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Archives: August 6, 2004

Swift Boat Ad - This band of brothers has a different view of Kerry

Giblets: Swift Boat Gibletsian for Truth!

Siberian boy, 7, raised by dogs

Global Eye - All About Eve

Salon: Another Swift Lie

Salon/Conason: Republicans' Dishonorable Charge

Remember 20,000 American troops in Afghanistan?

Washington's gift to bomb makers (Bush does want to hard the country)

WSJ - Bush, Kerry Are Far Apart on How Raising Taxes on 'Rich' Pans Out


Stressed soldiers to be treated with cannabis

(California) Growth pains

Nation Magazine "Bush's Military Past"

Mess with the Repubs: Barlow promotes dancing in the streets!

The Giant Republican Blame-Away Machine

The Hand-Over That Wasn'tt

Protest Rumsfeld in Chicago 8/6, Bush in LA 8/12 and Bush in Seattle 8/13

Act Against War

The End of an Error in NYC. 8/12

Computer professionals - Sign up for TechWatch!

Novak speaks!

Media refuses to note Bush close connection to Swift Boat/O'Neill/ENRON

Source code stolen from U.S. software company in India

Scientist's death haunts family

"tools for small crimes"-make a fortune now

How long does a donor stars last for?

I'm not sure why

Just an idea . . .

There are 15 "Swiftvets" posts on the front page of GD right now.

Minneapolis' sole Republican precinct

MI--11th Congressional District - Thad McCotter (R), etc.

Cincinnati DU'ers

Bob Perry of Perry Homes, Kerry attack ads and the Bush link

Dupe (sorry)

Swift Boats first up on Olberman

I shook John Kerry's hand!

Why Democrats have won every Presidential election since 1992

My Dream...

Today -- Another Bushism

Lawyer Sues Yahoo for Message Board Name-Calling

Wouldn't the SwiftBoat Liars

Smear Group is not as large as they claim ....

Imagine if we had DU and the Lib blogs during Whitewater & Impeachment?

O'Lielly saz "Men didn't serve on boat with Kerry"

Should Richard Shelby Be Tried As A Traitor?

How to deal with the Double Standard?

Worst part about the ad

An important message from Ben and Jerry's

George Soros (Money) paid for my orgasim last night!

Someone needs to point out who profits from the "unfit" book royalties

Has anyone seen the new DNC/Kerry Ad?

Freepers sputtering out of control

Help--Earlier there was a post about the organization that

On Ed, rightard blew hard about how Kerry is well know as lazy in Senate..

NYT continues: "An American Debate: How Severe the Threat?"

Please help "adjust" this poll in fundie Greenville, SC

Kerry hitpiece/ author's law firm representing Enron exec

How long before the absolute disaster that is Iraq

Here's how I'd respond to the fakeboat ads, if I were Sen. Kerry...

Despicable. Absolutely Despicable

Has Kate O' Bierne Recanted her Comment Yet

Who is Bob Perry


LIghts out! * barely breathing. Knocked cold by FOX 44% approval

Watch a great Al-Jazeera animation of * war crimes

Battle over Texas sex education textbooks

Rassman on Hannity--he's my new hero.

The Right Wing Press is in big time retreat over the ad!

Gasp! - We All Have Linda RONSTADT's Disease!

"I will never relent in defending America whatever it takes," Bush said...

Does the McCain repudiation of the Swift boat vet ad recuse him

Watch Hannity squirm, Fox about to inform him of there new poll.

Signs of rightwing desperation from the Yahoo Boards.

News is weird

what is the callin number for David Dreier

Way to go, Ron Prescott, put Dreier in his place! LOL!!

Time to revisit Joe Conasons piece about the Slime Boaters

Susan Estrich is DESTROYING the Swift Boat story

For those who examine past models, trends, absolutes..............

Pruis Named Car of the Year by Motor Trend Magazine

DU this one-sided GOP paper poll

North Korea...

Observation: Bush camp using Swift ad as an example to end the

Holy Gooly Goo Goo... O'Reilly is miffed

Sorry it's late..anyone see Hastert on Faux News yesterday?

Gen. Tommy Franks was in Pakistan on 911?

Who Was That Dumbass Ass That Said FU on Malloy's Show?

New title proposal for the budget defecit graphic: "Turning the corner"

I think the Bushbot slime ads have just played into Kerry's hand.

Why the US will stay in Iraq

Another look at the poll numbers after the convention

quick question - does soros fund

Has anyone seen the swift boat vets ad?

Was John O'Neill Vietnam's Lynndie England?

Bushism or Freudian slip?????

My Mother turned 76 years old today and has never voted in her life.....

Clinton says he would have believed Blix over U.S. Intelligence re WMDs

Anyone hear that the co-author of O'Neill's antiKerry book is a freeper?

While DU was down, I went to a site I hadn't visited in a while...

I would like to create a petition for the fairness doctrine

'Liberal Media', why would corporate America want a Democrat in office?

FEC panel dismisses ‘Fahrenheit’ complaint

Anthrax Killer News?

King blog

Discredited Abu Zubaydah strikes again.

QUICK......need Keyes quotes for RW call in show

Larry Thurlow's Contradicting Stories

FREEPERS want to boycott O'LIELLY!! Heh heh!

The "Garfield" movie, Bush and the terror alerts

Rethuglicants desperate, courting Amish vote!

Obtaining Cheney Rally Ticket Requires Signing Bush Endorsemen

Hannity say's he has inside info the unemployment #'s will be lower

Barbara Lee (D-CA) with Tavis Smiley tonight -- topic: election monitoring

Bet I knew the real reason for the heightened terror alerts ,

Who is Dick Morris, really?

How much do the candidates have left?

This is one event they can blame on Clinton

I think the Swift boaters are secretly working FOR Kerry

... poor malloy, he's too kind to callers today

Thumb Sucking Conservatives

photo from MO campaign stop

Girlie men, boxing, and being a liberal man

Good Ohio Link if anyones interested

ITT we post things as comatose as Alan Colmes

Labor disputes loom over GOP Convention

Rethugs desperate, courting Amish vote!

EEK! Local news (KOTV, Tulsa) 11% of Oklahomans have serious mental

Should Mary Kay Letourneau be able to reunite with the boy she molested?

I have just had the pleasure of calling Falwell a poster boy for thuggery.

The Daily Show skit on sex clubs put a thought into my head

so how much should Obama get against Keyes?

Malloy: "Tha Sowth well Rahs agin'! Now hand me tha' thar snake!"

Bill Clinton on The Daily Show?

This tells the story about where gasoline/energy costs are...

Air America Crushes Competitors in Portland - New Numbers

I just heard a Bush ad...Not exact wording, but everything is there

Not-So-Swift Vets and Da' FreepeeZ: Perfect together.

Time for the truth about the swiftboat liars

"Kerry not a real hero" help me respond

Has Religion and Government ever worked to the advantage of the people?

I know some are probably tired of voting in newspaper polls

The Wars on Terra and Iraq have served as a cover ...

Letterman played the Bush clip

Kilborn brings up AWOL sorta:

Jerry Falwell says he has had it with "left-wing thugs."

What Was The Name That The Malloy Caller Asked Him To Google...

Wonder if JERRY FALLWELL and the AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI could have been

Did you catch Coulter in Scarborough? Channel surfing, she was

MSNBC After Hours - -- -- with Ron Reagan and Scarborough

Cheney and Rumsfeld covered up the death of a science researcher

Natalie Portman shirt on Daily Show sez - kerry me

Fascist on CSPAN claims MLK was a conservative and the Civil Rights...

So what would repugs say that bush has done for America?

Freepers turning on Not Too Swift Boat Vets

Can anyone point me to a clip of today's big Bush gaffe?

any ties from John E. O'Neill to bush?

O'Reilly: "I'm sure that a Phantom George Soros paid for the swiftboat ad"

Any predictions for the jobs report tomorrow?

Washington D.C, security lockdown?

FREEPERS boycott shitting because American Standard donates to Democrats

I have seen the definition of irony, and it is Bill O'Reilly.

Bush was in Viet Nam....

When does Mike Malloy's show come on?

Max Cleland's War Wounds Are Fake

Letterman showed the "harm" tape.

Meet Shrub's Million $ Donor, Univision CEO

Franken & Krugman tonite in NYC.

Why we should ALL make sure we pick up a copy of Steve Earle's CD (lyrics)

David Letterman had Bush*'s freudian slip!!!! It is funny! n/t

Ugh! CNN airing Bush* bio Aug 29, "The man...the president*"

Anyone want to debate bush supporters who actually know how to debate?

My first visit to freeperland.... whew...

MSNBC: "Concerns about job quality...dismissed by Bush and his allies"

To the huge crowd of new DUer's: Where'd you here about the site?

The Countdown with Keith Olbermann!

Total number of software engineering jobs declined 15% in last 4 months!

My Retro Kerry/Edwards Shirt

Anybody Hear Maureen Dowd On "Fresh Air"?

Malloy pouncing on McCain

I was at Kerry's first rally on the train tour!

O'Reilly Condems SwiftboatVets Ad

Kerry's Coming to Vegas!

Bush/Cheney people at Kerry camaign stop today -- thugs

A Simple Action That Can Bring World Peace Now - Proposal For Discussion

Fish often has amounts of mercury harmful for pregnant women

Jeb's Girl friend Threatened by her husband

Beijing University sacks teacher for plagiarism | Xinhua

Resistance Captures US General In Ramadi-

O'Reilly Condems SwiftboatVets Ad

Terror arrests part of global effort to foil attacks -Knight Ridder

An American Debate: How Severe the Threat?

One in Six Americans Victim of Fraud, FTC Says

Kingdom (Saudi) Suspends Truck Traffic to Iraq/New World Media Watch

State Sen. Ron Klein wants absentee ballots in touch-screen precincts.

Judge Orders USDA to ID Biocrop Locales

Audio tape may solve JFK mystery | BBC

BBC (early Friday): Shia cleric Sadr urges truce in Iraq

Palm Beach County up nearly 50,000 voters since 2000

Unsafe injections cause 390,000 premature deaths in China | Xinhua

As Defense Secretary, Cheney opposed National Intelligence Director

Presidential Nephew to Wed in Maine

Judge Dismisses Condit Libel Lawsuit

Keyes planning to run (aparently says yes, not "thinking" on it)

FBI, Post Office search NJ, NY homes in anthrax probe

Bacteria-Related Beach Closings Skyrocket

Greenpeace Protesters Arrested in Alaska

Hiroshima's Mayor Denounces U.S. Nuclear Policy

Unabashed Racist Leads Tenn. GOP Primary

Chicago Man Arrested in Plot to Bomb Courthouse

Lawyer Sues Yahoo for Message Board Name-Calling

Who do you recommend for webhosting?

Blogs: essential form of expression or whizzing in the wind?

My 1000th post

Mods - do we need a separate board

Thursday Night Brit Comedy!

I'm looking for the sky to save me.

Do you like TV shows on DVD?

I love R.E.M. so much, I followed a link on their site to Faux News.


Computer networking equipment question.....

A pic of the new DUer franmarz

On What DU forums to you stroll?

I have the hots for Kim Possible. Am I a freak???

Those who get Sonic Drive-In ads on TV

How Has Du Been?

I haven't posted in forever. So, who missed me?

Question about drudge and web traffic

What are you going to do when DU has its down time tonight

Post your favorite ridiculous song lyrics here

Happy anniversary to me!

My son is a better liberal than you!

coloradodem2004's Foo Fighters thread kicked my earworm.

WTF? My roommate's normally friendly dog just turned violent.

Microsoft still alive and kicking

RealPlayer help. Before my new DSL I streamed Air America fine now it

Has anyone else seen "Maria Full of Grace"? (possible spoilers)

Petting Zoo Rabies - Fossil Rim park near Fort Worth TX

HOLY KIBBLE! Flatbed scanners are crap at scanning 35mm negatives!

I hate my insurance co, I need some help...

Help! My foot is stuck.

Has anyone heard from NNNOLHI lately?

I'm eating "Reverse the Curse" ice cream. Ask me anything!

Germany suspending Linux migration

In my opinion, no option, on my responsibility

"1984" is #3 top-selling book at my local B&N

Quick! Say something!!!!!!

Heh, why am I not surprised Gene Simmons is pro-Bush?

YEEEEHAWWWW....Clinton on The Daily Show on Monday

Ronald Isley of THE ISLEY BROTHERS has had a stroke.

First DUer to tell me what a Puerto Rican Fog Bank is wins a prize!!!

Has anyone seen NNNOLHI lately?

yeeha! new buttons

Flying Monkey Right?

A newspaper version of the "corn" photo you probably haven't seen

Ok.. gonna call mike malloy. Why not? :)

Stojakovic Asks Kings For Trade

You guys have it so easy

Windows users: Updating to SP2?

If You Google "Dry Drunk"....

Natalie Portman on Dailey show and I'm hot for her

This world needs a tv show about a bunch of singles....

Sealab thread

Holy Toledo! Just Saw a Woman With a HUGE Rack!!!

What should I dream about?

ARGH! I've been watching movies that take place in the city today

All Bush wants is your red stapler...and your desk as far back as possible

West Coasters - Celebrity Poker Showdown tonight!

How I ended up naked on the kitchen counter

You are going to love this post, GUARANTEED or your money back!

Any european travelers out there?

jeff bridges on Kilborn

Have you ever eaten at the deli at turdy turd and turd?

Do you think nice guys finish last?

natalie portman on Daily Show: shirt says kerry me!

Okay, enough who the hell has been hooking up?

I live next to real Hypocrites

green is blue, last I looked

I'm gonna start telling people I'm a socialist just for fun

Really hideous Jesus art...

Wow, did Malloy just say that about the majority of Southerners

my thousandth post is coming. go ahead. ask me anything.

Name the DUers III

Cool site with a cool song

how tight is Alec Baldwin's ex-wife's face?

Which of these two words sounds more positive: North or South?

I am now the PROUD owner of a Kerry/Edwards sign!!!

*Kumho* tires...huh huhhuhhuhhuh huh huh

Woo-hoo! The Graham Norton Effect starts at 10 eastern!

What do us married DU Lounge Lizards do about all this hooking up?

Guess who turned 48 today?!

Have you been to the top 100 places in the world?

Caption the Crusader

Brothers & Sisters can I get a soul moving CAPTION? AMEN!!

Stoopid question on writing papers.

How the hell are you supposed to protect a computer?

Went to hypnotist to stop smoking

Best WHITE VOCAL GROUP of the 1950s?

Best BLACK VOCAL GROUP of the 1950s?

I am going to the Olympics. Ask me anything.

DU Fantasy Football League #2

Kerry campaign e-mail: "An economy that works for all"

Bush Adminstration Still Has Not Denounced The Swift Boat Ads

Michigan 52-41 Kerry--- Survey USA

Great News!

Grassroots PDF on the Swiftboat Repug Assholes available

Kerry Must Use The Blowback Of The SwiftBoat Ad To Preempt The RNC

I wish Kerry would quit referring to "President Bush" in his speeches.

Great Bush AWOL story

How's this map look?

Can anyone answer my question?

Electoral Vote question - we only have to get ONE more EV

LTTE - Return Bob Perry's Campaign Contribution Now - Swift Vet Related

Keith Olberman of the Countdown socking it to the swift boat "vets"

Caption the bushie supporter

Stay Positive:

Print Your Own Kerry/Edwards Bumper or Back Window Sticker

Experiences of a Kerry t-shirt wearer in the deep south

Are you worried

I just gave $35 to Wesley Clark's organization.

DU poll: Bush vs. Kerry

Scott Ritter: Challenging Kerry on his Iraq vote

Yglesias: Would You Like A Little Humility With That Whine?

Medical bills figure in personal bankruptcy

Herbert: Failure of Leadership

The Spectator: Think before you bomb

Krugman: What About Iraq?

Grapes? Virgins? Does That Explain Suicide Bombers?

Top LA Times editorial

Total number of software engineering jobs declined 15% in last 4 months!

Carve Muskie's craggy face into Sugarloaf

As Defense Chief in 1992, Cheney Opposed Intelligence Czar

TV Spot idea to address the anti-Cleland/Kerry/McCain type stuff. Debunks "Most Liberal Voting Record in Senate"

The Fighting Irish

Economy haunting Bush again

Doesn't anybody in the GOP understand hypocrisy?


The wall: there, and here

Mixing Church & State can Damage Both

Unabashed racist Hart leading in GOP race

Iraqi Commission to Restrict Media Coverage

Barbara Ehrenreich Answers Readers' Questions - interesting

Housing Bubble Reaches ‘Profound’ Stage

Whose Values are Superior?

Saddam wants to go to Sweden

Bush's message on economy takes beating

US troops destroy Iraq's ancient past

Political Songs - A Good Idea?

DU this Poll

OUTFOXED Opens Tonight, Aug 6th In LA

Protest Bush in Northern Virginia

Grand Opening Change of Plans (N. San Diego County)!

Protest Bush in Santa Monica, CA, August 12, Thursday

NYTimes v. the Dallas Morning News.

Reuters: U.S. Says 300 Fighters Killed in Najaf

Big Dog Alert!!! Monday on "The Daily Show"

US Media/Fox lies exposed by Media Matters for America re:Swift Boat

Lou Dobbs: (gets paid to fence sit)

the raw story?

PBS gory - email objections, pls

Is Michelle Malkin trying to out do Coulter?

Today's Thought

Today's Quotes

Today's thought (2)

On this day in history 08/06

"Nuchal Transparency Ultrasound": Anyone have the procedure?

Contrary Thought of the Day

Hindu Astrology Chart of George W. Bush

TNOE's "Ascension" thread .........#2

Feeling Monday's Mercury flip already.

Bush Might Well Include Tax-Overhaul Push (flat tax but w/ home int deduct

CNN Poll on the Job Market

Treasuries Up, Jobs Seen Restraining Fed

So, you think the job numbers are bad now?

FAUX News blowhard: there were over 600,000 jobs created in July?!?

The price of Crude Oil

Housing Bubble Reaches ‘Profound’ Stage

Cassini Finds Radiation Between Saturn and Innermost Ring (need new theory

Locust Swarms Descend On Sub-Saharan Africa

Indian Police Open Fire On Crowd Of Monsoon Refugees - Reuters

Elwha River Dam Removal Plan Gets Final Go-Ahead

The Death of Cheap Crude (aljazeera)

Controversy erupts over Antarctic lake

Kerry Offers 10 - Year Plan for U.S. Energy Independence

Ford Actually, Finally, Truly Begins Production Of Hybrid SUV

FWS Admits Flawed FL Panther Data, Fires Veteran Biologist Anyway

California EPA wants to spur solar-home development

Sudan's Osama: The Islamist roots of the Darfur genocide

BBC (August 6): Jakarta rejects Timor convictions

Al Qaeda Suspect May Have Created Surveillance Files (in 2001)

Clashes Shatter Cease-Fire in Iraqi Holy City (2 US dead)

An Israeli leading the symbol of Berlin

Iranian Youth Despair

42 American soldiers died in June, and 54 in July--What About Iraq?

"Gun Rights" Only at Republican Events...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 6, 2004

Should child endangerment include not teaching your child to swim?

I'm out of here.

Another Pro-gun Candidate Sweeps to Victory!

What's the problem with ChomskyVA?

A question and an idea.

I just want to THANK YOU for locking my thread.

DU isn't "refreshing" anymore.

Bug report id number: 33594....thanks

Is there a link to "how many" posts before...?

Skinner, can you suggest something?

The funniest thing on DU

Can you PLEASE unlock this thread?

Are polls no longer aloud on DU? n/t

What's that sitemeter thing on the bottom of the home page?

Israel to allow PA policemen to carry arms

Israel reopens Rafah crossing

Israel Denies It's Planning Major Settlement Project

The wall: there, and here

Terror Victim Refused Entry to US Due to Lack of ´Family Ties´ in Israel


The USA PATRIOT Act, "sneak and peek"

I heard a Keyes supporter say on the radio today "Keyes will be a

Deutsch, BlackBerry share stage at debate

Flawed Florida Touch Screens Draw Scrutiny

County (Miami-Dade) set for voting, Burgess declares

Legislators: Grants unfair to Florida

Judge dismisses libel suit by wife of Gary Condit

Protest Alert: Bush coming to Santa Monica, CA, August 12

John Kerry Enjoys Wide Lead in California (Field poll 51-40)

A Bush Supporter Had the Kerry Campaign HQ in Oceanside evicted!

Why is the SF Bay Area so democratic?

Poll finds minimal bounce for Kerry- still slight lead (+2)over Bush

I am blaming the Dutch Elm Disease outbreak in Minneapolis on Bush.

anyone hear the insane radio ad-Miss Betsey says trucks & SUVs will

Oakland County Republicans refuse to lower flags for war dead

How's the Seemann campaign going?

Cities can't enforce zoning, planning rules on casinos

Hoeffel gets a key Union Endorsement which used to go to Specter

Springsteen to Back Fogerty in Philly

Ron Wilson resigns

Harry Shearer hosting Dave Ross's show NOW (8/6/04)

Old Monorail may never run again

Latest Bushism

Letterman Spoof On "Unfit For Command" Hilarious

Anybody notice that the recently released Mary Kay Latoureau,

Michael Medved Calls For Surveillance of Michael Moore

Why doesn't Kerry talk about the rest of his military service?

Don't believe for a minute when Faux, etal disavow Swift Boat liars

Real life imitates a TV show

Shhh, the Republicans have done a bit of good on the environment

Support our troops?

Wellstone's Crash Revisited: Accident or Assassination?

Houston Homebuilder backing Kerry attack ad.

Moore's "7 minute outing of AWOL" underlies the media conspiracy in the US

See the Faces of the Liberal Media Elite EXPOSED.....finally


War on Terror now called :"SAIEWDNBIFSWHTUTAAWTTTSTCOTFW", for short.

Watch Out Bruce...Here Comes The GOOP Superstars...

natalie portman on Daily Show: shirt says kerry me!

How are AAR's ratings outside of Portland and New York?

Mike Webb hosting a Bushism contest -- possible prizes

When news media stick to 'scripts,' check transcripts

Jack Germond on Tweety Show: People Are Sick of Bush

The flaw with the Bush campaign saying, they're against "soft money"

If a group makes a bogus charge agaisnt Kerry, should the

Forecast time: What % of the popular vote will Bush end up with?

Bush urges immediate end to 'soft money' ads (Moonie Times)

A Beautiful Day -- Kerry Rally in Jefferson City, MO -- Eyewitness report

Clinton explains the $87 Billion "flip flop" vote in NJ.....

Sweet Home Alabama, where Bush never wore any blue.

NY Duers, shut it down...

Some one Help Me with this Anti-Kerry ---PRO - Bush Site!?!??

They're Drinking High Test Kool-Aid: Tonight's Encounter

In Iowa Fight, Kerry Waves Corn, Bush Eats it Raw

Most Iraqis Aren't Radical Islamists...

Who's laptop and when?

LMAO..Bush / bin Laden : seperated at birth

Pakistan: Connect the dots!

Attacks could have been averted--

remember when rumsfield threated court marshel any military that

I just realized something about ANN COULTER.

HEY DU! Are we just going to talk about the swift boat attack ad?

Bush/Cheney loyalty oath


What do you think the % of militar is repugs or dems?

Despite Promises, Bush Refuses to Prosecute Leaks

why are we even debating AWOL vs. 3 Purple Hearts?

One Swiftboatvet Retracts Criticism of Kerry

Kerry's Former Commanding Officer Retracts Criticism

Ed "Enron" Gillespie on Imus "duck's" the 7 minute Awol question

Springsteen's Guardian Piece - The stakes are too high to sit this out

The Scariest Thing About The Bush Gaffe

If you all can't see the Perfect Storm, that's cause you're looking down!

Krugman: "WHAT ABOUT IRAQ?" News black-out; "stay course" "leads downhill"

Watch Whistle-Ass say: Well, the rate went down to 5.5%.

"Mr. President, do you fear what might happen if the truth comes out"?

Is the Boosh machine starting to come apart?

A Tom Oliphant Boston Globe Column worth reading...Politics & 9/11 Report

Springsteen's letter/editorial in the Philadelphia Enquirer

when kerry wins and bush loses

Maybe we CAN win Mississippi. Check out these letters to the editor!

How DO They Get Away With It?

all these threads about Kerry in VN, all the TV talk: what about AWOL?

Halliburton, under Cheney, being investigated for overbilling in Balkans

Uh, who owned the Dresser Stock?

Maureen Dowd on Today Show as we speak

Protest bush* Columbus, Ohio PROTEST bush * Saginaw, Michigan 8/6

Here is a little piece I posted on a conservative blog

Hackers to save Democracy

I had a Homosexual relationship with George Bush Jr..........

Today's bullshit Excite poll

Would someone re-post the top 10 contributors of Bush and of Kerry?

Is the story already unemployment down instead of the job number???

Those of you who think about calling me a bad name, ya better think twice!

The lastest Jobs Report will be a "death blow" at the Repug convention

"...George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II are on the prowl again..."

Is support for Nader being orchestrated at the highest levels of the GOP?

We need to get rid of the world's most dangerous men who tell the world's

Bush Misspeaks During Signing Ceremony

What a surprise! CNN flogging the Evil Kerry Swift Boat Ad again.

I Have Hope

"People innocent until judged guilty"!?

Raise your hand if you got one of those 32,000 jobs in July!

Memo to Shaun Hannity

New Talking Point: Not Kerry, But the NAVY!!!

Bushism: "Everybody vote matter."

you know...

Kerry's in Kansas City today, Woo Woo!

When will the nation realize: The GOP are failures .....

Name the BFEE "gates".........

Swift Boat Liar says Kerry shot himself!

John Burns on Lehrer Last Nite- Things Not Good in Iraq

More evidence CNN has lost it. . Remember Rick Sanchez?

Now that McCain has publicly condemned that Swift-boaters

Im starting to think Kerry doesn't even need to campaign at all.

What was that I heard about at the conference * is addressing now?

So... what's Bush gonna say about the economy THIS month?

Is stagflation on the way?

Kerry/Edwards in Lawrence, KS tonight (8/06/04)

New Jobs July Payroll up 32,000, expectation were for 200,000+

I'm so sick of the radical Miami Cubans!

So, when does the backlash against Michael Savage start?

Swift Boat Book DOA

One thing about the July job numbers

Wonkette: What McCain Really Means

Does Anyone Else Feel Guilty?

is * still a deserter?

MSNBC's 19 Keys to the Election. Interesting...

Kerry vs. Bush debates

Bush Finally Speaks The Truth

Let me tell you about "jobs growth"

Stock Market In Nosedive For 2nd Day

The Dumbing of the President

Hard to stay focused on this roller coaster ride!

Bush Treasury Secretary Snow on The Economy (June 20)

Mead plant in st. joe mo. to close,400 jobs lost

MSNBC "incumbent needs to pull rabbits out of their hats"

WHY are the GOP still in power ??? ...

video of obama's DNC speech?

John Snow: "Jobs give people dignity and the hope of a better tomorrow"

Rate this Yahoo story about swiftboat liars

MSNBC POLL: Is your Confidence building in the war against AlQaeda?

When is Bush Press Conference??

and now.....Nixon WH phone calls! CSPAN

For those who missed * on C-Span

Is Tom Ridge going to call a Terra Alert

Will wonders never cease???

Things a Repub Pres. can get away with that a Dem Pres. can't

Freepers having meltdown about new employment numbers

Can someone post a link to the Bush "Swift Boat" attack ads?

CNBC just said that the bond traders were chanting anti-Bush things

Kerry vs. the Navy (Update)

More robust, voice by voice

MSNBC: Jim Kramer, 32,000 jobs "kind of a disaster, clearly recessionary"

Air America just played a clip of a journalist laughing at Bush

probably dumb question about replacing Cheney

Fox News poll effectively equates "Shove it" with "Go [email protected] yourself"

Honk for Kerry

I LOVE the Swift Boat Ads!!!

Help w/Insulting the Navy (Talking Point)

Mr President, did the thousand soldiers you sent to Iraq die in vain?

I think I am about to be on WLS re: Keyes its 10:30 AM

OK... So the job numbers suck... Kerry's wartime detractors

Experiences of a Kerry t-shirt wearer in the deep south

Wall Street declaring bear market

Bill Shneider apparently reads Freerepublic

"Swift Boat Ads" = backlash for the shrub!

Palast to be guest blogger on DFA Summer Book Club Sunday.

Did anyone catch the extra $25 BILLION yesterday for Iraq/Afghanistan?

New GREAT Beanie Baby! Run to your Hallmark store!

Jim Kramer say's we are talking recession level job growth.

"Imperial Hubris" editor: CIA silencing "Anonymous"

Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

Analysis of Terralerts and Bush's Ratings--quite damning!

anyone heard about the spoof on terrorism movie

Let's hear from people wearing red on Friday!

What's in it for these Republican protestors? What do they get?

President Bush displays his own Vietnam Medals.

Call AP out of Charleston WV and complain about misleading article

New Smear Ad.......Bush caught having sex in the Barn

number of journalists at Unity convention

Laugh out loud funny...

FReepers lining up to jump off the cliff. Here's a sample:

GREAT article regarding the neo-cons....

mr. bush, how can you, a coke addicted deserter, impune Kerry's record?

InkAddict Is In The Hospital

Keith Olberman of the Countdown socking it to the swift boat "vets"

'outsourcing' higher education..........

Al talking about swift boat liars

Swift Boat Vets Ad Constantly Call Kerry A LIAR.

It was Sandy berger all the time until he was media now

why Halliburton gets the jobs...'they're the only co in the world

How is it when Dumbya was talking down the economy

Zogby: Bush Approval Collapses

4 reasons NOT to watch Meet the Press on Sunday!

Could the tide FINALLY, REALLY be turning?

Has Bush denied he plans to adopt Lynndie's baby?

What, exactly, it the Bush Rent-A-Mob protesting?

Harry Shearer hosting on KIRO 710 now......

John O'Neill is a trial lawyer.

Clinton to appear on 'Daily Show,' skip 'SNL'

Robert Fisk on today (Fri)

Natalie Portman wore a "Kerry Me" t-shirt on Jon Stewart.

Employers are wary about hiring new people.

Conason today on Swift boat

The reverse speech of John Kerry and John Edwards!

David Cobb appreciation thread

A tribute to the latest Republican hypocrite

Barak Obama vs. Alan's official

Swift Boat Vets say McCain only POW to gain weight while captive

When is Bush going to denounce the liar-for-hire ad?

Scott Ritter: Challenging Kerry on his Iraq vote

Kerry on jobs: "America will not turn the corner to better days until...

So what's happening with the Limbutts drug case?

So if O'Neil took over Kerry's swift boat, didn't some of Kerry's band of

Bush: "We actually misnamed the War On Terror."

Freeping of Dayton Television station results in the Smearboats ad

I just got phone surveyed by Helping-hand.

'Nam Vets Against Kerry--How Many US Soldiers Did YOU Kill??

Anybody seen that new Helen Keller quarter?

ARG Has Kerrey at 50% in Florida!!!!

Condo By-Laws say I can't have a Kerry Sign on MY property.

Just heard an excerpt from Kerry's Q&A session at the Unity conference.

DU this Poll (Texas)

Daily show video: Cheney/Halliburton oil scandal (Crude Intentions)

Once upon a time: a BushCo fairytale

The REAL reason conservatives are against gay marriage.

Ok, if I had a camera on me almost 24x7 . . .

Royal Flush toon

Alan Keyes is gonna get WHIPPED!

*Snicker* Freetards desperation is showing. (Kerry AWOL?)

Need some evidence Bush & Co. is worried? Here's a cup o' joe for you...

Today is a great day if your name is John Kerry and your running for Prez

Damn - only 300 killed in Najaf the past two days?!?

Why haven't I heard of Karel Bouley before?

GOP Running Racist in Tenn

Stay Positive:

Bush Misspeak today - too funny!

Hiroshima mayor denounces new U.S. nuclear research; calls W egocentric

Al-Qaeda endorses Bush-Cheney '04

Please DU this CNN Poll:

Since when can I not post my own political cartoons here?

Christian President? - flyer for distribution

I need help making a sign for Kerry rally tonight!

Encounter With Huge Motorcycle Guy Regarding My Kerry Bumper Sticker

Increasingly desperate & hostile body language from the Boy King

Video: Chimpy, "how we doing in Orlando?" Reporter, "Your in Trouble"

Just saw a great news bit on MSNBC about Bushisms...

Terror Alert tied to this crappy Jobs Report??

"if the killers strike again, don't say i didn't warn ya"

Just heard Bush do a circular sovereignty rant on the radio.

BBV on Science Friday in this hour

****The Daily Swift-Boat Compendium..Thread #1****

FEC panel dismisses ‘Fahrenheit’ complaint

Fox correspondent confirmed leaker...why can't Novak?

Will all of the Other Abu Gharib Photos be published

Rick James dead?

Happy(?) Birthday: "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US" is 3 today

remember the " son of sam"

TNR: "July Surprised. Has TNR's prediction come true?" Pakistan intel.

More on Swiftvets - older Conason article...

Has anyone read "True Believer"?

Heart Full of Blackness While Watching Bush at Unity

How will your life personally change with a Kerry presidency?

Jerry Bowyer - author of "The Bush Boom" on Pgh. radio today.

Here's what the rightwingers at Yahoo are popping wood over...

Once again Mr. pResident, Where the F*ck is our 'Robust' Economy?

Senator Paul Wellstone and Mozambique's President Samora Machel

What should now be the Bush remedy for the economy?

Yet another Bushism from his Unity Speech today

Did Moore Say: "I hope more US Soldiers get killed" ??? (Scarborough)

Freeper/Swiftboat connection

let's face it, our military is corrupt

Ed Schultz covering the Swiftboat 527 group and funding. Interesting.

Global War on Terror – NOT


MSNBC just mentioned the "Recession" word

Bush's Speech on CSPAN: Repeat Schedule - Set your VCR's

Just hear that Rick James died

Torture Memos--Attorneys Can Sign On !

Consumer Confidence Increases in July

So Kerry killed a Viet Cong soldier carrying a rocket launcher.

Randi Rhodes is on! Willie Nelson scheduled guest today.

It's Official-W is REALLY missing his vacation

John Snow - BushCo Treasury Secty is on CNBC right now.

Senator Durbin emailed me AGAIN on my Abu Ghraib email.

Did the pentagon leak the organization name

Air America: So What Else is News?

George "Herbert Hoover" Bush, son of George Herbert Walker Bush...

Transcript from Capital Report and Dean interview last night.

Campaign 2004: Where Good Threads Go To Die

Bush declares war on himself

The Manchurian conspiracy. (Conspiracy theories do harm.)

If Kerry hasn't "shown up for work", how much time did Bush spend away

OMFG! Freeper imploding today. This time at O'Really

Here is the link to the Rick James article if anyone is interested

who's gonna turn US over to the Muslims???? feminists and liberals

Sports people I am happy are Democrats

Anyone have solid info on the "rent-a-mob" following Kerry around?

Does Kerry need to hit up the issue of future judicial appointments?

Adams Gesture on IRA rebuffed

Rick James was AWOL from the naval reserves and had to flee

"Poor Jobs Figure a Sharp Blow to Bush"

Happy 3rd Birthday, August 6 PDB!

Did anybody else notice this trend?

Michael Moore is a 'terrorist'

Blumenthal Writes that Tweety Lobbied Hard for Clinton Press Secy Job!

New York bloggers: a suggestion for helping the Democrats

Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tenn.

Bush on tribal sovereignty...

"Ten thousand children played in the playground"

Very somber mood on Hannity this afternoon

I just love the headlines about the Springsteen tour

triple body blow may have ended shrub

List All Republican LIES Here...

alSistani Being treated for Heart Problems

Theory: if Bush attacks in Athens, it's a 'win win' for his terror team...

Bush on script, Bush without,,,, Classic example with today's Unity conf.

Did you just hear on Schultz's show

Is that Mann Coulters sister on Cross Fire?

Just returned from viewing the 9/11 memorial quilt

need help w/ Kerry's Bounce polls.....

What's Arabic for Tet?

Iraq "Sovereignty" is 100% Pure Bushit!!!

Questions Jay Leno Should Ask Arnold Tonight

Just learned that Smearboat Vets book being put out by Regnery

Airline second quarter financial results (some surprises).

Bush "I don't want to be a war president" -- Then why did HE start Iraq ?

W's "Psalm 23"

Re: Africa...Why do you only ever hear about aid organizations

Has the Hiroshima 8-6-45 anniversary been mentioned by the US media?

Staying above the fray. Bush's history of using surrogates like Swift...

Crossfire coming up topics are Swiftboatvets and Jobs

do we have links re intel given to bush re iraq

How Come We Can't Find Terrorists

Pro-eugenics Republican wins primary

An article by a retired army colonel asking about the missing....

Whatever happened to the days

I miss the top ten, let's make our own.

Help! Re: Kerry re-enacting service

Actress Monica Bellucci, The Passion of the Christ, Infuriates Vatican.

Does Keyes Have Any Chance

How many new job-seekers are added to the economy each month?

Wow! Media Matters really busts Slime Boater, Retired Adm. Roy Hoffmann

OK Kids...Poll Time In Illinois.

Who is Jerome Corsi? (Kerry Swift boat liar -- delicious post!)

I can't get that Sovereign Entity answer Dubya gave out of my mine.

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush Among Likely Voters in Florida (Great ARG poll)

The Great Swiftboat Flip-Flop

Bunnypants & Pickles Stepford On Larry King Dead

Bush's "eyes get misty when he talks about all the people praying for him"

joni mitchell-"beginning of survival"-F911 on CD!

I just found these Vietnam Statistics

Fringe Element... right? bush has so few supporters, and they're so NUTS,

Bush's message today on economy takes beating....

Today is the anniversary of a tragedy August 6, 1945

Before Alan Keyes Can Run For Senate In Illinois...

quick! it's being replayed NOW - 3:25 pm ET c-span 1

Did anyone hear Aaron Brown last night?

Good news for Kerry, but boy am I flabbergasted

Swiftboat vets, good and the bad: The WHOLE TRUTH! (long)

I do not hate george bush.

HELP! How do I include pictures in posts?

Buying a house in these times?

Great internet poll tool for "DU'ing polls"

stock market falls ca 300 points in 2 days??? what does this

Help! who is on Bill Maher tonight with cokie roberts? eom

I say we hold a "Bartcop Forum Habitues Appreciation Day"!

This evening's Fox News panel of commentators...

CNN just showed a fired-up Bush Heckler at the Unity Conference

CNBC - Krugman 7 PM ET

New national poll Kerry leads 48-43(BOUNCE)

ABC News About to Report on Terrorist Attacks Before Election Day

Biographer suggests Thomas could be first black chief justice

A Bit of a Problem Day for the Repukes

What do the Bible and Enron have in common? I couldn't believe my eyes.

Where will Bush live......................

ANTHRAX SUSPECT Steven Hatfill in the clear? - UPI

Drudge's new favorite author hates Jews, Catholics, Muslims, fat people

Terror Threat Info "May" Have Been Updated

did Bush's daughter get into Yale on merit or legacy?

Please email this guy about * stand-ups in FYE record stores

Rhandi, AAR: WHO is the LIBERAL MEDIA?.,.....

I got a conservative radio show host to apologize

why can't I get the Bush speech on C-Span?

Help...Reuters photo of little bush....Soul Moving

The Bush Economy: REVISED Downward Again & Again & Again

I can't believe this seriously can't * go one day without mangling

Why did oil prices go up?

Blog report from Baghdad: "Things in Iraq have taken a radically bad turn"

Bush is setting records...

Bushism on AAR

He lost me at Sovereign' Entity

Should Kerry hire Rove in Jan.?

"A recession we (Shrub admin.) inherited"

Rove Is Overrated

Post your favorite Kid Rock lyrics that contradict conservative morality

Wow, stock market plunged 140+ points today...

So Should I Start Worrying, Vol 2

I love watching Bush disintergrate, BUT...

Damn Repug Email Chains...Help!

Bush is on C-Span 2

Interview with FBI whistleblower Randy Glass

Great NARAL Flash Ad - The Crawford Wives...

McEnroe repeats Dean/Franken show tonight....he and Dean discuss Iowa.

Tweety Lets Swift Boat Liar Totally Dominate the Segment

Question: Brazille on Crossfire said that George Elliott of swiftboat fame

"They hate us for our freedom,' Part II

Bloomberg: real fright about oil---when is this dumped on Bush??

Vieques: Paradise Lost. Dean's column about his trip to Puerto Rico.

My Kerry bumper stickers ticked a semi-truck driver off yesterday.

President Al Gore

Damn. The 1ID has only been in Iraq for 4 mo. and already 43 dead

did Kerry also speak to the group W spoke to today??

Former commanding officer retracts criticism of Kerry


The horrid legacy of Harry Truman

Republican Convention to try to Rock the Youth Vote

Can you get "Air America" for free on a radio?

BBV: Fri morning AAR Unfiltered talking BBV

Should the Press Be Protected Under the Constitution Any Longer???

bush on cspan starting now.

Why can't the repukes see the BIG issue here?!

DUers UNITY Bush* "performance" with REAL journalists, CSPAN has it!

America needs a better or new education system

Kos: Bumbling Bush at Unity Conference --- (DU: is there a transcript?)

Well my freeper father's at it again emailed me more crap (my response)

hope I don't get in trouble for this!

Running on Empty - there is no plan B

Brock's Media Matters is Media Whore Online on steroids!

Did you ever notice...

Peacelovers, Read Vidal's 'Imperial America', learn what we are up against

8/6 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY:97.33%; VOTE:52.90%; EV:321

LBJ ran with theTonkin Gulf fabrication and got us officially into Nam

The issue of Homosexual Marriage is diminishing MY marriage

Did anybody hear Willie Nelson on Randi Rhodes?

Got this e-mail from a co-worker -- my reply included (long)

Thats OK


The Bombs of August - Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lest we forget

Are We Heading For Another Recession?

If AWOL isn't running this country -- who is? (serious question)

DU this poll, it is being targetted by Protest Warrior as we speak...

How much of a douchebag is Ben Stein?

AAR on 2 more stations

Unemployed DUers: Chime in ! ....

You know one way I respond to freepers who call F 9/11 full of lies

Is this really what Ann Lewis said on Crossfire?

Krugman vs O'Reilly This Weekend (CNBC, G.E. Russert)

Help me redeem the French

India set to bypass H1B/L1

Neocon Frontpage/Horowitz blast Pat Buchanan and paleos

I Wish to Publicly Apologize to Herbert Hoover

What is the most Flame ridden subject discussed on DU?

Death penalty opinion poll: Where do you stand? Justify your position


"Keep Digging! Keep Digging!!" | a deep set of TOONs

what happened to the Wolfowitz/Perle espionage investigation?

Campaign topics belong in the GD: Campaign 2004 forum instead of GD.

Attacks Wound 15 US Soldiers

US planes pound Iraq holy city

KGL to pay millions in ransom

Iraqi governor resigns to secure sons' release

Denmark confirms Iraq prisoner abuse

AP: Bush Drug Czar Backs Anti- Drug Funding ($3.3B)

Sinn Fein may disband IRA

WP: As Defense Chief in 1992, Cheney Opposed Intelligence Czar

Panel Dismisses 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Complaint

Unabashed Racist Leads Tenn. GOP Primary

NYT, pg1: Alaskan (RNC) Delegate to NY: Don't Fence Us In (preservation)

Terror Surveillance Author Nabbed

NYT: (CIA) Curbs War Critic Author ("Anonymous" silenced?)

Google to delay its IPO

Sistani heads for treatment in UK

WP: Iraqi Prison Abuse Not a Strategy, Officer Says

Paroled radical to return to Maine

Ship goes 30km with no crew

Job growth shock- Only 32,000 new jobs in July

Only 32, 000 jobs created for July? I just heard it on CNN n/t

Only 32,000 Jobs Are Added in July

Microsoft man goes to US for training, dies mysteriously

Get set to jet set to Uncle Sam (Times of India - new Free Trade deal )

Iraqis Face Their Own Kidnapping Epidemic

Two U.S. Marines killed in Najaf fighting

(Swift Boat) Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

CSPAN2 GWB addressing the Journalist of Color a day after Kerry did.

CNBC just said that the bond traders were chanting anti-Bush things

One Of The Swiftboat Liars Retracts His Story!!!

Plame's Name was Already Leaked - prosecution's case undermined

Bush Presses for Letting Overtime Be Paid in Days Off

Sistani to U.K. for heart treatment

NIH Is Pressured to Bar Drug Industry Stipends (conflict of interest)

Doctor's Homes Searched in Anthrax Attack Inquiry

Man From Anthrax Probe Charged in Fight

McCain Decries Ad, Vouches for Kerry

Chess legend renounces U.S. status

President gaffes in terror speech

Republican Lawmakers Criticize Daschle (TV Ad)

Few Troops Available for Darfur, U.S. Senator (R Ind) Says

Fierce clashes rage throughout Iraq

A Bush Aide (and Mother) Is Major Player in Antiterror Campaign

Hawai'i (based) soldier convicted in killing of Iraqi civilian

Three Britons Allege Abuse by U.S. at Cuba Base

Ex-detainees detail alleged abuse at US base

US Anti-Drug Campaign 'Failing'

Texas Sex-Ed Textbooks Face Contraceptives Battle

Ex-Enron trader pleads guilty to manipulating market (Forney this time)

Pretrial inmates settle in right-to-vote case (2002 election)

NYT: Kerry, Touring Missouri, Pitches "Energy Independence" Plan

Iraq's Sistani into London for treatment

High-carb diets may raise risk of breast cancer

Testimony Implicates Abu Ghraib Questioners(intel officers implicated)

Iraq Resistance Captures US General In Ramadi

Boston Globe: Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

Unabashed Racist Leads Tenn. Gop Primary

Bush Defends Terror-Threat Alert

WP, pg1: Pakistan Pressures Al Qaeda (military ops lead to alert, arrests)

Two parents and one child dead in shooting, one child critically

New Passports Will Have Electronic Chips(despite high rate of error warnin

Kerry draws close to Bush in unusual Ohio-based polling system

U.S. Payroll Growth Slows Dramatically

Europe to monitor American elections

WSJ's conservative editorial-page chieftains find new home on PBS

Pentagon Moves to Improve Troubled Military Voting

Touchscreen voting records lost in Florida

El Nino Forecast to Return to Pacific in 3 Months

Lucas to Launch Singapore Studio (Outsourcing)

Poor Jobs Figure a Sharp Blow to Bush - Analysts

Keyes reportedly set to accept GOP bid


Halliburton Accused of Accounting Fraud

AP: Democrats (DNC) Go on Offensive With Ad

Treasuries Up, Economic Doubt Energizes

Oil hits new highs on Yukos worries, U.S. refinery fire

Wild-card charged in Afghan imprisonments has murky history with media, go

Joblessness for Minority Youth Reaches Historic High

Bay Area (CA)company wants to make a business out of cloning pets

U.S. Hopes Global Troops in Iraq by Sept.

CNBC: Oil companies get contracts to add to strategic reserve

Armitage says countries not willing to participate

Clinton on 'Daily Show,' but he's skipping `Saturday Night Live'

U.S. July nonfarm payrolls up 32,000 (expecting 200,000+)

NYT: Europe Takes New (terror) Alerts with Grain of Salt

Stocks Open Lower on Weak Job Figures ....(down 107)

40 protestors, 5 supporters greet Rumsfeld in Chicago

Pain at the Pump (Gas heading back to $2 plus prices)

AP Poll: Kerry Narrows Security Issue Gap

Napolitano joins Kerry debate team

Iraq Terror Group's CD-ROM Urges Attacks

Doctor Whose Homes Were Searched in Anthrax Probe Patented Attack-Surveill

UK terror suspect 'had US naval plans'

Bush Urges Kerry to Say Yes-Or-No on Iraq

Iraqi Militia Denies US Killed 300 Fighters

Juan Cole: Italians Battle Sadrists in Nasiriyah

Bush urges immediate end to 'soft money' ads

Abu Ghraib Was Hell, U.S. Soldier Tells Abuse Hearing

Pakistan Source Under Cover When U.S. Confirmed Name

SEC Eyes Oil Payments to Equatorial Guinea

Quebec Wal-Mart begins offensive following union drive

Job Growth Anemic, Markets Stunned

Whistleblower recounts dilemma in turning over Abu Ghraib photos

Six people found slain in Deltona home (19 year old Army Vet killed)

Iraqi VP raps US for 'uncivilised' Najaf deaths

Charles Schwab Sees (additional) 400-600 Layoffs By Year End

Jan. Photos Said Used for Terror Alert


Blix more reliable than U.S. intelligence about Iraqi WMDs: Clinton

Two Catholic priests defrocked: CNN

'Broke' Iraq too poor to pay UN

S.I. man charged with e-mail threats to Tom Brokaw

Bush's message on economy takes beating....

Bush says US economy "strong and getting stronger"

Suit Accuses Halliburton of Fraud in Accounting

Bush campaign won't pay city bill

3rd-Generation Yalie Bush Opposes Legacies

Governor `heartbroken' that Springsteen plans anti-Bush concert

Biographer Sees Thomas As Chief Justice

U.S.: 300 Militants Killed in Two Days (AP)

Schofield soldier gets 3 years for killing Iraqi citizen

Alabama Executes 74- Year-Old Man

Nader effort to gain Mass. ballot access is in doubt

Kerry, Edwards Swap One- Liners with Hecklers

(CNN) Parsons Takes Shot at Fox

Bush Urges Kerry to Say Yes-Or-No on Iraq

Oakland County exec reverses order, will lower flags for KIAs

Boat slams into U.S. carrier in Persian Gulf

G.I. granddaddies: Vietnam vets in Iraq

Bush, Kerry camps pledge no 'loyalty oaths' for future visits

Letourneau No-Contact Order lifted

Oakland County, MI Republicans refuse to lower flag for war dead

Exiles strike back at Moore's writings

Experts warn of wider vCJD threat (Mad Cow Disease)

White Rhino population down to 17

NY Mosque Raided In Missile Sting

Saudi Prince says unsecured Iraqi weapons are coming into

Bush: 'Who the Heck Wants to Be Wartime President?

Rick James found dead at his home in LA

Republicans Look to Harvest Amish Vote

Corsi, co-author of Swift Boat Vets attack book exposed

Kerry Offers 10-Year Plan for U.S. Energy Independence

Reservist Says Intelligence Led Iraq Abuse

MSNBC: Bush protestor "shouted down by journalists"

Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

NYT, pg1: Rule to Avert Balloting Woes Adds to Them (provisional ballot)

Kerry's $80 Million in Ads Buys Him Cover

Pakistani in terror sting named (blows UK sting)

Stocks End at 2004 Lows on Weak Jobs Data

another KG concert report - the BoDeans!!! wow!!!

I'm a Snog

I FINIALLY saw F 9/11.

I ate a pepper and some potato chips

I am smelling something good

Why are you?


Is anyone else a fan of The Rude Pundit?

What would you do?

Have you watched "Def Poetry" on HBO? Best 30 minutes on TV!

What can you JUST NOT STAND!!!!!!!

I've just discovered a trait of Fascism in this country that

ear ache and clean shaved, ask me anything

Goll Ding Dangit!!!!!!!!!

If I fell in love with you

I am going to squash my cat

If you say that again!


Interesting things you can learn from hot tub repairmen....

How do you feel about angry kittens?

FINALLY! A show about airports...

My favorite far-right LJ asshole posted his latest hypocrisy and lie.

Think'n song

MOVIE EXPERTS: What movie is this line from?

Is classified as a hate site anywhere?

I know he is for Kerry, but honestly. How can anyone stand Imus?


Mark your calendars. everyone!

Anyone have a picture of that "moran" guy?

Everybody Polka

Ladies: Are You Lonely?? The Boyfriend 'Manpillow' Is Here!

Good Morning campers... only one more day til freedo... err, the weekend

Help is on the way !!!!!

Switzerland Issues New Stamp - Its Made Of Wood

attack of the marching cheneys

movie on AE with Danny Thomas and Marjorie Lord!!!

Goooooooddd MMMooooooorrrrrnnnnniiinnnnnngggggggg DU!

World's Hairiest Man Has His Ear Hair Removed So He Can Hear

Robot Bartender (from my mom who voted Bush in 2000)

Team America-World Police Movie (From the creators of South Park)

I guess I ain't a deputy no more.

Man Glues His Hand To Girlfriend In Prison

BIZARRE- Pig's head in cop car, 1/2 blind dog, "happy dance"

Its August 6th and I am FREEZING!

An idea I had for a "Pro-Life" sticker even I would put on my car...

"Queen of Carpets" doesn't like porn star's sex shop ad - Ron Jeremy

Aug.6th in History-Hiroshima, 1st electric chair use, "Sexy Spice"birthday

Report: Ex-cons pay school children $5 for clean urine samples

WABC's All American Survey for Week of 4 August 1964

When X Rated Ruled -- a history of the modern day porn industry

Cloned Kitty pics!!! Cloned Kitty pics!!!

Baptists shocked by indecent exposure allegations against ex-pastor

Anyone work for Mysys Healthcare Systems?

200 Foot "Spy Zepplin" Patrolling Athens Skies - Named "Big Brother"

"lez" not allowed in National Scrabble Championship-replaced

Those of you who think about calling me a bad name, ya better think twice!

Now that I am a donor, I can post polls. What should my polls be like?

73-year old Va. man cheats death for fourth time


Count it down, folks

Whats your favorite theory?

CAPTION someone who wasn't on Kerry's boat either

Practicing smilies

I met Jim Hightower last night!

Question about creating a web site directory for files...

A great game, but what the hell is that song from?

FINALLY! My 1000th post!

My God, Natalie Portman looked hot on TDS last night...

Does anyone here trade recipes ?

Your thoughts on Smashing Pumpkins.

The other classic debate

Who will get the self-hating, repressed homosexual vote?

Moms, can you relate? It's always the morning that you're bra-less...

What is the meaning of this song?

Waffle Crisp is so baaaaaadddd.

Woman In Limo Chases, Plows Into Hubby -- Also In A Limo

Scrabble Tounament SCANDAL!! Emergency Scrabble Advisory Meeting Held

Hiker Says He Fought Off Bear By Burying Ice Ax In Animal's Back

Awwwwwwwww blonde monkey

Help with finding Song

It seems sort of low key here ...for a Friday.

Erogenous zones I love you!

Man Accidentally Shoot Himself - In His ASS

Peja wants out of SacTown??????

Seinfeld on DVD

How have my boss (ooops) and I zinged our RW co-workers...

Roger Clemens WASN'T ejected from the little league game!

If whoisalhedges boxed his fart, what meaningless soul would he send it to

Caption: Like a bird on a wire like a drunken midnight choir...

Great Bush joke

Any fans of the group Chapterhouse?

How have you zinged your right wing boss lately?

OK, the classic debate:

The enemy within: Know your Bushisms Part 3

So everybody what's for LUNCH?

Let's help Skinner design our next DU tee-shirt

Blow Up SEX DOLLS In China!

Caption: Ya like my fangs???

Do we have a DU gallery?

Caption: Chinese whispers?

Alice Cooper's python undergoes emergency surgery

just got my tomahawk peace pipe

Damn that was a long meeting.

Another 'Guess the DUer' thread

New GREAT Beanie Baby! Run to your Hallmark store!

Here in Santorum Land...

"Case Closed" is on and they've got the shittiest theme song ever

'Prickly City' in the Buffalo News

do you take it personaLLy when your post drops w/out a repLy

Asses of Evil bumper sticker

Have you posted nude?

Serial Toe-Licker May Prompt Ban On Toe Licking

Who uses Mozilla or a related app?

The reverse speech of John Kerry and John Edwards!

Was high school a drug-filled haze for you?

Arf, Arf.

UK Forbids 'Open Mouthed Smiles' On Passport Photos - War On Terra

Bush humor. Please read. This will crack you up.

Have you ever been felt up? Over the bra, under the blouse, shoes off

Catwoman: one of the worst movies to hit the big screen in 5 years.

Best way to get rid of Bush?

I am half Pagan/ half Heathen...anyone else??

Pardon me while I go CAPTION

CAPTION the autograph hound

Anyone watching Today show (West coast)? What kind of knife...

Baal, we cry to thee! Baal, we cry to thee!

Does your political meetup attract people who act kind of annoying?

Pics of my son at three weeks....

CAPTION the string malfunction

XP Service Pack 2 on CD - Free of charge

car ride or bus ride

Bet'cha can't CAPTION me up here

Why don't they make a toilet without a seat?

i wish i had a furry little kitten, i would name him george and love him..

I have a lovely bunch of coconuts..

AAR Stream keeps going down on me

Pause ... reflect ... think ... before you CAPTION

Last night I dreamt I was in the White House & caught Bush drinking

I still like The Bloodhound Gang's "Fire Water Burn".

Bush was not AWOL. He WAS fighting Charlie and is a REAL hero...

New Green Day song "American Idiot"...

Lazy DU! Where's My Top Ten Conservative Idiots for this week!

InkAddict Is In The Hospital

You pustulent sack of fermented goat excrement!

Desolation Canyon - 9/23 - The Memorial Trip

I think Randomkoolzip rocks!

What, no tea-time?

I think we should put Colonel Angus in charge of Iraq.

Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders

15 minutes to go

Mental Health Activist Sues 'Dr. Phil' Talk Show


I have RandomKoolzip's socks!

Not to be a Perv, but...

question for ladies who insist the toilet seat be down


Man insists on showing high-rise residents his booze bottle and genitals

i can't yahoo, can you?

The only sad thing I can think of if Kerry wins the election....


Once again, it's time to caption the Moron. Sorry dupe.

What was your brush with greatness?

Man Swindles WIFE #10!!

Forget polls. Let's look at real indicators of candidate support.

Help me I'm going crazy!

please visit my new blog: Amazing Powers of Obsevation

Man Sues Pastor $2 Million For Having Sex With His Wife

where have all the classic American cars gone? . . .

Which side should I choose? a whoisalhedges poll

Can artificial sweetener trick insects?

Anime fans: Lupon the Third live action movie???

Fur git about it!

It's Friday, ya bastards!

Who does the speech/song Bounce your boobies?

Just hear that Rick James died

Can Anyone Translate Hindi Into English?

Did anyone else like the movie "The Truman Show?"

shes a very freaky girl

Carnivorous plants at Kroger

santa claus is a dem

oh no, rick james is dead...

It's a beautiful day in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Just put pics of cancerous lungs in my cube

A shock for me RE: Dad and the MO anti-gay constitutional amendment

My Friends' Band, The Mydols, Were on The Today Show!

How do I burn a large mpeg file onto a CD?

Dutch Lawmakers MAY Ban Toe-Licking

More Guess the DU'ers by pics (heavy load)

This Democratic Undergound is full of really nice people.

The most FLICKED up quote from a Christian - no wonder we christians...

The Mark of the Beast is Upon Me - Forcing Me to Say 'Ask Me Anything'

Anybody have the viking kittens link?

R U Sensitive to Humidity?

Great Rick James cartoon!

Mc Hawking selling cd; no longer offers downlaods

How much wood WOULD a woodchuck chuck?

Progressive Music Stations--you can tell me if they suck!

Let's highlight the dumbass sh*t that Chimp did this past week

Here is the link to the Rick James article if anyone is interested

Cloned Kittens & other Animal Babies

This guy in my office is wearing cologne that smells like candy

Gals, Which "Mighty Midol" Are You? - Take This Quiz!

Need some advice on making copies.

My (new) short term goal

Bad cravings---aaarrggghhh

Here's a picture of my Hollywood crush:

Rick James dead?

NYC DUers - Satire for Sanity gone/planning on going?

Rick James was AWOL from the naval reserves and had to flee

Are those wonderful mods of ours

Is it just *my* brain, or does this happen to other people...

Seinfeld vs Beavis and Butthead

Give me a sock tip

Predict Bush's Next Freudian Slip!

where have all the classic American cars gone? . . .

Why is Jeb Bush's kid getting married in Maine?

Blessed Are The Cheese Makers!

Best BLACK VOCAL GROUP of the 1970s?

My arse hurts...

Have I told you lately how much I .....

Today I am officially a non-smoker

raspberry chocolate fudge and amoeba balls


:spit take: Say WHAT? Coulter, you crazy b***h!

The Ronco "Set it and forget it" rotiseree - God's gift to man

I'm dead, bitch!

Cell Phone zombie gets clobbered

22 more minutes of Arlo Guthrie

I'm your tall cool one and I'm here to please.

Leninade: The best thing on earth

What should we do if Bush is re-"elected"?

Defend America against Terrorists this Saturday

"Seinfeld" coming on DVD: Seasons 1-3 in a $120 "gift set"

If you're happy and you know it, CAPTION...

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! Kerry employs brain-dead lunatics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me a stock tip

Medical Students Find Towel Left In Woman's Chest

It's raining, I've got the Four Tops' Reach Out LP on the stereo

Backseat nookie leads to limosine dueling and smash up derby

George Bush Eats It Raw !

I guess bushbaby has

Thank you-all everyone

Fahrenheit. 5,000

A question.

Friday afternoon and the bar is OPEN!!! So, what's your pleasure?

I just checked the stock market numbers

My sack is big and tan.

Anyone seen HeyHey?

Has anybody seen "Playboy of the Western World"?

Geezers: name this tune, performers, TV show.

1965: What a kick-ass year for music!

Who should I see?

I'm a Newbie! Welcome me to DU!

I can't believe they got me with this

Dutch Ban Toe-Licking

Whois your favorite Hand?? (gotta post their picture!)

Zonies, especially Phoenix area ones; rally carpools, anyone?

Gay Star Trek spoof tops German box office charts

Hmm...HEyHEY on the warpath - intercompany rivalry shall begin

I'm working on a small theatrical production

El Dorado on AMC and Pulp Fiction on Bravo at 8 PM EDT.

This is super-freaky...

In your opinion, would Latin or French be more difficult to learn...

what nationalities have surnames ending in -ski?

"If God could do the tricks that we can do...

Adult diabetes - what is the symptoms?

What will the reaction be at Free Republic on Election Night.

Is humanity basically good or evil?

HELP! How do I include pictures in posts?

Depression Poll

I can't stand it anymore.

I have this bio-mass growing in an old frapuchino (tm) bottle...

it's=it is, its=the possessive form of it, you're=you are, your=the

The supermarket parking lot made me smile today!


"Give It To Me Baby" Vote for your favorite Rick James song

Why do polish people's names always end in Ski?

What about Rick James?

What Greek Delight is for Tonight? SAGANAKI!!!

What is your favorite Anime Story??

Employment Status Poll: How has the Shrubya Economy Affected You?

Speaking of cars: Who else wants to throw up over the Scion Xb

My husband is at his first Second City comedy writing class

dog lovers

Who else has a massive pile of CDs next to their stereo?

Dish subscribers (Free HBO weekend)

I'm excited about the upcoming NFL season

InkAddict Is In The Hospital

I love my friends!!!

Not to be a Nerd, but...

A question about FRENCH names.

If you like rare hip-hop CD's.... epidemic?

What's your hobby?

question for men who insist toilet seat be up

What if Bush gives up on getting elected and instead becomes a mime?

Lakers and Celtics make a trade!

A little help please! My boss's boss was wrong, maybe even lying...

CONFESS! What's a Commercial, Manufactured POP SONG You Actually Like?!

Questions only a CAPTION can answer

Don't look behind the curtain just CAPTION

I'm going to the Warped Tour today. How should I dress?

You do realize, don't you, that we now KNOW where Springfield is?

So if some women were at my house for a 3AM pee....

Favorite "Weird Al" song?

Most shocking/surprising example of nudity in a movie?

Was high school enjoyable or painful for you?

What does Free and SwiftBoatVets have in common

Serious ?: Why is Family Circus so hated?

What is the best thing/part about where you live?

"We can't sell you anything now - our computer is down"

Freeper Cartoon

Enki sighting in GD

what should we do if bush is elected?

Newest political insanity

Why is bacon so damn high? Did the Atkins diet cause this?

"Shove it!"

What do you think about my new bumpersticker?

What was your brush with mediocrity?

My left pinky finger is numb

Caption W's Monica Lewinsky moment

Hehehe whatyamean you can't find a CAPTION?


CatWoman needs computer help, Part V

Whois your favorite Band?? (gotta post their picture!)

Mark Fiore: "Fahrenheit 200,000,000"

Doom III

Caption Bush and his Poppy

Theory: the Fox poll shows Bush down so they can claim a bounce on 9/122

"kerry me" T-Shirts / Kerry-Edwards gear


Hubby just asked a good question. Why don't we see Pappy Bush

Poll: John Kerry Enjoys Wide Lead in California

If Kerry hasn't "shown up for work", how much time did Bush spend away

I love this graphic!

Kerry is running a great campaign

Photo of PCF-94, the swift boat Kerry commanded!

Question about polls

Poll shows Bush losing ground in California

Heard Ed Gillespie this morning...

Kerry, Edwards Focus on War, Security (NPR interview)

A full DOZEN people in red shirts seen on the way to work

One cost burdens Detroitcarmakers-time's right for national health system

Kerry is Going to Win!

Kucinich more visible in Congress

PANIC ATTACK... HELP! Kerry will lose because people are stupid!

Honk for Kerry

Where Will The Dow Be On Election Day?

Bush getting to know Ohio (personal charm was on display )

I think I am about to be on WLS re: Keyes its 10:30 AM

OK... So the job numbers suck... Kerry's wartime detractors

Economist Mag. Poll: Kerry 48%, Bush 43%, Bush Approval 43%

how many protestors will be in NYC later this month?

Forecast time: What % of the popular vote will Bush end up with?

Does anyone have the new name for war on terror?

Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

Brace yourself for another terror warning...

Veteran retracts criticism of Kerry

Al talking about swift boat liars

Swift Boat Vets Ad Constantly Call Kerry A LIAR.

Another Bushism (One of the better ones)

Zogby: Bush Approval Collapses

Conason today on Swift boat

New Poll: Kerry leads in NH 49-42 plus New Florida Numbers

The differences between Alan Keyes and Hillary Clinton.

Freeping of Dayton Television station results in the Smearboats ad

David Cobb appreciation thread

OMFG!! My partner's parents are voting Kerry!! (Indiana)

Bush's "and neither do we" quote (now with audio)

Internet 'Whisper' Campaign Spreads Lies About Teresa Kerry

When is Bush going to denounce the liar-for-hire ad?

mr. bush, how can you, a coke addicted deserter, impune Kerry's record?

Kerry live from Missouri, on CNN now (1:06 pm edt)

Barak Obama vs. Alan's official

Natalie Portman wore a "Kerry Me" t-shirt on Jon Stewart.

more poll numbers

C-Span will broadcast Bush speech at UNITY Conference at 4:14PM today!

Sign the petition calling for independent investigation of Tom DeLay.

Swift Boat Vets say McCain only POW to gain weight while captive

*Snicker* Freetards desperation is showing. (Kerry AWOL?)

Would you support the Dems producing an ad re: AWOL?

Al-Qaeda endorses Bush-Cheney '04

Bush: "We actually misnamed the War On Terror."

A tribute to the latest Republican hypocrite

GOP Running Racist in Tenn

Kerry, Edwards Swap One - Liners with Hecklers

"Here's the Registration information for that slimeball swift boat group:"

Alan Keyes is gonna get WHIPPED!

Dying for some "wide shots"

Just heard an excerpt from Kerry's Q&A session at the Unity conference.

Today is a great day if your name is John Kerry and your running for Prez

Please DU this CNN Poll:

New Polls:

More on Swiftvets - older Conason article...

Elizabeth Edwards blogs

Kerry plays "Johnny B.Good" on guitar at Kerry/Edwards rally in Missouri

Behind The Numbers: A Hidden Bounce For Kerry

Unabashed racist Hart leading in GOP race

Kerry on jobs: "America will not turn the corner to better days until...

I need help making a sign for Kerry rally tonight!

Freeper/Swiftboat connection

Republicans look to Amish for support

Where did you first see the Kerry-bashing "Swift Boat" ad?

Obama isn't the only senate seat we have a chance of winning!!

Sneak Preview of Republican Convention - for real.

Ed Schultz covering the Swiftboat 527 group and funding. Interesting.

One of the best things the DNC can do,

The cure for selective Amnesia has been found!

Nader rumor I've heard

When will Shrubya decide it's all over and what will he do?

PR Release-Media Matters for America re:Swift Boat Veterans for Truth lies

Please rate this story (Swiftboat Liar Retracts)

Federal Review Election Simulation: 70.8% Probability of Kerry Win

Okay - I am now officially afraid of this Nazi-type swift-boat operation

Do you think the swift boat vets adds ....

Royal Flush toon

smearboat vets retracts retraction

Does Kerry need to hit up the issue of future judicial appointments?

Y'all dont worry about this racist guy Hart winning in TN

Does anyone have iron-on Kerry/Edwards t-shirt designs?

Seems even Fox notes in its polls that Bush is at 44% approval.

(off-duty police/firefighters to protest)Labor ire looms over GOP parley

ARG Has Kerrey at 50% in Florida!!!!

New York bloggers: a suggestion for helping the Democrats

Anyone have solid info on the "rent-a-mob" following Kerry around?

Theory: if Bush attacks in Athens, it's a 'win win' for his terror team...

Christian President? - flyer for distribution

DUers: Nail this poll, please!

How About JK Offers To Sit Down With The Swill Boat Guys/Band of Brothers

bush at UNITY conference

"11 straight months of job creation" Crossfire audience told

New Zogby Poll: Bush approval rating at all time low since May...

Bush praises economy and goes off to Kennebunkport

Rassmann Rescue - Versions 1&2

Hastert Endorses Keyes...Well Kinda

What's Obama polling at?

Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary in Tenn.

Kerry keeps 12-point lead over Bush in California. Bay Area provides...

Kerry's Lead Over Bush Widens in New Hampshire, Florida Polls

DU this Poll (Texas)

need help w/ Kerry's Bounce polls.....

Doesn't look like bushie is having a very good day today

Kerry Press Release: August 6 Anniversary: 3 years later, still problems

Wow! Media Matters really busts Slime Boater, Retired Adm. Roy Hoffmann

Kerry Press Release: Response to Misleading Bush-Cheney Ad "Clockwork"

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush Among Likely Voters in Florida (Great ARG poll)

Help! Re: Kerry re-enacting service

Did anyone read this 'retraction' on the Kerry Swift boat


I just found these Vietnam Statistics


Before Alan Keyes Can Run For Senate In Illinois...

****The Daily Swift-Boat Compendium..Thread #1****

Pro-Choice DUers, this will get your blood boiling: "The Kerry Women"

Democrats' religious coordinator resigns after criticism of her political

DU this "Real Time with Bill Maher ) Poll

Time for Kerry to label Bush as "out of touch"

Does Keyes Have Any Chance

Good news for Kerry, but boy am I flabbergasted

Wes Clark is on HARDBALL!!!! NOW! n/t

The blogs are picking up the Corsi story fast! (God Damn I love the Net!

My mom is 80 years old - her thoughts on F 9/11

Kerry Up 49% -43% In Latest Poll

The Fox All Stars Are Full Of Excrement

Pro-eugenics Republican wins primary

TV Spot idea to address the anti-Cleland/Kerry/McCain type stuff.

The Great Swiftboat Flip-Flop

The most arrogant man on earth? Yeah, "that" asshole.

OK Kids...Poll Time In Illinois.

2 Vets will be on Harball to debate on Kerry's record of service. n/t

RFK Jr. to take on Bush record on Hardball after the comercial break.

AP Poll -Kerry 48% Bush 45% Kerry Lead Polls-13 Bush Lead Polls-1

Astrologer predicts that John Kerry will win the election

I just had to set an 11 year old STRAIGHT on the "Swiftboat" ad.

Planning a US vacation? Look for Kerry events...

Swiftboat Ads Are Successful

Fun Graph: "We have a strong economy and it's getting stronger"

Just learned that Smearboat Vets book being put out by Regnery

Latest terror threat information "MAY" have been updated

RFK, Jr. on "Hardball." What's wrong with his voice?

Are you supporting a record store that supports Bush?

So Kerry killed a Viet Cong soldier carrying a rocket launcher.

HAHAHA. Great unintended irony on CNN.

How did the networks cover the bad job numbers tonight?

I've never seen the democractic party and the left in general act so ...

"Swift Lies" Blasting Full Speed Ahead. Massive Retalitory Strike Needed!

Says It All: Bush Lauds Economy Despite Employment Data

Quotes from the Unity Journalists of Color Convention

Holy s#%t! - Ann Lewis just destroyed Terry Holt on CNBC

Wes Clarke on Hardball -- discussing Kerry's comments about * in Classroom

New Rasmussen Poll Numbers for Michigan, Oregon and NJ

Another day, another 9-poll avg bounce: Kerry 49.5 Bush 43.8.

Cute photo of Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz with Edwards' son Jack

So after Kerry gets in and raises taxes on the rich.

Who else is getting sick of the 'alarmist' posts?

Alan Keyes storms out after IL GOP committeeman uses deragatory term!

Lawrence Kudlow Is Furiously Spinning On Hardball

Need Help Re: Anti-Kerry Swift Boat Vets as Repub Operatives and Freepers

"Swift Boat Ads" = backlash for the shrub!

Rep. Rodney Alexander appears to have switched to GOP.

"Believe in America" Tour Schedule

I'm not voting for Kerry/Edwards.

Why doesn't Kerry speak out more about the environment - isn't it

Video: Chimpy, "how we doing in Orlando?" Reporter, "Your in Trouble"

Who is Jerome Corsi? (Kerry Swift boat liar -- delicious post!)

Swiftboat vets, good and the bad: The WHOLE TRUTH! (long)

BUMPER STICKERS: Stick It To The Bushies

Campaign topics belong in the GD: Campaign 2004 forum instead of GD.