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Archives: May 4, 2004

One Day in Iraq - Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoon

Krugman: Battlefield of Dreams

Stupidity Causes Death - Col. David Hackworth

Bush quotes

Salon/Conason: Smear Boat Veterans for Bush

Salon: Will Roy Moore crack the Bush base?

Washington Monthly/Political Animal: OUR CEO PRESIDENT....

Salon: How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons

Protest bush Campaign Stops in Ohio May 4

Head's up Wisconsin and Iowa - Bush bus headed your way!

Impeachment March in Washington D.C. - weekend after GOP convention

MSNBC testing Hillary-hating shock jock as news anchor

Did anyone else see Jenning's disgracful piece on NORAD?!

If you ever get on CITY OF HEROES

Matsu threatend by Chinese trash - TW

Could you imagine being a policeman answering this call.

Plate of Shrimp

Mods, am i allowed to repost someone else's post with a link to theirs?

Big Thanks to all the mods in LBN and GD

I Thought Sex Threads Were Tepidly Allowed Again In The Lounge ???

I'm just curious,

Kerry Tells of Flying a Jet Over Israel

The Morning After Pill (aftermath of defeat of Sharon plan)

Does this sound like a cover up?

Get your Obama bumper sticker!

Democratic Senatorial Poll

Class-action lawsuit filed against Kaiser Permanente - California

Grid officials ask for conservation to ease energy demand - Calif

Are we ready to run a recall against Ahnold yet?

bush appearing in Dubuque

State plans 'infallible' death penalty: Mitt is at it again

Anyone else get an obnoxious fund raising call from the Senate Causus?

Favor to ask of any Austin residents we might have here.

Sharon Snookers Bush

aar stream off again

Finally something "The Press" understands: Sex & Torture

Over half of Aussies oppose Iraq War

Wow..Atrios Blog is down...

"Mission Accomplished Anniversary" by Mike Keefe

George W. Bush in Wonderland

KBR counter insurgency 'experts' behind Abou Ghraib atrocities...

Abu Ghraib was a CIA operation

Fat Mike from and NOFX coming up on Minority Report!

So nobody told Smirk that we needed more money for Iraq?

Kerry + Clark = my friend "Joe's" vote (another Repub for Kerry!)

ROFLMAO!!!! Hostage 'Escape' was Really a Release

Question about the possibly faked Iraq prison abuse pictures

How far we have fallen

Medicare Drug Bill on C-Span 2 now

2-15-01: Bush* refuses to support International Criminal Court

Brigadier General in charge of "Torture" Unplugged! before she's caught!

NYT: Halliburton-by-the-Sea

Heads Up: Joseph Wilson on Larry King (CNN) NOW (9:07 EDT)!!!

Air America now broadcasting in Sacramento California.

joe wilson on larry king now

Only 6 Bad Apples Repuking point

Bush* on bin Laden

LIVE: Paul Reichoff pissed at both sides

Flashback 1980 (I hate 666 ronald wilson reagan)

Bush's crowd today was hand picked....

Sam Seder is Ranting Again!

This poll still DU-able! Main MS newspaper....

George W Bush making pride a nation wide phenomenon

Has Kerry a tv ad addressing the military spending lies Bush peddles?

So, the command that will take the hit for prisoner abuse is a woman!

Why are all of Bush's ads negative ?

The Army isn't about to stop the torture. Torture and Occupation...

Irony of Bush saying "How's Kerry Gonna Pay for it?"

Cell Block 1A.........the torture story goes mainstream, worldwide

For any who heard CNNs Page Two

Help- Need 3-5 eye-opening links!!

would w tell the truth about 9-11 if he was 'Loosened up' a bit?

Iraq torture pics: authenticity issues clarified

Costco Books

W Bush has brought great Shame to America.......

OMG, Bush on bus tour???

The president wanted to make sure appropriate action is being taken . . .

Bush as a Bad Ceo

The Flag Of Disgrace

OMG, L. Paul Bremer, "Bush paying no attention to Terrorism"

Iraqi editor-in-chief of US funded newspaper quits - cites US interference

Nightline 5/3: Prisoners of War

Newsnight: Fallujah Insurgents Organized, Sophisticated

Shell Oil advertising on Air America???

Which would be the least satisfying profession?

I Posted This on Another Board (question of the day)

Mission accomplished lie again!!!

Why Freepers Are Obsessed with our Board...

What are our freedoms these days?

Hardball: Martha Frederick-What the fool motivates people to go on tv?

Are the soldiers that tortured simply obeying authority?

MSNBC outs John O'Neill for what he really is

Pletka of AEI lashes Lieutenant Rieckhoff on CNN

Exactly how much ground has the Left lost?

32 boots in a photo of Iraq prison? Which photo?

*'s first words on hearing of the WTC attack

NYC Direct Action Groups Bring Tactic to RNC /RNC Not

Take a few minutes to help out a fellow liberal

"With the tax cuts, we could afford a washer and dryer."

CBS delayed report on Iraqi prison abuse after military chief's plea

Is FAUX still using the "Fair and Balanced" slogan?

Rummy's Silence Cat's got his tongue about Abu Ghraib?

CNN Poll: 45% of Respondents Urge *Justified* Torture of US Soldiers

Democrats blocking House-Senate negotiations

Go Home, US Ambassador Tells Americans, after Terror Attack

For Canada's next general election, I want the NDP to win.

Kerry Campaign Slogan

George Walker Bush Insider Trading Timeline

Oct 5, 2001 Memo: Bush* limits information to Congress

Alright I'm tired of the SUV attack on Kerry

Colin Quinn is the ultimate idiot

Will they draft gays, lesbians, anarchists, pot smokers, communists, etc?

For Those of You Who Missed "Hottie" Dean the First and Second Time..

Kerry Tells of Flying a Jet Over Israel

check out the cover of this German newsweekly....

Has anyone tracked down Lynndie England?

Part of me would be offended by fake gays avoiding the draft

Any Washington area DUers wanna put me up for a night?

I listened to FAUX News today while off work...

Dennis Miller: "I'm guessing it's less humiliating than...

Slavery : Indians abused at US military camp in Iraq

Is Lauren Bush a liberal?

Do you agree with John Brown?

would w tell the truth about 9-11 if he was "Loosened up" a bit?

Analysis: Withdrawal on the cards?

Gen. Janis Karpinski passing the buck. Is she Lurch?

The Mistreatment of Iraqui Prisoners: More Than Six People Involved

Stephanie Herseth online know what to do!

Dream dies in US army kitchen ~ Catering in Ira*

Weird Thought: Could The U.S.Military Be Setting Up The National Guard ???

MSNBC runs Anti'Kerry Ad right after Tweety trashes Dean Who Fought Back!

Charlie Rose tonight about the Iraqi prison scandal

What is the cash value of a human death?

Hamill is now a "hero"????

Cuba challenges America and Europe

May 4, 1970 Kent State ... 34 years ago 4 students killed, 9 wounded

Icky Images from Our "New American Century" - a PNACy Wonderland!

This says it all about Kerry and Bush...

The crimes hidden behind "national security" must be prosecuted.

Question for lurking conservatives

Accused Bin Laden Aide Jailed in U.S. for Stabbing

Indians abused at US military camp in Iraq

FEC Cuts Off Funds for Sharpton Campaign

It was disgusting

Attention Minnesota DUers!

Americans Urged to Leave Saudi Arabia

U.S. in Falluja Turns to Officer Who Defied Saddam

Oil Price Hits Highest Level Since 1990

Immigrant bill attains magic 60

Senator complains Pentagon missed perchlorate report deadline

White House Hopes for Iraq Turning Point

Court overturns Dixon child molestation conviction

New Ads Aim to Bring Kerry to the People

Cheney Says Kerry Would Raise Taxes, Choke Economy

Pentagon Misses Toxic Report Deadline

Iran's Khatami justifies years in office

Court Won't Hear EPA Pollution Dispute

Israeli Vote Also Deals a Blow to U.S. Policy

Another Iraq Prison Cited in Army Lawsuit

Veterans greet kerry

Agency Sees Withholding of Medicare Data From Congress as Illegal

WP: In U.S., Seeking To Limit Damage

Officials Say Wait to Get Medicare Card

WP: U.S. Sent Specialists To Train Prison Units

Labor Chief Chao Touts New Overtime Rules

Three Chinese engineers killed in Pakistani blast

Billionaire Buffett backs Kerry's bid for White House

US Mad Cow Test Procedure Violated in Texas-USDA

'Chalabi gave Iran information on US occupation of Iraq'

Kerry Tells of Flying a Jet Over Israel

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 751 U.S. service members have died

WP: George Bush* as Saddam Hussein

Democrats urge immigration changes

Bush: Prosperity depends on election

US to keep high force levels in Iraq indefinitely: officials

WP: President Gets Back on the Bus

Prisoner mistreatment damages US at home, around the world : analysts

Baumholder reels from GIs' deaths

80% of Canadians Loath George Bush... How'd they get so smart?

CBS News Says It Held Prison Abuse Story

Airline employee finds loaded gun on plane

Bob Kerrey’s 9/11 Commission Fiasco

Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits, complaining of Ameri

Bush Vows to Stay Course on Economy, Iraq

Aznar: Spain Failed to See Terror Threat

WP: Group Says Kerry Released Edited Version of Military Records

Split on abuse inquiry

Questions That Shouldn't Have Been Axed:

Kindergartner Caught With Marijuana On School Field Trip

Okay, I've been a posting foo. Somewhere in the last couple hrs. or so

In Europe, Cellphone Profits Go Up as Clothes Come Off

I am feeling very passive-passive today. Ask me anything.

And he's tradin' in his chevy for a cadillac ack ack ack ack ack

Anyone see the Kucinich coverage on FauxNews?

The Repugs ruin my day.

Wacko Jacko refers to young Neverland visitors as "rubbers"

Computer question

I am turning into a disgusting YUPPIE

My Johnson is about to expire

what planets better than ours are the closest?

This is a great sign

anyone know where i can get bumper stickers made up?

Deep Purple without Richie Blackmore and Jon Lord...still Deep Purple?

"Nothingness? You shouldn't have!" "I didn't."

Just made an appointment with my doctor.....


I just found a cool website, and opened an online shop.

Need advice: my aunt found out she has cerosis (sp) of the liver due to

Any Yippies here?

God sends Britney Spears a message!

According to Our pResident the problem with health care is frivolous suits

Anyone remember the game QIX?

Office Space on Lifetime

We will... We will... ROCK YOU!

My new personals ad is really reeling them in!

Thee Monday night Dinner thread...

that 10.5 was one dumbass movie!

just heard something stupid on the local news...

For my 200th post, I'd like to thank Whitacre D_WI

I also have a confession to make.

Conservative Underground

WTF? Jacko Was Torturing Iraqis? Or Was It Kobe? Or Scott Peterson?

Another game suggestion :You Liked Galaxina/Gala (or other similar games)?

Daily Show obliterating the Bushies

Do you feel dumber after watching 10.5?

Is there anything more fun to post than AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Which is most likely to cause your impending doom?

Tonight's "Tought Crowd" might be worth watching

You Gotta Love Playoff Hockey. Great Stuff.

For the fans of "Van Helsing"

Are any of you DUers taking Lexapro?

Wireless home security systems....

Eli Manning's webpage at Ole Miss. Seriously.

Free/Open Source NewsReader (to view the DU news feed)

Reno 911 line defines the freeper Right

But why must the duchy be passed on the left hand side?

I can't believe the price of milk and butter!

This new RSS feed is very cool

I feel better now

Alright brain, you don't like me, and I don't like you...

I can't believe the price of Milk and Cheese!

I know I said that I would be gone from DU for a while, but...

Career Day in High School, Did Counselor Advise You

Which one's Pink?

Most. Exciting. 0-0. Game. Ever.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Those little American flag pins the republicans wear, to justify

Bush's wet dream- California dropping into the ocean

For women and gay men: How do you like 'em?

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love & be loved in return."

Is your local news doing a special report on the local Earthquake Threat?

Leno on "10.5"

Five Random Questions...Answer If Ya Wanna

Was anybody thinking, during 10.5, last night that...

Any fans of "Goonies"?

Converting a Republican friend. (An Update!)

I didn't know that Leno and Letterman were once good friends

Ok, cutest ADULT cat time!

CAPTION, why is the male a bush and the female a pickle?

45 RPM record sleeves (Day 1)

Science/Math/Computer Geeks... what are your favorite pun jokes...

How do you like your apogee?

Guilt Issues

Fantasy Battles You'd Like To See...

DU LBN Syndication Feed on LIVEJOURNAL

My Red Sox are just KILLING ME.

What beer are you drinking?

Forget about all these cats.

Is it safe to eat beef? Serious question.

Official 10.5 Part 2 thread. 9:00 pm EDT NBC

Common mistakes that bug you....

In a Legendary Battle of the WWII battleships, who would win?

I puked again today--DU diagnosis?

DU LBN feed on My Yahoo!

My suggestion for a Kerry ad. Vietnam, Veterans, War Hero.

I love Cheney's military history of deferments - LOL - he takes on Kerry?

Attention Minnesota DUers!


Hubby just brought up a good point

Kerry + Clark = my friend "Joe's" vote (another Repub for Kerry!)

war chests evening out?

Torture scandal is killing Bush in the polls.

Ralph Nader Favors Youth Voting: Lowering the Voting Age to 16

Why Kerry needs Clark as VP choice

Plurality of Voters Say Conservatives Have More Influence in the Media

Help me convert a democrat who will vote for Bush!

Kerry bows to neocons and completely abandons Clinton's peace plan!

Kerry wasting money in Oregon?

Josh Marshall has a great take on the neocons....this is funny!

Bill O'Reilly, Conservatives and the Culture Wars

Vote Republican: It's Easier Than Thinking!

US Mortgage Prices Caught in Computer ‘Infinite Loop’

Apocalypse Again (Vietnam Redux?) - Nat Parry/Consortium News

Battlefield of Dreams (Krugman, New York Times)

Will GW Bush Apologize to the Iraqis?

A War for Us, Fought by Them (NYT)

'I pray, cry and curse the US'

Artificial pseudo realistic fake = new truth ( -1 x -1) + (-1 x -1) = 2

The ICRC: monitoring Iraq´s prisons

SCHEER: When We're the Evildoers in Iraq

(53) Former Diplomats Attack Bush

The electrodes' switch is in Washington

U.S.-German relations: Back to normal?

Drug addict and leftists (Japanese hostages in Iraq)

Molly Ivins: Just like Saddam?

Nonna Gorilovskaya (Mother Jones): Ahmed Chalabi is Yesterday's Man

CNN's biased reporting on Amb. Joseph Wilson

Stars&Stripes: Bush fought pay restoration for Troops

Who's French Now, Karen?

FrontPageMagazine: Iraq By The Numbers

What feminists want vs. what they hear

Asia Times: Who let the dogs out?

Physicians for Human Rights: Stopping the Abuse of Detainees

Arrest this man NOW

Will: Time for Bush to See The Realities of Iraq

Pentagon too slow to decry shameful U.S. acts in Iraq

May, 4th 1970; America Declares War on its Children

"Pat [Tillman] isn't with God,'' he said. "He's f -- ing dead."

We know Iraq is a mess--here are some thoughts on what to do about it.

Who should resign over Iraq?

Post this link on sports forums

Protest the Draft and the War in Iraq! Grow Your Hair long!

CBS Delayed Abuse Report at the Request of Gen.

Karen Hughes is Writing the News at NPR Again

Joseph Wilson on CNN

Will our media ever call the GOP on their lies - Kerry earned decorations

Eyeless in Iraq: The L.A. Times and the Fog of War

Bill Hemmer -CNN to Wilson on WH silence- book does not deserve comment!

Seymour Hersh (more) on Charlie Rose, re: Iraqi prisoner torture scandal

Vice President Al Gore to buy NewsWorld channel from Vivendi


I think I'll cause some trouble in here

UNBELIEVABLE-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah just caught on film

Army gets suped-up Rooikats - SA - USA - UK

US Mortgage Prices Caught in Computer ‘Infinite Loop’

Bush Tax cuts did not stimulate the economy blabber jabber-Numbers here

Report: Immigrant labor holds down wages (American workers lose $1,700/yr)

Jobs Lost---Jobs created --numbers here

Despite China's best efforts, `the sand just keeps on coming'

Killer bees attack hikers - Brazil

Canadian Coal Plan Threatens Flathead River, Glacier NP - NYT

Ah-Nold Refuses To Reveal His Energy Task Force Members - Sound Familiar?

Oz Cuts Funding To Reef Research Centers - Not Enough Industry Input

30% Of Siberian Logging Illegal; Pollution, Insects Take Toll Of Taiga

TVA Not Subject To EPA On Coal Pollution - Supreme Court Refuses Case

Veteran Biologists Accuses FWS Of Cooking Florida Panther Data - AP

Klamath Basin Water Table Down 20' In Two Years - Farmers Sink 100 Wells

Can. Scientists Discover Gigantic Freshwater Cod - Can Swallow Loons Whole

Peruvian Seabird Populations Crash - Down 75% In Last 50 Years

Fires, Climate Change Permanently Altering Western Forests

NASA "Clarifies" E-Mail Commanding Silence On Disaster Movie - NYT

"Absolutely Unprecedented" Drought, Infestation In Western Forests - CBS

Officials Consider Multi-State Ash Clearcut To Stop Beetle

Toyota Prius Sales Last Month Up 153% Over April, 2003

Whirling Disease Confirmed In Yellowstone NP Trout

Fishing Down The Food Chain - Jellyfish The Next Big Thing In Seafood

Not every profit profits the nation

UN blames 'highest authority' for Ivorian killings

The sacred art of lying - HK, CN

Army gets suped-up Rooikats - SA

Lunabush's Tuesday Bad Gungeon Joke

GUNS IN THE NEWS - May 4, 2004

Error Message 2 on polls

A Debate Forum?

Can you please post a link to the Gallery in the Lobby?

just say NO to having a conservative vs. liberal debate forum

ELAD ROCKS!!! Thank you for RSS!!!

Is there any way the Admins could set something up to see who

How long have I been here? (profile dates)

Any news on searchable DU1 archive?

Have you considered doing this:

can you move this to my thread..i was first....

Come on, it was a joke!

on the "member since" date...

Are Copycat Lounge Threads Not Allowed Anymore?

As a follow-up to m-jean's query...

Something bad is going on in GD Forum...Glitch? Weird thing...

okay, dumb question

Banning Books Now?

Here's An Idea... Maybe !!!

no response necessary

Why won't my sig line pictures appear anymore?

Thanks for the fun in GD today


You locked my threads and started your own.. Damn you Skninner!

Why was "Everyone Poops" locked?

Former diplomats attack Bush

Sharon could favor limited settlement evacuation

One-state awakening

Arabs Fear More Terrorist Attacks

16-year-old suicide-bomb dispatcher indicted

PM to present disengagement plan to Cabinet

Cameraman's widow presses Israel

BBC (Tuesday): Bush under fire from US ex-envoys

Bush faces barrage of criticism over Gaza

Qureia To Quit?

How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons

Scholars under siege

Quartet Tries To Bypass Israel Will Try To Revive The Road Map

US rejects compensation plan for Palestinian refugees

Allies Balk at Role In Implementing Sharon-Bush Plan

In outreach to Jewish community, Kerry stresses his ties with Israel

PM cancels Bush meeting in U.S. following referendum defeat

Question to all frequent users of big commercial planes

Karen Hughes Update

Orlando's media "gift" to the Nation...

Senate hopeful blames rival for Gore's loss

Flames Force Evacuations; Man Arrested


Went to a Great Fundraiser for Gavin Newsom Yesterday

Here ya go, Red Sox fans

still on page one

Why is News World International not available on Comcast?

Romney wants $225M in tax cuts

Has Coleman done anything besides suck up to *?

Thank You! To Everyone who came out to Sterling Heights to protest Bush!

I just saw a John Kerry ad on TV. This makes me happy.

NC political satire site

Taft and the Repubs are losing their base!

Only 3 protesters in Lebanon, Ohio, today?

Need help promoting Richard Morrison on General Discussion

I know this is a silly question but how does the area of Tomball,TX lean?

Dallas for Kerry meeting - May 6

School finance plan foundering

Presidential trip runs at least $373,600 tab

Gratuitous political bragging!

Anne Veneman: Banked on mad cows(BSE)spread to be halted in a few years.

Please pinpoint

Bush disgraces the memory of the 9/11 & Iraq US dead

You've got to chuckle at what Bush said today

Looking for a good database of political operatives...

I need some help arguing the case for Kerry re: his wife and the Heinz co.

DU the Kerry Volunteer page by signing up (if you haven't)

Mr. Bush is truly a Compassionate Conservative

I guess I'm losing my memory

Stolen tanker trucks

Divide the Fundy Vote: Get Constitutional party guy on the ballot

Howard and Bush face falling public support

Randy Rhodes said we should donate to so I did. $100

Military Defenders for Detainees Put Tribunals on Trial

Young Women: How would you react to being drafted?

Niel Boortz just said that w should apologize to the arab world

Why Kerry must target Cheney

#1 at Yahoo with 6 votes (so far)..."E-Voting Oversight Overwhelms..."

The Honorable Judge O'Neill?

Kerry needs to get his message out.

Why do people on DU think less of Pat Tillman because of his money?

Bush: Prosperity depends on election

A stroll down military intervention lane.. (adbusters flash)

Al Franken most likely running for Senate

Contract Workers Implicated in Prison Abuse Remain on the Job

Awesome comic

Frank Gaffney (Perle and neocon spokesperson) on C-Span 8a.m.ET

Leftist Americans: Are your economic/political views Marxist / Socialist?

Why Bill Clinton Will Go Out to Dinner With Me

Do you trust your local law enforcement group? POLL

Roy Moore's potential party: The Constitutional Party

On C-Span 8:38 amET: Confirmation Bush vetts attendance to rallies!

The Bush ad : "Kerry voted against weapons to fight war on terrorism..."

Rock the Vote is using the draft to register voters.

"We were only following orders..."

Just what Alabama right-wing radio needs. Roy Moore.

Liberal media my a**!

Inflation will haunt the Kerry Administration...

Iraq War Veteran Criticizes Bush on Radio

Stumbling on to a random liberal DJ in new jersey radio....

Thomas Donnelly on C-SPAN

The Progressive Caucus

Why does George Will hate America?

My Anti Bush Commercial.....

MSNBC: "U.S. sought to boost prison training"

Wolfowitz to head CIA? Whaa?!?!??

Leo Strauss and religion

Got an extra $4 billion, who should pay to rebuild the WTC

Ohio Republicans can't think of anything to "Ask the President" ???

Need help putting Freepers back in their caves re:Saddam...

My Local Paper Headlines Cost of Bush Trip Here

OUCH! Josh Marshall slaps * on character...

What Democrats are closest to you

Vets - Did you receive any form of POW training

Warren Buffett, Apple's Jobs Join Kerry !!!

Kerry should demand * come clean about the draft.

Krugman: "What's truly shocking in Iraq..."

Bush in Ohio...MSNBC covering people in line waiting to see->

CBS delayed report on Iraqi prison abuse after military chief's plea

A Strange Case of "The Missing Syndrome" affecting W Bush


Stripes letter: Who will save us when we can no longer save ourselves?

The seat-of-the-pants, faith-based President

UK arms firm's £60m Saudi slush fund

Pentagon Notifying 47,000 More US Troops They Will Be Dispatched...

(GOP?)Lobbyists Donate Used Suits to Unemployed

Don't need no specialized training to know not to be sadistic

inspirational code-pink photos...BRAVE Patriotic Americans !

From Buzzflash (Joe "Dead Intern" Scarbourough)

Kalamazoo Michigan protests bush*....deep in the heart of reTHUGlican

American Ambassadors Letter to Bush: Not in American Press

Need help with stats on Bush campaigning and vacation days

Bush needs to "called-out" on his so-called christianity...

Bush the (bad) CEO President

How does this nation continue to claim that we 'liberated' the Iraqis?

C-span 12:23 ET Anybody watching (repeat) Al-jazeera

Geronimo Gutierrez of Mexico whoring for junior on c-span2

Bill Clinton's book is already No. 7 on

If, IF as a DU'er you attended an "ask W" event, and a reporter

Abuse Photos Inflame Arab World/Allegations of women and children raped

may 3 scarborough country flubs up big time on facts

Daily Howler on O'Franken This Thursday!

Immigration lowers American wages (American workers lose $1,700/yr)

Bush not campaigning like the incumbent

Spinning on the abuse of prisoners

On C-span now

Joe Wilson's history of campaign contributions

You must hear Mastication Theatre on The O'Franken Factor

47,000 more troops headed to iraq...

Anyone have link for CBC documentary re: Afghan prisoners?

How credible is this?

Help Catch Me up on what's happened...

So what nuance about the medal v. ribbon debate will Hannity discuss

Is anyone spotting astro turf torture apologist letters in their papers?

have you seen FootnoteTV? . . .

"Paula Jones Has Modest Place in History "

Joe Wilson on O'Franken Factor today

Anybody notice that NewsMax hasn't been updated lately?

How will Kerry fix this?

War President Threatens Critics With Karate

9 charged in plot against Bush

Protest Bush -- SE MICHIGAN - MONDAY-Freedom Hill Park 7:00 pm

Texas man has huge cache of cyanide (homegrown terrorist)

This stuff is commonplace even in our own jails and prisons....

Is it time for Congress to review the Iraq War Resolution?

When We Turn "Power" Over To Iraqis, Will We Turn Over Saddam too?

"A real analysis of our military situation in Iraq... "

Hey, whatever happened to Bruce Willis?

Marketing Jesus

"It is clearly unhelpful in a fundamental way"

anyone hear 1st hour of D Rehm show? - topic torture

Geez, just heard Franken's pet Dittohead making excuses for prisoner abuse

rumsfeld the damned to speak at 1:15

Question about the draft.

Giant Sucking Sound Heard in Washington

My proposal for Electoral College reform.

this prisoner abuse scandal is just EXPLODING

Who is that reporter asking the question about overreaction?

To what degree are Mercs integrated into our military program

After this press conference I'm not watching anymore. Reporters are

Iraqi Schoolyard Rhymes

What will happen to the guilty soldiers?

US delays human rights report because it might "make us look hypocritical"


Come On People - It was only 6 Soldiers That Committed the Torture.

Bush Joke

90% of 750 Iraqis killed in Fallujah were civilians (CNBC crawl)

CNN interview with Joe Wilson: transcript (May 4)

Bush rests comfortably after surgery to implant pacemaker in brain

If bush won't apologize to the Arab world, I will

Has bushs abuse of military caused Iraq to become what it has?

Brig. General Janis Karpinski to be on CNN "American Morning"

Hey - Good News - the Abu Ghraib abuse stopped FOUR days ago...

Google goodness

Kerry Ads on CNN's webpage--must see!

DU supports the troops postcards...

US Military Announces Draft of God

Should political art be mild and inoffensive or provocative?

Rummy on CNN, MSRNC taking questions....

Bush's Macomb County showing draws protestors

Need link to Iraq prisoner abuse photos

"In other words, he's part of the chain -- actually, he's not..."

I need toll free numbers for Congress

In case one missed Seymour Hersh on O'Reilly - Transcript

Rall/Tillman Cartoon thread #2, srry, it had 180 posts

When our bravest die for a lie

Follow-up - Too Bad to Be True

The real tragedy of the media's coverage of Pat Tillman

If Tillman could tell us how he feels

The best argument yet for the military "draft"

Rumsfeld: Prisoner Abuse 'Un-American'

Today's Randi Rodes show question

YEEHAAAAA....Just saw the first Kerry ad in South Carolina.

Any DU'ers ever work for or interview with CACI?

if you had those photos, and could choose whether or not they ever got out

I can't believe they're really this stupid (TownHall Meetup)

I'd just like to say I've been calling Ted Rall a fucking scumbag

A military draft would undermine the 'freedoms' that we would defend

live poll at

The one thing missing from these photos!

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi: The Italian George Bush.

Who's the target of your anger? Rall?

RNC Protests - It's On

What will be the highlights of the Armed Services Committee hearings?

You idiots dissing Tillman do know that he died in Afghanistan dontcha?

Pat Tillman, Hero, Sap, or Idiot?

Rumsfeld: Prisoner Abuse 'Un-American'

Did Pat Tillman deserve what happened?

The Military Draft and Slavery

My take on Tillman

Just Received bush/cheney * 04 Fund Raiser Solicitaion in the Mail!

He's Fucking Dead

Should we be worried about a Pro Football player over the 700+ others

People who'd call the late Mr Tillman an 'idiot' are f***wits

Pat Tillman Defenders at DU , are Just Glory Seekers

Schwarzenegger Seeks to Terminate Bobblehead Doll

Need a link to the new David Brock website

Attention Surplus Syndrome--ASS

Ok, convince me that the draft is a good idea

Went to a Great Fundraiser for SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Yesterday

Does Soylent Green have a Drive-Thru Window?

Patriot Act II, Piece by Piece getting passed/

The Bush scam bus tour he's flying no taking the friggin bus and as if you

Stupidity Causes Death

Apparently, many people in the Bush Administration don't read.

Strip club owners asking patrons to vote

Should dems run ads on RW shows?

Wish someone had asked Rummy today, Who's in charge?

'Nightline' ratings up on war dead broadcast

Nader finds wedge issue to drive campaign!

BBV - What we can do: A simple way to make e-voting safer

And MY take on Tillman...

Whos's watching Rummy live?

Everyone should reget the loss of Pat Tillman

Sequoia Voting Systems

CNN whoring as usual

Is Rumsfeld going to take the fall for BushCo? Sounds like it.

What about Soloman Bangayan?

Heads up: Joseph Wilson to be on Lou Dobbs tonight CNN

Attention Focus Syndrome Possible?

George Will column

Bush quote, July 15, 2003: “We won’t overextend our troops, period.”

Iraqi Prisoner Photos: Sean Hannity asks "So in other words, this is...

Anyone not getting Air America?

DUers - please teach me about Simon Bolivar.

Dean coming up on Hardball replay now!

Looks like Gore's station is going to happen

Ted Rall - Cancel the primaries - (the hell with voters!)

KUDO AM 1080 Anchorage Ak airs AIR AMERICA from

Prison abuse was last straw for my older sister.

Whenever I see Tucker Carlson..I want to SLAP HIM ACROSS THE FACE!

AAR on Dish network yet??

How Soon Before the RW Labels Gen. Taguba "A Disgruntled Employee?"

Torture versus Abuse! why is it now being called abuse?

How does James Carville keep from reaching

My Rep Rocks

LAT's Brownstein: Clark may "pack" most Veep "firepower"

Uh Oh, New MSNBC anchor....extreme right winger.

Thomas Hamill did escape once and then put himself back in captivity

'They're trying to cover up these war crimes...'

Did anyone hear this one?

Is * really this disconnected??

If your state had lost 300,000 jobs when the President came through would

yet another staged "food event", * preparing pancakes this A.M. (pics)

Outsourcing of Military Chaplains??

Kids from govt and rich families will always find a way out of any draft.

The Hole that Bush Built...

WW2 vet turned away from Bush event in Iowa

I E-Mailed the Kerry campaign suggesting bad placement of ad buys

Where's Swift Boat Boy?

MSNBC chose "Unacceptable_11a.jpg" as a file name for this Rummy pic

OMG...BIG $$$ give-away by rumsfeld today....disgusting...sick...

early withdrawal

Amazing. Time Magazine covers the torture scandal with a half-page.

Bremer 'knew of jail abuse'

Bush Protest-------Dayton OHIO

Movie analogies to bush's presidency?

The draft could create problems for Bush's Right Flank

100 Mistakes for the President to Choose From

Has anyone read David Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor?

On the Randy Rhodes show now....a Republican who is starting

Neocon Douglas Feith, Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, at it again!

Can anybody link me a source citing the drop in military re-enlistment...

Slate-What consequences do the companies involved in Abu Ghraib face?

i am a news junky, a question on kerry

Commission Investigating Pre-War Intelligence on Weapons Will Not Seek

Bush Tax cuts did not stimulate here are numbers for proof

Rummy must go? Biden says maybe.(Troop torture/abuse scandal)

Rumsfeld: expect attacks in Iraq,in other countries, in USA

Did McCain give Kerry the okay to use him in his ads?

Were "insurgents" shelling Abu Ghraib to kill the women?

Why did they change the name of W's campaign tour?

Jobs Lost-Jobs gained the numbers

Fundraiser for The Great American Merc-Off: Scum vs. Scum

How Has Rush Dealt With The Torture Story

I wonder if the people running this site have a problem with certain races

Can someone tell me why we call * Bunnypants.

Lawyer for animals who abused Iraqi prisoners: MSNBC

Lou Dobbs: Bush*s bus is made in CANADA.

I would see a psychologist but i'm afriad he's a ReThug

Kent State, May4, Will Pitt, and my cute suede jacket

Ralph Nader's real motive in 2000

Gores cable tv station?

DU this MSNBC Poll on following orders

Bush vs Kerry on VA support.

Contractors doing investigating? Who do you think they were?

Oh, the Third Reich similes just keep coming!

did the o'neill press conference happen?

'Six morons who lost the war' -- RATE IT ON YAHOO so it gets kicked to

Terror Flight School Owners flew Saudis on "unsupervised flights" over USA

I hereby SUPPORT the use of Torture

Bushie goes bye bye - a bedtime story

George Will bashing bush???? well well...

Pat Tillman's borther's statement at his funeral: anyone got a link?

clinton kicked wolfies butt just now

Do you think shrubco is regretting the choice of NYC for their

M Savage out of control last nite - he yelled at everyone

What is the meaning of immediately?

Why all the BS about our attitude toward Iraqis?

How does this new Conservative Underground (CU) differ from Free Republic?

Why is the US so obsessed with the wives of Presidents???

Does nobody find this funny?

I oppose the draft for Iraq, but I support the draft in principle.

C-Span is Nothing More Than an Info-mercial for the Neo-cons, Right-wing

U.S. voted against UN anti-terror measure in 2002

Seymour Hersh on Tweety

Question from Tweety to Hersh: DO YOU EXPECT RETALIATION

PLEASE tell me!!! When were we informed of the abuse???

The Tortured Iraqi War Supporter

Anyone else have a problem with the phrase "our way of life"?

Bush's Racist Statement

Should President Bush apologize to the Iraqi Nation?

Here's my new bumper sticker: 'Get a clue, Bush and Rummy knew!"

Could Kerry Win In a Landslide?

David Brock on CNBC

Young People Debate the Draft, Old Enough to Vote? Old Enough to Die?

Bush - what a family

Should woman be eligible for the draft?

Right Winger warns of "Left Wing Conspiracy to Throw Vote"

Powell: Abuse Photos Send Horrible Image - no!!!

My Proposal for Strenghting the Military without a draft

Bush is going to apologize to the Arab World. The freepers will freak

Discuss Pat Tillman Here.

"I Killed Innocent Civilians For My Government"

Greg Palast on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Karpinski said she knew nothing and hasn't been demoted

Get the troops out NOW!

Just got *ANOTHER* Bush photo in the mail

Janeane Gerafalo Said Something Interesting on "The Daily Show"

Postponing the inevitable.

Freeper's son on American Idol...they've asked to freep the vote...

INS Deported al Qaeda-Linked Suspect Just Days After Oklahoma Bombing

Ex-Terror Czar: Feds Couldn't Disprove Nichols-Yousef Connection

Starting my "Stay Home America Memorial Day Protest"

I Think Half Of The Posts Here Are From Republicans

Protest at Hillary's office

Putting NYC On the Map, Direct Action Groups Bring Tactic to RNC

John O'neill

Time for some crow.

Nightline 5/4: Have We Lost the Hearts and Minds?

In November how many soldeirs will vote for Bush

Abusive force or just taking orders?

Abu Ghraib on the East River: Detainees Charge Abuse After 9/11

What do you observe about this picture, either missing or present?

Joe Wilson up on Lou Dobbs

Walmart as NPR sponsor?!

Bush's body language betrays his feelings of stress!

Questions for DU History buffs

BEFORE Torture revelations: 'Unprecedented Hatred' for US

The Bush Administration's intent was to keep "torture" story secret

What was it like when the My Lai story broke?

My local newspaper is asking for pro-Bush LTTE

Freeptard post of the day

A Quarter of Voters to Use Touchscreen, Oversight Overwhelms U.S. Agency

I'm going to see the pResident tonight!

Kucinich And Kerry Statements On Iraq Prisoner Abuse

oh all right, we'll stop torturing folks, but we'll keep exploding them

Tin Soldiers and We are Coming (Kent State today)

Role Reversals: if Bush is Nixon 2 could Kerry be, Lyndon Johnson 2?

Colleague and husband to vote Dem!

Bush Bus Made in Canada//Kerry Camp Responds

Richard Morrison vs Tom Delay report

OHIO - lest we forget

Troubled Republicans in Ohio

Official Admin Question Thread!

Is it legal for a church to encourage people to vote for

Heads Up Michigan DUers

Who should fight US wars?

What are you telling your children about the Iraqi torture photos?

Are American Troops Taking Orders From Civilian Contractors In Iraq?

What information were they trying to extract from the Iraqi POW?

Not enough Praise for Noam Chomsky on this board, can you not handle him?

What would Gore have done to prevent 9/11?

Live Video Feed of Bush in Ohio

Anti-Choicers Are Truly Sick, Depraved Individuals.

Straussians hate america (a must read for everyone)

Florida Lawmaker Worried Over Castro's Growing Power (terrorism)

Republican scum of hollywood

United States of America overthrew a Middle Eastern Democracy in 1953

Four new EU states signal interest in joining euro

Najaf residents don't want war, but are offended by U.S. bullying

Ousted Taliban Say Execute Five Afghan Policemen

Former terror suspects allege abuse in US

Parents pull children out of pondok (Islamic boarding schools)

Khatami blames clerics for failure

WP: Federal Deficit Likely to Narrow By $100 Billion

67 Muslims killed in Nigerian clashes

Top managers appeared to be targeted in Saudi attack

Another Iraq Prison Cited in Lawsuit

U.S. military kills four Afghans it claims were militants, but locals say

Shiite fighters launch attack on US base

Strewth! Aussies give up the grog

Kidnapped Afghan Soldiers Found Dead

Shriver going back in front of the camera for NBC

Government to test new rail security system

Spain seeks to control what imams preach

U.N. report on Iraq human rights due soon

Foreign workers found to impact wages of U.S. born

WERC woos Roy Moore for air job (Clear Channel - 10 Commandments judge)

Bush under fire from US ex-envoys - BBC, Guardian

Bush, Kerry Awash in Money

Senator: Intel Panel Report Unflattering

Checkpoints will be targeted, Sadr's men warn

'Europe becomes a breeding ground for terror'

Pentagon Examined Iraq Detention Centers

African countries 'forced' to accept GM food aid

Pentagon Examined Iraq Detention Centers (last fall)

SGA questions Collegian's independency [Re: UMass, Rene Gonzalez]

Clear Channel Profit Up; CEO Has Surgery

School proposal pounded:House bill would only cut taxes for richest 3%, n

U.N. Urges Action on Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Intraparty Feud Brewing in Colorado (GOP Civil War - Oh the Humanity)

4 U.S. Soldiers Die in Accident in Iraq

Afghan girls poisoned for going to class

Algerian Islamic rebels kill mother and children

More Iraqis Allege Abuse by U.S. Military

The ICRC: monitoring Iraq´s prisons


Army claims there is more evidence photos were fake (UK)

Prisoner's death spurs CIA probe

Group calls for investigation of (Gov Candidate) Gregoire's office (D-WA)

'08 Olympics push China toward major 7E7 order | Seattle Times

Monorail route will go through Seattle Center | Seattle P-I

GOP chief’s family properties show tax irregularities

Federal court lawsuit tests Utah abortion law | Salt Lake Tribune

Buffett raises bet against dollar

9 charged in plot against Bush

How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons (Shakeup coming at DOD)

Methodists march in support of homosexuality


On C-span now

Counties angered by state ruling on electronic voting

Gore Network

"Pat [Tillman] isn't with God,'' he said. "He's f -- ing dead."

Gaps Remain In Bush Guard Service

Insurgents Pound U.S. Base in Najaf (AP)


Immigrant labor holds down wages, report says

U.S. Sent Specialists To Train Prison Units (Wash Post)

Teen mothers face high death risk

New Würzburg hospital ward will serve soldiers injured in Iraq

"Mercenaries" urge S.Africa to block extradition

Rummy: No Torture, just abuse...

Bremer Regrets Statements About Bush

Court boots ACLU's plaza suit (downtown Salt Lake ) | Salt Lake Tribune

Quartet Tries To Bypass Israel

Bush Promises Better Days for Slumping Ohio

"Geldof at No 10 for Africa talks"

Lost jobs, 'wrong war' on minds of Bush protesters 300-plus line president

Bush team takes hit on secret files

Senator Roberts (R-KS) Says Spy Agencies Are 'in Denial' | LA Times

10 years later, Paula Jones has modest place in history

Marines pull back from Fallujah: a debacle for American imperialism

A wave of initiatives to promote marriage

U.S. job cuts rise 6.1 percent in April - report

The ICRC: monitoring Iraq´s prisons

Airline Passenger Finds Frog in Her Salad

Monkey waste dump tangles traffic (Shrub in Milwaukee?)

Civilians ID'd in abuse may face no charges

CNN: Interview with abused Iraqi prisoner (attacked by dogs)

Iraqi Human Rights Minister Resigns

Canada rejects gay man who isn't 'effeminate' - Globe and Mail

Ending emissions tests gets initial approval (in Missouri House)

Flames Force Evacuations; Man Arrested

Hundreds freed from US-run jail in Iraq

Guardian: Former diplomats attack Bush

US Delays Rights Report Partly Due to Iraq Scandal

French TV to show images of US helicopters killing Iraqis, one wounded

Taliban Kill 14 Afghan Troops and Police

Falluja force 'restoring order'

Iraqi Shi'ite Militia, U.S. Forces Clash Near Kufa

Pentagon to Keep 135,000 Troops in Iraq

47,000 U.S. Troops Get Iraq Orders

Ex-US envoys blast Bush over Mideast policy

Canadian sues U.S. army for alleged torture

Senate to hold Iraq abuse hearings

Breaking: 47,000 more troops to Iraq

N.C. Marine, back from Iraq, killed in car crash

Poll: Australians oppose Iraq war presence

Stars&Stripes: Bush fought pay restoration for Troops

West getting burned by global warming

Doubts surface on control of Iraq oil revenue

Pentagon (Feith): Saddam-Era General Was Mistake

Bush uses humor, sarcasm to soften blow of Kerry criticism

Report: White House Wrong on Medicare

Dupe -- 25 Prisoners Died While Held by U.S. Forces

POW Guards Said Get Insufficient Training

Powell Gives Bush Recommendations on Cuba

Rumsfeld: Prisoner Abuse 'Un-American'

Oil rockets in wake of killings

Civilians ID'd in abuse may face no charges

MPs Angered by Prisoner Abuse Charges

Shell puts Iraq project on hold

'Follow My Leader' Play Lampoons Blair, Bush

Terror suspect goes on trial in Berlin

Air France Takes Control of KLM in Merger

Former American Hostage Underwent Surgery During Iraqi Ordeal

'10 to 20 children a month' disappear in Madagascar

India asks U.S. for info on workers allegedly forced to work in Iraq


Germany on Alert at Air Bases After Attack Warning

Threat targets daily flight out of LAX

Arabs slam abuse reprimands

(Red Cross) Group demands probe of Iraq prison abuse

Italy media boss quits in protest

Fed Keeps Key Short-Term Rate at 1 Percent

Voters in the Portland area supported Kerry 56 percent to 38 percent

2002 Afghan Prisoner Deaths Investigated

Military lawyers call prisoner trials unfair (Guantanamo Bay)

Prisoners from Abu Ghraib prison dropped off north of Baghdad

India Asks U.S. for Workers' Information (Iraq)

Lou Dobbs: Bush*s bus is made in CANADA.

FBI tells lawmakers there's no evidence terrorists came in on tankers

Al Franken considering Senate run against Norm Coleman: Minnesota

U.S. Democrat says CAFTA trade pact in trouble

News helicopter crashed

Gore to launch liberal network

US: Syria due for new sanctions, probably in May

U.S. Senate Votes to Block Parts of Bush's Overtime Pay Rules

Hired Guns with War Crimes Past


Army Discloses 20 Active Probes of Iraq Prisoner Cases; Bush Reaches Out t

Role of Battlefield Contractors Expands in Iraq

Accused Civilians in Iraq to Be Prosecuted

WP- U.S. to Stop Certain Interrogation Practices

Report: women's status improves in central Europe, remains poor in Africa

U.S. Probe: Two War Prisoners Murdered by Americans

Explosion Rocks Western Baghdad (Abu Ghraib )

Lieberman says U.S. needs to stay in Iraq

Lawmaker suggests Iraq prisoner abuse more widespread, not 'isolated incid

CNN: Saudi Arabia Says Zionists Did It!!!

Hundreds Protest President Bush

Schwarzenegger visits sick troops

CSM: 'Six morons who lost the war'

'Nightline' ratings up for war dead show

Rall Tillman cartoon pulled

GQ Exclusive: Colin Powell Wants Out

Bush attacks Kerry's foreign "mystery men" (AFP)

6 Southland Blazes Burn as Fire Season Starts Early

Worm crashes Coastguard computers (UK)

North (Korea) Deploys New 4,000Km Range Missiles

Former diplomats attack Bush - 53 United States diplomats

U.S. troops, guards stop using hoods to blindfold Iraqi prisoners

Coaches who gave player "Crybaby Award" likely to face sanctions

U.S. Army report on Iraqi prisoner abuse (leaked to MSNBC)

Warden Plans to Reduce Size of Iraqi Prison

Excerpts of US military report on Iraq jail abuse (Female detainees too)

Kerry Vows to Protect Israel in Peace Moves

Bush tour Bus--Made in Canada

N Korea offers US pledge on weapons

Bush's Latin America Adviser to Leave (Reich)

Wife: Soldiers in Iraqi Abuse Case Are Scapegoats

Vietnam vets slam Kerry

Army report documents mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners(CNN has copy)

Gore Launches Cable News Network

Kerry Purple Heart Doc Speaks Out

25 Prisoners Died While Held by U.S. Forces

U.S. walks out before U.N. votes to keep Sudan on Human Rights Commission

Iranian Professor Will Not Appeal Death Sentence

P*blic criticism of M*ds.

I am so effing proud of my screen name, here's its origin: Bush Eats Beef!

Flames close out Detroit

Crystal Ball: AM & PM CNN Polls for Nov 3, 2004

anyone feeling vengeful?

Post your summer reading list here!

Ok ladies, it's time to do some heavy thinking- handsome or cute?

...on a night out..a NIGHT OUT...that they would remember for....

Poll: Should rockymountaindem be cute or handsome for the girls?

So? Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.

And now for something completely different

Just saw a good Twilight Zome episode.

* on Jeopardy

new Oxyrush advertisr Mosquito Magnet

I understand “Thing Two”

Pacmanhattan ?

Good morning (or afternoon)

Witness says officer didn't stop after collision

I think I have the Sasser virus

Is Muff Diving a bad thing?

900 posts

The Hole

Man Tried To Kill Wife By Knocking Her Radio Into The Bathtub

Political sarcasm and woman problem

Seven Random Answers.. Make Your Own Questions

Oliver Stone's 9-11 expose movie ;-)

I want a genetically altered mini elephant, or giraffe

Bank robber celebrates too soon

Pet Bird Learns To Sew (& Is Pretty Good)

Anyone getting a new cell phone soon?

Tonight's Combination DU Insomniac/Hockey Thread (4 May)

I want my own thread.

Bush Bus - somebody needs to make a commercial

The Guy Who Turned Himself In After Seeing "Passion" Pleads NOT GUILTY!

Mythical Monster Placed On Endangered Species List

I would like to take this moment to....

Airline Serves Passenger Salad With Live Frog In It

study finds: most SPAM mails originate in the USA

Did you ever burn ants with a magnifying glass?

test / ignore

Man listening to gospel music drives through house

The Nicest Thing Ever Said About A Lawyer

Thanks Detroit, For Making Me Remember Why I Stopped Watching Basketball

Gang Of Cross-dressers Stealing Cars - Driving Them To Pageants

Soccer Mom Charged With Assaulting Player During Game

What would happen if you put a wormhole in your as....

What's your all-time favorite TV game show?

Do you prefer a Gas or Electric stove?

Boot Camp 1951. 180 Junior Officer of the Day.

Venus at max brightness this week!

Sniffa has 999 posts - what wiLL his 1000 post be???

Pixies Join Lollapalooza Bill, announce new shows - NME

I'm Dedicating My 700th Post to the Lounge!

Is there anyone here who knows who my favorite baseball team is?

Windows Xp SP2?

Ssshhh - Augusto Pinochet Liked Scotch (That Information Is Now CLASSFIED)

what would happen if you put a wormhole in a blackhole?

Q: Best book on the triumphs and failures of the radical left: 1919-1948?

Best way for me to improve my Annoying Quotient

Tell the the truth, Kings fans!

Nets, Pistons post lowest-scoring first half ever

Anyone need a slightly used alarm clock - my cat has taken over the role

hey man, we're getting the band back together!


I haven't been into either GD in weeks

Houston airports

The Carol of the Old Ones

Why sometimes ignorance IS bliss:

Students Suspended For Giving "Laxative Brownies" To Classmates

"The Mystery of Mind Control"

Am I posting too much as a newbie?

Woman Crushed To Death Between 2 Boats

It's my 300th post! Woo-hoo!

Did anyone else hear the guy who's running against Nader?

Conversion to Islam

'CSPAN swift boat press conference'

On AAR I think I just heard Bush say that he had a plan for america

I tilled the garden again.

Today's Quote

Caption: worm eats away at the stars and stripes

Engineers Create Butt-Kicking Machine

Fine for Spain stag night vandal

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell on abuse photos

California Uber Alles edited for Ahnuld

Caption: worm's eye view of worm

Drunk Teen Asks Police For Ride Home - Was Too Drunk To Walk

Flunk A Drug Test? Blame Your Suntan Lotion

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Caption: potty training?

Al Franken's "Mastication Theater"

There's a bad moon on the rise.....

Q: What's it like on a Coast Guard vessel at -28 degrees Centigrade?

Caption: Arnie and the burning bush?

A Healthier Way To Get S**t Faced

I might be getting an internship with the AFL-CIO

Will the English language Survive

Least favorite misuse of word definitions?

I had to post this last line from an email my buddy sent

Any Eudora Mail users having trouble today?


How many

Caption: Pickles smells something nasty in the air...

In the spirit of Capitalism


There's a new threat to AMerica - we must declare war on

Who is your favorite "Friends" character

Need help with old TV show

Favorite Line From A TV Show?

Funny links from ILoveBacon

Peanuts Found Under Mattress Of Allergic Female Firefighter

a little announcement

10 posts to make 100 - ask me things please

An obvious photoshop target...

This guy can't even flip pancakes!!

Ah, 25 years since the rise of Baroness Margeret Thatcher.

Redwings - ByeBye, So Long, Farewell

A sign that God really does love me: Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

Man Used Bath in Bid to Kill Wife - Police

Viewers with PVRs Don't Skip Beer Commercials, Says Study

"Gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiney day..."

ahm havin' whiskey on mah wheaties over you....


50 Moments That Shaped Pop Music History . . .

Brothers, Who Were Also Neighbors, Die On Same Day

Write your own message on Cpl Boudreaux's sign

I need help with this answer: What's up Dick Morris's ass?

Living Colour: Racial Representation and a Small-Town Teenhood

Here's one for you (local Philly news story)

Favorite Solo activity

Caption: Junior signs paychecks for recruited photo op audience

AA Ads: Are OnStar people idiots?

College Students Carry 10-Pound, 4-Foot Crosses Around Campus

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On' - theonion

What's the first thing that pops into your head, when you hear the word...

I need some help with a presentation for my Middle School students .......

Do you believe in Spamming children?

Do you believe in spanking adults?

Do you believe in spanking people who start copycat threads?

Do You Believe in Spanking Yaks??

Fake bullet holes on Hummers? New fad?

Do you believe in spamming spankers?

Do you believe is spackling children?

Caption: Splat! Junior cooks up more trouble

Do you believe in wasting bandwith?

Caption: Ah'm singin' in the reign, jus' singin' in the reign...

The Pie-Eyed Pelican of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Do You Believe in Magic...

Do you believe in spanking Spam?

Caption: raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Do you believe in spanking the Red Sox?

Caption: they've heard it all before

All your base...

Who was your favorite M*A*S*H* character?

Just saw the Blue Angels. Ask me anything.

A proposal for punishment of virus writers

I'm in the 700 club!!!!

Today's Rant: Joggers With Cell Phones

"Tin soldiers and Nixon coming..."

Troy: thumbs up or thumbs down?

Do the gods dislike copycat threads?

Do copycats dislike mod threads?

Do the mods dislike copycat threads?

Do the dogs dislike copycat threads?

Do threads dislike Mods and Gods?

Realizing this may get me flamed - a "Friends" question

Do the gods dislike mods who think they are gods?

Other Tillmans. (Not Pat)

Reichstag rules 'Mission: Impossible 3' film shoot impossible

I Just Received and Responded to A Freeper-Style E-Mail

What is Stunk Sock?

Kirk Cameron says you're going to hell

Do you ever think about your own funeral or memorial?

Do You Believe that Soylent Green is People?

My 100th post - ask me anything

Conservatives take on the "Liberal" Media.

Small Towns are sooooooooooo cool!

Did Anyone Here Have To Explain The Iraq War To Young Children?

And now...intimate musings

sus is going to highlight her hair - what color should she use

A Shocking Report About Another Heinous TORTURE Incident!

Ok i loaded the RSS reader now i need links

The Soylent Green Diet -- Fad or here to stay?

The Truth Famine

Ted and Babs Olsen - A Love Story?

It's friggin hot in Southern California

Cast-iron snobs take note: the new nonstick is amazing!

world's largest rectangle, anyone?

"Strangers with Candy" rocks

Martina McBride to participate in Sean Hannity "Freedom Concert"!

It is very embarrassing

The Story Of My High Stress Weekend

one year ago today I married the most

just posting to say hi all


who hoo-homemade lasagne for anniversary dinner!!!!!

The Japanese Diet -- fad, or here to stay?

My Bush-lovin' childhood buddy just forwarded this "hilarious" e-mail

"Henry Orient" starlet is ultraright winger

My unemployment drought has ended!

How do you like my new avatar?

When you read *, what do you hear in your mind?

check out this game

Return of the Personal Attack Thread.

What song is stuck in your head right now?

Disturbing web site

The Australian Parliament -- fad, or here to stay?

Anyone else here like Westegg?

Milwaukee roads

Repugs don't believe in pulling out to soon

So, uh, Lynne, still convinced sugar free Gummies are proof of God's love?

WARNING: Kind of a downer thread!

If we taught better history maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament

The Atkins Diet : Fad or here to stay?

Anyone else here like Westerns?


Why won't my sig line pictures appear anymore?

Alright who spilt the monkey poop?

Hey, where is the thread

Okay what is cow material and why are pigs in Texas allowed to eat it

Story worthy of matcom: Truckload of Monkey Waste Closes Milwaukee Highway

Karl Rove: "George W. Bush* you just lost the 2004 presidential election"

Attention everyone....*ehem*....May the 4th be with you!!

Flash "Mind Reader"

Narnia films by Disney (old news) - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Saratoga Performing Arts Center camping suggestions?

Do you believe in spanking ADULTS?

Song of the day - Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Ohio

And you thought you had scummy relatives?

Jambalaya is still good on the third day!

Do you believe in the adage "What goes down comes out brown"?

Is it 4:20 yet, anyone ??

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street

Things I learned from watching 10

Joy. Tears of f'-in' joy. And the grin that just won't go away

Why can't you be a non-conformist like everybody else ?

Favorite guitar SOLO?

Everyone Poops

The best NO-CARB diet for 2004! You have to see this!)

I mowed the lawn today

DU poster #50,000 pool ?

Please Explain RSS/XML

what's "LTTE" ? (n/t)

Instant Thread Death, just add water

Things I learned from watching 10.5

Holy sh*t Batman. Pooping is inappropriate!

What are you watching right now?

Ted Rall is on John and Ken (KFI) now.

Are we banning books on DU now?

Never too early to start an Avs/Sharks GameFlame thread...

Stupid fucking humans...

Best film about Vietnam (or its aftermath)?

I don't think the "Everyone Poops" thread was inappropriate

Hi! Bit of a computer emergency. Please help! Thanx.

Yo! I love the DU LBN RSS feed, anyone have any other kewl free feeds?

The USS Akron and the USS Macon were....

Books are inappropriate

I just voted for Kucinich in my primary today!! Woo hoo! n/t

US airlines suck like a 747's jet intakes

I have a spoiled tortoise...

IRS screws up & sends you two checks what do you do

Threads about watching naked women poop bore me to tears

Do you believe in the adage "What goes around comes around"?

Self Delete.

I'm going to go to the bathroom

Is this what Bush means by "Mystery Men?"

Alright you beautiful Jazz DUers - tell me about Sun Ra

Happy birthday to DICK DALE!!!

What exactly does w00t mean

It's 7:00 EST. Who's already had a little drinky-drinky?


RNC 2004 Convention: Tentative Schedule

If I was a freeper...


Suggest me some music...

How the government's F'd my family!

Apparently, this children's book is inappropriate.

My friends and fellow travelers...

"I'm George Bush, and I..."

I ALMOST Just Posted In The I/P Forum

The Sopranos: Little Carmine is George W Bush

Postcards for our troops...

Whitacre - I think I'm on to something. Punk is true spirituality

The gas we pass

Stupid fucking bird...

"My Fundamentalist Mother in Law"

Pet Peeves, which one strokes you the worst

Ask me to Ask the Administrators thread

What's your take on commitment/marriage/monogamy?

I lost a great dog today

?daerht gnitirw esrever a neeb reve ereht saH

For Catwoman - The Good The Bad The M.A.T.C.O.M.

Screaming Lord Byron is truly a class act.

Hey Baby Boomers, Coolest toy from the 50s, 60s or 70's.

Describe yourself, and I will draw an accurate caricature of you...

What is punk rock?

naked women dancing bore me to tears

Found moronic "anti-drug" ad in Time magazine today.

This is my 11,000th post


Don't forget - Ray Harryhausen book signing and lecture Wed. night!

Do you believe in spanking children?

Stereotypes, caricature, and humor: what's acceptable?

sniffa's dirty secrets thread

Why George talks that way:

Speaking of banned books...

Clark vs. Edwards for VP

Vice President Cheney visits Wal-Mart's hometown

***********ASTROTURF SIGHTING!!!!!!***************

Kerry In Minnesota Today

Pictures from the Kerry Fundraiser in Minneapolis 5/3

Kerry and...Gephardt??? Say it ain't so

Oregon: Kerry edges Bush in poll of state voters

Kerry earned his decorations

Bush late nomination ballot access thingie

Anyone see the protester/9-11 cartoon in Sunday's Philly Inquirer?

Kerry Holds 3-point Lead in Rasmussen 3-day Rolling Poll Today

karl rove's been a busy little boy

Two days on the road with Kucinich

Return Democratic VALUES to Washington?

"What the country needs is a leader who speaks clearly" -- GW Bush

Ronald Brownstein - Why Clark may be best choice for VP

Four-star General echoes Kucinich plan for withdrawal from Iraq

Colorado Springs - Heard on the radio

kerry definitely wins on medicare - we hafta beat that drum

Flashback: Clark is a neo-con.

Dionne: Kerry and his Church

i voted for clark today!

Whatever Happened to Bush's "Winning the War on Terror" Tour?

Nader's ineffective strategy on the environment vs. the early nineties

Ralph Nader, Suicide Bomber-You too can punish hurt & wound the Democrats

Just watching our commander and chief hishonor king george

Kerry much like Pat Tillman

Bush Campaign "Bus Tour" is just another lie

Just saw Kerry's new ad on CNN's Inside Politics.

Nader vs Kucinich: Who is more irrelevant?

Why Kerry must target Cheney

Yuk Yuk. Lou Dobbs just announced Bush campaigning in Canadian

Who would have been the best president?

Arab-American support declines for Bush and Kerry.

smear boat veterans for truth - your LocaL coverage?

Federal Review Composite Poll: Bush 283-Kerry 255

Poll Finds Kerry's Image Took Beating

New Orleans enthusiasm for Kerry

(Right Wing) Nat Review: More Medal problems. This may get some play

Bush/Kerry tied in Arkansas!

Bush claims he isn't rich???

Damn! I Wish JK Hadn't Disavowed The Word "Atrocities" on MTP

A good sign as to why Bayh probably won't be VP

Should Tennessee be considered a swing state?

Kucinich Calls for Expanded Investigation of Iraqi Prison Cover-Up