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Archives: November 18, 2005

Republicans hide behind Democrats and Clinton to justify the Iraq War.

Clinton: The big mistake of the Iraq war

A Timetable for Mr. Bush .... NYT

GQ: How Sinclair Broadcast Group Bent the Rules

"Are they stupid, or are they lying"....Molly Ivins

"Bob and Me" (Will Bunch's experience of his hero Woodward's Fall)

Princeton Professor Predicts loss of NJ coastal land this century.

Israeli president visits Vatican

Russia to Supply Helicopters for Palestinian Leader Abbas

Abbas: Al-Qaida not in Gaza, West Bank

Has anyone seen this site? What do you think?

Question for LIHOP'ers

Paul Thompson - July 22nd, 2005

Allito opposed concept of one person, one vote

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 11/18/05

"There Oughta Be a Law" Contest

So if it's not bad enough I'm at home on my deathbed

DU NEWS FLASH: Pauline Dixon challenges Pete Sessions for Congress (TX-32)

Texans: How popular is Bush in your part of Texas?

Ahmanson, Scaife, takeover of Am. Protestantism, role of the Third World

"Sell us some more Hillbilly Heroin, we're runnin' low"

Osama Bin Ladens new tape

GAO Blasts Pentagon Spending

John Kerry was Amazing and Nuanced on with Tweety...But...

heard on ABC World News: "Here's Martha Raditz, our new WH correspondent"

If they repeal the inheritance tax permanently, will the meek still pay?

For Alito: The More Religion, The Better

Remember Jesus on a trailer hitch? Now he's Touchdown Jesus...

mccain on hardball, kerry coming up. nt.

The Incredibly Evil Professor Yoo

Murtha's speech transcript

DId I just hear Kerry Right? He Wants more "Benchmarks achieved" in Iraq?

A simple plan to save America

Statement: JUST IN from the White House re: Murtha

BREAKING, BUSH reacts: MURTHA playing the politics of Michael Moore

Bush just equated Murtha with Michael Moore

OMFG..."Murtha is Michael Moore." They're MELTING DOWN. LMAO

Got news for you rePUKES. MikeMoore now outpolls Little Lord Pissypants

David Shuster has really been doing a great job lately on Hardball.

I hope Murtha and Dems push the point: Focus on READYING Iraq

WTF?!? Sen. Stevens said today that WMDs could still be hidden in Iraq?!?

All those supporting our troops!

We've got Top Ten Conservative Idiots

Specter/Harkin naming buildings after themselves

Time: The Autumn Dick Of Cheney, Long Hard

Red&Blue, discovery channel

murtha press conference being re-played on c-span n/t

An idea for Dan Rather and Bill Moyers:

General Wesley Clark - Media Alert

John Murtha for "08"?

AP/Yahoo: Murtha "voted for the war"

Freepers on Murtha: Traitor, "like the Japs," destroy anyone like him.

Maureen Dowd Only Guest On C-Span Tomorrow Morning

FUCK the "bush bashing" meme. Try on "fighting for America"!!!

Trial of man accused in Bush plot goes to jury

Why didn't the repukes retort a long time ago?

Pentagon (Rumsfeld) agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel

murtha on newshour now. n/t

Red and Blue, on Discovery now

All those smeared by this administration should stand on the steps of

MURTHA-Official WH Statement by the Press Secretary

Legislation Renewing Patriot Act Stalls

Just in case anyone forgot, Mike Moore's words from March 2003

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

senate voting on kennedy amend to give 1% of wealthy tax cuts to...

American Charged in Iraq Scheme an Ex-Con

The White House is "baffled"

U.S. Warns Iraq on 'Sectarian Control'- What did they expect to happen?

What would you do? -- Part II

Blitzer has Ensor on DEBUNKING the major GOP talking points

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents - free PDF download

House 'wingers released from their cages to maul Murtha and Democrats.

If Cheney is Woodward's source -- what can/will happen?

Info needed: Big Oil, Defense Contractors, and Republicans

It's time for Buscho to acknowledge that it's not just Dems who are critic

Just having Fitzgerald identify the Washington media 'elite' is worth a lot

Tomorrow is the deadline for the WH to turn over all documents re:

Need More Help

Sign in here if you are dancing around the room re: Bush/Murtha/Moore

Sunday Times' leaked Iraq memo on 'heavy-handed' US tactics

Just in case it's not clear:

If I had "hairy back" talked like a "Soprano" and belched after meals and

Murtha plan - 6 months then deployed near Iraq. Kerry plan - 18 months to

In a public restroom today

Throw THESE words back at Dick Cheney:

If NOT Hadley, then .... ?

Anyone seen this?

Billion $$$$ Cheney

Prophetic Bumper sticker I saw in Chicago in late 2002

Conyers: Continuing Demise of the Rep. Party, Patriot Act Vote Imminent

Repugnicans Eating Their Own: George Ryan vs. Phil Gramm

Even Michael Savage agrees with Murtha....

Oh Lord, here's another one--"Elderly Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking"

If Woodward's source was so secret than why did he tell Pincus about it?

A fun exercise for tonight: Tell us how you'd fix a company

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET

Have you guys seen this ACLU privacy thing: Pizza in 2010?

Is trying to link Saddam to 9/11 or to al Qaeda also a conspiracy theory?

Cheney's weight vs. Bush's poll numbers

Calls to serve met with anger ("Not Your Soldier Day of Action.")

The House is in a Feud!!!

"The Rendon Group == Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence"

2083 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Woodward was totally dishonest concerning Plame.

Just the mere fact that Bush trusted Woodward and gave him so much access

Rumsfeld targeted by anti-war protesters


Tell me about the Disney Corporation...

It seems to me that the Fed. gov't ought to have its own DNA testing

Interesting re Able Danger From Media Channel email

You Noticed The Freepers are Spewing........

is there an official du thread for links to contribute to dem candidates?

Which is worse Vegas Math or DC Math?

A Question For Christian DUers. Fill Me In.

Do You Remebr When The RePUKES Said...

they ought impeach bush and throw him in jail before NORIEGA goes out on

FEMA--finally released some $$ to pay for DNA (321bodies in NO)

Scott McClellan's statement on Murtha pathetic is this...

Is something weird going on with AAR commercials tonite?

Did Clinton blame the Republicans for the "Blackhawk Down" incident in '93

Home Alone! They left D*ck running the show!

Audio up now of Howard Dean's conference call last night.

CNN's A. Cooper 360 now reporting on the FACT that Congress

Anybody read Joan Didion's new book?

BULLETIN TO SNOTTY SCOTTY! America believes Michael Moore was RIGHT!

John Kerry will not be my next president

Any of the Dems manage to bring up Downing Street Memo today?

WH is cornered : what will be next ? Syria, Iran, N.Korea ?

Why is Scooter on crutches?

Caption this * photo

LOL...a Republican Rep from Tennessee just cited ... "I got this email"

CNN Prmetime Tonight poll on most interesting story

General Clark disarms Hannity

Katrina survivor speaking on CSPAN re budget

McCain said tonight we as Americans are confused

How can we win in Iraq?

Woodward interviewed * to write his book...Could * be his (or one of his)

How many Bush administration officials does it take to change a lightbulb?

You know how sometimes we just aren't sure if he's got a snoot full?

Bush Bashing on DU ...... Why do we love it so?

Wilson wants Woodward probed

We're All Michael Moore Now

16 minute mp3 of Murtha on PBS Newshour tonight -- link

Buget cuts to food stamps and student loans?

If Martha Stewart married John Murtha,

Mandatory Mike Malloy Thursday Truthseekers check in

Nightline: Ted revisits Agent Orange, Vietnam's Lingering Mystery

Had a bit of an argument with my boss today

House is back live, CSPAN

That Howard Dean shill Kurovski has betrayed me!!!!!!!

Tortured language: the poetry of human rights

Ultra RW Christians expanding American Girl boycott: "indoctrinates girls"

Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!

NOW SHOWING..........MURTHA!!!!!

Murtha coming out against Iraq = John Wayne opposing Vietnam..

North Korea Exposed - CNN Special

Old story about Murtha and Kerry may open some eyes

Do you think that Patrick Fitzgerald will issue more indictments?

Remarkable Interview: Iraq interrogator comes clean

No FL student beaten unconscious twice - Home torched two days ago

Dear Mr. Conyers,

CIA Director Stansfield Turner calls Bush liar, Cheney "VP for torture"

Senate Foreign Relations Committee: April 22, 1971

Proud to Be a Democrat Again? Proud of Our Team? I Thank Chairman Dean!

VIDEO- Berry (AR) calls Putnam Howdy Doody

A much needed reminder...

Views from Freeperland on Murtha.

This "the president feels betrayed" nonsense is nothing more than

POLL: troops in Iraq should be withdrawn?

Has it been posted that sfexpat2000 made SF Chronicle today?

Was Henry "Scoop" Jackson the father of the PNAC? * hiding info on him?

10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong

John Kerry: "My regret is that I believed the president"

Can anyone explain the differences in Kerry and Murtha's withdrawal plans?

John Kerry Is Already Our President

Should teenagers be able to conceal carry guns to school?

Wesley Clark said US Army will be destroyed in Iraq.

DU BREAKING NEWS: Congressman Pete Sessions faces Dem challenger in 2006

Carl Bernstein: The CIA and the Media / Rolling Stone 1977

PNAC 101 - The Rise of the Neocons (the public is DESPERATE for Truth!)

Senators Threaten to Hold Up Patriot Act

Prototype $100 laptop unveiled

NYT: Citing of Polygamy as a Cause of French Riots Causes Uproar

Poll: More Americans Want Domestic Focus

Chavez makes enemies to fire up supporters: US

Failed refugees to return to Iraq

White House Response to Murtha (Includes reference to Michael Moore!)

Two Charged over Leak of Blair-Bush Conversation... --UK (Tony disagreed)

Call for Govt to negotiate Iraq exit strategy with US(Australia)

Republican Abernathy to Leave FCC

WaPo: Official Accused of Rigging Iraq Contracts

NYT: New Housing Starts Fall, as Do Permits for Building

Cousin: Bombing suspect likely motivated by anger (from the war in Iraq)

South Korea Plans Partial Iraq Pullout

Democratic Senator Argues Jordan Attacks Linked to Iraq War

White House slams Murtha defection on Iraq: "Not the time to surrender"

WP: Spending Bill Fails Amid GOP Discord

Hawkish Cheney renews attack but attracts only flak

WSJ: Speculation Over Woodward Source Draws Denials

AP >> Source: Cheney Isn't Woodward's Source

Nearly half of youth vote turned out in 2004

Castro denies Parkinson's diagnosis

House Republicans Respond to Murtha(these people make me sick)

Faux News: Woodward Skewered by Bush Administration Opponents

Iran in turmoil as president's purge deepens

Feingold commends Murtha's call for troop withdrawal

Bid to punish judges has eye on state (war on judges getting really ugly)

Pentagon agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel

Friend of Abramoff Testifies on Their Ties (Italia Federici)

No wonder I hated Star Wars Episode 1....

"Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor... It's creazappy!"

I'm out of GD for a while.

X-Rated text messages are making my life heaven/hell

Best place for cider? Dicken's fruit stand on Rt 9W.

I didn't realize this until today but apparently I'm Evil Incarnate...

What is a good wine that don't cost an arm or leg for Thanksgiving dinner?

Every time you clap your hands, a gargoyle gets it's wings

Cool! Zinc strips for roofs!

Any electricians in the house?

Who is in the mood...

Well, my parents left for Parent Teacher confrences.

Small aircraft and florida

Next up, DJ Mahatma Running Bear -

Crap, I passed 10,000 posts and didn't even notice!

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET

The Late Show - Tonight's Guests

Even Xmas cards are out 3 weeks early...

U2 owned my beloved Stones last night


A client was trying to con me with a stripped poker deck

This is a first - I have turned my ceiling fan off

I hereby declare that the wuss Zuni could never hope to beat me in combat



needed: great 50th anniversary gifts for a couple who have every


So how cheap can I buy a domain name these days and where????

I'll say it again - AOL has FUCKING dumb people

You guys are amazing

You know, quite honestly, I think Clapton lost his right to be in Cream


Kleeb is running for Congress in Nebraska!

To all My Lounge Friends, I have something important to say...

Sad Wings of Destiny

Okay, I just popped the Ambien,

Want to hear some great music? Check out MY Show at 11pm ET

GRR! My water just exploded all over me!

How did "My Pet Goat" end?

Everything is fine.

Does a wild bear shit in the woods?!! maybe ...


What are you thankful for? (Be as offbeat or sentimental as you want)

today is my 50th birthday!!!

I'm sorry but is this supposed to be a Sexy pose?

She calls me her Chia Pet. What am I to make of this?

Hey! I don't have a tumor in my ear!!!

Serious Question

I live one degree longitude from my hometown. (PICS)

Hey, what's the deal with....

Manhattan Beach Sunset photos from last night.....Dialup warning.....

I'd like to publicly thank

Slide Guitar OR setting Zombywoof on fire?

Click Here To See An Animation Of A Freeper Trying To Keep Up LOL!

Can you feeeeeeeeeeeeel the ZombyLoooove?

I am THIS CLOSE to tears....All of you incredible friends of mine.......

Why is the Lounge not showing up on my Latest page?

I feel like I'm gonna hurl...

We need more Lets Active threads here

If you could select one book ..

TEN Random Things...Read about me...Post about you!

has anyone seen DeposetheBoyKing lately???

We need more Flock Of Seagulls threads here

It's Time For A Post Your Picture Thread!

Hitler on Religion

The Five Lights Club - an essay on atheism

A Question For Christian DUers. Fill Me In.

I like our Spanish Jew Rambam's (Maimonides') letter of 1174 to Yemen

Timid Mice Made Daring by Removing One Gene(OMG Scientist discovered this)

Have you folks seen these postcards?

Who is Rep. Murtha and why are people collapsing at his feet?

The broadcast archive of Sen. Kerry's appearance on Tavis Smiley

Kerry must've kicked ass today

Transcripts from Hardball and The Situation Room

Just an FYI, Anderson Cooper 360 got it wrong about Kerry and

Cool digital camera website...

KOEB 11/17/05 (The Watch Your Words Edition)

Bush is in Asia and he's making comments attacking Democrats??

Can someone put 2006 gubernatorial info in the research forum?

We're being sold out!

Here's how Kerry should respond to Blitzer

Scott's latest statement

My state slogan for Situation Room

McCain on Hardball: Bush's top priority is to rebut accusations

Probing for weak spots? Got an interesting machine generated

dupe/ self- deleted

Remember this Pic - Saddam and 9/11?

Would you rather be a Senator, or a Representative?

Anyone watching CSPAN right now?

The Christian Right is behind these "cruel" budget cuts.......

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes (Kids Talk Bush)

Where is Richard Clark?

"have you no sense of decency?"

This Sunday Morning News Show topics

I just educated a repuke!

Bush's Wrecking Crew strikes again.

Must-See video re: Fallujah

Great fun tonight on CSPAN

John Kerry: Yet Another Reason Why You Lost....

GOP MELTDOWN: First GOP vote loss since 1997?? Wow, this is HUGE!

Kerry on Hardball & The Situation Room

Campaign Underground 2006 - THE COMEBACK


Latest reason for war..."to support our troops"

Clark on Hannity/Colmes right now!

Yikes! Really Baaaaad GOP Poll Nos. from The Hotline (Lowry)

John In D.C. @ AmericaBlog isn't happy with Kerry

Someone tell Michael Moore to stay out of this fight-please!

Add your name to Bill O'Reilly's Enemies List

Ok, might as well get this out, I'm considering interning for John McCain

Democrats have ditched their appeasement and have gone to war

OMG! A rare photo of Libby and Rove when they were kids!! >>>>pic

McClellan: Murtha = Michael Moore (breaking from WH traveling in Asia)


Krugman: Medicare drug benefit is an example of gratuitous privatization..

The lesson of Watergate (Woodward)

Maureen Dowd , New York Times on C-SPAN, Washington Journal, 8AM

Setting the Record Straight: The New York Times Editorial on Pre-War Intel

Juan Cole ... Bob Dylan ... Blowin in The Wind ...

"The American Resistance" - Ted Lang

There is a Name for this Government-Corporation we call "the US Adminstrat

More than 80,000 held by US since 9/11 attacks (14,500 now held by US)

Sibel Edmonds Fights Fascism - John Stanton

Basketball in the 'axis of evil'

A Right-Wing Perspective

Friday Neil Lisst political cartoon. Bush in China.

Dems distracted by wrong war BY ANDREW GREELEY

Bush Tries to Deceive Us About Deceiving Us

The greening of Italia Federici

Newsweek: Why Murtha Is Right

Three days that transformed America

Open Letter to Patrick Fitzgerald - Fmr WH Counsel John W. Dean

Someone please give him a blow job....

Morford - George W. Bush Gives Me Hope

An Iraq Deadline for Bush (EJ Dionne WaPo)

Clinton: The big mistake of the Iraq war

60 years after Nuremberg: How the Nazi Trials Helped Spawn Modern Justice

VU Discovery Could Spark A Revolution In Lighting.

Tropical Storm Gamma

Arizona study finds elevated amount/heavy metals in Fallon, NV (Tungsten)

The Thylacine Films

Anarchy on the hilltops

Vanunu nabbed at checkpoint

Will Bibi get his Likudoid?

Jews must stand by Jews

Is someone petitioning for an army ops paper re: 9/11?

Ex FBI Head Louis Freeh Charges 9/11 Commission Cover-Up! (WSJ)

Remember the Ukraine

What is the "The National Elections Standards Advisory Board"?

Brad: Something very rotten suddenly occuring in CA, plus more on OH

Diebold Attempts to Evade NC's Election Transparency Laws

California Diebold Certification awaiting DU EMSLTTT Analysis

Try It Again: Why ATMs are Not like Voting Machines

We need: sound bytes, bullet items, hard facts

Schwarzenegger takes execs on selling spree to China

Richard Lederer to speak at Democratic Club meeting - open to all

An important event to attend Tues, Nov 22

Suggestions for a trip to San Diego?

New gubernatorial poll shows Culver leading every other candidate

Harkin Teaches Brad Pitt A Lesson

Nussle votes to hurt the poor in Iowa

Leach lands on both sides of an issue again.

Blouin vows he won't support abortion restrictions - AP

Democratic candidate to appear on Iowa press on sunday.

New Governor's poll - who is Research 2000? anyone?

Save Health Care in Massachusetts

MassVOTE Digest: Election 2005 The Good, The Bad and The...

Two Al Franken Appearances December 4 in the Twin Cities

Senator Coleman takes credit for...

Amy Klobuchar already working to show how close Mark Kennedy is to Bush

Mark Kennedy casts deciding vote in favor of ugly budget cuts

Windows Media Player CODECs

4-hour rule?

Firefox users - a problem

My dsl wont stay connected

Why is Outlook only showing me new mail when I create a new message?

Woman sentenced to spend night in the woods for abandoning cats

Mean Jean Schmidt, R-Oh-2, takes her shot at John Murtha

Texas Congressional Delegation Roll Call ( budget cuts)

Minister's wife arrested for soliciting sex from 15-year-old boy

Favorite weekend activity to do in Austin

Aiyer vs. Lovell

Can I get a status report on I-10?

Good Night and Good Luck FINALLY opened at my local

Call your Representative NOW!!!! Murtha Iraq Resolution coming to vote 7pm


Bush - The Least Presidential President in American History

Become Republican ! (Animation)

Delay in IDing Katrina dead: Police & FEMA "negotiating over the price."

Richard Clark on The Daily tonight at 11 nt

Iran in turmoil as president's purge deepens

Complete Cheney smackdown on Daily Show!

Richard Clark is on TDS tonight! Don't forget!!! n/t

jon stewart kicks ass so far. if it is coming later, catch it

Go Team!

Huge diplomatic success for George in South Korea

Who even KNEW Australia had a 100 million dollar pea industry?

Join Oreilly's Blacklist

We're now up to 2,083 troops now dead in Iraq

Mc Cllellan compares Murtha to Michael Moore

Veterans, familiar with White Phosphorous is it a "Chemical Weapon"?

The media keeps repeating libby's attorney's LIES

Caption This ---pix->>>

Emanuel "Bush opposed to nation-building-who knew it was THIS

Mustard gas doesn't kill people, people kill people.

Notice who owns the headlines, lately?

Look out Pukes and DINO's--Giant anti-war snowball picking up steam.

Laura Bush reads a book to Korean and American boys and girls - photos

Richard Clarke - On The daily show. Awesome!

Shadowy Figures ---pix->>>

On CNN Now A.C.'s 360 - Bush Manipulating Iraq Intel...

(Aussie) Dems want cost of Rumsfeld visit

FEC Declares Bloggers Are Journalists.

Newsweek: Hollywood: Praise the Movie!

Anybody had any experience with raw milk and dairy products?

Indian Affairs committee hearings are on CSPAN now 1:25 AM

"It was not about WMD, It was about Saddam disobeying

Stewart Throws Cheney's "Own Words" Back At Him

do you think repubs have a gene missing or something?

What did he say? I've heard the quote from Bush from his trip today.

Do you realize the Senate is still in session at midnight!!!!

Capital News: Senate passes their version of tax cut

New York Times: Not Since Deep Throat Has a Woodward Source Held So Many

AP: "Cheney Isn't Woodward's Source"

Richard Clarke just gave the best evaluation of the Administration

Interesting: Fitz cites Woodward in GOVT Miller Opposition Memorandum

Village Voice:What’s Eating Dick Cheney?

On CNN Now- Nagin Goes to Washington... nt

Bush's Last Day .com

VIDEO-George Miller on the budget - Fiery AND funny

Gene Taylor (D-Miss) for VP !!! (?)

Anyone hear Hannity and (I think) Kucinich tearing each other apart

How many major bills passed with the gavel slam long after voting ended?

Vomit-inducing...last night's Charlie Rose show-with the Saudi prince (?)

Make sure to keep * on top!

MSNBC Breaking - Two car bombs shake word on casualties

Iraqi Gov't to Probe Detention Facilities

It's OUR Fault.... new toon 11/18/05

Rep.Edolphus Towns..(NO SHOW)

Leonard L. Boswell : Iowa's 3rd Congressional District.(NO SHOW)

House-Cspan-Inslee talking about the National Forest provision

What are Chances of BushCo "getting things right" in Iraq in 6 months?

Who should be using the word LIAR?

Mother Jones: The "Some Other Dude Did It" Defense of I. Lewis Libby

Boswell and Towns were the no shows....HR 4241

Why did Congress ever pass the

Real Clear Politics Poll average.

Enlighten me please....what happens with a tie vote in the

Washington Times twit (Kuhner) on Olbermann says Rove was "reamed"

We Are Going to See Bushvilles This Winter

Nice article about Murtha on AOL. Will put tears in your eyes.

Georgie and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week

Conspicuous by its absence

E-mail to my rep, Tom Cole-R, OK on house bill 4241

What research has been done in regards to "wellfare queens" and people

If Jesus Were Alive Today...

Possible Tamiflu deaths: 12 children in Japan & "nonfatal adverse events"

"Saw III", the GOP Trapped in a Room with gee dubya bush

Orin Hatch is a piece of shit.

Amercans are guilty of believing the preelection intelligence in

Investors cheer Hewlett-Packard (62% fall in profits, 14,500 jobs cut)

Is Woodward part of a cover-up bigger then Watergate?

I am watching Hassart (House floor)--from yest. He sure is riled up.

We were right all along - has anyone said that they should have listened

Nicolle Wallace - Who is she? The new WH propaganda spewer

Maureen Dowd will be on C-span at 8 a.m., for the whole hour!!

To the dwindling #s of folks trying to believe bush didn't lie us into war

BREAKING: Hadley won't say if he's Woodward's source

Has Bushit denied being Woodwards source?

This how the Bush Fascists Lied About Iraq...."The Lie Factory"

Remember when no one was allowed to criticize or laugh at dubya?

Ex-Sen. Gramm Testifies in Ryan Trial - Another Fitzgerald Investigation

cpan--question for day (first hour)--accep or Reject Murtha Plan

DesMoine RegisterEdwards: We made a mistake. Now let's take steps to leave

? 100 dead in 2 Iraqi bomb blasts ... Bush's peace train rolls on.

Invade Syria and Iran with what...

Wash. Post's Woodward's misleading, disingenuous statements on Plame case

so WHAT if some Dems supported the war, now they DON'T, is that O.K.?

I Have The -G- File Repeat: I Have The -G- File


Scumbag Woodward Defends Role in CIA Leak Probe

Bush Administration OR Yahoo Troll?

LAT: Heidi Fleiss Plans a Brothel to Serve Women

Survey: Americans Reject Globo-Cop Role

Riverbend is new today--torture houses

Darwin exhibit creates Bush bash-Get your morning laugh here!

Bush Paid Flunky Armstrong Williams: I AM NOT ALONE!

The war, military experts said, has scared many young people away

S.1783, the Pension Security and Transparency Act of 2005

I wanna have a liberal slumber party.

Who is the Senior Administration that told Woodward??????

Speculation Over Woodward Source Draws Denials

NYT frontpage: Congressman Murtha is lead story, wonderful pic

Commie pinko liberal hippie 'Murka hating leftwing radical elitist

Anyone who thinks WP is not harmful READ THIS.

Text of Clinton's address at Rosa Parks funeral

CNN paid Bush hack Dana Bash says the anti-Bushit demonstrations...

217-215 I cannot believe it.

Gaschamber Executions in the US - Gas Executions of Kurds in Iraq

Murtha has opened the door. Will the Dem politicians enter?

I can't stand it anymore! AAR is messing with MS and I just had to put up

A little more on O'Reilly and women...

The REAL reason White Phosphorous was used to immolate Fallujah

Bush Approval Tanking .... Survey USA .. only 4 states above 50%

Anonymous Source:Cheney Isn't Woodward's Source

The Korean Pro-Bush Rally ---pix->>>

"This will be remembered as the week when President Bush lost control over

Bush you're not a lame're a lame PHUK.

(VIDEO) Uniting or Dividing?

CNN roundtable on Iraq....All participants against leaving Iraq.

Bush & Cheney tried to swiftboat Murtha, only to get their asses kicked!

George Meets His Double ---pix->>>

The first two stanzas of "In Flanders Field" are a great

Former CIA Chief Calls Cheney "VP of Torture" ...

Lou Dobbs to Miller: I Will Never Forgive Fitzgerald For What He Did To You

"You Howdy Doody lookin' Nimrod"

Burn in hell, Mr. President

"Murtha has joined Michael Moore." HA,HA, That's soooo 2004.

Our local Republican machine

I ask "mature" DUers if today was the "Cronkite moment"

Does anyone know if the PUBLIC LANDS are safe from the grab

Name your favourite 3 blogs

Murtha: Troops' pain, not politics, behind stance

House passes Republican Budget 217-215

It's Gloating Time in Liberal Land!

Bombers Kill 65 at Two Mosques in Iraq

A Poem by the galactically stupid Resident of the WH.

LTTE demands Bush Bashing to stop - editor calls letter writer an ass.

Korean Anti-BUSH vs. Pro-BUSH Rallies ---pix->>>

Would you rather be imprisoned for years or receive corporal punishment?

They've brought the battlefield to the halls of Congress

Durbin: Ease Patriot Act or we'll block Renewal

Yum! Yuck! ---pix->>>

Kids As Young As 12 Are Being Put On The Kansas Sex Offender Website

DU This Poll Regarding Troop Withdrawal (Iraq)

Art Professor Released from Pretrial Supervision Over DOJ Objections

I'm not trying to be flippant here

Please critique my letter to my Congressman

Rumsfeld to Congress: Fuck Off!

self delete

The theory of Heliocentrism is just that, a theory. Alternative theories

Fiddling while the country burns . . . or floods.

Soldier Says He Lied to Get Lighter Term For Murdering Iraqi Civilian

Cut and Run

Explain to me how cutting child care for welfare to work people helps

Forget BUSH!!!...Let Go After Cheney.......

..that John Murtha is a Baaaaad Mutha---

Check out these quotes from Fitzgerald:

WARNING! Bush's mental and physical illness may be caused by Omega-3

Why is Murtha mentioned in this article?

What do you think will happen in '06?


Italian guy talking about white phosphorous on CNN right now.eom

Anyone Check to See if Woodward has a Gannonesque Site?

Ex FBI Head Louis Freeh Charges 9/11 Commission Cover-Up! (WSJ)

Same event, very different headlines:

AP/Ipsos: Bush approval down to 37%, dis up to 61%

Republicans Suffer From Bush: Survey USA Map Trending Blue

Joe Wilson has just posted a piece at TPMCafe

DU ths MSNBC poll Re Cheney's comments

Post editor says paper will consider naming Woodward source (NYT)

MSNBC Question Of The Day on Immediate Withdrawal

Big deal about the Senate asking Bush* to make quarterly reports on Iraq

Okay,..I have been working much lately.... What exactly happened...

Edward R Murrow was to Sen Joe McCarty as ___?__will be to the Bush Admin

We need a Rep or Senator take the floor with a box full of Bibles

CIA Chief: Cheney "a VP for Torture"

Pls. sign petition to stop drive-thru mastectomies!

Be prepared for Rape and Pillage on a whole new scale

Deal made on plan to ID Katrina dead

Funny how 2 hurricanes and one tinpot dictator have destroyed 2 Bushes.

Malloy told a great story about Murtha last night

I was just ambushed by the GOP.

CNN poll: Is it time for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq?

None of the 9-11 hijackers was Iraqi, correct?

Just as much evidence for evolution as gravity but both are just theories

Fitz - "grand jury's investigation is ongoing"

So Ted Steven's still got his Alaska bridge money.......

Right leaning Rasmussen has * at 58% disapproval

Bush the DESTROYER....his self admitted War President is so Revealing

"To add insult to injury, this is done while the president is on foreign."

Wow, I have never listened to Stephanie Miller before.

Kerry talking on Senate Floor now - CSPAN2

dupe delete

" There Will Be No Patrick Fitzgerald for the 9/11 Attacks"

Halloween's Michael Myers: prototype of the Islamist terrorist?!?

Don't get mad - get even (from a poster in GD: Politics)

Tucker Carlson Bow Tie FREAK!

If Bush pardons anyone, it will be seen as an admission of his own guilt!

What happened to Grovel Bot??

Exceedingly Strange….

Tod Lindberg on Diane Rehm was so full of sh*t

No new donations since this morning?

Kerry Up Now About MURTHA

C-SPAN: Dem House members holding press conf. on Iraq Pre-War Intel

Check out RawStory,seems like there was a record of a Hadley/Booby meeting

I just spoke with Rep Sander and Thom Hartmann. Thanks

"Several times a year, Murtha travels to Iraq to assess the war on ...

Today's word is "Dolchstosslegende"

Remember when people used to cite WP or NYT as a source when ridiculing...

Stream yourself some CSpan 1..

Did KKKarl Red Rover work with Donald Segretti in the

CNN Poll: Is it time for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq?

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, galloping through the sward

Rudy tops Hillary in Canisius poll (54 to 38 percent)

If our intelligence was wrong then the war was wrong end of discussion.

Here's a sobbering thought, poppy and babs


Hastert is "saddened" by Murtha's proposal...The Fat-bellied

WaPo and CNN's deceptions on Libby/Woodward

Stansfield Turner is "embarrassed that the USA has a VP for torture"

New Grand Jury already seated.

SUGGESTION! How many willing to write to Fitz?

NY Post lies that Bush Sr never criticized Clinton's foreign policy.

An important lesson for all our kids

Woodward to be on Larry King Live tonight? Anyone else see the promo?

Fitzgerald said "the investigation is continuing"

Comic Relief: An Open Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo

Deficit reduction bill passed last night

The genius of Murtha

Bill Clinton's Legacy

Mr President *, 2 years ago you promised that your WH would

Is this an urban legend?

USAA '06 Calendar- Pls. return Dec. '05 page with Cheney quote

Adam Putnam (R-Fla.): the "Howdy Doody-looking nimrod."

Rep McDermott: "We need a plan to return U.S. soldiers to U.S. soil, not

"Malkin is living proof that bigotry has gone multicultural." (Cho)

Statement from Michael Moore

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design

Murtha threatened commandant to obtain Purple Heart for wounded kid

Murtha will be on Press the Meat this weekend.

Russert: Murtha’s break with Bush creating shockwaves

"Bold" Prediction: The Swiftboating of Fitzgerald Begins Now

CNN.CON Says We'll Never Know CIA Leak Source

All Dems should join Kerry on "Swiftboating" -- this is a McCarthy moment

(Photo) Bush* meets Einstein - PROVIDE YOUR OWN PUNCHLINE

Murtha and the Democratic Establishment. ...Noooo. Not again!

Arianna: "Join Bill O'Reilly's Blacklist" here

Tortured men look like 'Holocaust victims'

What does this phrase mean?

Sirota: Rahm Emanuel (head of DCCC) is a Wuss for Wimping out on Murtha

Potential Historic Vote on Iraq - Today in House

Take the CNN Poll: Is it time for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq?

Idea for next fund drive bar chart....

Bush Doctrine

Ambassador Wilson: "If It's Good Enough for the Times ..."

LYING LIARS .. Administration Breaks Pledge Not To Comment On Ongoing In

Was the IWR vote really a bad one for the Democrats?

Our Monsters In Iraq

This should be fun. Word of the day sent to me by a republican

Reps-Calling Murtha's Bluff by bringing up his resolution in House

NBC Chief: Liberals Don't Watch TV (Bob Wright)

VOTE: Voters for Open and Transparent Elections

I know I'm reaching here, but couldn't you just see it:

85 more donors people! We can do this before this weekend is over


The horrible House omnibus budget bill JUST PASSED - read about it in LBN:

The Canonization of Katharine Graham (Washington Post mogul )

AP's Sidoti Questions Murtha's Support For The Military

You ever hear of a "Charlton Heston" Republican? A "Ted Nugent" one?

What do you think "the Troops" think about having to kill Iraqis

What was your favorite Bushco quote from this past week?

CNN saying Murtha getting little to no backup from his fellow Dems

Remember these little gems from Bush in 2000?

Exclusive Interview - Bob Woodward on Larry King on Monday - Let's react

Don't let anyone tell you the troops don't like to here calls for brining

FEMA Tells 150,000 in Hotels to Exit In 15 Days

The Murtha Test: Have the Dems in Congress learned to have a SPINE or...

say, now that the Iraq invasion and occupation is being openly questioned

Murtha's plan is very different than Kerry's or Pelosi's position

"I won't stand for the Swift Boating of Jack Murtha!"

Seemed like a good night to remind everyone

Bush feels LOVE wherever he travels ---MORE PROTEST PHOTOS

Scanlon charged with conspiracy to defraud [AP]

2008 Republican Convention to be held in Kansas

So lets assume that Hadley is Woodward's source

Average ages of the deceased-- 20-24 years old.

Why does a poor family now have trouble getting food stamps?


Americans are Guilty

2085 Reasons why The DSM is Important

The Rant

U.N. calls for global Iraq, Gitmo probe (UPI)

heard Pelosi & Hastert on c-span this morning while waking up...

A Single payer system...

The GOP should have their tactic blow up in their friggin faces

I would like to leave for the day with a quote that is over 130 years old

CA Set to Use Diebold Voting Machines. No Public Hearings!!!

lala Raw and Jason reassert Hadley as source on RS

Transcript of CNN's Ensor pointing out Dems did NOT have same intel as WH.

"Inaccurate intelligence"

A reich-winger on another board claims no one in this admin has broken

To Counter GOP House Iraq Proposal Dems

Is KO moving up the charts in this latest listing???

Principal Resigns after shaming student

Drier States leaving Iraq would be Criminal!!

GOP "See and Say " pull string toy. Need your ideas

Oh, those crazy RW LTTEs!

Ed Henry confirms that Murtha's Resolution will be brought up today

CNN's Fact Check Re: the Prewar Intelligence

DU This CNN Poll On Iraq

Watch NOW tonight...HEADS UP!

only 1 RW defense of Iraq war left: 'dems had the same intell'

Good Night... FINALLY opening at a local theatre near me.

Hey - Check out what my 900th post was...

So who do we got(Sen./House) who's serious about ending the GOP chicanery?

The 2nd night of temps in the 30's along the gulf coast

As long as we're calling bluffs...

Will Cheney resign for health reasons

Potential Historic Vote on Iraq - Today in House

DEMS should all walk out of the symbolic up/down vote and demand a real

Hastert to test Democratic resolve...

I keep waiting for Ron Reagan to reply to Monica Crowley thusly:

Randi giving us a recap of her big night in Congress last night

Saddam gassed his own people... well didn't we gas our own people too??

Exhibit on Darwin creates Bush bash at museum gala

Where is the Robert Byrd thread? He is telling it like it is right now

Bishops urge voters to petition against stem cell funding

Please Vote For Me, I Need Your Help

Bush Calls For Draft

C-SPAN 2: Byrd calling Big Time's lies on the Senate floor

It's Friday, and the worst procrastinator on the board just donated --

Any chance Chimpy will parachute into Iraq this year

Anyone got some of the latest threads over at FR - I betcha with

Any chance BushCo is considering/negotiating with Iraqi "insurgents"?

New John Dean essay urging Fitz

MoveOn: Thank John Murtha:

Ok, guys, my first login today....what's happening?

100 Arrested at Wal-Mart Construction Site

US FDA panel sees no evidence Tamiflu caused deaths - Man that was fast!

Admiral Turner: 'Cheney is vice president for torture'

Statement by Michael Moore on the Bush Administration's Statement

CNN/Murtha will be the ONLY Dem Speaker in Fight on Floor

Hotline confirms that there will be a "Murtha Vote" by 7 pm

C-SPAN has posted entire Murtha speech from yesterday. CNN cut some

Kos says J.D. Hayworth is the prime mover of this idea (Murtha vote)

Faux news On Bill Clinton

Membership list for the DLC

Ummmm....Delicious, foreign ginger ale -pix

How do we get all dems to walk out of the symbolic vote tonight and

Lets here it for a Grovel Bot free fund drive!

Reminder: they still own the voting machines.

?!?!WH: rest of world had same intell on Iraq....BUT WH ignored pre 9-11

Any Bob Dylan fans around ... if so, check this out.. it's outstanding!!

Michael "Conservative Christians are Wackos" Scanlon is indicted

* is losing his "base", RNC is kicking off a "campaign-style offensive"...

August 2004 - The Response to the Swift Boat Vets

Where's the line between Schadenfreude and Vindictiveness?

Ya'll have had two days to call John Murtha. Now free up the lines, bitte

Dick "Five Deferments" Cheney.

VIDEO- Bush and APEC in Korea

What really INFURIATES me is

This week in anagrams

How do we get all dems to walk out of the symbolic vote tonight and

Has Katherine Harris been giving make-up classes?

Jack Murtha gets BIll Schneider's Political Play of the Week

Maureen Dowd , New York Times on C-SPAN, Washington Journal, 8AM

Clinton. UN. France. God. Guns. Gays.

If you're a politician, then play politics - re: up or down vote

War Critics are Encouraging our Enemies? no, bush is, GOP Morans

Murtha Resolution with GOP edits (Less is more)

failure of the establishment Dems to rally behind Murtha is . . .

VIDEO: McGovern Statements on the Repub Y/N Iraq War Resolution

Ok, this scares me >> "Perle says out with the Saudis"

I am starting to get sick of all these friggin storms!

Call & write your representatives NOW. to say DON'T VOTE NO

Woodward Has Tried to Save the Bush Family Before

Heads up Floridians-Tropical Storm Gamma

Tune in to Tweety, should be good tonight. Murtha will be on.

VIDEO-Obey on the Sham Republican Retalition of Murtha

VIDEO-Markey on the Republican Retaliation of Murtha

Murtha on with Tweet right now....4:05 PM CST

official house thread #2

Bush given a warning at the Apec meeting by P.M. Paul Martin of Canada.

The Sad Fact is We Cannot Bring Back the 2100 Who Died in Iraq

Are Our Senators So Out Of Touch in NOT getting info we already know??

2 minutes here, 10 minutes there ... how can we run a government

My Dog Can't Play the Violin

Well, Woodward has spoken to TIME: Why Woodward's Source Came Clean

VIDEO- Harman on the Republican STUNT

VIDEO-Rangel on the Sham Republican Stunt

God I hate the house republicans


Tierney CALLS Hunter on his shit

How will the Democratic President repair our relations with the world?

To Duncan Hunter:Thank you for voting against your own amendment

Republicans are distorting the Democratic Position on the War. A response:

Could/Should Dems turn things Back on Reporters?


How many house republicans have been in the service

what are they doing now???

Brokaw, J. Stewart Bash Bush's "Intelligent Design" Preference

Morford: George W. Bush Gives Me Hope; the collapse of the bumbling one

Woodward tells Time that he prompted his source to confess to Fitz

Rep Tiahrt (Repuke) just said that Zarquawi(sp) was in Iraq before

Murtha poll - support him on withdrawal.

What resolution would you introduce for THEM?

The big bad COWARDS- The republicans and Vietnam/Iraq

To gop "christians" look at your house reprensatives now.

So when did Bush Jump the Shark?

Photo of Schmidt before going on the floor

This debate is HISTORY!!!!

Looking like the House of Commons

Keith Olberman: In tough times, is Bush tightening his circle?

Call Duncan Hunter 202-225-5672. Tell him he should be ashamed of himself.

VIDEO- Kingston's Irresponsible Comments

The CIA-Bushco War: A pox on both their houses.

Kerry on CSpan now

Murtha is Tweety's guest on Hardball today

W is For...

JAMA Editorial Condemns Bu$hization of the FDA

Are you listening to the caos in the House right now?

It's getting nasty in the house

Whenever something big happens...

All these idiot Republicans are who are co-dependent

Do You hear them booing Jean Schmidt in the House?!?

On the "the world is better off without Saddam" meme...

Sibel Edmonds Fights Fascism - John Stanton

Vote no on allowing the resolution to go to the floor.

OMG Cowards cut and run???

Murtha isn't calling for immediate pullout from Iraq.

Randi just played

2004 Campaign spending?

ARGHHHHH!!!!!!! Why Not Once. Just Goddamn Once

GOP Resolution=Black or White/Murtha's Resolution has Grey Tones

Murtha Resolution going to the floor of the House soon. CSPAN

"Woe to you legislators of infamous laws....."

Army, Marine Corps recall 18,000 body armor vests

Rep. Jim McGovern -D-MASS: "Murtha is not afraid of you (Repubs)."

The vote is over the HUNTER resolution being brought to the floor

What exactly is going to happen to Junior when the donations reach 1000

So, when is this sham resolution going to be voted on?

Army, Marine Corps recall 18,000 body armor vests

Why do Soldiers need us to proove anything to them?

RNC running ads against Harry Reid in NV

My 1st DU poll: What will happen to W*?

Geez; is it always this hard to get through?

Paul Hackett on Big Eddie now!

TOONS: "Facing the Problem? Naaaaah!" Edition

What Common Quotes drive you up the wall?

official House thread #3 - CSPAN

Rightard callers to CSPAN....

Heard a tasteless joke at work 3 days after diversity training...

ok...i was sick of seeing the total donations stuck at 941....

Just received from PDA re: Call for support of Murtha

Somebody: is this legal? (employment law)

Democrats, this is your chance, become obvious to everyone where you stand

I can't listen to this shit anymore!!! How dare they call us Communists?

Are there 2 bills to be voted on Re: Iraq troop withdrawal: Murtha and ??

Today is Drink The KoolAid Anniversary

Will someone tell me???

Re: Murtha Debate: All that will count is the sound bite.

I hope the rest of the dems are paying attention to Murtha's treatment

Republicans' intelligent design refuted by the Vatican.

ABC news gave the House arguments as lead in story

VIDEO-the Duncan Hunter Exchange in the STUNT

the republicans are the CUT AND RUN party....from Kerry's Murtha defense

Is anyone more predictable than Fred Barnes? Even Hannity?

"Shut Up And Clap Louder" Doesn't Work Anymore (KOS re Murtha)

The debate on the sham Repub resolution has worked out well for the Dems.

The Cultural War Is Now FULLY Engaged

The Republicans are desperate

Theres a vote tonight to bring the troops home?

Trust in God calmed Ashcroft on 9/11

Extension of Patriot Act Faces Threat of Filibuster/Go Feingold

Chickenhawks like Cheney CUT and RAN from VIETNAM draft

dubya on korean tv on c-span-2...

Murtha replay on CSPAN now

VOTE pull out please!

The Republicans calling the Democrats cowards for turning against the war

Video: Murtha spanks Nora O'Donnell

How close are we to being a Fascist country?

Why are we at level 1? Did I miss something

Wow guess who wrote THIS??

Republicans whine: ticked off at Springsteen for supporting Kerry

ReddHedd at firedoglake: "Now that's some impressive screw turning."

Dems Should Walk Out

If the Congress and nation were misled on Iraq, were they possibly misled

Hey Scotty....You're our "Baghdad Bob"...You Asshole !

Those who vote "Yes" to withdraw will be attacked by everyone

O'Reilly Says we Are Anti-America & we Hate Our Country

McCarthy- Partially right (let me explain)?


should the Dems vote for the Republicans get out of Iraq bill?

AOL poll on Rep. Murtha......he is winning this one!

Chicken Hawk Is Best Served

GOP to Bring a Vote on Troop Withdrawl & Embarass Dems

Thank You, Thank you, elad

Should the dems just strike?

You can take Jean Schmidt out of Cincinnati...

VIDEO-McGovern Closing

Please call Pelosi's office. Urge Dems to vote Present on sham Hunter bill

It's coming kids....the escalation, then the

What just went down? FRAUD BILL?

John Kerry's public problem

I have issues with any Democrat who does not sign on to Murtha's plan

Here is a picture of Jack Murtha for those interesed in a new avatar.

Jean Schmidt, take your apology it "Go f*ck yourself!"

To you who said "I won't donate 'till the Dems grow spines": pony up

(OH) Ney subpoenaed for Abramoff investigation (CNN/AP)

New Medicare plan to cut off free drugs

There's an Infiltrator on DU who's trying to find out about Project X

VIDEO: McGovern Interview about Discharge Petition and H.R. 4232

Text of Murtha's resolution

Video of Patrick Fitzgerald talking about being Sexy!

Can all the Dems just not vote tonite? Then state that they aren't going Dems, please vote PRESENT on sham Hunter bill

One job, 30 years later

HOUSE votes to end public land

"The Hill": Abramoff business partner Scanlon flipped for prosecution

If the Republicans Publicly Vote Lockstep for Bush’s Iraq Strategy

All DEMS should vote NO on the fake Hunter Resolution

Pattern of GOP Mudslinging - Could Backfire with Murtha...

House is coming back now - CSPAN

Lou Dobbs discussing poll results - 86% get out in six months

What's Cheney's response been to Murtha's outing big dick's 5 deferments?

I learned a really FUN new word today...

Spoke to Rep Pelosi's staff: Requested that Rep Pelosi take an ...

VIDEO-The Jean Schmidt Exchange-Republican STUNT

Remember the famous closed session? Did you donate to the

Vote Now On Lou Dobbs

AP: Hadley Coy on Whether He's Woodward Source

Rep. Gene Taylor of Miss. Tells It Like It Is. Give Him Credit.

"Michael Moore" really? Is that all this Administration has to say

One Mother. One Son...Thank you Cindy Sheehan and Casey Sheehan.

Pat Robertson, Secret Agent Man.

Disturbing revelations about the Maine State Prison

Good for the Catholics!

CBS just announced Pentagon already HAS a plan for withdrawal

Never thought I'd see it again: $1.99/gallon!

Scanlon Ready to Plea Out and Cooperate....per Josh M @ TPM

The usage of White Phosphorus being discussed on NPR.

Imagine: Torture and the Geneva Conventions

Bush needs to apologize to Michael Moore.

I am SO SICK of hearing about friggin bird flu that I could...

freeper advocates the murder of fitzgerald

'Pulling out would mean they all died IN VAIN'--they already have

Ha! Every Single Step The RW Takes Is Now The WRONG Step!

WTF?? Having a woodburning stove is suddenly a mark of extreme poverty?

We got our natural gas bill today


AOL Poll: Did WH mislead, Time to withdraw, Is WH correct to attack Murtha

i heard on the news this morning that fundamentalist islamics

I've been told to *gasp* move to Canada.

Marine Reserve Colonel Danny Bubp - The Man Who Called Schmidt

No, it's not Wilma... It's Gamma.

Kerry's defense of Murtha on Senate floor - Transcript

EFF sues Diebold and NC Board of Elections to stop evasion of law

Proof Bush is less then 6 feet tall

Call your Reps. Don't let them wimp out on Murtha.

Murtha on MSNBC with Nora O'Donnell

"That's The Sound Of The Men Working On The Che-ney Gang-ang-ang!"

Montesorri/Mussolini Roots: Are Montesorri School Fascist Schools?

Cheney's Energy Pals, Caught Lying, Hire A P.R. Firm

FUCK Jean Schmidt

Showing my AP US History kids Ken Burns' civil war....

Kerry: Bush 'misled America' -- MSNBC Hardball **VIDEO**

I want to tell you about John Murtha, From Howard Dean


PROPOSAL: Deaf DUers group

Why would they DARE cut food stamps, etc for poor people?

'Testostorama 2005'

Movie: "Good Night and Good Luck" eerily similar to recent events.

DU this Poll on IRAQ!!!!

Kerry On "Swift Boating" of Jack Murtha

Jason Leopold: Democrats Have Proof Pre-War Intel Was Manipulated

You're off to Iraq, soldier. Fido and Boots are gonna die.

Give 'em Hell Harry! asking us to make a phone call

Just a question for you fellow locking doors, etc

Changes made to international draft agreement on diverting Great Lakes wat

Delete ... duplicate

Bush given a warning at the Apec meeting by P.M. Paul Martin of Canada.

Anyone living around the Bowmanville area of Southern Ontario??

CIA leak probe fallout unlikely to fade

Iran in turmoil as president's purge deepens

GOP, Democrats Debate Energy Company Tax

Judge Releases Contents on Mayor's Laptop

GQ: How Sinclair Broadcast Group Bent the Rules

Iraqi Gov't to Probe Detention Facilities

Guantanamo Inmate Tries Suicide Again

Two Car Bomb Blasts in Baghdad Kill Six

US to drop live bombs in Territory(training range)

Conrad Black denies fraud charges

Daily Telegraph editor resigns

Clinton: The big mistake of the Iraq war

Lobbyists Reward DeLay by Raising Money After Legislative Wins

Jury Finds Tasered Elderly Woman Guilty

(UN) Guantanamo visit offer rejected

(Reuters) Not Woodward's source: top officials

Jordan denies report on transfer of US military hardware to Syrian border

Minister's wife arrested for soliciting sex from 15-year-old boy

One Nominee (Alito), Two Very Different Portraits in a New Round of Ads

Television Ad War On Alito Begins

Woman sentenced to spend night in the woods for abandoning cats

U.S. hired ex-con as Iraq project controller

Landmine blast in Afghanistan kills one international peacekeeper

NYT/AP: Dana Reeve Responding Well to Cancer Treatment

Pelosi: Republicans Give New Meaning to the Words, 'Suffer Little Children

WP/AP: Angelina Jolie Brings Attention to Orphan Crisis

House intelligence chairman: U-S should declassify millions of Iraqi docum

Senators reject proposal to tax oil industry's windfall profits

Iraq suicide attacks kill at least 60 (cnn just said it was 75 dead).

NYT: Vital Military Jobs Go Unfilled, Study Says

A major explosion shakes central Baghdad

Amnesty makes US Guantanamo plea

Dozens killed, hurt in Iraq mosque blasts

Reiner Closes in on Calif. Ballot Measure

Ex-CIA chief: Cheney 'VP for torture'

NYT: Post Editor Foresees Possibility of Naming (Woodward's) Leak Source

Britain denies Hicks citizenship

US Senate OKs stopgap bill to keep government going

VU Discovery Could Spark A Revolution In Lighting.

APEC protests turn violent

Exhibit on Darwin creates Bush bash at museum gala

Activists Keep Ship From Polish Port

Gibbons defends mining law reform (public lands)

Some Evidence May Be Open in CIA Leak Case

WP: Army to Halt Call-Ups of Inactive Soldiers

Laura Bush laughs, cries with South Korean orphans

Sources who identified Hadley as Woodward's source dismiss denials

Ex-CIA chief: Cheney 'VP for torture' - (CNN)

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design

Artist Released From Supervision Over DOJ Objections (Patriot Act Abuse)

Some Evidence May Be Open in CIA Leak Case

Commander in Iraq Counters Call for Pullout (responds to Murtha)

Bush Warms to Putin Plan on Iran

US Senate ups flood program borrowing to $18.5 bln

MSN- New Grand jury

Battle lines form over withdrawing troops - (MSNBC)

Senate extends tax cuts, raises levies on oil firms

ATTACK ON CRITICS: RNC ad targets Reid

Rasmussen:Americans Split On Deadline For Troop Withdrawal (45 to 41% For)

Charles Taking on Newspaper Over Journals (China)

Hadley won't say if he's Woodward's source

Bush to stand firm on Iraq policy (Saturday Iraq Speech won't Attack Dems)

S. Korean Troop Reduction Talk Hurts Bush

First Portugese Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

New Grand Jury

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 18 November

Tropical Storm Gamma targets Florida

Judge Orders Pinochet to Meet Contreras

TIME: Why Woodward's Source Came Clean

Baghdad is not like Kabul yet: Rumsfeld

Florida utility sued for hurricane (Wilma) blackouts

(AP) House GOP Seeks Quick Vote on Iraq Pullout

Liberals Stable, Tories Drop, NDP Gains in Canada

Arbour calls for investigation of Iraq prisoner abuses

Police: Wal-Mart site raided

Putting Dems On The Record (on Murtha's call to withdraw) -- HOTLINE

Anthrax Threat Evacuates Workers At County Building

Dignity at last for Vera Smith, the iconic victim of Hurricane Katrina

Former Texas justice mulls Democratic gubernatorial bid

Iraq Questions Follow Bush Overseas

House Votes for Public Land Mining Sales

Jordan turns its back on Zarqawi

Bush's man up Kiwi noses

Scanlon Charged With Conspiracy to Defraud

AP: Saudi Teacher Sentenced to 750 Lashes

Downie Says Woodward Should 'Absolutely Not' Resign

NYT: Iraq Dogs President as He Crosses Asia to Promote Trade

Buffett will campaign, in moderation

Iran, Iraq sign security co-op agreement

Lawmaker Wants to Declassify Iraq Papers

100 Arrested at Wal-Mart Construction Site

A Bush 'secret' exposed (Jeb censoring his agency heads budget requests)

Whistleblower Questions Teflon's Safety

Voter ID memo stirs tension (GA)

Bob Dole awarded French Legion of Honor

Hadley Hints He Wasn't Woodward's Source

Former CIA Director Slams Cheney, Bush

U.N.: Iran Got Nuclear Info on Black Market (Pakistani Khan's network)

Judge rules churches can rent public school space (New York)

Republicans Refuse to Honor Springsteen

Dante Bini to Build Self-Erecting House in Less than 60 Minutes

WPpg1: Foreign Network at Front of CIA's Terror Fight (major, Dana Priest)

Bush turns to political base as war support wanes

Massachusetts GOP aiding drive for ban on gay marriage

Diebold Attempts to Evade Election Transparency Laws

House passes Sweeping Budget Cut Bill (in wee hours after initial defeat)

Bush, Putin Seek Unity About Terror War

Rumsfeld rejects growing withdrawal calls

TX: Officials seach for missing radioactive material

Reuters: CIA leak prosecutor sees new grand jury proceedings

Castro Meets With Cuba's Catholic Leaders

Al-Zarqawi: Bombers didn't target wedding

Accord on anti-terror law faces opposition

Bloomberg: Scanlon, Abramoff Partner, Charged With Conspiracy (Update2)

U.S. jury holds ex-colonel responsible for torture in El Salvador's civil

Kerry says he still wants to be president

Attack on Critics: RNC ad targets Reid (Runs Nationally this Weekend)


Frustration over war grows

Winged Victory of Samothrace


A website not for the squeamish...

Off to sleepyland, Good night.

GD needs the lounge's help on this one:

44 days of Xmas ads left

Hello, Im actor Troy McClure...

Beep. It's from Hamlet. 2B? NT2B?=???

Fuck... I just saw the best hour of TV I have seen in years...

Leaving in 6 hours. Thanks Again.

Hell yeah , I finished my philosophy paper in 3 hours!!

"Judge Releases Contents on Mayor's Laptop" -

Fuldamobil - a bizarre little car


Big Pussy - not a sex thread

Who wants to guess what's in my new letter? (Psychics welcome.)

New Right-Wing Radio Maniac, Rev Recluse is spewing hate rhetoric again...

My cat's run off with my girlfriend.

Wonder what he smelled???

My girlfriend's run off with my car

Does anyone else have a bearded dragon (reptile, silly!)?

My first scanned photo...

Personality Crisis

Who needs a bambulance?

Is anyone following the Apprentice?

I'm watching a MadTV from the first or second season...

Howard Stern coming up on Letterman

21 hours of being awake... G'night all.

self delete

self delete

Holy's less than 25 years until I'm 50


Are you a guttermind

LBN from the BBC: Hollywood Madam caters for ladies

Ask me why I am in love with Russ Feingold now.


So what are you drinking tonight?

I just finished a sleep study.

Only a week until "Black Friday"...

Yay! Goblet of Fire!

What is it with the phony Rolex spam lately????


I was just playing online poker

Ok, I want to see here if anyone can honestly top my record.

This group may go over big with Annthrax Coulter's crowd...

Thanksgiving should not be a time for strange cruelty imho...



Woman Calls 911 After Gettting Cold Onion Rings - Arrested

Mother & Sons Strangle Man, Eat His Innards

Man Gets 15 Month Sentence For Smoking On Plane

Man Calls His Mother A Day After He Is Reported Dead

Giant Radish In Intensive Care After Murder Attempt (Yes, A Radish)

10 animated films eligible for Oscar Nod - who whould win

Did I miss Clintmax's "Good morning" thread today???

Stewart to marry Laguana Beach Star soon (Before the passion runs out)

I Have The -G- File Repeat: I Have The -G- File

I just finished a sheep study.

You know you're a child of the '80s if...

Cubs sign Scott Eyre

JCPenny ink pack explosion question...

"near celebrity" NEWS-Stewart to Marry 'Laguna Beach' Star

Happy New Year's Day everybody!

Movie alert - "Dazed and Confused" just started on AMC


Today's tip for musicians (particularly piano players):

Snap Bracelets Kill!

When should I use the word "too"???

Email time capsule. Talk to yourself in 20 years.

Happy Birthday.... MICKEY MOUSE!!!!

I am SO confused!


Man Leaves $350,000 In Diamonds In Taxi - Afghan Cab Driver Returns Them

Thanks to Rabrrrrrr - I am having a pot pie as a midnight snack!

Daily Show rerun on now! 10 a.m. est. Richard Clark. Good one!

Happy FLAG DAY Uzbekistan!!!

Top Ten Questions Paris Hilton Asked Herself Before Buying A Monkey

Turkey? Butter Ball or expensive as ()*&^& free range?

Okay, is Fried Turkey for real?

Heard this one? "A dozen Republicans..."

Mother & Sons Strangle matcom, Eat His Scooter

What I say to College Republicans

Desert Island Companions

My 'Happy Happy' song is playing right now

Evil Spirit Terrorises School

Ok...Colors. Explain this one to me.

CNN's Anderson Cooper in People's 15 sexiest man 'alive' list

Counterfeiters send jammed printer for repair

Japanese Stork Gets Prosthetic Beak

The New Christian Science Textbook

2006 Pirelli Calendar comes out today

Don't buy dry roasted edamame nuts.

How do I not take THIS personally?

My little dog is in the bathroom upstairs barking and crying as if in pain

The Subjective Scale of Life

I thought this only happened in the movies!!!

Did anyone see the newest "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Do you see what I see?

Missing: Two Purple Car Doors, Eight Possibly Pregnant Goats

SURVEY-"Me me meetings" cover for job interviews and da boingy boingy

Woman Suing Dunkin' Donuts For $15Million After Spilling Hot Coffee

Ah.... Tony Bennet

I know he's bat-shit crazy but I like Jack Van Impe.

What do you say to conspiracy theorists

Guess the ending to this Bugs Bunny cartoon

FARK'ers can now get a B00bies T-shirt.


9. "The Surface-to-Air Banjo"

I'm so excited!!

Well the Little Old Lady did 1100 dollars worth of damage to my car.

green tree leaves in Wash. D.C. on Nov. 18

Dead Animals Found In Ball State Frat House

Cool dolphin photo!

Who is this? (on the right)

Sneakers Made Specifically For Sneaking Across The Border

Didn't there use to be a cooking forum on DU?

Madonna loses plagiarism case

How much sleep do normal teens need?

What in the hell...

what is your favorite color of rock?

Pickles pose exposed

Does soap really work on zippers?


Anyone ever hear a song called "Bluegreens", by William Truckaway?

Can the Lounge get a hot tub, like the mods?

The Bush Code

Anyone know much about PDA's, remote internet access?

Strong Bad fans: anybody have the Strong Bad e-mail DVDs? Reviews?

This Fox Trot math "game" is killing me painfully

Here's a sobbering thought, poppy and babs

What's your favorite KEVIN GILBERT album?

I need help: A giant weiner messed my pose up

I am sooooo tired....

Who would win in a brawl? Peter and Gordon or a Giant Weiner?

Good Morning everybody

Who's smart?

Did anyone solve Sunday's "Fox Trot" numerical word search?

Pregnant Woman Ticketed For HOV Violation, says she's TWO people

Is eating a buzz kill?

I saw NIN and Queens of the Stoneage last night, ask me anything.

Sean Connery's speech in the 'The Untouchables'

I have a digital pic of my phonebook - how do I post it?

Happy Thanksgiving video for everyone

"i'm loving it!"

dreams ~ van hagar

Anybody want to hear a joke?

Your own grovelbot sayings!

Did Grovelbot run away with Matcom's scooter?

need help. Good site for downloading music for free?

I need help: Kwanzaa messed my PC up

You know the breed has a bad reputation when it's demeaning to LAWYERS....

Are You A Turtle?

I found Grovelbot!!!!

Hey DU! Any good plans for the weekend?

I have a date this weekend, I have a date this weekend

What happened to Grovel Bot??

Okay, I've not been able to do this in a while, anyone know . . .

Where is Grovelbot?

Is this when Bush jumped the shark?

Funniest SPAM In A While! ("meticulous forethought")


Wow, did I ever sleep in today!!!

So how do I not take this personally?

Soon I will dance on this work-week's grave. Hooray!


Tanning Salon Was Actually A Brothel - Had No Tanning Beds

Speaking of blue eyes (pictures)

Congress should be replaced by a website

Vote for me too


Share your thoughts on this song: "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles

Nighthawks XXXVIII (dial-up warning)

I wish my movie would get here

You are SO f'ing cool.

"Make Way For Noddy" is an abomination

Whatever happened to JohnKleeb?

who ever had that Robert blake thread--he's been found guilty

Robert Blake Liable for Bonnie Lee Bakley's death!

I believe the brazilian joke is getting around.

Build a better Bush!!!!

woodstove owners...question for you screen of death on the 'puter downstairs

Need advice from the cat experts...

Smile--Raise both arms--Speak a simple sentence:

Give the Gift of Mother this Holiday Season....

Bird Flu joke - my Mom just emailed it to me.

What Is The Official PETA Stance On Russian Cannibalism?

Got this really crazy email today from a friend i hadn't heard

Who would win in a brawl? Peter and Gordon or Chad and Jeremy?

So I was watching this buffoon on C-SPAN raving about the "extremist left"

A nurse friend of mine who's license was suspended in a random drug test..

Who do we love more? William Pitt or William Tell?

Is Eric still on That 70's show?

Cult 60s TV show "The Prisoner" returning a new, reworked series

Rules for stray cats...

I wupped Batman's ass

Attention techies: I am about to have a nervous breakdown

Has anyone here ever lost a LOT of weight?

Help finding t-shirt

Now this is really cool, and took a lot of work.

"God Warrior" bobblehead meltdown on ebay in 31 minutes and counting....

Who do we love more? William Pitt or Brad Pitt?

It's Friday

How many area codes & zip/postal codes have you had?

Who's more deserving of the label "nut"?

Are you craving alcohol? Recreational drugs?

Would you vote for this man (and his party)?

Help me name my offspring...

90 minutes of sleep last night - ask me anything (nt)

Any Takers On A Holiday Party At MATCOM'S HOUSE?

Random acts of kindness -

Is the DU Lounge Happy Hour open yet?

Anyone see Alfie?

Olive Garden appreciation thread

I need help: Kazaa messed my PC up

FWIW, the Robert BLAKE Verdict TBA at 4 PM ET

Guess What! I just talked to Joe Wilson!

What will happen to Bush when he reaches the helicopter up top there?

"Deferred Success" is new term for failure? Thought-Showers??

Have you ever refered to a pizza as a "pie"?

Congratulate me! NO epilepsy, just a heart attack!

"Help!" Writer screams.

Oh good lord one of my supervisors just snapped!


Ladies and gentlemen,her royal majesty, the queen.

Okay, is Poutine for real?

Thank you Kerry Supporters = :) I need some of your white light right now

favorite James Bond

This is so disturbing, on so many levels...

christmas gift for the woman who has everything?

"How do you handle deez new fangled gadgets?" - Caption this:

Petey the Mighty Siamese is a Finalist in the World's Coolest Cat Contest!

5000 posts!

How long have you been divorced? I will celebrate 33rd. anniversary

How much does it cost to have a hot H2O heater replaced?

Is that a kitty treat?

for all the blue eyes out there

Did your parents stay married? How long?

what about these eyes?

FINALLY!!! Lyrics to "I've Lied" by Archie Roach

Describe YOUR perfect Hamburger

Giant Wiener Looking For A New Home

Have You Ever Received A Jury Duty Summons?

After a potent combo of Theraflu, DayQuil, Chicken Noodle Soup.....

the one thing that never fails to freak out your cat....

We're almost 24 hours away from Ohio State's shodown w/Michigan

A reminder from your friends at Microsoft

Friday Poem of the Day - If You Forget Me

What are Irish twins?

Sleeping beauties (pics)

Have you ever eaten fried turkey?

Three coolest places you've visited

Remember this??

Ever do something dumb that required medical treatment?

my excuse for being late for work tomorrow??

hello loungers! how are you today?

I've been having more fun in GD and GDP than over here lately.

Post the cover of the album you're listening to:

If John Lennon and Bob Dylan ever took a cab ride together....

Your favorite Ancient Roman

What is the funkiest bassline that you can think of?

"The Poseidon adventure" remake****spoiler***** on Sunday night

Replace Grovelbot in a Movie Title

I just saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!!!!!

I got married! *warning - BIG pictures*

Please Vote For Me, I Need Your Help

Vatican Official Refutes Intelligent Design

Scoping Out the Planet (geoscience...looking below U.S.)

Fetal Cells From Baby Migrate To Mother's Brain

Playing music can be good for your brain

New Orleans mould 'risks health'

Study: Greenland is Shrinking at Surprising Rate

HAARP Project Proceeds; Said to Be Record-Setting HF Project

Butterfly wings work like LEDs

Rabbit killing virus eradicates human brain tumor cells

Is Earth in a vortex of space-time?

Self-Images Often Erroneously Inflated ("blissfully incompetent")

Pay No Attention To The Amy Behind the Curtain

Cuckoo Cuckoo for MassNews

Lawsuit filed against nearly bankrupted anti-gay Article 8 Alliance, Mass.

S. Calif. Gay Mayor Under Guard Following Threats

Targets of transgression

6 murders unsolved since 2000

Arkansas Appeals Ruling Allowing Gays To Be Foster Parents

Gay Bookstore Facing New Legal Battle-Canada

Texas Board of Education quits national group

In Jamaica, Gay Rights Now an Issue Worth Debating

Billboards Raising Eyebrows

Gay Marriage Foes Get Approval to Start Gathering Signatures

Gay Man's Suit Against Salvation Army Can Proceed Judge Rules

Homophobic Billboard Suit Thrown Out

Anglican Bishops Claim They Never Signed Anti-Gay Letter

Oklahoma Man Sues Over Gay 'Wife Swap' Show

Roy Keane in shock exit from Man Utd

Tennis anyone?

I thought you guys might enjoy this article.

Seriously, if my cat meows one more time...


Jesse's transformation

Matthew's Message for Nov. 17

DU sensitives, psychics and remote viewers...I have a new letter...

Kerry says he still wants to be president

Kerry Responds to Murtha Attacks on the Senate Floor, Debate Rages

New Kerry poems and haiku at

This makes me sad

For those who did not read it, here is Murtha's speech

Randi Rhodes hosts Levin, Dorgan, Wyden

Discussion about the Murtha Bill on the House floor

New Kerry e-mail about the "swift boating" of Murtha

August 2004 - The Response to the Swift Boat Vets

Senator Byrd's floor speech today.

Ed Schultz this afternoon

When Senator Kerry defended another Vietnam Vet from smear tactics.

Morning after comments

This Murtha stuff is just more DU flavor-of-the-week crap.

Waded over to the main DU discussion page...

I have 2 hrs before the post office closes

Kerry speaking soon

Hearing today: Future of Science.

Does anyone need tape of Hardball or Situation Room?

Is there any video from The Situation Room posted anywhere?

If anyone is still here, can we have a happy picture thread?

TayTay - My DeFazio

Kerry Remarks on "swift boating" of Jack Murtha

Hello fellow Photography Enthusiasts

Calling RagingInMiami...

Photos! (dialup warning)

KOEB Winter Journey Meet-Up....?

Support Keith Olbermann thread found over at kos.

Announcement scheduled Monday concerning KO, Dan Patrick radio show

VIDEO - Howard Stern watches our Keith talking about Rush Limbaugh

The 3rd * Campaign

John Tanner of Tennessee had memorable line tonight...

McCain Is An Ass......

"House Leaders Are Dealt a Rare Defeat on Spending Bill"

Do the Republicans seriously believe what they are saying ?

Are the Democrats setting the right tone tonight ?

WSJ: How they fared in their second term

Must See "The Daily Show" tonight! Plus guest: Richard Clark

If Fitzgerald was wrong about Libby, isn't that bad for Bush?

Part Deux!! Great fun tonight on CSPAN

I believe the Alternative Minimum Tax severely screwed up the

Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Mississippi

Sen Grassley makes me soooo damned ill

Three days that transformed America - UPI

John Murtha has the Repugs shaking in their jackboots!

Republicans believe Tax Cuts are more important than:

I hope someone is writing down every single word...

Simple memes for simple folks

(Wow) The New York SUN- Bush in 'Nosedive' as Murtha Urges Iraq Retreat

Keith Olbermann Lobbying for Bill O'Reilly's Firing? (Some people say)

LTTE from one of the 34% in my SoCal rw Rag:


Who will join Murtha? Who do you think will be the

What if those who did not serve, did

Rep. John P. Murtha

DNC Releases "No Confidence" Video

Cheney's voting record in Congress...

Emails I just sent in support of Rep. Murtha

I Propose Another Two Bits Campaign

Vote on Senate floor now, whats this about?

Great Doonsbury...

More of our Kids must die in Iraq so that those who have already died

Energy Industry Caught Lying, Hires P.R. Firm To Help Spin

Senate mood shows end of Bush's war has begun

Iraq: "out now" and "set a date" types should be able to unite...

So, now I feel bad about emailing Bill Nelson and telling

My LTTE to the WSJ

Kerry mentions the Downing Street Minutes on Hardball tonight!

Former CIA director accuses Cheney of overseeing torture

bush supporters have once again shown their support for war - SO

25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Official Statements About Iraq

Santorum: "All you get in the news every day is simply the body count."

Republican Party avoids prosecution in Texas (for now)

The verbal game about "Willy Pete" aka White Phosphorous is

Stewart Throws Cheney's "Own Words" Back At Him

House Democrats perform a physically impossible feat ....

DU Challenge - name ONE thing 'pukes have done that doesn't fit the...

Pentagon bankers may bail out Black (Carlyle)

Is it getting chilly in Hell?

Draft Scott McCellen and Nicole Wallace

Asia Times picks up the Lockheed Martin's torturer story

did anyone catch the video of o'reilly trying to defend his traitorous...

Feingold: Filibuster Renewal of the Patriot Act by Reading Bill of Rights!

AP says Murtha is 'usually pro-military'

Murtha to be on Meet The Press on Sunday, please do this

Rep Geoff Davis (R-KY) calls Dems collaborators

We were all happy with last week's elections, but I am feeling uneasy

Dem leaders should say they're united behind 95% of Mutha's positions

Somebody needs to tell Rahm Emanuel to quit being a gutless coward...

WAIT ONE MINUTE, I thought the Mission Accomplished sign

Saudi teacher sentenced to *750* lashes for open discussion of religion.

15 Democrats voted for the Tax Relief Bill.

Howdy doody lookin' nimrod

GOP considering "Calling Murpha's Bluff" and putting it up for vote today

Imagine republicans behind closed doors.

The debate was not just about whether there were WMDs....

Mutha just did an end run on the GOP

Dean in Jacksonville Friday night.

breaking CNN -- GOP House to call Murtha's "bluff"

Post-Gazette: Profile of Rep. John Murtha (Good article for non-PA DUers)

DNC has video and snips from Murtha's announcement.

Anyone - Thoughts on why any credible Dem won't call Bush/Cheney liars?

Kerry Disses Murtha?


Kerry defending Murtha on CSPAN2 now

I am so grateful to Michael Moore for F911. ??What were some of the

BREAKING: Kerry Grows a New Nosehair!

DU this MSNBC poll! (immediate withdrawal the "smart" thing to do?)

more implied freeper death threats upon democrats

CBS article on Murtha shows he's been against this war for >2 years!!

Coming Up - Kerry to respond to 'Swift Boating' of Murtha on Senate Floor!

How come they aren't any Dem words for smearing someone

Fitzgerald sees new grand jury proceedings

With a 34% and 19% approval rating- - -

House Adopts Transportation-Treasury Conference Report

Don't criticize the administration while the president is overseas!

Dick Cheney: How many bills did he pass?

Senator Byrd of West Virginia on C-Span now...just accused

What are "American Interests" in the Mid-East/Iraq?

War Vote Tonight!

MIT and Caltech voting experts announce seven steps to ensure your vote is

just heard. maureen dowd will be on hardball tonight. should

Breaking from Bradblog: Something very rotten suddenly occuring in CA

Hastert Blog: "Economy is standing on its feet because of Repub policies"

The NAMES of the two Democratic sellouts on the Budget vote:

The gall of the Rethugs bragging how they are reining in the deficit--for

More On Ohio's Staggeringly Impossible 05 Results


Can someone please explain to me?? (re Woodward)

GOP admitted they will be bringing up Iraq resolution (on CSPAN now)nt

This is NOT Murtha's resolution being debated right now!!

Predictions: Over or under 40 votes for Murtha. . .

Irony! Mel Gibson sues Christian firm for "cleaning-up" his Passion film

Kerry On "Swift Boating" of Jack Murtha

Peter DeFazio from Oregon WAS RIGHT ON!!

How is this House fight going to end?

murtha is on hardball right now. n/t

Laura Bush laughs, cries with South Korean orphans

"The Senate's Sham Rebellion Against Tyranny and Torture"

Democrats who vote against Murtha's bill will PAY!!!!!!!!

Jeb is illegally handcuffing FL agencies' requests for money?? Nooo...

feed those of us still stuck at work- is there an online clip of Jean??

o'reilly is irresponsible and reprehensible...repubs sponsor terror...

Will There Be A Knock On My Door?

What will happen when we hit 1000 donations?

Bush Speechificates in China

Some moderates/liberals attacked Rev. King for *his* anti-war stance

This Iraq troop bill is nothing. The headlines should be about this bill:

I Know This Has Been Posted Here Before, But Please Join Me

ABC News asking the question: Why not leave?

Call 202-456-1111 "Drop a Dime for Murtha" (thanks medeak)

NO VOTE on Patriot Act renewal

This just proves that the Repugs have no exit plan

I love John Tierney! n/t

For any that missed it sfexpat2000 and DemocraticUnderground

Check Out this comment by Cong Jean Schmidt of Ohio in the debate

Again the Republican led congress tried to define US!

Danny Bubp has a phone number, if you'd care to call...

Moore's response to McClellan

203:211 on pullout? WOW, just WOW.

Condi '08, WTF???

Wow, our Congress looks like British Parliament today..

Lou Dobbs is a dickhead

The Dems should vote 'yea' on the Hunter bill.

Is it still the Economy, stupid? Will America vote w/their pocketbooks?

Who says Jack Murtha is conservative?

Richard Melon Scaife a CIA Asset?

Barney Frank: This isn't Murtha's amendment...

We have a signed document from the chairman of the armed services...

LIVE blogging on Murtha Debate

RNC smearing Harry Reid with ads in home state

"Withdrawal is Not Retreat" William Arkin defends John Murtha in WP blog

WH vowed to launch "sustained attack" against Dems over pre-war intel

House now voting on the rule to bring this resolution to the floor.

Murtha calls Cheney a "guy who got 5 deferments"

"Why did Woodward sit on this information...until late last month?"

Abramoff lobbying partner agrees to testify against Abramoff

You won't believe what Chris Matthews said in my college paper...

U S House pulls POLITICAL STUNT w/GOP Budget

Another POLITICAL STUNT by GOP House - Up or down Vote

Jean Schmidt just called Murtha a coward!

The war of 2006 has begun - and Rove is definitely back!

Why did John Kerry stand for Swiftboating of John Kerry... but not Murtha?

MUST READ: An Open Letter To Patrick Fitzgerald From John Dean

Parlimentary inquiry: If this is a Democratic bill, who presented it?

Dean: Shame on Them

There are moments when I simply despise Democrats ..........

The economy has been worse with Republicans in charge than it has in...

Newshounds: Hannity v. Clark on Iraq War Problems

Please, fuck with the MARINE

When Senator Kerry defended another Vietnam Vet from smear tactics.

To all Democrats who voted to support the war back in 2002

Ca.'s Republican Sec. of State tryingto pull a fast one re: Diebold????

"American politics experienced a kind of harmonic convergence of bullshit"