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Archives: October 15, 2005

DNC: Is it Possible That Rove Thinks We Can't Handle the Truth?

Sierra Summit: Keynote speeches from Gore, Kennedy, et al

AP Anti-American Sentiment May Hurt US Firms

Conason: Miers Must Go

John McCain v. Bush

Vivian Malone Jones, 63, Dies; First Black Graduate of University of AL

Bush looked past Iraq on spread of weapons

Mississippi: In Tent Encampments, Frustration Swells

Food and Class

Energy Conservation Key for Americans

On 9/11, even US Marshals said there were bombs in the buildings

2002 Bali Bombing was false-flag terror by the Indonesians

Anyone Got Freeman-Mitofsky Exit Poll Debate Results Yet?

Have any other absentee voters got thier ballots yet?

low turnout favors republichristofascists and their referendums?


Ed Fallon was on Iowa Press tonight (replay on Sunday at noon)

Contact your State Rep: Verifiable Paper Trails

Some background on Sherrod Brown's decision to run for the Senate...

Gate scandals so far

Olberman to talk about Rovegate on msnbc now

Judy is worried she's going to be exposed

22 US Troops Killed in the Last Week

OMG! Evidence of homosexuality on HGTV and Animal Planet!

VIDEO- Code Pink's Rove Protest Today (Condoms)

PBS FRONTLINE: The Torture Question & NOW: Halliburton Whistleblower

I read that Rove will be doing a fundraiser for Kilgore this weekend

Wheeewwwdamnhew Code Pink Condums at the White House!

Natalee Holloway story on Rita Cosby tonight!

Warning , bird flew

Everybody should rally behind the President...

Anyone know deadline for Abu Ghraib pic appeal?

Is it sleep deprivation or am I becoming paranoid?

Quake is 'punishment from Allah'

Anyone else looking forward to the new Al Franken book?

US cannot explain suspicious Zawahri letter passage

Someone's Going To Make A Movie

Fitzgerald after Rove's testimony: ``I'm going back to my office''

US spends 11 million dollars daily on hotels for hurricane evacuees

Bob dylan's "times they are a changing" now a tv advert.......?

Child Trying To Catch Bug In Jar Dies In Gunfire

Picture essay of Fats Domino's return to his 9th Ward home. (link-no pics)

Does anyone have the Code Pink Condom-Rove pictures?

So, Are Indictments Pretty Much Guaranteed For Next Week?

My two favorite "Network" Video Clips

Does anyone else see Lounge, State or Country posts on the Latest page?

TIN FOIL ALERT: Interesting Sentence in the Novel "Flu"

Say hello to Al Qaeda's newest Wing

List common Deflections made by RW'ers

Today was deadline for FEMA to get everyone out of shelters...

Self delete - original thread link for Maher here

John Barry's "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague"

Bird flu virus could be used as bioweapon, say experts

Linda Hamilton, 20 Years of Bipolar Hell, Larry King.... Tom

US accuses Zimbabwe of election rigging since 2000 and human rights abuse.

My New Response To The Freepers And Bushbots That Cross My Path...

Noticed a drop in RW message board posts?

China Sentences U.S.-Based Dissident to Life in Prison on Terrorism Charges

Let us pretend that Bill Clinton has been our president for the past few

Pick a song title with the word "love" in it, and substitute "Rove"...

Gay Activities in Animals

Do your self a favor.

Two Minutes of Silence -- November 11th

China demands Japan destroy WW2 chemical weapons

FEMA $2,000 Cash Card -- FINE PRINT

Wow, no one told me Gateway was such a "blue" company

Anti-American Sentiment May Hurt US Firms

Democracy doesn’t have to resemble US freedom, says Bush

Print Reporters: Odd Men Out on White House Plane

Bush included S. Arabia, Pakistan in weapons concern: report

Can I just say how much I like the new latest page?

Tucker Fartleson is on right now and he getting angry

Don't like BUSH? Then ya can't work for the National Park Service.

Lets all send Laura a birthday greeting...

OK, Rove has testified. What's the consensus?

What would prove more detrimental to Rove's career?

At the White House Civil Disobedience protest on Sept 26th....

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Roll Call

Who is Chickenhawk Incarnate?

New blog in DeLay's district by local activist

Anyone interested in Republican Scandal Haiku?

"Time to get the hell out" -- Max Cleland

bush's teleconfab with "soldiers"...can you FINGER THE RINGER?


I Have a Question For You All

Biometric Elections Are Here

UN food envoy: USA is using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare

To the Anti-Stem Cell folks out there

Matthews, Mitchell, O'Beirne Plame misinformation triple-team

Bush to veto torture bill unless "water boarding" Rove is prohibited...

You had to see this coming: The anti-Media Matters attack site!

Will there be surprise witnesses in the Plame indictment?

If you like, go here and take part in a poll

Reporter canoes in ankle-deep water

if you shoot someone crippling them and do time for it

Anyone ever serve jury duty? Did you serve on a GJ investigating

The difference between Patrick Fitzgerald and Kenneth Starr:

Just a quick count: How many Katrina/Rita Evacuees are in your county?

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em folks, smoke 'em if ya got 'em

Project X seems to be working out!

BUSH Administration's NASTY Habit of DOCTORING Official Reports...

Real Time with Bill Maher coming up

My response to a Republican

Why is my Diet Pepsi so expensive all of the sudden?

Just got back from seeing "Good Night and Good Luck"

This scares me more than Avian Flu and Al-Qaeda COMBINED:

FLACK ALERT....FLACK ALERT...staged propaganda info

Why Bush is itching to declare martial law

Limericks - express yourself on politics in limerick

Hilarious Jib Jab Parody of Wal-Mart (Must See)

Bush told Blair of 'going beyond Iraq'

Right - I'm off to Portugal for the weekend.

Iraq's proposed constitution leaves key issues unresolved

FEMA Maintains Limited-Competition Deals (AP)

Top Bush adviser Rove testifies again on CIA leak (Rove is Not Target)

White House jitters as Rove faces grand jury

Bush told Blair of 'going beyond Iraq'

U.S. and France Agree Iran Must Stop Making Nuclear Fuel

Saddam Lawyers Plan to Challenge Tribunal

LA Times: Miers Eschewed Crusading, Worked Within the System

US secretary of state arrives in Moscow

WP: White House Changing Tactics on Miers

Groups Threaten to Boycott American Girl (Abortion Rights)

Only 4 Katrina evacuees in Alabama dorm housing built for 1,200

Ceverha lost lawsuit, files bankruptcy

Nelson's war cache outguns foes' cash (Dem Neb)

Ousted Ecuadorean President Arrested Upon Return Home

WP: Rove Pressed On Conflicts, Source Says

Group Starts Move to Get Converts, Voters

Chavez uses Spain summit to attack US

Bush Political Hacks Buried & Doctored Outsourcing Report B-4 2004 Electio

Poverty and Unemployment Down significantly in Venezuela in 2005

G.I.'s and Syrians in Tense Clashes on Iraqi Border

Just Saw Domino

Can we please not have anymore threads about (stuff that annoys everyone)?

My Boss Handed Me $500 Today....Wooo Hoooo

"If you take one more bite of meatball, you can have some flan."

A Tale of Two Credit Card Companies:

A most excellent walk to the mailbox

I want some wine!!

Did we always have this frequency of Lounge flamewars?

self delete

Warning , bird flew

HELP! Adobe crashes my Windows

MN WILD up 2-1 over the Cannucks

LEAFS up 9-1 over the Atlanta goons.

Does ANYBODY have Hannity v. Shepard Smith?

Nixon thought that he'd be great until he heard of Watergate. Now

Smile and Shake for Halloween

holy crap! there's an LGBT channel?!

Did Michael Corleone cross a line by having Frodo killed?

I have the power to be invisible...

If you think the following DU feature would totally rock - Vote here

Good night, everyone!

Update on 12 yr old bd party...for those on the edge of their seats

Panda playtime

I'm drunk...

Peyton Manning's Wife Tired Of His Constant "Audibles"- The Onion

Do you like to vote in DU polls?

Vienna Teng, the most wonderful music

Repub "patriots" on

This guy is a dynamo.

Godfather II question

Rome....Ick and double ICK

Friday Night Goth Thread

I just saw my Kansas Jayhawks basketball team play. Damn they look good.

Learn how to spell, then go brush your tooth.


Okay, just saw Jon Stewart show w/George Clooney

Space Is Meat

Good Night Sweet Lounge.... I go to sleep... I will post thee

A sure sign to know your relationship is about to tank.....

Interesting Anagrams....

Quick!!!! Smell your pet!!!

Conventional Beheadings, who else is appalled by them?

The most beautiful CG girl #2

Cool rock formations!!!

Ever wonder whether the Brawny paper towel guy is straight, or an

My ass hurts.

I'm sick.

Good night my pretty ones.

if anyone is interested in seeing McMurtry perform in NYC on 10/23

Thanks to Derby for recommending me Union Jean Co.

Wanna see something reeeeally scary?

Cat-loving Lounge Lizards, please reassure me!

So lets start planning the DU * impeachment celebration party

Has Anyone seen proudpatriot...did I miss a Sabbatical post?

Shannon Tweed Appreciation Thread?

movie game

thinking of joining a gym---any suggestions?

Why are you home on a friday night?

Raise your hand if you had a pair of these!

Scouting for Camel toes

Cool! An evening of old "return from the dead" flicks!

Did Michael Corleone cross a line by having Fredo killed?

Pick a song title with the word "love" in it, and substitute "Rove"...

Jesus. I got into a political flame war on IMDb.


Wouldn't it be more effective to encase Lenin in a lucite block?

What do you want to do before you die?

I GOT A NEW JOB!!!! I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moral Force: The St. Patrick's Four beat federal conspiracy charges ..

Polio Outbreak Occurs Among Amish Families In Minnesota

Yawn...White Sox win...again.

Why do cats decide they don't like food they have eaten for

Alternative Healing: Treating dysthymic disorder holistically

Having ASTROWORLD withdrawal.

Need help w/dream symbol, please...

Is anyone else here experiencing this?

So, did Jesus ever even exist? Please discuss.

Clark to deliver the Democratic Radio Address on Iraq - text on rawstory

Photographing murals and copyright ? (lots of pics)

I need advice choosing a photo, please

Great Countdown and the White Sox are winning five to 2 in the 8th...

National Review: Bush should dump Miers (concerned of Blackmun similarity)

Last chance to deliver a message! (from Barbara Boxer)

Anthony Lewis: New SCOTUS could give Bush a blank check

Parade Magazine's Chavez Smear

Large-Scale Role for U.S. Military in Disasters Described As 'Inevitable'

On 2 Biloxi Streets, Tenants Made Refugees by Storm Face...Eviction

Heads Up! A Really Good Reason to Take Another Look at Miers

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Casualties of the Bush Administration

Beatles 'most influential in 100yrs'

Using Asia's Poor to Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

Excellent article by Robert Kirby in today's Salt Lake Tribune Bush's Global War FOR Terrorism

George Bush and the Four Horseman

The Media Are Wrong Again - The Emperor Has No Clothes!

Morals now and forever

'Slave syndrome' may still affect black behavior

Privatizing Social Security Would Drive Millions Below Poverty

Ok all, I need some help here! It's all Clinton's fault!

Miers Hit on Letters and the Law

NYT: At Public Universities, Warnings of Privatization

Bush Feared 'Looking Weak' on Iraq

Rove Visit No. 4 Spurs Speculation About Boss

Riverbend - The Referendum in Iraq

This week in wave power.

Bu$h Conservation Plan

America should stay clear of '50s mentality

First-hand Accounts of Underground Explosions In The North Tower (&S)

Raytheon Employees were on every 9/11 flight that hit a target?

Post in GD that you won't want to miss.

Cuyahoga Co.,OH. public meeting Monday on planned change to e-voting

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 10/15/05

NYT: Voting Rights, Human Rights

Help with post in GD

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that our movement is...

Citizen's Audit Exit Poll Project (good frame?)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Directory

san diego - is it democrat or republican -

Bush visiting SoCal next week. Any actions planned?

cindy sheehan in sacramento today 10/15 5-7 pm antiwar rally

I need free video chat software that works better than AIM

Pharos Notify and Zone Alarm

Don't you just love these threads...........

GOP primary has high cost; election spending ramps up

DiDonato would consider party chair

Republican wins could sap motivation, expert says

Longhorns kicking Buffalo butt

Bushie Bumper Stickers >>>

The Miers Nomination: What is it REALLY All About?

cheney is alive. Brit hume is interviewing him now on fox.

At Bush Cheney,

Secret Service hiring for Grades 4-12 Nationwide? Tinfoil hat time?

Disinformation ALERT or why it pays to have Arabists in intelligence

US military's awesomely bad motivational security posters

Bush Launches New Flack Attack

WP: Rove Condoms ("Some things should never leak")

Pentagon Docking Pay of Wounded and Disabled Iraq War U.S. Solders!

[World Can't Wait] 19 Days to the Beginning of the End of the Bush Regime!

strange visitors at blog

I wonder if the Eyerakiis will try to pull something big tomorrow?

Reading 'Red Star Rogue' by Kenneth Sewell, boy am I glad Bunnypants...

a word on who is and is not getting indicted in the plame case

FEMA pulled Jeff's plug (Remember Aaron Broussard on MTP)

Well THIS will piss off the rightwingnuts! Clinton vs bush

Pentagon's failure to admit staged teleconference is a BIG BIG DEAL.

2 TOONS (NEW) 10/15/05

What do we call the new battle? (bird flu needs name)

Karl Rove won't be indicted? WTF? Charlie Rose speaking to

Ku Klux Klan Coming To Midland Public Television

So how probable are these mortgage-interest deduction caps being discussed

Chain of command, and why it needs to be broken now and again....

Target and Walmart questions.

Only when the American people experience universal poverty will

3 more years of what?

Torture in Chicago

Grandma wants her laughing grass

US, Japan Seek Resolution to Military Base Feud 60 years after end of WW II

ShrubCo breaks law with staged soldiers TV show?

It's a lie that Karl had little to do with Miers nomination.

The Mall in DC is beginning to fill. Good luck to the people.

My letter in response to this "boycott"

So what does it mean if the "Iraqi Constitution" passes ?

Rove, master of opposition research didn't know Plame was CIA

People, in here. Let's talk about language.

Scientists have finally sealed Ann Coulter in some sort of prison cube

Delay Uses Indictment to raise money!

Ohio's going to become a Theocracy!

Syria the New Cambodia

Can I ask a stupid question here? Ho do you get the cool pictures and

Can someone direct me to a Democratic weblog...

Pic from Prison: Make DeLay My Bitch

Does Hemp absorb methane?

Rice fails to gain Russia support on Iran

Best Liberal, Progressive Magazine

Condi loses in Russia

Does anyone else here see why we NEED for Bush to stay in office...

In the spirit of

*'s Yom Kippur Prayer for forgiveness.

You know that chain email...

KO on Springer right now talking about Terror Alerts..

Are these really 2 different things?

Vatican and gardaí accused in clerical abuse report

caption condi-chirac picture

"Parents need to know that this effort to promote self-esteem among girls

CNN in Iraq: There is little violence...(insert heavy machine gun fire)...

foreign policy plank for Democratic contract with America

A Diversity Candidate in Every Pool

Voucher Truth Squad Warns Florida to Beware

Why should you care?

It's Like Waiting For Christmas Day

Why Doesnt Rita Cosby and the MSM Cover THIS Missing Woman?

If we're going to teach Intelligent Design in Schools...

Religion and Cable TV: New law needed to open religious TV now excluded by

Idaho Sen. Craig: some Gulf areas should be abandoned

How will Iraqis vote today affect Bush's rating?

Can anyone explain the fu*king home heating oil industry?!?!?!

Can the Dem's "Fix It", "Save It", and "Glue It Back Together"?

On Neal "Save the rich first" Boortz

How is this woman supposed to get to the clinic from prison?

Venezuela promises cheap oil to poor Chicagoans

I hope George Bush is having a nice vacation

Theory: Why People Are Drawn To Right Wing Christianity Politics

Rawstory causing reboot, may be infected with virus

Compassionate conservatives?

Quake is 'punishment from Allah'

TO SENATE: Chavez tells the truth on OIL crisis, you DON'T

It's BBQ time!!!!!

QUICK.. I need help....

Selling the Barbie life to full-grown adult women


Is anybody on DU watching the Million More March on CSPAN?

First da Vinci: now they’re cracking the Botticelli code

Let's all send Pickles a birthday greeting.....

Did Aristotle really say this? If so he had * pegged without knowing him!

Need some history on Posse Commitus - thanks

Will Fitz be able to tie Plame to WMD?

Marriage Amendment Scandal

Anyone watch Weeds on Showtime?

Bush war crimes compared to Nuremberg

UN report: US troops "starve Iraqi citizens," violate international law

Mike Peters cartoons time!!!!

Rev. Al on CSPAN NOW!!

Jesse Jackson is speaking NOW - CSPAN 1

The only time Bush doesn't believe in Cronyism...

Plame Leak Investigation (Good very basic FAQ by Knight Ridder News)

Group Threatens to Boycott American Girl

Just now on CNN riot in Toledo

Rev. Farrakan Up Now On CSPAN! Thread # 1

Al said it Bush saw WMD's that weren't there but could not see a hurricane

Tweety should ask himself a question or two. Miller too.

One of the propaganda participants from Iraq wasn't a soldier afterall

Anybody see the movie "Elizabethtown?" That's my hometown!

No Million More March thread? Shame.

A pic of people in line to file for bankruptcy before deadline. . .sad

Unqualified GOP crony opines on bird flu after "fact-finding" trip to Asia

Does anyone else have a problem with the media

Here's a new Riverbend post 10/15/05

Ruh-roh. Fundies vs. Norquist.

My brother's new doc, has gotten his cholesterol way

Wyclef Jean on Cspan

My happy news

Tweety bar the door!

Grandmother graduates from basic training

Tweety, Russert and Andrea Mitchell were subpoenaed in the leak case?

inmate in MO denied abortion

L.I. Principal Cancels 'Bacchanalian' Prom

Just was e-mailed something called "George Carlin on N.O."-

What will it come to?

Helen Thomas has returned to the front row. Hmm.

Last night's "New Rules" -- Is * a member of the "Village People"??

Want to know why people have enlisted in the military AFTER Iraq War?

Here's the kind of idiocy we have to deal with in ID/evolution debate

Plame grand jury consists of 11 blacks, 4 whites

The Movement to Impeach Bush

Scooped Again At The NYT - The 'Grey Lady' Is Gettin Smacked Around !!!

Sen. Max Cleland was GREAT on Real Time!

So Arnie signs new movie deals...

A question about the Grand Jury

So Bush said, "US will not run from Iraq the way I ran from Vietnam."

A Modest Proposal by Jack Thompson

I Hate Ta Say This: Turn On Faux News, Toledo Riot Has Turned To Arson !!!

Bush Joke

Cup O' Joe's Newest Radio Show Dedicated To His Late Wife

What is michael moore supposed to be working on now?

Did you see recent suspicious death and * body count thread?

Ashcroft aides linked to Abramoff

***OFFICIAL Million More Movement THREAD****

Religion is Dangerous to Our Health Says New Study

Was Judy Miller fired?

Millions More March or rioting in Toledo?

What is Fox's obsession with blacks looting??


CRAP. Is DeLay Going to Walk?

Projected Natural Gas cost increase in Midwest: 61% (Crooks & Liars Video)

"God and global warming"

Help the computer illiterate - please!

Tinfoil hat theory of mine about RW popularity

would you support unlimited detentions at Guantanamo Bay...

Lynn Swann on ABC (U-M vs. PSU) - equal time issues?

The Miller Case: From a Name on a Pad to Jail, and Back - NYT

Voting in Iraq? Look who is in charge of "protecting" the votes

Million march question

So, Did RimJob Get Hurt In The Toledo March?

Syra's Intel Network in Mideast Jeopardized

Student accused of killing newborn

As Iraqis Decide on Constitution, Reread This:

I give you: The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

Spent half my day on DU, reading everything. BTW where is

Some Religious Leadership for sister liberalitch

Clinton and $400,000 chinese contribution, Ginsberg and legal prostitution

Is it more acceptable to be a member of the nazi party over the communist

I have friends in Nalchik, Russia - an awesome blues musician and his

"He often talked of carrying freedom across the world

UN hails "incredibly peaceful" Iraq vote

I have to give the media props this week (staged "teleconference")

How Many People Here Have Ever Read Philip Pullman? Before You Laugh...

Would Air America benefit from a show with a Southern accent broadcaster?

Did anyone catch George Clooney on Charlie Rose last night??

MD, PA, FL: shame shame shame

if you don't like registering to read newspapers online

religiously insane in a panic - homos in HGTV and Animal Planet

"That's pretty much the sediment on the West Coast!"

Judy Miller LIES again SHE IS A MONSTER!

My mom gets emails like this all the time--I want to barf!!!

Best and sincere wishes to Iraq on its vote and constitutional process

Should Churches teach the Kama Sutra?

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked!

Some day soon my two sisters and I will inherit 16 tillable acres.

My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room

BushCo brought standard American business practices into government...

Dumbest. Bumpersticker. Ever. (Seriously, this is it).

Anyone here from New England experiencing flooding?

Does Anyone Believe Any News From Iraq?????

Leaders Ask U.S. to End 'Blockade' of Cuba

Right-winger fined for harassing woman over liberal bumper stickers

Why Mark Warner Is Our Best Bet In '08

Where is mopaul

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watch Out, Here Comes Crazy Old Uncle George! ---pix->>>

"What if terrorists get their hands on these birds?"

C-SPAN caller: "All the Democrats want to do is kill babies!"

Isn't This Kind of an Expensive Car for a Public Servant? ---pix->>>

How to Create A Vast Left-Wing Think Tank:

Opinions on the best employment fields in the coming catastrophe

Concerning the Plame case..what if there is no target?

Sadly I paid the Difference.

O’Reilly: Rove Indictment Would Be “Bad For the Country”

Instead of unionizing, why doesn't labor just become a corporation, then

Help me out here: I can't think of ONE famous liberal WHITE...

Million More March - 1.8 Million People - re-aired tonight C-SPAN!

Wal-Mart Inspires Creativity

So what kind of terror crap will BushCo pull on Monday?

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, then Saudi - The Independent UK

The Dangers of Fish Oil..... believe it.

***Official Million More March*** Thread 2

18 minutes ago......How much are we all waiting for this?

"W.M.D. - I got it totally wrong," - Judith Miller

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

In (FR) Bizarro World...

Impeach the Lying Weasel

Police Blotter: Patriot Act wins a round (library gag order)

Hillarious fundy sight, complete with cartoons & video clips

Where are all the W stickers?

I wanted to say thank you

Karen Hughes' Rainbow Tour: Next stop, Indonesia & Malaysia

Get ready for another neo-con circle jerk

Nation of Islam is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law

The Media I want answers from them!!!!

Rove Went Home ....

Build a TV network

Sustaining Our Farmers

BOOK TV Schedule October 15-17

'Peak Oil' Scam Unravels, Oil Reserves Increasing

Should the Bible be taught in public schools?

DC cops: one glass of wine gets you busted for drink/drive

Sarah McLachlan

***PLEASE*** stop more tax cuts for the wealthy, budget cuts for the poor.

'Today' Reporter Paddles in Shallow Water

I can't I I can't I can't I I can't I can't I I can't hear you!

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

KKK television programming in Michigan

Why is Walmart building a Super-Center in my town?

Thatcher blasts Blair for taking Britain to war on the basis of lies.

Fox on Rove: Possibly Important

Wonder how many in Ohio would love to have their vote back now.

The Bible SHOULD be taught in schools:

"The Bottom Line: Judith Miller continued to carry WMD water for ...

The New Women's Movement (stop having sex with Republicans)

Can Bush pardon Stanley "Tookie" Williams?

Exactly how will having a democracy end terrorism?

Predictions: What Day Does Fitzgerald Hand Down GJ Indictments ???

Am I the only one getting shut out of DU a lot tonight?

There's at least 20 people shooting less that 200 yards from my house.

Materialism & Belief In Humans As Machines Is Dangerous To Societal Health

A lost veteran at the Wall

Binka Is In The House.....Bone Tired.....Depressed.....But Back

Does anyone follow Daisy Cooks?

Saturday Morning at the Omaha Steak Store

Italian Sausage and sauce on the grill....very yummy! Try it!

Byers explanation for lie 'gibberish', says judge

Southend United are top of their division

Blair's call angers union leader


French Quarter bar owners threaten to defy midnight curfew

AP Anti-American Sentiment May Hurt US Firms

National Review: Bush should dump Miers (concerned of Blackmun similarity)

Sunni Bombs and Guards Greet Iraq Vote

WP: Iraqi Women See Little but Darkness

U.S., Syria border clashes reported

Stripes: Pentagon dismisses claims it coached GIs for talk with Bush

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Judge Tosses GOP Claim in Eavesdrop Case

Using Asia's Poor to Build U.S. Bases in Iraq

FEMA Maintains Limited-Competition Deals

Sources: Feds focus on two New Yorkers in leaks probe

Top Bush adviser Rove testifies again on CIA leak (Wilson comment)

Pastor crusades for voters (Rod Parsley's Reformation Ohio)

Bush told Blair of 'going beyond Iraq'

US Can't Explain 'Zarqawi' Letter Detail

Baghdad Sunni stronghold says firm "No" to charter

Double Whammy: Prices Up, Wages Lagging

Religion and Cable TV: New law needed to open religious TV now excluded by

DeLay Uses Website to Attack Prosecutor

Vatican and gardaí accused in clerical abuse report

U.S. rejects Katrina meals donated by Britain

Grandmother graduates from basic training

SOCom bribery scandal widening

UK commanders dismiss allegations of Iranian interference in Iraq

Blasts at Iran shopping centre kill 2, wound 50

Romanian Bird Flu Virus Is H5N1 Type, Minister Says

Blackwell's (Ohio SOS) Attorneys Could Be Sanctioned (Cols Dispatch)

(Wes) Clark pokes at Bush in Democratic address

Two bombs go off in Southwestern Iran....

Syra's Intel Network in Mideast Jeopardized

DeLay Uses Website to Attack Prosecutor

Prosecutor Weighs Move in CIA Leak Probe

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Thousands Flee After Train Explosion (Arkansas) - CNN

Judges Asked to Calm Furor Over Miers Nod

Rumsfeld making first China visit amid U.S. doubts

Group Starts Move to Get (Christian) Converts, Voters(for Ken Blackwell)

AP: Next move in CIA leak investigation is up to Fitzgerald

Washington offers Syrian president deal to end isolation

India’s elite female commando unit protecting female politicians

Nazi hunter says top war criminal may be in Spain

'Slave syndrome' may still affect black behavior

High Court Blocks Prison Abortion Order

Next Move CIA Leak Investigation Unknown (Dems pressing for public report)

(Paul) Hackett Still A Contender In Race To Unseat Incumbent

Iraq vote turnout may exceed 10 million

WP: Miers Hit on Letters and the Law (the new Dan Quayle)

Reporter in leak case to take leave of absence effective immediately

Man pays blood money to Saddam relatives

Union seeks charges in crash that hurt leader outside strikebound meat pla

Report: Nazi doctor who killed hundreds found in Spain

Race riots in Toledo, Ohio.

Rice, UK's Straw to do diplomatic duet in US South

Venezuelan official: CIA killed judge

Counsel Probed Miller on Classified Info

Two Senior Al-Qaeda Members Arrested In Iraq

Official: Voter Turnout in Iraq Is Mixed

Did the Mitofsky - Freeman debate take place? Any reports?

International court issues first warrants (The Hague)

Iran denies troop attacks link

Russia’s Islamic revolt is spreading

Al-Qaeda chief sets up UK network

Bush to visit Southern California -- governor plans to be elsewhere

Sunnis Turn Out to Reject Iraqi Charter

President's Approval Ratings Slip In Illinois

DeLay's prosecutors lack a key document

US private military contractors already in-country to "deal with" (Chavez)

U.S. government's expenses questioned

Rice Fails to Win Russian Support on Iran

Home Depot skimps on gifts

Nazi march canceled when police disperse rock-throwing protesters

October Scares Investors More This Year

Teacher Fired For His Beliefs

My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room - Judith Miller

Cowboy George hailed as the Reagan for ’08 (George Allen)

(PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING)Media No Longer Taking Flak?

Idaho senator (Larry Craig - R) says fraud part of La. culture

Investigation into levee failure uncovers culprit (17th St. Canal)

Revealed: IRA bombs killed eight British soldiers in Iraq

Chavez: World Faces Major Energy Crisis

Bush says U.S. "will not run" from Iraq (as it did from Vietnam)

NYT: The Miller Case: From a Name on a Pad to Jail

Death Toll in Pakistan Up to Nearly 40,000

Inflation In Sept. Highest Since '80 (Washington Post)

Thousands flee train car-gas tank explosion in Arkansas

Rice praises quiet day of voting in Iraq

Chinese economy keeps expanding above 9%

Jesse Jackson urges people to direct their Katrina frustrations into activ

Teacher fired for work at (planned parenthood) clinic

So you're at a bookstore where they sell custom CDs...

Critique this critique:

Nip/Tuck poll: Who do you think The Carver is?

Okay, don't look...Grown man crying over Finding Neverland...

Recent music purchases????

A Question About Frosted Hair

no wonder gas prices are so dam high!

Anyone in the market for some leather pants?

Michael Douglas Dead

You know who Gandalf should have gone after? Clinton.

I admit it... I love Peru

I miss snorkeling over the number one breeding ground of

I have finally had to replace my shoes

85-Year-Old Seattle Woman Recruited By Marines

Titan Uranus

I'm going to the restroom now.

Why merlot?



Do you leave your computer running all the time?


What just happened?

Saw "Elizabethtown" this evening

Oldest noodles unearthed in China

See our new tax forms here------->

I ran into a Republican father-in-law of a marine today

I love it when "Geoffrey" has a birthday!

I have a silly question about podcasts

Are these error messages a sign

I don't like the forum names, etc. being at the top of the Latest Page.


Who remembers the "Anycar"? (pic.) I thought it was so cool as a kid.

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.

So..... do all the soccer moms feel safer now?

Do you have a MUG SHOT?

Oh, go here, go here, go here!

I'm shocked. Speechless. I work with a fundie.

So I go to the liquor store tonight...

Strangest Prescription instructions

Rick Ankiel's Contract Purchased from Springfield!!!

For Omar Shamshoon, it's Coke, Egyptian beef sausages and Arab cookies

Okay, Who Broke DU?

I don't have any use for ABC Family

Raise your hand if you had a pair of these

Last day to bid at DU's Mardi Gras Mask and Fetish Auction!!

Ever just have one of 'those' nights?

Of all the semi-lucid dreams I COULD have had...

Betty Nguyen (CNN) is the best looking news person in the nation

How to link in pictures without stealing bandwidth!!!

Yes. I know this was wrong. No. I don't care.


Hey Mrs Grumpy

Why would an interviewer say this/company do this?

Oh, Jeez, why? WHY?!?


Any tax people out there know...

Okay, Who Broke, PU?

This is the last weekend beforre my birthday! (October 21)

If you save someones life...

There was a riot and a shooting at my son's HS football game tonight.

Favorite goofy Spinal Tap name

Post some cheese with your whine here:

DUers who are White Sox fans. . .a beautiful sight!!!

Seen today in giant letters on the back window of a car

Ladder Theory. Pro or Con?

How much of a total douchebag is this guy?

Funniest bookmark EVAH

Separated at birth?

It's 1130 and there is a cat meowing outside my patio door

WTF is wrong with you people...?

cooking advice

Landlords Evict Dog Owners

Swollen Members in Urbana!

let me know when this gets obnoxious.

OMG! The Sun came back!!

We had family portraits done today....and for once...

"THE WARRIORS" on SPIKE NOW!! Started At 4:00 pm EST

Hey Progmom? Can you post your playlist when the radio show's over?

Tell Me Women Aren't Crazy


So, the physical therapy office kept the TV on when I asked them to

Under what circumstances would a person's phone be bugged?

Retail workers: share your stories here.

What's your destiny?

Drink meisters... what are some good Halloween drinks?

How come sugar makes me feel better?

If you have a spinal tap and it leaks later on, should you be in bedrest?

Heads up: Cards vs Stros 3:00 central.

What's it all about, life, the universe, and everything? (Don't say 43)

Wireless Laptop. Educate a Hopelessly Ignorant Non-Techie.

Oh, Crap! Its poppy and popeye behind the plate

Mask Auction to benefit DUers ends tonight! Please bid or pledge!

Heroic Dog Shows of the 1950's

FINALLY got back on

Soooooo, this is how you get aids!

You know what, I'm bitching because I'm a Cards fan, but that

I saw a lion he was standing alone with a tadpole in a jar.

I'm leaving DU, because it's time for bed

Longhorns currently kicking Buffalo butt!

I am STILL high off yesterday's news!

Anne Francis is on TCM!

Do you use SJ Namo WebCreator 6?

Who would be your hero for 2005?

i'm not a christian and i don't celebrate christmas

I want to paint my dog's paws white (safely and temporarily). How?

I need help in regards to an internet provider.....

I am taking my Daughter out for a night on the town...

Picture Thread: Your Medical Instruments

What's your density?

Holy Shit! I was named in Dennis Thatcher's will!

Teenaged Dating Rant Time.


Flood-related photo request.

Best Al Pacino Performance

Help the computer illiterate - please!

Are some people destined to be partnered?

New Parents: The Daily Photo...

I kicked someone out of the store today

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Made a few mistakes at work lately--how can I defend myself at my review?

progmom on the air 12-2 pm eastern time

Can anyone tell me why my iTunes is not showing any songs?

Buckeys look like Fuckeyes so far....

Woken Up By Air Raid Sirens This Morning wtf?

Bush in Latin is DUMUS.

All current or prospective Democratic Precinct Chairs, check in here!

TV Trivia: Who was "Alabaster Slim"?

Weeee! Rosemary's Baby on a Saturday night!!

What organ is this?

Sniffa cooked tonight...

OK...for all my dear Lounge friends.....a few choice pics

Does anyone believe this hippy's t-shirt from 1975?


I'm off to my grandma's to eat BBQ ribs

Trends in volume of alcohol consumed in last week

Has anyone else not been able to finish Super Mario Bros. 3 ?

Does anyone believe the Sears Catalog illustration from 1975?

Whats so great about Ipods?

Notre Dame --LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm calling southlandshari out

BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS!!! Where is Kitchenwitch?

My brother's new doc, has gotten his cholesterol way


De Young's rebirth ~ museum opens today, a triumph of creativity...

Please help me! Help me help my friend stop smoking! She's 13!

"What if terrorists get their hands on these birds?"

Most infamous cereal mascot

Quicksilver Messenger Service.. What About Me...

Picture Thread: Your Musical Instruments

The rain hasn't stopped for 9 days now!

Are some people simply destined to be single?

Help me figure out this assignment for my grad class, please!

If You Imagined A Black Or Hispanic James Bond, Who Would It Be?

General DU newbie questions..

Weird day with my wingnut mom at the hospital...

Most infamous serial killer

Who do you think is hot that others usually don't?

What book are you currently reading?

My favorite song right now: "Welcome to Jamrock" by Damian Marley

Bob Boudelang on "Demoncrats" dirty tricks

Most infamous serial port

What In The Hell Was I Thinking?


Response Rate Comparison: Total Phone Calls

the soulful eyes of Mutley

Question For People Who Moved To Another Part Of the Country

Is agnosticism more than just self-doubt?

Bible: Lust is a sin, but be fruitful and multiply.

Christian Seasonal "Outreach" Program??

"Intelligent design" as explicit attack on "naturalism" in science

Ambitious plan evolves to put Darwin online

Why an exotic fruit is the world's only weapon against bird flu

Penn State Coach anti Lesbian

Rights drive stalls: An anti-discrimination measure falters in the ladies

My son is gay. Please recommend a website that offers support to parents

wow! go B.C.

Brett Hull retires: Report

If their is justice in the NHL.....

Note To Texas Longhorn Fans

Astros win 4-3

Notre Dame 21/USC 14, 2:00 left till Half-time!

Astros 4, Cards 3...I CAN'T take this anymore, we're BETTER than them

My latest Pro-Kerry thread, show him some love ya'll

Kerry, New England Senators Call on Bush to Increase Energy Assistance

Going Dem-generic in my avatar, don't panic.

Speaking of Chavez...

Kerry sponsors a bi-partisan effort to fix the GI Bill

What, no Friday night pic thread?

Kerry Desktop Wallapaper

Attention, visitors to the John Kerry Group


dKos post for anyone feeling feisty

Welcom newbies! Check in and talk to us

Anybody need a plain John Kerry - President bumper sticker?

Camera toss

Anyone know there are Countdown podcasts?

All this talk about 2008 is really petty.

7/18/97: "All my best, George. P.S. No more public scatology."

Negroponte: will that be one egg on your face or two ??

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Casualties of the Bush Administration

Re Meirs. The Neocon Cartel doesn't want Roe v Wade overturned

Does anybody know the voting age

Bush thinks he is the CEO of the country....

Sweet Merciful Crap!

Religious Republicans: Opportunity And Danger

can anyone explain the "digital must carry" legislation

Clarence Thomas denies abortion rights to an inmate

Did the CIA forge the Niger memo to damage WH credibility ???

TV puts woman in White House: will US follow suit?

Gov Arnolds prop 73, parental consent for minors to have an abortion

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'

Howard Dean will be in Maine on 10/22. Ticket range: $1000 to $10!

the arrogance of FEMA - they pull plug on Jefferson Parish

Ari Fleischer, 5/10/01: Bush & Cheney the first two to take the drug test

Recruiting in the Schools - No Lie Left Untried

Dana Milbank, Apologist for White House Lies

Ohio and politics - so interesting these days: "Judges for Hire"

A photo of Karen Hughes that, SCREAMS...for a CAPTION.

The torture issue is key to bringing down the Neocon Cartel.

US Cannot Explain Suspicious Zawahri Letter Passage (phony baloney terror)

Florida GOP won't return money tied to DeLay fundraising

Press Review. Bush to Blair: 'let's attack Saudi Arabia'

Levee Breaks, 911 Part Of Government Plot Farrakhan Implies

Soldier Propagandist (Bushit interviews a Propagandist)

DeLay's prosecutors lack a key document

House rules shield repubs who switched to vote for energy bill

Republicans, backed into a corner, come out snarling...

Restoring Honesty and Dignity to the Press Corps

Does anyone honestly believe the Iraqi Constitution is NOT

Dems criticize Gerlach (R-PA) vote switch on Energy Bill, and DeLay $$$

WTF? Matthew Yglesias is much more cynical than I thought.

AGONY / David Podvin

Condiliar and Freeh on MTP tomorrow

Oh, Crap! Its poppy and popeye behind the plate

The uncut N.O.L.A. beating video: Watch the cop in the shorts & vest...

Last day to bid on The Mardi Gras Mask and Fetish Auction in GD!

what will be the talking points on the talk shows tommorrow?

Now that the Iraqis have voted...

is the US training Iraq's repressive militia and its death squads ???

If you have a weak stomach - DO NOT OPEN THIS THREAD!!

Clark pokes at Bush in Democratic address--AP

Referendum in Iraq : "how to constitute a civil war"

POLL: Today's vote on the Iraq Constitution will...

Am watching a bio on Rob Lowe. He has been very politically active since he

Moderate Voice: Bush "Staged" Event Still Mired In Controversy (UPDATE)

Why can't we run George Clooney against Arnold Schwartzenegger?

Have you ever thought about this

KILLER "World Can't Wait" photo of Fitzgerald (Michael Moore Web Site)

Rove not being indicted?

Why do they all scare me?

Does anyone here support the following (Social Security)?

Kaine responds to Kilgore's "Hitler" ads (Va Gov race)

Where are the Democrats? the MSM asks. Here is 1 response. More?

Judy Can’t Recall?

Did the Mitofsky - Freeman debate take place? Any reports?

O'Reilly: "Al Qaeda hits the jackpot" when Dean, Kennedy "spin" Iraq War

Max Cleland states coverup of murdered people with bodies still in a ware

I think C-Span should answer for this crap!

Dems needs a midterm convention in 2006 - OHIO

Andrea Mitchell on Hardball, helping Tweety lie about Valerie Plame

Rita Cosby is so annoying. Why is she given this

MSNBC Poll: "Media making too much out of Bush's REHEARSED conference?"

Kerry, New England Senators Call on Bush to Increase Energy Assistance

Condie learns to smirk.

Who did the mainstream nedia treat more unfairly...Kerry or Gore?

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows

Governor Dean in Hayward, CA Sunday ...special elections propositions.

Today's Bush Radio: "In Iraq, we have brought down a murderous regime"

If you love your Uncle Sam bring 'em home bring 'em home

DeLay Donor Files Bankruptcy (Beats Deadline)

So I'm French kissing my wife while drinking a bottle of French wine and

Re: Gore 08 - "He wants to be begged to run."

Raw Story: Miller - indefinite leave of absence starting immediately!

Political Appointees Re-Write Commerce Dept. Report on Offshore

"Well, I just can't imagine Ronald Reagan doing something like that."

When is the MSM goina call insurgents Sunni rebels? Isn't it a civil war?

Sherrod Brown vs. Colin Powell ("don't go there, Congressman...")

Nutjobs at Weakly Standard whine about "criminalizing conservatives"

Wes Clark: "I wish this were the end of the story in Iraq, but it isn't."