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Archives: September 21, 2004

'We're Just Devastated,' Slain Hostages' Relatives Say

Salon: "Voter Terrorism" (Repugs discouraging black votes)

Salon: The Saudis just say no to Bush

Picking a Fight With Venezuela

WP Cohen: Coming Clean About This War

What Is Bush Hiding? (Dionne / WP)

Which was worse?

Any Delawareans helping out in PA?

watch cbs....

2004 approaches 1999 record for most Category 4 hurricanes.

DPP ranks highest in polls, PFP worst - TW

Help me find ORIGINAL * quote

Imported garbage threatens China

"Assault Weapon" aquisition and manufacturing thread.

Besides LBN, which news sources are Admin favorites?

Bugies out Tonight. Is it just NC? Have to hit many times to post and

Server Issue

Any merit in developing a blog blaster?

I know we're hyper-sensitive

history channel poll

U.S. Troops in Iraq

Any debate parties or get togethers planned for 9/30?

Media coverage of Barrington protest

John Kerry coming to West Palm Beach (9/22)

CA SEP-20-2004-1834 Missing Womans Boyfriend Vanishes

Kerry in Cedar Rapids!

Ohio phone bankers,

RealMedia video of Kerry visit in Madison

WA SEP-20-2004-1638 Woman Missing After Visit To Fair

EEE!!! People in Whatcom County!!

Rather got freeped

i just saw the most recent beheading video

I am a patriot

Did Kerry say this, or did Bush say he said this?

Coming up on 1 year anniversary of Vulgar Pigboy's drug revelations.

Zahn To Kurtz: "So, who should be fired at CBS?"

What's up with the Air America stream?

awesome article exposing Bill O'Reilly.

Oh My God, Is this for FUCKING REAL? W-Ketchup!

The media keeps asking the wrong question, it isn't about the memos

Do you think shrub know that he needs "e-voting" to save his ass?

He's baaaaccck!! Baghdad Bob - no wait it's Baghdad Bush

DU Bug Report...double post...delete


BTW! In case you didn't notice..CBS "Mea Culpa" pre-empted Kerry Speech

Norville declares memos couldn't have been written by typewriter

What is up with Phil Hendrie?

Here's the thing that gets me regarding the CBS debacle...

CBC's 'The National': Lengthy piece on Dan Rather and CBS News

Bush/Cheney say: Vote for us because we're Consistent and Unwavering

Severely slow response time on DU????

Either My Sense Of Humor Is Too Raw, Or I'm On Ignore In The Lounge !!!

Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

Repugs will demonstrate at CBS in DC tomorrow (fire Rather)

Repug.Wes "The Orphan Maker" Watkins gets slap on the wrist

Donavan McNabb is rocking! Go Philly!

Cable News Buzzards snacking on Dan Rather

anybody else unable to watch Kitty Kelley intv on C-span?

Daily Show Thread

The real fallout from the memos and CBS

W is turning America into a used car lot and he is the quintessential used

uh, if rather should be hung for using bad info, then what about no wmd's

Newsnight with Aaron Brown...

Why can I no longer listen to Air America with Windows Media Player?

man there are really going to be a lot of sick folks at du when kerry

Dan Rather had the stage tonight and missed a great opportunity

Al Michaels on MNF

Kerry is on Letterman now.

Meet The Paranoid Wing of the Republican Party

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart on the Leno show?

What about the congressional races

Dear God Save Us All!

cheer up everyone

Monday Night Malloy Thread

Did bush ever sign an SF180?

A Black Panther in Africa -- a life in exile: PBS documentary

I haven't watched a second of TV in almost three months.

Scholastic poll - have your kids vote!!!! DU this poll

Did TeamBush borrow a page from TeamBlair in sliming CBS? Just curious...

Cornell West on NPR says: "We are all Niggers in America Now!" OMG

Is this administration THAT bad - or am I just new to this

What do you think of CBS "MemoGate?"

We're not Lemming's



Emotional follow-up interview with Dan Rather online at

In case it was not posted...EDWARDS ROCKED BOND HILL

hey, here's a thought! instead of making plans to flee

Why Bush (Republicans) hates Hollywood

William Rivers Pitt : Your Media is Killing You

WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan as Baghdad Bob


Does anyone know where Letterman stands on politics?

Lighten up on Bush Supporters!!!!!

The Current Administration Is Not Going To Pull Out Of Iraq

White House Web site drops Costa Rica from coalition list (NOT TRUE!!!!)

I went down to the local gun shop to buy an assult rifle


y'all have lost your damned minds.

Keith Olberman ROCKS! Did anyone see his reaction after they

Put Away Your Hankies...a message from Michael Moore

What I did to help the Kerry Campaign in the past week

Seriously, how do you Red Staters and Red Area people hang in there?

Scott Robinson (aka RNC Kicker) has been outed in the School Newspaper!!!

We aren't in the soup line yet...

An appeal to those who are considering leaving the country

BBV: Washington State Software Problem

So are the Dems who called the rest of us Dems "freepers" regarding docs..

A Reminder: We haven't lost yet :)

Are there any vets out there that can explain

This Nation is f---ed - period.

Who is this Roger Stone? Did he really dupe CBS?

Email CBS.

Sick of the word "insurgents"

Of course it's about the OIL says Toronto Star Columnist

Iraq War Foes Focus on Alternative Agenda to Bush

Effort to extend popular middle class tax cuts gains ground

Eugene Armstrong

U.S. Government Ships Plutonium to France

Fannie Mae's earnings questioned

Relatives question Beslan casualty figures

Canadian suing Ottawa for time in Egyptian jail

Venezuela minister to show debt plan to Wall Street

'Liar' Blair Must Quit over War, Say Activists

Big risks and rewards for Iraq's "Dogs of War"

Al Qaida would back Bush says UK envoy

NYT: U.S. Judge Orders Election Agency to Tighten Rules

Water on some airplanes tainted by waste, EPA study finds

New Rules Clarify Vets' Rights on the Job

India Launches First Education Satellite

Voters want troops out of Iraq

Leader rejects Blair 'second wave' claim

Scalia says courts taking on too much of a political role

Pentagon Admits Shortfalls in Training Iraq Forces

Iraq boosts profits at World Airways (One Pentagon Contract at a time)

Senior Bush officials want CBS moderator (Schieffer) off the debate

WP: President's Trip to Address U.N. Relies Heavily on Visuals

Panel Expected to OK Bush Pick for CIA

Bush Again Confuses IDs of Two Terrorists

Group of US soldiers' wives to campaign for Kerry

Republicans protest Star Tribune's polls

Moore reads 'My Pet Goat' to audience

Howard Dean | Hidden Agenda: A National Draft in the Future?

Is 'Sky Pirates' essentially a big screen translation of

Recent "Bush-isms"..."these hateful few...who kill at the whim of a hat"

You got TV? What's happening?

OMG, Jeopardy rumor! Don't look if you don't want to know.

I finally found The Prodigy's uncut "Smack my bitch up" Video

Whoa!!! I finally saw the semi-lesbian Becks beer commercial

Is anyone here going to the Million Workers March in DC?

SAGAN....SAGAN...where are you???

"Don't you think it's mean that the word 'lisp' has an 's' in it??"

The Amish are perverts

I have Michael Moore tickets!!

Mental Health Alert: Do Not Watch Beheading Videos

What a giant buttmunch...

Cheney and Ashcroft on Jeopardy - funniest show ever

Es El Miguel Malloy Show Viva Air Americano!!!

I Came From Outer Space...

Reminder: Tomorrow morning, Kerry will be on ABC's

Put up my K-E sign. Sprayed it with sugar water. Wanna steal it?

Need a replacement handle for beloved briefcase

The world's largest human rainbow in the Phillipines

Mass email error messages...I need advice..please

What is your favorite movie monster?

Ivan and his merry band of tornadoes continue to wreak havoc today in NC.

Has anynone ever eat at Claddagh Irish Pub?

Magic and Loss

I want to cry.

Unholy fucktarding buttjeebus! I have whanged my wang!

Biblical Action Figures...just in time for holiday gift-giving

Caroline Rhea ROCKS!

Is DU in extreme Slow-Mo, or is it my brain?

You all really should read every LynzM post and thread!

Sexy tree too much for some Westside neighbors

A serious question for other parents here

I would rather do jail time than to be drafted ... thats my opinion ...

Tomorrow is the 30th Anniversary of my Purple Heart....

I just hammered in my Kerry/Edwards sign...

Do you see this much?

When I retire next year, they better not pull my ass back in

Grrr! My work has now blocked DU

Taking first step to possible career change

Any daytime posters here?

Kill Me! I missed Cate Edwards today in my town!

Black Helcopters--political hip-hop

Plaid Adder T-Shirt Now Available!

No more LynneSin during working hours

Don't ask me my sign. I will say that it's

Did everyone get their Star Wars DVDs today?

I haven't watched TV since late June.

What is this? No Cat Posts...

Thank Goodness THIS invention never made it to market

Empty rooms, where we learn to live without love. Sigh....

very "Groovy"....'60's wallpaper..

Say Goodbye Chicago White Sox

Donavan McNabb is rocking! Go Philly!

What unhealthy/weird eating habits do you have?

Has any DU used cafepress to sell their images? Thoughts? Rants? Anyone?

Anyone remember Harold and the Purple Crayon?

Anyone know where I can get a PS2 on the cheap?

Karl Rove IS Billy Flynn from the movie "Chicago"

Order Your Saint Clinton Items Here…

Anyone remember Where the Wild Things Are?

Kerry on Letterman

I know trivial music things! Validate me. (updated)

Anyone have a good recipe for salmon cakes?

Has Al Michaels Soured Any Other Fans On MNF?

Is there a funnier 10 minutes of film

I think I must have gone mad.

This cat should be the new "I Hate Mondays" cat

There's something really dirty about this Da Vinci painting

okay, I'm really freakin. watching old x-files and they are talking about

Guess what the "October Surprise" will prizes!

Green Day on Letterman!!!!!! nt

THE official MNF thread

I've forgotten the lyrics to "21st Century Schzoid Man"

For all of you DU Fantasy Football players who rolled their eyes...

A Cat post for Haele....

I am having trouble with a class.

Have you ever lived with someone who was messier or neater than you?

I'm Tart & Juicy "Calling all Amish men"

Why didn't these bands "make it"? - 1965-1973 edition

THE ultimate Jeopardy question just on (Hilarious)

Shanghai...home of quality Engrish translations

I'm on the phone w/my's her b'day...say HAPPY B'DAY NINI!!!

I ran into a deer last week with my car. On a frigging HIGHWAY.

Is it "Wine Night" for anyone else?

I'm drinking with drunk barber

Update on my mama is NYC

Any other Bob Jones University alumni here?

Take a break from worries of the world & stroll through the garden (pics)

Anyone know good headsets for wearing to bed?

What's with all the poker on TV lately?

Favorite Instrument Section In The Orchestra?

23 EXCUSES tshirts and bumper stickers - help spread the latest meme!

CBS arranged for meeting with Lockhart

Poppa Bush's quote from 1998 on Iraq (he hates freedom too)...

New York? WTF!

Kerry speech from today will be on C-Span at 11:35 et

Poll from Federal Review-I'm worried.

My letter to kurtz

Blog Orientation 101, a resource site for your local DFA meet-ups.

Celsius 41.11

Funniest Jeopardy answer ever. Tonight on Championship Jeopardy.

Kerry & Jr's barbs + Kerry's 2002 floor speech

I'm working the Orlando Kerry/Edwards rally tomorrow...ask me anything!

Nader's off the ballot in New Mexico and Arkansas, on in Maryland

Deborah Norville standing on her HEAD to promote WH position

My Message to Conservatives Regarding 2004 Election

I got called by the Maine Democratic Committee today

Kerry Says He Wouldn't Have Ousted Saddam

US Invasion gives al Qaeda Access to WMD Scientists?

Mike Malloy (radio host) said tonight that Kerry shouldn't use

Oct 8 debate

So, you thought memogate was over huh?

Kerry switching to Health Care Tomorrow..What Happened to Iraq?

Frame jobs are getting boring...YAWN

In case it was not posted: EDWARDS ROCKED BOND HILL!

George W. Bush is a big fat LIBERAL!!

Can Kerry be Impeached before he even gets elected?

John Kerry should play some acoustic guitar on Letterman..

Looking for a Link

Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq


Best. Thing. EVER.

Rasmussen Premium Numbers for WV, Mo, and NJ

BBC World on PBS seemed very negative about Kerry tonight....

Specious results from corporate-owned media polls. Prep for BBV fraud?

Has the malAdministration Done Anything Good?

List of CNN advertisers?

Eugene Armstrong


f***'em. . . I'm wearing my Kerry button to work every day

Which was worse?

Woohoo! We're OFFICIALLY best friends with LIBYA!

Does anyone have that hilarious quote by Bush that was on Olberman's..?

You think the repukes aren't good at something?

I can't work this out: Is it the economy, stupid?

I'm listening to Kerry now on C-Span. Very good speech. He's going to win.

kerry on cspan now - speech today from new york!

09.20.04: 1,169 Combat Deaths In Iraq. 1,034 U.S. Soldiers.

Move On's No voter left behind program online NOW 9:12

You know how the Chimp needs photos of terrorists to keep track?

Did I hear this correctly on CBS Evening News ??

transcript Scotty McClellan today -- memogate

Has * or Cheney ever attended a soldiers funeral?

Bush babbling from today

Very interesting Kerry campaign release using Tommy Franks quotes

LOL...Got It On Video - Paula Zahn's Poll

Du this poll

WaPo's Tom Shales: "Rather wouldn't lie. Bush would."

Explaining why Kerry would still vote for IWR, but not oust Hussein

Any vets out there that can explain

RE Iraq, Bush Freudian slip? "We're reconstituting the Company"

How did the interview with Burkett go? Was it pointed out memos were true

What Happens When Bush Doesn't Have A Script? Gets A Hard Question?

Reposted: Voter Registration & Giveaway Extravaganza. How to do it.

Rather Resignation?

You go Kerry....pound away

WOW! Lots of Kerry/Edwards signs in my neighborhood!

Why doesn't media tie Alex Polier phoney affair story to 'Rathergate'?

self delete

O'Reilly: "I need your help. What you would ask President Bush?"

Today I registered three persons over 75 years old ...

Swifties Next Move?

Watch Kerry On C-Span Throwing Red Meat To Democrats Everywhere

Kerry is down in the polls by 13 points, right?

****** DU action alert ******

I'm trying to be optimistic, but...

Good news! Kos reports - activists have influenced Ethics Comm on DeLay!

You DUer's want some good news? Here's some:

Delete- Dupe

Hey, didn't bush* just flip-flop on the debates? 3 no 2 no 3

Memo crap - CBS crap ---- AWOL has NOTHING to run issues

TNR: Speech Was Kerry's Best

Did anyone notice the backhanded compliments Kerry rec'd

Finally a "Smudge" headline I can believe is true

Did The Memo Die To Save Our Souls?

A little DUhelp, pls.: Did any major media cover the "they ought to

Did anyone notice the backhanded compliments Kerry rec'd

Buchanan on Tweety trying like HELL

Ammo on "No Child Left Behind" - Will cost Ohio $1.4 billion

Who's gonna check Bush's ear for an earpiece device? (debate)

Can Kerry protect himself from post-debate slimefest?


Kerry is kicking Dumbya ass on Letterman, turn to CBS

What's that James Brown song ??? "I FEE-EE-EEL GOOD !"

Bush will sit on Cheney's lap during the debates.

Bush AGAIN confuses IDs of two terrorists

How many people watch Letterman and Leno at night?

Jesse Helms Operatives Working for Bush's Campaign

Kerry's Letterman appearance is payback for Rove punking Rather

John Kerry WILL beat Dumbya because...

WP - "What Is Bush Hiding?"

Kerry does top 10 on Lettermann!!!!!!

If LINCOLN were running, the reason most would give for voting for him....

Malloy of AAR sez: Kerry, stop using Big Words! ("precipitate")

I want to help... but I am in Chicago... Illinois is blue for sure...

Letterman...Don't forget...KERRY'S on at 10:30 CT!!!!

Kerry's TOP 10 for Bush Tax Plan

Swift Boat Vets vs "Memogate"

GOP Senator jumps Bush's* sinking ship of RATS

aaaahhhhhm did you all catch that on olderman

Kevin Phillips on the Bush family dynasty

Tonight Kerry was laid back, relaxed, funny, on message, LIKABLE!

The worm has OFFICIALLY turned.

Kerry smoking on Letterman!!!!!!!!!!!!! eom

A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops in Iraq

WaPo's Tom Shales: "Rather wouldn't lie. Bush would."

Progressive bloggers understand how Kerry is in trouble at the debates

More election nuts and bolts - Nevada

Just how far can Bush ride on fear alone?

South Carolina Democrats Mix It Up With Grover Norquist

Keith Olberman picks up BAGHDAD BUSH line!

Our local news sucks

Ohio election nuts and bolts

Pentagon blocks site for voters outside U.S.

Make Bush answer this question

Kerrys Letterman Appearance - Online

Was Burkett threatened?


Cheney: "put in place a vision to make a decision-live with that decision"

Don't forget to watch Bush make an ass out of himself at the UN tomorrow.

Questions in town hall debate will be chosen by the moderators


Put Away Your Hankies...a message from Michael Moore

Right trying to stop release of F9/11-READ!

OMG, Kerry just dogged the shit out of Dubya, he fucking ROCKED!!!

Green Day rocked "Clash" hard. What a political night 4 Letterman...

Kerry will kick Monkeyboy's ass in the debates.

How can New Jersey be so close!?

Who will do better during the debates?

Iran is Next, here is why. Why don't people see this? Help!

How can the press fault CBS for not 'authenticating'? Nobody checked...

Olbermann talking about possibility that CBS was setup by the Repukes

Who to boycott? CNN or MSNBC

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Rate a 5: Republican Senator Says He May Not Vote Bush


Who wrote the memos?

Is there really any reason not to off myself. Because I absolutely cannot

Joe Lockhart-"Democrats "can swagger and chew gum at the same time"

How can so many millions be so STUPID????

GOP Activist may be behind CBS National Guard memos

watch cbs....

Dr. David Gill for Congress - Prescription for America

LAT: True Conservatives Would Back Kerry

Days of fear, days of horror (Iraq)

Interesting article on campaign finance reform

The Saudis just say no to Bush

At Country Clubs, Gay Members Want All Privileges for Partners

Who would Osama vote for?????

The Spinners -- by Benson

(Israel) Boycott call strikes a responsive chord

Draft LTTE, Please advise

KRUGMAN: The Last Deception

Campaign Focus on Iraq Has Risks and Rewards

A Young Iraqi Man's Testimony (random brutality by US soldiers)

Zaitchik: "Catastrophic" doesn't exaggerate Bush's national security

LTTE: Bush=FDR? excellent talking point

Talking Sense, at Last, on Iraq -- NY Times editorial re:Kerry speech!

Washington's 'Dialog with Islam': Is it going in the right direction?

Text of Bush's Speech to the U.N.

turning the other cheek: the refuge of the weak and powerless?

About Damn Time

NYT: Talking Sense, at Last, on Iraq

When Fascism Comes to America

Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran

Sean Hannity Owes Theresa Heinz Kerry an Apology

Village Voice: Swift Boat Swill (Kerry was right about atrocities)

Wolcott: CNN Admits It Cannot Prove Authenticity of Wolf Blitzer

I just sent this to the Houston Chronicle

first day at the office

Book Party for Paul Thompson this Sunday in NYC

Election 2004 and Ireland in Philadelphia

Debates will be slogans only - no Spontaneity, long answers, or direct Q's

Detroit News Headline writer adds unbiased "Kerry would have kept Saddam"

The media has more or less forgotten Simona Toretta and her two

Baghdad Bob vs DC Dubya

The acid test for NPR/PBS

At last a - "FOX Blocker" for your TV

Bernie Ward on now.

A Must Read - O'Really interviews Jon Stewart

Your Media is Killing You

John Kerry on David Letterman - Video

Something doesn't compute here

After 3 Years, Oceans Commission Report Out (Oceans Badly Screwed Up, btw)

Salmon Return To Wrong Streams, Glacial Melt Rates Explode In SE Alaska

2/3 Of Coral Reefs Around Thai Resort Island Of Phuket Already Dead

"radiant barrier chips"

Genes From Engineered Grass Spread for Miles, Study Finds

Tenn. Lab Develops Electron Microscope(sees individual atoms)

Larsen B Collapse Brings Accelerated Glacial Movement, Thinning - NSIDC

Crisis profile: What's going on in northern Uganda?

If there was a chance to turn Iraq into a pro-American beacon of democrac

Possibility of Iraq Civil War Looms Large

Muslims are condemning terrorism. But is anyone listening?

The slow, despairing death of the Democrats

The Onion on the AWB expiration....What do you think?

Ok, so, in five sentences, can anyone say why we need/don't need the AWB?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 21, 2004

God Bless You, lunabush..........

Should 2nd Amendment Rights be restored to Felons

How much personal info is too much?

Never mind.

Log-In Questions.

Seconding Cronus' suggestion!

Suggestion: Use the DU internal mail system to coordinate our message

I wonder if DU might reach out to the people of Haiti?

Is there a mod around?

Nice yellow sticky post

I recommend putting a vandalism sticky at the top of GDC 2004

Fatah executes 'collaborators'

Israeli attacks kill several in Gaza

Bush rebukes Israel over Palestinian "humiliation"

Palestinian farmer injured in alleged mob attack

'Breaking the Silence' offers new ammo on army misdeeds

Seismic spike of WTC7 collapse

65% lead? and growing?

Kerry to be in Jacksonville today....can find no info on schedule.

My "Moran" experience at Bucs/Seahawks game Sunday

OC - 2 film showings - free

Anyone w/ experience w/ San Mateo County B of Elections?

L.A. Fundraiser for John Chiang for Treasurer, Monday, September 27

looking for good place to watch debate

MN SEP-20-2004 Anoka County sheriff claims serial killer behind two deaths

Should we not do the same

MN- Students opt out- Military recruitment

Iron Jawed Angels house party

Latest OHIO Poll by UC researcher

Cincinnati DU'ers!

Watch Your Mitakides Signs

PA: "Unions protect the worst teachers" "should have two-year contracts"

Election 2004 and Ireland, Philadelphia

DFW: Ed Bark is pissing me off

An Important Call to Action for all of TEXAS!

Grand Jury Issues Felony Indictments

Austin for Kerry MeetUp -Thursday, Sep. 23

International Day of Peace celebration in Wauwatosa, 6:30 p.m. tonight...

Laura Bush is coming to Wausau this Thursday

Kerry will do debate prep in Spring Green

Obama Coming To Milwaukee Oct. 9th

Just recieved a Nethercutt flyer in the mail

Nightline NOW on CBS story and the politics of today's media...

Of War and Protest

Rose Show: Holbrooke hoses WH hoser -- Leftcoast Alert

If the neocon WHORES expect Rather to resign over spreading false info...

Freepville has run out of hate rhetoric

Is this President a traitor?

Get ready for "John Kerry is so mean" from the media

Meanwhile 40 million Americans are STILL without healthcare!

Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood

Those who will NOT be pushed out by Bush

Anyone know what grades John Kerry got in school?

Bush's lead shrinking. The bounce is OVER. (link)

All Good Journalists Are Wrong, Occasionally

Republican Hypocricy?

James Wolcott nails it... there's a serious talking point in here.

Don't you care?

Let's play a game...Let's predict what the media will do until Nov 2nd

Four killed in crash at border checkpoint (75 mi inside US Border)

Need a link for the Smear Boat general...Anyone?

throw down your flowers and put up your dukes

I am so proud of American news organizations...

do NOT fuck with the bush royal family

What were Kerrys "top ten list" on letterman last night?

Jesus returns & asks dubya, 'did you really kill thousands of people?'

Republican Senator Says He May Not Support Bush

So what's the Kerry talk show agenda?

Green Day "American Idiot" lyrics

Documentary charges Fox with bias (hence you have Rove CBS play)


'Outfoxed' will air nationally on Australian tv tomorrow night!

When is the vice presidential debate?

Which country did Condi Rice just say tried to "eat their neighbors"?

attacking CBS over phony documents, what about bush's PHONY DOCUMENTS?

LIHOP IRAQ: Gore & the DNC. What will Kerry do?

Do you think there is a parallel system of governement at work in

Fire The War Pimps: Zero Tolerance for Iraq War Pundits (Tucker confesses)

Full list of the 'coalition of the willing'

The inner ugliness of the Republicans is now showing up on the surface

Rather must quit, Novak is okay

Only US Mitsubishi Plant Lays Off 1035 Workers

jack cafferty asking the right questions about memos...

This is just crazy... they want dan rather to quit over this because he

Notice the family resemblance?

Sgt. Carl Thomas from Inkster, Mich.

Bill Hemmer BLASTS Joe Lockhart...

Reaction to dubya's UN speech

interesting article on campaign finance reform

"There are mortals whose life is certainly not active.....

US Military Detonates Bomb in Iraq, Destroys Man's house!

How did the WH know the docs' chain of possession was bad?

Officials say La Tortue Island is ok

Fascism Comes to America

1,032 American Dead in Iraq

Didn't Kerry line up every single point clearly in his Iraq speech?

UN General Assembly coming up on CSPAN1

O'Reilly Double Standard on Political Donations

Put the remote down and slowly back away from the tv; it is very

Kofi Annan up now

Extensive list of Progressive Blogs....listed by state....

137 American dead in Afghanistan

Great quote from Kofi Annan

Can someone explain this to me? (Dumbya at the UN)

No Child Left - Unrecruited

Well, Dumbya is about

Hitler portrait tops box office in Germany

A powerful quote that should be sent to every Social Darwinist! (Freepers)

We're Being Played!

Department of Homeland Security interferes with Hispanic Voter Group

A soldier needs some prayer...

They Just Played This Song on Democracy Now

Bush ob CSPAN

Bush looks like a bully . . .

About Karl Rove

Grab your valium, Bush up at the UN

Arabic-style writing prompts flight cancellation

Entire island is missing from Hurricane Jeanne!

"Extreme Oil" and what it's doing (done) to Ecuador

Lockhart put bill hemmer in his place on CNN

"He Betrayed this Country".. a trip down memory lane....Al Gore

"New Rules Clarify Vets' Rights on the Job"

C-SPAN 2 the SENATE ....Situation in Iraq and WAR on TERROR!

C SPAN NOW - Re-organization of Intel Services - Listen up

What You Must Believe To Be a Republican Today

ok...Lockhart needs a daily showing....

Ahmad Shah Masood, and his mysterious death days before 9/11

Let's tell the media they are endangered - Email them about FOX Blocker

"Costa Rica Dropped From 'Willing' List"


Is AAR stream down?

Video-Condi interview Today- "..Iraq...EATS THEIR NEIGHBORS"

Look! Another moronic poll!

Dan Bartlett wants to "get to the bottom" of the Tom Delay scandal..

"Drink Less Tea to Help Pay for Weapons?"


Do you watch the Daily Show? If so, then you're a stoned slacker!

If we need to fear any country, it must be Pakistan, a country

Email this to your friends

Mmmm mmm mmm ... those lemons sure are good

Israel says US will sell it 5,000 smart bombs

Think Matthews made a deal with Bush, I'll back you but send OTHER sons to

Kerry Medals: "media silence". Bush Memos "end of the world".

With UN, Fox doesn't even have to pretend to be fair or balanced

CSM: A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops in Iraq

Does being color blind keep you out of the military?????

Bush quotes Daw Aung San Suu Kyi? Uuhhh, hello. Does

"The only thing George W. B--- has to fear

Santorum sponsoring legislation for "regime change" in Iran

Funny, innit, the way the media suddenly grew a "conscience."

"perhaps" you may wish to sign this petition!

The beginning of the bushit October scourge?

"Secretary of State: Regis Philbin"

Bush's military records

Why do you think George didn't wait until after Nov. 2 to invade Iraq?

Need help debunking this: Wake Up Call for Liberal American Jews

The incompetence is beyond mind blowing (Iraq reconstruction)

Need info on Michael Moore's speaking tour

If you realize that every relevant record of Bush, his military record,

God vs. bush*

I need to get one of these.................

Is a victory for Bush a victory for Neo-Fascist America?

the putingang drugged reporters at school seizure

Senator O'Reilly?

memo to conserv. media saying not to interv. Kelly

Ldotters: "Bush hit another homerun at the UN"


Lets play a game. . . Predict what the media will do until Nov 2

HELP me counter this please!

Wake up and smell the Fascism

Cheney's CIA Paw - Porter Goss

Is our country REALLY headed for eventual unrest/civil war/whatever?

Stipend for Families of Wounded Service Members Set to Expire

WMD's in the USA

Really, really freaky freeper graphic

CNN coverage at UN practically admitting Kerry would do better

KRUGMAN: "he has led America into a major strategic defeat"

If we know the media does nothing but lie, why do we believe their polls?

DISGUSTING Repuke attack!

I need some info on Clinton's tax hikes / cuts....

Heard back from CBS via email

George Bush, please,TELL the TRUTH for a change!

Anti-Patriot Act TV Ad just central Alabama!

Goin to see John Kerry tomorrow

CSPAN2 - Sen Dorgan giving great speech

Is AAR down?

report: US life expectancy WAY down ("shocking truth")

Richard Clarke on a new Daily show tonight

The CBS Issue

Getting Bush Air National Guard Records

Who can tell me how to find out if my friend is still registered to

Rice on Lauer right now, sounding totally delusional...

Circus Amok is in town - NYC

I finished, "Animal Farm," last night, ask me anything! n/t

Somebody should give Bush a couple metal balls to roll around in his hand

Michael Moore live in Camden, NJ 9/20/04

"Should Dan Rather step down?" .......poll in my local newspaper.

Did bush charm the UN into more Coalition of the Willing?

Should Rather resign as anchor of CBS? (NYC paper)

Media NOT asking, "Where are the memos Killian's secretary DID type?"


What to wear to a fascism party?

Last chance -- Hold Tom DeLay accountable - Contact Ethics Comm NOW

Kerry/Edwards rally

Am I psychic? No, I just know the media.

memo-gate - disrespectful and hateful to our soldiers in Iraq - semi-rant

Bush accused the CIA of "guessing" during the Allawi press conference.

Text of Dumbo's UN speech

Healthy Oceans? Who needs 'em!

The Rise of the Mediocrities and the Knownothings.

WARNING! Google Search Reveals Credit-Card Numbers

Has Kerry released all his military records?

ROTFL ! Young Goodman Bush !

Pix/vids from NY's Pier 57 detention center

First Weekly Media Bias Award to CBS (from Rep Smith R-TX)

DU'er on MSNBC right now!

"Eyeing Iran Reactors, Israel Seeks U.S. Bunker Bombs"

Why are you still surprised about the Corporate American Media (CAM)?

Anything new on my favorite president Bill Clinton?

Complaint Against DeLay Sent to Panel(fate unkown w/Indictments in TX PAC)

Dan Rather has spent more time in warzones than Bush, Rove or Cheney.

PNAC Jr. sez: charter schools a-okay!

Kerry press conference coming up!!

The Palace Guard, by Dan Rather and Gary Paul Gates,

Do nations have the right to bear nuclear arms?

I want to welcome....

"Goss is likely to be confirmed CIA chief"

W's Prayer of Atonement

Byrd Alert! CSPAN2

Tinfoil Hat Time: What evidence points toward the CBS memos being a plant


Tour of the Oval Office w/ George W Bush (VIDEO)

Watching Kerry on Faux he seems washed out.

An Excellent Point About Media Raised by a Caller on Ed Shultz

Bush admits he is a dictator

Pre-Bush War Beheadings = 0. Beheadings on Bush Watch = 8.

Hey West Coaster's! Kerry is on Letterman - NOW!

No more Cracker Barrel for me. And Sears already sucked.

Had an interesting discussion with my boss about "Memogate" today....

John McCain is unbelievably hypocritical! C-Span2 now

badda-bing! score one for me!

He's Just an Embarrassment - PIX

Pakistani beheaded in Saudi, Ldotter likes it!

About America's Future: Are you Optimistic, or Pessimistic?


Where's Ted Olson? Is he a buddy of Buckhead?

Dean to speak at Williams College next Tuesday, open to public.

Anyone received email about Migs in the desert?

the world is safer because Martha Stewart sits in a prison cell

Right Wing Echo chamber Says "Real News On the Net"..

Poll re Kerry's War record

Three more Kerry-Edwards signs go up in two day's

It's Randi time

Answer me beheadings


SAFE Act hearing--Need Immediate Action for protection from book searches

TOONS: Bush Wows U.N.!!!

Help, need pic's of JK/JE for my desktop......

EDS to lay off 20,000 ???

My Response to RW Relative Who Supports * 's "War On Terror"

Another member of the Bush family enemies list is Senator John Kerry

Found a website where you can take polls re F 911, News Reporters,

Who Believes "al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi" Exists?

* Just Called the NIE estimates about Iraq "A Guess"

Bush, Marshal Foch and Iran

CNN Poll Shows Franken 29% - Coleman 57% for Senate Run

Does the rest of the world view the US as "empire builders"?

A Kerry observation

Khatami denies Iran is seeking nuclear weapons.

New kind of poll: Halloween mask sales.....

Lou Dobbs Poll: Iran Developing WMDs

Check out Wolfie's poll today: Should we have waited for the UN?

Ben Nightmare Campbell in Full Indian Dress on Senate Floor

Second U.S. Hostage was beheaded.

I like what Skinner and Earl G are doing regarding Roger Stone!

Anyone have a video link to Bush's press conference today??

I need help, I bookmarked a thread, can't get it now. The interview

Has the flag been hijacked by the RW?

L/Cpl. Drew Uhles would have been 21 Sunday, but for George Bush...

I Am So Tired Of CBS Memogate/TANG/Service/Rather/etc.......

If Ted Turner had never sold CNN

Kerry comes across as delusional as Bush if

AirForceTimes.Com cuts Bush no slack regarding the NG.

Be proud Freepers, you took an old man's cholesterol meds from him today


To all those looking for the train out of town...

Global Warming & Super-Storms : Expect More

Roger Stone/Buckhead connection?

Conversation With Republican Manager

Isn't is odd how repubes always get to decide "when we move on"?

Was "Little Gitmo" Pier 57 set up by RNC?

Great article about Crashcart's lies about Kerry and his own defense

Seymour Hersh: Neo-cons wanted to send fourth division right into Syria

Stop DeLay petition nearing 100,000. Sign it now. Don't delay.

Like a petulant child * will not admit

just watching f911 dvd extras

Buckhead: Card-carrying member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Daily Howler Answers CBS Rather flap

If Dan Rather apologized to Bush on air, should Bush apologize to America

And now for something completely different! Kerry tied to occult plot....

If 1/8th of the energy spent on these docs was spent in 2000

Whats the point of internet polls?

If Roger Stone is involved in the memos

No one will win in Iraq

The Dade County "Republican Mob"....Yep.. Roger Stone

Anyone else think Ed Gillespie sounded panicky on CNN just now re Guard

Why is Judy Woodruff Popular?

CBS and the memos on NOW!!!! n/t

Machiavelli, Strauss, & PNAC

Origins of the current reaction

32 felony indictments returned against De Lay?

Delta Airlines stiff passengers: no inflight meal services

Tomorrow's debate in Dubai with Dean, Sununu...short video intro.

We must annihilate the RW media!

newsmax reLeases their poLL resuLts - rather must resign

Foreign writing in magazine grounds Midwest flight

Du this poll..

Grover Norquist says F* You to WWII generation.

Why are we going after swing voters?

Bush - Kerry 9th Cousins twice removed

Boycott Home Despot!!

Another beheading...when will this senseless killing stop

John McCain says Bush should be afraid of debate

Halliburton Traded on 9-11 Warning Memo

Need help with new Canada treaty that will make draft dodging impossible

Is Fitzgerald holding off on indictments in Plame case to protect Bush?

Has anyone seen Unconstitutional yet?

It's being glossed over that Bush LIED about National Guard service

Lets have another thread dedicated to Kerry kicking ass on Letterman

Va. woman while on cell phone walks in path of truck and is killed.

Do you have friends like this? Re-Connecting with friend of 20 years

This is treason

Sublime Message maybe on CNN Inside Politics?

When/Why did the Freeps turn on David Dreier?

DU this poll

It has never been about winning.

Everyone this is an important chance for us all.......

You know what? i don't even care anymore if the docs were forged or not.

Is Burkett going to SUE CBS??? Dan Abrams just said Burkett is

Should Dan Rather be fired? MSNBC poll......

What's your worst fear right now ?

New Terror Alert - on Drudge

Why do Gun Nuts always look like this?

Stanley Hilton, 9-11 families lawyer, predicts a major terrorist attack...

The Guy James Show from Saturday

US turned off water in Iraq city for at least 3 days


"Healing The Hurt" -- Documentary about Native Americans

Think You're Registered to Vote? Make Sure!

Still Wondering if Goss is "OK"?

Tack versus tact

Great read!

BOONDOCKS: MacGruder drinking Cosby Koolaid???

"Axis of Evil" - I think Bush was right about this one thing.

FAIR Action Alert: CNN's Dobbs Attacks Annan on Iraq War Legality


When Fascism Comes to America, it Will Be Embraced by FOX News


College students: Keep your eyes open for Repub voter drives

"Swift Boat Swill" National Archives: New proof of Vietnam atrocities

Interesting Florida/Hurricanes graphic...

ITS OVER. Senate just confirmed Porter Goss - stupid

Does anyone know what the decision of the CRTC was re Fox?

So how do Canadians feel about the Lockout ?

Why does the Royal Canadian Air Farce suck so much?

When are we going to start annexing the other country/state forums?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Soundtrack

What is bush Hiding? [WP]

Zarqawi group beheads American hostage in Iraq

Israeli attacks kill several in Gaza

Shadow of Iraq hangs over UN meet

Aren't we safer? Didn't Bush claim to capture 2/3 or 3/4 of Al Qaeda?

Syria redeploys its troops in Lebanon

Iraqi PM: 'Terrorists pouring in' ..... safer? MAYBE FOR TERRORISTS


Violence Sows Fear of Voting Among Iraqis

The Saudis just say no to Bush

Federal bank examiners could get new post-employment restrictions

U.S. military probes abuse of Afghans

CBS Memo Source talked to Kerry Campaigner... ?

Car bomb hits U.S. military convoy in Baghdad

UK envoy's Bush barb made public

Kerry adviser spoke with CBS document source

Thatcher's coup quiz postponed

Kerry blasts Iraq invasion as 'historic' failure

AP: Kerry Fund-Raisers Met With S. Korean agent

Priest in UN court over Rwanda genocide

U.S. Immigration Officials Go on Courtesy Offensive


Condemning 'Islamophobia':Recent attacks raise fears of new rash of crimes

Sharia 'used in Nigeria politics'

Fed Is Expected to Boost Rates Again

Blair: "With the (D)emocrats and against the terrorists"?

Afghanistan battles starvation ahead of the polls

Rice on Lauer right now, sounding totally delusional...

Bush, in Shift (Flip Flop), Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds

Arrest Made in Illinois Capitol Shooting

Edwards, Cheney criticize each other's campaigns

AP: Kerry Fund-Raisers Met With S. Korean


WTimes: Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack

Edwards: 'Iraq's a mess'

President Bush misidentifies terrorists

Terrorism Fear Lifts Bush To Dead Heat In New Jersey (48/48 LV)

Liars, Thieves, Damn Liars

Blair calls hostage's family as fears grow

Family remembers soldier

Bush to stress humanitarian issues at U.N. (Won't "dwell" on Iraq)

U.S. Federal Open Market Committee Statement: Full Text (.25 hike)

Kerry is having first news conference since early August right now

Powell tipped to be US ambassador

Halliburton Traded on 9-11 Warning Memo

A Young Iraqi Man's Testimony (random brutality by US soldiers)

Firm Halts Iraq Work to Save 10 Hostages (Turkish construction company)

Several Indicted in Texas PAC Probe

U.S. Plutonium Shipments Head to France

American Indian Museum Opens With Pomp

CNN - Has a poll on Franken's possible run for Senate

Lucent Cutting Retiree Benefits Again (AP)

2 Marines Killed in Separate Iraq Attacks (AP wire)

Look Who's Indicted

City alert in threat to Bush (apparently Kerry too)

Khatami: Iran Will Pursue Nuclear Program

Assaulted protester considering legal action

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 21 September

Kerry Iraq Speech Puts His Camp in 'Fighting Mood'

Kerry Stakes Out Opposition Stance on War

Ignore - self delete

Firm Halts Iraq Work to Save 10 Hostages

Pentagon Bid to Reform Absentee Voting Draws Fire

U.S. behind rising wave of global terrorism: Boutros-Ghali

New Probe Of Detainee Death

Several Indicted in Texas PAC Probe

Another Arkansan Dies in Iraq

Iraq losing its best and brightest

Report: Al-Zarqawi group beheads American hostage

Storm Floods Kill More Than 600 in Haiti

Kerry Mounts Major Charge in Florida

Republicans Express Optimism on Tax Cuts

Glass House Weakens U.S. Case in Darfur

NYT: Plan to Divert Billions to Security Could Cut Crucial Iraq Services

Blair: "I can't save your Dad." (Glasgow Daily Record)

World leaders react to Bush U-N speech

Election snafu has New Orleans clerk on defensive

Convention Timing Gives Bush Money Edge

Iran parades anti-US missiles

eMusic Announces MP3 Subscription Service

Possibility of Civil War Looms Over Iraq

Iraq war was right, defiant Bush tells UN

Kerry Iraq Speech Has His Camp in 'Fighting Mood'

Station to replace liberal talk with sports (portland, ME)

Second American hostage killed - unconfirmed

Angus King (former Maine Independent Gov) endorses Kerry

Group 'kills second US hostage'

2002 Davis-Besse problem ranked among worst ever (US nuclear plant)

Texas source regrets his involvement in CBS case

Explosion Rocks Baghdad; Cause Unknown

Basket-maker announces 650 more layoffs

[El Mundo] Report: Jeanne may have claimed Isla Tortuga

Spain to ask for seizure of Pinochet's assets

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty # 1034

Kerry Does 'Top Ten' on Letterman Show

US to sell Israel 5000 smart bombs

Bush offering worst of both worlds -US author

McAuliffe: Will GOP Answer If They Know Whether Stone,

CBS backs off Guard story (read further for Burkett source)

Poll: 69% of US Jews will vote for Kerry (Jerusalem Post)

Kerry Rolls Out Health Care Ad

Defiant Bush demands more UN help to fix Iraq

In Presidential Debates, a Duel of Wits and Styles

Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert (Toby Keith)

Bush says Kerry "hardly credible" on Iraq

Syria Withdrawing Military From Lebanon

China Urges Russia to Help Yukos to Resume Oil Shipments

U.S. Army Probes GIs in Wrongful Death of Iraqis

Kos: Delay Escapes Indictment

Kerry Tops Bush In MTV Poll (46 to 40 - 59% think there will be no draft)

Airlines Told to Turn Over Passenger Data

Employers try to soothe stressed U.S. workers in Iraq

Annan Faults Both Sides of Terror War for Eroding Rule of Law

Slate: Where Kerry Stands on Iraq

Air Force Times weighs in on Bush service. "Faded into mystery."

Bush Dismisses Gloomy CIA Report on Iraq

Nader Blames Kerry for Ballot Access Fight

Kerry: Bush Wanted Debate 'Life Lines'

New York Post - Roger Stone source of forged memos?

The cracks in the facade of Bush unity

US refuses to back world hunger battle

Oatmeal help

Town In Utah Has NO Church - Gay Mayor

Smear bu**sh**!!

I'm a scorpion trapped in the body of a bull.

Can anyone tell me how to private message?

"Top 10 Bush Tax Proposals"

You know what is humbling?

Did anyone else roll in laughter as to how Malloy told the bumper sticker

new Oxyrush advertiser NetStandard

Ever notice how many people post in response to your title and not

Jedi or Empire?

In a perfect world...

Have you ever lived with someone who was Messier?

Don't....Look.....Down .....

Apparently, Batman drives a used Subaru.

Man Fesses Up To Cheating In Bass Fishing Tournament

The Plaid Adder Cafepress Store is Open for Business!

My new Management Strategy:

Very down this morning....

Can anyone tell me.....

Pele World Cup Final Shirt Fetches $105,600

Which family is the bottom?

I LOVE bimbos

Lightbulb Burns For 96 Years

Ghost Responsible For School Closing

Protest Songs 1.0 (MP3)

My own personal answer

"Mouseketeer Roll Call"......"MO!"

It's your what you wanna do...

Know any FREE system tools?

I can't open files unless I store them on my hard drive

Got any pot?

The New England Patriots: Lucky or Good?

Desperate to find video of Kerry on Letterman last night.

Check out my Flip-Flopper cartoon

Another spectacularly beautiful day in Chicago

How late is too late to get a flu shot?

A powerful quote that should be sent to every Social Darwinist! (Freepers)

Today's Factoid

Oh, goody. I still feel like crap but today I'm at work!

Today's Quote

The Red Sox or the Republic? You decide.

20 Year Old - Foot Long Goldfish (Max) Just Won't Die

My anti-Bush shirt scored me a free CD at Best Buy last night!

What was this Gun Nut thinking........

OK, now this is just plain strange

Ass Muncher! (Literally! Don't Worry, Not Porno)

Whatcha listenin' to this morning DUers?

Do you think i'll ever have a chance to swoon Jeanne Garofalo?

What our most haunted places really mean.....

Leonard Cohen fans, it's your lucky day

Is "Wattstax" available on DVD?????

I think my room is burnt out...

Would you love in this mouse?

Appropriate means of revenge for Richardo

Help me?

Drew Carey has a crappy Late Late Night talk show.

IT people (like my son who unfortunatley has been in the

OMG, the spelling is bad today in GD

Would you live with Strauss?

where's curse10?

I lost part of a filling yesterday.

So now someone has delivered a box of Krispy Kremes to my office

Unusual Blogs: Post Links Here

What do you do at your work station

We need a very special DU push poll

NY DUers - Jon Stewart Book Signing

Last ride for Mercedes taxi with 4.6 million kilometres on clock


Would you love this louse?

English teachers/students - homework question

I think I'lll change my name to HEyHEY I'd be new and improved

Do you ever have those time: No Matter What you Do

Legal question about a tree.

AirAmerica's streaming audio is back up!!!

Teen Bicyclist hit by woman says he won't sue if she agrees to sex

Validate me!


Okay bird watchers - just what the hell is this thing? (pic)

Like a fox!

Levitate me!

invalidate me!

You rambunctious kids!

Best. GD2004 Unintended Flamefest. Ever.

Si hoc legere...

Why is Hurricane Jeanne Spongebobbing?

The lounge drives me nuts

The nuts drive me to the Lounge!

Newspaper Carrier Uses Raft To Deliver To Flood Victims - Arrested

What/who advertises on your local broadcast radio news?

My driver Lounges when I nut

Another loud fuckin eater!!!!!

OMG... I'm sick of reading "OMG" @ DU!

Book Party for Paul Thompson this Sunday in NYC

I think my roommate is burnt out...

Leather In A Can!

HEY! I'm tryin' to work here! Keep it down!

The best and most original 'my nuts drive the lounge' thread reunion tour

CAPTION the man behind the curtain

My cat pooped.

The lounge drives me nuts..

My Nuts Drive The Lounge

Hold me!

Oh my CAPTIONing stars it's President Koko

Claim: America's addiction to fantasy sports could cost $36.7M/day

Photo Of Son "Mooning" For Camera Lands Dad In Sex Court

Petition to stop acronym use on DU - we have to stop the A-menace

My foot stopped itching when my cat pooped on it.

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

my nuts Lounge when i drive

I am stuck in a desperate, torrid DU love quintangle

I'm chuckling...besides your wonderfully witty posts.

A new nickname for Bush*

I'm drinking with Red Barber

As Colin says-Don't ask Don't tell -just CAPTION

Any DUers going to the Kerry/Edwards rally tonight in Orlando.

Having wasted the 1st half, what should I do with the 2d half of my life?

What would the sexagon do on a date?


Warning!!!! unlink means remove the file/syslink in C

Ford performs facelifts to burnish U.S. brands

Spank me!

Do you ever think illegal thoughts...?

Caption the happy couple!

No More Bush*!!

Have you noticed when someone starts a sentence with "I'm no expert"

What would Dubya do ??

Caption the loser after the pathetic 'speech'

KKKarl rove looks like Otis Cambell with glasses

A new way smoking can kill

Bucs Fan Says American Flag Got Him Booted From Game

Caption George in the big boy chair

Only 175 more shopping days until Robb's Birthday

Something we all know, but here's proof:

Kentucky Town Is Overrun With Gray-Haired People On Scooters

Seeking boombox that plays MP3s

Are any of you a celebrity?

New German Mobile Phone to Detect Bad Breath

OUCH! I just tripped and hurt myself!

Hey Everybody, Let's Do the Dubya! It's the latest Dance Craze

I am training confuciusly for my next fight. Ask me anything!

I'm unworthy, and no matter what I'm doing,

Tragic: Woman, 82, dies in car crash a day after her wedding

CAPTION What the hell am I doing here?

Would you live in this house?

The Royal Ass of All Captions

CAPTION the puppet president of the newest US territory,

It's pretty sad when a screenwriter upstages the actresses.

My Cat's Poop Itches

Well I'll be damned

What's with all this poke her on TV lately?

My foot won't stop itching....

I have my new cable internet, but more importantly

The French Press: Best coffee making device EVER...

George W. Bush for sale on eBay

Has anyone been following "The Surreal Life"?

Does ANYONE know this song?

Bush Territory vs. Hurricane Paths...

Mexico Churches Wage High-Tech War on Cell Phones

What in the world was this truck doing on this bridge?????

I can't sleep. I'm cold...

Call me a dreamer...a hopeless romantic...but

Today's Worst At-Home Business: Today's Nightmare Customer

Organizers Fear Terrorist Attacks On Upcoming Al-Qaeda Convention

Most haunted place in your town, state, country?


u2's new single premiering online Thursday night

Paper carrier uses raft to reach flooded subscribers; is arrested

Bar Crowd Kill Man Over A Cigarette

DVD does one do it on eMac os 10.*?

Trivia - Their name before they changed it

Is my mother flexible?

Sha-Na-Na - Still hurting people after all these years.


HELP! i procrastinate and can't concentrate!

Hey, Who's up for a game of Naked Twister?

Caption the blush of young love...

Is my monitor fixable?

Caption the Idiot In Chief at the UN

A whole lot of middle-aged men buying DVDs of "Mean Girls" today

Men Do Cry - All Over the World

BTW Matcom, how did your Redskins do this weekend???

Any DUers play Neverwinter Nights?

Cartoon of interest...

Threat level raised to "John Kerry threw away his medals"

Ladles and Germs, I give you... the Daddle.

My favorites and desktop has changed. new shortcuts,favorites

Anybody know when F/911 will be released on DVD??

"Support Our troops"- Yellow ribbon

Siouxsie's on tour!

My new readings

Just what I like to see. More of my comrades in arms are coming over...

Arts and crafts: bumper stickers

What DVD should i buy today?

I just watched "The Last Samurai" Ask me anything!

Any Scott Walker fans here?

Silly Joke

Greatest of the Romantic poets?

I just saw a Bush Cheney Poster in a top window of my dorm...

Motorcyclist Allegedly Broke Speed Limit By 140 MPH


Argh! Someone deserves severe punishment (phone fun at my expense)

Help!! My dad is going insane!!!

viewing atoms up close (what other way would you view them?)

DU, I'm bored! Please list some of your favorite sites & forums...

GTA San Andreas

Caption: "What's that smell?" Uh oh..

DU, please help heal my heart

What is an average P4 3.0Ghz CPU Temperature?

DU this poll!!


quick, someone get me my pirin tablets!!!!

The Sims 2 is a blast :) But how long until the right-wing gets pissed?

YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Human Feces Found In Local Produce Department

Can a woman rape a man?

Daryn Kagan - Girlfriend or Girl Fiend?

What would terrya and pagerbear do on a date?

Okay - who out there has a tattoo...

I just finished "Foucault's Pendulum." Ask me anything.

I finished, "Animal Farm," last night, ask me anything! n/t

Anyone else heard of TV series Sea Change?

Ok. I need your best receipes using Red Trout...

A Press Release about me

Wife Dies During "Alternative" Sex

Girlfriend made a video of herself calling all to vote for Kerry! (link)

Has anyone had any experiences with Ritalin?

I just got tix for the Morrissey concert. Fuh-LAME me, bay-beh.

Jon Stewart on O'Reilly Factor Transcript

it's official: r.e.m.'s new album blows!

Would this make me a bad niece?

And you thought YOUR prom dress was bad...

Have we had a post about it being Leonard Cohen's birthday today?

What is your Land Speed Record?

How Much Money Do You Make?

Anyone here speak Italian?

Wish Corruptor game

How Would You Like To Live Here (WV)?

Tyler Hamilton DOPING?????? Say it isn't so, Joe!

I've been having computer trouble. Ask me anything about anything else.

Would YOU Buy A Nut From THIS Woman?

Boston DUers: Anyone interested in Debate Get Together (September 30th)?

USA Today - "Pin flip-flop tag on Bush"

Bush/Cheney 2004 Signs...

The polls are on crack (and I watch them a lot)..

Drew Barrymore documentary Airs on MTV

Letterman asked tough questions...and Kerry responded well

Help!! Letterman question re: Green Day

What's with polls in northeastern states (NY, NJ particularly)?

9/11 widow and Mom campaigning for Kerry

Don't be Complacent or Complicit in Bush's Amerika!

She never said "FAKE" e-mail CNN

The Ultimate Kerry-Edwards Bus Tour

Something to consider about Iraq...

fraudulent, forged, fake

Ahnold would call this man a girlie man opposed to Bush

What impact, positive or negative will the Novak article have on the

Kerry's Top Ten List on Letterman

TV ad: Bush and Congress have a plan for Health care reform

Thinking points.

Kerry will be on Dr. Phil Show

when is Kerry going on Dr Phil and Regis and Kelly ?

42 progressive e-mail lists in one place -

TV Alert: Kerry will appear LIVE on Regis & Kelly this morning

Kerry needs to respond loud and clear...

FYI - Kerry's speech at NYU - Great Stuff Here :)

Michael Moore's "Call to Arms". Stop crying, start fighting.


Must read article from NYT re Bush Guard service, lost in Rather fiasco!

Serendipitious almost-same-time posting:

Dupe - Delete

If NBC or ABC got another lead on the Bush AWOL story...?

Rathergate -vs- Yellow Cake

Would someone please put the following sentence in Kerry lit?

Bush "trying to soften his image overseas as heavy-handed unilateralist"

Latest Poll: Kerry Will Win

kinda sick of the memo story but I have a question

It McGreavy's me to say this -

Bush Administration tells the world's hungry to eat economic growth

To Moderator: Create a POLL section and a way to filter it out.

Has Bush* specifically denied

Email to Keith Obermann

Any door-to-door advice?

Burkett says how he got the Guard memos things looking better

Edwards was in North Carolina yesterday

WTF is going on? Chimpy ahead in Iowa and New Mexico? Tied in NJ?

Mark Green has a website Name the October Surprise

Can the planet survive 4 more

Did Pew or Gallup poll the terrorists?

More Newsweek poll sampling weirdness

Pentagon denying U.S. citizens overseas right to vote

Is Kerry dropping discussions of the economy?

Bush is Fried! He Cannot Survive 3 Debates with Kerry.

Is there a state-by-state analysis of best way to make your vote count?


Hey, lets bat around this idea

Second Debate: Town hall meeting, Attendees selected by Gallup

Ed Koch is an idiot

President Bush's Ratings Slip...

Support the Troops - Fire the Liar USA Today article

Here's the real issue of Bush/Republican cowardice ...

My Analysis of Rasmussen Electoral College Polls

Don't accept the Republican framing of the docudrama!

NYTimes - Talking Sense, at Last, on Iraq

Aug. 6, 2001 PDB flyer for printing

Video Link to the interview ... its excellent -- very funny/serious too

Memos - more evidence of a republican dirty trick?

Well, Dumbya is about to...

Funny Bush joke for this morning

"The 'Girlie Men' slur and Similar Insults"

A couple of Austin stories.

All Doomsayers take heed...we need to act like Republicans for once

Dang it! I'm watching Kerry on R&K and FOX News cuts in for

I really think this whole CBS memo thing will work in our favor

Bush to stress humanitarian issues at U.N. (Won't "dwell" on Iraq)

Smart, strong American women will turn the tide

Kerry on Regis and Kelly today

Another R for Kerry? Nixon's old Commerce Secretary, Pete Peterson

Whaaaaa?? Bush within 5% in NY??????

Federal Review Composite: Bush 321, Kerry 217 (9-21-04)

Is beheading an American not a "Terrorist Attack"

Kerry Calls Bush Incompetent, Republicans Agree, Reuters Reports It

Free Local Air time for Bush's speech today

New Anti-Bush Movie -- "Bush Focus Group" -- now online!

Can Bush make Iraq a character issue and thus avoid the war criticisms

"No human life should ever be destroyed for the benefit of another"

Susan Rice on MSNBC, 11:35AM!

Bush addressing UN, I'll post updates.

Looks like Kerry may have the audience in the first debate?

WTF is this?

The Presstitutes want to play Kerry's poll numbers are down game

Official Reminder Thread -- Hispanic Last Names

Kerry coming up on Regis and Kelly

Next time a repub says "Kerry has no plan," remind him of this...

Bush has had the claim that a Kerry flip-flop was that JK would have

$87 Billion- Look How Much Has Gone To Halliburton

Lucy Ramirez revealed (Daily Kos)

Haha -- Kerry says Chimp wanted debate "life lines"

"Actress Woodard Rallies Voters in Wis."

Anyone explain why Kerry has not talked more about BCCI?

This lady Susan Rice is Great

Wisdom from my 10 year old regarding elections

Kerry up next on Regis west coast

Is anyone one else watching C-SPAN 2?

Quite possibly the most incriminating...

So are Republicans saying that we're better off with 1,030 dead American

More evidence the polls are worthless

Three cheers for Joe Lockhart who just skewered the CNN's Hummer

"Cheney Again Warns Against Choosing Kerry"

Why haven't the Bush Girls enlisted?

"Kerry: Bush Wanted Debate 'Life Lines'"

Wes Clark Critiques Bush UN Speech

Rathergate - So Freaking What?

Kofi Annan's less than subliminal aside to Bush: "No one is above the law"

This link might work better than my last one...

Ad Idea

two upcoming Vietnam documentaries

Joe Biden did Kerry proud on Faux News after the morons speech.

When is a debate not a debate?

Is this a terrorist?

Bush Called Beslan Children "little creatures"

Kerry on Letterman gets great ratings

THE GOP ATTACK MACHINE IS IN GA. Wish I could prove it !

"George Bush never lost a debate???" Why do I keep hearing this?

Pay Attention Scott McClellan: A Primer for Press Secretaries

Is Bush's UN Democracy Fund a sneaky way to pay for Iraq?

"transparency & accountability. . .?"

Does "Stubborn Incompetence" Just About Sum It Up?

Question about debate format - please tell me I'm wrong.

SS looking for man seen as assassination threat to Bush, Kerry

"GOP Sen. Won't Commit to Voting for Bush"

Rove is a miserable failure

Pentagon Restricts Overseas Voters

Heads Zup! Hemmer Mugging of Joe Lockhart on CNN. 1:18 p.m.

Does the right wing of this country scare you like it scares me?

Well, well, well - It's Karl Rove's Old Buddy!

Regarding the Phony Misconception that Kerry prefers Saddam in power

the Bush doctrine

DU Needs New "Moderates"

Dammit, I know that he only read the speeches, but could Bush

Can someone explain "Air Force Shaping" DOS Rollback" Procedures

Purported memos and what's known - San Francisco Chronicle

Rather v Bush 1

Debate Point: Kerry Should Use The Phrase "Overwhelming Force" Repeatedly

Early X-Mas: Kerry Body Slams Bush On Tora Bora (And Media Notices!)

Bush-Gore debate on SNL (MP3)

Kerry will be lucky to hold his own in the debates

Headed for trial: Six PA men who dropped pants during Bush visit

CSPAN archive of Bush-Gore debate links

Now it's "terror", and not "terra".

Which is the best indicator of voting for November?

Bush-Allawi "Press Conference" coming up (MSNBC)

Iraq last straw for GOP rebels

Sudden shift in Electoral College

Watch Bush's PHONY Southern ACCENT Disappear at the UN Today

I made a contribution to Kerry's campaign tonight because he finally

John Edwards will be interviewed tonight on CNN and CNBC

If the * and his campaign keep saying that

How is Bush a master of debate?

Stewart/Colbert for president in 2008

Look how BAD the state poll results vs reality were from 2000

How many people here have watched Outfoxed

SW Ohio volunteers needed!

Wow, a personal response to my CBS email!

Parlock the Martyr loves DemocraticUnderground

are there any active-duty DUers here?

I couldn't believe what Bill Maher quoted Rummy as saying:

Pix/vids from NY's Pier 57 detention center

Neo Cons are cowards rant...

I am really going to enjoy watching the Republican party implode after

Veteran Duer Chris Heinz Coming Up On The Franken Factor

Kerry's Having Press Conference

Alan Keyes (R!) calls for Banning of political polls

cspan not covering Kerry press conf??

Vote in this poll please "Do you think Dan Rather should be fired ?"

Anyone know about AVC Advantage electronic voting machines?

"Bush's (UN) remarks drew applause only once — at the end of his speech."

"A Strident Minority: Anti-Bush US Troops in Iraq"

2004 Recount fund - oh, boy!

"....see, I don't need to explain...." --George W. Bush

Live CNN Kerry's news conference


When is * on O'Leilly?

"Pentagon Restricts Overseas Voters"

The Nation -- Is McCain Going to Knife Bush?

Cheney and Edwards Exchange Criticism (Bush's ``do-nothing presidency'' )

Dems, GOP Court 'Unreliable' Voters (unreliable about actually voting)

Did anyone see Kerry on Letterman last night?

Everyone Email John Kerry - Tell him he did great on Letterman...

Kerry's Top 10 Bush Tax Codes (from Letterman)

If it was so important to make Saddam comply with the UN resolutions

Pick your favorite quote from the Bush speech to the UN

Is there any way I can get the DNC to stop sending me snail mail?

Kerry should hold such a press conference every week up until the election

In U.N. speech, * said CIA was just guessing. How long till CIA fires one

Cheney Mentions The Axis Again

Anyone Have A Link To Video Or Transcript Of Press Conference?

Email spam - I just got a load of it re: Bush invading Iraq

My next-door neighbor's Bush sign almost in my yard is comin down!

Glimpsed yesterday in DFW- I'm NOT kidding!


Maybe I shouldn't be posting this....

Kerry's Press Conference....why not more?

Looking at Kerry's Florida press conference, comparing him to

An ad I'd like to see...

CBS Should do a story on BIAS in the cable media

Cheney plays to the rubes

AP: CBS to Name Panel to Exam Bush Guard Story

U.S. Judge Orders Election Agency to Tighten Rules

Another Swift Ad to Counter

my Letter to the editor

Kerry needs to demand NO Fox moderators. Outfoxed proves bias

AP Posts The Letterman Top Ten

9/30 - Foreign Policy; 10/8 - All Subjects; 10/13 - Economics And Domestic

You won't like this: Howler, Gergen see parallels between Bush, Rather

Lions and tigers and Kerry - oh my (the press conference)

I Don't Think Kerry Will Win NC or Virginia

A Retiring Dem Zell Miller Attacks Kerry = BIG NEWS, but...

Could xenophobia undermine FOX news?

CNN's Carol Costello on Kerry: "That was just a low blow."

CNN - Has a poll on Franken's possible run for Senate


ever notice how * supporters apply far greater scrutiny to JK

"Closer": Not just the historical truth, but a self-fulfilling prophecy

My Dad, The Swingvoter (?)

The UN's musical tribute to Bush?

Lesson to learn: How Gore lost the second debate to Bush in 2000

New Yorker Magazine Quotes Heinz Kerry Out Of Context

Contact Lincoln Chafee - Senator who may not vote for Bush - here.

Language: A Key Mechanism of Control Newts Key Words

Here's a new poll on CNN website. 'Mistake to invade Iraq?'

Kerry is having first news conference since early August right now

How about this "comparison"

The dog that didn't bark -- where are the environmentalists?

The moron attempts to speak - claims his own CIA is "guessing"

Kerry will do debate prep in Wisconsin (Spring Green)

The Bushistas must Hate FREEDOM because they doing their best to take it

Brooksville, Dade City, Ocala, Crystal River, Inverness request activists.

Who among us doesn't love funny comments

Micheal Moore to Henny Penny Democrats ...... SHUT UP!

Bush Lies TV Back Up

Where can I download vid of Kerry on Letterman?

This will be my email to all my friends/family November 1st

New York Post - Roger Stone source of forged memos?

Interesting encounter with an unexpected Bush supporter yesterday...

Which debate are you looking forward most to?


VP john Edwards on Lou Dobbs today

Is there a video and/or transcript of Kerry's press conference today?

AP - Military moms speak out against Bush, war in Iraq

Sludge's coverage of the Stone story . . .

John Edwards' "inappropriately" hot daughter was on my campus yesterday...

Edwards, Heinz, and Kerry kids in North Carolina last month (my pics)

Actual intelligent discussion from the NRO on Iraq (shocking, I know)

FAIR Action Alert: Lou Dobbs' smear of Kofi Annan

Somebody make up an email list of national media NOW

So, what do we know about Roger and Nydia Stone?

Statement from Rand Beers in Response to Bush

Anyone have a link to the poll on the Swiftie Liars?

Terry McAuliffe = doing the right thing (this time)

Let's demand Bush administration be investigation in document scandal.

"The President needs to live in the world of reality" -- AAAAARGH!!!

Let's let the world know we trust CBS more than Fox, CNN, NBC, etc.

Is John Edwards still alive? Has he disappeared?

WTF? Burkett to sue CBS? It's on MSNBC now. Abrams. ?

Nader on Lou Dobbs now

Ahah! Seems the Bushie campaign has finally gotten the message

Edwards on Lou Dobbs tonight 6pm EST

Bush On C-SPAN Now - sorry in advance for wrong forum

Significant increase in Kerry EV count in polls:

Media BlackBalling Kerry Press Conference?

Wolf Blitzer Is F-ing Stupid

How dangerous is George W Bush's theocratic zealotry?

Serious questions remain about Bush's service despite the CBS mea culpa

here it comes: "Kerry is so mean and negative" all rightwing pundints

Bush people just keep on giving welfare to big corporations...

did Kerry get any questions about the Swift boats?

Letterman gets big ratings boost from Kerry appearance!!

Debate prep 101. Step 1: Let the candidate get some rest. Don't run him

Bush silliness not appreciated at UN: lack of respect cited

preempting Tweety

Love-fest with Tweety and McCain

Kerry Iraq Speech Puts Campaign In "Fighting Mood"


What will YOU do to keep people from watching the debates?

E.J Dionne: Yes, Mr. President, there are questions to be answered

Du this poll

Kerry comes across as delusional as Bush if

Sweet Nothings: Bush's UN Speech Offers Platitudes Instead Of Solutions

DU this CNN Poll - Overall, how do you view the TV news media?

Do you want to know why there are not many Kerry/Edwards bumper

Good news and bad news from

Anybody know of a link to a video of Kerry's Letterman appearence?

CNBC Capitol Report just salivating over the "CBS memos"....

Bush's Speech Review ... according to the world

we need to blast the media, and the Kerry campaign, with this:

Kerry consistant on Iraq. Sounds almost like a broken record.

A question regarding something Tweety said tonight

Wolf poll of the day

Geez, "Inside Edition" is ALL OVER the Niederer story.

Why does the media let Jr get away with this?

This has got to be the most hated man on the Earth

Local Orlando DJ defending Moore, Kerry

Is George W Bush Iraq policy of staying the course...

Kerry news Conference "Polls mean nothing to me"

Kerry is not using the internet enough to get his message out

9.21.04 - Has this been a good day or what?

Kerry-Edwards signs are being stolen in Charlotte, NC

I just got a letter from the DNC from James Carville. Asking for $.

On Point Radio: Buchanan Tearing Dim Son Another One

Who here is extra proud of Kerry's appearence on Letterman?

Is Bush Trying To LOSE???

The debate rules suck. What can we do about it?

Shrubya's campaign is toast --they have nothing to "run on"....daily drips

Rasmussen Battleground for 9/21 (Very Good News)

Bill Hemmer BLASTS Joe Lockhart...

so is Bush mad at the CIA for "guessing?"

Bush: "CIA was just guessing" about danger of slipping into civil war

Some good tracking numbers for Kerry in FL and PA

Excellent Edwards/Dobbs interview

AirForceTimes:Bush’s Air Guard stint started well, then faded into mystery

Another nail in the BFEE coffin...

Bush thinks he's being clever by refusing to refer to John Kerry by name..

What states have a gay marriage ban amendment on the ballot Nov 2?

Is There A New 'Silent Majority' This Time Around ???

Oregon high school student explains "Why NOT to vote for Bush"

2 words the Kerry campaign can start using to soundbite-edly differentiate

Jon Carroll, SFGate: No Time to Despair

Bush screws up again

Russert caught stumpin for Bush in PA

Bush* got very modest applause from the United Nations meeting

Dirty tricks... who they REALLY fear

Bush, in Shift, Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds

Joe Lockhart is our best media spokesman, no doubt!

Ohio voters hurt by * will vote for him anyway..from SF Gate

E.J. Dionne - "What is Bush Hiding?"

New Zogby Interactive Kerry leads in more battleground states

Transcript of Jon Stewart on O'Reilly Factor

MY country... MY government... Why does * always use this terminology?

Chicken Soup for the Frustrated Soul

Candy Crowley covering Kerry!?

Kerry Press release On TANG/CBS Documents

Hmmmm, "Bush tells U.N. 'all must fight the murderers'"

MSNBC is not reporting the news they're creating it

Florida red/blue question

Vote: is the media liberal, conservative or moderate: CNN 360 right now!

Kerry via Salon: "The president really has no credibility at this point"

I've felt like smashing some Bush lawn signs... misrepresents the truth, and here is why.

Could Kerry Get Canada Into Iraq?

Bumper Sticker update...what about your state?

Lesson to learn: how the MEDIA PAINTED Gore the loser of the 2000 debates

Would you welcome Colin Powell into the Kerry Administration?

Kerry lays out awesome speech on Iraq --- Imus bashes and whores for AWOL

Say hello to 'The Closer'

Ok, I'm ignorant. Someone fill me in on LaRouche.



Burkett Got The Docs From "LUCY RAMIREZ". Who Is She???

JOHN KERRY on Regis & Kelly show NOW in East, but check your listings

Calling Brain Trust -- Help me Follow This (re: CBS Documents)

ABC just bitch slapped Bush

Cheney cancels Michigan event

I just told a Freeper to Shove It

Which prison should Tom DeLay be sent to?

Im giving up

We need to start an all in out BLITZ on CNN and MSNBC

New RW smear ad: Kerry will take away your hunting guns

Think You Are Registered to Vote? Make Sure!

Roger Stone in Sex Shocker! (National Enquirer and Star pics) BIG DOWNLOAD

DNC: Bush Campaign Gets a Case of Camera Shyness(on CBS memes)

The Bush Sucker Punch, Then & Now ...

If we lose NC, was Edwards a good choice?

Schlotzky's Drive Thru story!

Does... When Does... Kerry Play 'The Draft Is Coming Under Bush' Card ???