can not send or reply to any message) anyone else??

ALERT! bush returning home!

Bermuda Triangle Caused by Poor Mental Skills: JFK Jr's death rationale?

Outsourcing propaganda or, freedom of the (manipulated) press

The Faux news room looks like a funeral today

Bush photo: Is this man drunk?

Cheney to defend *'s decision to invade Iraq

Chapman and Behe on C-SPAN re ID

"Victory" in Iraq: Being able to leave without looking like we're running?

The cost of Plamegate investigation

MSNBC: The War Debate: A healthy debate or putting U.S. troops in danger?

In case ANYONE still thinks Lieberman has a place in the party

What to do with the Army. . . (the RIGHT way to fight terrorism)

Do you think that Osama bin-Laden is dead or alive?

You tell me WHY, if you can, one soldier ever had to die in Iraq

Creationism isn't a Theory, it's Mythology

Perspective Check Thread

Bush Returns Home As GM Drops Bomb!

November 22, 1963: A great day.

Wingers Dodge a Bullet: Zarqawi Probably Not Dead

Who writes "the Top Ten Conservative Idiots"?

Here's an article about Brad Pitt and his world trade activism

Mongolia has 120 troops in Iraq, & $11 million in US military aid from GW

Rumsfeld Forgets Administration Talking Points About Iraq And Terrorism

bush Celebrates Thanksgiving in Baghdad.....(graphic)

Congress gives members pay raise. House to cut $700 mln in foodstamps

Senate GOP kills two bills that would have helped veterans and soldiers

Murtha's honesty: acknowledged real opinions of Iraqis

Conflict-of-interest Kurtz really has it in for Mary Mapes

Mainstream America and the Stages of Grief

Edited Thread Title -- I'm Checking To Be Sure There's No Billing Error

Republican have built a trap for themselves.

Let's Not tell him but * Should Fire His Brownie Helpers

Interesting info found at freakrepublic.......

Bush and Cheney have no right to secrecy....

GEE, Cheney is really a DICK!!!

Rumfeld, Cheney, and Bush 41 circumvented the Constitution in 80's

smirky is lying his ass off on msnbc now

Facts about Depleted Uranium (DU)

Question: How do wingers justify US troops remaining in Iraq?

WP: No Closer to Cracking the Kennedy (assassination) Case

UGH! CSPAN airing Cheney hit-speech to AEI

Bush and dick back-tracking on anti-protest stance

Bush& Door - page one in NY Times and the Daily News

Caption this pic: B*sh goes cycling in China

New National Blog Site Takes on the Religious Right

For everyone who is watching Cheney right now.....

Dick Cheney , it was a war of choice, asshole.

All this talk of radio reminds me of much i miss Bob Edwards

US official charged in Iraqi kickback scheme had earlier fraud conviction

There's some things that bush* will never have the pleasure to do

Buzzflash on TvNewsLies Radio - Noon Today! ET

Anyone see that new Ford commercial? The one that says


Fake headline: Oil industry to offer recruits stock and more

How to tell Schmidt from Shinola... (helpful photos) --->

fake headline: "Clinton Fails to Find Osama bin Laden 4 years in a row"

Has the Push-back begun within the Washington Post?


My oh my, why haven't house republicans disavowed Jean Schmidt's....

Deibold Cash Macines in Venice Italy

USA Today editorial cartoon attack the media

Bush gets Taste of Nomadic Life (Drinks mare's milk)


Calling * a liar "hurts the troops". Giggling &pointing "hurts the troops

msnbc - twinkle andress cavanagh

Iraq, Iran hold historic talks

Apparently, I have stumped the DU community with this question:

Bush Door Picture from Fark

msnbc - twinkle andress cavanagh

Who are all of these People?

THE STRAW MEN OF IRAQ: Ten Pro-War Fallacies

A theory. Cheney comes out & growls. Causes approval numbers to dip

How long does it take for AAR to send you a password?

"miscarriage of actualism"

CSPAN Caller Drives me Nuts - Had Clinton Went into Iraq, No 9/11!

Woodward: "This time, he was his own Deep Throat."

I just found out the real reason we are at war

West urged to buy Afghan opium, not destroy it

Bill Clinton should defend his policy of containment of Saddam without war

XM Customer service SUCKS

fuck you dick cheney, apology NOT accepted

Cheney's on C-Span right now

“The Course of Empire”—art for our times.

Next up on MSNBC: Could your holiday turkey have bird flu?

george w bush spoke the truth...

ACLU:Action taken on part of 2 people booted from Bush speech

Freeper: "shouldn't catch Bin Laden, cause that will cause more violence"

Bush Visit to Church in China Little More Than "Shadow Boxing"

Anyone notice how hard Bush was trying to open the doors?

Would someone please post the photo...

Dems to meet after Thanksgiving to discuss adopting formal Iraq position

Another homeless man beaten to death.

What movie - song title would you give the biography of George W Bush?

They are getting scared. FIVE jingoistic emails in my box this morning

Cheney's Making A "Major" Speech Today?

Food bank donations down sharply

Cheney and Iraq: Turning Justice on its head.

If only Tacoma would let shoppers carry guns this would've been avoided.

OK, where will Iraq be 5-7-10 years from now?

John Murtha yesterday

One for Young

Corporate/CIA/NBC media hosting Lennon's killer on Lennons birthday.

Don't forget, Faux News has Live Coverage of Cheney Attacking Dems....

The Patriotic Freepers - look at this dudes tagline!

Let's go to Asia and eat at Outback Steakhouse!!!

Remember Why We're Fighting, Cheney Says

I Need Soldiers cartoon.

Are we really perceived as this stupid??

Bush thanks the Mongolians for their support in Iraq (Caption this Pic)

Bush/Cheney Paradox...

(FIORE) Hide and Go Secret

Rawstory/Biden to deliver major Iraq speech

Corrupt & Shameless, Dishonest & Reprehensible ----->>>> DICK

Fineman: "The war room now is back, staffed with many of the same people"

America is dying....

mongols in iraq?

U.S. 'just missed' capturing AbOO Musab al-Zarqawi

Nero Had His Fiddle

WMR: A new progressive-left day is dawning.


Where did the "Democrats have no ideas" talking point originate?

Did anyone hear this quote from Russert yesterday on MTP?

THE ECONOMY IS GREAT!..GM to Cut 30,000 Jobs, Close 9 Plants

Bush Discusses Murtha and Says Progress in Iraq is 'Amazing'

How did Cheney's "major" speech go? Analysis please

Mary Matalin on Imus --talking of leak

Democrats have Won just by Forcing a Discussion!

Hey, Rush! I checked your website, and I don't see a single mention

Iraqis Say There Should Be Troop Timetable

Free Republic Appreciates Your Smearing

Sweatshop labor + $120 shoes = Corporate jets for the executives

Bob Woodward: History will record your name with an asterix.

Any connection between Mark Felt and Poppy Bush?

CNN, MSNBC, FOX News all covering the airplane non-story. Total OD.

Has anybody called Jean Schmidt's office?

War, politics and morale of troops..

Bush Claim: Early Iraq withdrawal would lead to "a safe haven for terror."

Bush & the Far Side: Separated at Birth?

WP Buries Curve Ball Article On Page 10

Barnes: Iraq war "not intensifying"; US troops "aren't the targets"

Saddam *did* document he had no WMDs before the war . . .

Bush provokes Yak in Mongolia

Bush let Zarqawi go prior to invasion: Bush's fault he's killing today.

Why don't they just privatize this

Air America on the air?

I THINK I've finally figured it out about the "positives" in Iraq!

Will the bush "locked door" incident

GOP says it keep contesting voter registrations

Why does CNN obsess on crippled airplanes?

Bush Struggling for an Exit Strategy

If Murtha would have made those comments a year and a half ago

Still distorting after all these years: Zarqawi can't control Iraq, dick.

Breaking on CNN - Private Nike Jet My Have to Crash Land in Portland...

Reuters exposes Cheney in his own web of lies....

My theory on new Plame Grand Jury - Fitz is building conspiracy case.

Little Miss Run Amok in Action

Post your vote - Jean Schmidt......

The wheels are all down. There will be no blood on the runway, today.

So, folks who don't want Kerry to get the 2008 nomination are idiots?

Full Text of Dick's Speech - Rebut the LIES --->>>

Judith Miller gets a six-figure severance package from the NYT

Biden delivers what Dems described as 'major' speech on Iraq

A Tom Flocco fan has invaded the Fitzgerald discussion page on Wikipedia

Media Spins Bill Clinton's words: Not calling for Troops to stay in Iraq

Republicans Refuse to Honor Springsteen

On the Thom Hartmann show today were......

The Official G. W. Bush Magic 8 Ball---all signs point to fucked...

Cheney:"I repeat that we never had the burden of proof; Saddam Hussein did

Falwell, Robertson, and Monaghan religious law schools having impact?

Check out bush cheney rumsey "rapping" to recruit

Success story

2096 Reasons why the DSM is Important

*Sigh* I just got an e-mail from John Kerry telling me to (GET THIS!)

Bush: Let Me Out Of Here

Bunnatine Greenhouse is on CSPAN 3 now

One-third believe victims of rape are to blame if they were drunk

GREAT policy discussion on the SPAN - Debt and Ownership

WSJ 2008 Democratic Primary Poll (11/4-11/7)

Plame, Pakistan, a Nuclear Turkey, and the Neocons (links Plame to Turkey)

WAIT, the 30,000 GM jobs lost is smoke and mirrors for Wall Street

Iraqi leaders stand with Democrats, against Republicans

Suggestion: IDIOTS threads...

Blue staters not charitable?

If only he listened to his father...eery...

ACLU Files Lawsuit in Case of Denver Residents Blocked from Bush Event...

PHOTO: "Nice bull! Can I milk him?"

Is there any Republican the freepers bash as much as DU does Hillary?

The Reign of Republicans - 1995 - 2005 - A Decade of Crimes and Frauds the landing gear is down...

Let's look at the Connections

They have really screwed up the AAR website.

Re Murtha: So should we "Re-deploy" to Kurdish territory?

Fitzgerald might be circling around Rice.

We should pull out of Iraq now because????

When we withdraw from Iraq, and a terror attack occurs...

Can the HUMPTY BUSH be put back together again...with Duck Tape??

Scanlon pleads guilty, agrees to testify against Abramoff.

Has anyone came to their senses since ..

The Shadow President

I finally figured out what that expression was

Is Money behind the "pro-life" Crowd?

Bunnatine Greenhouse is on CSPAN3 now.

Trip Back in Time.Impeach the Impeachers.

A trip down memory lane

Per CNN now - Scanlon pleads guilty

Her name is...Twinkle?

For anyone interested...

Zarqawi announces retirement from US military intelligence

Some one needs to tell * his jokes are not funny...

See Alito's 1985 admission that he won't follow Supreme Court precedents

Iran is "the biggest winner in the U.S. war against Iraq"

I'm calling Jean Schmidt next Monday to thank her.........

Smoker tried to open airliner door during mid-flight

Will Delay's Charges be Thrown Out? DeLay's Big Day Tuesday

2 great tests on one site

buying toys for christmas from walmart? do an experiment pick up

Randi Rhodes is tearing Rummy apart

Reluctant teen Buddha lures pilgrims and profiteers

Fitz knows the source and has squeezed a lot from him or her.

Sorry Joe

Every Election in which Karl Rove had a hand in should be invalidated

This Bothers Me about This Fight to the Death against Terrorism

Ugly and Evil Images of Asian Rivals Become Best Sellers in Japan

This was posted about two months ago, but check out this blog

George Bush Meets With His War Cabinet ---pix->>>

Bush Drinks Mare's Milk, Avoids Camels

Great program on now about evolution

Cheney back-tracking like Murtha is HIS buddy..last week he was

Steve Clemons: TWN - Who is Patrick Fitzgerald's "Deep Throat" Source?

The Abramoff Scandal... May soon become the DeLay scandal:

Kucinich Calls For Congressional Hearings On Vice President Cheney's False

A woman found dead had the words "suicide bomber" on her chest.

Elizabeth Cheney, Deferment Baby ---->>>

Cheney needs new blood

VIDEO-Murtha reply to Cut and Run

Molly Ivins: "Our president tootles merrily along...."

PHOTOSHOP: Bush Where He Belongs --> PIX

Poorer Bible Belt states more generous than richer New England

Does Dick Cheney always look like he has constipation?

Well It Would Appear that General Shinseki Was Correct…

Another amazing Eisenhower quote

Breaking.... Bush pardons Libby and DeLay

Anybody get this email from the FBI...??

Okay, I just got cut off by a woman with

CNN is laughing at *'s "exit strategy"

If McCain is the '08 GOP nominee who would be the best Dem vs. him?

On CNN now -- Murtha....

McCain (not the Dems) could be the beneficiary of Bush’s downfall

Citizens beware! Can you prove that you are not Guilty?

BlackBoxVoting.COM back up

What makes you all so sure Clark is running?

Honestly, Why does the MSM even cover when the Chenus speaks?

Looking for articles that debunk "Congress had access to same intel"

Woodward to tell us ALL he knows tonight on Larry King Live 9 pm

Mehlman:"But now they're trying to rewrite history. It is pure politics."

Tweety questions Bush Policies at Canadian University

NewsMax staff is jealous of Patrick Fitzgerald

The Four Ghosts bush sought advice from...

Murtha coming up on the Situation room

Is there a transcript of the Bush Chinese Door incident?

Lou Dobbs poll... check it out.

ASIA TIMES : US in peace overture to Taliban's Omar

I love Rep. Cynthia McKinney's statement on the War Resolution!

Forced to be "open" to policy differences to focus on their INTEGRITY rofl

Nagin vacations in Montego Bay

WH: We DIDN'T LIE--we're just f*cking incompetent!!

DU this poll

Most Dangerous/Safest Cities

Please critique my LTTE on Iraq lies & also suggest ways to trim it down

The proper way to display a Bush-Cheney sticker

What is Ann Coulter?

Germany says US exaggerated informants claims pre-war intel

Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon

Were there "deserves an up or down vote" commercials for Harriet Miers?

Where did Dick Cheney get the idea we give a fuck what he thinks

Should US Troops begin immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

What could possibly be called a WIN in Iraq?

if Jesus Christ Criticized bush's war, how would the GOP react?


CBS Hits New Low, Condi is the "Secretary of State Rock Star"!

If they made a movie of his Asian tour..What would they name it?

Wisconsin corporate embezzler donated thousands to GOP candidates

Aol Poll On Opinion of the War

nbc eve. news--says the WH has decided it is bad politics to cut down

Incumbency no help to Sen. Sans-Scrotum ((LOL!!))

bush Has Competition. Biden is looking Very Chimp Like Here..

My Take On The New Shots Out Of Mongolia: Genghis Cheney And The Yak.

Quotes from when Clinton was committing troops

Possible all-Governor ticket in '08?

CAPTION THIS PHOTO: Bush pathetic Bob Woodward on Larry King Tonight--Monday, Nov 21

Ray McGovern: Murtha And The Colonels

CNN should just stop even pretending they care about international news

Although the war was unnecessary, it WILL be necessary to continue it

AP >>> FBI Warns of E-Mail About Surveillance


US troops kill Iraqi civilians. A Child's Head is Blown off...

Iraq fraud arrests expose criminality of US occupation

In Response to Mr. Cheney’s Speech:

Court papers: Girl chose to go with Pa. teen

Where Is Wal-Mart's Fancy Stuff? Try Online("wealthy consumers" look good)

Bush Tries to Tone Down High-Pitched Debate on Iraq (Praises Murtha)

Spanking children fuels aggression, anxiety, research shows

I Think the NY Times Is Lurking at DU --->>>

Monday's Charlie Rose: Part 1 of a conversation with Ted Kopppel

Presidential preference poll

I'm upset democrats are not standing with Murtha

What movie character does * remind you?

Anyone else get this email from, ah-hem the FBI?

The War Against Civilization (Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque)


Does Bush feel better now?

O'Reilly Has Started His Blacklist

anybody here Bay Buchanan on Wolfie?

Joe Scarbourgh msnbc is saying the NYT tried to make a fool of JR

Freepers befuddled by who served/who didn't, email

PHOTO: Restoring honor and dignity to the White House.

ANIMATION -> Bush gets asked a hard question in China.


Morning Sedition: Dean on Iraq, Murtha and Korb.

Neocons FORCED to admit that Dissent is Patriotic

2000: Bush MOCKED Gore's call for hybrids . .2005: GM to lay off 30,000

Bill Clinton says U.S. must stay in Iraq

Common Ground Collective supports Katrina/FEMA victims!

Does Dickhead Cheney have a harelip?

What kind of Dick, don't have no balls at all?

Bushco isn't "The Godfather". They are more like "Goodfellas"

OK, I'm annoyed,..... he or she, he or she, ...

Air Americas is still the best

Exclusive: Classified Pentagon Doc Described White Phosphorus As ‘Che

a stench that turns the stomach and dredges up bad memories... N.O.

The Democrats, Clinton, and the Welfare state

Schlesinger (appears) to back a Clinton/Clark ticket

Breaking: DeLay aide Scanlon Pleads Guilty . . .

Anyone following the story in Rolling Stone about the Rendon Group

AOL Poll on misleading on the war

Holy Crap ANOTHER Chimpy Bike Ride! Does He Ever Work? (pics)

Conservative Idiot Of The Year

We'll be making some changes to site navigation on Tuesday Nov 22

AP: Release Kevorkian, says his attorney

I think "The Company" has blocked or taken down Airliners .net after NPR's

Dog Treat May Carry Danger

Cheney: If U.S. Troops Come Home, Osama Bin Laden Will Rule Iraq

Iraq-Vietnam similarities

Oh my god, I'm glad I missed this ID "debate."

Urgent--Animal Rescuers Needed In NOLA

looking for a website that....

What do we want? Redeployment to the periphery!

Jean Schmidt, are you insane?

No Closer To Cracking The Kennedy Case

Now Chick-fil-A is trying to indoctrinate my children.

US Troops Shoot-up an Iraqi Family Again. WARNING! * Graphic Photos*

Very good article "How the Bush administration got spooked" check it out.

jerry springer is awful

"The Insurgents Will Wait Us Out No Matter What -- They Live There!"

Urgent: Action Alert: Stop Diebold in CA TODAY!

Please Add Your TOONS/PHOTOSHOPS: Bush Locked-Out Photo ====>>

Michelle Malkin doesn't write her own blogs, her husband does

Coping With Problem Parents

Are you doing Thanksgiving with conservative relatives? Can you be civil?

Good God Air America Radio ! I just spent 25 minutes

Freeper libels DU firearms owners

Deadline for DOD appeal in torture-FOIA case is tomorrow midnight

What's causing America to Devolve?

Larry Johnson: "When did he (Woodward) resign from Naval Intelligence?"

Heaven is COSTCO!

what's your favorite bedtime snack?

favorite holiday punch?

OK! Here we go. Indian Pudding. Classic New England dessert.

Boisclair (P.Q leader) has the gall to say he won't abide by Clarity Act

Dispute Over UN Division of Authority Grows (Bolton: US will go elsewhere)

University Is Accused of Bias Against Christian Schools (Univ. of CA) Bob Woodward on Larry King Tonight

South Korea approves Iraq troop cut

Hurricane Gamma kills 14

Reform Jews oppose Alito's nomination

Union for Reform Judaism adopts resolution on Alito

Bush Cheers Mongolia for Pushing Democracy

Scanlon, Abramoff `Backroom Guy,' Points Probers at DeLay, Ney

Chavez Blames US for Venezuela's Rift With Mexico

Brazil to Disclose Dictatorship-Era Docs

Bush Tries to Tone Down High-Pitched Debate on Iraq (Praises Rep. Murtha)

Iraq Agrees To Hear Rebels

In Middle East, Diplomacy Is New Word of Day: Experts Credit Rice w/ Shift

GM's Wagoner to Announce Plant Closings

U.N. torture envoy in China

U.S. Soldier Mistakenly Fires on Civilian Vehicle North of Baghdad

NYT: Journalist, Cover Thyself (Howie Kurtz's WP/CNN conflict of interest)

University Place (Wash.) school district bans novel about gay teens

GOP lawmakers see more openings to buck their leadership

Dispute Threatens Utah Canyon's Treasures

Defense of Phosphorus Use Turns Into Damage Control

(RI) McWalters: Students must be able to opt out of miliary recruiting

Feds urge cell-phone ban for teen drivers

Psychotherapy Institute Head Resigns in Dispute w/ Founder (Albert Ellis)

Iraqis Demonstrate Protesting against the Maltreatment of Detainees

Internal Federal Memo (given to NYT) Casts Doubts on Hudson Cleanup

WP: No Closer to Cracking the Kennedy (assassination) Case

NYT: Alito Often Ruled for Religious Expression

Governors Write Their Own Prescriptions for Healthcare Crisis

The Australian: US to withdraw 60,000 troops from Iraq

Murtha says Americans agree with his call for Iraq withdrawal

Bush gets Taste of Nomadic Life (Drinks mare's milk)

Bush Discusses Murtha and Says Progress in Iraq is 'Amazing'

Tribes' Basketball Passion Turns Into Business

Anti-Union Activists Hope to Create Son of Prop. 75

Where Is Wal-Mart's Fancy Stuff? Try Online("wealthy consumers" look good)

Talabani: Sovereign Iraq cannot be prevented from approaching Iran

Fox News/AP: Post: Woodward Committed 'Serious Sin'

101st Airborne loses 11 soldiers in one week

Troops mistakenly kill civilians

Plame, Pakistan, a Nuclear Turkey, and the Neocons

US army confirms accidentally killed civilians (Blame Zarqawi)

Ahmadinejad: Iran-Iraq relations 'benefit the whole region'

Bush Drinks Mare's Milk, Avoids Camels

Iraq war weakens US human rights clout: Robinson (former Irish president)

Dog Treat May Carry Danger

Cheney shifts attack on war critics (says Dem charges are 'revisonism")

Iraq FM says checking reports Zarqawi may be dead

Bush Tries to Tone Down High-Pitched Debate on Iraq (Praises Murtha)

Home Depot Apologizes to Pencil Thief

Reuters: FACTBOX - Cheney quotations on Iraq war

Chávez builds base with grass-roots circles in U.S.

Cheney's Job Approval at 36% (Gallup Poll)

G.M. to Cut 30,000 Jobs and Close Some Factories

Protesters target Wal-Mart (for refusal to stock morning-after pill)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 21 November

U.S. believes Zarqawi remains at large after firefight

Exiled Iranian says nation hides materials (Curveball jr. ?)

Ex-DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy (AP)

You've got to be kidding me....

Senator criticizes administration for not leveling with public about Iraq

Sharon to Form New Party After Call for Early Election

Democratic Senate hopeful poised to assail Hutchison (TX)

"U.S. troops fired on Baghdad civilians" (Reuters)

Texas sues Sony BMG for spyware violations

Next job: keeping rebels out

War protesters sue over camping ban near Bush ranch

Katrina barely affected inland Mississippi, but many got aid

Iraqi factions display a rare unity

Man dies after stun-gun shooting

( Rep. Mark ) Kennedy sees progress in trip to Iraq

DoD Identifies Army Casualty ( # 2096 )

Enron defense has work cut out for it

US gasoline prices fall in week, at 5-month low ($2.20 a gallon avg)

CIA methods not torture: director

Cheney Slams War Critics, Praises Murtha

Humane Society to Sue Over Poultry Slaughtering

Commandments Draw 300 to Oklahoma Courthouse

Graham, McCain warn 2006 could be tough year for Republicans

Cheney renews attack on some critics, defends debate on war

CNN/AP: U.N.: 40m now have AIDS virus: Prevention starting to pay off

U.S. 'just missed' capturing al-Zarqawi

Rep. Blumenauer (D- Ore) Calls For Immediate Troop Withdrawal

Iraq leaders demand pullout timetable

LAT: Mongolian Women Appeal to Laura Bush (WTF???)

Bush's Asia Trip Meets Low Expectations

U.S. arrests key ally of Posada

Iraqi leaders demand timetable for troop withdrawal

WP: The China Opening Of 2005: Don't Ask (*'s joyless travels)

(UK) Poll: Rape is women's fault

Studies: Wal-Mart check-out errors exceed U.S. guidelines

Dutchman suspected of helping Saddam goes on trial

Most dangerous city in the USA

ACLU Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Denver Residents Removed from Bush Event

SurveyUSA approval ratings for * drop another 2 points in November

Crucial hearing set for DeLay

CIA chief: Interrogation methods 'unique' but legal

Former DeLay aide pleads guilty in conspiracy case

Iraqis Say There Should Be Troop Timetable (Ba Ba Bang Bushie

US western land up for grabs if mining law retooled

41 Arrested Protesting Army School in Ga.

Kerry accuses Bush, Cheney of `misleading' in Iraqi war run-up

Governor (Ahhh-Nuld) dreading decision on life or death

U.S. didn’t learn lesson from 9/11: Matthews (Chris)

Seniors drug plan has catch: Medicare users to lose free meds

VA church launches commitments-only policy

U.S. finishes withdrawal from Uzbekistan base

GM to cut 30,000 jobs in restructuring

Reports Cite Mall Shooting Suspect's Anger

Sen. Clinton says immediate withdrawal would be mistake

Pictures Of Our Beloved Symbiotes

Have you DUed this poll?

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up

"Wake up , wake up on a Saturday night" aaaaarrrrgh please make it stop...

"Wake up...time to die!"

Bush in China

I am so dumb

Who do you want to narrate your biography?

Anybody got a USB computer subwoofer that they want to sell me?

Am I the only Solaris 10 user on DU???

What is more boring than an awards show? A Canadian awards show

Who would win in a fight: Kareem Abdul Jabar or Todd Bertuzzi?

Am I the only CP/M user on DU???

The Worst Record Covers of All Time (as selected by Pitchfork Media)

Went outside the lounge...

Good Night DU.

Peanut M&M's.....

Seeking temp job advice.

Goddamn stupid fucking people!

Some people they just should not let out of the straps...

Why republicans become republicans, nature vs nurture..

I am the KING!!! And the king is going to sleep. Goodnight, Lounge!

Okay....A Question for all you Lounge Lizards...tell me:

Salsa: Red or Green (both hot)?

Yet Another Pic' Post (Yunnan *lots!*)

What did John mean by "The Walrus was Paul" in "Glass Onion?"

Ear Worm Louie Louie oh babe we gotta go now

I am the happiest Mommy alive tonight

Good night, my wonderful Naughty Girls and Boys!

Why are people so cruel?

for those who missed the earlier post

Aw Geez - what the hell is wrong with people?

HBO's Rome is a good show.

Poll: Thanksgiving dinner "kids table". Yea or Nay

Buffy's DUer Appreciation Thread

I can't sleep! The clowns will eat me! *Graphics Warning*

Which country has the most interesting history?

Mini Dachshunds part 2, thank you posters to part 1

Bush and the Chinese Door.....loads of pics

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Do cellphone ringtones piss you off?

i've made my peace with mayonnaise

Home-Made Rocket Launcher Sends Four To Hospital

I've no' had the flu in years. Why today and so hard?

3 cheers for today's Top 10 Conservative Idiots list!

do you know of any good otc meds for flu?

Women thinking about sex

Mobile Oil commercial --Are they using "Roadrunner"?

write something in the wet cement.

someone shoot me roommates are singing songs from Grease

$10,000 Diamond Ring For Sale - At Wal-Mart

This just in.

Musicians/groups who's music you can easily leave out of your collection

About that locked door

Raelians want to establish ET embassy in Jerusalem

Our detractors are correct

Fairies stop developers' bulldozers in their tracks

Japanese Stork Gets Prosthetic Beak

Smoker tried to open plane door

Fake kosher food caught in Gaza

ESP / Psychic Pill

So, I saw "Walk the Line"...

Yet Another Pic' Post (Tibet *lots!*)

Are we ever going to get the West Wing back?

Do any of you have any Frank Zappa scores?

Tears save sick mother from cremation alive

If you buy a frozen turkey, it will take 3 DAYS to defrost it!

Convicted Pedophile Gives Veteran's Day Talk To Students

Man Assaults Girlfriend With Cactus

HUGH speech coming up!!!!!1111!!!!1!!!!

Didja hear about the viper?

What do you think ever happened to D.B. Cooper?

What happened to the Mini Cooper?

i attempt vocal harmony...silent night II

To which forums do you post?

Plant pot Jesus!

Sudoku....seriously challenging my time on DU...

Time to realize the hourglass figure is past

Any advice on getting through a midlife crisis?

Does anyone here frequent

Jessie says,"Good Morning...Now Feed Me!"


Hot Dog Eating Champ Defends His Burger Title (Kobayashi)

What do you think ever happened to Winnie Cooper?

"Mississippi Burning" Is it a good movie?

Ladies, your computer giving you problems, but you have no $$ to fix it?

New national emblem - the condom!

if you try to fail and succeed what did you just do?

So how much time off is too much?

looking for a good salad recipe

Keith Olberman called Bill O'Reilly the Big Giant Head.

Thong Panties Show Support For GOP Candidates - THONGS!

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Stupid TV squared: Big Brother goes "to space"

bye lizards I am off to see "Good Night and Good Luck"

“The Course of Empire”—art for our times.

A village of killer wives in Hungary

Monday morning Lyrics for all you infidels

So, what are kids expected to know at age 3?

Coupon Misprints Could Cost Casino Millions (NOT $15 - $20, $525!)

How do you greet your boss and why?

Hawaii Pics, Part 2 (Dial Up Warning)

tell me a funny story

what is your favorite Dr. Seuss Book

Monday, Monday

that harry potter kid is like 18 now

Am I the only one that doesn't care about celebrity couples?

Home Depot Apologizes To Pencil Thief (Put USED pencil in pocket)

You're motorin'....what's your price for flight?

So, when you brine a turkey, do you drain it before you eat it?

Look what they've done to my cooker cutter stadium, ma!

Anybody need a time out?

Those feature segments on the Daily Show...

Pre-lit UPSIDE DOWN Christmas trees all the rage (I like!!)

Community Fights Opening Of Bikini Bar (THE BASTARDS)

Oregon in Number 7 in the new BCS rankings

Have flu today. Going into work. Ask me anything.

I have a 100 post thread in GD, get me some burn ointment

Peace, love & mystery

Tai Shan has found his toes

2005's official "I hate underpants' ""I Hate Kurt Russell" Thread"" Thread

Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand

I kinda dig this substitute teaching gig

Who would win in a fight Mr. T or Russel Crowe or Robert Deniro?

Did we meet the donation goal?

Is there a way to track how many people visit a web-site?

What's the first thing you notice about a thread?

I think you all suck

What does the MSM mean by "Bush Is In Free Fall"

I accidentally crapped all my pants, I need to go somewhere to wash.

What is the best thing that happened in your past life this week?

Mayonaise is a Canadian conspiracy to control our minds?

Who would win in a fight: Mike Tyson or a 600 lb. grizzly bear?

LOOK, an Eagle!!!!

DefCon 2?

I saw Walk the Line on saturday...LOVED IT!!!

kiss my grits!!!

What happened to Katherine Lanpher?

Female curlers exposed by calendar (WARNING)

Teen's mannequin love-in (true lounge material)

Holy Crudmuffins! They've got their own fleet!!

If you quit smoking with the nicotine patch: (a question)

What's your favorite smilie misprint?

Home Depot Apologizes to Pencil Thief

Okay-who else burns suspected witches for Thanksgiving?

what is the most creative insult you know

GD sets the Lounge adrift on a raft

Islanders pray to Jesus image on plant pot (NOT pot..plant)

Where's RevActs?

Cool whip or Miracle whip?


ATA- should voting on polls kick them to the top?

I just got my star!

Here's a Mike Peters cartoon

The RetroLounge Poem of the Day (Monday)

Crap, I need to go somewhere, but accidentally washed all my pants

Who wins in a fight

Ok...Sunday night DU's did not help...what do you get a nine year old

these were marketed to kids

You've got to be kidding me....

So, Christina Aguilera got married this weekend. Who actually cares?

Turkey Briners:

Cheezy Business

Starbucks Christmas blend coffee

Month Python

why is this toy sold as the "Happy Kitty"...?

Ok, so who wins this fight?


Instant Classic W photo- worth a BRAZILIAN words

What does this mean?

Wow am I out of practice... very tired.

So did anyone else get tickets to see the Panda?

French webcams.. (they are watching the whole world)

If a turbo pukes on a 90 volvo, can you still drive the car "regular"?

Breaking.... Bush pardons Libby and DeLay

Time for a DU Photoshop Contest!

Help! How do I put a hyperlink in my sig line?

I've been a bad, bad girl.

that's why this is at my front door

Sorry, but this is too funny to not post

A direct deposit question:

WHAT? No one has for me as the Lounges' biggest BAD ASS

Obscure fact....

Just a fool to believe

Mississippi Queen ~ Mountain

Just got an interesting e-mail from the "CIA"

"What do you want for dinner?" "I don't know, what do YOU want?"

Happy 40th Birthday Bjork!

Karma rears its ugly head

This year's official "I Hate Kurt Russell" thread

Some (digital) art for you all to let sink like a stone

Hey, Skinner is famous or infamous here in Texas

Is anyone else disoriented by level 2?

I hate working with women

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Werewolf & Furry Communities

Does Steve Jobs know O'Leilly is using iPod to promote his site?

Name one song that never fails to lift you into a good mood.

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out

Why do mayo people hate miracle whip so much?


Whatever Happened to Pipe Smokers?

Who wins in a fight? Miracle Whip, Mayonnaise, or Nick Cave?

How can I be 44 years old and just discovering Nick Cave????


Best reason for cancelling a concert EVER.

Anyone getting tons of e-mail today from:

Why is Thanksgiving such a big deal in the States?

Ebay Sale

Question for you Harry Potter cognoscenti

Why are there so many scatophiles in the lounge?

what's your favorite word


Maybe I fucked up

Is it worth moving to a new city for a few months?

Does Everyone Get Friday off after Thanksgiving??

wtf? My ice maker just started working again...

Goddamn stupid people fucking!

Favorite new foods you've discovered recently

Happy 311th Birthday to the French philosopher Voltaire!

Take The Magical Personality Quiz....

Do you like Salt & Vinegar chips?

World Video game "competition" welcomes first woman

Matcom - what were you doing at the car show last weekend?

What's the first thing you notice about a thread?

Humane Society sues USDA over poultry slaughter

Ahhh yes.. Freeper poetry at its finest...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg came to my gig yesterday

So I just answered the door, and there were two teenage-ish boys

Name one of your past lives that has significance

It's snowing, it's snowing!

Any Chris Whitley Fans? Sad (But Not Unexpected) News

Curb Your Enthusiasm last night was perhaps the funniest episode ever

What the hell is Gary Glitter doing running around free?

ask me anything!!

Whats that red thing that hangs down from a turkeys face called?

Just what exactly is purple rain, and why do Prince and America both

I'm taking my toys and going home

Edited: Guess the TV Show by the Signature Phrase.

Name your city's great contributions to popular culture.

What is the best thing that happened in your life in the past week?

I'm a Dick. Ask me anything.

Kansas politicians take issue with religious guidelines

How the secular humanist grinch didn't steal Christmas

Penn Jillette on NPR "Morning Edition" 11/21/05

Religions and cults;

Pilgrims flock to see 'Buddha boy' said to have fasted six months

Evolution Question - The Eyeball


Aspartame Is Dangerous For Everyone - commonly causes adverse effects

The Common Malpractice of Medicine: Doctors & Antibiotics

Heavy antibiotic use may raise lymphoma risk


Skull of saber-toothed cat found in North Dakota

Swiss unearth giant camel bones

Smelly 'Corpse Plant' Drawing Crowds

Homosexuality--An Evolutionary Attempt

Maine Gays Not Rushing To Push For Marriage

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies (Article 8 Alliance update)

Church Packed For Gay Apology

Julian Bond's Equality Maryland Jazz Brunch Keynote Address

Bitter Legal Battle Looming Over Gay Bishop Decision

Vermont Gay Politician Seriously Injured In Crash

Gay Themed Book Banned Because Of Internet Dating Plot

Paul Harvey is a raging homophobe. And now you know the rest of the story!

More Baptist Schools Dropped For Gay Inclusion

Michigan fans, only 363 days left but for now another OSU 25 UM21 thread

On behalf of Texas Tech University

The Dogster photo contest finalists

Astrologically speaking...anyone ever play 'what if'?

Naturals versus Unnaturals

This I believe

Hello (long)

Doubly Eyecatching Photo - JK & Johnny Damon

Editorial posted that is unfair but is bringing up uncomfortable

Rep. Jackson Jr congratulates Kerry - rare enough to be noted

Kerry's plan vs Murtha's plan.

A Different Kind of Race for Kerry

Just throwing this out there...


What is wrong with people?

Two GOPs candidates against Kennedy

Donkey Rising in Defense of John Kerry

Does somebody has info for Rep Blumenauer's plan for Iraq.

I'm so excited about Boston!

Well, The Dark Lord Cheney still hates John Kerry

Stephanie Miller

a "Kerry person" is at the State Dept.?

Dean is now promoting the "Korb" plan for getting out of Iraq.

KerryGoddesss need Kerry Info

John Kerry Kick-Ass-O-Meter

oops...sensible self me

The Sun sets on Suburbia


Who here knows anything about Sigma lenses?


I'd really like some answers from my KOEBabes and Buds....

Hartmann: Did Brewster-Jennings stop shipment of VX gas in Turkey?

Well hell, everybody else is pulling troops out too

Dean on Morning Sedition tomorrow.

How the Bush Administration Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball'

Rumsfeld's Point Today Didn't Mesh With Previous Administration Iraq Spin

Which of W's cabinet will deliver the plastic turkey in Iraq

The Patriotic Journalist

Creating a Right-Wing Nation, State by State

Women pour cash into Michigan (2006 election push)

bush and cheney photoshop cartoon i'd like to see

how low will he go this week?

Growing isolationism in Japan

"You break it you own it.", Secretary of State Colin Powell

Monday Morning - Rep. Schmidt's Office is now OPEN

Monday Morning - Rep. Murtha's Office is also OPEN

Snail mail gets the job done

Did Thomas Donnelly actually speed up America's decline?

"Richard Armitage isn't a political guy ..." and other lies

A caller to C-SPAN suggested Bush walk down the streets of Baghdad

Let me try to understand this-- As the insurgency weakens, attacks

Democrats need to answer this article by Jeremy Scahill on war complicity

When Backed Into The Corner About Lying - Cheney........

WTF is WRONG with our elected officials?

Aversion To Drilling Frustrates Secretary

Anyone who protests around a military base should be clear what they...

Disposable D*ck

bushgang wants to make a deal with Omar (seriously)

Some Highlights from an article in Sundays Boston Globe

Woodward Is Going To Lie On Larry King Tonight.....Exclusive. n/t

Tom Engelhardt: How The Bush Administration Got Spooked

There has to be a way to get someone in trouble for this...

Didn't LINDER (R) also vote for the 403-3 Iraq pullout?

Rangel joins Dem attack on veep, war

I'm watching McCain on Larry King. Please, no! He mentions

snake Cheney's "philosphical guidence" on torture

Conservatives want our kids killed in greater numbers in Iraq

Juvenile. Our leaders are juveniles.

Cheney/Bush**/Republicans flip-flopping on Murtha. First, they call

Fitzgerald has spent about $750,000 of the taxpayers' money on his probe

I'd like Rep Murtha to make a public appearance in Uniform

Caption this * pic from Mongolia

Gore or Kerry need to challenge Cheney to a debate...

They always slither over to the AEI...

"We have paid a price, in terms of human life in the Iraq war.:

Reuters: FACTBOX - Cheney quotations on Iraq war


Peter Goss said the torture we did was "unique" & really not torture

This year's "Weird Liberal" Thanksgiving talking points

Wesley Clark, Ted Turner to sit on Board of Iraq Safety (Eason Jordan)

Repukes look to exploit tragedy, capture N.O. mayoralty

Howard Dean on The Morning Sedition


Voting Cases Could Shape Debate Over Alito (how Alito is just like Bork)

Matalin Word of the Day: "Misremembrance" & Now I know Love must be Blind

Who Is Mean Jean's Marine? And Why Does He Think Murtha's A Coward?

Bob Kerry yesterday on Blitzer

Prepare yourself to see these pictures all day today.

Shadowy Virginia-based group runs ads for Santorum (DeLay connection)

More BushCo broken laws:

No More Wimps Representing Democrats On FOX

The FIX for GM's problem is two fold.

More info on the Wicked Witch, Jean Schmidt

Bush and Bob Woodward - in Too Close For Comfort

Dan Froomkin: What to name the Turkeys?

Do you live in a Blue state or a Red state?

DNC Releases "No Confidence" Video

Good Murtha/Bush Cartoons

Why aren't conservatives insisting on a Draft?

I just PhotoShopped the pic of Bush trying to escape. What do you think?

If you liked Paul Hackett, you'll love Francine Busby

Why are the dems so afraid to use the word lie...

WTF is wrong with Schumer?

Pentagon document from '95 refers to WP as chemical weapon

Here's an idea for Mistah VP Chainny

How would you rate President Bush’s trip to Asia? CNN poll

Bush: "I don't think the V.P.'s service is relevant in this debate"

GAO report of stolen '04 election

Wes Clark on Your World with Neil Cavuto today

Barbara Boxer on CNN now! n/t

Limbaugh calls Murtha a "useful idiot" for the left.

Please help publicize Alito's history of radical extremism!

Guerilla action: Who is Jeff Dean?

What is your opinion of Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Jean Schmidt receives loud boos at her local bondage and discipline club

Do you support a 'gas-guzzler' tax?

I just saw both Pro-Alito and Anti-Alito ads on CNN

Thom Hartmann - Ultimate Sacrifice: Plan for a Coup-and the Murder of JFK

PNAC - Connecting the dots

The freeps are in a lather over these Bush bike riding pics...

Re-Post - Keep DUing this poll!

Donkey Rising in Defense of John Kerry

08 Presidential Poll. Ha! Without Clark!

Cynthia McKinney for Prez?