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Archives: October 22, 2005

Spainish Summit, how they view the US.

Lack of Equipment Slowed the Guard, Report Contends, NY Times 10-21

Leonard Pitts: Do we love the death penalty too much?

'Rudderless White House' Fights Miers' Choppy Seas

'Inadequate, Insufficient And Insulting'

Kiss your Democracy Goodbye (But Did You Ever Have One?)

M Waters on Haiti: Elections & Government

MoDo on Judy: Woman of Mass Destruction

Offshore Accounts - anyone else looking into this?

Finnish chemists report on nitrous oxide decomposition in burning biomass

Italian chemists report a new cleaner and more economic biodiesel process.

Swedish Chemists posit metallic hydrogen as an energy rich fuel.

Finnish chemists look for ways to improve biofuel pyrolysis oils from wood

Bil'in protesters say bean bags are army's latest weapon

9/11 Lemmings: Where the Hell is Your Proof?

Has anyone thought that the geology of the area might have cause collapse?

Washington Post blog comments on CD-1 race

Target Corporation won't commit to filling valid medical prescriptions!

Is this a sign that I should stop using Windows?

Dell Inspiron 8200 locks up on boot


I'm sorry but the news of a dead British parrot can only mean...

Anyone able to get Air America Radio in Burlington County, NJ? n/t

dupe pease delete

Is There Any Chance That These Are The Anthrax Killers?

What happens if the Grinch steals Fitzmas?

Today marks the 5,627th OIF coalition death

Latest installment in the prizewinning series!

Fitz is headed up river,.... looking for Kurtz.

I just got to say that I get a kick out of this, everytime it's asked.

Freepers? Why Do You Hate America?

Is this guy for real on the "Majority Report"??

Is Judy Miller facing indictment?

Olbermann is opening with the significance of Fitzgerald's website launch

(FITZGERALD UPDATE): Niger Yellowcake & the Man Who Forged Too Much (Kos)

The Perfect Storm

Right wingers have been calling the NY Times a Liberal rag forever

If Bush pardons Rove, will Ann Coulter write a book about Georgie...

VIDEO-Web of Conspiracy-Olbermann

Bush Adminstrations' reaction to Joe Wilson's Niger report should be ....

Tom DeLay's Ad

Brownie!, FEMA Director Emeritus! WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

Ohhhh Goody

Wal-Mart Promotes Witchcraft ( tell the Wal-Martians before X-mas)

VIDEO- Countdown on DeLay Mug Shot/MoveOn

COUNTDOWN reports MOVEON denies selling Delay's T-Shirt

Looks like those on FR have finally decided to get the REAL facts on Plame

McCarthyism Watch

Coulter: "Frankly, I'm not a big fan of the First Amendment."

Did anybody see Bob Edwards on "Up close" on Cspan?

Would Someone Fucking Tell Me Why We Cannot Bust Up The

Cindy Sheehan Pledges Civil Disobedience Campaign

Barf Alert: Avoid MSNBC....Tom DeLay interview coming up

Melanie Morgan says on Hardball that Plame was not undercover

MEME for the next generation: Can you trust your job, your healthcare,

Delay Mug Shot

Is this nut saying we are a Christian nation based on

Powell's deputy, Col. Wilkerson, worried about another American Revolution

Brent Scowcroft to blast Bush in the New Yorker

ON NOW -- Quotes from Tom Delay on "LIVE & DIRECT" on MSNBC

A new Lie every Fucking Day !!

Some nut from Texas caught going to Syria to find bin Laden for reward

Well, after Tweety's show, I lost my husband.

Rep. Curt Weldon

"Foreign fighters" in Iraq are greatly exagerated...

Even if

OK, Melanie Morgan just said Wilson should be indicted because he

Delay & Michael Jackson

Does anyone know, if there are indictments (please, please), if the

alleged war criminal bush blasts syria re UN report......ha ha

One way or another Bush

Beware the Red Herring.

No news dump this Friday??

David Gergen on CNN Lou Dobbs: "Wheels coming off the Bush administration"

Can we get an "Ignore Posts About Chris Matthews" function here?

Mike Malloy has the fitzmas spirit tonite

Sleep paralysis and "The Old Hag"

The United for Peace and Justice Protest talked about by Goodman

For the politically naive and innocent among you

Real Time Time!

go #@#% yourself Mr. Cheney

Awesome Democracy Now program today with Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersch

Someone please explain how this is happening?

Does anyone know what the requirements are to get someone

Wow. . .Malloy is on fire!!! LOVE THIS MAN!!! What a guilty pleasure!!!

Well Well, Che Mural in Cuba Sighting!

Bwahahahahah Hahahaha Haaah ahahahahahah Bwahahahahahah ahahahaha hahahaha

Fact or Fiction? Plame wasn't a covert NOC meme

Possible voter fraud w/ an absentee ballot on LI.

VIDEO-Smackdown of Morgan about Plame Undercover Status

Last Two Books I Bought:

Malloy's greatest quote tonight:

How's The DU indictment Pool Coming?

Anyone know how I format a CD? I have blank ones...

Whydid they ever allow Fitzgerald to be put in charge of this

Should we have a federal shield law for reporters?

VIDEO-Bush on Syria today

How is Dick's Heart Doing These Days?

Wow. . .Malloy just put a huge smile on my face.

Real Time w/Maher coming up, 10PM CT on HBO.

VIDEO- RNC gives Chris Matthews Talking Points to trash Wilson

"The criminalization of politics"

Tweety, Tweety, how do you lie to me? Let me count the ways


"This is a presidency that has almost collapsed...."

Kerry wallpapers

VIDEO- Maher- Criminalization of Politics

NYT: Leak Prosecutor Is Called Exacting and Apolitical (Fitzgerald)

"The politization of CRIME"

Maybe the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in 5 years.......

Gossip!!! Get yer gossip here!!!! Get it while it's still hot

Anybody watching the documentary on the ethnic cleansing of Muslims

Latest RW Spin: "Was the Wilson Affair a CIA Plot?"

Indictment solution: everybody wins

Caption *

Oh shiny b'day gift

Why did so many Dems vote against the Coburn Amendment?

What is Delay's official DU nickname, I am voting for Frankenstein

Plame plans to sue White House officials - UPI

"Conservative of what?"

David Wurmser's turning: the last throes of the neocons?

Reid & Pelosi To Host Katrina Survivors Forum

Is this info accurate about Plame's covert status?

DeLay Delerium: Hires a "democrat" lawyer, wants Dem judge recused?

So, let's imagine that Fitzgerald exposes the whole enchilada

The "Powell showed memo to Bush/Cheney" flap - what am I missing?

DeLay's "Democrat" lawyer gave 14,500 to Repukes since 1987, only

US troops burned bodies in Afghanistan because 'they stank'

Tucker Carlson is an idiot

Yay! We Convict The Criminals! That means WE ARE IN CONTROL,

No wonder we are out of power.. organizing dems is like herding cats...

Photo of Bush today

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Shout Out

Is anybody else concerned about Fitzgerald's safety in the next few days?

Capitol Hill Blue: "Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue"

What is going to happen to the country when this is ALL over?

A Scary Conversation With a Born Again.

CHILLING IF TRUE: Rumsfeld To Profit From Avian Flu Hoax

Why did Ashcroft recuse himself and allow Fitzgerald take over this case?

I wish for one day, Fucker Carlson could be black in the USA...

ladies & Alpha (and his sister Beta)

Another thing i don't understand. What is the "evidence" against Syria

VIDEO-David Schuster on the Leak Investigation tonight

WTF ? Developing - - this can't be true....

What do you think of these supermarket Preferred Savings Cards?

Quick update on my dog who was shot yesterday

BushCo. SUSPENDED immigration-enforcement sanctions against Companies

Franken on Letterman.

Rebuttal Letter to Mother Jones Article Dismissing Election Fraud

To all those that watched Tweety tonight....

Why did Comey have to clarify Fitzgerald's authority on 2/6/04?

The Jesuit War: Fitzgerald, Tweety.....and some of our Media who

Reminder: Special Counsel Fitzgerald Is the "Attorney General" ...

And So This Is Fitzmas (Woe is Rover)...with thanks to John Lennon

'Home Truths' this morning - "Celebrating John Peel"


NY Times Editor Admits Being Misled By Miller - 'Alarm Bells

Possible cover-up a focus in CIA leak case-lawyers

Delay & Michael Jackson

"DeLay Appears in Court in Money Laundering Case"

Bush disavows 'background noise'

Cardinal Vidal questions use of anti-riot water jets (Philippines)

UK Guardian: Editor Says He Missed Miller 'Alarm Bells'

Is this info accurate about Plame's covert status?

Authorities Seize Sex Offender's Newborn

Miers Backed Race, Sex Set-Asides (WaPo)

Prosecutor Nominated As Justice No. 2 (McNulty)

Lebanon's Cedar Revolution Withers

UN office doctored report on murder of Hariri

BBC: Bird flu found in parrot in UK

Moonie Times: Insiders see hint of Miers pullout

Man held 3 years on terror suspicions facing possible deportation

Judge reopens Wyoming rancher's case against Noriega

Bush Compares Terror War to Reagan's Fight

Wilma lashes Mexico's coast with no end in sight (AFP)

US troops fighting losing battle for Sunni triangle

Starbucks to Serve Up God With a Cappucino-Religious Message On Mugs

You know you're famous when....

Anyone have the link to that game that let you drag Bush

Toy catalogs

Our sundog just got ripped up... I think

Music suggestion for Classic Rockers over 50

Who's fucking CRAZIER...Tom Cruise or Michael Jackson?

I've decided to become a metrosexual


When you meet new people, say real loud . . .

Where is sundog?

Kelly Ripa is amazingly beautiful

My new favorite show

Crap! I can't post on the Internet right now! My computer is down -

I'm bored


Movies with a Message

A pictorial of how to clean and cook rats (fixed link!)

SpeakSpeak is about The Media and Free Speech.

sundog is a doody-head

Standalone Quicktime installer... w/o Itunes.

The Borders near my house has Clinton's "My Life" in the fiction section.


What good exercises are there to build up the size of your wrists?

Any Shokaku fans?

You know what makes me sad? Those Neo-Nazi girls would be idolized at my..

My SO is pissed at me. What should I do?

anyone watching NUMB3RS?

What are you doing Monday night?

New TOOL album comes out on a Tuesday!!!

Penis Impeached for Going to White House Dressed as President.

Do you ever start threads, think better of it and just hit the back button

And yet another optical illusion, guys.

Need prayers and good wishes for my Dad.

Another optical illusion -

ds1 & matcom are a couple of skanky hos

Student suspended for going to dance dressed as a penis

Bwuhahaha! Spontaneous Human Combustion on South Park!

Anyone in Chicago...Bella Fleck, Jon Luc Ponte and Stanley Clark are

I just made an INCREDIBLE batch of clam chowder!!

Oh you've got green eyes, oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got grey eyes

In this slice of time-

Doing Laundry: How do you really feel about it?

Neat-o optical illusion

Ike Turner?

MSNBC: Rita Cosby's Hyena Voice

Caught the kiddo drinking

I'm posting drunk tonight. For only the second or third time ever.

Okay, I have f**king had it

I'm running out of descriptives for our beloved president.

Jazz diva Shirley Horn dies at 71

Jimmy Carr is doing his standup act on Comedy Central.

Here's a quandry for you......

Anybody out there who've bought ads on DU? Did it work?

Time to crack open the beer... and get your garbage can ready...

Just watched Hitchhikers

Pictures of the things on my piano

Woo hoo!! There's a sequel to SAW coming out!

Vegas-0......SoCalDem $1935.00

Go on and on about your boyfriend/girlfriend HERE

whose your favorite teletubby, cause LaaLaa is mine...

Anyone know how I format a CD? I have blank ones...

Good party tunes

October Contest-Round One-Poll 2

Urgent Bulletin: Figure Skaters have Injuries


Einstein's writes an equation on Bush

Gay Protestors Ignore Threats, March Into Naval Academy

Kansas City 30 Miami 20

Our cat tries to stop our new kitten (photo) from using the litter box,

this person is looking for Kerry wallpapers

"Inside the Bubble" Clips Top 10 Download!!

Island Blue - you are famous!!!!

Any Info on JK Campaigning for Ferrer in NY in Oct?

October Contest-Round One-Poll 1

A building I want to photograph more when I have time and a better

Useful links for the Bush cabal:

If Rove is indicted, Fitzgerald should expand the investigation to DSM

Melanie Morgan, "Hardball"..."WILSON might face indictments, he DID lie"

Top CIA leak investigation falsehoods

Fitzgerald Expanded Investigation Into Forged Uranium Docs

Pakistan snubs aid

National (nutjob) Review demands Senate Repukes stop Miers nomination

Democrats should be very, very careful.

They "say" he has prosecuted....

New term for Right Wingers

Who said this ??

Another Bumper Sticker Idea

Oops — Karen Hughes Blunders


NYTimes Exec. Editor Gets Delivery From the Clue Train.

I feel so sick to my stomach right now,

All Hell is gonna break lose next week,

Delay: "I never really believed that politics would come to this low point

This is not about parties, it is about core beliefs.

Does Fitzgerald have the authority to continue investigating

I bought my bottle of Champagne today

Ann Gutless takes on O'Lielly

What do we know about Hariri? Has anyone been following this

About that report on Syria? The one Chumpy is jumping on...

Jeb Bush bars Democrats from closed-door education meetings.

So how many think there'll be a "security threat" announcement next week?

Stephanie Miller just mentioned us on her show

The Propaganda and Disinformation Acts of 2006

No one has said it yet....

Senate Dems have a substantial $$$$$ advantage!

Coulter Calls for 'Repression of Free Speech', Florida Republicans Applaud

Patricia Schroder Opposes Google Scanning Books

Why is Chris Matthews called "Tweety"?

DU Keith Olbermann Fans...why the hell do you like him so much?

The center of the Axis of Evil located in Washington

Will the Prince of Darkness Go Down?

9/11 Lemmings: Where the Hell is Your Proof?

Bush Recasts Mideast Goals (in LAT, after meeting w/Abbas)

Guardian (Martin Kettle): Don't look now, ...

Guilty of being Arab, sentence 3 yrs prison & life without your family..

Turning Point in North Korean Nuclear Dispute: Greg Elich

T Paine:good spectulation on the other half of the story

Prosecutor in CIA leak: 'Totally organized mind'

Legislative Onslaught In Italy

"Young Singers Spread Racist Hate"

Terence Samuel: Reoccupying Virginia

NYT: For Blacks, a Dream in Decline

NY Times:Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale

Inside Walter Reed Army Hospital

USA desperate to shift blame for Iraqi mess on Syria and Iran

As Another Hurricane Approaches, "Is God Mad At Us?" - Falwell

The despicable waste of money in Iraq

For my 1000th post, MY editiorials from this week

Ted Rall's take on Judy and the Pulitzer.

"I told you so." > Gore Vidal

Zizek: The subject supposed to loot and rape

Hey folks, need some industry analysis help if you care to.

Hours away from history.

SDG&E discloses plans for 200MW wind farm in San Diego.

From DUer "unblock " - Accidental Invention Points to End of Light Bulbs

New article describes CWT's "Waste to Oil" technology

Anyone with experience with Econo-Heat room heaters?

PA official says PA yielding to gunmen in surge of abductions

U.S. official: Israeli, PA road map obligations not equally important

IDF soldiers kill two gunmen in exchange of fire near Tul Karm

Jordan and Israel bird flu talks

Israel kills two Palestinians in West Bank

Hamas: Negotiations a waste of time

Rachel's Words Live (by Cindy and Craig Corrie)

Griffin: Controlled Demolition is Now a Fact, Not a Theory

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, 10/22/05

Sequoia screws up printing of PAPER absentee ballots

Electronic voting systems aren't likely to be sufficiently secure by 2006

Need to confirm if this person former Diebold Employee

Diebold Demonstration Video

Statisticians debate validity of 2004 election results (Freeman/Mitofsky)

Time Line of Exit Poll Irregularities Election 2004: Dopp and Freeman

Million Solar Roofs Initiative

Can someone explain prop 80 to me?

Arnold's Shakedown Politics vs. His Word

74-77 being passed = 4 more years of Schwarzenegger

Vilsack suggests a strategy for Iraq

Keyboard locks after lights flash on keyboard...HELP!

Keyboard doesn't like orange marmalade

Anybody here use Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0?

Hackett's site is online

Ohio Statehouse Circus

Higher Ground Promise

Pro-Marriage Amendment People Passing Out Fliers

johncoby2 invades Dallas! (his words anyway)

Need your help

Green Supports Faith Based Descrimination....

Why The Travel Investigation Is Completely Partisan

Mother recently relocated to WI, thinking of following ...

I just saw a Boondocks commerical on CNN that said the government is lying

Can you picture Cheney giving pep talks?

why do most AAR stations chop up the schedule?

USA desperate to shift blame for Iraqi mess on Syria and Iran

The center of the Axis of Evil located in Washington

Aaron Neville or Tom Delay?

Remembering those lost...

DeLay's attorney donated to the Dems and the Repukes!

There is something strange about the UN report. It comes conveniently

NYT Former Powell Aide Says Busch Policy Is Run by ‘Cabal’

Separation of Church and State in the Funny Pages

I think George Bush only nominated Harriet Mairs so Priscilla Owen

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit...

Video proof of the existence of ghosts? Spooky...

the criminlization of politics-

What is the consensus? Will * be named as an Unindicted Co-Conspriator?

I picked up a copy of All the President's Men today

Cheney, Chalibi, Niger Documents, Joe Wilson...A must see video!

Need Advice from Wise DUers About Labor Issue

Very sad and poignant - The Costs of War at Walter Reed

Brazilians voting on banning gun sales - Worried, bush asks...

Tucker Carlson is full of shit AGAIN- this time about viagra.

Tom's been a hog - words from Texas!

Is anybody out there.I'm scared

Fitz could prevent pardons by naming * as "unindicted co-conspirator."

Man guilty in killing of retired policeman:The man said he mistook victim

can you imagine what kind of teacher o'liely was in the classroom??

Bumper Sticker: "If you voted for *, it IS your fault, and I DO blame YOU"

Bumper Sticker: "If you voted for *, it IS your fault, and I DO blame YOU"

Psychological Warfare Afghanistan, Atrocities committed under US Command

Is Oscar Wyatt who was arrested the same who was bush family buddy?

Read this. You'll feel good.

Pa. Mother Convicted in Daughter's Torture

Chalabi a scapegoat for PNAC and AIPAC

So how is the "criminalization of politics" different from

I propose a new song for the national anthem (don't shoot me)

Who is your state's one or two biggest political embarassments and why?

"If Clinton's action was justified...why wouldn't Saddam's be"?

Horrid thought..if the indictments are sealed..

This is a scary thought - *'s legacy!

Why is DeLay judge-shopping if he's innocent and will be "exonerated"??

How Chalabi played the press; ie Salman Pak was NOT a terrorist camp.

What we need is a "contract with America". You know to bring

Problem: Blow Jobs-Easy to Understand; Corruption & Treason? Complicated.


A sign that indictments are on the way? and some ranting

And now they know *huge grin*

Poor Scooter.

Central witness in UN-Hariri report is a convicted fraudster according to

Andrea Mitchell just told Conan she thinks there'll be some indictments.

UN food aid work in N.Korea to continue: Richardson

Israeli, Irishman among fighters in Iraq-US

Fisk: The real story behind those rumours...

US troops burned bodies in Afghanistan because “they stank”: report

George Galloway/RESPECT Policy/Campaign Video

Open letter to New York Times. To Whom It May Concern:


Libby AUTHORED "Bush Doctrine" of Pre-Emptive War

Fitzgerald proceeds w/out interference--isn't that strange?

NYT - Hard-Living Singer Gives Voice to the Executed (Steve Earle)

War of the Words (Stem Cell Research)

Conservative Base vs Bush supporters

Working Hard or Hardly Working (Barbara Ehrenreich interview)

African healer who could not give blood loses case

Conason: Fitzgerald is no Ken Starr

populations of these cities swell the most during the day (CNN)

I wonder if there is a small, secret cabal of competent people in shrubco.

Caller to C-SPAN says anti-Earle ads running almost 24/7....

MEMO: Appointment of Post-G.W. Bush Transition Administration

It was all Scooter's fault....everybody else is collateral damage...

School art from Nazi era shows children's view of Third Reich

Is anyone concerned about the members of the Grand Jury?

Vote Repug

Fitzgerald set up his own DOJ website

i was reading the cincinnati enquirer this morn.

O'Leilly insults Country Joe McDonald, doesn't know Joe is a Navy Vet.

Will the Prince of Darkness (Richard Perle) Go Down?

Miers supported affirmative action: paper

Great LTTE re: funDAmentalists

John Dean on what Fitzgerald.. might... or .. might not do.....

anyone know of any reflector sites for a CBS station??? n/t

USA Today correspondent John Diamond lied on TV

2005 Hurricane season: When does it stop?

CNN - Tropical Storm ALPHA Likely To Be Named Tomorrow

Don't believe those other schmucks. This is the REAL reason for Miers

Did You See CNN John King Special on Iraq Issue Dividing The Voters?

American Taliban vision of what God is

Catholic Church, Abortion, Politicians, Denying Communion

Karen Hughes Minister of Lies and Propaganda Spreading LIES WORLDWIDE!

Judy's lawyer says she's just a little pregnant

Bumper Sticker Time: "Born OK the first time"

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Irish reporter released because he was Irish and not British

"Climate Mash"

The website of the Office of the Special Counsel

Commission that USA set up says no sign of serious Iraq vote violations

Ok all you amateur meteorologists I have a question

Miers' Answer Raises Questions ( Proof; She's a dumbass)

Ha! Protesters At Friday's Chimp/ Reagan Library Photo op!!

I keep hearing how the Publicans are going to start smearing

US Soldiers Don't Get a Free Lunch Either

Well...Linda Franklin, John O'Neill and Valerie Plame all seem

Ex-lottery boss claiming Miers kept 'lid' on Bush Guard controversy

Is Tom Flocco a reliable source?

bush will not throw out first pitch in Chicago World Series

Bush Causes Kids to Miss WIZARD OF OZ!!!

Bush is very very happy with the UN Today (Bush declares Monday UN day)

Canadian disease experts say quarantines WON't WORK with bird flu

A bush is sinking in the polls? Time for a WAR!

Newsview: Like Father, Like Son for Bushes

Denial and fake optimism 'til the end....

VIDEO-upon request- Olbermann from May 2004 -Joseph Wilson

Amazing; how can so many YET AGAIN be fooled by bushCabal & M$M? Re Syria

Question for Robert Bennet: What about Judy Miller is or was "heroic?"

Faux "news" is right about this being the "criminalization of politics...

How about limiting the death penalty to only those who believe in it?

Avian Flu

Why doesn't NYTimes fire Judy Miller.

New movie! WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price

"Armed Forces Radio" question

Reporters Without Borders: Miller's jailing undermines US press freedoms

Delay Mugshot!

"In the Money just played the new JibJab ad on their show!

October 2003/2004/2005 US troop death rates. "PROGRESS"!

Lots of flooding in Broward Cty FL already. cnn now.

So when will Judith Miller start working for the Washington Slimes paper?

Conason: Fitzgerald is no Ken Starr

NY Times Tierney: A Lesson for Dems (Vouchers - ha!!)

Hi All (FAQ on Bird Flu)

Has anyone read the report about Syria killing Lebanese PM?

"8 pages" Plame case...

every piece of music stolen out of N.O. Wal-Mart but country/western

Cornel West is currently on CSPAN2

School likely to lose FM station

What day does the Grand Jury end?

Are They Ready?

Republican Lawn Ornaments

Wilma Headed Straight For Guy James!!

Why is "lack of demand" being an excuse for lower gas prices?

I resent being known as "the US" based on the actions of Bush

Onward to Syria Christian Soldiers!

Keith Olberman calls Oreilly an "idiot"

Help me pick a news magazine for my dad?

ANN COULTER Gagged & Bound: NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio

Operation Curb

Did you know that Dick Cheney can issue an Executive Order?

C.I.A. to Avoid Charges in Most Prisoner Deaths

Vice President of the United States

Bird Flu Infecting Common Sense (CBSnews)

Pakistan Accused Of Storing Tents & Relief Supplies Instead of Distributing

The Judith Miller episode should be the end for the NYT

'Raging Granny' Gets Marine Recruitment Letter

Thomas Sowell - DU Opinions?

LOL. "Valerie Plame style sun glasses on ebay

Bush went to war to get 're'-Elected

wednesday, october 26....

Big tobacco flies Delay to court.

OUTRAGEOUS video: "The fax machine is directly connected from WH to FOX"

Happy Annus Horribilus, Prezzydent Bush!

Caption this photo

Can someone please explain to me: "the criminalization of politics"

Time for a well orchestrated letter writing campaign to our elected

1996 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Mo Dowd: Woman of Mass Destruction (blasts Miller; free link to full text)

Folks. The WONDERFUL & GIVING Mayan People Of The Yucatan NEED YOUR HELP!

Kiwis go to War on Iraq

Iraqis to US troops:"Thank you for removing Saddam. Now get out of here"

Cafferty Q : What can GW do to get his approval rating back to 50% ?

Questions Re: Mr. "Heckuva Job" Brownie

Make the Military hold a bake sale for their next fighter jet

Boondocks Fans: Boondocks coming to Adult Swim

We need someone to commit to regularly checking here for updates

Lobbying/fund raising - WHY DO WE ALLOW THIS AT ALL?

An alternate theory to what happened with Plame

(Rant) Some people are really fucking stupid!

Is V. Plame still a pencil pusher?

Senate Ag Bill Slashes Sustainable Farming Programs

Ivins: "Start with a long, long list of things that need to be undone."

If you were a housebreaker would ya wait until the pro-wrestler

What is with the delusional bush supporters calling Washington Journal?

RECORD SET - Tropical Storm ALPHA Has Been Named!

Rep. Jeff Flake sent me a letter...what he said and what I wrote back..

I guess it's now official. All Repubs are little dicks!

Leaves are falling all around...

Seattle Times editorial nails it: Edward R. Murrow:The Burden of Democracy

DOJ's Fitzgerald put up website for Plamegate:

I've found my candidate!!!! Check out his shirt!

A new Battle Hymn. Everybody sing along.

U.S. Air Forces sending 80+ yr olds to Iraq for troop "encouragement"

NEXT RECORD SET - Tropical Storm MATCOM Has Been Named!

Ohio desparately needs your help!!!

We have tropical storm Alpha!

There is a LOT of "activity" in the Atlantic....

I'm watching "The Siege"...

Does anyone know anything about an ancient Mayan/Japanese connection?

SSShhhh! Do Not Tell Faux Viewers This.......

Four US Mercs Killed in Iraq Much Like The Fallujah Attack 2 Yrs ago...

Repeat after Bush: TERRA! TERRA! TERRA!

Free Living Will until Sunday.....

Wanta see Chertoff sweat?

Limbaugh, discussing Joe Wilson's comments about "inhaling"...

Concerning the International Criminal Court (ICC)...

I Can't Believe It.... I now Love and Respect George Clooney!

"You may be in serious legal jeopardy" = You're FUCKED man! HA HA HA!

If Fitz brings indictments, what do we send him in gratitude for

6 or 7 things the Bible says God hates

Good Night and Good Luck

Imagine a voting process like this:

What'd be the first thing you overturn?

Anybody Have The Sunday Talk Show Lineup?

IRAQI poll; "GET THE HELL OUT" sums it up.

Condi Rice at the Bama/Vols game....

Imagine, if you will, that the shoe was on the other foot

Soldier courtmartialed:Pot, valium, booze, threatened troops while in Iraq

We are right to wallow in the misery of the * administration.

Where will you stand in 06 and 08 when the DINO's of the House and Senate

Howard Dean to be on 'This Week' Sunday!

Democrats more favorable than Republicans

More on Bush Records Purge-remember his driver's license?

Haha, Those Faux Beltway Bozos Just Spread Shrub Sunshine

Schwarzenegger asks TV stations to pull his special election ads

Stem Cell Vote Delayed to early next year - damnit.

Runners who Love New Orleans - Good News

I HATE DU sometimes. AKA Mean People Just Suck.

Treason - can someone tell me why a charge of treason

Young Singers Spread Racist Hate

Did * forget the words?

Who's at Camp David this weekend?

PHOTOS: Karen Hughes' RAINBOW TOUR continues!!

Having Watched Football All Afternoon

Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes!!!!

The New Superfoods - Apples, Cinnamon and even CHOCOLATE!

Rasmussen Tracking Bush at Lowest Point Ever (Minus 15%)

Stop MSM from saying "Everyone thought he had WMDs" BS

OK it's official, ALPHA is the 22nd named storm

Rice in 2008

Sean Paige ? The writer of the mysterious duplicated "editorial"?

Rice outlines Iraq victory strategy on Capitol Hill

I met W once

"I will eat your dollars." -- Nigerian e-mail scammers

My Wing Nutty Sister Thinks Her Marine Son WON'T Be Going To Iraq!

Stomping on To Syria... the Drumbeat Continues

It's been said that, since 1971, maths and English skills scores have been

I got my flu shot today, and lived to tell about it!!!!

What does "corporate sustainability" mean?

CNN Quick Vote - Will FEMA be prepared for Wilma?

So...does anyone else think Judy Miller was banging Scotter Libby?

"If the war had gone extremely well, you wouldn't have this controversy"

Why "specifically" did Judith Miller win the Pulitzer...?

Franken Bit on Amazon - HILARIOUS!

Do you write like a man or a woman?

Three more years... how is bushco going to get through it?

Before the storm...eerie photo

General Clark in 08 - who would you pair with him.

"TREASONGATE: Comey Clarifies Fitz's Plenary Authority "

Question: Did Joe Wilson testify for the grand jury?

OMG....The Weather Channel just said that one place got 64" of rain

Iraqis WANT Strikes on US/UK Troops in Iraq! Wake Up Sen. Levin!

2006 elections only one year away - what are the Democrats doing?!?!?!

PHOTO: "And what's worse, it was a MALE horse! Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!"

NEW ORLEANS--More bodies are found daily, weeks after search called off

GOOD MORNING CAMPERS! Some Nice Hot Toast And A Great Fitzmasday Gift!!!

1996 Servicemen/women dead in Iraq. Should break 2K by Monday night.

Could an Edwards/Kucinich ticket win in 2008?

Photo Comparison: Bush V. Gore

AP Movie review is very interesting

Jefferson Was Right

This "born again" stuff isn't a religion

" Setting the Bar Higher" - who wins and who loses from "ID"

america will metamorphosis

"Odd" ads - Hardball / Countdown

Over 8,600 Katrina Victims Still Missing

The truth about Barney. White House insider.

Need info Re: "Fuck" as freedom of speech.

The Democrat Party

A Post dedicated to pnorman

Tropical Depression 25 forms in the Atlantic!!! That breaks the record!

David Ray Griffin-- a true American Hero

DUers and fast food - i don't get it.

George W. Bush has absolute authority to attack any nation at any time

Holy shit drug companies immune from law!

My Fitzmas carol


Paul Hackett's campaign site is live!

Christian McCarthyism

AP speculates Chimpy would appoint Jeb as VP

What liberal started the war on christmas and didn't tell the rest of us?

BOOK TV Schedule October 21-23

Fitzmas Makes the Wikipedia! Democratic Underground & DailyKos mentioned!

DAVID MARGOLIS--Patrick Fitzgerald's SUPERVISOR--what we know

Money for Nothing - US admin. in Iraq most corrupt entity in US history

Holy Moly! They LIED About Miers Being Catholic???

on PETA and puppy mills: meet my dog TROUBLE

Tropical Storm Alpha is official now:

Many of us have awaited Ms Dowd to write about Judith Miller. She has.

A Message to DU from Ambassador Joseph Wilson

Is there a known accepted "Bush* Doctrine"?

Is racism part of Republican "values"?

Iraq's "unprecedented social services" BEFORE bush's invasion...


Awww, Nazi child-hookers, how sweet...

anyone know how many BTUs there are...

Three held in anti-terror raids

Bill to strip Blair of powers

Man killed in Birmingham clashes

Policy? David Cameron has lots. He's a new Neo-Con

'Rudderless White House' Fights Miers' Choppy Seas

Murdoch feels the wrath of investors

Special Prosecutor in CIA Leak Case Starts Web Site - WaPo

Senate Puts Off Vote on Stem Cells

Editor Says He Missed Miller 'Alarm Bells'

Plame plans to sue White House officials - UPI

Bush Recasts Mideast Goals (in LAT, after meeting w/Abbas)

DeLay judge seeks hearing on motion for his removal

US team says N.Korea shows signs of transparency

Va. Dems decry GOP funding in SBE complaint

Bush Recasts Mideast Goals (after mtg w/Abbas - article in 10/21 LA Times)

Jazz Singer, Pianist Shirley Horn Dies

Two GOP U.S. representatives challenge redistricting amendment

Schwarzenegger Battles Unions With California Initiatives Nov. 8

Let's make LoC irrelevant, says Musharraf (wants Kashmir demiliterized)

DeLay Appears in Court in Money Laundering Case

Pakistan/Kashmir: Alarm grows over scale of disaster

White House Targets N. Korean Companies

Italy targets gang that has overtaken mafia

U.S. at war: A profile of 1,993 dead

Doug: No state money for stem cell research

Ex-lottery boss claiming Miers kept 'lid' on Bush Guard controversy

Sunni area rejects Iraq charter

Testimony: Know-how mattered little ( Rep. Gov. Fletcher investigation)

No sign of serious Iraq vote violations ("baseless allegations")

Rice outlines Iraq victory strategy on Capitol Hill

Terror laws 'open to abuse' (Australia)

Times Editor Expresses Regrets Over Handling of Leak Case, Miller 'rebuts'

Rumsfeld promotes peacekeeping in Mongolia

Syria pledges to cooperate after UN Hariri murder report

Vice President Cheney To Visit Denver Monday

Iraqi police infiltrated by militia: journalist

Rice delivers democratic message in Ala.

Vice president makes case for Talent and war in Iraq

Miller-N.Y. Times Spat Goes Public

Iraqi PM rules out moving Saddam trial

Pataki vetoes bill on contract disclosure

Kent terror suspect still jailed,Supporters mark 3 yrs. with protest rally

DetFP: Unions irate over Delphi's new offer (massive cuts)

LA TIMES: Sen. Levin(D) says Iraqis WANT us to stay

Military contractors hired scores of illegal immigrants

WP,pg1: Run on Drug for Avian Flu (Tamiflu) Has Physicians Worried

Dems, GOP exchange barbs on 'bad apples'

GOP leaders plan to raise death penalty debate

Man in Stolen Car Shot by Border Patrol

DIA pressures 9/11 whistleblower ABLE DANGER

Syria is ready to allow UN investigators to quiz officials

Democrat Urges Gov't to Stop Price Gouging (radio address)

Sistani backs Arab League’s Iraq reconciliation mission

US Envoy Challenged

NYT: For Americans, Fight Is Fiercest in a Sunni City

Blix Says US Misled Itself, The World on Iraq

Military opposes offshore drilling

China Cuts Income Tax for Low Wage Earners

Wilma Weakens After Hitting Cancun, Mexico

WP: Split Between Times & Miller? (attorney Bennett disputes Sulzberger)

Vilsack suggests a strategy for Iraq (bad idea?)

Taiwan to ignore flu drug patent

Terrorists may exploit Syria crisis, US fears

Ice trucks head south from Maine

Cheney the star at Santorum fundraiser

All the president's men and women are getting a little worn out (AP)

Clinton helps Kaine raise $1.5 million

LAT:Official Says U.S. Rushed to War in Iraq(for Bush reelection campaign)

Canadian Court Allows Bush Torture Prosecution

Bush motorcade leaves other folks fuming

Taleban burning claims 'harm US'(Rumsfeld Wants Expedited Afghan Inquiry)

Gov Pulls Himself Off Screen (unpopular Arnie pulls TV ads featuring self)

Rice commemorates 4 slain Birmingham girls(rights fight =Iraq Bushwar)

Tropical Storm Alpha Forms in the Atlantic

Poll: Clinton Would Lead Rice in '08 Race

US admits contractors' deaths

NYT: Islamists and Mujahedeen Secure Victory in Afghan Vote

Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale

"You can't contain this like we did with SARS. All we can do is mitigate."

Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

Accidental Invention Points to End of Light Bulbs

Saddam trial is falling into chaos, claims barrister after defence lawyer

House ethics panel almost ready to roll

Central witness to Mehlis report revealed as a paid swindler (Syria/UN)

U.S.: Zarqawi's Connections Grow Globally

CNN/AP: Alaska a magnet for problem priests? Recent flurry of lawsuits

Stealth, secrecy are Ralph Reed's calling cards

LAT: Scholars Are Puzzled at Miers' Equal Protection Response

shrub speaks the truth here....and it is eerie!

How often do you edit your posts?

I know a guy who knows a guy

Best Spike Lee Movie

"per se"

Black Sabbath......."Master of Reality"

Damn, looks like my favorite hang is closed for the night!

Woozle or not to Woozle?

Remembering those lost...

Yeee Haaaa!

my son has started a race war

Al Green is singing right now on Letterman


first star to the right

Under The Milky Way Tonight by The Church.

Friend just got back from a concert, and I'm MAD

A decade ago right now...

Does anyone have registration for online LATimes?

Lyrics - Let My Love

I am so cheesy

I think I gave my Bird the Flu

Mr Scorpio, got a question for you.

Last call, ya'll, last call!

Nick Drake..."Five Leaves Left."

Now it's time to say goodnight to all the company.

I'm not MrScorpio

Jeez. Look at this horny .......

Couple of good-looking flies!!!

Tipping when using valet parking

What MrScorpio listens to - Check it out

Favorite Stephanie Miller soundclip?

I went to a haunted house last night

Someone filed a "Rip Off" report against Chimpyboy!

The Ronnie Earle/Patrick Fitzgerald appreciation thread


I love screwing with cold-callers.

George Bush is an underachiever

Is this a cool picture or what?

For the first time ever I am happy to have a cold!

We Can't Make It Here Any More

Just Made A HUGE Batch Of Crockpot Chili

Is the change to Daylight Savings Time tomorrow?

Which warms YOU up more?

Dead motorist gets parking fine

Suck mean people

knock the little jockeys off the rich people's lawn.... Frank Zappa

Great band playing in Chicago tonight, rips the admin big time

The Scooter and the Brain, The Scooter and the Brain, hi-ho, a chreerio



Why oh WHY do they want to make movies off of DOOM and HALO?!

HELP...I need a reflector site for CBS video feeds

How many posts does "Moderator" have?

Witness Protection Program

My daughter is taking the ACT this morning. MATCOM...

Do you feel hated because you don't have a college degree?

Do foreigners like our accents as much as we like theirs?


Linux stars in MS movie

Actors you don't want to see in the role of James Bond (pic heavy)

Wow, now that southlandshari has gone to bed

oh, it's a jolly holiday with mary

every chicken has a chicken head

Tipping the DJ?

What does beer do to you?

My dad sent me the Brazillian joke today.


Do a google image search for "freeper"

Eight Inch Nails in Concert. Yesterday.

Can you do this, ladies?

Who here sells on Ebay?

Written English experts: HELP! I have apostrophe questions!

Show us a picture of a ship you want to be on!


My niece is heading to New Orleans to do psychiatric evaluations.

My recession is in recession.... dentally speaking. Hooray for

Seeking crack pot info!

The polka appreciation appreciation thread?

did you get the fall issue of "rising tide"?

I got my LSAT score tonight.

Who are your heroes? (seriously, and don't say your parents)

progmom on the air 12-2 eastern time


John, Yoko and Hunter S. Friends costumes from last night

Seeking crack and pot info!

In honor of my 12,273 post, please tell us 3 of YOUR negative attributes..

The best band no one's ever heard of?

Wow! Haven't had a cigarette in a week and I can...........

Whoa, I think we'll reach 80k "members" this weekend....

Lucid dreamers, post here!

embarrassing math question

Things that destroy the "illusion" of a haunted house:

Did anyone catch that punt returnTD by Reggie Bush? re:USC game.

Variety posts the Top 100 Entertainment Icons of the 20th Century

Anybody here a TN (Trigeminal Neuralgia) sufferer or do you know one?

You know, there was a time when Bill Cosby was funky

zuni is probably dead or gonna be killed soon by the jigsaw killer

Sure I care about humans but can this bird flu wipe out millions of birds?

For Calvin & Hobbes Fans (long update)

Does anyone here know anything about fractional aircraft ownership?

David Sedaris

Thinking of going to Santiago or BA for Christmas, advice?

Arrest me, I broke Murphy's law.

Dammit I wish my fridge would defrost already!

We might reach the 2,000 dead soldier mark in a couple of days.

Favorite Terje of music:

USC Trojans racking up the points again. 44-17, 3rd qtr.

Favorite Uwe of music:

I am a hormonal MESS today!

What a tease!

Goooooooooo Dawgs!! Sic 'em!!

Star Trek is still dead...

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Of course you realise, this means war...

Tell Me What Ya Want, What You REALLY REALLY want.......

the best thing I've ever written:

"He's in the math department"

Virginians and New Jersians Check In Here:

Favorite Udo of music?

Give Congrats to DU'er purr on new Baby Boy!

i'm charting at #15 for political humor and #84 for acc guitar

Goodnight everybody!

Anyone else read "Lies my Teacher Told Me"?

Man, Annie Potts sure was skinny! n/t

Ya gotta think...

Franken Bit on Amazon - HILARIOUS!

Go and beat your crazy head against the sky

Have you ever been a part of another online community?

If I walked around town in this outfit, would I get kicked in the arse?

How many Brazillions will vote to ban firearms?


A serious topic, oddly, how do you want to die?

Where are these like, kids learning like, how to speak?

Go Astros!

Worried about the flu? Buy yer own cruise ship.


USC wins again! 51-24!

This is post #6000

Hook 'em, Horns!

The Immaculate Reception. The Holy Roller. Is there a name like this for

Does Anybody Else Dream in High Definition?

NEXT RECORD SET - Tropical Storm MATCOM Has Been Named!

Okay...I'd like to say I would NEVER wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy

Seeking crack and pot info!

Good educational toys for a 3-4 year old

Good Grief. Josh Groban singing the National Anthem?

North Dakota St. lost to Cal-Davis 20-14. DAMMIT!!!

Consumer Reports BEST BUY laundry detergent is:

You're all a bunch of Morans without Morels!!!

Which topics have led to the most memorable DU debates/discussions?

Would you like to adopt Pinky the cat??

Every generator you could ever want

Bizarre adventures at the mall

Seeking crock pot info!

I just love the Washington baby panda.

I'm watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel, they're "Shrimping"

Does this drink have a name?

One Quarter Inch Nails. Being cut off. Right now.

Hey, I just thought of something

Why do people stare at you in the bar?

Post your seven day forecast, be cool,

Do you feel loved because you have a college degree?

I just took a Tickle IQ test

On my way to meet friends and have some good Pakistani food - wanna come?

Question: on human evolution ....

I made the BEST mac&cheese casserole the other nite.

flaming bag of halloween poo...


How hard is the GRE?

Ladies and Gents I have the pleasure to present Charlotte!!

NEWS ITEM: On Polly meeting her family after 54 years

Nine Inch Nails. In concert. Tonight.

Favorite John of Music

Does Anybody Else Dream in Color?

...ylper a tsop neht egassem siht daer nac uoy fI

Jazz Singer, Pianist Shirley Horn Dies

Cross Words for W -- from my very clever husband!

Anybody here use Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0?

I'll see you guys later. I was going to just stop posting, but

Saturday night, what the fig are you doing here?

This is my 11000th post. .........

Who else is NOT watching the World Series tonight?

One thing I liked, watching "Iron Chef America" showdown between Ming Tsai

Has anyone seen our KitchenWitch? She hasn't been around much,


Favorite Genre of Music

Say "Bush is an idiot" in a different language or style

Pete Rose getting grilled on "Costas Now". Panel is very critical.

What are we Battlestar Galactica fans supposed to watch till January?

Most common, amusing, political typos on DU?

Congratulations southlandshari!! 10,000 posts

Corrected October Contest-First round-Poll 1

Ladies & Gentlemen - We FIRST Brought You Cat-Man... Now... LIZARD-MAN

Some Indian Wedding Pics

That's a big early morning tribute to our own liberaltrucker

Wtf is this? Some people don't deserve to have children

Most under-rated actor of all time?

How long could you last not using any profanity?

Looking for the Most Unusual & Funniest Smilies...

Black Archbishop being sent racist hate mail

Zimbabwe in sanitary towels plea

Clever rodent leads scientists on four-month wild rat chase

Visions of Science awards the top photos of science 2005

Federal Judge bans LIA from 'treating' gay people

Passage Of Arizona Anti-Gay Amendment Depends On Wording Polls Show

Gays good for economy, vibrancy of community.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith OUTED

Top Ten Reasons Why The Houston Astros Will Get Their Asses Kicked

Adidas Won't Make Arkansas State Player Wear its shoes

Texas is the best team I've seen this year so far.

The Indianapolis Colts...

That had to have been the worst World Series intro I have ever seen

Roll, Tide, Roll!

Okay, you anti-Texas naysayers - pay up!

My Cat and the Neighbor's Bulldog

Lost one this morning.

Ladies and Gents I have the pleasure to present Charlotte!!

"A Woman Will Bring Bush Down" Thread Three

50 Questions To Help You Find Your Life's Purpose

Inside the Bubble: A Review

Curious....same Corsi?

So who here is going to buy "Inside the Bubble"?

JK to Speak at Georgetown Univ. on Wed.

Great poll news with Kerry!!

October Contest-Round One-Poll 2

Corrected October Contest-First round-Poll 1

Colorado Snappys... what ya doin' today?

Apparently KO's on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this week

The miracle of Fitzmas from Gull Bay to 51,300 hits on google.

Update: Tularemia picked up by Washington DC bioterrorism sensors

How about something from...

Question for KO fans in GD-P

From a Distant White House comes strange sounds...supposed to be music

Bush 1 Nat Sec Adv Snowcroft Blasts GWB....

Did anyone catch what Delay said in MSNBC interview?

Miers: 'Inadequate, Insufficient And Insulting' (CBS)

New puke talking point Conservative critics are self-proclaimed leaders

So Ed Gillespie and Ken Melhman may replace Rove

Hardball's pattern of misinformation and imbalance on CIA leak case

US incursions into Syria is nothing new.......

Anyone know - Was Bush under oath during Fitz "interview"

POWERFUL anti-war video. You Must Watch This.

DeLay judge unlikely to be pulled (Houston Chronicle)

DeLay's wanting another judge now...asking for a republican

U.S. Gun Manufacturers Win Right to Sue Shooting Victims

Would you rather keep Meirs or go for what's behind door No. 3?

Bush compares his terra crusade to Reagan's battle against communism

The Final Push : Divide The Judiciary

Chile's Lagos says he made Pinochet's list

First ladies fight it out for Evita's legacy to secure a seat in senate

Suggestion for best "Queer Eye" Episode Ever....

Will the Prince of Darkness Go Down? (Richard "Prince of Darkness" Perle)

Conservatives never cease to make me sick

Is there any plan to emphasize the death toll in Iraq when it hits 2000?

Jeb Bush disses FEMA Oct. 20 on Capitol Hill: praises it Oct 22.

qualified Bush appointee?

Karen Hughes' Magical Misery Tour

Ohio Restoration Project (Christocrats)

Please Help WWII U.S. Merchant Marines Gain Benefits

Plame plans to sue White House officials

Of course it's "President Cheney"

Harriet Miers' and the Texas Lottery-- time for a subpoena

The Judge that will decide

WH discreetly seeking "exit strategy" for Miers' nomination

Re: The UN report, I thought Chumpy was on the outs with the UN

A cartoon version of Delay's booking

“You can’t sell shit,” says Wilkerson re: US efforts to improve image

Olbermann fans: He's on NPR "Wait wait don't tell me" at least here

Why doesn't Bush just fire Fitzgerald?

Plame Grand Jury Met With Prosecutors Today (Friday)

NYT: Leak Case Renews Questions on War's Rationale

Immigration Detains Katrina Workers (Landrieu Protects Her Constituents)

Poll: Clinton Would Lead Rice in '08 Race

Pat Buchanan: Wilson's column struck the king, the king's men have rights

Proof that Bush Misled Us Into War

Jebbie's first 2008 Campaign Commercial

Anyone know how the odds makers are betting on indictments

no discussion of Delays lawyer comments about t-shirts in 5 minute talk

American corporations are lining up to dump their retiree debit.

Kerry, Landrieu Press Repubs to Help Hurricane-Ravaged Small Businesses

Got Indictment Fever?.......How the game of 'scapegoat' is played

CNN Poll: "Will FEMA be ready for Hurricane Wilma?" (63% say NO)

2008, 2008, 2008!

Bush's Ace in the Hole-- The Pardon Power

Does anyone know what was in that suspicious package, yesterday?

Cook County IL are officials touring with their new voting machines!

Is there a Rule Book for PAC fund raising?

so when does the thug destruction machine go to work on Fitzgerald?

74-77 passing=4 more years of Schwarzenegger

Cheney’s visit causes a stir

Thought for the day - how to reach a TRUER Democracy

Did You Just See rita cosby....

This is one thing that really roasts my chestnuts

--Cheney in Plea-Bargain Negotiations After Powell Rats Him Out!!

why does ...

VERY funny comic from Needlenose's Swopa

Republicans are getting ready for a miserable six months.

I had a horrible thought? Will Bush start WW III to boost his polls

Bush: The great orator of our time

Bush causes kids to miss the WIZARD of OZ!!!

Vermont GOP Senate Candidate Caught Lying Through His Teeth

Bush pushes for guest worker program in radio address (GOP concerned)

Why isn't Bolton in the mix or a fix? I think he is involved

What exactly happens if someone is "indicted"?

Meet the Press invites your questions for Sunday's panel...

Question: Where is Kennyboy Lay today?

Any bets that DeLay will turn Sunday AM shows into "I'm innocent" tour?

Ex-lottery boss claiming Miers kept 'lid' on Bush Guard controversy

Eerie, disturbing, silhouetted photo of Junior with Nancy Reagan, 10/21/05

Holy S**t, the sky is falling!

Changing Of The Guard: Miers Panel To Hear 'Explosive Testimony'?

American fascism

Kucinich Uses Resolution Of Inquiry

The Military Industrial Complex.....the past is prologue....

Bartcop sez that Powell sez...

Stop (In)Santorum from Privatizing the National Weather Service

How many indictments will Fitzgerald seek from the Grand Jury?

The DNC called tonight.

Is every done content with letting Hillary be the next Demo presidential

A Seamy Tale Is Unfolding In Washington (Abramoff &Bugman Boogie)

If Democrats are looking for fresh faces, how about Cong. Barbara Lee?

Rule of thumb...bring your enemy down first. Then clean house.

Photoshop Contest! Delay mugshot!

Vote this up DUers! New Paper By USCV Dopp Baiman, Simon, Mitteldorf

Sign the "Draft Al Gore for 2008" petition online

Dick Morris: "I love Karl Rove, he deserves better, he's magnificent..."