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Archives: November 13, 2005

Changing New Orleans

The Bush reconstruction company -- A weak record (Hightower)

God's bad influence

Op-Ed by John Edwards: I was Wrong

WP: Wrestling With History (Rummy)

Revealed: the real story behind the great Iraq Museum thefts

The Right Way in Iraq (John Edwards)

Krugman: The Deadly Doughnut

Alaska communities turning to wind farms to cut diesel bills

Clinton Library offers 'green' tours of environmental features

Nissan Wind Farm Spins Into Action (UK)

Recycled waste being dumped as landfill (Scotland)

Abandoning wetlands will multiply disaster

Worms use scraps from dorms to make food (Ann Arbor)

Peretz threatens to topple Sharon government

Weekly report on Israeli human rights violations

BradBlog: Plaintiffs Suddenly Blocked in New Mexico '04 Election Lawsuit

Tornado watches in November?

Sounds like Bush may be in town next month

So, What's Up With Rove(Traitor)Gate?

OK, who was it that claimed "Wilson's wife was fair game"?

Managing Fallujah news at the BBC

How do we like our new "Enough is enough" bumperstickers, people?

Shallow Throat...

I think banning Capitol Hill Blue deserves a place on DU to be banned

I think Capitol Hill Blue should be banned from DU

Bush's 2063 US Iraq War DEAD and he Wants More!

Why is Torie Clark hosting CNN's "On the Story"

US Air Strikes KILL 54 More Civilians aka: Insurgents

Yet MORE proof * lied the other day...Congressman Hoeffel (Pa.) - 2004

Warner vs. Giuliani in '08: My fantasy race

Latest Chomsky interview- Social Change Today

If Carter gave us 'malaise', then Bush is giving us......

Evidence of Tom Flocco as a Freeper?

"Card, Rove out; Gergen New Chief" (parody from the Weekly Standard)

Remember Bush had a chance to get Zarqawi, but instead invaded Iraq

Bill Clinton's long history of sexual violence against women

Good points from Rapid Response on the DNC fundraising stuff.

Mass, mass media contacts with one email - does anyone know?

Reminder:How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence -NY Times

HELP finding quote of * saying he had secret sources he couldn't share

Favorite Bushco Monikers....

quick, I want to post...someone tell me how to insert a photo : The most visited website in the world!

Maureen Dowd on Larry King now, 8:20pm CT. nt

Bill Clinton Defends His Legacy - as well he is able to do so...

"NEWS": Cheney's new chief of staff likes his boss!

O’Reilly: “What I Said Isn’t Controversial. What I Said Needed to

Whats Chalabi doing in Washington? Lining up a coup.

What con game were the R-Wers pulling when they supported State's Rights?

Focus people! Remember Scooter

“Leave A Fart” Campaign At Wal-Mart

Big Brother will be happy to pick your songs:

Lo and behold, I have found Tucker Carlson's true identity!

Lots more great info about Marc Maron and Morning Sedition here.

Does anybody remember when DeLay and other Republicans...

Good news on cancer? Not for everyone (The American Taliban Strike)

Hate the oil companies? You'll REALLY hate the coal companies after this.

Radio bumper music?

Bernie (9/11 Profiteer) Kerik is an adviser to Jordan's King Abdullah

Is Chimpy really the Antichrist?

"I Have Tourette's But It Doesn't Have Me." Anyone catch the documentary?

What is an insulting, derogatory term to call people who shop at Wal-Mart?

Are We Going to Hold the Bush Administration Accountable or Not?

Sunday Talk Shows

This crap for sale at the Republican Store.....

Sen. Sanitarium: "Bush and media to blame for war unpopularity"

Even my Grandma is now doubting Bush!

How do Repubs reconcile their religion with their politics ?

Mark Warner and a Senate run in 2006

Ellsberg Warns Iraq Is Similar to Vietnam

I am looking forward to the Dean / Mehlman match up tomorrow on MTP!

OK that BEAST Ann Coulter is coming to my school.

Scott McClellan

I'm going to give away an award!

companies that use outsourced Indian call centers and programmers

"Jersey GOP" names Condoleezza Rice "Babe of the week"

My attitude toward unions changed when I became politically aware

"Scotty's lies should be tolerated because he has a mortgage to pay"

Is bill o'lielly the most watched journalist in the world?

Something Chalabi said got me thinking...

The United Terrorist States Of America

Ok now, let's try NOT to forget the accomplishments of our great leader *


Two 'Bush Cheney yard signs lie against the wall of a ruined home -pix->

Bud Light "torture" commercial. Bad taste, or am I being too sensitive?

very strange...tornado Minnesota...on Nov. 12?

The Ghosts of Viet Nam Haunt a President

WARNING: Tin foil hats don't work anymore!!!

My 2006 Senate Races Analysis CHECK IT OUT AND GET STARTED!

Frank Rich, again, in this Sunday's NY Times: Brilliant.

Peak Oil closer, world's 2nd largest field production drops 30%

Make Ahead Turkey for the Holidays

Fernley truck top company announces layoffs

WARNING: Tin foil hats don't work anymore!!!

AP: In e-mails, consultant claims link to Cornyn

Protesters take to streets in Kolkata against Indo-US Air Force exercise

Marchers Protest Inmate Death, Urge End to Use of Stun Guns

Al-Qaeda calls Queen an ‘enemy of Islam’

Revealed: UK Wartime Torture Camp (Guardian)

WP: Wrestling With History (Rummy)

The Right Way in Iraq (John Edwards)

WP: Fractured GOP Moves on Divergent Paths

Virginia AG: Deeds down by only 410 votes

Foreign Aid Chief Pledges Reforms

Blair faces new inquiry into Iraq war

Jordanian soldiers seduced by Al-Qaeda ‘aided’ suicide attacks

AP: GM workers OK health cuts

Decade after murder, thousands mourn Rabin: Clinton: Take up his work

Bush urges seniors to enroll in drug plan (half don't think it will help)

LAT: Cut Off Their BlackBerrys? Feds Give It Thumbs Down

Bush Carries to China A Delicate Diplomacy

WP: Moderates Unhappy but Sticking With GOP for Now

Reid rejects Bush's remarks

CNN/AP: Paris on lockdown to prevent unrest: Net, text message threats

Al-Qaida names Queen major enemy of Islam

NYT: Guantánamo Tour Focuses on Medical Ethics

WP: Civil Rights Focus Shift Roils Staff At Justice

Lyon Burns as Riots Hit City Centre (France)

Music Choice - Free to Comcast Members

Is the new log out icon a shoehorn?

Dayum. Helluva game Longhorns. That was a smackdown.

Politics is full of pants

Where's the Mary Hartmann, Mary Hartmann DVD box ?

Does anyone else notice a vocal resemblance betw. Brad Friedman

a poster for GW

Proposal: DU Quotes page

I LOVE the Research Forum!

The next person who picks my nose is gonna get

Want a 2005 retro Camero?

Does Doggie Hate W?

We didn't invade and overtake Ontario because we needed anything,

Wow - now this is a storm!

Am I the only one who thinks

How did I lose my scroll bar in Firefox?

I have much to do tonight, but I'm so tired I can hardly stay awake....

Can a video featuring Hitler be funny?

Does anyone speak Kurdish?

Fourth Estate Radio Debut Show!

Wow, anyone watch that Toronto/Montreal game?

Prank call to The 700 Club

Well, Southlandshari has turned the Lounge into sex thread city

Jesus Of Suburbia - Yeah It ROCKS


Watching "Saving Private Ryan" here...

The Rest of Canada should gang up and invade Ontario

North Dakota State beats South Dakota State 41-17 for the Dakota Marker!!!

LSU beat 'Bama - The Apocalypse is upon us

“Leave A Fart” Campaign At Wal-Mart

Why can't anyone put out any good original new music?

"My Gay Boyfriend" music video CUTE!! (Dial up warning)

John Wayne Was A Nazi

This has been bothering me for quite some time:

This stew is the bomb-diggity. All Hail the Olla Podrida!

So did Notre Dame beat Navy?

Hey, who did the version of "Dancing in the Moonlight" that you hear

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?

So did Joe Jackson Beat Crazy?

What one personal quality do you wish you possessed?

Anyone see Jarhead? Can we bring my 12 year old?

They just KNOW you'll love this song....

"Snap!" - Someone please explain that to me.

And if you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley

My wife is an amazing stripper!



Does anyone else like "My Name is Earl"?

Paging bliss_eternal..

What's your favorite college football team?

What sort of climate do you like? Cold? Hot? Mild?

Should I have had my daughter chastised? (nt)

Computer question

How many times have you moved?

Just watched the Family Guy Movie: Stewie the Untold Story...

What a sad day in Michigan.

I'm Sotally Tober. Ask me anything.

Six posts from 3000 - please give your favorite nickname for O'Reilly

The Lounge is like being shot in the gut.

I'm hopelessly un-hip

There is a small bird in my house.

Hey everybody!! It's Ohio State/Michigan week!!

Grandma's bragging rights: Photo of my little grandson.

Who here has been to England?

Screw it. Off to reverse-polarize Tom Cruise's synapses with a tire iron,

Should I have had my daughter baptized?

Good bye Busch stadium

My 5 year old son and Rita Cosby

baby smirk.

Quantum Physics and the Psyche -- Bunk or Truth?

DVD Recommendation - The God Who Wasn't There

I need some advice

Doctors Suffer Flu Shot Shortage

Patent issued for anti-gravity device

I should know better than to click any post about Coulter by now.

(OK... To be filed under "WOW!") Iran's transexual revolution

Gays push to recast marriage on morals

I think Texas can beat USC.

this week's BCS rankings?

I need some advice


Troubling trend of homeless veterans

Protesters at funeral offend vets (WBC)

I know it's OT, but it's SOOOOO much fun

Also OT but fun (saw this in GD earlier)

Anyone registered at HuffPo?

My first roll of film from my new Canon K2 Rebel

National Peanut Festival

Imbecility is the Key to all Ages

Red State White Phosphorus

Warner taking trip to N.H. Governor says little about next week's visit,

Despite "Doublespeak", * actually tells the truth:

Santorum: White House stumbling in war of words

"Bald Ego"...

British Troops Could Be Out of Iraq in '07

Senator Ron Wyden: A Democratic Plan for Tax Reform

White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'

Uh-Oh, Chimp! Newsweek Poll: 36% Chimpy Approval, 68% Wrong Direction

DU this Newsweek Poll! (who would you vote for: dem or repuke?)

2006: What close races will be on your ballot?

cartoon "GOP in Jeopardy"

Heads Up: Mark Warner and McCain on Face The Nation Tomorrow AM

Utah : Hatch vs. Hatch

Jerry Doyle says he's considering run for White Houese with Col David Hunt

We know bush is toast...

Compilation of Bush Screw-Ups

Photos, today: "Bush waves to reporters as he leaves for a bike ride"

That Virginia attorney general race is getting tighter and tighter

NM '04 Election Lawsuit discovery blocked: voting machines show vote shift

Cheney-Rove - a separate conspiracy?

San Diego Union Tribune: Bush's ethics class too late, too little

Fujimori's Detention in Chile Was Just Part of His Plan, Allies Say

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims

Cheney's clout bruised after aide's indictment

Close Encounters with the Worst Kind (NYT's review of "Jesus Land").

Rent Snafus Plague Hurricane Evacuees

The American body politic laid low

ST Miller interview: Payback for the woman of mass destruction

katrina and wilma reveal the bushes true fascist, non-compassionate heart.

Events Force U.S., France to Face Flaws

Study: Euthanizing Right-wing Pundits Would Solve Global Warming

Damage Control: US human rights abuses

A betrayal of our most precious values ('We do not torture',*)

David Shribman: Some issues transcend labels (about Abercrombie & Fitch)

Walmart Manager arrested

Will Russia Today succeed?

US Pres. Latest Scandals of Leaks/ Torture are Turning him into....

All the King's Media

France and the Muslim myth

Pray For President Bush Day 1882

Bush May Receive Warmer Welcome in Asia

On the Wal-Mart Money Trail

THE PINEROS--Men of the Pines

Blogs aren't going away, but neither are newspapers

Discontinuance of M3

Torture camps--Brits had them long ago

Church moderator accuses Israel of 'theft'

Quartet envoy Wolfensohn: Next 72 hours critical for mission

Envoy Presses for Deal on Gaza Crossings

'Fake bombers' to be discharged

State: Sonic Booms Are Tool Used to Confuse Terrorists

'Zionist links to Amman blasts'

Mysterious death and promotion of Mushaf Ali Mir

please send this series to all who don't think they MIHOP

NIST says WTC came down "essentially in free fall"

What Happened at the Woolworth Building on 9/11?

What Happened at the Eisenhower Building

NOW: Hartmann Interview About This Past Tuesday's Ohio Election Fraud

Republicans against letting first time voters cast ballot by mail (NOLA)

Avi Rubin was on NPR Friday and where did I hear about it?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 11/13/05

Press Release: VCC Calls Humboldt’s First Parallel Election a Success

Has anyone seen this?

San Diego DUers - WalMart film screening?

Press Release: VCC Calls Humboldt’s First Parallel Election a Success

Was much damage done in Ames by the tornadoes?

Fans Jump Onto Stage at Concert in Brookdale Mall in Brooklyn Center, MN

Amy Klobuchar and a national energy policy

Interesting: both Kennedy and Ramstad voted against ANWAR drilling (nt)

Would you use frames in your website?

AIM info request by Luddite far from friends

top Ohio scandal critic's running for Attorney General:Oh. Sen.Marc Dann

"Where it all went wrong for Reform Ohio Now"

OH Vote: Democracy Doomed? Numbers for your perusal...

Earle's last stand

Wacko, right-wing watchdogs attack "American Girl"

AP: Airbus makes landing in Asia

What's happened to Can't go there...(if a repeat, sorry mods)

Inmate wins seat on school board (in CA)

AP: Hybrids try to make it in NYC

SNL spoofing Tweety.

Bob Novak is alive and he's attacking scrubbie

Press-Enterprise (CA): Working on tattoos

The incrdeible waste of life was his worst failure.

Suspicious package contained brain in jar (in CA)

Peek at tomorrow's statement from John Edwards. GAME ON!

Oh, how I love my fellow Americans


It just hit me...I'm a victim of Wal*Mart an example of that high cost....

I need some help with this ridiculous email taken from the Patriot

Beware Monotheism

Nate Clay is on the air

Just a friendly reminder about that fair "flat" tax some people like:

In case your forgot,Bill Clinton got a blow job.

Ah, Memories, When Shrub Used the Inflammatory Word "Crusade"

One last Wal Mart poll for the late nighters

Isn't Monday a deadline?

Has any DNC or DLC candidate for 06 or 08 said the following words...

Mark Crispin Miller in PDX Monday

US/Iraq policy:....Why not civil war?

This Thread Is Sinking Like Bush's Approval Numbers

Blean news for Bush, but recovery possible

New Show: Fourth Estate Radio Replay at 2am EST

US and India to boost bilateral trade - A MUST READ

Looking for stickers...

I really want to vacuum that carpet

I wonder how Pat Peale is feeling these days

A new novel writing site: Glypho

Why don't we let freepers post here?

Someplace, is there a *complete* list of DU posting tags?

Every problem we have is directly related to our election methods

Beware of America the great. about tin foil..with the National Security Letters going

Dover, PA and San Francisco, CA Got a Bad Rap This Week

Bruce Willis is such a Dumb Ass!

Going on a ski trip Thanksgiving w-end to avoid


A hopeful sign

Libby Testimony Is Key To Rove Inquiry

Inquiry reopening debate about run-up to war

Question dealing with Stephanie Miller

Back Ad in US WEEKLY Calls Current War "Crusades"

Vengeance is not a virtue...

So Monday is the big picture release day- will they do it?

What can you get for half a million, the median price for an L.A. home?

The Dictionary Describes mr. bush:

What Daniel Ellsberg Says about Iraq War/Vietnam

Let's pass a law requiring English teachers to teach Klingon.

I'm putting together some video links

My letter to John Kasich re: Aruba boycott

DOJ's Civil Rights Division Being Ruined

Jarhead....Hoo-rah! (if you saw the movie)

OMG terror simulation in Atlanta

Question for you legal scholars

I love modern art

Roberts and Rockefeller on Fox Sunday

Elizabeth Dole-Stop Campaigning!

Katrina Has Brought Grief To My Home

self delete

Valerie Plame case is just the beginning - Times Argus Montpelier

What's up with Juan Cole's site?

With his numbers so low would bush still dare try roll back Roe?

AP: Calif. May Build Tunnel in Quake Region

Frank Rich/We Do Not Torture' and Other Funny Stories

It takes uhm,about 2 seconds to spot a freeper while watchin the news.

Conflicting Claims On Two Different Terra Websites

Howard Dean coming up on MTP

Mehlman -- lying sack o' shit on MTP

All right freepazoids, I'll leave America. You're right and you win.

UNICEF estimates half of South Asia quake dead likely children

How much does food and electricity cost in China and India?

Tsk, tsk. The preznit's secret breakdown made the tabloids

Mehlman would shoot the messenger

Saudis pledge to pay for 5 days worth of destruction in Iraq

MAPES Is Tough Against Bullies KURTZ and O'LOOFAH

Mehlman did not say ongoing investigation

A What's the Matter With Ohio post

Mary Mapes on CNN.

"Oops. This didn't go as planned" Nicholas Kristof (NYT)

Jordan says would-be bomber arrested

"But if every leader of every country were first made to visit Praha ...

NYT p.1 on a question I've wondered about -- stuffed toys stuck on trucks.

IRAQ: It's the Proportionality, Stupid

We're Helping the Terrorists?

We aren't rewriting history, it's all the truth

Colin Powell:more loyal to Bush family than he was to the country

WHo is the better Sunday morning talk show questioner

CSPAN2 recommended viewing today - starting now!

Britt Hume and Chris Wallace On Faux

Judy Miller savages NYT's reader rep, the Public Editor

How to Become Your Own Worst Enemy in 6 Easy Steps by George W. Bullshit

White House: 'We don't torture' but 'We want to be able to torture'.

Christian -vs - Christian re: Scanlon memo:

US media is really trotting out the tin pot dictators today

Nice article on religious fundamentalism - Christian, Jewish, Islamic

Cindy Sheehan, Max Clellan, Harry Reid, Joe Wilson, DU

Why did the liberal Guardian attempt to smear Noam Chomsky?

2065 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

PHOTOS: "South America sucks. Let's try ASIA now!"

I found an interesting quote of Rove quoting Napoleon

OMG Wolf has Chalabi on!!!!!!

History of activism of Pasadena church under IRS investigation

Saddam received key to city of Detroit in 1980

We've got to screw up Junior's sleeping schedule.

Howard Zinn is God

We've debunked one Intelligence talking point, here's another.

Where the hell are the Magnificent Flying Powell's lately?

Russert's flawed Breyer/ Ginsburg analogy

Hadley: ". . . the collective judgement of the intelligence community"

How about these words from one of our nation's founders?

McCain shoveling the lie about the Robb-Silberman commission

Would you work illegally in Mexico for $20 an hour?

CBS reporter calls McClellan a "truth-teller";

Join Operation Falafel (Bill O'Reilly)

Do you know the reason for the first 'national' Thanksgiving?

Thought I saw a Countdown promo last night

Another reason to hate Walmart...

No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame

Who believes that the Iraqis named themselves "al-Qaeda In Iraq"?

Tim Mehlman is an idiot!

I realize everyone is sick of Walmart strategies but I have a good one

Here's the poop on Stephen Hadley-National Security Adviser:on CNN

Transcript for Meet the Press

Re: "Dems can't raise money..."

Mariah Wins at Violence-Free Vibe Awards

Asians beware. When Papa Bush was there, he puked on the Japanese P.M.

What country will the U.S. be invading twenty years from now?

Has the Chimp stopped pretending to go to church?

LOL - anti gay marriage rally was really HUGH (Not)

the stain on our Air Force Academy

The little prick Mehlman on MTP. Lying his ass off for his man.

Jordan's King Abdullah can't understand why Iraqis are bombing his country?

Mehlman on NBC "The intelligence turned out to be inaccurate."

No "West Wing" tonight?

"Richie Bush" -- Hilarious animation by Peter Kuper

So, I was in the middle of a post...

I love America.

What does Freedom mean to you?

Russert, Dean, Mehlman Showdown: How Russert Lets Republican Lies Slide

Author of "Children Learn What They Live" dies at 81

If so many seemingly intelligent people were fooled about Iraq's WMDs...

Howard Dean called cons liars on Michael Steele

"Who's killing the great bears of Montana?"

Senator Nelson:I was looked at straight in the face and told that UAVs...

So. How's that permanent Republican majority going for ya shrub?

95 Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity' - Bush's Church

Is anyone else watching the "Off to War" marathon on Discovery/Times?

Harry Shearer, just back from N.O., about to report on "Le Show" what...

One of Michael Moore's more important messages

Should the givers of charity be able to stipulate how it's spent?

Ali tells Bush "you're nuts"

Workers Walk Off ABC's Extreme HomeMakover Set

Washington couldn't tell a lie. Nixon couldn't tell the truth. Bush.....

Yellowstone bison numbers at all time high

How to spot a psychopath.

Check Out Sunday's Edition of The Detroit News

VIDEO: My Response to Bill O'Reilly

Ok DU, lets see if anyone can find THIS:

Time Obtains Records of 3 Official Inquiries re: Prisoner's Death

Arnold Schwarzenegger to travel to China

In Shocker, Alabama's Largest Paper Comes Out Against Death Penalty

If you do not look or act like this man you are the enemy of America

Conservatives will withdraw troops in 2006

Do you know anyone who became a Repuke in the 80s because it would make

Sometimes I wish Jesse Jackson would just shut up...

The Bush Crony Who Tortured American Teens Pt. 2 of "Ambassador de Sade"

Hadley admits Dems out of line.

"Presidential Ostrich"...something in the paper that made me cheer.

From CNN "International"'s "crack" coverage of French riots this map:

MSNBC's big concern du jour: "Will Santa pay a visit to Wall Street?"

Politics aside, doesn't Condi pale in comparison to Madeleine Albright?

Pat Buchanan admits PNAC attacked Iraq to destabilize entire Middle East

Disturbing Anderson Cooper Ad

Could anyone recommend a "Good" U.S. Newspaper that uses AP stories?

President furious about summit preparations - Robert Novak

Where Did The Money Go……? (Or, How a Fool and His Money is Soon Parted)

If an ordinary citizen charges too much on a credit card and cannot pay,

Can we have it both ways? If the war in Iraq incites terror...

Something that keeps bothering about the Abramoff scandal is that

The female "Suicide bomber" that was on CNN

It has to be said. Objectively, we're right, they're wrong.

Bush's trip to Asia: If that turns bad for him then what continent ....

Will U.S.troops be home before the '08 elections?

Libby's notebooks suggest that he has been covering for Cheney, the Post

Nuclear Bunker Buster funding HALTED

First item I've seen published in a paper re: Scanlon memo:

Alito: research?: Alito sided with the State in the strip search of a 10 .

More evidence of voter fraud in Ohio.

Liberty Bound - Have you seen it? I'm looking for a free download

Guys, I got on WJ on CSPAN this morning for the first time.

About this ridiculous meme about housing bubble never bursting...

'trying to delegitimize the Pres.--says not good for the country--says he

Jim VandeHei has done some great reporting regarding treasongate

I can't believe Eddie Guerrero died...

Discontinuance of M3

Could O'Reilly's outrageous comments be a trap?

Get on the stick people!!!!

Caption - Stephen Hadley

The Re-emergence of Racism in Europe

Jesus is just alright with me...

King Abdullah of Jordan is Wonderful

Why do you dislike George Bush?

That photograph of Junior on DU's front page/home page

LOL !!! - Ya Just Gotta Luv CrooksAndLiars.Com !!!

This "Tear Down America" is just "Tearing My Heart Out!

Framing health care

Keystone UCC Supports CA Episcopal Church In Speaking Out!

What is up with Cindy Sheehan?

What will Conservatives think of the Patriot Act when we have a Democratic

Doesn't President Bush seem like teflon?

"If you don't like it in this country, why are you still here? Leave!"

I think creationism should be taught in school!

What can you tell me about Liberation Theology?

Bush looking at another 'disasterous" trip?

WH whitewashes Lewis Libby Indictment - Scott Ritter points to Cheney

The Katrina Cough

Is the Iraq Coalition Casualties page down for anyone else?

What's up with canofun?

The repukes will nominate Condi in '08

Has anyone seen "Flight from Death"?

Where are the Democrats on the issues? I had no problem finding out

Bush said malfeance three times. See....

Oxfam Warns - More Could Die in Urban Squalor than in Cut Off Communities

Easy things we can do.. (Taking back the terminology)

CNN - Short interview with WW I Vet


Keystone UCC Supports CA Episcopal Church In Speaking Out!

Freeper wants to LOCK Howard Dean UP!

Make the GOP apologize for O'Reilly.

Dalai Lama condemns religious people who lack compassion

I am SICK of all these idiotic Wal Mart crap posts.

OK, we don't need DU or Buzzflash or AAR anymore, we're safe.

Did Carl Levin vote for the war?

Dean: "I am a Democrat BECAUSE of my moral values!" Now

Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role

Stripes: Public road runs right through (Robinson Barracks) Stuttgart

Murkin's support Torture?

PNAC revisited: The Bulletin

The Accomplishments of Liberalism

The subtle little lie about the Decl. of Independence by the 700 Club

'November Surprise' Guantanamo Inmates To Lose All Rights

Well, I'll be damned. A black Sean Hannity

Ever wonder why the PNAC propped W and not Jeb for pres?

Just how cool is this website?

"Mr. Bush, Veteran's Day is Over", by DUer Mortos

petition to reinstate original roadless rule

"You're a Mean One Mr. bush"

Howard Dean spoke for me on MTP today...outstanding.

" Unhappy W. " by Robert Novak (wAHHHH. You "WON". Get over it)

Air America replacing Marc Maron with Rachel Maddow?

60 Minutes tonight:

Iraq: 1st Periodical Report of Monitoring Net of Human Rights

so --- how come the banana republicans never planted wmds in iraq???

War criminals Bush/Cheney & Co. need to be tried in absentia in the Hague.

More Freeps That Openly Praise Torture. This Time With Pics!

Useful DU posting tags...

Tony Blair May Soon Be Impeached

Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Fact Sheet

Get a FREE pocket Constitution!

Deep Denial of where we are: Regarding a Police State

A choice word or two from Hunter S. Thompson...

Question- Do DU'ers know about the "My Post" Icon?

Why Bush Will Not Recover

HEADSUP: important new development in the NM '04 ELECTION FRAUD SUIT

Iraq Gets Ready for a Tourist Boom

Best news ever- I returned two weeks ago from the future and. . .

Want cheap real estate? Belen , New Mexico is for you

John Edwards on Iraq vote: "I was wrong" - WaPo editorial

CHB and other sources and Censorship

The religious right have invaded my workplace, please go away!

Sam Donaldson just said what no other newsman has dared say.

Aid and Comfort

Bush Pic --- How Long Before the Complete Meltdown?

Fundamentalists and Religious Right Wingers are not the same thing.

I don't get why Complexity implies Intelligent Design. A vase on a table

"We Don't Torture" Time obtains 100s of Pages of Docs

A child molester has been installing our floors - help

People are disgusting. (Angry rant at pig-like behavior of some men.)

Call To Action: Are You Ready To Fight Bush?

O'Reilly...Patently Offensive. Do a FCC complaint. And Kick this.

Name your apple of choice.

Anyone make homemade baked beans?

Boys urge McBoycott over softwood lumber dispute

GOP's Legislative Agenda Losing Steam

Uribe cleared by Colombian court to run for re-election

Man who leaked 'Pentagon Papers' warns Iraq war is similar to Vietnam

Guantanamo inmates to lose all rights (The Observer)

Arnold Travels to China on Trade Mission

Doctors get a look at Guantanamo

Iran rejects US claim on atomic weapons work

Iraq Gets Ready for a Tourist Boom

Confusion Rife About Drug Plan as Sign-Up Nears (PhD says too complicated)

Republican Memo Deep Embarrassment

Talabani hints at 2006 troop withdrawal

Seniors attempt to navigate maze of new Medicare plan

Thousands of S Koreans protest against APEC

Iraq says most suicide bombers coming via Syria

Drought draining Amazon's rivers

Cheney's New Chief of Staff Like His Boss

Is this the man to put the Democrats back in the White House in 2008?

'Zionist links to Amman blasts'

Iraq Official: Militants Training in Syria

Jordan Captures Wife of Suicide Bomber

Envoy Presses for Deal on Gaza Crossings

California health costs send patients to Mexico facilities

Court Bars Collection of SAT Booklets by Tutor (who thinks tests unfair)

Argentine leader takes own path

Reconstruction chief challenged by Iraqis

Secretive firm helps U.S. wage information war abroad (Rendon Group)

AP: Iowa towns put themselves off-limits to sex offenders

Defense to adopt radio-frequency ID tags

U.K. Troops May Leave Iraq by 2006

Jordan's King Demands Anti-Terror Push

Survivors of the Pakistani earthquake left to die of cold

Immunization race starts in quake-hit Pakistan

Chalabi slams door on Australia over kick-backs to Saddam

Revealed: the real story behind the great Iraq Museum thefts

Cop Finds 600 Lbs. of Pot in Traffic Stop

Analysis: Bush Slump May Hobble World Role

Events Force U.S., France to Face Flaws

Cheney's clout bruised after aide's indictment

Kazakh leader's critic found dead

Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims

Rice Sees Long Road to Mideast Democracy

DNC: Mehlman Was Right: Americans Ready For Change

THE PINEROS--Men of the Pines

Blair faces new inquiry into Iraq war

U.S. casts doubt on Saddam deputy's death

Republican chair admits tough 'political times'

Firm helps U.S. mold news abroad

Three U.S. Troops Reported Dead in Iraq

Saudis pledge $1 billion for Iraq aid

State GOP wants presidential primary held earlier

Sunnis Want End to Iraq Military Actions

Conservatives to Dominate in Afghanistan

Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role

Bush to press Hu on currency

Bungled Records of Storm Deaths Renew Anguish

US soldiers' return to civilian life full of pitfalls

White House denies confusion on strategy

2 Colorado groups to donate winter coats to earthquake victims

A Test Of Tribes' Legal Immunity: High Court Reviews Sovereignty Issue

Students rebuffing military recruiters

Beatty claims credit for poll pounding of 'the Governator'

Police Make Arrest in Jordan Bombings (female will appear on Jordan TV)

CIA allegedly hid evidence of detainee torture - report

1,100 Lawyers Leave Saddam Defense Team

Nigergate: The CIA confounded. SISMI "doctored" documents...-LaRepubblica

Canada opposition agrees on plan to force election

Bush Didn't Mislead on War, Adviser Says

Forrester says Bush's troubles tilted the vote (NJ Gov. Race)

Santorum: Don't put intelligent design in classroom

Bush disliked by 73% in Canada, But 68% like Americans

Rice to Suggest Reforms in Saudi Arabia

TX: (Candy throwing) Protesters arrested at GOP fundraiser

Jeb Bush leaves open White House bid

The other cloud on Republican horizon

Briton world's first to beat HIV: reports

Time Magazine says Ohio's Taft among worst governors

Suspected bomber in Jordan detained, released by U.S. forces in '04

Kuwaits Biggest Field Starts to Run Out of Oil (World's 2nd Largest)

Iraqi Woman Confesses on Jordan TV

Florida PTA Takes Stance on Stun Guns

Vikings WIN!!!

Browns haven't lost....

"4 days in September" Damn! A great movie about US hegemony in Latin Ameri

damn, it's too late

Did you see that????????

Alright, get back in there and turn off those lights!


there really wasn't much room on that wagon.

Republicans shut their drapes

what happened to "subcultures?"

"We've gotta keep our heads until this peace craze blows over."

kissing hank's ass

Anyone else unable to get to Gmail?

Do you put your address on your business cards?

Wanna improve your digital camera?

Good lord! DU's like Candyland now!

so i helped dig out

Has anyone here tried the Avada Kedavra before?

"Iraq planning for tourist boom"

Abraham Lincoln.

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History

Should I have my daughter chromed?

Better paying part-time jobs?

You're a Tool.

I'm not gay yet. What's the deal?

Oh my god. I saw the funniest movie tonight!!!

Lewis Black on the Weather Channel. WTF?

Please validate my Cookie

I need school advice quick.


My what a Home page we have here tonight.

What's a halfway decent junk food?

I really want to vacuum that carpet

I really want to vacuum that carpet

Boner drugs...good, Vaccine for HPV...bad

Sigh. Another lifeless night at the bar. But on the plus side,

My Guinness is finshed

Speaking of 7th grade, 'Bombardment' is the greatest gym-class game...


SNL Sucks.....

Next week I see my home for the first time in almost three months!

Don't turn around ........

Knocked at the door ......

PJ Harvey

Man, thunder scares the shit out of my dog.

What are some important lessons you learned at a very young age?

Decisions, decisions

In your face and out of here! G'night.

For all you tokers out there....

I'm out like trout. Goodnight Lounge!

Have you ever been knocked out?

white russian time

This sucks.

Ultimate fight match..... Jesus Vs. Satan

Have you ever been knocked up?

Cat people:

Red Skelton on: 'the perfect marriage'...

Late Night Johnny Cash Thread

Morning. So who's on TV this morning and when? Dean?....

so i was looking at craigslist

Anybody ever use iMP3Download for music downloads?

I wouldn't say it's windy outside...

**** BREAKING IN GD**** Lots of wind

Anyone know anything about this movie? (Southland Tales)

Fast food has it's place in our lives.

Firefox question

cat & dog fabrics.. how cute

OMG, they're forecasting snow in the twin cities!

"An Officer and a Gentleman" coming up on TBS

What's your biggest guilty pleasure band, group, or musical artist?

Computer Gurus: Internet-Only Profile?

This day in history

Dupe, so sorry.

Bostons- cute or butt-ugly

OMG This is hugh!!!111

Oh my God! Oh my God! Rant Rant!

where in Mexico should I go?

Will I get lucky in England?

Ack! Quit kicking those threads!


what is the best/easiest software dealing with home finance

New Wave perfection:

in honor of all the turkeys....a song and dance number

My 400th post!

what else is the lounge like?

Police shut down Minnesota mall as Boy band B5 incites 'girl frenzy'

Anyone with a temper pee on their bed?

Fess up...what crap have you bought off TV?

If anyone here happens to catch a falling star, put it in their pocket


Pie recipes also needed!!

undercover stripper

Post the name of your fish(es) here

Did anyone see the story of this woman that gave away her $3M inheritance?

Best lyric of the year:

Brother 3-in-1 printer 210C - Help!

Yellowstone bison numbers at all time high

Yellowstone bison numbers at all time high


It is time to start thinking HARD about these!!

This country has gone completely bat shit crazy.....

Strange Citroen

Help! Accidentally sent a very personal message to "Reply All"

Your opinion: Is Ram Jam's recording of "Black Betty" racist?

Can you think of a good wine to go with veggie chili?

What prospects do you have in a dying economy?

Is the Zomby Cafe closed? i need a cuppa joe with my Howard Dean.....

Today is our first-born son's 12th birthday and I'm feeling nostalgic...

Question for Canadians.. If you own property in Canada, can you

Anyone have a Tempur Pedic bed?

Elevator fun. Or how to F **K with people's heads on a lift.

What sort of food is 'chow chow'?

Yellowstone bison numbers at all time high

Need cookie recipes for the holidays. Got some??




You gotta love Heath Ledger--here's a quote about him playing a gay

I'm wearing blue Hawaiian print Vans. Jealous?

"TV villainess" Omarosa has a new boyfriend...Ford model Datari Turner

Cop Finds 600 Lbs. of Pot in Traffic Stop


question about asthma / 'the hand that rocks the cradle'

Lamest stuff for sale on Air America Radio

5 days before Christmas, Pink Floyd's "Pulse" arrives as a 2-DVD set...

*Yawn* I'm going to go play the Sims now

Goodnight DU!

Bought my first tree as a person living away from parents!!

Avenue Q

Internet Public Library.. a great school resource

Make _____, not war.

Giant beak means giant kiss!

Please ignore this post

Am I the only one watching the MLS Cup match?

You know what I find funny about the lounge...

"My son is proud to serve in President Bush's military"

Who would win a Tag Team Match? Dean/Clark or Bush/Cheney?

Does Megalodon still exist?


I'm lonely today. Crawl into bed with me.


Our outside cat attacked me today!

Anyone else hungover and unable to pull themselves off the internets?

Someone asked about the archived posts...

Random speculation: What is Matcom cooking for dinner?

What makes Stephen Colbert so trustworthy? I answer. For all of America.

OK - who's smoking a pipe?

If you had a bar what would you name it?

Aznar cantando a Bush

Is there a dentist or a veterinarian in the house?

This is amazing. Check it out: (VIDEO)

Somebody smack me into writing my Personal Statement.

How do you make sticky rice?

OK PITT---put up or shut up! Same bet as usual?

Why aren't parents doing their job these days?

OK, what's the best permanent hair dye you can buy at the drugstore?

Send this FUNNY Thanksgiving Greeting -- (FLASH CONNECTION)

Best QB in NFL history?

If you had just one word to convince a person of the opposite


Let's get this straight... I am a damn good listener... I love hearing

If you owned a brothel what would you name it?

For all you smokers out there....

Why men don't listen to women

Wrestling Fans: Eddie Guerrero has passed away . . .

If you had a funeral home what would you name it?

List a few reasons why someone should/shouldn't move to your town ...

Official RandomKoolZip fan club check-in thread

30 year anniveersary Springsteen "Born to Run"

The DU Lounge continues it's transition in The DU Sex Lounge

The Lounge is like being in 7th grade.


Alright Freepers I'm calling you out! Step up and I'll kick your ass.

"I wish I were__________" Fill in the blank

Sick soup

I'm going through some major life changes...taking a break from DU

I searched for 'Black Eyed Peas' and it actually had the peas!

best cat toy that wasn't meant to be a cat toy?

Best Cast in a movie

Anyone here gone through a bankruptcy hearing in the past

RW churches and the law question

Pat Robertson's 4-Legged Friends

Are Christians self-destructing?

Beware Monotheism

Why do Christians quote the Bible as proof that their religion is valid"

Islamic Group Forum on DU ?

California health costs send patients to Mexico facilities

probable female of ivory billed woodpecker sighted in Mexico

Stendhal Syndrome: Uffizi Gallery visitors suffer culture shock?

Mom May Have Been Right, So Bundle Up

Taking No Chances on Sex Ed

Briton claims to have beaten HIV virus

Gay-rights struggles affect kids

Cities in race to host first gay wedding (U.K.)

Any thoughts about how to best enhance dream power?

What do you all think of this??

Not about Kerry - but I have to recommend a movie.

John Edwards - “The Right Way in Iraq”, Seconding the Call

Is the media ignoring John Kerry?

Okay, I missed stuff on Thursday in the Senate.

Who is here from Virginia?

Some Levity for a beautirful Sunday afternoon in the NE

As the DNC chairman - Dean SUX!

What do you think?

Tonight's Road to the White House!

did anyone see these disgusting pics of Chimp in biking gear ?

For Sale: Canon EF Lens

Intel in the run up to war

Bush restricted congressional intel

'Four Simple Suggestions for Bloggers' :-

Reuters: Budget fight reveals Republican snarl

Local Leaders Unleash Vitriol At O'Reilly

Q: Looking for Blue internet carrier?

Poor right wing talk show host-I don't want to play anymore Wahhhh!!!

Do politicians retire before their term is up "to spend more time with

Santorum: Don't put intelligent design in classroom

Bush looks to boost standing with Asia trip (he "escapes" from "bad news")

Dr. Dean coming up on MTP (at least on the east coast).

MTP: Melonhead conducts another kangaroo court.

Why won't Granholm commute Kevorkian's sentence.

Limbaugh case still ongoing

Two sides of Santorum and intelligent design

I may not live in Ohio, but this is my candidate.

"...that Congress saw the same intelligence ...

RW talking point(s) regarding pre-war intel

Kudos to Howard Dean! Best ever appearance on Meet the Press!

Santorum turns on Bush!

Senators Levin and Roberts on Late Edition right now

Mehlman just doesn't stop the bullshit! It's incredible

I remember so clearly how Watergate exploded from a tiny story to

Should get out the bat for Dean? Show our $$ support?

Mehlman"Bush Lied People Died"

The Sex Lives of Candidates

Will the Senate Investigation into Lies leading into

If Stephen Hadley says Bush didn't lie about Iraq, that settles it, right?

When it rains... You get wet.

Does Wolf Blitzer have multiple personalities?

I Swear To God

Former Pentagon spokesperson

After the Sunday Morning News shows..........The GOP

HYPOTHETICAL: If * used EVERY means to stop offshoring,

John McCain on Global Warming?

Anybody listening to Politically Direct on AAR?

CIA for the Kiddies

Under-Reported News! Army LOWERED it Standards AGAIN to make #'s


Honesty - Is that too much to ask ?

Next time some moran says the CIA gave bush bad intel...

There is proof of hope - John Prine on Austin City Limits...

We can't give aid and comfort to the enemy

Would John Edwards ever

Jeb Bush Leaves Open Possibility For Future White House Run

Bill O'Reilly takes aim at San Francisco

Tidbit - family in common Nixon, Bush, Cheney -

I'm sorry for being dim and a dunderhead

NewsMax says Bush's polls falling because of his "move to the left"

Media Matters: Video clip of Tweety praising Bush's "Sunny Nobility"

DNC: Mehlman Was Right: Americans Ready For Change

I thought that Bush's rush to war was his fear that the UN inspectors

The Wit and Wisdom of Tom DeLay

Is this the man to put the Democrats back in the White House in 2008?

Jeb Bush leaves open White House bid

Abu Dhabi Summit - Clinton, Edwards among speakers

‘New Bill’ emerges to thwart Hillary

Conventional wisdom aside, what are the SIGNS that Hillary will run

Some info about Mark Warner

"What goes around..."

Photo: Bush, looking less-than-relaxed at Summit of The Americas

The Soap Flakes Presidency

Bush Free-Fall—Hits 36% in FAUX…Nice TIA Graph of All Polls

LTTE that both amused me and pissed me off

Forrester says Bush's troubles tilted the vote

But what about the economy? Surely President Bush rates highly there...

Analysis: Bush Slump May Hobble World Role

Republicans : Marching Backwards in Time

The US National Debt Clock

Ok, after watching Warner on Face the Nation, here is what I think

Is this the man to put the Democrats back in the White House

"who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes???"

C-Span on Road to the WH 2008

Can somebody please hide me?

Condi says "the longing for democratic change is deep and urgently felt"

Is Mark Warner attractive enough to be President?

John Edwards - “The Right Way in Iraq”, Seconding the Call

Bobblehead Pat Robertson at it again!

Robert Scheer FIRED from LA TIMES - CALL LA-TIMES!

Is Bush the Living hedonist??? cause he shows many signs of being one

FACTS about misleading our nation to war

Summit decries gay marriage.

I like Clark AND Warner! How can I choose?

Is Mark Warner the man to put the Democrats back in the White House?

Bush's Breakdown - cover story on The Globe (tabloid)

TIME: America's 5 best governors (2 GOP, 3 Dems)

NewsMax Poll: Right-wing Nutjobs favor Condi Rice in 2008

"It would be "immoral" to leave Iraq now" ?

OMG someone on faux news just said mark warner is pro life.

Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity'

Mark Warner not a real Democrat? Republican Lite? Big bad DLC?

Hillary vs. McCain. Windsock?

Wes Clarks terrific appearence on FOX this a.m.FOX Gave WKC kudos!

Howard Dean would not appear with Melhman

Do you shop (support) at WalMart?

The new DLC on the left. Mixed feelings about this.

Which one of these is the bigger scum ?

Kansas vs. New England -- Smashing stereotypes of Democrats and Liberals

Sorry, but Mark Warner has always reminded me of....

To All Those Who Denigrate the "DLC"

Vengeance is not a virtue...

Medicare Part D