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Archives: August 27, 2004

Media Bias Alert!

The better approach to war crimes trials

Abu Ghraib: Ordinary Folk or Human Aberrations?

Readers have strong feelings about economy

Denying Atrocities - From Vietnam to Fallujah

Fear and loathing in the globalized world

Coup hatched in Sandton?

Dupe - sorry :(

GU: It's the IQ, stupid

An 'October Surprise'? : Neocons have Iran in their sights

Artists are Americans, too, You Jackasses

Musicians Look: NYC Defends the Honor of Johnny Cash

ABC World News Tonight, not too shabby tonight

Ford Forced To 'Th!nk Twice' About Crushing Zero Emission Cars

Origin of life might be alien, research suggests

H.R.2038/S.1431 total semi auto ban

If Kerry wins, can we have four days of sex threads? n/t

Everything is not that rosy in France as the war in Iraq has created

Mason Dixon Poll: Castor 45, Deutch 31, Penelas 9

Arnold Lying About Vaction Time

Mary Bono opts out of Repugnant Convention

Kerry at the Great Minnesota Get Together (video)

At the Fair today,

What if we start a group called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth"

Corporate America's Union......The Republican Party

Danny Glover Arrested Protesting Slaughter in Sudan

OK. WE should start attacking Bush's* Purple Hearts and Silver Star!

Has anyone seen any estimates on how large the protests are going to be?

question for African-American DUers

Administration report admits global warming...

More of Georges compassionate conservatism

This just in: Schlitz/Bud Veterans for Truth....

C-Span asking for call-ins...please call if you watched Kerry's testimony

Kerry testimony on C-Span. This should be shown on networks!!!

Disgraceful Treatment of our Troops

BBV: The downloading of the president '04

really good yet incredibly frustrating show

Credibility taking hits

Willie Nelson on AAR maj report talking abt T Keith + country music

New astroturf says: Try to ameliorate global warming and people'll DIE!

Kennedy Smith accused of Rape Again

What is Al Franken's plan?

Another Navy vet speaks out against Kerry.

Has anyone seen the site Take Back Our Faith???

Publisher of Swift Boat vets book to fund whites-only dating service

It's time for the MIKE MALLOY SHOW

DoS attack plan against DU for Convention? alt Forums out there?

Breaking (on DU!!!): Bush Wears Medal He Didn't Earn

Is Air America streaming anywhere now?

Is THIS What We Are Dealing With ???

Why don't Kerry surrogates bring up Bush's fear of debates...

Howard Dean on McEnroe...Then Franken. (rerun?)

For Mari333 and all those who grieve

LDotters call for assigning a terrorist to Paul Krugman

Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control, either,

I think abortion should be used for my Martini!

Pardon yet another Iran H word crisis related message, but I wonder if

Proactive flip- flop refutation campaign: A Shrub List For Media

Know Anything About The Guardian Angels?

We seem to be in trouble

Now Drudge is running two hits against Bush

I think NYC businesses should jack-up their prices for visiting Repugs.

Nobody Watches Tweety & Keith 'cept Us (Cable Ratings)

my respone to a crazy freeper in my local paper

A great letter to the editor!

This is an absolute joke

New York should have gay weddings during the RNC

"Bring Them Home Now".

Blue states with Rep. Governors?

Kerry visits Minnesota State Fair (video)...

Hey DUers! Post your opinion about Tom DeLay's protest!

William Pfaff--October suprise

Help with TV show 'DALLAS' message board

Big jump in initial unemployment claims 343,000 lucky Americans

If there are fewer to support social security

Protest of Bob Perry in Houston Texas! Defend our Vets!

See this movie!!

I love it when Repugs eat their own...

Abu Graib (sp?) now on Nightline..... blame going higher up

Could Bush be recalled? n/t

Looking for a Bush budget link

Foundation for the Defense of Democracy

CNN - Zahn had GI blowing whistle on Military Intelligence Re: Torturre


Vote Rigging and media polls.

Pete McCloskey (R) on Tweety: Kicking *'s ASS & Supporting Kerry

Is there some kind of black armband thing for when the casualties hit 1000

hahaha: Blair's Wife's Law Firm to Draw Up Blair Impeachment - no kidding

Bill Maher on with Tavis Smiley tonight (Thu)

Even if res-elected, would * last another term without impeachment?

Har! O'Really just compared the NYT with Man Coulter!!!!!

"Deserters for Truth" --- hilarious!

Big Dog is on The Daily Show

SON OF A BITCH! Look at this e-mail an old friend just sent me.

Catholic DUers, can you help? Know anything about

Tax averse ignorance

BBV: Validation of a recent Black Box Voting report...

Are you better off today than 4 years ago?

Should we care about the "plight" of the rich?

BBV: On the matter of crooks and DU's Andy Stephenson's investigations

MOYERS - Behind the scenes to the lavish RNC/DNC power parties, etc.

I Need Some Education On An Issue-->Black Voting Rights

Sneak preview of Bush's RNC speech-exclusive!

Hannity just said that he has video of Kerry burning down a village in

My encounter with the species Freepus Hypocritticus

Arrrgghhh Baptists!

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control.

Farenheit 911 - why does Moore focus only on Saudi Arabia

Oh, you'll love this post on the Yahoo boards.

Made in USA clothes and sneakers?

Machine to suck the Fascism from Madison Sq. Garden ^_^

Condolences to Mari333 | continue here please

Publisher of Swift Boat vets book to fund whites-only dating service

GM Trade War Outcome Delayed - Bush Fails to Win GM Case Before Election

Dangerous liaisons

Deborah Norville Stands Tall: Kerry Service Record

Equatorial Guinea wants Thatcher extradited

Government to take over airline screening

'Conclude Enquiry on $180m LNG Scandal'

Italian journalist held hostage in Iraq executed, Al-Jazeera says

Daily Star,Lebanon-Kerry Victory Would Mark Return ...New WMW

Thatcher visits Richmond

hahaha: Blair's Wife's Law Firm to Draw Up Blair Impeachment - no kidding

USA Women's Soccer Team Grabs The Gold

Global firms reap US telecom harvest

White House prepares executive orders on intel reform

Coup hatched in Sandton?

Houston Police Find Mislabeled Evidence From 8,000 Cases

Mayflower Vehicle Systems to cut 375 jobs

Bush Orders New 'Cooperative' Environmental Policy

Veterans to rally in Fayetteville for Kerry

Bush, Kerry Remain Tied After Veterans' Attack Ads

Texas leads in percentage of uninsured

Bush asking Congress for $2 billion in Hurricane Charley aid

Americans in Poverty, Lacking Health Coverage Rise (Update2)

Bush Dismisses Idea That Kerry Lied on Vietnam

Australian missile plan raises fears

Bush, Kerry Bow to McCain's Wishes on Ads

Critics of prosecutor in ad go to state bar (Oregonian)

GOP convention spurns 'Naked Boys'

New York Awaits Republicans With Reluctance and Unease NYT

Edwards Has Harsh Words for Bush, Cheney

Bush admits Iraq 'miscalculations'

Voting groups step up assistance programs (Intimidate, go to jail)

NYT: For the President, Special Setup Is Planned at Convention

Veterans Favor Bush, Poll Shows (WP)

Cuba Breaks Ties with Panama Over Bomb Pardon

Thatcher case twist as list of alleged coup backers vanishes

What is alternative link for Air America??

So what will * diagnose me with?

"Date rape" drug targets males

How can I re-energize my love of my work?

All the political BS....

NYC area cat fanciers


'Ghettoboy' thinks ....BUSH SUCKS or did you know that?

3000 Posts! Wheeee!

NOW Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out


Wild Bush twins on ET tonight!

A Rifleman's Prayer

I want to explore bluegrass music. Where should I start?

anyone heard anthems besides the US's in the games?

Need feedback on these new Bumper Stickers!!!

What DVDs would you buy RIGHT NOW if you had the money??

Where is the post on surfermaws daughter..

The Drill Instructor Creed

Where can I get some SWEEEEEEET anti-Bush* shirts?

Why does my computer turn itself off?

Hallelujah! I'm outta the 700 club

Sax great Noble (Thin Man) Watts has passed away.

1969: All CCR, all the time!

I just got even with a telemarketer.

Goddammit! Another Navy vet just spoke out against John Kerry.

I'm going to the Sparks (Reno) BBQ Cook-Off on Labor Day weekend

No nerf control for my balls

i don't think pictures of nancy reagan should be used for birth control

Ghetto_Boy, can you please kick some of my posts while

New Faux News theme....

Kids love me because I stay crispy in milk.

The Repuke Anthem - Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Another song for the scientists in out group.

I finally heard a new bush joke: Bush Speech

People who come to Kerry meetups are...

That's it - no more Jude Law movies

Move On Concerts, anyone going

I don't think sex should be used as birth control.

How do freepers perform oral sex?

Taekwondo team wins two gold medals - TW

Psssst...I just posted something in Ask The Administrators.

I'm glad that I'm not soluble.

If * wins in november, what will you do?

Broken leashes all over the floor, keys left hanging in a swinging door

Get yer buts outta da lounge and help out!

Pronounce "Chocolate"

After a long, frustrating day watching the political rollercoaster...

My horoscope is.. "special".

Who's More Dizzy?

Anyone else find it strange to see this job on the net?

Well, I've officially sold out

Kennedy Smith accused of Rape Again

so...who's gonna be up late?

sweet jesus i hate bill o'reilly international---an organization of hope

How do freepers play Russian Roulette?

help...can't take it anymore

I made a volcano!

USA Women's Soccer Team Grabs The Gold

Which Olympic events should be co-ed?

When's the next Los Angeles DU gathering?

Should People Be Allowed To Marry Animals?

Anybody ever use a 14.4 modem?

My 4,000th post! I have nothing snappy to say!!!

ZombyPoll # $5.83: Should My Yak Get An Abortion?

Trying to remember a song/band name: Anyone remember the commercial

Do you vote on your own polls?

What The HELL Happened To Margaret Cho?!?!

For my 100th personal brush with the paranormal(well,maybe)

how can I convert a .bmp to a .jpg?

Please only post in this thread if you are drunk.

Which Olympic events should be eliminated?

condom sales at record pace in NYC...

Tombstone Pizza-flavoured Easy Mac.

do you have a "land line" telephone? Pollsters don't call cel phones

List of songs to sit on a bed in the dark and watch snowfall to?

Have you guys seen this?

I don't think estrogen should be used for birth control...

I don't think condoms should be used for birth control..

What's the oldest thing in your fridge?

Another song for the scientists in out group.

If you are what you eat... What are you?

OMG! I went out to dinner in the Bronx

Will you marinara me?

Palm Pilot Question -

Let us now praise chocolate...

Who Is Your Favorite Dead Singer?

anybody know the song on that touareg commercial?

What most closely describes your religious belief system?

Where do you buy pickled eggs?

a couple of Shrub chuckles for my old DU friends

Pet owners I have a few questions...

four years ago, you you are...

I just ate a 4 year old Maraschino cherry. Ask me anything!

My ex-girlfriend rules the world

Wonderful non-political cartoon

Who is the best Singer Songwriter living or dead?

Solve This ZombyWoof Brain-Teaser!

ARWALDEN.... so what did the barbershop duo have to say

I just got confused with a Catholic Priest by a fellow DUer

Concrete Blonde at Seattle's Showbox last night! Awesome!


How John Kerry can win Bob Nardelli's heart


Watch C-span people!

Have any debates actually been scheduled? And what happened with

Thoughts on this idea for a campaign commercial

All The Polls Are Out And It Looks Like The Not Too Swiftees Only Nicked

C-SPAN replaying 1971 testimony

public record shows SBVT players completely in bed with GOP

"a 22-caliber mind in a smart bomb world"

Will Kerry bashing at the RNC backfire?

AP is baiting a dump Cheney sentiment

MMFA takes the lead in exposing Swift Boat Vets' smear campaign

Nine more editorial boards weighed in; only one said Swift Boat ads

WALT STARR ---- urgent ----

I want volunteers: Wash DC, Birmingham Alabama, Seattle, Houston

Why did Kerry pull the McCain Ad?

My God! What is wrong with these Swiftvets?

third shitboat ad

Just saw Gardener(Swiftnut) on MSNBC, what an asswipe.

Where Do You Buy Your KERRY/EDWARDS Merchandise?


C Span to replay Kerry's 1971 testimony tonight

Chicken-hawks fund the chicken-shit Swift-Liars who are mean, little men.

An 'October Surprise'? : Neocons have Iran in their sights

Oliver North denied that atrocities occurred in Vietnam;

Let's call this the "Stupid" Strategy.

Blame Kerry? Nixon on civilian casualties:"I don't give a damn,"

What planet are you on?

Pat Buchanon- The Orignal Chickenhawk

Kieth Olberman is the 2nd best show on TV

Stop Suppression of Black Vote

Norville now covering Swift Boat Load on MSNBC

Where are the pro Kerry veterans on the Internet?

What's this about Hannity supposedly having all of Kerry's Vietnam tapes?

My response to a RW complaint about Kerrys testimony before the Senate

Kerry testimony on C-Span. This should be shown on networks!!!

Isn't It Typically Slimy

Contribute to DNC by August 31, and your contribution will be matched

Is it wrong to wish that Terry Holt would get run over by a passing bus?

A Working Chief Executive

Is Kerry going to be on "60 Minutes" over the swift boat thing?

Let's bump up this story!

My respons to RW complaint about Kerry's testimony before the Senate

Supposedly a new Zogby poll coming out tomorrow in Virginia--

DailyKos, members, I need help.

I am fed up with Peter Deutsch and his "islamic jihad" attacks on Castor.

John O'Neill keeps changing his story.

Kerry congressional testimony coming up on CSPAN1 11:09 PM est

Wake up! "The Democrats win...

"Are YOU proud of Senator Kerry's record, sir?

Who would like to see Bush receive the maximum penalty for

AP is baiting a dump Cheney groundswell at the RNC

Will the Dems have a scanner at the debates?

God is not A Republican or Democrat


Ugh. I'm becoming a convert to the "media are the enemy" school.

I hate to say, but the Swift Boat Liars are hurting Kerry

maybe it's time to start examining all service photos of Bush Bush campaign refuses USOC request to pull ad...

NEED HELP (again!) MoveOnPAC versus SB Liars 527

Bush: "I don't think you give timelines to dictators"

The TIA Election Model: A Primer for Non-Geeks

The 3rd Swift Boat Liars for Bush ad is really laughable.

Coming Sept. 7 in print form: "The 9/11 Omissions Report"

Rude Pundit is hysterical. Check in here:

Sludge,Bush to give acceptance speech from small circular stage

If it was possible to feel sorry for Bush...

The Swift Boat ads are hurting Kerry, and someone needs to answer

Do you believe that the Election will be a close Race? Or..........

Are you in campaign mode?

Bush Refuses To Denounce Ads, Plans Legal Action Against Anti-Kerry Ads

Castor posts at the DFA blog about Howard Dean's visit to Florida.

Nobrainer ad for MoveOn

John Buchanan on 9/11

SWIFT boats patrolled safe coasts? I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT! VN!

Was it Keyes who said "Ever been to Israel?"

What should Kerry say to O'Neill when he calls him after he wins Nov 2?

Hardball with PETE MCCLOSKEY

Bush and 527's

How is it possible to have a 5.5% unemployment rate....?

Bwah! Caption this photo of Bush.

Anyone think they're going to roll OBL out like King Kong at the RNC?

We seem to be in trouble

Bush Protest today on Farmington, New Mexico

Battleground Poll with Kerry lead, plus interesting analysis ...

So what's up with this Sandler guy...?

Please rate at Yahoo. coup de grace for "THE SMEAR"

It REALLY pisses me off the freaking media doesn't do their job anymore

Republican fundraisers on Wall St shy away from Bush

Why they call Rove "Turd-blossom"

Anyone notice Bush backpedalling big time today???

Moveon petition to stop the suppression of Black Vote..

Nightline now showing program on prisoner abuse in TX

Aren't you sick of wingnuts bitching about Kerry's Vietnam testimony?

Oregon DA & SwiftVets

CodePink to the media: We're (politely) on to you!

Deborah Norville Stands Tall: Kerry Service Record

We are NOT in trouble

Just got back from a county fair in Eastern Pa.

Did anyone else hear Jim Phillips (Phillips Phile) on air snit today?

In the Vietnam era, no one ever blamed drafted military

I count 15 National Polls. I count Kerry leading in 13 of them.

Kucinich campaign memorabilia on Ebay

I somehow got a feeling that the Kerry people are preparing

Whoah! Check out this new DNC AD

I caught a lot of shit for saying this a few months ago

Other misrepresentations GW Bush has made about his service.

The Polls are worthless. Have any of you ever been asked who you are

OK I’m playing with a theory re: Walt Starr’s latest finding..

GWB is just smart enough..

Nader Voters Dis-enfranchised?

Is MSNBC becoming our Fox?

The Thirteenth Hundred Days (Paul Slansky - the New Yorker)

(NH)Union Leader: Restricting speech: Will the First Amendment Hold Up?

High crimes and misdemeanours

Telegraph UK: Isn't it time to impeach Blair over Iraq?

NYT Op-Ed: Abu Ghraib, the next step

Mark Morford: Sentient non-idiots for Kerry

Thatcher E.G. coup: "I blame the parents" - Guardian

America's Failing Health.......Krugman

Bush win or loss, GOP is up for grabs (Al Neuharth, USA TODAY Founder)

This is the Fight of Our Lives...Bill Moyers...this is must read

The widow of the THIRD swift boat captain checks in - Very good

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with KTAR “Real Life with David Leibowitz”

Get a load of this guy...

Scientists discover cure for being George W. Bush

NYT Bob Herbert: Where Is The Shame? Must read column.

Globe Editorial: Smeared by Ginsberg (the Smoking Gun)

Unheroic Bush behind anti-Kerry lies

Seattle Times endorses Kerry !

Guess, where the homeland of terrorism is?

I thought this was a great article, hope ok to post

Sexed-up reports, pressure on the UN ... here we go again -Guardian

Hillary falls in love on Svalbard

Bush’s Sleeper Cells - Eleanor Clift: Dirty Tricks and Karl Rove

LTTE - Back to School Reminder

Paul Begala on Zell Miller

Just Being Anti-Bush Is Not Enough To Win

There Is Only One Dick Tuck....

WSJ OP-ED: Republicans for Kerry

Tricycle Magazine

1997-Keep Big Brother's Hands off the Internet by Sen John Ashcroft

Hilarious! psychotic B. Malone: NYC errs in playing nice with protesters

Bush's Really Bad Year


Swift-Boat-Vets-for-the-Truth: The File (27 Aug.)

We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore

Democracy Now devotes whole show to protests

Everybody yell "Fuggedaboutdit"

Dallas: No Nader! Sat. 28th!

For all you rowdy protestors:

Kerry Rally in Tacoma, WA: Advice on parking?

Suggestion for NYC protestors

Join FAIR at the March on the Media in New York

Election Protection Training in NY

Where is Savage tonight?

Awesome caller on Randi

Ridiculous e-mail on O'Reilly

Off the Hook:Mike Wallace

Wolfe Blitzer did a good job correcting Ken Mehlman tonight

What is up with AAR lately?

Focus on the Family writer impersonates Vietnam Vet.

US, SA to strengthen investment ties

SO Predictable: U.S. Economy Grew at Slower Pace Than Expected (NYT)

Poverty UP. Number of Americans without health insurance UP

Here's my proof that we received no tax cut from *

Understanding the commons

PEER - Park Service Minutes Show Book-Cooking Efforts On Budgets

$500K Of Park Service Money To Finance Private Vineyard, Chicken Farm

15 Years Since Exxon Valdez - Still No Settlement For AK Fishermen

Bush Climate Flip-Flop Manages To Torque Both Greens & RW Think-Tanks

Japan develops vaccine for West Nile virus

Last Atlantic Coast Canadian Exploratory Oil Well Abandoned

4th Hurricane Of Season Forms, Strengthens - 800+ Miles E. Of Antilles

Boat Ramps At Lake Powell Now 1/3 Of A Mile Long - Good Article

IFP stresses family values, 'fearing God'

Groups Seek to Stem Sudan's Refugee Flow

US-Iranian tug and pull over Iraq --Asia Times Online

Juan Cole on Najaf Peace Deal

From the Brady site:

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 27, 2004

Lunabush's Bad Joke Friday - In the Gungeon!!!

A better method of banning dangerous weapons of war

Another objection on the tombstoning of alurker

re: national media blaster.... i guess its too late to change

What is the procedure for reporting

Re: Mari333, we need help with notification

hi guys, i need help uploading an avatar.

how do i copy and paste a pic onto a post of mine?

Please don't allow any flexibility on GOP disruptors

Counterpoint: Please allow flexibility on GOP disruptors

The Jewish problem, according to Theodorakis (Yikes!!!)

U.S. team to supervise settlement boundaries

'Little Israel' will not save world from Iran

9/11 Timeline coming out as a book soon

Kids Can/Free the Children Benefit @ the Park West

Castor, Deutsch trade barbs over former USF professor

Good News BBV

Kerry visits Daly City - a few pics

Please call 1360 San Diego and support Air America Radio

OK Bay Area...Let's get together!

Hey LA DUers! It's been two months - when's the next gathering?

How much time are Mass. legislators in session?

Looking for Mass. volunteers to do at home "phone banking"

Do you support the new Massachusetts bike helmet law?

Stupid g.d. Taxpayers League

Spencer Stevens - House District 29A - a new website

Local Businesses Supporting B/C

My pix of Wednesday's "Rally In The Valley" with John Edwards

Kerry will be in Akron and Steubenville on Sept. 4

Bush rally in Columbus next Wednesday 9/1

Cheney Sticks to Terrorism Issue in Pa. (Commits Petty Thievery)

Texas Law Enforcement Officially Endorses Congressman Nick Lampson

Meet Don Henley and Support Texas State House Candidates

Question For Houston DUers

Dallas! No Nader! Aug. 28th

LTTE VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!

What just happened to wisconsin?

John O'Neill keeps changing his story.

Bush's "miscalculations" and "unintended by-products"

Was it Keyes who said "Ever been to Israel?"

Bush and 527's

Ever heard of

Civilians bear brunt in Najaf...(A sad picture of Iraqi boy)

How much debt is Bush planning to create on the 2005 budget?

toon -- The not-so-swift crossing of the Delaware

973 American deaths in Iraq. Boy have they been keeping quit

Military's Highest Court Declines to Strike Down Sodomy Statute

toon -- look out behind for the future

Freeper-type email - need help debunking

read this. and let me know.

The Bushes as Pilots

GOP columnist accuses protestors of giving AIDS to GOP conventioneers

Mari333: Can we do something for them?

The Undecided Voter.

Anyone watching Nightline...?

Right Wing Text Book?

Transcript for Paula Zahn - on Abu Ghraib abuses

KCAA radio (Air America affiliate) has lost advertising

"Route 66"The American way of life was so much better (SoCalDem's Present)

NEW Bush Report Says Global Warming Real Problem

Why I (sadly) left the Catholic Church

Field Guide to Protesters

I've been watching the Olympics for 3 &1/2 Damned years!

NYT review: documentary play "Guantanamo," nightmare w/out hope and logic

Ever notice Kerry's life is like one big Oliver Stone movie?

good morning everyone!

Another alleged GOP backer, IS NOT, Foghat not supporting Bush--WHEW!

"They Died Fighting For Their Country".......

A private Hideaway just for media ..(convention)

1st (media covered) NYC Protest - Right place, wrong image

Now on MSNBC -- Olympic Power Walking!

This is not a VIOLENT PROTEST, but members of NYPD portray it as such!

I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can concert promoters use Central Park, but WE can't?

Where is Bush on the BSA Level?? Boy Scouts of America

What Unit did Bush* get assigned to in Alabama?

Kerry testimony before Congress, last night on CSPAN!!

CNBC Poll: Kerry needs our help!!!

AWOL in SUMS??? GQ article

Steve Earle on Democracy Now! today

LOL! Graffiti spotted in Baghdad: "bush* is a Dog"!

How are the Swift Boat Ads going to hurt Bush?

Translation confusion makes Gitmo hearings sound like Marx Bros. comedy

Only REPUBLICANS smear vets

Why are we being told that Kerry is being hurt by the Swiftlies...

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the GOP Convention was delayed or halted

Soldier returned from Iraq "treated like scum by my government"

Anyone been watching Camejo on C-SPAN WJ now?

Hey, freepers re: "Bush Guard Service, The True Story'

ARGGGGH! I was just sent a picture of a truck covered in US flags

I hate war and I hate goddamned war mongers

The FUNNIEST repub talking point

Does anyone have an alternate stream of Air America

Are you too religious about your sensetivity?

The Ninth Commandment

Protest pics from NYC: Chinatown, etc.

Looking For A Comprehensive Chart On Economic Conditions

Boeing 727 used in Equatorial Guineau coup attempt purchased in Kansas!

The Bush - Riggs Connection

Did you think it was going to be easy?

IGNORE THE POLLS. They are intended to get us depressed and

War Protests at the Olympic Closing ceremony

Kerry only needs four votes

"John Kerry gets caught mocking the famous Iowa Jima flag raising"

If we dont control our economy, someone else will. (me ranting)

New name for *, the 'Vacation President'

George Bush was injured in Vietnam!

i think Karl Rove is playing us like a violin.

Right Wing Plot-Coup OIL rich Equat Guinea by Brit Lord Thatcher -Arrested

Please help me respond to this email re:

So where's the rest of the Abu Ghraib pictures?

Did anyone see Oliver North on skates the other night?

Pic of the "Truth/Bush" Waldorf Banner?

Kerry should be attacking like there is no tomorrow---

Americans worried about possible draft

In the Vietnam era, no one ever blamed drafted military

Lou Dobbs Book: Exporting America : Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping Americ

Interesting bio of Steven Colbert

Air America and guest hosts

Protest Warriors up next on Unfiltered, 'AirAmerica'

CO: Kerry A Better Commander In Chief Poll Says

Charlie Rangel on CNN... NOW.

Anyone have the picture of the SBVFT flier at a GOP headquarters?

More Republican family values in Cincinnati.

Was Kerry under fire when he saved THIS man?

NY Police will have a Sound Weapon capable of 150 decibels

RNC official schedule of events to be held around town ...not at MSG.....

Hannity Board Gone Ban Happy


On DemocracyNow the cabbies are offering free rides to IRAQ volunteers!

George Bush rants against trial lawyers because?

Najaf Winners and Losers

(watching bribery in action) Diebold Wines and Dines Officials

I need large JPG's of BUSH/CHENEY/ETC for a PROTEST

GOP tries to claim Johnny Cash as their own


isn't it considered criminal or worse to wear medals not earned?

We could move somewhere else. But where would the wingnuts go?

GOP Convention in VIOLATION of it's own DOD directive

The Flip-Flopper in Chief strikes again!

Did what Kerry said happened in Vietnam actually happen?

Anybody have a link to the official GOP party platform document?

New York Under Seige as CRAWFORD COWARD Demands Armed Fortress

Is it just me? Or does TDS epi with Bill Clinton never cease to get old?

What'll it take to spark the massive ideological shift this country needs?

when/why was NYC chosen for the RNC?

Communist Party Supports Kerry

Please call 1360 San Diego and support Air America Radio

What is the DU take on Pacifism?


How do you get the veteran vote for Bush? Scare the sh*t out of them:

NYC police MUST use violence to justify budget

My letter to the principal...

after the swiftboat liars fiasco, doesn't kerry now have the right to...

Two major bookstore chains hosting bigot from swiftboatvets

A Tale Of Activism In My Local Paper You Will Enjoy

I sure wish these rightwingnut *ithches would just STOP stalking me!!!

What's scarier than anything

From Josh Marshall's blog.

What is it with people saying that Government's job is not to help people?

Oh me of little faith!!!!

Nix those party labels?

Rate this Yahoo story

Confused! Ashcrack and his Draconian Legislation

Email Bob Novak! He just said protesters should go to prison

Protests in Athens - against Colin Powell Arrival

The biggest bombshell before the election I hope for

Team America: World Police

Elephant Tramples Lady Liberty - No Edits needed

What will it take to make this country more liberal?

BBV: Kevin Shelly! Stand up and be the hero...

Hillary's on MTP on Sunday.

So Swift Boat Scumbag Al French is a lying adulterer, too?

Bounce Yer Boobies: Unofficial RANDI RHODES Friday thread

John O'Neill And Chris Matthews On Bill Maher Show Tonight

I wanna be an Indiana LEGISLATOR!!!!


Stars and Stripes letters, all damning of the Bush administration

voting twice--dems vs. repubs

Does anybody know if this is real?

GOP Hypocrisy on Food Taxes

3 Dean events in Portland Monday, 2 free and open to public.

If you protest, please whisper. Mayor Bloomberg doesn't like noise

Interesting article regarding effect of violent protests on 68 elections

Regarding outsourcing,I saw a post yesterday that said that in 10 years

Anybody who voted for Bloomberg should be...

Pipe Bomb at Stem Cell Research Lab - sorry if Old

I couldn't take it anymore... a letter to CNN

New Get Your War On Posted!

Apparently the focus on terror has turned to tunnel vision.

kudos to the media blaster is there a possibility we could get one

PORTER GOSS: Friend of Barry Seal, CIA spook, why, he's PERFECT

September 14th, 2001 = "the president's finest hour"

Looking Ahead: 2006 Senate Races

Michael Moore gives Bush a wedgie

Confetti at RNC will have picture of Shrub and Pickles on it....Gross!

Is there an official US Government Torture Manual?

Alabama Air guard vets for Truth...

Bob Barr on protestors side!?

Don't Forget !!! - NYC IndyMedia For Events Outside The Convention !!!

The GOP is scared of the war...please rate this story

Lou Dobbs, author

Randi reading chilling letter from American soldier in Iraq.

Plans for a gerbil powered light bulb!

We must stop talking about Vietnam. Talk about Iraq, Abu Graib, Najaf....

September 11 to Mark a New Tragedy -- 1,000 US Soldiers Killed

I love this Bush Gnome

Polls say this election will be close. How in the F**k is that possible?

Democrats MUST Say NO to Goss, or we may live to regret it..

"Self-Evident" by Ani DiFranco - this song says it all for me

sorry, forgot; moving to GD Campaign forum

ACTION ALERT!!! Let's fill up this bastard's voice mail!

Had Gore been President and had done exactly to a T what W has done,

Soo.. will the pentagon spy be a success or a failure for Bushco?

I actually like a Republican Senator (on two issues!!)

Check this out... new moveon ad...

Anti-Bush riot in the heart of the Olympics

Carville on CROSSFIRE!

Can a Christian also be a hypocrite?

I'm Laura Bush and I approve of this bombing!

Just saw a poll on Bloomberg from the National Annenberg

The gals on Unfiltered (AAR) interviewed some Protest Warrior guys

BUSH DIDN'T KNOW - US now believes Global Warming man-made.

CNN: Michael Moore is blasting George Bush.

MSNBC Overtakes CNN- We Are Having An Effect

Looks like the GOP's attempt to off Cheney failed

CNN at 34th and 8th? The New Yorker building????????

it's Friday TERROR Time, it's Friday TERROR time....

How Would You Describe Your Politics - In 1 Word

Who's still watching CNN? That's so two months ago

Chris Matthews -- the most naive man in 'Merica

Need links about Bush requiring walkways for his appearances

Did anyone hear the Protest Warrior assholes on 'Unfiltered'?

Just found out my LTTE will make the Sunday Orlando Sentinel!

Please call CNN and rub it in their faces. MSNBC is kicking their ASSES!

How many folks out there have read Kings "The Stand"?

Dealing with GOP delegates AFTER the protests......

TV Sucks - Step Away from the Evil Box

What is AFFORDABLE healthcare?

Garrison Keillor: Homegrown Democrat (this is great !!)

School aims to replace 'liberal' judiciary

WOW - The Brits Have A PNAC Project too-Maggie & Ronnie started it

HAH all MSNBC primetime shows have past CNN.

Laura Bush is Full of Crap and Here's Proof

Do the al-Qaeda Sleeper agents in America really hate Americans?

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

CBS News: Spy in the Pentagon? (Highest Levels)

Is it time to stop watching CNN all together?

Does anyone else have an extraordinarily disorganized local party?

a nightly TV show REALLY covering the RNC & protests & issues

How many jobs would 2.6 TRILLION Dollars buy ??? ...

A Death in the DU Family | Mari333's Husband | What DU can DO

If BBV can be hacked easily as Bev has proved should we hack them?

CIA & The Muslim Brotherhood How the CIA set the stage for 9/11 Pt.2

Corporate Veterans For Truth

Delivered a Message of Peace & Love from my children to Kerry today

Wes Clark Supporters: Check in Here

If you protest, please wear a business suit.

What is the cruelest, stupidest thing Bush has done in his presidency?

"When ZELL Freezes Over!" | too many TOONs

AAR hits Denver on Monday (8/30)

Go talk to your Congressman in person


BBV: Who has motive for a smear -- Mixed messages in a Diebold memo

I might move to Canada

Is Canada World Youth a religious outfit?

condom sales at record pace in NYC...

Republican fundraisers on Wall St shy away from Bush

Iraq War Challenges Students in Military

CNN International: Sadr's Militia Laying Down Weapons

Thai troops withdraw from Iraq

Kerry uses data on poor to challenge tax cuts

U.S. soldier killed in vehicle accident west of Baghdad

White House prepares executive orders to reform intelligence community

Poverty rate increases in Illinois

Utah man buys Democrat domain names to link to Bush Web site

Booth's chambers will help impeach Blair over Iraq war

NYT, pg1: New York Awaits Republicans With Reluctance and Unease

NYT: ( DOD Abu Ghraib) Report Is Likely to Prompt Criminal Charges

Militant group claims responsibility for downing two Russian planes

Exiled leader in Spain denies any link to coup attempt

Welcome to century: Maine incomes decline

Under fire: Lebanese millionaire who seems to know everybody

WP: (Defense) Contractors and the Law (Abu Ghraib cases)

'Mercenary leader' found guilty

Nine Queen's guards held in drug raids


Second-quarter GDP is downgraded

Economy Grows at Slower Pace Than Expected

Afghan voting number puzzle (More registered voters than eligible voters)

Celebs' UK rehab head accused of misconduct

College Freshmen and the Meningitis Threat

Even Postal Service on RNC Security Duty

Orange County Register: Have-nots hurting more

AFL-CIO head jumps all over Bush in Tacoma

Cheney Sticks to Terrorism Issue in Pa. (Commits Petty Thievery)

New jaw grown on patient's back

Yahoo Headline : "Now It's Official: Economy Shrunk"

Bush Acknowledges Iraq 'Miscalculation'

Female 'Jihadis' Get Online Magazine

U.S. Q2 GDP revised to 2.8% as expected

N Korean leader's lover 'dead'

Stocks Climb on Positive GDP Figure News

BBC: Bush to give CIA chief new powers

Anderson (IN) native will take key FBI post (deputy director)

Beloved teacher, activist, mountaineer feared dead (Kathleen Namphy)

GOP agrees to 'respect and accept' dissent [within the party]

Stem Cell Success

NYT, pg1: Army's Report Faults General (Sanchez) in Prison Abuse

Crash due to terror attack, says Russia

GOP Convention in VIOLATION of it's own DOD directive

13 US soldiers wounded in Iraq attacks

Kuwaiti firm bows to kidnappers' demands, stops work in Iraq

Dad supports president, Cheney's daughter says (Liz, not Mary)

AP: U.S. Warplane Drops Bombs on Fallujah

US-backed Iraqi police take over Chalabi's Baghdad office

3 students die in fraternity house fire (Ole Miss frat, 2001 racist stunt)

Thousands throng shrine amid the lack of gunfire in holy city

Marine's Father Won't Face Charges (

U.S. Seeks No Foreign Troops in Lebanon

Cheney's Plane Avoids Collision

Buzz: "Former Gov. barnes says he helped W into TANG!"

Dream Team Beaten by Argentina 89-81

Convention Protesters Eager to Begin/Major Protest Planned During RNC

SEATTLE TIMES (endorses): Kerry for President

iraqi comes in fourth.

oops - dupe

Breaking CNN: Bush signs executive orders ......

Guess, where the homeland of terrorism is?

Iraqi Holy City Left Broken by Urban Warfare

Iraqi police make gory find

Al-Qaeda undimmed by sanctions (BBC Gets Advance Look At UN Report)

Report: al-Qaida May Target VA Hospitals

Kerry economic team hearkens to Clinton era

Kerry economic team hearkens to Clinton

Cabinet $ecretaries Hit the Road for Bush (on business)

Alaska Senator Resigns in Face of Recall

Bush to Indian-Americans - You've Got Mail

Protesters March against Powell Games visit

Anti-Bush mothers' group marches across Brooklyn Bridge

(Wyo Repub) Former legislator, county employee plead not guilty

(Wyo Gov.) Freudenthal will vote for Kerry

US Airways Chairman: Liquidation Possible

GOP Organizers Short on Events Insurance (for cocktail parties)

Sullivan, FEC settle complaint (another sleazy Republican congressman)

Officials say 'Wack the Iraq' boardwalk game to close

Falwell offers vision for America, election advice at SBC seminary

Turkish hostages shot dead

Iraq Refuse to Wear Black Arm Bands in Bronze Medal Match

Powell Praises Najaf Peace Agreement

State to receive $32 million for electronic voting (Connecticut)

Scorpions say have more info on Equatorial Guinea coup

5,500 GIs get orders for Afghanistan

Kerry blames Bush for 'downsizing' dreams

Former CIA contractor released from jail (Afghan Beating--later died)

California raises another 3 million dollars for Kerry

Who Cares About Kerry? It's Bush We Can't Stand, Say Vietnamese

Edwards Criticizes Returns on Bank Loans (for students)

Rumsfeld says he shares some blame for abuse

69 people arrested in ``Operation Family Affair'' drug bust

Most Air Passengers Not Screened for Bombs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 27 August

Invalid signatures cast doubt on Nader earning spot on Pennsylvania ballot

Gov. Bush's son to speak (George P. Bush)

Mike Wallace(60 Minutes) won't be charged (Double Parking Brouha)

Survey: Few GOP Delegates Want Cheney Off Ticket

Nazi resort up for sale

Live coverage of the Critical Mass bicycle action in NYC

Kerry, Heinz, Edwards Kids Kickoff 4-day Back to School Tour

Bush acknowledges Iraq "miscalculation"

CBS News: FBI probes suspected Israeli spy in the Pentagon

HRC Launches Chaney Ad: "What If It Was Your Child Mr. President?"

FBI Helps Probe of Blast at Stem-Cell Lab

FBI Suspects Israel Has Mole in Pentagon

AP resolves dispute with publisher of Hillary Clinton's memoirs

Running battles on Athens streets

New state GOP group supports Kerry (Oregonian)

Berlusconi condemns reported killing of Italian hostage in Iraq

Democrats pound Miller for backing Bush (Protest)

A Cheney close call

WSJ: Bush Holds Slight Edge, but Faces Hurdles With Undecided Voters

Congress used defense as excuse for pork binge (WP)

Impact Of Oil Output Fall At Aging Fields Seen As Acute - Dow Jones

Offensive toy recalled

Protesters plan for legal Central Park visits

Big shuttle repairs not possible

NYT: Reports Criticize Medics for Overlooking Abuses ("war crimes")

Pardoned exile trio back home

Mark Thatcher: The money trail

Greenspan Warns on Baby Boomer Benefits

Kissinger Comments Seen As OK for Abuse

U.S. Urges Venezuela to Ease Rhetoric

Justice Dept. Rebuffs Press Request for More Bush Guard Records

WP: Top Brass Won't Be Charged Over Abuse ("responsible, not culpable")

Canada's PM asks legislator to withdraw comment about 'coalition of idiots

Americans abroad have 'early election day'

Kerry campaign says Greenspan's warning should be a wake-up call

Soldiers face death over bombing refusal

Rheingold ad battle brewing-Says new campaign isn't anti-GOP

GOP Urge Bush to Turn Attention From Iraq

More slide into poverty in Michigan

White House Blocks Request for Records on Contact With Anti-Kerry Vets

Colleges Struggle With Voter Registration

Tampa Police probationary officer indicted for threatening to kill the Pre

Bush's Cuban-American support slips

German town admits lynching of US airmen

GOP delegates to get help (therapy for "psychological scarring")

Montreal man downed U.S. Plane, CSIS told(AA587 11-12-01)

Artist Plans to Lynch Confederate Flag

Najaf shows government's weakness

CNN: Bush holds slight lead in Electoral College

U.S. Furious at Proposal That Hamm Return His Gold

Republicans to Wear Flip-Flops in NYC

School mistakes student's shirt slogan for drug reference, yank him from c

Aussies 'on secret ops in Iraq' (cover-up)

Group says it's time Reagan bumps Olson off the road

Thatcher: Spain 'secretly backed coup by sending warships'

French Suspended (OR swiftboat liar)

Poll: More believe Bush behind (Swift Boat) attack ads

Spy in the PENTAGON

Kerry's medals were deserved, says widow of slain comrade

Decorated ex-Iowan calls Kerry a traitor

The Thread of True Horror (Installing SP2)

iraqi comes in fourth.

Dream Team Beaten by Argentina 89-81

Who Deserves/d Impeachment More???

What evidence is there of a "hysterical" Jesus?

Wedding gift ideas/suggestions?

The Hidden Art Of Hollywood - Great show on PBS

Drunk Poll Mk. 2!

88 Lines About 44 Women

Presidential Trivia

No truer words were ever scrawled on a piece of cardboard

Are you gonna take me home tonight

Wow, I may join the armed forces after all!

Jesus Saves.

Fava Beans

Yes! It's World News Polka Time again

Let us now praise moose...

The simple life

Please visit my FtheVote page

Republican Dance Party--Revisted

Nervous Sheep Calmed By "Loved Ones"

Ricky Fante

Waiter explains why he was stiffed for the check

Cool web site I stumbled across: "One Hit Wonder Central"

Man Stabs Alligator To Free His Dog

whos been up all night...

good morning everyone!

Have you found the BBC Radio player?

What should I do about my bum knee?

Who else feels like diving in and going for a swim?

Does anyone else have inaccurate dreams

late night science geek humor.

What is the worst thing to find when you first get in to work?


I'm a woman and I love "The Man Show"- does that make me bad?

Free Kerry bumpersticker in the grocery store parking lot this morning


Hazing Season Again: Seniors Beat Freshman With Bat Filled With Sand

My dog is a Democrat.

Was anyone else put off by the US women's soccer team singing,

Why do you poop in the handicapped stall?

Great way to spend part of drive time: NPR interview with Los Lobos...

Entire Bridge Stolen in Southern Bosnia

Kyuss appreciation thread

Will Pitt explains why his girlfriend broke up with him.......

Please help Avatar issue

Godzilla vs. GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) Confirmed!

Anyone heard the group "Trembling Blue Stars"?

Hey, I made Bartcop today!

I'm A Good Sam Member! Whoo-hoo...My Membership Welcome-Package Arrived...

Jewish Nazi leaders "disappointed" by 1933 party platform

Soothsayers Say Fight Locusts With Milk

gonna see the B-52's next weekend

Yesterday while filling up with gas....I saw this truck....

What are you planning to do for the convention?

Kool-Aid drinkers check in

Are you too religious about your sensetivity?

Who is your favorite film director - living or dead?

Restaurant manager explains why he fired waiter

Computer question: thoughts on Celeron-based notebooks?

HELP! Need pic of WH with all the barriers around it

Caption: Keep off the grass at Central Park?

store owner fires manager who claimed waiter stole cash

Caption: nice way to treat YOUR ethical animal....

Caption: nice work if you can get it...

Questions about a Clinton book signing....

Caption: Junior scores Olympic own goal?

I'm 38 away from 4,000, sick of dispenser interviews. Ask me anything.

Caption: Naked truth...

Woman With "Boring" Last Name Enters Into "Bland" Marriage

Anyone Else Here A Harold and Maude Fan?

Caption: mother of an argument?

If McDonalds sold its soul: The "McCheney," The "Double-Ya," etc

Discontinued Olympic Sport you would most like to see again

Now on MSNBC -- Olympic Power Walking!

Amazon's "Music to Vote By"

Log Cabin Leaders "Disappointed" By Republican Platform - My letter...

Caption: why did the chicken....

Holy shit, "Achtung Baby" is such an awesome album...

Why do you buy pickled eggs?

EBay Pull Auction Of Man Selling His Vote

I saw a preview last night for the end of Ben Afleck's career

Caption: anybody salsa?

Pirate Day SUCKS big time!

A big thumbs up to the DU'ers protesting this week in NYC.

Is anyone else having trouble getting AirAmerica radio today???

Why Are Girls So Mean?

God I'm so sick of religious belief posts....

ReMake and ReCast a Movie Classic....

Tomorrow is my first attempt at a Century Ride...

A Friday Good Morning Joke! (Caution: Not for the kiddies!)

What should I do with my paycheck?

Which would be worse?

Why are chimps so mean?

Anyone here listen to Terry Hendrix?

New jaw grown on patient's back

Scratch That, Girls Aren't Mean

Robert Crumb To Do Literal Interpretation of Genesis

Air America Re-runs have you down?

Hey LynneSin: Steelers 27, Eagles 21

Pop-Tarts: toasted or untoasted?

Whoooie 100 posts

Who Is Going to The Sholay Party Tonight???

Cat help!

Is Using The Handicapped Stall The Same As Parking In A Handicapped Spot?

In honor of our favoritest hospital bound appendix.....

Question about Employee Confidentiality

Log Cabin Republican are.....

I am very depressed today.

So while we are on the subject... what IS the *Log Cabin* ?

Decomposing bananas could power Aussie homes

why can't I stop saying "Fuck"?

To stay and fight is noble

"A stunning preoccupation with your own discomfort"

Cat help, cancer?

A Perfect Circle releasing Election Day CD (Video pokes fun at Bush)

Calling out for jazz help!

I dunno about the rest of you guys but I refuse to leave if Bush "wins"

Achtung! Holy Baby has such a shitty bum!

If any rockstars die IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Eddie Van Halen should get parole, anyone agree?

Alex Van Halen should get parole, anyone agree?

"A stunning preoccupation with your own comfort"

What was the greatest Dead Show of all time?

Do you need caffine to stay awake during normal hours?

Any fans of "The State" in the house?

Cool Midwest Summer Creates Bigger Spiders

"Talking Toilets" Will Counsel Citizens


Man died two years ago in condo, body just found.

Rip Van Winkle should get parole! Anyone agree?

Dead Couple To Be Married

Lucy Van Pelt should get parole, anyone agree?


Dick Van Patten should get parole! Anyone agree?

Luanne Van Houten should get parole, anyone agree?

I am addicted to bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddles



Van Allen Belt should get parole, anyone agree?

Rob Van Winkle should get parole! Anyone agree?

Millhouse Van Houten should punch Bart out

Toy In Bag Of Candy Depicts 9/11 (Plane Flying Into Towers)


Scientists discover cure for being George W. Bush

Man killed after driver shows him "how you drive crazy"

How come you guys don't understand Olympic horse events?

Ronnie Van Zant should rise from the dead! Anyone agree?

link to "how to help Mari333" thread in GD

Harlem Nocturne

Cooks:Can one use a food processor to "cut in" butter for scones/biscuits?

Any experts here on the Salem Witch trials?

Quick question about John Kerry...

Co. Pulls Toys Depicting 9-11 Attack (this is sick)


40 KILOS of Cocaine were seized in my town today......

The "Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies"

Drunk barber makes gift of wooden clogs

A Perfect Circle fans...Behold!

new Oxyrush advertisers American Egg Board, Soli Printing,Missouri Communi

Eddie Van Halen should have taken guitar lessons! Anyone agree?

Oh, I'm a lumberjack and I'm Ok

Click here and watch JCCyC do something extremely unusual:

"A stunning preoccupation with Select Comfort"

A gift for the dictator who has everything.

Happy Halloween, Bitches.

It's been so darned stimulating here today!

I don't care what anyone says I love it when Franken does the pirate thing

Man Stabs His Lawyer In His Butt, Forces Him To Withdraw $230

All the years combine

How is the Iraq futball team doing?

Well guys today may be the last time I am on for a while

Breaking News: The Butler Did It!

Time to get bouncin'!

Good vibes needed for my son tonight, please.

Republican Bruce Willis In Trouble With EPA...AGAIN

Over 1,000 live chickens fall off truck exiting Interstate

Which DUer is most likely to get arrested in NYC during the convention?

Woo-hoo! Open enrollment season will soon be here!

New 'toon for FRIDAY -- enjoy

Men's volleyball Brazil vs. USA spoiler thread

Any Claremont, CA DUers?

Kids Can/Free the Children Benefit at the Park West in Chicago

I just made some homemade pea soup

Worst street names of History. (WARNING - GREAT VULGARITY)

How many of you dudes here like to cross dress?

Just peeled and *de-veined* 5lbs. o'chimp.....blech......

A fond farewell to the Iraqi Soccer Team

sick and tired of all those 'motorsickle' poseurs??

Job Security: My new, post reelected, Bush cartoon LBBB

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

Wearing Only Underwear In Public Not Deemed Indecent

What is your favorite protest chant?

What Sort Of STRANGE Things Does Your Pet Like To Eat?

Free to a good home -

This is a drug... for the world... to give worms to ex-girlfriends.

Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.

Actor Patrick Stewart Has Heart Procedure ("pre-emptive angioplasty")


Just peeled and *de-veined* 5lbs. o'shrimp.....blech......

Does it bug you when you post a new thread in GD and it sinks like a stone

Hmmm....I see someone got themselves tombstoned.

Why do you hate America?

Need help splitting an mp3 file

If there were a DU Variety Show, what would your routine be?

When You Eat Peanut Butter & Crackers Do You....

USA men's basketball spoiler thread.

Kerry was lying about his appearance on the Daily Show.... watch the ad!

Pleasanton Real Estate...

Seniors Celebrate Toilet Paper 'Birthday'

Who is your favorite protestant?

I want a wider variety of friends

If I Am Invited To The Super Bowl Next Year, Do You Wanna See My Breast?

PROJECT TERROR....where the scientific and the terrifying....emerge

Worst Star Trek?

Mom had another surgery today

Hot damn - Pagerbear can sing!

Bethlehem Steel...Grant Lee Buffalo...

God, I love John Edwards.

I offer myself up for condemnation...

US Navy to Retire the F-14 Tomcat.

If only they'd let Butterbean fight at the Olympics.

"A stunning preoccupation with Southern Comfort."

Do you have a catchphrase?

Americans to vote best veteran into power

As Pre-Schools BAN Diapers, Rush On Toilet Training

ChavezSpeakstheTruth Just Touched Me Inappropriately!

Give me some healthy nutrition recommendations, please?

I'm in Manhattan

What's for supper ?

So - I was forced to go for drinks (by my boss) with the drunk barber

I need a hug

Man 1: You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

What's wrong with this picture?

What's you favorite Yankee candle scent?

You know you're a real scumbag: "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell"

Holy shit did you hear this scumbag on Randi Rhodes???

eom or n/t?

if I ever went for a PC..

Well, I told the rapist...I mean mechanic.... to fix my automobile

You see the "Open" sign in the window...(Fri Night Drinking Thread)

Let's all talk about Misunderestimator while she's watching a movie

A D.U. Primer on Scoring with Gymnasts

dumbya's own Olympic events

Meanwhile, while Kerry & Bush squabble...

online student says drudge report and foxnews are her favorite sites

Seeking male baby janes

My blog was featured in Milwaukee Magazine!

WCIIF ? .... Im STILL unemployed, out of money, and out of patience ...

What's your parents' story?

What women say and what they MEAN

Are the females at DU getting synchronized?

WARNING: Sex Thread

Broken glass everywhere

Anyone seen the movie "What the BLEEP Do We Know?"

Ok. Reveal your sage!

I am a man of constant sorrow


What should Shanneee do tonight?

See Hero tonight

Would you wear a Davy Crockett cap on a first date?

Oh, Jeez...Carmine Garafalo is as tiresome as Mark the ditttohead

Jenna Jameson, Porn Star and Author

Cat emoticons

Who here gets to do SFA this weekend?

Cold shower for Dutch men urinating in public

1st week of law school went GREAT!

Hidden Pictures

Favorite Star Trek?

Where should we send Georgie Boy to on Jan. 20th?

I really do miss Gheto_Boy

I need someone to "poor baby" me.

Ok. Reveal your rage!

I stayed up late reading that stupid "Tipping Point" book for my book grou

Please wish MiniLuvamerica good luck!

Would you wear a sportcoat on a first date?

Attention DU musicians.

I was the victim of a practical joke

C3P0 Gay, or not?

Swift Yacht Vets for Bush

Leslie Van Houten should get parole, anyone agree?

Man sent to jail for cat burning - Says "What's the big deal?"


Has anyone heard from Meldread?

Ok. Reveal your age!

TGIF!!! It's payday and I'm off through Sept. 8 and I'm having "company"

I was just in a car accident.

What Do You Think About This Menu For Tomorrow Night?

Seeking female baby names

Any favorite Greatful Dead tunes?

georgepeeze sticker/flyer image (hope this works)

I'm eatin' Puddin'.

It's nice to be adored (dog thread)...

Ladies is this guy hot?

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) should get parole. Anyone Agree?

Pictures of a nice house for sale!

What evidence is there of a "historical" Jesus?

Best Geek-Rock record?

Photoshoppers: Bush, flight suit, covered with racing-car like patches:


Basketball Spoiler

The Happy Ending of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Picked up "Hippie" by Barry Miles at Barnes and Noble during

Where's Waldo? (And It's NOT A Screaming Monster "Gotcha")

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing


I'm eating Putin

Whole school has to change for one child.......

Mac users: What's your favorite alternative to Norton Utilities?

Today is day 5 of not smoking


Why Men are happier people

What nonpartisan political websites do you visit?

Kerry's mistakes the last few weeks

Texas Case Sheds Light on Abu Ghraib Scandal

Very Informative Site--check it out

Strength and Character. . .

Steel Yourselves; Bigger Challenges Ahead

What's the dish about Rove's failed marriage?

Bush: Rock Solid and even Denser; Buck Bush Now

If Kerry is 6-10 points behind in the polls, after the Convention, what ..

Field Guide to Protesters

keep your ears open for the new song from the bush* choir

Bush to sue to stop Swifty ads??

If the media wants a chili burrito with hot sauce....

Jerk in the box

So Bush admits that he made

Herbert: Stand up & say it is wrong to reap pol. gain defacing sacrifice

A question about Bush's Olympic campaign ad.

Time in-country--15 minutes. Send back that Purple Heart?

Can anyone link me to the latest gov/sen polls in Missouri?

Another great question for Bush

100,000s veterans protested Vietnam War

Yet another good meme: Bush's foreign policy is to "Shoot first,

First you win, then you play the game.

Bush Campaign planned and organized the Gainesville SBV Rally

Downloadable side-by-side health care comparison

Do you think the subject of the SW liars for Bush or the

Slate does Edwards in 60 Seconds

State Journal Review (IL) great cartoon RE: Cleland in Crawford

Heinz Kerry, area women connect on comprehensive health care plan

Who Are The Good 527s?? Time To Support Them


How 'bout that Elizabeth Edwards! She's great! Read blog of her FL trip!

1st (media covered) NYC Protest - Right place, wrong image

Anyone else think this campaign season has been way too long?

GOP platform crafted by the fundies

Does anyone know what the

Al French (SBLiar) Suspended

GOP columnist accuses protestors of giving AIDS to GOP conventioneers

Alterman: It’s amazing and a bit disgusting

How are the Swift Boat Ads going to hurt Bush?

chemical masks required

The GOP's abortion-ban plank in their platform is terrorist appeasement.

It Really STINKS To Be Living In a "BLUE STATE"

What IF???----Cheenee Withdraws ("Health") & Shrub Takes McCAIN?

This is not a VIOLENT PROTEST, but members of NYPD portray it as such!

NYT reviews CNN's "Mission of GWB" (documentary MIGHT surprise us)

healthcare; employers says we'll just screw the employees

1 Ranger can deliver many checks

That liar O'Neill's at it again

Why are we being told that Kerry is being hurt by the Swiftlies...

WTF: 1,000 returning Viet Nam vets tell the same story as Kerry and they

What question should the media ask the Republicans next week?

John Kerry Should Do a Half-Hour

RNC Platform Draft: NYT

EXCELLENT Raines on Smart vs Dumbo! MUST READ!

TWO Flip Flops in one story:

You can predict what Zell is going to say at the RNC

Bush said he would give 5 policy speeches on Iraq--1 per week . . .

Abu Grahib, not the first torture scandal for Bush

Protestors already being arrested in NYC

Real Time with Bill Maher Tonight

So Bush wants executive order to give CIA chief duties of NID...

Congrats, bush! Didn't think it could be done. But you did it.

The Bushies seem to be pushing George P. Bush

Pledge your vote...get busy people!

NBC Poll: No change in National race Bush 47 Kerry 45

German video clip from NYC protest (caution nudity)

So, Mrs. IconCat and I have been invited to a Kerry house party.

Terror Warnings for VA hospitals.

Cheney Sticks to Terrorism Issue in Pa. (Commits Petty Thievery)

Resources for Kerry & Bush on the U.S. Supreme Court...

Bush says : campaign for WH "really doesn't seem that ugly to me"...

Seattle Times endorses Kerry for President

Why RINOs matter - Republicans in Name Only

I am going to march in a Parade in Lakewood tomorrow for Kerry.

What are we DOING to win the Battle of the Ballot Box?

dKos on freaking out about polls: For those about to commit suicide:

lick Laura's Bush !

How are the Swift Boat Ads going to hurt Bush? (Read This)

"Just Being Anti-Bush Is Not Enough To Win" by the Communist Party


Does anyone have the Kerry email from earlier this week?

TOP 10 LIST. Mine. How about yours?

Question about the "Truth/Bush" protest sign in NYC yesterday

Yay! They printed my LTTE!!

I have been invited to a RePuke Convention party!!

French suspended for *snicker* lying.

SPECIAL Setup Planned For BUSH At Convention...

For Walt Starr: Something ELSE to look into about *'s TANG service..

" Where is the Shame?"

Did anyone see Oliver North on skates the other night?


"John Kerry gets caught mocking the famous Iowa Jima flag raising"

"the real heroes were the guys who didn't come home"

Bush's Shameless Exploitation of 9/11

Kerry should be attacking like there is no tomorrow---

...Maybe Haldol in the drinking water WOULDN'T be such a bad


Wouldn't it be cool if enemy (Vietnamese) vets stepped up to give thebbir

I hope to hell that Kerry takes this baby boomer benefits issue

Historical facts get fuzzy during campaigns (LOL)

Only thing missing is the search lights?

Bush: 'I am not going to come in second'

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Unveils Plan to Help Middle-Class Families Save

My only real worry about the RNC...

Quick question about John Kerry...

Communist Party Supports Kerry

At What Point Does Kerry Say"Where's Osama" Oct 28th?


Does anyone have a link to the Swift Boat/Bush Connection image?

Why was the coverage of DNC in Boston keyed on how "bad"

Just. Dept. Rebuffs Request for Bush Guard Records - Amatuer Investigates

Kerry wins Electoral College vote 307-231

Sidenote on Attny Benjamin Ginsberg: His connection to Texas redistricting

THANKS, RNC.. from your average New Yorker

Place Your Pre-Convention Bets on Dick "Fyerself" Cheney!

Well todays Rasmussen has Kerry and Bush dea d even again

Overhead pic showing aWol's podium notes

Spotlight on a spinmeister

George Bush's "Bart Simpson" Defense

Was Kerry under fire when he saved THIS man?

NY Police will have a Sound Weapon capable of 150 decibels

Walt Starr's Scoop on the website

"Petey can't help being being Petey" Tampa Trib's Daniel Ruth on Deutsch.

RNC official schedule of events to be held around town ...not at MSG.....

Could someone let me know more about this killer instinct of Kerry's?

Latest Rasmussen tracking Poll: 46-46

Bush flip-flops again

We need to prepare to rip Bush on 911 after he exploits it at the RNC.

Sex and the Single Voter

Wrote a LTTE about BCCI and PNAC to two local

Inspired by a previous post about the Brooklyn Bridge

just a quick question on the likablilty of a candidate..

Bush can't wash his hands of this...

I don't understand

Really Stupid Question: Where Do I Find Kerry & Edwads' Travel Schedule?

Flosser of the Month

I for one am going to enjoy watching the RNC.

when/why was NYC chosen for the RNC?

When it comes time to vote, most Americans will remember

Bu*h's history of prison abuse

isn't it considered criminal or worse to wear medals not earned?

Gee O'Neill's Lawsuit Block off their Server. I'm So Disappointed!!

Will the Republican Convention help us?- YES

I find myself agreeing with the North Koreans on something they said.

Why have things treaded the other way in the polls?

Where is Bill Clinton?

Admiral on Faux this a.m. against Kerry & pro-SBVT????

Is the Swift Boat Liars smear "Nixon's revenge?"

Poll on Swift Boat Ads: Anyone have a link?

GOP Convention in VIOLATION of it's own DOD directive

SW Ohio Bush/Cheney chairman quits in sex scandal

To Micahel Moore: Your next film should be Kerry's testimony uncut in


Who Was The SwiftBoat Vet Who Make These Accusations?

Did what Kerry said happened in Vietnam actually happen?

Bush called SB ads "unamerican" and "unpatriotic"?

The Flip-Flopper in Chief strikes again!

Carlos Santana on Bush:

What do you think Kerry's current strategy is?

Why isn't Edwards making more appearances

Anybody have a link to the official GOP party platform document?

Received this email from co-worker...

after the swiftboat liars fiasco, doesn't kerry now have the right to...

incumbents who didnt have a double digit lead at this point never won

Oh me of little faith!

I challenge you fellow Duers

Rep. Ron Paul on C-SPAN now

I do not believe these polls...

Now they're questioning Kerry's DD214 and IRR Service

Key Midwest swing states are leaning towards Bush (LA Times)

Interesting 527 Information

People will not vote for candidates with "character" flaws....

Go to for some great articles and news

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer liberal echo chamber project

Could someone let me know more about this killer instinct of Kerry's?

Depressed? Write a check

Why aren't Democratic vets calling * the lying coward he is?

High School kids in Sarasota support Kerry

I eagerly await September 14th

A draft McCain during convention.......

So...Can/Will John Kerry sue SBVT...?

Florida Senate: Betty Castor strongest Dem candidate

You'd think ALL JK talked about at the DNC was his war record

Must Read: "The Curse of Dick Cheney"--he's a jinx!

Help me with a link

Woodruff: Didn't Kerry bring this all on himself by making it a big part

New Poll: Minnesota Kerry 48% Bush 44%

John O'Neill And Chris Matthews On Bill Maher Show Tonight

Saudis own CNN. Saudis will stop a Kerry win. CNN will stop a Kerry win.

Jackie Robinson vs. the Swift Boat Liars

Kerry Press Release: Bush uses aid to help banks & block college access

"Is it smart for the president to show a little vulnerability?"

CNN just showed great new DNC ad, "Broken Record!" Click below, to see it.

CNN is in full whore mode now

Great stuff on the NY Times Opinion page today.

Kerry's got it in the's how...

Final Dean Dozen for 2004

some of you are like nervous day traders watching stock is this simple!!!

Wish you were here? Internet view of NYC

Arrests last night at protest in NYC.

James Carville is fucking hilarious

Analyses: Ads' harm fleeting

I think the Kerry camp will return to hitting Bush's absence from duty.

picking up the kids on 9/11

AP: GOP Urge Bush to Turn Attention From Iraq

Kerry team relentless in focus on budget deficit

GOP itchin' for a Mike fight--Michael Moore @ RNC!

What is going on with Walt's Work...? Would appreciate an update...

The "FACE OF EVIL" is on C-SPAN 1 right now........

New documentary about Kerry and his "Brothers in Arms" opens in NY

Who the hell is Retired Rear Adm. William L. Schachte Jr. ?

Kerry has Noting To loose, and All to Gain by escalating Swift-Response.

Ginsberg 8-7-04 criticized Ickes and Richardson for Dual Roles 527's

Michael Moore's letter (excerpt) read on Wolf Blitzer. Why don't they

Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth...!

So Swift Boat Scumbag Al French is a lying adulterer, too?

It's the approval ratings, not the polls

John Kerry tried a corn dog yesterday.

Check out the guy on CNN..."EARPIECE ALERT"

Electoral College may be in glare again

Deserters for truth

Challenger polls well, but small swing could change it all

Norwegian anti-Bush site wants full page ad in Washington Post

Wolf Blitzer Asks If Its "FAIR" To Attack Bush's Vietnam Service!!!

Historic Look: What were the polls saying about previous challengers

Tort Reform = Upcoming Attacks on Edwards

Two major bookstore chains hosting bigot from swiftboatvets

Letter from Oregon State Bar regarding Swiftliar French..

VFW and Veteran's Groups Links

Critics of prosecutor in ad go to state bar

Black Vets Say Swift Boat Ads Are Suspect

So how many of the SBVL have been caught with the cookies?

Adm Schacte still claiming he was in whale boat

Chimpy 4 point lead in Wisconsin? 5 point lead in Ohio?

the real losers from the SWVFT fiasco: the press

Chicago SunTimes article has been pulled

What will be the next Bush attack ad?

Bush needs to APOLOGIZE to Kerry for Swift Boat lies.......

LOL: Kerry needs to pounce on this "miscalculations" stunt

Poll: 81% of NYers Support Protests

Wolfie now talking about dumbya's TANG questions.

Here's a group of protestors who present a real danger

Come on folks! We can win this thing if you...

How many 1st time/returning voters do you know that will voting 11/2?

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is GOOD.

Ever notice Kerry's life is like one big Oliver Stone movie?

Cabbies Against Bush

Buzz: "Former Gov. barnes says he helped W into TANG!"

For Those About to Rock... (essay on the coming NYC protests)

Former TX Lt. Gov. Barnes on Video

Greenspan: keep working to fund Bush's war and tax cuts

Another critical Bush "Public Space-Out "

Prominent Republican Wife Does Cheesecake Photos-Click

Does anyone else think

NBC Nightly news does yet another rehash of the Swiftliars

Navy Corrects Kerry Discharge Certificate


JK-Flip/Flop Response from Countdown last night (video clip)

Yes! Jeff Seemann makes final Dean Dozen!

How was Kerry's stop at the Daily Show?

Am I hallucinating? Wolfie is actually addressing

I'm seeing something encouraging

Swift Boat Vet: Thurlow too distracted to notice gunfire:

God I hate it when Lou Dobbs is on vacation!

Wolf Blitzecrig is now going to sing the praises of the bump in polls for

Even if Bush and Kerry Have the Same Position on Iraq

Presidential Prayer Team: "Pray for him as he prepares for the convention"

GOP nervous, wants Swift boats story and Iraq to go away

Can't Stand To Watch Upcoming Lisa Myers Bit On Tweety

Michael Moore releases Open Letter to President Bush

DNC: Petition to Stop the Smear...!

Write Your Own Country-Western Song for the RNC Convention!!!

I extend my best wishes to all DUers heading to NYC next week

Let Me Get This Najif Story Correct

Schackne exposed as lying Repuke on Hardball, despite Lisa Myers

"We in the media ought not be afraid to say SBV a pack of liars"

The Hollow Men, or, So We'll Go No More A Rove-Ing

Very interesting * quote in AP this morning

Number who say Kerry didn't earn medals DROPPING LIKE A ROCK

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! - TalkingPointsMemo - Shrub's TANG fixer, etc

We can't afford four more years of Bush

Fight over Keyes on Illinois ballot?

MoveOn.Org's excellent new ad

Live coverage of the Critical Mass bicycle action in NYC

How can you possibly respond to crap like this??

Time for Tweet (Hardball)

Can someone make a flier of the Bush medal story?

Do the right thing. Send Blitzer an e-mail.

Has a Repub convention ever been converged on by demonstrators

ALERT: Help advance Walt Starr's story today!!

CBS News: Spy in the Pentegon was trading secret documents to ..

Met a freeper at the gas station today…

If, a huge crowd broke thru police lines and started protesting

An American Coward From The Great State Of Texas...

Poverty Numbers Don't Help Kerry

Somersby has the Swifties' number, why doesn't the press?

Moveon New Ad: 10 Weeks, Don't Get Mad - Get Even. Watch here:

John Kerry a True American Hero

Letter to Kansas City Star supporting Bush

Senior Citizen Vote Could be Critical to US Presidential Election

"Bush Rising" - BWAHAHA!!!

Bush courts Veteran votes er uhm, I mean Terrorists target Vet Hospitals

Polls say this election will be close. How in the F**k is that possible?

Bush shuns Hollywood, opts for "wholesome" country acts at convention

The Smear Against Kerry Will Backfire. Kerry Has Handled This Perfectly.

TIN FOIL HAT: Bizarre (But Very Possible) Election Day Scenarios

New York Under Seige as CRAWFORD COWARD Demands Armed Fortress

So if Shrubya gets a 2% bounce, will Judy Woodruff say...

Kerry up 53-42 in Maryland

I hate to reley on polls, but the media is making them look like

Bush DUI arrest record yet AGAIN his BIRTHDATE is wrong!

It's over folks

Terrorist attack most likely under Bush or Kerry ??

WHEN the #%^$%@ is the ribbon story going to hit the nightly news?

The perfect attack against the Righties. Bush is "out of touch"

The Truth About Protester Scare Stories

Hardball: Ron Reagan call Swift Boaters a pack of liars...

Strong evidence of a Swift Boat backlash

Moveonpac releases first 10 weeks ad. "Don't get mad get even!" Terrific!

Nobody who voted for Gore in 2000 will change their vote to Bush in 2004.

General Clark will be appearing on CNN’s “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer”

Question: Is Bush's dog the same breed as FDR's was?

Why the military especially the active military leans GOP.

Iraqi footballers' fury at Bush

What is the worst thing that's happened to you under Bush?

Wife of Dead Swift Boat Commander with Kerry, Against SBVT - READ NOW!!!

TPM has link to Ben Barnes apologizing for getting Bush into TANG

Former Bush Voters Star in New MoveOn Ad Campaign during RNC!

Now I'm really depressed about Kerry's chances

GOP Convention in VIOLATION of it's own DOD Directive issued 8/02/04

I'm Pissed and Angry at All DU & Kerry Campaign "SVet, No Problem" Idiots