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Archives: November 16, 2005

Republicans do eat their own, from the Clockwork Orange

What Bush Isn't Addressing on Iraq

Massive labour protests against harsh new laws in Australia

"Republicans Cut and Run from Iraq and Bush" (Jim Lobe)

Rummy Backing off from Iraq?

Blair should stop playing fall guy in Rumsfeld's war games

No Wonder Anti-Free Traders are Angry

Fallujah Revisited- Dahr Jamail

Mexican Woman battles Coke, wins

Best TIME cover ever

I'm Not Quite Sure What To Do With This... Please Advise !!!

Professor Jones Exposes Controlled Demoltion of WTC on MSNBC

Did anybody ever get arrested for 9/11 insider trading?

Tall buildings do not topple like trees.

CA: Notice of Diebold Hearing (& Changes to the VSP)

Hacking DU and MCM: Salon's Manjoo cites Hertsgaard, bashes DU

Cedar Valley Democrats Meetup: Big turnout

Grassley gets wacked by Kunstler about comments on oil

John Bonifaz for Massachusetts Secretary of State

Tom Daschle backing Amy for senate

Twin Citians to oppose Republican budget cuts Wednesday

Ford Bell for senate -- on Wendy Wilde's show 11/15/05

Petro Commercials

Democrats in DeLay's dist challenge Republicans to debate on Iraq War

Easy way to speed Iraq withdrawal

All you people in the Tornado Zone.. Take heart......Rick has come to


"searching for a way out of Irag"--whow--pbs Lehrer News Hour now.

Warner Blames the Iraqi's

Nicole Richie on Larry King tonight

something about you ~ level 42

Opinions Please...A Vegetarian Hot Dog Fast Food Place...Would it fly?

Caught the last bit of Biden on tweety- pissed...

Mr. "cuckoo bananas" episode of Simpsons just re-ran locally.

vote of "NO confidence"--says Reid--regard: staying the course in Irag.

GOP Economic Interests Are Responsible...

Congress cuts NY 9/11 aid.... Photo opportunties evidently all done

Which left or objective media source has the most power Dems can tap into?

CNN just had Lion Story on the Situation room

"An outrage" (RE: Marines charged with rape in the Philippines)

Does God dislike Country Music?

Caption this...

Biden on CNN now

Getting back to Precinct Captains

Isn't he dreamy?

"Bush Was Right" the video on KO!!!!!


O'LOOFAH Sez We Are FAR Left, Guttersnipe, Smear Sites

Why doesn't the Bush bastard just TRY and get

cool map on weather underground go look!

Bush "Reclusive", "Feels Betrayed" - only talks to four people

This PATHETIC "Bush was Right" video playing on Countdown

Evil has visited my blog in the guise of a kitten lover


VIDEO-Worst Person in the World

Reagan-Crowley being replaced by Povich-Chung

2072 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Keith v O'reilly up next on Olbermann

VIDEO-Bush was Right- from Countdown

Pentagon ADMITS use of white phosporus but 'not against civilians'

On The Levin Amendment... Do You See A Pattern Here ???

Gena Davis for President (or at least her character on Commander in Chief)

Failed Iraqi bomber lady had three of her brothers killed by U.S. forces

Cheney Get's Heckled

Phase II Report Being Stonewalled, Senators Charge

Commander In Chief is on 9pm Eastern

When They Take The People's Representatives Out Of The Over-Sight Process,

Sam Sedar

Yahoo News Front Page: "Pentagon Used White Phosphorous in Iraq "

Why isn't this caption funny?

A man on Countdown tonight that made over 25K complaints to

Lindsey Graham Getting Testy With Alan Colmes On H&C

Powerslime in desperate whirling dervish spin mode over Iraq war debacle

Caption our national embarrassment:

I'm Sick Of Waiting - One More Second Of * Is Too Much

Fundies should remove seatbelts from their kids cars...

Has anyone heard about H. R. 4127? IT's a Repub Personal Information

Who is the Judge who stopped the Sequioa Logging Project?

If Pol Pot thought that Iraq was a bad idea would you vote for him over...

Tried to post this earlier, I imagine everyone's already seen it

Smell that? It's the Republican Medicare Drug turd stinkin up the joint

Stampede.........the GOP are heading for the hills

Next Wed Youth Night on Mike Malloy

Latest RNC emailing

Check out and answer a question for me

Speaking of online publications here's a GOOD one!

Thirty Something Dems - live on C-SPAN

Everybody seen this?

Now even Rumsfeld is abondoning and blaming *? And I thougth the blood

Are you ready to see the Pinnacle of Freeper Freeperness?

hahahahaaaaaaa! Rob Corddry is a sex offender!


Bipartisan Iraq amendment: "Republicans walking away from the president"

Security Watch: Congress loves identity thieves

Is Commander in Chief on right now ?

Anyone see the video of Cheney being heckled

Sicko Freepers Get Off On The Idea Of Using White Phospherous

Chuck Hagel vs. Hillary Clinton '08

"Who's Your Supplier, FEMA???"

Holy fuckin' shit - MSNBC bimbo doing Holloway story AGAIN!! New info..ooh

Stupid or Lying?

Will Bush Rebound In Time For Next Year's Election?

Mexico leftist election favorite likened to Chavez

Chinese copper dealer vanishes

An Open Letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: RE Jimmy Massey

Wed's NYT: Lawyers Reveal Libby's Defense Stragegy

O'Reilly will never apologize for ANYTHING. One word answer:

wow chuck hagel (R) just reamed bush a new one...... any idea why?

CNN/Cooper: US put Iraqi prisoner put in cage with a lion

Senate Strips Earmarks from "Bridge to Nowhere" (Sierra Club PR)

Falwell cancels speech: his personal aircraft broke

IPod porn??? MSM's latest non-story!

Pure speculation about Chalabi

"Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the President...

Rush Limbaugh today's "Worst Person in the World"

Let's suppose Schwarzenegger goesto Asia...

Haiti: Two Killed, Fifteen Wounded During UN Assault in Cite Soleil

Porn i-pods in class..hoo boy.. teachers are gonna have trouble

How many BushBots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

From "The Right Brothers" web site: Check the song list.

NBC giving John Lennon's killer a Voice.

Anyone know about Research forum?

My response to a freeper family member's email

Mandatory Mike Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

"We'd Put the Prisoner in a Shipping Container.We Would Bring In the Dogs"

Does anyone know where I can see the video of John Kerry's speach

Do you think * will bring large #s of troops home before the 06 elections?

Ever wonder about the "Homosexual Agenda"? Get the book by fundies

Time for Dems to connect the dots!

Have y'all seen "Operation Yellow Elephant"?

"ACTION ALERT". New poll by Bill O'Reilly

So I just got off the phone with a Dell technician in Panama... Wow!!!

NYT: Iraq to Investigate Alleged Abuse of 173 Detainees

Al Qaeda- direct descendants of the Nazis.

Great "new" anti-* bumper-stickers! Well they're new to me, but still...

Why the Medicare Prescription is so bad. "The Deadly Doughnut"

How free trade keeps the poor poor

PHOTO: AHA!!! I KNEW something was strange about him!

Rove pal Tomlinson who tried to turn Public Broadcasting conservo: BUSTED!

VIDEO-O'Reilly Offensive from Countdown

Was Kerry losing a good thing?

Is Bush losing it ??????? .... Very disturbing if true

French Cnadian parti québéquois members made me proud tonight

You neoconsters and corporacrats should be sent to death row!!!

SVU is now a right wing slime show.

How effective was Kerry's speech? it turned my repub dad around!

Which U.S. wars were "justified?"

Sen. Biden says like edwards, He made a mistake voting.....

Action Alert: NBC Chief - Liberals Don't Watch TV

Boisclair wins PQ leadership on first ballot

Poll: American attitudes on Iraq similar to Vietnam era

Syria Opposes U.N. Bid for Beirut Queries

New Crawford law enacted to keep Cindy away


Some Apparently Tortured Detainees Found

Pentagon Used White Phosphorous in Iraq

'Saudi Arabia Has Capacity to Boost Oil Output' --IEA (AFP)

Lawmaker who claimed immunity sentenced for DUI (R.)

Republicans fight to get tax cuts through

Souvernist Party new leader just got elected.

Bolton says UN in a time warp, may have to be replaced

Sen. Biden says like edwards, He made a mistake voting.....

GOP Likes Chafee As Best Chance in R.I.

Chinese copper dealer vanishes

Hagel Defends Criticisms of Iraq Policy (WaPo)

NYT: (more) Journalists Said to Figure in (Libby) Strategy in Leak Case

Bush signs legislation urging World Bank reforms

More Than 1,000 Katrina Children Still Missing

Libby lawyers to seek 'First Amendment' defense

DeLay attorneys ask judge to rush prosecutors

U.S. Envoy Denies Venezuela Plots

Brawl Erupts in Ukrainian Parliament

Congressman sends letter to IRS over Pasadena church probe

Bird flu confusion as parrot is cleared and finches are blamed

Three US Soldiers Killed by Roadside Bomb (2070, 2071, 2072)

Schwarzenegger, Shriver travel separate paths in China, special election

Russia and Uzbekistan join efforts to repulse external aggression from USA

WP: Problems Cited in Medicare Drug Benefit Sign-Up: On 1st Day...

FASB Votes to Revise Pension Rules (This may be the big kahuna)

White House: Senate Iraq vote is positive (*: "Won't Impede His Strategy")

Kennedy voices concern after meeting Supreme Court nominee Alito

'Promise Broken': N.Y. to Lose 9/11 Aid

US distances soldiers from secret Baghdad prison

Carbon Dioxide Storage a Success

Investigators allege Kerik took money from mob-linked contractors

(16) Ex-intelligence officials want Rove's security clearance suspended

Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedoms

Mass. House Defeats Death Penalty Bill

White House Backs Dividing Appeals Court

Senate panel votes to end Big Oil tax break

You should drop $15 on Genesis' "The Video Show"

Thank God (or Goddess) for the DU Lounge

wind is trying to blow my house down again

Bush LOVES Bald Heads!

Yeah, Its A Music Video. Fuck It. Watch It. DEAL With It

Don't lick the pump handle!

Requesting some advice on a family issue

Fuck the Caps, fuck 'em.

A must read...Perscpription recall!

Somebody tell ESPN cardplayin' ain't sports! n/t

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader tryouts on CMT right now EST

A rant.

Shooting the moon

Whoever donated in my name

New Look, Need Feedback...

What's the expected lifespan of a DVD?

Wow! Have You Seen The Moon Tonight? (Tuesday, 15 Nov 05)

Does God dislike Country Music?

I just renewed my donation to DU,,,,,,,,,,


a question about tipping

Do you watch the Country Music Awards?

Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

How far can you run before your legs give out?

How many of you have had your threads diluted??

You know that plane that crashed in milwaukee?

I wonder what brand of hair dye the Rollling Stones use?'s coming!!!!!

Indigo Children...what's up with this. Was on CNN. I would like more info.

BOSE acoustic wave radio

DU Phishheads:

Has anyone heard Miles Davis's version of Crosby's "Guinnevere?"

Nov. 15. 5:23 p.m. 68 degrees.

My wife is Gumby!

I got a new avatar! Guess who it is...

I was drinkin all night

Going to Europe for two weeks

Why didn't anyone tell me about SuperGlue glue sticks?

This sucks! Two of my friends just got kicked out of my dorm!

Do we get to see the blade cut off his head

BORED - Taking Custom avatar requests

Why do movie stars date other movie stars?

Should I change my sig picture?

Fucking Law & Order:SVU

GREAT Bruce Springsteen Interview today (available on-line) from...

what meat shouLd i cook and eat next?

I Want You

Apparently, I own Google (and I am mean to Hilary Duff)

"I'm From Detroit"

Any fans of Boston Legal?

Great new way to find and listen to cool music!

FIRST paycheck in over 3 months!!!

Just how transparent and obvious can someone be?

Chicago coffeeshop owner who makes kids behave = x3 business increase

Groan! I just found out my inlaws may be staying with us for

Where oh where has my little Sundoggy gone, oh where, oh where...

Should I call the police on myself? I did something really dumb.

Merry Christmas? Happy Holidays...?

$8,400 I don't have to pay. (Or: See, renting is not all that bad.)


Diagnosis: early periodontitis, 10 fillings, three root canals

Who remembers the Hufu story from Daily Show - the human flesh alternative

Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey

Terrell Owens is a dip-shit, and why is Jesse Jackson behind him?

If you're not having turkey for Thanksgiving--what are you having?

Who wants some Chili?

List your favorite DU taboo topics here.....

Better than magic! You MUST see this amazing video.

Cellphone Upgrade Time: Which to Buy?

HawkerHurricane's NFL Power Ratings, Week 9 (or 10)

What music are you listening to today?

I cold-bloodedly murdered an innocent woodland creature today,

Moral dilemma re: buying food for food bank

Starting a liberal Christian directory or portal?

What it's like to be an Atheist.

The Republican War on Science


This should bring a smile to everyone here!

some on DU would rather vote for right wing Hagel than Kerry

Emotional post here

I love this! I love it, love it, love it.

I've been lurking in this forum for a while, and I just got my first

KOEB 11/15/05 -- "MJ Puppet Theater, please?!?" Edition

Conservative Group Files FEC Complaint Against 'Diddy'

Voting Group Leery of State Contractor. "Keith Long"

RNC talking point of the week: Telling the truth about Iraq is treason!!!

Are any of you attending an organizing event tonight? Tell me everything.


Questioning What Happened On 911

When is that next plane home?

Bush's fatwa to China: "The people want to worship without state control"

Line Item Veto.

Former US Army Interrogator speaks out on Democracy Now!

White phosphorous story up on Yahoo news

Isn't O'Reilly lying about that resolution in San Francisco

California DUers: Send Diebold packing! Make your voices heard.

The 5 Democratic Senators who voted "NAY" on the Levin Amendment

Who really benefits from an Iraq exit time line?

Russ Feingold in '08

Biden on with Tweety talking about he, a 33 year Congressman, had to get p

Shrub is Worst pResident Ever! Who is your pick for Runner up?

Move over, Ann Coulter. Here comes Jessalyn Bailey

Lindsey Graham, "Saddam kicked the inspectors out", and False Memory.

Draft Kennedy/Clinton for '08

Finances Bleak at Pension Agency - Washington Post 11/16/2005

LA Daily News: A national disgrace

Our Hitler

O'Reilly comments irresponsible

Raid on torture dungeon exposes Iraq's secret war

Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports--Onion

Gene Lyons on Rewriting History

'Unusual Weapons' Used in Fallujah

War Without Rules

Ellen Goodman: Cure threatens right-wing propaganda

Creating a Right-Wing Nation, State by State

Tale of Two Presidents

Aaron Brown last of the old timers

New Political Comic at The HL

BBC: White phosphorus: weapon on the edge

John Dean thinks Fitz is after Cheney/VidLink

Bill Clinton Calls Iraq 'Big Mistake'

Jeopardy - Treasonous things done by vice presidents

Germ Boys and Yes Men

First Judy, now Bob

USA Today Ed.: Skewed intelligence or not, war was a mistake

Esquire: Clinton is world's "most influential man"

Appropriations Committee drops "Bridge to nowhere"

Ben Bradlee Defends Woodward's Actions in Plame Case

"Can I Get a Little Privacy?" Editorial for Privacy Amendment

The Big Lie Technique ... (Increasingly Nixonian) Robert Scheer

Day 3 of Ethics refresher course (will update daily)

Full Stop..Full Stop!

Nissan Quality Control

Headsup on a GD thread: MASSIVE PUBLIC LAND GRAB ALERT – House bill

Document: Oil execs, Cheney aides did meet - San Jose Mercury News

Shell Ordered to Stop Wasteful, Poisonous 'Gas Flaring'

Documerica: Photgraphic documentary of the "state of the environment"

Senators Write Bush: "Concerned" With Chesapeake Cleanup Programs

Sir David Attenborough To Create Television Series On Climate Breakdown

Scripps & NOAA Studies Project Wrenching Changes For Water Supplies

Fate Of New Orleans Sealed With Construction Of Missouri River Dams

Falsely Accused "Eco-Terrorist" Settles With FBI For $100,000 - Reuters

Toyota's 3rd-Generation Hybrid Drive Train On Schedule For 2008

Virgin Airlines Eyes Biofuel for Jets

Himalayan Climbers Face Ozone Levels Comparable To Dirty Cities

Israel to avoid arresting Hamas candidates during PLC elections

Sharon's son faces jail in corruption case

What is Arafat's true legacy?

Cross Reference To LBN Post

Squibs (venting)

"Cheney Morning 911"

"The Hidden Agenda of the Libby Indictment"

Here is the motive behind the lies to go to war

E-mail Tucker Carlson! He wants proof of government involvement in 9/11!

Rodriguez - freight elevator shaft

Canale orb pair

CO Daily: Election audit sufficient?

Also posted in Missouri Forum...meeting on new voting machines

NM Gov Richardson on Michael Medved now! Call about recount block

BBV: New dirt on Blackwell, Diebold woes re GEMS, FEC failures

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News WEDNESDAY, 11/16/05

PROVE Election Fraud Yourself. TruthIsAll--full interactive election model

BIG PROBLEM with CA's Diebold Hearing

SF protest of the murder of Gus Rugley

(Newport Beach) Daily Pilot: Election wakes up

Any expert here on parental notification?

Are there any election integrity groups in Riverside County?

This weeks Civic Skinny 11/16/05

Looking into possible Culver violation

Atlantic farmer joins ag race

Vander Plaats takes swing at Nussle, Nussle has staff member swing back

House Defeats Romney Death Penalty Bill

GEO mocks Governor Romney in UMass rally

Sen. Dianne "the dog ate my tax papers" Wilkerson complaining

I know that politics creates strange matching

Here I go again - icons. I have icons on my desktop that come from the si

Zogby polling about issues 2 - 5

Katz for Congress--Ohio--in the Frozen Fourteenth District

As a native Buckeye, I thought this article was excellent in the Lantern..

Voinovich claims he didn't tell Art Modell to move Browns to Baltimore

Dare to Fight and Dare to Win!

Lou DuBose, John Courage at Keep Austin Blue

Will the Dems have any chance to regain U.S house seats?

Houston DUers - Let's Party Saturday!

Winter Driving reminders

Damn you, Wagner!

Wisconsin 2008 Poll.

What Are Doyle's Poll Numbers Loking Like?

Bush Orders Mass Bald Eagle Slaughter To Stop Spread Of Bird Flu

Frist/HCA: another dot to connect? (pension fund sues HCA)

Separating Mixed-up Issues (Illegal Immigration vs Racism)

What it's like to be an Atheist.

Josh Marshall says: Stay up....big news brewing

Have you seen Google Earth? It's completely amazing...

Today was the deadline. Where are the new pictures?

I am registering a Democrat in Battleground MO tomorrow!

Suit seeks to extend Bible tax break to all spiritual books

Bush has my vote for President

Auction! Donate to DU for a rare pristine unread copy of J Edgar Hoover's

Caption this...

Please post the ugliest freeper pictures here. I want to make a collage.

Al Sharpton is coming up on The Colbert Report

You better look at this as it works this time!

Why do people assume that if you don't believe in God, you also

The repubs are sneaking two social security bills in tomorrow

If Iraq is turned over to Iraqis, evidence will emerge

What it's like to believe in Santa.

Is this supposed to be ... comforting?

Separated at birth? ->

The old reverso votefraud trick

Maglev train gets a boost from Congress

Is it just me or has the WH been using Dan Bartlett more often?

Life stories behind Hurricane Katrina's victims

Statement of Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward

I was not happy with Commander in Chief

Is the WH starting to run low on well-known mouthpieces in the Press?

What if....GWB called a press con in which he made the announcement


I need link to media website

The ultimate irony.

Those who had Five Years in the pool...Collection time.

What happened to Rachel Maddow on tucker's show?

Poll: Do you think a timetable should be set for the withdrawal of U.S.

Fitzgerald is a genius

ABC World News led with a piece on the coming pension crisis

WTF is this? ... "Miller Claims Bud Light Formula Altered"

Guardian UK opinion: USA guilty of using chemical weapons

Professor Jones Exposes Controlled Demoltion of WTC on MSNBC

Bernie Ward very suspicious of Bob Woodward -- stream link

TDS.... Jon is rockin' tonite!

Bernie Ward covering and FRAMING the WP story

Help clarify this issue please

Schwarzenegger is "Cheney'd"! Involved in Dick's 'energy policy' scam!

Why is the last page of the Abu Ghraib photo release order...missing?

Thank the Congressmen who voted against drilling in ANWaR

Did Cheney sign one of the general release forms other officials signed?

Bush endorses torturing teen addicts

Bosnia-Herzegovina on Course to Join EU

Twilight of the Idols Speculation .....

PoliSci or Communications people, is there some rule that politicians

Watch out Laura

how long can dubya keep fooling his Christian Conservative base?

State 1 reason why you think that Cheney wants to keep...

VA AG race down to 347 vote difference

Jim Cramer

No wonder you didn't want the gas companies under oath.

Wash Journal asked host about rove being gay...

Imagine a United States without

Someone fill me in on *'s latest international incident

So how many Japanese men

BushBot Bob Woodward should be FIRED!

Alcohol causing mouth cancer rise

Backwards Bush Keychain

self delete

The Iraqi Puppet Government Has Been Torturing Iraqi Police??

The Politics of War and the Patriot Card...Pat Buchnan

fake headline: 'Photos of G.I.'s being Tortured by Iraqis-Nation Outraged'

Operation Iraqi Liberation

Countdown last night....did I miss anything good?

pointing out responsibility? new toon 11/16/05

PHOTO: "Look! Now ah'm doing two little horsies."

Judy Woodward? Little Mr. Run Amok?

Please explain how Cheney's Energy task force is allowed to remain

So why are most of the top White House officials

Your opinions please: Is there ever such a thing as

$491bn "Defense Authorization" bill passes senate of peaceful USA.

Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward

when is it permissible & acceptable to act like a fucking nazi?

Iraq torture chamber: "The Americans are there every day"

Freeper Shield

A Christmas Shopping Idea For Those With Little Girls!

Spanish Police Expose More CIA Links to Secret Flights of Detainees

I tell you the Kerry I wish would run....BOB KERRY !!!

What did Jesus say?

It's SO annoying when pesky details such as FACTS get in the way of ...

Donald Trump - Not a Judith Miller fan

Chris Matthews, Tuesday Morning, on Imus

Let Us Blow Up Bill O'Reilly

Attention KOEB! ......"Liberals don't watch TV" - NBC Cheif

Hiding places

Does the Woodward revelation blow Fitz's case?

tinfoilhat prediction -- shrub to resign for health reasons

As Puke hegemony slowly collapses, are the dems filling the vacuum well?

Did the management at the NYT realize this was going on?

Looking for info on polls on Bush posted earlier

Lawsuit challenges Georgia's sales tax exception for Bibles

Hillary would like withdrawal timeline as well

What would you rather do?

Text of Woodward's statement

"We will never back down, we will never give in", in other words, fuck you

Radio host fired for anti-Islam remark on-air in Boston

Watergate-era hero reporter on plamegate story?

are the republicans waiting for permission to abandon dubya?

Republican Group Files FEC Complaint Against Diddy

Okay, DU, need your help...

NYT: Mystery of Gossipy Blog on the Judiciary Is Solved (and blog dies)

A timeline for pulling out of Iraq would only give comfort to our enemies

Any Video of Kucinich on Hannity and colmes last night?

First of all, Nixon lovers have waited a long time for revenge.....

CEO Pay and Retirement

Georgia lets children marry as long as the girl is pregnant !

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!!!

Did anybody ever get arrested for 9/11 insider trading?

Please post any commentary on the Woodward story you hear or see --

Bush vs. Chavez

in politics, people aren't allowed to change their minds

Are we in a bad science fiction movie?

On C-Span2 Now -- Schumer Criticizing Alito's Record...

Freepers eating their own over Hagel

How did Dover, Pa fare in the recent Tornado / Wrath of God Outpouring?

Angry seniors at local DNC meeting last night. Radical and riled at Bush.

my vote for Time Magazine Persons of the Year

remember when bush was considered totally indestructible?

If Bush didn't manipulate Pre-War Intel, then what was the point of WHIG?

I thought Fitzgerald was "done?"

Soused? ---pix->>>

Mass. home prices moderate amid growing glut of properties

Sony hasn't learned when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging

How much would you sell out to keep your job?

What will the October Surprise in 06 be?

Happy Thanksgiving, Chimpy! (will the REAL turkey please stand up?)

Want to WIN in '06? Examples why we must get rid of the Voting Machines!

Hey GOP! You have 1 year to Rally behind or Abandon the Ape!

Winger cluelessness of the meaning of Hillary's Iraq stance to Democrats

OMG Freepers Turn Agianst Bush over -- SPENDING!!!! lol

Which Republican would you be okay with in 2008

The House is trying to legislate activist judges now.

"the negative liberal media is undermining our efforts in Iraq"

Republican motive for most everything even war is Profit

Will Republicans want Bush showing up at 06 election endorsements?

A new GOP attack video- Apparently, Dems lied us into war and not the GOP

I wonder how freepers are reacting to the Cheney making our national

NO's 9th Ward Reopen to Homeowners 12/1 -- Coroner :"EXPECT MORE BODIES"

Washington Post JUMPS THE SHARK yet AGAIN - Pincus v. Woodward

Letter to President Clinton from the Neocons

Student Loan Ripoff a Test of GOP Rhetoric

Some more good news from the war in Iraq...

Bush Made the Call to go to war....

Listening to Stephanie Miller for the first time

Am i the only one that didn't know Woodward talked to Fitzgerald and---

Caption Laura (warning - disgusting photo)...

Howard Stern Praises Olbermann!

Is genocide ever justified?'s after midnight on the 15th. WHERE THE HECK

Will you read this old DU thread about Woodward from Oct. 29th?

If we hadn't gone to Iraq, Katrina victims would be safe through Winter

self delete

Bill Oreilly gets to use satire

Reid's "third basis for concern" constitutes an extraordinary circumstance

Do we want 5 Catholics on the Supreme court?

Olbermann Transcript on O'Reilly & San Francisco

How about those numbers? 593 and its a count from 10AM.

THIS ISI HUGH!!1!!1 Newzmax Figures it Out! Saddam sent the Anthrax!

Theres alot of bull to this free trade thing.It's not as free as you think

Was Rumsfeld one of Woodward's sources?

US soldiers in IRAQ are on death row based on faulty evidence.

DU this poll on science standards!

Pincus: Woodward 'Asked Me to Keep Him Out' of Plame Reporting

Who is responsible for the leak of Cheney's "secret" task force ?

A good use for DLC types: divide and conquer corporate America

Clinton Calls Iraq "Big Mistake, I don't agree with what was done,''

US backed Iraqi force seen as death squad-linked to secret torture prison

Why Paris is burning -- a Mother Jones commentary

The I Hate Republicans Reader: Why the GOP is Totally Wrong About Everythi

Emotions and Politics - UCTV - Thomas Scheff

Today Show claims Dem plan for Iraq written by Repubs

Did you go to a Democratic National Kick-Off House Party lastnight?

LTE: "Demos' charges only undermine us"

"This isn't just another pie Woodward had his finger in" TPM

The Manly Men of God

Intelligent Design harms Christianity.

Creating a Right Wing Nation State by State

'Intersex' Fish Found Off Calif. Coast (& a lot of other places too)

Midwest Farmers

NewsMax promoting scheme: " Profiting From the Coming Oil Bust of 2006"

Tucker Carlson promises to do his job, as a journalist...

The hidden casualty of Turdgate:

I must agree with DU re: Al Franken's "Dittohead" friend

MSNBC aks: "Where's the Love"? regarding bush & the GOP

scoop of the week! better than woodie!

Something to Mark the time

Ted Stevens is crying that Cantwell and Durbin were mean to him

About the Plame case...

Abu Ghraib Photo Release Appealed by Govt.

so hiLLary's going to a KKK party tonight

Woodward never did anything to correct the info in his book. TPM

Retail sales drop, Hastert announces success

Whats the over/under on how many journalists were involved in

Kurtz saying on CNN that Woodward kept Deep Throat secret 30 years

Woodward, Man of Principle, Willing to serve part of J Millers Time

Du members Military Affiliation

Wash Post: Bush tries again to mount Scooter

Mr. Run Amok

Dems to big oil execs: Get back here, you...

Why On the Media rocks: Garfield guts Judy

Do you know who the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is?

Yahoo Coverage OF White Phosphorous Use by The US Includes the Video

BBC Gives Blogs Credit for WP Story

I dig the way that the Press who covered for Bushco is getting slimed too.

Remember how Woodward's books Quelled the War Criticism?

it is time to show our muscle....

SF supervisor to Olbermann: Fox should terminate Bill O'Reilly

So, Is The LW Basically "Done" With Cindy Sheehan?

Guess what, it's Clintons(both of them) fault that we attacked Iraq...

A website for the 08 elections.

This is fucked up

Woodward's Crimes Against Journalism --->>>

Need source.. Bush exempts Halliburton from "civilized" conduct

RAWSTORY: Major story developing...more soon

Reuters take: Woodward testifies in CIA leak probe

What, then is a source?

What pisses me off about you, Woodward?


Major Story Developing...More Soon ... WTF!!!!

Do you feel disrespected by Raw Story...

BushFlash - Check this site out

Just figured out their strategy...


How many white girls have gone missing from Alabama?

Why wasn't Miller back in jail when she couldn't remember her sources?

Intelligent Design

Please post DU threads when we dissected Woodward on LKL rePlame.

Whoa! Hold everything! What did I miss?



Colbert Report question

Iraqi Interior Ministry Abuse Pictures

Who told Woodward? Look at the Libby indictment .........


Can they give Powell Cheney's job when Cheney gets too sick, or

Elton John and Dolly Parton

So why was the CMA's in Nyc?

Who leaked first? & other silly media points

Incident at work.

Who wants to help me re-write history?

Why is Bill Clinton coming out now to say the Iraq War was wrong?

DESPITE Dan Rather & Mary Mapes, W was STILL an AWOL Deserter

assume there is unequivocal "smoking gun" evidence that 2004 was theft

So Bushco is troubled about torture in Iraq

The Scooter Libby Defense fund ...OMG!!!

Banality of ID "thought" horrifyingly revealed on Dilbert blog

Canada has been sold out by its government - Terasen sale final

Does Raw Story have archives?

going to go pick up a new pellet stove tomorrow.... yes

Abu Ghraib Photo Release Appealed by Govt.

SNAPSHOT: Pension benefit guaranty shortfalls since * grabbed power

Alright H2O man!

oops grovelbot made me dupe

FHA interest rates through the years...

Developing.....Voices in shrubs head reveal themselves!

R Talking point re taxes--heard this several times today:

Which of the following are true about phosphorus?

I started a thread in the Research Forum

The Source Beyond Rove - Condoleezza Rice

Do You Ever Watch The "Fallen Heroes" Segment On The CBS Evening News?

O'Lielly to smear sites: Enough's enough...

Where's Barbara (Not-Jenna) Bush?

Are they in some alternate universe?

Carl Bernstein: "This investigation ... has cast a constant searchlight

Firedoglake has it up that Card is one of the sources for Woodward.

A young DUer and Uncle Sam

Would the order of sucession...

This picture Jacobin posted in another thread deserves it's own thread!

WARNING GRAPHIC "Some call this evil Islamic radicalism; others, militant

So, Baghdad is "Getting More and More Like Mogadishu Every Day"!

Where Iraq got away from us

When it's all over, I don't want peace with Freepers

Forging the Forgeries: Italian Niger investigation (and FBIs?) a whitewash

5 MORE US Marines die...not that Bush voters give a shit

Crooks and Liars reporting that Scotty may be on his way out

Just how independent do you think this level of officials is from their

Karen Hughes

COVERT! COVERT! Did you catch this?

Frist and Co. are still stonewalling for the White House:"Phase 2"

Dick Cheney America's Undertaker

Woodward's Source on Plame Revealed: Raw Story

Is this the second day of Fitzmas, then?

2080 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Housewives harangue Bush at Busan protest ---->>>

Ants eat away woman's eye in hospital

Woodward & Journalism: From Taking Down Criminals to Covering Up for Them

ADL Breaks With Pack On Church-State (Against Fundie Influence Govt)

Situation Room-Spreading democracy one torture at a time

Hey Watergate vets - isn't it rich that Woodward is on the wrong side now?

Tweety Being Falafelled by Jon FRIEDMAN. Who?

Woodward's source could only be one of two people: Bush or Dick


LTTE in the Augusta Chronicle

Bush: "It wasn't my fault. I'm not to"

38% believe U.S. should torture Iraqi Prisoners.

Wasn't it rumored that Hadley and/or Hannah

Wolfie with Pubbie whore Toensing on now

Demand the Truth

Bush is fighting Bird Flu according to Faux

my gosh darned opinion, categorically, and without facts is that


Hadley isn't just a fall guy, he was hawking invasion before 2000 election

200+ Nicknames for * in Research Forum

Moral Clarity?

Undoing the New Medicare Program

Tweety: "Who is the new Deep Throat?"

WH: "But The President Never Connected Iraq To The 9/11 Attacks..."

Has anybody seen a ballcap with a flag and "WSA" instead of USA on it?

Hadley Looks Inhuman

Why now? (Woodward Revelation)

CBC investigative report on Abu Ghraib

Hmmm, what should I send the White House this Xmas?

Oh, yoo hoo! DOCTOR Rice! What is YOUR role in the CIA leak?

Has anyone read Joe Conoson's new book on privatizing Social Security?

"It's a silly case about nothing much" - Richard Cohen. WaPost

So will Woodward end up to the good in all of this?

Chuck Hagel: An Opponent We Can Deal With

DU feature suggestion: Most popular Avatars / Biggest Movers.

If EVER there were time for us to join hands, this is it!

Official guesses for Raw "Major story developing" headline

Six US Troops Died Today

Okay....I'm a dumb me out here....

OMFG!! WTF!! Every Daily Newspaper Will Publish Tomorrow!!!

Woodward Apologizes to Post for Withholding Knowledge of Plame

Andy Card is 2nd (of 3) WH officials that Woodward spoke to

I didn't know I could give someone the evil eye before

The new slavery

If Bush outted Plame, the Plamegate story is over


Katherine Harris' faith-based cure for sick citrus

I hope some of you are watching the Abrams Report

PHOTO: South Korea doesn't seem too enamored of "W" either

Am I wrong to take pleasure in evidence that the chimp is about to go....

Can the Democrats truly say they can reverse *'s policies and high costs?

Somebody PLEASE catch me up and fast!

Karen Hughes live chat NOW

It is fascinating to watch history being pieced together

What will * do if Cheney is forced out of office?

Has anyone heard what the final death toll is from Katrina?

Who's The Best Opponent For the Dems in 08 They Ask?

Olbermann tonight: Woodward, Libby and energy task force

Why is Max Baucus (D-Mont) asking for more H1 Visas?

My response to a freeper anti-soldier email from a relative

"Reckless and Irresponsible" vs "Rational and Reasonable"

MOGAMBO GURU: "Hold It Right There Mogambo, You Stinking Pervert!"

Bad News For Bush if Hadley Was Woodward's Source

FYI: Presidential Approval Ratings lower than B*

NBC Nightly News: US Used White Phosphorous in Iraq Offensively!

PHOTO: DR. Rice channeling her inner matador at APEC

Who thinks Scooter took door number three?

A truely ironic quote Pat Robertson

The progressive movement in this country

Bush** administration policy of torture and abuse is backfiring.

Congress to defund Bridges to Nowhere

Bush speech will turn heads in Asia (A must read!)

Greatest Doonesbury in years

New bushbot talking point

Len Downie on CNN: It's CARD!

So Jennifer Anniston is GQ Man of the Year....

NYT's: "Bernie Kerik/ Security Consultant to Jordan for past 6 Months!

Leslie Blitzer: "This is important because the indictment of Libby....

Islamic Fundamentalists win in Egypt

VIDEO- Leonard Downie on CNN about Woodward

Has O'Reilly released his hate list yet?

Feingold on HARDBALL!!! Trashing Bush about the war!!!

Merry Fitzmas Everybody

HELP: Tee shirt: Shows a globe and symbols for many world faiths around it

Should it be illegal for me to grow Opium Poppies?

Prediction: We're going to see a B*sh apology speech on Plame shortly

"Iraq can launch a nuclear weapon in 45 minutes!"

saw something that really upset me

Former CIA analyst: Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars

Franken Readers?? Who is "Anonymous?"

Poll: Yes or No---is Torturing Detainees EVER Justifiable?

caption *

Gossip alert: Talked to lala_rawraw at Raw Story..she has Woodwards source

Senate candidate Katherine Harris used tax $$ to study "celestial drops"

A really, really bad thought

Great analysis on Woodward here, from DailyKos....

LTTE: Most Long Gone Bushbot of the Year Award?

Caption Pickles please

Christian "culture of life" conservatives want to kill 3,700 women a year

I still see a bumpy road ahead for November 2006

"Court Day" by Cindy Sheehan

Was Cheney Woodward's Source? Is Fitz About to Indict the Vice President?

GAO Report Uphold Ohio Vote Fraud Claims!

Why Bill O'Reilly Hates San Francisco

Woodward isn't the only story today. It's a new world this morning.

Bush Claims Critics Are Rewriting History. Let's Play A Game Of What If ..

Fitzgerald for Supreme Court..Really.

The REAL News

DOD to file appeal in torture photos suit

BILL Clinton calls Iraq a "big mistake"

"Voting rights sought for non-citizens".... WTF?

Long-Awaited Beer With Bush Really Awkward, Voter Reports

Hadley and the Forged Niger Documents ---with pix->>>

WaPo Story on Woodward is ONE BOMBSHELL AFTER ANOTHER --->>>

O.K. people, I cannot stress this enough: Torture is BAD O.K.?

Bush is ALREADY in Prison, and he knows it.

How does Woodward's statement help the Bush cartel?


This My Friends Is Rewriting History! Once Upon A Time...

Is having a child -- even one -- environmentally destructive?

Katherine Harris' campaign going down like the Titanic.

Who replaces Scotty?

Should the CIA Leak board open up again?

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska is going to resign! the bridge to nowhere DOA

Woodward Is A McGuffin & Has No Impact On Libby's Perjury Indictment

Linking physical to metaphysical

CSPAN WJ Rep. John Mica (R-FL) wants to dismantle Amtrak & has bad toupee.

ThinkProgress: "Smears, Lies and Videotape: A Leak Scandal Documentary"

billmon: "All The President's Whores" & More

Here's the insanity we're up against . . .

Good Lord Jesus, is this for real? "This war is for real"

Do Democrats play chess well? Who counters PNAC?

Action: Official GD "Make O'Reilly's List" Thread

O'Reilly Explains How Far-Left Smear Sites Work

Will the real Bob Woodward please stand up ....

Know anyone serving in Iraq?

Does McCain support the use of extreme measures in some circumstances?

My neocon friend: Help me figure out what it would take.

GAO Report Upholds Ohio Vote Fraud Claims!

Pregnant 37-Year-Old Charged With Molesting 15-Year-Old Husband (Ga.)


MUST READ article on McCain - The Bushification of John McCain

Did you donate?

Win the next election..? SHITCAN gun control.

new PETA billboard with Pamela Anderson and her fake breasts

Are you willing to "Forgive and Forget" those Dems who supported war?

Here's the LATEST photo of Junior...THIS is NOT a photoshop OK?


Former Sen. Phil Gramm-R to Testify in Former Governor's Corruption Trial

"The thinking woman's sex symbol"

We should demand that Junior has his head shaved

PUBLIC LAND GRAB ALERT! LATimes:millions of acres at stake in House bill

How do you make a juicy, moist, turkey?

I need help in bringing this concept to fruition.

anecdotes from the health care battles

Blair should stop playing fall guy in Rumsfeld's war games

Lawmakers Weigh Preventing Drugmaker Suits

Irak detainees found starving. BBC

Lawmakers back one-year windfall tax on oil companies

Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago

Damaged barge capsizes in Gulf (300,000 gallons of oil)

Grand jury decides against indicting driver in bus fire

Canada Introduces Eavesdropping Bill

Nominee (Alito) Plays Down Remarks on Quotas and Abortion

BBC: US used white phosphorus in Iraq (Pentagon confirms use)

Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

'Peace Mom' Plans to Resume War Protest

U.S. admits using white phosphorous as weapon (finally)

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Three Afghans

Wolfensohn: It was Rice's clout that sealed Gaza border deal


Madrid Opens Inquiry Into CIA 'Torture' Flights

Alleged secret CIA flights also went to Canary Islands

Bomb Kills American Soldier in Afghanistan

Lawsuit challenges Georgia's sales tax exception for Bibles

Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force - Washington Post

Southland Housing Market Cools Off

Kaine to Keep Warner's Staff Chief

Army mechanics doing double time (backlogs, shortages)

Sunnis Seek Probe Into Torture Allegations

Senate Considers $60 Billion in Tax Cuts

France Is Trying, Discreetly, to Integrate Television a Bit

On the Line: The Internets Future

Chad's former dictator arrested in Senegal on charges of mass murder

China Confirms Three Cases of Bird Flu in Humans

CNN/Money: Survey: U.S. workers feel less secure

Woodward Had Recently Denied He Had Bombshell and Downplayed Plame Probe

Judge: Sex offenders illegally confined

Britain OKs Extradition of Terror Suspect

NYT: Mystery of Gossipy Blog on the Judiciary Is Solved (and blog dies)

Call to review court rulings against teachers accused of mocking Islam

WP: Tide Turning in GOP Senators' War View

NYT: Illinois Law Offers Coverage for Uninsured Children

Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedoms

Pregnant 37-Year-Old Charged With Molesting 15-Year-Old Husband (Ga.)

'Peace Mom' Demands Trial

(Iraqi) Guard shows no remorse over Iraq bunker prisoners

Poll Gives Davis Lead Over Crist, Gallagher (Fl :) :)

WP: Web Firms Take Stand Against Spyware

Adelaide 'lock down' underway for Rumsfeld visit

Senate Group to Unveil Oil-Saving Plan

Bush Risks Alienating GOP Over Iraq War

NYT: Kerik is Accused of Abusing Post as City Official

U.N. expert urges Iraq torture probe

Senate Panel Does Not Extend Tax-Rate Cut .. (Bush takes one more hit)

Official: Al-Qaida Boosts Afghan Activity

Is Your Holiday Flight Home Safe? (John Kerry warned us)

Cheney Sidesteps Travel Disclosure Rules, Reports CPI

China Edging Out U.S. for APEC Leadership

Patriot Act compromise deal

Sources: Tentative Patriot Act Deal Struck

Iraqis Say Troops Caged Them With Lions

Combined 3Q ad rev for 3 major networks down 21.5%

Jordan Releases Details on Would-Be Bomber

5 US troops killed in firefire in Irag today (msnbc news report).

Israel wants US to pull out from Iraq (Former PM, Ehud Barak)

A Detour in The Corridor Of Power .. (Safavian ... Five Felony Counts)

Some see U.S.-backed Iraqi guards as death squads

Justice Department endorses dividing 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

RAWSTORY: Major story developing...more soon

GAO Report Uphold Ohio Vote Fraud Claims!

The strange case of supernatural water (Harris as Fundie Wingnut)

BBC: White phosphorus: weapon on the edge

(Katherine) Harris still lagging in race, poll finds

Tentative Deal Reached on Patriot Act Renewal

NYT: Journalists Said to Figure in Strategy in Leak Case

Spain probes CIA’s ‘torture flights’

Rumsfeld: No lions were used on detainees

Libby visits courthouse to review documents

Bill Clinton Calls Iraq 'Big Mistake'

Mother blames (Stop-Loss) policy for son's Iraq injuries (Lost legs/arm)

Senate to Ask Bush for Regular Iraq Updates

173 prisoners found beaten and starved in Iraq government bunker

VIDEO- Leonard Downie on CNN about Woodward

CIA says Castro has Parkinson's

LOL Robert Byrd's opponent manages to lose money through fundraising

Andy Card is 2nd (of 3) WH officials that Woodward spoke to

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 16 November

Poll: Most Floridians down on president, unlikely to vote for Jeb (2008)

U.K. Says White Phosphorous Used for Smoke

US retains hold of the internet

Scandinavian authorities investigating CIA overflights and landings

Cheney Sidesteps Travel Disclosure Rules

More Suspect Yucca Mtn. E-Mails Said Found

Pirro sits on court fence (Pub won't commit to support Alito)

US says Iraq to have credible investigation on torture allegations

Chemical weapons dump off Vancouver Island studied

Cindy's Day in Court

Iraq Says Abused Detainees From All Sects (Equal Opportunity Torture)

Rawstory: National Security Adviser was Woodward's source, attorneys say

GEO mocks Governor Romney in UMass rally

Republican Senator Questions Alito's Views on Abortion Ruling (Snowe)

Pelosi: 'Torture is Not Consistent With American Values'

In a Battle of Wits, Iraq's Insurgency Mastermind Stays a Step Ahead of US

Iraq troops request claim denied (UK generals wanted more troops)

Report: Most airline cargo isn't checked for explosives

Bush Social Security Plan Laid to Rest

Japanese princess quits palace to marry commoner

Senators Cantwell & Lautenberg Demand Oil Executives Testify Under Oath

WP: Woodward Apologizes to Post for Withholding Knowledge of Plame

WP (A01): Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force

Top Commander Denounces Call for Iraq Withdrawal Deadline

"Martin to tell Bush Canada is "right" on softwood"

5 Marines Killed as U.S. Pushes Sweep in Western Iraq

Torture widespread in Iraq bunker: ex-detainee

U.S. Has Detained 83,000 in War on Terror

Pinochet's secret police chief sentenced

U.S. Has Detained 83,000 in War on Terror

Radio host fired for anti-Islam remark on-air in Boston

Cheney joins GOP criticism of Democrats

E&P: Buyouts Announced at 'LA Times' (will cut up to 85 newsroom jobs)

Columnist Robert Scheer Finds New Home at 'SF Chronicle'

Top Commander Denounces Call for Iraq Withdrawal Deadline

Russian paintings arrested in Switzerland could be damaged

Discovery of prisoners heartens Iraq's Sunni minority

Saddam beaten up for hurling obscenity

Documents Show Nixon Deception on Cambodia

Congress looks at dividing 9th Circuit court

Log Cabin Republican Political Director Hired by Planned Parenthood

Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago

Reid takes first stab at Alito nomination!

Castro has Parkinson's disease, CIA has concluded

(Bill) Clinton says Iraq invasion was a big mistake

Baptists vote to slash ties to Mercer University (GA)

'Bridge to nowhere' stripped from US funding bill

US defends use of white phosphorus against Iraq insurgents

Protection for vaccine makers debated (Sen. Frist behind it)

Pincus: Woodward 'Asked Me to Keep Him Out' of Plame Reporting

CNN/AP: C-sections in U.S. reach all-time high

Tomorrow I get to attend a reception with Wolfowitz

I never realized just how good carrot cake is until tonight...

I have a question n/t

Robertson: Home schools need metal detectors

I had no idea whatsoever that The Wiggles loved *

My yellow star vanished

Must. Have. Heroin.

Remember the Cool Days?

Mmmm... french fries.

Sailing away on the crest of a wave, it's like magic

Trying to get an auction going for DU. I'm giving a pristine copy of

do you find it annoying when doves cry?

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy...

Man Kills Buck With Bare Hands

What, no one giving away stars?

Good Night all, Its been fun

Where's Jimmy Jazz?

Republicans for Voldemort

can't concentrate enough for du tonight, bah

Is there something physically wrong with Jon Stewart?

Finally seeing U2 tonight

That was a GREAT 'Gilmore Girls'

Looking for suggestions on expanding my classic guitar rock library

is Jon Stewart a secret lounge lizard?

5 posts to 4200, ask me something quick

I did this last winter

What are things that really push your buttons?

Gracenote is God

What? No love for the "Rodeo Song"

Snack time! Wadda-ya-wan'??

Tee-Vee has gone downhill ever since Cheers was cancelled.

Man O Man am I tired...

Wow...check out this Honda ad.

*singing* "Serving the universe...

Kinkajou Repeatedly Bites Elderly Woman (Pic For The Kinkajou-Challenged)

There is this big white thingy just over my monitor staring at me.

Theraflu kicks ass

Okay, the bigt snowstorm dumped 1/4" of snow. The oldies station is...

I don't want to go outside today but

Backwards Bush Keychain

Plane crashes into golf cart (Golf cart news update)

I should be offended, but for some reason, I'm not ...

Little round seeds in cat's fur--what are they?

Mmmmm breakfast time for herbivores

Who is older? Skinner, EarlG or Elad

How old is Skinner?

Anyone know of a website where one can...

Food Agency Tries To Quell Fears About Glow-In-The-Dark Meats

who wants some liquor!

Finally a story to bring the Lounge and LBN together (whew boy!)

My dog whisper barks at night-awoke me at 3:30am

Ran into someone today... hadn't seem him in a while

History Lesson on the the wheel, beer and Chickenhawks

New Soda Flavors Cover Entire Thanksgiving Meal (Brussel Sprout Soda Too!)

Cross-dressing policeman - or goddess reincarnated?

I told my grandma yesterday

I Did Not Mis-Lead You. You Mis-Followed Me....

I sold my grandma yesterday

Yahoo instant messenger question

One of the best clubs on earth, long gone now: The Golden Bear

Diddy's new pimped out ride includes 6 Televisions and a wine cellar

bertha is in SoCal and the MegaMillions winner was sold in Anaheim...

Video for the day: Super Mario Kart meets Battlefield 2

Damnit - make it stop shaking

Sci-Fi there a place on the web to read good sci-fi?

For those of you with ipods, or subscription to music jukebox services...

In equal of fairness tell me about your pet dog.



I heard Matcom was spending a lot of time in Thailand

Fired 'Desperate Housewives' Actor Denies Flashing People

Ants eat away woman's eye in hospital

Tomorrow is Howard Dean's birthday!

I just don ated!

Shrub could contaminate us

Carlos Castaneda

Sad but intriguing: Kinkajou attacks elderly woman.

I could really use a nap

Your favorite Garbage Pail Kid(s):

I just donated!

Crikey! It's really cold outside!

I'm all better!

Do you know about FREECYCLE?

Do you know about FREEBIRD?

Holy CRAP! Bird flu is the least of our worries!!!!

GROVELBOT has a question for YOU!!!!

My 3-year-old's coat has pockets for an iPod and a cell phone

Woman Plans To Marry Man Who Shot Her

I've seen Grovelbot's bare circuits!

I have the worst cold ever.

Ants eat away woman's eye in hospital

Swaziland pastor claims: 'Tree-preaching' effective

Happy Birthday too me...

When you wish upon a star...

Man survives after car split in half

"Dude looks like____________." Fill in the Blank

Underpants eat away woman's eye in hospital

Who read the "Three Investigators" books as a youngin'? (pics)

Fla. Lifeguard Drives Over Sunbather's Head ( again )

DARKSIDERS, Gar-giiiiiiiles and SLY-KICKS who love Buffy post here!1!!!1!

af'er noon, Tex.

Bush Gives Japanese Prime Minister Gift (Bought Him A Segway)

Human Skateboard

self delete

Here's a game I haven't seen for a while

Self Delete

Spinal Tap

Who's going to see the Johnny Cash movie?

Jim McMahon to start for Eagles on Sunday

Bush's anus horribilis.

They think they got all my mom's skin cancer..

"Loverboy" Patrick Dempsey named SECOND most Sexiest Man Alive 2005

I can't view the PandaCam!

A shout-out to Rabrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

'Christian Family' Ends Up With '666' License Plate

Songs that make you shrug and say "Eh..."

Selfish repies only: What do YOU want for "the holidays"?

Fuck the Creationists

What is the worst Rolling Stones Song?

Katie Holmes better off with Tom Cruise?

"When the Tigers Broke Free" by Pink Floyd...

Oh my god .... this is HUGH !!!!!1111!!!!

tired of having elections stolen?

Going to get sushi for lunch with my son.

(no punchline needed) Michael Jackson goes into wrong bathroom

Lost tonight should be great - all about the passingers in the tail

Who will have a family fiasco this Thanksgiving?


Michael Jackson Enters Ladies Room In Dubai - Causes Controversy

Americans seem to have an idea that Canada is "Utopia"

DU should really...

You better look at this as it works this time!

TV game show pioneer Ralph Edwards dies

Verizon customers (home): why do I get messages from James Earl Jones?

"You need to learn some manners!"

Hotter yes but still an "Sex and the City" knockoff

Does NBC have ANY standards? At all?

Death threat for killer of Domino-toppling sparrow

pump day

So Mack Brown calls up Dennis Franchione and says......

Kyle Orton Is A Liberal

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight....

C. Brown wakes from bed,brushes his teeth and he combs his head for school

What is the greatest Rolling Stones Song?

OK -- I'm an open minded person. But I've yet to find an explanation

Yay!! My alligator is back!

The world's craziest softest tickle

Wednesday 'best day for a pay rise' according to new research

Shake is watching!

anyone encountered age discrimination in hiring

Hump Day!!

Brew up a pot of tea and while you wait play a game.

Rugby fan cuts off his tool after his team wins.

Somebody stop me!

It's snowing in Chicago.

A website for the 08 elections.

Ooh oooh oooh Pictures of "Celebrities" you may have never heard of

Yo! Cube rats and workin' suckaz, guess what I'm doing?

Can anyone recommend a good low-acid coffee?

Contort Yourself 1 Time! Contort Yourself 2 Times!!

Tell me this thread is controversial, but don't say anything else.

It snowed today in Milwaukee

New Pics: These date from 2002, when we went up the Saint Lawrence

That's IT!

Well I Did A Guest Lecture Last Night. Any Questions?

Dear Winter:

How do you explain a tampon to a six-year-old?

Aughhh! Look what the nicotine patch did to me:

"Expanded" LOST on tonight -- *SPOILER* inside

Life In The Navy Rocks Even Harder Than The Commercial Implied


How does one have a "snowman fight"?

3 times posting the brazillian joke should get you a granite cookie


The GREATEST Rap by a 7 y.o. White Kid!

This is just so wrong, I had to post it here...

Is anybody else having trouble accessing LiveJournal, or is it just me?

Some velvet morning when I'm straight....

Food Network chefs.

Freeper records they enjoy listening to...

EEEEEK - I can't escape it

It hit 85 here in Tampa today...

Favorite trolling techniques

Federline falls and breaks his hand while "trying out some moves"

So I need medical advice

Cool birthday calculator

So when does * get his anyway? The funky things republicans want...

ARRRRRGH!! I can't take it anymore! Table manners rant.

Would you eat food served on a naked person's body?

Lie Detector Test

going to go pick up a new pellet stove tomorrow.... yes

More Beauty for the Lounge - A Poem

The Official "Movie Adaptation of Rent Comes Out in a Week" Thread

Is Ichiro heading to the Cubs?

So let’s get to the point...let’s roll another joint.....


Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu....


Combine 2 or more DUers screen names to invent a 3rd

They *are* real horses' eyes---I got them on the internet!

Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down now!

Matthew McConaughey named Sexiest Man Alive 2005

Appropriate punishment for DUers who post Brazillian jokes

Dear ATA: Please move the garish red "Edited On" tag to the bottom.

All-time greatest "heel" in pro wrestling?

OMG! I've lost my donor star!!!

Was anyone here a "Kerry Hawk" at the old Kerry Forum?

Will Graywarrior make it to 6000 posts by November 20, which

Cat question.....

You know who's not a Republican (or so I'm told)...

No, seriously. Airport security is utter nonsense.

My God, this is truly unbelievable

I am craving calico bean soup

Well, hello there............

Is this normal kitty behavior

I need to be schooled on TNA wrestling

I homeschooled my unruly children and they tore up a restaurant.

anyone got some good ambiguous words of comfort?

My family is going to be out of town for Turkey. Is it wrong I'm happy?

wabash cannonball in progress but i like it

If there are any ordained Protestant Ministers in the house, could you


When you eat Asian food, do you use chopsticks?

I saw the Wal-Mart movie last night, and you didn't!

Cuban Woman Who Shipped Herself To U.S. In Crate Allowed To Stay

What is it with all the DUer's just going away?

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Rump Day!!

Favorite/best/most powerful opening lines from songs?

Real country music song titles

Where's them moon pies? I haven't seen any round here in a while!

All-time greatest "babyface" in pro wrestling?

Shoot me. Now.

Someone sent this e-mail to me...

Are you a troll on DU.....or fairly shady?

Darkseid Loves you!

Scariest Thing I've seen in a while W08 (!!!)

So what do you tell the Jehova's Witnesses to get them to leave?

Warning: Look at who is posting before opening a thread

Why did GQ Magazine name a woman its "Man of the Year?"

HI Everybody!

I could live in a place like this...

Who wants to give their 2 cents on my car issues?

Ten lunchtime questions for the lounge...

Most Charismatic Lead Singer of a Band

Please help! Looking for the lyrics to a song by Archie Roach on

American retail, you are not stocking enough Women's shoes in Wide!

What important Thanksgiving ingredient will I forget when I shop tonight

Have you guys seen "Yacht Rock" yet? You must.


Official "Make O'Reilly's List!" Thread

Would you sign this petition to help save a Hospital in Tyrone?

Are you a manly man?

Trading Spouses Loony Talking Bobblehead!

I'm lonesome............

Codfish cakes... possibly the best food ever fried

What would you rather have right now?

Do you have a favorite Christmas commercial?

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Did Pink Floyd accidentally invent techno?

Are you new to DU.....or fairly new?

How many "Major Story Developing" threads are needed in GD?

Love is a many splintered thing..........

Rugby fan tells how he lost his tackle

I'm so old, I remember when...

What would you think of a DU Lounge MY CAT photo contest?


DU post-it portrait art. An anonymous DUer.

Are you monogamous?

What is your pimp name?

Is the writing about the Bible more interesting than the Bible itself?

Transcript of the "God Warrior" Outburst

Wal-Mart seeks to use clergy in tackling critics

Defining "Christianity"

Why I'm an Atheist Part 2 by DarkSyde

What it's like to believe in Santa.

Hope is for the Weak

Why do people assume that if you don't believe in God, you also

Sweet Snacks May Slacken Stress

Wolf spiders reveal their love secrets

State of Florida Studied 'Supernatural' Water to Protect Citrus Trees

Meditation builds up the brain

Computer Model Recreates The Storm That Sank The Edmund Fitzgerald

Magnetic Fields Revealed in Technicolor

Department of Defense Achieves Supercomputing Performance Milestone

X Files Opened: NSA's UFO Investigations Unearthed

Ancient Brewery Tended by Elite, Female Brewmasters

Little round seeds in cat's fur--what are they?

Why a ticklish dream could hold the key to psychosis and schizophrenia

Are We Being Gouged by Being Gay?

Attorney wants gay choir director dismissal hearing stopped

Ga. examines law that allows kids to wed

Whining from Article 8 Alliance- Powerful Mass. Legislator caves to gays

Ex-Gay Foe Seeks APA Presidency

Gay marriage helps society, author says

Gays Account For Third Of New HIV Cases In Hong Kong

Help Stonewall Make History in South Dakota

Anyone else get this letter from A-nold?

Dangerous Living DVD House Party

Log Cabin Republican Political Director Hired by Planned Parenthood

Blog monitors the anti-gay blog so we don't have to...

Victim in anti-gay crime clings to life

Anglican Factions Told To Stop Bickering Over Gays

'O'Reilly Factor' segment claims to uncover 'debauchery' at Brown

I know what a BLT is. What's a GLBT???

Daily Show zaps Brian Camenker

If I were on a road trip, what Gay Meccas should I not miss?

NC Baptists To Expel 'Gay Friendly' Churches

Voinovich claims he didn't tell Art Modell to move Browns to Baltimore

Hundreds gather to honor fallen Redondo Beach canine

Experience with a dog with prosthetics?


Why I am NOT donating to DU during the current fund raising event

Mother Jones takes on the Christian Right in special "God & Country" issue

Fascinating thread in GD: Not Kerry specific

So, what else went into that Defense Appropriations bill?

Republicans losing control

Kerry interview on NPR

Rosa Parks Bill just passed by voice vote

Martini Republic Blog takes on Kos attack of Kerry

House Defeats Romney Death Penalty Bill

Okay this is pretty heinous even for DailyKos

Written by former Kerry staffer: The Bushification of John McCain

Congress Rejects Bush Small Business Cuts But Overall SBA Funding Still .

Made it!

Get ready for the B'Day card ,pirana. It went out to you today!

JK on Smiley tonight and Financial Times Debunks WH

20,000 Troops home for the Holidays-Billboard

You can't be honest with people anymore

Anyone see this yet???? GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims

How about a frivolous thread to lighten the mood?

Kerry/McCain on Hardball tomorrow

A link to some extraordinary photographs of Alaska

Here's one I'm not entering...

Countdown Newsletter -- 11/16/05: Woodward Leak Testimony

VIDEO - Michael Jackson Puppet Theater from Nov 15!!!

Jon Stewart snarks on Rita Cosby!!

Bush and media quoting Dems out of context means they both mislead

Pentagon admits that the US uses terror as a weapon!

Cheney met with big oil

Yesterday on Lou Dobbs

Every cloud has a silver

Report: Ex-Broadcasting Chairman Broke Law

Political storm grows over CIA planes (Sweden)

Another bush lackey going down: CPB's Tomlinson pushed PBS to

Infrastructure Protection Plan Fast-tracked Right Past the Public

WTF? What happened to '30 Something Live' on C-Span

Am I the only one who thinks Chuck Hagel is the only decent Repug senator?

Creating a Right-Wing Nation, State by State

The More Bush Howls About Iraq, The Worse His Numbers Get

Warsaw seeks shelter of 'son of Star Wars'

I can't stay up any longer waiting for Josh Marshall

A good analogy/talking point to use for WMD evidence argument

I wonder if Bob Woodward's throat was deep enough

The Clenis did it! Clinton's penis told Woodward about Plame.

Bob Woodward's Statement (re: Nov 14th testimony to Fitz)

In Shocking Development, Congress Contemplates Tax Increase

Should Military Recruiters be Banned from High Schools and Colleges?

LAT: Kinky Friedman comes calling for L.A. cash for TX gubernatorial run

Tuker Carlson on the dishonest and thoroughly average Karen Hughes

Who served in the military and who didn't

Look them in their lying eyes

Where is that map of Iraq that shows how they planned to divide up the oil

Bradblog: 16 former intel officials demand accountability in Plame leak

Expecting the freepers to sleep through '08

In Search of Abramoff Scandal Summary

Office of Special Plans -- info everyone DID NOT have access to, Mr. Bush.

If bush had served honorably in the military

Why is there even a debate? There's CLEAR PROOF that the Bush admin LIED.

Poll: President Tanking in Florida ( I love the headline) :)

Bow-tie give short shrift to 9/11 explosives theory

Is there an Escape from the RW/MSM Echo Chamber ?

Here is the motive behind the lies to go to war

Bush's "Final Days": Are men necessary?

Rep Dan Young is determined to build a bridge to nowhere named after him!

Human Events selling Michelle Malkin's new book Unhinged calling the left

Saw Interesting Bumper Sticker...

Revision Thing A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies

30+ years later, who is

New Video: Bush Speaks, the Truth Crawls (free download)

At Least One

Bill O'Reilly's False Statement About New York

The strange case of supernatural water (Harris as Fundie Wingnut)

My Christmas Wish list to conservatives

These days, it seems, an hour doesn't go by...

Two Jokes. Any others?

Woodward’s Secret

So Alito says he made his anti-abortion statements to get a job

Rove is talking!

A website for the 08 elections.

Kieth Olberman's "Countdown" leads with Woodward story tonight.

House Dems Largely Ignoring Lobbyists — is that a BAD thing?

Prediction! "I'm A Reagan Republican" Will Be The Mantra For 06/08

"Document Says Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney Task Force"

Time to start a list of WH officials

Could some smart person tell me what the Woodward revelation will mean?

A Time of Moral Reckoning - SojoMail 11.16.05

Ha ha ha ha ha (great pic)

Elizabeth Edwards: "Disappointed as a mother, a woman, an American..."

DNC: Bush's Political Attacks Can't Save Sinking Poll Numbers

Bush/Cheney study history and learn its lessons well. Nazi Germany 1937

Here's John Dean on Countdown...

None Dare Call it Treason.

"The Hidden Agenda of the Libby Indictment"

Ron Paul kicking ass on house floor about privacy

Is this a "scandal" of the press as much as it is of the White House?

Did I hear right? Did John Dean say Cheney would retire

The leaker revelations are starting to turn into a Spartacus act

I'm glad Arnold won the governor's race

Doesn't the War Powers Act already mandate a quarterly report from CIC?

Katherine Katherine Katherine

Joe Biden is an Idiot!

Hadley linked to some Iran-Contra figures in 2001 meeting?

Have y'all met this type of freeper?

Bob Woodward is the new Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain.

LOL Robert Byrd's opponent manages to lose money through fundraising

Soo...the sitting National SECURITY Advisor LEAKED a CIA agent's name???

If Paul Harvey deserves a freakin' medal of freedom then

How should we deal with fundamentalists?

DU this CNN poll regarding democracy

Dems are united on timetable for Iraq

Iraq Pushback: Soundbites Work

Iraq contractors protected against arrest/suit?

Right Wing declares war on Santa!!

Kerry Responds to the Senate Vote on Iraq - NPR Interview

Elizabeth Edwards is "Disappointed" (from email)

My LTTE re Bush's war lies got published

Woodward has been squirming in his chair for months, now I know why.

New RW song: 'Bush Was Right'

What has Bush EVER done that is Christian?

How many days before China tells Bush to go fuck himself?

The strange case of supernatural water (Harris as Fundie Wingnut)

"Judy Woodward".......This is funny stuff: (hot coffee warning)

Woodward Drops a Dime on Cheney/Rove...then Implicates Self!!

Clinton Bush Aol poll

Merry Christmas! Macy's has bowed to right-wing pressure.

Why isn't organized labor viewed as "Free Enterprise" for the worker?

It's the Fault of the Spineless Mod Republicans--not Dems!!

Here is how you answer the "Democrats voted for the War" meme.

70 congressional districts where GOP running unopposed (2006)

Woodward's source is Hadley!!! Raw Story Scoop

GAO Report Uphold Ohio Vote Fraud Claims!

PROVE Election Fraud Yourself. TruthIsAll--full interactive election model

Thanksgiving Article from The Black Commentator

Madonna: You couldn't prove how the government was somehow in on 9/11