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Archives: August 22, 2004

Editorial: Despicable smears/Exposed for all to see, and reject

Illinois Senate race hinders federalists, democracy

Republican smear machine can't stand up to the facts

President Clinton is right - when people THINK, Democrats WIN.

WS: Marching to November [Bombshell!!!]

RNC Moblog

Is there a database...

Grim Conclusions Emerge From 4-Year Arctic Climate Study - Toronto Star

Nearly All Of Great Britain On Flood Alert As Storms Move In - Guardian

someone else didn't get the message about laying off

urgent to admin -- check the alert I just sent (eom)

DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care

Austin Alert: Boil water notice for Lakeway

I'm baaaack!

my latest LTTE, sent to SA & local rag

GWBush* campaign's last minute "picnic" at park where Edwards to appear.

Was that SLADE GORTON endorsing Kerry in that DNC ad?

what punishment in hell should the swiftvets for truth get?

Politica in 2004 is better than any of the soap operas!

Laura Flander is asking fed-up Repubs to call her

Man fired for heckling Bush

Are there too many skeletons in the neocon closet?

Republican Politician sues African Maid for Baby(The continuing story)

Democrats and War

Yes, I can predict the future....


"Bring those Americans here to fight hand to hand. They are cowards!"

What are the solders dying for???

Maureen Dowd on Tim Russert's CNBC show for the hour at 10pm EDT

Just committed some fun at Barnes and Noble

Watching Outfoxed now. Wow and Ick.

Survey on Bush's "Bogus" Commercial

Females win fight for political power

Heard about Republican Fried Chicken?

Could someone help me on 527's and CFR....

GOP Pick McCain after Terrorists Incapacitate Martyr Shrub

Had a fun exchange with the Kansas City Chiefs recently....

Bad guy uses machine gun, so now cops want them?- Indianapolis

Just like with the Viet Nam war, the US can't admit it was wrong so it

GOPs are dishonest, disingenuous, selfish and insensitive - yay or nay?

Ask The Whitehouse- Some Fun

We're almost done with Iraq!!! so says Presidents nephew

200 locked away & under the radar in New York

The Cost of War

Rumor amongst troops in Iraq....October surprise....

What records has Bush provided (re: Guard Service)

Saturday morning in downtown Manchester, CT, I drove by a group...

Premptive strike on US?...

* Endorsement List: Oliver North, Neil Bush, Ken Lay, Joseph

Kerry has beached his boat and is now chasing down a loincloth-clad Bush*

Dammit, I somehow lost a bookmark, "luna" something (Iraq KIA) site

Why Does Bush Treat Vietnam Veterans Like Crap?

Ultimate patriotic ethics test

FEEL the ANGER......when reading posts in the DU and in talking

Does anybody have any clues for the Sunday talk show fest?

Define: "The American Dream"

I gave my support to some troops and it felt great!

Politics are getting too personal!

Maoist Rebels have Kathmandu surrounded and the roads blocked. a siege.

Test your integrity! (stole this from a yahoo msg board):

Are you member of MoveOn? If not, you can join for free.

I wonder who will be on the morning shows tomorrow?

Are there any of the neocons you can't help but kind of like?

Okay, there is a Texas Challenge going on for fundraising, any other

Halliburton(s) made the Village Voice!!!!

Is Bu$h a terrorist?

Drudge says * is headed to the Olympics.

Odd Connection between Free Republic, Terrorism and Nick Berg....

As Kieth Olbermann's ratings skyrocket...

Freedom of Speech Question

Bumper Sticker Story.

Richard Clark did he really say he allowed the Bin Ladens out?

How did the republicans get to be seen as strong in military affairs?

We wake up and CNN/Headline says: Bush Invades Iran...President Bush

Bush supporter?

Very good article on Bush reinstating DRAFT to invade more countries!!

What it was like in Iraq, women's rights, culture.

Want To Annoy Sean Hannitys Forum????

The victims of class and culture

Any Estimates of How many hits Free Republic gets compared to DU?

The Two Gates

BBV: Looks as if some knives are out for CA SoS Kevin Shelly...

Are the media under-reporting the good that's happening in Iraq?

Olbermann Broadcasts Cordier Story Live On MSNBC

Edwards: Bush could stop swift boat ads

Kerry urges Bush to demand stop to attacks

Fables of Iraqi "Reconstruction"

Iraq Pulls Off Another Soccer Stunner

Editorial: Despicable smears/Exposed for all to see, and reject

Kerry Urges Bush to Demand Attacks Stop

Bush's Nephew Rips Armed Border Guards

Two French Reporters Missing In Iraq

Iraq Pulls Off Another Soccer Stunner

Iraqi's Critisize Kellog, Brown and Root

St. Paul launches drive to recall mayor Kelly

Bush Promises to Offer Detailed Plans at Convention

Same-Sex Marriage Prompts Cherokees to Bar Recurrence

FBI Fumbled on Terror Financing, 9/11 Panel Says

Coward Bush to have balls kicked (by McCain!) in new Dem ad.

UN rights expert berates US on Afghan detentions

U.S. Rep Jim Leach says U.S. must leave Iraq as soon as possible

Kazaa Owner Cheers File-Swapping Decision

WP- Bush Health Care Plan Seems to Fall Short

Cut-and-Paste Propaganda Infiltrates Opinion Pages

Bush supporter leaves campaign over role in ad

Al-Qaida Said to Recruit in Latin America

Bush to go to Olympics:Drudge flash.

Obama holds 41-point lead over Keyes

Kerry Raises $2M for Democrats in N.Y.

Bush's Nephew Rips Armed Border Guards

Kerry Camp Makes Video to Defuse Attacks, vote on Yahoo

Najaf erupts as US death toll tops 600

U.N. Expert Reprimands U.S. on Afghan Prisons

Has Michael the swimmer singlehandedly rehabilitated the surname Phelps?

Any other guys here HATE HATE SHOPPING?

Rear Window just started on TCM!

A huge THANK YOU to all...

How has everbody been?

I had sex with a terrorist

I had the most erotic dream

Charlie Waller, Original Country Gentlemen member, has died.

tomorrow is my birthday and my sweetie gave me a beautiful

Reminder: my college radio show, THE SOUL EXPRESS, is on tonight!

My star has faded

I want to say a special thank you to a select group of people...

How can Vincent Hamm live with himself?

Just had a bachelorette party stop in

Can someone reccomend some high-end russian vodkas?

Will the person who paid for my star...

It just came to me. Clear as being shot in the forehead with a diamond

Yay! Two weeks to my state licensing exam for pharmacy tech.

Oh my! It's suddenly getting bigger and thicker!

May I recommend a good alternative music internet station to you?

Worst song lyrics of all time.

I guess with Trof on the job nobody wants me to open the bar

Medical-type question:

So You Love Chris Matthews Now? [DISCLAIMER: GRAPHIC CONTENT]

You know what would be great?

Anyone else grow their own vegetables?

To those in Louisiana....

Alabama Crack Ho's for the Truth: Are they functioning independently

OK...who can't stand Steve Miller?

Does anyone know how to delete a DU account ?

I am full of self-hatred.

Put me in Coach. I'm ready to play today.

So the parrot, Roberto, just walked upstairs

Are there any Tom Paxton fans here?

Are you lactose intolerant?

The Kid from Red Bank - Count Basie

Any mafia experts on DU?

Don't believe in church and saints and everything they tell you.

Are you lacrosse intolerant?

Patriots' ass being kicked by the Bungles. Will Pitt, Whassup?

1971: Another great year for music!

Oh boy, my cousin's in Iraq now...

Would You Wear Clothes If You Didn't HAVE To?

I just had a very strange experience on a personals website.

I have been gone since Hurricane Charley hit!

The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat

Hey college football fans:

So I saw Elizabeth Edwards today

Bars or Clubs?

The State of the George W. Bush Joke

The "emeror's new clothes" thread for those who think the Beach Boys...

I never liked Ivana much.

I always like Nelvana much.

I'm getting a deja vu feeling here...

I never liked reaching Nirvana much

I'm back from the Cincinnati vs New England pre-season football game

Reply to this thread and I will insult you

I just got my nipples pierced, ask me anything!

Just did the math... before age 25 (I'm 24) I should be totally debt-free

Have I mentioned that THE SUBGENIUS HOUR OF SLACK is fucking annoying?

I never liked Nirvana haters much.

The reason the Ramones are the most overrated band ever

God sometimes I HATE PEOPLE....

college packing reccomendations?

The Red-Headed Stranger

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth linked to Penis Enlargement e-mail spam

Help me select a nice fruit basket for Michelle Malkin

This Just In: Flat Boat Vets Attack Andrew Jackson,

Anyone else enjoying this NW Washington rainstorm?

Anybody else watching UFC tonight?

Feral cat story, mildly amusing

Oh what the hell - what is the purpose of life?

Our brand new bouncing baby girl!

Haven't flown since before 9/11... any tips?

1968: A horrid year with great music!

The Worst Movie Ever was on TV today.

*****ZW's Couch Change Challenge for DU!*****

It's been a while since I've posted a rescue pooch!

I never liked Nirvana much.

Madness or The Specials.

"This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy! "

FMA Gov Perry and Geoff O'Connor - too funny!

The reason why Bread is the Worst. Band. Ever.

Bands people hate poll!

Penny-pinchers unite: Post your money-saving tips here

John O'Neill's heroism?

Is anyone attacking Bush's military record in the swing states?

Just received from Kerry Campaign: "Forward this new ad -- hit back"

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots blast Bush

Swift Vet Flap shows Bush Weakness, Folks

who thinks the smearvet ads are about to blow up in w's

Man fired after heckling Shrub

Democratic-sanctioned displays of disrespect.........? WTF!

Anyone see Bill Moyer's last night?

How can * possibly win unless the Repukes steal it again?

GREAT Op-Ed on the Swift

Dissing John Kerry

Should this get a screen capture?

Kerry urges Bush to demand attacks stop at fundraiser tonight

I'm so glad they are reminding people of the McCain smears...

"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no

I did not have relations with those swift boat vets! n/t

Could someone help me on 527's and CFR....

John Kerry served TWO tours of duty

AP posts "America Can Do Better" screenshot of Bush from new Kerry ad

Sunday Chicago Tribune is on the newsstands

Well, it's probably time for another Terra 'Lert upgrade, eh?

Novak dropped a clue about Kerry's first purple heart on Crossfire.

I keep hearing RW talking head comments

Alachua County GOP site has Swiftboat scumbag stories

Olbermann Slams SWIFT BOAT LIARS FOR BUSH Again! Go Keith!

The Blowback has arrived "Cordier canned from Bush steering committee

Talk about silver linings.

My new LTTE, San Antonio & local paper

What Democrats Running for Congress Say We Should Get Out of Iraq?

Bush Supporter Leaves Campaign Over Role in Ad

Horrible thought occurred to me

IMPORTANT: Check your local GOP websites for Swift Boat connections...

We need to stick the "negative" label on the Bush campaign

Kerry didn't just save lives in Vietnam!

Bush's COCAINE Use or Kerry's WAR Record?

When should the Kerry campaign hit its peak?

Do the affidavits the SmearVets signed prevent them from breaking ranks?

Why 'Nam Is An Important and Key Issue in This Campaign.........

Why don't Dems learn from Nader? GET TED NUGENT ON BALLOT IN MI!

Workers at voting firm gave to GOP

So what should W do while at the Olympics?

Form-180--I'm voting Kerry no matter what, but...

I saw this bumpersticker on a car today

I found another one!!

Man fired for heckling Bushler


When will Fahrenheit 9/11 be out on Video?

Got tix see Bruce in Cleve. Vote for Change Tour & I'm stoked!

Go to a house party for Democratic candidates...during Bush's speech.

Think Rove is bewildered about how the Swiftboat mess blew up in his face?

do state dem sites have link to moveon ad??? = rep link to swiftboat ad?

Bush's next commercial

ive read all sbv threads with glee but i still have one question:

527 groups can't "coordinate" with Bush/Cheney. Meaning of "coordinate"

While watching local TV news from La Crosse, Wisconsin

Anybody just see the NBC coverage of Iraq's soccer team?

Officer who was there speaks up to defend Kerry's Silver Star

Is this swiftboat thing taking Kerry off track?

Dumbya stooge quits after appearing in Smear Boat Ad

Karl Rove...on the phone...five minutes ago:

Paula F'ing Zahn is moderating a town meeting between 1 Kerry + 1 Bush

Kerry has beached his boat and is now chasing down a loincloth-clad Bush*

31% Believe the Swiftboat Ads!

Olbermann Broadcasts Cordier Story Live On MSNBC

Freepers Running Very Scared Re: Cordier And Bush/Cheney Coverup

Re: Ken Cordier - WTF? Has Google scrubbed it's cache?

Is Neoconservatism A Mental Disorder?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me start a new meme!

Time to raise the Question Again..Why didn't Dubya make Captain

Mississippi GOP website promotes swiftboat book...

Could THIS be the moment McCain has been waiting for???

Olbermann is ROCKING!!!

Bush's Big, Big Mistake: Scrubbing Ken Cordier's Name is a Felony.

Has Kerry released all of his military records?

Article on how the GOP uses ridicule

FL GOP web site soliciting for SWIFTIES -- blogger captures it!!

almost 7000 sign up to volunteer for Kerry in AZ in less than a month!

Drudge Reporting Bush to go to Olympics to see Iraqi Soccer Team

McCain to Bush (2000) "You should be ashamed" Kerry uses it in ad!!! LOL

Some thoughts on the need for progressive unity...

Yahoo! Swift boats/AP recap of Trib. rated low

Please Sign This Petition - THANKS!!!

What does the administration have on the swiftboat scumbags

Just on the phone with a friend of mine who works for an E. Coast paper...

CNN website homepage: Edwards slamming Bush!!!!

An Open Apology to Dem Strategist

Interesting Maureen Dowd interview

Seymour's September Surprise - 'The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib'

David Hackworth Calls Rove a draft dodger and tells Bush to knock it off


Democrats, Kindly Tell Me That There's Hope for Your Party

WP: The River, The Mission, The Ambush (includes a cool graphic )

Relentless rise in health insurance costs limit job growth

Boston Globe Editorial: Big Lies for Bush (Excellent!)

Good Cartoon re Smearing - Carlson

SBV-type mindset transforms yet another hero into a traitor

US spends $1.15 billion a day on "defense": Asia Times

George W. Bush Is Lower Than a Slug

Former POW Resigns From Bush Campaign

Group protests Patriot Act in Escondido (CA)

Houston Chronicle's Editorial: TARNISHED BRASS

This is an article a friend of ours sent to our local paper....

Smear by veterans may hurt Bush (Oliphant, Boston Globe)

CNN: Trojan Bush

Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete

Officer Recalls Boat Mission With Kerry

Frist: A plague of biblical proportions

The Real Story Behind The Swift Boat Vets For (Truth?)

Hippocratic oath a casualty of war

LTTE: A veteran for truth (also there on swift boats)

Another Nam Veteran that served with Kerry comes forward.

MO DO: Finally gets it right.

San Diego UT: Insurance ills put squeeze on consumers

Mankiw of CEA in NYT


Regnery, Swiftboat Book Publishers: White Nationalism Connections?

Help Keep Guy James On The Air.

Harry Sherer of "Le Show" NPR made good "Swiftie" point.

Gruesome exhibition shows effects of abuse

Zim minister in illegal hunting scandal

Virtual venepucture..

Shark experts scratch heads over new arrival

Family survives grenade attack - SA


Munch's "The Scream" stolen at gunpoint.

Gun crime poll

Hammers in the news, no I don't mean West Ham.

nag nag nag nag nag

DU chat?

My locked post stating Mormon voting habits

Live one in GD.

Posting photos on DU

Where is my star?

About your announcements

Dear Admins

I thought these types of threads were against the rules?

I heard a rumor around that Mrs. John Edwards is pregnant?

A minaret call in Hebrew

A new legal reality for the fence

Fatah splinter group calls for killing Arafat

A nation of prisoners

Arsonists burn Jewish center in Paris: 'Islamists' make claim

9/11 "The Impossible" -- Enough here to "choke" the biggest disinfo agent

Hope my vote will be counted

I voted today!

Schneider-Harris...a showdown we can WIN this time around

Contact Local Media about CA GOP promoting SwiftVets

San Diego UT: Golden State's progressive labor laws may not survive

Boxer: Funding for West Nile virus mandated

My open letter to Mary Bono

California 25th District

Local news: How are they doing with the Swift Vets story?

Is Kerry coming to Ann Arbor again?

Just In Case You Missed It...

Texas DU Challenge (Cross posted)

How can Vincent Hamm live with himself?

GREAT Op-Ed on the Swift

My new LTTE, San Antonio & local paper

Kerry didn't just save lives in Vietnam!

You too can have your own secure location.

Is this quarter's fund drive reaching a thousand donations faster than

One of my friends won Olympic Gold today

Officer who was there speaks up to defend Kerry's Silver Star

Yahoo! Swift boats/AP recap of Trib. rated low

Re: donation.: for those of us who love to wait till the last minute....

What is a freeper?

I know it is late and I'm having a Brandy Alexander, but DU'ers STEP

Is this wrong?

How would an AIM DU chat room sound?

"The sound and fury of middle aged infants banging silver spoons .."

Paula F'ing Zahn is moderating a town meeting between 1 Kerry + 1 Bush

Are these Olympics Fixed by the Bush crime syndicate?

Militants Hold Najaf Shrine; Bombing Heard

Please Sign This Petition - THANKS!!!

Kerry needs to focus on the issues!

Today, at Home Depot, I saw a 'Register Republican' table

shouldn't Senator Kerry use some of Michael Moore's stuff

Oh rush, you're a kind role model...

Moore books deal to publish soldiers' letters

Good Morning DU'ers ALL. Lets make 1000 happen by noon, and let us

Has anyone heard from Phil Donahue?

who's on MTP today?

Go check out "Lick Bush"

Ashcroft Defends FBI Protester Interviews

October surprise

Lovely Freeper Joke Shows True "Liberator" Viewpoint

What Are We As DU Doing To Win This Election?

New Overtime Rules to Take Effect Monday

Shades of the 60's/early 70's. Today's politically subversive music.

Designer fired for Heckling Bush at Rally

Can You Forgive Them? Ostracizing the people who were right on Iraq.


I love the "Old Tricks" ad, but who are the...

Want to know why John McCain is spineless at heart?

June, 2003 - Obama to Have Name Removed from DLC List...

Everyone for Sunday morning Brunch, Listen to "Lick Bush"

DU/blogs are always ahead of the mainstream press by at least a month.

Just a few more notes about Charley and Florida:

"What Next - a Memoir Toward World Peace" by Walter Mosley

Stop/Loss Keeps Ranks Full [More draft rhetoric]

Lower than Bush's IQ

A "Documentary" by Swift Boat Vets coming out


All I want to hear is we did 18 by noon. I'll take a nap then.

Bushies spitting on Vietnam vets certainly not a myth

cant we counterpunch the medals brouhahah with Bush's lack

"The Political Brain" NYT - They really DO think differently to us

Another right-wing Usenet troll

Speaking of self-inflicted wounds...

Losing Limbs & Earning Purple Hearts in battle means absolutely nothing

i am from texas and i donated

Please Post and Please Forgive! Okay, we are only four donations away. Rig

Why was the Lone Rangers horse White?

Man fired for heckling Bush

Media comparing Swift Boat Dirtbags to criticism of AWOL's desertion

Okay, we are only four donations away. Right now, 15 minutes, We will

"I continued flying with my unit for the next several years."

Black is White

New York police brace for anarchists' actions

Combat VN Vets for Kerry..Please listen and take heart.....

Please, everyone read John Kerry's actual statement to the FRC in 1971

Message from OBL

I think we all made it happen, 1000 donations by noon on Sunday!

Iraq War Crimes Tribunal

Howard Dean talked to Houston Democrats last night, me included

Army: "We don't have enough people to oversee Halliburton" in Iraq

How much money has O'Neill given to the democrats?

State Rep. Talmadge Heflin takes on "the white man's burden"

First Amendment Rights Curbed?

Dear Bob

Fox News Sunday Roundtable gets crotchety!

Amazing Grace and African American history.



"Lick Bush" Go check out the tune, you'll love it.

David Kay on CNN saying that Rice is to blame considerably

David Kay exposing the bushlies on CNN

Democrat.Com's 'Troop News' for Aug. 21 (a new Sat's. "news log")

Knuckle draggers at their worst.

The Best Way to Get Out of Jury Duty (Seriously)

training a generation of attorneys who will fight for conservative causes

Is this true? Kennedy on no fly list????

Dramatic increase in Trolls this weekend = D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N :)

CSM: National Guard call-ups Sap Manpower at home

Remember when the press said Kerry didn't get a bounce from convention

Does O'Neil remind you of Ashcroft?

What is Bush wearing here?

"Bush is our Nixon;New York is our Kent State"

LTTE, What if GWB had been prez during Cuban Missile Crisis?

Juan Williams was on fire on FOX this morning.

Laura Flanders interview on now!!!!

Silencers should be unregulated.

On the subject

Good Cartoon by Foxtrot

press coverup and the bragging..

"Obama is too polished"

Wolf Blitzer acutall talking about IRAQ!!!!!!!

Amidst all the fawning over MSNBC this week...let's not forget.

Four more Marines killed today in Iraq...

Does anyone remember? We're going to MARS!

Whore Alert

I really wish Bob Dole would get his facts straight....and STFU.

For all of us armchair strategists...

The second swift boat ad implies Kerry lied, REMEBER Mylai!

WTF is with the fighter jets over Central Indiana this morning ?

When will they announce the debate schedules?

Email Dirtbag Bob Dole (told Blitzer Kerry didn't deserve medals)


Saudi Arabia sent no woman athletes to the Olympics

Man fired for heckling Bush

Is Norm Coleman an A-Hole?

35 years ago the MS National Guard & LARCs Saved Hundreds Of Lives

CNN poll "Would you lose your job to heckle someone?"

Bush* never signed a Form 180 to release his records

Let's not allow the 1000 soldier mark pass without recognition.

Protesters "spitting on Vietnam vets" just a Nixon myth???

Republicans Blackball Hardball!

Outsourcing and cheap jobs at home. Is it just greed or is it BY INTENT?

Where does it say that a president must be born in this country?

Wesley Clark's 08/19/04 visit to Seattle. Photos and video.

Voting fraud..national ID cards,,,the solution??

HEY! Con Artists & Cult Leaders! Here's how to cash in with BushCo®!

Malkin to Rush: "you're kind and you've served as quite a role model"

Fahrenheit 9/11 needs your help!

Is racism still an issue in this country?

Gah! Why oh why did I pick up the phone?

It takes a village to make a millionaire. (Buffet and others)

Did anyone watch C-Span 2 last night?

So ABC just reported that Sludge is saying

Republicans eat their own.

"A Period of Consequences" 9/23/99 George promised to protect from terror

Has anyone gotten this in their email and does it need to be debunked?


9-20-2000 Veterans list for BushCheney 2000 any of the same names?

"9/11 in Plane Site" ?

Reports of President Bush Exaggerating Viet Era Service

949 Deaths To Date:

OK,so the boats are hundreds of yards away from each other....

What if the '96 Clinton campaign had questioned Bob Dole's service record?

Website devoted to debunking Swift Boat liars

Fahrenheit 9/11 & supporting independent media

"Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir?"......

looking for a photo where Kerry appears to be taking oath of office

Drudge thinks George is going to Athens? To watch IRAQI players?

Is Buchanan the new Zell?

New - Video producer has film of bodies from Hurricane Charley

Equations for Bush

BBV: E-Vote Machine Certification Criticized - Great AP Report

Does anyone know if Ed Koch works for FOX?

Purple Heart criteria

Would It Make Sense For Vets To Toss Their Medals Again ???

Pat Buchanan's New Book: Neocons, "are IMPOSTERS and OPPORTUNISTS.”

Mix of Politically Conscious Music for 2004 Election?

Just Look at WTF the US is Doing To Najaf........

Confrontation in church this am

Just returned from taking my 74 yr old mom to see F911...ask me anything

Bad conservative causes: amendment to prohibit burning the flag

Non-sequitur comic strip nails it -- freedom of the press

We will fight in the Middle East until "the last man standing" and we will

Conversation with Pops this morning...

A buddy of mine says 14 bodies landed in his mini-putt course in Florida

AWESOME TOON I about rush/kansas

The Iraqi's we kill are the same people Saddam would have killed

The honeymoon is over: "Blair snubs Bush's war honour invite"

Why Are We Fighting the Viet Nam War?

My stinging response to freeps concerning Bush and protestors

Mike Luckovich strikes gold -- Swiftboat Liars and the Olympics (hilarious

BBV: Looks like ES&S Chokes wooo hoooo

For WOMEN Who Don't Vote -- Lessons From History (applies to all)

what is the most outrageous thing that you have ever heard a RWer say...

60 minutes now, Repukes took 1.5 mill from Drug companies

Quote from an average Bush supporter.

OMG! **I** was awarded more medals than W (zero for the shrubster)

My pet goat = Satanic Symbolism?

2012 dem Primary: Who do you vote for ?

Iraq Veterans Against the War Website

Pick up a bridal magazine - see any brown faces?

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Wow GOOD editorial!!! "Big Lies for Bush"

Who was the less effective president, Bush SR or Bush JR ?

Psychological research on conservatives finds them 'less complex'

Bush is our Hitler; Iraq is our Poland

what is the most progressive supermarket?

What political sites (on the left) do you visit everyday?

How many dictators currently rule? How many with known WMD?

The trouble with Nader.

Who do you want on the Supreme Court?

Was a course in Amer. Govt. a requisite or an elective in your high school

Democrats, Kindly Tell Me That There's Hope for Your Party

How involved were you involved in politics prior to 2000?

first let me say I love howard dean, now with that said just

1000 Donations! Thank you, DUers!

BBV: Guide to Establishing a Poll Watching Group

Fascism, Nazism, & Eugenics supported by Oil Barons of America &

Good Books About Canadian Politics

The Good Friday Agreement

Republican smear machine can't stand up to the facts

Four US soldiers face hearing in Germany over Iraq prisoner abuse

Kerry tours areas hit hardest by Charley

Both Parties See New Promise When the Ballot Is in the Mail

Feeling ambushed, GOP launches counterattack

DRUDGE: Bush secretly plans to attend Olympics to watch Iraq soccer team

American Says He Was on Bin Laden's Trail

Political Punchlines Get More Punch

Kerry Urges Bush to Demand Attacks Stop

"Vietnam Vets in Hanoi Back Kerry with T-Shirts"

Penelas hoping to regain voters' confidence

US Tanks Move Toward Najaf Shrine as Talks Falter

Egyptian cleric warns US of Najaf fallout

Exposed: Scandal of double voters (people illegally register in NYC/Fl.)

In Najaf, Even Scratching Out a Living Is Risky

Poland wants to leave Iraq as soon as possible: Szmajdzinski

Heckle Bush. Lose your Job

NYT: Going Negative: When It Works ("voters respond to attack ads")

Cleland: Slams at Kerry typical of Bush

LAT: Politicians Make Use of Wrestlers' Hold on Youths

Welsh aid worker inside sieged city Najaf

Just saw on CNN that cordier...

Dowd (NYT): Bushes ...They delegate the gutter.

Iraq GIs allowed to avoid trials (Denver Post)

Venezuelan Military Plane crashes, killing all 25 aboard.

Car bomb explodes north of Baghdad

Casino team helped governor's (Ahnold) coffers

LAT, Brownstein: Bush Aims to Solidify Base: Kerry Focus on Undecided

Remote-Control Explosions Pose Threat in Afghanistan

In Najaf House for the Dead, a First Taste of War

Fox News Sunday Roundtable gets crotchety!

(Miami-Dade Rioter) Sweeney's (R-NY) son arrested on assault charges

PM (John Howard) was told war would spur terrorism

£5bn handed to Iraq ‘is missing’

Afghan civilians killed by US troops

Please Post and Please Forgive! Okay, we are only four donations away. Rig

Snowmobile vendors look for 'certainty' in coming winter season

My only crime is greed, says terror charge Briton


Columbus Dispatch: "Bush Re-election Machine Busy Tearing Down...

Singapore warns Taiwan of war

In Mr. Bush's Neighborhood, a Peculiar Intersection

Kidnapped Iraqi intelligence officer found dead

How about another hit of alcohol?

U.S. Aircraft Hit Militias in Najaf as Tanks Near Shrine

U.S. Tanks Move Toward Najaf Shrine, Clashes Kill 40

US Tanks Move Toward Najaf Shrine as Talks Falter

Iraq Keeps South Oil Pipeline Shut

Sadr City Sings Its Praises of Cleric

N.J. governor defends delay in resignation ...

Radio Ads Accuse Kerry Of Not Helping Blacks

Kidnapped reporters: the "curse" of Baghdad's Dulaimi hotel

Writing on wall for another one-term Bush

Rights Expert Berates US on Afghan Detentions (Trafficking of children )

1m dead Chinese must be wrong

Mad cow disease added to alert list (Australia)

Drug Firms Eye More Lures for 'BioShield' Work

Justice Continues to Evade Postwar Iraq (Chalabi)

Man accused of running private Afghan jail had U.S. letter

Senate Republicans Weigh Dismantling CIA

Brazil Calls Army to Battle Deforestation

Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq Is Released

Oil exports from southern Iraq back to normal

Najaf Shrine Wall Hit by U.S. Fire-Shi'ite Cleric

Oops a Dupe d' Dupe

4 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Incidents (RATE IT! It's been freeped)

Anti-Bush squaddie gasses himself

M&S (UK) toppled as top clothes retailer (by Walmart)

Bush Aides, in Shift, Say Oil a Drag on Economy

Senate Republicans Weigh Dismantling CIA (view all)

In Najaf, Even Scratching Out a Living Is Risky

ABC (Australian Broadcasting): 5 US Soldiers Killed in 24 Hours in Iraq

NYT: Ready to Bet on Alternative Energy? Well, Think Again


Gainesville Sun: Swift boat vets back out of speech at local rally

NYT: The State of the George W. Bush Joke (anti-Bush humor)

CNN airing doubts on Swiftboater's claims...!?!

Vietnam Vet Says Has No Proof for Claim Kerry Lied

Cops raid NYC IMC film showing (New York)

Iraqi Captors Free Manhattan Journalis

E-Vote Machine Certification Criticized

Linux Friendly Brazil-Digital Revolution South of the Border!

Is Mrs John Edwards expecting another baby?

Insurers Object to New Provision in Medicare Law

Wells of Life Run Dry for Sudanese

Bush Aides, in Shift, Say Oil a Drag on Economy

Bob Dole Inaugural Speaker For Clinton School of Public Service

Guantanamo's military trials are condemned as grossly unfair

AMBER ALERT - New Jersey area

Shiite Rebels from Mehdi’s Army Attacked the Prison in Amara and Released

Munch's famous 'Scream,' 'Madonna' stolen...

Bush campaign calls Kerry campaign complaint to FEC "frivolous"

Thousands Registered to Vote in 2 States-Report

Koch says he left Democrats over Iraq policy ("liberal with sanity")

Swift boat vets back out of speech at local rally

New Kerry TV Ad: 'Issues'. Attacks Bush over Swift Vets.

"Fear will not silence us!" anti-militarism NYC art opening

U.S. military aircraft transmit Radio and TV Martí to Cuba

RNC to blackball Hardball during convention

Iraq victim's mother plans to sue Government (UK)

In a New Book, Buchanan Chastises Another Bush

Discovery of potential stem cells could help those suffering from diabetes

Dole Questions Kerry's Vietnam Wounds

My 'Revolution' Will Not Hurt You, Chavez Tells Foes

Blair refuses to travel to US

Riley says Bush re- election will change Supreme Court

Soldier Killed in Convoy Blast in Iraq (Mosul)

Najaf Shrine Wall Hit by U.S. Fire-Shi'ite Cleric

Newsweek: The Missing Shoppers

4 U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Province

WP: Lost Votes in N.M. a Cautionary Tale (computer programming errors)

Critics: Fla. Absentee Ballot Confusing

Powell to Represent U.S. at Closing Ceremonies of Olympics

Kerry, Dodging Charges Over Vietnam, Returns Fire (bashers admit no proof)

Bush Campaign Expects Small Convention Bounce

I never liked veranda that much.

I never liked Ivana's Nana much....

I never biked through Valhalla much

need some help in GD 04

Check out my new avatar!

I'm typing this with one hand...

Lol, check out magical Trevor

Just did that math--I'll NEVER be debt free!

We're fighting in the streets. With our childeren at our feet.

Keith Olberman - "There is no emoticon for backpedal"

You're Rock Candy baby!! You're hard, sweet and sticky!!!

One of my friends won Olympic Gold today

If your eye got poked out in this life

Re: donation.: for those of us who love to wait till the last minute....

Who HATES "Zombylove" threads?

Love Depp, HATED Secret Window

What is BBC America like?

So, will W get the boot Sunday?

Messy or Neat which one are U?????

Should we bomb Nanaimo

Forget Cassettes or the White Stripes?

How's the Butterfly Effect?

Can we trust "Osoyoos"?

notice Maureen Dowd inadvertently admitting to drunk driving?

I'm going to say something very rude.

In DU Lounge, something magic happens after midnight PST/PDT

Back from Laughlin.. I won 11,385...and 8,450

Is getting an AmEx Charge Card Worth it?

Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes in Detective Battle Royale

ZombyPoll: Am I EVER going to go to BED?

Creative DUers, what should I do with this...

I'm an RA who just busted a resident for drinking while I was half drunk.

Does anyone else hate "I hate ..." threads?

pet peeve #68787B: Parents who "lash" their children

DU has the best smileys on the web. Discuss.

Loveianne Jung, call 911

Capt Blood on TDM

Forget worst bands - Who's the BLANDEST music group ever???

pet peeve #68956A: Parents who "leech" their children

Yay! I'm going to see The Polyphonic Spree tonight!

Where did everyone get Spybot?

Thank Goodness - I'm Not Alone

Bush/Chaney bumper sticker makes baby cry

The perils of Sunday AM television...

Today's fact

What are the names of all your vietnam era songs?

Picture this if it doesn't cause you heart failure to think about.

If Nixon presided over the current gas prices ????

Shrub/Rove policy

My new sig line...


Congragulations DU GrovelBot!


which should I buy?

Gratuitous Sunday Kitty Thread

? about satellite radio

Don't ask why, I just felt like doing this....

Go SpyBot Go!!!

I want to her Kerry talk about jobs and the economy

Hey Grovelbot! ... Wanna see some real groveling? ... Look at this!

Ok, who hates NICKLEBACK ?!

Deleted message again.

Woman Chows 38 Lobsters in Eating Contest

Describe Windows ME in three smilies or less!


Shame on me! I had Tom Arnold pegged for a freeper. He's one of us.

Anyone have an RCA Lyra RD2780 Audio/Video Jukebox?

Might as well admit it, you're addicted to love.

USA Olympic Medal Winners come predominately from BLUE states !!

Particle man, Particle man. Doing the things a particle can.

Steve Earle escalates the political debate

Creed vs. Nickleback: Who is more awful?

Describe ME in three smileys or less!

For those coming to NYC next weekend

Army surplus stores....

Must pig out enormously today.......


So I got one of my wisdom teeth out last Monday

????question on bully tactics and how do you protect yourself

There's stuff falling out of the sky! What is it?

Miami Dolphins total yards last night... 98

HELP! Need Advice On Choosing Laptop Computer For My Dad

Cats like rodents, not Rodin at museum

Use XP Service pack 2 and drag'n'drop? You are not safe.

Everyone, please keep Finnfan in your prayers!!

Anybody want chocolate chip cookies??


Good Lord...

Chimp's Presidential Library won't contain any books

George W. Bush. I dedicate this song to you.

There's green stuff coming out of the ground . What is it ?

I got up twice in the middle of the night thinking someone was at the door

Again, too many HATE threads, so time for some ZOMBYLOVE

Damnit, if I don't get my laundry done today, I'll have to be naked in NYC

Egads. Happy Tree Friends.

AAAAAAA! foam packing popcorn everywhere!

Bush Twins Campaign Blog not updated since 7/ outrage!

My Pell Mell Tumble Bumble 1000th Post Extravaganza Photo: ABBmobile!

The Great Zucchini Deception---Continued

Describe yourself in three smileys or less.

Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief" -- Brilliant or Bad?

Describe Dubya in three smilies or less

Cat Olympics by Mike Peters

Chomsky: Where to begin?

Favorite Mel Blanc Character

How's life going for you?

Which is a more disturbing bit of pop culture?

Favorite New Band/Artist?

Going to Burning Man in a week!!!

I just don't understand the U.S.A.

Say again which is best of the satellite radio services?

New photos of John O'Neill and the Smear Boaters preparing for a mission.

Has anyone see Gus Van Sant's film "Elephant?"

Post your favorite reThug moment.....

Is it really a sport if....

Bands who hate people.

How big is"twang"?

Wow! Beck can actually sing! I'm shocked.

Have you ever had to quit something to which you were addicted?

Anyone Have a Low Calorie Recipe?

Streaming audo forbidden at work? Why?

"Fear Will Not Silence Us" Anti-Militarism at NYC art opening

Please critique this Kerry piece for me.

American Idiot -- New Video / Song by Green Day

pet peeve #68787B: Parents who "lease" their children

pet peeve #H57-A1: Parents who "eat" their children


Waybackmachine for your browser toolbar..this is nifty

Calling all music downloaders!

Is it against the law to steal Drudge's siren?


Does Anyone Remember Nil Lara?

Grinding the Corn

If you had a date in Constantinople, she'd be waiting in Istanbul!

I'm Your Top Prime Cut O'Meat....I'm Your Choice....I WANNA BE ELECTED!

Is Coldplay the next U2?

Web Page Experts

Did you know there's wireless TV?

Correct term: "Thingamajig," "Thingamabob," or "Doohickey?"

Oh my God! Someone has stolen Munch's Madonna and 1 of his Screams!

Ball of Confusion! The Bush Song for the RNC

Derek & The Dominoes

Do you have 'the asshole powertools neighbor' nearby?

How Big Are Your Nipples?

If you saw somebody commiting a crime, would you yell or call the police?

Medal Standings so far...

Bands Against Bush Takes Off Around the Planet

Bad hurricane names

Appropriate dress for an interview, not for an office job

I love my district.

Linux Friendly Brazil-Digital Revolution South of the Border!

My ALL-TIME favorite movie is on right now...

ZeeDub's Rootin-Tootin' Burn-Yer-Guts-Out 5 Alarm CHILI

6 days to go til College football season

Why Does My 80 year old GRANDMA Keep Getting SEARCHED At Airports?

My computer runs at 120 Mhz - ask me anything

I didn't know that you could fold a washcloth inside out.....

feeeeeeeeeeeed my eyes

Holy SHITE.....The Scream has been stolen....


A Freeper Tale...


Why is attendance so low at the Olympics?

Droopy's trucking fact of the day.

I'd rather kiss Dubya on the mouth than fold a God Damn fitted sheet!

Where can I get a used laptop for a good price?

IBM ThinkPad Laptop... Does Anyone Have One?

Once again, some RW douche bag gets political in a music forum.

Ever meet strangers you feel you were destined to know?

Cujo's ADVERTURE IN FOAM is a breakbeat powerhouse

Why was the Lone Rangers horse White?

Jeff Beck plays Montana Fair . . .(pic heavy)

I am looking for an inexpensive virtual drum machine.

my 70 yo mom needs an easiest to use, plug n play type computer

Somebody Kill me - my car's engine just blew up

I just bought a 10 disk set of classical hits at Ross

Has Anyone Seen This? It's HILLARIOUS!

BartCop's best picture and caption ever? (Caution: graphic content)

I need to destroy about 100 lbs of documents fast. How should I do this?

How beautiful was your day today? 1-10, ten being the best.

I think this is an interesting story...

Celebrate my 4000 posts, take a look at my Big Boy!

AP Breaking: Valley Forge was actually a cakewalk.

Which TV show would you most like to see a revival?

I'm feeling better than I did

Greatest "Confederate Sympathizer" Crime of All Time

pet peeve #68787A: Parents who "leash" their children

February 26, 2003

The Best Way to Get Out of Jury Duty (Seriously)

Obscure 80's songs you love ...


LMAO...check out this BushSpeech Generator.....

Can you swim?

Links to websites where I can upload photos? Thank You

How would an AIM DU chat room sound?

What song best describes your life right now?

Post your DREAM JOB

Should I stick to my diet?

Preference: Butter or Margarine

1000 Donations! Thank you, DUers!


My local Dems site has been Freeped!!!

Digby finds the "root" of Michelle Malkin's "self-inflicted wounds" lie

The text of Kerry's testimony

What will Bush do to the internet, after today? You know what I mean.

Col. Cordier? My! What long tentacles you have!

Does anyone wonder if Kerry has been focussing on theme "service"

New Swiftie witness to Kerry Bronze Star - destroys SBVT!

SBVT is a 572 group - here's the law:

And now the NEXT rightwingnut smear & total lie re Vietnam Vets & Kerry

President Bush: have you ever, or were you ever asked, to take a PP test?

Another idea to harness the power of DU: Ad Ideas Forum

Karl Rove/ Swift Boat Liar LINK

Kerry/O'Neill face off on Dick Cavett...1971

Thank you Instapundit!

I miss Howard Dean

Anatomy of a Bush Smear (remember McCain!)

Since a lawsuit was filed, can the bank records be subpoenaed?

*SNICKER * I wasn't even IN Vietnam but I KNOW Rassman is mistaken!

To date, what states has Nader not qualified to run?

Found This Message On A MO County GOP Website Interesting

Swift boat vets back out of speech at local rally

Crucial Swing States; MO, MI Losing Jobs Not Gaining Jobs

Kerry needs to focus on the issues!

Newsweek: New Hostile Fire (SBVT attacks against Kerry)

Are these Olympics Fixed by the Bush crime syndicate?

MO Lt Governor Maxwell on CSPAN

Eyewitness account of Kerry's heroism in Nam

another soldier backing Kerry...

UF professor sees red over absentee ballot

Free Republic, & Smear Boat Vets' Common Link:

Krugman just on This week with George Steph.... " * still hasn't produced

Ad for Kerry: Show Kerry in Vietnam, then show an empty flight suit...

Obama holds 41-point lead over Keyes!!!!!

GOP Strategy Reveals Their Fear- Solidifying The Base Means

Thank God for Tad Devine

This is why Kerry must file a lwasuit--these people have to be debunked

Where does the GOP find all these smart-ass supporters?

A "Documentary" by Swift Boat Vets coming out

even IF kerry shot himself to get his purple heart

So..Malkin can say JK "shot himself" BUT Moore can't say * was a deserter

cant we counterpunch the medals brouhahah with Bush's lack

"Smear by veterans may hurt Bush"

What's the difference between MoveOn & MoveOnPac?

Realiable Sources (CNN): will talk about the Swift Boat ads

Snuffy alows whore O'Neill to rave while Podesta gets seconds to reply!

"I continued flying with my unit for the next several years."

Bounce the GOP Convention

Print your own Flat John Kerry

New York police brace for anarchists' actions


Ever seen a Silver Star?

Media comparing Swift Boat Dirtbags to criticism of AWOL's desertion

Officer From Another Swift Boat Breaks Silence and Defends Kerry

Unbelievable LTTE

ThisWeek, with John O'Neill (i.e. How to debate this shill?)

BuzzFlash re-plays "Define Bush or he will define you" editorial (3/04)

Jeeez, O'neill on Stephanopolous.....will this crap ever end.

BBV - Smartmatic has full page ad touting Venezuela voting

Daily Howler catches a Larry Thurlow lie: "Steve Gardner"

Where is McCain?? He must be hiding this weekend.

MoveOn’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor Victory Drive

Breaking News: Political Process is Dead In America

21st Century Talking Points: URLs

NEW Kerry AD: LINKED - shows McCain in Feb 2000 smacking Dumbya down

Little Matty reports Bunnypants may attend Iraqi Olympic soccer game

Losing Limbs & Earning Purple Hearts in battle means absolutely nothing

An idea for the Repub Nat. Convention - Kerry Buildings

Swift boat publisher starting "whites only" dating service?

Al Gore invented the first swift boat!!!!!

My email to the MSNBC question of the day

Remember when the press said Kerry didn't get a bounce from convention

I'm convinced Bush has something on McCain.

Kerry Criticizes Bush for Space Vision

The 5 "E" of campaign 2004:

Notice the Pubs keep talking about the Past(attack Kerry) but ignore the

What states has Nader gotten on the ballot?

Bob Dole say's Kerry is winning this election

"Liberal with sanity" Ed Koch supports Bush because of "stance on Iraq"

Dean and Pelosi in Seattle Aug 31, San Jose Sept. 19.

I know who is going to be the real "truth squad" for Repub Convention..

I don't watch TV news. Are U.S. Soldier Deaths in Iraq even reported

After listening to some C-Span callers, if Kerry loses it will be good for

Issues that will never be discussed in this election...

SBV Lies Crashing & Burning. What Will Bushco Use As A Distraction?

E - Vote Machine Certification Criticized

Are my brother's medals worthless too?

I need a place to host some picture files FAST!

The Repub talking point of the day seems to be Kerry's Senate record ?

Norm Coleman......SHUT THE F*CK UP.

What's this "he's standing up for the average Joe" bullshit ??

How can McCain stand by and watch these attacks continue.

Here's a link of a GOP Team Leader saying he is also a swiftie

Keyes more black than Obama? Blacks don't think so. (New Poll)

Website for Octavo (Fired Graphic Designer for Heckling)

Wanted: pictures of a "wild-eyed" chimp

One more avenue to research: the SBL MONEY trail

What questions should Bush be asked during the debates?

Does anybody have a link to a recent transcript of O'Neill on TV?

CNN: Bob Dole talks with Wolf about the erection

HA! Josh Marshall totally busted Bob Dole for dissing JK's Purple Heart!

Whore Alert

Are Bush/Cheney voters voting for Bush/Cheney or against Kerry/Edwards?

Fighting The Last War And The Death Of A Meme

Let's do the alphabet on reasons not to vote for Bush-A is for Afghanistan

How will McCain handle his being used in Dem ads when he speaks at...?

Bush distancing himself from Scumboat Vets for Truth on Fox

"Obama is too polished"

Electoral college projections

Language Control: The real swift boat argument

New Republican talking points

Could Bush's support of pre-emptive war based on shoddy logic...

Attack on Kerry's war record riles GOP rep (Wisconsin)

Judge Judy Throws Swiftees out of Court

John O'Neill is saying - in Vietnam thousands of U.S. soldiers

Weekly Standard Admits * not appealing to most Repubs

CNN Taking Sides (Again)

Other Living Officer of Swift Boat Present 02/28/69 Supports Kerry

No Swift Boat Vets showed at Repug Gainesville SBVT Rally

How many national polls will show * leading after the RNC?

Bush cronies like to imply everyone against Bush is crazy.

Important New Site For This Election Year

Terry McAuliffe - Listen Up - Inflate the Expectation Game for the RNC

Email I sent to Late Edition

Contact The Swift Boat Scum Bags

Here: Want to see a terrible liar? Bush on Russert 2/9/2004:

Another look at Kerry at Portland rally

Chris Wallace on Fox comes down hard on Swift Boat Veteran!

New Kerry Ad Calls Bush Out: Get Back to Issues, America Deserves Better!

the chicago tribune and the la times

Timing is everything: Cordier resigned on SATURDAY (8/20)

Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete

An Opportunity for John Kerry

My landlord, a Kansas Republican, is UNDECIDED!!!!

One of the Regnerys sexually harassed Lynn Cullen- talk show host.

anti-bush banner launched in Grand Central (helium balloons)

I thought we would be on the offense this morning on the news shows.

The Pulitzer winning investigation into Vietnam atrocities

9-20-2000 Veterans list for BushCheney 2000 any of the same names?

Bush campaign "lowering expectations" for a "big convention bounce"

Please, everyone read John Kerry's actual statement to the FRC in 1971

The Difference between Parties should be examined more closely

Ken Mehlman: "Karl Rove is friends with lots of different people"

"Former POW Resigns From Bush Campaign" - What The Hell Is That?

Kerry turned the boat right into the Republican fire and it worked!

It gets even better-Van O'Dell bought a home from Bob Perry

GOP plans to "ride the wave" of convention protest

Another Swift boat eyewitness comes out for Kerry! (((A must read)))

Fort Worth Star Telegram- Veteran says Anti-Kerry Ad Is Untrue

A cynical prediction.

will I be breaking campaign finance laws

Poppy bailed out of his plane too early in WW2 - like a chicken.

From Daily Kos: Offensive and Counteroffensive on the Road to November

* is getting old - Has Balding Knees says Pickles

Trojan Horse Repugs in Dem Party are making us ashamed !

Dole questions Kerry's war wounds

Bush 2004: Fear and smear!

George P. Bush stumps Hispanic vote: "Chavez had a long history of fraud."

Not sure whether this belongs here but.... in the movie Apocalypse Now

AP Makes Lying Swift Boat Ads Equivalent To Pro-Kerry Ads

"Chasing Tom DeLay's Tail" A "pineywood router" according to Morrison.

I was in my favorite cafeteria style restaurant

Here's the answer to the swift boat crap that the media is pushing

Kerry's parents tied the knot in Montgomery

Gore and Harkin are VN vets...Why are they not on Media?

Kerry's Records

Meet The Press Thread-IT'S WAR!

Send an email to Bob Kerrey

Fairly New To This Board; Would appreciate comments on this email:

My email to MSNBC=Please Critique Before I send

My High School Friend John O'Neill and the Swiftboat Attack

My grandfather is spinning in his grave

Has Anyone Seen Bush's Brain Yet?

Kerry Campaign: "Bush Has No Real Plans for Health Care"


Olbermann: Rood Story Took A Lot Of Guts

The second swift boat ad implies Kerry lied, REMEBER Mylai!

Very interesting Olberman comment last night re: Edwards' remarks

Something that shouldn't get lost in the talk of atrocities...

If Kerry is not the best person for the Presidency, who is?

The Smear Boaters would have won the day if not for the Internet.

Media email template (re: second Swift Boat Ad)

Could John Kerry's Stance On the Gulf War & Death Penalty Hurt Him?

OK,so the boats are hundreds of yards away from each other....

Bring Back the Draft! College Kids today...say "it's not my problem...

What's this story about unsealing the late John Heinz' estate records?

Combat VN Vets for Kerry..Please listen and take heart.....

WE need to set the agenda for the debates

Why is McCain supporting Bush?

Reports of President Bush Exaggerating Viet Era Service

Dole's WW2 wounds came from reckless conduct.

WillyT's SCUM-O-METER !!! - How Low Will It Go ???

A coward in Carolina

Kerry should start every speech with silence for the day's KIA

Kerry and troop realignment

WTF?!?!?!? NBC sez

June, 2003 - Obama to Have Name Removed from DLC List...

Wife and I were spitballing Kerry ideas. Meet foreign leaders?

Will Alan Keyes hit critical mass and implode?

Abstinence Tour 2004

CNN airing doubts on Swiftboater's claims...!?!

Should Senate records be judged like kindergarten, by attendance?

Bush supporters vandalized my car!

Damn Bush's war has killed another 19 soldiers this week

When you choose to watch CNN, remember one thing: IT IS THE ENEMY.

SOME of the Swifters Are Just Hurt/Bitter. Would JK Face Time Help?

Did Bob Dole deserve his Purple Heart?

The Real Story Behind The Swift Boat Vets For (Truth?)

Confrontation over a pro bush book in church this AM

Local GOP Secretary helped organize Swift Boat Vets Rally!

When will they announce the debate schedules?

Pictures from Swift Boat Vet's Pro American Rally

Rasmussen Updates Today (Kerry 203, Bush 183)

O'Neill dares Kerry to sue him for libel

J.R Ewing say's "Bush is ruining the country. He's ruining the world

Counterattack: "Bush, from AWOL to goat" tv ad needed

Time To Roll Out Bob Kerrey......

A favor: When you post a report about something hapening on a news show...

Nader won't be on Va. ballot after petitions rejected

Who Will Ultimately Benefit From The Swift Boat Brouhaha

?????? Why does swift vets have legs but plame and torture died

George W. Bush: A recycled petroleum by-product

Insert doom-and-gloom "We're Screwed!" downer posts here

Thanking those who are speaking out against SwiftLiars

Today, at Home Depot, I saw a 'Register Republican' table

Who here thinks Bush campaign accomplished their goal?

Email Dirtbag Bob Dole (told Blitzer Kerry didn't deserve medals)

Rate Kerry's new ad 'Issues'

My father earned a Bronze Star in Vietnam

My .02 on the Swift Boat Smear. (Image)

should dems and reps unite to smash nader's campaign?

Vietnam Psy-Ops Officer Steps Up For Kerry, 8/22/04.

The Biggest Problem re: Swifties -- Lack of Media Standards. What to do?

Your Children Are Burning

Tell *: Stop the smears & get back to the issues. Sign the petition

Website devoted to debunking Swift Boat liars

Swift Boat Liars sink

the more I hear from Joe Trippi, the less impressed I am

"I continued flying with my unit for the next several years"