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Archives: November 20, 2005

The ghosts haunting the White House

Come on, Democratic Party, "Stand With The People" by Ralph Nader

Dan Walters: (CA) Vote results demonstrate power of polling

Abbas mulls postponing PLC election to change voting law

Heated debate on Palestinian disarmament at AUB

Walls of Jerusalem's Old City in danger of collapse

Heck! Make it a thread, Kster! (e-voting article, at "Wilms" request)

Just Sign It

Sviggum Spews Bile in Bemidji

Read some of these letters to Jean Schmidt

Bush still seeking the refuge of scoundrels, doing what he does best...

Here's why they won't leave Iraq.... ->

The advocating of violence on DU is disgusting.

DUer on Laura Flanders now

Jerry Falwell cleans house. On the scroll of CNN, it said Jerry Falwell h

caller on AAR citing DU's video files on yesterday's congressional fiasco

Venezuela Oil Aid To Boston, Bronx...

Saying anything that might question DU gets the thread locked. I am done.

Reid, Abramoff and a New Opportunity for the Truth

How To Kick Republican Butt, Through The Goal Posts Of Truth !!!

I am not trying to defend Northwest Airlines

Why does FOX continue to use that "Homicide Bomber" crap?

Are we there yet?

My God It Just Hit Me. We Shouldn't Ask To Pull Out In 6 Months.

Ugly Images of Asian Rivals Become Best Sellers in Japan

"Tough Love" for the Iraqis?

Dana Milbank column "An Unlikely Lonesome Dove" -- any comments?

Is Jerry Fuckwell kidding me? Read this shit!!!

First good quality public Photo of Airbus A380!

If Hadley leaked to Woodward that would be kind of boring

If someone from the * WH was

I think that after being punched so many times

2091 Reasons why the DSM is Important

British MP George Callaway at Damacus University on Condi Rice.

Fourth Estate Radio on NOW!

It's pretty obvious now...

Tell Me Something About democracy in the Middle East

Here's a site

Cindy Sheehan is writing a book!!

A thought on the war and casualties.

It's Good News Week

Reuters headline : "Car bombs kill 48 in Iraq; Bush says war on track"!

Hillary Clinton speaking at RFK tribute C-SPAN Now

Impeachment might not be necessary

Newsweek: Cheney literally mentions the "dark side" after 911

The REAL "homicide bombers" are planting numerous IEDs in Iraq

TheOld Bull roared like a lion. It was a political temblor, a Murtha-quake

Drudge reporting "Germans Say U.S. used bad data to invade Iraq"

Treason charge disrupts Iraq reconciliation talks

Saddam never thought Bush was insane enough to invade his country...

PHOTOS: 49 Die in Iraq Blasts; Bombs Kill 5 GIs....Ha ha ha ha ha "W"!!!

Jean Schmidt: Delay's Hag in the House

WANTED: Video of Bush looking for WMDs in the white house

Bombs kill five U.S. soldiers in Iraq - Bush murders 5 more of our kids.

Anybody feel like puking?

Is it okay with the DU Moderators if one were to use the

Bush's Revelation

DoD keeps hitting my firewall! Are they watching me?

Anything exciting happen today? I have been out all day. What's

Why can't we be friends.

Just a thought from the that bears repeating.

WP: It's Shoe Love, Pumping Up Sales (shoe sales surge)

Are East Coast/West Coast liberals different?

To stop the war, start the draft.

Tomorrow would have been RFK's 80th birthday.

Security adviser named as source in CIA scandal

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Murtha on MTP, Scummy Rummy)

RW Anti-Semitism out and about

Poetry. Rosa Parks. A Peace website. I recommend.

Remembering Robert F. Kennedy

No More Wimps Representing Democrats On FOX

Everytime someone gets on bush's case

CNN QUICKVOTE: Would you be interested in reading Cindy Sheehan's book?

How Many White House Officials Have To Be Involved In Outing Plame For It

Does anybody know Elaine Broadhead?

Possibly offensive war question, but have to ask it...

What I Knew Before the Invasion (Sen. Graham - WH not interested in truth)

So the Sunday Times, who broke DSM, is confirming RawStory's Hadley scoop

Frank Rich: "IF anyone needs further proof that we are racing for the exit

"Gulf Coast Recovery Act" Petition

Bushit had a another sister

They Really Used To Know How To Deal W/ Halliburton Types In The Civil War

Dan Bubp: The weeny who attacked Col. Murtha through Jean Schmidt

Give someone (or yourself) a great Christmas present, and help DU as well!

Backtracking on the Pig-Out

Destruction of Nerve Gas Resumes in Ind.

Police Outnumber Protestors at Race Rally

Judge: County illegally denied medical treatment

WP: Iraq War Debate Eclipses All Other Issues

NYT: As the McMansions Go, So Goes Job Growth

"Session Exposes Political Risks Ahead for G.O.P." (NYT)

The Dirty War: Torture and mutilation used on Iraqi insurgents

NYT: Sectarian Hatred Pulls Apart Iraq's Mixed Towns

Nearly 50 Iraqis Killed in Suicide Attacks; 5 U.S. Soldiers Also Killed

(UK) Tim Collins trained troops to fight with white phosphorus

AP: $1.1 billion awarded in offshore oil case

Plane allegedly linked to CIA front landed in Canada: records

Sunday Times: Security adviser named as source in CIA scandal (Hadley)

Thousands march to back Chavez

NYT: (Abramoff) Corruption Inquiry Threatens to Ensnare Lawmakers

Furore over ex-marine's account of killing of civilians

GM, China's Chery reach settlement (AFP)

NYT: 'Mean Jean' Goes to Washington, and Invites a Firestorm

(U. Cal.) Accused of Bias Against Christian Schools (suit re. admissions)

Revealed: SAS mission to kill a Baghdad suicide squad

So, did anybody else pick up "Three's Company" season 5 yet?

Halloweeon 2006, what should I dress up as?

Homeland noodles with Uncle Sam balls

Wizards of Winter - Video

DUer on Laura Flanders today

Oscar Mike Golf !!!!!

Anyone else dig Coheed and Cambria?

Pokarekare Ana

The official Auburn gloating thread

Hollywood Madam to open Nevada 'stud farm'

Update on my friend Terry B. He's doing alot better.

Try the Dialectizer; it is hilarious!

"This town needs an enema!"

Anyone see the movie "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman/Sean Penn?


Need some advice....

Everytime I try to reply to arwalden in

Safety Dance

Hey Uppity Midwesterners!

who can plz help me, i think im ready to "start a business"


Pink Panther remake starring Steve Martin

I love the lounge...

It's time for a cat kitty thread - list some of your cats behavior here

Okay folkies... well past 3am here...

Best Stephen Colbert performance?

Does this sound like a "bug" (auditory listening device) to you?

So I bought an SUV today. A BIG ONE

I Got Rid Of My Cable Modem... And Got DSL Instead. Ya Know What?...

Little Rock, Arkansas-come on, someone knows something!

I'm watching the entire first season of Farscape

Help me out on the spelling of a traditional Polish drink

Help!!! Computer people!!!

I desperately need a job

Should I watch "Monster" or "Vanilla Sky?"

Favorite Tim Burton Movie.

Bloody hell... I just passed 500 posts and didn't notice it...

Random thoughts on Cannibalism

Random thoughts on Cannabis.

Did you know that if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer?

Ten-hut! Captain on the bridge!

Food brand with most unfortunate name?

I - Like - Pie

ever wonder why pickles is always smiling?

I have to work tomorrow

Posting in GD will...

Fun with church signs

Fundie test! Hilarious results!

If the Lounge crashed in the Andes mountains who would we eat first?

Give someone (or yourself) a great Christmas present, and help DU as well!

Evening Attire Too Classy in Stuyvesant

My friend's cat was just put down.

Kerry, Bush, and Dean on the war

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Senate says "screw you" to Bruce Springsteen.

And the walls come tumbling down!

Robert F. Kennedy Tribute on CSPAN

The Visitor

Voting, Volunteerism and the Public and Private Sectors Roles:

Did you know Republicans were Responsible ?

NEWSMAX: House Rejects Dem Plan to Cut and Run

My LTTE re: Murtha....

For those interested, here is how to contact Murtha:

My note to Rep. Murtha, through

2091 dead. 15568 wounded. "So long as I'm the Commander-in-Chief..."

Shouldn't it be an ethics violation to author a resolution -and vote no.

Prissy Rep. Jack Kingston Gettin HIs 2 Cents In

Hillary Vs. Rudy Would Be Blockbuster Race

A coordinated effort to respond to Schmidt...

A question about the Duncan Hunter resolution....

That's why I fell for the.....

How To Kick Republican Butt, Through The Goal Posts Of Truth !!!

Photo: Bush "holding hands with Chinese Pastor Ying Dufeng"

Did anyone see this on NBC Nightly News?

Local coverage of Men Jean

republican hate

Nice Bush pic on MSNBC...he's got a sort of Ted Bundy vibe goin' on.

Clark Murtha 08 what do you all think

Re: Social Security and the right wing

Dem. Senate Recruitment/Fundraising Kicking Rethug Booty!

after watching the jean schmidt treasonous speech on video....

DU this Newsweek Poll! (immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq?)

Clark defends Murtha.

That's why they call him.....leader of AIPAC!

Reagan "cut and run" on Beirut.....

Never Again, Again? By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Delphi plans to cut 24,000 US auto jobs

The big thaw

The big cover-up (the Niqab)

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha

They don't know Jack (Murtha) by Dennis Roddy-Worked Murtha Campaign

Millions face glacier catastrophe

The Nation: "Break Up Cheney's Cabal"


'L.A. Times' Report Adds Fuel to 'War Manipulation' Debate

The Art of Not Wanting to Know - A Reminder from Abroad

An Editorial: It's time for a nation to return the favor

The Champ Meets the Chump: Bush and Ali

Chicago Tribune shilling for Bush's war.

'it took real guts to step out of the ring and risk everything.'

Hitler's henchmen in the dock (60th anniversary of Nuremberg trials)

Political conflict intensifies over Bush’s Iraq war lies

Tough Week for The Post and a Star (WaPo's ombudsman on Woodward)

New Bush Comic at The H.L.

Murtha Meets Russert, Predicts U.S. Forces Will Be Out of Iraq

Punk Card Pulled: Murtha Humiliates Anti-Freedom Liberals

Free Republic now carried on! DU not.

Falwell fighting for holy holiday,

WSJ Op-Ed: Kiss the Melting Pot Goodbye

Why Iraq war support fell so fast

Frank Rich/NYT: One War Lost, Another to Go

‘Peace Mom’ describes Texas vigil in book msnbc, Vote

Cindy's book is being FREEPED on Amazon!

Former Sen. Bob Graham: What I Knew Before the Invasion

Newsweek: Bush at the Tipping Point (Info on Murtha's Decision)

Are we heading for an depression...

American Chemists look for ways to reduce the biodiesel NOx problem.

West Bank Road Vs. Peace

Palestinian finance minister submits resignation

PA forces nab mentally disabled youth with fake explosive belt

EU foreign ministers to give green light to Gaza border monitoring mission

Poll: 39.5% to Vote for Fateh, 19.9% for Hamas

Israel's Labour quits coalition

Nobody could have predicted 9-11

DU LBN on September 11 - just for the record

Toxic service company – explosives in the elevator shafts

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 11/20/05

Have you seen the newer version of Votergate?

URGENT ACTION ALERT >> Stop Diebold in CA!!!!!

BBV update: Diebold hid major flaws

NAACP vote hearing details new flaws


A true leader takes an unpopular stand before the winds change direction.

Getting Patrick in office in 06 will require unity among liberals

BlogLeft Forum, Worcester MA Dec. 10th (register by Dec 1st required)

How intelligent is your design?

PDA and sync s/w without admin requirement

How to remove Google "hit"?

Heath Care Legislative Activist in Ohio. Here is a plan. Lets go.

See Symbolman's movie, "Rove's War," free TONIGHT at the Mad Mug!

Rumsfeld today: "You don't have to be a genius to kill people!"

CSPAN2 11 EST Robert Fisk - What To Do About Iraq

Feds Cracking Down On Illegals At Wal-Mart Construction Site

What is the current death count in Iraq?

"Brit Hume" and "Bush" on SNL.

Ali Honored at Opening of Hometown Center

Is the continuation of the war partly John O'Neill's fault? I say yes.

Prophetic words now ring true

The Crime of 1873 ,history..

Debate with Robert Fisk vs. Bing West on CSPAN2 right now!!! 8pm PST.

treasure of baghdad calling it quits?

Mandatory Draft & Mandatory War Tax

What day does Fitzmas fall on this month? Is it always the 28th?

Americans ARE smart.

When the US pulls out of Iraq, what happens to our foreign policy?

"We want an up and down vote on the Murtha resolution"

SNL weekend update on Schmidt on now east coast

Another surprise Bush visit to Iraq for Thanksgiving?

Air America Radio gone 'members only'?

Millions face glacier catastrophe

Sunday Times Confirms Hadley was Woodward's Source

LIVE streaming liberal radio now -- It's Nate Clay on WLS, Chicago

What are the Juarez Murders?

Helen Keller "The country is governed for the richest...

Does Murtha know of the mysterious death of Pat Tillman?

Frank Rich this week is a Masterpiece, a Must Read


Whether things are good or bad in Iraq, the Admin plays both sides...

New Bush Lie on WMDs discovered, I think. DU researchers...

I need a break.

My email to Congresswoman Schmidt

I have to tell you, this video by Rep. Obey REALLY moved me.

Found some old newsreels online...

Lessons of Nuremberg, 60 years on

Nothing makes me sicker than their "culture of life" bullshit -

Weird... I keep trying a Reuters and Yahoo! News Photo Search...

Why Sportscasters Are More Ethical Than Newscasters

thye are saluting the same unadulterated god: FASCISM

Grab a rifle, get your ass to Iraq, & save mr. bush's reputation!

Hey mr. bush, what are you ON? can we have some too?

Not sure what to think of this

When labor is hairy, she is called ( C-section.... a hairy one :) :) :)

Main Reasons I Decided Against Supporting Kerry again...

Found this website-------Outstanding To Bookmark !!

Cspan caller: Dems on "jungle gyms"

SNL opening with a Brit Hume "Fox Fair and Balanced Report"

Caption this...

NO EXIT STRATEGY - bush cannot find his way out of the press room.

Gomer Bubp USMC...

"...Michael Moore,the movie actor..."did Russert just say that on Today

Americans plan for troop withdrawls in a month (Time London)

Jewish Leader Blasts 'Religious Right'

If I were a Republican, I would hope that Cheney resigns soon

It's over. The local war hark editor is ready to withdraw

There's NOTHING more dangerous than a cornered bushRat....

Locked doors thwart Bush's bid to duck question

Germans say they told Bush info used to justify war in Iraq was unreliable

New Yorkers...what the hell is going on here?

My father-in-law's take on Faux News Channel:

Wash Post Ombudsman: Post took a hit to its credibility & it's star

"This President has borrowed more money from abroad than all..."

If someone was going to ruin my wife's career and make it


Libby's defense fund team

Session Exposes Political Risks Ahead for G.O.P.

" Potential to be the biggest scandal in Congress in over a century"

Is he ON something? ---pix->>>

Question about Clinton's defense cuts and how they translate.....

USA Today cheerleads for state tax cuts.

Falwell says he'll sue, boycott groups he sees as muzzling Christmas

"You've hit it on the head."

Are we now in violation of international law even if we weren't in the

Murtha is kicking juniors butt on Meet the Press

Bush Goes To China - "Hello Shitty"

Does anyone know if what this freeper posted is true?

New Wikipedia entry - Schmidthead

Duncan Hunter's Morale Raising Patriot Hazing

"Mein Gott!" The Curveball Saga Gets Still Worse: (LA TIMES)

CHB vs. William Rivers Pitt, Round Two

Limiting of intelligence

Here it is! An Alternate fuel source for heating your home! SEED CORN!

Poll - Should U.S. troops begin an immediate withdrawal from Iraq?

Third South African Dyncorp mercenary dies after Iraq blast

Polls Show Mid-Terms Favoring Democrats

A difference of Values

For crying out loud, he can't even dress himself?

Since I missed my 1000th is my 1002. A message to the right.

I am seeing Murtha's Press Conference from Th in it's entirety on C-SPAN

MURTHA SPEECH is on C-SPAN 1 again..if you missed it. on NOW!

Check out this huge group of chickenhawks

George Stepanouphnous did a good job interviewing Rummy on

Teresa LaPore - the Butterfly Queen strikes again

Murtha from House now on C-Span rerun

Just donated a little something for Crawford Peace House as

Pentagon poised to approve a sweeping new directive (NYT)

Terror and Torture for mr. bush is facing a room full of average americans

Today's Non Sequitur comic on Intelligent Design... Great!!!

I'm going to come right out and say it. There ain't no Al Qaida!

I'm in PDT time zone

Local News Last Night Reported Schmidt called Murtha a COWARD!

I think Jean Schmidt is the Republican version of Trafficant


Fire Rumsfeld now.

Reform Jewish Leader Blasts Relgious Right's "Monopoly On God"

Artist Designed "Brinco" Sneakers for Art Exhibit, Not for Illegal Immigra

Floor debate being replayed on C-spn

Jeeeez now Rummys on Late Edition with Wolfie

Q: So why are far right repugs cutting taxes, taking away from the poor

Funny Cartoon On Lying Oil Execs

Does anyone know why Bush is trying to spread freedom in China?

Why do Duers call Frist the cat killer?

Curveball or a spitter? From the LAT ...

We will be out of Iraq by election day, 2006

So Who Is The Prime Target For Mr. Fitzgerald's Grand Jury II?

Tim Russert has been talking about bird flu for the last twenty minutes

Sorry, Timmy.....I'm not afraid of bird flu or terrorists....

DailyKos: Speaking bout Plame CIA status privately illegal? (Lechliter)

When I want to know the breaking news, I turn to RawStory

Why does Fox News Sunday have on Joe Biden instead of John Murtha?


Outsourcing retirees to developing countries?

VIDEO-Rumsfeld on This Week-Who's Running the War

Iraq, the Board Game! Oregon Co. releases: "Battle to Baghdad"

Ouch. Rumsfeld blames General Vines and General Casey

George Goes for a Bike Ride in China ---pix->>>

Why Bush cannot quit Iraq

So why was this guy put in charge of $82 million reconstruction

Shouldn't we demand Cheney work out in the open?

I Believe In Trickle Down Economics

VIDEO-George Will-This is What Empire Looks Like

Weird CNN discussion that * fell off bike again

If CIA got it ALL wrong, why did Tenet get the Medal of Freedom?

WSJ: How to Boost Your Credit Score

Map I created for 2006 House races

They could have used Bush

Do you think the leaders of the world would use nukes?

Wolfie now going after Perle!

Caption This Rediculous Bush Pic

Repukes talking about pulling the troops from Iraq by 2006

Wolfie has now dragged Richard Perle out of his dungeon.

Vote on Wolf's site re:Iraq Timetable

Check out CNN. Wolf Blitzer is taking it to Rummy.

"I'm a Right Winger"

What can BROWN do to YOU???

What a wonderful spokesman Bob Kerrey is for the Democrats

Impeach Bush.

Why torture?

CSPAN Call In is a Joke!

Where are we? What has become of us as a nation?

What kind of lie is worse?

As Acting AG, Can Fitzgerald Imprison Bushco in a secret prison

Jewish Leader Blasts 'Religious Right'

I want to see that China Press Conference! ALL OF IT!!!

Dumbest and most patronizing bumper sticker - ever.

Wilkerson on NOW on CNN ...Wolf N/T

Smirky: "I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work,"

Saga of avian influenza virus is evolution in action


Talk2Action: New blog site to discuss theocracy in U.S.

Sean hannity is laughing

POLL: Afterlife or nada

"We, the people here, don't want a war"

What's Wrong With This Outfit, Mom?

What a Flip-Flopper!

Rumsfeld headed for divorce? Where's his wedding ring?

How U.S. Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball'

Murtha's story about given one of his Purple Hearts over to that soldier..

My Brother-in-law's Best Friend was Killed in Iraq

Oh,great,* on CNN now,"answering questions"

Apparently the spin about Woodward..."he didn't want to get involved"

Rumsfeld: I Didn't Advocate Invasion

the most Disgusting thing about bush is his utter disregard for our troops

States redefine student progress

violet purple party from inefffably timeless zone time frame

'L.A. Times' Report Adds Fuel to 'War Manipulation' Debate

"Turtles Can Fly"

I don't give a flying fuck about lying about a blowjob

How's the economy ...

How the PR firm - The Rendon Group - sold the war for the neo-cons...

caption this one

Another reply from me to Bushie relative-Use for talking points if you

Now Bush says it is not unpatriotic to criticize him on the war. Wow

Bush did not lie, so stop saying he did !

McCarthy was RIGHT

Russia's plan for Iran is accepted by Bush (another flip flop?)

What is * saying here? (photo) -->

How can we stop it? How can we accept cultures that support it?

The U.S. Army is a haven for environmental activism.

How do you argue with someone you know if consciously lying?

Need animation of Rush Limbaugh!

If You Had To Choose: Kerry Or Kerrey For Democratic Nominee?

Coheed and Cambria-check em out if you haven't already

Was Armitage the original leaker? Michael Isikoff/Newsweek

Cut & Run - Do's & Don'ts The Republican Way

Did anybody hear Rummy lying his a** off on Face the Nation?

If Rumsfeld were indicted, would the shrub and crew deny knowing him?

2094 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

OK. "Curveball" needs a new "cover name"....

Woodward's Dis - Watergate-era hero reporter on Plamegate Story

Have you seen the newer version of Votergate?

Did I hear right? They got intelligence from "THE INTERNET"?

I am so sick of Congress not doing their job

Patriotism a false god

I saw a "One Nation under God" sticker on the back of some ugly truck

So Murtha asks for redeployment.... Syria anyone?

Animal rescue after Katrina tonight on PBS 8:00 Eastern

Radioactive Tank No. 9 comes limping home (to Kansas)

What would be the effect of Global Warming on Vancouver Island, BC?

If not for the Fitzgerald investigation would the news we read...

Richard Clarke kicking ass on C-Span 2 now, Hes tearing up,

Bush may just be right ; "They hate us for our freedom".

Please help stop Alito - sample letter to the editor

Is it unpatriotic to question the president's Iraq policy while troops ar

Bush ends Asia trip in Mongolia - Avoids Going To Vietnam Again

Repukes say "Poor Jean Schmidt" didn't know Murtha was a marine

Fox and Remembering their words about lies 6 years ago

CT Sec of State e-mail address

"It doesn't matter how we got there...only what we do now" ?

GOP suffers because Bush is a clueless, AWOL misleader

Anybody hear Tweety call Fitzgerald "Honey Fitz" this morning?

I predict that the Dems will take control of the house and senate in '06

Smear tactics now being used in American business?

Did anyone hear Schieffer's sarcastic slap-down to Rumsfeld today?

Special Ohio, Blackwell, Diebold thread

CNN - Talking about BringingTroops Home.

We need a Goth forum or group

Political Nuance is like Foot Fungus

Dear Dr. Laura,


Al-Zarqawi May Be Among Dead in Iraq Fight

I'm sorry, I don't buy it; I can't see W leaving Iraq under his watch

This CNN Poll will make you puke

What has Bush done to deserve any sympathy from anyone ?

so...let's take a look at the 'ol checklist

Caption Rummy

Bush likes to pretend like he's so tough ...

Rumsfeld: Iraq is making ENORMOUS progress.

NEVER Underestimate the Power of Make-Up!

We need a Humor Forum

Full schmidt/murtha video?

Would you take a hammer to a Black Box voting machine?

Brenda Starr, Reporter Blows the Lid off the Whole Rotten Katrina Mess!!! who owns it...isn't it a wingnut?

Scary Stuff Out of Ohio....More Fundies

If it's going so well in Iraq, why aren't there lots of reporters over

"The American empire is an energy junkie in its death throes, "

Hey W*! You can run but you can't hide LOL-PHOTO- - ->

Israel's Sharon to quit Likud party - PM's office

Has anyone seen Chimpy's locked-door moment on MSM today?

"He just needs to explain it better"

Yahoo's most e-mailed photo...

bush's asian tour and

VIDEO-Clinton on his impeachment

Curveball's Connections to that Devil Chalabi...

Photo: Bush shakes robot-Einstein's hand

What happened to Air America Place?

Second grand jury move deepens Bush's problems

Mark Warner on C-Span Now

Anyone watch the AMTRAK hearings today?

gene taylor, mississippi, video

"Stranger, go tell the Spartans "

Where have all the 'W' bumper stickers gone?

Polls: Democrats Increasing 2006 Congressional Lead

Outrage !!!

Freshmen members of Congress used to keep their mouths shut

Ladies and Gentlemen--- George and Laura Bush

that ex cia guy on w/ blitzer this morning is a PNAC tool!



We love balls.

Wow...a fair and balanced Bird Flu story from the MSM...about time

Repuke compares war to football game - US wins body count (25-1)

Some Favored this War in Order to Remove Saddam.............

New National Blog Site Takes on the Religious Right

Anyone have the WTF gif for a sign paint job? Need if fast!

NYT Public Editor finds work to be done re. policy on anonymous sources

How many Heroes have the Conservatives lost?

haha! The locked door was a security hazard!

What do you think of this bumper sticker I saw: "United, My Ass!"

Response to Repugs slogan: "cutting and running"

What if the GOP puts up a resolution for vote that says "It was a mistake

An early thank you for DU Military, families, and veterans

Is there some sort of psychological disorder where one

DU needs a Mezzanine

Gas Station operators walking away from their businesses - check this out!

Concerning "blind trusts" that congresscritters

VIDEO-Points from Lt Gen William Odom about leaving Iraq

BOTTOM LINE: We a not there to win the war, we are there to steal the oil.

Painting locker rooms pink

DU this CNN poll.

How I hate * so.

Poll What type of investigation into the federal

Holiday shopping is expected to be 5% more than last year...

Irony-Murtha served as Marine to defend Schmidt's right to call him coward

Anybody watching Bill Cllinton on c-span?

Stage Set for Impeachment

Prez * gives speech, tries to leave, finds doors locked! They showed it on

Remembering RFK

Kerry's Official E-mail -- re: Jack Murtha (full text)...

The welcome wagon is half full!

well mr. bush, it looks like you're Fucked

Remember Jimmy Massey, the marine, getting ripped on here at DU?

Santorum: 'Getting Things Done'

The Next 5 Months, and the Next 500 Years


Ethiopian-Americans are protesting Carter at Barnes & Noble tonight.


An Animation For Stephanie - "Bush Goes To China And Can't Get Out"

Sinclair Employees Claim They Were Ordered To Slant News


Please read this...DU.

Ohio CoinGate Investigation is Corrupt!

Looking for intentional deceptions by Bush in run-up to war

Don't smoke Pot or you'll get your whole hand stuck in your mouth

I'll be meeting with Harold Ford Jr. in two hours...


Cindy releasing a book - that was quick

Photoshoppers - * at church in China

Public Service Announcement: The Correct Use of the Apostrophe

Bill O'Reilly: Compulsive Liar, Habitual Liar, or Pathological Liar?

DU Plame Thread researchers exposed Rumsfeld in the summer of 2004!

Times-Picayune begs for New Orleans help

"Hadley Is Gonna Bring Down This President"

I'm Not Supporting Kerry Again in the Primaries - a few reasons...

Bush Jumps The Shark (with pics)!

Hey Rummy, How's That Iraqi Troop Training Going?

JFK Murder Solved -

RW FundiMentalists - Misguided, Mentally Ill, Misogynistic or Malevolent?

Sorry, but I've gotta challenge this "Boiling Point" talk

Special prosecutor for Diebold

AOL Poll on Jean Schmidt

President Moran - Exit Stage Right ---pix->>>

Does anyone else wonder why the freakin' idiots didn't PLANT WMDs?

"In God We Trust"

Curveball-MASSIVE LA TIMES- 3 Full Pages on Bush truth twisting

The Fight of Our Lives: Bill Moyers on the Danger of Our Corp. News Media

Who has a problem with Christmas?

Today's project - Whole Grain White Wheat Sourdough

Move over Kitchen Aid mixer, here comes the Dream Machine!

Happy Cats-giving everyone!

Did I tell you I made fermented dill pickles?

BC municipal election voters...See any Diebold machines?

What would be the effect of Global Warming on Vancouver Island, BC?

Hillary Vs. Rudy Would Be Blockbuster Race

LAT: As War Debate Ignites, Democrats Seek a Unified Message

WP: It's Shoe Love, Pumping Up Sales (shoe sales surge)

Feds Cracking Down On Illegals At Wal-Mart Construction Site

Many constituents side with Murtha in opposition to war

Cities Show All Politics Is Local by Weighing In on Iraq

Car bombs kill 48 in Iraq; Bush says war on track

American plan for first troop withdrawals within month

Jesse Jackson tells Bush to scrap hurricane deadlines

LAT: How U.S. Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball' (Extensive Article)

Congressional session exposes risks for GOP

9 soldiers killed, 18 wounded in ambush (Philippines)

WP: A Rebuilding Plan Full of Cracks (US Afghan. plan falls short)

Frontline police of new Iraq are waging secret war of vengeance

UK soldier killed by Iraq blast

WP,pg1: U.S. Plan to Rebuild in Afghanistan Falls Short

Sinclair Employees Claim They Were Ordered To Slant News

Iran Votes to Block Nuclear Inspections

Leak Investigation: For Libby and Rove, Legal Woes—And Bills

Detroit 'Sleeper Cell' Prosecutor Faces Probe (outside the Constitution)

Records for nuclear missile parts allegedly falsified

Send In The Clowns (Ringling Bros/CIA/PETA)

Can Democrats take advantage in '06 election? (good article :)

Iran Votes to Block Nuclear Inspections

(AP) Iraq Roadside Bombings Kill 6 U.S. Troops

Citizen soldiers face new struggles at home

Burmeister(R-Jim Crowville) is backed by party after report

An Editorial: It's time for a nation to return the favor

Biden: Chance of Alito Filibuster Higher

Richard Clarke kicking ass on C-Span 2 now, Hes tearing up,

Agreement on pull out of foreign troops from Iraq-Tamimi

LAT: Rumsfeld: Iraq Withdrawal Up to Commanders

Bush Lowers Temperature of Iraq War Debate

Why Iraq war support fell so fast


Widespread Violence Mars Egypt Elections

Widespread Violence Kills Dozens Across Iraq (NYT)

Spanish Mass marks Franco death

Al-Zarqawi May Be Among Dead in Iraq Fight

Wounded Sergeant Fights for a 'Best Friend' (Her Dog Rex-Murtha Trying)

Thousands in Mass. to get cheaper oil (Hugo Chavez)

Big Easy Couple Still Cooking for Troops

Sources of Confusion(Armitage source for Novak & Woodard?)

WP: Donor (egg) Issue Slows Stem Cell Progress

The Observer, UK: Millions face glacier catastrophe

Bush: Beijing ride better than Crawford

US probing if Zarqawi among Iraq dead ("highly unlikely and not credible")

CIA exaggerated weapons information, Germans say

Bush Bikes with Olympic Hopefuls (Did he fall????)

Soldiers' prosecution fears 'may cause fatal hesitation'

Zimbabwe to Process Newly Found Uranium

The men who ask the questions (Lockheed Martin's private interrogators)

WP: Rumsfeld, Murtha Continue War of Words Over Iraq


Rumsfeld: Talks Underway on Torture Ban

Bush tries to cool partisan tempers over Iraq (running scared?)

Ex-cellmate says al-Zarqawi was tortured

British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'

Air Force Gen.: Some Iraq Deaths Staged (US doesn't bomb civilians)

NYT: Doctors Objecting to Planned Cut in Medicare Fees

Bush makes little headway on human rights, religion in China

Talabani offers insurgents talks

Al-Zarqawi renounced by his Jordanian family

Israel's Labor Party Votes to Pull Out (of Sharon's coalition gov't)

Rumsfeld Denies He Was CIA Media Leak (Woodward)

Their time's up, but these soldiers are stuck in Iraq (stop-loss)

Falwell fighting for holy holiday He threatens to sue, boycott groups that

Bush: 'May God bless the Christians of China'

The Big Thaw (Greenland's ice cap melting faster than expected)

Rumsfeld says he did not 'advocate' invading Iraq (AFP)

Congress reduces its oversight role

Biden: Chance of Alito Filibuster Higher.

CNN: Washington Post (ombudsman) rebukes Bob Woodward

Poll: Ala. Residents Support Aruba Boycott

Sharon 'set to quit Likud party'

Louisiana asks '60 Minutes to hold tonight's report on sinking N.Orleans

Eight people are shot at a shopping mall in downtown Tacoma

Did Texas Execute An Innocent Man?

BBC: Door thwarts quick exit for Bush (fleeing press conference)

Report: al-Zarqawi killed by explosions in Mosul

Eat me!

I've always appreciated the intensity with which Pat Hill's teams play.

Eva Longoria just said my town's name in a SNL skit.

OMG!! Govenator trying to get his groove on!

Walk the Line sucked

Damn you Microsoft!

SNL ripping Schmidthead!

Holy moly does Sanford and Son suck. Also, I'm drinking.

Who's the musical guest on SNL?

Connie Lingus, the great and powerful orator, is appearing at the Y this

Holy Shit. There is karaoke on my TV. It's a local talent show called

For Heidi

Sorry I missed out on the thread of 'Connie', but I know her brother...

Hello. My name is Jack Ash.

What do you think Teletubbies, in the long run, will do to our kids?

Eeeww! (Eva Longoria "Firmium" ad)

I have 12 hours to think up a way to PUNK! Jim Gilmore.

The Oxford comma: yea or nay?

Finishing my beer and going to bed now. Good Night.

ATTN: Los Angles liberal female you are needed

A Christmas Parade? Today???

BigMcLargehuge appreciation thread.

Smack up on Shrub for a while.. It'll make you feel better...

Now that I'm done programming three different servers

Beaver dams destroyed

List of Black Friday sales

saw Good Night and Good Luck tonight-


I was going through some of my old writing and I ran across

I am seriously hungry...

USC's Reggie Bush rushes for 294 yards in 50-42 Trojan win.

Bubble Gum tunes and sugary songs

The Foo Bird

Ya really gotta love Bill...

Did KitchenWitch leave for California already?

OK.... why should I become a donor to DU?

Several years ago, someone gave me a nice bottle of wine

Oh KitchenWitch, I miss you. n/t

If you're up, Marx Bros. "Day at the Races" just starting on TCM

fight the power!

CNN: Bush Asks China to Expand Freedoms

Insult... A flat out insult!!11!!11!!

What is the meaning of life?

*Yawn* SNL is on.

God I hate human trash

I'm listening to the "Xanadu" soundtrack on Rhapsody!

Post a picture of your favorite non-cat, non-dog animal

Bill O'Reilly: Compulsive Liar, Habitual Liar, or Pathological Liar?

If I pay extra, can I see the deleted messages?

Fright Night one and two on sci fi right now

jesus of the week

Who donated for me?

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

Bush fell off his bike? Every time he does that something bad happens..

Please help me... I need an intervention


Rapping for Iraq

Blessing, Utah

First dumb move of the day

Weekly World News: How To Tell If You've Been Abducted By Aliens

i think you all need to show some personal responsibility

I'm watching the Madonna "Hung Up" video now

Anyone see the "Superman" promo video yet?

Hollywood going all out to promote "Narnia"

Tell Microsoft to fix this new critical problem:

WHAT? Fresno State leading USC at halftime 21-13?

what's for breakfast?

Why do time stamps on posts appear two hours later than actual time?

P.E.O. Sisterhood....???

Can you see this pic?

this morning, i officially declare Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anyone else ever hate Thanksgiving?


So Heidi Fleiss is opening up a stud farm in Nevada

I am never wasting another morning on that creep DS1 again.

News from KitchenWitch.............

Photoshop rules!

i finally have the lounge figured out!!!

Is enigmatic going all soft and squishy on us, all of a sudden?

Why do I always wait til the last minute to do my homework?

Brownies are winning... I am shoocked... I tell ya, Shocked..

Anyone get the new Horses/Horses LIVE (2005) by Patti Smith?

carl or forrest

DU cat lovers, look at this.

I just downloaded enigmatic's favorite song...

Who is your favorite shock jock?

e-mail scam? or something else? i need your opinion

NOBODY is lazier than ME THIS holiday season!

Newbie with a "technical" question....

Have any of you figured out what the guy says in Radiohead's "Just" video?

Cirque Du Soliel

Favorite Sugar (Bob Mould) album?

Have you ever known a song would be your favorite without hearing it?

Do you wear Birkenstocks?

strong like bull

i wonder if he worried about blood-borne pathogens?

Could the people on the porch kindly shut the fuck up?

Ouch. I gave myself a paper cut opening a toilet cleaning package.

Bush looks like Joe E Brown... pic.

Bears are winning

Saw "HP & the Goblet of Fire" Friday afternoon -- loved it!

Thanksgiving: the first Mid-Atlantic/Northeast snowstorm of the season?

bwhahaha - would you want to rent THIS place?

How do I hyperlink e-mail on my blogspot template? Code?

The closer my TG company gets, the more I love my cats.

Woo-hoo! I got a wireless router

This is the most horrible name ever!

What's the difference between a hairball and the apocalypse?

Good evening Democrats!

HELP! What do you get a nine year old girl for Christmas

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sunday)

The GuyFawkes Daily Porn Thread (Sunday)

Are you on the DU Map?

Time Traveller Talks - SPOILER WARNING!

the Civ IV addiction thread

Hey cat people: question

JVS' fatwa update for the lounge faithful.

Fuck Tommy Maddox.

Is my parrot giving me a hint?

Horrible or hilarious?

Goddamn. This has been one helluva year.

Mick Jagger for President


I just got Gallup polled.

Anyone know why my avatars aren't showing up?

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why...

What? What?? The Broncos win again???

DAMMIT. Would you miss me if I died? HURRY!

Finished raking the leaves

Post your mid-80's Ninja movie plot here:

*Congratulations * V/V/AR DU Group Forum !

We are making anti-lefse today . . .

So I adopted the older dog a couple of days ago.

So...anyone know whether the Eagles won today?

What should I make for dinner?

Guess who sat next to my daughter at The Game?

Where should I move?

Rabrrrrrr is finally home form church

All that money makes such a succulent sound

SNL? Alive... or dead...

California Peggy...

Elvis is everywhere

Off to the Laundremat.....

We are making lefse today...

What makes your day, no matter how wacked everything it is?

I can't remember if I took my medicine or not....what to do...what to do

We've done the ninja movie thing... now lets talk bad shark films!

It's 3:33 in the AM !

Do you listen to bands that don't sing in English?

God, I love 'All in the Family'


Just Wonderful !!! 29° outside!!! I just had to shut the furnace off! ! !

84 degrees, sunny, dry wind....You've gotta love SoCal!

I just saw Walk the Line...

It's Sunday. We are motivated. Post three weird things about yourself.

Happy Birthday to nuxvomica!!!

More powerful: Queen Elizabeth or JK Rowling?

Why does everyone hate me here?

Link Wray died this past week


OK! Huskerlaw and CaPeggy having fun tonight! Dial-up warning......

Since no one else gives a rats ass....

Attention whore post: Am I really the god of snark?

Good evening Republicans!

So, I was bartending a Christmas Party tonight...

You know who's in charge now at the CIA?

California Lounge Lizards! We need help. Diebold attacks!

Mayonnaise appreciation thread

Had to repost this Katrina stolen bus pic. It makes me feel good.

If eligible would you join the DAR?

Who is your favorite athlete of all time?

Another Movie Post! "Great" Movies That Leave You Cold!

funny Thanksgiving or other holiday disaster stories

Quick, fellow DUers!

A Mildly Off Color Joke For You!

What/Who do you miss??

Disturbing Subliminal Message

Dedicate a song to another DU member

What is your most hated household chore?

softpaws for cats ! Now that I have scratches all over me....

Biggest Bad Ass! Who would you want in The Lounge to back

What the Cardinal seems to miss --

Disney pitches ‘Lion’ to Christians

Jewish Leader Blasts 'Religious Right'

Babylon,the great, has fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons...

Is Science a Religion?

Study links cancer to oral sex

Million-dollar Space Rock Unearthed

Japan's asteroid touchdown fails

Many Worlds Theory (Interesting Philosophy and Debate)

The Darwin exhibition frightening off corporate sponsors

Transgender Rememberance Day...

Falwell Fires Coach at Liberty U.

Toronto smokes the heat for their first win.I dig Chris Bosh & Mike James.

78 freaking years old!

Anyone in favor of ranking Fresno State in the Top Ten, say "Aye!"

My bird wants a coke

Introducing myself and my furry babies

The great compromise

Cat Tail Trivia

Tarot reading - General situation Present to Dec. 2006

"", a cool Bible online resource

Any Thoughts...

OMIGOD! The Repugs are going to NUKE themselves!

Can I download John Kerry podcasts or mp3 files anywhere?

The Greening of Italia Federici - article

Anyone want to reply?

Slow day on GD/GDP - anti-Kerry posts starting.

Toot, toot, but I rather like the last sentence of this post.

Rumsfeld just announced that troops will be drawn down to 138,000

F*** Stephanopoulos.

Utter frustration!

As White House Smears Iraq Critics, Pentagon Readies Plan for Withdrawal

Great bit of history that all DUers might appreciate

Murtha was one of the first to endorse Dean for DNC chair

The "cut and run" witch

What do you think of the coverage of Iraq on TV?

Trun in Churches for Tax Code violations!

The Carter Principle

Two South Fla. elections officials fined

Pennsylvanians - Will Man-on-dog get away with this flip-flop?

Looking for information about the floor debate the other night...

2091 tombstones

This Week (ABC) - Klein on Rumsfeld: "The most hallucinatory moment"

Indian Tribal Lobbying: Investigation of Jack Abramoff.

Rummy on WMD Intelligence:"Everybody saw the same thing....

Bush tries to cool tempers over Iraq

Any chance that Schmidt's impertinence will help us get her seat next year

For your Christmas gift-giving, might I humbly suggest:

Silence over Franco broken by new Spanish generation

Not 1 cent for children of Iraq war

"It doesn't take a genius to kill people" says Rummy to Wolf n/t

‘End the war’ chorus that Bush can’t control

Corzine Should Appoint "The Boss" To The Senate

When Dems Closed The Senate A Couple Of Weeks Back.....

Italian PM's second album of 'Lurve'.

Wilkerson on NOW on CNN ...Wolf

According to Bob Graham the Administration never requested an NIA for Iraq

Rummy in full Fred Astaire Mode on CNN.

Arguing About Who Hit Who First Three Years Ago...

"God Doesn't Like Ugly" (How Prop 2 Is Already Changing Texas)

The ever changing mission in Iraq

I may have an opportunity to interview Jim Dean, chairman of the DFA.

Riverbend speaks of life in Baghdad

What happens when the 'puke budget deficit sheet hits the fan?

Getting the Lowdown on Iraq

John O'Neil targets Bernie Sanders

"Looks like I may have been right about Rice"

More mediawhores: Irresponsible on Iraq - Washington Post editorial

Was Bush mad because he can't silence dissent like the Chinese can?

Animated slide show: The Prez & the Puzzling Chinese Door

Can Democrats take advantage in '06 election? (good article :)

Should the WAPost fire Bob Woodward?

Are Alito's memos about Roe v. Wade a trap for Democrats?

If you want to know about mr bubp

Katherine Harris...real problems. Local columnist goes after her.

Murtha on * on MTP: "I saw where he couldn't get out the door in Beijing"

What question would you like to ask woodward?

Republicans turn to McCain the maverick

Anyone have a link to our leaders "stage left" in China?

(Can.) Martin blasts Bush on trade and climate (at summit)

From her Web Site: Jean Schmidt's solemn "No Pork Pledge"

The organization which takes on the Parents Television Council

Is it unpatriotic NOT to question our government in times of war?

Play along--Caption this Bush Exit Cartoon

Who resides in the Green Zone in Iraq...

Union for Reform Judaism adopts resolution on Alito

Here's what REALLY bugs me about the Dems not supporting Murtha video re: WMD & Dems supporting War in Iraq

"Bush Lowers Temperature of Iraq War Debate" = Dose of public ire

Warner Is On C-Span right now

Two reasons I think Murtha has been given the green light to speak out.

JOSHUA FRANK: Democratic Hawks -- The Avian Flu of the Antiwar Movement

Does anyone read Chinese? What does Ws backdrop say?

Our President the Missionary

mindistortion war

Did any of you see that Incredible C-Span Report with Jim Leach & Bass?

JASON MILLER: America's Corporatocracy Says "No MAS"

We need one or two universally reckognized symbols for the

Should Gay People Stop Paying Taxes?

Glad we are winning the battle,

Dean gave some policy in the conference

Wolf calling Rummy and Pace out Now on Late Edition!! Are U watching?

if you can't join 'em, beat 'em: Sharon quits Likud Party

Al-Zarqawi might possibly be dead (again?) after fighting

Who will be the first RW talker to suggest John Murtha is "losing it"?

Governor Mark Warner - CSPAN - Tonight

Why is the "Conspiracy of Silence" so POWERFUL?

Summary of Murtha's MTP appearance:


I think personal attacks against Bush is unproductive

Door thwarts quick exit for Bush

Condi Rice's Disdain for the Civil Rights Movement

Ann Coulter Spontaneously Combusts from Her Own Hatred

Union for Reform Judaism adopts resolution on Alito

Is Italia Federici This Year’s Scandal Blonde? (Abramoff)

CNN Poll: Unpatriotic to question Iraq policy while troops fight there?

DU this poll!!

"Why I Am a Democrat" by Gov. Mark Warner

The Case Against the Press is Solid

George Will spoke a powerful truth today.

The Politicization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

W.H. aides "at fault for assuming Bush was personally unassailable"

General Clark Posted a Message to Us on his Blog!

General William E. Odom: What’s wrong with cutting and running?

The polls tell a story

How Jean Schmidt "WON" against Paul Hackett. "Won" as in "lost"!

If Hadley was Woodward's source, doesn't that implicate Rice?

We all love BIll Clinton. Right? Then why would we not want him back in t


How likely is your Congressional District to change parties in 2006?

GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims

Shaw's Supermarket weilds religous blue laws as a weapon

What is the worst-case scenario if we were to withdraw from Iraq?

Who has cut off friendships and other relationships...