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Archives: August 3, 2004

E&P: Editor in 'Shove It' Incident Shoves Back


Plastics manufacturer must apologize to community for pollution

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): A threat to democracy


Krugman: Reading the Script (Busts the Media Whores Again)

Reasons to worry about the economy - SDUT's Goldsborough

Al Qada Goal

Norman Mailer: What I've Learned About Rage

Malloy minus nine minutes and counting!

Malloy just gave DU a plug!

Confused by NYT's Jehl on NewsNight with Kagan...

Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.

Pretty good article by Ted Turner

Russia Peak Oil 2005?

What is up with this FLAT TAX shineola. The Rethuglicans must be....

Harnessing Lightning

So whom do we sue if the worst happens?

The FIRST EVER gungeon pro-gun control kitten thread!

Now I'm taking a test in the morning

48K and still goin, I predict 50,000 people by election day

Jesus Mary and Joseph...

I am TOTALLY outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Mods, please add a radio link for Mike Malloy!

Is this right

US raps Israel over settler plan

Israel to Expand Biggest West Bank Settlement

BBC (Monday): Growing pressure on Arafat for reform

Obama In Danville, IL --It was a LOVE fest!!!

ACLU query regarding removing individuals from the voter rolls

Any stories on Kelly's popularity?

Mayor of St. Paul endorsed Bush. Letters to Star Trib. respond.

Location for Dallas Meetup

What can we do in Texas to help Kerry/Edwards win?

Anyone else at the rally tonight? Way cool..

my LTTE of the Racine Journal Times

What will DUBYAS concession Song Be ???

My 1000th post !

a friend of Christopher Hitchens takes him to task

Chuck Todd telling the whole story on ABC bounce.

Did you know that US troops surrounded the Najaf home of Moqtada Sadr?

What's with this Capital Hill Blue site???

Why didn't Kerry get a bigger bounce?

I'm getting more hopeful

So it begins

Some news folks are catching on

The Ashcroft Connection to 9/11

Who owns CNN? MSNBC? ABC?

Forget about the bounce!

Poverty is underrated by Conservatives

Will Mike Malloy's show be archived tonight?

Does anyone know

Even Though It's Difficult, We Can't Overreact to Media Manipulation

Straight talk from White House West: Will Ferrell Video

"A nation in danger. Or a president in peril?" Independent UK

The new Candidate reality show........

Iraqi Christians are frightened

Biggest Laugh of the Week (re: terror alert)

Townhall Meetup (bwahaha)

How Much More Effective Are Letters Than E-Mails?

Reagan Radio.. all Reagan All The Time...

I was forced to watch the Rose Garden "speech" by bush on CNN today

Who is this Mike Malloy everyone keeps posting about?

Oil price may hit $100. a barrel

"If I voted for Al Gore and he won..." (funny)

An Active Duty Marine Just Delivered a Pizza to my House.

Real Time/Bill Maher POLL


Nice picture of the Kerrys on the cover of Ladies Home Journal

When is Malloy on?

I can't wait until Bush's speech at the repub convention!

D.C. Police to block Capitol traffic flow: Terror

"Special" Tweety: something odd

Malloy is on now! on the MR!

What the fool is Condi Rice's job as National Security Advisor?

Ok I just relistened to obama,clinton,and sharpton

Bosy and girls gather around yoru radio

I've waited for five months and eight days for this

Informal DU Poll on Malloy's return

If you are stoned, do not look at this Hillary animation.

Did Bush really say this?.......

Mike Malloy Countdown Here

Americans With Nothing Left To Lose May Be Dangerous!

how many Congress/Senate members children in Iraq ?

Bozita - you called it!

*Sigh* My Brother-In-Law *Sigh* - CAN I Do It? CAN He Be Like DADCOM???

Countdown on MSNBC is pounding Bush on the terror alert n/t

I'm disappointed that we didn't get a bigger bounce from the DNC but...

Is my Tin-foil hat on too tight?

What's your favorite Air America show?

Tonight I worked late. The owners Alexa was in the Parking lot.

This is disappointing

Sen Byrd on Diane Rehm show today. Talks about his role in KKK and more

Terror alert from the Office of Homemaker Security

Heinz Kerry Frowns on Bush Re - Election

Bush connected to Columbian President who's a DRUG lord??

Bush: " And the second part of the -- oh, why would this -- listen..."

Board etiquette suggestions....

I just sent Air America

LBN worthy (but no Link) Nancy Reagan to NewsMax: 'I Endorse Bush'

What happened at the Kerry rally today and did Kerry really say this:

Faux can Legally Lie

Andrea Yates' husband files for divorce

"Free" Trade between USA & Australia to destroy subsidised medicine

If after Bush's speech a CNN talking head immediately asks Terry M. for

scrub and the job recovery...

It's nice to listen to Malloy and not have the internet go out every 5 min

does anyone have a link to listen to mike malloy that actually works?

Fat activists see diet industry draining

Who was shot/beheaded in Iraq today/yesterday/weeks ago?

Highway to Hell- Civillian truckers in Iraq

Capitol Hill Blue Refutes the NewsMax Story

I do not believe the GOP will go with Bush this time.

Best TDS spanking

Malloy's caller is praising DU!

Malloy explaining terms to listen to the show.

CBS article. More fuel for the "Bush is Bin Laden's Man" argument.

I recieved my pack of Kerry/Edwards stickers today!

Cox Cable has DNC Speeches for FREE!

Ok is this "new intel" for 3 year ago or from someone in Pakistan

Philly Action News just reported on old terror alert info!

A Strangely Familiar Compendium of George W. Bush's Campaign 2000 Quips

Poverty is Overblown by Liberals...

What about the intercepted call from Zarqawai(sp?) to Osama ??

Aaron (Boondocks) McGruder on with Tavis Smiley tonight

Are All The Network Talking Heads Pod People? What Happened?

What is the source of the info that Tom Ridge is retiring?

The point the political pornography shows seem to miss

Franken on Letterman After next commercial break n/t

What swing states do you know for a fact we are contesting?

When my Republican friends go on a trip ...

Here is the NY Times article tonight. The one Drudge mentioned.

Keep the faith! Hope is on the way...TRULY!

NYC isn't getting the last hour of Malloy?!

Bush staff dont look any too cheerful today

al franken

The Terrorists-Election Question

Ron Reagan on Leno tonight

Who else has "Kerry" inscribed on their shredder blades?

Hey what happened to Malloy?

THKerry: They want four more years of hell!

Ron Reagan and the Jean Jacket

Nightline ramping up the Fear Factor

Funnier Jon Stewart (if he had taped a few hours later)

What cities in Swing States do not get Jon Stewart's The Daily Show?

Mackinac Island, Michigan: A step back in time

A reminder to people NOT on the left coast regarding Spoilers

There is no way Bush and his "friends" can be considered Christians

Bush Speaks for all Christians like Bin Laden speaks for all Muslims

9/11 commission missed the point, They treated this event like a wake up


Why is Ridge retiring?

New Republican Strategy: Spamming Message Boards

"The Bureau of Rush's Butt"- Franken

9/11 commission report question: SEIB?

Makin' it easy for your average freeper to understand

Liquor stores in Iraq mostly owned by sad

International Groups Denounce WTO Pact

Who leaked the info to the NYT regarding the newest TERRA! alert?

John Kerry's "Our Plan For America" Book (PDF): Pass this URL around

Joe Scarborough Skeptical about threat.

NYTIMES Editorial....information for alert is three or four years old

Out of all the reich-wing pundits

Al Franken on Letterman right now.

Milwaukee WI: sev thousand watched Kerry and Teresa tonight


My heresy: I'd prefer Bernie Ward to Mike Malloy

So the laptop from pakistan with three year old data.....was it

In praise of Jon Stewart.

The Best of Mike Malloy

How do they call off this alert now??

I want to thank all duers who acknowledge replies to posts.

Ben Affleck campaigning

If it comes out that bushco is using terror threats for politics....

I need help with a Reagan question please...

I am a New Yorker, and I am PISSED as Hell that

Have the good guys ever truly won in this country?

Half-Truths of Liberals

It Didn't take Long Did It? Fake Terror EXPOSED. I KEEP TELLING YOU

Condi, the Extra Terrestrial?

Kerry Intelligence v. Bush Intelligence

Missing Treasury dollars? What gives?

Poll: Best/Worst Senator and Rep

One front: Bush and Neo-cons taken in by Ahmed Chalabi, a 2-bit con-man

Why do y'all think CNN is moving to the right?

In this thread, I answer questions about Peak Oil. Fire away!

If a draft is reinstated... I WILL REFUSE TO GO...

Franks disclosures: Bush knew of flawed plans before war

Where's That Link to the BBC Story About Terror Threat?

Is there anyone who gives a crap about those returning from Iraq?

He's Back! Mike Malloy

Drudge busts Bu$h on intel. Siren screaming!

"Mr. President, why do you never mention the name Osama Bin Laden"?

So if the draft comes back.. will they draft women this time arround?

I was talking to a Republican today

Jon Stewart just eviscerated a member of the GOP 'rapid response team'

Say "AYE" if you got Malloy dialed in...

The mainstream media takes notice of Jon Stewart spanking Matthews!

HA! God I LOVE Teresa!

Even the Russians know Bush is having a breakdown

Anybody watching Olberman, he is being very gutsy re: terror politics

Serious question re: Bush's alleged mental instability

Trippi to help with Granny D's campaign.

Drudge is a FAKE, and a LOWLIFE -- didya hear what he did...

Polling Related Question: Your Phone Status

So, does anyone think today's Orange Alert was real?

"Mr. President, why would you send your family to a KNOWN terror target"?

Anybody watching The Daily Show? He has rep Bonilla(R) rapid response

Freepers set up Kerry for "Dukakis-ization."

Meryl Streep/Dick Cheney -- Manchurian Candidate/George Bush

"It's like the whole country has tripped out on bad acid.."

Contact CNN and Recommend Guests They Should Interview During the Republic

Vote CNN Poll - "Agree with Dean that terror alert politically motivated?"

'If the American people lose faith in their president..."

If you had to recommend one book on Vietnam, what would it be?

Malloy sounds uninformed and unprepared

Please sign this petition from my friend - Re: Farmer aid

Fisk: Can’t Bush and Blair See Iraq Is About to Explode? ?

Why Republican Rhetoric Works

Is Saskatchewan a province? Malloy just said so on-air and the caller

Kerry Donors Targeted By Fake E-Mail - MSNBC

Countdown on MSNBC is pounding Bush on the terror alert n/t

Ex-Judge Appeals to Court to Reclaim Job (Roy Moore)

PBS News hour: 911 commissioner rejects Bush not giving budget control

Israel to Expand Biggest West Bank Settlement

Chaplain Cleared of Spying Quits Military

Family wants county to help care for baby conceived in Ga. jail

CNN: Officials: Arrest in Pakistan led to Orange Alert

Terrorists studied BofA tower in SF

WP: Kerry Acting Out of Necessity In Tackling the Terrorism Issue

Labor Chiefs Plan Rally Against Bush Near Garden (9/1) NYT

'91 U.S. Report Calls Colombian Leader Ally of Drug Lords -NYT

Bush administration appeals injunction against Partial Birth Abortion Ban

US Marine Killed in Iraq's Restive Anbar Province (newly announced--Tues)

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib (New re: rape/sodomy)

NYT- Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say

Terror Alert Based On "Years" Old Intelligence - Bush Wags The Dog Again

Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say

Bush Sorry Medical Group Left Afghanistan

Reserve Unit Involved In Iraq Prison Scandal Returns to U.S. Soil

Ohio company settles suit over Schwarzenegger bobblehead doll

WP: Evangelicals Urge Bush To Do More for Sudan

D.C. Police to Block Capitol Traffic Flow

October Surprises in Iraq...

BBC: A Religious War against Christians has begun in Iraq

Pre-9/11 Acts Led To Alerts - WP

Rep (R Texas) Wants Fed Aide To Jail More Illegal Immigrants

Schwarzenegger Settles Bobblehead Lawsuit

Brkg: Alert Causing Al Qaeda Documents 3-5 yrs old

Hospital trims service to poor

Ashcroft Appeals Calif. Judge's Abortion Ruling

Heinz Kerry: Four More Years of 'Hell' if Bush Wins

Evangelicals Urge Bush To Do More for Sudan

Rocco Martino: 'I am the Source of the False Niger/Iraq Uranium Story'

Deutsche warns oil price may hit $100

Iraq poses big potential threat to regional security: Turkish FM

Kerry's Pitch to Veterans Meets G.O.P. Counterattack

My Letter to bill oreilly (Warning Profanity)

very spooky photo

iTunes coming to Linux?

My fellow crazy Americans

Team America - World Police

Why didn't Kerry get a bigger bounce?

Man Utd: 1 - AC Milan 0

I say screw the low-carb fad!

Massively cool cloud pic

why is in my network conections syncronize box...??

Your damn cat and your damn dog are in my yard. Also some pea-size hail.

Would this be considered offensive as desktop wallpaper?

Shrub is a bad influence on children as exemplified by this story:

Anyone here with experience with Samonas Auditory Intervention?

Need a flea killer for a 6-week-old kitten

Hey, psst. Wanna see a shaved pussy?

So, I've still got chickens running around the trailer park. Think I

Guess who just donated to DU...

Is THIS picture offensive as dektop wallpaper?

Why are the Simpsons showing back-to-back winter episodes?

Why are some alcoholic drinks given sex names?

The IRS is after us, seriously

Anyone know a good alternative to Real One?

Do you get the Sundance Channel?

I am a Stargate SG-1 widower

Help, film-o-philes (or whatever you call yourselves)

I'm sick and tired of these phony-assed terror alerts

DU is the best!

Should I host a Kerry meetup?

A forgotten Bush Joke

"Atlanta" by the Stone Temple Pilots

I'm going to be addicted to the new Battlestar Galactica

Chat...It's been a long, long time

Job situation - I just want to kvetch

Need a kitten killer for a 6-week-old flea.

Auto Body Shop Help

Hrmm... my Round Table is now a Straw Hat pizza

Has anyone ever tried the following culinary arrangements?

Wish me luck, Interview tomorrow.

Parenting advice????

Television never ceases to amaze me...

Wisdom teeth. Impacted. Pain. Can't think. Help.

Has everyone seen " record the damage?"

Board etiquette suggestions....

Mike Malloy is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milk shake

I have a "Dell Customer Service Sucks" question----

I'm going to go watch Star Trek

283 patents potentially infringed by Linux

Stepping large and laughing easy ...

Seven more posts before I join the 1000+ club! Ask me anything!

Garmin GPS

(game) Word Association!

Does anyone here have a Linux system?

Help! What is wrong with my Television?

Shrubya Soundbyte That You're Sick of Hearing the Most indeed, have *The Right Stuff*....

Anyone hungry for a hot dog?

I dink I ghot a code

For my 1000th post I want to ask a really life altering question. I want

What is your worst amusement park experience?

When worlds collide

Sealab 2021: Now on Weeknights!

Al Franken on Letterman!

4 days late, I get to watch Bill Maher (HBO2W)

Any Queensryche fans in here?

Pinch Me....I think I am finally in love

Clinton Convention Speech T-Shirt

Hi, I'm Rex Phipps.... I have my own whores....

So long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen, good night!

Russert speech stresses values

When my Republican friends go on a trip ...

Whaddya wanna be when you grow up?

Help me analyze a song.

Favorite Oil for Frying

Anyone read Nickeled and Dimed...

It's Time For ZombyWoof To Say Goodbye

Yo, any Sims players out there?

10 more days until we move my husband to Dallas!

My friend's band got a call to play a fund-raiser for the Chimp!

If you had a prehensile tail, would you use it for good or evil?

I'm back from Vikings training camp. Ask me anything.

Is Bruce Springsteen God?

Matt Damon was born to be Bourne (My quickie review)

R.I.P. George Williams, Jr. (lead singer of the doo-wop group the Tymes)

Catch the Daily Show replay

House of the Rising Sun

what's up with this "qaida" qrap on drudge?!

What's with the Jack-in-the-box commercial

I think we should have a Fuddy Duddy Lounge

Anybody else like Reno 911 (Comedy Channel)?

Name a word that sounds nonsensical if repeated over and over

So who else here thinks that DU should have a Singles Lounge?

Youse guys wanna another Greek recipe tomorrow?

Thanks DU

So, what everhappened to Hedges? Did he leave or what?

What is your worst Trailer Park Experience?

Caption the loyal staff

Begs captions!

want to know why these two men are holding hands?

What do you do when you've had a shitty day?

I'm so proud


Not all Dems drive hybrids or Honda Civics?

I'm a dozen posts or so short of 15,000. Ask me anything

For those who aren't totally sick of the Convention posts,

Is anyone else glad that they *don't * have children?

Wow, a lot of new DVD releases are out tomorrow:

Google Game..Google Game...

OK... Pizza's now 45 minutes late...

Neighbors cat done stoled one of my baby bunnies!!!

Truth or Dare?

8:12PM Coming up on MSNBC's Olberman: Terror warnings and politics

A question about a radio station's sounder which is political.

OK.....we're under a "terror" threat..........

Another sign that Bush is not connecting in the countryside.


"since last August"

Talking heads for Kerry or Bush?

Pray for John Kerry. He has to win on the ground, grassroots. It's a pain

Mike Malloy is on AAR right now!!!! Man, it's been too long!!!

Just got back from Milwaukee Kerry rally

Kerry's Plan for America

"Join us this week" , Kerry/Edwards Campaign

Kerry needs to start pounding home the message about the Supreme Court

Another Good Reason for Kerry Hitting Bush and Company Hard and Often

Grand Rapids, MI = 20,000 people and 87 hot, humid, degrees!

For those talking about the large turnout at Kerry/Edwards rallies. . .

Dean was right: NYT and WP show Terror Alert intel massively out of date

Zogby: Kerry leading in 13 of 16 battleground states.

Is the talk about abolishing the IRS serious?

Can the Dems Retake the House?

Nader will drop out.

Please help me get a Democratic Congressperson!!!

Health Care.

Terror alert from the Office of Homemaker Security

Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.

Highway to Hell- Civillian truckers in Iraq

Kelly's job is residential, not presidential, politics

Newsweek’s B.S. on the “Bounce” - Alterman

"SHALLOW.... Superficial News"

Care Needed in Fixing CIA(Bush ignored budget control - Congress shouldn't

Intelligence Chief Without Power? Support Leaves Questions

Bush Backs Creation of Intelligence Director (we do not need a coordinator

Democrats on the Warpath

White House linked to abuse 'cover-up'

Froomkin: Bush gets nuanced

A solider's new life

The secret life of G.W. Bush, according to GQ

Arab News: While the Americans Stay, Iraq’s on a Downward Spiral

David Brooks mocks dems' use of military imagery

Pakistan produces the goods, again

Smirking Chimp: The Fantasy World of Fox News


Another alert, and more insecurity

Richard Reeves: No one can admit truth about Iraq

So why did Bush, not Kerry, get the bounce?

Frankly Speaking Koppel/Franks interview–Mission Accomplished Franks' idea

The Conservative Case Against George W. Bush

The Guardian: The mask of altruism disguising a colonial war

Public Letter to 9/11 Commission Chairman from FBI Whistleblower [READ!]

Doctors and Torture....The New England Journal of Medicine

Smarty Jones Is Leaving as Quickly as He Arrived

Organizing a 21st Century Revolutionary Anarchism.

Question about Florida polls:

Ask Dreier to make good on his promise -- impeach Bush

ABC:The bounce that wasn't a bounce okay a slight bounce but wait...

I am SO discouraged by this election......

Media never "going to wake up" or "do its job"

Interesting coverage of the "old-intelligence" story

A list of Truth now in the movies - or coming soon:Beyond "Fahrenheit 9/11

Al Franken Heads to Cable TV's Sundance Channel (also)

I wanna be Cool Guy 5000, from Randi Rhodes show.

Media solution: Stop pretending to be objective

Did anyone see Jon Stewart hand that repub from the

Krugman notes media/CNN read a GOP Script & did not report the Dem convent

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

what dreams are made of (biological, long)...

Today in History 08/03

Skeptics: Another Must-Have Magical Device... "The Water Enhancer™"

Social Costs of Wal-Mart(low wages mean gov aid-perhaps $0.4B in CA if all

Wal-Mart faces first unionized work force

More Peaks Collapsing In Italy's Dolomite Range - Reuters

30,000 Gallons Of Fuel Oil Spill In Texas' Neches River During Collision

July Toyota Prius Sales Up 666% (Ooo-EEEE-oo!) From July 2003

In 1912 a properly maintained Ford Model - T...

Interior Proposes Selling 10 Million Acres Of Public Land

In Competitive Move, I.B.M. Puts (database)Code in Public Domain

13 Years Of Experimental Grand Canyon Flows A Bust For ESA

Did Anybody Hear NPR This Morning About Snakehead Fish?

Australian Labor wimps out on Oz/US Free Trade Agreement

Chen to travel to Central America and US

Buried secrets of biowarfare

Anyone know the policy for politcal bumper stickers, etc on Army posts?

Iranian authorites step up repression

Optimum Number of Anti-Missile Missiles? "None."

Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 3, 2004

Is there a difference between "Assault rifle" vs. "Assault weapon"?

What exactly is a "sub machinegun".....

Interesting poll on gun control

You guys are on FIRE today!

Can someone please tell me how the "Mark All" icon works?

I posted LBN - re: ALA/ DOJ fight

We've been de-bunked! LOL--been to snopes lately?

I've had a problem with my post...

Repeated bugs

Performance is starting to slip

The "My Posts" feature is bugging out on us.

My Thread Disappeared


Israel to expand major West Bank settlement

Israel Approves Expansion of Large Settlement

What does this sign in front of a house near my my home mean?

Pearl Harbor: Mother of 9/11? Just as FDR knew, so did bushco.

Ill. GOP Set to Choose Senate Candidate

Illinois 13th Congressional District candidate

Best and the brightest on display as IL GOP chooses candidate

GOP wooing Keyes to take on Obama

Roll Call!!! Who's in Aurora/Naperville/Warrenville/Winfield

Martinez, Castor foes claim campaign fouls

Florida DU'ers: Ever heard of A Gift For Teaching?

Carl Mariz for the 70th Assembly

Schwarzenegger to Eliminate "3 R's" from Education - from The Spoof

Study: Wal-Mart policies cost California taxpayers

Villaraigosa Joins Race; Heat on Hahn Rises

Attention Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin people(again)

Rukavina charged with DUI

I'm 18 and I wanna know when Martin Sabo is retiring

Mustela vainglorious

Anybody coming to Saginaw to protest Dopey on Thursday?

Suit says GOP officials in kickback scheme

How's the PA17 race going? Holden vs. Dingbat Scott Paterno

MEME MEMO, WISCONSIN STYLE: Scott Walker's too immature for office.

Scott Walker's an asshat!

For my 1000th post I want to ask a really life altering question. I want

Clinton Convention Speech T-Shirt

A song for Edwards.

Atrios...that crazy Howard Dean...


"Terror Threat" caused record jump in oil prices

Tom Ridge should

I was gonna post this sooner or later

Did Tom Ridge give credit to Bush when he announced the terror alert?

I am not afraid of a terrorist attack

I Just love the Bush's especially POPPY's Lines back in 1990

Condi on Bush's "outreach to the Muslim world built on democratic values"

What a great night to hear Mike Malloy tonight! Start the week out right.

Bush-Hey America -Pull my finger

NY Newsday doesn't read the NYTimes or WaPo

Republicans are pushing LIKELY voter poll results (like Gallup)...

Why do we have threads pitting Malloy against Ward?

Warp Bush!

Has there been ANY media attention to the fact that the

Have you noticed the media has stopped talking about Iraq?

They got rid of the Fairness Doctrine once they got control of the media?

fun thought for the day...

Is there expected to be a Million Voter March on the whitehouse?


This latest terra alert is going to blow up

To those of you fretting about an "October Surprise"...

O.K., time to debunk the Cleland picked up a grenade while he was drunk

Visitors Can Go Underfoot, but Not to Liberty's Crown

Today's encounter wih freepers


Three. Years. Old.

Who do you think leaked the story about the terror alert being old news?

Bogus terra alert, insurgents in three countries, and what's big news?

Terror alert reports old (Summary of news links from Yahoo/Google)

Did Bush have a job between 1974 and 1984?

Govt issues manual for prostitutes

New Yorkers will be REAL welcoming after being scared to death again

Why the hell does Moore have to lie?

Al Franken Heads to Cable TV's Sundance Channel

Rush, mock them if you will, but come on

Exactly what would be triggered by...

Poll: Who is worse

I can't believe nobody has brought up this meme yet

CNN Already spun out of the age of the Intelligence

NY Times: Reports That Led To Terror Alert Were Years Old

CNN's latest terrorist alert story leaves out age of info

US Troop Valour All Hogwash Say Indian Truckers

good morning everyone!

Greatest Bush Ad EVER ...

Even Drudge is talking about the phoney alert.

I don't like Kerry's answer to the war in Iraq.

My Questions on The Terror Alerts !

dupe sorry

Flash. Hawaii on Terra Alert. Zeros spotted in South Pacific heading

Why can't Ridge announce -"we are covering ALL high value targets"..period

"Control through chaos". The poltical theme going forward. Not good.

The GOP Rep on Hardball (can't remember his name)

bush has brought morality back to the whitehouse

Here's what's really bad about the latest phony terror alert

Excellent LTTE in Boston Globe Today (ABout Terror Alert)

Bush is getting his wish!

This is what WE ALL have to do...

What's with Air America having Beau Dietl?

Last night on "Countdown" about the politicalization of the terror alerts.

"Mr. President, do you really take orders from God, or is that a hoax"?

"Terror alert inflates oil price"---gee, WHO would benefit from that?

Surprised no one has mentioned this....

How will God affect your vote?

Who Owns the Media? Here's Who

How far would you go to keep your country free?

History repeats itself.

For thos who were not here last night

Is there no act so destructive, ill-advised, foolish, dangerous ...

Frank Luntz "Kerry will win,"

The phrase "Grand Old Party"

CNN Poll: America calls bullsh!t on terror alerts

Just ordered this :)

D.U. R--O--C--K--S!!!!.....can i get a witness?!?!

Heads Up - C-Span - starting 9 am. 2004 Vote & Homeland Security

"Mr. President, are you using your wife & daughters as props"?

CNN reporters get their news from Drudge and Page6

All News Reporting Terror Intelligence was Old Stuff

Four more Marines killed today ... a war of attrition...Viet Nam all over

LOL--IL GOP is trying to get Alan Keys to run against Barack Obama

Lawrence Korb on AAR coming up next: he's got the goods on AWOL!

What is relationship between terror threats, protests and GOP convention?

hahaha hohoho: CSPAN caller wants one of the twins to join army

Some thoughts on PNAC and U.S. policy in the Middle East

Report of "27 US Aggressor Troops, 5 of them Commanders" killed Sunday

Kerry B-Sticker - kidnapped at such a young age (1 day old)

C-Span 9:34a.m. If you want to watch a REPUG shill, watch now.

Bumper Sticker Idea

Whoops, Fineman in trouble for bashing Chris Matthews

1,000 soldiers dead since 9/11

"Mr. President, should a president who's lied be impeached"?

C-SPAN 2: Senate hearing on 911 Committe report

How does the Corporate Media's Performance in 2004 look versus 2000

A question about Edwards and CAT funds?

Crimes Against Nature

Tom Ridge Making Excuses - Cable News

Repig Pundits campaign for bush using military...

Repig Pundits campaign for bush using military...

So, let's review this terror threat.

"Mr. President, if Jenna was killed in Iraq, could we see HER coffin"?

Two arrested at demo against Bush

My veteran defending his patriotism

How to Understand the Meaning of Terrorist Alert Ratings

Bush "waging the Dog" and the media ignores it.

Schedule for Belive in America tour?

What does it mean to be patriotic?

Pundits to Military....Vote for the Dumb Guy...

CAPTION Bush and his Sugar Daddy

Repig Pundits campaign for bush using military...

You won't see this on the US news...S. Korea protests troop deployment

Consumer spending hits 3-year low!

"Four More Years! Four More Years!"

Who said the Taliban were through?

We should proactively question the Mis-Administration

I wonder if Wolfie will have Dean on again, now that the truth is coming

Why was Clinton persecuted, but Bush's power is unchallenged

Here's how to tell if the terror threats are real or political:

New Florida Voting Machines

Waxman on 9/11 hearings on c-span...

How Many Votes Do Ya Think * Loses...

Set your Alarms - Bill Maher on Hardball tonight

3-yr-old surveillance prompting current alert: Same as in the 8-6-01 PDB?

An American Muslim dies ....humor

More terrorist action by Israel

An Amazing Series of Coincidences | Billmon nails it.

Kerry and Edwards had better not miss one single vote on 9/11 Commission

HOW do I take a screen shot? I have THIS article cached and the MOMENT I

911 commission rejects Bush's Nat'l Director of Intel just a coordinator

Iraqi envoy to Vatican implicated in Niger yellowcake uranium WMD scam

"How dare you think this administration is not telling the truth?"

Bush is a "Decisive Leader"

What Nimrod would base an elevated terror alert on 3-year old intel?

May 21, 2002 - Bush* WH admits terror alerts are politically motivated

Manhattan DA investigators probe London BNP Paribas bank links

NEW: Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince gives Bush family w/ $130,000 of jewels.

Educate my dumbass-what are the primaries about on Sept 7th

Franken to do radio on TV

Dean hit the nail on the head...Terror Alerts are Politically motivated

Dorko who wrote "Micheal Moore is a big fat stupid white man" in Tucson

Fewer getting insurance through jobs

The Department of Homeland Security is the most ridiculous beuracracy

Bush is finished if terror alert suspect; Dean had inside info?

Help Me Prepare My Speech to Local Group

Man, could the GOP political spin on the political terra lert be any more

List of terror alerts?

Do any of these terror alerts ever faze you in the least?

why did they allow Laura,& twins into NYC's Citicorp building yesterday IF

Dead's Bob Weir: "Don't vote for Nader. I know him. He's an asshole."

OK just to play the devils advocate here with these "new " alerts..

Cspan 2 Senate hearings today

Interesting trend in the Electoral College polls

Should Kerry tell the truth about the latest TERROR ALERT?

3 US Soldiers killed in Iraq so far today...

No convention bounce?

did they have this new intel since 2000 or when they got that guy

D'oh! Alert: Bush* says America is 'safer' but warns of impending attacks?

Cheney's limo's just outside my building

If you believe that the 9-11 Commission was a Whitewash..........

Increased Terrorism Alert Based on Political Needs, Uses Outdated Info

My final post on the topic of RANDI RHODES.

Sigh, does anybody else here ever get tired

"Tour Seeks Tales of Civil Rights Struggle"

White House linked to abuse 'cover-up'

Full Krugman interview on Franken today

"Scandal-Tainted Army Unit Returns to U.S"

Newsday: Terror attack set for September

Why didn't Tip O'Neill start impeachment hearings for Iran-Contra?

Any But Bush, football, and thoughts on a landslide

During Dem. Conv. ALL Yahoo stories rated 2.1, 1000 votes Kerry related

For those who frequent/read FR and other RW websites, including the

What a complete pile of shit we live in

Healthcare Poll......DU postered needed

BWAHAHAHA Pakistanis claim no indications of fresh attacks

Our Flag, Too

New Terror Alert

Use this link to send letters to the editor quickly about the terror BS

Here send this to your freeper friends/response to freeper emails

If some of you found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

OMG! Something is rotton here! (follow me along here)

Check Out New Veterans Site For Kerry

Completely Disgusted

It's really sad we have to question the security of our nation because of

BREAKING from Homeland Security: Might be a MAJOR computer problem (wink)

Stop complaining about the Complainers..

Let's privatize the terror alert system. You know get sponsors

Howard Dean, Al Franken on McEnroe's show on CNBC tonight at 10.

When can we expect the "new" intel?

new Rasmussen state polls from Missouri, North Carolina, California

9/11 related E-mail courtesy of a right wing associate of mine...

Definition of Terrorism: The "De-stabilizing of People w/ the use of Fear"

Rasmussen watch Kerry 48-45

Criminal prosecution of Bush and company

Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD release details -

Like a pig hunting truffles, Dubya sticks his snout into Catholic wallets

was Malloy on Air America last nite? how did he do?

I just put an ACT countdown clock on my website. Just over 90 days!

We need a NEW Strategy re: Sibel Edmonds Story -FOCUS calls on TWO Offices

I did not watch David Letterman yesterday. Did Al Franken appear? n/t

iconic buildings and the orange threat

Does Krugman have a specific time slot on AAR (Franken)

Liberals not for liberty?

WTF happened with Gallup's (already questionable) poll numbers?!?

Another right-wing e-mail with my comments that I forwarded...

My Visit to the Louisiana Libertarian Party Convention

Kerry's "Moderate" Bounce: The REAL DEAL! (Demented Media Bias)

Fake Alert based on Faulty info? Imminent threat,based on faulty

Bush is RESPONSIBLE if there is a US terra attack...and here is why.

Does anyone here believe that the mass media

Check Out New Veterans Site For Kerry

Dick Durbin's reply to my email about TIA (Total Information Awareness)

Pakistanis continue trying to deliver

6500 a Day Die of AIDS in Africa.

At this rate because of Bush's lie our 1000th soldier will die by Nov 2

I know first hand about the "newly created jobs pay less" from a hiring

President Gore impeached

Condi & O'Reilly: "safer than we were on 9/11 but we’re not yet safe"

was terror alert in NYC a set-up to infuriate ???????

MSNBC Live Vote= Kerry:67% Bush:31%

My webmaster told me that while watching a

DU is on Fire Today!....Keep it Up....

"Read My Lips - No New Threat"

What do you think of Kerry's response to...

Can John Kerry be Impeached on anything yet?

Smirk gave 5 baseball team owners Ambassadorships

CNN poll is deliberately misleading and manipulative!

can someone link me to the Rev. Moon supreme ruler of the world pic/story?

the real crime in the latest "alert" the crime of ommission

"Better late than never"

6 ft under last night: anybody hear Claire's friend call Mo Dowd so stupid

Okay. So how did we find out that the terror info is old news?

I didn't know the army issued maternity fatigues?

could * PISS OFF NYC any more than he already has?

Krugman on AAR right now

Birth of the NeoCon

The New Bush Campaign Theme!

Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds

Wal-Mart Costs CA Taxpayers $86 Million Per Year In Public Assistance

why people don't vote - another reason: religious right and far right

Is newsday a reliable sorce?

Ashcroft Tells Libraries to Destroy Citizen-Friendly Publications

I nominate TOM RIDGE as one of the Top 10 Conservative Idiots of the year!

87 Billion-Who remembers the Loan part? Jeff Flake, specifically

Why is our press so incapable or unwilling to speak the truth,

"Mr. President, did your grandfather help finance Adolph Hitler"?

Consumer Spending Drop Biggest Since 9/11

Healthcare Poll......DU postered needed...agian...

Is Bush & Co beginning to regret holding the GOP convention in NYC?

Fewer getting insurance through jobs

Holy smokes! "Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.!"

LOL does Lynndie England have a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker. . .

my Boston/Dem convention run-in with Tweety

when they considered murdering Jack Anderson

I know what LIHOP means, but what's MIHOP?

I'm writing about the fake terra alert, and I want to thank DU

I got to speak on the local AM station yesterday

The 911 family committee on cspan today

There Will Be 1,093 Dead Soldiers in Iraq By the Time You Mark Your Ballot

Time to DU this new CNN poll!

Exposing "Terra Warnin's" for what they are:

8/3 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.7% ; POP. VOTE: 52.74% ; EV: 324

Did anyone else hear the reporter on MSNBC

Is anyone here Howard Stern fans?

Don't hold back..How did Mike Malloy really do last night???

Proudly I just got back from voting against Missouri Amendment 2

When they announce how many have died in this war are they including ..

Relationship between Crude Oil prices and Retail Gasoline prices

Joe Sharpnack's prescient cartoon.

How did you people manage your anger against * all this time?

Who is the Dem "attack dog" this cycle?

Great cartoon at BartCop:

The New Theme of the Bush Campaign

Yet another Repuke hypocrite! Have these guys NO SHAME AT ALL?

Did CNN just turn into Fox News 2 over the last week, or what?

Anyone who thinks Aaron Brom is a friend of the left, read this e-mail

Fineman in Tweety's Doghouse

A Bushism Poem

W's claim of Saddam's "ties with terrorists." . . . Say what?

Code Orange Alert Issued For Hawaii!

Mr. President, will our nerves EVER be allowed to heal?

George W. Bunnypants...The Secret Story...

The numbers 44.24 and 445 billion will are lethal for Bush!

What has Bush done besides his claim as a strong leader against terror?

After stonewalling the 9/11 commission for 2 years, Bush will appoint a

So...when does Ridge claim this information actually came to light?

links to bush cutting vet benifits?

And now some humor... Bush ad parody

Alright. Let me get this straight.

To any Florida DUers that may have seen the Daily show last night

The Clockwork Orange Alert is part of the plan.......

"Most Men are Afraid of Woman"


Ridge responds for Administration about "fake" alert....

The Knights of Columbus holding a fundraiser for Bush today

Wingnut: "The EPA caused the Columbia accident."

Did Matthew Dowd just say what I think he said?

There will not be a terrorist attack before November.

Any one know about Pvt. whatsher name hearing today?

Government by default.

My daughter's best friend Julie

E-mail from a soldier in Iraq -- very sad

Check out the AOL poll on the terror alert!

What's the latest with Bush & the Illinois ballot?

what ever happened to the "Protest Bush* at" ...with place & dates on DU

Just in. Nazi infiltrators spotted offshore near Florida.

How do I volunteer for the Kerry campaign?

self delete

Please DU this poll on Teresa Heinz Kerry being insane! now has a report about the dated terror alert information

Research questions.

Anyone know what Randy Rhodes is reading from right now?

Now Boarding: The Bush Twins .Special Treatment


Light Bulb!!!! WH Press credentials for Steven Colbert?

Who are the ''bad'' guys in the media?

Who are the ''bad'' guys in the media?

Dean will interview Jon Stewart, Tavis Smiley, Margaret Cho Sunday night.

Who will the wingnuts hate more, Theresa or Hilary?

Ok no bounce for kerry BUT HE IS LEADING... in MOST polls..

Halliburton Settles SEC Charge from Cheney Years

Anybody see or hear the 9/11 family group hearing today?

Will fear win this election?

Oahu Audubon Center Apologizes for Peacock slaughter

Have our universities also become moral cesspools like the

Question: When is it that Kerry and Bush are in the SAME TOWN campaigning?

Great Talking Points for Us on Recent Terror Alert

Will, good article at Truth Out. But I question a couple of parts.

The "self-evident brilliance" of "quintessential American" Alan Keyes

7/8: Ridge ushers in the "post-Madrid" era

If you're at a Kerry/Edwards rally, and Delay's brown-shirts show up,

Question: Does anyone know if a parent can get a restraining order against

Are there any online sources for the convention speeches?

DU Cnn poll on Terra!

DU Cnn poll on Terra!

Time Mag reported this "new Bank Threat" in 2002

Fox: P. Diddy's "Citizen Change" group funded by Clinton's Schween?

Where can I find the best electoral map on-line?

Have you noticed the obvious difference in callers to C-SPAN ?

How do you listen to AAR?

Donna Brazille representing on Crossfire (CNN)

Iraqi assasination attempt on Poppy?

"Mr. President, why are you afraid of Black People"?

Please post your best Bush jokes, and Bush administration jokes

Don't forget to VOTE today if you live in Michigan!!!

The Committee on Present Danger - Revived Woolsey and Lieberman

"Americans suffer from anti-intellectualism, starting in the White House,"

Frank Luntz is pessimistic...

Dayton's "NORAD lied" & Sibel Edmonds letter busting open 9/11

Ted Rall rips Kerry

Illinois GOP interviewing candidates today to face Obama

Freeper email, please help me debunk...

The DNC July-Surprise continues (The Terror Alerts are Fake!)

LOL! Greta van Susteren is a scientologist!

Stop complaining about the media

WTF is going on at CSPAN II?

BushCo is f*cking finished! "Old news" story is the dagger in the heart!

I see a rainbow peeking out from behind the clouds...

'A Letter to Louise: A Biblical Affirmation of Homosexuality

Pathetic Email I just got from Fundi friend: John Kerry Vitae

If you asked a repug to define the word "terrorist," what answer would

My brother in Australia just sent me an electoral-vote site (Kerry 328...

Was AQ Khan arrested???

Military Voting Assistance Officer (VAO)

Who's got Supress Detroit vote quote?

You might be a Republican IF

Got this in an email today - You'll love it

Who are the "good guys" in the media?

Here's a suggested bumper sticker:

What would it really take or what should Americans really be prepared to

Randi Rhodes: 67 year old Republican caller voting straight (D) in 2004!

Prosecution: Peterson ordered porn channels after wife's disappearance

A Hypothetical: What if this terror alert was legitimate?

So the Repukes want to bring up JK's congressional record! Let em!

Larry Johnson is on Newshour ripping new terror alert

Dadcom Is 70 - Birthday Yesterday

Was there anybody in Michigan for Kerry's rally that can verify this

Last night, I thanked a wounded Vietnam veteran for his service.

Kerry and Vietnam

I think Maureen Dowd is the most insufferable oped purveyor

Please DU this Poll - Was Terror Alert Justified??

Democrats should predict a 30 point bounce from the RNC convention

Corporate Media Sux Bumper Sticker

4 more US soldiers die today. TV news gives us Lori & Code Orange

Dedication to Don Henley.

Walk a mile for Kerry/Edwards...

Live reports from IL GOP meeting here. . .

Limbaugh, pals get liberally thrashed

Will protests in New York during the convention help Bush?

"Chickenhawk powers, activate!!"


What Has Happened to the Story of Sandy Berger's Exoneration?

Repeat Daily Show / Jon Stewart 6 eastern

Repbug Radio Rubbish (Rick and Bubba Show)

I debunked an anti-Kerry email for my S-I-L. Make it better.

My e-mail to Matthews (re. having Judith Miller on his program tonight):

Al Qaeda is winning the war on terror!

Contact CNN about getting good guests to balance the Republicans

Help needed: the "St. Teresa" article re: the good she's done in Pittsbrg

Dean coming up on Hardball.

I think that Somerby is right about Janeane Garofalo (She should know this

Anyone remember: Cheney fired a woman who was counting of Iraqi deaths

What are the "old and true" conservative vales?

Should America's largest private employer be allowed to do...

Daily Mislead: Bush sued car rental company in 1989 "frivolous" suit

Great Talking Points for Us on Recent Terror Alert


how the repubs will spin this

Tweety Sucked Me In - I Hate Myself For Watching

What brand of bike does Bush ride?

No Bounce? Look at these Battleground State polls since the convention.

predict the next phony terralert

What connections did Arnold Schwarzenegger have with the Enron debacle?

Anyone else watching C-SPAN2's "conservative student conference" coverage?

the government was justified in terror threat warning?

DU article makes it into a Snopes legend

US Air Shuttle flight BOS-DCA diverted to pick up Bu$h twins in ALB.

Howard Dean on hardball... this guy is good!

BIG Question about 3 Year old Terra Info. WHO Leaked it was SO OLD?

I need your opinion on the following question

Talk about "Wag the Dog?" If Clinton had pulled a stunt like this

Top Artists To Rock Swing States

"Land of the Free, and Home of the Afraid" NZ writer looks at America.

Why doesn't anyone talk about the day America cowered?

Fabricating Terror

DUers who have see "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle":

Daddy, what did you do in the war?

Does anyone know why Air America hasn't come to Boston yet?

Brit Hume says that Kerry is too sad to be president

Vetwife's letter in response to Dissent regarding Iraq and vets

Anyone remember the crash of Flight 587 on Nov 12, 2001?....

Kerry is a LOCK for Prez in November.

Electoral reform- just an idea

Sorry, but where the FUCK are our dem reps on Sibel Edmonds?

The anti-women tone lately in the media is disturbing


How can I live in a country where 40% solidly support Bush? vs. John Kerry - Someone help me answer this one....

CNN: Barack Obama's education may hurt him

The "Old info" story is spreading nationwide

Who wants to move?

The BIG story about the "Terra Lert" everybody is missing

I am really pleased that the Administration wants us to have information..

Cheney Blames Democrats for high gas prices (!!)

first ronstadt now henley

Duers living near Kerry campaign stops - Describe local news coverage.

The GOP is Afraid of Women's Voices & Votes-Media trying to villify Teresa

Excellent aricle about Bush's dreamworld of a safer Amerca

Throw some good Karma my way tonightand tomorow....

Kerry National Poll Win Prob 96.6%; State Poll ( EV) Win Prob 96.8%

AP: Cheney blames Democrats for HIGH OIL prices...HAHA - Funniest EVER!

In Iraq - 8.8 BILLION is MIA.

Why I’m Voting for President Bush

I have just written my farewell letter to CNN. I haven't watched them all

Bob Weir: "Don't vote for Nader; he's an asshole"

Bob Dole on Teresa Heinz Kerry "There isn't a Muzzle big enough out there"

She Is NOT a Feminist (Wolfowitz's girlfriend)

Katherine Harris leaking classified information

Mark Luther is hopeless. HOPELESS!!!

John Stewart just ripped a new one into

James baker's son involved in Iraq reconstruction? Money allocation?

I need to be educated on federal deficit/national debt . . .

How To Beat Bush

What are YOU willing to give up?

War between Randi Rhodes and Ed Shultz was just declared.

Can you name one or two people dumber than George W. Bush?

I just pulled this back. It's about Howard Dean and voting machines.

What became of the Sandy Berger exoneration? What became of the Valerie

DU women! Don't be muzzled! email Bob Dole! Here's his addy..

When is the boycott of CNN finally going to begin?

Paul Krugman Exposes CNN for Who They Are!

I will attempt to enlist DU troopers for the new 'Bush Truth Squad'

CNN/Reported on this "New" warning in April 2002!

PLAME Indictments #16 TREASON- The Tip of Iceberg-Edmonds

Let's put some meat on these bones -- calling DU researchers

It's Zed, not Zee. Zed!

Indonesia worries about backlash as vote hearings start

Smarty Jones Is Leaving as Quickly as He Arrived

St. Louis sues to allow early voting in Missouri

Home from Boston, local Democrats energized

'Everything is at stake,' Kerry tells riverfront crowd

$100M remittances lost due to workers ban in Iraq

Modest bounce, polls indicate

So why did Bush, not Kerry, get the bounce?

Bomb Kills Two Iraqi Police Officers

Three face trial for anti-gay stunts in Arkansas

Saddam to grandson: 'Be a man'

Zimbabwe Police Again Raid Home of Opposition Leader

NYT:Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say

Bangladesh Needs Massive Food Aid

WP: Pre-9/11 Acts Led To Alerts--Officials Not Sure Al Qaeda Continued

Pakistan Produces the Goods, Again (terrorists on demand)

A nation in danger. Or a President in peril?

UK Saudi diplomat 'should lose immunity'

Hearing Set for U.S. Soldier in Iraq Abuse Photos

Gulf allies 'all faced chemical exposure' (GW1)

US, Iraqis Crack Down on Porous Syrian Border(operation Phantom Linebacker

Naval base returns candidate's confiscated videotapes

Court halts Pinochet assets probe

Four Iraqis working for French NGO killed in case of mistaken identity

Crude oil soars to record ( US$44 )

Pakistan 'al-Qaeda breakthrough' (Denies plans to attack US)

Kenyan anger over Iraq hostage 'hoax'

Pakistan Won't Send Troops to Iraq

Hazing High coaches file lawsuits — against their players


Argentine lamb trumps Saudi jewels in foreign leaders' gifts to Bush

NASA Launches First Mercury Mission in 3 Decades

Australia - U.S. Free Trade Deal Under Threat(US Drug Co veto rejected)

Ashcroft Appeals Calif Judge's(pro-choice re Partial-Birth)Abortion Ruling

Intelligence Chief Without Power? Support Leaves Questions

Study Cites Social Costs of Wal-Mart

US spend on Iraqi reconstruction is fraction of earmarked funds (Powell)

Frankly Speaking Koppel/Franks interview–Mission Accomplished Franks' idea

Insider cashes in on deal (Jeb's DCF gone wild)

Architect Of Wars At Peace With Self (Franks & his new book)

Bombings across Iraq, pipeline ablaze cuts exports via Turkey

Several Danish Soldiers Suspected Of Abusing Iraqi Prisoners

UK Diplomatic Protection Squad WPC found shot dead at work

(US Army Guard Lady General) Abu Ghraib General Claims Conspiracy

Government argues against Giordano (R) appeal

The speaker turns up the volume (Hastert book tour)

ALA welcomes Department of Justice decision to rescind destruction request

White House: terror intelligence 'chilling' , not old

Ridge defends 'three-year-old" terror alert

Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices (AP)

Planned U.S. job cuts rise

breaking: GOP wants Alan Keyes from Maryland to run against Obama in IL!!!

Bush on the Couch

Cheney testified in Halliburton probe, not charged

Terror Attack to be September 2, 2004

Airline Passengers Could Soon Use Cell Phones In Flight

Toddler Bitten By Monkey In Brooklyn Supermarket

United States-Australia Free Trade passed by Congress & to be signed today

Public Letter to 9/11 Commission Chairman from FBI Whistleblower [READ!]

Two Senior Al-Qaida Suspects Arrested in Pakistan, Including Two Wanted by

Democrats Roll Out 'Bush Truth Squad'

Nader files 45,000 names (Pennsylvania)

9/11 commissioners push Bush for more

Former first lady Nancy Reagan supports Bush re-election

Demand for Window Film Spikes After Terror Alerts

CNN: Small plane crash in Austin TX, 6 dead.

GOP wooing Keyes to take on Obama

U.S. Begins Transferring Combat Troops in S Korea to Iraq

Study: Low Wal-Mart Wages Cost Calif. $86 Million

Zogby: Kerry maintains electoral college lead through convention....

BREAKING: Police Say Mark Hacking Confessed

Source: Terror attack to be in early September

Saudi Crown Prince's Wife Defends Veil

Fear creeps up a level across U.S.-NY mayor deflects charges that info old

(George) Lucas Builds Animation Studio in Singapore

BritainTerror Arrests- 13 HELD

More Airports Test Tracking of Foreigners

Old Vietnam Hands in Charge in Iraq

Iraq Jail Chief Says Prisoner Abuse Covered Up

General Claims Prisoner Abuse Conspiracy

Bush Courts Catholics, Promises on Social Issues

The Orange-Alert Campaign

Conn. Abortion Foes Allege Harassment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 3 August

No 10 fails to deny Scarlett's influence on survey group

French Probe Led to 'Fake Niger Uranium Papers'

Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices

Iraqis on tour banned from Memphis city hall

ALA welcomes Department of Justice decision to rescind destruction request

Consumer Spending Plunges to 3-Year Low (income growth tiny 0.2%)

Pascrell questions timing of terror threat revelation

Bush Campaign Ad Shifts Focus to Himself

Texas Democratic Rep. Loses Recount Case

Officials: Financial targets face no immediate threat

Drop in spending worst since 9/11

Laura Bush Takes Swipe at Journalists

Marines weren't trying to arrest radical cleric, officer says

New N. Korean (nuke?) Missiles Said to Threaten U.S.(West coast)

Insurgents in Iraq Kill 7 Iraqis, 4 U.S. Troops (8-3-04)

Reuters: US Soldiers killed in Baghdad bomb attack (2 dead, 2 wounded)

U.S. Marine killed in action in volatile Iraq region

Marine Dies of Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound

9 Million more without health insurance

IBM to Build Army Supercomputer (Named "Stryker", using Linux)

DNC Announces Bush Truth Squad

Police kidnapped by Sadr's militia

Labour membership halved since Blair came to power

Judge Refuses to Stop Guantanamo Hearings

Halliburton to pay $7.5M to settle SEC charges

Sikh student detained by Secret Service(7 Hours for Taking Campus pics)

Vatican Sets Up Sports Department

Witness: Iraq Abuse Photos 'Just for Fun'

Allies Spurn U.S. - Style Color - Coded Terror Alerts

Edwards pledges at Miami rally to be tough on Castro, terrorism

Marine Leaving After Iraq Documentary

Official Asks More Time for Military Votes (Up to 14 days after election)

Bush says he would make same decisions (still invade Iraq w/today's facts)

Specter rival files petitions to join Senate race (PA)

(National Transportation Safety) Board Recommends Black Boxes for Cars

Bush Backers Greet Edwards in Louisiana(Again GOP try to drown out speech)

Activists Plan to Disrupt GOP Convention

*Eugenics Backer Causes Stir in Tenn. Race*

Kerry Urges Calling Back Congress- Session on 9/11 Report Needed

Sudan: Rebels pose as Janjaweed in Darfur (Aljazeera)

Mike Mills to be on Al Franken This Wednesday

Thieves Steal Russian Mayor's Car.....And The Mayor Too!

Fun fact: 'Judge' Lance Ito is a puke.

Oh my God!! Rabrrrrrr killed Kenny! That bastard!

Clever... British people will have an "edge" on this one

My new nickname for George W. Bush

* vs. Chris from Dashboard Confessional

ow: I'm never cussing a Chinese foreigner...


what happened to Jeff Seeman?

Idiot freeper word of the day

Hey! If you're over 80, Bush will send you a birthday card!

I'm having a bad trip and i don't do drugs!

That guy that Samantha Bee interviewed was a total sleeze!

You got served!!!

Are sects threads allowed?

A question for NSMA:

Next Saturday night...

There were three of us in the bed. And SOMEONE just peed.

Feeling lethargic ?...Low blood pressure ?....

bong a bong- free is Chong

I swear I heard someone say "Time for an adorable puppy-kitty thread."

I just threw up. Violently. All over the bathroom. Yuk. Ask me anything.

RED Alert RED Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!


The PC version of the Democratic Party

Is anyone else going to Halsted Market Days this weekend?

Man Vandalizes School, Leaves Behind Driver's License & Business Card


South Africa Denies Plans To Cancel Christmas

What friends do you make better sex with?


That damn liberal media!

Smarty Jones Is Leaving as Quickly as He Arrived

Heartbreak a Stranger

The Frugal Bartender's guide

What should I pack to get through US customs without a hassle?

"Tigger" on trial today in Orlando for groping a teenager and

Good Morning DU!

Darla, The Monkey, Bites 2 Year Old Boy In Grocery Store

Your thoughts on the big Terra-alert

Hope our DU friends in Coastal NC are ready for the big hit

Hey GOPis EVil

I take offense to Hurricane Alex

Just ordered this :)

Next Reality Show To Search For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models

American McGee & George Romero to do Zombie game

Woman and alter ego "Jimmy" testify in bank robbery trial

Need some help with a phrase attributed to Rosseau.

I, Republican

tell me about bartending

My computer is infected with a virus.

Beer is good for you

Shove It! shirts--Shameless Plug and Requests?

Anyone know of an affordable hotel in Toronto?

My 500th Post! Where's Mr. Garrison? I think Eric is out of hand!

I HATE packing!

Priest, Nun Convicted After "Sex Act" In Car

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican

Politician hospitalized with persistent hiccups

Teen Bitten By Piranha After Reaching Hand Into Fountain

Car hits 600-pound bull that wandered onto Interstate 81

Air America doing a Sealab Parody right now (11:07AM)

Maggots Make Medical Comeback

I need Wine/Champagne advice for November 2 celebration!

Bush doesn't look the least bit worried in this photo. He's protectin' us!

Pearl Harbor put on Orange Alert

Three interviews!!

Concord, MA put on red alert!

a little muslim humor....


What was the strangest job you ever had????

Fish tanks owners - Need advice on combating algae.

Fun with acronyms - what Republicans really stand for.

American, British Cruise Ships on Heightened Alert

GD down for me........anybody else?

I'm sick of CAD threads, let's do an AUTOCAD thread!

Spider-Man Creator, Stan Lee, is one of us

For my 500th post, please take a ride on my Bultaco....

Are Kerry and Bush members of the "Skull & Bones" from Yale?

Hear ye, hear ye! ORANGE ALERT declared for Boston Harbor!

Soldiers Get Out Of Army Because They Are Addicted To The Internet

Im guessing that threads cannot be posted in GD ....

This morning I heard that women's shoe sizes are getting bigger

Mom Left Teenage Daughter Alone With Magistrate - To Catch Them Having Sex

I'm sick of car threads; let's do a CAD thread!

GD is down. Anyone else?

I'm sick of CAD threads, let's do a CAB thread

You can pick your friends and you can pick your CAPTIONS...

What friends do you make better sex with?

Fort Sumter put on red alert.

Alcohol sharpens your brain, say researchers

A new career for Smarty Jones!!!!

More fun on the web

Orange alert covering the area of Gaul

Let's give a big Dating Game CAPTION to contest Number Zero....

I'm not uptight. I'm not unattractive.


Whats a "rollover minute" ? Is 5,000 alot?

I'm sick of CAN'T threads... let's do an ANT thread

Terror alert in Greece.

HomeSec Ridge deems Sumeria a credible threat, raises alert level.

What sex do you make better friends with?

I love the oy oy oy show

What do chickens eat?

Watch out Kerry and Bush! The Savage Dragon is running for President!

Alderran on Red Alert

Spouses Crash Their Cars On Same Day, Same Intersection - Seperate Crashes

Why you rule

I'm sick of CAN threads. Let's do a CAN'T thread.

I'm sick of KANT threads--let's do a RANT thread!

I'm sick of CANT threads--let's do a KANT thread!

I'm sick of CAN'T threads. Let's do a C--- thread.

House Atreides put on Heightened Alert (Orange)

AAH! the Dick is coming!

I'm sick of ANT threads. Let's do a RANT thread!

Son wants a music CD...I am at a loss...don't know what he wants

I'm sick of RANT threads--let's do a PANT thread!

FOR SALE: One (1) Sylvania 40Watt refrigerator light bulb

I'm sick of LOCKED threads. Let's do a MOCKED thread.

Hey, only 28% of the litter box is cat shit.

Polkadot Terror Alert: Please Protect Yourself!

Man Turns Church Kitchen Into Meth Lab

now 35.5% of the lounge front page is covered by cat shit.

Now 31% of the Lounge front-page is copy-cat shit.

hey, only 27% of my stitches are cat gut

Do you want the fish, or the liver?

US military forces on heightened alert

For my 1000th post I'd like to welcome all the new DU people

Get the HELL outta my yard!

Hey! Only 5% of the threads are different!

Terror Alert raised in Minas Tirith

100 Acre Wood moved to Orange Alert

Mother Plans Lawsuit After Passed Out Son Is Towed Away In Car

USS Enterprise put on Red Alert

Give him the stick. DON'T GIVE HIM THE STICK!!!!

Hey, only 28% of my front porch is covered in cat-shit

This completely bombed in the 9/11 forum. Let's see how it does here.

I'm sick of PANT threads--let's do a GANTT thread!

Bush Bike Game!!

Mugger Made Teens Strip, Burn Their Clothes, Jump Up And Down On Cars

Terror Alert raised in Narnia

I hit 600 posts yesterday and didn't even realize it.

My cat is soon to be a first time father

Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) is Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four!

a few jokes...laugh a little, things are way too serious

Questions that have no answer

When will we hit "The Big 50K"?

Does a 10-year old need a lapdance?

6 ft under last night: anybody hear Claire's friend call Mo Dowd so stupid

When Jon Stewart criticizes Democrats, it runs some crazy here

Terra alert! Terra alert!! TERRA ALERT!!!

I'm sick of CAD threads. Let's do a CAN thread.

Maggots make culinary comeback

Did you know, 98% of percentages are made up right on the spot? n/t

Hey, only 28% of the lounge front page is copycat shit

Hey, only 2.5% of the lounge front page is mocking shit about whoisalhedge

68% Of Percentages are Complete Bullshit

I'm sick of CAY threads. Let's do a GAY thread.

Maggots make medical comeback

Old 97s--a band from Dallas...

Who are the 5 celebs your spouse/significant other would let you f*ck?

What is this thread about?

See Britney Spears Naked!

Holy crap. Chapelle signs for two more seasons, $50 million.

Has anyone ever gotten out of a car lease?

Does a 10-year old need a lapdance?

I'm sick of CAn threads. Let's do a CAY thread.

HEyHEY...we know you're out there...

Why Didn't You People TELL ME This Was OUT NOW?????

Ok, so I'm stupid....

100% of DUers are smarter than the average republican.

Green is the BEST color

Ok, I just hurt me lower back

Dogtown and Z-Boys

There Is A Pigeon Poop Problem At The Sewage Treatment Plant

I'm going to watch LOTR - Return of the King. Talk me out of it.

Bring back Monica Lewinsky

Hey, only 2.5% of the lounge front page is whoisalhedges-mocking shit

Al Hedges is not who you think "he" is

Hey, only 2.5% of whoisalhedges is human

new Hannity advertiser University of Phoenix

Ahhh summer vacation at THE BEACH!!!

Sacred cows make the best steaks...

How many?

To each and every one of you who have a Krispy Kreme store in your town...

99.9% of all lounge posters love reading posts by LynneSin

Man GOOD LUCK trying to call the IRS

Will WillPitt ever forgive & forget when it comes to the Febreeze incident

Hey, only 2.5% of the lounge front page is copycat-mocking shit.

Deploying our Full Array of CAPTIONs

Does a 10 year old really need a Laplander?

Where my DU name comes from....

Proud! Just voted with my son.

O'Reilly knows more about rap music than I do!

Post your favorite quote from ATA:

The ubiquitous U of M t-shirt, post the weirdest place you've seen it

Cheney's Japanese Fan Club!

Oh no, I know what YOU want.

Someone run into LBN and tell me if anything's been blown up yet.

I'm sick of threads. Let's talk about breads

Listen to Patti Scialfa's NPR interview

You are the sunshine of my life

Scared cows make the best steaks.

What the hell do you know, anyway?

My goodness. It's like the Alqonquin Round Table in here.

gosh, it's hot.

Is your city good at book-learnin'?

Does a 10-year old need a laptop?

Q. What are Quizno's Spongmonkeys? A. Fired

Oh, Crossfire's on.

The Daily Show's Steve Carell is....The New Maxwell Smart!

One of the New Promo Posters for Episode 3 (geek alert!)

if there where to be a movie made of the bush admin. who would act in it?

Is anyone else glad that they *DO* have children?

Meat Puppets Bassist Gets 21 Months

Da da da/da da da/da da da da da/da da da/da da-da/da da da da da

Father Of The Pride

Internet explorer problem

What's your favorite brand of toothpaste?

Is today a cat holiday?

Anybody upset that they *do* have children?

How to start your day with a positive outlook

have a chuckle -- "Hello is this the FBI?"


Prosecution: Peterson ordered Pizza after wife's disappearance

So, is Zomby the only person here

Condi: This woman simply cannot take a bad photo! She's radiant!

Give me a kickass single -- one free download left on my MusicMatch

CNN Poll on the Terra alert, We're behind. DU it

I thought Christian Slater was running away from Nicholson comparisons?

Just got back from my interview

99.96% of DUers want to spray WIll Pitt with Febreze

Eewwww!! What's that smell??

I'm hungry... can somebody PM me a meatball sandwich?

"Ride This," the new "covers" EP from Los Lobos...five stars, baby...


I find that some Shower to Shower works better than Febreze down there...

LOL! Greta van Susteren is a scientologist!

There's a hole in the world tonight.

just saw a hilarious bumper sticker

Has anyone taken the LSAT? Advice please...

Do your fellow primates sometimes wierd you out?

Shouldn't it be called a "BEANS" burrito?

Scott Peterson ordered

No. 900481: Destructo Swarmbots ...(and other things)

U.S. Olympic basketball team just got stomped by...Italy

Saw a cool bumper sticker yesterday

I guess I had too much mead, and darted out in front of an oxcart...

more cartoons

Woot! Just entered the 700 club. Just like to say thanks...

Cuisine acrobatique

I got a recruitment card from the Air Force today,

Pope sets up Vatican Sports Department.

Dadcom Is 70 - Birthday Yesterday

Dadcom Is 70 - Birthday Yesterday

NIP/TUCK star cast as Dr. Doom in FANTASTIC FOUR movie

360 degree panorama from atop Mt. Everest (need quicktime)

(late) reminder: Daily Show replay - watch Jon smackdown a wingnut

(late) reminder: Daily Show replay - watch Jon smackdown a wingnut

(late) reminder: Daily Show replay - watch Jon smackdown a wingnut

Draft info...

yikes! DIY breast implants...with hardware store silicone...

Ridge announces new terror threat

I Hate People! (Part 621,541,782,541,938,112,356.07)

"Republicans for Voldemort"

Hey, you guys - voting kills.

Toddler Bitten By Monkey In Brooklyn Supermarket

SO.... How's the weather where you're at

I am made of foolishness and humanity, apparently.

Tonight (Tuesday), I'm playing '50s rock & roll on the radio.

Which of my new DVDs do you wanna watch first?

Dadcom Is 70 - Birthday Yesterday

I've spent the last hour responding only in Pikachu's language

Does Dookus have way too much time on his hands?

My Grandma is Trailer Trash....

Looking for good vegetarian meal recipes.

"We are all God's chicken"....

Prosecution: Peterson ordered porn channels after wife's disappearance

100% of ChavezSpeakstheTruth loves you! (Except that cad Hedges)

Did you ever see Mouse Hunt?

Mexican: My Unborn Child Is U.S. Citizen

So, Dadcom's 70th Birthday Was Last Night - Matcom's KICK ASS #2 Post!

Have you seen any Interstate exit signs that make proper names?

? for creationists who say evolution violates the 2nd law


Please post your best Bush jokes, and Bush administration jokes

I just watched "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls." Ask me anything.

Who Is That Hot Guy With Megan Mullally In The CheapTickets.Com TV Ads??

21 Days Later...

For the MALES that look inadequate...

I rode my bicycle across Iowa! Ask me anything (with lots of photos)

don't mess with this CAPTION

CNN reporting Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his title.

Plumbers truck

Best spam subject line ever: "You can be smart!"

have the schools (k-12) started in your area yet?

Question for my gay DU friends?

i feLL down the stairs this morning

What is the craziest anti-Kerry argument you've heard?

Name a little known band you don't like


Wanting to display bumper stickers...should I get rid of atheist stuff?

ok, gotta run - going to see jay farrar tonite

* the manly football player--

Create a Caption - Bush at Browns Camp

Caption the annual meeting

What's your favorite band that none of your friends have heard of?

Freeper Entrails All Over The Grocery Store Parking Lot - Only Took 30 Sec

Favorite non-obscene, non-inside-joke term for a moron

Top Ten Geekiest Hobbies (with effects on sex life)

Guys, fess up. You dream of a date with...

Fat activists protest diet industry


Wow - I Just Went Over 23,000 Posts!!!!!

What's up with you lounge skinks who rarely, if ever, visit other forums?

Whats the most graphic nude male/female scene in a movie?

IR device that lets you listen to radio in different rooms? ring bell?

Just watched the Super Bowl XXXVIII video.

Is there a nude photograph of you somewhere in the world.

"Most Men are Afraid of Woman"

Regarding the singles lounge idea

The John no one knew...

Post pics of animals nobody's ever heard of...

An oldie, but a goodie, In response to "Edwards not qualified to be sells for $5,000, at $30,000 - good news?

New Nadir (probably Repub) Strategy

Herbert Hoover's line was "Prosperity is just around the corner"

Portland, OR - 5:05 AMish - Just saw the DNC/Kerry Ad

Bush's Lost Years

Kerry up strong in tally!

Please comment: We may require campaign topics be posted in GD:2004 not GD

Kerry Sketches an Iraq Exit Plan (replace most U.S. troops in Iraq in 4 yr

Trivial - but I really want to know what the Kerry's health regimen is

Repig Pundits to Military...Vote for the Dumb Guy

Must Read: WP article questions "newness" of terrorist threat info

GOP will go military endorsement at GOP Convention -100 retired

Hilarious ad from American Coming Together featuring Will Farrel as "W!"

The 9/11 Commission was a whitewash and a cover-up.

Kerry/Edwards campaign calendar?

Philly's Nader office shuts down as workers seek pay

michael moore needs a new weekly mini-show that will...

"Four more years of hell" nothing,

All we need remember is

Tom Ridge

Electoral Vote has Kerry 328 to Bush 210

Rasmussen Poll in Virginia: Bush 49%, Kerry 46%

This may just be fantasy or wishful thinking but.....

Michael Moore: I Will Bring Cameras to Florida

haha!! 20-25,000 in Grand Rapids for Kerry only 4,000 for Bush last week!

Need help in refuting this....

Why does the NYT in regard to an Edwards La appearance

Kerry Touts Plan to Balance Budget

Boondocks: pessimism never killed an Arab

BRING IT ON to lets all get along-- BAD Move John!

playing politics with terror warnings

It's time to expose the myth behind the post-convention bounce

Zogby Battleground State Poll - August 2nd

Dems Have Electoral College Advantage

Daily Howler on the ineffectiveness of Democratic partisans (Part I)

Gallup/CNN poll showed the effect of a good Terror warning on poll

Terror Threat based on three year old data - Dean was right again.

Cheney Blames Democrats for Gas Prices (AP)

Hardball has Dean on tonight at top of hour. Franken/Dean on McEnroe.

Deleted message

Bad news regarding our Arizona chances

Statistics on the media using the terms "Kerry bashers" vs "Bush bashers"

How to judge poll numbers

USA Today logic: The fact that Dems are more motivated bad news for Kerry

No 'Bounce' for Kerry in Arizona (Bush 48%, Kerry 45%)

Having their convention in New York is a COLOSSAL blunder

Eugenics Backer Causes Stir in Tenn. Race

Terror Alerts Knock Democrats Off Balance (or could back fire)

"There's Something about Howard Dean!" Is he Genuine? MSNBC where

House of Representatives - I Can't Believe This is True

Check out the electoral map!!!

The Great Paradox of Politics

Shame could get people to polls

Bill Maher thinks Kerry will win.

USA Today Joins Forces With CNN To Destroy The Nascent Kerry Campaign....

While I might enjoy Theresa Heinz Kerry's "moments" does America enjoy

Bush disrupters use air horns to stop Kerry Speech-Kerry calls them "Goons

More proof that the CNN poll is garbage

ACT to hold fundraising concerts in swing states featuring "The Boss!"

Counterpunch's article on Kerry's Vietnam service.

Somebody PLEASE tell me Kerry didn't actually say this

Bush Bungles, Boo-Boos and Betrayals that affect "Middle America"

Nader is spoling Nevada; thanks a fucken lot.

MoveOn Get Out the Vote Campaign

Are there any polls tracking the "bellwether" districts?