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Archives: August 25, 2004

Edwards Buries the Hatchet


The reinvented, more youthful al-Qaeda

Salon: Ghost war (includes testimony of atrocities committed)

The Beginning of History

SD UT Shrinking coverage stings those on individual plans

Oil's slippery slope

Not So Swift Coverage - Alterman

Salon: When Republicans attack

The Bush Team in Iraq - Moral Cowardice, as Practiced by Experts

The Real Deal: How a Philosophy Professor With a Checkered Past ...

US To Attack N Korea At End of October?

RNC mobnet via Free Speech TV, very cool

Calling on Frontline and 60 Minutes!

Air America comes to San Diego!!

How the 'Washington Post' Promoted a War -- Part II, Editor & Publisher

Fired For Sending E-mail

Spain to Legalise Contracted Immigrants

Could cash kill Tibetan Buddhism?

Burning Bush - SA

Typhoon Aere arrives with a wallop - TW

North Korean phone system being blocked....

Riding an ambulance through bloodied Baghdad

Gun control - Colonial American style...

Why weren't the "Laura Bush is a prostitue" threads moved to the Lounge?

Why did I lose my star?

Naderites pledging their votes for him--alertable?

request for consideration

No problem with torture

Last of 11 counties win recertification for electronic voting in November

Have you seen more Bush or Kerry voter registration tables

OK LA ..... let's get BUSY!

If Kerry loses California, who shall we hang?

Why no yard signs or promotion? Kerry's losing ground in California

Local Gas Station displays Bush/Cheney lawn signs

Wow-John Kerry is going to be in Green Bay tomorrow for a meet-up

Kerry will be at rally in Tacoma this Saturday (Aug. 28)!!

Is your Gaydar on? Does it really work?

Would it be that wrong to have ONE Kerry ad

WOO HOO! Beach volleyball is on tonight!

If Kerry hadn't protested the war when

Oh Crap! Dave Matthews Band sued for alleged dumping

Majority Report tonight...

dupe, please delete.

Things you have to believe to be a Republican

Janeane Garofalo is on CNBC

Meridian Research: Who are these a**holes?

Kerry looking spiffy on The Daily Show (two pics)

The Political Compass

Michael Moore-Making plans for the fall adventure!

Political Ads Hit Home-August 24, 2004

Forget NY...We should be protesting for paper ballots!!!

Why Is "Unfit For Command" Selling Out?

For everyone that wants to hear VetWife go to

Very quickly my DU friends, help me out with this...

nightmare thought

Do you feel the human potential movement of the 70s/80s

Moore's "Dude, Where's my Country?"

For everyone that wants to hear VetWife go to

Merrie Spaeth on Scarborough Country coming up...

Likely Al-Qeda networked Chechnyan attack?

Bush's Anti-union Record

A real progressive runs for office in Staten Island

Secretary Veneman Tours Agriculture Areas Hit By Hurricane...

Unconfirmed ... Foreigners bought $12,000 of ammo from

527's raise important issues concerning the conduct of campaigns (long)

Double TU-134/TU-154 crashes discussed on Olberman.

We are all misunderstood.

Any Bush--Law Enforcement links?

Plame leak: Was it Libby? And why no Swift Media Outrage?

John Stewart leaving daily show?

Bit on Jon Stewart on NewNight, with Aaron whatsisname.....

Cheney Breaks from Bush* on Gay Marriage Amendment!

Kerry Does "The Daily Show."

Malloy has a FREEPER by the tail...

Let's hope Darby has been able to speak with this guy....

Rueters: Russian Plane Crashes, Another Missing

The REAL Winter Soldier story, how they did indeed committ crimes that

Ive heard somewhere that the Iraqi military desertion rate is somewhere ..


If Kerry dissed Vets 1971, why does Bush blame them today for Abu Ghraib?

when repugs say "well didnt a guy work for kerry?" who

Did Cheney ever say he supports a Marriage Amendment to

OMG!!!! Diebold's Election Software Uses An Access Database

LOL - Drudge caught red handed

US To Attack N Korea At The End of October?

That Flavia Cogan does a great job

Katherine Harris and cousins trying for a stranglehold on Fla politics.


Kerry does ``The Daily Show' Part Deux

Media SO asleep at the wheel - point from A Brown CNN tonight


Aaron Brown showed Swift Boat clip from "fake" Daily Show

A e-mail from my mother....

WaPo! Bush tries to put Press on junk Airplane, Pilot had license revoked

Charley Leaves 31,000 Destroyed Or Uninhabitable Homes

Will YOU Watch Coverage of the RNC?

talk about DUMB! These people need some edumacation in FACTS

Hey, has anyone collected the $10,000 "Doonesbury Prize"?

Pushing Religion at Work - How I hate it...

Bob Perry (swiftboat funder) and The Council for National Policy

DUers are bloodhounds.

Check out Freeper "Doug From Upland's" car. BWAAAAAA

Iraq is Slooowly going down the memory hole....

August 25. 60 years ago PARIS LIBERATED

A Drive through Oklahoma with a Kerry shirt on....

OK - Tinhats - Let's here about this.....

Conjecture: SS plants bomb at GOP convention and explodes it

Tom DeLay hammered at his own reception! (Twice in one night!)

Kudos to VetWife and her one hour interview today on

Hey, take a look at this video of a drunken GW Bush

Angry Republicans listen up! John Kerry is a HERO for ending that war!!!

Al Franken,Janeane Garofalo & MoveOn dvds: 'Bush in 30 Seconds' 'Outfoxed'

The reason Kerry said Bush won the debate against Al Gore.

Professors fired after refusal to inflate grades

BBV: An inside report on our demonstration to California Secy of State

Well, well - whodathunk it? - has arrived!

Gay icon Freddie breaks free in Iran

Pinochet funds cache expands

Russia to Train Iraqi Civilian Personnel (Putin in Sochi today)

On Cable, a Fog of Words About Kerry's War Record -NYT

Mutilated to supply human flesh ( AIDS orphans in Africa)

Iraq Torture "FOR FUN"......

NYC Could Lose $309 Million from Republican Convention

Bomb explodes at Russian station

From ludicrous to lethal, the government has lots of secrets

Report: Russian Jet Sent Hijack Signal

CNN- Bush Campaign Lawyer Adviser for Swift Boat Vets. Group!

US To Attack N Korea At The End of October?

'Jihad' magazine for women on web (BBC)

The Protesters are Coming!

Wreckage of Secon Russian Plane Found

Democrats hope the dispossessed of smalltown USA will make Bush pay

Police use teargas at Masai rally

Jeb Bush to Skip Republican Convention

Kerry's Dueling Promises on Economy

Idris (self confessed Bali bomber) in clear on Bali, and laughing

Zogby: Kerry increases electoral lead.

Neither *bush nor Kerry understand women according to surveys.

NYC Could Lose $309 Million from Republican Convention

NYT: A Trail Leads to Rumsfeld

Bush Campaign Lawyer Is Advising Swift Boat Group

WP: Vietnam Issue Cuts Both Ways

'Resistance Organising, Restrains Zargaqi'--Jordan Times/ New WMW

Cong. Schrock 'stonewalls' media in responding to 'outing' report

Inside the Imam Ali shrine, as U.S. closes in (7 Yr-Old girl: "I'm Army")

Organized Labor Will Monitor Polls

Nader hired conservative firm to help him gather ballot signatures

North Korean phone system blocked.

Rueters: Russian Plane Sent Hijack Alert

Threat of Jailing Is Lifted With Reporter's Testimony - NYT

US Warplanes Violate Iran's Airspace

Seriously, Kerry picks 'Daily Show' (annoys old line)

Fallout for Judith Miller in Tuesday's Matthew Cooper Move? (Plame)

962 Americans have died in Iraq

Attorney Works for Bush, Anti-Kerry Group (Another One!)

Not enough for Bush to muffle the press, now he wants to kill them

What CD do you own that ZenLefty also owns?

I think this is funny

The height of cuteness (no pics, unfortunately)

When and where is the stewart show w/ JK coming on?

Orval Cartoon From the Ark. Times (liberal paper)

I just got another idea for Picture/Song


ZombyPoll #Umpteen Part 2: Your Favorite Punctuation Mark?

The Mounties Always Get Their Man...And Beer

What city where the gang from Three's company supposed to live in?

Try this: Ctrl+Alt+F6!

Anyone else HATE those McDonalds "Chicken Selects" ads?

Favorite White Zombie Album

Will Pitt is a sadistic bastard...

I’ve always thought of hangovers as...

I think i have SIDS!

Something may be coming. In fact, I guarentee it (Thread Three)

First person to post wins

If your going to bitch in ask the Administrators thread


You know, I've heard of rubber duck races...



Which would you get for your car?

Cat adorers: Does anyone use the Litter Locker?

DU this poll

Beer in aluminum bottles on the way - keeps cold for an hour longer

3,000 posts! YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Power Point Question...a little help please.

Posted in GD earlier but if you didn't see DRUNK Bush it is..

Most Hysterically Funny PowerPoint ever (thanks to

I wonder if it hurts to be a dog with so much love to give

I bet freepers are celebrating what Kerry said on the daily show about

Steeler fan waiting for smack from Eagles fans.

Women's Volleyball Just Took The Gold!

Nostalgic DU members Do you remember this commercial?

Tommy Skilling is amazing

Have You Ever Shared Chewed Gum?

Bath time (extreme cuteness warning)

The only online personality test you'll ever need.

I'm gonna phone bank for Kerry this week! Ask me anything!

The dirty DU link

BBC (Tuesday): Japan to deport Bobby Fischer

"Hello, Steve? This is Evie Harris. You rammed into me this afternoon...

I just fucking lost it in LBN.

Daily Show time!

Top mountain climber dies trying to rescue cat from tree

Posting while stoned/drunk or otherwise high

We Are Trapper Keeper (South Park)

"Hello,Jeb? This is Katherine Harris.You rammed into me this afternoon..."

Got AAR In My Car- Life Is Good

Any Synchronized Swimming fans here?

Funny story about Tasers

Two-legged dog takes life in stride

What the HELL?! Do you people not know what day it is?

Let someone else tell you something about your city

Is The Joshua Tree a single tree or a type of tree?

Two freepers walk into a package store.

The Nightmare is Over

Why politicians should listen to kids more....

Ladies, would you flash your breasts

Number of registered users

What is juju?

I saw a Bush/Cheney sticker today on a Prius!

I have been around the world

I just paid my bills and made my donations tonight

going to make a CD for my election night party

So a dog with a cowboy hat, a gun, and a missing foot walks into a bar.

Hey, nice camel toe

What song would make you most likely to get a speeding ticket?

Gentlemen, would you flash your breasts

Who is your all time favorite for representing the olympic spirit

email saying my brother is dying from in-laws

I made a delicious dinner.......shrimp and Scallop curry

Any tea drinker here?

I put a spell on you (because you're mine!)

WOO HOO! Beach volleyball is on tonight!

Ever get an unidentified song stuck in your head?

The thread in which we say only nice things about ducks

Why Don't I Care About the Olympics This Year-Do You?

Ya Know What's Really Cool About The Olympic Coverage On TV?

DU Teachers/Profs: How do you keep your partisanship in check in class

More old TV commercial nostalgia.

When did jockstraps go out of style?

Okay, slam me if you will but....

I Do NOT Enjoy Watching Gymnastics

Another new boyfriend

OK DUers who can't get to NYC - Give me your message for my protest shirt!

Sadly, you need this.

The Onion parodies the Republican National Convention

You can congratulation me now!!! DU Fantasy Football Champion!!!

NBC Olympic coverage just plain sucks

How many times a day do you have to clean up after your goddam cat?

RW Christian idiot causes accident that probably totaled my truck. Grrrr

Do you ever have those days...

Favorite Pink Floyd album?

Who the Hell is going to watch 'JOEY' on NBC?

Fried Tomatoes

Photo of anti-ad vet from Telluride, CO

Joe Trippi joins Granny D's campaign

Just as "Cheney" = Fuck you

Kerry does ``The Daily Show'

Bush: I Will Not Rest Until I Have Hunted Down Osama Bin Laden's Chauffeur

Did John Kerry Commit "Treason?"

Bush is a tyrant that puts Hitler into the shade and his group of such ...


What we have learned today

Two pics of John Kerry on the The Daily Show tonight.

For all those on the tweety bandwagon right now....

George W. Bush's Illegitimate Son: The Coverup of a Lifetime

Will is this it: Attorney Works for Bush, Anti-Kerry Group

Bumpersticker Report: Suddenly about 1,000 Shrub/Cheney stickers

Just got back from a Gators for Kerry meeting!!

What does Bush have planned for the RNC?

New anti-Kerry documentary coming out

Truth about Vietnam/kerry...awesome read

Pitt & I will be right back--Godot

Text of Kerry Speech at Cooper Union, NYC

*SNICKER* Alice Cooper is the new rwingnutz hero!

Bush campaign lawyer also advising Swift Boat group

Olbermann showed one of the new moveon ads

Good news in Oregon

HILARIOUS Ldotter post!!!

Something may be coming. In fact, I guarentee it (Thread Three)

So Laura's A Hooker?

FEC Chairman defends Swiftliars

Clarification on Purple Heart Qualifications/Slate

What About Kerry's Battles To Get Health Care For Agent Orange Suffering?

aol headline "Poll #'s might mislead" goes to "Kerry holds fragile lead"

Don't forget Kerry on the Daily Show!

Leave Barney alone!!!

Anita Hill coming up on Deborah Norville

folks...jenna/babs jr laura and yes even barney

If Kerry wins 3 of these 11 states, Bush is TOAST

none of the swiftboat vets served with kerry right?

Colmes catches O'Niell in a lie about Cambodia

Colmes just mentioned the Lawyer that is advising both the swift boat vets

E.J. Dionne, Jr. on the Swift Boat Liars (Excellent question about McCain)

Do you know when an ad or individual has "crossed the line" ?

harvard mbs weenies for truth

Large list of national articles attacking "Swift Boat Vterans for Truth"

JEB stays home -wont attend bro's RNC convention -Whazzup

Something's Coming/Plame Thread Fatigue

Oh yay, oh yay, Da Canucks jump into the Election Fray of the USA

Cambodia: All You Need To Know About John Kerry

962 Americans have died in Iraq

Medals Don't lie...LTE awesome

SPOILER: A sneak peek of Kerry on The Daily Show

So. McCain hasn't asked the Kerry Camp to pull ads in which he's featured

We weren't "supposed" to be in certain places during Desert Storm, either,

A tricky question re: Kerry's "atrocities"

Liberal Pundits and Swift Boat Liars Question

Serious Question: What Happened Since the Summer of 2003?

Question for DUers, re: NYC activities

Drudge on O'Neill lying about Cambodia story - *crickets*

My debunking against the claim that Kerry has been caught lying by sbvt

WWII Vet Attacked by Bush Supporter

Kerry on RIGHT NOW!

Swift Jerk supporters reason O'Neill's Lies in a weird way

Why not ask..."Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"

My little bumper sticker story

O'Neill Now Proven As World Class Liar. What Now With His Vets?

Another lie unravels . . .

Hardball: Hillary in charge of "Truth Squad during RNC"

About the O'Neill LIE regarding Cambodia. This is rich (link).

The Great American Lock down- Bush Brigade to take New York

Meme: Swift Boat Dirtbags are "hurting" Kerry. WRONG

Is the Laura Bush prostitution phenomenon sexist?

AP: Lawyer Advises Bush and Anti-Kerry Group

toon rips Bushco... bigtime!

Only a Republican could possibly believe....

Kerry's Veterans Keep Coming Forward!

Merrie Spaeth on Scarborough Country coming up...

Why do we keep hearing "something's going to happen" and

BANG! Bush Campaign Lawyer Tied to Group's Anti-Kerry Ads

DUers: How can we best present Kerry's plan to make America stronger?

Freepers now screaming that CNN is just propaganda..again!

A Question

Kerry on TDS: "Bush won all the debates." He sure did, and he will again,

Now, this poll is currently a JOKE!

30+ years later Vietnam is still being fought from the political sidelines

GOP Platform On Gays/Abortion/Stem Cell Research Will Split The Party

Hey Everybody- We've Survived The SBV Hit- And We Are

Dick Cheney's Gift to Democrats: the Death of a Wedge Issue

According To The History Of Incumbents...This Bush Is Screwed

A Pot conviction will deny you Student Aid, but you can still...

John McCain's position on 527's...

I Love!! 10 ads that will crush *

Poetic justice: Mehlman invokes Kevin Bacon on Meet The Press...

Malkin: "underhanded Lefty tactics" and a "journalistic dumpster diver"

i recieved my Kerry gear today

Kerry on The Daily Show: "Bush is a great debater, he beat Al Gore and

The 'Kerry on The Daily Show' Thread

So, how many Big Bombshells are we waiting on now?

Shame is a weapon.

Ben Ginsberg: "Chief outside council" for Bush campaign

Anti-Gay Congressman to be Outed before GOP Convention?

Are You Going To Watch The Convention With Or Without Commentary?

brother Jeb not going to the party... is he mad at georgie???

O'Neill, Caught On Tape, Tells Nixon He Was In Cambodia

Swift boat ads push GOP veteran into Kerry camp

Iraqgate, Plamegate, Torturegate, Smeargate

Jeb Bush is not going to the GOP Convention because:

Where are these new Zogby results?(VA, AZ, NC, CO)

Why Protesting the GOP Convention Is Not A Good Idea (Rude Pundit)

After awhile ,Ralph, it's either mental sickness or money.........

Where is it I can find the scriptures that the right wing cherry picks?

HOLY CRAP I scooped a REAL bombshell

Forget the RNC. The next important day is 9/3/04 - New Job Figures - IMHO

Bush Cronies Deny Kerry and McCain Smears

Are the Swifties a creature from the FreeRepublic? 2/17/2004 Thread...

DU this poll

First reminder: Truthout will be covering the Republican Convention

CNN is reporting the O'Neill Cambodia Story Right NOW!!!

Please Explain O'Neill-Cambodia Lie

The Nightmare is Over

Our new Iraqi colony: William Blum

Tales of Big Brother, the FBI's efforts to intimidate protesters

Phila. Inquirer Editorial today: Swift Boat Politics

Boston Globe / Robert Kuttner: Now, smearing the trial lawyers

Pentagon doesn't get it: Buck stops higher up - USATODAY

An About-Face on America

Swift Boat Veterans Continue to Sail a Ship of Lies

Morrison - Pricey War for Grunts' Families

Swift Boat Veterans Continue to Sail a Ship of Lies

This Will Pitt article should be mandatory reading!

Swift Boats and the Texas Nexus

NYT Editorial: New Hope for the Hubble

Swift Boat Smears Become the Titanic

Swiftboad lies remind us of other truths (Oregonian - Sarashohn)

Bob Dole's ugly partisanship

What is so Radical about Iraq's Rebel Cleric?

Let Bush Be Himself (Brilliant satire)

L.A. Magazine: The Hush-Hush Deal That Made Arnold Governor

Unlike the elections in Venezuela: Florida's voting system

Chavez's New Brand of Populism

The Neocon Civil War

Enron & Friends #47

Troopers' visits chill black vote in Florida

Joe Conason (NY Observer): Assault on Kerry dishonors G.O.P.

Made in Iraq: the new antiwar veteran (Robert J. Lifton, excellent piece)

Presto, a Better Jobs Picture (from the GOP's Heritage Foundation)

Smear Effort Not The Most Swift Of Ideas on Iraqi soccer fans at the Olympics (Must Read!)

Karaoke Night in George Bush's America

Ben Shapiro to John Kerry: "put up or shut the hell up"

Molly Ivins; "Anyone who held violent opinions could always be trusted,"

Swift-Boat-Veterans-for-the-Truth-Gate: The File, 25 Aug. 2004

"The Old Lie," by Plaid Adder

Hunters, anglers: Beware of the GOP (by a republican)

CounterBias: The Thin Skin of Conservatives

America’s false profits -- firms are not as healthy as you might suppose "And you thought his first term was a nightmare"

The C.I.A. & The Muslim BrotherhoodHow the CIA set the stage for Sept11

Jobs for young people to GOTV

Art in spirit of protest meets RNC

Information resource for RNC protests



Those in West Michigan....

What kind of digital recorder is good for

Texas Truth Convention

Aug 30 Time Magazine Iraq Articles - Read, read, read...

personal, negative, pushing boundaries of political discourse ads are OK

MSNBC back to their old tricks

Ed Schultz Radio ROCKS!

Did Kerry waste an opportunity

John Kerry on TDSWJS - video & mp3 here for those who missed it

Looking for suggesions on what to buy along with 911 video at

Saudi Arabia: ALL jobs done by foreign workers?

Durable Goods Orders Up; Homes Sales Down

Skilled labor: A troubling article

Wealth Total of World + Darfur starvation: eno. $ to help them?

Brazilian Police Seize 1,300 Pounds Of Black Market Uranium Ore

Slate: "The Paradox at the Pump"

Wonders Never Cease - NPR Story On Peak Oil With Pickens, Deffeyes

Bush Puts the West (Wildlife habitats) on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling

Ford Battles Hybrid-Friendly Legislation in California

World Bank Loans Brazil $1.2B For Environment - Not What You Think It Is

Consumption Warnings Out For Fish In 1/3 Of America's Lakes, 1/4 Of Rivers

Freakishly Wet Summer Flattens UK Agriculture - Wheat Harvest Halved

Reuters: Oil Down Nears $43, Gasoline Prices Slide

Need environmental website source

Phonons in High Temperature Superconductors

Whale Trapped Inside Nova Scotia Tidal Power Plant (?!?!)

Let 'ROC' die with Chiang's cronies

Human Right Watch: Prison Abuse Panel Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Pricey War for Grunts' Families

Alan Keyes Advocates Machine Gun ownership (Sun Times)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 25, 2004

Should gun control candidates be more pragmatic in this election?

UZI Triangle LOL

The stats from the CDC

Guns have only one use?

Hi Skinner

Occasionally I like to thank you guys for the great job you do!

I tried five times to make a post

Forum suggestion - Media Action Forum

Made donation this past weekend

Another deletion question

problem donating

Gunmen open fire on deputy PA intelligence chief in Gaza

Windsurfer Friedman wins Israel's first ever Olympic gold

Something odd about the plane crashes in Russia today

Keyes will be at Last Fling, Naperville, Labor Day weekend

Many legislative races decided; GOP will keep majority

Linda Ronstadt performs at Boxer reception Aug. 28th- Encino, CA

Why Can't Mitt Spend Some Quality Time In Mass?

Minnesota DUer's - good home needed for a Husky

MN or SD?

Mongo is everywhere

Buckeyes: What's Up with These "Support Our Troops" Signs?

Come Protest the Bush Rally in Wheeling WV, Sun 8/29

Come Protest the Bush Rally in Wheeling WV, Sun 8/29

Williamson County for Kerry/Edwards Meetup

Tax Officer Suspended

AISD Bond Election: NO on 5!

Dallas for Kerry/Edwards . Republicans for Kerry !!

Cascadian is back!

none of the swiftboat vets served with kerry right?

Colmes catches O'Niell in a lie about Cambodia

Women's Volleyball Just Took The Gold!

My debunking against the claim that Kerry has been caught lying by sbvt

Meme: Swift Boat Dirtbags are "hurting" Kerry. WRONG

Let's not let the neocons get on the right side of the russian terrorism,,

CNN Masked the replay of Oneil's Waterloo with "breaking News"

I called the 800#

Could the Russian hijackers been trying to hit Olympics?

A caution to all campaign ad developers (especially the RNC):

don't pay any attention to this... trying something new

Howard is on C-Span. !!!

Worst case scenario: Could electronic voting cost Kerry your state

Anyone care? WaPo: Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib

New Flashback ~ Political snafu in S. Carolina as 21 polls fail to open

F911 is propaganda as GWB is a war president!

You have got to love Ray Taliaferro. Anybody listening to him now?

Guardian writers abused by freepers

AUGH!!! "i dont care why Kerry voted against spending more money on..

We took the chance that 527's could be used to

new campaign slogans - penny for your thoughts

"... a contemporary American phenomenon, ...

Bush may not be intelligent in the normal sense,but he has an

FEC will not make any decisions before the elections

Gunner Palace

so, I'm ordering some office supplies at work...

SBVFT Disavow Florida Political Flyer / Documents prove otherwise

Remembering: Bush Responsible for what went into SOTU address Jan 2003

Did the U.S. Commit War Crimes in Vietnam?

Degrading Treatment / Strip Searches in US jails (DN!)

NY Daily News quotes Jenna to actress: "My daddy's the President" LOL!

Damn! Here is some SBV dirt courtesy of the NY DAILY NEWS!

More "proof" of a Kerry victory?

Paul Krugman: "The Rambo Coalition"


Supurb Interview Sen Kerry.....Daily Show

Guardian: "The protesters are coming..."

WP op-ed: "How to Heal Health Care" by Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton

Explaining the 87 Billion Thing (It Works)

Plaid Adder, John Cory, my hat's off to you!

SBVT and Dole: Atrocities are okay

O' Neill - what month did he take over Kerry's Swift Boat-need info

Remember folks, ...."9-11 changed EVERYTHING"...

~"A Kerry campaign official admits-1st purple heart-self inflicted"??

Jon Stewred with Kerry on now

New Bu*h quote

BBV Question: Votronic Machines

Paul/Paula Revere's new cry: "The Republicans are coming!"

Bill Moyers "Something to get mad about" speech with link

Prior to GOP Convention Hastert Pisses off New York--Very Stupid

DU this poll - SF Gate

Those crack pollsters at CNN are at it again...

Planes crash in Russia....terrorists?

Discovery Channel tonight

The Greeks Speak: ""He is a warmonger and we don't want him here."

Could someone please fill me in on what WIllPitt's big secret was yesterda

NYC: Take a Republican to Lunch!

Swift Boat Link to Bush = New Terror Threat

Need Help

Thank you, DUers, for being such a good source of info

Overtime question?

Rob Reiner Kerry ad link??


Is Barack Obama's Family Muslim?

piscopo vs. der gropenenator

Freepers would like to see protesters "treated like animals"

Nothing on Regarding Bush's "Ginsberg"

What's the most egregious act by a "journalist"...

12 out of 15 smart students prefer Democrats!

Oh It Is So Regretable......Terry Holt Bush Camp....

What's with MSNBC?

Anti-Kerry media meme "Kerry just wants this to end" EVISCERATED

Nazi tactics, Conservative tactics

Bush's father foresaw costs of Iraq war

Kerry's appearance on The Daily Show was inspiring

My email and the bs response from the Oregon DA office

John O'Neil lied about being in Cambodia?

John Edwards - Cases he's litigated (FYI)

Why Isn't The Media Claiming * Is Allowing JK To Define Him Via SBV?

On CNN now, Wolfie is talking about NeoCons

Bush/campaign responds to Rassman and Cleland

Democrats On Top In U.S. Congressional Contest

Why haven't I seen anything here about Cheney distancing himself

WP Dana Milbank Claims Bush LITERALLY Trying To KILL THE PRESS CORPS!!

US Service Members killed in Iraq exceed 1000

A little satire I wrote: I think this says it all about the Bush campaign.

Are our automotive companies destined for the scrapheap?

Interesting contrast - Russian planes & Ohio's Put-in-Bay

Okay, I received this stupid email

NY Mayor Will Cave on Rally Permit

A passionate defense of Michael Moore

What is the message Bush is giving our troops????

Air America &

Do we have any paperwork related to Shrub's DWIs?

Oil, Oil, Oil bloody Oil - the barons are fighting

Plame Rumors (Kos, Monday)

I have to call Al. Please give me the number to call.

Does anyone have the email address to actually ask a question

James Patterson.....Another Puppet

10,000 Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Brevard

Kerry reiterates call for Rumsfeld to resign- is pretty much being ignored

They (RWers) read the articles, but they just don't grasp the meaning.

Army releases Abu Ghraib report; FOX is busy with Russia planes

Smearboat Contributors

Control Room...

Mr.Bush, can you explain how you can put young men and women

Primetime is coming... What exactly is going on over at FOXNews?

Is this of interest to anybody? (Found while searching McIntosh Co.)

Urgent: Go watch 'Hijacking Catastrophe' - It's so beautiful

imagine what it must be like to be Cheney's gay daughter.

Bush should get a bounce after the GOP convention.

Wow! How the tide has turned!

Is there Kerry Connection to 527 legal Bob Bower and Joeseph Sandler????

We should be concentrating

Attention: Freepers and Trolls

Wow, this photo says a lot

Shrubya snubs Cleland...

9/11 and wargames?

"political stunt" = Cleland letter

CNN - McClellan getting beat up on by press re: Cleland, Ginsberg


ROFLMAO...Do you know Perry?

CNN...NOW! Cleland is at the ranch!!! n/t

Roger Hedgecock: "John Kerry Coined the Term 'Baby Killer'"

"W" stands for Women


when you thought this couldnt get any better - it does! go max!

POLL: what is * thinking right now

Pissed !? Want to kick a scuzzball Freep-type?

CNN Judy Wooddruff...Does She Make You.......

Oil Prices Fall Nearly $2 a Barrel ($43.47bbl)

Randi reading from "Sisters". Lynne Cheney's dirty book.

Ever see the film of Bush Sr. being rescued by the sub crew?

Why I love Tucker Carlson!

Bill O'Reilly told the truth! There is a Paris Business Review!!!

U.S. Prestige around the world....

Fun new thing to call the chimp, the Coward of Crawford.

I am glad I took my message to Texas yesterday !

Uniter, not a Divider and John Mellencamp

Today, Comcast in Chicago = Republican pulpit

DU vets.. Were there pictures taken of you or BY you in the military?

Avg Rating: 4.09, 193 votes - Your Rating: 5

From a cousin living in Europe,

Today’s scripture reading is on being a uniter not a divider

DU this poll

Who's that terrific silver haired fellow on Crossfire tonight?

Cleland "losing it"?

Latest National Polls:

put a Kerry Bprstkr on the front bumper also double

Take your best guess

Remember the lettuce boycott?

The 10 Ways Bush Screwed New York, a presidential potpourri

I just made calls for MoveOn

Hollywood man burns military vehicle after learning his son died in Iraq

On Paula Zahn: which states receive the most Homeland Security funds

Pictures of naked Iraqis at gunpoint were shared with Congress April 2003

Jesse Ventura Helps Launch Organization 'Operation Truth'

Don't read this if you've just eaten (freeper hate speech, pro Beenie Man)

Freepers pick on dead teenager

Thank you Rassmann!

Remind your Republican friends: Hell is a gated community, too!

Wolf Blitzer's silly question, as if he should ask!

ABC responds to my complaint over Republican National Convention

Metro vs Retro

Actually, George Bush is responsible for the poisoning of pregnant women.

How is my marriage being attacked?

NOT SO SWIFT: Media Obsession With Old Stories Neglects Current Conflict

As the father of two young boys,my heart aches for Carlos Arredondo.

Is "Tweety" turning on Bush?

Looks like Bushco is BLACKBALLING Hardball

Karl Rove was on Special Report with Brit Hume...

How has CNN changed?

more rw bs on the olympics

Jerry's why he was

How democrats getting mad are spun

Another new low.

The Burning Man is they story that ends Bush

Boycott for Equality.....a GLBT/Straight ally boycott of the USA....

who writes the political spam?

Smears work because.....

My 14 yr old grand daughter was on "bootleggers" forum and

Does "Freedom of Speech" Protect Your Right to Lie???? do I put a jpeg image from my computer disk into

Help!, shrill telling Kerry hasn't done a thing for 20 years in Senate

Ha ha. Lou Dobbs just cut off a Bush spokesman...

CEOs paid 40 x average employee in 1980 -- now 530 x !!

New Zogby electoral poll-Kerry still ahead


You realize we're going to have some unlikely allies when s#$ hits the fan

Well DUH - I just figured it out!!!!

Deregulation: Biggest failure in the history of Free Market Economics?

All New Yorkers (or those staying in NYC next week) go to this site...

Can someone please explain the Log Cabin Republicans to me?

voter registration on the street is FUN!

Caption this Cowardly Cowboy

Lakoff: Dissects terms "war on terror" and other conservative phrases.

Watching Will Pitt's dad on TV.

Moby, Pals with McCain's son, says John hates Bush

Laura Ingraham on Iraqi Olympic athletes: "How do you spell ungrateful?"

Juan Cole's Informed Comment on the return of Sistani

What would repugs say that bush has done good in the last 4 years??

I wanted to share something with you


So tempting at our all staff meeting

Is Dick Cheney Human?

Good write-up about the big MoveOn event last night.

Should People Be Allowed To Vote Online?

an Iraqi soccer player's plea. . .a response ? (long) lifts book review restrictions for "Unfit for Command"

wolf-face blitzer is an idiot...

Abolish Democracy, Vote GOP!

Sometimes DU disturbs me

What does gun control mean to you?

Noise as a Weapon at the RNC

On CNN - the story of the Marine's father who lit himself on fire.

Dole on Scab-boro tonight with a message to Kerry

I could really use from help from ya'll.

Dan Quayle Coming Up on Sean Hannity's Radio Show

Republicans are better athletes

Ed Gillespie on Daily Show tonight??

US warplanes violate Iran's air space

Everybody seems pretty quiet on the Sistani development.

BBV: Learn how to rig/edit an election here...

Rare Photos of of John Kerry in Vietnam

Is support for the Iraq 'war' tantamount to supporting war crimes?

Is there any basis in the Bible for the distaste Christian

The child of your enemy is the enemy of your child

BBV: Sam Reed Just Lied On KUOW

CNN's Political Ratings Dropping

BBV: Diebold wants your skills...Wanna have inside access?

Help: watching the most beautiful Anti-Bushco show, what is it?

does this go too far, DU?

White House Puts the West on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling

Very interesting stuff on Ben Ginsburg...

Bush Lied About Serving in the Air Force

Are you too sensitive about your lack of religion?

Source tells me Novak has been subpoenaed in Plame investigation

What Kind of Dirt Does Anyone Have on J. D. Hayworth?

BBV: Join In The Protest In DC Tomorrow

Al Franken is looking for regional versions of "fuhgetaboutit"

INSTANT KARMA: Live Plame in Chicago!

Anyone else hear about possible defections to the Cons in the fall?

Alberta Alliance party hires Republican advisors

DO you think a terrorist attack could ever happen in Canada?

dupe, please lock

Thousands line streets for Clinton event (Dublin)

Poll Shows Kerry With 10-Point Lead Over Bush In NJ

China drops claims to ancient Korean kingdom

Report: Russian Airliner Sent Hijacking Signal Before It Downed

Iraq's Sistani to Return to Iraq in Hours-Aide

Heavy Clashes Near Iraq Shrine, Militia Entrenched

Another Navy Report supports Kerry's Bronze Star.

Auditors urged US Army to act against Halliburton

Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib, Report Finds

Howard rebukes lying allegations - AU PM

US terror plot suspects in UK court hearing

Dafur: Obasanjo Hosts Peace Talks, Seeks Quick Solution

Bangladesh: Government must stem growing tide of violence

Ill. sues Dave Matthews Band for allegedly dumping waste onto Chicago tour

Queen's organist jailed for sex attacks

Kerry Pledges to Create Higher-Paying Jobs

WP: Skilled Labor in High Demand (brawn, but no brain?)

WP: Md. (voting) Machines Seek Vote of Confidence (demand for paper trail)

Troopers' visits chill black vote in Florida

Bank moves 2d key unit from Boston

Dearth of new wells drilled could keep oil prices high

Falluja under sustained US attack

Judge frees 2 suspects and blasts terror case

Polish embassy in Baghdad hit by shells

Du Toit admits meeting Thatcher

Iraq's Sadr calls on followers to march on Najaf

Plans for Colorado Military Relief Fund announced

Swift Boat Veterans Continue to Sail a Ship of Lies

(Wyo Gov.) Freudenthal Makes Endorsement

Food stamp requests increase in Colorado, nation

Pinochet to testify in Jara case

Ind. Congressman (R) Gets Suspended Sentence

Greek protesters don't want Powell there

'We Have Been Fighting Nonstop' (NAJAF, Iraq )

OPEC's Production Capacity Lags Growth In Demand Since 2000 - Bloomberg

U.S. testing electronic air cargo screening

Calif. approves e-voting in 11 counties; four no go

Ohio Utility Cuts 205 Nuclear Jobs (Layoff Update)

Terrorist Stocks?

Polio is back- Eradicated for decades, re-appears in Africa

Report: Militants kidnap Iraqi defense minister's brother-in-law

Windsurfer Friedman wins Israel's first ever Olympic gold

RNC Delegates Prepare to Have Fun in N.Y.

GOP Delegates Meet With Anti- Bush Signs

Al-Sistani, backers to march on Najaf

Cheney at odds with Bush over gay marriage

'Petroleum lures dogs of war to Africa'

BBC News: Thatcher charged

2 Killed at Pro-Cleric March Near Najaf

Web Site Shows 'Beheading of American Spy' in Iraq

Board Rules 4 Iranians Not a Threat (not terrorist after 3 yrs in jail)

NYT: E.P.A. Says Mercury Taints Fish Across U.S.

Protesters rally against U.S. Congressman (Tom Delay)

WP: Comments on Iraq War in Error, Says Kerry Aide (Jamie Rubin mistake)

US seeks 'coalition' to force Zimbabwe regime change

GOP Platform Draft Seeks Gay Marriage Ban

Ford crushes 'Clean Cars', ramps up SUVs

did you SEE Max Cleland in Crawford Texas??????

Iraq Deploys Guardsmen Outside Mosque in Najaf

Top Attorney For Bush Linked To Anti-Kerry Swift Boaters:

Finally back home

Olympics Chiefs Want Bush Campaign to Back Off - Reuters

Top Shia Leader Returns To Iraq

AP: Iraqi police fires on Sistani supporters

Nude women prove to be too hot to handle

Teacher says he lost course for using Iraq photos (Abu Ghraib)

First Comprehensive National Survey on the Draft Raises Question:

FDA Study Finds Vioxx Increases Heart Attack Risk

SSources: Michigan congressman (R) to head House intelligence panel

The era of cheap oil is history, geologist warns

Fallout of Cleland episode, Ginsberg resigns....

Navy Report Backs Kerry Role in Incident

Dozens Charged In Push Against Spam And Scams

Politics makes strange bedfellows, even on a first date: poll

Iraqi police raid Najaf hotel, round up journalists at gunpoint

Political Satire Meets Mobile Gaming in Bush vs. Kerry Boxing by Sorrent

Grapefruit Lowers Weight, Fights Cancer

Najaf bombed, Al-Sistani calls for march

New Antidepressant Cymbalta Launched in USA

Mental Illness Prolific Among College Students

White House Puts the West on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling

Pro-Choice Leader Attends GOP Platform Hearing; Request to Testify Denied

Two Children Die Imitating Rare Execution

Mellencamp rips Bush for country not being united

NYT: Group Says It's Ready to Wage Ad War (GOP 527s ready to go)

Al-Sistani returning, urges march on Najaf

General says U.S. forces tortured Iraqis

Judge Tells Protestors No, They Can't Rally in Central Park (UFPJ)

Transcript: John O’Neill Caught in Cambodian Lie

The C.I.A. & The Muslim BrotherhoodHow the CIA set the stage for Sept11

Paris marks liberation from Nazis

Justice Dept. Cracks Down Internet Crime

Cleland tries to deliver protest letter to Bush ranch (Stopped by SS)

(Dallas) Metroplex's Aging Properties Stoke Foreclosure Roster

John O Neill Nailed in a lie!

Chris Allbritton: Inside the Imam Ali Shrine

Democrats criticize U.S. Senate candidate Burr over fund-raising

Abu Ghraib: Army names 27 more

Celebs Plan Response to Party Conventions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 25 August

War with Russia is close, president of Georgia declares

Swift Boat Author Tells Nixon He Was In Cambodia, Later Clarifies

Mark Thatcher held over coup plot

Election soon: Costello (Aussies 2 Oct?)

Missile defence for 'coalition of the idiots': Liberal MP

Sudan:Gov't trying to gag those who tell the world about humanrights abuse

Unit's Report Supports Kerry's Version - AP

Dr. Kübler-Ross, Who Changed Perspectives on Death, Dies at 78

Former Enron Exec Will Pay $1.49 Million

Iraq hounded by terrorism and crime, says .... Allawi

Kerry Wins Backing from (10) Nobel Economics Laureates

Keyes: Constitution protects machine gun ownership

Christian fraternity sues UNC over official recognition

Cuban ships herself to U.S. in wooden crate

Juarez Officials On Lookout For Suspected Al-Qaeda Terrorist

Margaret Thatcher's Son Released on Coup Plot Charges (Update2)

Rove: 'No One' in Bush Camp Worked With Swift Boat Vets

Bush Campaign Leader Chastises Kerry

Iran's Supreme Leader Warns US About Najaf Siege

MPs plan to impeach Blair over Iraq war record

Jewish Voters Favor Kerry, as Do Arab-Americans, Polls Show

ABC: Listen Up (NYPD using LRAD-Sound Weapon-RNC)

Discrimination at U.S. Polls Now 'Subtler, More Creative'

Kerry Renews Call for Rumsfeld to Resign

Lawyer Ginsberg resigns...just on CNN

Putin's hands on the oil pumps

Dancehall star Beenie Man barred from MTV show after gay protest

Florida man burns Marine van after being told son died in Iraq

Kerry Takes Fight Over Vietnam Ads to Bush's Ranch

Times Square clock counts war cost

Music industry sues another 744 suspected pirates

Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal

Iran:16year-old girl hanged in street for"acts incompatible with chastity"

Bawdy play deemed unsuitable for Republican visitors

U.S. will take no-fly lists from airlines

White House slams Kerry 'stunt'

Bush's Dad Foresaw 'incalculable' Costs of Iraq War to Oust Saddam

Garbage Pail Kids fans?

What should my *second* poll be about?

Another "She's not dead?!" thread: Bret Somers

It's pretty pathetic when the #1 burger in your town is fastfood -Hardee's

The Story of My Life.

HAHAHAHA MORE Freeper Email!

How long will Blue Ice stay blue?

Favourite Cartoon Sidekick

The things I'll miss and I won't miss when I move.

Aussie show "Puppetry of The Penis" drama in Chicago !

Just saw Patti Smith

Rodney Dangerfield's grace under fire

Best U2 Album.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" question.

What film did this line come from:


Test. Please ignore

Ok, what's all this about O'Neill?

O'Neill is awesome!

Some funny * pics I've scrounged up!

Yay! Bartcop grabbed one of my posters! (lg graphic)

Let's have fun coming up with Anti-* slogans in foreign languages!

The thread in which we say only nice things about dicks

Which One Of These Chris Isaak Albums Do You Like Best?

I'm gonna chase flamingyouth

Croc in custody

Has anyone ever been to a Bath House?


Robber Takes Car For Test Drive, Holds Up Bank

Air Force Officer in Trouble Over Hat

Are the Beach Volleyball Girls a couple??

Swiftie's Bar & Grill Veterans for Truth...come on photoshoppers

'A' Students May Get Free Doughnuts

Do you live in a "Springfield"

Are there any Neville Brothers fans out there ?

How long will Blue Ice stay cold?

Two Children Die Imitating Rare Execution

Tupperware Party From Hell - Breast Size Dispute, Lesbian Fantasies, etc..

Freepers show their true colors again- RNC Protesters treated as "animals"

China To Conduct First Female Sex Survey

Locusts Invade "Passion Of The Christ" Town

World Metal Prices Through The Roof - Up The Cost Of Olympic Medals

'Lets just cuddle'

Singapore Pays Big Bucks For People To Have Babies

ARRGH! My cable company sucks... I need advice

5:30 is way to early to get your child up in the morning.

Guide Will Translate "Let's Just Cuddle" Into "No Sex Tonight Please"

Is there something you can buy for a chipped windshield?

Band 'dumps sewage on tourists'

Mornings just suck!

Gratuitous and Obnoxious Bragging Thread for DU Fantasy Football here

Woman Bit Into Severed Finger In Her Salad - Is Suing

Relaxing a Taboo with Intimate Sex Survey

Police Sieze Crocodile, Gun, Ecstasy & Stuffed Animals From Home

Bring on the dancing horses ...

Make Bush speak........

Somebody with IE click on this link and tell me what happens

Now for the first time ever you can have a real celebrity call you

Yet Another Amateur Nude Calendar Coming Out

Happy Birthday to Elvis Costello

So how was everyone's first day at school?

Man with two broken legs escape police custody

NY Daily News quotes Jenna to actress: "My daddy's the President" LOL!

It's time to play...Name! That! Pathos!

Best Rock?

Cartoon Characters you find strangely desirable

Simpsons fans: You know about the Holy Triune, right?

When stealing, don't leave identification

Who has the sexiest voice on Air America?

Here's a smiley interpretation of all DU men watching the Olympics

Help, I'm depressed.

woohoo! i've got a migraine

What looks like the dumbest (non-reality) new show for the fall?

50,000 unique registrations just around the corner

Two naked Teenaged girls

Man Learns Its Best Not To Have Kiddie Porn Pics Processed At Walmart

Does anyone have an excel/access to MySQL converter handy?

The Story of Your Life

Congratulations to Israel. First gold medal ever.

Favorite melon

Kid Rock Sucks..

Bill Clinton's 'My Life' unabridged audio book

Hmm, let's see what's goin on over at the Christian Powerlifting Forum

I am feeling much better.

I'm alway a little disappointed whenever I go to LBN...

US is winning way too many medals at the Olympics.

Would you like an Altoid?

Yoko Ono sells John Lennon out to Nike

Fabulous concert DVD

what's with bush and cheny in this pic?

Am I a bad person for

I'm a mean, unreasonable and selfish person

2998... 2999... 3000!

I just found an Onion ring in my Freedom Fries....

Gone fishing

Chevy's "Christmas Vacation" rant, in tribute to Bush (warning: graphic)

What Was The Most Embarassing Thing Your Parents Ever Did To You?

I don't have anything to say right now...but I'm following your posts...

Is it sexist for one man to objectify another man?

Sorry. I need the GHW Bush memoir quote re: outing and treason

Who wants presale code for the following shows...?

The next Pope

Just saw a website for people

So this is what Doug From Upland looks like

what's a cool idea for a video game that you havent seen

Do you KNOW the Parking Psycho Woman?

Are you too sensitive about that thing you do that I don't like?

Songs you would want Frank Sinatra to sing if he were still alive today

ahh ok what video game do you own that no one else owns

employee problem advice

How altruistic are you?

Well, I'm not getting much work done today. Interesting

Cops Want To Chop Down Oak Tree To Stop Drugs & Prostitution

How to Satisfy Your Woman Everytime

Rio Grande Tubers Vouch For Bush (1971).

A present for Terrya & PagerBear

Appropriately named site

Who would Cthulu eat first?

Server System Recommendation

Sex Suspect Known As "Spanky" Jailed Again

Franken organizing a national "shout out" when Bush speaks at the RNC

Franken's buddy is a bit testy today - isn't he?

Florida's Alternative to Electronic Voting

OY do I have a hangover; ask me anything-then kill me.

Does anyone have the email address to actually ask a question

HEY Matcom

Any rooibos fans out there?

this one is for mad max...

If Kerry wins the election and it

Amazing Race watchers - Last night's episode re: Colin during early parts

What Will The Next GOP Smear Campaign Be?

Bravo Plaid Adder!

My friend just called me from Santa Monica

I've been up for 2 days and

What a random movie you've ever seen

Hearing impaired DU'ers. Need Help

Everyone send positive vibes to Rodney Dangerfield

What's the most neurotic movie you've ever seen?

Pillowtop Mattresses Must Be Outlawed, Immediately

What's the most erratic movie you've ever seen?

Yeah baby - Poll proves democrats are better lovers


My reflection is a complete Bastard!

PC question... typing used to open my email login page


How do you add pics and links to a blog?

Dave Matthews Band ‘covered people in shit’ - NME

I'm looking forward to watching "Countdown" tonight.

What is the most heretic movie you've ever seen?

I'd rather eat Ice Cream off of Alan Colmes face than

How do 12 people become 13 people?

DU Americans - What generation are you? Shutdown?

You a research type or a debater?

Shepard Smith

Will " Jellyshoes " ever make a comeback ?


Matcom needs to apologize to me!!

Can someone edit this image for me?

And honk if you love Jeebus...

Just got a bead on a new job

TODAY's 'toon - more to your liking?

I'm apparently supposed to date married women who just want to use me.

anyone familiar with Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel? . . .

Over-elaborate coffee requests - A rant.

Anyone heard Jamie Cullum?

Sparta and Athens need to apologize to Phidippides!

Worst trading day EVER!!!

Will "Jellyroll" hairstyles make a comeback?

Real Life Needs An "Ignore" And An "Alert" Button...

Rush will do anything for crack money

What is the most erotic movie you've ever seen?

have you ever done an olympian?

Don't Ask Me 'Bout the Shape I'm In

Boy Kicked Out Of Scouts After Spilling Cheese On His Spaghetti

I'm crushing your head!

The Great American Shout Out!

South Korean Gymnastics Coaches Need to Apologize to Paul Hamm!

This is FUNNNY.....

Favorite John Mellencamp song

What should I wear to a Kerry internship interview?

I'm terribly depressed.

Linux is a teen

"I'm an intellectual, you're a total dumbass... this land was made for.."

Hey, have you seen this?

Protect Your Largest Organ

WELL...come on people now,smile on your brother

new Oxyrush advertiser Missouri Department of Transportation

I'm Listening To CREED!! Ask Me Anything!

Someone help me with some links

Are you smug about your religion and/or lack of religion?


Today is the first day of my last year of law school

White Dove at the feeder.

Florida man burns Marine van after being told son died in Iraq

My posts exceed all possible contributions of nicotine patch

Hey! Have you seen Arwalden's post about that jib jab thing?

Help! Can someone find me a pic of Rummy and Wendy O. Williams?!

Kerry lied about Washington contaminating Indian blankets with smallpox!

im so fucking pissed right now.

My co-workers are all buzzed up...

As a noted scientist...

Brit Hume reminds me of my Republican uncle!

Just volunteered for the Kerry campaign, ask me anything.

I got picked for MoveOn Pre-Sales but I can't use it

Tucker Carlson reminds me of a bad first date.

YAY, I finally got Sirius radio :)

17 Fatal Things to Say to a Pregnant Woman

New Haven is the greatest town - we invented Pizza and the Hamburger

Anybody have audio of today's Stern show?

Hey! Go visit Yahoo, rate pix of Max Cleland a 5!!!!!!!!!

Futurama volume 4

Coalition for the Protection of Bigotry

What is your favorite British comedy show?

Ohhhh this is soooo nasty....

Whacko speaks of "angels saving her" as we sit here

How many group posters does it take to change a light bulb?

Be An R For A Day. Vote Like An R in This Poll!!

My favorite thing Johnny K said on the Daily Show

My wife is a complete DUTCH

Freedom or Fascism website.

Someone here has posted a website that lets you look up contributions...

Now you can see Hillary Duff's stuff up close!

is there a SmirkingChimp member who will do me a favor?

Henry V (Branagh) soundtrack

I was born in a welfare state

I've read 268 pages (of 518). I usually like the author. This book sucks.

Has anyone ever done that writing trick where you just start scribbling

noahmijo's shameless smear tactics against my good name must stop!

Everyone who disagrees with me is a gigantic idiot!!!!!!

Who here was a scout/guide

Bush_Eats_Beef I represent Bush Bashers for Truth I hereby state this:

My daughter is a complete BUTCH

What would be your favorite name for Karl Rove?

does any1 else have dreams about erections?

Does anyone else have dreams about elections?

I think I have some kind of memory problem.

Wahlbergs. Donnie or Mark

Man Who Claimed Wife Committed Suicide by Shooting Herself 3 Times Jailed

Drink scotch whiskey, all night long

You too can own a replica of Brittney Spear's engagement ring

Letters to Cleo singer's board has become rw central do I put a jpeg image from my computer disk into

Was the Daily Show story (Last night) about a gas station getting shut....

You've givin' me a true love. And every day I thank you love.

Any UP - DUers here, eh?



Abercrombie W.Va T-Shirt Upsets Governor (yahoo)

Now we're getting all the mud-slinging primary ads on TV in FL

Have you ever known an Olympian?

Hey! Have You Seen That Jib-Jab Thing?

GOLDBUGS! I need some advice

Entertainment Tonight...300 pound woman wants to gain weight

Anyone else turned off by all the laughing and joking by Begala &

From the "Disturbing E-Bay Auctions" File...

I just checked out The Communist Manifesto...

Golden Girl causes terrorist scare in Boston (Kind of strange)

Anybody ever plant a St. Joseph statue to help sell their house?


Adam Sandler is a Republican?

Woo hoo! Rabrrrrrr just got cable Internet!

Attention: Freepers and Trolls

Anti choice truck seen in Clayton, MO during the lunch rush hour

Whats your favorite Cereal of all time

What's your favorite foreign language album?

Scariest movie ever: Event Horizon

Hey, DU Fantasy Footballers!

The Bush education plan is working.

Okay, What Video/DVD Do You Own That Nobody Else Does?

Another fast-sinking "superhero news" post for the few interested

this is one cool site

Woohoo! Farscape trailer available!

My satellite is out... no wait, it's on... now it's out again...

Have you ever been an Olympian?

Encounter with idiot freeper, should I report him?

I will destroy you all!!!!!! (aka nic withdrawal kicking in)

Dammit.. I want to buy a "Bushopoly Game"..but no one makes one

Liberal/Progressive Dating?

No amount of posting by CSTT will ever make CT cool, because of one thing

Matcom News: Witchcraft Blamed as Man Grows Genital Organ on Face

Controversial Miami LB recruit injured and out for season

My daughter is a complete BITCH"

RandomKoolzip & ChavezSpeakstheTruth in our highschool band

A D.U. Primer on Gymnastics Scoring!

Only true believers need apply for entry to this campaign rally

Has Anyone Seen the DNC-Sponsored KERRY Advertisements? They're Great!

"Many Bush voters disillusioned with Bush's failures"

Kerry strategy update: Where Bush needs to be (from Mark Mellman)

Report on TV ads thread

How many Republicans will SECRETLY vote for Kerry?

How did our oil get under their sand? Help me with this.

Worst case scenario: Could electronic voting cost Kerry your state

DU debate preparation?

Kerry better pre-empt Bush on Iran and North Korea

Pay attention people! WaPo reports: Child Abuse at Abu Ghraib

Despicable Swift Boat Smears-Exposed for all to see, and reject

Preemptive strike--SBV crap.

Here's Some Tips for Planning A Trip To A Swing State

Official Navy records confirms Kerry's account.

Who is looking forward to the Edwards-Cheney debate?

Cheney does it again

Dole Nailed

So, I guess if Republicans had their way we'd still be in

SBVT Fraud Cordier Says Group Independent

MEME MEMO: "The new SBV Ad may backfire on Republicans because

Ben Ginsberg and Americans for Progress: the tie that binds

NYT joins LAT -- editorial, "Swift Boats and the Texas Nexus" --

More "proof" of a Kerry victory?

is the Youngstown Ohio Mayor some kind of Jim Traficant type ?

Paul Krugman: "The Rambo Coalition"

How did O'Neil earn his two Bronze Stars?

Are there any links to the O'Neill/Nixon tape story or transcript yet?

Richard Roeper calls the race for Kerry (Also a state by state breakdown)

Some more dirt to sink Swiftsmear Hoffman in Milwaukee

Will Dubya ask GOP's 527 Progress for America Voter Fund to Disband?

Help! How do I vote in this election??!!

Nixon and his brand of politics have poisoned the well for generations

Advice for Protesters regarding NYC Police

When will the media speak about bush's kidnapping & overthrowing???

Why did Cheney make his gay marriage remark?

did the swiftboat (lying-their-asses-off) folk learn nothing from reagan?

~"A Kerry campaign official admits-1st purple heart-self inflicted"??

Kerry Talks Jobs; Gets Endorsed by 10 Nobel Prize Winners



Roy Hoffmann, Busted Again!! His own task force contradicts him!

Who is Weymouth Symmes?

Dream meme: All Republican Campaigning = Smear Tactics

Lets start messing with this poll....

Kerry LIVE on Fox, CNN went to commercial break, will return. 10:30AM

MSNBC still strongly pushing the Swift Lies

Why the Bush/SBV shared lawyer thing will go nowhere; Kerry/ACT has 1 too

Bloomberg WANTS trouble.

Follow the Money...How John Kerry Busted the Terrorists' Favorite Bank...

Watch how the media handles the Cleland confrontation

About Those Gallup Polls

ABC morning news on Cheney: "A father's evolution"

SBVL - 63,000 books - Big Friggin Deal

If Natalie Portman was asked by ABC to hold flowers, then

Heinz Kerry has the spice nation needs

How can we get ahead of "Anarchists for Kerry" claims at RNC?

Mad as hell today: Want huge RNC-wk buy for mother of all deserter ads!

Does anyone have a link to the Zogby polls for CO, AZ, VA and NC?

Predict the Next Stupid WingNut "Gotcha" Attempt Against Kerry!!

3rd Party Smears (Swiftbots) Are ROVE Trademark

Rove wants the Swifties story to end now

Can anyone spread the word about this?

Did you read this letter in the NYTimes ?

Great column: "I would have been happy to serve..."

Kerry's making Bush look like a tinny-voiced little AWOL COWARD

2,000 attend Tuesday night Frost (D-TX) fundraiser

WP: KERRY Campaign Remarks on IRAQ Made in ERROR (!!!)

Enough Already: We need an OFFENSIVE strategy

who asked Cheney the gay marriage question?

O' Neill - what month did he take over Kerry's Swift Boat-need info

Would you put this bumper sticker on your car?

Could someone please fill me in on what WIllPitt's big secret was yesterda

Should the media be paying greater attention to O'Neill's Cambodia visit?

The fix is in (They got to Secy of State-CA)

Question for William Pitt!

Walt Starr - A DU'er making a difference

Swift Boat Link to Bush = New Terror Threat

Definite proof beyond Nixon tapes that O'Neill is lying about Cambodia

Rove/Cheney Gay Ploy

New Quinnipiac Poll of NJ Kerry 49% Bush 39%

Benjamin L. Ginsberg resigned. on msnbc now

Kerry's strategy is to portray Bush as a "negative" campaigner....

Is Barack Obama's Family Muslim?

oh my, Wolfie leading off with Bush's lawyer (Swift boat)

Lying Swift Boat Liar John O'Neill's Cambodia adventure -- on NEWSNIGHT!

Deleted message

Madison Square Garden most secure place in the world ?

Heinz Kerry's son explains her 'shove it' comment

George W. Bush, Watch Out, Here Comes the Backlash

Bush ran on a platform in 2000...

OMG Terry Holt keeps saying we were informed he had "agreed" to...

Anybody wanna wallow in a RW delusional system for kicks?

ABC7 in Chicago showed triumphant Kerry then a dejected Ginsberg. . .LOL

King George's blog entry

So--how big a post-convention

Every 527 is Not the Same

Ohio Democrat endorses Bush

I like this picture

Any help with this LTEE please

Oh It Is So Regretable......Terry Holt Bush Camp....

Karl Rove is Mike Tyson....

Help with Kerry v. O'Neill on Cambodia

Great News! Conservative columnist claims that media

"Developing story...The sudden resignation of a Bush* campaign lawyer"

More Proof Dems Don't Understand Language/Image...

Kerry needs to go back to his Mekong Delta strategy

John O'Neil lied about being in Cambodia?

Why Isn't The Media Claiming * Is Allowing JK To Define Him Via SBV?

Motive for Cheney's stand on gay issues?

Democrats On Top In U.S. Congressional Contest

CNN just reported Cleland to visit Dubya's ranch today to deliver letter

remember the second swift boat ad coming out all

Damn! Here is some SBV dirt courtesy of the NY DAILY NEWS!

White House Puts the West on Fast Track for Oil, Gas Drilling (Must Read)

Anyone want to hit the bloggers with the O'Neill thing?

Heh heh. Wolf to Kerry guy: If you want this to go away, why is Kerry...

Maybe Cleland will catch Bush drunk

The difference between MoveOn and SwiftIdiots


GOP Script of the Day: "Double Standard"

the Ginsberg and Cordier resignations -- something smells

Why Kerry is PURPOSELY keeping the Swift Boat Scumbag story alive

Group protests company that fired man for heckling Bush at a rally

Cleland arrives in Waco

Kerry's a "flip flopper"? Ok, then Bush is a weasel.

The Ten Ways Bush Screwed New York

Test Pattern: Kerry too serious on ‘Daily’ - Cheney the media

Kerry Was Whistleblower In 71 Like Rowley (FBI) & Darby (Abu Ghraib)


an INSULT TO CLELAND -- the TX land commissioner will greet him?

Does anyone have the email address to actually ask a question

Suddenly the Bombs are Coming from All Directions..

Damn CNN...

When you see headlines like this, you know it's GAME OVER.

I think Max Cleland should be our next Secretary of Defense

O'Neill's Cambodia adventure--NO MENTIONS IN THE PRESS!

Game on!

Statement by Kerry campaign mgr on Resignation of Bush/Swift Boats Lawyer

Going into the RNC: Could it get any better for Kerry/Dem's?

Sweet! "The New Soldier" online...thanks Freepers!!!

A little satire I wrote: I think this says it all about the Bush campaign.

New Bumper Sticker: Kerry > Bush

NY Mayor Will Cave on Rally Permit

Deleted message

Beware The Media

Kerry's Swift Boat Strategy...

Bush Lawyer Ginsberg Resigns-Destroys Bush-SBVT Credibility

Why the media needs the Smear side of the SBLB scandal to continue

Kerry reiterates call for Rumsfeld to resign- is pretty much being ignored

Max Cleland HERO and a good ASS-KICKER too.........

CNN: "OK, let's change the subject...QUICK."

Bush Failed to Show Up - Again

Zynx's Idea is a good one

Kerry Calls on Rumsfeld to resign

Bush campaign Letter to Kerry -- Here it is:

Moveon Doesn't Flinch. More Ads Coming Featuring Dem Actors

E-Mail C-Span-Miles O Brien Slimes John Jerry And Jim Rassman

Spinning CNNs' heads around over the SBLB ads

To those who question why Cleland went to deliver this letter to Dubya...

Cleland on CNN now, 1:50pm EST

Kerry Press Release: Administration’s Failures Set Conditions for Abuse

Its time for Kerry to kick em while they're down.

Who's checking out the FR on the Cleland talk?

"Old Tricks" Ad goes national tomorrow

So..for those who want more aggressive response, how was Cleland today?

Swiftboat expenditures/The McIntosh Company/WTF IS IT?

Dubya, meet VVAW...

Georgie Porgy, Puddin and Pie?

Bush/campaign responds to Rassman and Cleland


Democrats have 8-point advantage on congressional ballot

Gary Cooper wouldn't have sent the town's dogcatcher out to fight

Group plans anti-Edwards ads

Texas Land Commissioner can EAT ME

Re: CNN, this is one of those moments when...

anyone see which reporter asked Patterson about Sam Perry?

What's the under/over on how many times Warhead will mention tax breaks

Cleland today exposed Bush pattern - should be campaign theme

Could we be so fortunate . . .

What if the whole world could vote

Dear George: "Unpleasant" does not equal "Dishonest"

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Disavow Florida Political Flyer

Political Theater?

"you can't have it both ways. . ."

What exactly did CNN reporter say to Max Cleland?

Patterson dissed by media! Bush camp TOTALLY UNPREPARED for Cleland!

Get Even

Dueling Letters In Crawford! CNN now

Meanwhile back in the REAL world...

God's Heavenly Convention

Kerry Wins Backing from TEN Nobel Economics Laureates!!!

Bush campaign lawyer resigns: Aided Swift Boat Liars

Attention-Lurking Conservatives

Comeback for the second SBLB Commercial: Remember the Tiger Force

So what was the Giggling Murderer doing today?

Smearboat Contributors

Kerry Asks For Rumsfeld's Head On A Platter

Conversation with a lemming

Kerry equates Bush term with voyage of the Titanic

The Cambodian Mystery Solved!

Media Will Soon Blame Kerry

John Edwards - Cases he's litigated (FYI)

SBVT and Dole: Atrocities are okay

HYPOCRISY: Republican reply criticizes Kerry for disapproving of torture!

Judy Woodruff : Is going to talk about "who benefits" from keeping

how many think with clelands harsh word

Is there a transcript of Cleland's remarks?

Oh goody, Scott McClellan

Warm, human, real, funny, smart, likeable

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Talks Good Jobs; Endorsed by 10 Nobel Laureates

Racicot on CNN now... Tad coming up.

Her name is Jill Dougherty

Anti-Kerry media meme "Kerry just wants this to end" EVISCERATED

FU Judy Woodruff (Woof! Woof!)

scott mcclellan breaks into cnn

Racicort has lied has a** off on live TV

Idiotic statement of the year!

did you SEE Max Cleland in Crawford Texas??????

There Is A MILLIONAIR In My Office: Lifelong Repuke - VOTING KERRY

Florida: Bush 49% Kerry 47%

A bush is a bush is a bush...aka same shit different pile

A very big thumbs-up to Tad Devine

Could protests in NYC backfire? Interesting article in Village Voice

Why would SBV concerned about 1st amend. issue turn to an election lawyer?

Tad Devine vs. smarmy Racicot coming up on CNN.

NY Times Notes Perry's NYC Fundraiser in Article on Ginsberg Res

Attention! Lurching Conservatives!

Check out the ad running to the right of the Cleland story

LOL! Freeps Cower In Fear Over...The Great Am Shout Out?"


Picture of Kerry with a dog ...

What Am I Missing? Isn't MoveOn A PAC And NOT A 527??

Patterson: "He's quite mobile."

Why did Kerry have to make the McCain ad?

Okay. Can someone find me a picture of Rummy & Saddam

Jerry "15 Minutes of Fame" Patterson CNN transcript.

Who Are The Nine Senators?


McClellan is spouting the same old BS that he has for days!

Jerry Patterson and The Daily Show.

Ginsberg Helps Swiftliars Get Around Law. Isn't that Coordination w/Bush?

Mark Green and Rick (punkface) Lazio on Crossfire now.

John Mellencamp ("Pink Houses") rips Bush for country not being united

Perry gave $150,000 to Patterson in campaign donations

Hey, have you seen the Heavenly Convention? (Not JibJab!)

When did the Swift Boat Liars for Bush finally "jump the shark?"

O'Reilly: Swift Boat Veterans never said Kerry "lied".....What?????

Wolfie has Ginsburg on now.

Who is campaigning for who? Bush vs. Kerry

Jill Dougherty!

I'm worried about debates. Bush is undefeated. He's cunning

Laura Bush, always supportive of husband, turns it up a notch on stump

Jim Rassmann: A True Patriot Accompanies Max Cleland to Crawford

Stephanie Cutter on with Wolfie now.

Nazi Rove to be on FAUX News at 6:00

NIGHTLINE: Political War On the Air (Ginsburg is guest)

Sportsman Club Says You Must Belong to The N.R. A.

Kerry needs to stay on the offensive and keep the pressure on *

Would someone please tell Ginsberg to shave?

Rove, SBVs handed us talking points for the RNC...YIPEEE!!!

Navy Report Backs Kerry Role in Incident

Jill Dougherty, Bush, and hypocrisy

Political Ads

Is this David Koresh at Waco compound redux?Bush vs. Max

Something I'd love to see: a veterans' march on Crawford

PFAW and NAACP join forces to stop voter disenfranchisement

Karl Rove on FauxNews

>FANTASTIC Photo Of John Kerry...

Max Cleland will be on Hardball from Crawford

Heads up, New-Yawkers... "JK" Daily Show (rerun) on at 7:00 PM(in 30 min.)

Wolf Blitzer's silly question, as if he should ask!

Lou Dobbs talking about efforts to block e-voting machines, next!

From another thread - anyone believe vets will go to Crawford? vs. SBVT - What's the difference?

We need to dismiss the swiftboat wannabes..

Cheney's And Bush's Good Cop Bad Cop Routine On Gay Marriage Is Pathetic!

CBS leading off with Cleland and Bush lawyer

What advantage does * gain by banning all 527's?

The Daily Howler-EVERYONE must read

"Busy as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest."

Check out the results

Variations on the Great American Shout Out

This is how desparate they are - Rove has come forward!

Violence in New York - The biggest mistake liberals could be making

MoveOn has millions of members! How many do the other 527's have

Has anyone actually seen the 2nd sbvl ad on local tv yet?

SBVet "Fundraiser" tied to Bush backed tort reform group & Ken Lay

What Kerry offers America

Does anyone else feel like

Per 2nd amendment, Cleland has the right to bare arms.

I'm calling it now...

Cleland's Arm?

Max Cleland Rocks...

ABC News reported on the * campaign lawyer who resigned

Bradley Smith FEC Chair is acting like a partisan Republican

TX land commissioner funded by PERRY! LOLOL

Preparation for the media spin: Place your talking points here.

NOT SO SWIFT: Media Obsession With Old Stories Neglects Current Conflict

What was up with that smirk Tad Devine had today on CNN

NO delegates at the RNC? Police consider asking them to honor

Should the DNC Formally Now Take the Gloves Off About Bush's AWOL?

Help!, shrill telling Kerry hasn't done a thing for 20 years in Senate

With the GOPCon coming up who are the most likely

Max Cleland: " * is hiding and its time for him to step up to the plate!"

Any major screwups at the GOP convention???

Cleland, Rassman going to Crawford to confront Bush!

What will the world think of us if we do not get the madman out

Yeah! I think Tweety read my letter!

So what do you think the Chimp did today?

It Has Begun.

O'Neill transcript from last night

Election Model update: Bush is a rope-a-dope. What will finish him off?

Tweety says he's like to see a war record debate twixt Kerry & *

Is there Kerry Connection to 527 legal Bob Bower and Joeseph Sandler????


GREAT new Kerry TV ad (based on the McCain web ad)

Pro Bush Celebraties

Matt Lauer to throw softball questions to *

Well DUH - I just figured it out!!!!

Somebody Please Get This Headline Quickly Into Cache.

Thread to track ABC, NBC, CBS Evening News treatment of Swift Boat lies

OH MY GOSH! I just saw the Cleland video

Is George Bush a coward?

Tweety is kicking some Chimp ass


RNC getting more protection than the DNC?

George Bush ... officially on defense.

Republicans going to re-use "Compassionate" Conservatism in NYC.

JC Watts now making a total fool of himself on Hardball.

I am somewhat torn about the idea of protesting the RNC in NYC.

Karl Rove was on Special Report with Brit Hume...

The GOP platform fights

Rove on FOX is lying

SBVT consulting with Bush lawyer! Zogby polls prove ads worked (OH, WV)

Max should follow bush around everywhere trying to deliver his letter

"The Soul of the New Machine...He's Ohio's Howard Dean" Jeff Seemann.

TX Supreme Court candidate posts about Texans' enthusiasm to win!

Swift Boat October Surprise? FUD? (Fear, uncertainty, doubt)

Peace will break out in NYC and this is why!!!

Rob Reiner "gets it"...his MoveOn ad sounds devastating.

Dem Strategist : "Framing the Debate"

Craven, morally diseased freepers see the standoff, predict civil war

I am filled with optimism and hope

During *'s acceptance speech: everyone in NYC start booing

CNN reports White House admits this was a bad day for them

Slate did not like Kerry on the Daily Show

LOL! Keyes calls for Americans to carry machine guns...

HELP! Neo-Con Neighbor to hold voter registration at our church!

Will King George win The Triple Crown on November 2, 2004?

Kerry Press Release: Statement from John Kerry on Prisoner Abuse Reports

Bush should get a bounce after the GOP convention.

Bush Terrorism Policies Are a Massive Failure-Nuclear Terrorist Hit Next!

First pics of Max at the ranch! Go Max! Go!

I don't believe the meme that "everyone has made up their mind"

New SBVT Line of Attack: John Kerry's Pet Dog

Text of New Ad from the Kerry Campaign

Interesting post on Free Republic about Swifties

NYC Greets GOP Delegates With Anti-Bush Signs

Republican Group - What ‘04 Presidential Election is REALLY About-READ!!

White House Hit with Legal Filing For SBVT Information

Navy Report Backs Kerry - Destroys SBVT’s Credibility

Awesome Kerry picture!


Deleted message

SBVT Treasurer Administers GOP **FEC Compliance** Firm

So, wheres the "No Kerry-Bashing at the RNC" talk in the media?

Did the U.S. Commit War Crimes in Vietnam?

Gawd but it's exhausting trying to educate rwing idiots.

Liar O'Neill on WP online forum Thursday, 12 noon ET

Handy flyer about why Nader fans should vote for Kerry

What's this about a bulletproof cage for Bush?

Campaign Underground: Check out the Local Media Blaster!

Support troops, fire president (LTE from active guardsman)

Partial transcript of interview with Jerry Patterson, Texas Land Commish

"Why Vietnam matters -- long and a bit angry"

Republicans for Kerry website launched.

New Zogby electoral poll-Kerry still ahead

Crisispapers.Org: BUSH AWOL

Economist Poll: Kerry 47%, Bush 44%

"Sleeper Topics" of the 2004 Election = Kerry's Secret Weapon

SBVT Merrie Spaeth on MSNBC Scarborough Country 8/24/04

Electoral College Calculator - Or How To Torture Yourself With A Click !!!