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Archives: November 2, 2005

Has anyone noticed that the coverup worked? E. J. Dionne

New Yorker: Hell Week

Blizter and the 700 Club

Molly Ivins: Escape from the pickle factory

Roberts is coordinating language of Phase II. report with Cheney !!

Newsview: Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

PBS TV special on global warming hosted by Alanis Morissette

Help in GD with this POST SOS TO CONGRESS

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/02/05

Foothill-De Anza...??? (Yeah, minor, but still - help!)

I will thank Harry Reid by contributing to the Loebsack campaign

I Have .cue and .bin Files: How Do I Play Them?

Elections Postponed in Bolivia

Wouldn't It Be Great...

Pat Roberts is whinning--all of a sudden it was about me. cnn

Chrissie lets Ken Mehlman spew talking points

Wonder how Michael Weiner Savage will be tonight

Harry Reid....I want to bear your child!

Harry Reid Halo

A first-rate recap of today's events; Head On with Bob Kincaid! Starts NOW

I love bubbles--anybody have a video link from this segment on TDS?

What do you think was going on at the WH today during the siege?

CBS hits homerun on Senate Shutdown AND home mortgage deduction!!

E-mail Jack Cafferty He,s taking them now

All this feels a lot like giving birth to a baby

While I applaud supporting Harry Reid...and am Thrilled with his Stand...

Neo-convicts and Other Criminals

Tweetie just called today's action by Harry Reid a "stunt"

Sammy "The Breath" Alito

so dems are anti-Italian now?

It is the OBLIGATION of the minority party, in a time when there is NO

Are the SENATORS above the LAW???If they saw a Crime commited

How many % points did Reid's DU approval increase by?

Bush gets word of the Democrats attack...

Do you think shrub will sacrifice Rove in light of his

On now on FSTV - Greg Palast's Bush Family Fortune.

FLASH: Lott Questions Whether Rove Should Stay At White House...

Anyone catch the end of Blitzer

Can someone catch me up? What did I miss with Reid?

Heads Up! The Joe Wilson Press Junket continues tonight and tomorrow

I am just wild about Harry-

Ok I'm back catching up--What is Shrub's reaction?

Co-president of Maine College Democrats being deployed to Iraq

What's up ith the Marc Maron show?

VIDEO- Cover Up- E J Dionne with Olbermann

Today is Reidavus - forget Fitzmas

Could Pat Robertsons Consigliere (Sekulow) be a crook?

Remembering All the Dead on All Saint's Day

From Huffington Post--WH muzzling Alito's son....

Democratic Party ads in 2006 should emphasize "One Party Rule" we've had,

Some conservatives question Rove's future

Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates - Tortured too badly

Michelle Malkin coming up on Billy. Either watch or get a 2X4 and hit

NBC Frightly News

2028 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Countdown on subject of Phase II

Come speculate--What actually went on during the closed session?

Today is only the beginning.

Today is a good day but,

Does anyone know what tghis is about?

I found it quite funny

CA scare tactic phone ads slam planned parenthood for arnold....


George Bush Just got his ASS KICKED BY A GIRL

What is this on C-SPAN right now?

Dr. Cat-killer Frist, When you're slapped, you'll stay slapped.

Boston Legal is about the The Iraq war tonight

CSPAN now, some good stuff happening on the floor

who was it that seconded Reids call for closed door session?..n/t

Ben Nelson and Orrin Hatch on Harball yesterday

Kinda reminds me of the Aiello nomination

Day one

CSPAN2 - Ried answering questions - repeat

Does anyone have a link to Ted Stevens freak out?

Guess I'll give some money to the Democrats tonight...

Meaningless and Irrelevant

Just got back from work. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

cnn. more troops going to Irag ==again for the elections.

VIDEO-Frist Edited Speech from today Lampoon

So I got into a funk when the Alito nomination was announced

Where's Anderson Cooper?

Interest'n Zogby poll. West Wing show????

Catholic Univ. student: Why do we have to tolerate SUBHUMAN gays?

It's really least right now.CSPAN.

Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) doing a full hour on the House floor, CSPAN1 now

The World Can't Wait! - 180 Actions Nationwide - Tomorrow, 11/2

Can Shrub give a speech without mentioning terrorism?

C-Span Now....House Dems hitting nail on the Head

Let's play "Name This Week's Terrorist Threat."

ABC just showed the President asking the staff if they were the Leaker

Harry Reid "Rove should resign"

Wal-Mart hurting-thanks to us Lefties. Sales down do to bad press...

Of Presidents & Emperors

Maher's show Friday: was it inflammatory? Usually

This is why we need to demand the true

You can't always get you want

I know this is off topic, but regarding the Pretenders "My city was gone"

GRAPH: Deaths/Month in Iraq (4th and 5th worst months of all since Aug.)

Why a closed door session, why not let the public view it?

Barb Boxer on Daily Show NOW!!

Why are the Regressives Blaming the CIA for "bad" intelligence?

Bush continues to lie - Our troops continue to die - Reid-Rockefellar

Why don't we (Dems) call the MSM what they are?

Kid joins army with forged papers and now wants out?

*ushco strong arming the press. Tweety talks.

Is Candy Wolf the President??? Who is she??? Did I miss an

Is this the day?

What's with the DU Activist Corps?

Complete this: "BushCo's policies help _________, but hurt everyone else."

Is it fair to say that Harriet Meirs was at least as qualified as O'Connor

"Power Shifts" Wonderful Post from TPM's Site about Dems Taking it BACK!

"Boston Legal" about Iraq war and office politics tonight

Matt Cooper on Larry King: Bloodless. Everything wrong with media now.

How will America be saved?

CA Iraq-Vet blogger critiques war "Journalism".

Wealthy Bush contributor to oversee coast recovery

The Roveist GOP Party is a fat, gaseous, Santa-hating fascist sponge cake

Hey! How did that elephant get in the living room??

Boxer on Daily Show tonite!

Did ya Notice who DIDN't come to Support Pat & Frist???

Is it now time to call it the "Democracy Party" ???

How would you answer this?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Shout Out

Paper Ballots NOW! Hand Counts NOW! IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!

Freep founder now: "Marxist Democrat Party is corrupt, treasonous"

OK, what did I miss? Reid and Frist got into some sort of tussle, and

Did Reid pick the best three dems to look into the report ?

Thank you , Big Oil! Thank you, Pharmas!

We can't make it here anymore - James McMurty commentary on George Bush's

Is George Tenet Mr. X? Is Plamegate a CIA plot?

Sad How Many Unpatriotic & Un American People In This Country

Good Yahoo Story on today's event

Three New HARRY REID Avatar Images!

Anyone else...

ÜberFReeper JimRob wants to talk "corruption" -- he's got 'splainin' to do Poll On The Necessity Of A War Debate

Why Frist is called the Catkiller

Caption this Reid Photo!

Go Cong. Meek!!! "This is serious--period dot!"

Bush's non-existent consultation with Democrats, Harry Reid specifically.

How the Mainstream Media Got Bush Re-elected - And Screwed America

Is it me or did Saddam'strial get awful quiet all of a sudden?

Joe Wilson on Larry King now

Will someone PLEASE give bush a BLOWJOB...

Great NEW "Horsey" Political Cartoon (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Joe Wilson is a class act

HUGE: Secret CIA prison in Europe!!!! (from Dailykos)

It's official! I am a Boston Legal fan!

Democrats Push to Delay Alito Hearings ~ AP 18 minutes ago.

Is Alito That Bad?


"American girl" boycott is ON! ("Promote lesbianism & abortion")

What the hell is an Islamo-fascist anyway?

The Carlyle Group and Bioport....Bird Flu Vaccine Alert....

Did wolf just say "caligulality"?

Wanted: Early photos of Ann Coulter

Department of Peace

SOS TO CONGRESS: Address 2004 Election

"Concerned Women" commend Congress: The unborn feel pain!!

caption this Bush photo

Taken to extremes, liberalism is just as bad as conservatism...

John Edwards admits authorizing the president to attack Iraq was a mistake

New time for "The Guy James Show"

Plamegate is rooted in a Constitutional crisis.

Spice islands in turmoil as troops fire at election protesters

Researchers Say Levees Had Design Flaws

WTO police powers row (Hong Kong)

US dealt a deadly October in Iraq VOTE IT UP ON YAHOO!

Rosa Parks Rallies a Nation even in Death

US 'losing war' on terrorism

Venezuela, China to build satellite

Venezuela to Buy $1B in Argentina Bonds

GOP seeks to loosen deficit-control bill

(Gov. Rick ) Perry Accuses FEMA Of Poor Planning, Discrimination

Chavez Warns of Moving Jets (F-16s) to Cuba, China

'Specific' terror threat against Australia: PM

Amnesty International on Blair's terror laws: Dangerous. Ill-conceived.

Judge Removed From DeLay's Criminal Case

Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates

Kosky (Australia) rules intelligent design a faith

Amnesty International on Blair's terror laws: Dangerous. Ill-conceived.

Germany: Merkel stranded as ally quits grand coalition

KR: Only Iraqi forces can eliminate `thugs,' U.S. commander says

Beatty, Reiner star opposite Schwarzenegger in election events

Senate Cuts Bush's Democracy Aid Request

Caddo Parish Sheriff Angry After Recent Meeting With FEMA

Chilean Court to Analyze New Privilege Withdrawal to Pinochet

NAACP Leader Voices Concerns About Alito

Civilian contractors in Iraq dying at faster rate as insurgency grows

Democrats Push to Delay Alito Hearings

Appeals court voids Cuban spy decision, will rehear case

The Game's Still On for Sunnis--A Times

Anti-Bush protesters gather in Argentine resort ahead of Americas Summit

DeLay Loath to Doff His Leadership Hat

Rumsfeld hints at more troops in Iraq

Heated day in D.C. leads to more prewar probes (msnbc)

Colo. Vote Leaning Toward New Tax Plan

WP: GOP Angered by Closed Senate Session (Dumb-ass headline)

Sen. Lott becomes first GOP senator to question Rove's employment

Rumsfeld can't recall discussing Plame

Blair signals shift over climate change

Iran sacks diplomats in purge of reformers

Four 101st soldiers killed in Iraq

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped (*bangs head*)

Zogby: Bush May Face Tough Crowd In South, Central America

Spears to Write a Kabbalah Children’s Book, Federline to spend royalties?


Irony is NOT lost on this Design Firm - "PROGESSIVE PERFECTION"

Driver's Licenses Now Posted Online? WTF?!

Barbara Boxer will be on The Daily Show tonight.

Chocolate and Acne: They say scientific studies have 'disproved'...

When did DU go back to GD/GDP rather than Everything Else?

heathenchemistry anyone?

I did not know this about Wesley Crusher.

Give me your lunch money!!!!!

is there such a thing as cyber-begging?



9 tonight, the Lifetime Channel: The Rosa Parks Story.

Get yer HARRY REID boxer shorts at cafepress... (pic)

We have Harry Reid avatars now!

Question about the movie 'Die Hard with a Vengeance'...?

argle bargle (post a favorite nonsensical phrase & a photo to go with it!)


Will you crazies please get off Photobucket?

my sister-in-law made me butterscotch cookies (i wanna MARRY her)

Okay I just thought of another smilie!

Does DU Have Secret Sessions?

Bush: "During These Troubling Times Its Important We...

Does DU have filibusters?

who did YOU party with last night?

OK, who wants to cuddle?

Forbes: Top earning dead celebrities

We're accepting PLEDGES - Help buy cough syrup for DS1's roommate

Who wants to share the pain with me?

share the pain with me

What can you tell me about Goshen, NY?

It's OFFICIAL Standard Time sucks!

Can Shrub give a speech without mentioning terrorism?

On Boston Legal; Are the men wearing Lip Stick????

"The Big Easy" w/Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin on Showtime tonight

tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan!!!

I have a serious case of the blahs

Do One Brave Thing Today!

I'm accepting USEFUL pledges - Help buy a shotgun for DS1's roommate

Worst morning at work...

I need a swift kick in the ass. Can someone kick me?

What is the point of declaring a 'child abduction emergency?'

COPS: NOPD in New Orleans After Katrina is on Court TV.

Well, "Commander in Chief" is a pretty good show.

OMG I'm going to Amsterdam and Paris!

I had a GREAT idea for a thread earlier today...

Is smiling considered "flirting" in Chinese culture?

My Name Is Earl....... On now...

Jesus H. Christ on a trailer hitch

Hot Hot Heat..... Good band hey, now.....

Fall sunset in Renton WA - pic for your enjoyment

I've been here two years now?

what a fun & happy day it was in the lounge today

What's The First Letter Of The Swear/Curse Word You Use Most Often?

People with sore feet!

one heck of a rant about the war on Boston Legal

When was a point when you knew you were in love with someone?

Has anyone here written an autobiography? who REALLY signed up for NaNoWriMo?

Wedding Pictures!!!! (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Tips on healthy living

What celebrity do people say you look like?

Here's a photo of a Mama moose and her calf for your enjoyment...

Is Ford out of their frikkin' minds?

I wrote a children's book once.... named it Curious George

Define 'taupe'.

Why do you live?

Who else takes their kids trick-or-treating carrying wine in plastic cups?

Very lame new Chick Tract up

This Dark at 5:15 shit

Replace a word in a movie title with "clique"

What's the worst job you've ever done? I had to haul shi

I didn't know I could do this with iTunes


PA/NJ/DE DUers-Here's this week's annoying list of chances to see me play!

boston area meetup - 11/05/05

Was life on Earth born in a clay womb?

Aide's comments to legislator accidentally sent to constituent

Israeli Gay Couple Sues To Have Canadian Marriage Recognized

Polls Show Support For Maine's Gay Rights Law Remains Strong

Board backs GLBT forum

Philly hires "Stand" Pat Gillick as GM.

NBA League Pass is free for the next few days.

Tomorrow is Fet Gede

Today was also about Alito and the 'nukular opshun'

kos again - And a good explanation of why we cant win this fight.

Did you all see the letters posted on Sen Kerry's site

Kerry ANWR Email

KOEB Meeting Nov 1

But will you love me tomorrow?

Tweety and Lott dance around the "should Rove go" topic

Send Cafferty an e-mail quick!

KO starting out with the Senate closed session.

How come when I do a google search on "Stunt Harry+Reid Senate November

Nothing On CNN (Paula Zahn) On Harry's KO, Olbermann

Olberman labels Bush's bird flu address the "Disease Distraction"

For Harry Reid and all the Dems today

Is Reid "presidential material"?

PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what Reid did/is doing!!!

Make sure you DU this CNN poll on the closed session

So, how do you Harry Reid doubters like him now?

CSPAN replay of Harry Reid's dramatic move in the Senate Starting Now!

5 years--finally a tantrum. I hope there are lots of media stunts to come.

OK let's be honest. Who really believes that if Daschle was still Minority

Remember when we all sent flowers to Sen Boxer - Let's do that for Reid

Andrea Greenspan: The Democrats forced Pat Roberts' hand

Once again delay whines and gets what he wants: This time a new judge

KO about to talk about the theory this admin dragged their

I've been thinking all day about something. Remember Admiral

Tom Delay...

I died laffin--"How LaRouche Brought Dick Cheney Down"

Scotty, Niger and the press conference.

Hey! FRIST you cat-killing, insider-trading, quack. I was born in

msnbc - Reids brilliant move

I have been watching the press people

Send Harry $10

Coming up on Countdown: Scalito's mommy says he's not happy being #2

See guys? This is how you win back Congress!

House, live now, Cspan - pre-war intel, Libby etc - scathing, but just few

Joe Wilson to Appear on Countdown with KO Tomorrow Night

Okay, somebody had to do it: St. Harry pic>>>

Froomkin: The White House Stonewall

Harry Reid, “Master of the Rules,” Seizes the Day

What I Was Doing November 1st of Last Year...

Pew Poll on crossover appeal...

Let`s Not Filibuster Alito.

US frees 500 Abu Ghraib prisoners

I dreamt I was appointed SC Justice last night.....

Today the Dems take a stand. Tomorrow all Americans will.

Hey Virginia! - Kaine up by 8 in Roanoke College poll

For my 1000th post: Some thoughts about patriotism

John Kerry--Blow the roof off the dump-Say Bush stole the 2004 election.

What exactly is wrong with Federalism?

As pointed out by Isikoff on LK, Dems don't have subpeona power

Abortion Is NOT The Only Issue with Alito

Have our dems really been spineless this whole time, or.....

Today, Democratic Leadership Realized It's a Minority Party

MSNBC: Tax change proposals to set off howls of protest

Frist and family had to pay $1.7 BILLION fine for medicare/medicaid fraud

ABC's Boston Legal really sending a message about Iraq tonight!!

See, Harry Reid used to be a boxer, so he just doesn't play a tough guy...

DU this AOL poll Reid & Democrats

TONIGHT on "The Daily Show," at 11pm EST, Senator Barbara Boxer!!!!!!!!

Who's head was it that Sen Reid nearly bit off??

Howard Dean's mail about how to show support for Reid and Senate Dems.

GRAPH: Deaths/Month in Iraq (4th and 5th worst months of all since Aug.)

US poor set to lose food stamps

O'Reilly to Malkin: I went through the VietNam era.

Show Reid your support: Donate $11.01 to his "Give em Hell" PAC

YOUR prediction for George W. Bush's Thanksgiving 2005

Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

David Corn: A Grave Indictment, but Grave Questions Remain

"Tribalizing’ Democracy"!

A new left turn for Europe

Zell Miller likens * to "King" -- "Rule can head off dirty tricks at CIA"

WSJ-Senators to Probe Lobbyist's Activities-(Gale Norton associates)

Iraq vet works against war

Gene Lyons

19th century libertarians saw fascism coming...

Panel's OK of Loan Executive Hits a Snag (Ameriquest Ambassador Hearing)

FDIC Chair to Supervise Gulf Coast Recovery Efforts

Annus horribilis...Whats gone wrong for Bush?

Cheney Circles the Wagons

McCarthyism then and now

What's in a Name? The Libby Factor.

He's back! William Rivers Pitt - Nothing Shakin' on Shakedown Street?

They Lied To Us - Kunstler

Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence

Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!

Bird Flu is Real - and you're on your Own

Bush-Cheney Traitors Deserve Prison, Impeachment

The Nation: John Conyers and Rosa Parks

Voting is the Only Way To Thwart Governor (Arnold)

Village Voice - ...More Torture for All of Us

Alito writing backed privacy, gay rights (Boston Globe)

Book report -"The Last True Story I will Ever Tell"

"The White House Criminal Conspiracy" Keys to Impeachment

Who is David Addington?

US military massacres Iraqi civilians near Syrian border

The True Cost of War

Pro-War Liberals Frozen in the Headlights

A ceremony that shows this government's real weakness

Uh-Oh! We Liberals Have Been Exposed!

Progressing to the future

Atheists are more moral and smarter than Xians; the numbers prove it.

The unraveling of the Cheney cabal

Dennis Kucinich: "Democrats: It's The War"

MOGAMBO GURU: Automakers Have No Plans For Mogambo Supercar Supreme-o

Tax income from work and from wealth equally-Senator Wyden's Fair Flat Tax

Borneo 2B Razed For Palm Plantation @ Altitudes Where Palms Cannot Grow

Deep(er) sea floating wind turbine to use oil rig tech.

Insurance Company Warns of Global Warming's Costs

Speak up now to prevent Arctic drilling: Senate votes tomorrow

Blair Invokes Magical Thinking - "Science Will Solve Climate Change"

I confess to seeing a large residential PV solar system in New Jersey.

Israel dragging heels over Gaza agreements

Israeli clampdown amid rise in 'sonic bombs'

New checkpoint to sever W. Bank south of Nablus

Settler leader indicted over assault of police officer

EU officials to evaluate Gaza border monitoring (Jerusalem Post)

9/11: LIHOP, MIHOP, etc.

Blink* blink* blink** Are we being allowed out of the dungeon today?

I'm Finally MIHOP for 9-11

The No-Plane Argument for 9/11

Help on GD: Stealing elections in 10 Easy Steps

Happy anniversary of the 2004 STOLEN election, everyone!

John Bonifaz to announce candidacy Massachusetts Sec. of the Commonwealth


Just a thought: Has everyone been sending their wonderful analysis...

Please help re. legal opinions on USSC decision in Bush v. Gore

DU Chat with author Mark Crispin Miller this Thursday 11/3 >>>

The Gun is Smoking: Ohio Exit Poll - Evidence of Vote Miscount

CTA Phone Banking Photos--GOTV!!

Welcome to San Louie Obispo.

(Newport Beach) Daily Pilot: Campus campaign

L.A. Presidential protest

(NPB) Daily Pilot: Immigration likely part of future races

"The Corporate Takeover of CA":

LAT: Abortion Effort Isn't Untested

More on verifiable paper trails

Where Iowa stands on women's health care rights

Health insurance question. Anyone buy individual coverage?

Tell your legislators: Pass bill to fight signature-gathering trickery

Anyone here have dumpster-diving experience? Could use help... n/t

Tim Murray (Worcester mayor) for LG?

John Bonifaz, Massachusetts' next Secretary of the Commonwealth

I donated to the Democratic Party today.

Anyone listen to Wendy Wilde in the morning?

Silly question - How often do you windoze users run Crap Cleaner

Northeast Ohio DU meetup this Sunday! Who's coming?

World Can't Wait vigil in Dayton today.....

Citizens seek a say without 'pay to play'

Perry accuses FEMA of poor planning, discrimination in letter

Anyone going to Thursday's candlelight vigil in Houston?

Joe Barton cuts medicaid

Election Night Party for Mayor Bill White

Prop. 7 - explain this to me - no organized opposition?

If you can spare a few bucks for kids in Texas

Field Report: Wisconsin: Dean's Plan at Work

Nationwide walk-out & protest today - Madison, Milwaukee, LaCrosse....

DU this poll (Appleton, WI supports torture)

Wisc. Gov. Doyle subpoenas Big Oil execs on price gouging!!

Do you speak Wisconese?

Did anyone read this CNNpiece on "Black Friday"/WalMart?

Jon Stewart is on a roll!!

Rosa Parks is great though let us not forget.

The Presdient of "un"


**VIDEO** Anti-Alito Video

On the Proper Role of the US Military In a Time of National Emergency.

The CIA leak investigation: Bigger fish, deeper water

Field Report: Wisconsin: Dean's Plan at Work


VIDEO- Pentagon Briefing today Heavily Edited

With Judge Alito, Govt May Have To Pay Polluters Damages

"The truth---with jokes" by Al Franken

Great special on public television about the eradication of small pox

Stripes letter: No vicious language, labels (against Sheehan, et al)

What page from the R's political playbook do the D's really need to learn?

check out this Yahoo News typo before it's gone:

All of Bush's court picks must be removed immediately! (DeLay precedent)

Ambassador Wilson: "Karl Rove goes to my church"

We have GOT to "integrate".

Addington is lead dog in Cheney's fight to keep torture alive

That George W. Bush, he's a pandemic president.

Is now the time for the Clinton's to admit they were wrong about Iraq?

Kerry Urgent Action Alert: ANWR! Call your Congress Critters!

VIDEO-Barbara Boxer on TDS

Who are the three Rethugs chosen?

VelvetRevolution ad in DC's 'City Paper'

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped

Presidents Pandemic plan..$50,000 shrink wrarp machines for corpses....

Important advice on defeating Alito...

Just what are they protecting us from?

Wouldn't it be great if it were as simple as good vs. evil?

NY Times editorial board labels Cheney "doomsayer in chief" and more.

How about a "Bell the cat" tribute.. especially lovely considering

I'm Finally MIHOP for 9-11

Should I leave my wife to woo Barbara Boxer?

On a sad's this for a smart dog?

Elizabeth de la Vega: "The White House Criminal Conspiracy"

Now this guy can rant! Language warning. n/t

For late-nighters. Contribute $11.01 to Reid's Dem Leadership Fund

Bernie's gonna read EJ Dionne's column -- fasten your seatbelts

It's Nov. 2nd! And the World Can't Wait!

180 World Can't Wait Demonstrations Across the Country TODAY 11/2/05 World Can't Wait 180 Actions/RalliesPlanned Across the Country TODAY, 11

what the Hell is wrong with these people?

nominee Alito OK with all white juries

Hah!.. Reid gets the halo today

DIAL-UP USERS: Sign Will Pitt's DU Letter to Senate Dems

Santorum deserves a serious ass kicking for that idiotic remark

759 Responses to Will Pitts DU Letter to Senate Dems! So many that...

Oh the horror... 2400 small children / yr squashed by SUV's.....

LTTE to local fishwrap

Bernie Ward gets the whole shutdown thing -- listen link

Raytal on give them hell Harry

May we officially take the pink tutus offa Kerry, Edwards now?

What's wrong with this? Homeless man set afire, dies

The reason why they're called red states (thanks to allhatnocattle)

Sirota: Give 'Em Hell Harry - And Get Answers To These Questions

Rule 21

Harold Ford leading in TN Senate Race

Denver votes toward Free Cannabis For Everyone

2 more killed this morning in chopper crash/ details

Fraternity members dispute assault

What will Senate RepubliCONS do to retaliate for today?

dupe -- please delete

The Thugs have NO decency!

Larry Sabato = douche

AH HA HA HA HA !! Idiots on Parade!

Bill Schneider on Lou Dobbs

Current caller from Virginia on WJ

Santorum on Imus - can't get the RW talking points in fast enough

Isn't it nice to wake up excited about what is going to happen today???

Army chaplain gets 5 years for forcible sodomy

If no Democrats vote on a bill, does that invalidate the bill?

Any LOTR people out there tonight? I am wondering about the

Vote up the CIA prison story in yahoo!

How's this for a debate?

69% Of Americans Call Libby Charges “Serious Crime”

Question about bills in Congress

Roberts said they were about to complete the report anyway next week

I read an article today that said liberal Blogs were a return to McGovern

PayPal help?

Iran to process fresh batch of uranium - diplomats

Our Agenda

It's time to welcome the Moderates and even Conservatives

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of another stolen electionl

The war just hit too close to home.

74-yr-old sold crack to pay for wife's cancer treatment

Libby to appear before * appointee judge who dismissed Edmonds' case

Bill Sammon -- crack whore extraordinaire

Who OR What is this?

Bill Frist's Operating Room Rage (WP)

Barbara Boxer coming up on CNN

Roberts says he is going to put out public statements by Dems on intel.

Isn't it strange that God...

question on Senate closed session procedure

Words of wisdom from Dr. Tom, er Senator Tom Coburn

Stealing elections in 10 easy steps....

Another story about Bush cracking up.

Poll on concerning the war in Iraq...

""Right now, any decision made by this White House is suspect until"

I would also like to welcome the moderates and conservatives

L.A. Presidential protest

Bird Flu = bad lawyers

The White House has no comment on the Senate shutdown yesterday

So why does Bush prefer wealthy dead people over the middle class?

The cover-up worked (E.J. Dionne, Jr. )

Rise up!

Mike Barnicle coming up on Imus on MSNBC., Love

Mike Barnicle laying it ALL OUT on imus!

No Fair! Liberals ain't s'posed to stand up & fight back! It's a STUNT!

Is it my imagination, or has gotten really slow?

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped

Veteran's for Peace Banned from Milwaukee Veteran's Day Parade

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

Alito Nomination - my letter to Senator Landrieu

Suspected Taliban Kill Five Police in Mountain Ambush in Afghanistan

Need transcript of Rockefeller's Senate speech yesterday

The US Averaged 3 Dead Soldiers A Day in October.....

The head of *'s Tax Reform Panel is on CSpan

"NYT is known to have gotten a few things wrong lately" mayoral debate

Ahh the power is back on...

My LTTE on the Frist snit.

Did you all catch the Pity Party on C-SPAN?

George Bush Is Mad ---pix->>>

Poll Gives Corzine Clear Lead in New Jersey Governor's Race

The Moral Party...................HA!

On Boston Legal last night: "We must talk about the Iraq war"

Waas: Dems consider pressing for special select committee to investigate..

WP Analysis: Alito's Reasoning Points to a Likely Vote Against Roe v Wade

Americablog: Send flowers to Harry Reid!

La Vida Loca

Du this CNN Poll

the US Senate conducts a rare secret session to discuss a scandal -pix->>>

A Profoundly Misguided (And Misleading) Analysis Of Bush's Travails

What we need now is answers now that we have people's attention.

Freepers don't know the difference between fact and opinion.

I just want to give a big "Thank You!" to the repubs who took out Daschle

new CNN quick vote-DU this re:closed session

The New Yorker article on Scooter Libby's novel "The Apprentice"

Mike Espy and Henry Cisneros

The president was reading to a group of children when the chief of staff

David Broder has strong words for Bush and the Right: "President Pushover"

Vote on AOL Wal-Mart Polls (Good company or Bad)

Facts needed! The future of Fitzgerald's investigation

Electricity and water do not mix

TX GOv., Houston Mayor THRASH FEMA:

David Shuster has a hard-charging report tonight-HARDBALL

delay buddies abramnoff and scanlon senate investigation on c-span...

Beatty, Reiner to Oppose Schwarzenegger

Mucho Violence Expected At Anti-Bush Protest In Argentina

Was Ronald Reagan better than George W. Bush**?

So, where ARE these CIA "black sites," anyway?

Two CIA's?

How many GOP Indictments so far?

Rosa Parks funeral on C-SPAN3. n/t

What would have to happen to restore the middle class in the U.S., to how

Neocon-gate is big, and getting bigger

Breaking, CNN/AP: What does Bush keep in his pockets?

9/11: LIHOP, MIHOP, etc.

Reids' "stunt" just gave cover to all Senators who want an easy out tribute sighting !

When Contemplating War Beware Babies in Incubators(Like father, like son)

If Alito is a "strict" reader of the Constitution, and not an "activist"

Made in China "Support the Troops" Yellow Ribbon Car Magnets Fading Badly

Another example of the difference between Us and Them (basic honesty)

Prime time propaganda?

Hate Mail From Mr. Jablome

Why not give Democratic Leaders & Selected Media Honorary DU Membership?

Did you hear about the pizza delivery serial killer in LA?

Dirty trick time on cspan 2?

So who will tell Bush that Congress already passed most of the flu

A Travel Writer's Campaign to Impeach President Bush

Today's positive quote of the day. . . .

Bush and Hitler: What The 'Torture Memos' Reveal

DU this AOL poll on Reids actions in the Senate yesterday

It is November 2nd, 2005 and we still have no election security.

Video of the 1st 7 minutes of Patrick Fitzgeralds powerful news conference

any body else watching Clinton at Rosa's ceremony...

Where did MIHOP/LIHOP terminology originate?

Most Americans are against the War, and don't want Roe over-turned.

You may be a Republican but everyone has an ASS.

Why the hell can't Clinton still be President?

Harry Reid did one thing yesterday that I found a little disappointing

"Well, Conservatives say..."

Josh Marshall: Niger Docs Came from Niger Embassy in Rome via SISMI >

How Has It Come To This?

Why do all online sites frame the showdown yesterday as...

Where's Waldo? No Repugs spotted at Rosa Parks' funeral

If a Partisan Judge is not good enough for Delay why is one good enough

The Democratic Party is finally starting to play the role of Opposition

CNN giving ONLY repubs view on 'closed session' in Congress

NEW CNN poll about senate closing!! DU it!

How many Bush officials are receiving outside $$$?

Need help regarding the motion filed with the Libby indictment.

Republicans woo Democrats on Alito vote

Josh Marshall: The Italian Connection, Part 2

Rosa Park Funeral Service on C-Span3. Uncut and wonderful. nt

Santorum floats a new Wilson lie on Imus

"GOP Reaches to Other Party on Court Pick:

Bob Woodward vs. OJ Simpson

Why can't Freepers and "moderate" Repukes see how

Like all bullies, the Republicans fall apart at the first sign of defence

Jeez, you'd think lying the nation into an illegal war was a Crime!

MSNBC: Senate Democrats: Grandstanding or trying to get to the truth?

FoxNews calls Senator Reid's move a "stunt"...

I'm SERIES, Freepshirts XXL ONLY!!11?!!

ABC News - Partisan Anger Could Hobble Senate

Just got back from our local FTD florist,...

Rosa Parks Service On CSPAN 3! Now! Awesome!

Hold the F*****g Phone: Did Kit Bond say yesterday we would find WMD

(Game time) It's time to... CHECK... YOUR....

MSNBC calls Ben Nelson "A moderate to conservative Republican"

gold star for Molly Ivan's "Escape. . . ."

MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm's speech at Rosa Park's funeral is making me cry

Barack Obama is speaking now (Rosa Parks funeral)

Can Gov. Jennifer Granholm run for Senate?...We need her voice

IS HE SERIES???!!!11

Any 'World Can't Wait' news? Rally near you? Check in

Hillary speaking at funeral now

Breaking: Camilla brought 48 outfits to the US!

Alito: "No regard for individual liberty or privacy"

Please DU This AOL Poll! On Abuse of Suspected Terrorists!!!

50% of Americans of all political affiliations believe Iraq was a bad idea

A thought I had about Rosa Parks today

Ah, the royal have-mores (photo)

The Downing Street Minutes (Memo). How many of you have

Post your blinking "No Free Speech Here" sign here

The history of the Hate Mailbag is telling

General observations on newspapers

I emailed Chris matthews Re:Hardblogger

Goldberg's complete New Yorker story on Scowcroft now online

It's like a bad movie - Return of the Commies 4

Lemme get this straight: Closed sessions to pass judgment on blow-jobs is

"faith in the Fed has reached a speculative extreme."

We need a "Faint-Hearted Faction" list for Alito supporters

Post all stickily lies in this thread

White House pays price for lies - Bill Press

Check out CNN's sampler

Granholm for President!!! Watching her at Rosa Parks funeral.

Who do you think will replace Cheney?

Wow...Are you guys watching the Funeral..Clinton got standing ovation

Bush Admin unveils Bird flu plan

"This isn't a dictatorship, unless you quit and let Bush make it one"

A Marine Loses a Leg and Remains Active Duty in Iraq? readers offer ideas for what Bush should do (get poll #'s up)

High-life rev sez: Everyone does it! (skimming the collection plate)

Iraqi President Talabani admits helplessness against US

Act of 50 cent

Seriously, what would happen if Bush had gotten a BJ instead of Clinton?

Did any Republicans honor Rosa Parks (besides Condi)? n/t

Maybe I Exaggerated This Story

The New York Times can't seem to redeem itself.

I just love The Big Dawg bashers

Health care

The Nuclear Option - Something to think about

"Compassionate Conservatves" Target Budget Cuts That Would Hurt The Poor

Chickenhawk poster


What Part of Living Democracy Do Repukes Call a STUNT?

After reading the hate mail

From the CIA's own website...

2032 Reasons why the DSM is Important


Is Something Going On With Scottie McClellan?

Bush jokes about his administration's leaking problem/ Daily Kos

The White House Criminal Conspiracy (The Nation) Nov.14

Why would Fitz offer Libby a plea bargain with no co-operation

McClellan: They’ve Already Had Phase Two

So I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show this morning....

I hope Bush gets mad when Alito's hearings are put off to 2006

I never thought I'd see the day when I thought 2.00 a gallon gas was cheap

What's Barney raving about over in the house?

Has the Maryland Democratic party lost its mind?

C-SPAN: Abramoff Hearings... LIVE

Howard Dean: "America deserves better"

Sam "Machine Gun" Alito. Standing for those who need to spray bullets..

Clinton vs. Bush

Dittoheads are Insane!!

Rosa Parks: A Grand Lady is getting a Grand Send off....

Niger-Gate: Blurb translated from Italian from Il Corriere Della Sera

VIDEO-SEN. BOXER on The Daily Show - Senate shut-down is one topic

Dick Durbin on fire over ANWR on C-Span

All criminals say they are innocent! Ever heard that phrase before?

Can anyone translate Italiian? (Corriere della Sera: "Niger-gate" article)

Scotty Lying at 2:45 today

I decided to butcher Chimp's Wiki entry

Was there any polling on public reaction to what happened in

HAHA! Trent Lott is on Fox bashing Bush and Rove

oldie but goodie

Help with justifying obsession with politics, in these times, to family.

Jesus saves...with the Ave Maria Mutual Funds!

"...remove the cloud that hangs over your presidency."--Dem leaders to *

When the final tally comes in how many Iraqi people will Bush have killed?

Two photos taken next to a US military base in Germany in Oct. 05

Roberts: Phase Two is on the "back burner"

anyone else getting this feeling?

Now DeLay Wants a Change of Venue

Would you rather have Rockefeller, Feinstein, Levin, and 3 Republicans...


reminder: president jimmy carter on larry king tonite...

Why is there a post promoting a web hoax on the front page?

Who truly loves freedom more?

The latest talking point: "Clinton admin also thought Saddam was a threat"

Avian's what bugs me about the debate.

What event(s), over the past year, has given you the most hope?

Wise Use: menace to the environment?

Activists rally against Bush (Oakland Tribune)

A generally sinking feeling

Can anyone summarize today's WH press conference the link that

What's your "ROSA Resolution"

Rev. Al: "We need to make a Rosa Resolution."

VIDEO: City Students Stage Walk-Out To Protest Bush Policies (NY1)

Questions about Latest RW talking points RE: Niger uranium

November 2, 2004

"They can say anything they want." New Dem response to media

Is there an increase in trolls or is it my imagination? Ahhh, the smell of

The Story of the Forged "Niger Documents" as Explained by Me --->>>

MoveOn PAC petition against putting Samuel Alito on Supreme Court

Mike Malloy speech in Athens, GA this Saturday (More details inside)

Aretha Franklin sang at Rosa Parks Funeral. Who will sing

Reminder: Joe Wilson on Keith Olberman tonight! Quite an evening..Carter

Will History Judge?

Does this bother anyone else or am I just weak kneed?

Fundamentalism and homeschooling are not the same thing.

Corn and Pickles

Tweety: Aaron Brown Out At CNN Because "They're Racists Who Hate Jews"

Simple rebuttal to the claim "Everyone thought Sadaam had WMD's"

It's time to put up a challenger against Ben Nelson

Cafferty asks should Rove keep his day job, help him out.

Hybrids: Style as statement, or does it matter?

What did Chimpy do to embarass himself at RP's funeral?

Survey shows: George Bush is a miserable failure

Woohoo... Just convinced two men to take yellow ribbon off

Grand jury vote as soon as today?

30 somethings Congressional Dems last night- who saw them?

Who still sports their Kerry/Edwards', Dean bumper stickers?

This kind of malarkey from the Right infuriates me


Big Dog speaking at Rosa Parks service in Detroit -- some of his words.

Alito's College Thesis missing (Rove?), harsh words for GWB

'05 elections could give us a hint re: '06

Trying to write Value statements about "Social Programs".

(VIDEO) Sick Rick on Imus (Jaws-hit-the-floor time)

Some conservatives to sit out NJ Gubernatorial race over abortion rights.

One of my favorite Kodak moments from yesterday.

Conservatives want Rove out? Cafferty on CNN now.

Ha Ha--David Corn replies to James Wolcott....big mistake

Howard Zinn's People's History: chapter "A Kind of Revolution"

Note to other Democratic Senators not used to speaking plainly:

Is anyone else watching Rev Jackson's eulogy for Rosa Parks live on CSPAN?

Has AAR announced whom or what will replace "Morning Sedition"?

Is Dept of Peace and Total disarmament possible?

Which Dems are supporting Sen. Reid?

Sheeple really do believe everything they are told.

This sucks link on WH site for press conference is not working?

Anderson Cooper definitely taking over Aaron Brown's 10pm slot at CNN.

Head's Up... Jim Lehrer(PBS) and Hardball .... tonight....Col. Wilkerson

I just donated to Amnesty International

morally treasonable

Okay people, taking bets

Have to say "told you so": Bolton, Hannah, and "Plame"gate (not "Wilson")

"Together America Can Do Better"

"Portrait of a Family" is STILL being used as a college course


2035 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Boston University promotes the neo-conservative agenda

November starts where October left off in Iraq.

Ya gotta love Clinton at the Rosa Parks funeral!!! He's refreshing!!!

McClellan: They’ve Already Had Phase Two


Is it just me or does Bill "Catkiller" Frist look like...

Did anyone else see photo of Scalio, his family and Frist by Rosa Parks

Torture; Tweety talking to Jimmy Carter about this now

Jimmy Carter will be on Larry King Live tonight on CNN

Collecting posted bail...

Tweety is an ass clown.

Lou Dobbs wants Judge Alito's confirmation hearings to start right away

Court allows survey (at public schools) of children on sex topics

Iraq Pullout Bad for Israel (says WH aide Stephen Hadley)

Would Reid have voted to invade Iraq if he knew then what he knows now?

What should the President keep in his pockets?

Egg jokers blind teen, flee scene (in a Hummer H2 in upscale LI)

Why won't * call for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq?

Clinton campaign doc on Sundance Channel tonight!

DU's RSS/XML feed unreliable

Woman Auctions Self, With House

It's simple math, more troops = more deaths

Any chance Libby will plead guilty tomorrow?

Nov 2nd world cant wait update from portland oregon

So - did anyone see this hardball today?

Should Libby be questioned about the anthrax scare?

New CNN poll-needs help.

US military massacres Iraqi civilians near Syrian border

Steve Bell: Blunkettship Test

House With Bride for Sale for $600,000

Joe Wilson will be on Countdown tonight.

Top four stories on ABC News: all fear

Dick Cheney: Favorable 19% Unfavorable 44%

Is your refrigerator running? (up a bill?)

When did the run up to Iraq start?

Buchanan, Limbaugh joined Matthews in repeating baseless claims about Dems

Fundie NutBag "God Warrior" Featured on Trading Spouses, tonight.

Remember the White House Fax the Last Time Joe Wilson was on Countdown?

Nebraska Sens Hagel AND Nelson say good things about Alito (ugghhhh!)

Lewis Libby: politician, bestialty enthusiast...must see!

If you want the US to compete in a global economy, this must happen:

Did anyone participate in the thing and walk out today?

IS this naive? For each Iraqi trained in peace keeping, let one of our

Katrina: Rumors, Lies, and Racist Fantasies

Say it isn't so... Michael Moore owns Haliburton stock? WTF?

Students walk out to protest war, recruiting (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Anyone notice these interesting halo pictures of Reid?

Black Sites (CIA interrogation sites) just revealed


Has anyone been listening to the hate radio spin on everything?

Wolf has Live Repugs debate Taped Dems...

Looks like a filibuster is on the way

Claiming Saddam had WMD's in the 1990's is not the same as

Remember during campaign Kerry said Saddam was negotiating to leave Iraq

US Could restrict travel to prevent Flu

Is it okay to love jimmy carter even more because he just said....

Abortion Underground in Poland

Chelsea will be our first Woman President not Hillary

Your LEAST favorite MSNBC personality...and I use the term loosely

This is the definition of insanity.

A simple question regarding the American Stock Market

Cartoon of's outstanding.!!

Invasion of Saudi Arabia?

BREAKING: Rockettes on strike!

In the battle of halos, our Saint Harry kicks Saint W's wimpy ass!

Pr. Charles to Discuss Global Warming with * - BBC

The latest Orwellian talking point from the White House.....

Bartlett spewing crap on Hardball....

The Iraqi Insurgency

Will Pitt, this is a reprise of a thread I addressed to you yesterday

Check out this photo of Arnie from today... LOL

Van Nuys H.S. Locked Down; Students Walk Out In Protest (NBC 4 L.A.)

Best Highway Sign Ever found in Connecticut ...

Have you heard bush's plan incase of flu???military state??

Conyers: You can't maintain an empire and democracy simultaneously.

Did Frist really whine about how "Daschal wouldn't have done that"

B*sh/Cheney's OWN CHURCH now officially OPPOSING their policies!

Defensive Medicine

After Aaron Brown being sacked, will Keith Olbermann be the next one?

How much does seeing Clinton's speech make you miss him?

Aaron Brown TOTALLY OUT at CNN: "Spending time with his family"

Calling Canadian DUers

Soon, you may no longer be able to post anonymously on DU.

George and Laura Pretend They're Royals Too ---pix->>>

Paul Begala just nailed it on CNN

Dan Bartlett: EVERYONE IN THE WORLD thought Saddam had WMD's

Since there was a world-wide intel failure, was there a world-wide

It took me forever but I finally found the earliest picture of Ann Coulter

Need ideas to EDUCATE the public on the balance of powers!

Tavis tonight: Retired CIA Operations Officer Jim Marcinkowski

W & Bush-Cheney stickers have almost completely disappeared from vehicles

Hate Mailbag

Either you are for torture or against it.

Clinton Bombed The WMD

Finances are tight and tough

IMPORTANT!! A special request from Senator Ted Kennedy

Does David E. Kelly read DU?

Wal-Mart (worst co. in the world?) donates millions to right-wing causes

Ted Kennedy is DEMANDING disclosure. Please sign if you haven't yet...

Supervisor on a rampage talking about democratic spending

Who is the greatest living American?

If Cindy Sheehan ran against Hillary, who would you vote for

Who's your favorite DU writer?

This administration has invented a new strategy of news control

Sign Reid's Petition

PHOTOS: How some prominent Americans are honoring Rosa Parks today

John Kerry’s Eulogy of Rosa Parks

Bush hits 35% approval in new CBS poll

Now we know how they keep capturing the #2 Al-Qaeda guy...

Breaking CNN on-air: Saddam accepted exile in United Arab Emirates

The bullied (Dems) hit thebullies (GOP) and make them cry

LAT most e-mailed, "What Judy Forgot": Kerry would have been President

Protest draws hundreds to downtown Seattle (Seattle Times)

Need DU refutation of latest RNC Plamegate talking points!

So am I understanding this correctly? I have to agree with everything

Anti-Bush Protesters March In Manhattan (WCBS TV 2 New York)

Question on Franken and Sundance Channel

On FOX News Channel, female workers are sex objects

best article I have read so far

Fed. appeals court rejects United flight attendants: pensions terminated

WP, Milbank: Frist didn't count to ten, had "screaming temper tantrum"

Denver Voters OK Marijuana Possession

I am seriously sick of this giant, wriggling red herring called "PC"

Where were you when Harry Reid closed the Senate yesterday?


DU Chat with author Mark Crispin Miller this Thursday 11/3 >>>

ACTIVIST ALERT: Drilling in Arctic Refuge Being Debated in Senate Today

Welcome the bandwagon jumpers to the bandwagon with open arms

Is it time to petition for Rosa Parks Day?

Why don't the USPS just make stamps .40 and call it a day?

Out of curiousity... how many are seeing a black religious ceremony

Who would you most prefer to see frog marched ?

Bush Says Nuclear Reactor in Venezuela Might Make Sense

Do You Remember This Famous Soldier? We Need Him NOW!

Another attack on women. When will we have enough?

Newsweek: Is Rove a Security Risk?

Victory for progressives in Colorado!!!

This is the reason Jimmy Carter is persona non grata at the White House

"I was 'Tricked' into supporting the war".....oh really?

Capitalism: is it truly hated so much here?

IMPORTANT NOTE for Morning Sedition Fans. It may not be a done deal

Who knew Iraq would turn out this way? Democratic Underground did.

Who does the best impersonation of **?

They're calling the closed session a "stunt". I say GREAT!

Why we must win the battle on women's rights

What's going on with AAR's Morning Sedition?

WOAH! George Clooney has ANOTHER POLITICAL movie coming out !!

Feinstein says she was DUPED into voting for war!

Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Politics

Telephone scam?

Oh, this just makes me want to BREAK SOMETHING

It's Still There

If they succeed in making abortion illegal in the U.S., what will women...

Michael Moore owns Halliburton stock?

I'm not afraid to admit that I would have voted for the war in Iraq...

If you could run any Windows XP program on a Mac would you buy an Apple?


Help save AAR Morning Edition's Marc Maron - Petition

I'm worried about this "Jarhead" movie

I would rather AAR exist as a whole than keep Morning Sedition.

La Repubblica expose: they say Niger forgery story starts w/ Ledeen.

e-mail exchange with a friend who sends RW spam.

Save Morning Sedition on Air America

Any good recipes for French bread?

Something to make you laugh...

The #2 escaped?

Environmental groups' ads urge Coleman to reject ANWR oil drilling

Sweden to Investigate Former Klan Leader

Democrats pull off power play on Iraq inquiry

Australia warns of terror threat

Civilian contractors in Iraq dying at faster rate as insurgency grows

Treatment Center For Veterans Sees Money Dry Up

Soldier says he's being framed(by subordinates/"mercy"killing of 2 Iraqis)

Dole committee, FEC auditors at odds over stolen donations

WP/Milbank: Questions of Trust in the Press Room

Experts dismiss scare over bird flu

WSJ-Senators to Probe Lobbyist's Activities-(Gale Norton associates)

NYT, pg1: In (Alito's) Abortion Rulings, Idea of Marriage Is Pivotal

Iraq oil industry bogged down in cycle of violence

Blast at British Airways Offices in Iran

NYT,pg1: G.O.P. Reaches to Other Party on Supreme Court Pick

Top al-Qaida Figure Among Afghan Escapees (from U.S. Military Prison)

Breaking, CNN/AP: What does Bush keep in his pockets?

Denver pot issue passes by thin margin (Denver Post)

NYT: Aetna to Pay for Program to Manage Depression

Rosa Park Funeral Service on C-Span3. Uncut and wonderful. nt

Board member says he was nervous about deposition (Dover, PA battle)

Gallup: Alito's Ratings Similar To Miers', Lower Than Roberts

Rumsfeld says Gitmo hunger strike is "some people going on a diet"

Bush asked to release Saddam half brother (by Saudi king Abdullah)

US helicopter crash kills 2 Marines in Iraq

Mexico Defies Washington on ICC (International Criminal Court)

Check out CNN's sampler

What Does Bush Keep in His Pockets? (CNN)

Elite Marine Unit to Help Fight Terrorism

Greenpeace to pay fine for damaging coral reef

Maybe I Exaggerated This Story

Four US servicemen killed in western Iraq

BCCI liquidators drop £1bn case

Anti-terror Ramadan TV drama stirs the Arab world

CIA using secret prisons (in eastern Europe): report

Saudi king seeks release of Saddam's half-brother

Iran to process fresh batch of uranium

Denver Voters Approve Pay-for-Performance Plan for Public School Teachers

NYT: Big Drop in October for Detroit

Bin Laden Lieutenant Among Afghan Escapees (probably No 2

Blunkett resigns from the Cabinet

White House opposes oil donations to heating fund (opposes a Rep proposal)

Mo. judge certifies lawsuit against Wal-Mart as class-action case

Warner Bros. aims to cut 5 percent of staff (625 jobs)

Pentagon studies ways to predict or even influence storms

Venezuela Says Iran Should Not Be Referred to U.N.

Breaking CNN on-air: Saddam accepted exile in United Arab Emirates

I have not been frozen out, says U.S.-bound Chalabi

EU officials to evaluate Gaza border monitoring (Jerusalem Post)

AP: Newsview: Bush Allies Say He's Lost His Way

Wilder to Endorse Kaine in Va. Race

Destruction of beloved Baghdad statue emblematic of violence's toll

Looks like a filibuster is on the way

Iraqi minister says US and UK spies arrested in Iraq

Senate Debates Limiting Big Farm Payments

CNN Ousts Aaron Brown and Gives Slot to Anderson Cooper

Records Expunged in '99 Texas Drug Sting

NYT: Iraqi Government Asks Hussein's Officers to Return to Military

US withdraws offer to send hurricane team to Cuba

US bird flu plan under attack

White House aide praises Libby on eve of leak case (Stephen Hadley)

Pennsylvania company recalls hamburger patties linked to illness

Bad lasagna sours Argentina summit security (Where * is)

White House Ducks Prewar Intel Questions...

Wapner ads give Arnie a whupping

[UK] Government majority cut to just ONE vote in terror bill vote

Oil Execs to Be Asked to Justify Profits

Mosque suicide bombing kills 22 in Iraq

Bush adviser says policy forbids torture

WP: CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

Six GIs Killed in Iraq; 20 Die in Bombing

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 2 November

NYT,pg1: Detainee Policy Sharply Divides Bush Officials

Denver passes marijuana law

Exclusive: Senate Democrats consider pressing for appointment(Watergate)

Sweden to Investigate Former Klan Leader

Senator: Reed helped conceal Indian payments (Dorgan)

Conservatives May Sit Out N.J. Gov Race

LAT: Voters Dislike 3 of Schwarzenegger's Ballot Measures

SeattlePI: Young Alito defended privacy, gay rights

Sixth Night of Violence Erupts Near Paris

Muslim Fans Say They Were Profiled At NFL Game

Rebuilt levees may not sufficiently protect New Orleans (CNN)

Alabama inks deals to sell $19 million of state products to Cuba

White House uneasy on 'secret' prisons

Wolfowitz Blocked by Iraq Chaos He Didn't Foresee

Bush: Venezuela Nuke Reactor Might Be OK

Grandpa Is Sued Over Grandson's Downloads

IEA warns of 50% oil price rise by 2030

CNN's (Aaron) Brown Out

Country needs you, Iraq tells Saddam's officers

Carter: White House Manipulated Iraq Intel

Bolton's chief of staff gave information on outed agent to Libby, lawyers

(Sen. Pat ) Roberts blasts closed session 'stunt'

White House deflects intel questions (Scotty invokes Clinton excuse)

In Dying, Colonel Broke a Promise to His Troops

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson praises Alito

NYT: Centuries of global warming projected

Utah judge with 3 wives fights for job

Is Sony Trying to Kill the CD Format for Music?

Rome within Iran missile range: Israeli Foreign Minister warns Italy

US Army chaplain convicted of sodomy, sentenced to five years in prison

Knight Ridder gets an ultimatum

Daschle calls for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq

U.S. Could Restrict Travel to Prevent Flu

Tribal leaders say (Abramoff) lobbyists fooled them (Delay Contributions!)

11 Cuban singers defect

LAT: Nominee (Alito) Has Some Unexpected (liberal) Supporters

Lack of stenographers, equipment delaying Katrina autopsy reports

Sen. Barbara Boxer on Daily Show

Hows come whenever some one mentions Alito i think of this...

Jesus, I'm on my way to work and the Senate Democrats grow spines

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Taught Me How to Hate (Article)

Donky Kong Taught Me How To Jump Over Barrels Thrown By Apes.





Hey Loungers. Check out my impersonation of Rummy.

The US needs its own GUY FAWKES Day! A day we could burn a TRAITOR to the

Tuesday in GITS:SAC: "The Inviting Bird Will Chant/Decoy"

How many Bush Crime Family members can fit in a Volkswagen?

please don't respond to this thread:

Who is a PS2 freak?

George McGovern is coming to Madison.

Celebrate with me, bruddas 'n' sistas

BEST DUI video ever!!

New Orleanian wants updates.

Three more years left!

I just got an earworm

Hey, you! Yes, you! I'm talking to you.

What is the difference between "creationism" and "intelligent design"?

Know any cities or towns with odd or funny names? (Radio topic Friday...)

Jury Duty SUCKS!

KVCR (LA) showing "The 60's" documentary (just started)

Bibical support for corporal punishment

Goodbye Mrs.A. RIP. One of my patients died tonight.

I've got to stop reading the newspaper.

Leno's frequent "marijuana" jabs to bandleader Kevin Ewbanks are racist.

Malloy gives props to Swamp Rat!

Soulseek help?

The meaning of life lies within :-)

Why are you up right now?

The truth of the matter is that I am a...L-L-L-L...

Woman (Democrat) Gets Donkey For Her 50th Birthday

Man Bites Off Thumb During Fight At Wedding Reception

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

Can we GET any LAZIER??Part Deux

Stop the Capital One Commercials

What does Bush keep in his pockets?

So, there's a 3 alarm fire across from where I work

Man Could Get Life In Prison For Stealing Maple Syrup

Did anyone catch Profiles of Nature on Animal Planet last night?

"Little White Lies" you don't believe anymore (Pat Roberts Edition)

CAPTION: Caption this Undynamic Duo - Frist & Santorum

Any LOTR people out there tonight? I am wondering about the

Student Killed By Human Catapult

Hazmat Call At Post Office Ends Up Being Nestlé Nesquik Powder

Happy "Day of the Dead" and Happy 3rd Anniversary to US!!!

UM... Yeah you shave him.

YAY, an Ikea opens in Mass. next week.

Keep this thread kicked, or I will kill this panda:

I'm thinking of chucking it all to live in a yurt in Texas

That's strange.... (NSFW-ish; no pics or anything though)

Motherfucking fuck shit dick fuck fuck asshole. Okay, I'm bored now.

It's geek time!

Podcast listeners, check in here (and list favorites)

The New Yalta?

Hey guys I'm wondering if someone knows something about the ACLU?

Gallows humor (my apologies in advance)

Had to put our cat to sleep

One question....

What exactly is a STICKILY LIE anyway?

Southern Californians (Orange County area)

I've got an earworm for you

Ice-T: "I'll tell you who I don't like: Omarosa." Omarosa responds.

Drive By Farting!

High School Cafeteria? Try Pre-School Lunchroom!

My latest wallpaper!

Every time I go into the Lounge, I go code brown in my pants.

Putting the FILTHY back in filthy rich....

must see typo on Yahoo News:

Man Faces $600k In Fines After His Grandson Downloads Movies

Guess the Google

DU Admin appreciation thread

Stop kicking that thread, or I will kill this Canadian!

Company slogans - is there a quick, easy, and possibly free way

Beware, Deadly cute picture of my 4 month old nephew inside!

Prinderella and the Cince

Have we gone to a different level?

Woohoo - Torii Hunter won a Gold Glove

Steve Martin to play Scooter Libby in upcoming role

You meet the most interesting people on the bus.

"Code Brown" in his pants...

First flu shot in ten years for me today - oye my arm hurts

Chicken Pot parties...inflict your kids!

People who dent your car with their car door

Worst breed of troll: those who try WAY TOO HARD

Well, since Lounge threads are now non-Greatest-able...

I missed most of House last night.

If you have a problem with me....

What do you want from life?

anyone ever read

I feel like a bit of a jerk....

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century re-runs on Sci-fi today

Tweety: Racist Ds Bury *'s "Bold" Mars Initiative Cause They Hate Martians

Mr BigMcLargehuge..something to enhance your lounge experiences

Post your blinking "No Free Speech Here" sign here

I have GREAT News!

Interview with George Carlin

Sigh. What part of "morning cashier" is that hard to understand

Chicken Pox parties...infect your kids!

Hugs, Please. I'm saying goodbye to my Storm Kitty tonight.

Four out of Five Proctologists agree...

Nicole Richie Says She Would Try Heroin Again

Heroine says she would try Nicole Richie again,

Boston Legal and the Daily Show fucking rocked tonight....can I get a

If you have a problem with fleas....

Can God cook?

Name an element not found in the periodic table

Driver, 80, Puts Car In Reverse & Smashes 4 Vehicles

What is the best e-card site?


Bad news

Children are little s***s!

Here it is, November 2, and it's 67 degrees here in MN!


A love thread for newyawker99

My CPU Is Making a "Tinnitus" Type Noise

Awwwwwwww red panda

Skitch Henderson dead at 87.

If you "liked" Schindlers List


Dayum! This suppository inserter is non-returnable!

Criss Angell does he do it?

I was going to say something momentous for my 5,000th post.

F**K Pockets - What do YOU keep in your bush?

Plug in your zip code to find the cheapest gas:

I'm 58 and always been married. Is there something wrong with my wife?

I feel sorry for UPS

Ever have a name or thing you've never heard of before.....

Did I miss something? Are we not allowed to cuss on DU, anymore?

Quote of the day

Be Prepared!

Did you hear about the pizza delivery serial killer in LA?

Post Your Favorite 'MIGHTY WIND' quote here

What's all this Clinique stuff?

What is your favorite song from "Hair" (The musical)?

*Wow* Di looks like death warmed over

a year ago i was so happy in the afternoon and wearing a black hoodie

So what could cause a "Code Brown" in your pants?

Feliz Dia de los Muertos DU Lounge!

Let this be a lesson to you...

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the clique clique?


Has AAR announced whom or what will replace "Morning Sedition"?

Any PS2ers?

The morel of the story:

Will the Red Sox now suffer from the "Curse of the Epstiein"?

Hey all you stickily morans!!

It's my birthday -- I'm 41 today... when the hell did THAT happen?

Hey, you know what?

The morsel of the story:

I've got tickets to see Letterman next Wednesday!

How should I cook my pork balls, cock and tits tonight?

You are a fluke of the universe!

why are you all talking about me behind my back?

If you were talking about me behind my back... what would you say?

Just wondering - what is the purpose of cockroaches?

A clique for everyone*

Women on polls

The Frog and the Scorpion - one of my favorite Fables!!

Are these pictures a coincidence?

i'm really tired of the clique-bashing on du.

If you stuck it down your goddamn pants and tried to get out of the store

F**k Bush-what do YOU keep in your pockets?

Women on poles

Goodnight DU!

So how many of you have ever made a vow NEVER to go back to GD

Great, the clique clique and the anti-clique clique are going at it again

An ice cream cone for breakfast? I'm an adult I can do what I want.....

My name is XNASA. Yo! Soy Bomb!!

The INFAMOUS "Hey, Greg is RIPPED" episode of The Brady Bunch

The moral of the story:

Have you ever lost respect for friends because of the way...

Is Rove a security risk?

They're running Beavis and Butthead on comedy central

So to lighten the mood I'll post some of my wedding pics from 2002

Stop making weird noises in the toilet stalls!

I bet Al Franken wasn't part of a clique

for my 1000th post may I just say

Solving the clique problem is NP-complete

Why is Bill Frist called a "cat skinner"?

I bought Al Franken's new book today!

Two morans wore their employee name tags to rob a bank

I played golf today

Replace 1 word in any famous quote with "STICKILY"

Yes I missed you Mutley_R_Us......

He's everywhere

Jon Stewart immitating Bush is funny as hell!

Sign in here to join the Committee of Public Safety.

Arkansas Man Kills Deer With Bare Hands in Bedroom

who here knodw English cockney slang? (Lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels..

What Does Bush Keep in His Pockets? (CNN)


The DU Lounge is here to stay.

Favorite character from Pulp Fiction?

Now I'm paranoid,

Quick! What book should I buy on amazon?

frist eaten by pride of katrina house cats: Karma or just good fun?

Me llamo DS1. Yo soy el

I am the VP of Sales & Mkt of the Educational Media Group: Ask me anything

should admin start a lounge distaste forum?

I just got a ticket to hear Clinton speak!

Lawrence Wilkerson says Kitchenwitch formed a cabal on DU

Stress eating?

Mr. & Mrs. Conservative

No Pepsi, Coke

Should the cats kill Frist?

If Bush died while in office, would you fly the US flag half-staffed?

Feeling Hungry? Put your slippers on, and join me in the lounge

Should the admins kill everyone in the Lounge?

Chocolate salty balls.

Star Trek

Today....well today is a very good day.

Your age by chocolate math I the only one with a rapidly-expanding Ignore list?

take your BULLSHIT over to GD

Why the talk of exterminating the lounge?

Copperfield's Online 5 Card Monty Illusion ~

Calling Canadian DUers


Researchers Say Mice Sing To Their Sweethearts

Should the Admins kill the lounge?

Your thoughts on dignified dying

Any recommendations for a monitor w/built in speakers?

I am a hypochondriac. Every complaint from now on, I will attribute to my

"Balls and cock. Tits."

I went a little crazy today.

Is making fun of cliques the new "in" thing?

cold remedies, anyone?

Your worst Christmas gift EVER?

What should I wear to a wedding? Advice needed...

HELP! Commander in Chief...Who played Nathan Templeton's wife

REALLY! cool visual illusion

Nighthawks XXX (dial-up warning)

What celebrity do I look like?

Name an element from the periodic table.

Hi! My name is Lynne. If you have any questions for me post em here

What clique did you belong to in High School?

50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West (on Bush)

How should I cook my pork chops tonight?

My top 25 songs in iTunes: what are your favorite songs?

I hate to get some fast food but I am too lazy to cook.....

I'm leaving for the day but here's a damn kitten pile to cheer us all up

So I guess keeping wine labels is a good idea.

Oh boy, do I need a hobby.

Went to the Paul McCartney concert last nite in Denver, had AAA 11th row

Fucking shit fuck ass pussy nuts fuck.

Micro$hit f***ing hijacked my browser

Good restaurants in Harrisburg, PA?

I'm now accepting applications for the Xemalateral Commission

The Second Coming......

gift cards suck -- pre-holiday season reminder

I've got your clique I mean click, Post yours here

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings, 2005 edition.


Nekkid pics of southlandshari AND BigMcLargeHuge right here!!

Friend in a coma - good thoughts needed

How the hell do dumbfucks stay employed while the talented get kicked out?

Mallard Fillmore today.

Here's a riddle:

How did you feel a year ago at this moment?

Post your best (or worst) pick-up lines here....

Know any cities or towns with odd or funny names? (Radio topic Friday...)

How do you think others in the lounge 'view' you?

Pilgrims flock to the image of jesus

Sweet Victory: United Methodist Church Calls For Withdrawal

A Righteous View (Yes There are Liberal Christians)

Lesbian Minister Defrocked By United Methodist Church

(very large) Star collapses, forms neutron star

The Amazing Dinner- James Randi, Nadine Strossen, Murray Gell-Mann...

Explaining Why the Millennium Bridge Wobbled

Ask Y: Child born from sperm donation traces father on Internet

Computational Biology Simulation Mimics Life's Most Essential Nanomachine

Is sports ready for a gay male athlete?

They may slap each other's butts, but are they gay?

Democratic Move Would Keep Alito Off Supreme Court Until After Gay Case He

Host a house party for "A Night to Create Change"

Student Says He Was Beaten Because He Has Gay Friends

Bigots at Alliance "For" Marriage asked to address the senate

Is Alito More Gay Positive Than Believed?

Magic Rat's 2nd Annual (I think) NBA Prediction Thread

NCAA:Better coaching job so far this year?

Interesting perspective on the Theo Epstein debacle from Bill Simmons

What signs work well with a male Taurus?

Amazing Dinner- James Randi, Julia Sweeney, Mythbusters, Daniel Dennett

A question....

I Would Like To Thank God

anyone see this GD post on Edwards calling iwr vote a mistake ?

Ohio Strategist Sums It Up

Not to interrupt all this lovely high mindedness,

Ignore unless coming to Boston in Dec.

One Year Later: What a Stronger Country We Could Have Been

Here's a little something I wrote one year ago today - vote for Kerry

Imus said Kerry still for IWR vote

New (old) pics

Kerry at Rosa Parks funeral

new Email - John Kerry: Let’s DEMAND A Detailed Plan in Iraq

FOX poll: a year later the election would be tied

Action Alert: Morning Sedition

John Kerry’s Eulogy of Rosa Parks

A friend of mine just started exploring photography--what do

Storm at Sundown...

Medium format - who uses it? I've had a 6x6 Seagull

I don't think this will be my "fall" contest entry...

Countdown Newsletter -- 11/2/05: Calls for an Accounting

Hey - wanna kick my post?

30th Annivers of death reveals previously unpublished Passolini Poem!

I read this on bartcop

The most important point: nobody came screaming about Iraq

It's a "Sunny Day" in Colleeforneea.....

Sam Scalito and Harriet -- two Bush diversion stories especially

An old Toles cartoon that, well, never gets old.

If Bush** had any dignity, he'd resign now and spare the nation the shame.

Check out the DOW timeline from Nov 1st

A cannonball shot across the bow...

Demo response to *'s speech on bird flu being rerun on C-SPAN NOW

Does Anyone really Think That Bush/Cheney

Pat Roberts: "We let their staff know just yesterday"...

Twenty guys and each with one of these ......

I was watching tv just now and saw that the Senate has been "shut down."

Just a reminder re: Kerry and the DSM and investigations and such

Only two hours into November 2nd, and already on my third crying jag

Freeper spin: they are desperate!

Dean: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH--We're Ready to Lead! (Sign the message)

Asshat Nation: Bush Shows Reporter What's in His Pockets

Alito a Longtime Federalist Society Member

Scooter Libby Wrote A Twisted, Sick SEX Book?

Do you think that the Dems were just biding their time?

Intelligence Oversight Committee - Dont f*ck with our branch of gvmt.

Seymour Hersh Is No Longer A Lone Voice In The Wilderness

Approval Rating: Sen. Harry Reid (NV)

White House disputes Italy role in Iraq claim (surprise)

Reid has named Rockefeller, Levin, & Feinstein as his 3.

Alito's Reasoning Points to Vote Against Roe v. Wade (Washington Post)

A Fair Game?

Its our fault that bush had to lie about WMD

How will YOU feel IF........

AP 11/1/05 Picture of Senator Reid & Democratic Senators

The Patriot Act - Down Under?

CNN Poll on the war has dropped 3%. They read these on the air.

rethuglican nuclear claims in Iraq identical to rethuglican nuclear option

Push them to use the "nuclear option" They won't be around long

Fristy sounded a little sorry that he sand bagged Daschle. Heh Heh.

Who's got the link and code for XM Radio deal?

CNN Poll: 48,546 voters sez there need to be a debate for going to war

If Bush starts talking to dead presidents in the WH like Nixon did, will

Another Reid story from August 05: he took on the mob a few years ago!

Time for a national plebiscite on abortion.

Hey Sen. Pat Roberts: Even Little White Lies violate Ten Commandment #9

Prison countries. How can we find out who they are?

Trent Lott's look alike?

Joe Conason points finger: "Portly Republicans Squeeze the Poor"

On Democracy Now this morning, Goodman interviewed lawyer

Do we have any friends in the media?

I'd like to see hundreds of Democrats do "media stunts".

L.A. Presidential protest

Thanks to Bush, the US is Now the Same as Iraq, Iran or N. Korea

Who are the "moderate" Republicans in the Senate?

For "West Wing" fans....Fireworks promised for 'live' debate !

New CNN Poll on Reid's street fighting tactics. Hit it now.

Arnolds competition, Phil Angelides, on Air America.

You know what a "Strict Constructionist" is?

hate Mail From Mr. Jablome

Remember "The Deal"?

Who just saw Jimmy Carter give * the smackdown

Harry Reid Bribed Senators on Senate Floor to get Closed Session!

Are Green Party members part of the Democratic Party ?

GOP angry after Dems force closed Senate session

Senate closed session -- why is this a big deal?

Alrighty ya dumb fucks....keep complaining about the 'stunt'...

Noon CNN Poll: Yesterday's action by Reid, stunt or victory?

First of the Repugnik Lite Senators praise Alito

Ornstein on Alito: Doesn't Show Congress Enough Deference (Clemons)

how do we know what our democratic leaders really feel about abortion.

Very Promising sign in CO

did Fitzgerald visit *'s lawyer just before press call on friday?

Let's say the Democrats filibuster Alito ...then what ?

Chavez Warns of Moving Jets to Cuba, China

Is Harry Reid anti-choice? nt

You know what saddens me about the SCOTUS appointments?

Southern Baptist leader says Rove called him about Alito before nomination

VIDEO-Carter on Today show hints at PNAC "Cheney's prior writings"

Looking for Fitzgerald's press release

American soldiers found a lot of things in Iraq, but no WMD

On Fox the other night...what did Dean mean by this statement about Alito?

Steal this T-shirt design!: HARRY HAS A POSSE

National Review scores it a win for Reid

Reuters: Abortion least-known measure in California ballot

Vote Fraud and false claims for iraq war connected

Celebrity Dinner- Murray Gell-Mann, Nadine Strossen, Julia Sweeney...

DU this MSNBC poll

OK, I thought * received over a million more votes than Kerry in 04

Leaks and Lies

Libby Pardoning Lotto

Was there a vote on the Online Freedom of Speech Act, yet?

Can you smell Scotty's desperation?? LOL!

Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney asks TV stations to stop airing TV commercials

DU Activists please go to this thread and email the story to Cafferty!

Of course it was a stunt! But it was a stunt that worked. Fristy is just

Here are Freepers hoping that President Carter will die soon.

For those interested in current revelations

Great Synopsis of 2006 races, State by State...

Howard Students Protest Exclusion from First Lady’s On-Campus Confab

Does anyone know how I can find out where Dean is speaking?

Oh no! An anti-choice Mormon!?!?! We're doomed!!!

The Hate Mailbag today - A veterans response

Jimmy Carter Takes on the Christian

Former President Jimmy Carter interview on "Fresh Air" today...

How does a republican "go fuck himself?"

Ben Nelson praises Alito?

Bolton's chief of staff gave information on outed agent to Libby, lawyers

Sen Libby Dole's dirty money


Can anyone give me a recap/summary of the McCain Abramoff

Help DU this...

Bush amends Clinton executive order on Classified Information

John Kerry: Let’s DEMAND A Detailed Plan in Iraq

Repuglicans HATE cheap political stunts!!!!!

What is the American peoples' end-game?

One Year Later: What a Stronger Country We Could Have Been

Bolton's Chief of Staff was the unnamed person in the indictment?

Who here has called Reid's office?

New term for GOP->GOP inquiries: "incestigation."

Ben Nelson is no centrist! He's a radical rightwinger!

Oh I love Ron Reagan....

Help me make a list of Cheney/Shrub sycophants, relatives and PNACers who

let's boycott countries that have secret CIA jails; or torture for smirk

Support Senator Harry Reid's actions by donating to the DNC!

Poughkeepsie Journal: Bush Tax reform plan could hurt middle, lower class

THE question every pundit should be asking about Rove.

Ted Stevens on CSPAN2: subsidies for HDTV set-top boxes

Gene Lyons' Must Read re Scooter Libby: "Too Clever By Half"

Anyone see Hadley's press conference today...

I have a very bad feeling about this...

Flags At Half Staff

Remember the old saying 'loose lips sink ships"?

Bush tells Latin American reporters "I agree," throws both hands in air

Fort Lewis Employee Accused Of Seeking Funeral Home

Zell Miller ...err Freddy Krueger... running his stupid mouth again!

WEHT Ari Fleischer?

John Bonifaz, Massachusetts next Secretary of the Commonwealth

Carl Rove May Lose His Security Clearance

Help bring 20,000 troops home over the holidays (kerry petition)

The Tom DeLay stuff in Franken's book is eye popping.....

Need some debunking. Got an e-mail with a .wmv file attached

Frist says it was a slap in his? Fuck you, Frist. What about the slaps

If Xians are so persecuted in America, why are the fundies celebrating?

Cheney Alert for Southern Ohio Friday

Air Force commander orders airman to "removed his sacred undergarments"

LATimes : Challenges to Bush's Iraq Policy Gain Dramatic Momentum

Candidate for US Senate asks McCain to leave Republican Party

Email to my local ABC affiliate re: comment that yesterday was "nasty"

Gary Hart on God and Caesar in America

Does anyone else feel like it's a complete waste of time to contact

Jay Rockefeller on Dobbs says his war vote was wrong

DU Sen Frist's blog poll EVERY DAY!!!

Scott McClellan blames the CLENIS for prewar intelligence in Iraq

"When he sticks out his hand, he always has something up his sleeve."

Selling women's rights out is never an option ......

Good for Feinstein!

Feinstein on the Closed Session of the Senate

Mobile Alabama Press Register IGNORES Senate shut down

"...a lunge for the lifeboat by an embattled president ..."

Which East-European countries have former Soviet military bases,

hey, do your best Rummy impression......

TC's Anti-Diebold Thought-Crime for 11/2

Left versus Center: we could get passed this if we really wanted to ...

CNN Breaking: What does Bush keep in his pockets?

THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED BOMB (Kristol & PNAC seem to like it)

La Repubblica expose: they say Niger forgery story starts with Ledeen.

Alito Talking Point - but he got unanimous approval ...

Wow - the Dems call a secret session

Bumpers sticker idea: "Iraq: We TOLD you so"

Don't just sit there, heteros. Defend your rights! Don't shop at Target!

Who is this Monica Crowley person?

Should I forgive Jimmy Carter for being "Against Women's Right to Choose?"

A New York Times Front Page You'll Never, Ever, See!

Attention DUers: The Democrats are no longer yellow.

American soldiers beating Iraqi doctors?

DU Sen Frists Blog Poll - do you support the Nuclear option

Cottage Grove High School Walkout

Rummy is making money off of Tamiflu

What do these pictures have in common? (5 pics)

Who is Harry Reid? Read this - his life should be made into a movie.

A Libertarian's Stance on Gun Control (generally against)

The best way to thank Harry Reid

Since when does an INDICTMENT show innocence?

Hillary Clinton's Big Ohio Win

Mr. Ann Coulter says Texas Democrats should be executed...