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Archives: August 2, 2004

Wolfowitz's little honey.

Iraq put AF medics’ training to the test-Good report from Stars N Stripes

Larry Flynt's "Sex, Lies, And Politics: The Naked Truth." on Bush Abortion

Fahrenheit 9/11 Banned from Kuwait for 'Insulting' Saudis

Morphing Mores in Bombay? (Indians hating Call Center Jobs)

God, Guns, and Gays, or...? Thoughts on Unity and Convention 2004

Changed my website to promote Kerry/Edwards

Take Peace and No Blood for Oil Signs to Every Kerry and Edwards event!

Skeptics: August (Magic Pens)

Nolle's AUGUST Astro-report

Pete Peterson:deficits destroy economy- Topic A w/Tina Brown CNBC tonight

Dateline did a piece on Cuba and finding Elian Gonzales

China and Taiwan swim for peace

I Have a Question after Being Good, Seriously

After seeing multiple pictures of the admins, I have this to say.

Sorry, accidentally nominated a thread!

Loved the Boston pics, guys!

Welcome back, guys!

"U.S. Jews have no right to criticize Israel"

BBC (Sunday): Gunmen break up Palestinian meet

"U.S. Jews have no right to criticize Israel"

Something funny in the 9/11 Commission report, re: AA77

Thirty Eight Years Ago Today

Now on Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" - THE GREAT NADER DEBATE!

dupe sorry

Who do you dislike least?

Some Who Voted for Bush in 2000 Now Support John Kerry

Just saw Manchurian Candidate.....

Global Warming Solution

My greatest fear is being "scrubbed" from voting

Get ready for the new era of "Ownership"

Ok help me out here.. I keep hearing yall say "DU'ers need to fight" how..

27 hours to Malloy!

Why would terrorists plan to attack a building near the WH and not the WH?

Here's the way I envisioned it happened....

Do we have anything on bush not volunteering for vietnam...

Should we do a letter writing compain so that we can...

Push Poll Questions

Ridge's Coming Retirement- New Terror Alert-Connection?

Elian Gonzales on NOW 8:25 EST - Dateline NBC

We have our eye on Florida,but this is a good distraction for another

Whoa.........Homeland Insecurity & Wackenhut (White Paper) 04/04

AOL Straw poll: Kerry 52.57% , TIA FORECAST SIMULATION: 52.56%

Shyte, Sibel Edmonds on Laura Flanders on AAR NOW

Dateline did a Cuba travel piece that was also about finding Elian.

10 Commandments Monument = Idolatry?

Why doesn't DU conduct it's own poll?

Whatever happened to Larry Flynt's book about W Paying For An Abortion

Rasmussen and Zogby show bounce, also

"history doesn't bode well for Kerry"


FH 9-11 And Today's Terra Alert !!!

Nader voter on Air America is annoying the shit out of me!

How many protesters do you think will be at the RNC?

WoW! Sign up for the ZOGBY ONLINE POLL!!!!!!!!

"U.S. Jews have no right to criticize Israel"

Turn to C-Span and check out those Kerry massive crowds

Ali G coming up on HBO (CST)

Kerry adviser calls Gallup results an aberration

GOP Hypocrites

Doonesbury and B.D.: a turning point, or am I just overanalzying?

Cheney's visits to the CIA: has anyone at the CIA said

Carol Lin's viewer question: Is terror threat political ploy?

Church Sermon Today - Very Interesting

A NEW "Get a brain moran!" Type * Supporter Pic

I Wish I Could Make Campaign Ads

O.K., to summarize the past month or so on DU

Walt Starr is a psychic once again

Study: Fear shapes voters' views

Zell Miller is a Right wing schill. Anyone see the POS on Russert?

If the Govt. really had hard evidence of a terror attack, they'd be quiet.

Let's all take a breath

John McCain on CSPAN!

Proposed Colorado Law: Split Electoral College by popular vote:

Wally Dellenbach of Delphi, Indiana has our number, folks...

We were Harassed by Republicans at the County Fair

Anyone else try to get WRIF streaming audio tonight?

Randi Rhodes catches ''journalist'' calling in Kerry speech review BEFORE

Kerry Bumper Stickers

Legislation Guru's...I have a question for ya...

Featherman's Fearless Forecast - Aug 1 edition

Question about Zell Miller on FTN this morn

Saudis and Citicorp

Matt PUDGE Picks Shrub "Unfit to Command" Over JK

New media meme: Kerry lost points from his convention

Most Obnoxious Freeper Tics

I saw Sen. Byrd on CNN today with Wolf Blitzer...

Dr. Frank on CNBC again, with Tina Brown

Wanted: Short aggressive responses to CONservative platitudes!

When will the liberal TV network that Gore was involved start

Paula Jones is pregnant

Look how much money CNN gave for the Bush election

All CNN hires are a bunch of Baghdad Bob's n/t

New line for John Edwards: ORANGE you sick of it?

Kerry "SPOOF" E-mail

A more useful benchmark: LA Times's pre-convention poll

Colin Powell Questioned by Grand Jury

Stars & Stripes: Marine from F9/11 being investigated

U.S. Oil Hits Record, Nears $44 A Barrel

Did anyone see Richard Clarke being interviewed today?

the whole deal with that CNN/Gallup poll

Are all pollsters in the same...

Republican Retired General: Bush's foreign policy a "national disaster"

Welcome to Defeatist Underground

Howie Kurtz complaining about Faux news convention coverage?

How Long Will Bush's Pardon List Be Next Jan., And Who Will Be On It ???

Bush on the Couch---Dr. Frank on CNBC NOW!!!!!!

Holland Tunnel closed to Eastbound Traffic 12:01 a.m. tonite

Ridge aasked if the RNC convention should be rescheduled.

Bush*- Smear Kerry all you want- we're still voting your ass out of office

Just Deleted CNN From My Favorites List. Urge Others To Follow

Time Warner owns CNN...but who owns Time Warner?

Is this really true about phony Al-qaeda cells?

My 89 yr. old friend: "I don't even know if I can take seeing anymore!"

CNN question : Is terror alert a political ploy? The fact that this

When Did CNN Go Over To The Dark Side?

The first thing Kerry has to do when he becomes President........

Your confidence level regarding the outcome of this election?

Could this Terror alert have anything to do with the "medicated president"

The pugs have succeeded in making Kerry and the convention a none event

Two Questions about the Democrats

So, when do the debates begin?

CNN is a true embarassment. Laughing about Kerry not getting a bounce.

What is the deal with this "Wonkette" person?

CNN's Bill Schneider bio on Disinfopedia is wiped clean

Will President Kerry investigate 9/11 or will he let it fade into history?

moore O'Reilly right now

My letter to the editor re: DNC 2004.

Carol Lin: Has Kerry "blown his wad"?

Bush promises to keep us safe

Are Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park) Bush supporters?

The Big Idea on CNBC, not a bad show at all.

How my mother saved America

Greg Palast: "Asking if Kerry is as bad as Bush is like asking if a slap..

Inside the mind of a Black Republican. . .this shit is sad

St. Paul MN Mayor doing a Zell Miller....endorsing BushCo.

US warns of fresh terror threat.

California, Feds Ease Pesticide Reviews

Chinese military invades Hong Kong for giant parade

Iraqi chaos starting to breed sectarian strife

275 dead in Paraguay inferno

Hundreds Queue Up for Dream Pay/Jordan Times--New World Media Watch

Kerry's Sister Angers Abortion Foes

Captured Qaeda Figure Led Way to Information Behind Warning

Post-Convention Polls Mixed On Kerry Bounce - Reuters

Couple Kicked Off Flight Over Risque Shirt

Campaign Dogged by Terror Fight -NYT

Apple Computer CEO [Steve] Jobs Undergoes Successful Surgery [Pancreatic c

US forces, hit by raids, fault their Iraqi allies

Drudge: Republicans to abolish IRS

Another F.B.I. Employee Blows Whistle on Agency (NYT)

Bush-Cheney Organizer Asked Editor to Identify Staffer's Race - E & P

Recent Layoff Rate Was Highest Since Early 1980's

Kerry Talks Openly About Faith and Guns

New Dominoes pizza:

From 8-9 p.m. on "The Laura Flanders Show" - THE GREAT NADER DEBATE!

Ok East Coasters, which Simpson was closeted?

"Here lies a disruptor. He disrupted poorly. " Could someone explain?

Do you think Paul Lynde was funny?

I cover my eyes at the "Itchy and Scratchy" segments on The Simpsons

Christian singles are writing me. What should I do?

Who wants to help get my navel ring back in?

I'm listening to Corey Hart's "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You," ask

Ahhh, the sweet, exquisite taste of SUPREMACY

From Honolulu hotel to Greenville, SC (home): Almost 30 hours!

Do what the good book tells you to

help with comic?

There are worse things I could do,

I almost cut my hair ...

Can you recommend some good cookware?

Did Rep. David Dreier Walk Off Bill Maher's Show Early? How RUDE!!

Yet another reason we need human stem cell research

One beef with the TV movie of Stephen King's "The Stand"

The new Six Feet Under is on, the new Six Feet Under is on!

Da Ali G Show is coming on now!!

OMG have ya'll seen this Salon article? Secret thoughts about 9/11

Here's Your Sign

Which "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" character are you?

Most Canadians including myself probably thought American Ambassadors in

To stand upon hallowed ground

"The Secrets of Columbus"

To the mods

OK, students of popular "culture"..What is this "Git 'er DONE!" Bullshit?

It's almost you know where my child is??

Hey Al Quaeda -------------------------------------- TERRORIZE THIS

OMG! Did anyone here just see the Ali G Show?

May lay low and have a cooling off period until the "terror alerts" are

Linkin Park disapproves of Ozzfest 2004 lineup.

The can of air I use to clean my keyboard says not to spray it in my eye

Pic thread!

Favorite drummer for The Police

Money Good. Napster Bad.

The Knights of Columbus

Just Got My First Car.

The Dead Zone was great tonight

What's the best brand for model trains?

Predictions: When will LPFF reach 10k?

Predictions: When will LPFF reach 20k?

i'm going to see Dylan & Willie Nelson on the 10th! in Duchess Stadium,

Which "Rocky Horror Picture Show" character are you?

Hungry! Lunch! ATHF is on

Noooo, Pat Robertson and I have something in common...

Drudge playing an awful lot of Streisand and show tunes tonight.

"Hey, Him Big Daddy, whom be up topside"

Neil, Neil...Orange Peel!

Amish stretch limo

I am still listening to this Yahoo player.

More feral cat help, please

Just got back from Manchurian Candidate

Someone better post some cute puppy pictures QUICK

Chicago Duers-What's the best pizza in Chicago?

I can't sleep it's the eve of Mike Malloy's arrival on AAR

I'm gonna do my back to school clothes shopping...on DU.

Explain something to me about smoking, please.

Technical Question

I feel like I'm missing out on something

Neil, Neil...Orange Peel!

Finally got to see Outfoxed

This . Is . Brilliant!

Which "Grease" character are you?

I'm eatin' greasy fried fish next Saturday night...

Any Cliff Richard fans on this board?

I love Redhead Girls

Why were the Duke boys always on probation?

DU party pics in Boston! (warning: large graphics)

Which America Hating Minority are You?

Caption the rug (er, I mean hair job .. and hair job only)

Team America: World Police

Things not to say to the arresting officer

Anyone as happy as I am?

DU convention pics, the rest of the week (large images!)

In Honor of My New Digital Camera - PUPPY PICTURES!!!

The wedding was bugged

I just got dumped. Ask me anything.

The Fool on the Hill

Just fired off this letter to the editor

My Fellow Democrats: Meet EL ZOMBITO!!!

4 weeks and counting til College football Season

Sunday Night At The Movies ...

LePore still counting votes but Kerry's lawyers are ready

Free Fire Zones

As much as I should know the polls are bogus...i can't help it....

Greens vs Dems? Surely there is a better way

Isn't it Terrorism to hype/use Terror Alerts for political gains?

Gerald Nadler: "The Day Democracy was Killed in Congress" (DeLay)

Next Sunday Dean sits in for Tina Brown on CNBC.....Jon Stewart

Kerry Rally in Taylor, Michigan

So I was dropping brochures for Mike Miles on doorsteps

C-Span NOW

I can't stand Scarborough

Should Democrats try to pass a "Sanctity of Marriage/No Divorce" law?

Going after Nader with both barrels

Proposed Colorado constitutional amendment to change EV to popular vote

WOW! Main street rally today in Bowling Green, Ohio! Unbelievable!

Crawford residents fear challenging busholini

Drudge: Republicans to abolish IRS

Think they'll cancel the Repub convention?

DNC Report from a Different MN Kucinich Delegate

The situation in Iraq right now is not as bad...

Musicians of all persuasion fighting apathy, encouraging fans to vote

Pat Oliphant cartoon about "offensive remarks"

NUTTIEST op-ed i read in quite a while!

U.S. Can Find a Model for Iraq in Today's India

What Would Machiavelli Do?

Should they de-Nobel Moniz?

Jonathan Marcus (BBC): A very real terrorist threat

TPM: how the forged "Nigeria uranium" docs were funneled to the CIA


Local Rag Claims Moore Misled

"Our plan for America" in PDF form (263 pages LARGE print)

Neocons vs Realist: Fight on the Right

Gulf of Tonkin Anniversary

Um... where did GD and the DU Lounge go? n/t

The Church of Bush

bush cabinet members who have said negative things about bush?

(Per GOP) Blacks Have a Compassionate Friend in Bush

Here's an interesting article (racism in Bush* admin.)

Woman's Dying Wish: Bush Defeated

The Serial Exorcisms of George W. Bush

WGN Reporter May Run Against Obama If GOP Foots Bill

Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up Christian Churches

GOP Official Admits to Jamming Democratic Phones

The Church of Bush

AP: Negative Energy

Gagged FBI whistle blower talks (naming names)

WOW! "I am a life-long republican from Iowa..."

Stop me before I cast my vote for Kerry-Edwards

Robert Fisk: Iraq is imploding

WSJ: 'Finish the job' (delusional optimism by blogger Arthur Chrenkoff)

All the Pretty Words

Need working alternate stream for AAR...

Is anybody else not getting Kerry bumper stickers they've ordered?

New Campaign Against Bush -- Not Bush signs in every window!

Whats going on with the discussion threads?

OUr mission today...get robert novak fired

Reminder: FREE "Outfoxed" screening Tues Aug 3, Princeton NJ.

Who can research the correlation of *bush's poll drops with "Terror Alert

PARTY!!!! August 28th, 2004 in NYC - come hang out with your DUers

I just got ABC News NOW, Any opinions?

Al Franken on ABC News NOW..Catch it if possible... nt

McCafferty didn't get any pro bush emails? he didn't read any

Radio fight over 'Buzz' tag heads to court

In Iraq, Al Jazeera Navigates Minefield of Press Freedom

Watch video-we still do not know what powers the Nat'l Director would have

is the fotum down?

ABC is about to release a new poll -below are the numbers from last Monday

Al Franken radio show to be on cable TV..

Archives of The Mike Malloy Show

is the forum down?

I've gotten to where I almost can't watch the news. It irritates me so

Today in History 08/02

Today's Quotes


So what goes on in this Meeting Room anyways?

Yikes! Whuh Happened?

Are Sex Threads allowed in the meeting room?

Can Motion Exist Without Life?

Corporate Fraud Cases Decline(less fraud or just less enforcement?)

Democrats vs. the GOP(on the economy): Do the Math

Investors Struggle During a Time of No Returns

A Crash Course on Irate Calls-India's fake Americans learn to be assertive

Getting the Lead Out

Update: What Bush has done for the US Stock Market

Deal to Loosen Trade Reached (reduce farm subsidies)

Spanish Firefighters Get Handle On 66,000-Acre Blaze - Reuters

Amazing View of Earth from Space

New Species Of Bone-Eating Marine Worm Discovered

Should they de-Nobel Moniz?

Coming soon: low-carb potatoes


Funding boost for green energy (in scotland)

270 Senior NPS Staffers - Bush "In Denial" On National Park Problems

Leading energy analyst believes Saudi Arabia’s crude oil supply near peak;

The lie of "pre-emption"

Bush Intel Reform Orders Could Come Monday

Turkish Hostage Gunned Down in Iraq (drivers stop work in Iraq)

Terrorism Suspects Traced to Iran

Whistleblower: FBI Ignores Domestic Terrorists

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 31-August 2, 2004

why was this post deleted?

Are you guys coming to NY?

Copyright Help

Bizarre moderator message

I posted a question to the Moderators as to when or if anti Kerry posting

Where do I post something on Proportional Representation?

What the heck happened to LBN, General Discussion and Lounge?

Um... where did GD and the DU Lounge go? n/t

DU under attack? Lots missing and bizarre errors


Where is General Disscussion?

What happened to the lounge?

I was trying to post in an LBN thread

Skinner, Ignore This Repetitive Post.

the meeting room still works and someone posted the ABS link

Bookmarks are gone too

Whats going on with the discussion threads?

Subject: I was trying to post in an LBN thread

The site is back up.

Here's a suggestion for "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"

Someone please explain to me why some DUers have an undying...

...Al-Hayat: ...the 9/11 Commission Report...

Government okays 600 new homes for Ma'aleh Adumim

IDF seals off Bethlehem; Qassam hits Sderot apartment

Israel's border closure traps 6,000 in Egypt

Sibel Edmonds gives names dates and details....

Polls help set Democrats' focus

State officials toured overseas gas sites with energy execs

Mystery Candidate Exits Calif. Election

FFF market on 8/7/04

Nomah is no more

A suggestion for tomorrow's primary

Philly Nader office shuts down as workers seek pay

Conservative challenger to Specter likely to get on Senate ballot

Share your experiences from this weekend's PA Kerry rallies!

Wed night 7:00 Johnson Co-Progressives in Chet Edwards Dist

DFW duers...I don't know how you live with all the traffic...

Homecoming update.

Next Houston DU Meetup Weds. August 18, 7 pm

"unexpectedly weak incumbent, Democratic senator Russ Feingold"

Naomi Klein: Beyond Bush Bashing..

ew, Zell Miller is on MTP

If the Kerry Campaign would only look at the Bush-Gore debates...

"Non-Partisan" CMPA Director labels DNC "pointless" and a "non-event"

Political contributions by bigwigs at Time Warner, owner of CNN

Who was the balloon quote?

Very funny video here...

A study in polling bias: 10 polls vs. AP, FOX, CNN/Gallup

Bush Issues Fake Terror Alert to Cover Mistakes - Dan Rather

The cancellation of RNC would mean Bush* doesn't have to embarass himself.

Lets Make Florida useless in the elections.

Michael Jordan is on board.

My last post got censored and removed here. so one last try

I read this on a website:

Mississippi Clarion-Ledger: Risking limb as well as life (GI casualty)

John Kerry To Be on CNN In 7 AM Hour TODAY For Live Interview

Freeper believes Edwardses deserved to lose their son.

This gif. shows what 'W' stands for...hehehehee

likely voters vs. registered voters?

When are the 700 NYPD officers losing their jobs?

Stocks Are Pretty Much RED Around The World !!!

Bounce this, bounce that...

Someone please explain to me why some DUers have an undying...

The Secret Life of *, According to GQ (San Fran Chronicle)

Some people try to disgustingly justify the Iraq War

dupe, sorry

Proof that stupid people are Bush's best chance for getting elected.

Al Gore gets convention bounce in CNN/Gallup poll in 2000

Alter: Only the Strong Will Survive (Positive On Kerry)

Do Americans prefer politicians who tell the truth?

What are the odds the Bushlicker networks will use the complaints

Ever wonder why Asscroft blocked Sibel Edmonds terrorist intercepts?

CNN Reporters Are SO Brave!

Kerry provides book-length details - Please rate it up!

George W. Bush: "Pro-Lifer"

the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!!!!

First Convention night, I posted "If TV media keeps this up," no bounce?

F9/11: I've seen Realmedia files with better video! Realmedia!

8:00 a.m. C-Span: Horowitz against Chomsky and American liberties! makes

Does Bush use "Heinz" ketchup and steak sauce?...It's the best!

Help w/bothersome email sent from snooty Repub aunt

AWOL announces 911 terra recommendations today...what a co-inky-dink.

Discussion coming up on AAR Unfiltered.

Imus concentrating on one poll: Gallup.

Watched "Bush's Brain* last night-Rove's playbook

Republican=Taxes. Always have..always will.

Michael Moore on Democracy Now NOW (9:40am EDT)

Today looks VERY conservative on C-Span. Horowitz was shameful. But

C-Span showed post convention "bump" numbers...

George W. Bush: We Agree, Results Matter

SCENARIO: How the Terrorists could use Terrorism to decide the Election

A reminder about the business of polling

The elephant in the room

Little Sister Made Me Proud Today!

"Winner take all" electoral college on way out in Colorado??

Will Bush pull off another coup?

"We need a Skipper not a Gilligan"

All we got to fear are 4 more years of Little Bush....

So, I flip through CNN the other night for just a MINUTE...

So what do you think of Bush's alleged plan to abolish the IRS?

Canuck visa red tape annoys Saudi royals

Don Henley is on board.


Has a DUer solved the mystery of CNN's recent sharp right turn?

Jon Stewart: "Watch both speeches, then turn off your television"

The new "terra alert data" based on pre-911.....why is this not discussed?

Alerts & fear work towards repub advantage?

Bring 'em Home !

military spokesman is silenced after candid comments

something fishy here

Can BushCo now manipulate specific stocks via terra alerts?

Terror Alerts: Wagging the Doggerel

Anyone Notice TWEETY IS smitten with TERESA?

Why does the Govt. "need to announce" terra information?


The Church of Bush

We need to be pelt, pulverize, and be especially "pro-active"

Debunking F 9/11 deceits

With Economy Tanking Financial Terrorist Hit would Be Perfect.

I have an ATM in my building. Is it Safe to go to work?

Electionprojection.Com: Bush 211, Kerry 327

Bush's Republicans Prepare for Their 'Dirty War' on Kerry

Why were there "Free speech zones" at the Dem convention?

Polling report: If you could vote separately for VP,

How the softball treatment by the press may backfire on Bush Bush 211, Kerry 327

Mr. Byrrrrrd is on npr now.

we've got resolve on our side

Anyone seen this anti-Teresa e-mail?

I used my duct tape to fix a duct

I'm not from Minnesota but

NH DU'ers..need help with a Section 527 contributor

isn't kerry a regular on Imus?

Everybody knows bushco did nine eleven, & that he's planning stage 2

Anyone seen this anti-=Teresa e-mail?

Kerry is kicking Hemmer's ASS!

Brilliant Move By Karl Rove-CNN :The New FAUX

Want 4.8 billion dollars?

8/2 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.8%; VOTE: 52.73%; EV: 324

There will be a terrorist attack in Washington DC on Aug, 10th 2004.

How many Bush supporters would volunteer for Iraq?

If Bush is elected in November, will you consider his supporters ....?

John Kerry - live interview on CNN now (9:50 am edt)

Bush not AWOL - actually in the CIA?

Planned Thwarted Attack?

I was debating facts with a Republican leaning toward Kerry

Poll perspective

Mp3 audio link to Al Sharpton's DNC speech

republican split: Into how many pieces after this election?

"Targeted Firms Open Under Heavy Security" but ...

* speech This is pure political blatant partisan bullshit

Has Moore responded to O'Reilly's claim that he 'Cornered him'

Media tough on Kerry? Here's a suggestion!

"Powell Interviewed in CIA Leak Case"

"Boston Mayor Menino Revels in DNC Success"

When Terrorist Alert is announced - keep on shopping!!!!!

Mike Moore is being sued; paper asking for $1 in damages

Karl Rove " Turd Blossom"

"Supreme Court to Settle Sentencing Rules"

The Fly on a Wall in Usama's Cave informs:Terrorist HQ wants Bush as Prez

Today's word of the day is: OUTLIER

Screw Gallup---New CBS poll Kerry leads 49-43

limited government Bush wants new mandate for Flex time?

Repeat after me: BUSH IS A COWARD!!!

Need Help -- My First "Political Speech"

What Dean actually said to Wolf Blitzer yesterday

Dem Convention Delegates: "Militants"?

PNAC simplified

Franken just announced he beat Rush & BO in Portland ratings

al just said he won Portland

Beat Bush website has 1,400th visitor this weekend. Help make it 1,500!

Abolish the IRS? Go Ahead, IDIOTS!

Riverbend is back

Mystery men: CNN pol. director Tom Hannon, Kerry contributor Jeff Bewkes

"Illinois Has High Expectations for Obama"

How to Find Scripts of Plays and Radio Programs?


Question: Why do repugs hate the ACLU?

How are they going to back out of this "Terror Alert" now?

thinking about Orange

This spam is going around re the Heinz company & Teresa

"Military readies directed-energy weapons"


15 TV cameras on Bush during the Pet Goat incident

Kerry press conference now - 12:40 est

I want to challenge Sean Hannity to a fight

Al Franken on Letterman tonight, Big Dawg on Tuesday.

This woman Danielle Pletka (Enterprise Institute shill) criticizing Kerry.

Paper criticizing Moore didn't hold Rep. LaHood's feet to fire...

Regarding the upcoming presidential debates.

Bush was up 17 points on Gore after the 2000 RNC convention!

John Kerry's 4/22/1971 speech for download!

Where are Bush`s medals?

Shouldn't we have found any WMDs in Iraq by now?

An idea for an DU vanity project

Growing up Gotti

Iraq photos (graphic)

Missouri protesters get a gold star

Question re: John Heinz

For what it's worth Rasmussen has Kerry-Bush race at 47-46

George W. Bush's gorilla movements

Volunteer for TechWatch! (voting)

Moore altered Newspaper

Rove's response to DNC "be nice" strategy

On Wednesday, my town is the center of the political universe!

Colin McNickle ("Shove it" guy) wants a pity party

Darn Flip Floppers

LMAO- Will Ferrell on ACT's "Bush Straight Talk" video on-line

We need a good economy to battle terror

poor Kuwait - crushed in the grip of the bushgang

Flush Limebaugh freaks about Dean's "politic's comment" with Wolfie

When terror alerts get tough - the terrorized go shopping!!!!

last Friday's RealTime w Bill Maher transcript available?

Ok i hear that kerry got a 10 point bounce to no bounce at all..

Fantasy: A Completely Conservative USA

Reminder. Tonight's The Night

Robert Rubin for Treasury Secretary.

Well, we saw how eager some Democrats are to repeat Republican spin

The Blowhard is at it again

Nader voter roundup (Who is voting for Kerry?)

McClellan press briefing LIVE: "This is the third phase of reform"

The Bush Doctrine, "An orange a day will keep the terrorists away"

Another FBI whistleblower

Pundits as Pundittos. Some thoughts on Vested journalists

Do you "love" Laura Bush? An unscientific DU poll!

the gorilla that fills the room & squashes the breath out of everyone is:

Tom Foley, former speaker of the house

CNN says: "BUSH Wants Nat'l. Intel. Director", poll asks "Will BUSH's...

I want to pose this question to all DUers

CNN Is Running Spots Advertising the Upcoming Repub Convention

What the ALERT Tells us About GOP Internal Polling (Criticism Sticking)

"Democratic Party Platform Shows Shift to the Right on Foreign Policy"

Shoulder to Shoulder (my final convention report)

What does the phrase 'Atari Democracy' mean?

Bush The SAVIOR of NYC!

Has Anyone Else Gotten This Email?

All polls are psychological...

"Bush's Republicans Prepare for Their 'Dirty War' on Kerry"

Bush had better hope that the terrorist actually do something.

Did anyone tape the Bloomberg interview on CNN yesterday?

You are aware that the terrorist threat is about stopping the protests

our mission today...get robert novak fired

Did they ever revise the incorrect 2003 terror report?

"Control Room" ,Collides With Superiors...Is Silenced for Honesty

bush*: "We are a nation in danger"

Evidence that the Republicans are in trouble.

Goo Goo's are gaga for conventions

Do you think PEW methodology is faulty?

New War Photo Gallery

Time on Bush's "Strategery"..."How Bush Plans To Win"

Conservative columnist Charley Reese hates Bush, supports Kerry

We Want Malloy...We Want Malloy...We Want Malloy...We Want Malloy..

Bush shows up at Browns camp

Simple solution to dirty bomb threat ...

Doctors without Borders leaving Afghanistan

Bush Pledges Reform . . . Of His Own Administration

QAEDA Figure Captured Several Weeks Ago

Stars and Stripes letter: What protection? (Rummy and Bush get slammed)

What part of 'thou shalt not kill' doesn't a christian nation understand?

I think we may see the foundation of an American Gestapo political

Al Franken's AAR radio show comes to TV!

Well we saw the lack of a bounce from the nice guy approach

What's REALLY pissing me off..... today.

Ed Shultz Interviewing KERRY right now!!!


The best comeback to people who say Kerry's didn't get a bounce.

Financial Workers Defiant Despite Threat - Lying Whore report

how does Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sound?

Does Anyone have a link to the New Republic article...

Tiny cameras soon to be among Chico police tools

I'm trying to use my

More good news comin' (poll)

According to the NY Times

Now or Never: The Final Protest! - Aug, 29th in NYC

So are they gonna bomb their own convention or what?

Al-Qaeda delighted to have * in WH - American Conservative Mag

So, will the US Olympic Committee allow medalists to be whored at RNC?

Ho Hum another poll another Kerry lead (ARG)Kerry 49-45

And now for something non-political (libraries)

Now the "Wild Eyed Dems" are cast as "Spineless Nice Guys"

Update! Zarqawi still not on most wanted list


Bush bombshell: "Knowing what I know now, I still would have invaded."

Tired of being Bushwhacked. Whack him back.

Will Cheney's legacy be Halliburton or teaching our youth the F word?

Since I'm such an alternate history buff...

GOP'er Vincent Gallo supports X-rated billboard

need some articles/links on how we are NOT safer

The terror warning worked.

The Best of Stars and Stripes (or, how Kerry will win the military vote)


Incinerate them with this one...

One thing that we can never get back: Our innocence

Poll Junkies- intriguing teaser from ABC's "The Note."

If Bush Is The Essential "Anti-Terrorism President"...

Garolfalo gets spanked by Daily Howler (and she deserved it)

Help! My local PBS station says I'm the only one to complain about Tucker

Conversation I had with a repub friend of mine an hour ago

"My most Solomn Duty is to Protect America" sez the

Howard Dean gives praise to the current alert, says it is improved.

NY Top Cop calls Orange Alert: "A very detailed vulnerability analysis."

Cheney: Bush Removing Terrorist Threats (not kidding,.Army speech again)

Deleted message

Tee Hee Now Gallup say's Kerry is now tied in RV

DU this dumb ass Poll

Did anyone see David Horowitz on cspan this morning?

Republican Convention Schedule (Very Funny Spoof)

OUTFOXED theatrical screenings: NY, LA, SF and DC

Which was the more believable republican slogan?

Proportional Representation in the US House

NYT: 153 campaign reporters surveyed -- weird biases!

G. GORDON LIDDY Tried to Assassinate a Journalist w/ Nixon!!

new terror office, why it's not in White House,and why Bush delegates

Zell Miller gets smacked by Tim Russert...

Terrorist Alert, Al Sadr house surrounded, Bush dominates(long post)

A very good LTTE regarding Christianity & the current administration . . .

Perhaps our leaders should have been more honest at the convention

If we get hit by al Qaeda terrorist attack, it will be bad for Bush...

Wolfowitz has Arab Feminist Girlfriend

DU this poll

BREAKING: Intense Fire-fight as U.S. Troops Surround Home of Moqtada Sadr

Why is your driver's license and social sec. number needed to see Cheney?

What happened to Carville on Crossfire?

Why the ABC News Washington Post poll will not show a bounce ....

How can Kerry win when Bush lies?

Anybody Seen\Heard About The ABC Poll Coming Out Today ???

"It's the National Security, Stupid"

Michigan rally.

DU this Lou Dobbs poll

Sending my wife to places with Terra alerts ain't a bad idea.

Is Tucker Carlson giving up on Bush?


What The HELL Was THAT ???


Dean speech on CNN Crossfire.

Anybody catch Campbell Brown and Howard Fineman on the Today Show

I just got a good idea from Buzzflash.

wolfie just had a story about Laura Bush....

Kerry should disavow Bush's "war on terror" ....

No Bump For Kerry. What Pure Unadulterated Crap!

Numbers Overload ?

WOW! Air America is doing a crossover show!

Has anyone on AAR talked about Malloy today?

Please everyone send a thank you to Air America~

The Noise Machine has done a good job of keeping Democrats in line.

"Mr. President, are you deliberately avoiding soldier's funerals....

Rove, a timeline

Terrorizing of America...Is Bush a Drama Queen or What??

5 hours to Malloy!

Another WalMart horror story...

Is the so-called Marriage Protection Act expected to pass the Senate?

Joe Wilson at the Take Back America conference (Democracy Now)

Polls show Kerry, Bush still even in W.Va.

"Mr President, are these constant terror alerts politically motivated"?

If CNN is trying to pander to get ratings, why don't they pander LEFT?

Tammy Bruce -- anyone here know much about her?

Which was worse: The '92 or '04 U.S. economy?

Write a letter to the editor of your paper about Kerry.

Gotta Love CNN co-opting John Kerry's message to promote their ratings

I'm getting layed off

Looks like the terraists hit Citigroup after all

my office mate's picture was on the jumbotron at the convention

The next President must remind the military in no uncertain terms....

Natalie Portman told to hide Kerry T-shirt by ABC

Right Wing Radio is telling on itself

MSNBC online vote: Kerry or Bush?

It's gut-check time . Time to win or lose. Dem leadership where are you?

ARG,Zogby,ABC,CBS,Newsweek polls =Terror alert

"Democrats are united but have concealed the cause that unites them"

I am THIS much more pissed at Bush

What will the media do when Dubya gets no bounce whatsoever?

Media worship at the feet of white middle class women. Why?

Washington Post Poll -

John Sandford - The Hanged Man's Song

Bill Clinton on Letterman and maybe SNL!

REALLY Weird B.S. From "Focus on the Family!"

Fanatical Christians, Jews, & Muslims are screwing the world up

Attn Floridians. Come to the Leon County, Florida Democratic Picnic!!!

Lester Holt just made some interesting comments about politicizing terror.

Bounce, Smounce! Bush has hit the wall and the media knows it.

Then they dropped bombs, Killed dads and moms

Emergency room Dr. slams Bush*

Bush asks for Nat'l Intell Director -to report TO the CIA Director?

Kerry Leads Bush in Post-Convention Poll

What Happened to So What Else is News?

Air Ameirca Schedule change re Majority Report and Mike Malloy

CNN showed Michigan crowd of 20,000. These are VICTORY-SIZE CROWDS.

Wall St. Sees Little to Fear from Kerry Presidency

If shrubco was way up at this point instead of down to tied, would they

ABC Nightly News only quotes "likely voters" and says that Kerry got

CNN/Bill Snyder

Red alert better late than never?

admiral hoffman attacks Kerry on KLIF570 radio

Sibel Edmonds Letter To Thomas Kean – Chairman Of The 9/11 Commission

We must begin to hit Bush on his flip-flops

Do the Repeated Terror Alerts: Scare you? Bore You? Piss You Off?

Will Bush shutting up Helen Thomas today at press conference get the

Ani Difranco on Majority Report tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a good afternoon.

Heard another voice when Bush spoke today.

I'm feeling good about being a liberal today!

I saw that Kerry is planning on pulling the troops

It's time for Kerry to tell the media to "shove it"

Does the slippery slope go both ways? (Not mine)

Where is Brit Hume ??

Kerry 50, Bush 44, Nader 2: WashPost/ABCNews Poll

Kerry Says Bush Has Motivated Terror Recruiting

Bush ad by Will Ferrell - pretty funny

Police Tighten Security in New York, Washington (new update)

ABC-Kerry did well on all but consistency.

Hate-mail for the first time in my lcareer...

Ratings:Cnn nearly tied w/ FAUX-Dennis Miller still in the .1 toilet

Edwards coming to speak in Memphis!!!

Post MANY pix from any Kerry rallys! Fight the media lies about crowds.

Bumper sticker poll (it's Kerry by a lot)

Everyone please say "Howdy" to a new poster; Liberalrecruiter.

The assault weapons ban expires this month, right?

Chuck Todd telling the whole story on ABC bounce.

Should I be concerned that a former Nancy Reagan supporter

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution: You must hear this...NPR today.

More evidence of a hoax: Statue of Liberty reopening tomorrow

The Tour DeFeat Bush has begun .... Very Cool Invention

RELAX!! Kerry's pollster predicted no bounce before convention

I updated my "Goofy Photos of Kerry and Bush" webpage.

Teresa's "shove it" reporter Colin responds to my response to his whining

Bounce shown on ABC news is slight but THERE!

Ron Reagan, Al Franken Tonight

So, the left's against protecting the US, huh?

Nader ballot acess update-list of states so far w/ submitted sigs

To all Repuke media whores out there: Kerry is AHEAD; * is behind.

Never thought I would miss Nixon

Should we all call the RW (and other) shows when new polls come out

Ridge said there was no specific time or date in the information captured

BBC just busted the terror threat.

Laura Bush tours Citigroup/NYC with Gov. Pataki today

Andy Card just dissed Helen Thomas

"Because I thought it was the right thing to do."

Anyone else tired of being ignored in the pres campaigns?

CNN HorseRace Coverage: Anderson Cooper cites WaPo/ABC poll showing

Hannity's Spreading the Heinz Ketchup Lie Again

Why you should tune in tonight.

"Mr. President, is someone giving you a live feed through an earpiece"?

Lol! Tweety talking to college kids. About 90% are Kerry supporters!

Job Pump Inc.: Another reason for fast drain of jobs from America

Why is the Bush administration aiding the terrorists?

Bush supporters like to point out there have been no attacks since 9/11...

When Bush* Over-Enunciates Words In Written Statements...

Nicely Summed Up !!! --- 'Dear Mother - Bush Sucks'

Who is the biggest whore at CNN?

what my friend wrote me --- go at it

Look at our 2012 field of candidates

get a load of this:


Gallup CEO donated to Republican candidate in 2003

Bushco has done one thing well. It has scared a bunch of NYers.

I Don't Understand the 2000 Election

"the most liberal voting record in the senate"

How Much Have Your Personally Lost To Bush?

Real Time with Bill Maher - Friday Night

"Have I told you lately how much I hate those people?" -- Pick the time

Will they call me Jane Fonda?

Well, Kerry did something today that I thought was great

So there are Al Qaeda people in the U.S.

If democrats really want to win this election

Has the mystique of USA military might been damaged beyond

Before 9-11, Kerry called for many of the same reforms as the Commission

OMG. CNN-HN says Kerry's Iraq Plan is like Nixon's "Secret Plan."

how many of us paid attention to GWB in 2000???

Harold Ford Jr. and the Democratic Party

Have I been censored?

PORTLANDERS: Jim Hightower at the Baghdad at 7 tonight!

Crowd Of 20,000 Watching Kerry In Grand Rapids, MI.

Is the latest terror alert predicated on old news or new news ??

How did Clinton beat Bush the Elder?

The Iraq war was not a 'PREEMPTIVE war'... so, STOP saying that!

the mean, vicious, hateful bastards are coming out in force

What ticks me off about the President at the school ...

Do the Republicans want us to go negative?

I might have t ake back what i said about this terrorist alert warnings

Once again, Crazy Howard Dean was right

If they know with such clarity that the terrorist are going to attack

Question About Willie Nelson at Convention

"Mr. President, how many Psychotropic Drugs are you currently taking"?

Laura, Barbara & Jenna Bush in NYC - Terror Alert

ABC poll: More qualified to be commander-in-chief, Kerry over Bush 52-44


Rove planning to reduce the the number of debates.

F 9/11 is now #244 all time domestic gross

Do you refuse to believe the HUGE crowds & most polls showing Kerry ahead?

Democrats, Section 8 and housing issues

More on Capitol Hill Blue website

Who is Bush's Manipulator

I saw John Kerry in Grand Rapids today....

What did Janeane Garofalo mean by this?

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

Well I'm catching up it seems, but it's clear that Obama WILL in fact be

Shrub-9/11-My Pet Goat - MUST SEE!!!!!!!

Bush is irrelevant - the story has become the Media Complicity

Manchurian Candidate Looks Like * IMO

Are you voting for Kerry or against Bush?

Question: is George W a hunter?

You Should NOT Be Surprised this is happening. DO NOT GIVE UP.

The Enemy Is Worried, My Friends

"Official" Dallas to Flower Mound, TX bumper sticker survey results

TELL CONGRESS, FAX FOR FREE, that you know about


Snapshots of the Democratic National Convention

The 'Potent Pot' Myth

PNAC 101 - Rise of the Neocons (For the newer folks)

What will you do if Bush wins or steals it again?

Clinton Caricature


Please comment: We may require campaign topics be posted in GD:2004

Sibel Edmonds Busts Gag Order, Names names, HERE:

Canuck visa red tape annoys Saudi royals

Feds twist facts for logging, critics say

Gender Changing in Iran... too weird... not that there's any wrong with it

Please Delete : Old News

Iraqi Militants to Release Somali Hostage

Sibel Edmonds Letter To Thomas Kean – Chairman Of The 9/11 Commission

Kerry aide: Threat shows U.S. must do more

Risque T-shirt gets man barred from airline flight

Turkey Won't Truck Goods to U.S. in Iraq

Few Injured, Ill Troops Get Disability Pay

Arrest of Al-Qaeda computer engineer in Pakistan led to new US alert

U.S. report ties Uribe to Medellin cartel

Robert Fisk: Iraq is imploding

Roma mark holocaust at Auschwitz

BBC - * backs new intelligence post

11 Killed in Coordinated Attacks on Iraqi Christians (Mosul)

Legal Showdown Nears for Detainees (until Tuesday to explain)

Military readies directed-energy weapons

Kerry Foresees No More U.S. Troops for Iraq (substancial cut within 4 yrs)

Bush Calls for New Intelligence Director(and counterterrorism center

Electric fence may be used to protect Big Ben from terror attack: report

Iraqi Commandos Free Lebanese Hostage

Another F.B.I. Employee Blows Whistle on Agency

World 'must double food aid to Sudan' (but Sudan rejects 30 day deadline)

Kerry makes swing into Michigan (protestors allowed)

Bill Clinton May Host SNL

Al Franken Radio Show to Be on Cable TV

U.S. Factories Strong, Construction Slips

Iraqis Live in Fear of Kidnappings for Ransom

Experts Try to Save JFK Assassination Tape

Taliban, Al Queada on the Attack

Smarty Jones forced into early retirement

Kerry; Anticipates No More Troops To Iraq

Higher absentee voting possible in state (Florida)

Supreme Court to Revist Federal Prison Sentencing Rules

Florida Criticicized Over New $4 Monthly Fee On Inmate Accounts

Kerry: Bush Policies Encourage Terrorism

Muslim chaplain who was cleared of charges resigns

Roger Clemens Ejected From Son's Game

Bill Would Raise Franchise Value of Sports Teams

wolfie just had a story about Laura Bush.... Passenger Arrested for English Exercise

Groups Try to Block Florida Abortion Vote

Slight Bounce Poll Shows Kerry Gained (4% RV, and 6% LV)

Pa. Home Schooling Oversight Challenged

20 to 25,000 attend Grand Rapids Kerry Rally!!!!

State Department releases list of gifts from foreign leaders to Bush

Finding Biases on the Bus (Survey of Campaign reporters)

Lawyers: England Is Iraq Abuse Scapegoat (Pfc. Lynndie England)

Saudi embassy man quizzed over UK child sex attack

ARG post Convention poll: Registered voters 49-45-2 Kerry, up 2 from Conv

Ashcroft Tells Libraries to Destroy Publications

Judge asked to block hearings at Guantanamo


Denver cops under fire for killings

Illinois Republicans Prepare To Pick Senate Candidate - ABC-7 Chicago

All aboard for a political spin (huge crowds for Kerry/Edwards)

As Repression Lifts, More Iranians Change Their Sex

US Troops surround Al Sadr House

Armstrong's Bracelet Worn by Bush, Kerry

Washington Post-ABC News Poll Shows Voters Favor Kerry 50-44

Slight Bounce: ABC Poll

Quebec may set a Wal-Mart first (Unionization!)

Bush calls for new intelligence director

Breaking: MArk Hacking Arrested in Salt Lake City Utah

Seenators recommend Labor back FTA.

Theaters get 'Outfoxed' (movie exposing Fox going to big screen)

American valour? All hogwash, say Indian truckers

9/11 Reforms Could Weaken Rights, Says White House

Al Franken radio show to be on cable TV

Ridge: U.S. Ought 'Go to Work' Despite Security Fears

Donations create conflict in probe (Tom Delay)

Scarlett asked for 'lies' in WMD report

Snow urges Congress to raise the debt ceiling

Kerry: Bush Policies Encourage Terror Recruitment

Egypt Denies Telling U.S. of Iraqi WMD

Three GOP officials arrested in election office shoving

Iraq Church Bombs Response to 'Crusader War' - Claim

Seniors, finding they save little, forgo drug cards

Man studying English causes flight diversion

Man Defends Spreading Manure at Gay Parade

Media Matters for America:FOX Convention Coverage Once Again Calls 'Fair

Bush-bashing signs headed for (Sscramento) area's freeways

Kerry Voices Support For Gun Rights, Clean-Coal Technologies As Lead Widen

Will Ferrell Revives Bush Send-Up to Promote Political Group in Short Web

American Library Association news release URGENT!

Grape-picker's death leads to UFW call for more relief from heat

Bill Clinton offered guest spot on 'Saturday Night Live'

Editor in 'Shove It' Incident Shoves Back

FOX NEWS: Zarqawi message to bin Laden intercepted.

"Vanquish them, we will" (Cheney in Colorado)

Did you know how you can torment a Foreign Service officer aka a diplomat

Heisenberg is driving down the freeway...

Fu** the Ayatollah Khomeini

Renes Descartes walks into a bar...

Athena. I had no idea how much I need her.

a zen master goes up to the hot dog vendor and says...

As long as People here are posting cerebral jokes...

::Pound Pound::: Keep it down dammit!!! tryin to listen to Satriani here!

Ah, a fresh start.

Free online acting lessons*

I'm heading out!

Philosophers song

Patrick Moore

What should I be listening to?

I just heard thunder!

Indie Industrial for kids!

(Quiz) How Gullible are you?

whoa... I'm about to polish of this gallon

deleted fnord

Quotes Game!

wow! Jack Germond is TINY!

Ace of Spades: Greatest Song Ever?

How much would my Wal-Mart stock be worth today?

Demmit, is it such a wrong thing to adore John Edwards?

I beat Matcom to a weird story!

I just used DU search and stoppeed my LBN post. . .

Deleted fjord

Early morning DUers, check in !

Japanese Man, Learning English Causes Flight Diversion

Doggie Don'ts

I have my duck what

Couple Sleeping In Tent Injured When Tree Falls On Them

99 luftballoons

Dealer arrested wearing "I AM A DEALER" T-Shirt

Mr. Willie Brown of Tweety's convention panel

This Web site is a riot. Warning: offensive to the religious

Where is the Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightest Outrage ??????

Blind man drives 154 kph -caught in Speed Trap

I just saw Soylent Green for the first time...

"Debbie Does Dallas" - The Musical

Masked, Naked Man - Bra And Panties On Head - Performs Lewd Act On Highway

LEt us now praise famous hippies:

Groups Believe "SMILEY" License Plates Can Reduce Road Rage

Our Admins Elad, Skinner and EarlG and Romeo seperated at birth....

Earworm for morning drivetime...

Good Monday Morning DU!

Now let us praise those who post too many 'let us praise' threads

Escort Gave Her Phone Number During Radio Interview - Arrested

Let us now praise famous Tories:

Let us now praise famous Praisers who are famous

Let us now praise famous LynneSins

Der Kommissar

Government Issues Manual For Prostitutes

OBL at the Olympic games.

a little praise for the infamous please?

In fond remembrance of the Bush/Cheney sloganator

Driving Instructor Of 43 Years Didn't Have Drivers License

thank god the DNC has Left town

Is it possible to get a loan with bad credit?

Now let us praise maize!

Now let us praise Public Enemy

Drug Sniffer Dog Dies Of Overdose

The Greatest Mystery of the 20th Century...

The Dao of attracting the opposite sex

Let us now praise famous nihilists:

I've never been this tired in my life

PETA video of KFC farmhouse abusing chickens. (Warning: Graphic)

Man Collided With Other Driver - Killed 2 Because He Was Watching DVD

He's Been Everywhere

Minister urges people to turn in stolen goods, is swamped with loot

Growing up Gotti? What's next? "In the Kitchen with Lucrezia Borgia"?

I'm watching Office Space. Ask me anything!

Arkansas Catholics Told To Stop Bingo Games

RNC protest - better titLe

In the movie "Signs", what was lurking in the cornfield?

Roger Clemens ejected from son's youth league game!

Barring the end of the world, we're taking our first real vacation

DAMMIT, chimpy is bumping 'the price is right'

Couple Rushing To Hospital To Have Baby Get Traffic Ticket

The Autobahn (Germany's cool hi-way.)

CAPTION das Bush

Who cuts your lawn?

CAPTION the flippant flipflopper

ok ok Gallagher is going after the Hamster story

BiggJawn's first CAT PICTURE!!!

The reason I'll never have kids: Kiddie Farts


Damn, the admins are good looking guys!

"The Village" is a great metaphor for out current culture of fear.

Protest Panties

Yaaaaaaaay! KERRY!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chuck D

Just when you think the recent Bush photos can't get more psychotic...

Growing up Gotti

I've fallen in love with Shania Twain!

MS Movie Maker question...

does anyone know what meds * is on?

whatever the sign says, it is ... so, just CAPTION

some CAPTIONs just don't fade away

It's the lucky blue shirt of all CAPTIONs

CAPTION and sing along: "reunited and it feels so good" ...

The kids cleaned up the house while I was asleep

I'm sorry but that band that Al Franken has play for him SUCKS

Battle of the Lounge Gods, 3-way Deathmatch

Roger Clemens Is Ejected From Son's Youth Baseball Game


419 Halibut caught in Norway - largest downloaded using iPod

Descartes rides into Deadwood...

I watched two John Wayne movies last night...and I was entertained!

419 lb Hallibuton exec caught in Iraq -- largest ever using trail of money

Can't sleep.................................

Does Uhaul rent passenger vans?

The "get your hate on" thread.

Today is my birthday.

I am so very tired!

Censored in my own home!

They say that all is fair in love and war, and child, believe it!

My love for you is ticking clock

Let us now praise famous socialist poets:


I am made of chagrin!

When Andrew Lloyd Webber dies and goes to Hell...

419 lb Halibut Caught In Norway - Largest Ever Using A Rod

Why do you people keep going to see "The Villiage"?

Just when I was ready to get rid of Digital Cable - they do this:


I'm cranky and I need strokes and attention!

Down in the dumps.....

Two hot DU mommies out on the town.

Sidewalk activism

Should LynneSin have her image-posting rights revoked?

We're all made of stars!

Doom 3 really, really kicks ass.

My sort-of "Touring Bike"...

Who wants to be Al Hedges

Smarty Jones forced into early retirement

Which online sites have you had the best luck with a job search??

Hey Lounge Lizards - How do I find a Good Realtor?

So, whoisalhedges anyway?

CAPTION-How do you react when your boss says something REALLY stupid

CAPTION: if it's August 2nd, shouldn't I be clearing brush

Who thinks whoisalhedges didn't get enough attention as a child?

New York is now a refreshing breakfast drink

DU Lesbians/Bi Grrls:

Lobster Rage! Woman Shoots At Lobster Divers

My sort-of "Turing Bike"

Randomkoolzip-Why didn't you get met to listen to Genesis in my Yes phase?

WHo HOO- Invited to party by beautiful coworker!!!!!!!

Revisitied: What's up with the squirrel in Blue-Jay's sig line?

I'm leavening DU!

Smarty Jones forced into early retirement

whoisalhedges forced into early retirement

Man do I love Frank Sinatra

Strangers With Candy the Movie!

whoisalhedges wants to leave DU. Should we....

Be careful what you eat

CAPTION... and they say Kerry's salute was offensive?

Doom 3 Leaked online... (BBC)

I'm leveling DU

Poker for the Olympics?

*snif* Suddenly I Miss whoisalhedges


I'm Leafing DU

I am leaving DU.

Did we have a 'Six Feet Under' discussion thread yet?

OMG- Nurse ratchet has been assimilated by the borg

The 3 Faces of a CAPTION


I'm receiving DU

The LBN forum not appearing on the main forum page for anyone else

I'm back!

I'm living DU


Frenchman retains SNAIL SPITTING world title

Fun anti-* downloads

What non human features do matcom's offspring have?

i just got a photo pass for the cure concert

What the hell just happened?

I'm leavening DU

This just in

What is as important to you as breathing?

2004 Christian Coalition voter guide.

What would make you "Shoot your Wad"?

A different kind of cat thread

Hey, an even 48,000 user regs - good work!

I am made of meat

I was trapped in the Meeting Room

Who else thought "What the hell did I do to get banned"

My cat is sick of car threads....

I want to find a reasonably priced laptop

Anyone have the link to that web-based game? The one with Voltron, Rove

No wonder we have a deficit.

Art Bell blast Bush on Stem Cell Research

48,000, and one.


ew: I'm never kissing a Chinese farmer...

Roger Clemens Ejected From Son's Game

Just found this nice picture

Listening to Dvorak Cello Concerto

I could not be any prouder

Yet ANOTHER buyout...

If I was made of candy...

Uh-oh. Linux potentially violates 283 patents.

Keyboard question.

I have the house to myself for almost 3 weeks. What shall I do?

do it yourself postboard flame sheet

Robyn Hitchcock Preps New LP, Covers Beatles

Confrontation with an abusive moron.......

Where Can I Host A Sig?

Souvlaki? Schmoove


Did I just see Alice Cooper doing a Staples back to school

If That F*CKING Ice Cream Truck Drives Up My Street ONE MORE TIME...

Carville and Matalin's kids

this is not porn

Should I contact my brother? Would you?

Truth stranger than fiction: Brian Wilson to release "Smile" 9/28/04

My 1000th post !

Last words?

Road-rage deterrent

How to embarass a poodle

An Absolutely Sure-Fire Sign that the Apocalypse is coming

Everyone please say "Howdy" to a new poster; Liberalrecruiter.

Guess What's Coming Out on Home Video/DVD During Repub Convention?

I like to look at men's tushes

Janean Garafalo and Sam Seder are about to be schooled in three hours

Family Has Kept The SAME ORANGE For 83 YEARS

GOSSIP: Affleck's competition....John Cusack?

oooh! The new Entertainment Weekly is here!

So, 2 weeks ago, I read my job in the classifieds. A co-worker told me

Who would you rather be stuck with on deserted island? Love Ones vs. Pets

Is whoisalhedges code talk for sex threads?

The "Hey, Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Thread

What's for supper?

Will I be "Enlightened" after my 500th post?

I'm leaving DU....not

SLIDERS is coming out tomorrow on DVD!

Just an informal survey of slang/idiom.

A talk about taxes

Are Mara Steele and whoisalhedges the same person?

either he just missed it,

Think you're tough? Let's see just how tough you are!!!

That's it, who wants to meet for drinks on August 28th, 2004 in NYC

I couldn't be any prouder

Any industrial music fans??

What remake (movie or song) made you think "The horror, the horror....)

I am made of fun!


So tell me about the Mr. T Experience

Who's Hotter?

What I miss most about my church community

My car's transmission is going bad. Should I...

in case you forgot..... whoisalhedges is a SNAPPY DRESSER!

I a'nt gonna work on Maggie's farm no more

I'm sick of cat and car threads, let's do a CAD thread!

CAPTION the Cheneys

Caption the cheesy liar..(I hate this chump)

Did anyone see "The Village"? PLEASE DON'T SPOIL!

I'm sick of cat threads, let's do a CAR thread!

Ughhhhhh I'm 24....

What will DUBYAS concession Song Be ???

The Serial Exorcisms of George W. Bush

I have a question about Drama/Theater...

oh no...our cat is stuck under our new house.any advice?

Do Animals Have Souls?

One again let's nominate who we want on the Conservative Idiots List

"'Passions' is on!"- Favorite BUFFY quotables.

I've been downsized....

So I'm curious, what does everyone here do for a living?

Anyone heard of the PDB "Al Qaeda Determined to Keep Bush In Power"?

The only Democrat that Rupert Murdock even donated too is.....

OMG !!!! A TRIAL Lawyer !!!!!!

Kinsley: Stats show Dems. manage the economy better than Repubs.

"Bush ain't about nothin'!"

B* on Anti-Depressants

Extra NY, NJ & DC security costs should come out of chimp campaign fund

Link to new Kerry ad, "Strength", from the DNC website.

Kerry/Edwards to Launch "Truth Squad" to respond to Bush's attack machine

Proposed Kerry campaign song: Crystal Blue Persuasion

The Bush Record Exposed, from the DNC website...

Does Bush have any chance in NJ?

FReepers express compassion for the plight of the homeless

Well, why SHOULD young, idealistic voters choose Kerry over Nader?

Zogby polling done during convention very encouraging; bodes well for JK

New CBS poll Kerry leads 49-43

A Stronger Kerry Forces Bush to Make a Compelling Case

Kerry Campaign Isn't Banking on a 'Bounce'

Kerry Compares Bush to Depression-Era Leader


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CBS News poll released Monday 8/2: 48-43-3 Kerry, up from 45-43-5

If there are more registered Repugs than there are Dems

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be on Today tomorrow, August 3rd! Tune in!

Regarding any lack of bounce

Jamie Rubin just said: Why then did President Bush flip-flop on the NID?

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Hate-mail for the first time in my career...

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There's something happening here

20 to 25,000 attend Grand Rapids Kerry Rally!!!!

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Ben Affleck

Contact CNN here and tell them we don't appreciate their BIASED election

I just convinced my black friend in Sarasota to register to vote

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