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Archives: November 19, 2005

What Abortion Debate? Why there is no honesty about Roe.

I think the cannibals are getting hungry

Pelosi sent word to rank-and-file Democrats to vote - with the Republicans

Ted Rall: How the media can restore credibility

Krauthammer: Science, religion are not enemies

Russia wins economic battle with USA launching Blue Stream natural gas pro

Rumsfeld Strapping on his life vest (WaPo)

What was the political affiliation of Mayor Paul "Petey" Richards?

Call on Schmidt to Apologize to Murtha or RESIGN! Call 4 Opeds

Hackett Calls DeWine Out Over Schmidt Remark

My letter to Jean Schmidt...

Wonderful Rep. John Murtha has gotten two day Coverage of his Comments!

So 83+ more people got killed in Iraq today

****Calling DU Writers!! Will Pitt, H2O Man, USL, Octafish and so many

Overheard in work lunchroom a day or two ago:

tropical storm gamma

Have we been scammed again?

Key point about Iraq war

I am watching Murtha's speach on C-Span now, and NO WAY is he coward

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha

This is no more than a political stunt

You can't beat religious fanatics

Jean Schmidt should be Olbermann's "Worst person in the world"

Terror attack warning from Blitzer!

(Photo) Chickenhawk Hastert looks like he's choking on a pretzel

About *'s Dismal Polling Numbers...

Who Has a Functioning Brain? The chimp** or the Robot?

Smirky meets his base (photo)

"I wonder if that's gonna croak her career" Matthews on Schmidt

Is there any way to get Colonel Danny Bubp's e-mail?

Have I missed anything?

That persistent 1974 feeling again...

No FL student beaten unconscious twice - Follow up to the story

IRAQ: what is the mission? how are you doing? what do you have to do still

is there reason left for dems NOT to filibuster alito?

Bush was planning to go in Iraq no matter what happened

wolf calling roy blunt to task n/t

"Right to Life Crusade" phone survey

The "N.S.A" Monologue From Good Will Hunting (1997)

Brian Williams seemed surprised when he announced Fitz' new grand jury

CSPAN replaying the debate - if anyone missed it

Have we reached the point of public canings on the Senate floor,

So, if you have neocon representative, what would you have to

We stand with you Congressman Murtha

Murtha sure kept Tweety meek

How long is the recess?

CSPAN back on the Vote

GOP pulls tax bill and calls vote on Iraq pullout

Ask what we should do-for the troops, not-for the GOP

Chis Hitchens on Chris Matthews right now.

I Just Called Nancy Pelosi's Office. I Asked Her

Here's Bupb's service record:

Paul Hackett will be on Air America's Majority Report at 7:50 p.m.

Let's Free Iraqis by Leaving

The house will be in order, The house will be in order,The house will be i

Apparently, the only way I will vote is if I get paid


Wow - Andrea Mitchell is making sense and defending Murtha

Pelosi has sent instructions to members to vote against GOP Sham


An "ethics" probe against Murtha?

AOL Poll on Fitzgerald's New Grand Jury

If we pretend we cant withdraw we will never lose!

Freeper "reporter on C-Span now lying her head off

Friends, I can't take this anymore. This is a rant I just need to get off

"The dramatic nature of their panicked response"

The Official Seal of the Republican Party... have you seen this? :)

Do the Republicans consider these people cowards?

I'm so confused

Colonel Murtha served his country

I say Murtha for President.

Rep. Barrett in OCT 2003: Every Soldier he spoke to "ready to come home"

please delete


VIDEO-Slaughter Comments Republican Stunt

Repukes are coming after Murtha in ethics committee!

VIDEO- Mel Watt representing Black Caucus

I feel like a lost you?

Failed Business Man, Once Again, Others Must Cover His Failures

Are the Dems damned if they do and damned if they don't? (updated)

That Puke Duncan Hunter is a scumbag!!!!

kucinich *rocks*

So, the republicans think now that the war is funny? I get it now.

Former moderate asks, anyone else out there feeling RE-RADICALIZED?

Dammit!!!!! I Want them to WALK OUT!!!

Ike Skelton question

VIDEO-Crowley on Stunt

Can ANY Republican House member be TRUTHFUL?

Another freaking tropical storm

the message from the Senate

A very graphic movie on what really went down in Fallujah


Why does Frist hate Bruuuuuce Springsteen?

VIDEO-Chet Edwards on stunt

I would vote no too....


Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) - a reasonable repuke!

Temps are in the mid 40's on the gulf coast

Un-Freep This Poll S'il vous plait RE: Murtha

VIDEO-Emanuel on Stunt

The most 2nd most hated man in America (Danny Bubp)

Not Just Schmidt! Contact Danny Bubp, Too!

Wondering at what point in time Gohmert and the rest of the


I love Kucinich!

I'm confused by Chuck Hagel

Has anyone ever asked Congress how oil corps repay us for oil wars?

YAHOOTIE! You go Girl - (Nancy Pelosi).

Fl;ashback to the end of the Nam War

Rohrbacker: Boo hoo, you call Bush a liar.

One thing to point out about Pelosi: She got a majority of House Dems to

Dennis K just raised HELL & got shouts of approval & applause!

VIDEO-George Miller on the Republican Iraq War Stunt

Breaking: Meltown going in Congress (yelling) Speaker demands order

What's Your Number Rep. Gringey?

VIDEO- Walter Jones (Freedom Fries) Republican on Stunt

Would someone please say the word LIAR

Lou Dobbs is a Whore Libertarian, Chameleon, Suck Ass Pig for Bush!

Did the Cradle of Civilization lose Democracy?

The Democrats are much better on offense than defense

I'm looking for the exact date and source for when Chimpy said


VIDEO-Steny Hoyer on Republican Stunt

The Day the Sahara Freezes Over is the Day Iraq Will Have a Democracy.

So we're basically screwed either way?

If we pull out of Iraq we will plunge into chaos?

NASA Confirms Gas, Mineral Reserves(copper and gold) in Afghanistan

Reasonable Repukes -- Hear any on the House floor tonight?

What if the Democrats refused to vote?

Cut & Run Cut & Run Cut & Run Cut & Run Cut & Run Cut & Run

The Call-in lines on C-Span now read:


VIDEO-Pelosi on Republican Stunt

I am Jack Murtha

Screwed Over Employees of Publicly Held Companies of the World Unite!

Ask any Republican/Administration person a simple question:

15 minute vote

"Swiftboating" Is Now A Verb In The Political Lexicon- GOP Looks Bad

Jack-Ass from Texas smearing San Francisco in the House.

Phil Gingrey (R) Georgia Reminds Me of.....................

Erin Billings is a big, stinking SHILL

Did you hear the 'Houston grandmother' on CSPAN call-in?!

Clock reads 0:00. Bastards holding the vote open again.

Contact Roll Call and get this GOP lap dog off the air!!!!


It's GREAT how the *co rhetoric now justifies war for 'American interests'

the freeper -churchillbuff-post last night in freerepublic-----

How Odd/Raw Story -IRAQ PULLOUT VOTE FAILS (Is is over?)

ALERT: This Is A Procedural Vote ONLY. If Passed, THEN THEY VOTE

Oh, jesusfuckingchrist, Tancredo reading the email going around

the republicans are correct

Sorry, I've been working late a lot and missed most of the news -- can

WTF?! A Repug changed his vote?

Murtha in the HOUSE! Lantos gets standing O

if only we could "pull out"

Do you think any Republican officeholders feel that Rove tactics have

Hotdam! These Are The Best Of Times



Republicans are Sending a Message to Our Troops..............

Looking for Transcript

Republicans are going insane with the prospect of leaving Iraq

Kudos to Weldon for defending Murtha!

Republicans saying they love killing!! Kill!! Kill!!! Must murder!!

How long before the Swiftboaters appear??

My email to Jean, the Bitch, Schmidt

Live feed to C-Span

Hey Du'ers that live in or near Murtha's district or state

Who is this Repub standing up for Murtha?

John Murtha on C-span now

Ohmigod. I thought Sam Ervin was great in 1973, But this is the powerful

Those gravestones don't say Democrat or Republican, they say AMERICAN!

The Republicans are totally in their last throes!!!

who's Duncan? n/t


Hooray !!!.......1000 Donations !!!

Winner winner chicken dinner Duncan Hunter is an embarrassment to my state

Hear that everyone? Murtha is for the *draft*.

Highlights from Jack Murtha's Floor Speech in the House...

Has anyone news source interviewed the Marine Colonel(?) Schmidt

How large is Junior's "political base" that they speak of?

see how the repukes twist the facts

Falwell fires football coach

The Democrats Have Some Real Momentum Right Now, But....

I am adding Jean Schmidt to the Research Forum posting for

How come they have to add the words "intentionally" or "purposefully"?

too bad the mainstream media probably won't show Murthas speech

Who would you rather have as President?

Murtha's swiftboating = Rove is alive and well

Are all the house votes a sham like this?

I feel like I'm watching the Real President - President Murtha!

Strategery? The Dems have actually co-opted the repukes plan

Call this what it is!

Does the media understand that if 60%, 70%, 80% of the public

YEAH, DU! You met the goal! nt


Bush nearing Nixon ratings nadir

How long until we're at Level 4?

Who's Really the Coward?

Eew eww eww Randall Terry

Weldon defending Murtha on C-SPAN

"Those (Arlington) gravestones don't say Dem or Rep., they say...

The generosity of Rush doesn't include his "Adopt A Soldier" plan...

Why are the Republicans voting YES??

Why the Murtha probe is bullshit

This is not about the troops, it is about our faith in Iraq

Deja Vu all over again.............

Republican worst memory "Helicopters flying from Vietnam"

see how they are twisting their resolutions with Murthas

Rep. Murtha: Sen. Sam Ervin, 1973.

Training of Iraqi troop timetable?


Army Reserve calls 5,000 retirees from the Army medical corps

The House is like The house of commons tonight!!!

So the bastards show their lying faces


I Would Throw My Gun Down

Murtha has Evicserated Bush

Nation Builders ?

Anyone else in OC California suddenly not have CSPAN anymore?

A Really Bad Mistake. Babababa bad.

Is Murta coming through the back door setting up for

Who is this person?

Oh God, not Hayworth...not after I just ate!

Regardless of the vote--this is a good day.

I'm listening to Mike Malloy

How long should it take to train Iraqi troops?

Murtha knows having a president no one trusts is dangerous as hell

The Fat Lady Sang - The debate now is When & How to bring the troops home


School needs items for Holiday Boxes for the Troops in Iraq(PLEASE K&R)


Are You a NeoCon?

FReeper wants someone to SHOOT Patrick Fitzgerald

Bunnatine Greenhouse might get justice!

Republicans' actions say to the world: freedom of speech is not

Hunter's Resolution?

Steve Buyer is a liar, or at least just wrong

who the hell is sam johnson???

Why do Republicans hate America

Go Nancy!

VIDEOS of the House Proceedings on CanOFun

Whoo Boy. Better Get Ready. It's About to Get Real Ugly.

Mandatory Mike Malloy Friday Truthseeker Shout Out

Excommunicate the war mongers

TS Gamma, its heading right for us!

If Kerry had won there would be an organized mission in Iraq and timetable

OK. Republican human beings are just wired differently.


LOL - * trying to shake hands with Indonesia's President - photo

Kerry email on Supporting Murtha

Why did republicans NOT care about Iraqis in 1992?

Who is the guy behind Murtha on his left

Should machine guns be legal? Judge Machine Gun Sammy Alito thinks so

Bush Health Watch

Does Anyone Have That Website Where the Military Service of Senators

I want the Democrats to vote "yes" for PEACE

Why Are They Acting Like The Soldiers WANT To Be There?!!

Why is it that no one talks about the oil anymore?

Need help - Murtha Troop Withdrawl Poll is being freeped badly

Mom-to-be calls unborn a passenger

Hackett Calls DeWine Out Over Jean Schmidt Remark

A New Graphic Just For This Stupid Repug "Stunt" - A Breakdown Of Decorum

Yea. I'm thrilled Fitzgerald has asked for a new CIA leak Grand Jury.

If American troops pull out, will the Iraqis destroy the oil pipelines?

VIDEO-Kucinich on Republican Stunt

CBC had a very insightful report on New Orleans this AM.....worth a listen

Are all Republicans mentally ill psychotic murderers?

Jesus, does anybody EVER recall a lot of shouting & screaming in the

"Independent World Television" - want a new channel in 2007

Terri Garr..... MS.... more prevalent in northern latitudes... wierd.

Murtha's being McKinneyed...

Even if they don't fool the general public with this withdrawal bill...

Buzzflash:Schmidt looks like she got attacked by a 4th of July napkin set!

Suprisingly Honest Ad I Found From The Jean Schmidt Campaign

Teachers walk in protest over kid bringing a taser to school

Pullout = Shortsighted

6 TOONS: War Heroes v War Zeros === >>>

Thanks to a Marine: Letter of Support to Rep. Murtha

My goose will be cooked, hopefully. Any hints?

Breaking: Meltown going in Congress (yelling) Speaker demands order


Computer With Boeing Employee Info Stolen

Iran admits to UN it bought designs for nuclear bomb

Newsweek: Why Murtha Is Right

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha

US Army rules say: 'Don't use WP against people'

Palestinian official says Arafat killed by toxin injection

Bush Rejects Calls for Iraq Withdrawal

(GOP controlled) Congress Boosts Pay, Postpones Other Work

Text of Bush's Thanksgiving proclamation

Top Names Aid Fund for Libby (NYT)

GOP Lawmakers Float Ethics Probe of Murtha (GOPayback Continues)

CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described

Whistleblower's Iraq claims to be investigated:

Atheist Now Sues to Take Motto Off Money ("In God We Trust")

Shrub wants the government run like a business? I found the business...

Shouldn't the Cardinals actually try to KEEP some of this crap?

Live in Minnesota? Tell us the name of a good bar/club!

Now I know things are crazy today, but don't lose your head.

Paul Hackett On Air America

NBC are turning Lennon's life and death into a cheap

Which mysoginistic term is acceptable?

This is the first time I've logged on to DU in 11 days, ask me anything.

I'm hungry, what's for dinner?

My social life SUCKS

So, the GOD WARRIOR bobble head went for $870.

"I Need More Cowbell" question topic on Jeopardy! now.

re: disaster picture remakes--I'm a purist.

I Posted this in another Thread....but I wanted to make you all look at it

Quick grammar question:

Man, Batista is crying in the ring right now...

Taj Mahal, Iguasu Falls and Britex in San Francisco. nt



Russell Crowe ......guilty plea keeps him out of prison


Anyone watching Smackdown?

I bought this today

So, how exactly do you make 'American Pie'

Test drove & drove away in a Prius the same day

So what do you think's gonna happen to Dubya when he gets to the end?

Today, I signed a sympathy card for a dog's death at work.

You're so vain... you probably think this thread is about you.


Thermometer reads 10 degrees. Should I grill?

I've been out all day - can someone fill me in.

Aaaagh! I have a chinook headache!

Worst. Pickup Line. Ever. Ever. Ever

Gruyères, Switzerland: Illegal alien faces eviction from castle wall

I posted this earlier; however the 2nd paragraph asks the question:

Hey hey! The Chimp got a punch in the face !

Cheap beer connoisseurs, Steel Reserve rocks!

I think my master cylinder went out.

I watched "The Gift" the other night.


The best lasagna recipe in the world

Did anyone watch Dateline John Lennon Tonight

I am a little slow tonight!




All right, who is the bandwidth hog

Anyone watch Dateline about John Lennon's murderer?

I took some pictures of the sunset

I've changed my mind about Harry Potter

My cousin is coming to visit tonight.

Who here lives in Manchester, NH?

Rifleman, spare that sparrow!

The next time you see me, I'll be sporting a wedding ring.


To DU Lounge Lizards: I hope you are paying some attention in the other

Mr Chimpman, bring me a dream...Dumb dumb dumb...

OK, so how many DU weddings are there now?? I count six??

Soul Asylum reunite for new album


What are you all drinking tonight?

Can someone tell me how to post a picture?

Yay! We have heat again!

impending electron shortage....

Kansas man back in court over consensual underage gay sex

Who Needs to Win a Title More?

Lewd rap song features several Hurricanes

Very needy animal shelter in trouble...

My cat has discovered that the printer can be fun. (pics)

Any other Taureans have a strange and (sort of) troubling day?

One of the better diaries at kos.

Murtha is in the House!

Tonite there is Kerry love all over GD.

Annoyed at Dean - am I being too sensitive?

Breathtaking Kerry pic thread. Courtesy of Vektor. WITH HAIKU.

Kerry interview on NPR, WONDERFUL!

Kerry Birthday Thread! Dec 11th - Who's with me!?

It's Friday with KO 11/18/05

I didn't know who Murtha was before...

did we just hear right......clear channel was spouting on about...

PDA calls the Hunter Bill a fraud...


Replay of House warfare on 'puke Iraq withdrawal bill...

Utah, Alaska, Indiana, and NH organizers training at DNC this week.

House is back in session....

Jean Schmidt, (R-Oh) has a mouth, an attitude, and no political career.

In 2008, our candidate should name Jack Murtha as his running mate.

LTTE Time for Rep. Schmidt

CSPAN should be HOT tonight:

Who Would Jesus Torture?

Gresham Barrett, you are full of crap.

Gore's 92 VP acceptance speech?

Kucinich said he'll vote no n/t


How about a House vote praising Bush for doing a great job in Iraq

Saying one thing and doing another...

The repukes are scared and they're getting desperate. They'll find out

They called me a coward in '03 - their modus operandi

AZ House GOPer just goes against the GOP spin

From Wayne Madsen.. I know I know.. But something to think about Plame....

going after murtha

Ohh Tom Tancredo... you know this is going to get crazy...

Is it just me or has Rummy turned on Shrub? Check out this article!

Duncan Hunter wants to endanger troops with an unprotected withdrawal.

[email protected]

Talk about crocadile tears


Schmidt should remember how she won her seat.

Gohmert is stacked pretty high for a pile of shit

I hope that one thing comes out of this House fight.

Who was that puke just presiding over the house

Wheels Coming Off - Lou Dobbs

Who was that puke just presiding over the house?

House Republicans are the most cynical fuckers on the planet Earth

7,000 have signed Dean's DNC request to support Murtha...90 minutes.

and Rick Renzi is supposed to be a "tough guy?"

Repuke scam alert!

The House Republican Leadership is becoming predictable.

Hey DNC, Hackett MUST Run Against DeWine

Again - the more important bill that was voted on today...

Yea 210 ney 202

Hackett, Kerry and Murtha are unPatriotic and cowards

Democrats Are Giving MURTHA The Entire Time For Debate

Murtha will speak on the House floor in a few minutes...

Looks like a party line vote on the Iraq bill.

DU this poll on Murtha

Sometimes evil is obscured by beauty....(WARNING: UGLINESS INSIDE)

Schmidt should EAT HER WORDS

Christopher Hitchens vs Bob Shrum on Hardball

Can someeone tell me what Weldon said? Did he defend Murtha?

Hefley needs to lose the combover.

GOP calls for ethics investigation into Iraq war critic (Murtha)

Jean Schmidt can kiss the fattest part of...

Bush had the will to wage war, he did not have the will to wage it well

Buyer - "wrong time for your resolution, Mr. Murtha"

Amendment - for every soldier who falls the House Gop must enlist

Bushco would leave Iraq when the last drop of oil from the last.....

Congressman Murtha for President!!!!

Senate Republicans refuse to honor Bruce Springsteen

My challenge to these Republican assholes. TELL US THE

If you're not watching this debate on C-Span now, you are

Live on CSPAN...Chickenhawks vs. Patriots

What does "supporting our troops" have ANYTHING to do with waging war?

Dennis is pissed off!!!

Wow! Kucinich went OFF!!

So Buyer is comparing Iraq with WWII.

Why is Hackett running against DeWine and not Schmidt in a rematch?

You are Nancy Pelosi. The debate is ending. What do you do?

National Review: 'Could feel ground shift' as Murtha spoke

How Many More Republican Apologies Will We Hear Tonight?

JD Hayworth, oh please!

Schmidt's office "flooded with calls, district calls nearly evenly split"

"watch the video..I dare you" a freeper sent to me

THIS is what they've been doing all day?

Randi sure is taking a lot of credit for starting Air America

McClellan:"he(Murtha) is endorsing the policy positions of Michael Moore"

If I hear "win the war on terror" one more time I am going to SPIT

"That's a matter for debate"

DNC Resolution in Support of Election Reform

"Until victory is achieved"

House on Fire

Why are cons chickening out of their big national conversation on judges?

"It's kind of like virginity. It is hard to get back."

Shady "intermediary" in Iran nuke dealings...

The right to rule ourselves

Former Public Broadcasting chief made farce of fair-minded TV

Body Politics:The Senate's Sham Rebellion Against Tyranny and Torture

Condi Rice's Disdain for the Civil Rights Movement

A Pathetic Congress

NYT: Sectarian Hatred Pulls Apart Iraq's Mixed Towns

House of Cards

Gore's Crystal Ball

Stop Playing Politics, Get the Troops Out Now (Cynthia McKinney)

State's GOP loses ground: Party is a shadow of its 1995 image

Body Politics, by Chris Floyd

"The Nation's" Calvin Trillin: WH Values

Conason: Woodward's Disgrace

Neil Lisst - all six cartoons this week - images HERE

Boston Herald: Cut and run in Iraq isn’t a real policy

The Party of Sam's Club (Very pessimistic article in The Weekly Standard)

"The Collapse of Globalism"...John Ralston Saul (the Anti-Tom Friedman)

Thai zoo's lion and elephant meat banquet angers Kenyans

URGENT! The Pombo mega-land-rape is STILL in the passed House budget

Israel plans new homes for West Bank

The Frog Is Exhausted

"settlement blocs" planned to be kept by Israel in Peace Agreement expand

The jinx

Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed - July 22nd, 2005

a question that haunts me

Question on something with Bush

Action Alert! Nominate Professor Jones for a Wings of Freedom Award!

Three to six thousand Cruise Missiles overhead now

Uh-oh! What's going on in Mercer County, PA? (one of the UniLect counties)

Lucas County chairman, 2 others resigning Republican Party posts(Noe)

No Optical Scan Machines in CT demos last week!

14 abandoned vote machines gathered at University of Toledo

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 11/19/05

2004 voter turnout 63.8% not 55% as has been stated

H.R.550 co-sponsors write tell-it-all letter on GAO report to House Reps

Rep. Sanchez ponders move out of House

That was quite a 4a championship game last night

Happy Thanksgiving!

Contact info for Mean Jean Schmidt.

GOP swayed LaTourette (gop-OH-14) to vote for 'lousy' bill

Enquirer LIES about Murtha!

Go Bucks!! 'Nuff said. n/t

How to Sell Wars, Spin Elections, & Destroy Democracy

Anyone else surprised at Rep Murtha's speeches?

I must admit... I HATE these people...

Oh right, Mr. Sam Johnson, I can just hear the soldier now

The Repugs Are Right. NOW Is The Time To Send A Message To Our Troops

the repukes keep repeating bush bullshit

RIP Bin Laden

I want a "Sense of the House" motion to present Osama bin Laden for trial

Did he just repeat that "Fightin' 'em other there" crap?

the democrats should have walked out

Is tonight's vote in the House the chrysalis of the mainstream anti-war

Sam Johnson, you can't have it BOTH WAYS!

Let's get this 'no' vote on the record electronically

Why shouldn't the Dems vote "present"

Interesting......let's not give up on Colorado turning blue!

The best possible outcome of the vote

Is anyone else struggling for words to express the bullshit tonight?

More wingnut cspan callers

The official "Send a Message to Our Troops" Thread.

These flag waving morons having a medalathon now!

Did I just step into a time machine and travel back to the Summer

Aid to Delay just indicted in Abramoff probe saw this on CSPAN

So, I saw 6 or 7 repubs voted "No" on tonights vote...

About Murtha: post your best info here.

Sen. Byrd said "Why is this chamber empty? Why are these halls silent?"


The troops don't need their "support"....

Patriots vs. Chickenhawks: this is the real Superbowl

I'm just gonna say it--when ever we leave there will most likely

Will Murtha submit the original Murtha Resolution?

Text of the *real* Murtha resolution versus the text of the GOP sham:

Hey, I was the caller Aram from Tucson on Malloy tonight

That was better than Mr Smith Goes to Washington!

My bags are packed - I'm a-goin to France.......

One thing I would have liked to hear Murtha say tonight

a troop saying it like it is

Thanks for wasting my night, House of Representatives

Nightline: Katrina, and victims. 10:30pm CT. nt

What happened? Folks the stunt did not work

tomorrows headline: House Backs Iraq Policy....Defeats Democrats

Oh my God...c-span caller from Maine..."democrats saying bad things

This will be a week comng up, congress gone until

Fitzmas Season Colors?

Well Democrats need to submit draft legislation

Schmidt provided today's only soundbite, and she will be reviled for it.

Before I turn in for the night, Duncan - it didn't work

i think Sam Johnson is senile

"Just Kidding"

Democrats are the Party of Peace, Prosperity, and Patriotism


Faux News Reporters are nothing but pieces of Human waste

I don't think it's a coincidence that the movie "Chicken Little"

Happy Thanksgiving!


NOW Olbermann

someone explain to me why the pukkkes won't use this nay vote

Iraq Commander Casey Emboldens Terrorists: Submits Withdrawal Plan

I'm not upset because the real Murtha Resolution won!

So if only cowards cut and run during a war, what does that make Bush?

"We voted against a Republican joke

Today was a good day for the Democrats!

Murtha kept saying bush and cheney can't fight a war and win

Pandora's box is opened. Murtha talked about torture, too.

It's OFFICIAL. Hell must be freezing over.

NYT on the House fire:

VIDEO: Watch Repubs deny this was THEIR resolution.

Jean Schmidt's D.C. phone #....Tell her to Cheney herself

The CIA and the media

Rep. Jean Schmidt, I have a message for YOU:

Jeane Schmidt is the new Katherine Harris

Question: Did the Repubs use up all their veterans in the "debate?"

Jewish Group Asks Bush to Start War's End

Meet Mean Jean, the Murtha-Trashin' Machine (Rep. Jean Schmidt)


The lines have been drawn!!!!!

Senator Jack Reed just brought up the DSM! It was

The repukes have come up with one helluva' way to win a war

Look how lazy assed media frames Hunter res. As "calls" for withdrawal.

Bahraini detainee in Guantanamo is in wheelchair

Carl Levin's speech on CSPAN. It's a done deal.

Vatican Pans Intelligent Design....

JConyers:GOP Political Stunt Against Murtha -- Freedom of Speech Itself

Who were the 3 legislators who voted for Hunter's resolution?

Here are the phone numbers for Jean Schmidt:

Republican Fiscal Conservative Achievements

"Tell the people how much you love me baby" said the war.

So how much did the gop cost the tax payer in dollars for this stunt?

But The Iraqis ARE Fighting On Their Own.

My letter to Rep. Murtha

Wish to investigate Mr Murtha

So what's the verdict on how Pelosi handled it? nt

It is scary how Bernie Ward

I listened to Randi Rhodes yesterday. She was discussing IWR

Panic at FauxNews??

Mr. Murtha was NOT just venting his spleen

To Quote Will Rogers:

RW radio host--'when have US POWs been treated accrdg to Geneva Convention

In light of today's events, appreciate your comment on this column of mine

Since Viet Nam has been resurrected.. (Photos of VMA (AW) 242 ..)

Am I missing something? Rumsfeld given Iraq withdrawal plan

Today, in Congress we heard the first verbal shots of a new civil war

Mofo the Clown Hayworth, what is up with your hair, fool?

Question about Murtha's resolution...

Murtha's best point of all of this is so well said:

For all the latest Schmidt fallout, please visit the Ohio 2nd Blog

pretzeldent speaking live on cnn 2:37 a.m eastern. he's in

What's with neoconservatives and the World War II analogies?

Corporate Media calls it GOP sponsored Iraqi Withdrawal - is that a lie?

How you get conservatives to oppose the Patriot Act:

Post your favorite Jean Schmidt photos here!

Americans are tired of these GODDAM GAMES! Speak for us

Each time a Rethug says, "When it comes to this war debate....

Reading between the lines of "don't cut and run".

Pick a politician, and give him or her a band

So, the Repukes already had a 'cowardy' plan to cut and run?

Exploiting infants for the pesticide industry

The Repukes are imploding and creating a black hole in their universe

Anyone care to share their experience with T-Mobile?

the make-it-up-as-we-go-along plan

hey georgie are you too chickenshit to sit & talk to 100 random citizens?

Dead Bird Overshadows Domino World Record

Three days that transformed America (UPI: GOP solidarity splintered)

bush repeats ad nauseum: (he'll) "listen to the commanders on the ground

"I totally support the suffering of our troops so cheney can be wealthier"

I could make a really vulgar remark here

One of the last Repuke speakers last night said that our troops

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design

It is pointless for us to try to stabilize the middle east

Workers of Wal-Mart subcontractors arrested

So.....Big Gulps.... Alright!

The media's reaction to last night's Hunter Resolution

Republicans Attempt to Pull Out Without Planning Orderly Turnover

I want to know one damn thing !

Don't forget to donate if you haven't done so. Yesterday was payday

Torture victim's squashed on floor, skin stuck to floor.

Smirky: "sober judgment" must prevail

US dating agencies sued for fraud

Our Troops Are Sacrificing Their Lives and Republicans Are Satisfied

I just noticed my little star is gone

Let's flip Iraq and the US....

We are still fighting at home.

critics be damned, bush will have his war no matter what, and more too

My letter to Murtha FWIW

Venezuela to Sell Cheap Oil to U.S. Poor

The Power of One Clear Voice Backed By Unimpeachable Ethics.

Republicans Cut Student Loans, offers College Education by Enlistment.

Cincinnati Enquirer LIES about Murtha!

Jean Schmidt's Danny Buhp... an Ohio State Republican Rep

BOOM - new toon 11/19/05

GHWB sent 575,000 to "liberate"...

Murtha's "plan" or Bush's "plan" ?


GOP still using dirty tricks--shouldn't Dems call Dumya the liar that ...

"We don't you hear all the 'good things' going on in Iraq"

U.S. pulls out. Iraq falls into chaos. Democrats are blamed

Let's put a Timetable on bush's Impeachment, say, 6 months


Instead of debating the real issues the repukes put up a smoke screen

Trophy-hunter steals Hitler badge

what prevents the democrats from now bringing up the murtha resolution?

House Repukelicans experience the misadventures of SLIME in the WIND!

Republican Congresswoman calls War Veteran Coward.

New term: HypoChristians

"Cut and Run"-Today's buzzword.

"Freedom is on the MOVE!!!" (fancy cliche)

Nov 18 was my birthday and the best present was the spine the dems grew

For those like Schmidt who say the troops WANT TO STAY in Iraq,

Have To Say The Dems Did Ok On The Repukes Idiotic Move

Murtha / Sheehan 2008

Wash Post notes most Democrats recognized the political trap

Is Rep. Murtha this generation's Edward R. Murrow?

"Well I don't know, I mean the Democrats have their criminals too..."

"The Nation's" Calvin Trillin: WH Values

The Republicans Are In Serious Trouble

Republicans Back Plan for Repeated Rotations for Troops

Terror Threat?

* is looking a little wobbly today - photos

All this talk of "pull out early"

"Cowards Cut & Run, Marines Never Do", Republican Jean Schmidt

Democrats still leading Congressional polls (some with double digits)

Missouri's repuke governor continues to do some really dumb things

Check out CNN's "QUICKVOTE" on inspiring movies

Here's the headline those despicable House Repukes wanted yesterday

We need to invade Portugal! Have you all forgotten about 9/11?!?!?

Schmidt and the Marine Colonel appear to be old friends

Okinawa airman sentenced for molesting 10-year-old girl

Nuremburg Anny, Ferencz, & ICC

NYT,pg1: For a G.M. Family, the American Dream Vanishes

McCain on Letterman

A Different Perspective On The War In Iraq

Rep. Murtha Lobbied For Dean for DNC

caption our little prezident

This stinks

Did Jean Schmidt have a role in the Wizard of Oz?

MEME: The republicans voted for the resolution before they voted against

Today we got a debate they didn't want to have!! It was excellent!!

Musically trained children process language better

cnn doing a good overview of yestedays House tactics.

So who is this Marine who supposedly wrote to Rep Jean Schmidt?

Why is there no liberal equivalent of Sinclair?

Counterresolution: "Sense of Congress that US stays Bush's course in Iraq

I'm looking for the right way to say this poker they call it

The easiest way to withdraw our troops & get out of this mess in Iraq

If Ohio Senator/ Marine Colonel Bubp doesn't believe in cutting & running

Links to Dave Obey?

They HATE us for Selecting Bush The Liar. They do not TRUST Bush

Has anybody see the MSM report last night's vote correctly?

Brave New Voices.....

Daily Kos credited for forcing Pentagon admission of illegal weapons

c-span3 powell's 2-5-03 speech at UN


Harris Poll: Bush closing in on Nixon ...


WP editorial: "Woodward should not be vilified"

Was the VX nerve gas Bush' "throw-away gun?"

Ashcroft turns into hired gun

Bush* 'bi-partisan support from Congress' There's your soundbite.

Now that the Democrats are representing me better...

When people get all gooey sentimental about Reagan

Chimp says Iraq making "amazing progress"

Murtha is one of those tough dudes -- out of a Tom Clancy novel

The Point Is The Stupid Republicans Let The Democrats Off The Hook.

My email from Michael Moore via George Bush

The Exploitation of Soldiers

Dubya Plays Dress Up: Post Pix Here

Chimp's "Sober Judgement" Interesting choice of words!!!

Logic or rationality?

CNN headline "Bush: U.S. to stay in Iraq fight until victory"

"sober judgment" must prevail - George Bush

Lying WP Headline: "House Rejects Iraq Pullout After GOP Forces a Vote"

The "Real" Reason Plame Was Outed

military crimes against children

Just got home

A major FU to the Senate for their pay raise

Watching Murtha last night:Smarter than 95% Republicans and most Dems

Reverse Robin Hoods * * WANTED * * Poster

I have just now sat down and viewed the entire Documentary on

Poll........ Needs Serious Help

"We will stay in the fight until we have

MAJOR LOL! STORYLINE : "House Rejects Dem Plan to Cut and Run" (NutMAX)

Wait a minute. The Dems weren't supporting Murtha's resolution either

"New study details Iraq insurgency"! 3000 foreign fighters, but....

The headlines could have been: Dems refuse vote on Republican resolution

In the din and uproar of everyone flipping out...

A Turkey Shoot

Hilarious LTTE in this morning's Anchorage Daily News

Republicans to Red States…"Stay off Public Lands."

Quick thought...

Hey does anybody have Murtha's office number at the House

San Diego city beat's worthwhile appraisal of Duncan Hunter

Tax change for oil draws Bush (R., Oil Companies) veto threat

Did anyone notice how puffy and bloated snarlin dick looked

"In China, Bush Urges Religious Freedom"

Myth: There is No War Between Science and Christianity

Congress Drops BirdFlu Bill -- "Screw it! We're broke!"

Michael Scanlon's emails (re Abramoff criminal investigations)

Woman sentenceto spend night alone in remote area of Lake County Park

It's time to to deal with the 'christian' Right

What is the Magic Number of Dead That Would Prove We Are Tough Guys?

George Bush is a Bitch and a Scold.

Repubs say Congress had the same intel as the WH, if so give up the PDBs.

Now THIS is a great tune! WARNING! Language alert!

Answer to "Cut and Run"...

Good time to take a DU Break...

House votes to cut $700 mln in food stamps

I think I see now why Jack Murtha's comments to leave Iraq

what happened to the aclu suit about more abu Ghraib picutures?

The Liberal Media strikes again

Should the State of Iraq survive?

Was the Iraq Bill an attempt to mend the RW Schism?

Question: How/where do the troops get to vent

The GOP have backed themselves into a corner with "Cut and Run"

Stupid Bush Photos. Post 'em!

the Greenspan replacement, ...will that be the end of the USA..??

what i see muthra and yesterday gave democrats

Michael Moore letter to B*sh: "You gotta come up with a better villain"

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, what happens when the

What if the GOP had agreed to a vote on the Murtha proposal last night?

Republican Calls for Cut-And-Run

Venezuela to Sell Cheap (heating) Oil to U.S. Poor (Boston & NYC)

I think the Repukes looked incredibly stupid and hypocritical last night.

frame idea: we voted against it because it HAD NO PLAN

Chickenhawk Jean Visits The Retirement Home. Pics.

Sometimes I feel like hitting myself in the head with a hammer...

Wacky Rethug from Iowa posting in local Fl paper forum.....WTF

That "Debate" was a pretty lame affair, wasn't it?

Local Gannett rag, lead is raise, no tax cuts action not Iraq votes

Jean Schmidt must think Nixon was a coward

Opinion: Support the Troops, Send More --

Wellstone - Documentary- LinkTV

Republicans Solve Social Security and Education Funding Problems

You heathen bastards.....

2086 Reasons why The DSM is Important

5 US Troops Killed Saturday

Is George W. Bush drinking again?

DNC: Shame on Them: Americans in Our Own Voices

First you wingnuts called them "ragheads",...

What will be Cheney's talking points..

What will be Cheney's talking points..

Poor Dubya--Nobody Likes Him No More!

Diebold caught in lies with national & OH implications

GOP Reverses History and Wins Vietnam War!!!

Any Info on Guy James Show???

Crooks and Liars calls Jean Schmidt "Yankee Doodle Douchebag"

"Can you imagine working for a company that has more than 500 employees...

The great weakness in the communist system.

How does the idea of a Counter-Government sound?

YOUR birthright up for GRABS

Republicans Refuse to Honor Springsteen

If I read it right, "Victory" means Bush Falls.

Bush Says "sober Judgment" Dictates Troops Must Stay In Iraq

Why is Drunky McChimpster drinking wine at this Asian summit

What does "victory" in Iraq mean?

DU Lawyers: Since Reid received about $60K from the Abramoff's

Can Bush ever speak to a random audience?

Right-the-first-time, "Is * drinking again?" poll:

I'm watching PAPER CLIPS on HBO.

Caption Cheney giving his "attack the Democrats" speech

Oil in Iraq IS going to the Iraqis

Some Iraqis HATE the freedom that Dubya has granted them!

Tweety pushes Hillary for Prez, but Maureen Dowd has doubts

Should The Dems Have Voted Yes On The Sham Bill Last Night?

Anyone have the text of Murtha and Hunter bills??

Flame away - I am pissed as hell at the Democrats tonight !

So, ummm.....

In light of the "Boiling Point"--

creepy PNAC photo!

Note to Freepers: Rush, Sean and O'Reilly ARE the MEDIA!!!

Thanks to DU for informing me about Fair Trade Coffee and Tea

What happened to the idiotic thread about last nights vote?

House Intelligence Cmte Dem Members Support Murtha...

AMERICAblog: Iraq is Terri Schiavo

Americans Apparently Lacking Basic Reasoning Skills (per the GOP).

Bush Jr & Sr two of the least-popular presidents of all time

So, Have The Dixie Chicks Been Exonerated?

Stephanie Miller's worst persons of the week?

Murtha: presence of US troops impedes progress in Iraq

Highly Explosive Material Found In Apartment Of OU Student From Colorado

This is a sad footnote to a nice story.

Remember "I've got your back"?

What's the difference between Comedy Central and the Fox News Channel?

Arianna Huffington invites YOU to PROUDLY join O'Reilly's Blacklist

Anyone have a link to video of last night's House brouhaha?

DU a Houston Chronicle poll on Alito, please

Will there ever be an Iraq War Memorial in the US?

Newsweek Poll on Iraq and Troops

CNN online poll has 85% of voters calling for Iraq withdrawal in six month

No brakes: Car prices set record

Can we perform a citizens' arrest on *co?

Democrats want an Internet in every pot

An IDEA to oppose the 'christian' Right

You're welcome to use my Murtha avatar!

UPDATE: Vidof Ford(or somebody)charging across the floor has been FOUND

John Murtha, radical leftist draft dodging hippy protester awol coward

From Michael Moore - A Great Summary

Iraqi insurgency: MIHOP?

The Chair Recognizes Representative Long Winded Gasbag From Red State "X".

Help. I have been traveling and I have missed 2 days of video

DC press, revealed as "VENAL PATSIES," refuse to put Plame in context

Angels Were Watching Over Our Troops Last Night!

chimpy Did Another Photo-Op Speech With The Troops in South Korea. BARF!

Is * all talk, or does he really want a world war III ?

Does anyone remember what it was like when Richard Nixon

I'm studying Anti-GLBT Violence

Is Economic History (1968-1972) Repeating Itself?

14 Arrested Protesting NC Airport used for "CIA Torture Taxi" Flights!

Woodward: Fitzgerald "Incredibly Sensitive To What We Do..."

Do You Believe That Bush Committed Treason And Could Be Convicted Of It?

Did the Rethugnican Party Jump the Shark Yesterday?

A Question About a right-wing talking point re: Clinton/bin Laden

Ted Koppel Says Good Bye

WSJ: The New White Flight

I'm going to bed now...but I'll leave you with this warm and fuzzy thought

Sunday's talking heads' line-up:

I think it's about time that we started to call Junior what he REALLY is

Larry Johnson: Why John Murtha is Right!

What The Right Misses About Hillary.

Consider Silence as a Strategy

New Frame- Bush's war in Iraq is breaking the force.

FYI - Fitzgerald has updated the OSC web page

Can we DU a mass email to Schmidt and demand an appology?

My group and I have an idea on how to respond to Jean Schmidt

Why? Why? Republicans offered Dems the Ball

Where does Ohio Get them?

How many of us are actually doing something other than surfing?

Johnstown Stands Behind Murtha...--His PA hometown

It's the Iraqi Civil War, now. And, 80 % of Iraqi's want us to leave.

Rich, white men in marble halls argue while soldiers & Iraqis bleed & die

Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore

Caption the Chimp!

The opposition to the war in Iraq

Please say THANKS to Murtha!

Jean Schmidt: one big Repug Lapel Pin

Possible Reason Kerry Conceded '04 So Quickly:

And the spin begins (8 a.m. PR, Hefley-R-CO)

Doug Feith is now under investigation!

Woodard's revelation has nothing to do with Libby's case

Blistering column about Woodward & journalists in the LA Times

Via the AP

Jean Schmidt CUT AND RUN from her own comments like a coward

All Ya Need is WAR!

Oh Danny Bubp, the pimps, the pimps are calling.

My daughter's question : What does Evil fear?

Sinclair Employees Claim They Were Ordered To Slant News

Video of Kerry on ABC morning defending Murtha, attacking Bush Iraq policy

There's No Such Thing As "Main Stream Media" So Quit Using The Term

Alternet: 'A Media Monster Is Eating the Dems'


Good News RUMMY Haters-He's in final 3 - Running for Woodward's Source !

Steve Martin, Larry David, Ben Stiller highlight TV special for the Earth

"Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call . . . "

AND THEY'RE OFF!! Gen. Casey gives DECEMBER pullout plan to Rummy TODAY!!!

For those of us who went to bed early, what happened last night? n/t

Larry David to be on AAR today.....RFK Jr. just said so

He's dead

PLEASE READ !! Time for Congress to impeach Bush !!!

Reuters: Rumsfeld May be Target of New Grand Jury

How many here were dragged into being more politically active?

Every Bush Critic Has Been Slammed By Bush But Later Proven Right

How many DU'ers own a firearm?

George Bush all dolled up in buttons and bows....

The Boiling Point

VIDEO COMPILATION- 11/18 Murtha House speech plus Pelosi, Waxman & more

School needs items for Holiday Boxes for the Troops in Iraq(PLEASE K&R)

LAT: Pombo land-grab is STILL IN THE BUDGET BILL that just passed - ACT!!!

I need emergency help NOW!!!!!

uh oh-- plan B is in effect now-- Thanksgiving dinner at my house...

Soy Coffee

Oddball question: what's a crustless slice of bread called?

To B.C. DUers, get out and vote today!! (I am sure you will but

Police: 54 guns found in teen's home [David Ludwig]

WaPo: Another Grand Jury for Leak Case

U.S. Aide Accused of Graft in Iraq Had a Shadowy Past (NYT)

House defeats Iraq pullout in Republican tactic

Defense official: Rumsfeld given Iraq withdrawal plan (CNN)

Lawmakers Reject Immediate Iraq Withdrawal

Two soldiers charged with abusing detainees at Afghan prison

Whistleblower's Iraq claims to be investigated

CIA agents reveal interrogation tactics

King (of Jordan) awarded first Pope John Paul II Peace Award

US orders arrest of former J. Post owner Conrad Black (a Fitz indictment!)

DeLay Ex-Aide to Plead Guilty in Lobby Case

Warner Visits N.H. Amid Much Speculation

Law maker reject imediate with draw from Iraq

Reuters: CIA Leak Will Involve a New Grand Jury (confirmed)

WaPO: Another Grand Jury for Leak Case

Ex-Halliburton employee gets jail sentence (kickbacks on Iraqi contracts)

(Georgia) Voter ID law may be altered

Car bomb kills at least 11 at Baghdad market

Bill Clinton: Iraq Debate

CIA bought foreign cooperation against terrorism, says report

WP: Lawmakers Focus on Daily Brief In Prewar Intelligence Debate

Judge Sets Bail for Engineer in Spy Case

Agents target (Cuban exile militant) Posada ally

Iraq: We stay in fight, says Bush (speech to Korea troops, Dem rebuttal)

Halliburton Case Is Referred to Justice Dept., Senator Says

Abramoff associate charged in scheme; bribery plot alleged...

Here's the headline those despicable House Repukes wanted yesterday

Okinawa airman sentenced for molesting 10-year-old girl

Congress gets a holiday gift: $3,100 pay raise (Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!)

Separate Blasts Kill Nearly 100 in Iraq

Several Protesters Arrested At Johnston Airport

Germany's Holocaust memorial defaced by vandals

Some States to Get Wider Latitude in Measuring Students' Gains (NCLB)

Woodward under fire after giving evidence to CIA leak inquiry

China to OK more Boeing buys: report

Senate, HR Differences Complicate Spending Bill (may not reach agreement)

Upstate (S.C.) in crosshairs of prayer battle

Rosa Parks to Get a Capitol Statue

Judge: Campaign finance law will not take effect this election

Car bomb hits police patrol in central Baghdad

Mass. GOP aiding drive for ban on gay marriage

Former Public Broadcasting chief made farce of fair-minded TV

Democrats want an Internet in every pot

101st Airborne death toll mounts - Bomb, accidents kill 6 from Ft. Campbel

Dems cut 200 jobs from the payroll

Iraqis air disputes at Cairo conference

Kerry: 'Let Iraqis Stand Up for Iraq'

Ashcroft turns into hired gun

Storm over CIA prisoner plane claims

Rep. Cardoza Urges Fiscal Responsibility (Dem radio address)

Britain to send home failed Iraqi asylum seekers

GOP swayed LaTourette to vote for 'lousy' bill

US frustrated over Japan's strained ties

Sunnis skeptical of U.S. detainee efforts

Car bombs kill 48 in Iraq; Bush says war on track

Fitzgerald has posted his response to media request to the DOJ site

Bomb kills two US soldiers, two Iraqi policemen in Baquba

Shiites, Kurds Walk Out of Iraqi Talks

War protester Cindy Sheehan's book being released Wednesday

5 more dead us soldiers....cnn

Democrat: FEMA Not Using Rent-Free Units

U.S. officials question Sunni talks offer

BBC: New Study Details Iraq Insurgency

Chairman, 2 others to leave Republican Party posts; fatigue from Noe scand

Reform Jews call for clear Iraq exit strategy

Iraq War Criticism Stalks Bush Overseas

NYT: Pentagon to Raise Importance of 'Stability' Efforts in War

Aide: Rice Was Not Woodward's Source

Fox obtains little from Bush

Nelson Maintains Upper Hand Over Harris in Florida

BBC: Breaking 6.5 Quake Off Sumatra

Bush uses his faith to push for religious freedom in China

Boston Archdiocese, Prosecutors OK Deal

Patriot Act extension shelved

Rumsfeld given Iraq withdrawal plan

Marine hero languishes in detention (PTSD)

Five U.S. soldiers killed in two roadside bombings in northern Iraq.

Fitzgerald Affidavit Added to DOJ Page: to expedite discovery & trial

LAT: Call for Troops' Removal Reverberates at Home (Murtha's constituents)

NYT: Uproar in House as Parties Clash on Iraq Pullout (WP article also)

Cut oil taxes, OPEC tells Europe (AFP)

Jewish Leader ( Eric Yoffie) Blasts Right-Wing Activists

Army Engineers: Levee Warnings Unreported

Ford to cut 4,000 jobs in North America

Anti-Semitism on rise in Britain, MP says


The hell with cookies and milk!

i was the ANTI-Thread killer tonite

How long have you been harried?

It's been fun, Good night.

Dog Disciplinary Techniques

How long have you been marred?

Ben Wallace OWNS Yao Ming

What is your musical pleasure this evening?

Why are we at level 2?

Beware the falling cows!

In 20 hours, I will be in California!

Jim Carrey sure has aged

More than a Feeling

I'm so freakin' in love.

Shake it up baby now twist and shout -

Loretta Lynn

My dear friends....I am really weary tonight..........therefore there will

Would you let people eat sushi off of your naked body?

I am so psyched

Those who appreciate masterpiece art check this out!

come the weekend


Come back here you coward!!

Female streaker scores a goal in a pro-soccer game (hilarious)

I'm out. Good night.

Come on 80's music fans.....

Just talked to some friends in S.A.

Wow, am I apathetic tonight

It's colder than a repubs heart tonight, isn't it?

Our dear, snarky KitchenWitch will be gone for 9 days

Comedy Time!!

Technology for the CHALLENGED

Slim and lift

The world's most perfect song

I see there is no plan to stop the torture in Abu Ghraib and Gitmo

I just noticed my little star is gone

Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

Would you let your friend shoot a bottle off your head?

AWWWW What's in the box?

Describe YOUR perfect Limberger

what reason would my speakers quit working?

Where does Brad Paisley rate among CURRENT guitar players?

judge reinhold or steve guttenberg

FBI receives new computers, some are delighted, some dismayed.

OMG...I have no doubt this kid is on meth.

Bad English

Movie Buffs, need help with a line from "Stripes"

Goodbye DU

calling the mothership, calling the mothership

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Saturday)

What was the best day of your life, and what made it so?

I miss her already, 9 days AAARRRGGGHHHHH

Name this clown!

Repost -- Please vote for me

My part foodhound just snarfed one of my wife's estrogen pills. >

frost on the grass - migrating birds overhead - what does your

what is the most popular instant messenger?

Patricia Heaton "I am not necessarily the most easy person to work with"

so me, chet, and blair, and brad

where is AOL hiding the Pink Floyd Live 8 video?

I hate the movie kids...know why?

After taking our Spermamax you will need a life

"Something's wrong with HIS medulla oblongata!" Random Movie Quote Trivia

Fun with quarters (or How Much Spare Time is Too Much?)

In celebration, Welsh rugby fan chops off his balls!!

hard core baseball freaks.....i need your help please......

The Worst Record Covers of All Time

Do gas furnaces really explode sometimes?

Check out this SA Weekend Web entry:

Saw "Walk the Line" last night

WHOOHOO!! I just got drunk at my professor's house!!!!!!!

Allstate insurance bill....outragous!

Do You Ever Wonder If Anti-Virus Software Companies CREATE VIRUSES??

Any Mormons here?

Fundie of the Year Award

70s flashback flame war...

How much is your gas/electric bill?

many blue tarps post wilma on damaged roofs in Broward County & the

(Humor) SFGate: Woodward's Source Was Jeff Gannon!

Zombie Outbreak, are you prepared?

THIS IS HUGH!!!!!1!1!!!1!111!!

Saw Walk The Line Last Night

"7 Nov 1944: Election day in the States. I hope Roosevelt is re-elected...

'Lonely hearts' ads

Toby Keith, eat your heart out.

Did I say I have a date this weekend?

Any Italian gourmets here? What's the deal with castagne secche?

To which fast food chicken joint should I go?

Respond to this post and get my 2300th post in return.

Help me decide

Hypothesis: the waving icon subverts all ill will

"Hollywood Madam to open Nevada 'stud farm'"

Should I go to my church tomorrow?

Yes - UM's fans have their hearts ripped from their chests, yet again.

Who's appearance in "Goblet Of Fire" surprised you the most? (SPOILERS?)

Now this is weird


70s era porn moustache

For the comic book geeks here...

What's all this fuss I'm hearing about a Mothra Bill????

This gets my vote for coolest CGI animation ever..

i heart conan o'brien

Do they make D-I-Y collagen implant kits?



Observation test: Without looking ...

Why are we at level two?

coffee table books of the damned

Du online shoppers, i need help with mens sweaters

My proposed new naming system for hurricanes (take note NOAA)

How stupid do you have to be to injure your foot while walking

Menu navigation - this sample; too difficult to read the options?

I'm soo disappointed in the 1000 Donations gif

Okay, who loves me?

ipod questions

The Gropinator Goes To Rio (Warning: Austrian Ogling and Butt Groping)

Cream of Chicken soup...

Hello. I'm going to go to sleep soon. I work midnight.

Has anyone seen Tom Kitten lately? I haven't......

Hey Bay Staters

caption this pic

what is your favorite curse word?

Cheerleader types aren't nearly as snobby as art school chicks

A DU Christmas Fantasy

A proposed DU Lounge rule change.

FOUND IT! The PERFECT Sauce For My Chateaubriand For Thursday!

Anyone else here a fan of the movie "Lone Star"?

Okay, who hates me?

progmom on the air now until 1:15 eastern time - post jazz requests here

posted as received = Dear Beloved in Christ, Heavenly Greetings.

Personalities for Alcohol

i will pamper myself today

It's the Dubya Plays Dress Up Thread: Post Pix Here

I've hit 7,000 posts! An "ask me anything" post like the good ol' days


Whats there to do in Boston?

Buckeyes to Honor Fallen Marine Saturday ~ GO BUCKEYES!

Anyone care to share their experience with T-Mobile?

The Ducks Went "Quack" The Cows went "MOO" The Rooster "COCK A DOODLE DOO"

The lines have been drawn!!!!!

Former Bush Girlfriend tells all about their sex life

Riding motorcycles makes women horny

What Comes After "Hurricane Omega"??

Ok this took some work

What was the most impotent day of your life?

Should I tell Wetzelbill that I am not going to get to meet him tomorrow

I still haven't figured out MEN

The Anarchist's Cookbook:

What should I do with my garbage?

What do you plan to do this weekend to embolden the terrorists?

Happy birthday to me!

I am the great cornholio, if my wife sees this she's gonna kill me

Whats your Porn- Drag Queen name game

You act like French people!

Nasal spray that makes women horny

Show of hands--who knew, back in 2001?

I Just Saw Pride & Prejudice - Ask Me Anything!

How do you maintain your dignity in a Corporate World?

Interesting names of countries

I'm going to start a blog, pick my username for me


Today's the last K-STATE game, ask me anything!!!

The official Ohio State fan gloating thread

Who has the winning Fantasy Football Team? Me or MrsGrumpy

Nighthawks 39 (dial-up warning)

Everyone!! Remember to be nice to LynneSin on Tuesday...She's going

What was the most important day of your life?

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire!! .....

Who can name the person on the right in my sigline?

Hey, Upper Midwesterners!

I finally have women figured out!!!

Someone should PS this photo




Tiger if you haven't seen this, kinda cool, dialup warning, vertigo

A DUer needs your help and all you need to do is vote in this poll!!

Myth: There is No War Between Science and Christianity

The Next 5 Months, and the Next 500 Years

New clues to make magnets more powerful

Task Force commemorates losses in the transgender community

Same Sex Marriage Poll

No Meechigan - Ohio State Thread?

Application For Aubarn Drivers License

Is today the day for upsets in college football?

One year ago today

Forget Auburn/Bama, the Big Game, and even The Game

I think my loach is dying.

The Next 5 Months, and the Next 500 Years

So Newdow continues to fight the good fight

Another success for Kerry - Rosa Parks statue

Kerry on ABC news this morning?

GOP Senate Snubs the Boss:

Iiieeeeee!!!! I couldn't get in here for a minute!

New audio/video website.

Can someone tell me what, if anything, this means?

Kerry on ABC Morning News

Just when I was starting to trust Matthews

Hey. Look what I found.

I'm posting this here first, so we can discuss. Kerry and Murtha

I'm afraid that if I get close enough to Kerry...

This is sad.

all of your "what-ifs" about Iraq answered--Atlantic Monthly


Business attire?! To celebrate the birth of such a GOD? Booor-ing!

A few more from last Sunday

Thanks to F. Gordon and ConsAreLiars

A November day in Anchorage...

The polls are now up in the Lounge

So now that THAT'S over with...

Has anyone seen the Walmart movie yet?

Today's vote prevents Bush from playing hero-calling home troopsb4midterms

Here's were the rubber meets the road.

Whoa! 3 Yea votes on the Resolution for withdrawal-2 Dems & 1 Rep...

So, tell me about this Duncan Hines Resolution the House just

Looks like Jean Schitt has a ittsie bittsie piece of poop stuck....

Headline I'd like to see "Pathetic Republican Political Stunt Fails"

A few thoughts on screwing the pooch.....

Leave your messages for Duncan Hunter here.....

Harry Reid was great on Ed Schultz today.

News Shows PBS

Today's Dem Press Conference on Pre-Iraq War Intel rerun on C-Span now.

And a big hearty congratulations to those Ohioans who voted for Schmidt.

It's war!

'Blogfather' Jerome Armstrong signs on w/ Governor Warner.

military recruitment is down...blame the rethugs..

Dems need to fight back!!!!!!!!!!!! shit...don't take this slime!

Should I be worried?

I loved President Clinton's statement on yesterday

I love that Schmidt is now the fresh face of the Republican Party

Mike Malloy calls Cheney a "TICKING CYBORG"

When appropriate.....Dems must call Rethugs "LIARS"....

The Monkey is on MSNBC, now, LIVE

Bush demands Exit Strategy

Mustread post by Kurovski: Murtha visits a comatose soldier ...

GOP Senate Snubs the Boss:

Who were the 3 lawmakers that called for an immediate Iraq Withdrawal?

Everytime I go to Blockbuster, "Farenheit 9-11" is always checked out.

Mark Levn, NRO contributor, trudges out the Iraq/Al Qaeda link

Rhetorical question: Why can't the Stay-The-Course crowd come up with

The Republican "Big Lie" about freedom in Iraq

An interesting courtroom spat between frmr gov Ryan and Phill Gramm

Jean Schmidt = Satan in a Scrunchie, a Shrew in a Scrunchie

Rumsfeld magically has withdrawal plan now.

How come none of the news programs are showing Jean Schmidt today?

Dems need to put forth their own Resolution before the House

I am listening to cnn--many people are confused about

Let's remember, whenever a draw-down begins,

We're about due for another terror alert I would think....

Open Letter to George's Mama by Cindy Sheehan

Repuke Controlled Congress Helps Self to $3,100 Pay Raise

Jean Schmidt did not act alone. Don't let Daniel Bubp slip under the radar

More good news from Iraq !

I just finished writing my congressman-who voted AYE


How many Republican members of Congress are veterans?

Next October Republicans will be criticizing Democrats

Buyer from Indiana Lied

1 Month after 9/11; the complete case for war in Iraq was laid out in NRO

What does "Total Victory" over terrorism look like?

ADORABLE Photos: At APEC, Bush plays dress-up with his pal Vicente Fox

OH Gov. race - Strickland leads over Blackwell and Kasich

CNN: Howling Chimp announces "U.S. to stay in Iraq fight until victory"

Falwell: Already Speculating on the 2008 Presidential Race

Charity Drive: Body Armour for the Troops

Kerry: 'Let Iraqis Stand Up for Iraq'

Chimpy, The National Embarrassment -- just how imbalanced is he? (Photos)

DU this poll, needs help

al-Zarqawi to King Abdullah: "We will reach your head and chop it off"

Jean Schmidt: Another Repuke loony - she can run but she can't hide

C-Span caller just made my day!!!

This War Resolution Vote Is A Total Fraud

A Moral Disgrace (Jim Wallis response to budget proposal)

"Prosecutor in Leak Case Calls for New Grand Jury "

Bush's Base is very happy today

A Pathetic Congress

DU is a mess - let's clean up our act!! OK ???

Would Fitz have to call Rove back to re-testify to a new Grand Jury?

Did Wooodie play a different role

I think EVERY democrat should have voted "Aye".....

It was a mistake to vote No.

OK Mr. pResident - Define Complete Victory........

Would you condone public spanking ...

We will continue to kill innocent Iraqis

Do these people represent you? Advocates-turned-Regulators

Media Matters: Descriptions of Murtha as "Pro-Military Democrat"

Framing the Murtha/Hunter issue to the non-political

The snarling faces on the DU Home page are our Presidents.

Open Letter to George's Mama

Gitmo policy--making us more vulnerable

Congress gets another pay raise though already earning record salaries

Breaking stuff ELECTION REFORM News-recounts in NJ & Col.-law suit in NC

Anti Posada group NYT ad: "October 6, 1976, was our September 11"

Three Dems with convictions of conscience.

Check *'s wallpaper

PLEASE READ !! Time for Congress to impeach Bush !!!

Repugs say they are there to free the people, how many would you say..

Photo: "Bush smiles after addressing 5,000 U.S. military servicemen"

Rumsfeld: “Iraq is improving"- what evidence does he have?

Looking for a DUer who worked for Ohio election reform proposals '05

Let the troops VOTE!

Ethics Probe on Murtha -

Snip from the Brad Blog

Video of Countdown's Take on House Resolution Today

Bush41 diplomatic appointee--GOP appointed prosecutor-Very hawkish Dem.

What the Withdrawal Vote Means?

What if Iraq dissolves into open Civil War...

MSNBC just said the Republicans won last night

Democracy in Peril ... Proof of Propaganda Chavez & Bush

To those who say "stay and die" I say "why"?

403-3......403-3!! All of America has now seen the GOP for what it is:

My letter to Jean Schmidt....

Avoiding detection at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

Katrina 'sent by God to punish New Orleans gays'

Kerry coming up shortly on ABC's morning news

Apparently a simple explanation for MSM about last night is needed?

An MSNBC POLL that needs DU input (aka DU this poll)

Please support Hayworth's challenger.

Neil Lisst political cartoon - The Week in Review - they're all here

Pollster John Zogby on Bush regaining public's trust -

44 States above 50% Disapprove of Bush. Channeling TruthIsAll. AMF Bush!

We have J.D. Hayworth (and wife) to thank for last night's vote

Sorry, George, I'm In the Majority ...from Michael Moore

Conservatives' mission: save Bush presidency

So, when is Michael Moore running for Congress?

How about that Harold Ford, huh?

A year ago...

It appears that the Republicans have been scared Schmidtless

Question about Col. Bubp's rank and service for all you vets.

Candidate supporters ONLY: do you support Murtha's plan?

The name's Bush, George Bush!

Wanna see damage control / panic? Look at the Sunday TV guest lineup...

Democrats (and DU'ers) are ducking the issues Murtha raised


Murtha might have been considered " Republican Lite" by

Have the Dem's overplayed their hand?

Dear Abby : My Alcoholic abusive husband

Republicans suffer embarrassing defeat!

Is Cheney A Clone Of Old Man Potter from "It's A Wonderful Life"?

The House Dems Did The Right Thing Last Night

Reugs always ask DEMS to give a plan ...

But the TROOPS say they think we need to be there!

The Power of Nightmares - Rise of Neo Conservatism (BBC series)

My electronic voting machine was rigged to vote Republican

The Bush Presidency - In Photos

Are the Republicans EVIL?