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Archives: August 24, 2004

mark landsbaum must feel like a fool

Smear politics

"They Are Ready To Kill Our America" by Becky Burgwin

Salon: The downloading of the president '04 (Voting Machines)

San Diego Union Tribune: Trickle down and out economics

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): An answer in Somerset

Fast Forward to the Present, End Fighting over Vietnam

Krugman: The Rambo Coalition


Media Whores Can't Remember What They Said Yesterday

Researchers create engineered "marathon mice"

Petroleum Review - Oil Depletion Over 1 Million Barrels/Day, Accelerating

Gone for a while.

Pot grower faces murder charges for firefighter deaths

Am I just dense?

Has the state information sites been removed???

Woman Editor Recalls Ordeal in Israel

Harsh treatment of Palestinian women prisoners

"Let them starve to death"

The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls by Michel Chossudovsky

Youngstown Dems would be wise to have a look at this DU thread.

Teresa in Western PA Wednesday 8/25

First DU sticker I've ever seen

Anyone up for a protest of Bob Perry on Saturday?

Kerry in a Statistical Dead Heat In Houston

report on Chris Heinz event tonight at Lakefront Brewery - Milwaukee

Check out SRView - Pictures of every WA State Highway to 1/100 of a mile

We won the Swift Boat Scumbag issue today. The best part is...

Try as they may, it remains War Hero v. The Deserter

Bob Dole didn't mean to OFFEND Kerry????

Is this BIZARRO WORLD???? "Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads"??????

Are you seeing this TV ad? Christian cellular service????

Swift Boat strategy...

This must be "Murdocks'" Rag

New RNC toys? Armored Stealth Vehicles for Urban Security

Looking for comments on my LTTE

Scientists discover a new mouse that speaks English better than

Who here in DU are going to be affected by the Overtime Pay....

Which race/year did Dole snap "tell him to stop lying about my record."


I Missed Hardball- Is It Worth Watching The Repeat?

Mother of Dead UK Soldier to Sue Government

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads

8 out of 14 service dogs that died had cancer (911)

Civil disobedience

A close look at the medals of George

Is The Name of the Book Josh Marshall re: Bob Dole

Malkin on Dennis Miller......

Can a grand jury continue its investigation after indictments are issued?

They Can Steal It 269-269.

I don't think Kerry should fight it if Nader wants to be in the debates

The thing is that the Swift Boat Veterans (sic)

"Students Need Peace" rally, Brooklyn, Tues. 1:30

Macho men: Who’s tougher in the Kerry v. Bush battle?

W to appear above conv in a bubble; H***** came 'out of the clouds'

Remember Martha Mitchell and the Watergate Scandal?

Using eminent domain for economic gain under fire;

Today's dispatch from Guantanamo- ACLU's observer, Romero

US should get out of Iraq now and cut its loses. ( Great read)

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta warned Americans of

Any News on the Anti-Bush Book by Kitty Kelly?

I fell asleep during scarborough...

McGreevey scandal just got weirder!

Savage says......

Not a huge conspiracy theorist but was thinking....

Najaf's Valley of Peace...You Must See This

Did this happen?

Would somebody please ask?? How cutting overtime helps...

Did Rush Limburger Serve? How old was he during Vietnam?

This is definitely the Bizarro World!!! Can it get any worse....

Has anyone heard this CD - just found it on Amazon...

Bob Dole's War Wounds Self-Inflicted (On Purpose!)

Television, 'media' in general today is mere FRACTION of what it could be

Are the people who constantly post RW thoughts here trolls?

Didn't see this before: AZ Clean Elections Law - Under Fire?

What ticks me off...

Listen to Steve Earle's "The Revolution..." (kicks *'s ass)

Mike Malloy Show...

Why would Bush alienate half the electorate,

Attn: CNBC Programmers: Put Miller Out Of His Misery!

O'Reilly's new target... Out with HipHop...

Question: Have any of our Democratic politicians discussed the torture?

Just saw Cheney at Arrowhead stadium


Ladies and gentlemen, the war has just hit home with me.

FH 9\11 Over $163,000,000 Now Worldwide !!!

O'Reilly: "I chose not to go to Vietnam b/c I felt I could....

US Troops search Coffins entering Najaf Cemetery...Suffer Trauma

What Happened to "Tectonic Plates Shifting" , Impending Plame Indictments

Jon Stewart on a roll!

who served and who didnt serve...

Should I go to NY for the protests? A poll.

BALLAD OF THE SWIFT BOAT VETS (apologies to Barry Sadler?)

Is Josh Bolten still OMB manager? Found a bunch of research on him. Scary

"Follow the Money"

F***ing moron

I was actually called a "commie pinko" by a Bushite!

Sacramento hear me now! WOOHOO!

I cut my finger today it bled. Does that mean I deserve a medal?

Arundhati Roy: "How dare the Democrats not be anti-war!"

NPR - Partisan Propaganda for Republicans?

Is Tom Selleck doing the voiceovers for the MSNBC promo's?


Much more censorship lately

Anti-gay marriage amendment off (Mich.) ballot

to Hell with Vincent Furnier/aka/Alice Cooper; it is about time

U.S. soldier wants abuse trial moved from Baghdad

Former GOP field director sues party for discrimination

Idiot Adam Nagourney on Charlie Rose...

WP: Policy Met Politics in Cuba Rules

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 958 U.S. service members have died

Defense Budget to Grow by 28%

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads(CNN sucks)

Hordes of election observers flock to Florida

Bush Criticizes Anti-Kerry Television Ad

Barnes & Noble Says 'Unfit' Sellout Not Its Fault

American Muslims Form Group to Re-elect Bush

WP: Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib, Report Finds

NYT: President Urges Outside Groups to Halt All Ads (new info!)

WP: Kerry Team Lines Up Vietnam Witnesses

Kerry's Vietnam crew mates testify to his bravery in new film

FDA says Illinois plan may usher in drugs from Europe's developing countri

Spy agencies delivered warnings

Bush Team Lacks Clear Economic Plan, Critics Say -WP

Dole defends attack on Kerry's military record as 'political hardball'

WP: (Porter) Goss Backed '95 Bill To Slash Intelligence(Larger than Kerry)

Was I good?

Any computer pros here?

Beady Belle, yum yum

If you Ignore this post... God will kill a Kitten...

Having dinner. What's worse than leftover

Speaking of dinner, leftovers etc......

A possible reason why BushCo is what it is...

Ce n'est pas un président

Woman sues restaurant for $3 million for giving her the finger

Holy crap! Driving between tornados.

History of Libraries...Anybody know if China had "Public" libraries before

Ali G first season out on video...hubby is watching it in

south beach diet--yeah, or nah?

"Now something of yours has been in the toilet."

Has Paul Hamm bled enough for his medals?

I have to hang here in the lounge for a while.

That line of the Chiefs is REAL OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!

KC Chiefs fans

Could NBC please lay off the Women's Beach Volleyball!!!

Where can I get this T-Shirt?

Yes or no? Why or why not?

Mike Malloy Thread.

Washington DC DUers (Skins fans!): How is the preseason? Coach Joe?

SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 2 DVD in stores Sept. 7th

Happy Birthday Moe!!!


Please, Think of the Kittens

Gene research creates a 'Mighty Mouse'

More proof that fundies are evil & insane:

Mike Malloy is on! Official show thread

Let His ego Soaaarrr...


Aha! I knew our country wasn't colorblind!

I need a virus (seriously)

Utterly shallow '04 candidates thread

So is it possible to find a clip of Tweety deconstructing Michelle Malkin?

Remember southerngirlwriter? She landed a GREAT job!

Need a Free spy ware program

How to give a cat a pill.

Biodome with Pauly Shore

Ya'll want a single?

Stephen Baldwin is a republican?

Linux vendors react to Qt flaw

Infinite Cats

In praise of cats

Computeroids - please answer an easy one

2 methods for bathing a cat

Dave Letterman said, "Republicans are in town

Multi-layered pic - very purty!

Cat Crazy

It had to happen.

Allergy question

My 3r old starts preschool tomorrow.

"As a woman, I didn't have it as easy as you did."

Hello, I'm back! Ask Me Anything!

I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat...

What is your favorite ATHF/Sealab episode?

Another great Miami Dolphin tribute site

And if that don't kill you soon, the women will down at the Spanish Moon

"You don't want to suck that...its the potty tentacle."

Blueberries lower cholesterol as good as commercial drugs

Bush/Cheney pamphlet left in my door with phone number!

My mom's house got broken into.

Every year there seems to be a dispute about Olympic medals

Marilyn Chambers for Vice-President!

Margaret Cho and the West Memphis Three

Bunnypants has NO ONE to iron his shirts? What, is he

Help me get through my smoking craving fit...pick my music

OMG, did anyone else watch the mens gymnastics tonight?

Who was the guy that always ate burgers in Popeye?

Anyone having trouble searching Yahoo News?

I might die in a few days, is it wrong to make someone promise me this...?

Fellow migraine sufferers: Ever taken Relpax?

Tell me how sexy it is to be a non-smoker....please

I heard Bush is going to wear his flight suit for the opening of the RNC!

"Candy, Candy, Candy...I can't let you go!"

Al Michaels of ABC Sports

Is Kharma REAL? See, I just heard that a guy I know has developed the Warden to know - that I was innocent - because I'm militant

Attention DU "cat nuts"!

Looking for a Kerry-Edwards t-shirt

As I was saying in breaking hell with Alice Cooper

How do I import a Journal Entry in Quickbooks?

When do you think that music deteriorated?

A woman taking her husband's name when she gets married--optional???

What, no Daily Show thread?

Let's Play "Name That Tune"! Guess Song From 1 Line Of Lyrics...

Venture Brothers...what's your take?

What should I watch at 11 PM?

The Bible's not the only place with a FLAMING BUSH!!!

What does the phrase "All american" Mean to you?

Check out the bare Olympics!

Let Celebrate Steve Earle's "The Revolution Starts Now"

Please allow me to introduce myself (A song in pictures)

Should the womans Beach Volleyball players be wearing more or less?

Should Paul Hamm Give back his gold medal?

Another "Last person to post wins" thread

Sound we eliminate Judged Events from the Olympics?

Sorry If This Has Been Asked Before....

Need a New Ad About 527's

Ex - Worker Sues RNC for Discrimination

Bob Dole question

Please help me de-freep this message board

Looks like the Swift Boat Vets are planning a DC rally

In Defense Of Chris Matthews...

Just got my first push poll of the season

Just got my first push poll of the season

Smirk and Sneer with Smear and Fear

Try as they may, it remains War Hero v. The Deserter

The Single Worst Thing about Swift Smear is:

Paul Galanti on Hannity & Colmes: Kerry "aided and abetted the enemy"

I was very proud today.....

The blackout is over and only 12 days left for 527s...

Olbermann hitting on Bob Dole bashing Kerry!

How Many Viet Nam Veterans can call themselves Swift Boat Vets?

Was Chris Matthews ordered into a political re-education camp on Friday?

If this is even remotely legit....

Talking points that I gave a LTTE writer tonight.

Is it safe to assume all of these polls don't include...

Election Model update: 16 Zogby state polls. Kerry rebound!

Republicans lay out case for Stoddard County (MO) voters

Poll: Is Bushies Negativity Level Higher than Kerrys? Vice Versa?

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads

"New Freedom Initiative" = Huge Opportunity for Kerry

Mike Thompson (DetFP) toon rips Bush and Swiftboat liars

Who's Going To Watch Hack On Scarface?

Jim Russell-- A veteran for truth

Tales of baseball, tobacco and Possibly the Next President

The Kerry Campaign did it again.................

They Can Steal It 269-269.

David H. Hackworth on Scarborough tonight

and... waLt starr's story is on msnbc too

What constitutes a "connection" between a 527 and a campaign?

Terry Holt on Scarborough: "We are having a debate on the issues, and...

A modest proposal re the 527s.

Swift Boat Liars Run Aground

The thing is that the Swift Boat Veterans (sic)

Conspiracy Alert

What if the 2004 Presidential isn't even close?

What is the role of truth during wartime? is question raised by Bushites

The nerve of some people. (Help me debunk something outrageous, please)

Dole's justification

If you can catch the repeat of Joe Scarborough....

Hackworth on with Smerking Joe Tonight

Wingnut Sent Me This "Mullings" (Senator as Candidate)

It's all about pacing.

New Survey USA polls from Arkansas and Virginia

Has Anyone seen these 30 second Anti Bush ads?

This Matthews stuff is getting to be a bit much

It's time for John Kerry to hire me as a rep for him on Television!!!!!!

great comparison: Bush issues page vs. Kerry's

California Polls - What Is This About?

New Gallup poll from Florida

Dick Cavett's left-handed apology to Pat Buchanan on 'Hardball."

Kerry Appearance

Heads up - Kerry on Daily Show tomorrow night!

Quotes and Opinions From Vets Who Served With Bush

Statement by Kerry in Congress in Q/A after Wintersoldier

My sympathies are with those who fell for Chris Matthews's trick

SBLs to bush; you knew we were snakes when you picked us up

Documentary Focuses on Kerry in Vietnam

Winter Soldiers vets and Kerry

Is there an Alabama National Guards for Truth out there????

Any of you DU Researchers seen this Swift Boat Site (Info on Crews)

"On Cable, a Fog of Words about Kerry's War Record"

HUGE! Bob Perry hosting NYC event for GOP with Bush and Rove?

any polls on whether Bush served in the National Guard ?

Who here in DU are going to be affected by the Overtime Pay....

Next attack. Paris 1971.

B&N : sold out of copies of Swiftless book which don't even exist

So now Bush explicitly EXEMPTS Swift Boat ads from his proposed "ban"?

Virginia-Should we make a strong effort?

Macho men: Who’s tougher in the Kerry v. Bush battle?

Absentee Balloting for eVoting States?

Edwards In La Crosse and classless freepers!

Breaking ... Another connection between Bush and Swift Vets

Swift Boat Liar admits he didn't witness anything

How about an attack ad with only Bushisms and a laugh track?

Why didn't "Top Goon" keep his pilot's license?

for future reference -- here's the path of Walt's story today

Michael Moore features Walt Starr's story on * medals!

Anyone else submitted anything to "America Can Do Better?"


Who Is John Kerry's "Karl Rove"?

WSJ: Kerry leads Bush in Electoral College Tally

Free Speech vs Slander

Tom Oliphant knows something thats going to go down

I don't think Kerry should fight it if Nader wants to be in the debates

Military coverup of *'s AWOL: Please bring me up to date

Kerry CAN'T go negative on Bush that much.

Aaron Brown just EVISCERATED the Swift Boat Vets with the facts.

The lesson: Why should I respect ANY veteran?

That Bush* raped a fifteen year-old and forced her to have an abortion...

Nader Still Unsure of Ballot Spot in Many States

Flip-flop? Bush Campaign defends Swift Boat Liars?

Could this be part of the Oliphant Allusions?

Wrestling Fans- Mick Foley's A Smart Man

trashing other boards?

Black History Revisited (, Doug Griffin)

UN's failure is America's fault


Despite their respect for its values, people still hate the US

Krugman Nails * Again: The Rambo Coalition

Go Jonny, Go! (, Cory M. Marshall)

LATimes Editorial: "These Charges Are False ..."

Healing Iraq -- Tuesday, August 24, 2004

On Cable, a Fog of Words About Kerry's War Record

Leslie Cagan's dissent is what unites thousands

Marines slash final combat training in half

E.J. Dionne: The politics of annihiliation

BuzzFlash: Intervew with Author of "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

"Democracy in Jordan" (How Bush has blown it - again)

The flip side of 'English Only:' ignorance comes at a price

Breslin- What we've really lost in this indefensible war

Tests of a Smear Campaign ("he said/he said" reporting of GOP lies)

Kerry's Christmas story rings true(attackcheap and almost certainly wrong.

The Rambo Coalition (as Bush equates his bombast with patriotism)

This Is Bogus, Bob... and These Are Silly

Alan Alda to Guest Star on 'The West Wing'

"COWARD in CHIEF" must see article

Fannie “Fires Back”

Our friends at Citizens United..(Dirty Tricks by the radcons)

Robert Scheer: Credit Kerry With Speaking Truth; Bush Is Banking On a Lie

American Prospect - The Big Squeeze (high times for Bush Corp. backers)

RNC an Opportunity for Sen. Clinton

Some of Kerry's biggest fans are in the press

Fannie “Fires Back”

SBV-Gate: The File, second prototype. (Send more links & stories, please.)

Hoodwinked: Why is Florida's voting system so corrupt?

Overtime cut undermines workers

Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered -No explanation in files

Bush Overstated His Military Record (Corn/Nation)

Bush Weds Religion, Politics to Form World View

US To Attack N Korea At End of October?

Defending Liberty , by Robert Byrd

Genghis Khan 'was a contemplative chap'

Republican convention is no bargain for city

"A Letter to The Media" (Brilliant post from Suburban Guerilla)

Time: The Right's New Wing

Four Days in California

Hunting for an agenda, Bush has Social Security in his sights

Germany breaks the Hitler taboo

Online letter to protect Forests from Bush

"Not in our Name" needs urgent help!! (re-RNC)

Question Re: posters for RNC protest - are "sticks" allowed? What are the

Dick Morris unplugged on the election of 2004

News With a View-Interesting Article here.

Do You Hear What I Hear? (how media lets Bush lie with partial truth)

Local media's clout rises in battleground states (per Clinton)

Harry Smith asks John O'Neill for journalism advice

The Anti-Blog

You Can Report, but We Will Decide (The conservative media's bias

John Kerry on Jon Stewart tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Malloy brought me to tears tonight

History Channel rewrites history of Spanish election for Bush

Kraft to alter its strategy

Fannie “Fires Back”

Bangladesh Steamed At Indian Plan To Divert Parts Of 37 Rivers

100+ Migrating Storks Poisoned By Wastewater Pools In Negev Desert

Bush Cutting Sweetheart Deals For Water In CA Central Valley - SacBee

Blair Promises To Be Really, Really Mean To Bush On Climate Issues

Latest Reuters Cassiopeia pics

Violence Intensifies At Sea As The Last Buffalo Hunt Continues

Taiwanese Orchid Production Line (Hawai'i farmers loose - thanks Bush)

China's Annual Glacial Loss Now Equals Flow Of Yellow River - AFP

Imagining A Second Yosemite Valley - A Restored Hetch Hetchy - SacBee

Buy gas that doesn't pay for terrorism

"Environmentalist" Bill Ford Opposes CA Bill For High-MPG Hybrid Owners

Back to the Olduvai Gorge

Don't appease China's bullying

Price of petrol set to rise - SA

Arroyo faces fiscal crisis

Abu Ghraib Report Faults Top Officials

Typhoon Aere pounds Taiwan, five fishermen feared dead

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 24, 2004

what actions do you take to ensure that your gun stays safe and secure?

Number one weapon of choise for terrorist.

Double Barreled Double Standards

What happned to my star?

Just curious

Mods - why did my thread on 527s get moved to Campaign 2004...

I can't believe the 'Laura Bush prostitution' threads haven't been locked!

Is There Any Way to Organize the Bookmarks?

Some are saying

I'm getting a complex here ...

I had a donation made (in my name) last week...

The Laura Threads are valid, and if someone disagrees

Question about I/P forum

So I'm kissing up, but THANKS for anticipating the traffic tonight!

The check is in the mail

Report: Fahima allegedly assisted Kalandiya attack

'INS Eilat' sailor's tomb to be unveiled

Israel-EU hold advanced talks on wider Europe plan

Britain in split with US on West Bank homes

AG urges Israel to apply 4th Geneva Convention to Palestinian territories

Shalom due to meet Palestinian counterpart Sha'ath in Italy

An exposé of dishonest media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict

UN agent: Apartheid regime in territories worse than S. Africa

Alan Keyes on gun control

Clarence Page - Obama not exactly black ? Just what does that mean?

Castor airs ad attacking Deutsch

Feeling About Phil Anglides

Arnold After a Year

Keillor:Coleman is a man without a single principled bone in his body

MPR plays 1971 Kerry testimony - Vets go nuts

Bush/Cheney just called my house

Marriage amendment won't be on ballot!

Is anyone planning a protest at the Bush rally in Wheeling Sun

Shrub to be in Troy, Ohio, this Saturday 8/28. Protest, anyone?

Is anyone planning to protest the Bush rally in Wheeling WV

Philly Area DUers: Party before the Republicans Do??

Specter pushes for AFL-CIO endorsement

Austin 4 Kerry Meetup Thursday August 26

Women's Suffrage Day Austin Events Thursday 8/26

New 2008 Hillary Site

I think Kerry should campaign in Iraq to the troops

The more I think about it the more I think Limbaugh really is gay.

AOL users-- freeped straw poll?

Iran - Women's Rights - GRRRRRRR

vetwife will be speaking today on

NEW political parody! (sorry LIZA!)

Paul Begala did good on Crossfire...

Ever notice...

Two great points I've heard from Randi callers concerning our troops


What is the role of truth during wartime? is question raised by Bushites

The nerve of some people. (Help me debunk something outrageous, please)

Any of you DU Researchers seen this Swift Boat Site (Info on Crews)

Great Op-Ed from Ted Rall - NYC TO GOP: DROP DEAD

can someone please point me to the Sibel Edmunds post earlier

Holiday in Cambodia (good article)

The more things change....The more they stay the same.

2/3 polled by Newsweek plan to ignore the RNC - Please Vote

Holiday in Cambodia

Why does my newspaper keep publishing this idiot's letters?

Aaron Brown just EVISCERATED the Swift Boat Vets with the facts.

'A draft dodger who couldnt complete his draft dodge'

What is the deal with the new overtime issue?

Poll has * within 3pts of Kerry in CA...

I will vote for GW Bush, if...

Forget the war, forget the economy. Want to see REAL evil?

Freeper on Ray Taliaferro

I thought that I hated Richard Nixon, until I saw GW Bush (rant).

Biggest Lunatic: Cast Your Vote Today!!

Job Outsourcing Reaches New Heights

Why didn't "Top Goon" keep his pilot's license?

Don't call me a Republican, sez Mandy Moore!

The lesson: Why should I respect ANY veteran?

Jenna & Barbara Bush on Why You Should Vote For The Chimp (funny!)

Something we can actually do????

Is 'Outfoxed' Worth Buying?

So, Kid Rock will be playing at the GOP convention. LOL. I hope

Al Michaels of ABC Sports


Free Speech vs Slander

CIA Nominee in Pic of Agency's 60's Assassination Squad...

How can we get the media to cover the NYC protests on Sunday?

The CA Govanator sue car dealer 4 advertising customers can "Terminate"

Where's al-Zarqawi?

The name Michelle Malkin keeps popping up.

Series exposing Vietnam atrocities earns top honor; 2003

WH plans to severely slash domestic spending in 2006 budget but is

Some good LTTE in my local paper.

I Have a Fear about my Florida Voter Registration

I listen to old republicans...

Ex-Republicans.. What finally made you see the light?

Anyone see "the Jesus Factor" Frontline episode (Bush's Fundamentalism)

yep, we're doing everything we can to stop terrorism.

It's getting increasingly hard to despise Chris Matthews.

A Kerry Win Will Crash The Stock Market !

Don't call * AWOL: he is a DESERTER.

"Shrine stand-off in Najaf" - why can't they use tear gas and get it over?

Bush wrong 527's aren't bad for the system

Head swift boat guy a bigot...?

Was Cheney a segregationist in his past.?Although I do not have

It looks like W's halo

Anybody else notice the site meter at the bottom of the page?

I need help in looking for

MEME MEMO: We condemn all 527s that promote LIES.

Kerry's campaign now says is possible first Purple Heart

Anyone heard any recent reports about....

Attention California DU'ers

Vietnam bemused by US poll campaign

Is the Iron Cross making a comeback???

Kucinich fans...he is on Cspan for the next few hours

LIBERALS! Need laughs? Uncle Richardo's 'Must-Read' book of the week:

Has anyone seen Kerry's ad which exclusively focuses on McCAIN????\hits *

Bush will "Unveil His Vision" at GOP Convention

Did anybody else see Crashcart

In my opinion,GWB and his cabal have decided to write off the

New Arab cinema tells intimate stories

Corporations are holding off on outsourseing until after the election!

Where's the outrage at the Media Mudfest against Kerry?

KRUGMAN! "The Rambo Coalition" (MUST READ)

Right-Wing Business of the day


What we've really lost in this indefensible war by Jimmy Breslin

Positive Thoughts About Bush's Future

longaberger company...

Welcome to the bush and cheney Chickenhawk Hall of Shame !

Can you write in a candidate on an electonic voting machine?

Assassinations are a messy business

Gasoline should put out this fire

Sorry folks i'm voting Republican!

INdTV Al Gore & Joel Hyatt's Cable news station hiring

Turn off CNN,FAUX, MSRNC...Turn on NWI *Newsworld International*

760 since "Bring em on!"

George Orwell would be jealous of this Bush accomplishment.

Kerry is something the scumbags aren't used to: RELENTLESS

Kerry will get tons of free media from Daily Show appearance

Backdoor Draftees Report for Duty

Bob Somerby, of Daily Howler on Franken today (Tues)

ACLU question....

Not much has been said about the new over-time rules

Moral Coward=Bush........excellent article by Josh Marshall..must read...

Heads Up: Kerry on the Daily Show tonight

Air America was on the speaker at work yesterday. All day!

Bush* has lost 50% of his elections. What's Kerry's average?

The Mickey Mouse Copyright Law and the lost history of the left

Are you tired of hearing about the swift boat ads controversy?

Can someone give me a synopsis of the movie

Clear Channel turning left?

Can y'all point me to good, succinct factoids -suitable for

New survey: Democrats better lovers than Repugs by more than 2-to-1 margin

Dean's C-Span speech was inspiring. IUPAT

BBV - E-Voting: It's Security, Stupid

FREEP this witch!!! Calling all DUers!

How many people were in Bush*'s NG unit and have they been interviewed?

LA Times; These Charges are False

Bushies bulk- ordering SBVT book -- and not paying for them!

If Bush re-elect we could have a nuclear war in the next 4 years!

So You Wanna Spend $ Fighting Terra?

TBTM Action Alert: Correct Daryn Kagan!

Help me come up with hilarious bumper-stickers!

Contrary to bushbull, World opinion opposed the attack on Afghanistan

Was Porter Goss a CIA Assassin?

Olympic boos - free speech is invigorating

"Hitler was a Lefty"

George Bush and his elite "Republican Guard"

Bushies bulk-ordering SBVT book -- and not paying for them!

What newspapers in the following states are the most widely read?

Bumper-Stickers with magnetic backing RULE!!!!!

LOL Michelle Malkin's crying makes the NY DAILY NEWS

I got a personal response from Bill Amend re his anti-draft Foxtrot sun.

Has anyone ever found the military records of the smearies?

A response to my email to Mr. French, Clackamas District Attorney office.

When did the SURPLUS become the DEFICIT??

Rock the Cash Box The Halliburton(s): They not only sing, but they talk e

Well I hope the Liars can live with the Trauma they are causing !

Wow-everyone needs to read Josh Marshall today

"the Most Influential Catholic Layman in George W. Bush's Washington"

Michelle Malkin: Maori Warrior?

Adbusters + People's History of America = Bummer

Is it only about getting to Iraq's oil? Read this post found elsewhere...

Instapundit Goofs on Al Sadr

Fox "News"....What abuse press conference?????

Apparently.."some people" think that all vets awards undeserved.

Bushed on Phonics

Where is the $$ going on the anti Kerry book profits "Unfit to serve"?

If I was "Born Again" would I become a Republican?

So, what's up with Military Fetishism?

Is Swift Boat controversy now backfiring on Bush?

What do you think of the Iraqi soccer team.

Is the WH trying to kill the press corps in an air crash???

This childish ubiquitous French bashing tells you


dyslexics for freedom chant

Ever notice how even if you're just flipping channels, someone on CNN...

CIA Nominee Goss Tried to Gut Key Intelligence Programs

Is my liberal Christians page easier or harder for you to read now?

Kerry is going to be on The Daily Show tonight

Bush Lied, Thousands Died

Blogging from Iraq: Inside the Imam Ali Shrine

Republicans go after a person's strengths not their weaknesses


OMG Randi is cracking me up!!!!

Bill O'Reilly, the most-reviled media figure

Another Kerry Swift Boat Vet comes forward!

Pick your Fave Pic/Song Presentation

How adamant are you about getting your own way...

How many purple hearts have been handed out from Iraq?

What other newspaper, besides the Star Tribune, published Doug Feith's

Steve Earle on Air America

DUPE - mods please delete

Olympic Mens Basketball Team Disses Bush

Wired: The Dean Machine Marches On......Castor campaign.

New group in Indiana formed to fight to get Bush out of office

Hey, why does that Kansas Senator Pat Roberts sound just like Bob Dole?

Is Babra Streisand really that bad for Democrats?

Question W Revue resumes tonight @ 9:30!!

Damn, I must be denser than I thought!

The truth about military service.

too funny...

Holy Crap! Iraqi Soccer team SLAMS Bush! "He has committed so many crimes"

What time is Jon Daily on on the Left Coast?

Hardball: Family member of Abu Ghraib solider on right now.

Outsource Bush!

the night shift at abu ghraib was animal house!

I am very depressed by my thoughts today.What I see is the

Between the ages of 14 and 17, I was a neocon.

LOL Washington Post:

Report on prisoner abuse just announced.

Such Good News Today!!!

Dean on Anderson Cooper, coming up.

Even more than Bush,I believe it is the evil twins, Rumsfeld and

Scooter Libby: why did he roll over?

You have got to read the latest at this site. US soldiers frisk the dead?

Will Majority Report be a repeat or just Sam Seder?

Help! I need funny Bush images

Do we still owe Rummy a debt of gratitude if he's been indirectly blamed?

What man can stand, if the women say "No!"?


What the fuck is that shit on Hardball!!

How Many Wars Have Republican's Gotten Us into?

Article about Soros at CS Monitor....absolutely hits Bush hard.

Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" is really good, appealing...But what about the

'Najaf's Residents Feel Trapped in Battle" - Yahoo, please rate

This needs to go back to the top and DU'ers need to rate it a 5!

2 passenger planes have gone down in Russia

US To Attack N Korea At End of October?

So...Are most DU'ers back on the Media? Watching it all to monitor the

Republicans are afraid of strong women

Who will control 200 years & trillions of dollars of U.S. Intel? "It was Scooter Libby"-Plame case

Elliot clip from 96?

NORC survey finds America’s Protestant majority is shrinking

Randi is exceptionally good today....

Where is Colin Powell these days? and Dr. David Suzuki, MUST READ!

Call CNN & register a complaint "Game-The wrong pictures are being used"

Picture of typical violent freeper. Be careful with these whackos.

Violence at the Repub Convention

BBV Sum of a Glitch - Great Article by Bev Harris

Sen. Byrd, my hero, said this famously about W: "The Emperor

Hey DUer's-this is the Tommy Thompson thread!

BBV: Survey of Primary Ballot Systems (Optical Scan)

Hillary just announced as leader of Dem's truth squad during convention!

Keeping Your Politics to Yourself

Bush And His "Band Of Boozers" ! * (War Is Heck)

Would DUers Make For a Good Combat Fighting Force?

Max Boot claims FDR as a neoconservative.

As much of a BFEE watcher as I am, and even THIS came as a surprise.

Well its happened - Ann Coulter has surprised even me with her filth

ABC/Jennings Give Republican Conv. Extra Time - Tell Them What You Think

Does Any Country in the World Support the Bush Regime?

Hmm, America is not a democracy, it's a Republic

Okay, it's a new Guy James thread. We all need to kick in one more

Just found out...

let's see if we can agree upon just one thing. . .(Abu Graib)

Rumsfeld and Asparatame

Vetwife to appear on Radio left at 5:00 PM EST

Meat-Eaters Soak Up the World's Water

A Moving Photo Essay of George W Bush

RE: */Cheney bumper stickers on cars - what I've noticed

Where are the people in Bush's past that hate him?

Boycotting by political parties & why I oppose it

It looks like Laura Bush dissed P-Diddy. . .big mistake!

Active-duty GIs battle for custody

Question about Social Security privatization

Educate Me Here: WHY Is Our Gov't Still Targeting Bobby Fisher?

I haven't been this terrified since 9/11 - I just watched in Plane Site.!

Was Porter Goss a member of the CIA's secret assassination squad?

Blair and the Congressional Medal of Honour

The Bells of London

Your take on Windfarm schemes and UK energy policy

HUGE! Bob Perry hosting NYC event for GOP with Bush and Rove?

US Soldier Dies in Iraq Attack (Baghdad)

U.S. soldier wants Rumsfeld to testify on Iraq

Car Bomb in Baghdad Targets Minister, 2 Killed

McAuliffe: Democrats Not Aiding Protesters

Iran Again Warns Israel Against Attack

U.S. Denies Claim It Damaged Najaf Shrine

Fannie “Fires Back”

Abu Ghraib; The Scandal Continues

Fast Forward to the Present, End Fighting over Vietnam

CIA Nominee in Pic of Agency's 60's Assassination Squad...

NYT: (Union) Study Finds..Border Officers Feel Security Ought to Be Better

Sign-Up Reopened for House Race in La.

Pakistan deploys troops to seal Afghan border

NYT: On Cable, Fog of Words re. Kerry War Record(no fact-check,reflection)

Report links Charles Taylor to al-Qaeda

Florida's presidential race looks like 2000

Outside groups free to finance ads

NYT: Stem Cells: Promise, in Search of Results

Accused Coup Leader Says Co-Defendants are Innocent

Kerry invokes ghost of bitter Bush-McCain race

Insurgents showing no sign of letting up....(could go on for 10 yrs)

N. Korea Calls Bush 'Imbecile'

Reuters: Pentagon Leaders Faulted in Prisoner Abuse-Officials

US forces 'tighten Najaf noose'

Linking to shit like Drudge and NY Post should be stopped. now.

Memo purportedly foresaw Iraq abuses

Israel Adds to Plans for More Housing Units in Settlements

Mexican 'drugs legend' was key cartel player

NYT: Storm Offers Jeb Bush a Test and an Opportunity

Kerry: Give vets lifetime coverage

Kerry Live CNN Now - Policy Speech

Goss Backed '95 Bill to Slash Intelligence (slash human intel by 20%

NYT: Older Investors Jittery As U.S. Markets Disappoint

Rumsfeld Need Not Testify Over Iraq Abuse - Judge

Sudan: Embassy in Washington Closes Doors Over Darfur Protests

Africa 'faces new polio threat'

Cheney To Host Iowa Town Hall Meeting

Italian Journalist Purportedly Kidnapped

Washington accused of ignoring nuclear terror threat

Rebels defiant inside shrine (correspondents trapped in shrine overnight)

Wronged voters still need a right (Fla Voters Still Blocked!)

Lawmaker and wife ordered to return toddler to his parents

Abu Ghraib Report Faults Top Officials

Malaysian rape law provokes storm

Some of Kerry's biggest fans are in the press

Cheney protesters arrive early, (some) leave early due to rainstorm

Kerry picks G-O-P convention site to call for renewed debate over issues

Auditors Urged Army to Act Against Halliburton

Oil Prices Fall to $45 as Iraq Oil Flows

Najaf fighters issued another ultimatum

Kerry, in N.Y., Accuses GOP of 'Smear'

SC Dems use images of military draft in effort to sign up voters

An Angry Republican Roils Intelligence Waters

Abu Ghraib blame extends to top Pentagon officials

Time Reporter Gives Statement in CIA Leak Probe, Avoids Possible Jail Sent

Activists Marshall Against Foreign Election Monitors

Ark. Court Asked to Broaden Prayer Limits

Pentagon Panel Head: A Misfortune If Rumsfeld Resigned

Jail Administrator Arrested in Drug Case (Coca 2oz)

Bush campaign using smoke- screen tactics to avoid issues: Kerry

Bush, Kerry Even In New Florida Poll - CNN

Japan Issues Order to Deport Ex-Chess Champ Fischer

Judge Sets Bail for N.Y. Mosque Leaders

..30 Oregon Guard soldiers headed for Iraq (replace "dead and wounded")

Bin Laden Driver Charged at Guantanamo

Amtrak conductor to resign after making comments against Kerry

Two Russian passenger jets crash - CNN

Judge in Abu Ghraib Case Might Offer Deal to Senior Officers

Colo. vet vouches for Kerry

Zogby Presidential Polls First to Include Peroutka-Baldwin Ticket

Contempt Order Lifted in CIA Leak Case -(Cooper re: Plame case)

Poll shows opposition to political parties seeking church directories

Kerry Adviser Admits Mistake in Iraq Remarks

Green Party candidate won't challenge Hooley (No Dem 'spoiler') Ore

Bush daughters urge young people to register, vote (not party)

Hundreds of Iraqi, US troops braced for Najaf assault

Naval exercises United States message to North Korea

The Man Behind the GOP's Catholic Strategy...(bush advisor sex scandal)

Andre and Chris Heinz to Help Turn Out Youth Vote in the Hawkeye State

Event Tonight: Howard Dean, Natalie Merchant and Musical Guests

Kerry Accuses GOP of Using Fear Tactics

Group Will Cancel Rally if Permit Denied

Outside Panel Faults Top U.S. Officials For Iraq Prison Abuse

Drudge: Kerry phones swiftvet foes

2 ANA pilots suspended for allowing passengers in cockpit

Sugary Soft Drinks Raise Risk of Diabetes -Study

CREW FOIAs White House Contacts with Swift Boat Veterans Group

USA Today: Questions about Bush's Guard Service Unanswered (hits hard!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 24 August

An About-Face on America (Arab opinion of America at historic low)

Ludicrous, Lethal Government Secrets Cited

Russia sees two airplane crashes

Hundreds of Kerry yard signs vandalized in Fla.

Cheney on gay relationships: 'Freedom means freedom for everyone'

Janet Jackson Says Bush Used Her (breast) As Distraction

Poll suggests public has grown weary of politicians talking religion

Witnesses: U.S. Warplanes Bomb Fallujah

Police brace for unauthorized convention protest in Central Park

ABC News: U.S. GIs Step Up Pressure on Najaf Rebels

Cheney's Gay Marriage Comments Draw Fire

Domino Effect Feared From Closures of Emergency Rooms

Rumsfeld Blamed Indirectly for Abu Ghraib Abuses

Ruling keeps protesters off the grass

Iraqi cleric slams war coverage

'Telepsychiatry' Works for Depression

Mandy Moore Fumes at Being Declared Republican

US investigates shooting of Reuters cameraman

Marines slash final combat training in half

N.Korea Hurls Abuse at Bush, Calls Him Human Trash

Kerry does ``The Daily Show'

Soldiers' Iraq Blogs Face Military Scrutiny

I hate that damn commercial on AAR the happy woman

I like this photo I took at the air show this weekend....

It's official! I'm free of the 700 Club!

Iraqis Making Progress

I'm trying to make a small donation via debit card

Father of the Pride

Marshall University Football Players Attack Ohio State Player....., I saw all of these cards at "Target " today....

i caught you a delicious bass..

The sex thread that isn't going to be banned....

Just talked to my friend - RE: New job as radio reporter

DeGeneres to Star in 'Oh, God!' Remake

I like Bill Doggett.

What is Polyphonic Spree? Is it Christianoid popular music?

How Much Do You LOVE Dick Cheney? [WARNING: Heavy Graphics]

Guess the new Italian phrase I learned tonight!

Well, they'll stone ya when you're trying to be so good,

Quick,turn to [email protected] and look at Teri in short shorts..yummy

Olympics Alexi Nemov was robbed

Al has left the building.

amusing twaddle from Anne the Man (tm) C.

anyone know a good biography on Al Gore to read?

US tops league of e-mail spammers

I like the Doggett episodes of the X-files

Good morning DU! What's for breakfast?

New worm uses Web cameras to spy on users

WTF - Australia into the gold medal match

So, Kid Rock will be playing at the GOP convention. LOL. I hope

Please help by donating to the Hurricane (Charley) relief fund

W: A War of Words (in my email this morning) I LIKE this

*sigh*. Another day George Bush is still in office.

'Missa Luba'?

Mandy Moore Fumes at Being Declared Republican

Meow I am meow meow in love with meow Henrietta meow meow Pussycat meow.

Corps, Seven Weeks Dead, Fails To Rise

Man On Quest For Knife-Proof Body Bleeds To Death

Kitty story

Tomb Collapse Kills Three Grave Robbers

Nick at Nite keeps adding shows that I HATE

Dead Teenager Kept In House For 36 Years

Outside the OBVIOUS - favorite daily comic strips

Man sets own house on fire, then throws everything but the kitchen sink at

Under My thumb

What's your favorite non-Kurosawa Samurai Movie?

Stray Cats With Fleas Shut Down Radio Station

To anyone who thinks Michelle Malkin is hot or even relatively attractive

The new television season will be upon there anything even...

I'm boycotting the History Channel!

What's the deal with Al Gore TV?

"Suffering" Prisoner Seeks Bail To Have Sex

I Just made my own fresh SALSA! Ask me anything!

CRAP, I may not be able to get vacation time on election day

Despair Inc. ...The king of realistic motivation

Radio Call Sign Origins...

Regulate funding of copycat threads!

Why Do So Many Male Olympians Have Such HIGH VOICES?

Lets give it up for "Boondocks" this week......

Baio maybe, but the Midnight Cowboy??!!??

I want to thank all of you!

Name that Earworm!

Ferris Bueller Spins Out Of Control

Fascist Zeal Spins Out of Control!

DUers are spinning out of control

Copycatters spin out of control

Proud Mary Spins Out Of Control

French Veal spins out of control

Ferris Wheel Spins Out Of Control

Control out of Duckies

Knock Knock-Can I speak with you for a moment about life insurance?

Fenris Wheel Spins Out Of Control

duckie out of control

Today is my husband & my 13 anniversary.

Your mother spins out of control

Shortest William Rivers Pitt DU thread EVER?


Fund Copycatting of Regulatory Threads!

Anyone ever play Call of Duty?

Flashing arrest hasn't hurt business, says karate shop owner

Woo Hoo! Buck Rogers marathon on Sci-Fi channel this morning.

How do you wash indoor paint?

MORE "My Pet Goat" reviews! get em before they're gone!

Queen album brings rock to Iran

Trivia time: I pronounce "soft" as "sahft."

Stanley Cup Gets Misplaced On Canadian Airline

Need Advice About XM Radio

New Swifts Supporting Kerry

Welcome to the bush and cheney Chickenhawk Hall of Shame !

Ellen DeGeneres plays God...religious nazis have a coronary!

Another thing that separates us CT folks from the unwashed- Package Stores

Sofa King

Hey New Yorkers (of NYC)..

Read part of 'Unfit for Command' last night

NYC supply of single-malt Scotch, thick juicy steaks, hookers in jeopardy

Abston Church of Christ (cats and lego)

What historical figure would you want to romance?

I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad. I'm hot for teacher.

I don't want to be here!!!!

Earworm alert!!

Bush's Parachute

HEADS UP!: John Kerry is on The Daily Show tonight!

Don't call me a Republican, sez Mandy Moore!

One of my coworkers just burned microwave popcorn.

Kleeb out of control

People from CT are the only ones in this Country who are accentless

Love ewe

Have you seen this photo of John Kerry?

Do you buy bottled water?

People who say pop are out of control

I can't wait until the Olympics are over so MSNBC will go back to NEWS.

My ideas for new Olympic sports.

removing algae from vinyl pool, next question

I'm skipping my first class of the semester....

Everyone who posts in this thread knows whoisalhedges is an asshole

I just bought

A scary rumor!

I think I just saw

People from (insert your home area) are the only ones that are accentless

The Richardo Book Club pick-o-the-week: Attack Poodles!!

Texans in Hell

My WWF-style political fantasy...

Listening to Garrison Keillor or a 3-way with Rush and Hannity?

The George W. Bush Trust Quiz

Residents Excited To Give New Toilets A Whirl

Janet Jackson: "Will I be voting for Bush? Hell, no!"

Who here is in school or taking classes this semester?

I saw my first Wal-Mart ever

Everyone who posts in this thread is an asshole.

Time for a Chimp in Chief Clip - He IS really this stupid

Things I Learned about the 60's

Krugman's Rambo article from today.

The Tune Inn - New Haven CT - Rest in Peace!!!

What's up with the Team America movie?

Can I get a count here: Who will be in NYC this weekend

You are the sun I am the moon you are the words I am the tune CAPTION me

I am gonna need one of those fancy toilets soon!!!!!!!

I once had a CAPTION thiiiiiiis big

Man decides to steal car instead of walk home after boozefest

How about some nice Republican humor. Mine. Yours?

When did you get old?

Someone I haven't seen here lately...Newsman Matt Drudge.

sing aLong time (hey, i'm bored)

Did anyone hear Al Franken with the dittohead today?

We need a pornstar called Bush Cheney.

Anyone else a prehistoric Mound afficianado?

Kung Fu movie fans - "Hero" officially released this week

How's this for irony?

New off the presses....rethuglican convention schedule.

Haibane Renmei

Based only on what you know about me from DU...find me some good music!

So, Was Alien Vs. Predator Good?


A closer look at *'s medals.....

The have,s and the have nots.

Is the board slow for you guys?

?Mixture for oil painting on china or porcelein

1000.000000000000 POSTS for Me!!

Read this and tell me isn't crap

Whoopee!! Just Got My Sirius Sattelite Radio-Thanks For the

Any women on DU want to make out with me?

If you're smiling at me,

Boy, 5, Takes Off In Uncle's Cadillac - Crashes (Is Ticketed)

My favourite (vaguely disturbing) album cover.

Ya Know Who's Hot? That Guy In The Geico Commercial...

I talked to the mechanic about my car

Oh Matcom.....look it!!

Anyone have any idea why John Fogerty back out?

She was a fast machine. She kept the money clean.

Have you noticed that AAR now offers streaming via Windows Media?

What's up with Bush getting a plug on Monday Night Football?

The Idler, anyone?

Johan Santana - Cy Young ?

What accents can you do?

New survey: Democrats better lovers than Repugs by more than 2-to-1 margin

My foot has been killing me the last week and a half....

Favorite Elvis song?

Trivia: English Counties

Drinkers are smarter than nondrinkers! Nyah nyah.

OK, cat owners, here's a way to help homeless kitties in shelters

Byron, I think I have found a lucrative investment.

Trivia: What four US States Start with the same letter as their Capital?

Please motivate me to do some work

Another Trivia Question: History/Geography


Never eat a footlong cheeseburger sub in one sitting

Parking Lot Dispute Boils Over (yahoo)

Great Chimpy Interview

Trivia: Name the largest cities in each Canadian province.

Tomb Collapse Kills Three Grave Robbers (Yahoo)

Did you know Malcolm is older than Reese?

What will happen if i look in the mirror and say "i'm George W Bush and..

Speaking of Halloween, what will you be wearing?

Confession part 2: What stereotypes DO NOT fit you?

Speaking of Helloween, what will you be wearing?

Best air guitar song?

favorite elvish song

Randi's rippin' some freeper ass!

Is the Dark Tower?

Attention: Problem Solvers. I need some help!

legal question concerning phone records

Whoa! Did you ever pleasure yourself and not know it?

Whoa! Did you ever cut a fart and not know it?

Where's all the outrage that Hansen was robbed by Kitajima?

Dammit-someone give me a smoke now or I will kill you all

Is it true that John Kerry will be on TDS??

Have you seen the Will Farrell clip?

Damnit, I want back that First Place Ribbon from my 9th grade science fair

probably will be flamed for this new toon

Dammit I want to disqualify a judge in the 1976 Miami Herald Spelling Bee

Whoa! Did you ever cut yourself and not know it?

OK, no more gymnastics fightin! Just remember what it's REALLY about!


Thank you all so much for your sympathy about my Rottie

sus just asked me: "What should I wear Saturday night"

Jesse Owens should give back his gold medals

Question W Revue TONIGHT @ 9:30 | we're videotaping...

Since DU Has Been Invaded By Canuks, I DEMAND Your Favorite Quotes!

My little girl goes off to high school today.

Trivia: Name NYC's most populated borough and which one

Summer Movies 2005


Perry Farrell vs. Frank Black

Which "Born in the USA" Track Should Be the RNC's Theme Song?

"Somewhere" & TIAA-CREF

Man Suffers Cut After Being Whipped By A Dead Snake

Will Ferrell vs. Jack Black

AARRGGHH!! Online Mapping Services SUCK!!!

Should I give up my gold medal?

What ever happened to the wife who ran over her cheating dentist husband?

Sports Question: From a purely statistical standpoint... in other words...

I need to build a new computer for gaming and audio

Another Kerry Swift Boat Vet comes forward!

Marisa Tomei needs to give up her Academy Award!

CONFESS!!!!! Something you won, but you really shouldn't have

what's the funniest Dubya-related merchandise you've seen so far?

Oh my god, the parrot just BARKED at the dog!!

Testing my new avatar..bear with me!

Another Kerry Swift Boat Vet comes forward!

The "George Bush Eats Poo" Threads are Sexist Crap.

Who else loves Peaches?

Lucas poised to make Star Wars 7, 8, and 9!!!!

Oh gosh I am having the worse B-Day ever ...

Al Devorn has died

I can not believe ANYONE wants the Buffalo Bills to give back their

If you post to this thread, I will respond tomorrow.

I'm getting a complex here ...

Should I buy this car?

Best job search website? I'm degreed and looking for paralegal

Now why can't my wife act like this when I come home?

What's your favorite "Leave it to Beaver" episode?

My cat's take on the election.

Olympic Mens Basketball Team Disses Bush

What are some "foreign" phrases and terms that you use

Henry Kissinger needs to give up his Nobel Peace Prize.

Kerri Walsh appreciation thread. I'm in love!

I Just Got Hi-Speed Internet! What Should I See First?

The Scout Walker Kama Sutra!!!

Hey, looky, 1000th post!

Nyah ha ha, Hannity's book

Did you ever find money on the ground and how much?

Hello Lounge Lizards! I've missed you guys.

Please DU This POLL!


New Cover of Time Magazine

God i'm pathetic! I'm too hyped up about Kerry's TDS appearance tonight.

Update on the missing Canadian beer

I'm not giving back my virginity

How will NSMA spend her birthday today?

The world moves too fast - the Hallowe'en store is open!

What do you say that is old fashioned ?

Anyone know anything about taxing pensions earned out of state?

Oksana Baiul needs to give up her Olympic Gold Medal!


Hey, George, you great big handsome fencepost.

The "Oh My God I Start Freshman Year of High School Tomorrow!" Thread

Should I watch Hardball or the repeat of The Daily Show?

What was that DU?? I heard a ruckus!!!

SO, I just started reading "The best democracy money can buy"

So what should Bush's punishment be?

Talk me out of ordering a product from an info-mercial.

Rate my bumper stickers!

"So what about that baby?" "Oh, he's breathtaking!"

Click here to see Jennifer Garner in red leather

What's this I hear about Kerry giving back his Olympic medals??

Law school newbies: How's it going?

Philly Area DUers: Party Before the Republicans Do??

Who works for themselves?

Fuck Ted Nugent

Alice Cooper was a "devil warshiper" what gives with the Christian Right?

I think my automatic update for SP2 is screwed up...

CAPTION the King.... if you dare

WOOHOO! Second row center tickets for Bruce Hornsby!

I am giving up my Gold Medal

Yo! Achtung, por favor..

Who else loves peaches?

What would you pay to see Matcom- live and unplugged?

Married to a workaholic

My favorite part of the Onion for DU here: This is your challenge

Trivia: Just post some random trivial fact - I don't care what

Trivia: Name the 4 largest cities in NC

Trivia: Can you name Les Six?

So a guy walks into my store....

Margret Cho on AAR!!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing, liberal Mom and Dad!


Lot's of guffaw about Alice Cooper lately - but you know what?

its time for brazil's favorite Kids Show

I ate the wrong hot dog in the cafeteria today.

Is your Gaydar on? Does it really work?

I'd rather swap spit with Ann Coulter than strip wallpaper!

Rant: Your child does not know how to ADD!

Nicknames for your home town

Astrology ignorant: I'm a Capricorn...Tell me about myself.

I can not believe ANYONE wants ME to give back MY Virginity!!

Worst. bumper sticker. EVER!!

I think this is the best Olympic coverage in many years

Anyone speak the arcane language of credit reports?

Confession: What stereotypes fit you?

I cannot believe ANYONE wants Paul Hamm to give back his gold medal!!!!!!!

Best Charles Chaplin feature-length film?

THE USA Kicking Ass in Olympics

Barbie Girl -(A Song in Pictures)

I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You (A Song in Pictures)

If the Rapture comes, Kerry wins in a landslide.

Why do so many people not know how to behave in a movie theater???

Rant: Your child does not have ADD!

The Allman Brothers Band appreciation thread.

Oh Crap! Dave Matthews Band sued for alleged dumping

What are the best and worst urban areas in the US, in your opinion?

Gold Medal Thread


High School DUers,

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

I want to buy a cheap camera digital or not. What can I expect to spend

My Mom told me it's OK to lie today... interesting observation

Wal-Mart Wines... just got from my Mom...

What CD do you own that no one else on DU owns?

Quick! Caption this Bush Cheney pic! :)

Once Again, What Movie Does the Line Come From?

Men (or women) you find strangely desirable.

Whoah look at

LAT: New Bush Ads Target Kerry's Senate Record

??? about polling (Zogby, Gallup, etc) and newly registered voters.

Know Anyone who voted for Gore that has switched to Bush??Me neither

Does The Swift Boat Story Remind You Of The Movie Platoon?

33 Extreme Reasons to Give Bush the Boot

Good Line for Kerry for the 'Gay Sympathizer Attack'

Ex-Swift boat skipper praises Kerry (Local story pic Rich Baker)

Bush has flip-flopped on 527s - my letter to WH correspondents.

NYT Headline, NOV. 3, 2004, Late Edition

Do you think Kerry Campaign Peeps Come here for Ideas?

Thank you Los Angeles Times!

A Northern Neighbor's view

Democratic Hispanic outreach: California Republicans revive Prop. 187

Something we can actually do???

Kerry's speech tomorrow--he's going after Bush 's dirty campaigning

Something we can actually do????

Anti-Bush protests planned

oh crap... :(

Alternate name for the Swift Boat Veterans...

John O'Neill pouting about Tweety to FrontPage mag

This * Medals Thing - Preaching to the Choir

NYT SLAMS Cable TV Coverage of SBVFT

Did anyone see Harry Smith this morning on CBS?

New Zogby Battleground Poll: Kerry Leads All Except OH and WV!!!

How come Tweety didn't complain about the Swift boat liars

US military to wife; YOU pay for trip to come see your wounded hubby

WTF?? Bush to give his poodle a Medal of Honor?????

Well well-Chair of W's Virginia campaign puts Nader back on ballot

Federal judge upholds Illinois election board's decison re: Nader

I wonder who's funding this

I will vote for GW Bush, if...

John Kerry will appear on the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart TONIGHT

anyone catch Tom Oliphant on Scumborough last night?

American Prospect: Kerry Coverage: Conservative Bias?

What's the deal in California?

How many time did us "off" candidate supporters hear you tell us this?

"Were you lying then, or are you lying now?"

Don't call * AWOL: he is a DESERTER.

Rumors of internal polling showing NJ close after McGreevey problems?

Excellent Kerry/Bush Analogy: Man with a crucifix against the vampire

USA Today: Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered

Bush wrong 527's aren't bad for the system

Where Bush-Cheney Needs To Be

Polling Memo: Bush-Cheney Benchmarks

Janet Jackson: Do I vote? Yes, I do. Will I be voting for Bush? Hell, no!

Editors Grapple With How to Cover Swift Boat Controversy

HELP! I need a scan of the Bush rally loyalty oath.

Washington Post Exposes More Smear Boat Frags for Bush

We have to be prepared and willing if...

The Kerry/Bush campaigns... a football analogy.

The truth from CNN:

Kerry basher Pat Buchanan Says Bush Wrong to Invade Iraq, in New Book

Remember, Kerry denounced the ad

Bush said Kerry tried to gut CIA, but Goss's proposed cuts were DEEPER!

Great Blog article on Newsmax article about Bush losing/broke

Pittsburgh area Swiftboat Vet speaks out in support of Kerry

Has anyone seen Kerry's ad which exclusively focuses on McCAIN????\hits *

is kerry giving a speech today?

For the last time, the SurveyUSA poll of CA is bunk.

Another Major Bush-GOP Tie to O’Neill SBVT Uncovered!!

Ex-Worker Sues RNC for Discrimination

We Need to Emphasize What Bush TRIED to get Passed

A Kerry Win Will Crash The Stock Market !

Our Emporer is sure doing a lot of whining about 527 ads, isn't he?

LA Times Editorial: Reporters can't say "Bushists lie," so we will.

Guardsmen recall not seeing Bush in Alabama

Head swift boat guy a bigot...?

In the words of the Geto Boys, it's time for Kerry to LET HIS NUTS HANG

Was waiting to respond to SBVT (sic) strategy or mistake?

Jenna & Barbara Bush on Why You Should Vote For The Chimp (funny!)

WOW! Josh Marshall's clicking on all 8 cylinders!

COWARDLY BUSH: The Boy in the Bubble

America Can Do Better - New Kerry Ad

Where's the outrage at the Media Mudfest against Kerry?

3000 Dead and the GOP says "Party" !?

Cowards All Around

I would like Kerry (and us) to talk proudly about his anti-war efforts

General McCaffery was mad as hell and defended Kerry last night MSNBC

BBC News: Is political advertising in the US getting dirty?

How Bush Blew it in Iraq.

Without lowering ourselves to their level; its time to sling some mud

Poll has * within 3pts of Kerry in CA...

Shaq Endorses Kerry.... Nuff Said.....

The Fundamental Choice

Will the 527 ads stop in a week because of the 60 days rule? nt

Barney takes a dump during Bush press conference

Is Dole a war hero? Then why did he evade the draft in 1942?

If You Like To Play What If...

Could Vilsack cost Kerry in Iowa

Kerry signs stolen, trashed (Pensacola)

Kerry Live CNN Now - Policy Speech

"Kerry is losing his cool" The latest meme from the Bush campaign.

If you could sneak into the RNC and secretly splice one song into

Kerry at the Cooper Union hall, What's the news?

Another SBVT Ad Vet Found Lying About Kerry!!

George Bush on his options in 1969

Fyvush Finkel endorses Kerry!!!!!!

Has anyone seen this Bushism?

Which party does the media give the best "Reach Around" to?"

USA Today about an understatement!

Should Kerry have voted for both $87 billions?

Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony is based on the Winter Soldier Investigation

"Why are you covering this?" -- Bill Maher

When Bush* says Kerry served honorably is he calling the Smear vets LIARS?

Kerry's campaign now says is possible first Purple Heart

Two Vietnam vets who served with Kerry but voted for Bush wont this time

Today's talking point: Let's move on from the Swift Boat charges.

Can Wolfie BE any more blatant about the poll skewing?

I can't BELIEVE what I just saw on CNN....

Bush to Stump in 8 States on Way to NYC

One Question I've Always Had About Kerry

Kerry's campaign staff should be fired. They are totally worthless!

Who's going to watch the RNC Love Fest

We're not going to stop. We'd be doing this if John Kerry was a Republican

THE G.O.P. | a 'convention' parody (with apologies to Kander & Ebb)

Bush's dog, Barney, is evidentally news worthy.

Fat Lady is changing clothes. 16 New Zogby polls--Great News!

SWIFT VETS ADMIT : Not about medals...just a grudge!

Drudge is claiming a "World Exclusive"

Kerry Live - CNN - Policy Speech!

USA Today -- Bush Guard Service Questions

LTE: A smoking gun effect?

How come I can never find Kerry's book The New War in stores

Kerry's speech at his site

Ha ha! Re: the Gainesville SBVT rally

Please Poll this:: What the Hell did Bush do to PREVENT 9/11?

does Kerry have a position on depleted uranium weapons . . .

Anyone Notice How The Media Has Suddenly Stopped Talking Polls?

it's all downhill from here...

Kerry will get tons of free media from Daily Show appearance

Krugman firing all barrels!!! "The Rambo Coalition"

John O'Neill's Corruption Exposed by a Client

Undecided Voters - Who, Where, Why?

How true was Rob Corddry on Jon Stewart last night ??

Does W have to pay Laura for sex, and is he using our taxes for it?

UNFIT FOR COMMAND -- bogus bulk orders are irritating bookstores

Please take a look at the proposed roster of speakers,

SBL Prelude, 12/9/03: "By the time the White House finishes with Kerry...

Morning Sedition Picked Up On The * Medal Story

A meme of one's own: "Just another election-year stunt"

Swift Boaters are providing aid and comfort to the enemy

NYT Letter from Vet who served with Kerry (Richard McCann)

Barney Frank said on CSPAN that he will run for Kerry's senate seat.

Photo of JK today at Great Hall, Cooper Union and quote from his speech...

Kerry should buy 30 minutes on all the networks after the RNC

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Oulines Fundamental Choice in This Election

Leave Barney out of this!


Which school of thought do you subscribe to?

How many people were in Bush*'s NG unit and have they been interviewed?

Should Democrats REALLY hold the media responsible for their biases?

Who are Drudge's sources?

CNN Just Cut from Kerry speech to talk about Swiftees

Bey Buchanan opens her mouth: and scares a senior

Good Move Paul, trying to talk over a Harley

Mr. French's Boss, Clackamas DA Answers E-mail....

Florida Absentee Ballot Warning (not enough postage)

Bushies bulk-ordering SBVT book -- and not paying for them!

Does Fineman think the shape of the earth is "controversial"?

Kerry Press Release: Top Quid Pro Quos of the Bush Administration

How about a 30 second TV ad like this . . .

FREEP this witch!!! Calling all DUers!

Kerry tied with Bush in Houston

Has anyone ever found the military records of the smearies?

My letter from Jenna and Barbara Bush

Why not DU John S. Foote,Clackamas County District Attorney?

Dem Strategist talked about "the media filter" today I fear we saw an

Bush's Bogus Medals


Rove plants story in NY Post to set up blaming Dems for agents provacateur

Tougher on terror? Who did more to stop terrorists before 9-11?

Apparently.."some people" think that all vets awards undeserved.

Go Hillary! Swing Away!

Veterans call for Kerry critic to resign

TBTM Action Alert: Correct Daryn Kagan!

Inside Politics today.....You Go Gal!!!!!

Nader deflates in a Florida and Wisconsin according to new Zogby polls.

I think I'm going to e-mail my congressman and ask that the Navy

Go Walt!

CNN reported that Bush looks like he is on the defensive

MSNBC Poll. Are you tired of the swift boat arguments?

Bush's dog expresses his opinion

I just saw another Dem dissing MoveOn and 527's....

Bush has gotten our party to condemn MoveOn. That is power.

So what are Repubs running on? Their record: lying and misleading.

9 Weeks Left - Do You Know Where Your Campaign Is??

Bob Kerrey On CNN Now

TX DUers: EVER heard an old story about bush and booze and coke?

Rate this AP story on Cheney a 5!

These Charges Are False ........

The "George Bush Eats Poo" Threads are Sexist Crap.

How the new SwiftBoat ad will backfire - Nader voters.

Are we supporting Kerry on this site?

analysis of senate races

Mayor Mcelvey of Youngstown Dem endorsing shrub???

Observers see eerie parallels in attacks on Kerry, McCain

Bob Kerrey just set Inside Politics straight on CNN..

Do you think Bush will stop the smear and fear campaign?

Kerry knows these guys. I believe he intends to annihilate them.

The heroism of George W. Bush

Bush* says he can not think of a single mistake he has made

LAT Ed. Bd. revisits McCarthy, "decency": "THESE CHARGES ARE FALSE"

Has Bush denied plans to adopt Lynndie's baby?

Damn scumbag Ohio mayor

Bushies bulk- ordering SBVT book -- and not paying for them!

Kerry gatta be next to the PERFECT President the way the Pubs are

Please pass along - New Pic of Gainesville SBV Rally Agreements

Excellent book for swing voter talking points: "Bush Must Go"

Cheney splits with Bush over gay marriage issue

Kerry made is war record an issue ...

George W. Bush is a BIG POOPY HEAD - Who's with me?

Examples of a Negative Campaign Backfiring?

Excellent reference site for our Democrats....AWOLBush.

Comedy Central not promoting Kerry Interview

Bob Dole defends Kerry over Vietnam

Republicans go after a person's strengths not their weaknesses

Boston mayor Thomas Menino says only 6 protest-related arrests

Nebraska DU'ers, Could Kerry Carry the 1ST Cong. District?

Who's More Masculine-Ann Coulter Or Tucker Carlson?

Election Day 2004: Ensuring Every Vote Gets Counted

What do you think of the smears against Laura Bush?

Rove Boat Veterans Without Proof

Bush is losing ground in key Arizona County

Is PNAC the plan? If so they should admit it.

vetwife's on now


The history of "SBV for Truth"?????

A reply from Clackamas County District Attorney John S. Foote

Laura Bush was arrested for prostitution in 1966?

CSPAN caller (Vet) livid and calls Kerry treasonous.

My new nickname for AWOL is the Piltdown President ;-)

George Dub-ya Bush ...The Phony Fighter Pilot

Howard Dean letter about taking back Congress

Real nonsense from Newsmax on John Edwards not being in Vietnam

Repugs at it again: Hundreds of Kerry signs stolen in Florida

Instapundit helps us again!

John McCain and the Swifties...

First Lady says "His knees is bald"???

3 hours till Kerry on TDS! At least here in AZ, that is. nt

ALERT: Thurlow To Appear on NBC Nightly News in 20 minutes

Bush's lies about service piling up. Here's a tally.

What if Kerry gets one of the swifty's to flip?

Electoral College Reform: A Proposal

I'd love to see an ad or something with young people who were considering

Anyone else notice Bush is getting fat?

Would it be that wrong to have ONE Kerry ad

I need to say something

Iraq game score. Will Bushler go to the *** medal game? (spoiler)

Colorado Electoral College initiative

Associated Press reports on Kerry's DS appearance (spoilers)

My Florida election experience (yesterday)

Daily Show with Kerry or GD2K4 waiting for Will's big scoop?

The "Smear Boat" crowd strikes again!

If Kerry hadn't protested the war when

Cheney Says Does Not Back Federal Gay Marriage Ban

Is Swift Boat controversy now backfiring on Bush?

Good SwiftBoat debunker site

I don't understand why some veterans think Kerry 'betrayed' them...

Anybody seen the ad with General McPeak, retired of the Air Force ?

8/24 KERRY: 307 EV... What's the matter with CA?

George K. Galbraith on "statistical ties" and "margin of error."

Kerry was in 'Nam four months, but has been a Senator for 19+ YEARS

Just saw a blurb on Lou Dobbs on the new MoveOn ads

Is It Time Yet to Go After Shrub's Cocaine Bust?

Who cares about the Laura * threads? NOT ME!

The damage done with the Laura threads

Why Smears Win Elections (and why decency loses them)

2 reasons the "Laura Bush = prostitute" idea is a poor one,

Something BIG was expected from Kerry this morning. WHERE is it?

Leave Laura out of this

Bush can't jog anymore - bad knees

In case you weren't sure how SLIMY our Freeper friends really are...

Ex-worker sues RNC for discrimination.

Please help debunk anti-Kerry WP article ("Kerry's Cambodia Whopper")

CBSNEWS.COM "Kerry Coverage: Conservative Bias?"

Tweety's on the attack again

Jeb Bush skipping own brother's Convention

MEME MEMO: We condemn all 527s that promote LIES.

Kerry at Cooper Union: Misses the mark again..campaign staff useless!

The Laura Bush Prostitution threads are sexist crap

Hey Walt (or anyone else that knows) does a ANG22 = DD214?

I got the same canned response from John S. Foote,Clackamas County D.A.

Latest Zogby battleground poll, Nader can screw us big time

Bush desperation: New Hampshire has 4 electoral votes

Why isn't Kerry Touting the BCCI Investigation?

bush callers are from India

Something (maybe) coming, Thread II - please read

What is "The Mission of George Bush" all about?

O man, this is gonna be GREAT

Something (maybe) coming down the road re: SBVs. If it comes, it's HUGE.

Kerry Press Release: Intel Attack Hypocrisy Exposed in New Report

I am going to be a poll monitor!! Ask me anything...

Does *'s missing DD214 document desertion? drug use? something

The best way to send a message to the swift liars

Harry Smith on CBS this morning "Early Show" slammed John O'Neill

Will BCCI, CIA, Iran/Contra era resuface in this campaign too?

Do 20 Million Americans with Disabilities have access to polls?

Help. I worked a phone bank last night and,

Rove, Poppy will attend SBV'T'-bankroller's fundraiser for Bush boy in NYC

Why Wingers Like Bush.

Are Laura Bush's prostitution arrests a legitimate campaign issue?

Looks like mainstream media is pissed at Jon Stewart now....

Bush Overstated His Military Record

Does Kerry need to get back to the issues ?

Leave Jenna and Barbara out of this!

Navy TImes: Two vets say Swift Boat group misrepresents them

Attention lurking conservatives!

"Temporary Wear" of Unit Awards in the Air Force DEBUNKED!!!!!

Humour at DU

Vet-Smear Response You Support: Aggressive, Measured or Creative?


Presidential election were held this week, who you vote for? New Poll 8/24

The Freedom of Information Act and Bush's DD258 AF

CALL to ACTION: ABC has 4th night of coverage on Monday for GOP Convention