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Archives: May 30, 2004

The Real Terror Threat - LTTE in NY Times

BUSHCO BREAKING DOWN--coerced loyalty coming undone---Suskind NYT

Anonymous source in newspaper stories equals LIAR

Dowd: An Ode to Clarity

The Price Of Giving Bad Advice (Marine MGEN (ret) calls for resignations)

Bush: a Study in Failure

Bush Tries to Reassure Americans That He Knows What He's Doing

Honeyman tree clearing under fire (posted in oregon, too)

Principles come before alliances - TW

China is blind to Taiwan's people

Poppy & Big Dog

Kerry's hunting/firearm stance and his voting record.

DNA testing sought in Starved Rock murders - Ottawa

Anyone Remember the 13th Floor Elevators?

liberal songs and videos at MoveLeft Media.

If bush* really wants to honor American Veterans

Osama Must Fear Clark

The Best of the Nixon Years

interesting site on the cost of attacking iraq

Anyone have a coulter vs. franken mp3?

"Executive Decision" . . .

Geniph is going to the Democratic National Convention!

Texas Prison Scandal 1996 when Bush was Governor?

I'm in for one more cycle....

Why is afraid to show a picture of Bush?

Rumsfeld thinks this is only the beginning, what the hell is he planning?

Here's a blast from the past (not for the weak hearted)

Sharon faces cabinet test on Gaza

The House and Senate are both repuke controlled, yes?

"I'm George W. Bush and I approve of this message..."

Why the vicious Repuke attack on "Krazy" Gore? Simple. Truth is Al.

Alleged Kerry mistress to go on offensive!

My campaign site is really shaping up!

Bush on C-Span now, 12:50 EST

Quinipeac Poll

I finally understand. Tornadoes in Oklahoma are MY fault!

"Republic of Cascadia" WTF?

Elaine Chao, 5/28/04: "Today’s CEO is a steward of the public trust"

BBV: Dear Friends of Election Systems Integrity:

Why is Bush's name on the WWII Memorial???

Inside the presidential prayer team

Damn good op-ed: media portrayed Bush as fictitious character

Bush on September 11, 2001

Horrifying LTTE in tomorrow's Journal-Sentinel:

It is the sweetest death; to die for one's country.......

Evolutionary Heritage & RW Propaganda & its captive audience of commuters

Nixon too drunk to discuss '73 Arab Israeli War

What is the BFEE?

BWAHAHAHA! PERLE and other neocons march on White House,

No communion for contrary Catholics: a good idea?

Neoclassical architecture predates Hitler, Speer and all the rest

A Quote From John F. Kennedy:

Social mobility in the US, needs some help

how many of these networks now criticizing Gore broadcast his speech?

Democrats call in Clinton to rescue Kerry's campaign

The 40 people killed after a wedding party in Iraq.

Bush dynasty ex-wife set to spill the beans

Army blasts Blair for delaying fresh Iraq deployment

Are we here at DU so completely out of touch?

nice pic of Bill Clinton and Pappy Bush ( pics with chimp also)

OMG! You REALLY can see a missile being fired on 911! New Video

I hate minimalist, Vietnam-like Memorials

CHINO Tribesmen, Ex-spook Handlers, and the Guerilla War on Democracy

Hawaii Man Named In Iraq Prisoner Abuse Probe

Dad Arrested in Stabbing Deaths of 2 Kids

Yemen Trial Begins in Oil-Tanker Attack

Pakistan test-fires nuclear missile

Suspected Taliban Sentenced to Death

Woman who displayed art inspired by Iraq prisoner abuse in gallery beaten

Bush Reaffirms U.S. 'One-China' Policy on Phone

Race against time for Venezuela recall drive

2 Mistaken for Suspected Terrorists

Chris Matthews on Now PST

Kerry says focus on Iraq endangers US

Federal judge in Mass. says being called homosexual is not libelous

MTV to Start First Network Aimed at Gays

US hostages freed in Saudi Arabia

Military's officer corps: too political?

In next round, will disability rights be broadened further?

Latest al-Qa'ida attack puts Saudi oil industry in question

CNN International: Saudi forces launch operation to free Khobar hostages

Have US efforts really swelled Al Qaeda's ranks?

Chinese Guantanamo prisoners at risk if they return

Malaysia arrests alleged black market nuclear agent

Afghan soldiers injured by remote-controlled bomb

Explosion on bus injures at least 21 in Nepalese capital

Locals 'apprehensive' about G-8 Summit

Tillman Killed by 'Friendly Fire'

Campaigns Boiling Down to a Dwindling Swing Vote

Saudi horror sparks fear of oil crisis

Archibald Cox Dies

Berg interviewed for Michael Moore film: sister reveals theme of interview

WP: Kerry Says Security Comes First (less emphasis on Democracy)

Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or Mass Distraction? (NYT Mea Culpa)

NYT: Deadlock Seen on Presidency in Iraqi Talks

CNN: Race against time for Venezuela recall drive

WP: Foreign Policy Team Takes Center Stage

The handover that became a shambles

Annette Lu (TW VP) pleased with red carpet treatment in US

NY Times Ombudsman Criticizes Paper Over Iraq

Saudis storm besieged compound

Bush leads Kerry in new PD poll

Looking for a chateau...

I profusely apologize in advance, but

Latest "Disney Boycott"

I Reclaim This "War Weekend." This Is Now A PEACE Weekend

The 'Blue' at the top of the mast. Korea 52

Heard Karrin Allyson last night

Just finished a deep frying of the chicken,

I love the beach toys...

A freeper is stalking me...

No apology needed

Geni just won election to the DNCC!!!!

I have 498 posts, ask me only 1 thing...

A bunch of severe weather tracking through Oklahoma...

Where can I find that Limbaugh flash?

We need more catgut, dammit!!!

Here comes 45,000 !!!!

I just about had it with Wes Johnson

Tonight on THE SOUL EXPRESS: a 60th birthday tribute to GLADYS KNIGHT!

The DNC office backed out on my hiring. I don't have the job.

"A Bottle Of White...A Bottle Of Red..........

Why is gas so much more expensive in Europe than the U.S?

Sunrise in Baghdad...

GopisEvil moved out of his apartment today.

We need more catty threads, gosh darn it.

Just finished watching the best speech I've ever seen

My mom has a theory about Bush Sr's parachute jump

Immagine If You Had The Ability to Pardon

Horseplay or foul play?

Saturday cat thread ....... DEAL WITH IT!!!

TNT NBA crew endorses Kerry

So.... I've been out of town recently, what's been going on?

Pat Metheny Group on Austin City Limits

Which presidents were/are musicians?

Rumsfeld's Wife. Warning!! Warning!!

Have you ever had a boy/girl friend who keeps changing their clothes

I get to see Tortoise two nights in a row...WhooHoo!!!

Am I colorblind or normal?

People, I can't make this up!

I love the beach boys

Quiz: Are you boring...?

"It's my life".

Good songwriters who were also good singers

IRON MAIDEN: Bruce Dickinson or Paul Di'Anno

Worst, most ridiculous villain from the 60s Batman TV show

Most Annoying song running through the head.. planted by a lounge thread

Worst "I'm a star so I'm gonna sing" singing celebrities of all time

Look what your neighbors donated.

John Kerry was on Cheers?!

Van Halen singer: Dave, Sammy, or Gary?

IE 6.0 users - I'm having a hard time scrolling up and down.

Anyone have solar garden/path lights?

Hit rock songs sung by a band member who was NOT the lead singer:

i`ve just about had it with Wisconsin!!

It's Official - I'm Now a Ewan McGregor Fan!

I must admit, I like this new cartoon, MegasXLR

T-Wolves win!!! Bring series to 3-2, go back to LA on Monday!!!

Lord Of The Rings fans, I have a question-

What can I make out of Gourmet Sandwich Wraps?

Take a look at this old book I found and CAPTION

little depressed, do your best to make me laugh.

Cheers Poll: Who do you prefer Diane or Rebecca

What the heck is it with Erin?

THE TEMPTATIONS: David Ruffin or Dennis Edwards?

Why is gas so much more repulsive in Europe than the U.S?

Jaw dropper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did not see coming!!!!

I'm a 22 year old male and I'm starting to bald!!!

What Debt Of GRATITUDE Do We Owe Led Zepplin?

I have 2 lbs of mussels, 1 lb large tiger shrimp and 1/2 lb calamari a song inspired by it.......i'll start

I have 2 lbs of muscles, 1 large tiger and a 12 lb capybara

Which DUers were/are musicians?

Name a good songwriter who's a lousy singer.

We need more cat threads dammit!!!!

If you had the choice, would you rather live in the U.S. or Europe?

remember Pogs?

Does anyone here own a Dali?

Interactive electoral vote map

Michael Moore on Terrorists: I'd REALLY crush 'em

Kerry/Gore 2004 - What do you think?

here is our Veteran honoring WWII Veterans

The Daily Kos: 8 Candidates to Support.

CLARK stays well ahead of the pack...

Bush, Kerry: Stop cuddling up with Sharon

The New Yorker - THE MANIPULATOR (Chalibi)

FRANK RICH - It Was the Porn That Made Them Do It

Senator John F. Kerry Quote ....Presidential...??

Orders to Torture - Violations of Federal Law and War Crimes

Shooting First (Part II, Rebuttal to PNAC goon--LA Times)

Lil' Georgie's toy

Anyone see Mallard Fillmore today?

Shooting First (Part I, LA Times - Wingnut PNAC take first)

Grumpy Old Drug Smugglers (long but great activist story)

The most expensive gun in the world

San Diego readers, please respond to: Bush, Kerry and partisan hypocrisy

And he cried - toon

My thoughts of Memorial Day

On Their Way to Abu Ghraib (village brutalized, all the men taken)

The Homicide Cases (Iraq) - Strong WA PO editorial.

History's Fools (neo-con means "dangerous innocence about world realities"

Pakistan: Key Islamic scholar shot

Where have the liberals gone?

Democracy needs both sides talking

Bush's Secret Stash - 501(c)s

Doonesbury today...Incredibly poignant...

A president who has kept his word

How Bold Should Kerry Go?

Bush Calls for 'Culture Change'

Oppose the Nomination of William Haynes, Pentagon's top lawyer to 4th US C

Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency for G8 Summit

What's up with A&E

Questions raised by today's Face The Nation

60 Minutes showing faces of the fallen for 11 minutes

Today's Thought

Astrologers: Your Star Sign Is Probably NOT Your Actual Star Sign


Bush was sure that Iraq’s oil reserves would be flowing again by now

Satellite Radio Soars

Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve Corporation

Ecuadorian Government Surrenders to Violent Thugs Once Again

Bush policies make terrorism a growth industry

How we got homeland security wrong.

Sudanese And Iraqi Meanings, by Hazem Saghieh

Any mods or admin about?

Need a mod or admin, 2:10 a.m. PDT

Ok I just had a poll deleted

Okay what happened was wrong

KKL forest defaced with anti-Semitic slogans

Lapid working on cabinet compromise to pass pullout plan

Palestinian human rights group slams PA

How Israel Lost by Richard Ben Cramer

Israeli Army Ordered to Protect Civilians

High Court: IDF must protect Palestinians' lives, honor

Candidate stakes race on legalizing pot

Michigan vacation photos part 2

Michigan vacation photos

NINE counties in Ohio may use Diebold machines.

TAKS Results

Anyone here a county chairperson? What is your role?

Come to the Democratic Unity Rally in Madison

msnbc poll

"We've found WMDs, and yet the media is silent"

Some Sunday showz.

Hackworth: "Voting with Their Feet" . . .

Bush dynasty ex-wife set to spill the beans in new Kitty Kelly book

PsyOps 401,01 Pervasive Approach(How the Pubs Win)

So, I'm Watching A Documentary on The Bush Years on Showtime...

Congressional Accountability for Judicial Activism Act of 2004

Is Chimp Toast?

FYI: The Terror Alert Scorecard

Fed-Up Cheney Enters Presidential Race Without Chimpy

Aid agencies warn of Caribbean flood crisis

Ike Newkirk streaming now (790 Atlanta) 6am-9am local...

I thought Republicans were for tort reform and REDUCING civil suits?

Looking for Idea's for Bush/Cheney'04 Bumper Stickers

Republican father is now voting for Kerry too!

Reading the news from the attacks against foreigners and "infidels"

Kentucky Spring's squirrels harder for the hunter to get in his sights

From AOL.... Berg was interviewed for Fahrenheit 911

I've been out of town for a while, what's been going on?

Nancy Pelosi on MTP is very impressive

Wellstone memorial

C-Span 8:39 ET. Peter Ruff a UPI political analysts mentioning

My bumper sticker for the Bush campaign

Orwell Rolls in his Grave

A photo from TNR online shows the amazing resilience of Iraqi children...

Terror Alert Disinformation: Jihad source or BushCo? Or both?

CNN just reported that about 100 Iraqi police who where going to begin...

Did Bob Dole have to mooch some of Arnold's hair coloring?

two new members away from 45,000 at DU

A good question to ask Freepers.

"Kill more Muslims, that's the answer"....c-span caller

The hold of the military industrial complex over the US must be broken

Chris Matthews (NBC): now 61% disapprove of Bush*'s handling of Iraq.

Longshot vp choice Jane Harman is on "This Week". She reminds me

What were Achcroft's exact words, when he threatened...

Zinni and Perle on ABC now

10pm EST, C-SPAN2

Bush as a prime example of a System Gone Wild.

The profound historical ignorance of our punditry

Remember the Dean speech

Who is the BIGGEST loser

Will Al Gore

1937 Memorial Day Massacre

Do you think the country is ready for a pregnant single woman

Does ballooning to 275 pounds help fight off Lesbian attacks?

NYT: Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or Mass Distraction?

anti-war and war poetry favorites...

Tim Russert is a shill for GOP!!!

bushgang member Mativa refinery & their dirty deeds

Alfonso Jackson opened his mouth: "being poor is a state of mind, ....

Clooney's on board!

So, when's Chimpy's next big Iraq Policy speech?

Long Lost Hikawi Tribe found near Crawford, Texas.

Heads Up, DUers with packages for Michael's Unit in Iraq

45000 DU members right now!

Does Mistuh KURTZ Lead w/NYT Culpa? Nawww, w/the KERRY Women

what's the difference between the Afghanistan & Iraq wars?

Just got off the phone with my repuke brother-in-law

Gen. Zinni on CNN Now.

Anybody watching MTP? 8:14 CT Pelosi says we must have more troops

Zinni coming up after commercial on CNN

To those who gave their all

"Bush-brand, torture-condoning scum, your days are numbered."

So I saw "The Day After Tomorrow" last night...

Brian Flynn opened his mouth: Alexandra Polier slammed it shut

Does anyone, including Repubs, ever call bush* a "veteran"?

Casualties are deaths OR injuries. 3,500 casualties, 810 dead so far

This is pretty neat prescott bu*sh, Nazi sympathizer

Anybody trying to listen to Bob McChesney now?

Why did we go to war with Iraq?

Why don't we require some testing of presidential candidates?

Question about Chalabi:

Battle of the ideologies

For the 40 & Over's fun

Here is a Memorial for Peace

Dole: It's the deficit, stupid

President Bush's Healthier US Initiative?

We want more than the wars of our fathers

George W. Bush as Caligua ... a powerful and dangerous psychotic

Venezuela's opposition will ignore CNE decisions on recall

Bush has Saddam's gun; kept is as a souvenir

need a link to the mp3 of Gore's NYU speech

Was Chalabi the intended scapegoat all along so they could have their war?

To my Great Grandfather, My Dad & my Uncles

is the fate of all fascists crushing military defeat?

anti-U.S. riots in Guadalahara? Photo on Yahoo

"The Paper Trail...... Did Cheney Okay a Deal?"

Check out this poll: Will current gen be know as next "greatest gen"?


Pros and Cons of John Kerry's Top 20 Vice Presidential Candidates

Free Information

If you agreed with Gore's speech, then you must be clinically insane

It's time for more Kennedy's to be on the scene. Bobby is on AAR's "Ring

it all my fault

If we could have Iowa and New Hampshire back

Woman leads marijuana fight to new high

If you were a voter, sitting on the fence, and couldn't make up your mind

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (re Chavez/VZ coup) avail. at Netflix

Weinsteins buy Moore movie rights

one of the scariest lessons of the Bush administration...

Unfreep this poll on Air America

French-descended bar owners sell Freedom Fries


could someone tell me more about Leo Strauss?

What is the Best US Newspaper in your opinion of these?

Paul Waldman book "Fraud" a must buy

FOX Question: Did Russert interview bring Pelosi to tears?

Cheney coordinated Halliburton Iraq contract: report

a legal question regarding the recording of phone calls...

House of Cards is Collapsing right now

I Love My Dead Gay Son! (part 2) - Randall Terry, Operation Rescue founder

Who has the most evil political mind in America?

My First LTTE was published!

Just wrote my first letter to the editor!

Taking the petition offline. From the DFA blog, downloadable petitions.

A Former Marine on the Marine Motto - First to Fight

Have $7,000-found $342-- and go on spending binge?

God, Libertarians are nuts!

Anyone who wants to see Bush being a complete dorko

Who REALLY ordered the abuse of Iraqis...Bush?

This is pretty amazing

Bob Dole is one of the last "real Republicans"

Army kept whistle-blower in locked ward

EVERYONE knows they are lying

Will you miss *?

Could the following regimes have been classified as "fascist"?

What America needs IMO .......The American Deal

How many Congressional Dems versus Repubs have actually been in battle?

Honor the Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Yahoo News...Yahoo Tools. Read/Post Messages...

The NY Times seems to be giving Judith Miller a pass.

TIME just can't leave the Clinton / Lewinsky matter alone.


Can Bush ever use the term "Saddams rape rooms" again?

DU this poll.

Gallery Owner Attacked for Iraq Abuse Art in SF

Gore and Dean are crazy!

1968: Eugene McCarthy on republicans:

Baby Jessica graduates from high school

Leno on the $hrub

William Penn quote:

Moore Spoke With Berg Months Before Death

The Right to Life in The USA!

Is al Hurra a legitimate news source?

911 Inquiry ends with M. Ruppert and Mariani - streaming available

Judy Woodruff today on Blitzer's show - poll

Bu$h campaigning hard with our tax dollars

Our Story--The Story of American Populism, by Bill Moyers

Anyone here disagree with THE SUBSTANCE of Gore's speech?

Anti-elitists embracing .... Dennis Miller ??????

Rolling Thunder (mostly Vietnam vets) endorses Bush over Kerry......

Web page to send and view on Memorial Day

More despicable tactics to enlist reservists

Dean sank the Dean campaign....

Support for Kerry by veterans surges.

Who here believes in divine intervention...

Andy Rooney showing pictures of the 800 we have lost

Question: What country most resembles the Libertarian ideal?

"The Day After" Kerry needs to make a Major environmental speech!

Watched the movie "Dave" today - sort of a surreal moment

Tonight's 60 MINUTES: Al-Sadr interview, car fuel efficiency, Andy Rooney

I love my Power! My threads stop folks from voting for Kerry..Ur Right!

ABC News just picked up the Cheney/Halliburton Iraq contract story

Bush or Kerry?

Political Correctness vs. The strength and security to joke on each other

Me Too! Dean didn't win because he wanted to make a difference. Wife &

Excuse me, but I must rant about a freeper!

LOL...look at this NYT illustration about bush* WH ...drip drip GUSH !

Bu$h eyes cuts for schools, veterans

Dumbya keeps Saddam gun at White House

Question re: Judith Miller

Most effective anti-Nader tactic, Ignore him.

Mark Twain on the Treason of Saluting the Flag

"So much for the 'War President'"! On Bush's "Vulcan" advisors

Young people's take on the BFEE (Warning:Scary pics!)

another 'dittohead' comes into the light...

Pelosi on Iraq: We broke it; we have to fix it

Vote in this kerry poll in va paper....pick 100%

What religion WAS your family and why don't they practice now?

Would you be able to be an impartial juror at Bush's trial?

Leader of Minnesota "Center for Victims of Torture" says it applies to US

This week's New Yorker cover: bad taste

What have we learned from Wars? NOthing.

What becomes of Tillman's Silver Star

Libertarians: Bush's Nader?

What is the dirt on Nader?

Would you feel different about Bush if had actually won the 2000 election?

We cannot be intimidated or we will be defeated...

Do you think the country is ready for a woman who doesn't want kids and

Question for Pacific Northwesterners: Why is your region half Dem/Repub?

Let America Be America Again? When Was It Not America?

My Repub neighbor - critique my logic

I think bushco is acquiring souls for Satan

So Military DUers

Does anyone have the latest Harper's article on Leo Strauss?

Will the American GI death toll reach 1000 by November?

today's anti-American protests in Pakistan AND India (PHOTOS)

Iraq: The Three State Solution

Paging Tim Russert: Big Russ is disgusted by your "F" grades in journalism

"Regime change November 2, 2004" Saw this bumper sticker in Texas

Jesus in now Irrelevant

* Admin Admits Killing 30,000+ Iraqis

Rolling Thunder bike gang was formed to push POW/MIA awareness.

Hydrogen Economy vs. Biodiesel

WOW! Doonesbury does a Koppell (Names the Names)

Judy Woodruff gazing into the abyss

I used to hate Andy Rooney

Is al Jazeera a legitimate news source?

Was a national seat-belt law passed?

Sickest video yet - "Bush, Inc. on the Eve of Destruction" - paranoid epic

60 minutes

Billmon poses an extremely interesting question:

800+ lives so Shrub could get his war trophy

Is the New York Times A Reliable News Source

Spanish train bombers endorse Bush - ever debunked?

I'm looking through DU posts on September 11.

IMPEACHMENT! Cheney must go down!

NASA: Alarm over melting Arctic ice cap

Proud member of the Wackadoo Wing of the Democratic Party.

'Tomorrow' is HOT! $100 Million predicted - neo-cons freak.

Ted Rall on Pat Tillman's 'friendly fire' death

BBV in the NY Times again: Who Tests Voting Machines?

have you all noticed the rising grocery prices?

please delete dupe

Caribbean countries in rush to bury flooding victims

Aid agencies warn of Caribbean flood crisis

Chalabi Staffers Evacuated From Office

Driver and guard of newspaper editor killed in Baghdad

BBV: Lax controls over e-voting testing labs (Must Read Outrage Du Jour)

Monthly Reports Leave Investors in Dark

Holding Iraq Together, by Tending to Its Parts

(new Iraq) Prime minister-designate to recall Saddam army

Muslim-Christian seminar argues over inviting Jews

Taliban Raid on Afghan Government Office Leaves 4 Soldiers, 1Attacker Dead

Hostage compound 'for top bosses'

Sparkling Profits, Then a Deceleration

Saudi hostage standoff ends

Fighting flares in key Iraqi city-Najaf

The journey `unfinished,' Kerry tells black veterans

Challenger (Kerry) ahead in 11 of 16 (key states)

Security Spending Increases In Iraq

Bush has Saddam's pistol: report

Camp Bucca reveals more dirty secrets

Iraq War Woes Deepen Internal Pentagon Tensions

Battleground polls give Electoral College to Kerry

(Kerry) Foreign Policy Team Takes Center Stage

Showdown likely on Iraq presidency

Jailed - for showing dislike of US invaders

We're winning the beginning, says Rumsfeld

The handover that became a shambles: ten U-turns on the road to 'peace'

Gallery Owner Attacked for Iraq Abuse Art

No communion for contrary Catholics: a good idea?

Investigators knew months ago Oregon soldier was executed

Army Report Warned in November About Prison Problems

(Honest John) Howard says finding WMDs still possible

Rules of War Often Broken but Still Vital

Unchecked Lawlessness Stresses Iraqi Society

U.S. contractors' role in Iraq (Chalabi) raid still fuzzy

Aristide Plans to Return to Haiti

Iraq's interim Prime Minister cosy with US power elite (Brahimi bypassed)

(Phoenix) Valley Iraqi upset with U.S. after trip home


Cheney coordinated Halliburton Iraq contract: report

Grumpy Old Drug Smugglers

U.S. Marines See Falluja Brigade in New Iraq Army

North Korea a "far more compelling threat" than Iraq: Kerry

Bush Keeps Saddam Gun at White House

Ariel Sharon Threatens Cabinet Shake-Up

Lugar Says Democracy Tough Goal in Iraq

Oil prices expected to soar in wake of killings

Brahimi: between UN, US, Iraq, and a hard place

Schwarzenegger Sees Money for State in Punitive Damages

22 killed in Saudi attack

Full Mobilization Announced for Cavalry Brigade (Idaho)

AP: Oversight of Energy Leases Loose (Big Oil and Don Evans)

UN sidelined in choice of Iraqi leader

Ohio town faces bleak job news

Pope to Beatify Mel Gibson's 'Passion' Muse

Saudi Militants Hitting Westerners, Not Oil

Chicago Trib: State voter support for Bush dives

Clinton called in to rescue Kerry

Unapologetic Nader again ripping along in campaign

U.S.-Iraqi Split Over Choice for Iraqi Presidency Delays Final Deal

Cheney Office 'Coordinated' Halliburton Deal

Army's probe of abuse questioned

WORKPLACE MEMO: Returning reservists get pink slips from Northwest Airline

Bush Campaigns Heavily Via Air Force One

Bush facing hard choices in Oregon suicide ruling

First Enron Trial Lacks Famous Faces (Surprise)

Police surround Chalabi's office

Experts: Job market dismal for teens this summer

Rotting Fruit from Florida Forces 747 Emergency Landing

Dave Letterman's car, driven by Buddy Rice, just won at Indy!

Iraqis 'will forgive jail abuse' (says General Kimmitt)

Treading a tortuous path around the 't' word

New Draft Debate (Volunteer army still ensures the poorest will die)

April-May GI Iraq Death Toll Tops 200

Junk food ads will be banned from TV

Westerners Captured in Raid on Iraq Convoy

Breaking On CNNI...Major Fire Fight in Kufa...ongoing for over 1.5 hours

New from Time: Did Cheney Okay a (Halliburton) Deal?

From the Ranks to the Street - Many U.S. veterans become homeless

Rolling Thunder hits the White House .......Motorcycles that is

Oil prices expected to soar in wake of killings

Al-Qaeda vows to "cleanse" Arabian Peninsula of infidels: website

A Saddam Souvenir

EPA to Probe Missing Mercury (65 tons)

Senior pro-Taliban cleric killed in Karachi

Government uses Tillman to sell war on terrorism

Super size me

Exciting new band.. Treerats... video here

Computer DU Question?

Pull my finger.

Well, my powerball numbers didn't come through

"It's Raining Men"... and other 'what were they thinking...' songs

I Give You A Testimonial, THE MC5!!!

How would you react if Bush.....

Black Sabbath: Ozzy or Dio?

Ladybug game... Impossible

What artists/musicians/bands STARTED at a relatively old age?

One life, I'm gonna live it up

Any way to earn an advanced degree from a correspondence school or online?

Any history buffs? Name your period or war

Friends or Frasier?

i would just like to say thank you...

Cripes! I did it again!

I just passed my 2000th post.

Ever feel so horny, you can't stand it?

Favorite movie of all time

Wow..a 1/4 through a Mickey of wisers and pretty well dead sober

That was quite a crowd at the Mall today for the dedication

Memorial Day Thread---The true story of Sgt. York

Who would win in a fight

Well, I just did the stupidest thing of my life tonight.....

True or False - Fats Domino RULES!

Well, Seeing as how I am the only person on currenly

You know..they never make movies about conservatives....

Why Bush Has to Go (mini movie)

It was still September... When your Daddy was quite surprised...

Damn - 1989

JM Tosses Imaginary Grenade at "Whoop-Whoop Woman"

Today's Doonesbury--In Memorian of those killed in Iraq

Help with Formula 1 story.

John Kerry Mugs!!

I'm anything! Ask me drunk.

"MacArthur Park" by Richard Harris: Love it or hate it?

I need a remedy for fire ant bites

DAMNIT!!!.........I missed church again!

OK DUers, name my party!

Any guesses as to who owns

Yellowstone Super Volcano????

A Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote:

NHRA Funny car questions

I fell off a horse yesterday...ask me anything!

Trolls or My Little Ponies?

Which Seinfeld Character are you? Take the quiz.

Pretty funny

45,000 DUERS! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discovery Channel: Can you die from pissing on the third rail?

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed...

I can't remember a Memorial Day when it didn't rain

Oui knead amore yak threads dangit.

Pet Rock:

33 hours, 33 minutes smoke free!

Support the day before tomorrow. . .

i need a little support...

First Lady Pickles poses with her intimidating, mummified mother-in-law

I's only Rock and Roll....

My abrasiveness.

45,001 registered

Who's going to be watching the Indy 500?

I am tired of the gray skies and drizzle rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groovy quotes from movies.

Am I a people person?

Remember the light saber kid?

someone calls you a pot dealer, how do you react

I done gradjumicated!

What Does A World Series Cost The City Of Boston?

Gal's got balls!

Is DU compatible with Anglefire?

i graduate in about 2 hours...

"To Have and Have Not" was a great film.

Ugh, just finished throwing up

Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen

Linux no match for Microsoft in Thailand

Bloody computer question

Man rips off testicles

I loooooooove pasties....

I looooooooove something

I need a driver for a Lexmark 1100

Sometimes the way the topics line up is really funny

I loooooooove Patsy....

Am I Hot or Not?

WooooHOOOOOOO. . . I'm finished moving. . .

i love patsies!

If you had a choice, would you rather live in Filth or Squalor?

I loooooooove pastries....

DUers with kids..need a bit of advice

Yes or no?

Lizzie Borden took an ax?

In the heat from your physique, as you twinkle by in moccasin sneakers...

"Shrek 2" earns more than $200 Million Dollars!

Used 2 get high just 2 pass the time, used 2 make love just 2 have a laugh

What's the best PC Sound card?

Haw haw haw..... is this an act of desperation or what?


Gore's BRILLIANT speech --------------------------------- mp3

Cops in shinny conflict

F***ing Auto-trader...

I hit 200 posts and didn't even notice! ask me anything!

For the 40 & Over's fun

(I've got a) Strange Disease

Photo shop DU'er needed

Return Of The King is on cable TV!

Separated at Birth?

Need A Head Count: Making Rack Of Lamb For Dinner - How Many Are Coming?

They buried their dead in wake of 1917 tornado

Not Everybody Loves Cats.....this is for THEM.

Legality of donations

Give the Governor harrumph!

Random Oscar Wilde Quotes


What's your opinon on loud jacked up pickup trucks?

How do I take a screenshot?

I weigh over 200 pounds now

Nintendo profits drop over 50%

Lovely weather here in St. Louis

Linux thread...

Memphis tips anyone?

Musical memory thread!

Best Traffic Album

The "N" is sticking on my keyboard

N.E.R.D. fans, check in!

Snoopy Thread

I just came close to instigating a white-trash riot!

Does ballooning to 275 pounds help fight off Lesbian attacks?

Sun to upgrade Linux desktop software

Synonyms for Stupidity, yes I'm bored, humour me

Hey, Nashville! Nice little town you got there.

Okay, who feels like making fun of my web design?

Web-cheat student to sue university

Rahal/Letterman car wins at Indy, Congradulations Dave & Bobby

Least Favorite "Seinfeld" Character?

Which state has the best fried chicken?

You know the song "telstar" by the Tornados?

I'm having a senior moment--did anyone ask me anything?

anyone with a good pizza dough recipe?

I love pesto!

Other musicians named Bruce who aren't the Boss...and Hornsby's too easy

How should I cook my chicken breast?

I'm sick of Crimson Fscking Tide!

We must never forget our WWII Vets, and neither should the world.

Did you know on roads in Australia Planes have right of way over cars

I just bought 10 gallons of paint....

Good BBQ tunes?

Discussion of Iraq war at redneck bluegrass hog roast pickin' party...


I'm sorry, she deserves her own thread. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEWYAWKER99!!!!

Caption this photo

Favorite Basketball Shoes

* gets farked

I'm drunk ask me anything!!!

"Patton" will be on AMC tonight...8:00 p.m. (est) might be good to see

What is your favorite book?

Support tomorrow!

Lance, Jan, Tyler, Alexandre, Iban, Roberto... meet Damiano Cunego.

F18a's and B24 flying over my house right now

Do you believe in ghosts?

I loooooooove pasta....

Are rotary phones still compatable with...

Joy...the presidential chopper just overflew my house....

Commodore 64

Greatest antiwar film or documentary ever

I'm back from Key West!!!

Whats your state or region's greatest addition to the culinary world?

Anyone have an RC hobby?

I loooooooove pasties....

Wings Poll: Who did you prefer, Joe - Brian - Antonio - Lowell - or Roy?

In honour of Newyawker99's birthday - what do you like most about her?

Women of Wings poll -- who did you prefer?

Norton question

What is the origin and meaning of your first name?

Favorite TV show composers?

Who's Ready For A DU BBQ At MATCOM'S????

Best North American city to live in?

So..... girl advice anyone?

Pickles and Babs lead Breast Self Examination Day.....CAPTION

Irish DUer Check- in!

With Teresa, expect an unconventional campaign

Mallard Fillmore

Kerry to spend $750,000 in Virginia---

PLEASE take a moment to figure out what YOU will do to stop Bush

State voter support for Bush dives

"Trouble in GOP Paradise for Bush" ( May 29)

Pelosi needs to tell Tim Russert that the press has failed our troops

The latest Cleveland PD poll for Bush v Kerry

Latest Survey USA Iowa poll has Kerry winning and losing Iowa

When do the Libertarians formally nominate their candidate?

CARTOONS: Memorial Day Tribute To President Bush, Our Leader

Kerry To Campaign in Virginia on Memorial Day

I am wrong.....I don't care who is VP!

Is Dennis K running on a third party ticket against Kerry?

Why Clark for VP rather than Secretary of State?

New Ohio Poll not good news?

Help me out with this argument about Clark.