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Archives: August 17, 2004

by Greg Palast :Why Venezuela has Voted Again for Their 'Negro e Indio' P

US loses big in Najaf - US won't allow democracy in Iraq

Of Monkey Balls and Blow Jobs: The Rude Pundit

Despite high oil prices, `resource curse' keeps nations poor

The Republican War Against Vietnam Veterans

Salon: The whole world is watching (Repug Convention)

Shia Showdown

Don't forget to pray for my daughter and to ask for prayer for her

TV series collectors

UFO's don't exist /Aliens Pilot UFOs --Both are 100% wrong

Another offshoring report

What do you think of socialism?

Hungry world 'must eat less meat'

Premier's tour of Americas continues - TW

Brazil bill would empower council to ban journalists

Illegal circulation of blood in Cameroon

'Chinese Taipei' charade is vile

justify owning an type writer to me, without using RW talking points...

Hezbollah plays by the rules

Keyes sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Washington Post making fun of Keyes!

floridians is help needed for you, your family or friends hurricane

Assembly OKs local studies of economics of super center stores

So I'm phone banking tonight and called an 80 year old man

Kerry/Edwards in Steubenville this Friday (Aug 20)

Hoeffel tours all 67 counties

Still Waiting

Bush Campaign-Clinton Served Honorably Even Though Wasn't In Military

Who Is More Handsome: John F Kerry vs. George W Bush

Who actually wants this guy as a President?

I Have Now Heard Everything Imaginable

Cool..Kerry is royality

Bush behind 3pts in Ohio

Can each of you please donate at least $1 to my campaign?

Can the general public go see Kerry this wednesday...

Porter Goss as Intelligence Czar? ..

Dallas Political Bookstores

So... I re-wrote the pledge of allegiance

We are all one and the same in the world

Majority Report interviewing and FBI agent

A news black out on Najaf?

FBI on Air America a GOOF. Phil Hendrie does it much better, folks.

Are you all listening to AAR?

We should all feel good about Hugo Chavez's victory.Not just for the

Anyone have photos of Venezuela Celebrations?

Venezuelan legislator recall election results ...

Aug. 29, I'll be on the Great Lawn in Central Park, NYC

FBI lurking at Air America studios??

Generally Speaking - How should a congressperson vote

This should answer everyone's thoughts on Kerry's "authorization" vote

Deja View: Great video device for demos

Do You Trust Bush Re-arranging the Military??

Rep. Dick Cheney

Anyone know is this Agent Mike ?

What defines a "terrorist sympathizer"?

Did Bush and Cheney get "left behind"?

When does the Republican National Convention start?

Malloy just read Will's latest

What is Bush* looking at? This is a picture from the WH site.

Need Info! What are The Bush Crime Family and Cheney worth?

Kerry Campaign: Bush Too Busy Attacking to Get the Facts Right

Is Najaf just a neocon passion play?

a quick, fun diversion at this link:

Oil futures hit record on supply fears $46.91 - when will it break $100?

Patriotism is dead as long as you support Bush.

I admit. I'm depressed. How can we win? I need shot in the arm.

(Poll) Most credible Journalist

A cyber-law question?

DU swinging toward Positiveness and Sanity

John Kerry Has Saved Two Men's Lives, One in 1969, One in 1988

Maybe THIS is why Chavez won, not fraud!

Christmas in Cambodia

ABC says Summer Olympics has 1/10th the number of spectators expected!

MicroSlop Lists XP SP 2 Problems........when will WINTEL People learn.

When you tune in to Malloy, you can tell within 5 seconds if..

Why wouldn't you want these folks in the White House?

California legislation may quell smokers...

If Alan Keyes were a Democrat, would he be on Scarborough tomorrow PM?

It's Time Truthseekers - Malloy

Politics Aside

Chávez: "The ball has landed in the centre of the White House,"

Chris Matthews, news media hero

Who is worse?

Bush "The job of the government is to help them rebuild their lives"

Checked Out Rush Today- Behind His Bravado He Is Scared

How did Bush get Hurricane Charley to hit Florida to help his brother?

"A Central Banker's Nightmare: Inflation and Slow Growth Together"

Who really runs the show for Bushco

I ran across a great anecdote in Rolling Stone by Joe Biden

Lazy assed people vote GOP!

Should the Democrats Oppose Goss?


Anybody has any reports on how the CNN blitz went? I did write

Why the turnaround with Chris Matthews ??

Reuters: Morgue in Punta Gorda Refusing to Give Out Number of Dead

John O'Neil lying again on Scarborough

sign the petition to stop genocide in the Sudan

Harkin calls Cheney a coward!!!!!!!!!

Harkin's message for Cheney ... WOW!

Will the Christian Right form a separate political party after Bush loses?

Poor Bill O'Reilly

Huge turnout of poor for Chavez....What would it take for Americans to...

i'm pissed at the UN right now.

"Why do you support Bush?"

A Field Guide to Bush Supporters: A List of the Top 22 'Species'

I admit it: Randi Rhodes annoys me

"No Way Out" (aka "Civil War for Dummies") Slate Magazine

Bush Vs. Bush.

Now why would * be bringing 2 Army divisions home?

Nearly One in Five Delegates to 2004 Republican National Convention is a V

No Child Left Behind

Thieves plunder in Charley's aftermath

So if I understood Ann Coulter correctly on Hannity & Colmes:

what's the greater health risk: smoking or obesity?

Petition: God is Not a Republican

America, if you take no other lesson away from the Olympics, take this

Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show

Blair faces Labour conference walkout over invitation to Iraqi Prime Minis

Police fire at reporters as US tanks roll up to shrine

War lord to break silence(Lord Butler to break silence on Blair)

Kerry campaign adds veteran strategists

WP: New York Vs. the Protesters

Oprah Winfrey a juror in Chicago murder trial

Kerry: Donors to president bought influence

More Than 230,000 U.S. Troops Assigned To Bases Around The World

Fernandez assumes power in Dominican Republic

NYT: C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

Pakistan plays down 'Terror Summit'

Tanzanian leader slams West

FBI accused of concealing link to mercenary jailer in Afghanistan

Suspicious powder scares US embassy staff in Malaysia

Human shields pour into holy city

Milbank: Reprising a War with Words (Bushisms)

NY Senate candidate calls for Springsteen boycott

Nobel Laureate Decries Stem Cell Limits

New Intelligence Reform Bill May Pit U.S. Congress Against White House

City of defiance

Nation's Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Scores Reveal

Wal-Mart fights image problem

Fierce fighting erupts in Najaf, 7 other Iraqi cities

Costco begins test marketing caskets

Nerves Fray in Florida as Grimy Reality Sinks In

Poll: Kerry margin widening in California presidential race

Headline News: FBI intimidates protestor ahead of RNC convention

Bicycle bomber attacks Nepal hotel

WP: Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change

Chavez's victory in Venezuela garners international support

Ralph Reed to stump for Bush in Minnesota

NYT: Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Data Reveal

Pita: Yes or No?

Official Bengals vs Buccaneers pre season game thread

One Minute Cop Show

Kleeb dog or Kleeb cat

Enjoy the song! Moore Bush!

Anyone ever see the movie "Walkabout"

Madden 2005

George W. Bush did do one intelligent thing.

Olympics tonight

Homemade pizza! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Did I just hear on Majority Report that there is an FBI agent there?

Madden 2005

I'm Talking To You From My Bathtub, HELLO!

Do ALL college radio DJs do bong hits before their shows??

Great, for tonight's entertainment " The Thomas Crown affair "

Heeeeey, did ya'll spit in this???

I just found tapes I recorded with my very first "band"

Thanks for sponsoring me! You've helped DU and me, too

So, I got scathing letters from pro drug people as a result of...

Apple has just patented what PCs have been doing for some time now:

Home, sweet home at last... and, oh yeah. meet our new dog


Hello Lounge Lizards!

Whoa, horse! Slow down! I-am-not -the-asshole-here!

Ok, Monday night earworm!

mmmmm.... animals is for dinner

Oh yeah, guess what I saw on TV the other night?

I LOATHE the bus

mmmmm.... ravioli is for dinner

Duckie is afraid of cornfields


In honor of tonight's Packer game

Okay I admit it. I like Sat.morning 'toons on TV better than prime time TV

I just scarfed down a 10-inch pizza and am getting ready...

Damn! No good pie at Costco tonight.

Check out what I caught my cat doing (Pictures)

Why am I hungry all the time yet still losing weight?

What will Mike Malloy do when he reads about Florida's latest scam

Ladies Only

Best reggae artist after Marley

Favorite movie genre?

I had a great time in Seattle!

Madden Fans: Is the Madden curse legit?

I live my life like there's no tomorrow.

A Petra Nemcova thread just for Kleeb

Am I the only one here with Sheep problems?

Should I move to South Dakota and change my name to Sid?

I tried to join Freerepublic but I can't figure out the system....

It's Elvis Day on TCM

Du is being mean to me.. I'm having trouble posting because it's too busy

Anybody want to put your pic in the DU gallery ?

I am George Bush

new category added to "MoveLeft Media" blog: Kerry Campaign

Time To Choose

Hey Kleeb, how did you like that Petra pic I sent you?

Van Gogh fans?

Grumble snarl &%$#!!!

What's Mike Malloy's AAR e-mail address?

Anybody read "The Twelth Planet?"

a real petra nemcova thread for myself

I know its been posted before, But I have to post this. Its hilarious!

Maybe you will persecute me for this, but this must be said

Those on The Right Wing

I wonder what it would be like to be hit by a bunker buster bomb

Dem opposed Kucinich, found knocked out,stripped ,by roadside

Fave Talking Heads Song?

make up your own lyrics to the "Star Wars" theme song

I'm out of the 700 club! Screw you Pat Robertson!!!!!!!

Show the Predator some respect!!!

& for my 1000th post, Thank you all....

How many things have you typed to yourself

Where's Gump, Forrest Gump?


Conspicously Absent from the Olympic Judo Competition...

my new word for Freeper madness... "reagasms"

I just watched my new DVD copy of Hamburger Hill.

whee! My first Martha Stewart Living is here!

Yes or No?

in my heaven every girl would play beach volleyball

Could NASCAR ever be an Olympic sport?

Sasha Baron Cohen is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

Pita: Yes or No ???

Oh, the animals...

Costco to start selling caskets

My Neighbors from Hell just keep getting worse!!!

APPLE iTunes Users: A Couple Questions

Favorite Beatles album

I used to try to be amused, but now I'm just disgusted again.

When the hell did 'Blue Collar' come to mean 'Mulleted Redneck'

Favorite LOTR or Silmarillon character?

What do you think of the Band Extreme?

Someone had to do it.... Catch22's cat....

I guess I made it over the 6 of non-smoking & no urges today!

"I don't need you, woman, I got 'The Lemon Song'."

Pro sports rant -- add yours to the pile.

Ok, so how TALL is everyone?

Bill Simmons declares the USA Olymbic basketball team doomed

Do you like Hunter S. Thompson?

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

This diving commentator is amazing

Forget my "Blue Collar" thread---who here hates Larry, The Cable Guy?

Am I the only white person who thinks the "Blue Collar Comedy Show"

Musicians who left great bands to join bigger (and sometimes better) ones

Boxers or Briefs?

My ideal 1972 rock and roll band.

Are you a happy person?

Yet another indescribably crappy trade debacle for the Boston Celtics

Grovel Bot

Pieta: Yes or No

Post pics to thrill Pagerbear!

the infamous 'ten commandmants' monument will be in my state next week

I swear to God, there better be a 'PLAME INDICTMENT' soon or I'll flip out

I'm gonna go take a shit

HELP!! i've walked 1 mile a day for 2 weeks

Ok, I'm due to spend a few days with my bush* loving never-had-a-job


Words on DU that you wish would disappear.

Favorite Creedence Clearwater Revival song?

Well, I'm off to watch "Balderdash" on PAX

a parable to explain the rise of the Republicans since 1994....

College Football Fans...Check In!

DS1 Or Gable-Which Is Better And Why

okay, who else MUST see pics of jukes' famous kitties SOON??

Ladies Panties ?? Boy shorts, G-String Bikinis, Thongs, Grandma Bloomers?

Dylan fans: I just bought "Eat the Document" bootleg DVD...ask me anything

For your enjoyment, the Rachel Bilson "Rock the Vote" ad. It kicks fucking

Am i the only one here with sleep problems?

When selling a house in California

Insanity Test

Ghost video?

MicroSlop Lists XP SP 2 Problems........when will WINTEL People learn.

Tobasco sauce goes on everything, yes or no?

Ferret owning DUers! How do you keep the weasel from narfing on your

Say hi to my new blog: updated "coincidence theorists" guide, with links.

Help for Florida pets

Bush Campaign-Clinton Served Honorably Even Though Wasn't In Military

What Active duty military personnel can & cannot do re: campaign

8/16 KERRY: 99.0% WIN PROBABILITY, 52.70% VOTE, 337 EV

Bwahahaha! Scarborough is going to SHOW HOW KEYES CAN WIN!

Poll: 75% of U.S. Jews plan to vote for Kerry

Bush behind 3pts in Ohio

Brain Dead, Made of Money, No Future at All by Will Pitt

freepdom guide to individual media activism

Kerry: Donors to Bush bought influence

Anyone with info about New England campaign stops?

Kerry wrote to a couple of million people yesterday

Has Kerry even responded to Chavez YET?

why does Kerry tell voters to get him a Democratic controlled Congress ?

RNC Not Welcome many times is he going to beat Unfit for Command!

Found this at a freeper site. Should we demonstrate ?

The Daily Show: Repeat of Clinton's appearance today.

Bush ads: He approves negative content up front. How are swing voters

Why did the Kerry campaign agree to pro-Bush debate formats?

Here's an excellent example of Kerry playing to the left & right...

What would make someone want to be President of the US?

An Anarchist reminds me of

Who's better looking.

Kerry Campaign: Bush Too Busy Attacking to Get the Facts Right

The Reason No One Is Going To the Olympics to view

I sent a BUNCH of money to Kerry but zilch to DNC. guess why?

Everyone has an opinion. This thread is for you

Dartmouth study on Dean campaign. Supporters may sign up to participate.

What is Left Today?

Speakers at Repuke Convention

I've had it

How we KNOW that Bushco lied

Bless Robert Reich: Slaps Scarface About Being Partisan

Starting to see more visible support of Kerry in my part of MO

I admit. I'm depressed. How can we win? I need shot in the arm.

When is Kerry going to support democratically-elected Hugo Chavez?

Handy PNAC-Bush Link PDF brochure to distribute

George Bush: NOT a Rock Star

Scott O'Grady Accuses Kerry Of Treason

Smack Kerry Down - Go Ahead

Is the DNC staffed with the BEST or just the well connected?

What a rightwing blog says about protests of Republican Convention

Fresh wounds from today's Bush speech protest

Awesome post - Re: Hey Mary Beth Cahill - WAKE UP!

The Bush campaign is off message, but not the Kerry campaign.

What * outrage has made you the maddest?

"Kerry, Nader and the Greens Need to Kill the Circular Firing Squad"

This should answer everyone's thoughts on Kerry's "authorization" vote

More Kerry Campaign Pictures Please!

General Clark, Admirals and Veterans to Hold Press Conference on Kerry

Caricature: Kerry Cues Bush-Ball

Was Kerry really absent 76% of the time


GU: Steve Bell cartoon

Crop Circle Warns of World's End

The chaotic reality Bush faces in Iraq

Two great WaPo Opeds today:

Ambush in Ramadi - Embedded Report

Why are American troops in Najaf?

Republican meddlers tilt at Kerry and Obama

Battle for Iraq's future in Najaf

Editorial: Another Vietnam Atrocity (O'Neill and Bush)

Iraq's new leader gets tough—by unleashing the U.S. Marines.

Canadian healthcare myth

Centralization of power with Feds hurts 3rd parties?

President Bush Accidentally Gives Madlib Speech

Revolt of the Press Corps

Mexicans Dying in Bush's War

The Meaning of The Pledge of Allegiance

Report Shows How Bush Is Squeezing Middle Class

A Test of Toughness (Kerry needs crisp answers)

Subcontracting the hunt for bin Laden

Why Kerry Is Right on Iraq

Investors Business Daily: "Tax Trickery"

Deadly Loophole? (What Republican America Brings Us)

Misconceived Military Shuffle / Wartime Withdrawal

Conventional Facades: Why the Republicans Have to Hide their Agenda

Harkin calls Cheney a Coward - Waterloo Courier

A unifying factor across Iraq (Analysis of Sadr's strategy, etc)

Bill Maher: Bush blew it the morning of 9/11

The Ultimate Stupidity (Najaf)

Not Scared Yet? Read this

Boston Globe: Kerry's lack of decisiveness on Iraq is suffocating him

Krugman, NYT: Saving the vote.

Scheer: Kerry Made a Bush League Error on Iraq

Drones will replace troops

My Letter to the Editor of the LA Times re: Euro vs American time at work

John Cole says Sadr is a radical cleric

WilliamPitt's open letter to * (from Truthout)

Our Battle-Tested Wartime President

Takin it to the streets in West Palm

Anyone have a script for canvassing to register and persuade?

Help Counter GOP "Swift Vets" Smear Campaign on TV

RNC coming to NYC, whaddaya gonna dewaboudit?

I thought up a great way to get out the vote: BUSINESS CARDS

WP's Kurtz gives more print to GOP Swift Boats lies and smears

James Carroll on Franken show today (Tues)

August Issue of Extra! Available (FAIR)

Media's picture of Kerry based on RNC distortions - Peter Hart

Daily Kos - 60 idiot papers run Repug Astroturf letter praising *

San Diego: Air America Radio was just a rumor, I guess.

Today's skeptical thought

Today's Thought

The next Greenspan?

Bell Foes Seek FCC Relief - Chairman Powell faces pressure from investors

Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show

Stagflation menace all but vanishes in US in July CPI-Housing #'s

NYMEX Gasoline is rising - not quite to April highs yet, but past June

Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change

Pollution Dogs Chesapeake Bay, Dead Zones Shift And Grow

Smoke Smears Alaska During Worst Fire Season On Record - ADN

Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change

European Eel Populations Collapsing - Reuters

Congo Plans To Increase Logging - At World Bank's Urging - BBC

Stabilizing Global Warming Not Hard: Today's Tools Could Curb Global Warmi

Torrential Rains, Massive Ocean Waves Swamp Cornish Towns

Interior Delays Energy Permits At Hook & Bullet Request - Many Skeptical

Scientists Formulate Intelligent Glass That Blocks Heat Not Light

If You Ever Wondered What "Reservoir Siltation" Means Check These Pics!

9/11 Proposals Keep Lights On in Capitol

Panel's Call for Strong Intelligence Chief Wins Crucial Ally

Conflict Erupts on Effort to Identify Travelers(border protection fails

C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

Deadlines Urged for Terror Fixes

Terror Figures Met in Lahore, Pakistan Says

Venezuela's Chavez Defeats Recall; Foes Reject Results (US wants recount)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 17, 2004

Gun ban lawsuits

Walk softly and carry a big

The AW definition thread.

The concept of "assault weapons" is nothing more than a technology race.

Machetes...Weapon of Choice in Boston.

AP: Tulsa Killing Sparks War Against Homeless

Wither Grovelbot?

My locked post

Question re. posts about voting issues --

an editorial on BBV is moved

Terrorism Poll

Please count me among those

your email scared the bleep outofme

How about a Top 10 Liberal People Who Rawk or something?

What up?

I, too, wish to protest

my locked thread

Oops! Did *I* "Corrupt" The Lounge Today?

A humble suggestion:

Was Gandhi Anti-Semitic?

Anarchy, Not Chaos In The West Bank

Israeli Espionage: When a Honey Trap Goes Bad A Governor Resigns

Israel, EU Fail To Resolve Row Over West Bank Barrier

Euphoria over Palestinian singing contender

De-development Israeli style

Keyes likens abortion to terrorism

Keyes--Reparations only a Right Wing Nut could love

Blagoyevic tells Feds to stuff it!

Help for Florida Pets

Who are you supporting for L.A. Mayor?

Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action

Harkin wows West Liberty crowd

arbitrator: UMass international student fee is discriminatory

Vote For Change Concert at the X

Max Cleland coming to St. Cloud

Looks like AAR is getting a better Twin Cities signal

Can I Get Some Campaign Help In Ferndale?

Truly Frightening

Dayton Area "Ohio Women for Kerry Meeting"

NARAL says Specter 'emphatically not pro-choice'

Mon Aug 23 7pm: Chris Heinz Son of Teresa H Kerry; 1872 N. Commerce,Milw

Birth control coverage mandated

Charley hits immigrants especially hard

I'm tired of Southerners being patronized by blue state jerks

I'm a southerner pissed

Still it's "Knowing what I know now , I would do it...Amurica is safer"

Ok I know I'm out of order here

Clicked Mike Webb and got Sports Talk

Construction workers laughing about Bushisms in Alabama

Has anyone seen any news coverage of Chavez's victory?

Would you have boycotted the Olympics in 1980 if you were the President?

Small snippet from a dittohead

I remember reading 400+ journalists and pundits are on the CIA payroll

Prescription drug bill costs bush* votes

Help! Got this email from a RW jerk-need response!

Yet Another Story of a Republican seeing the light

Message to Network / Cable TV News - Don't Call Close States

KRUGMAN: "substantial chance" election result "will be suspect"

I want to see Neil Bush appointed to the position of Czar of STD's.

F***ing village idiot

Global Warming Menaces California Wine Industry (among other things)

Have you seen Will Ferrell's White House West website and videos?

Income Gap Of Poor, Rich, Widens

Conventional Facades: Why the Republicans Have to Hide their Agenda

The 'golden girl' of 1988 hired to help today's athletes behave

US Free Trade deal boosts Australian Labor Opposition party

Heads Up! Kristen B. of 9-11 Families on Washington Journal, C-Span!

NYT: Nation's Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Test Scores Reveal

CBO supports DRM for profit in lieu of social benefits

I cannot find the thread about posting our pic...

Need some help with my ImpeachBush website to spread awareness

Can we thank Sen. Tom Harkin?

Why Kerry Is Right About Iraq - Zakaria

Military family life has never been a high priority.

Since when did '9-11' become a product?

"independent" caller on CSPAN just now.. dont you wish you can just

Votes are in: Bush loses

How safe are our borders?

Let us compare and contrast Chavez and Bush.

Which reporters/pundits are NOT CIA?

What do Islamic Terrorists Really Want?

The Keyes Hits Keep On Comin'! -- Keyes likens abortion to terrorism

Is Republican thinking an oxy-moran?

You heard of PNAC, well here is POAC the sensible alternative

What is total # AND % of Florida Nat. Guard deployed out of state?

Heard on the local (Tampa) news that Walgreen's donated and

Anyone see Hardball last night?

Who's going to be based at those 14 bases being built in Iraq ??

Failed Olympian Excuses are Frighteningly Familiar.

Chicago Sun-Times LTTE: Keyes re-energizes GOP

Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Comm. says Kerry earned

FBI after protesters on CNN next - 10:33am

How important is it to have enlightened discussion and stimulating thought

Republican Party is starting to tear apart

washington journal does story on Kerry's HAIR??

If * Couldn't Use Attack Ads and said "let's look at the record"

Saddam was underrated as a dictator

Homeland Security Committe meeting C-SPAN 08-07-04

Disparity between richest & poorest increasing...

Kucinich Statement on FBI Monitoring of Protesters

Bush or Clinton to blame for 9/11 ? Why?

Are there any other Presidential Elections that this is resembling?

Need some help debunking a Freeper-type

The buck stops here...

Does Jon Stewart has 6 mil viewers ?

The Bush Administration, a Negative Factor for Peace in the Middle East?

Idema - Defence documents confiscated....

Did George and Wes Clark Give Kerry a Great Opportunity???


RNC coming to NYC, whaddaya gonna dewaboudit?

Sen. Warner & Rummy get in a bit of a spat with McCain on cspan.

The Conscience of Joe Darby

Citizens for Honest Fighter Pilots Ask Bush To Get Honest

Some great Kerry Edwards Pics

Anyone else notice that the Olympic broadcast strategy is basically:

Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's Band Why Venezuela has Voted A

So how much will Bush get for speaking engagements after he loses?

RW Leader Paul Weyrich and Pinochet, Best Friends Forever

Central Park Sit-in at the RNC, they want riots, they want us to look bad.

earn $11.25 hr. training US troops - for real, in Texas

Question: What is “chatter on Al Qaeda-linked Web sites" (MSNBC)?

Broadway actors asked to boycott Sept. 1, performances for GOP delegates

Artist rendering of 'Agent Mike'

John Kerry's Vietnam Speech

Air Marshals are pissed - have to dress like repugs

You know what is really sad...

If CNN don't want contact from their viewers..Let them quit posting

What is YOUR #1 reason for not voting for bush?

THE FINE PRINT: A Word Accelerates Mountaintop Mining

Every time I have seen Elizabeth Dole on a committee, she cheerleads

Police Use Taser On Man /Fl.Hurricane victim

How would rioting during the NYC RNC affect your vote?

Are the Olympics Being Boycotted to Protest the US? Probably!

What's with all these "Best of's" on AAR?

"Unfit for Command" failing to fly off the shelves...

Bush may win Olympic Gold Medal!

Posting from my cell phone yall

Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion

Howard Fineman is a media whore!

Florida: Voucher law unconstitutional, gives religious schools tax money.

Been thinking of a post from a few days ago.....

NYT: Suppressing Votes of My People in Florida!!!

Spinoff of my other thread: #1 reason why your voting Kerry?

Red states plunder our electoral college votes.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count : Contractors - very interesting

Florida, Hardee County not getting much help at all. Volunteers needed.

on the second part of NPR's Liberal Vs Conservative media piece

HELP! I need anti-Max Cleland quotes.

Are the Teamsters behind Bush* or Kerry?

I have to say it! Cipol is No Great Shakes! McGreevy could do better!

FBI targeting protestors (from bartcop)

What a rightwing blog says about protests of Republican Convention

FL hurricane disaster relief under Bush I helped defeat him ... what's the

Pssst -- The Fix Is In!

Where did the rense florida article post go in LBN?

Instant Runoff Project seeks end of electoral college by 2015

Bush; lazy or stupid?

Offshoring Sucks!!!

LTTE critique requested regarding Bush & Terror

Are righties more likely to be swayed by corporate advertising?

The two GOPer Tommies will save Florida!

Why do freepers/repubs/neocons/protestwarrior think we coddle terrorists?

WOO-HOOOO!!! I Just made my FIRST Donation to DU. Here's why we all must

57-year-old veteran called for duty ...has skin cancer, parially deaf &

We owe our wounded soldiers and their families health care coverage

Schedule Released For RNC

Are you "Rapture Ready"?

Interesting Post on Indianapolis Craigslist

The Evils of Regnery Publishing

How about a PICNIC PROTEST in Central Park?

I live in Portland. Our city rocks. HUGE Kerry crowd. AirAmerica

My DU t-shirt just arrived!

Joke from Republican Office-Mate

Bush already using Charley as excuse for BAD EMPLOYMENT #'s

I did a very good thing.

I am sneezing my head off!!!

944 U.S. soldiers dead, so far...

are the "political futures markets" biased ? I don't quite know exactly

Banner raising in NYC.

Guess who is Dennis Hastert's publisher! Regnery!

Now more than ever."The only thing to Fear is Fear itself"!

Some of you may have already seen...

Randi Rhodes says there have been 5 million hits to Hardball's

I saw a fun sticker on a van

Terrifying Rights Violations in 'War on Terror'

I need a phone number to call CNN and bitch

So my father's broker is an idiot

New York's Republican Mayor

The war president visits the war profiteers today

The "" have stooped to a new low. DPC are Marxist/

"The jig is up"

"I can't wait to put a gun to the head of liberals and pull that trigger!"

Swift Boat Book? Blame Pat Sajak....

Bush's Faith-Based Foolishness

Flash Mob Concert at Ground Zero - Protest

Rock Against Bush, Vol 2

I just saw a piece on CNN that was anti-Iraq war in tone

Update on McGreevey, the "Luv Guv"

Keyes on Crossfire -- Kerry People, THAT'S How It's Done

Hilarious moment in Louisiana today

I'm looking for Wayne Madsen and Will Pitt, can you guys do anything about

Jonathan Pollard is Not a Traitor

If they can find temporary housing for those made homeless

Group of Seniors overheard at the market

Boycott Bruce Sprinsteen ad to air

Cheney is `cowardly,' senator says - Go Tom

CNN: ''The Mission of George W. Bush''....coming this weekend

Create a better bush ;) lol

Soldier Sues U.S. Military Over Extended Service

Attacking McCain's Child...

Why is Free Republic "Under Construction"?

Confirm or deny this story? CNN, CBS, NBS, ABC, etc.

Major Garrett just pulled a slick one on FOX-TV !

Lou Dobbs and Pharms.

Giuliani's crime-fighting plan gets mixed results: But what a bargain!

Wanna have a non-alcoholic beer with W*?

C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

CBS evening news: Is Halliburton taking us to the cleaners?

Hackers Take Aim at GOP Sites

Bush Ad: Laura looks like she smells something foul!

Reasons not to vote for Bush - John Ashcroft

John Kerry's campaign condemning moveon.orgs ad

Why do freepers want a fascist nation?

Bush is flogging Star Wars again

Doonesbury under fire in Alabama... You can help!

Aussie PM's son becomes White House intern

Ok Im not religous AT ALL but since bush "is" how many of the..

Jon Stewart, John Kerry and John Whitman?

Someone explain this: Airline safety regulations, re: Matches and Lighters

Now that we know about PNAC, Regnery Publishing, Fox News

Do we live in a participatory society

Is Our Freedom Already Gone?

CBS Evening News will talk about Halliburton

Eyes Wide Open (tribute to Iraq war dead, over 900 pairs of boots)

Halliburton: Army to Withhold Payments

Stupid sign behind a stupid man.

Hurricane Victims File for Unemployment

When's The Oil Spigot Gonna Open Up?

Please help me find a post regarding faux and the middle class

does anyone know?

6pm Tues......what is the FL post-hurricane situation? number dead, etc??

Olbermann to do segment tonight on FBI and Political Demonstrators

Tune into the Majority Report NOW

Ohio talk show host says he's being "squeezed" by Republicans.

Bill Maher claims Bush wasted additional 20 min on photo op on 911.

Jim Lehrer is REALLY GRILLING RUMMY on the News Hour!

Which Cable News Channel Do You Watch: CNN vs MSNBC vs FOX NEWS

PETA uses photo of Reagan to highlight Alzheimer's/meat consumption link

Matthews: Should the president chicken out of the third debate..


GRRR!!! Obnoxious freeper refrigerator repairman barely escapes my wrath!

education, behavior and drugs

I was just contacted by CNN's security officer!

Has the ghost of Tip O'Neill finally affected Tweety?

State Dept. Presses Case Against Iran

Why hasn't Novak been subpoenaed?

F*ck the homeless: New T-shirts all the rage in Tulsa

Pharmacist Refuses to Dispense BC Pills-Religion

Ok i know that this will make me look stupid but what is

"One Market Under God" by Thomas Frank blasts DLC concessions to GOP

Statement Of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich On President Chavez’s Victory

Hey! Anybody get a 'Zogby' poll in their e-mail over the weekend?

Have you read "Worse than Watergate" by John Dean?

CALLING WONK! Can you make last night's Hardball available...

Great article compares Bush to Pinochet

What do Republican voters stand for?

PNAC on CNN now!

Why real Republicans should not like Bush (need help with list)

new to my blog: "Unknown Knowns"

What is the TRUTH about casualties in Florida....

Any links to clinton bashing for not having served in the military?

The Forgotten Crisis--Howard Dean on Sudan

!st Amendment: a privilage that can be lost if abused

What is your political ideology?

I feel good! I just donated to Media Matters, Moveon, and DU, your turn.

Bush visits Boeing plant and

Do you think Bush* is really a religious person?

If there was a Civil War II, would the French get involved?

ca 40 years of disinformation about the 60s- drugs, free love, self-indulg

aWol visits FL hurricane disaster area (Punta Gorda) so prople won't

DRAIN RNC COFFERS!!! Sign up to receive your free RNC propaganda video!

FL Eyewitness Death Count Close To 400 Now

1000 Reasons to Not Vote for George W. Bush

And we think gas is high, check this out

The last time riots disrupted a political convention, the Party lost

If freepers think God put Bush in the White House...

Is it true that Florida doesn't have an income tax and

Why are we in Iraq?

The broader issue of terrorism

SPOTLIGHT ON ROVE - Documentary to hit Theaters starting in a few days

George Bush is a moral man who follows the Bible's teachings...

When Did We Get So Many Selfish Blue Collar Workers?

More Wackos West of Waco

G*D DAMMIT!! ANYONE With A Dem Strategists EAR!!! - PNAC! PNAC! PNAC!

OMG What's happened to Tweety?

Skinner, for everyone that gives $10. in these hard times we will give $10

The whole problem of living can never be understood until...

Sometime In New York City: Bush, bin Laden, and 9-11

Bob Perry, Texas financier of "Unfit for Command", campaign donations

PLAME INDICTMENT #20-High Crime & Misdemeanors-Tip of Iceberg-Edmonds-Khan

Confederat flag sporting democrat supporters

The Dallas Peace Center is: islamo-fascist sympathizers

BBV: Something's happening. These people at DU deserve a salute

Is the US Local Press better than its UK equivalent?


Venezuelan opposition indisarray after Chavez referendum

WP | Illinois Governor Launching Program to Reimport Drugs

NYT: Government to Take Over Watch-List Screening (airline passengers)

The chaotic reality Bush faces in Iraq

FL Eyewitness Death Count Close To 400 Now

Bush plan to pull troops from Europe questioned

NYT: Florida Court Rules Against Religious School Vouchers ("bellweather")

NYT: New York City Lowering Its Sights for a Convention Boom

Delays Mar Conference Mission to Najaf

Upstart Iraqi cleric defies Shi'ite establishment

Delegation of Mediators Arrives in Najaf

In event of a Bush win, few familiar faces seem likely to stay the course

Sharon backs (1,000) new settlement homes

In Peoria, Obama urges doubling ethanol production

Study: Global Warming Could Affect Calif.

Presidential campaign adverti$ing takes no August break

Schroeder, wife adopt Russian girl

Najaf Battles Leave Many in Risky No-Man's-Land

Saudis Use 9-11 Report in U.S Ad Campaign

GMAC Will Close Texas Call Center (Layoff Update)

Halliburton Has More Time to Verify Costs(avoids possible 15% withholding

Halliburton says Army to withhold some payments

NYT, pg1: Dems Vie in Two Capitals to Get Corzine (NJ gov or DSCC?)

Halliburton Says Army to Withhold Some Payments ( 2 paragraphs)

Terrorism Is Biggest Economic Threat

'Veep's a coward,' senator(Ex-Navy fighter pilot Sen. Tom Harkin)bristles

Israel Ends West Bank Construction Freeze

Border Security System's Limits Assailed

Seven Texas children found abandoned in Nigerian orphanage

Group wants to do more 3D mapping

Peace delegation 'can't find escort' (to Najaf)

Iraq national conference on brink of collapse

Veterans Battle Over the Truth (conflict in Memories, or agendas?)

Reuters - New explosion rocks Baghdad, casualties reported

AP: Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show

US resumes bombing of Najaf

Sadr welcomes Vatican offer to solve Najaf crisis in Iraq

WP: Sex Abuse (by youths) Alleged at Va. (Baptist) Camp

Thieves plunder in Charley's aftermath

Reuters photographer shot in leg during Najaf fighting

Rumsfeld has taken over the 9-11 committee meeting

Israel to Build 1,000 New Housing Units in West Bank

Rumsfeld Cautions on New Intel Director Announces Second Rock Against Bush Tour

New hurdle advances on wal-mart approvals (Cal)

Big (overseas) investors narrowly predict Kerry win

Heavy metal scarce in Baghdad

Insurers Might Stand to Gain From Charley

Planned Parenthood of NYC Launches Pro-Choice Publicity Campaign

Latest Report Confirms: Families Being Squeezed In Bush Economy

Nader challenges Ariz. ballot rules

Jews overwhelmingly support Kerry

Bush says "Bring it on", just time with missles

Kerry Campaign: Hardball Host Calls on Bush to Stop Distorting Interview

Man Sentenced in Death at Wis. 'Exorcism'

HBO documentary shows how baseball lifted spirits after 9/11

Schwarzenegger set to approve state's largest Indian casino

Caught On Tape: Cops Use Taser Gun On Man Trying to Get Home

U.S. Soldier Killed in East Baghdad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 17 August

Iraq's Sadr Declines to Meet Najaf Peace Delegation

Army: May Not Withhold Halliburton Money (in reversal)

Labor Department Announces over $5.8 Million to States to Partner with ...

Najaf Fighting Intensifies Amid Peace Push

New biography looks at Dick Cheney with a critical eye

Protestors accuse political bigwigs of hijacking Iraq's interim congress

Rumsfeld Rejects 'Fortress America' Charge (by McCain)

Federal Sex-Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Costco

WP: Conversion Outreach Plan (for Jews) Stirs Outrage

Alcoa closing Ohio plant, cutting 140 jobs

US Accepts Chavez Victory In Referendum, Urges National Reconciliation

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 935 U.S. service members have died

Guard Dodger? (New ad Accuses Kerry of avoiding Ala. National Gaurd)

U.S. studying Israeli West Bank home plan

FL Senate Candidate Klayman Calls for US Intervention in Venezuelan Recall

Mistake jeopardizes FBI sting

Eugenics proponent running for Congress (R Tenn)

Iraqi emissaries leave Najaf shrine without meeting Sadr

Crude oil touched 47bbl with 20 + minutes to go in trading day n/t

A Texan's Race Could Lead to the F.C.C.

Venezuelan Cardinal Tallys Recall Vote as "Gigantic Fraud"

Poetry is Iraq's new national therapy

Iraqi Peace Mission Snubbed by Rebel Cleric Sadr

NYT, pg1: Texan's Race Could Lead to FCC ($$$ pours into losing campaign)

Iraqi officers threaten reporters

Turkish Pipeline Gaining Support (for Russian oil)

Presidential Campaign Ads Take No Break

Pa. Man Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charges (militia wackos)

Latest polls have Howard trailing badly

Jersey, Senate Dems play tug-of-war over Corzine

al-Sadr spokesperson has denied (snub of) Bagdad delegation

Lower-wage Americans burdened by income gap

Kerry Campaign Explains Bob Kerrey Mixup

N.Y. Welcomes Protesters With Discounts

Kerry would reduce missile defense spending

Hurricane Victims Filing for Unemployment

Politicians target Generation Y

DNC to run ad assailing Bush on health

Former US diplomats scold colleagues who attacked Bush policies

Behavior May Cost Protesters 'Privileges,' Bloomberg Says

NYT: Safety Gap Grows Wider Between S.U.V.s and Cars

Man Sentenced in Death at Wis. 'Exorcism' (2 1/2 yrs?!)

Venezuela Election Agency to Audit Recall Results, Carter Says

About sixty papers carry Bush form letter

Kerry Would Allow Overseas Drug Imports; FDA Worries

Sources: McGreevey's top donor to plead guilty

Bush criticizes missile-shield opponents

Campaign: Kernan Used Marijuana Few Times 'In Younger Years'

Brazil's singing minister disowns 'Die, Bush' call

German welfare rallies escalate

Kerry Condemns Ad Attacking Bush Service

A Democratic drive to oust McGreevey

Falwell Integrates Faith Into Law School

Hackers Take Aim at GOP

Translation error may shift N.Y. terror case

UK: Eight men face terror charges

Ticket ripped because of sticker (teacher at Bush rally)

U.S. public now evenly split on Iraq war

7 Texas Kids Found in Nigeria Orphanage

Keyes likens abortion to terrorism

Keyes has plan for reparations

Man linked to N.J. governor goes home to Israel

Soldier Sues U.S. Military Over Extended Service

Service union contends signatures for Nader petition faulty

Nearly 800,000 in Florida Without Power (Tuesday!)

Democrats want more info on Daniels' arrest

GOP Criticizes Democrat's Contribution (from "radical left-wing group")

NY Times Gets 2 More Subpoenas in Plame Case

Journalist killed in Fallujah

I got sticky buns!

The Gods Know That I Love You Because............



Could Pro Wrestling ever be considered an Olympic Sport?

The Complete The Nonsense Line Thread

Giant Raccoon Fight!

Mavis in the Park - Video

Best James Dean Movie

Yes or No?

If you all were wondering what to get me for Christmas...


Questions about the Olympics and Performance Enhancing Drugs...

Olympic Question: No offense to anyone... but...


Cursed/Benighted Sports Franchises, that should be torched for

Elvis 27 years later

WEINER dog vs. PUSSY cat

Could Drum Corps International (DCI) ever be considered an Olympic sport?

Looking for inexpensive monthly hotel rate

Should the playing of "Love in an elevator" be made illegal?

Which of these ladies is more beautiful?

Miller Time

The Race Of My Head And My Face...........

Pia: Yes or No?

new Hannity advertiser Charmin

Favorite Led Zeppelin Album


my married life burden

I am moving to New York City to track down the only girl I ever luuuuuuved

Tombstones for Computer Geeks

Great Moments In Technology Presents: THE INVENTION OF PHOTOSHOP

Allo seer, yewer peyote ees ole renny Ondaveh.

Republican National Convention - Schedule

Should men wear makeup?

Please don't dominate the rap Jack

Saw Bad Santa last night.

Woman Can't Register Her Car Because Authorities Say She Is Dead

The eight noble truths of the 8-track mind

Naked Boaters Cause Traffic Jam On Highway

any responses from CNN after our call in?

Man Phones His Mother Two Days After They Burry Him

your sports teams that you root for are

Students To Protest Ban On "Porch Couches"

Hot Club of Cowtown. Anyone heard of them?

Costco Offering "Eternal Layaway Plan"

How are you signaling your mindset?

can someone resize a pic?

RFK Jr. wins Olympic GOLD!!!

Exercise equipment for midgets

'Jackass' winner fined for chewing mouse

Well, I told my girl friend that I want her to be my girlfriend.

Is it me, or does Jesus on the homepage looks a lot like Mel Gibson?

Monogamy poll!

I just hit 777. Does that counteract 666?

What did you think of "21 Grams?"

I hate it when people put big pics in their signature!

Girls Volleybal beats Men's swimming 57-40% here in the good ole DU lounge

What is your philosophy? Or what would it be if you had one?

Is it me or is someone missing from DU????

Who here knows about the "GOR" lifestyle?

A guy can dream can't he?

100 Pigs Run Loose On Malaysia Highway

Little Known Passport Rule Stalls Couple's Travels

Mood-O-Meter (Tuesday 8-17)

if a 527 group made a blatant campaign smear ad against Bush

Retired Pastor Is "World Champion Phone Book Ripper"

HEY HIPPIE Get Out And Vote!!!

Chinese Olympic team kicking American team's butt.

Do you, like me, root AGAINST sports teams? If so, which ones?

Serial Flasher Rejects Chemical Castration

My Ex-Wife just called

Nutella on Toast...mmmmm

All right, I DONATED already

Shark Bile Is The Latest Hot Cosmetic For Skin

Bad films that SHOULDN'T be remade

22+ year old Jeep rescues Hummer H2 in parking lot

The World comes to my bucolic little area.

Fingerprint Scanners at work...Rights?

Bad films that should be remade

OK, GrovelBot, BRING IT ON!!!

Bad DU Threads that should be copycatted

Bad DU Threads that should never be copycatted

Shark Bagel is the lastest trend.

What's with the illegal interview questions??!?

Very depressed right now....

What mean name have you given the Swift Boaters?

I, GrovelBot

Shark Bible is the lastest trend.

Sexist?-Bikini clad dancers stir up storm at Olympic beach volleyball

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell

Songs that could/shoud be remade?

Caption: sports injury sidelines top Olympics contender

My hair was cut to a length that can only be described as Matt Lauer-esque

Would Marge and Homer celebrate their 16th, or their 20th as noteworthy?

"Puter help Please.

Help - drawing a blank about inserting email into an Outlook message

Guide to DU: How to avoid REALLY bad threads

OOPS! I Have 22,000 Reasons To Donate!

Question for the microbiology/anthropology gurus

Folks!! If You Need More Info On My Purple Hippo - Click Here

Someone covered my Kerry bumper sticker with a Bush/Cheiney sticker

Did "THEY" really try to get that jibjab video off the net?

RNC Convention Schedule

I just donated! I can't wait for my star... polls! my own avatar! wee!

Just back from vacationing in Toronto-What a town!

Ai Fukuhara rocks the table tennis!!


Please distract me so I don't look up Olympics results before tonight

Your favorite band sucks.

With regards to Grovelbot I believe Admiral James T. Kirk said it best

Kidnapped Pregnant Tortoise Reunited With Family

Caption: Junior takes the bronze in swim marathon

LOL - "The Swedes, Through Ikea Are Making Fun Of Us"

How do want your remains disposed of?

Steven Seagal's Next Several Movies

Caption: Hands? pleeeeze!

Help, I need someone to talk me down.

5 albums you COULD live with out but regretably bought anyways

Remember Tweedy and that sign? "BUSH LIED ...

Happy Birthday Maureen O'Hara!

Now I am bummed!

Do you ever log out of the DU forums ?

The Rich get Richer.

Spanking Purple Hippo vs. Dancing White Condom: Who do you love more????


Signs you're about to be fired

Woman hanging out washing 'hit by meteorite'

Naked, Bleeding, Grovelbot (on Mushrooms) found in Livingroom

anyone else having a bad day?

How do I make a backup copy of Windows 98

Your mom is a media whore!!!

Talk about being greedy and having a lot of nerve

How did you learn to type?

Posting from my cell phone yall

Has anyone tried the individual cup Coffee makers with the Pods?

I have been standing here - for 20 minutes - WAITING for whoisalhedges

Shhh, be vewy vewy qwiet - I'm hunting...

Adolf Wolfli - Artist or Lunatic (or both) is there a difference?

Posting from my El Pico coffee can

we are about as good at basketball as we are at finding wmd..

Wait here a minute.

ARRGGHH- Beautiful coworker came in today with a stud in her lip

GD vs. the Lounge

The Starland Vocal Band Does NOT SUCK!

Post some really intelligent, righteous, beautiful hip hop lyrics

OK -- Would YOU cut the cord?

Woman Returns Home To Find Her Parrot Beheaded - Its Heart Cut Out

What is it with people actually staring in to my eyes?

What is it with everyone staring at my gut ?

I succumbed to the copycat urge!

I just saw Natalie Portman on a Daily show repeat...

What is it with me staring at women's breasts?

What is it with women and staring at my package!!!!

What is with boobs, package staring at ass-cleavage lesbian eyes?

What is it with women staring at my ass-cleavage?

What is it with "what is it with....." posts???!!!

If I had man-boobs would women stare at them?

I'm sorry but I can't stand guests who don't get that they're on the radio

The Nothing-Makes-Any-Sense-Anyway of all CAPTIONS!!!

Naked, Bleeding Man (On Mushrooms) Found In Living Room

The Taking-It-To-The-Matresses of all CAPTIONS!!!

Caption: acne attack strikes new mom

The Pledge to Al Lee Gents of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Dangit....I wasn't going to donate this time until Skinner sent me a PM

Wanna see my boobies?

Interesting phone conversation today...

I have to say it! Cipol is No Great Shakes! McGreevy could do better!

How often do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?

Does anyone miss the convention?

What's with these hens staring at my boobies?

Is it illegal to tampax someone's mailbox?

Look at my big fat dick!

"Have You Seen My Pussy??"

If there were no republicans,

Michael Phelps (Olympics Spoiler)

Help me figure out which mortage rate to choose.

new Hannity advertisers Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce, REBAC

I'm a girl and I like reading material for the bathroom

What music motivates you when you'd rather stay in bed & disappear?

I just got back from getting a massage.

The whole problem of living can never be understood until... (lounge vers)

My blog needs a new name

a lucky find

A picture for Matcom!

CONFESS!!!!!! It was YOU who did THAT to Grovelbot

Can someone explain to me why Puerto Rico has a team in the olympics?

what is it with women staring at babies???

Your brush with the Bizarre?




Cast a Vote For Doonesbury

House Bought With Lottery Winnings Is -- Well, Remember "The Money Pit"?

Raise your hand if you're an SQL or Access God. I need HELP desperately!

Toilet Humor (cont)

Calling all haters, US up 4 over Greece. 4th quart. USA network...

Is it illegal to tamper with someone's mailbox?

Bath or Shower?

Lowery:new CVB "Christian-right-wingers vs smart, tolerant, decent people"

He he - olympic diver was a Canadian

I was just told, "The position that you applied for has been eliminated."


Caption the Texas Chainwrench Massacre

Is Scarlett O'Hara a typical Republican?

Have you noticed how much all those Greek dudes look like GOPisEvil?

What is it with monkeys laughing at me?

Speaking of toilets--Javanese toilets

What is it with everyone staring at my big gold crucifix?

Why don't some people get toilet humour?

Cosmic ray link to global warming boosted

Sloths defecate once a week

What was that song that Randi Rhodes just said she liked?

The Mootrix

This is cool, you type it, she says it

I love and appreciate you all

How Closely are you following the Olympics?

In the second Bush term

Attn Malloy listeners: has Brother Sky Blue called in yet?

I'm a little angered at the boorish attitude of Americans fans in Greece

Just got in from work. What did I miss?

Good films that should be remade


France rocks.

Why do people take VERY young kids to places like Disney World?


"Kids are assholes. But they're their *own* assholes."

co-workers bringing their new boobies for office-viewing.



We should bring back segregation


DU BREAKING NEWS (USA basketball v. Greece)

Spiced rum and coke tastes just like root beer!



did i just hear that guy on aar say he was mike piazza? i knew

Adobe Acrobat. Love it or hate it?

What's the point of non-alcoholic beer?

Speaking of toilets - - Chinese toilets.




I don't know about you, but I love wearing my anti-bush/pro-kerry gear

I'm Playing Folsom Street Fair!!


Women who love the Stooges,check in here!



Pics of my new boyfriend

"Goodbye, Cruel World"

R.E.M.'s 1st single from the new album is online now! Go listen here:

So I can get into the Howard Stern Bulletin board...


What do you like looking at the most?

Anyone in here following USA Ladies softball?

Tell me about!

Man Wearing Tutu, Clown Shoes Dives In Pool At Olympics


This.World.Sucks. (Rant: Warning - Heartbreaking)


What is it with boobs saying "boobs?"

Any DU male over six feet tall, late 20s, good looking, and can act?


WTF is Babs wearing over her beautiful mind???

Truck Driver Tries To Swat Wasp - Crashes Dumping 15 tons Of Jam On Road

I am celibate

Kids! Name the New War! Fun 'n stuff!

I am getting dfs.vxd vredir.vxd msnp32.dll errors

Please help me get to 5,000 posts. Ask me anything!

Failed Olympian Excuses are Frighteningly Familiar.

I just saw the WVU football schedule

Celine Dion does NOT suck.

GROVELBOT has been rewired as M.A.T.C.O.M.BOT


100 points to anyone who can name at least one song


The Bar is OPEN!!!

Why is it that some people think ZARDOZ is horrible?

What's your worst/most annoying habit?

OMG in the simpsons

How screwed am I getting?

The Grovelbot Chant Circle


Okay you wimps,

Can't get my TV to work?

What is it with men and staring at boobs!!!!

How do you find a good Senior Care home?

I am sneezing my head off!!!

ZombyCoffee DU Donation Blend? Massage? Get 'em here!

I just spent 34.72 on 4 I nuts?

Why did I lose my donor star?

How can someone have 1000 Posts and never donated to DU?


The Best Freeware for Windows?

Just saw a coworker head for the Men's Room ....

Which Cities Would You Like To Host An Olympics

Fat Bottom Girls - They REALLY Make The Rockin' World Go 'Round

co-workers bringing their new babies for office viewing

Everything Freeper Part II : Literature

Anyone here have high cholesterol???

Speaking of toilets--Japanese toilets

Since it looks like the lounge is in the can today, I have a toilet joke

I hate Pit Bulls!

How many gold medals will Michael Phelps win in Athens?

Is there really a boycott of the Olympic Games?

Any suggestions for a dinner party mystery game?

Squirrel guy where are you?????

Post pics of your hometown

Howard Stern Fans for John Kerry website

5 Albums You Couldn't Live Without

I feel like they are letting me die

Anyone have good results with the Lidoderm patch for pain?

Do you cry at sad movies?

Hardee County Florida elections supervisor dies, Jeb Bush gets to

Lynne Cheney book shocking on several levels

Idea for a webpage

What wacky things will Keyes say next?

Michael Whouley Returning To The Kerry Campaign (Huge News)

Most polls are based on 'likely voters'

"Washington is consumed with speculation about an "October surprise"

FLA DUers: What are your independent newspapers

NYT, pg1: Corzine deciding between NJ gov, staying at Sen. Campaign Comm.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Kerry Donates $6 Million to House & Senate Campaigns

Edwards Highlights Economic Plan to End Middle Class Squeeze

Federal Review Composite (8-17-03): Kerry 321, Bush 217

The Kerry-Edwards Plan for Rural and Small Town Economies

Republican chairman of the Senate Armed Services Comm. says Kerry earned

The Keyes Hits Keep On Comin'! -- Keyes likens abortion to terrorism

Kerry's royal roots will give him victory, says Burke's

If * Couldn't Use Attack Ads and said "let's look at the record"

Census Report Mirrors Message of the Kerry Campaign on the Economy

[Sign-gate] Frost, Sessions camps play blame game over signs

Fox: "Not Everyone Admitted to Bush Camp Events"

Top Democratic Advisers Join Kerry for Home Stretch !

Kerry Cartoons

Bush in Michigan campaigning on the country's "Bright Economic Outlook"

Deleted message

Kerry Campaign Adds Veteran Strategists

La. 5th District Switcher's DEM opponent Zelma "Tisa" Blakes- WEBSITE UP

Help, DFW Du'ers!

Nyah Nyah Get Over It

FAUX News: Bush approval rating in the toilet

Article in todays Globe

Bush Pullout Could Strain Relationships

Did George and Wes Clark Give Kerry a Great Opportunity???

Chicago Sun-Times LTTE: Keyes re-energizes GOP

Keyes likens abortion to terrorism

RNC coming to NYC, whaddaya gonna dewaboudit?

My fave graphic so far this week

regnary(sp?) publishing- anyone listening to aar?

Pics of anti-Bush protest: Santa Monica


Why Kerry Is Right About Iraq - Zakaria

Keyes has plan for reparations

Why Can't Kerry Get This Across To Scared Americans?

Rasmussen Daily Tracking: Kerry back up to 49%

Democratic_Strategist . . . here's a winning issue if ever there was one

What if "Rep_Strategist" showed up at DU?

Check out the new Candidates page at DFA, Map and targeted issues.

DU this poll please

Warner says Kerry deserves medals

Kerry/DNC/MoveOn Ad Idea

swing state tour tickets

MoveOn PAC's big pre-RNC concert in NYC

GOP -Sen. Chambliss- admits staff attend intel - bring one "up to speed"

Kerry Press Release: Report Confirms Families Squeezed in Bush Economy

The whole damn Bush administration is "sensitive"

Cheney Flip Flops-Bigtime!

Rasmussen Aug 17th- Kerry 49% Bush 46% (50-49% approval disapproval)

Great example of stupid voters

E! Online: "Moore has an October surprise planned for President Bush"

CNN Leslie not buying that Kerry is a normal human being

I just sent this email to Candy Crowley

Just saw a new DNC ad for Kerry in NC

Cheney stumps in NV: "President Bush has a clear vision for the future"

"He thinks making millions with a song-and-dance routine allows him to...

KRUGMAN: "substantial chance" election result "will be suspect"

MoveOn's ad is "baseless attacks that use facts made up out of thin air."

Red states plunder our electoral college votes.

You know what? I have a problem that Osama is "no longer a top priority"

Tom Harkin DESTROYS Cheney

Keyes: Obama's Not Black Enough

Talking Point: Bush & Cheney Were Ahmed Chalabi's "Willing Dupes"

Keyes "Wedge Issue" on reparations is WORKING!!!

I Apologize for this in advance, but the Freeps are NUTS!

D.C. to Local Wingnut: "Shrub has peaked, it's JK's to lose"

How do we decrease Bush's Approval numbers?

Bush inherited "near calamitus" economic situation?!

Keyes on Crossfire

Leslie's new poll:

Kerry 4 Bush 2 (Bumper sticker poll)

What was Bush*'s reason for joining the National Guard and how does

BWAHAHAH, the repuks sent me a fundraising poll

So when are we going to see the new T-shirts for Keyes

Candy COWley ripping Kerry's campaign $$ numbers

Pigs who attack Kerry's war record are SPITTING on a 'Nam vet

Dear Howie, MoveOn Response to Swift Boat Smear Ad is NOT doing dirty work

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