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Archives: May 28, 2004

Rhetoric vs. Reality in Iraq

No Carbs

Salon: Bush*s See-No-Evil Man (Negroponte) Off to Baghdad

Herbert: A Speech That's No Joke (Gore's Speech)

Chalabi finally offering useful advice

Evangelicals Give U.S. Foreign Policy An Activist Tinge - WSJ

Amazing letter to the editor about 9/11 and Iraq.

Was Iraq a Just War? - Newsweek

Duped doped hoaxed and soaked

Krugman: To Tell the Truth (Journalists and Bush)

Dennis Was Right, Is Right, and Shall Be Right

Northern California!......March and Rally for Peace..Sonoma County

No End To The Whoring on CNN: On Lou Dobbs Tonight

Did anybody else catch Dan Senor making the fascist talkradio rounds?

Phil Hendrie-- Quailty Satire or Right-wing Whining?

Summer forecast: Spreading drought

Fear of flying? There is help... (Bush?)

Save the planet - with poo

'Organic' outcry heeded as Feds withdraw changes

Lu departs on visit to Americas - TW

Check this out...also...anyone with info please speak up....

Mods: Some serious hate speech on a thread here

State forum question

EU Parliamentarian Calls for 911 INTERNATIONAL INQUIRY!

Assembly rejects bill seeking to bar smoking in cars with children

Northern California!......March and Rally for Peace..Sonoma County!

Cornyn, DeLay Tout Medicare Drug Discount Card To Texas Seniors

Texas Gets $21-Miliion For Homeland Security

Horns Eliminate Aggs From Big XII Tournament, 13-6

Speculation re: Serrati pulling out.

I just got back from the Kerry speech in Green Bay. Wow!

Arrest of Hamsa and the latest terra alert: so transparent!

Any rebroadcasts of the Gore speech this evening?

Democrat's and Republicans must convince Ashcroft to run with Kerry

The Secretary of Defense said he would like "to sweep it under the rug"..

Gay Parents Battle Virginia Adoption Rules

So what's the latest with the distribution rights on Moore's movie?

Where is Gore? I thought he was going to be on C-span


Who has lied more: Judith Miller or Jason Blair?

WP: Bush was ad-libbing about razing Abu Ghraib

Mods please delete this thread it's a dupe

I heard on the news this evening....

What's on TV?

update on crazy LTTE

I just came from the best Kerry MeetUp!

Looking for approximate Iraqi + Afghani body counts since 11 Sep 2001 - Anyone checked this out yet???

Were giving in to get out!

Worried about dirty tricks? Kerry has the answer.

Is Benedict Zell Miller still going to be a convention superdelegate?

Let's get one thing perfectly clear....

Talking Points from David Brock's The Republican Noise Machine

Whoa -- Yet another way to close the doors on open govt

Xymphora on Berg video

Need help with talking points for a pamphlet encouraging Jr. college..

Why do only stupid liberals seem to call into right wing radio?

Bush Family Values

CNN Presents "A Flyboy's Story: George Bush in WW2" ... again!?

Just saw the new MoveOn ad about Rumsfeld on MSNBC

Right wing "Parents' Empowerment Act" to usher in new era of censorship!

What's the point of DUing/Freeping polls?

"Terror Warning Was Surprise at Security Department" Bush is Done!

Somebody needs to keep track of Ashcrafty's flight records until November.

here's another grainy night video, this time from Afghanistan....

I hate people from orange county. a testimony to my hatred...

Now I understand the pResidents response to Rumsfeld

Yay! I actually made a (small) difference!

Ann Coulter on O'reilly

Old Europe fights back, seeks to make "new" Iraq partner in planning talks

Brain Rinsing Funds held up .. America remains in Delusional

John Kerry's ---President airplane

VIDEO Of Tonight's CBS 'Terror Warning' Story !!!

the only issues that are changing reTHUGlicans votes....

In Rumsfeld's testimony before Congress, for what reasons did he say....?

Scathing article regarding Whistle Ass.

Oberman on MSNBC - AirAmerica

Bush praying to his God for another 9/11

I believe the time has come to fight fire with fire.

What is the count in the Senate?

The Republicans are trying to get Kerry to go negative real bad

What's the law in Mass. for when Kerry wins

Today in Nashville: "Remarks by the President in a Conversation on...

Favorite Reason for Invading Iraq

Ann "The Man" Coulter on O' will not believe it.

What is Man Coulter's primary personality disorder?

RW e-mail I need help in responding

We heard about stealing. Now US kidnaps innocents to threaten

Great Judith Miller Rant


Ad pours gasoline on Bush

Translator keeps blowing 9-11 whistle on FBI; U.S. Keeps shutting her up

My problem with Bush V. Bush

We DESPERATELY Need a National Security Team with at LEAST min competence

Attention LIHOP Deniers...

Bush website is all about Kerry

New CBS Poll: Kerry 49%, Bush 41%

FAIR provides evidence of NPR's right-wing bias

I can't wait until Kerry is elected

BBV: Bev and Andy on the go...

Ashcroft handpicked prison warden in DOJ probe to remake Abu Ghraib

Bush at War College: A Freeper's Lament

Superb Site -- Rebutting all the arguments for the Iraq War

I got to talk to a potential Congresswoman tonight!

Should Kerry use the term "Homeland"??

Please Help Defeat Sean Hannity...

Really weird. Overheard my Republican coworker's conversation

Will someone please wake me?

Must read: Blumenthal beautifully sums up the Chalabi affair.

I got fired for the DU hate mail

This NYTimes letter will hit home for all of DU

the old Clinton let bin Laden go story.. any help?

3 farmers ANNIHILATED video...quite disheartening

the bush pig farm

Alan Colmes Radio Show

Does everyone understand what Al Gore is saying here? It is important

A graph of PollingReport data: The tipping point is reached.

i'd like some links to the best iraq war editorials.

Department of Homeland Security question.

What you have to believe NOT to believe 911 complicity

Unhappy with Judith Miller's reporting on Iraq?

Oh My.. The "other" Limbaugh spouts off ..(I'm seeing it as humor)

Freed journalist: 'Israel should be ashamed'

Israel lays claim to Palestine's water

Calif. National Guard investigated for prisoner abuse in Iraq

Bomb scare causes Boston flight to land in Nashville

Washington's Chalabi nightmare [FBI grills Neocons; TREASON committed?]

Michael Moore has 20 min. of new Berg footage

Utah teacher charged with threatening to go on shooting rampage

Bush Plan to Control Health Care Costs

More Layoffs Announced At Gateway Computers' Local Facility (1500 total)

World Vision intensifies response as casualties mount in flood disaster

Getting Away With Murder? - Najaf, MSNBC

Warner Bucks GOP Right On Probe of Prison Abuse

Saudi with ties to Sept. 11 hijackers held in San Diego

WP: Worry and Anger Over Iraq Situation

U.S. Iraq Policy, Jail Abuse Under Fire at (Europe-Latin America) Summit

NYT admission of faulty reporting 'long overdue'

Chinese officials `threatened' HK radio host

Kerry offers security policy respectful of allies

Report says awarding of contracts without bids is up under Bush

For House Democrats, a Whiff of Victory

Bombs discovered near NATO venue

NBC: 9/11 plane victims’ families to hear tapes

New Iraq Troop Deployment Major Gamble for Blair

WP: Shiite Politicians' Objections Lead Candidate to Withdraw

Death highlights Uzbekistan's rights problems

U.S. Allies Also Accused in Prison Abuse

Terror Warning Criticized (Ashcroft Didn't Work With Homeland Security)

Opening Pandora's Box in Iraq? Behind America's Dubious Private Alliances

Economy Lagging in Key State (Ohio and Battleground States)

Bush Says He Has Cure for Illegible Prescriptions

Drugmaker `bribed' 4,000 doctors - GlaxoSmithKline

Massive security operation for controversial Bush visit to Rome

High Priority Put on Prison Interrogation Led to Use of Untrained Workers

Three Accused Soldiers Had Records of Unruliness That Went Unpunished

NYT: In Jordan's Scrapyards, Signs of a Looted Iraq

Clinton supports Kerry strategy

3 children found slain in Northwest Baltimore (1 decapitated, 2 partially)

D.C. School System Lays Off Hundreds (544 jobs)

Kerry: Bush 'made America less safe'

Interrogators hid identities

Janklow Pardoned Son-In-Law's 3 DUIs

Democrat's and Republicans must convince Ashcroft to run with the Bulls

McCain and Santorum should get married

Entering Onondaga

A big, giant tree has fallen over in our back yard

Mac OS X Panther Updated to 10.3.4

The Infidel Fry Rule - should we keep it?

Ran into another Bush lover today... Left confused as hell

Anyone else addicted to President Forever?

Howdy, Pacific Northwest: Has it rained all day where you are, too?

When I got up for work this morning, my building had no electricity.

Survived through Tornado Warning, ask me anything!

Co-worker demands a PUBLIC apology

My 7 year old son just said "I wish I was black"

I think new DUer JustFiveMoreMinutes may have the ultimate DU username

Confession: I spit on tou-pées

One more cat thread!

I just smoked 20 lbs of Colombian -- I don't care what you ask me!

Is there an afterlife for the stupid?

Hooked on Monkey Phonics! (South Park)

Stupid question: How many pounds is one stone???

Are humans:

Thank you Brewers!

What's your favorite epithet for Bill O'Reilly?

What's on TV?

Something is probing my perimeter right now. The dogs are going wild.

Jupiter big and red ahead of waxing gibbous moon in ecliptic plane.

Need Help for new "Manly" Perfumes.

What's on TV?

Do you really love your car or just the horn ?

Anyone ever try "Upper Canada" lager?

Mametophiles-Favorite Mametian Line

Something is probing my posterior right now. The dogs are going wild.

Heeeeeerrrrrre's COSMO!!!!

Do you really love your car or just the horn ?

My son won a really cool medal tonight

Cicada Missile Strikes in Washington; Republican Operative Wounded

My return to DU!

Bob Dole's on Chris Matthews. Botox Alert!!!

So here's something cool

Why don't we have a rant forum?


I want to SCREAM my bloody head off... ask me anything

Something is probing my perineum right now. The hormones are going wild.

Explained: Why you feel like taking a shower after visiting Drudge

Computer Question

Do you feel compelled to log onto DU every single day?

If you had to answer a poll

Run, run, run, run, run

Any good sticker links?

Do you think G4TechTv will be any good?

Question for Web Techs ( Web Design)

Gender: Undeclared

I just smoked 20 lbs of Canadian

Woo, Mooninites are on right now! (ATHF - Cartoon Network)

HAHA! Man I love it when a prank comes together

Testing Poll

Any good jobs for political campaigns that don't involve fundraising.

Funny bumper sticker I saw

Da doo run run run

Looks like the cure for many people is alternative!

Those NEXTEL Walkie Talkie commercials????

Allah and God are not the same...

DU this poll!

Somebody say a prayer for me.


anyone on DU who's familiar with me right now?

Speaking of Dennis Miller, I'm reminded that Bill Maher is GOD!

Blink 182's Drummer


Man, I can't WAIT to see "Soul Plane" tomorrow!!!

the human body has a lot of flaws. how would you re-design it?

Oh my god! Look at this post from the MAJORITY REPORT blog.

Macaulay Culkin is dating Mila Kunis...

What happened to loud mouth Dennis Miller?

fLower deLiveries - and reccomendations?

What books do you re-read often?

Several bespectacled South Dakotans later, Flipper and I hover over Toledo

Scorpions, Judas Priest or "none of the above"

I got fired today.

Are you a cat or dog?

Dog Owners - A warning about proheart 6 heatworm medicine

I need help naming my Lingerie Shop

Can anyone here recommend Reiki ?

Damn, I want this!!! (RC B-52)

Ever get tired of dysfunctional people?

The Prisoner of Azkaban opens a week from tomorrow...

I Love Skinner's Dog

Battlestar Galactica - 1978 movie and tv show followup question

Tweety, obsessed with the "BBQ" question re Bush and Kerry, take this...

Early Years Belie Kerry's Patrician Image - WSJ

I just came from the best Kerry MeetUp!

Bring in the world: Key to Success - Clark in TNR

Will war crimes admission hurt John Kerry?

Kerry Expands Ad Campaign To Virginia

Will rampage of terror attacks in US help Bush get re-elected?

I just saw Kerry speak - My impressions

Kerry again attacks Bush on Iraq

Candidate Health Care Plans Analyzed; Kerry Proposal Much Bigger Than Bush

Absentee ballot law is a joke that isn't funny (Florida)

DU's answer to Sean Hannity's poll

Jeb Bush defends dropping absentee-ballot witnesses

Did Kerry address the $87B comment in Bush's ads?

Who is the biggest right-wing talk show shill for the White House?

Indianapolis poll has Kerry leading Bush

Hannity: "Bush has the prison scandal, Kerry burned down innocent villages

Bush seriously targeting Independents

Ann Coulter has the Polls figured out!!

Outrageous! Who would you more want to sit next to on a 13 hr plane ride?

OMG, New Poll Has Bush Trouncing Kerry!!!

Boiling down Clark v. Edwards to the bare bones

Any info on VP possibilites besides Clark & Edwards?

Hoon's troop movement sparks outrage

"To read the whole Gore speech and watch video highlights"

Herbert: A Speech That's No Joke

Have liberals become too tolerant?

NATO solves Iraq? Afghanistan suggests not

SFGate EDITORIAL - Terror alert -- code skeptical

The Official underground GW Bush portrait


The Haiti Crisis: Aristide Is Not the Issue

Gore's Speech - Transcript and video clips


A Cold, Poll-Driven Calculation:Bush's Cruel New Rules on Cuba

Wardrobe Malfunction

Will Bush the Beheader use terrorism to become America's Pinochet?

If Fear Fails, What's Next?

Per Fagering radio commentary: Bush’s Training Wheels 5-28-04

Bring in the world - by Wesley Clark

How war in Iraq derails real war on terror BY ANDREW GREELEY

(CA) Assembly passes bill to forbid nonjudicial home foreclosures

Goodman & Goodman discuss NYT

Bush visit: no Ireland of the welcomes for Iraq policy

A Real Nuclear Danger

The Homicide Cases (in Iraq)

Ralph Nader as Mad Bomber

Catholic bishops and Democratic Party headed for a political collision

Who is Lane McCotter, and what exactly was he doing in Iraq?

And So Goodbye To Cable

"Our Troops Deserve Better" What needs to be said

Bush-Cheney '04

Austin---Kerry Kerryoke June 1



Complaints about Broadcast Journalism

Morning News Shows - do they ever cover news anymore?

AAR playing the Gore Speech

Jon Stewart's Commencement Address at William & Mary

Hannity--battling it out at the polls

Don't Let CNN Get Away With Shilling For BushCo

Will The Daily Show be back next week?

A Humble Suggestion

My road to skepticism ... -- 2 (Dookus)

Toyota ordered to give back the cash it fined dealers

University of Michigan's consumer sentiment report says folks less happy

Gawd I love the IRS!

Climate changes enhance the Earth's glow

Prof finds new SA-Uruguay link

Devastated American chestnut may return.

Brazil set to become world´s main biofuel supplier

Climate flick favors fantasy over fact

Monterey Bay Aquarium tops national list

Kerry Outlines Foreign Policy, Attacking Bush

Every American should hear Al Gore's 5/26 speech!

GM spuds could be growing in a field near you - SA


Death toll rises in Iran earthquake

Bahrain, US sign free trade pact

Chilean court revokes Pinochet's immunity

where's the damned bad joke thread?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 28, 2004

Renewing the assault weapons ban ill-conceived - Chicago Tribune

"retailers who function as bad guy magnets"

Gun Lovers in the News....

Bank Bans CCW, gets robbed FIVE TIMES!

pm to Skinner

hey! anyone know who gave me a star??

Is it a personal attack to point out someone's contradictory statements?

I thought I enabled the : inbox . I have a question regarding donations.

I wish you'd get some "stuff" in the store that uses Kerry's new slogan....

Adorable Dog

Sharon Tests New Plan for Gaza

Indian minister hints defense ties with Israel to continue

Sharon to seek cabinet approval for full disengagement plan

Report: Iran establishes unit to recruit suicide bombers

Roche Pleads Guilty in Australia Bomb Plot

Police find two more fake ambulances in Azariyeh

Christian exodus from Israel troubles Vatican

Analysis / Netanyahu in charge

Last Word in Anti-Semitism - LA Times

Secretary of state tries to calm voters

Possible state Constitution amendments to be considered

Question about 48-hour detention

Shell Oil "gaming the system" in California - remember Enron?

Boxer's lead over Jones is growing

Who wants to see state DFL convention photos?

Report shows drinking at Capitol in closing days of session

PD: Most counties approved to use electronic voting machines will delay...

For ex-politician, safety net's secure

Edwards to address state convention

Anybody looking for something to do tomorrow, 5/29?

Feingold rips fundies a new one at Peshtigo Listening session

Murray anticipates nasty GOP campaign

Kerry opens foreign policy bid

E-Voting petition at DFA blog is now at 93, 215.

Has anyone seen this?

Wonder what the week-end

Where can I find Al Gore's speech online?

I get angry when I think about

Lunaville now has a list of civilian contractor/mercenary casualties

Taxpayers Footing Oil Safety Bill - CBS Exposing Paybacks $60 Million

After a Period of Brightness, Earth Dims, Researchers Say

Den of Thieves Track 6: 'I Accuse'

How many here reading this now, check out Activism and Events as well?

Poppy Dimbo Et Al Has Financial Ties To Ely Lilly

People of Earth

Creative Captioners Cicada Alert!!!

This is probably a repost, but...

Poll shows voters prefer snorting coke with bush at party

Help me debunk this lie - WSJ: Saddam's Files Show 'Direct' 9/11 Link

No fan of Michael Moore's films

How can we ever begn to keep up?

Who the heck would pay $15,000 to get pic made with Shrub?

Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason

Where's John Edwards?

Rumsfeld Fighting Technique

Which is the most embarrassing element of the Chalabi situation?

Amerikan soldiers killing a wounded Iraqi in glorious color clip

How did bushco get away with all this criminal insanity?

Appathetic co-workers...

Franken cleans Limbaugh's clock

Army Shows Off Alternative Energy Vehicles

I think Sirius sales got a HUGE boost from Air America

Report: 1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison

A Question for the President and His Supporters

Dog Owners - A warning about proheart 6 heatworm medicine

It sure would be nice

lets all have a great holiday

Please go to and vote!

Praying Preachers Ground Flight

Australian Distributors of Moore Film Say They've Been Threatened

Not a single poster from the DFW area to aid in protest of Halliburton

Thank you bush, more blood on your hands.

White House Divided Over Terror Alert

All Eyes On Dakota House Race - Let's all help Steph Herseth win!

HS Teachers, especially CA teachers

DU response needed to editorial in Chicago Trib!

Thomas Friedman on Discovery, for your viewing displeasure...

DU this poll

Hannity poll: get him a hanky

The 2004 Oil Crisis

Ashcroft: Vote For Kerry, Vote for Al-Qaeda

Hannity has a presidential poll on his site

C-Span 8:05am ET: Claudia Rosett "The Foundation for the Defense of

Baffling Bushies: Do they now need to fake an attack...

This is my first time to listen to Mike Webb

Poll numbers: Bush-Cheney or Kerry McCain

Salon offers free Premium subscription to those serving in the military!

Who wants to hang out at Great Adventure New Jersey on July 8th

Just shoot me!

There hasn't been another attack since 9-11...what does it mean?

Bush Meshes Official, Political Stops to Cut Campaign Costs

The ant and the grasshopper 2004

BANG! BANG! BANG! (Pentagon running out of BULLETS)

Opposition Growing to U.S. Exemption on Global Court

Who heard the fantastic interview with Zinni on NPR this morning?

Look out for terrorists this holiday weekend !

War in Iraq as the centerpiece of the War on Terrorism

Who is less sane...

Abuse At Iraqi Prison Predictable, Decades-Old Study Shows (MTV!?!)

By the way, we're still only at yellow alert...

We are giving Bush a free pass.

Magical History Tour: Bush* 'unhinged from facts'.

U.S. troop deaths in Iraq reach 800

Richard Perle in retrospect

Powell on C-Span now!

C-Span 7:50a.m. LUNAVILLE web master talking about deaths in Iraq.

GE sponsoring Salon Premium. How long til they start influencing content?

Can't the FBI find a picture of this guy without the beard and hair? WTF?

In an insane world, sane Scott McClellan must appear insane...and he does

NYT: Maureen Dowd has harsh words for Kerry, Gore

Irony: what if Bush's dementia is from Mad Cow?

I wish we had a "liberal media"


38 years later, Stephen Stills still rings true

I want all our elected and unelected officials to answer the Depleted

American justice: spammer gets 7 years; shrub gets off scott free

BOB HERBERT excellent piece in the NYT regarding Gores speech.

When is the new Zogby poll coming out?

Another attempt to control the media?

CONASON: "compassionate conservatism was a swindle"

Suit Over AIDS Drug Price Hike

Cold Turkey by By Kurt Vonnegut : A MUST read!

Fox- the bastion of conservative morality!!!

Interesting take on the "party of personal responsibility"

I'm beginning to think conservatism is a mental disorder.

America Invaded and Occupied: What would YOU do?

To my American friends,

Half-time position with no benefits brings in over 100 applicants...

DU this poll

Ambrosia sings the news

Iraq: What Now? What Next?

Get your kids to DU this poll!

Justice Dept. reprimanded for poor coordination on warnings.

Is a coup attempt a form of revolution...

Do you support the proposed Republican led selective service (draft) bill?


Anybody seen Chalabi's photo with Laura Bush???

Italy: hanging hooded manniquins (as Iraq prisoners) on metro trains

Do a google on Gore's speech or on Dean's name. Check sort by date.

OMG....My Former Republican Boss is Market Mgr. Air America

Freeper: Help waste Kerry's war chest by click a link!

DRAFT !!!!!!!!!!! Important for everybody to read

Please help me debunk this Islam hate article.

Terror Threat Boosts U.S. Airport Security

Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) visiting Thom Hartmann now -- streaming

Ashcroft gets scarier every day.

Must read Kerry interview at Salon....

Is there a link to an offical release about bu*sh's seizure medication

Here is what we deal with in Dallas...... Fine examples ...just go see...

Nightline Friday 5/28: Koppel to read names of US dead in Afghanistan

Memorial Day

Need help re: flag-draped coffin photos

Whats happening with the Bush visit to Ireland?

Democratic leadership in fog again Precinct is where you win

Nader Revealed! His true motive in 2000 was to punish the Democrats!

I think the new Terror threats are a set-up


Is corporal punishment ever OK?

Look at this evil John Ashcroft statement

An update on the Carlyle Group

Did all of the RW'ers get the same fax from the White House on Gore?

The Bush-Nazi connection

Protest W's War: Wear RED every Friday from now until Election Day

Don't forget to go to and vote!

Pat Boone calls CBS Anti-American!How dare they show those pics!

What is this with Republicans and Sharper Image?

Friday relaxation

Hannity Book Club

Nixon's Greatest Hits!

Anyone know how to email Gore to give encouragement?

LA DUers... Is it me or does KPCC really suck?

Anyone at CNN, MSNBC, et al reading DU Today?

Analysis: Foreign policy lookalikes...BBC on Kerry

Timing of Abu Hamza Scoop

How many members of the Bush Administration ....

The draft - intelligence in freeperland (!!!)

The character assassination of Al Gore disgusts me

Favorite Memorial Day Poems

According to Drudge, Berg's sister VERY skeptical of Moore interview

BosGlobe Editorial calls Gore "sad"

Hannity poll disabled - heeheehee

Lame question about Al Gore's appearance at Moveon...

New bumper stickers....

Air America is paying benefits already to the Cause of Liberty

Who Argues with a 60:40 Landslide Now?

Hannity changed the question

How will Bush be treated after he loses the Presidency?

Bill Moyers (PBS) could be interesting tonight

Great BUSH quote from yesterday!!!

Air America playing Gore's speech in its entirety

Drivers Hit By Gauge-Gumming Gas

Okay. If you don't like the way a vote has gone, you just change the rules

The O'Franken Factor crushed Rush Limbaugh!

Hitchens drinks Kool-Aid prepared by Chalabi!

Bush "...wrong man to do the job"

Question For Texas DUers Who Remember Bush's Two Governor's Races

I Understand

Will the Imperial NYC Convention accept Confederate Currency?

"If fear fails, what's next?"

UPI-Analysis: Kerry security plan is Bush rehash

Beijing Olympics, 2008: will any gold-medal winner have the chutzpah...

San Diego's Rick Roberts-complete asshole

Has there ever been a Conservative led revolution?

If you think as little of the DLC as I do.................

Why is Jimmy Carter not speaking @ the memorial tomorrow?

So its Friday and the far lefties are attacking the DLC & Kerry

Chalabi refuses to turn over "secret" Saddam papers to Bush......

My concern is NOT with how Kerry campaigns.......

Rove claims he uncovered a Dean speech angrier then his Iowa Speech

Did * make any statements about this administration

CAFTA being signed today

Just found

Randi Rhodes for VP!

Who would you rather BBQ and have a beer with? W leads 50-39%

How many people can republicans try and discredit...

Nadericada and other toons...

Andrew Apostolou! A Young PNACER Emerges...Check out his hate blog.

The draft as an anti-war strategy.

Are there any DU'ers in the Dallas Fort Worth area?

When will the Repubs nominate a smart candidate for President?

Alex Polier confronts her slimers

What happened to Randi's Internet stream?

Please tune back during broadcast hours

corruption everywhere you turn

"Gene Simmons denies anti-Muslim remarks"

Does Bush incompetence threaten national security?

Chasing the Latino Vote

A great way to piss off RNC delegates

Hip-Hop Activism: Will They Come to Vote?

How does the DLC lead?

Did North Korea just fall off the Earth after that "coincedental"

Poll Shows Voters Prefer Drinking with Bush at Barbecue

bush* raised 1.7 mil for the RNC in Nashville yesterday.

Texas To Collect Medicaid From Corpses

Building the Countermovement (progressives bad marketers)

Randi Rhodes is en fuego

CNN Wants your opinion on poll -- assault weapons

Call up Hannity and remind him about the poll

Spain: Zapatero continues Aznar’s anti-democratic measures in regions

Howard Dean: The Movement

Artie Muller..Rolling Thunder..You

Why won't the McCain VP rumors die out?

Pic of Dumbya looking as weird as ever...

Six Flags is hosting HANNITY.

Kerry picks Lieberman for VP

dupe ... please delete.

Why are liberals the only ones defending Islam?

Should Kerry name his VP at the convention.....or afterwards ?

Destroy the messenger

Secular Humanism prefrable for the future over Religion

Dupe (delete)

So, I just flew in from Kansas City...

Anyone catch faux lead story at 5 EST?

Amazing Kurt Vonnegut essay

Michael Moore interviewed Nick Berg for Farenheit 911

-----Taking Book on the Date Allawi Will be Deposed--Place Yer Bets

New ticket - Bush/Rice in '04

Who knows this about Arbitron radio ratings?

Pricetag on the war so far? I heard 200 billion. Right?

Billmon is back. The Whisky Bar is Open.

Buy a DVD of Gore's speech for only $5!

hannity has a new poll

Krugman says 9/11 caused reporters to have "misplaced patriotism"

Dana Rohrabacher...Kerry will cut and run in Iraq.

Has anyone ever seen any of Alex Jones' documentaries?

Per Nutjob Freepers; The Right+Anger=Passion... Liberals+Anger=Insanity...

Republicans are terrified of Gore and his message.

10 reasons the Kerry/McCain talk won't go away....

Question - Political parties and organizs. don't pay income taxes. right?

The thread about nothing

Are we going to fall into the CNN whores' trap?

Powell: U.S. Open to Compromise on Iraq

"Full sovereignty....yep full sovereignty.....That's what I told him...

Captive markets & phone company profits: prisoners and soldiers.

We're still at yellow

I'm planning some espionage...who's with me?

Help me, DU this poll.....

captions needed for today's 'smiling pickles' picture (PHOTO)

Max Cleland, kickin' ass and takin' names, on CNN's Inside Politics

Americans wouldn't recognize 'peace' if it was pissing on them

Who would you rather have write your Speech class assignment for you?

Who's Politicizing 9/11 Now, Mr. Hannity & Co.?

police officer uses tazer on handcuffed 9-year-old girl

Nightline Friday: They're reading U.S. Dead Afghanistan

KRUGMAN: "the straight shooter never existed"

Which is the More Frightening Scenario?

I'm looking for a link to AAR audio archives

Weinsteins Buy 'Fahrenheit 9/11' from Disney OFFICIAL

"I can fix that" - Hannity's webmaster re: POTUS poll

DU Book Club

If Gore had shown the Passion and rhetoric during his campaign that he

What exactly is wrong with being a moderate and trying to compromise?

Funny thing about "Day After Tomorrow" dust-up

Just saw the MoveOn ad played again

Oh my Begala just attacked Ashcroft, and Novak agreed!

Does anyone have audio of Daryn Kagen saying "Allawi" earlier today?

Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason

Kerry/Gore for 2004?

Memorial Day, 2004

From all walks of life they came: a belated 'thank you'

BBV: Alert Kim Alexander

Whom shall we fear more, Al Qaeda or Diebold?

When did Kerry fall off a bike? Letterman said Chimpy and Kerry both

Daily Kos - Email and Call CNN for this BS about Kerry and Al Qaeda

State versus Defense

Update from Toronto 9-11 Inquiry

al Qaeda wants us to stay in Iraq!

Does George W. Bush really bicycle?

Patriotic Parade Organizer Under Fire For His Past

Tweety: even when he compliments a democrat (J.Kennedy) he bashes

Serious Threats to Bush

Final Hannity.Com Poll results !!!!

"Don't stop dreaming about tomorrow...."

Disney Cedes Michael Moore Documentary Rights

Hatch calls for investigation into latest terrorist threat

Bev Harris and Dr. Elaine Kamarck blog about e-voting.

The DLC continues its obsession with Dean bashing.

My Mail Today

CBS News : Gasoline in Florida and LA polluted with "sulphur"

Sydney Morning Herald asks, "Who Killed Nick Berg?"

Question: How many books bashing Clinton were written by

Kerry Call for More Troops/Cato Institute says "Pull Out of Iraq NOW!

Is Bush* really afraid of horses?

Why Gore seems so much more 'powerful' to us now.

What Will It Take!?

Father-in-law of Clarence Thomas refuses to take down flag

John Kerry, 05/28/04, Ashwaubenon, of his best photos yet

DLC PsyOps! Good News! Nader runs off Kerry to Satisfy Left/Kerry takes

Can't wait for Randi Rhodes today!

Who thinks AAR should start some entertainment programming?

Which theocracy do you prefer?

Somebody please smack me up side the head!

was 9-11 a holiday or something

Where's CONDI???

CNN reports Al Qaeda wants John Kerry elected

In The Spirit Of Sean Hannity's New Poll On Al Gore

If Gore was President...

Evidence Of A Liberal Media (Weekly Double Standard)...

Laura Rozen: Source Confirms Chalabi Suspected of Passing "Signals" Intel

Freepers going ballastic over the Hannity poll

Ashcroft, Mueller press conference: sowing panic to prepare a provocation

AWESOME Cover of Time Magazine: Bush Losing Face (Literally)

Just got a 37% increase in company health insurance - I'm livid! "Subliminable" Picture

In all of my years

If John Kerry is not elected in 2004, who is your choice for 2008?

Where Should Dubya Live Out His Retirement?

my comment to CNN regarding "Al Qaeda wants Kerry for Prez"

Kerry biographer calls Gore unstable (Aaron Brown last night)

Is Kerry a Shoo-in...?

Limbaugh advises "over the edge" caller: "Don't Let 'Em Get To You...

Vincent Gallo is a Republican???????????????????????????

San Francisco...not as liberal or tolerant as you thought....Abu Ghirab

Does anyone have the page # in "Plan Of Attack" where

Lawlessness in Iraq--A Catastrophic Success for Secretary Rumsfeld?

Did you ever wish someone with common intelligence would get to be pres?

Perhaps a poll might ask ; Who would you rather be in combat with?

"Bush, Inc. on the Eve of Destruction" - a splendidly snotty pop mutation

Gender-Based Disparagement of Conservative Women

How dare they!

When you in offsite polls please do this...

caption the world's most dangerous man

Credibility to Flip Flop

Is God really out there?

BBV: Just how desperate IS Florida?

It's an auditing problem: 4 audits we need for Fall '04 elections

A CASH opinion of Al Gore's speech

What is a Far Leftie? Cause apparently I am one

Rumsfeld`s Support of the War Effort: Iraq`s That is, vs Iran and the Kurds

Bunnypants* getting DESTROYED on a Hannity Poll

As I listening to Gore speak now, I wonder does anyone still believe ...

List Linking Smoking to Diseases Expands

Citigroup to sell stake in Saudi partner

Texas Company Pleads Guilty to Scamming Poor Schools on Funding Program

EU Parliamentarian Calls for 911 INTERNATIONAL INQUIRY!

Status changed for soldier killed in Iraq

Byelection test for Blair after MP dies

U.S. Convoy Releasing Prisoners Attacked in Iraq

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 800 U.S. service members have died

Delight Over Coup Is Evident in Transcripts (Kissinger/Chile)

Canadian activists launch campaign to support U.S. war resisters

U.S. troops, Sadr militia clash after Iraq truce

Three NBC journalists, Iraqi freelancer released after three days in capti

Bellingham (WA) among sites that will get anti-terror patrol planes

Clinton's memoir to hit stores June 22 (1.5 million first printing!)

US retreats after failing to capture militia chief

Dupe, please remove!

Boeing seeks prize security contract

Leatherman based in the USA, but not made in the USA (mislabeling product)

US wants open-ended Iraq commitment

pls delete dupe

Troops Escorting Prisoners Attacked

Army Reverses Plan on Environmental Cuts

Germany's Fischer against western troops in Iraq

Ashcroft Assailed on Terror Warning

Spain's new prime minister praises Mexico for balking at Iraq war

For Iraqi women, Abu Ghraib's taint

Bush Administration Divided Over Terror Alert; Some Say It Was Overblown

Allawi Nominated As Transitional Iraqi PM

Son of Iraqi council member killed during attempt on her life

Clashes in Kufa despite truce called between US and militiamen

Panel Holds Hearings on U.S. Intelligence (report due in March)

Fears of violence mount ahead of Bush Rome visit

Italy warns of Bush unrest threat

Aristide to leave Jamaica

Somali death toll rises to 75

2 ex-officials of Haiti held in drug case

War crimes court delays ruling on Taylor trial

Spending Growth Comes in on Forecast

$26.5M Benlate Award (vs Dupont) Tossed Over Improper Jury Instruction

Two Soldiers Wounded by Gunmen Near Najaf

'Death to the United States'

Layoffs quietly begin at St. Paul Travelers (2200? jobs total)

Judge sets September 13 as trial date for Michael Jackson

Gasoline price-hike protest leaves 5 dead - Beruit

PM (John Howard), you're wrong: letters expose early reports of torture

US prevented war between India, Pak: Powell

Kerry expanding ads to GOP-leaning Virginia

More Muslims now see U.S., Israel the same way

(EU): US troops 'endanger (Afghan) aid staff'(by using civilian clothes)

Iran says it will resume uranium enrichment if IAEA gives in to US pressur

Layoffs by major employer leave Tecumseh reeling (340 jobs)

Suspicion Surrounds Death of Iraqi Scientist in U.S. Custody(blunt-force?)

Riggs (Bank) Seeks Buyer After Government Fine, Executive Departures

Terror warning surprises Homeland Security Dept.

Please tune back during broadcast hours

Some Republicans fear Iraq will color campaigns

Norway seeks tripled whale catch

Giuliani, Bloomberg, Pataki to be featured at GOP convention

Randi Rhodes is en fuego

Mobile mayor signs letter endorsing travel, trade with Cuba

Analysis: Picking on the wrong guy in Iraq

Bush Meshes Official, Political Stops to Cut Campaign Costs

Questions surround raid at city mosque (Philadelphia, new info)

Boy Pronounced Dead Discovered Alive During Funeral Home Prep

Cuba Likens Iraqi Prisoner Images to Hitler Crimes -- Reuters

Guardian: Playing the war card and Kerry attacks Bush foreign policy

Massive looting operation may be under way in Iraq

Americans worried, angrier and less hopeful about Iraq situation

'Women have the right to decide on abortion' - SA

'The American military violence must stop'

Study: Texas kids among the most overweight

Consumer Confidence Slips in May

Filmmaker Moore Offers Berg Interview to Family

Court strips Pinochet of immunity

NEC Unit Admits It Defrauded Schools

Rehnquist Orders Study After Scalia Flap

G.I. in Jessica Lynch convoy was captured, killed

Allawi Nominated As Transitional Iraqi PM

Ralph Nader as Mad Bomber

Inuit survival battle against US base

Interrogators hid identities


Springs bishop sends ultimatum to charity - Denver Post

RCMP won't charge Fox news for false Pickton story.

Suspicious powder sent to legislature, McLellan's office (anthrax scare)

China Expands Military Buildup - Pentagon

Judge Orders Convicted Killer's Mouth Taped in Court

Clinton: Kerry running smart campaign

Court Strips Chile's Pinochet of Immunity

(Fla) Secretary of state tries to calm voters

Bush Pledges Sovereignty Transfer in Iraq ("I mean full sovereignty")

9/11 Victims' Kin to Hear Tapes of Calls

Attorney: Terror suspect's family wants to know where she is

Hutchison presses Bush to save Hubble telescope

Ghostbusters Descend on British Navy Base

Poland Angrily Dismisses Iraq Abuse Report

Proposed US overtime rules come under fire

Warner Bucks GOP Right On Probe of Prison Abuse

Residents flee fighting in DRC border town

Groups: Medicare Drug Card Enrollment Low

Poll shows Bush with large lead over Kerry in Louisiana

Birmingham Democrat faces heavy odds against Shelby

Iraqis Have Doubts Over Choice of Interim Premier

IGC picks Iyad Allawi to be Iraqi PM

Shell Checks Sulfur Levels In Gas (Ruins Vehicle Fuel Gauges)

NYT- U.N. Envoy Picks Iraqi With Close U.S. Ties to Be Premier


Local FBI Head: al Qaeda 'Expressed Interest' in Pittsburgh

Stellar novelist (Arundhati Roy) takes peace prize

Budget cuts slated after election

Attackers Shell American Base in Najaf

Kerry Calls for More Troops to Bolster U.S. Military

Scientists scoff as climates run amok

FEC: Nader Campaign Qualifies for Funds

Miller ‘most humiliated’ showering with men

Exiled Allawi (chosen PM of Iraq) was responsible for 45-minute WMD claim

Pope worries about 'soulless' life in America, urges action

Green Party Weighs Endorsing Nader

Central American, U.S. trade officials sign CAFTA

US House Republicans Plan Energy Action in June

UN finds enriched uranium on Libyan centrifuges [Nuke Grade]

CNN Suing Florida to Obtain 2004 Voter Purge List

Paul McCartney Speaks Out Against Iraq War

Judge cites Laci Peterson law in fighting pregnant woman's deportation

Weinsteins Buy 'Fahrenheit 9/11' from Disney

Poll: Kerry-McCain would easily beat Bush-Cheney

Diplomat (SA) missing in Malaysia

Fed-up Cheney enters Presidential race himself

Time for a few laughs

I'm watching "Gilligan's Island" right now

"" has already Photoshopped the "most e-mailed Bush" pic

I can now officially post!

Can you hear me now?

Alanis Morissette... Isn't It Ironic......

Will PItt are you up?

Does it ever . . .

When was the last time . . . .

What if you . . .

This post is about . . . .

Have you ever...

Have you kept in touch with high school and college friends?

On a happier note.

I bought Powerball tickets last night when I was in Nashville

A timeless U2 classic, actually written in 1982

You can ask Bush a question on this website and he will answer it

How many Bushies are needed to replace a lightbulb?

Anyone who thinks positive thinking works

new Hannity advertisers Stanford Coins and Bullion,

Why do peple have to show their ass when they decide to leave DU?

Can someone help me resize this picture for my DU aviator

It's Been A Wild Weather Day

I Helped Rescue a Baby Oppossum: Ask Me Anything!

I . . . .

John McCain on Late Night

School Children Get Flogging Lessons

Madonna Slammed for Politically-Heavy Tour

Forest Where 'Smokey Bear' Discovered Now Burning

It's lunch time

Sorry, Dupe. N/T

The LAST cat thread of the day

I wish Futurama was still on the air!

New Mexico Fire Spreads in 'Smokey Bear' Forest


Good Friday Morning DU!

Yak farmers go hi tech . . . really . . .

Late in the evening, just about sundown...high on a hill up above the town

Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU!!

Reserved Parking at the 7/11 and Gardening in high heels

Beer 'n Ammo game -- funny stuff

People, this right-winger has completely lost it.

You can't fight evil with a macaroni duck..

Worst. Birthday present. Ever.

Pat Boone speaks

Okay which of you guys let Bush fly the plane?

Thanks to DU I was blissfully unaware of Tornados all around...

I watched "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" last night...should I be shamed??

Ever been the subject of bias?

Things you do not want to overhear from the furnace guys:

Sometimes, it's a good day to be indigenous

The Rush Limbaugh "Excellence In BABBLING" Audio Theatre

Simian Avatars- check in

I think anyone that cant appreciate the artisrty of U2 is pretty much

What's the best one-a-day multi-vitamin?

I hope Kerry picks McCann

The Infinite Cat Project

Art Exhibit Made Out Of Cannabis Confiscated

Music trivia question.

Woman Broke Into Hotel And Stole Liquor - In Self Defense

We need more LOX threads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giant Mushroom Baffles Experts In The Congo

I'm bored!

My sig line can beat up your sig line-

Next on Fox News-A bright shiny object! Look! Look!

Best Game Show Theme Music of All Time

Got this email today...regarding car windows...don't know if it's true.

If you could have the answer to ONE question before you die...

This site may have been posted before, but I dunno; re: cost of iraq war

Cat Behaviour Problem

Poll finds hypothetical Elmo-Mr. Bill ticket sure winner

I feel that I need to share the CACOPHONY I had with all of you

Just l little "thank you" to Mo Paul

Next REAL Reality TV Show - Watching Paint Dry (NOT A Joke)

Doumentaries Troy McClure could host about the Bush administration

A music quiz.......

Am I abrasive?

We Need more SILK Threads!!!!!!

I feel that I need to share the EPIPHANY I had with all of you

We Need More COPYCAT Threads!!!

When The Extended Edition Of Return Of The King Comes Out....

who's wearing red today?

Is Getting High Going To Interfere With Your Holiday Weekend?

We Need More COPYCAT Threads!!!

We Need MORE SOCK Threads!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw a terrorist yesterday

I signed the Death Warrant for my truck's paint job....

UNIX tips for newbies: #211 -- Speeding up your processes

Well....there goes my summer classes.

Sorriest Excuse for a Human Being (Radio Division)

Is Getting Laid Going To Interfere With Your Holiday Weekend?

Is it better to ask for permission, or forgiveness?

What's the best (free) version of Linux?

Who's Wearing CLOTHES Today?

it's raining Lynnesins & skinners!!!!

Paging CSS gurus... (website problem)

How do you break a puppy from eating EVERYTHING in its path??

WOOHOO!! After Monday I Can Wear WHITE!

Placebos, Panaceas and CAPTIONs

Modern Maladies....

Are you guilty of automatically shortening people's lives??!

What's your home page set to?

OK, this is it, the worst Bush photo I've seen in the last month...

CAPTION the man who does NOT look worried

You're in an Elevator and someone is rushing to get on it: What do you do

Wooohoooo!!! It's SUMMER!! What one thing are you most anticipating...

'Ultimate Poker Babes' Coming To Cable - To Play Strip Poker

Are you guilty of automatically shortening people's names??!

Greatest Saturday Night Live cast member ever?

More Tennessee fun as Dubya shows you where healthcare costs are going..

NYC or LA, which is the more fun/exciting/enjoyable city?

Where is Al Franken today?

HELP! Cat pee odor...

The Lord of the West Wing

Okay, how about we call you "corporate rock cash cow"?

Anyone hear Gen. Anthony Zinni on NPR this morning?

$132K of Grant to Combat Goth Returned

DU this poll


What's your favorite comic? Do you read Ballard Street?

We need a new album from BLANK

Can anyone here translate Latin?

who here wants to be granted sovereignty?

Grrr... Why does my sound keep stopping in the middle of AAR

Hi. I'm a newbie.

Are high gas prices interferring with your holiday weekend?

Why is so fricken cold and wet

Toddler Pronounced Dead Found Breathing One Hour Later

Mumia Abu Jamar

Good cop stories

Just got rejected for a job...

Help - need info on Laura Bush's newspaper ads, post-911, of unamericans

A toast to Bernard, the Low-Expectations Spider...

Any Tasmin Archer fans here?

What are you cooking this weekend ?

Bert Goes Places - This guy really gets around

Mini Rant - We have 26 screens in town and only 10 movies

Hispanic food?

Mac OS X update fails to fix vulnerability

TONIGHT: We drink tequila and then watch "The Day After Tomorrow"

Wanna see MY cat?

I know Unix. Many of them. In depth. Linux in particular.

What's that smell coming from the White House?

Philadelphia has hijacked Seattle's weather.

Anybody want to decipher a vanity plate? NDPINDT

I'm hiding out in the lounge for awhile!

The Hannity Poll on Bush, Gore or Nader has been disabled

Send Mo Paul to Iraq. Only I can make everything work there.

I just bought a boombox, that has a weird quirk.

Best,, cheapest place to buy and park a domain name??

DU Women: A Question for You

Am I the only one in America that doesn't know Shrek?


I miss my cats

just sent this to Sean Hannity.

the Dr. Do Little of all CAPTIONs

Caption: Father and son?

Wanna see my CAT???!!!

Quick question for those schooled in law...

"I'm a uniter, not a divider" as played out in bumper stickers

Dear Sexy Knickers...

I'm Bored: Movie Connection Thread Time: Sean Bean - Troy - Brad Pitt

Start with a cage containing five monkeys.

Anybody have a female yellow cat?

Metallica, Mozart, or Mathis? must choose..........

Karl pimps Evangelicals?

somebody friggin stole my knee replacement!!!!!!!!!!

Two hours until vacation starts-9 whole days

Billy Joel got a little political in the early 80s...

OH NO! The "Embedded" ads are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my car was attacked again

I'm not so fond of cicadas

How often do you double post?

That's it, I'm going to start a procrastinator club soon....

Judge Orders Convicted Killer's Mouth Taped in Court

I am going to see "The Day After Tomorrow". . .

business software recommendations?

I am going to see "The Day After Tomorrrow"....

My integrity.

Ever wonder what happens when you swat at a cicada by your ear?

Free pizza and beverages tomorrow!

Rodney Dangerfield is like a total stoner dude, since 47'.....

DU fisherpeople, my 'vacation' fishing report...

Thread 2 Question songs with a woman`s name in title.???

Bush Joke (G Rated)

What new job would lose me the most respect around here?

Confess your sins.........HERE

New Home Depot benefits released--check out the last one

Caution's subversive song of the day

I'm the only gay Eskimo

Do something about this horrible scourge!


So, what do you look for at Garage Sales?

Excerpts from a cat's daily diary

Man kills self after caught having sex with Ann Coulter.

Are you 100 percent sure you are a homosapien?????

Man'd best friend, the dog (WARNING: slightly non-PC)

They got NAFTA, we got the SHAFTA

Hey..Skinners on vacation! Let's party...

Are you 100% sure you are a homo or heterosexual???

Cannabis grows in town's main street(pointless article)

Post your stupid looking Bush pics here

What are the best sitcoms on now?

Red Hat Blues

Help my daughter name her new dog.

i was getting an oil change at a fastlube...

Am I the only one in America that doesn't like Shrek?

i think DU should sell Guitar straps...

DU lounge LOBBY GAME guess the lyrics.

Wow -- this is the first time in the history of (my) home improvement...

why don't we just call this the cat thread lounge for corn's sake?

Black Hat blues....

What's on your stereo right now?

i think DU should sell Bondage straps...

The thread about nothing

One of my coworkers told me today that my ex-boyfriend/treasurer are

Songs With Men's Names In The Title

Bad Cop Stories

NEW QUESTION LOBBY.movies,tv shows and songs with city names in title .

My blog is updated -

i''m drunker than a skunk and its my boss's fault

Songs with the words "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" in the title

POETS day...

"Are you a mod or a rocker?"

Your Life List. What is on it and what have you checked off?

Swedish Company To Offer Condom Delivery Service

Can my laptop, without internal hard, boot from an external drive?

Rick Santorum: (202) 224-6324 (nt)

Funny! The 213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

Which movie should I see tonight?

Am I blind? How do you get to the DU photo gallery?

Are you 100% sure you are homogenous?

Which DVD should I see tonight?

O, the things I find while ogling

Excerpts from a dog's daily diary

The Garfield Movie

Forget you guys, Stagate will be on soon....

I'm gonna be on TV

I've got a long WooWoo, who wants a weekend?

Someone's got to say it: glycosidic, worst bond ever...

What has happen to the Dixie Chicks????Have not heard anything

I've got a long weekend, who wants a WooWoo?

EQUAL TIME - Greatest "MAD TV" Cast Member Ever

Eric Idle still rules

National Embarrass-mints!

Time for a song!

? about video conferencing/web chat

Hannity has a new poll about Gore

Who's got the best barbecue sauce recipe?

How do you decide?

PA Man Robs Bank (Police: He Wanted to Buy Fiancé a Car)

YEAHHHHHHH! It's freakin Friday!

(waste of time)Take the book thats closest to you..

Does anyone know if copies of "George" the magazine our worth anything?

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a light

When youÕre retired, holidays are a pain in the ass.

A Game

Modern horror flicks..."Lost Boys"

DU Lounge Rejects thread part 2

Favorite cheese pick-up line

modern gangster flicks...Goodfellas....

Doctor Who on DVD - new info for the rest of 2004

Be sure to thank your grandparents

The First Cat Thread Of The Morning

Stupid question. For telephoto lenses, what's the easiest was to focus?

Need a little unbiased help please.


The witty banter of insomniacs.

I'm in Ohio! Ask me anything!

Computer problem question

how should business folk outside of homes be treated?

How do you order your steak?

Favorite cheesy pick-up line

O, the things I find while googling

National Idol (gag) and the voting.

ha ha, see this letter to Dear Abby

Anyone remember 'The Spur Posse'?

What are real estate prices like in your area?

Man kills son after catching him reading Anne Coulter

I know I'm not supposed to advertise here but.....

If any of you Photoshop pros get bored this weekend

DU Lounge Losers Official Friday Night Thread

my computer still istn working but I wanna say hi

To any PC hardware folks: Pentium or Celeron? What's the difference?

BBQ (slow smoker), pork shoulder, beef brisket, or both????

Everyone on DU must participate in the Kerry vs Bush poll on!!

Have you ever "booed" a band at a live show?


Has anyone tried Smoke Away yet...?

Is Michael Jackson guilty or not?

From all walks of life they came: a belated 'thank you'

Modern Western flicks...Silverado.

Someone's got to say it: Roger Moore, worst Bond ever...


Question???? Songs that have womens name in title

Check out poor Ralph in this picture!

My grades just came!

i'm going to bar tonight

Songs with a FAMOUS person's name in the title.......

Have You Ever Had A Surprise Party?

Boy 2, comes back from the dead.

Betty Crocker straps on an egg beater and runs through New York's...

Who's the VILEST Right-Wing Radio Talk Show Host?

Favorite Card Game

Are democrats cat people or dog people?

Bands with 100% turnover in membership: can you think of any?

Hummingbird update - the eggs have hatched!

Ok, to correct my bad song karma: SONG WITH BEST LYRICS EVER

Smuttynose IPA

Scientists Believe They Found New Baby Planet

Which cat is prettier???

How should homeless folks outside of businesses be treated?

man kills self after caught having sex with a hen

I wan to check out a good suspense/horror novel.

OK, I got a new smoker

What I think sucks about Kerry Meetups and grassroots in general.

Should Kerry promise to match all of the money spent on TV advertising...

Anyone else notice that "flip-flop" has now shifted to "stable" in GOP

For House Democrats, a Whiff of Victory

Kerry Vows to Rebuild Alliances, Confront Terrorism

Today's WSJ political thoughts !

Kerry has 5 point lead in Iowa poll

OK!! Let's keep the Kerry/McCain story alive as long as possible

Odd request: Go to and vote for Kerry

Nader qualifies for matching campaign funds

CO Mike Miles Supporters Needed on Monday!

Moran helping Kerry to win election

Stan Greenberg: Bush Losing Support of His Base

Green Party Weighs Endorsing Nader

OK. Let's put this Kerry/McCain garbage to rest once and for all.

selecting *bush was like buying a pig in a poke, so they say

My Pics From John Kerry Rally In Green Bay Last Night! - Links

Polls finds hypothetical Kerry-McCain ticket with advantage over Bush

Poll finds hypothetical Kerry-Batman ticket with advantage over Bush

Poll finds hypothetical Kerry-Jesus ticket with advantage over Bush

Turn on Crossfire! It's on now and

VP poll: John McCain vs. 'Ham Sandwich Democrat'

McCain is NOT pro-choice. He's history for me. No way.

Latest electoral vote count

Jeb's new scam to steal the 04 Florida election

? your opinion about the belief that Kerry/Edwards don't like each other?

Evan Bayh - thougts, VP and otherwise

Kerry on Terrorists: I'd crush 'em

Edwards supporters past and present, check in!

Kerry at Rolling Thunder??