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Archives: May 5, 2004

The Role The Role: Another Open Letter to the Troops in Iraq

GOP "playa hatas"

Scientific American: Bush-League Lysenkoism

Railroaded speech

William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut): Tin Soldiers and We are Coming

Premature panic (Kerry campaign barely begun)

Free Banned Books! (anti-censorship activism)

5/8 - Maine - Bike to Demilitarize Ride - Bath Iron Works to Kennebunkport

Jon Stewart, please have Bob Edwards on The Daily Show!

Hannity does it again (Clinton caused the recession)

Keith Olbermann just Outed the White House

Is tonight a full moon?

Need some Dream Interpretation Help-

Fears raised over higher price of oil

April "Help-Wanted Index" down one to 39 (Same as Apr 2003)

Ma's muddled thinking bewildering - TW

Putin's `strong leadership' is a soft dictatorship

Forensic Evidence Supports Afghan 'Convoy of Death'

Witness attacked by defendant during Beaumont trial

Isn't it against a rule...

Is there such thing as a "Pointless Thread"?

Recent moderator trend.

mine kamp

Hey! No fair! I didn't get to ask a question in GD on your thread. Bummer!

I went back and looked

Why was this post locked? Could someone give me the rule infraction?

Condoleezza Rice fundraises for the PA

IDF lets Israeli visit wife in Gaza, but must stay 3 months

The price for peace that Israel is unwilling to pay

Quartet calls for full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip

Guardian Utd(Wednesday): Bush refuses to mend fences with Arabs

Caption this

San Francisco Zoo hopes to forestall old gorilla's last gasp

Student admits 'powder' hoax, police say - California

Sen. Boxer calls for death penalty in SF cop killer case

WJR 760 AM Detroit - "The Hate Voice of the Great Lakes"

Mother's Day advertising rant?

Oshkosh native killed Sunday in Iraq

WI DUers - please check activism forum - Bush in WI Friday!

Prison torture

The woman who took pictures of coffins on Olberman right now (8:10 ET) n/t

Anybody know how long until Al Gore is a guest on Air America?

Just checked my email - Kerry ads ALL over Yahoo - Yahoo!

"Faith Matters in Election '04"... FOTF and Kerry...

Mexico Defends Curbing Ties With Cuba (and bush admin at work)

Bush the Incompetent-Priorities askew, he's riding around on a bus

Out of Control

Should I write a letter/answer?

Are you "proud to be an American?"

dupe - please remove.

Photos from May 4, 2004 -- Kent State Memorial Service/William Pitt Speech

The Tipping Point

Joe Wilson on Keith Olbermann's Countdown

This is it... MY 1000th POST!!!!

Bush* Resignation Speech! (in fantasyland, of course)

Epiphany about *$hrub supporters

65 million to 80 million on RNC Convention security

So the Wilson book is out... who did he blame?

Resignation Fever

Victoria Jones and Fred Hornsberger on Paula Zahn, Bush apology?

"I think tha a solider who goes awol is more brave than pat tillman types"

Is there some flack going on about Kerry's ability to tie his necktie?

Wilson's wife's outing is A TRANSGRESSION OF THE PATRIOT ACT!!!!

Rumsfeld still has a job?

Could W be so stupid that he makes others stupider?

Colin Powell on Larry King now.

Ebay...Has anyone seen this

Zahn offering up Rumsfeld to save Bush

Here's an interesting statistic:

New Democrats, Progressives and Liberals: battle for control of the party

Pledge your vote map.

Part of an email debate on fundamentalists - wanted to throw it out there

Paraphrasing Colin Powell: "As long as we have the numbers, no draft"

What pre-war briefing was Norville talking about? The MP's looked blank.

Buddam or Saddush??

Oh you guy's have got to see this one.

So were against Freedom of Speech if we disagree with Ted Rall?

OMG! Senator "John Keeler" on 24...

It's official: We have a renegade government on our hands.

can we protest this....

Bush is proving he is complicit

OK, I'll keep asking until I get an answer: So what did we mean when we

OK, I'll say it: Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Powell

Slime Alert: Dick Morris' "Quiet Storm" (Airsick Bags Required)

"Exporting America"

Is Powell a black man?

there will probably be revenge for these atrocites, and soon

Right-wingers lambaste Hillary for going on Arab TV, now->>

DoD transcript: rumsfeld explains torture of POWs in Iraq....

Bush 'Seizure' Answer to his Awful Press Conference Performance?

Colin Powell is STILL TALKING on Larry King. Can't bear to watch.

White(Wash)house sends Olbermann 3 questions to ask Wilson

On the verge of extinction

What effect might this have on the Guantanemo Bay SCOTUS rulings?

Who is this blowhard speaking on C-SPAN??

The accused soldiers can AND SHOULD directly BLAME Bush: his edict

Military shipping prisoners to other countries FOR EVEN WORSE TORTURE?!

Does anyone else wish we voted for a Party instead of a Savior?

How does the media exacerbate the torture scenario?

Can the prisoners in the photographs sue in a world court?

What exactly was the *reprimand* that the offending soldiers got?

Majority Report just mentioned article I emailed them

Good to have a DU bath. Visited FR tonight. Whew.

Have you ever imagined "Accurate Democracy"? Is it possible?

Bush Plans Interview Series with Arab Media

The Gates Of Hell

Ted RALL Kicking O'REILLY's Rear

Diane Rehm w/ Sy Hersh - Best show so far on the torture scandal

postcards for our troops...


Evangelists bank Accounts, and the weak minded who support them

Deception Dollar...

Some shrub pictures

"I voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it"

I would like to know

What will be the judgement of the world, and of history, on the people

Iraq Watch- Rep. Neil Abercrombie (D,Hawaii) speaking now on CSPAN-1

Did anyone here ever pledge a fraternity/sorority?

Lou Dobbs.

A question for those who think the Afganistan War was unjustified

Condi speaks to Al -Jazeera

Why is Kerry ripped for his past, and Bush isn't?

What Are Your Doing This Summer, NYC?

Tet Offensive, 1968 -- Iraq Prisongate, 2004

Sometimes you project onto people what YOU really are thinking

Kerry not qualified to be President

A reporter with moxie (are there any left?) should ask Bush at the

How many of you believe that the "Economy is in Recovery?" Is this the

NY Times: Republicans Lure the Arts to Politics and Protests

Here's the real story behind why GWB was AWOL

Iraq Wounded in Action According to the DOD

Teen Athlete Humiliated By 'Crybaby Award'

Don't want Bush to *Veer Off His Message*

Newsworld shows Iraqis being killed!

Air America Radio -- is there a dam in its stream?

C-SPAN now

Xtian Coalitiion's Ralph Reed: "I only watch Fox news"

Joseph Wilson is on Charlie Rose - right now

Sacrborough Country: Kerry's Viet Nam peers on why he is not suitable..

Dave The Brave: Stupid President Tricks can only be seen on Letterman

Satanic Catholic priest...

If you could tell pResident Bush* one thing what would it be?

If you got a problem with Rall, I must ask, where is the outrage on Micah?

Preliminary Ratings Rise for 'Nightline'

American News Anchors are supporting Bush's war 'cause they're old

Is Gore going to destroy Newsworld?

Bush Suffered A Past Seizure?

How should Kerry deal with the Iraqi prison abuse?

The Pyramid of Prisoner's Bodies was a Sexual thing!

Why is most of the media calling it "prisoner abuse" instead of "torture"?

Tonight I said: "You stand with Osama" if you are against the Afgan War.

Wilson on daily show now

"We don't want soldiers in war to debate philosophical questions."

Is Bush's religiosity viewed as a bad thing by the general public?

"A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee"

Schwarzenegger: “Do you know how they translate ‘Ramstein’ in English?"

Jon Stewart ripping Kerry!

Fox News Second Thoughts?

I'm Curios, after 9/11, what would those who opposed invading Afghanistan

The Taguba Report is up

GET OUR YOUR SWORDS!!! Disney Forbidding "Fahrenheit 911"

Let's Start the Disney Boycott Right Here and Now

How would the Kerry White House deal with the Fox News Channel?

9/11 Citizens' Inquiry, May 25-30, Toronto

NIGHTLINE: Are you listening America? They hate GW Bush!!

The State of American Civilization

Bev Harris on Alex Jones replay

An article called Koppelgate, and what I learned today.

It's difficult to describe but it's fake, it's a lie, and it's a deception

Kudos to CBS...Veterans against Kerry story

Who's going down first?

Is Jeb Bush pressuring Disney to squelch US distribution of F911?

New Democrats, Progressives and Liberals: battle for control of the party

Wes Clark to kick off new PAC

Just got back from Dumbyass' speech in Cincinnati.

9/12/02—Sources within WH inner circle say Bush is "out of control"

Hit me with your best flame

Call for Boycott of all Disney assets until "Fahrenheit 911" released

Maoist Shining Path guerrilla on Hunger strike

Ted Rall

There is a hole where the soul should be......

CoIntelpro. Yes even the moderates will have to be scared this time.

The Conduct is Pervasive - it's part of the Warrior Ethos Program

Nader sends a letter to Major League Baseball

Republicans Like the mob.Hate Socialists. Oh yea and Love Nazi's

TheTiny Man Who Defeated Superpowers Recalls Vietnam Wins Vs. France U.S.

Torture word

Refresher... "Massacre at Mazar"... 3000 allegedly murdered w/ US knowledg

Anybody else out there who thinks the rest of the world is waiting

Is there a "far left"/"extreme left"? If so, what is it?

Lysenko Meets Malthus - The new enclosure and the new poor laws

advice to john kerry by the rude pundit

It was a beautiful day...

Olberman EXPOSING those White House talking points! /Joe Wilson

Another Open Letter to the Troops in Iraq ((Stan Goff))

Dennis Miller just compared the Iraq prison pics to Mapplethorpe photos

could you...would you...under orders, torture a person?

UN rights aide calls for probe into Fallujah siege

Government tests new rail security

True hero athlete Day's theme: Challenge yourself

New Commander of US Prisons in Iraq Saw Controversy During Guantanamo Post

Otto Reich resigns

Judge: Child Molester Responsible for Patz Death

Diplomats' letter to Bush criticizes Mideast policies

LA judge asked to drop California governor from case

Groups gear up for big RNC protests

Three Injured As WNBC News Helicopter Crashes In Brooklyn

Pakistan airports on red alert

BBV - Study: Voters trust electronic voting

Austr---Labor...New Line of Attack Over Iraqi Prisoner Treatment--New WMW

Gulf ministers sign landmark agreement

Assassination plot foiled

WP: U.S. Troop Levels in Iraq to Remain High

Friend Says Powell Uneasy With Ideologues

Kerry Gathers Doomsday Team

(DOJ) Report: Screening Lax on Muslim Chaplains

Bomb blasts in Athens

Bombs explode in Athens

WP: U.S. to Cut Count in Iraq Prison

Two War Prisoners Murdered by Americans

Papal envoy breaks ranks on gay couples

Senate Rebuffs Bush, Blocks New Rules on Overtime Pay

Bombs rock central Athens police station

Bush To Address Arabs On Abuse

MSNBC-Senator Joe Biden calls for resignation of Rumsfeld & other senior

Rural groups threaten to wreck set of reality TV show

Texan sentenced to 11 years for chemical weapons

Hostettler's attorney enters innocent plea on gun charge


Indians claim they were abused in Iraq’s US military camps

Everybody Poops: The Movie?

Cops: Man tries to kill wife in bubble bath

I haven't seen this picture in awhile

Excellent Quote!

Pointless thread

Pointless threads

Just got Ninja Gaiden

Stop posting about all the good political shows on now!

I am a freeper

WOW! GD was a blast tonight! Reminds me of my Nader bashing days.

"OK honey, I wiped the stupid grin off your face. Now let's work on...

"have you heard the news? " he said with a grin

Where's Kleeb?

This is it... MY 1000th POST!!!!

The move from hell. At least it is over.

SLOW DOWN! Would you JUST, please, slow down?

NOVA on PBS....about all the latest weapons and questioning

Pointless thread

Hand-Held "Shaky-Cam" Effect... I HATE IT!!!

need a favor, anybody watching 24 tonight? I'm stuck at work.

The Room

Do something nice for me.


So I just bought a Quantaray 600-1000MM telephoto lens.

Finally, a movie about DodgeBall

I'm on Hydrocodone - Ask Me Anything

Love me or Leave me

I most likely got banned from

Did you ever see the Celebrity Uncensored show where

Select my edition

rumsfeld is not a lawyer

Should we make Rumguy put the Dylan pic back?

DU TECHIES! "This program has performed an illegal operation..."

YUCK!!!!!!!! An insect!

Who's the dummy in this office?

Anybody seen the movie "Spellbound" - about spelling bees?

My Military Memories

Because I am a Liberal, I am considered slow (mentally)


End of World

At this point a vote for bush is a Character Flaw !

CHAPELLE! -- The Prince Skit is on now! 10pm et

Alright, confess!

Book Fair

Every Two Weeks on a Tuesday Night

Woman Accused Of Hitting Boyfriend With Mounted Fish

Does anyone else hate drinking cold beer and listening to good blues?

Online dating service for single Republicans

I'm bored as hell... ask me anything

Is the official DU photo gallery open yet?

Lil Annie Fannie or Wicked Wanda


I am capable of periodically becoming benevolent

Montana Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers !!!!!

Who here thinks Rush is back on the hillbilly heroin?

Trivia Pursuit

Oh Lookie, THE FEMALE PATCH , increases sexual desire

A major minor rock band is in my hotel...ask me anything

My Name is Tandalayo. I am Powerless over Wallpaper Shilling...

Does anyone have a deck made of composite decking???

I'm being love-bombed here.

Wanna see a neat pic - Chevy fans will like it

Poll question: LaToya Jackson or Fantasia, the movie?

Who would you most like to avoid during an average day?

Okay. Now I'm pissed off.

Why are you possibly officially insane?

Anyone wanna BS on AOL IM for a bit? IM me.

All your WHAT belong to us?

Why are you?

"How are things going, Mr. Torrance?"

I got the Red vs Blue Season 1DVD yesterday and it is hilarious.

Just how large is the religious right?

Best internet sources for book reviews

There are fireflies outside my apartment.

Yay! Another picture from our Idiot In Chief - funny rant, please read

Help Washington DC DUers!

Depp wants Keith Richards to play his dad in "Pirates" sequel

New look for my Live Journal is anybody's bored:

My husband got a job!

everytime the t-wolves fred hoiberg touches the ball..

Am I the only one annoyed by the new "confirm your vote" screen

All career f*ckups check in

The Olson twins coming on Letterman next

How does the Sasser virus infect one's computer?

There are fairies at the bottom of my garden

Vanity Post: Avert your eyes, God I love using my real name here...

How are you all doing tonight?

Does anybody here have the Sony MVC-CD500?

No more, no more!!!!

Freeper poetry

Should we discuss that which ought not be discussed?

What to Hell is This All About?

Caption Bush's Magical Mystery Tour

The campaign ad we ALL want to see on TV:

favorite Superchunk song

New Mike Malloy content at White Rose!

LaToya or Fantasia ???

Name a Canadian Province or territory capital that hasn't been named yet

Are you Blue, White, or Something else?

Name a state capital.... that hasn't been named yet...

me dancing naked bores women to tears

Detroit area abandoned pup needs a home!

classical music lovers....

A side effect of Ambien -- hallucinations!

Any canine anal gland disease veterans here?

Wes Clark should be out there talking for Kerry!

Murdoch uses 24 to go after Kerry?

Kucinich on Ohio State

Where is the thread for Indiana's primary returns?

The answer is so obvious

Bush Will Now Run Ads in Louisiana and Colorado

AZ, just saw Horrible Smallman bush Ad againt Kerry....

Kerry raising funds for *?

"John Kerry is really staying message."

Vets Cleland & Clark in Alabama for Kerry

How pathetic! Southern Democrats are afraid of Dean.

Wes Clark Dems: Nat'l Security WesPac & 5/24 NYC Event

A System of Abuse (Washington Post)

Willing Torturers

An exit strategy based on Iraqi nationalism

'Long live the heroes who threw the US out'

As Gay Marriage Roils the States, The Right May Gain - WSJ

Feds Couldn't Disprove Nichols-Yousef Connection

Canadian tells of torture in Iraq by U.S. soldiers

WSJ notes GOP tax breaks to corporations mean more tax paid if we

Another Gene Lyons Home Run

Mr. Moore, are you now or have you ever been.....

The plague of new bio labs

America's Deep, Dark Secret

The Wild West Tale of Sheriff George.

Conason: Sinclair Censors Koppel, Decency

Arab Rage and the American Way

Abuse abhorrent, Bush tells Arab TV

I saw our failure through the bars of Abu Ghraib

WP - Bush Asks Congress for Additional War Funding (long)

A Wretched New Picture Of America

A Wretched New Picture of America

The Plaid Adder's torture piece - sad optimism

Jonah Goldberg: At the Heart of Matters

Naomi Klein: Mutiny in Iraq

INS Deported al Qaeda-Linked Suspect Just Days After Oklahoma Bombing

Austrians' zeal for native son Schwarzenegger fades

Ambushing Piestewa with Tillman

Salon - Moore: Disney blocking distribution of film

November election is probably the last opportunity to restore democracy

Boycott Disney: Petition from

local grassroots will be meeting at 7 PM. tonight - agenda below

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire

Did you vote against Rummy? CNN poll - pls vote-address belo

Join in for Postcards to our troops...

Oklahoma Events: May

Protest Halliburton at Shareholders' Mtg. in Houston 5/19

REMINDER: Daily Howler staff to be guests on O'Franken

Free Speech Alert: (sorry if this is a dupe)

Uh, the cartoonist (Chip Bok) didn't get it

Greg Palast on cspan

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death"

Ever heard of this book

New Mike Malloy content at White Rose!

I love O'Franken

The Following Media Conglomerates need to be destroyed...

did he, or didn't he!

UN: Almost half of South Africans under poverty line

Some Cities Struggling to Keep Pension Promises

BushCo Hands Colorado Mountaintop To Lead Mining Company - $5 An Acre

Campaign Boosts Prices For Wild Salmon

Homalco Nation Scraps Fish-Farming Plan - British Columbia

Investors purchase 7,000 acres in Brazil; more deals possible

LA Firefighters Catch Break From Cooler Weather - 24,000 Acres Burned

Bellingham WA Water Supply Eutrophying Faster Than Projected

Indonesians Occupy, Cut Down Nearly 8,000 Hectares Of Managrove Forest

FL Grand Jury Finds Widespread Groundwater Pollution, Blames EPA, State

Scientists Warm To Climate Flick, Despite Bad Science - CNN

2004 World Grain Harvest Predicted To Fall Short Of Demand - Reuters

Who is Bjorn Lomborg?

Nature - Satellite Data Confirms Climate Change

In Bolivia, strike fails to shut down the nation

Brazil tries conscription to fight social malaise

Peru coca growers march on Lima

Massive haka halts traffic - NZ

'Boeremag' farmer tells of (right wing) coup plans

What? The RWers are "disgusted" by the behavior in the Torture Pictures?

Bringing honesty to the Kenyan truth commission

An example of bad journalism? Or anti-gun bias?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--Cinco de Mayo, 2004

Happy Cinco de Mayo to the Gungeon!

For all you deadbolt and sturdy door enthusiasts

Prof's study takes shot at Canada's gun registry

Buzzflash: Had Enough Yet?

Nail guns in the news

Another "renew the AWB" article...

Ohio CHL battle won. (Press Release)

Question about pop up ads on this site

One of the most important leaks of the Bush administration was locked...

To EarlG.

News Posting Flurries...

Sorry, Skinner.

What about a non-US "state" Forum?

So if EarlG's English....

Comptroller: Ministry gave $6.5m to illegal W. Bank outposts

UN to support Palestinian sovereignty over E. J'lem

The End of Their Dreams

Israeli jets strike south Lebanon

The danger at home

Arafat's PA honors killers of Jewish family

Palestinian killed in Israeli raid

Beginning of the end of Likud rule

New report paints bleak picture of Arab life in Israel

Faiglin plan: Israel would rule territories forever

The Golem Turns on his Creator

P.A. Radio Praises "Heroic Attack" On "Settler-Terrorists"

Two Senate candidates pledge support for businesses if elected

Chicago Tribune: Beyond race ... or not (Obama)

42 face drug charges /Springfield, Illinois SJ-R

Florida grieves for fallen sons............7............ Reservists

So, what's Ahnuld being groomed for?

Pelosi...what is her deal???

I have a question.

Link to an important blog:

from Buzzflash Re:Blackwater 's Michigan connection

Cuyahoga Sheriff caves in on CHL suit.

CLEVELANDERS: anyone go to the Beachland Beat Bush Bash last night?

Weldon ethics questioned over Russian firm

Students quiz Senate candidate Hoeffel

Texas House slams Perry, 126-0 on tax plan...

I got a temporary reprieve on my exile...

New Morrison/DeLay post in GD (as info)...

Protest Halliburton at Shareholders' Mtg 5/19

"Taxpayer BIll of Rights" Full of Perils for GOP

Protest Bush in Prairie du Chien and LaCrosse

My letter to the Post-Crescent

Jay Inslee and "Iraq Watch" on C-SPAN tonight (5/5) between 7-9 pm PST

41st LD Caucus

Radio's Dave Ross eyes run for Congress (Dem in WA-08)

Washihngton Journal

Listen to CACI Conference call tomorrow

Repukes using up all the elephant dung plugging the holes

I know some of us were ridiculed when we spoke of coups after 12-12-2000

Kerry questioned by prevert

Nightline for west coasties

It never ceases to amaze me how vile freepers can be! Check this out

lets wipe out another endangered species!

Let Me Speak The Reader's Digest Edition Of My Southern Mind!

Blackwater is evil!

What a Foreigner hopes Americans will learn from Bush's Iraq war

Did Republicans protest Bill Clinton's campaign appearances?

Why is the Secret Service at the SA Embassy ?

zellie miller and eddie koch

Speaking of planes

It's too late for Bush with the Arabs. The torture business was the end

If McCain dislikes Bush, why doesn't he just run against him?

New Nickname for Media Whores

If Kerry is elected, what happens to Blair?

Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush

If elected president, Kerry needs to make a world tour.

Doonesbury has been hilarious this week.


interesting read...Colin Powell's frustration

It's GREAT that we can communicate thru the Internet!

Like People? Love to Travel? Ask a lot of Questions? We gotta job fer you!

Senate Rebuffs Bush Blocks Overtime Rules Changes

Colin Powell on Larry King last night.

Article on Gore's cable channel

Commander-in-Chimp to address Arab TV

Hired Guns With War Crimes Past

Powell, " Lone voice of reason "

The T word

Bush is riding on a French-Canadian made bus where there are no jobs

Help, Please!

The real Pat Tillman

Disney email?

Bush is going to do an interview(s) with Arab TV

What do you think of Jon Stewart's critique of Kerry tonight?

CBS reporting bush first heard of the abuses on the news?

Do Republicans feel stuck with Bush II?

right now on to vote...Michael Moore film

Am I being paranoid?

E-mail Jack at CNN "Is Disney Wrong to Suppress Michael Moore?"

Euro-Parliament candidate/Super-model Carmen Kass coming up on H. Stern

Old Battle Lines Redrawn

w to apologize to the arab world.....WHAT ABOUT US?

The (Joey) Bishop Gambit (not a chess move)

Dupe, please delete.

How Stoopid Can One Gang Be

Martin Frost rules

Deleted message

Am I the only one who thinks this Disney fiasco is good for the movie?

Food for oil Versus Bush Boys Bank robberies

Gergen rips White House on CNN this morning

The Bus Trip in perspective....

'Rape' of Iraqis seen to lead to US/Brit defeat this summer.

Everybody knows the "secret" but us

"Condi's a jerk."

This is human nature and war is hell

Bush To Share His Feelings abotu "naked Iraqi prisoners"

Marx revisited

Here We Go Again. Trot out the Darkies to Explain away the torture.

Freedom of Press/ Iraq ..bush* to go on his Pentagon owned Iraq TV station

I repear: "Get a clue. Bush knew"

Look at this piece of ABC/Bush Pravda propaganda from a year ago

Cheney has a hospital room ready for him whever he goes.

Whoa-Arab Networks Airing Bush Remarks are Frauds..........

I wish these idiots would stop calling into washington journal

Screw Christopher Shays (r) Connecticut

Joe Wilson the guest in 11 am eastern time on NPR Dianne Rehm show;

I just woke up and found out DU has an RSS feed...

Corporations & investors have a problem: Too Much Cash!?!

Does anybody know when people first worried about "war crimes"?

The Disney- Saudi connection - newly discovered facts

Overtime Bill Passes Senate 52-47: Kudos to 5 Repubs that Crossed...

Can you listen to Greg Palast and Still not support revolution?

when 'they' torture OUR p.o.w.'s, will we nuke the whole nation?

Kerry's campaign message should be

The journalists who wrote about Disney/Faranheit 911 are idiots

So far, from what FOX is reporting, it sounds like Bush is offering us the

Hard Talk on BBC Admiral Edmund Giambastiani Commander of US Joint Force

Will there be a transcript or recording of * interview with "Arab" media?

The Great thing about the Ted Rall / Pat Tillman Story

here's another terrorist we should be wary of come this fall.....

Question: How is Hate-radio spinning the torture/murder

Any Vegas area DUers out there? There might be a good opportunity for

Anyone know if Kerry has plans to do the Daily Show

Ohio poll.

Air America Radio - great point - anybody have the Van Halen

Will cognitive dissonance free Dennis Miller's mind

We need only two questions answered!

Privatized Interrogators in Abu Gharib: Paul Krugman

Armistead Maupin was a right winger Nixon recruited to criticize Kerry!

My new bumper sticker: "BOYCOTT BUSH"

He must be joking. Bush trying to say he's not a dictator.

CNBC Poll on Disney and Michael Moore Movie


America as a whole is a bastion of DumbAssedness

Watch Binky's face during these interviews today for the Arab World

For me, finally, echoes of Watergate...Iraq torture is tipping point

"What a wonderful War" ..........apologies to louie armstrong

"Insults to masculinity are insults to family, to nation, to religion"

Why does Biden protect Bush? I just saw on MSBNC a clip from Today

Joe Wilson on Daily show last night

We've Lost the War

My take on the Disney "stopping" Moore's new movie

Pledge your Vote - Pledge Statistics

For our lurking friends from Turdville...I mean Freeperville

Disney to Block Michael Moore's Bush Film

freeperville imploding

CNN cut it off when Sharon was mentioned!

Disney... Hannity-loving hypocrites!

Another kicked media blitz, please, appreciating Olbermann and others...

Don't panic about Kerry campaign

Vaughn Ververs is a littlle Bushbot.....

our soldiers truly think the Iraqis did 9-11, bush told them

Bush: 'Of course I've got confidence in the secretary of defense'

It was just the 'oy' show today...

Gas is not the only thing going up.

Conservative view of Iraqi torture victims

George Bush Jr has created a nation of low expectations...

is bush* rushing medical doctors and rape counselors to his POW

everyone BUT bush is apologizing

Bush "The Iraqi people must realize that we are not going to leave."

Is Pakistan helping us find al Qaeda? No, they're shielding them from us!

Good Lord, NEWSMAX; Women not capable of torture, story is crap

9/11 and Iraqi prisoner torture

I have a very sincere wish for Bush* and his Administration

Play devil's advocate. Is there any way to justify the war in Iraq?

Bush says Iraq prison abuse is 'abhorrent'

What the press didn't tell you about Bush crowd in Cincinnati ....

Media bias re: Kerry-Bush coverage

Nora O'Donnell & MSNBC

Bush's "tour bus" for the 2004 campaign made in CANADA!

"the people of the middle east need to understand" arrogant

Ashcroftists Claim al Qaeda is Spreading Like Rot in US Prisons.

Does Iraq have states or Provinces already?

1st killed in Terror War - Mike Spann

go to yahoo and rate this disney story a five!!! now!!!

Req: web video of Pat Tillman's funeral?

What is not being discussed about the prisoners.....

Campaign contributions

Please listen to Al Franken! He had the funniest march music:

I've started seeing John Kerry for President bumper stickers! Good News!

Virtually all the polls show that right now, its Kerry 52% vs. Bush 48%

Kerry Bashing Doc not medic of record...

wow. My post with pictures of dead Iraqi babies got deleted

"If you are being run out of town, get in front of the crowd . . .

Sending someone else's child to fight the war on terror

Interesting Bush/Kerry photos in SA paper today

CNN: 50 % say Rumsfeld should resign

Dupe - Thread unlocked - Collateral Damage and Torture photos

join the National Guard, be entered to win an iPod

The abuse was Clinton's and feminist fault

Did covert Anti Bush force within Yahoo shut down

Bush: "There will be investigations. People will be brought to justice"

Who likes Electronic voting?

The freepers are losing it

Iraqi prisoner abuse is Standard Operating Procedure

Dec 2001: Wolfowitz torture advice

Getting Hannity Listeners Riled Up

oh yuck - Smirk's name is on WWII cornerstone

Once again, Bush knew and did nothing re: Iraq prisons

Will Bush's appearances on Arab TV make things worse?

report card is in: Bushco* message to Arabs was ineffective

Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 43%

New head of Iraq prisons is same guy who set up failed system last fall!

How sincere was Bush's non-apology speech?

Good news report about the Kent State rally

WinnDixie and Eckert drugs to close mucho stores

The Iraqi prisoner torture isn't all that bad for Bush....

Has The Media's Use Of The Phrase "Alleged Abuse" Been Discussed Yet?

How AlHurra Int Ended "Good Job" - "Thank, you, Mr. President*

Kerry bumper stickers - and the value of

Problem With Curves - Fundy Gives Millions ToMost Militant Anti Abortion

DU this CNN poll

CACI (Contractor involved in abuse) has online job opening...

I'm terrorist, I'm a terrorist, I'm a terrorist!

KKKarl Rove's favorite DINO: Are there any cracks in Brazille?

Bush's neo-con policy: "Dumbest policy on the face of the earth,"

A textbook case: what's wrong with our social safety net

Just saw Kerry's "Heart" ad here for fist time

"Misunderestimated" - is this book for real-by Sammons?

msnbc: bushco* about to ask for $25B for iraq/afganistan

Bush is running terrorist training camps in Iraq

"Why haven't we heard the president apologize yet?"

Which investigation will finish first?

Bush Tells Arab TV Prison Torture Does "Not Represent the America I Know."

Donna Brazille helping out again: Knocks Kerry on minorities

Stop Panicking About Kerry's Campaign!!!

....."crock of steaming excrement"

CNN's Count Down to Handover 6/30 bullhorn

hey you all here the L.A. bomb threat

American values up close---it ain't pretty. We are not who we claim to be

US = Totalitarian State

I give kudos to Richard Morrison, DeLay's opponent. He does welcome Dean.

franken: todays ditto head and rush.."they were just blowing off steam"

Stupid question: Why do terrorists hate "freedom" ?

MSNBC Poll-Should Bush apologize to Arabs

PM of Singapore not eager to shake * hand. must be DUer (pic)

Dem Rep on Cpsan fired up burning rubber

No surprise if abuse/torture exposed as policy, official or not

We must band together and BOYCOTT Disney

Greg Palast on C-SPAN's Washington Journal at 9am EDT (5/5)

Can anyone provide with a link to how Bush found out about abuse. . .

anyone know DeLay's parent's names?

Surprise: Jeb Bu$h Not Concerned About Electronic Voting

Listen to NPR now!

Rush: Stations, Sponsors endorse the views experessed on his program

Let's not forget the administration knew for months about the abuse

Why does Kerry not uses *s verbal screw ups against him?

Did anyone watch Fox's "24" last night and notice the Political Poster

Bush's "Fool me once" speech

Petition for the Disney Boycott is now Up!

October Surprise pool on Randi Rhodes

The Ignorant Hatred in my Hometown



Disney blocking the release of F911 is GREAT news

Stripes letter from military police SGT in Baghdad

Bush can't convince Iraq his regime is better than Saddam's.

mr. bush gets tortured......warning....graphic image

Randi wants feedback on her show

@Judy Woodruff, Please use Google next time.

Why not vote by mail?

Can the contractor corpss be sued for the tortures?

Drudge "reporting" new "pro-Bush" book...

Rumsfeld Photoshop FUN!

Chuck Todd: Landslide for Kerry?

Officer chosen to run U.S. military jails apologized...

What are you willing to do to get "Fahrenheit 911" distributed?

Did B* leak the photos to provoke an Al Quada Attack

Ted Rall and O'Reilly

How are conservatives dealing with the Administration Torture Problems?

If John McCain stood-up against Bushco as loyal opposition?

Sen. Snowe (R) "This is obivously not America"

Who else is watching Smirk on CNN?

DU CNN Poll: Should Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resign?

Bush brought to book by political bestsellers

Thatcher launches attack on Blair

I think the Iraqis are beginning to understand 'democracy'...

"The America I know is a compassionate country."

"The Book of Bill"

Official: Bush to Seek $25B for Iraq War

Osama Aide Gets 32 Years in Guard Maiming w/comb.

Almost?!? irreparable damage to our reputation

Drudge - Kerry calls for Rumsfeld to resign

Freedom Tower groundbreaking set for July 4th

c-span 2 NOW discusion on tax breaks for

CNN : Bush to ask for $25 billion more for war

$25 billion...another $25 billion...

Need help responding to "Soldier's Iraq Report"

Just Saw a DUMB Bumper Sticker:"If Bush looses, Al-Qaida Wins"

CNN Polls: "Abuse and violins and stadia and parties oh my!" Edition

"Without Reservation" - The Military Industrial Complex

Will the US attend the Athens Olympics?

Good Ole Bartcop

Why is the media showing naked Iraqis but not dead babies?

Pro-Union Newspaper Employees Fired w/o Notice

What's the big deal about Bush's bus made in Canada?

Look. How Can You Say What an American Does Is Not What Americans Do?

CNN Crossfire - McCollum

Re: prisoner will they blame this on Clinton?

Michael Moore Should go on Letterman or King TONIGHT

U.S. Assassinates Two Shiite Clerics Organizing Nonviolent Resistance

Torture Scandal Is the Almighty Showing Us That He's Not On Our Side

Arabs Unmoved by Bush's Speech on Prisoners' Abuse

There's videotapes of contractors raping young Iraqi men?

Poor Bush

did you know they crowned Rev. Moon the Messiah? . . .

Perhaps the contract interrogators should

Important Book That Explains How The Right Wing Extremists Operate

Michael Moore will be on Aaron Brown TONIGHT!

"Zell" Lieberman: Rummy shouldn't resign. CNN - w/ Wolfie

If those torture pictures are just "blowing off steam,"

My Official 1,000th Post - hope you enjoy it.

CNN Poll: Should Rummy resign?

Unlikely Harry Potter sequel...

WOW! Just read the "war Doonsebury"

Musical advice to Kerry (from Randi's board)

Will DFA = Dems' Club for Growth? [IMPORTANT]

BBV - Lou Dobbs coverage (05/05/04)

This is facsism. The United States forces in Iraq are facsists.

The Bush pays the price of not consulting with the Law Firm of Murphy and

The right-wing attack machine vs. John Kerry

great editorial cartoon..,,they are all criminals....

US troops said to mistreat elderly Iraqi

Even Bush* can't explain his economic policy.

We need to see the rest of the photos and videos.

Michael Moore to appear on Aaron Brown tonight

Sorry dupe! Please delete

Deenis Miller dead last in cable rating...again (with a 0.1!)

Full Text of US Army Torture Report Leaked (Taguba report)...

E-voting story tonight on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS)

Bob Novak condemning free speech for Michael Moore

What's the 25Billion REALLY for?

WOW!Freepers over at Aint-it-cool-news.are going NUTS!

On reprimands

Something I put together about Moore, good email to send out

The drug companies are correct

I'd pay good money to watch John Kerry punch John O'Neill in the nose

MoveOn.Org benefit CD

ABC (Disney) World News Tonight report on MM movie n/t

Picture this Headline: "Michael Moore Wins Again At Cannes, Banned

How do YOU listen to Air America radio?

what would wingnuts be saying if Iraqis had done this to US soldiers?

Torture in the Search for WMD?

Heads up on the PBS NewsHour ...

CNN POLL ALERT: Should Bush have said ...SORRY...?

wealthy class, working class, fighting class, which class is yours?

Al Qaeda and the Internet - Dangers of Cyberplanning"

Is there anything remotely resembling the old US of A left?

Lt. Paul Rieckhoff on WNYC....

Bush is a Genius


right/wrong direction poll on NBC now

But what are this prisoners being held for??

"I'm President George W. Bush, and I approved this message."

Clear Channel's CEO had brain surgery last week...

MSNBC's picture worth 1,000 least

Is Michael Moore's web site down?

FLASHBACK: Foundations are in place for martial law in the US

Truman 'The buck stops here' - he said it but is there a picture of this

Forward to Congress Critters folks

Mother of all hypocrises

Maria shriver on with tweety

Is Randall Terry dead? I heard he just died.

Charlie Rose had the Iraq Finance Minister on..and he said..the oil in

Will the Bush campaign run out of money?

What's next for Michael Moore?

Tonight's Republican Gala to Net Bush 38.5 Million

Today, when Bush said, “ the government was transparent…”

If the US is an empire, then are Islamic terrorists the Barbarians?

The torture story is deflecting attention from the fact that the whole

Ed Schultz: Why Congress wasn't notified about tortureing Iraqi Prisoners

John Kerry CALLS for Rumsfeld's Resignation!!

How do you 'detox' the marketplace?

How likely is terrorist attack on US before election?

"Condi is a jerk!"

tweety, bush is handling this splendedly

New NBC News Wall Street Journal Poll

Flashback: "The only thing I know for certain is these are bad people"

Gore TV targets US twentysomethings

DU This Site

Disney Has Blocked the Distribution of My New Film... by Michael Moore

I've heard Rush say some really outlandish things, but this tops them all

I tortured those prisoners, and I'm damn sorry I did.

CNN: "The White House had hoped to avoid asking for more money for Iraq...

Dixie Chicks' Martie Maguire and her husband, Gareth, are the parents of

Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?

I don't want Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" released, if it means that...

Village Voice: "The Divine Calm of George W. Bush"...

Should Rumsfeld resign?

!?total insanity - US soldier at prison takes pictures of nude US female

is Mother Earth trying to tell us something? . . .

Reactions of torture pics by average Americans!

Mark Shield's on Abortion

Who Is He Kidding ??? - Hoisting Bush On His Own Words !!!

My, my, our girl Lyndie has been quite the busy.....

How should Kerry Vote on $25 Billion more for Iraq?

Wow! Latest MSNBC online poll has Kerry leading Bushler by 40 points!!

Does the guy ever take a good picture? See inside for a good laugh.

"Circumstances altered unfairly": Rumsfeld.

Where should freepers go if the US becomes a democracy again?

Way to go, Kentucky! Amazing progress.

Lou Dobbs does it again.

"Step Up: Kick Out the Republicans" mp3

Expert For Clinton Ridiculed Accusations on Halliburton

AOL is blocking me from DU! (but, duh, I found an alt.route)

"1968! The Year the Dream Died." Just a little background from a book

Bush Administration Knew Of Abu Ghaib Report

DU this poll

How DARE Hannity, Rush, et al not call it "torture"!

Anyone else puzzled by McCains appearance in new Kerry ads?

question about Canadian news broadcasts


ask the black man, & the navajo before him about liberation & torture

What's the difference between a prison and concentration camp?

Bush: Liar and Flip Flopper: The Mother of all Flips has such dire


2004 Campaign $1 BILLION to be spent!!!

An e-mail to share

Nick Anderson cartoon a must see.

no fahrenheit 9-11?.....NO mickey mouse

Who leaked the torture photos?

Thursday, 11 AM: launch of "The 911 Show" on Toronto's CIUT FM

Gas price jumps 4 cents overnight

What happened to Bush's "brown people" quote about Iraq?

Yes, war DOES brutalize people . . . .

Let's face it, the Iraqi abuse is not Bush's fault and

You Should NOT Vote If.........

Introducing TIAKerry% vs. MediaBushit%

bush's half baked apology to the of the hour

The Great depression how it happened and I'm betting it will again.

Rumsfeld and Operation Manhunter (Rummy ordered the torture?)...

BBV: 6 more Comgresspersons became cosponsors yesterday

ted army of scum

National Chickenhawk Day

Thank God For The Torturers

Move On & Amnesty International Call For Torture Investigation!/ Petition.

Congress' hypocrisy is stunning.....

US begins Major Assault on Sadr-or-Bush Says Iraqis 'Will Deal With' Sadr?

Michael Moore on the censorship of his film

Will Kerry really be able to salvage American reputation abroad?

I am going to defend Donna Brazille because a lot of DUers are in denial

BBV - California senate committee votes to ban all touchscreens NOW

"4th Reich 4 2004: New American Century" - a rigorous propaganda film

Wolf CNN poll asking should Rumsfeld resign - most saying no -go vote

Ho Chi Minh as a Hero

Gas was $2.04 last week. Now its $2.19. What are you paying?

It's H. L. Mencken Speaking TRUTH (a Genius before his time:)


Saddam-Era Uniforms Make a Comeback...

Spain's Rodrigo Rato Elected New IMF Chief

Guard Commander Disciplined - Nude Photos of Female Soldiers (Iraq Prison)

Gore Launches Cable Network

Japan Hones Harpoons Before Whale Meeting

U.S. ... Officials Long Have Claimed Prisoners Were Being Treated Well

Senators say they were kept in dark about abuse

US revisits Pinochet 'secrets'

Thousands homeless after strong earthquake in China

OPEC Overproducing, Cartel President Says

British troops accused of unlawful killing

Bush's "Yes, America Can" bus made in Canada

Athens hit by triple bomb blast

Disney blocking anti-Bush documentary

U.S. Troops Enter Pakistani Tribal Region

Coalition Soldier Dies in Karbala Battle

Bush* to interview with two Arab networks

Annan expects UNSC to okay force for Iraq

Local council member shot and killed in southern Iraq (Basra)

Abuse reports shock Bay Area troops

Iraqi Families to Seek Compensation in UK for Civilian Deaths

Twelve killed in coalition-militia clashes in southern Iraq

Sadr's militia will agree to truce if US forces leave Najaf base

Indignation toward U.S. over abuses fills papers

Jailed Iraqis hidden from Red Cross, says US army (Leaked Report)

Electronic Voting Hearings Set to Start

Former Iraq general paints rosy picture of Falluja

Combined Forces Command Afghanistan Casualty Release

As Gay Marriage Roils the States, The Right May Gain - WSJ


As Gay Marriage Roils the States, The Right May Gain - WSJ


Taliban say killed two westerners in Afghanistan

S.D. firm's workers said to be part of POW abuses

LATEST: UK envoy in Iraq makes fresh allegations...

Battle launched over Iraq deaths (12 families want independent inquiry)

Winslow man wants his past overlooked by Guard

(Grovelling on bended knee) Bush to Go on Arab TV Over Prisoner Abuse

Democrat gathering is facing cash woes

World Bank 'wants control' of DRC mining

Iraqi judges to meet US Supreme Court justices at Hague seminar

Three Madrid suspects released

Senate votes to halt Bush's overtime rule

Former Iraq General Paints Rosy Picture of Falluja

CPA: Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture Assumes Full Authority

New call for Akaka bill hearing (Hawaiian sovereignty)

More than 200 Nigerian Muslims killed in Christian attack

Papal envoy breaks ranks on gay couples

Bush Still Has Full Confidence in Rumsfeld

Iraq veteran suing company (job filled in his absence)

Time: How the Prison Scandal Sabotages the US in Iraq

Iranian gas attack victims to sue US

Palestinians Vote on Monetary Authority

In Iraq, Shias turning against Kurds

Indian Army officers shocked by Iraq abuses

Disney 'blocks' Moore documentary

Bush seeks Arab understanding after Iraq abuse

Tanzanian man charged with making phony terror threat on LA mall

Abuse raises questions about role of U.S. contractors

BAE chairman named in 'slush fund' files

The Art of Flight

Jackson bids for U.S. captives in Iraq

Seattle cabbies back use of security cameras

Blacks take on issue of living with violence /Seattle P-I

WSJ notes GOP tax breaks to corporations mean more tax paid if we

IRAQ WATCH -- (House of Representatives - May 04, 2004)

Rumsfeld Stops Short of Direct Apology Over Abuses

Radio's Dave Ross eyes run for Congress /Seattle Times

GOP convention security perimeter drawn

Guard Commander Disciplined For Nude Photos Of Female Soldiers

Source: Some in U.S. Think Syria Has Atomic Centrifuges

Two More Iraq Prison Deaths Made Public

Lesbian Methodist minister from Ellensburg remains in limbo /Seattle P-I

Federal Panel to Examine Vulnerability of Electronic Voting

France says abuse of Iraqi prisoners unacceptable

First Iraqi Coastal Defense Forces Ships Delivered

Lib Dems call for Iraq protest vote (in the UK)

Salazar airs 1st TV ads in Colorado Senate race | Denver Post

Islamic websites call for revenge after Iraqi prisoner abuse

Bush: Iraqi Prisoner Abuse 'Abhorrent'

Powell 'surprised' by intensity of Iraqi resistance

DU CNN Poll: Should Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resign?

dupe - lock please

Blasts overshadow Olympic countdown

Bush Promises on Abuse Not Enough, Iraqis Say

Union Pacific bills family of girl hurt in 2002 crash | Denver Post

Analysis: Nigeria's spiral of violence

Porton Down death inquest opens

Prison commander apologizes; invites humanitarian groups inside

Lowry Mays (Clear Channel) Recovering from Brain Surgery

(Federal)Expert Says E-Voting Is 'Terrible' (must have paper trail)

Dedication of 'Freedom Tower' to take place 7/04/04

Khat beats coffee as cash crop

U.S. Retreats From Bush Remarks on Sharon Plan

E-Voting: 1 County Sues State (California) | Los Angeles Times

Wonder Drug? Rimonabant Has Benefits for Overweight, Smokers, Diabetics

Venezuela law heralds purge of supreme court judges

March for peace remains peaceful [Kent, OH]

Kerry Zeroes In on High School Dropout Levels (pushes accountability)

Thompson Shifts On Drug Imports

Three U.S. Soldiers Die in Clash with Sadr Militia

Howard: Mirror has caused 'enormous damage'

Wolf CNN poll asking should Rumsfeld resign - most saying no -go vote

U.S. Troops Said to Mistreat Elder Iraqi

Albright, Gorbachev criticize war in Iraq

FERC Warns of 'Troublesome Conditions' in Calif

U.S. apologizes to abused prisoners

Why being right on WMD is no consolation to Iraqi scientist labelled enemy

Bush Says Iraqis 'Will Deal With' Rebel Cleric Sadr

Staffers quit at U.S.-backed Iraq paper

Austrians' zeal for native son Schwarzenegger fades

Stewart's Motion for Second Trial Denied

Commander of Coalition Prisons Apologizes

Drudge: Kerry calls for Rumsfeld's resignation

Poll: Bush Approval Low But Still Beats Kerry

Iraqis Demand Release of Abu Ghraib Prisoners

City to bill Bush campaign for visit-related costs (La Crosse, WI Tribune)

Battle over where buck stops in abuse claims

IRS gives shelter investors until late June to come forward, avoid some

42 face drug charges /Springfield, Illinois SJ-R

U.S. Disciplines 2 Guantanamo Bay Guards

Arabs want justice for Iraq abuses


Kerry calls on Bush to take responsibility for Iraq prison scandal

Eyewitness: Falluja's grief and defiance


(Canadian) Conservatives prepare for election win - Globe and Mail

Bush Renews Support for Gaza Pullout Plan

Those Friendly Iranians

White House: Rumsfeld should not resign

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on the status of investigation

Widow of Maine soldier urges Americans to question policy

U.S. abuse undermines treaties

Kerry Slams Response to Iraq Prison Abuse

Rice Apologizes for Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

Murray: U.S. sits idly by as Airbus 'creams' Boeing

Tent City for homeless will move near Kirkland (Seattle 'burb) for 90 days

Powell Praises New Haitian Leader

New Jersey governor, …, says he won't receive communion

Bush’s Interviews on Television Fail to Move Saudis

House votes to hold back alternative minimum tax for a year

Rummy to testify

A House united -- against Perry

WASHINGTON TODAY: Critics Left and Right See Bush Errors on Cuba Policy

Hughes Confronts Protestors

Bush says he's earned re-election

breaking MSNBC president to ask congress for $25 BILLION more for Iraq

Marijuana Abuse Is Up Among U.S. Adults

Oklahoman May Have Infected Nearly 170 Women With HIV

Coalition opens biggest attack so far to neutralize al-Sadr’s militia

Rall receives death threats over Tillman cartoon

U.S. Troops Said to Mistreat Elder Iraqi

Breaking CNN and BBC- Israel launches 3 airstrikes in Lebanon

Many Americans Disgusted by Iraqi Prisoner Abuse (but some aren't)

Is Red Dawn the best Republican propaganda film of all time?

Yes Men invade rightwing think tank, nominate Bush alternative

Do cat's whiskers grow back?

RSS feeds...a little help...

Not sure how Link from the mod squad

Talk to me...

Thanks to all who suggested American words for my school presentation..

Welcome Lochinvar!!!

Insomniacs and Hockey Fans Check in (5 May)

Greg Palast on Washington Journal!!!!

I've escaped...

"John Kerry is really staying message."

Old Charlie Marx

Smart Freakin Birds ....

Public apology

what if i go back in time and steal barbara from george bush sr?

How late to wait to start a lawnmower?

Crime Fighting Gorilla Dead

Woman Gives Birth For The First Time - At Age 62

Woman Buys 10,000 Candy Bars

Philadelphia Flyers Survive and Advance....

Woman Robbed Banks To Help Her Cat

When Google won't do it, DU IT!

Gooooood Morning DU!!!

Over/Under on * referring to "brown skinned peoples" in media interviews

Viagra User Is 99 And Going "Strong"

Who will win the Stanley Roper

Who Will Win The Stanley Tape Measure?

In between two heart-wrenching days for me

Question is; How can we blame Clinton for all this prisoner abuse?

I hereby pledge to reply to all lone posts I encounter. Anyone with me?

Computer Glitch Gives Out Free Gasoline

Put your tail between your legs and get out now

Is there a religious left?

Private England (pictured) came back from Iraq Pregnant (torture lady)

Help with beer gift in Rochester, NY

Kings vs. Wolves

Is DK666's upload page dead?


Some of the "foods" I was raised on as a child...

Who will win the Stanley Cup?

This week SUCKS! I need a hug...

Have You Ever Eaten Any Of These Non-Food Items?

What is the greatest union-themed movie of all time?

What happened to Auntie Pinko??

What a relief!

it's the end of the world as we know it . . .

ROM: Spaceknight!

45 RPM Record Sleeves - Day 2 (WARNING: lots of pictures!)

Liam Gallagher 'beaten up by computer geeks'

Who will win the Stanley Steamer?

S Africa mourns crime-busting ape

Anyone know a RSS reader that scrolls?

OK, what the crap is an RSS feed, and how do I make it work?

"Jesus Is My Homeboy" t-shirts all the rage

Disney blocks "Farenheit 911" - anyone surprised???

Syracuse Is Snowfall Champion

I'm listening to the " The Safety Dance " . What are you listening to ?

Screaming Lord Byron named new Dr. Who.

So I Used "Print Shop" To Make My Own Mother's Day Cards...

So I told the old cat to look for Sebastian CattButt

I just talked another person into signing up!

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell

Screaming Lord Byron fathered my love child back in the 60's

Screaming Lord Byron stole my lunch money.....

Caption the prez

I cried because I saw a tree being cut down today.

YO! IF you love they have a included

Caption: Poodle Brothers' Maori recruits head for Falluja

X-ray reveals thief

Does anyone care that Friends is ending?

A Mother's Day Peace Poem

Curves... owned by right-wing anti-abortion supporter

Great, I screwed up my hotmail password

Any fans of the band "Bark Psychosis"?

Madonna land row inquiry opens

i get hand-me-down underwear for my birthday...

Ads for new Spiderman movie to be on bases, pitching rubber in MLB parks.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Good Lord, NEWSMAX; Women not capable of torture, story is crap

A five hour send off for "Friends"? - Today and Tomorrow

Does anyone know of a cure for a plantars wart ?

How little do you know about the geography of Africa?

Another "it looks like he's waving goodbye" Bush photo

Here's my poll on Bush

USA DUers, how well do you know your neighbors to the SOUTH? MEXICO!

Happy Hol De'Mayo!

Has anyone here at DU ever done anything nice for you in the 'real world'?

Songs that make you HAPPY every time you hear them

for Lord Screaming Bryon: How well do you know Australia (with link now)

What song can you most relate to?

A Question About Filipino-Americans...

How do I "print screen" with my laptop??

Franken is crackin my ass up right now

Meet Johnny Depp's screen dad

Naked News Is Going WIRELESS!

Fourth HIV Case Strikes California Porn Industry

Official Dingbat Question Thread!

Where can I buy edible chestnuts?

just a test

Dick York or Dick Sargent?

'Sir Coxsone' Dodd dies at 72; music producer discovered Bob Marley

everything you ever wanted to know about herbs and spices . . .

How come the Timberwolves didn't show up @ the game last nite?

The Blubbering Barnburner of all CAPTIONS!!!!

DU story linked on Howard stern Site- 8 million hits a day

Caption: Abusive?? MOI????????

Woman Swallows Bullet Embedded In Hot Dog

I have an interview with the EPA

Are You A Geek?

It's Online Comics Day also!

Ceiling Panel Falls at Boston City Office

Meme to Spread: Blink

Everything you ever wanted to know about Perches and Herb

What genre of music would you place Os Mutantes in?

Toughest CONTEST ever: Name a single redeeming feature of George W Bush

I Hate TV Commercials That Feature Company Exec Testimonials.

Caption: JP2: The Omen???

HELP! my computer is STILL screwed up/infected

Will We Ever Discover Who Auntie Pinko Really Is?


I'm almost kind of psyched . . . .

How can I get into the Iraqi Prisoner Frat?

Everything you wanted to know about Peaches & Herbs

Iron Sheik vs Sargeant Slaughter

and yet ANOTHER....

George*s Song

Best SINGER ever

The Dimpled Duckling of all CAPTIONS!!! (ahhhhhh . . . goo alert!)

She was a level-headed dancer on the road to alcohol

Timing of the release of Clinton's new book: Good or Bad?

New candidate for longest lasting Lounge Post

The Naughty Nightmare of all CAPTIONS!!! (NO one under 21 allowed!)

I didn't expect it but I miss Bob Edwards

Lindsay Lohan fans

Because I hazed in college it's ok to torture Iraqi POWs

How Well Do You Know Your Next-Door Neighbors?

Nu-metal sucks. period.

"For All Who Eat Mustard.

Why do some people not train their receptionists?

Massive Search for Lost Cat

Underrated singers

Caption: W for.....

Is it me, or does MatcomNews remind one of Newsmax?

Who here has read any of the comic strip "Leviathan"?

Can constant alliteration stop stuttering, somewhat?

Builder survives nailgun accident

Modern rock is suffering - any recommendations?

Ok, kids.... it's Serial Story Time

Who thinks that the band "Clutch" is Anti-Bush?

one more reason this administration has to go!

Do you vocalize words in your mind as you read?

Busted open my copy of "The Office" seasons 1&2 last night

Which smiley is used the most? The least?

I'm getting mixed signals. Anybody else?

ok, now for some music i really like..

Caption: Exclusive Abusive

boars dancing naked tears me to women

The Lurching Luncheonette of all CAPTIONS!!!

What's your race?

DEA Agents Seize $3 Million Worth of BC Bud (Damn Them!)

Please don't pick on Clay Regazzoni.

Naked Dancing Boars - Women Said To Be In Tears

Please don't pick on Clay Mation.

Historians; Has any American President been hated more than GWB?

Seattleites (No offense intended if I have the term wrong)--I LOVE

Joke I heard last night..

Why do I get e-mails like this?

Does Donald Rumsfeld comb his hair with bacon?

Clutch Cargo

Any Earthlink customers?

Please Don't Pick On Clay Aiken

Why does it pee when I squirt?

Great apes running out of time

Petticoat Junction: Why do you think Uncle Joe...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

Does a modicum of power corrupt proportionately?

Please don't pick on Claymation.

They say we're young, we don't know, won't find out until we grow...

Kid Rock vs. Clay Aikens: You decide

What's everybody doing for Mothers' Day?

Are you sending your boss a Mother's Day card?

I haven't spoken to Mother since she had that affair with President Taft.

Would you buy this guitar???

Bush goes on record to say he is a fan of "The Shield."

My Cinco de Mayo article was published today, and AP may pick it up!

Why does it hurt when I'm free?

Wind-up toys! Wind-up toys!

Computer Keyboard question?

my dancing snakes bore women to tears

Defendant Disables Shock Belt (Restraint) With Ham Sandwich

Name a Capital that hasn't been named yet

Erm. A business contact found my blog through playing with Google.

Pick your favorite Star

Cheech and Chong

This Day in History: May 5

An out of commission WWII Navy Destroyer is sailing past my window

I'm intolerant of intolerance

New TV sitcom - "Enemies"

Randi Rhodes: playing music parody...Left or right, they are *all* lame.

Propaganda chain E-mail warning

Have You Been To This Web Site.

Should I change my DU posting style to Rumspeak?

Does the Da Vinci Code get better?

Know what's great about the NHL playoffs this year?

Anybody else get the Sasser virus?

I hate advertising that uses rap music in it..

A moment of silence for our recently departed friend

Why does it hurt when i pee?

Boy, Jasmine Trias sure is swell. I hope she does well tonight!

Ok- So who's the best singer ever?

Is Arthur C. Clarke still alive?

Should I dance naked tonight?

Heard about the No-Carb diet for 2004?

Is "Friends" copying "Sex and the City" for their final season & episode

Any word on southerngirlwriter?

garden experts??????


Ever "killed an innocent life"?

Circumlocution poll

No way to add "smirky" and "chimpy" to the DU dictionary...

I think they've finally hit the bottom when it comes to movie remakes

Screaming Lord Byron stole my girl, Blue Jean, from me.

Worst circumcised singer of all time.

Just got my copy of "Bushwacked" see you guys later

Disney Ride Has Sent 6 To Hospital In Last 8 Months

"THERE'TH your pheathant!" Favorite Looney Tunes line?

Spidey's Safe! but are you safe from the ads?

Flame ME In This Thread! Take Your Best Shots!

I'm lacking ambition to type a ten page Sociology paper.

What manner of fast food should I partake in?

More youth and bush

How come we as humans don't appreciate something until it's gone?

No, my cat isn't sick (don't have one), but our hamster is.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - Discuss


MoveOn.Org Benefit album

Stealhead Salmon... Damn it's Good!

Builder survives nailgun accident

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It... I love Match Game


Have you ever travelled to a 'danger spot'?

Dear Colorado Avalanche Fans

Best looking singer.

Just got Rounders on DVD

So, I slept with Elaine last night....

Why aren't I near a lake drinking beer outside

About bloody time! (Star Wars DVD rant)

Most Mediocre Singer Ever?

Today I met a frog by a little pond

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Man Charges $1.99 / Minute To Angry People Who Need To Rant Via Telephone

Caption: He Knew He Was Right

Colors that don't run

USA DUers: How well do you know your neighbors to the North?

Hey Dear MARIA,


What do I get a girl for a high school grad gift?

DAVID ORTIZ FOR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name a variation of "women dancing naked bores me" that hasn't been


Misty hurt herself yesterday...

Is it impolite to start a political arguement w/ family or friends?

why so many freepers tonight?

Read a couple articles on Divine Providence vs. Free Will

Need Bad Dance Song Title or Artist Name

Fans of Chick Lit, Karen Brichoux has a brilliant second novel out

DU Techies Need help with Norton Internet Security

This place is cool


For the Corpse who has everything - A Kiss Kasket!

Is there anybody famous from your hometown or the surrounding area?

Postcards for our troops(thread#2)

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It...I Love Little Houses On Prairies...

Remember my career-change question?

how to ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation

I'm tired of all this "Friends" crap!

Is there a British equivilent of DU?

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It... I Love "Little House On The Prairie"...

Your all-time favorite breakfast cereal???

Favorite National Anthem

Name a COUNTRY capital that hasn't been named yet:

Repent and reload, GOP: official sponsor of the apocalypse

MY HUSBAND GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Forum proposal

Songs that make you cry every time you hear them

Who was your first crush?

Why Do You ALWAYS Have To Have The LAST WORD?

I get hand-me-down furniture for my birthday.

Anyone wanna BS on AOL IM?

Ask girlincontempt and lionesspriyanka!

Steveland Morris

Worst FINGER ever

Circumcision poll

I GIVE UP! "Baseball To Sell Ads On Bases"


Your favorite Canadian Rock Band?

Name a largest city in population that isn't a capital of a country

GOPisEvil - Homeowner

Who here voted for Clinton twice - Raise your hands!!!

Which songs make you feel really energetic?

What's your sign?

Watching and waiting, nervously...

Screaming Lord Byron had better not be an Arsenal fan,

Who's the worst singer ever?

voter Drive grants available-Have some fun this summer!

$1bn price tag on White House race

Premature panic: The campaign has barely begun.

Boston Globe: Kerry's commanders speak out against him

if kerry picks clark as his vp

Would it help Bush?

If this year's Prez election result is the reverse of 2000...

Bad timing on the part of the swiftvets against Kerry.

With 6 months to go, panel takes aim at e-voting bugs

No Tickee, No Prezee.

Military Service for Dummies

Bush's "Safer, Stronger, Better," has a Kerry counterpart - or not?

Kerry Ahead in Latest New Hampshire Poll 49% to 45 %

* campaign things that make me say "Hmmmmm"

Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, body piercing, freak show

Democratic congressman to get second recount

7 states may have outlaw gay marriage on the ballot on Nov 04

Smart Bush Move in Michigan...Bush Trip on a bus

CNN Poll - Should Rumsfeld resign? - VOTE

CNN Poll - Should Rumsfeld resign? - Yes: 46% No: 52%

BUSH leads cheers for KERRY...

Wa Post article on Ohio: "Wanted: A Candidate to Defend Financial Future"

Nader Accountability

Viva Bush* : Hispanic campaign kickoff

Just heard that Miramaz is refusing to distribute Moore's movie in U.S.

Vote for VEEPSTAKES, and VOTE for President HERE!!

Kerry leading in Oregon

President Kerry

Upcoming Edwards events...

Shock and dismay from the GOP: Zogby says Kerry wins in November

Rasmussen Tracking poll: Kerry - 47, Bush - 43

US Election for the rest of the world website has added Kucinich. Wahoo!


Dean presents letter from Kerry to Tom Hayden at Liberty Hill Foundation.

Kerry's New Ads Are Now On His Website

HOWLER nuking the Swift Boat Vets today

Just saw the new Kerry ad and it's gonna

How Nader could run without spoiling Kerry, if he were serious!

Good for Richard Morrison.....I take back what I said.

So I googled "Veterans for Kerry"...

Shrub on campaign trail today: "I'm here to fertilize the grass roots!"

Should Kerry run a 50 state campaign?

Edwards and Dean continue to do well in voting after dropping out

In Defense of Single-Issue Voting

A parody Bush website... or not?