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Archives: August 5, 2004

Billmon (Whiskey Bar): Where was Dick? (Re: Cheney/Halliburton/SEC)

springstein: this election too important to set out

Salon: Down and out and on the move (Homeless march to RNC)

The Party of Death, by Michael Berube

Pope again stresses Europe's Christian roots

Fortresses of Fear

David Sirota and Christy Harvey: The Knew (WMD claims were false)

Young Ron Reagan writes quite well

Call on Sen. McCain to stand up for Kerry against the Swift Boat Vets!

Lying in Wait

Anyone know of Kerry's acceptance speech in MP3 format?

Letterman Spoof On "Unfit For Command" Hilarious

Fortune-Tellers Safe from Police Crackdown...but they knew that

Nancy is this Uranus .what is with all these Christian groups against dems

Missouri Gun Owners Did Not forget Bob Holden's Veto, Says CCRKBA

My pro2A state house Democratic candidate won...

Democrats Turn to 'Second Amendment Rights' for Political Gain

Annan asked to help stranded Palestinians.

A Wave of Jews Returning to Russia

McGovern "Cruising" to Victory

Searchable Mass. Political Contributions Database

Madison - Military Family Support/Families for Peace Meeting

Taste of Edmonds won't OK Planned Parenthood booth

Bush now coming next week; Kerry tour won't be

Here is the feedback URL for Anderson Cooper.....stuck up for Dean

Did Katherine Harris have a makeover?

Tweety - with Gen Cafferty .. 8 mil Afghans registered to vote (9 mil pop)

I think the Illinois Republicans are racist

Was it planned for Kerry and Bush to be in Davenport at the same time?

Katherine Harris 'Regrets' Terror-Plot Comments

Boston Pheonix Breaks The Drought On Sibel Edmonds Coverage

If the information that raised our terror alert was 3-4 years old

I saw a day or two ago that Nancy Reagan was backing bush

So what exactly is the distinction between what Cheney did at Haliburton &

Where is the link......

LOL! Olbermann comment after piece on Bush/Kerry food on campaign trail:

Ok i cant find any pics of edwards in memphis :(

Please take poll if you are registered to vote...and

"New" al Quaeda Threat Means One Thing: Iraq Diverted Us From Real Enemy

Newest Attack.........Kerrys' CEO Backers

Bush Drunk Or Just The Village Idiot? (video)

How I'm going to fix the Intelligence problem

Just came back from 10 hours of hitting the pavement

More on CNN/FAUX post DNC distortions of Kerry's LEAD

Who Pays Barry McCaffery's Salary- CNN or Bush or Both?

Olbermann Strikes Again! : "Bush in a Sharon Stone movie.....

Where can i get a new voters card???

Squish the Meme: George Bush vs. Hollywood

A story that should stop the hearts of right-wingers.....

November 2nd

Hey DUers...would you give me a hand here...

I know EXACTLY how to stop the swiftboat vets who are lying about Kerry.

Nancy Grace and her mighty nostrils of Justice!

How much time will I get at Guantanamo for this? (bandwidth)

bruce springsteen....

Donna Brazille...... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

The * eyes - I finally figured out who they remind me of

On our trip to Texas I got to stop and see my mom...(puke alert)


Springsteen, Dixie Chicks stumping against Bush

I'm on a Bash the Media rampage.

Went to the Edwards rally in Arkansas today and I'm so excited

Fight fire with fire (re: John O'Neill and his band of Kerry-haters)

My LTTE which won't be printed (so write your own)

FAIR weighs in on Dem convention coverage

Complaint About ABC

whazzup at MSNBC? Hardball repeat at 9PM?

So Carl Cameron of Faux rats on Sen. Richard Shelby.

News Flash... those pesky patriotic Repugs...

Colorado Governor Bill Owens, from the GOP-DNC bunker last week

When will a Democratic presidential nom. carry Oranage County, CA?

Why isn't Mike Malloy shown on the "Listen Live" list?

class and race

Sen. Byrd will be online Thursday, Aug. 5 at 2 p.m. ET to discuss

A point well taken

Just got home from protesting the Chimp's visit to Mankato MN...

The REAL Mike Malloy is on NOW !!

Whew, guess we're ok now: $445 Billion defecit "less than expected!"

i need a link to Barak obama's and Al Sharptons speeches at the Convention

Whatever happened to Democrats being for civil rights?

Deja Vu just struck me hard

Have you thought about using the word "ditto" to agree with a post

Update on my recent letter to the editor

Patriot Warriors Plan to Outdo Dems at NYC Protest!

Has the Fraternal Order of Police issued an endorsement yet?

Christian churches allowed by Saddam -- Not allowed by Saudi Royal Family

Bush is a big ole "FAKE"!

Will the super-wealthy power brokers ever turn on *bush?

Family Guy Fans, Check Out This Clip-anti-Bushite

Is it true that Faux News reports daily about this Oil for Food thing?

Where's my duct tape!

Did you hear the corroberating evidence for the terror warning?

I watched my local news in Pittsburgh tonight.

I got a reply from CNN, and would love a little research help

Why does Bush brag about 9/11?

When Will Communion Be Denied To Politicians Supporting ANY Birth Control?

"'Dead zone' spreads across Gulf of Mexico"

Question: Towards the end of Hardball, did Tweety imply that Bush*

"High mercury found in fish from lakes"

Anyone doing research and can't find old webpages...look here.

"Judge in Seattle rules same-sex unions legal"

"Kerry campaign: Release Cheney's Halliburton testimony"

Lawrence O'Donnell speaks about anti-Kerry book on "Scarborough"

"Dems and The Third Way"

Springsteen on NIGHTLINE tonight re anti-Bush concerts

What and when will be the first scandal bolstered by Repugs

Alan Keyes and the Mosh Pit.

Did You Hear The Numbers For Bush In Iowa Today?

"Three bank robberies for Iowa town during Bush, Kerry visits"

GD doing strange things tonight.

RFK Jr. kicks * ass on CNN

Malloy on a Roll!

Need info: What are the dates that Kerry served in Vietnam?

Orrin Hatch's head is going to explode

Creative Visualization: Visualize Bush Giving a Concession Speech on 11/2

BBV - Urgent Tennessee Vote Count Question

Kerry shown on "Tactical to Practical" D'ja see it?

Has anyone ever been to a Kerry party or meet-up?

US dismisses reports Pak is training ground for terrorists

This might be the Shelby leak

Kerry Convention Speech T-Shirt!!!

By the way. Happy 43rd Barack!!

My apologies to Mike Malloy

Runoff: Big Dog or Mike Malloy

I choked on the news tonight.

For you folks who had your doubts about Mike Malloy...


AAR coming to San Diego

A Day In The Life Of Joe Republican

A great photo op that GW wouldn't dare try.

Why Are Rs Threatened By Strong Women While We Dems

Damnit! Mike Malloy is off the air in NYC!

Anyone See The Swift Boat Vets Commercial?

Has Deborah Norvill been fired?

Jon Stewart is kicking ass tonite!!!!!!

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Here is the answer

Kerry Campaign: Release Cheney's Halliburton Testimony - CNN (puke)

They Knew...

Big DOG on Daily Show Monday!!!!

Can someone tell me how to find one of my posts

Workplace Meth Use On The Rise....very sad..very sad..

What we are fighting now is no less than a new Crusade

Alan Keyes is a fraud thread

There’s a reason the news isn’t in your paper or on TV.

Here's my problem with nationwide polls

The government must find a way to halt teenage marijuana use

Tune in to Leno if your in the Eastern or Central time zones

My new Meme for the Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld Trio of Evil:

Trib editorial about Kerrys wife....

Free movies for DUers

Surefire way to "shut down" the protestors who are dogging John & John

Dixie Chicks-Hell Hath No Fury Like Women Scorned

Bruce Springstein telling people to vote for John Kerry...on Nightline!

Genocide in Somalia...who cares?

Transcript from Anderson Cooper interview with Dean and Terry Holt.

US not the only one after Iraqi oil. The neo-cons get their way.

Just got back from Barack Obama's birthday party, Jesse Jr. sang

Was Rummy abducted by aliens??

Just viewed the DVD "9-11 In Plane Site" - OMG! OMG! OMG!

They seek him here, they seek him there (Interesting article)

It's NOT Keyes! (yet)

where is that comarison of bush and kerry side by side?

Scott McClellan declares criticism of terra alerts "irresponsible"

Conversation with my Dad re: Kerry's Purple Hearts

Kerry got an 11.5% bounce! Win prob (5 polls) went from 85.9% to 97.4%

I got a response from CNN

"Bush will win in a landslide" (too funny)

Bush The Lesser's Economic Performance Slightly Outperforms Dad

Asia Times says Pakistan is holding terrorists, to be presented when bush

Malloy Time!

East Tennessee couple charged with child abuse THEY ARE RICH PEOPLE...

BBB...BusedBushBackers.. picture..(They had to WALK)

Repuke James L Hart and Eugenics...

Is Bush the AntiChrist?

Howard Dean Says Tom DeLay (R-Texas) Has Arranged a Corrupt System

Florida Senate Race: Deutsch backer sues Castor over EMILY's List funding

Heads UP Flagstaff.. Kerry's coming to see you ...Monday

White people, it's time to come clean White Conservatives are racists

So, are we gonna have hockey this year?

Weld (County, Colorado - Greeley) on pace to break foreclosure record

Sen. Byrd will be online Thursday, Aug. 5 at 2 p.m. ET to discuss

Aid Workers Killed In Afghanistan

UN Says Obliged to Rely on U.S. for Safety in Iraq

Treasury Secretary Snow tours NYSE

3 Banks Robbed in Davenport tied to political rallies.

Breaking!! Republican Senator Leaks Classified Intelligence To Fox News!

Las Vegas production: Governor launches pro-California business campaign

NYT: Vietnam Veterans Buy Ads to Attack Kerry

Ag Department to require more data before announcing mad cow test results

Former Fortuna resident faces 20 years in Afghan prison

More than 300 South Africans studying medicine in Cuba

Falwell sets pastors' seminar on conservative political advocacy

Gay Couples Must Be Allowed To Marry Washington Court Rules

Iraqi civilians assault kidnappers and free hostages.

US abuse could be war crimes

WP: Investigators Concluded Shelby Leaked (CLASSIFIED) Message

It's Keyes! (IL GOOP Senate Candidate)

Al-Qaida operative in British custody warned of N.Y. attack -Knight Ridder

Women's grant halted...Congress cuts off funding to SLC Business Center

In Iowa Fight, Kerry Waves Corn, Bush Eats It Raw

Communion Barred to Abortion Supporters

Iraqi Delegation Robbed at Gunpoint in Memphis

Schwarzenegger Sells Himself, & CA (Billboard's 3 huge video screens)

Pentagon inspector general to investigate treatment of Muslim chaplain

This makes me think

Iverson sinks buzzer-beating 3-pointer for win

This video is disturbing

DU, you're it tonight, there is nothing on TV.

I heard U2 "Beautiful Day" on the radio today

Just heard on Olbermann

Now I know how Chimpy satisfies Pickles in bed

Vote for your favorite PBR

So what's the consensus?

Oh Happy Day, there is a God

Fun and Games at the Republican Convention

Should i watch Dances with Wolves?

Anyone read anything by Victor Villasenor?

So far, four different newspapers have called me about my letter.

I'm single again!

Do you like the English Beat?

Bay-beeee, you can drive my CARRRRRR.....

Screw it

Infant attempts Vulcan Mind Meld on Bush, realizes a "mind" is required

Where is LincolnMcGrath?

How to save the United States of America

Ahhhhnold IS girlie-man

Da Vinci Code Special on ABC Now

I promised myself no more * books until september

Gotta vent just had another fight with my ultra freeper father

A post worthy of SoCalDem:

How irritating! Just saw a commercial using "I Feel Pretty" as the jingle

My co-worker in the cube next to me. ..

Who had 53 minutes after the hour in the Malloy pool....

Fiennes to Play Voldemort in Next 'Potter'

What? Nobody wants to discuss horse flatus anymore?

Flash users... I have a question, if that's okay?

So I Have This Graphic & Fergit What Thread It Goes to...

GD down again??

I just saw one of the worst ump calls in history

Uh oh - Rodriguez just connected in bottom of 11th - Yanks beat

Wanna hear my drunken story of test trauma?

Mmm.... Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry

Lawyers playing with BB guns scare office workers

Whoa....The Big Dog's gonna be on the Daily Show on (on edit) Monday

Careful with that ax, Eugene

In the nick of time


I have decided that I am going to use one of nature's mightiest

Screw it, this break crap is for the birds

I'm just back from Japan, ask me anything


time for ChopperDave! Err Sealab 2021

Do ya feel lucky, punk?

Reno 911 is on

BenBurch is on Malloy RIGHT NOW!

Near tragedy averted

Help me settle an asinine argument with my dad

Roman Guards for Truth to publish Anti Jesus Book

Video editors: What's the best way to brighten a dark video?

So I just couldn't resist this the other day

car repair question (re: CV joint replacement)

Dubya's way-cool "Meet The Beatles" look...lurking in the shadows again

Who should play Dr. Doom in the new F.F. movie?

Must... Have... FOOTBALL!!!

American Chopper video game

Christ on Crutches! Shopping for "back to school" today...



Low-carb ice cream triggers spit reflex

Usage of less than three correlating coefficients is NOT a factor

Ok thats it, when I am older, I am so getting a beach place for summer

DU Bartenders

If looks could kill

My two cats

Cool... Anton Fig has a message board...

Industrial/Experimental Music Poll

Most annoying song RIGHT NOW - Lene Lovich - My lucky Number

what are some ways to get a thread locked?

I did a help desk call in the nude - ask me anything

BTW....I'm quiting cigs...again...tonight...

quick possibly dumb question concerning comp. hard drives capacity limits

I just realized; DU has the greatest layout ever

I can fly into the US on a Canadian Driver's licence (photo id) - right?

"Half Of U.S. Hookers Are Aliens"

Noel Coward Quote:

Daily Show: "Where do me sign?"



Austin City Limits Music Fest: The Pixies, Modest Mouse, Cake, The Roots

1964 was an awesome year for music!

Which resort better for a 30ish married couple: Hedonism or Sandals?

I owe $177.30 on my student loan that has been in default since 1986

Do you believe in a Parallel Universe?

This blows - the days are getting shorter again

Caption * showing off in Iowa

Bush: "Ich bin ein Davenport Iowan" (his latest "Third Reich" pose)

Anyone seen "The Village" LOL

Cat question

Did someone say that only 1/3 of Letterman's audience were Bush supporters

Anyone going to Coventry?

Deadhead question re: 8-1-04 show at SPAC

Do we have any motorcyclists in the DU lounge?

Someone tell me why those "Left Behind" books are so damn popular?

I'm sorry but Cadbury fucking chocolate is the fucking best!!!!!

A make-up question for the ladies...

How do you collect unemployment?

What football team should I cheer for?

who's more annoying than Quentin Tarantino?

Queer DUers: Dispel Myths Here.

What is your favorite Louisiana food?

Low Carb Dieters!! Stand up and Be Proud!

To those who have DOOM 3.

crap. i live next door to a real nazi.

Does anybody have the latest Senate race polls?

U.S. House candidate Larry Diedrich "in lock step" with Evil Dick's words

Quotes from Richard Morrison at the Austin DFA meet-up tonight.

Bruce misses one right down the middle.

Salon: Activist plans to lead a march of the disenfranchised to the RNC

What a fantastic rally in Arkansas for Edwards

Some new poll numbers

I gave out two Kerry/Edwards buttons today!

Kerry Detours to Visit Town Snubbed by Bush (Great Fun Story)

If Kerry's in danger of being "too liberal", we should all back him up

If you are not a member of ACT, Please join

Do the Republicans really demand an oath of loyalty

Take back the word "freedom"

Goddammit! Why can't WE go on the offensive?

"Chords for Change" OpEd by Bruce Springsteen in tomorrow's NYT

Bush Threatened to Veto $87 Billion Before Approving It

"They did the same thing to McCain" ....

Kerry got an 11.5% bounce! Win prob (5 polls) went from 85.9% to 97.4%

Alan Keyes, Republican Party Bitch

You must see Bush with his ear of corn ( caption at will! )

Kerry, swiftboatvets, and libel

ok now what do we do... Catholics against Dems...Christians against

Bruce misses one right down the middle.

Looking Backward

Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception

WTC Disintigration Health Fallout in Disaster Network News


Good Cartoon - Carlson

Great Dumbya Flip flop cartoon

NYT OpEd: Chords for Change - Bruce Sprinsteen

GOP Greenwood's Shift from Drug Industry Investigator to Lobbyist

Novak: Bush employing platform shoos to keep party in line

Breslin-The Boy Who Cried Wolf

These Are Their Ends

The Hightower Report: Is This America?

Jackson Thoreau: Who is the best flip-flopper? It's not Kerry, it's Bush

Credibility check: Bush's nomination acceptance speech (from 2000)

NYT Editorial Terror Alerts

A Credit to the Corps

The Hand of Bandar?

Today, I'm ashamed to be called a Missourian.

What's Happening In Kansas?

Naomi Klein- Anyboby but Bush-- then back to work

Has GOP finally hit bottom, or is this hole even deeper? (IL and Keyes)

The Nation Magazines E-Voting Article 8/16/04

WSJ's Al Hunt: Sham Charges Against a War Hero

CBS Meyer: We Are Not 'A Nation In Danger'


Funny & brilliant "Why Bush has more to fear than fear itself"

Peggy Noonan says "send me"

Who's the Flip-Flopper?

George Bush's Legion of Zombies

Report: Pakistan 's ISI 'Fully Involved' in 9/11

The death of cheap crude (Aljazeera)

I think everyone should buy one of these Kerry House Party Paks!!!

ACTIVISM ALERT: Write a letter to the editor about Bush's war record

San Francisco Bay area grocery worker's contracts expire on 9-11.

Protest activists lay down gauntlet

Call For Independent Probe of Tom DeLay

---- D/FW - - August 9th ----

Mark your calendars: DC Oct. 2nd (Take Names Of The Dead To WH)

What To Do When Your Friends E-mail Lies To You

GOP transforms VietnamVet's anti- Kerry video press release into Nat'l Med

InSannity dissing Bruce Hornsby for not liking his sorry ass

8/5 Morning Wrap - No Iraq/Afghan, & NBC/Tweety lie saying Terror"casing"

Meme alert: "are you for Kerry, or against Bush?"

study on media bias


MSNBC - all Terror all the time

Did anybody see the "oath of loyalty" on the daily show last night?



Today's Thought

Men of Great Intellect...which one does not belong?

Bush, Kerry Are Far Apart on How Raising Taxes on 'Rich' Pans Out

Google reveals possible securities law violations

This may sound stupid, but has there been a study...

Common antibiotic helps in treatment of spinal cord!!!

Bali Air Quality Continuing To Deteriorate

UK Seabird Breeding Collapse Disastrous, Absolutely Unprecedented

Which tuna are we encouraged to avoid?

Even More Reasons To Hate John Stossel

Marine Expedition Finds New Species, Deep-Sea Mysteries

This may sound stupid, but hat there been a study...

Prius Is Put on Fast Track (50% boost in production)

Hurricane Alex - Unprecedented?

Guardian Utd (August 5): Red Cross says US abuse could be war crime

They Knew! The Pentagon Planned For 9/11 in 2000!

Sheriff ready to permit guns.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 5, 2004

QUESTION: Is there any evidence that letting the AWB expire...

Pro-Gun Candidate Loses in Michigan...

Big Bill Spreads Word on AWB Renewal

Some Nevada seniors find protection in owning guns.

A particularly disgusting letter to the editor...

For all you logic/linguistic buffs, The Embarassing Second Amendment

Mods, any reason why my thread didn't post to "Latest Threads"?


Admin, don't mean to continue trumad's thread...


The last several days I have frequently gotten the following message

For EarlG

Egyptian official: Israel to reopen Rafah border crossing

IDF nabs 2 would-be suicide bombers

Israel Plans Settlement Expansion, Defying U.S.

A Wave of Jews Returning to Russia

A new racist reality for the Arabs of Safed

The army's kashrut stamp

AAR coming to Chicago?

Critics out to derail bullet train with November referendum

Sarasota DUers....

Deutsch seeks Castor apology for son's remark

46th: Brandt "within striking distance" of dumping Rohrabacher

Oh my, Arnie on billboards, bringing people in or keeping them out of CA.

Cheney in East Grand Forks Fri 8/6 ; Counter-rally planned for Dems

Pawlenty endorses Palau evangelism festival

Can someone from Michigan help me out?

Common Bruce, bring it to Texas

Hastert's going to be in Dallas next Monday.

Outfoxed part of Tuesday Night at the Movies Somervell Co

Corporations gave $108,900 to Craddick PAC

Damn that Bob J. Perry! - Houston developer

Did anyone see Morrison at Scholz's last night?

Dallas County DUers: Dallas Co. Elections website

Hey, Milwaukee DUers going to the state fair!

Common antibiotic helps in treatment of spinal cord!!!

Plane diverted to pick up Bush daughters - WTF?


Does anyone have a link to the article where Recent immigrants...

Anyone else wondering if Homeland Security has that student from Orange?

Kerry defends Edwards by taking swipe at Cheney.....

Cuomo coming up on McEnroe on CNBC, now

Live Aid DVD's to be released in November!

New book coming out about Bush/Cheney Vietnam War heroism.

After convention Bush maintains LOWEST favorability rating ever

The campaign is starting to get very very nasty

Let's force them to have Kerry's Emergency Anti-Terrorism Congress

Vote for Change concert REM,Springstein,Dave Matthews,Bonnie Raitt etc.

Some interesting dialogue regarding the swift boat controversy

Will oil resources become exhausted, causing problems?

do you think the anthrax killer

News You Missed - LTTE

Best Daily Show Ever tonight?

And then there is this........

a brief thought about the Republicans choosing Keyes

Reverend Moon should be arrested under the Trading with the Enemy Act

What happened to Bernie Ward? Off KGO?

Just got back from "The Hunting of the President"

Caption this photo

How Much Should I Worry About November?

Here's a new poll you may want to DU.

Did threat of libel suit cause this or something else?

Debunker Website

Europeans are rooting for Kerry even if they don't know much about him

Did JFK deserve the Bronze Star? (substitute Jessica for JFK)

"Swift Boat Veterans" ads are excellent


IRR Call-Up Puts Lives In Disarray

I think it's time to see Terezas money go to work.

Alan Keyes is THINKING about it?

Must an employer accomodate a worker's religious practices?

Ok i heard from a repug that Kerry isnt releasing all his military records

Kyoto fate in Putin's hands?

lawyers : torture of two Australians at Guantanamo Bay

Excellent letter in Miss. Clarion-Ledger bashing Halliburton

C-Span 8:05- Fascist Thursdays now, not only Friday but Thursdays????

36 ways we are losing the war

C-Span caller: Pro-life and pro-military

Army Works To Increase Enlistees

Laura Bush critical of journalists

One of the biggest Ironies, yet...

On C-Span (8:40) "Hotline" reported poll results TAKEN BY REPUGS.

I don't think you people are TERRIFIED enough...what's it gonna take?

How much military hardware have we lost in Iraq?

Swift boat veterns against Kerry must not stand unanswered

One more time: The best illustration of Swiftvets Bankruptcy of Position

something else I just don't get....

Has anybody found out if Kerry's campaign is planning to RESPOND

Investigators Concluded Shelby Leaked Message

Kerry's Attorney General will have his/her work cut out for him/her

CACI Gets $15 Million Iraq Contract Extension (remember them?)

The difference between us.

Shouldn't there be a law against my governor serving as campaign

Bush is the handpuppet of satan.....discuss

"Ask President Bush" Event

Saddam Speaks to Red Cross, Writes Family

Kerry leading by 13 in NJ

I haven't been to a concert in years, but I'll got to Bruce, REM & Fogerty

Hmmm, Corsi, the co-author of the swiftboat lies, is a FREEPER...

Paul Krugman

Bush at the Defense appropriations bill signing.

Boston Ex-Cardinal's Rome Flock Shrug Off His Past

C-SPAN WJ: FCC Comissioner Micahel Copps On Station Ownership

Right-wingers say we're hypocrites because we don't allow them?

Debunking M.M.'s 911

Voting People or Voting Puppets???

Would the RW have rallied around Clinton had 9/11 happened under him?

Roy Moore on CSPAN Thursday AM

NYT Op/Ed: "Tom Ridge is hopeless as a public spokesman"

Is Lynndie England being scapegoated?

New design for Bush appearance Loyatly Oath.

New Book on Bush coming out soon titled Deserter.

Garrison Keillor on O'Reilly last night. We have GOT to do better...

Mary Kay Letourneau: What does everyone think?

I guess the real reason we don't complain about the Palestinian issue is

Bush Family & Hitler Project - Has anyone read this?

Woah! Response to yesterday's e-mail from a supplier.

Does a pre-Nov. attack in America mean bu*sh wins or loses ?

anti-Kerry book ranks #1 at

DEMOCRAT / DEMOCRATIC, another county heard from:

Bush has a new weapon on terror

Swiftvets financials...

Vintage Fine Lines....

The reason why all the commissions investigating anything screw

Why is Bush "rejecting" the 911 Commission Recommendations?

The Noble History of the Free Speech Zone (Bolling)

Springsteen interview video w/Koppel on Nightline

Many Christians Flee Iraq, With Syria the Haven of Choice

The alerts are part of the Rove plan: Clockwork Orange!

Will US soldiers soon be asking to make "pot" available to them too?

Bush would benefit from domestic terror attack - Chris Matthews on Today

I'm making a sign for my car...2 of them, that will state ...

RNC Convention organizers want to know which NY buisnesses gave to......

RNC Convention organizers attacking NY businesses that gave DNC delegates

Polls: The Devil is in The Details

AAR had THE BUSH* freudian slip of today's appropriations speech!!!!

Max Cleland's limbs are really there

A question I wish someone would ask Bush*

And the NYT continues the terror alert dialogue. It is starting.

The Bush Loyalty Oath form-Hot! off the presses

Suspect in New Terror Alerts Fed U.S. False Info in 2002

CIA desperate, asking hollywood directors for help

where can i find the DNC speeches' video online?

Imus is a "back hand" supporter for Kerry.... his show props awol daily

FCC Approves TiVo Technology

Deleted message

Are we watching the beginning of the decline of the Conservative Movement?

CBS Radio actually said this...

I respect a good lie, but they can't even lie effectively anymore

AAR "and SO ARE WE."

"The future belongs to freedom--not fear!"

McCain blasts Swith Boat Vets ad

Bush Glares at Baby! (Ripe for caption)


Need Help Countering Claim: Dems Believed WMDs in Iraq

"Heinz Kerry a draw in Midwest tour"

Republicans are in the midst of the Five Stages of Grief / Loss.

Bush told the truth!! Bush told the truth!!

Defense Appropriations Bill signing rerun on now: Bush quote?

EMAIL McCain/Vet Ad Headline to TV News

more than an ad

Limbaugh "panic mode".... ya gotta believe the Kerry desparate

Kerry blasts Bush in latest speech - he's on the attack!

Swiftboat Pukes got what they wanted. Dems need to respond

Religion, politics, control, and the CIA. Just some thoughts.

Nevermind... you can't leave a comment on the petition for Keyes

Al Franken is just HILARIOUS today! Incensed about Swiftboat crap,

Great chimp photo on the cover of today's New York Times.

With War Losing Support, Rumsfeld Stages a Retreat :OLLIE OLLIE OX IN FREE

F-102 Delta Dart Pilots Against Bush

"Bush Signs Bill With $25B More for Wars"

Hunter S. Thompson on election/football.

Quote from Maureen Dowd -- how true it is

"Edwards Gives Impromptu Truck-Bed Address"

McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad

Tommy Franks being disingenuous on The View

Economic consultants predict a Bush victory

Funny Anti-Bush Cartoons from "Get your war on"

BLUMENTHAL: "Bush's faltering credibility"

"Reality Show Holds Up Green Card As Bait"

As predicted "Swift boat veteran" scumbags drive McCain to Kerry's defense

The Defense Bill would buy 1333 3/4 mile suspension bridges.

Common Sense people against Bush

AAR: Shelby WON'T be prosecuted... It is an offense but the CHOICE WAS

CSPAN now: media coverage of National Security Issues

I want to see someone take this poll :

Bush slip up and the Dean scream and the media agenda

"The Face of Washington's Press Corps is Much Whiter than the Face of U.S"

The "Democrat" party

Deleted message

The Republican Five Stages of Grief game! (Mods, reposted b/c it didn't...

It will come out in 10 years that Dubya was diagnosed with...?

"Kerry Says Race, Economics Divide U.S."

Sacrificing for the War

The desperation is in their faces!


What's the deal with the "swift boat vets against kerry"..

Single Best Description of Kerry I've Seen...

It is time to go dirty

SwiftVets against John Kerry.

Swift Boat vets for "truth" commercial!! Must be rebutted

F-911 DVD -- preorder now!!

CNN's second response to me: Go Cheney myself

AWOL/Cheney -- By Invitation Only ...... how does that play with America?

You guys want some facts on the swiftboatvets I got yer facts right hea!!

Mp3 or video of Shrubs slip up today?

Do you love this story as much as I do? Time for a rerun.....

Meet Wolfowitz's girlfriend

KERRY Criticizes Bush For Continuing to Read "My Pet Goat"

I like pussycats. I'm such a dog.

meanwhile, back in Iraq.... "The cease-fire is over" chopper down

Where can I get "Outfoxed"?

Seventy times seven....

We need some accurate bumper stickers

OUTRAGE: the DOJ is on TV using terra to knock McCain story off

Is Iraq FUBAR ? Or can it be salvaged?

DOJ terra terra terra! (Albany 2 thread)

"Suspect Confirmed Terror Threat, U.S. Says"

Please read & rate this Yahoo article.

Official: Absentee votes may go uncounted – again

AP - Bush Insists his Administration Seeking new ways to Harm our Country

Question of day: how many times will the "news" run the Swift boat ad?

Kerry Has Strong Advantage Among Latino Voters (Florida)

Miracle drugs - the new anti inflamatories

Where does "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" Get Its Money?

10am Bush on C-Span spouting about ARMS TO KILL OUR ENEMIES!!

I AM NOT JOKING!! W’s Presidential Papers printed UPSIDE DOWN!

Now we have to set up Muslims who were not even asking for missiles

Was the Orange Alert STAGED for Laura & the Twins' PHOTO OP?

The Boss takes on Bush!

Has anyone surveyed the National Guard people from Bush's time?

Goddamn. 923 Lives...wasted.

Fla. GOP keeps its delegate list secret (ATTENTION!)

Well, they said they were going to go "negative"....

Colin Powell questions John Kerry's campaign themes...

Notice how the same tactics are being use to link the 2 NY arrests with

"Alleged missile plot uncovered in Albany"

Rebuttal to "In Defense of Internment"

I Pledge Allegiance

Sorry, but has this been discussed: other swift boat cap'ns resentful?

"Kerry Has Double-Digit Lead in N.J."

UH - OH ! He let the truth slip out by mistake

Subservient Dubya

Why Does This GOP Idiot I Know Insist I Read pp 331 &332...

Kerry slams Bush for lack of immediate action on September

The only adamant principle of the republican party is self service

What is Fair Trade?

Limbaugh quote: Has this been verified and/or discussed before?

Let's go off the deep end: When Kerry gets elected.....

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Big Dawg on TDS w/Jon Stewart

I thought that Terrorist Missile Sting Operation sounded familiar!


Magnifico Bush--Mule or Mutant?

Does McCain have a secret agenda?

Contact McCain to thank him for standing against "Swiftboat Scum for W"

What if McCain refuses to speak at the RNC?

If anyone hasn't read the In These Times article, read it now.

Did Al say the swift boat vets ads were made by the same people

Anybody listening to Franken about these dirty ads? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The Chimp gets bush-slapped again in Stars and Stripes

Do You Consider The Drudge Report To Be A Reliable News Source?

Mary Cheney -- Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Debunking/refuting the swift boat ad

Stocks tanking, oil skying. Gee, wonder what's happening?

This may be a flakey idea, but can anyone....

Resurrect the fairness doctrine:would end CNN,FOXNEWS,MSNBC, blame reagen!

Fair and Balanced?

"US Abuse Could Be War Crime"

Mike Malloy is killing me!!!! :-)

CNN Poll - Are there Muslims in your town ?

Are you having an especially RAINY summer in your state?

Another possible conversion story

FOX News poll gives Kerry a bounce!!!!!!!!!

Bush Family Christmas Gifts 2003

I've now watched Maher's show a few times. Repubs ARE feeling desperate.

John McCain is a conflicted fraud of a man!

The terrorists know what President Bush means!!!!! BWAHAHA!

Suggesting politeness when contacting media: goal is to be heard...

What's the name of that website?

Help me out with creepy Bush video

Please DU this poll on whether Kerry shot a teen in the back!

Senator Byrd Online NOW:

I'm George W Bush & I approve this message (I know what they are up to)

John Kerry says he would have got up on 9/11 if he was in Bush's place

Freepers attacking McCain's Vietnam service now

what's to stop "keyes-ing" of more elections?

MUST READ!! *lol* New 'Bushism' Born at Bill Signing

Yay! Baghdad Burning blog back up!

So how is Mike Malloy's new show on ARR?

I'm listening to Big Ed

The White House belongs to Bush?

Bush can't always get what he wants in NH: "He's made a mess of things"

Sing Along With Me to Dean Martin's Classic Song: Going Back to Houston

$50 a barrel? I say BRING IT ON!

July Surprise - Interesting NPR story on Pakistan

The Gestapo at CNN want you to answer this poll

ASK AMERICA 2004 National PolicySurvey

Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have is the face of panic, horror, and fear

John O'Neill is a liar-for-hire and an embarrassment to all Vietnam vets

"Democrats for Bush" - bumper sticker in Wisconsin

CNN has "invited" Terry McAuliffe to react at RNC convention after Bush!!!

John Kerry's Achievements

Help needed with "Kerrylied" website

Oil prices are skyrocketing, yet gasoline has stayed nearly flat?

Charlie Daniels Angers Arab Community

Need to see Wes Clark out there

what was bushs approval ratings PRE 9/11?

Election 2000 Polling Archive

I'm now entering the 700 club

CNN just mentioned several business leaders who support *...

You know what is scary... that your military medals get a second look

Why did the Repubs choose Bush over McCain in 2000?

They showed Bush's slip-up on Crossfire!

Outstanding. McCain front and center on AOL slamming Swift Boat Scumbags

McCain speaks out about ads!

Kerry ad idea: Use W's words against him

Bush is trying to get out the Amish vote!

" PSST, We Like You Better Now"

New Mexico GOP to Keep Screening for Bush Events (are they nuts)

Can you DU this?

Republicans say the darndest things!

Bruce Springsteen NYT op-ed today: "Chords for Change"


bush is for tort reform

All this Republican sniping at Kerry's military service...

GOP answer to Bruce Springsteen is The Gatlin Brothers

What is the name of the vet working to out Bush as AWOL?

I want to thank some rightwing nutz!!

Journalists of Color Conference: Watch it on C-Span if you can.

Columbia has officially announced Fahrenheit 9/11

Grand Forks, North Dakota protest...

Again, the Iraq War drains resources from the war on terror

Didn't someone have a scan of the 'loyalty oath' from the Junta???

Do you have ANY idea what one must go through in order to be awarded

One of the best GOP spins EVER!

Fox News Poll: Kerry Leads...Bush* approval 44%...tie with male voters

Kerry/Edwards Threatening Suit over Ads

Mark Lloyd on Cspan-Media kicking butt

Don't forget to send this link to all your Repub friends

Bush* reason for not taking medical-"felt there was no reason to take it"

I had asked "Where is Begala" but there is a guy who is GREAT in CROSSFIRE

Laura Bush receives $95K jewels from Saudi oil prince

Terror Level Raised to Red (just kidding)

Have you witnessed any Republican crimes

NYC: Franken and Krugman at Barnes & Noble Union Square 7pm.

Franks on Fox

Great photoshop idea. Opie of Mayberry sitting on Nixon's lap

Kerry took it to Charlie while Swift Boat Scumbags wet their pants

A "new" outbreak of "violence" in Iraq..

The Liberal & the Liberal media - A Reality Check

Do you hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth?

When have electors voted contrary to the peoples decision?

Right-wing blogger chutzpah reaches a new high

Howard Dean on Topic A, CNBC Sunday with Jon Stewart

The 6th largest campaign contributer to Cheney are trial lawyers.

I heckled a Fox News propagandist at the STL Kerry Rally today

About Brit Hume. Would you rather -

AWOL definition fits; Ignorance doesn't clear Bush of AWOL


2004 RNC Policy Survey sent to my home. What should I do with it?

Time to tax some churches! Falwell to Hold Pro-Bush Seminar

They sure are disrupting a bunch of terra plots...

I took as much of CNN as I can. A promo with an interview with Ben Stein.

Has anyone read John Kerry's book, A CALL TO SERVICE?

Should Kerry/Edwards now ask the American people.........

So, do you think that the "decision" to make war on Iraq . . .

I'm sorry, hold on, THIS is an Iraqi police car??

How to get into your own Screaming Match w/ Hate Radio Hosts

wanna help tom tomorrow annoy matt drudge?

Bush speaks the truth...

Iraq: Look what's happening out in the streets, got a revolution...

Read it and rate it.

Absentee ballots

John F. Kerry is not like John F. Kennedy so stop saying that!

Kerry "playing up his war record"

Pfftt! Reporter on Lou Dobbs says Bush in Ohio to get independent voters

Caption this: Soul Missing

Smirky was right --- we really are turning the corner.

A blatant lie in my local paper regarding Democratic ads

Teresa: you said you'd start spending your own money....when?

I got into a screaming match with a conservative radio host today

Has anyone been harrassed over their bumper stickers.

What's up with Randi?

Is this new swift boat ad now good for Kerry?

What news is coming out that caused the swiftboat liars to resurface?

check out the new republican poster-boy

Save the footage from Bush's foot in the mouth !

No one knows what the f*ck Katherine Harris was talking about!

I know someone who knows people who hung out with bush in the late 70s

Oh goody! Nader's on the ballot in Connecticut.

Where's the REAL Kerry purple heart doctor?

Predict the Kerry "Swift Boat Scumbags" bounce!

East-coasters - has anybody seen CBS news tonight?

Can Iraq stay together until the election is over?

Video of Bush "harming our country" with music stolen from the Pixies

Caption Whistle-Ass on 9/11 about to crap his pants

Judy Woodruff has on Ben Stein "Why Liberals Hate America".

New 'Bushism' Born at Bill Signing

Bush won't condem O'Neill attack ads....... CNN Lou Dobbs

Further evidence that Teresa Heinz Kerry seems to genuinely like kids

Bush unleashes the Queen Mother of all Freudian slips

Time to revisit the flight physical in perpetuity?

he he...

List of MOST/ALL swiftboaters in Vietnam

Great Link for newspapers - 160 newspapers around the world

Peggy Noonan joining *'s campaign

Let's make huge posters with the simply the name: Sibel Edmonds

NYSE dropped 163. CNN's top stories are:

Kerry's criticism of *'s 9/11 classroom paralysis doesn't hold much weight

Whose lifeboat would you climb into?

END of discussion about Kerry's service right here

Didn't McCain do exactly what DU'ers suggested he do?

"In the eight o'clock hour we'll bash Muslims if you want."

How Radical is alSadr?

Why is that the Republicans can find a bunch of vets to diss Kerry...

FOX confirms what we already know: CNN is a lying outlier!

Bush soiled the ground...

Just have to say it again tonight: " Sibel Edmonds"

Separarion of Church & State? (Jerry Falwell to hold "pro-Bush seminar")

Who paid for the swiftboat ad?

AOL message boards regarding Springsteen et al.

The Sultan Brought Cheesecake

Has MSRNC cancelled Deborah Norplant's show?

Sounds Like Iraq is Blowing Up All Over Today

This Man Got 6,360 Votes For Missouri Governor - God Help Us All

Anthrax threat letters mailed to Kerry -- breaking

Microtiming terrorists threats on election day.

AOL straw poll hacked?!

Larry Thurlow, the Smear boat guy, got a medal for the same mission as JK

Bush actually telling the truth!

Colorado DU'ers! Convince to vote for Miles or Salazar next Tuesday!

Another chickenhawk attack on John Kerry (Ben Shapiro)

Randi Rhodes just said she's barred from "Paula Zahn."

Dear George - sorry I haven't written - but you're screwed

I've long suspected McCain joined the Bush* campaign to sabotage it

Time to have Kerry's Swift Boat crew make a campaign ad for MoveOn?

Radio NZ Just Reported * Promising To Do His Best To Harm America...

Swiftboatn Vets Ad pulled already?

Fun with trolling

Did you see they guy Kerry saved on CNN debating attack ad scumbag

Air America Crushes Competitors in Portland - New Numbers

Have you heard the Chimp's latest gaffe???

Had my KERRY FOR PRESIDENT t-shirt on today with my John Kerry button and

a freeper book for kids

Game: Guess how many times Moonbeam has stickers stolen before 11-04!

Imagine a world without gasoline and oil

I just signed this petition to stop Tom DeLay.

Dean on CNBC's Capital Report at 7 and 10 tonight.

FLIPFLOP: Bush Camp distancing itself from Swiftboat Vets!

WHY are Americans so easily Fooled/Scammed/Taken/Conned ?

Please Help Unfreep This Poll

David Hackworth slams new swift boat ads.

Spotlight on major swiftboat lies donor, Bob J. Perry.

Noticing all the networks covering the Albany NY "sting"

The White House has DECLINED to condemn the Swift Boat liars!!!!

CARTOONS: Bush's National Guard Service & Kerry's Lack Thereof

If you want to listen to Bush*'s freudian slip, the WH homepage has it:

I am looking for video of the July 13th

Faux Poll: Kerry (46%) * ush (43%)

Bumper sticker # 2 stolen off my car today--bush people are HATERS

NIGHTLINE (8/5/04): Questions About Terrorism

Are the Reforms right or left wing?

ACLU: 9/11 Commission Recommendations threaten Civil Rights

If you want real news tune into PBS...the Iraqi situation is much worse

Freepers hate true American heros, swiftly attack McCain

Rush Limbaugh calls Democratic rock singers "dope fiends!"

HEADS UP: Bush threatened to veto $87 billion b/c it gave funding to vets

R. F. Kennedy Jr. on Bush's Anti-Environmental Cronies

New Polls Puts Kerry Ahead

Weep For The Women

Engagement rings - - supporting terrorists?!

Majority Report has Swift Boat Liar's SON on now???

Mr. Bush*, where is our 'Robust' economy?

Today in Iraq (in pictures)

If they say Kerry shot a kid in the back, we can say Bush raped and

BREAKING: Offices of Plame prosecutor target of bomb plot!

What's the deal with this new crap book "Unfit to Command"?

One reason major media is so much more right wing recently...

Who is holding out on the Iraqi child sodomy video?

Billboards we'd love to see.

Evidence White House Knew It Was Lying About Iraq...

"Bush, Family and Top Aides Received $127,600 Gifts from Saudi Prince"

Speech For Local Democratic Group -- PLEASE Critique/Comment


Adolph Hitler, "Mein Kampf"

Rush Limbaugh Wants To Know...

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

Steve Earle's new cd “The Revolution Starts Now" due 8/24, listen now!

Every time I turn around, they arrest a new terra-ist!

Does Kerry have anything to offer to the left?

Freeper stopped me in the parking lot - My Car Window SIgn

With the overwhelming support that was shown for the

OMG... CNN Bill Schneider misinterprets Manchurian Candidate....

BBV: Ben Cohen's True Majority buys radio ads criticizing BBV (WA)

Bill Maher's Guests....

Here's John Kerry's Silver Star Comendation......

Can Original Thinkers Help Us Connect the Dots? Art & Politics (Moyers)

AIR CAR invented, goes 180 miles on 3-minute fillup, AIR PISTON engine!!

Does anybody know by what margin Bush won the military vote in '00?

OMG! Mega-RAVE review for "The Question W Revue"

I get it...Misogyny is now "Cool" ... Smirky let the dogs out.

Chart: Bush Ratings vs. Terror Alerts

How much time should Lynndie England get?

I feel great! Planned Parenthood rules.

The Giant Republican Blame-Away Machine

Repub swift boat ad is poison fruit of McCain/Feingold CFR tree


Dishonorably Discharged George W. Bush

Gunshot tape that could solve the JFK mystery

What should the limit on magazine capacity be?

COVER UP OF TREASON -color flyer to distribute everywhere

More on PLAMEGATE...

Whistle blowers good or bad?

Should Scotland become an independent nation?

Martin County (Fla) Democrats warned against intimidation

Iraq war vote scheduled by Baptists

Car Bomb South of Baghdad Kills at Least 5 People

NYT, pg1: Qaeda Strategy Is Called Cause for NEW Alarm

NYT, pg1: Evacuation Plans Due for High Rises in NYC (if under attack)

Canada probes Israeli spy ring

US abuse could be war crimes

U.S. Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq Fighting

Islamic groups deny role in church blasts

WaPo: Investigators Concluded Shelby Leaked Message

NYT: 9/11 Panel Chmn Urges (Pres.) "Vote" on Report (Bush "warning")


Edwards Brings Southern Tour to Tennessee

'Disturbing trend' seen in negligent discharges of weapons in Afghanistan

News Corp. President Endorses Kerry

US company to create 60 new jobs in Cork

Four dead, chopper downed as US troops clash with Shiite militia

SEC probes three major U.S. oil companies

3 Banks Robbed During Bush, Kerry Visit

NYT, pg1, lead story: Terror Warning Is Said to Lead to NEW Arrests

Al-Qaeda using Pakistan as staging post to plot global terror AFP

Danish Officer Accused in Iraq Prison Case

US abuse could be war crime: Red Cross

New Swiftboat to video!

Heinz Kerry is part of the draw in her husband's Midwest bus tour

Fierce clashes in Mosul leave many dead

CNN Breaking: Marine helicopter shot down in Iraq

Insurgent Fighting Spreads Beyond Najaf...

Al-Sadr militiamen battle U.S. and Iraqi forces in four cities

(GOP SAY) Caution Is Urged in Intelligence Overhaul

WP: U.N. Says Iraq Force Is Stalled (and "cool response" to Islamic force)

Same-sex marriage gains as Nov. issue

Stocks Fall as Wall Street Awaits Unemployment Report (Faux)

FBI studies US contacts by al-Qaeda (operative "contacted" someone this yr

NYT, pg1: Ads for (and at No Cost to) Kerry Keep Flowing

At Least 12 Dead in Battle (read down: 2 US Marines killed near Syria)

Red Cross: U.S. May Have Committed War Crimes at Guantanamo Bay

Airlift of US troops from South Korea to Iraq begins in earnest

Shiite militia declares war on British troops in Iraq

Cheney credits tax cuts for economy's growth

Bush Insists His Administration Seeking 'new Ways to Harm Our Country'

Missile Sting Operation Breaking -- The Warm Up for the October Surprise?

MSNBC - all Terror all the time

US dismisses reports Pakistan is training ground for terrorists

Two Albany, N.Y., Mosque Leaders Arrested

Army Rehires CACI for Interrogations [Abu Ghraib]

Schwarzenegger Uses Fame to Boost Calif.

New Doubt Cast on Crime Testing in Houston Cases

Report: Pakistan 's ISI 'Fully Involved' in 9/11

Libertarian Badnarik dismisses Hastert tax plan

Kerry/Edwards Threatening Suit over Ads

'Experienced Iraqis not wanted' (Amer Al Saadi still in solitary)

Israel Plans Settlement Expansion, Defying U.S.

Iraq survey group ignores Scarlett's WMD 'nuggets'

The Hand of Bandar?

N.M. GOP to Keep Screening for Bush Events

Falwell Offers Political Seminar to Clergy ...(left wing thugs?)

FBI Raids Mosque in Albany, N.Y.

Again, the Iraq War drains resources from the war on terror

Dems: give voters choice of using electronic, paper ballots (AP Fla)

US: Records destroyed in $8 million Broward Medicare fraud

FBI, Post Office searching locations in NY, NJ in anthrax probe

Intel Chiefs Urge Patience for 9/11 Plan

AWOL definition fits; Ignorance doesn't clear Bush of AWOL

Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths (921)

New York police, fire labor dispute looms over Republican convention

Mortar Blasts Hit Central Baghdad

Bush Tries to Reassure Jittery Ohio Voters on Jobs

al-Qaida May Attack Merchant Shippers

Danish army investigators confirm abuse by contingent in Iraq

Moore Hot Water (Fox - Brit Hume)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 5 August

Witnesses in Iraqi abuse case implicate US military intelligence

Bush Pushes for Changes in Labor Laws

Two Caribbean nations refuse to recognize Haiti government

MeadWestvaco to close plants, take charge (600 jobs)

New Anti-Kerry Ad: FOX and MSNBC Roll the Tape, Don't Check Facts

Kerry knocks Bush for 9/11 performance

Kerry Opposes Media Consolidation Trend

West Nile found in Sonoma County

Touch-screens dealt a blow (Florida)

WP: Military Intel Ordered (Abu Ghraib) Captives Hidden (from Red Cross)

Immigrant accused of plotting with terrorist returned to Ohio

US blamed for nuclear threat (Tuwaitha looting)

Oil Soars to New Highs on YUKOS

Enron Tries to Block Pension Takeover Bid

Sims pitches four-pronged revamp of tax system (WA gov candidate)

Report: Montana 1 of only 2 states lagging in education reforms

Terror suspect panel won't recommend freedom for many

Touch-screen voting machines in Miami-Dade concern Penelas

Unprecedented 1,600 small earthquakes deep below Lake Tahoe

Northern Iraq's Main Oil Pipeline Hit In Fresh Blast

New 'Bushism' Born at Bill Signing

Fewer US jobs posted on Web in July, Monster says

US Troops Destroy Iraq's Ancient Past

DNC Lawyers fight against Boat Vets Ad

Edwards Gives Impromptu Truck-Bed Speech [in Rush's Home Town!]

Retailers post muted July sales growth

Jobless claims fell to 336, 000 in latest week from revised 347,000

Bush Admin. Management Plan for Calif. Desert..Struck Down

Florida GOP Won't Release Delegate List

Md., others seek aid to rebuild schools

LAT: Abused Iraqi Detainees Said to Hold No Intelligence Value

Army Gives Contract to Company in Jail Scandal

Court rules against Utah in nuke fight | Salt Lake Tribune

Bush Signs Bill With $25B More for Wars (to "spread the peace")

Radiation incident at Hanford

Iraqi Cleric Calls for New Uprising

NYT:Korean Missile Said to Advance; U.S. Unworried(can't reach cont. U.S.)

Charlie Daniels angers Arab community

Fighting Flares in Iraq's North

Dow Below 10,000 as Oil Hits New Record

Witness: England Identified As Abuser

Survivor Recalls Fatal Attack On Reservists

Anti-Kerry Group Seeks Press Exemption

AP:Bush Insists His Administration Seeking 'new Ways to Harm Our Country'

Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Has Heart Problems

Suspicious Letter Found At Brentwood Post Office (threat to Kerry)

Clinton raps Bush over Iraq: 'number five' security threat (story freeped)


Bush volunteers turn away protesters

Iraq war vote scheduled by Baptists

NYT: Group Planning Illegal Protests on Second Day of Convention

White House repudiates anti-Kerry ad

Texan Bankrolls Anti-Kerry Vets Group ...

McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad

With war losing support, Rumsfeld stages a retreat

Democrats Stake Presence in Kennebunkport ("Kerrybunkport")

''life was hell''

Rip. Slip. Brush. Ahhh.

39 years ago today, at 7:10 AM Alaska time...

How well will the Men's US Basketball team do in the Olympics?


Suggest other edible items/voting blocs for Dubya

The worst Web Hosts I've ever encountered.

I'm feeling down tonight..

Who wins this debate?

Bob Wow Wow on Jimmy Kimmel now

I can't get the "throw the jews down the well" song out of my head

new Oxyrush advertiser Cardioscan


The next time

Great - I bet now FoxNews will air Fahrenheit 9/11 just to piss of Moore

Best bumper sticker of the morning.

It's KNEES! (and nice ones, too)

Fake Fried Baby Foot Found In Package Of Chicken Pieces

BTW - it's not Keyes yet....

9/11 Operator Falls Asleep, Starts Snoring During Emergency Call

Heh Heh, another corny pic of Shrub

Cruise Passengers Told to Abandon Ship

Wanted Suspect Arrested At Anti-Crime Block Party

Now THIS Is Something You Don't See Every Day - Orang-Utan Kickboxing

i found the Link between aL queda and iraq!

Sorcerers Nabbed With 50 Bodies, 20 Skulls, Some Genitals

It's LEEDS!!!

Officials Rescue 26,000 Live Fish From Truck

Another mouse.

The Auricular Acupuncture really worked

IBM promises no patent assault on Linux

Look At The Happy Bush Supporter

Who were Santa's parents?

Was that Cubs/Rockies game last night crazy, or what?

What should Screaming Lord Byron and I do to celebrate our marriage?

New 'Fear Factor' Reality Show: The Winners Get Help With Green Cards

Do you ever have moments of utter clarity regarding your own mortality?

Ever find out a co-worker was a child molester?

**Happy Birthday Loni Anderson!!! (oh and Neil Armstrong too)**

Flying Chicken Gets Stuck In Motorist's Windshield Wipers

Bush Loyalty Oath?

Locust Swarm Eats Soccer Field

I haven't been to a concert in years, but I'll got to Bruce, REM & Fogerty

7-Year-Old Sucked Into 10-Inch Storm Drain, Pulled 130 Feet Before Rescue

Any fans of "The Sins"

I think Dream Theater is secretly working for Bush

"Ghost Ship" Sails 30km With No Crew

I'd like to solicit your best snappy comebacks.

Has anyone read "THEM: Adventures with Extremists" by Jon Ronson?

From Kos: Bush: "We never stop thinking of ways to harm our country"

90 foot skateboard ramp in LA (with 50 foot jump required)

Excuse me for the next few days....

Create your own Bush/Cheney campaign poster!

Who owns SUPERMAN?

What would be the definition of paradise for you?

You who would make a killer action star? John Kerry

The fucking swallows are finally gone!

Ahhh Aliens VS Predator...can't wait...check this clip out

I wonder what Italians would call Magic Rat?

What should ChavezSpeakstheTruth and I do to celebrate our marriage?

Any Fans Of "The Rims"???

Favorite Buck Owens song?

Caption: who says apes are monogamous???

Bride Is Run Over By Mother-In-Law On The Way To Her Honeymoon

The Female Osedax Frankpressi!!! HERE IS THE PIC!

Air America is screwing up my computer gaming life!

Man Chases Wife With Chainsaw Over Her 'Job Performance' While Lawn Mowing

Any Fans Of "The Limbs"???

Don't even ask just CAPTION

Any Fans Of "The Gyms"???

Any Fans of "The Hymns"???

This is hilarious

Caption: Us, monagamous???or just in the pink?

Any Fans Of "stupid copycat threads"?

Any fans of "The Sims"

Heavy Rain / August / Eastern Montana ???

Caption: Holy Mother of Almost-Bankrupts, pray for US

Any Fans Of "jpgray"?

Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury

Caption: JP2 prepares to arm-wrestle troublesome feminists

Caption: everything's smellin' of roses....

We had a layoff at work today.

Some cyclist are made, some cyclists are born

HELP! I need a new logo for my fantasy football team (The Vipers)

Name the DUers

Damnit: I want a Top 50 Conservative Idiots List

Serious question on Buddhism

Windows XP Service Pack 2, coming soon: you might want to read this first

Check out wording game winning sh**

Are YOU Craving A Cheeseburger? Will A NINE POUNDER Do?

damn! i hit 1000 posts without ...

Is your music safe on a compact disc?

What Do You Call People From Italy?

Former porn star awarded custody of daughter

Anyone know where SLB and AlHedges are registered?


Don't let the bed bugs bite

Anyone setting up a DU fantasy football league?

Wanted: Jester (Real Job Posting) 350 Years After England Executed King

How can anyone get any work done in this environment?

Still no nicotine cravings

Good gawd my foot itches!

PLAME Indictments #160,998,765,999,000000,33333,00

Really bad typo on Yahoo caption

Going to the fair.

We have to wait until November to pick a president

Pentecostal Teen Follows Bible - ALWAYS Wears Skirts When She Plays Sports

Got my wisdom teeth pulled out this morning....

Police Ticket Church For Noise Violations On Sundays

Which Of These Dances Is Coolest?

What's for lunch today ?

In Case That "Puppy Killed - UPDATE" Thread Got You Depressed....

I'm bored. Where are the pussycats?

Boo Hoo.......*Sniff*.............Richardo YELLED at me!!!

I'm bored. Where are the copycats???

I'm a pussycat. Where are the dogs?

Bored of copycats! Where am I?

Pointless haiku thread

I just won a million dollars in a Swiss lottery

I like pussycats. I'm such a dog.

"A Cat's Guide To Human Beings"

The funniest thing on the web. Rapture city


REM Tour Dates - US and Canada.

I have a horde of cats. Where's the copy?

Shirt's on fire!

Has anyone ever been to a Kerry meet up?

What basketball team should I jeer?

Caption: Young Dem says where's your septum Chimpie

Who's Hotter: Tom Ridge or Orrin Hatch?

This is the second time now my letter carrier has had to use my hose

Appropriate CAPTIONs for FY 2005

Fox News Approval Rating Poll

What is the correct pronunciation of Abu Ghraib?

What would be some good stuff to send to the troops?


Which anime should I watch first?

Who would win in a boxing match: LynneSin or sus?

Which Is It?

View the ad and get a free poster to boot: The Crawford Wives

Boo$h sez : we need, 'New ways to harm our country and our people'

Deja Vu: didn't I post this already before?

War Planes seen flying low over downtown Seattle!!!

I say I say the CAPTIONS will HEEEAL you!!!

So's everyone staying sharp, drinking their half bottle of wine a day?

ESP Experiment -- It Works!

Even * himself had to sign a loyalty oath

I'm a copycat! Where are the bored?

The Blue Angels are flying right over my house

Comfortable Living Specialists (photo)

UH - OH ! He let the truth slip out by mistake.

ESP experiment II - It Works!

I'll get to Scotland afore ye

I Karl Rove ever retires...He'll be replaced in a minute

Subservient Dubya

OK, so I now have a blog....what the hell should I write?

Who would win in a farting contest: matcom or whoisalhedges?

Quilters: How much is this worth?

I saw a dead motorcyclist in Chicago over the weekend

I am sponsoring three kittens today. I have some questions

What was the Van Hagar song they played at the DNC?

I just tried to have a ciggarette- and could not do it

The George W Bush Make-Over Kit!! mentions DU!


anyone from the buffaLo area?

Joke of the day.

Caption: JP2 closes in on pesky mosquito

What are my chances of getting it on with one of my DU crushes?

RodneyCK2 may never respond to my threads again

Is this poll rigged?

An entire Gallon of Tabasco....

Man Cuts Off His Hand With Circular Saw

Anti Porn Group Upset With Home Depot - Playboy's 'Women Of Home Depot'

WOW! Air America advertisers-Sears, Radioshack, Kohl's

Two months, today

Skirt magazine-for women

New Harry Potter video game

Bush, Cheney, Bush, Cheny, Bush, Cheney

Where would I go to get ancient 78s transferred to a CD?

The Woman Who Lies in Her Journal (today's Sylvia)

I'm now entering the 700 club

Procrastination Improv Theatre presents: A complete-this-line thread!

Some Thursday funnies for everyone.

Scenario: What would you do. Corn stash found.

Anyone else pull out their old Springsteen CDs after yesterday?

Because they advertise on Air America, I just bought a Clif Bar.

Straight DU'ers... Dispel myths here

looking for MoPaul's Bush kissing Saudi picture

So I really wanted to go to the Warped Tour

My next cat's name is going to be Herby...

Where will Alan Keyes take up residence in Illinois?


Whatever happened to Beechwood aging?

Crank this fu*%er up! American Idiot

I wasn't able to eat lunch until 3 p.m.

If whoisalhedges and matcom had progeny, what would it look like?

Open Water - is it me, or does this seem like it will be a good movie?

Are you having an especially RAINY summer in your state?

LoL Today's Bushim has exploded freeper heads at Yahoo

Help! Best things to do in Laguna, California??

Damnit, if I'm suppose to eat Brocoli then make it taste better!!

Good news George R.R. Martin fans!

Which is funnier?

Who Would Win In A Jell-O Wrestling Match Between Catwoman & Matcom?

Look what else I found on the Puppy Abuse link:

How do you like your films on DVD? Full or Wide screen?

What Size DU tee-shirt do I need?

I had to listen to a neighbor...

What's next from the land of Olympia? SPANAKOPITA

HTML experts help!

Puppy Killed - UPDATE

Verily, how do lowsides suck?

Great Bush T-Shirt on "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle"

I"m never sending my coworker links to yahoo pictures again

A make-out question for the laddies...

Favorite Brothers Poll

Caption the snake oil salesman

I was a republican

Favorite "Just like mom used to make" food you can't get anywhere else

Which "-nausic" are you?

Whose medal do you respect more?

?W Revue... new banner ad, new RAVE review....

Is Puddles just being completely clueless

Even Bush's Loyalty oath statement is fucked

I dropped a bundle in the market today!

Zuchinni experts HELP!!

Words of Wisdom: Thursday humor

Hypothetical game: Holywood is remaking It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World

What if there was no DU? What if Skinner decided to shut this place down?

DU Fantasy Football is here!

Scenario: What would you do. Porn stash found. (HYPOTHETICAL)

Hey you Faux Cowboy, Cook that Corn before you eat it

My brother in law; "God of the Pigs."

Would/Do You Attend Your High School Reunions?

Question about blood tests

Charlie Daniels Angers Arab Community

I Think 'Born To Run' Should Be Kerry's Theme

A question about goats...

BREAKING - "Hi-Fi" is really a square

When I get back from dinner, you people are going to ask me some questions

I'm back from the treatment center....

Caption Shrubby and Prince Abdullah walking together, holding hands.

Speaking of "Open Water"... I love sharks

Honk If You Love Jesus..

Poll question: What should the limit on magazine capacity be?

Wow... repairmen DON'T all suck!

Which Zombie film do you want to see most?

What Should My "Pet Name" For whoisalhedges Be?

Are YOU a presidential prayer kid???

Am i the only guy that hates the look of fake breasts?

Best BLACK VOCAL GROUP of the 1960s?

Holy Toledo!!! Just saw this guy with one IMPRESSIVE package!!!

Why has the Ragin Cajun abandoned us ?

Who had to deal with more than the usual stuff during their teenage years?

Now I REALLY hate UPS!!!

"In the Heat of the Night" on at 8 - TCM

How I ended up naked hiding behind the kitchen counter

Do nice guys finish last?

DU couples that have broken up...the sad thread

What is the proper pronunciation of Hiroshima?

Do stupid people deserve more attention than regular folk?

Foreign Films - Subtitles or Dubbed

Dumbest conspiracy theories?

Mary Kay Letourneau: What does everyone think?

New computer viruses (funny)

Any Other Carolina Panther Fans Here In The Lounge?

Best WHITE VOCAL GROUP of the 1960s?

Joan Crawford or Bette Davis?

I there a down side to vasectomies?

parents of 16-17 yr old girls -- help

Florida Woman Fired In Case Of Religious Discrimination!!

Name the DUers II (Pic Heavy)

Can Somebody Caption my Cob?


The "I'll have it Myyyy Way" of all CAPTIONS!!!

DU techies - anyone running XP SP2?

Another picture desperately needing a caption!

DU relationship poll: Let's assess the hook-up potential here

Has Bush counted attorneys lately?

Things that Springsteen missed that we can fix

Kerry "Get Involved" cards - COOL

Looking at the Swift Boat Vets ad I really think Democrats are too wimpy

Heinz Kerry Is Part of the Draw in Race

Missouri primaries

Bush to tout a "success" story in Columbus Thursday!

"Before Sept 11 the worst thing for a white man was to be called a bigot

I mean, just look at their PHOTOS, for God's sake!

Who is this "Kerry Edwards"person?-a report from near the middle

Bruce Springstein was published in today's NYT...

BofA chairman backs Kerry (Bloomberg News)

POLL - Who will Bring Up the $87,000,000,000 question in Debate #1?

Why Does The Media Give Anti-Kerry Swift Boaters Any Legitimacy?

Are there any plans for */Chenney to campaign in "longshot" states?

"McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad" AP's Ron Fournier reports

Who are the anti-Kerry vets we need NAMES

Anyone seen the Badnarik ad?

Federal Review Composite Poll: Kerry 296, Bush 242 (8-3-04)

What is with the double standard at rallies?

"Because we acted, Iowa's unemployment rate is now 4.3 percent."(up 1.3%)

(VA Gov Warner and NC Speaker) Black says Kerry will help economy

Candidates' rebuttals up front - (prebuttal)

"Subservient President" has a new web host!

Laura Bush Tells O'Reilly That Media Has Moved From Reporting To Opinion

Cities could bill Bush for law enforcement cost of private events(Dems not

Kerry Gets A Boost In NJ (dupe)

New Jersey, Who Lost So Many To Terror, Give Double Digit Lead To Kerry

The old double standard

Kerry's Rising Stock Among Top Execs (Business Week)

Question - how far would you go?

Rasmussen Poll claims that Vets favor Bush 58-35

What are some good sites that track campaign contributions?

Do me a favor, don't defend Kerry's war record. Just get in their face...

George W. Bush: Terror Alerts, Poll Numbers and Political Manipulation

What polling organization do you trust the most?

Hot New Fox Poll

Oil Fears Cause The Dow To Trade Below 10,000

Polling Report: Kerry more trusted in all areas but terrorism...

Pappageorge's (Suppress the Detroit vote) response to my email. LOL!

Kerry detours to visit town skipped by Bush

Springsteen: Chords for Change

Bush Support Slips in GOP - Dominated N.H.

We need to appoint one person to go to Drudge

John Kerry's Achievements

Tragic juxtaposition...Iraq casualties and RNC...

Kerry Press Release: Questions for Bush on his VP's SEC Testimony

Bush Flip/Flop-PromisesIntel leaks prosecuted-But GOPer Harris/Shelby walk

"PSST, We Like You Better Now"

Has anyone seen a situation like this?

Is Tennessee in play?

John McCain, Max Cleland, John Kerry ....

Kerry 80%, Bush 8% ! Really !

FOX confirms what we already know: CNN is a lying outlier!

I am so excited about our future!


Texas Hillbillies

Here's my assessment if election was held tomorrow

Kerry's Speech took me from a vote against Bush to...:

Nasty and Misleading/Patently False Ad this morning...

A little thing we can do to help Kerry.

Alan Keyes will announce on Sunday whether he going to run

New Bushism

If you could ask the Resident any question you want which he would answer

Kerry opposes media consolidation

Forget the Swing Voters

Fr**per Stupidity on Parade

Pataki to introduce Bush at the convention?

Challenging Kerry on His Iraq Vote by Scott Ritter

Rasmussen: Arkansas 46-46 plus New Mexico poll numbers

With the new Fox poll out, Gallup is all by itself

Kerry Press Release: Bush Threatened to Veto the $87 Billion...

How the hell does Bush do so well among Protestants?

* Ads in SF Bay Area??? Interesting.

Are they polling the new voters?

Clark in Michigan today

I LOVE the Swift Boat Ads!!!

Swift Boat ads - they didn't "backfire" when they ran them against McCain

So if O'Neil took over Kerry's swift boat, didn't some of Kerry's band of

'Nam Vets Against Kerry--How Many US Soldiers Did YOU Kill??

Encounter With Huge Motorcycle Guy Regarding My Kerry Bumper Sticker

Psst! We Like You Better Now

Proposed Bush Cheney '04 Bumper Stickers! LOL! Made my day!

Backfire City! I have to praise a Republican now... :-(

The truth is coming out about Bush

This is WAR. Dems Must Discredit the Bush Commander. No Holds Barred!