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Archives: August 28, 2004

MSNBC This would be an excellent time to visit

Present, not past, matters to younger voters

Who is Michael Ledeen?

Salon: Smear Artist – the rise of Karl Rove

Salon: "I'm very ashamed" (for getting rich kids like * into the Nat'l Gua

The Real Issue: Bush Is Incompetent

Seattle Times: "Kerry for President"

Check out NYCindymedia --- Critical Mass bike ride wholesale arrests

Sat. 28th.Akron, Ohio: Swift Boat Vet author Corsi to appear at bookstores

Organizing anti-John O'Neill/SBV Rally -- Houston - week of Aug. 30

CHICAGO — Sunday, Aug. 29 — Unity Rally Federal Plaza

Jack Rabbit and I will be in the DC area,

MSNBC This would be an excellent time to visit

Took off on Stanley Kurtz of NRO

What's up with Maher apologizing?

Close loophole in smoking law: anti-tobacco group - TW

Iranian governments execution of 16 year old outrages public opinion

Just watched Ted Nugent...

what is required to become a moderator?

Pentagon spy story could get nasty regarding Israel, etc.

Any Central Floridians hear anything strange on 4th of July?

Federal judge rules Friant Dam near Fresno violates California law

You guys need some help?

Organizing anti-John O'Neill/SBV Rally -- Houston - week of Aug. 30

Is the LA Times poll for WI an abberration? has there been a recent swing?

According to an In Wisconsin profile....

Tort Reform = Upcoming Attacks on Edwards

the real losers from the SWVFT fiasco: the press

Navy Corrects Kerry Discharge Certificate

What happened to Bill Maher "Real Time"?

Deborah Norville Has DRAG QUEEN Friends, Does That Make Her a Liberal?

So! How long until the next Terror Alert?

My 1000th Post, so here goes

Forget jobs, Iraq. Pentagon spy will cook Bush's* goose

Air American Starts In Denver on MONDAY

Delete Dupe

Anyone just hear that song on AAR???

Niger Uranium memo may have come from Israel!

Is there a Smear Boat Veterans TV channel yet?

TGIF, Crazy Friday Night News In GWB America -- Jog My Memory!

Countdown: Spy in Pentagon for Israel???? High placed official? hmmm...

CNN Breaking News Video - Pentagon Spy

Media: Why is it said, "if protesters act up in Boston" for DNC.

Greenspan says cut Social Security; Kerry spokeswoman responds

OKAY. About the CNN vs. MSNBC THING...


BREAKING: Bush to blame for the Iraq war - not the Jews.

Liar O'Neill on Bill Maher tonight

Request from another board (NYC Protest Event)

My little tin foil hat theory of SBVT/Kerry/Bush

Your "Anti-Semite" BULLSHIT Stops Right Here

Maureen Dowd (NYT) on with Charlie Rose for the full hour Friday

Does anyone have the video of Bev Harris showing Howard Dean

Rumsfeld's Personal Spy Ring, Salon July 16, 2003

I saw a USAToday headline today...

Radical Librarians

Talking point: When was last time America made a foreign policy decision?


I'm watching A & E's American Justice and getting furious.

The three week (mop up job) war was the trailer, THIS is the real war!

Spy Question: Who Leaked It?

Just saw the DNC's ad on the economy.....

Vietnam?.......The Weathermen?.........Holy Shit!

Scarborough Call On Kerry To Call in Carville


Nightline, Spy in the Pentagon

Chris P. Carrot for president

Do citizens have any chance against the corporations?

Where did Will Pitt's coalescence thread on the Spy scandal go

Bush will appear in my hometown Wheeling WV this Sunday Aug 29

BBV - Jefferson County Alabama - Cell phones, Modems, and Miscounts

Bush stagnates below critical 50% approval (47% in new WSJ poll)

Terra Terra Terra


Another great MoveOnPac Ad Link (Benny Boom's "Everybody")

Ashleigh is a dem!!!!!!!!!!

Based on our country's history, did/do we deserve to get attacked?

To all the Kerry Nay Sayers out there.

How you can edit the #5 "Douglas Feith" Google search hit

Dana Rorabacher... how the f*** did he get to where he is?????

Fundamentalists know Israel is important in the Bible. America isn't.

Where was PNAC in Uncovered?

NYers Check In: How is your city on the Eve of the RNC?

Is anyone else tired of all threads Kerry or Bush getting moved???

Dana Rohrabacher flip-flops on stem cell research

What Is Up With BuzzFlash Tonight?

Two lesbos with a lick bush sign

Ok, I'll say it. Letterman complimented Dean. I like the way he did it.

A solid link between Feith and AIPAC


New Yorkers, this is an Event Horizon.

What Jeff and Amanda have done here

I Curse them on the Hills of Arlington

Check out this Rummy graphic

Why didn't "United for Peace and Justice" go to court months ago?

LOL!.........Tom Ridge:...... "Agent Orange"

Former Lt Gov Barnes got W into the Guard--Why

DU researchers ... Call for help!

My God I can't believe what Chris Mathews just said!!!!

A word about sensitivity regarding jews and Israel.

What's going on in the streets of New York???

I need some help on this...

Miscalculated the War

Friday night Mike Malloy Thread!

Oh, by the way, pssst, 971 dead Americans in Iraq

Domestic terrorists fail in attack

Does the Spy have Halliburton connections?

Bill Maher on HBO with Swifty liar O'Neill coming on NOW

The Spy Who Isn't A Spy

Thread for Wild-Ass Theories and Guesses on the spy meta-story?

Does Teresa OWN Heinz?

LOL great quote ;) lol ..."Fighting for peace is like....

IranContra character part of spy case. (NYT) Deja vu.

BBV: Florida judge rules that ban on touchscreen hand recounts violates st

My nephew is a dual citizen and has to serve in the German army at 18..

Are freepers going to try and have Bill Maher arrested for inciting riot?

Yay I can post! Also, hannity board

I wonder why Canada went left and the USA went right?


Should the US and Canada merge? Expansionist party says yes


Twin Towers Terror Toy Recalled

Cheney's plane avoids collision

Al-Jazeera Hangs Shingle at Convention

Coup plot conviction increases the pressure on Mark Thatcher

Basketball Spoiler

WP: A Worried Bush Revisits Florida

His Style Built on Charm, Edwards Hones His Edge (NYT)

US parishes defect as gay rift deepens (US Episcopal Church)

Bush attacks Kerry on Cuba policy

Public spurns novel about man who wants to kill President Bush


Avoid anti-U.S. talk, Chavez told

Anti-abortion demonstrators found guilty

Bush to ask for $2B in aid for Charley

Bush: Stay away Howard

Tx Lt Gov Barnes Admits Getting Bush Into TANG - On video

Sydney Morning Herald (Saturday): Poll shows Labor has winning lead

Jeb Bush: Swiftvet Ads Not a 'Smear' (News sMax)

Parties Are Big Business at New York Convention

Delegates, Beware - Cabbies Against Bush

GOP Wants Bush to Draw Attention Off Iraq

Pentagon Official Is Suspected of Giving Israel Secrets -NYT update

NYC Police Arrest 250 in Bicycle Protest (AP)

Group of Cities, Counties Sues Microsoft

MSNBC: Spy investigation began with the Yellowcake memo...

Texas official regrets allowing Bush to enlist in National Guard

SLATE: A leaked video reveals what Bob Dole really thinks about Bush's tac

Bloomberg's Police Attack Critical Mass Bike Protest in NYC

RNC will have in-house counseling

GOP Convention Delegate Drops Out Over Bush

NY TIMES: Texan 'Ashamed' on Bush Role

Paranoia stalks Bush rally

NYT: In Palm Beach, Results of 2000 Still Stir a Fight

Fla. Judge Rules on (for) Manual Vote Recounts

Wanna hear something really gross?

Bad week at the office

Syncronized Swimming is on!!!!

I gotta vent ... I just can't take it anymore

Ughhhhhhhh...... Too much pizza......

Taking a closer look at the War Medals of George W. Bush

Deborah Norville Has DRAG QUEEN Friends, Does That Make Her a Liberal?

Ok. Reveal your penis!

Drunk Poll Mk. 3

What college football game tomorrow will be the most exciting??

Would you pay $700 for the following, under these conditions?

the only thing worse than tape-delayed preseason football..

Who else can't watch Synchro-Swimming

Pal Hamm

My 1000th Post, so here goes

El Gato back from the vet.

Today's Customer Service Horror (or is that Terror?) Story

"H. R. Pufnstuff can't do a little cause he can't do enough?" WTF?

Question for the cooks/bakers

Question for Boston amateur baseball fans

Does anyone know who is behind

Huff, huff, huff huff, huff.....

For those that have me on "Ignore"; Why?

This team the Packers are playing - where the hell they from? Florida?

Pentagon spy found

Alan Colmes has the scrawniest neck known to man...and the pastiest face

I was channel surfing and the TV landed on Fox...I'm getting nauseous

Political ads have come a long way....

What kind of spider is this? (pic)

the funniest of these three cartoons is:

How Sunday, the rooster, became a devoted mother hen.

Time for an Independent Counsel

Director Kevin Smith Plans 'Clerks' Sequel

Are you telling me...I should come out..

Hey, President "Cokehead Dumbass" Dubya - I have a message for ya -


Advice about hostessing when all waiters all male

Where the Heck Is the Bar? I'm Talking to YOU, MrScorpio!!! n/t

I just got chased away from the TV.

So overwhelmed by hate for *bush that I am going to lose many old

1719 songs playing at random...

Scooping Matcom... I think...

BALL OF CONFUSION(Thats what the world is today)

URGENT QUESTION for Windows XP users:

What kind of furniture store delivers at 7:30 am on Saturday?

Well, we told our son about the divorce tonight.


I would give my eyeteeth to download "The Revolution Starts Now".

Frogs with Dirty Little Lips..

Friday Night Shout Out Thread...

Dumb All Over

Tucson DU'ers any suggestions for a good time tonight?

I just had a conversation with my "roommate"...

ALL posters everywhere should watch : posting and you!

Bill Mayher debating O'neil

I thought 3 identical triplets had to be the same sex...??

HERE WE GO REDSKINS ........ HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Dick, why don't they call you...

I love crickets!

Now I know where I was on Christmas Eve, 1970. Come at me, Swift-Liars.

Parade of crappy movies continued with "The Hunted"

Villa or Zapata?

Def Poetry on HBO now

Did your High School win its first Football game of 2004?

Funniest word for Breasts...

Mike Dodd - color commentator for Olympic volleyball was really good

At what age did you first "walk the dog"?

Maureen Dowd on Letterman...

10 Years Ago Tonight!

After Kerry wins the election

When did you first "choke the chicken"?

At what age did you first "wax the sword"?

Once in a Life Time

Kilborn is doing his last show right now

Where has that dingleberrry Canuckamok been lately?

Will they ever get it right?

So, when was the first time you grabbed your hotdog?

Have you ever had a close friend that was in a relationship... and...

Troy Aikman is a douche bag

At what age did you first "punch the dwarf"?

Who's the funniest mofo?

Have you ever had a close friend that was in a relationship... and...

Funniest word for balls:

Anyone know much about the Ragin Grannies?

The Talking Heads

I baked cookies for the first time!

54 years ago today my parents were married

Bob Dylan's worst song

2 minutes... to miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

confession: I *love* the Sound of Music!

Dare anyone grab a ZombyHug on Friday night?

Stupid but Fun


Hot Israeli Army Babes

Got me a movie, want you to know

Top of the world Ma!

I meant to share this little story

Human Rights Campaign Scammed Me

West Side Story

People who hate the Cowboys - did you hate 'em under Landry, too?

Confession: I despise the (Pacino) "Scarface" remake

Shipping a package to Germany...confused about postage costs. HELP!

When did you first "kick the bucket"?

Forget sex threads... This is the new trend...

What are the best ways to teach a child tolerance and respect?

Who had a lamer dinner then I did?

Would you wear your Star Trek uniform shirt on a first date?

Any Sharing the Groove users here?

Which pacifist would win in a fight: Jesus or Buddha

Whoo-hoo! Eli Manning sucks! 4 for 14 for 20 measley yards!!!!!!!!!

I'm alive and I'm home (and I'm hopefully heading to NYC tomorrow AM)

MY broiled shrimps were ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!

Which politopia do you live in?

Funniest word for a penis

i need 'Sheeple' pics, please.

Starfleet regulations? That's outrageous!!

Bertha Venation !! Where you at?

the latest critter caught by the Venation Wildlife Cam

I was naughty tonight

My 14 year old son just "ran away." Advice?

What are the 5 "best" "alternative" films of the last 20 years?

What is it with Republicans?

BARNES VIDEO (Will this kick-start our media "make-up call"?)

Talk about *changing the conversation* the Kerry deal looks petty now

Which statement best describes you?

Kerry Proposes Crackdown on Credit Card Abuses


Do you discuss the election with workplace freepers?

Broken Record Airing on CNN

Open Letter from Michael Moore to President George W. Bush

Some of us need this Israeli spy thing put in perspective

New AP Polling on SBVT impact...good news

MoveOn videos, 10 Weeks campaign

What does OSP stand for?

Lisa Myers - Go f* yourself

Reading the paper today I felt real optimism

Bush: ‘I am not going to come in second' (CRAZY quotes from aWol today)

Rep. Florida Senate Candidates for keeping poor - poor

I know this will sound nuts but I am going to party with a bunch of

pro-Israel hawks are just another special interest

As a lover of diversity, I must say: without a common message,...

Not that I actually think this...

CNN didn't air part of Dole's interview about Kerry

Pentagon spy responsible for forged uranium document

The SPY story is what Oliphant meant..not the Swiftboat story

Nevermind, can't find a single source regarding this nt

Liar O'Neill on Bill Maher tonight

Did You Catch The Title of CNN's Documentary on Bush

State level polls show Swift Vets have mainly polarized the electorate

McCain-Bush "shame" ad

My little tin foil hat theory of SBVT/Kerry/Bush

WTF??? A guy from the Chicago Sun-Times is on Scarborough's show

CNN- who owns it? Why no kerry ads in Aug?

Greenspan says cut Social Security; Kerry spokeswoman responds

Bush attacks! What a surprise!

Questions and Theories About the Pentagon Spy Scandal

Bush stagnates below critical 50% approval rating (47% in new WSJ poll)

Prof. George Lakoff dissects the "war on terror" (must read)

WP: Alleged spy worked in the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans!

Could Kerry be waiting for after the "staged" RNC convention before...

Linden Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis

Yahoo is blocking Protest Pics

Ok, time for the Rohrenbacher picture with the Taliban.

WSJ poll results: Bush supporters lie or have shoddy memories

Mary Cahill can't be this naive

Dang! Stepped on our own story.

NYC Bike Protest: This is a big time to show that we won't be intimidated

If You're Getting Discouraged, Here's A Little History Lesson

The spy story and repuke convention

To all the Kerry Nay Sayers out there.

I just got my Kerry Kit !

general gut feeling

Any body who votes for bush

He's got the look

Tweety Blackballed: Details?

LOL! Republican Convention delegate drops out to vote for Kerry

It is damning to Bushco (Israeli spy) regardless of whether the forged

Its getting ugly Kerry supporter punches Bush supporter on TV in WA

Maureen Dowd - Blechh.

"Smear Artist" .... a lil article on Rove

Buchanan: Somebody has blown the Israeli spy story to abort investigation

DU this poll (I never thought I'd say that). Be sure you mark YES.

What are Bob Dylan's politics? And, does he own the rights to his songs?

*Email Bank* (aka the Back to Texas Email Depository)

Tweety no more!

"Kerry joined the Naval Reserve." True?

Texas Speaker Reportedly Helped Bush Get Into Guard (1999)

The biggest impact of this spy scandal -- AIPAC

The next bodyblow to Kerry will be the NYC demonstrations.

Kerry streaming from homepage of, Everett, WA

To All Those Who Ridiculed Al Gore's "Lock Box" Social Security Reference:

Dem_Strategist was right ! It's not George Bush - it's the media !

Spoke to some armed cops 34th Street and 7th Avenue

The GOPers are getting nervous, methinks.

3 pollsters nailed the 2000 race, today Kerry leads in all 3 of them.

Holy Sh**! It is linked to Plame!!

UPDATE: Bush's unauthorized ribbon

Kerry Op-Ed In Jewish Newspaper:

Joke I got from an Iraqi


The FBI investigation:That individual is Larry Franklin

Jim Pinto on Electronic Voting

Newsday Opinion: Blame for Abu Ghraib goes higher

Conservative Caesaropapism

This monday, the media will lie to you

Tom Hayden weighs in on the upcoming RNC protests

Washington's Chalabi nightmare

Another Oliphant's great cartoon

NYT's Opinion: Economic Reality Bites

Israeli Spy in Pentagon Linked to AIPAC (so thorough it's frightening)

Bush's lies cause untold pain : Greeley

Poignant column about Charley's emotional aftermath.

Greenspan puts baby boomers on notice: Save more

British envoys under siege in Basra

"Sentient Non Idiots for Kerry... "- Excellent Mark Morford Column

With 9/11 as G.O.P. Backdrop, Families Express Raw Emotions

Have Someone Else Say It

Bush Air Guard Fix Still Unreported: The Pay-off

Driving on the bones of God

Garrison Keillor gets mad

In Paul Krugman, we should trust

Let Them Eat Alpo: The Real Alan Greenspan

08/26 - Latest "Get Your War On"

Legal resources for protesters-includes phone number for pro bono lawyers

AP: Protesters at Home of Swift Boat Backer (Perry)

Seattle/Tacoma Run Against Bush events!

Bush in Taylor, Michigan on Mon 8/30 at 6pm -- map & carpool info

USM's right wing media digest volume 1

Hannity lies to get activists on show

Everyone--what's the best channel/station to watch coverage?

A better reason why the middle received no tax cut from *

Thoughts on the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( site?

Greenspan blasts social security to baby boomers

Maya MacGuineas pushes a "progressive" consumption tax

Kerry and fuel energy

AWB Question

Is anyone else tired of all threads Kerry or Bush getting moved???

In the DU Store, is there a way to select color of shirt?

Has DU developed a zero-tolerance policy towards Nader pledges?

Why Was My Post Deleted Regarding Nader?

Our group's producing UnConventional TV live every night...could this

Freeper cleanup needed on aisle 7

DU should take an anti-violence position for the GOP convention

Quick suggestion about the impending Israel-spy scandal

Now that I've unintentionally posted a dupe in LBN...


AIPAC and the US Government - by Juan Cole

Why Some See Anti-Israel as Anti-Semetic

Report: Israel beats German navy in sub war game

Focus: The 'dual loyalty' slur returns to haunt U.S. Jews

FBI Probes if Official Spied for Israel

Absolute proof that 9/11 was MIHOP. No doubt it was treason now.

what auto-lobotomized idiots thought of this?

Is there anything I can do?

Senate Primary Polls (Dem & GOP)

Interstate4Jamming.....a great blog from one of local Democrats.

Might be old news, but it looks like AAR is on in Santa Barbara

Anchoring a life - Christine Craft is back on the radio

Critical Mass info for bvar22 and any others

BushWatch: George Bush in Taylor, Michigan

General Discussion Board: Michigan mother needs some help

Was anyone at the MI Dem. State Convention today?

Don't miss this post by donsu

Philadelphia station adds Al Franken and Randi Rhodes

Austin4Kerry receives national notice

For those of you non-Loungies -- MKE Mag picked up my web log

Seen the latest Russ Feingold ad?

Welcome to Seattle, California!!

Forget the guns, just bring Lawyers and Money

I Wish the Kerry Campaign Would Rent the Untouchables for Movie Night

Hell week is upon us!

They're trying to get him to roll on his higher-ups

GWB: Most Accomplished Prez In Modern Times!

how does Israel spy case affect American fundies?

Is America being used as a "Human Shield?"

Bernie Ward is on

Larry Franklin

Rofl, A freeper tries to seek help for his seething anger, from freepers!!

It's the weekend so stop me if you've heard this before but

The right is still reeling

great, now greenspan says we have to work until we die!

Book critical of Kerry in short supply

Could there be US military disguised as NYPD in NY this week ?

Absolute proof that 9/11 was MIHOP. No doubt it was treason now.

It's only just begun. Welcome to NYC!

This spy scandal might blow away the republican convention

NYC - The helicopters are so loud I don't think I can sleep

Powell too bush to go to Athens lol

some one make a movie poster "The Carl Rove ORIENT EXPRESS" with Ann

Iran Contra rears its ugly head,analyst met with arms dealerm Ghorvanifar

Activism Alert: Barnes&Noble + Borders to host SwiftBoatVets bigot Corsi

My battleground state is becoming a war zone for the us..

any links to pics of protest in nyc??

Spy works for Feith. Feith is a BIG GOP donor

Does anyone know (concerning political bumper stickers)

Freepers now have a conspiracy theory for Spy story

The many faces of treason?

dupe sorry.. nt

O God of Abraham, please bring peace to your followers.....

I've been thinking about the implications of the spy news.

John McCain to be on The Daily Show next Thursday.

I said, "Jesus, you look tired"...He said, "Jesus, so do you..."

hmm... does it seem that the media is shifting a bit??

So Israel has a spy in the Pentagon. No surprise here

physics for poets

please help debuke this pathetic RW spin (health insurance)

FAUX TV - (Headline Update) - NOTHING On Israeli Spy - NOTHING

Guy on CSPAN -- Psycho Going Off

DU have been hacked !!!

Why can't more Conservatives be like Bob Barr ?


What The Hell; Made A Post It disappears

Does Anyone Know the Title of the Kitty Kelly Book

Anyone think 60 minutes will have a segment on the spy scandal


Parallel Lives: Mark Thatcher and George Bush

Are there any online polls showing Kerry whooping Bush's ass

Since we believe MSNBC is turning to the left a bit, let's email them

The most effective way to Improve American Intelligence.

I am not sure this guy was a spy/Mole

I just got DVD "Bush's Brain", how Rove spreads whispered lies, i then turn

Freepers praise and adore Pinochet on this thread

oooo did drudge get hacked??????

University N.D., Erickson lost part of his right arm in Iraq

Do "mid-level" office workers at Pentagon have access to top secret info?

AEI and Iran Contra connections? The shit just keeps getting deeper.

If you protest, please wear whatever the heck you want

john prine and our draft-dodging prez

Paul Hamm is an idiot for not giving back the gold medal

Why do the polls show a "dead heat"?...................................

Two months ago, a good friend of mine lost his wife to breast cancer.

Bush in Taylor, Michigan on Mon 8/30 at 6pm --- map

Help w/online vote in West Virginia

Thanks to volosong at DU

Seeds of a future under Bush already beginning to show.

Could the timing had been any better for releasing the spy story ?

Zell Miller: Why the Democratic senator "loathes" Democrats.

It is not "partial birth abortion," it is "late term abortion"

It's official. American prestige has cratered.

CSPAN WJ caller mentioned "Bush didn't earn his medals"

Why is it that the excesses in our system, such as character

Philly station adds Randi Rhodes and Al Franken

New DVD- Greg Palast- *Bush Family Fortunes*

Robbins' Vill. Voice piece on service records of prom. Repugs is awesome..

Williamson / Travis County Democratic KICK-OFF for ELECTION 2004

Scapegoating the Protests

Is the spy story an attempt at division?

Peanut allergies and public schools - revisited

Did Bill Clinton go to any funerals of soldiers who were killed? nt

Arg! Why isn't the Barnes story all over the news?

Will social security run out for the boomers?

Yahoo forum on Israelli spy investigation spews of anti-Jewish talk

A bit of Air America to Philly!

Social Security in the future

Fox News on PBS

Odd observation from PBS newshour last night....

Department of Homeland Security's New Enemy: Toilet cloggers

Time poll shows not even full WHACKED right believes Swift Boat Liars

Is six weeks enough for Kitty Kelley's book to do some damage?

Help! I Need Proof!

I just bought 9-11 commission book

MOBsters Mothers Opposing Bush children marched I worked

An Israeli Spy in the Pentagon? Why Would They Bother?

And yet, Jonathan Pollard, and perhaps this new "mole" transferred info

four more years of H*** audio?

LOL Toby Keith declares he is a Democrat. . .LOL

I think that the Bush cabal is deathly afraid of TV images.Look at

Swift Boat Liars BURIED pre-convention news that would have given * a bump

Some call it the...

CNN reporting on Barnes comments about AWOL coward and the National Guard

Hurricane Frances Thread....

Nickelodean's Fairly OddParents' military tank

Great Story to share: Met Kerry & gave him a letter from my 4 yr old...

Attention Tucson DU'ers BIG PROTEST TOMMOROW

Does anyone remember this story? Any investigations/updates?

TPM (Josh Marshall) talks about the Spy Story

Ashcroft goes after file sharing

Illegal actions by the Republican Governor of Colorado...check this out !!

Roots of Abu Ghraib Traced to Texas Prisons under George Bush

Kerry for President

Judy Woodward is an ASS

My reply from ABC news (protesting RNC coverage during MNF)

Outsourcing, trade deficits, high GDP, job losses. Class warfare?

They hate us for our freedoms!

Any word on Lynnesin?

I am getting so tired of this...

anyone have email address for Lesley Stahl?

Sad Day When Colin Powell Can't Go To the Olympics

I think the Israelis have been spying on the US for quite some time

Please comment on this LTTE draft

Great Article On Barnes Keeping Bush Out Of Vietnam

Obama DNC Convention Speech

what's the best way to reach al franken?

In Iraq: "US interrogators have not a clue about what they are doing"

Greg Palast- Still Unreported: The Pay-off in Bush Air Guard Fix

Uncovered:The truth behind the Iraq war Chicago opening

Finally! Some decent analysis of the Pentagon Spy Incident --

Israeli sources: Alleged spy had regular work ties with us

Will Al or Randi touch the Israeli Spy story?

Newspaper endorsements through the ages

it's time to take off the gloves

If a "so-called" 24 hour new network reports slanted news, and

What Would Machiavelli Do? The Big Lie Lives On ...Thom Hartmann

Right-wing anti-immigrationists tried to take over the Sierra Club.


Looking at the post about Perry being protested in TX. I think we

Deserters for Bush, Flash Video

I don't want to hear about the RNC ...............Dam it all

The smear's the thing

Liberal talk comes to Albuquerque Monday!

C-span had the consultant for McCain in SC 2000 on today.

From my son's school district newsletter: Announcement Regarding

CNN Expose - GROPENATOR - Bill Hemmer Calls His Father, "A Police Officer"

If Bush doesn't get a 15 point bounce from the convention, he fails.

Greg Palast: Barnes got Bush into Guard, collected payoff later.

The smear's the thing

Why are nations where it's colder usually more left?

Finally, Air America comes to Philly.

How do we fight a media that does not give us equal time?

Emmett Till murdered on this date in 1955.

Betting on politics?

This is the 150,000th thread in GD history

Weird Protestor/Anti-Protestor Reversal on NPR

Bush's dangerous nuclear weapons policies

Filmmaker Moore lashes out at Bush in scathing open letter

Whitley Strieber Gets Freeped

ABC is leading off with the Spy Story

Didn't W open himself up to this criticism by having Barnes get him in the

This site on US foreign policy will scare you to death....FPIF

CNN's Candy Watsername is gushing all over herself....

Powell cancels Athens visit amid protests

Why shouldn't the entire military just go AWOL like George Bush did?

Hey B Boomers.....what did we do wrong?

Have yall heard about toys r us going out of biz?

"Kerry off the Deep End of Conspiracy theories?"

President Stupid has made us so dispised that our Sec State

Bush Record Suggests Two Presidencies

Looks like Howard Dean, Christiane Amanpour on Maher next Friday.

Florida/Charley victim get's one dollar for damages...

This treason

Bigger story than Barnes on CBS tonight.....the report from Iraq....

Bush Says Bible Is His Best Book

CNN Anchor: "I guess it's Abortion Day in NYC" - Planned Parenthood March

Does this spy business warrant the label of treason?

CBS eve news had the Barnes story, actually done reasonably well...

Comeback to Swiftboat question

NYT: San Diego veering left! Clear Channel adds Air America there

Apologize to Native Americans

Butterfly Ballot' Creator Fights for Job

Official "Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked

I now know when Cheney's undisclosed location is.

Walt Starr in the Telegraph, UK

Advice from gen X'r to Boomers regarding saving Social Security

Anyone else thinking "Spygate" is a PNAC ploy to get us into Iran?

When Americans want to learn from history, they only choose American

question about Barnes

Why catching AIPAC spying is good for the Israeli peace movement!

More Kerry Photos From Tacoma

Losing the Vietnam War

If you're going to protest, please wear eye-protection.

The vast majority of Americans favor tightening Immigration Enforcement

Now just whose frickin' brain child was THIS? (picture)

im scared.

How much would the cost of oranges rise?

I'm sorry, you are not a Democrat if...

How can we have our point of view told?

OMG!! Fmr Tx Lt. Gov: "I got George Bush in the National Guard" VIDEO!!!

Would Jesus Christ be welcome at your church?

What about the Neocons? Are they in big trouble, too?

Partial guest list of the Sunday talk shows, not complete.

Did you see the film of the Kerry supporter punching out the Bushite?

What a mess

Oh puh-lease let Britney "perform" at the RNC

ROFL! No one showed up at an event near Houston to honor Tom Delay!!!!!!

What group is most responsible for the division in America ?

When did this country really become fractured?

How intelligent/unitelligent is the US public?

40% military unit have developed malignancies in 16 months (DU)

"To My Husband" | by Mari333

Ohio's Most Wanted (repug. crime spree of the century)

Is anyone else tired of the so-called "voices of reason" around here?

I hate Republicans. It's a fact and a top ten list!!!

UPDATE | DU's Outreach to Mari333 and her Family

"As soon as I saw they were soldiers, I knew..."

Abortion question....

Imagine: the Plame Indictments

Michael is back...hes a mess..please help, people

World Cup hockey on tv tonight.

High streets suffocate in 'Clone Britannia'

Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason

Italian war crime trial points to 'new Odessa'

South Korean activists, police scuffle during anti-war rally

Jittery GOP hopes for a Bush vision

Jittery GOP hopes for a Bush vision

FBI Probe:arrests in the case could come as early as next week

Woman academic shot dead in Mosul

Massachusetts led the nation in government employee job cuts

Tampa Police officer threatens to kill President Bush

Rock-Tenn Closes Carton Plant (MN loses 160 jobs)

Two Arrests In Alleged NYC Subway Bomb Plot

Thatcher: Arrest warrant

The plot that was the talk of a pub in Pretoria

Alaska Court Narrows Marijuana Search Law

State viewed as vital to Democrats' vision | Denver Post

NYPD Accused of Excessive Force Early

Methane project gets no bidders | Missoulian

WP: After Decades, Renewed War On Old Conflict (Kerry-O'Neill)

Lawyers Helping Protesters Learn Rights

Doctor faces murder charges for 'mercy killings' | Bozeman Chronicle

'Keep them standing,' Marine says he was told (reality much worse)

NYT: Detroit Fights CA Bid to Open Car Pool Lanes to Prius (Guv will sign)

Paranoia stalks Bush rally : "swarms of mice" to be released???

Ex-Lawmaker Says He Helped Bush With Guard

Clubbers at risk from lethal but legal drug

HPD errors spark new review of DNA cases | Houston Chronicle

Democrat Urges Better Reservist Benefits

Najaf emerges from weeks of battle

FBI speaks to pardoned Cuban exiles

AP: Protestors March Across Brooklyn Bridge

Iraqi Police Fire on U.S. Troops in North

Sources: NYPD, protest group agree on rally site (Union Square Park)

Prosecutor faces own kind of trial (Oregonian - SBV Al French)

Najaf corpses show fight's toll

White House refuses to disclose contacts with Swift vets

Washington Post IDs alleged Israeli Pentagon mole

US suspends helicopter flights after Japan crash (on campus)

'Butterfly Ballot' Creator Fights for Job (Palm Beach Election Chief)

Six Police Shot Dead, 11 People Wounded North Of Baghdad

Rivals Gang Up on Karzai, Seek a Champion

Kissinger backed dirty war against left in Argentina

Arab-TV: French held hostage in Iraq

Protesters March Across Brooklyn Bridge (Planned Parenthood)

Truck wrecks kill 3 Iowa soldiers in 2 days

Bush strategy puts high value on values

Iraq Shia leaders reject violence (...for time being)

British opposition leaders snaps back at White House after snub

Florida police officer indicted in threat to shoot Bush

U.S. Warplanes, Tanks Bombard Fallujah (Again!)

Ohio GOP in midst of money scandal

Howard Hits Out at Bush Administration

Race for Senate turns from odd to kind of wacky | Chicaho Tribune

Kerry for President - ** The Seattle Times Endorses Kerry **

Cheney’s plane just avoids collision, FAA says

Clinton to appear at Riverside Church (NYC) on eve of RNC

Delegates told to leave guns at home | AP

Dyke: Blair 'Unleashed Dogs on Bbc' over Iraq

Hundreds Held in New York Anti-Bush Bike Protest

Oil Pipeline Burns East of Iraqi Capital

Have Someone Else Say It

Jerusalem views 'spy' story as local US political fare

Prosecutor who attacked Kerry admits lying to boss

Campaign Ads Fill Airwaves During RNC

Census: 170,000 Ohio Jobs Lost (since 2000)

Shiite militants and U.S. forces battle in Baghdad, five killed

Local veteran wants Romney to deliver letter

For a Top 'Swiftie,' This One's Personal (LA Times)

Tech helps protesters get creative (calls for NY strike)

Florida GOP leaders push for Jeb in 2008

Club of the Most Powerful Gathers in Strictest Privacy (NYT)

10-year-old boy kills father on custody visit (Houston)

Israeli spy may be using Canadian passport

NYT: Rumsfeld Denies Abuses Occurred at Interrogations (senility?)

Hospital warning: Terrorism bulletin warns VA hospitals (RMN)

Rove Banks on a Victory and Debunks the Myths

Two Arrested in Alleged Subway Bomb Plot (NYC)

Huge Crowd Attends Kerry Rally (Tacoma)

Israel Denies Spying on Ally America

Kerry citation a 'total mystery' to ex-Navy chief

Will Britney appear at GOP convention? Some Republicans fume over it

'African-American' Becomes a Term for Debate

Bush Acknowledges 'Time of Change' for Workers

Kerry, Greenspan Differ on Social Security

Tropics update--Gaston stronger than thought, Frances strengthens

U.S. battles militants in Baghdad (Sadr City)

NYT: After 3 Weeks of Fighting in Najaf, 1 Riddle: Who Won?

Iran crackdowns on women's underwear [and everything else]

The US knew, Spain knew, Britain knew. Whose coup was it?

Reuters: Powell Cancels Plans to Visit Athens

Bush to push Social Security privatization

Israel's Mole Inside the Pentagon

A Belated Welcome To DU Thread!

Bill Maher's theme song

At what age did you first enjoy "meat beat"?

I'm an idiot

Boy, it's just one big sausage fest in the lounge tonight

I want this scooter!


At what age did you first "batten the hatch"?

The Passion of the Christ comes out on Tuesday...

Why Do I Find The C-SPAN Narrator's Voice STRANGELY Arousing?

everyone should go to

Good Night DU

When did you first "taunt the mod"

I'm being a big chicken

100 bottles of beer on the wall

I just saw the 'Doobie Brothers' tonight

Columbo = OUT, Queer Eye = IN ?????(Bravo Network)

Where have all the greyhairs gone?

I'm any, ask drunk thing!!!

i'm drunk, ask me anything!

Olympic Gold Metal Soccer Match on now live CNBC ( 2:00 AM CDT)

Nudists are squeezed off beaches by 'trouser police'

Dear Mr. President,

Ministry vs John Denver

Last post form Coleman!

Saturday morning earworm!

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser Humidex Atlantic

BREAKING!! Paris Hilton Writes Book!!

BREAKING!! Paris Hilton reads a Book!!

BREAKING! Paris Hilton hits the books!

Joke I got from an Iraqi

I think I am going to vomit.

Why Deadheads are Smellier People

Power is on, phones are back, but the neighborhood is a MESS!

Just applied "Frontline" to the back of my cat's neck...

Caption: Rummy's Feith-based initiative?

Best Math-Rock record?

Help for a computer illiterate:

Should I get a vasectomy?

Caption: OK, hands up, who's been spying for Israel?????

What the hell ? Links every were !

Why Deadheads are happier people:

The "Dick Chainey Pendant and "Bush Pendant" WTF???

I spy with my little eye a big bloated stye in my little eye!

Best liquor straight up or on the rocks

HA HA! I love it! People bitchin' about strollers at the state fair!

A great Saturday morning caption for this... LOL pro-liberal pro-democracy shirts

an apology.

When you say 'i love her to death' you are saying...

Stephanie Cutter fan club

the hoops and balls that is a sport to watch.

CAPTION your blue shirt blues away

when the music stops ... CAPTION

Need Suggestions For My Fantasy Football Teams New Nickname....

US basketball team has wrong uniforms

Did Bill Maher and Ann Coulter have a falling out?

Incredible Idea!!!!

The real "Dream Team" is Gold !!!!!

Where have all the longhairs gone?

Olympics a success for Greece?

Happy Saturday morning, my fellow America-hating gay agenda supporting

Who on DU leaked the email spammers about my small penis?

What do you wish should be done to a virus or spyware maker ?

Once more into the breach: What song is this lyric from? comes Frances..

Need CHEAP airfare from Denver to LA

Nickelodean's Fairly OddParents' military tank

Dell Outsourcing!!!

So the US didn't make the B-ball final

We lost a great Dem this morning.

Bumper sticker sighting: I wasn't using my civil liberties anyway

A pic from the bike ride protest last night.. real scary folks, right???

I hate moving, does anyone else hate this task.......

What brand external hard drive do you recommend?

Ashcroft goes after file sharing

3 more pics from NYC bike protest... somebody stop these savages!!!

would you enjoy this happening to you?

A little request to put a Freeper down

what does this freeper do in his free time?

George W. Bush drunk as hell and making no sense

Drug tested at the first interview

USA basketball bronze medal game spoiler thread

What happened to peace and love?

Did I just do something wrong?

Can I talk about how much I love Kerry and Edwards?

Just got Ben Folds new EP "Super D"

Paul Hamm is an idiot for not giving back the gold medal

Do I smartass too much?

Has anybody ever worked with a Programming language called R?

warning------ get your tissues

HELP! I had a nightmnare that Bush won!

What ethnic background are your cousins?

Is Denzel Washington a Republican?

Should I replace my PDA?

Whoa back online at home quicker than expected

"Could god microwave a burritto so hot...

Any suggestions for a good webcam?

FJust got the funniest call from my friend

There'a a nice Nick Drake video on iTunes

has anyone heard steve earle's new cd?

NYC evilDUer Roll Call:

Marianne's on now.

Four more Gmail Invitations

Would you spend money on a Radar detector?

Love is possibly the scariest thing we can ever feel;

Anyone know anything about mammogram results?

I just realized a life altering thing

Ever get the feeling your pet is sizing you up for food?

a little rant for General Discussion

When people leave DU, why do they make a post whining about why they do?

Gonna do a Rip Van Winkle

Would you spend money on a metal detector

free wheelin' bob dylan

DU Appreciation Thread

Putting the DUM back in Freedum!

My mother raised me not to " hate " but ...

Do Straight Men Wear Capri Pants?

great speech MP3s

"There's nothing sexier than a clean house."

I think DU needs a big hug

There Is A Good Possibility That I Am Shit-Faced

DU: A chosen family in cyberspace

What color lipstick looks best on a pig?

woohoo winmx rocks

Check out the moon over Boston tonight

Is it wrong to seduce a freeper just to piss him off?

Who would have got fatter if they hadn't ODed

Bo's letter to a freeper.

A Dog's Prayer

Who's House? Carl's house. C. Lewis blasts * on exploiting Olympics.

Best Reasons for not coming to work ...

Hurricane Gaston (French pronunciation) could head up the Chesapeake?



Good abdominal exercise that is FUN?

Let's create the ultimate (cable) (sur-) reality show

Would you spend money on a Rabrrrrrr detector?

HEY! ROnnyKmarshall has 8,000 posts !

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Reality is an illusion created by lack of drugs. Agree or disagree?

Cuban_Liberal's nephew was killed in Iraq on Thursday...

Anybody here own a Land Rider bicycle?

Bush* can't dress himself!

OH MY GOD...My Father Just Told Me He Is TRANSGENDERED

Do Straight Men Wear Pants at All?

Would you spend $300+ on a radar detector?

Kids and Sports- A terrible thing happened

Hurricane Frances Thread....

What are MP3 files..and how do I download them?

Help, I need a good file sharer and Wav-MP3 converter

Where the hell was everyone last night?

What is your favorite Back to the Future Movie.

Happy Birthday DemBones DemBones

Would you spend any money on a gaydar detector?

You know, I almost want the world cup to suck

For dog lovers.. "How Could You?" article

Best College Majors...

Anyone have a good Cole Slaw recipe?

My child learned how to whistle really well--I'm losing my mind

Anyone else still getting pansy-ass threats from Jack Straw?

Why I'm thrilled Team USA lost in Men's Hoops

Wife refuses to let me buy a manual shift car

Bob Boudelang Is Off to the Republican Natural Convention!

Why did Richard Jefferson (USA b-ball) suck so bad?

I Get To See Prince Tonight

Okay...that's just taking body piercing too far!

Star Wars - Episode III

Because I'm the Zomby, that's why!

HERO with Jet Li

If hell had a jukebox what songs would be on it?

Spent all night dancing

Kim Catrall is the new face of teabags

useless college majors

Singer Laura Branigan is dead

we've just been visited by missionaries for the second time today

What's your cry-like-a-baby movie of all time?

Have you ever had a close friend that was in a relationship... and...

Headlines needed

Has Kerry diversified his advisors?

Top artists offer limited edition prints to raise money to dump Bush

Teapot Dome x infinity; can we list all the bush scandals?

Is Anyone a Member of "Run Against Bush"?

"I won't come in second"

Media Coverage of Military Service

Evidence that the spy story didn't come from the White House:

Anyone see the GOP platform meeting?

Electoral Predictions: Now and on 8/20

What is the story on the Texas Rep that helped W get into the Guard?

Did Bob Dornan serve in Viet Nam?

A fellow classmate of mine was just killed in Iraq.

Is it my imagenation or are the networks covering the GOP party earlier

Another reason the GOP chose such a late date for their convention?

264 arrests at Critical Mass bike protest in NYC.

October Surprise-going to be found WMD's?

200+ bike arrests is news BUT MOWING DOWN A BIKER IN SUV is not? WTF?

Orlando Sentinel: Decision Backs Manual Recounts!

If people are talking about Kerry, they aren't talking about Bush....

Why Has Bush Gone Negative?: It's all about the turnout

Activists Launch "Peaceful NY Police" Program with Buttons, Discounts

Did bush sign Form 180 or not???

Any link to why RWWs think Kerry's not released records? (HELP!)

DU'ers help with plan of action please:great USA Today article

Just when you thought CNN couldn't stoop any lower!

Why is RNC in NY?

Documented rebuttal for Kerry's records "not all released"

From Mary Beth Cahill: Web of Connections

McCain on Bush, elections, Swift boats, etc.

The Bush Admin IS trying to poison fetuses

MSNBC leaps ahead of CNN - CNN in last place!!!

Remember this one in October (Pakistan/Vote stealing)

What's the point in Dems calling well-meaning Dems idiots? (and worse)

CNN Headline News has a Blitzer Blurb on AWOL

"When people think, Democrats win" Bill Clinton

Swift Boat Writer (O'Neill) Lied on Cambodia Claim

New Statewide Poll: California Kerry 51% Bush 42%

Will Team Bush send Cheney to Greece instead of Powell?

In N.Y., Bush will reach toward the middle

Big crowd expected for Kerry today in Tacoma,Washington

What is the current status of crowd turnout at K/E rallies?


CBS picks up the Barnes/National Guard story

Kerry Steps Up Attack on Bush's Economic Record

Meme memo:

"Bush - good, John Kerry - not good"

Ten Thousand Union Members to Knock on a Million Doors the Night * ...

2004 Presidential Campaign Photograph

We have got to "Go Nasty! We need to start a VOTE ALERT"

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer liberal echo chamber project

NEW POLL: Race Tied and Swift Boat Wash

Poll: More Believe Bush Behind Attack Ads

Joint Williamson / Travis County Democratic Election Kickoff for 2004

The 'Dumb' Factor

Why Is Bush Launching More False Attacks? (Cuba)

Christmas Comes Early - Buy 5 Copies Of Fahrenheit and Give Them Away

Dean to be in Madison, WI on Wednesday.

Bush's Weekly Radio Address... Hooked On Phonics, Works For Me!

Time poll shows not even full WHACKED right believes Swift Boat Liars

Statement of John Kerry on the 41st Anniversary of the March on Washington

DUers: LET bush supporters think he's ahead!!!

Swift Boat Liars BURIED pre-convention news that would have given * a bump

CNN reporting on Barnes comments about AWOL coward and the National Guard

RWTP: Switching Commander-in-Chief in the Middle of a War

Republican National Convention Donors

Kerry is a racist traitor whose bid for president is unconstitutional

NYT: His Style Built on Charm, Edwards Hones His Edge (great story!)

Nader Counts KKK as his supporters

Kerry for President

Teresa LePore up for re-election Tuesday -- Dean, Lieberman campaign

We need to start thinking like strategists

New TIME Poll Via Drudge-click

Let's put the latest Silver Star bosh to rest NOW

RNC Media Phone Numbers/Codes

kerry's 91 vote, hasnt been brought up yet

I think that the Bush cabal is deathly afraid of TV images.Look at

Bob Dole caught on Video .....

Inspiration from Dean Dozen candidate in SC race.

Some serious Buxh bashing goin' on over in

New Bill Frist Sponsor: Pepsi

Wingers say Kerry committed war crimes

Enter the Big Dog

Right now: LIVE VIDEO: John Kerry addresses rally in Tacoma, Washington

Selling the team.

my husband told me, calling cox cable to shut down cable

What is this about Kerry "resting" during the repub convention?

Neighbor Search turns up some intriguing information...

Poll: More Believe Bush Behind Attack Ads

Support the MoveOn Neighbor-to-Neighbor Victory Drive

DU this poll....go here and vote.....

Protestors at Bob Perry's House

Ex Texas Lawmaker ashamed of helping Bush evade draft

CNN long will it take many at DU to realize this?

Has anyone else noticed that...

GOP Convention Delegate Drops Out Over Bush

Bush continues to lie to the American people about the economy

Chris Matthews Blasts Bush-Cheney on Bill Mahers HBO Show

Practical question about voting.

An open letter to the Bush twins

The depth of American absurdity

For Those of You Who Doubt What We're Up Against...

that $87 Billion Crap

Some CNN footage I heard about this morining.

Local rally for Democratic candidates in CA, a snapshot.

How to talk to perfect strangers about Nov. 2 & register unregistered vote

What's up with this silver star with a v thing?

Deleted message

Pre-emptive Kerry ad

Bush "has begun reviewing tapes of Kerry's past debate performances"

Do the Dems have a convention week strategy?

Telephone Voting: An Idea That's Too Logical

CBS News is talking about Barnes

'Mothers Opposing Bush' Cross The Brooklyn Bridge

Shrubby's right down the road from me

To counter the swifties.....

Two more repug chickenhawks... Giuliani and Saxby Chambliss.

Moore's Letter to the Cowardly Chimp - rate it up!!

Is there a threshhold to the number of negative attacks that can be made..

Just how many people dose a Swift Boat hold?

To paraphrase Shakespeare, Bush protests too much: "'We'll prevail"

NYC Protesters - RI area

Why do the polls show a "dead heat"?...................................

Anyone delusional enough to think that having that

If you vote against your best interest, you deserve what you get.

Flop sweat all over the MSNBC front page: "GOP hopes to appeal...

Edwards has been working hard--so why isn't any of this on TV?

I just returned from the NYC Pro-Choice March

OMFG! Kerry/Edwards yard sign in West Bocton Alabama!

Media endorsements

The Kerry Campaign SBL "Web of Connections" PowerPoint Chart

Goin' on a Kerry-Van

Eureka!!!! Real evidence of new voter registration from Wash. Post

Ron Fournier Scores Some Points Against Bush

CNN now employing subliminable messaging

DON'T Fall into the trap!!!

Who's your favorite Kerry surrogate?

Is this *'s DD-214? If not, how can you tell?

The RNC will be a liar's delight.....

If Jesus Christ Himself Returned to Earth and Ran on the Democratic Ticket

I think I know what Kerry's strategy is

The mission of GW Bush -I am watching it right now on CNNI

O'Neill - SBVT Now Have $2.2 million in Donations

Why Didn't Kate O'Beirne Go To Those Places Where They Teach You To Lose

Did CNN Political Dir. Tom Hannon attend Council for National Policy meet?

Okay doomsayers....let me remind you of something.

Anyone worried what Bush will do if he loses?

Kerry Paying Heavy Price for not Mutating into Mouth-foaming Freeper

Holy Crap: AP Explains Why Swift Boat Accounts Radically Differ

Did you think that Bush's cowardice would serve him so well?

Wes Clark back on tour with Kerry

Capital Gang, "Bush is easygoing and likeable"........

bush up by 7 points in wv

Kerry Paying Heavy Price for Edwards and Band of Mild-Mannered Advisers

Next Kerry-Vietnam liefest from a moonie hitman, Carlton Sherwood.

WOW! John Kerry & Wes Clark pointing to crowd in Tacoma, WA today!

I just got back from signing up to walk my precinct, so don't give me any

They're pulling a "16 words" defense up front

I almost feel sorry for Shrub

How do you feel about Kerry's chances in November?

Who is Thomas Lipscomb and why is the Chicago S-T giving him a byline?

Whoaaa... Wes Clark going off on Bush in Tacoma

Any thoughts on 1000 dead in Iraq?

Wow! I just watched The McLaughlin Group

There was nothing Kerry could have done earlier to stop the Swiftliars

Not staged REPEAT Not staged - just a random event.

Why you shouldn't stress about polls right now

Bush Losing - Karl Rove & Co Go Into Crazed HyperDrive

Bob Perry (swift boat ad financier) protested by Veterans


Miscellaneous Anti-Bush Soundbites and Zingers

Update: Christian conservative friend still backs Kerry!

New Ohio poll Kerry leads 48-46

I'm tired of hearing about Kerry missing all the meetings.

Walt Starr's Research on Bush's fake ribbon hits the News

Clark, Edwards & Kerry have taught us REAL LEADERS DO NOT PLAY DRESS UP!

Why Won't Barney Condemn The New Ad By The Swift Boat Pets For Truth!!!

Kerry's response to ALL attacks should be

EMail to HardBall Re: GOP Op Admiral Fraud Schachte

When Will Dems Learn To Street Fight?