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Archives: May 26, 2004

Simplistic solutions for simpletons by the functionally illiterate Bush.

A continuing education at Abu Ghraib University

It's the Competence Stupid...

Kerry Will Win Huge--Read This

Rush's forced conscripts (Few Libs on Armed Forces Radio)

Everything you want to know about the Olympic Games

Anybody else watching Law & Order SVU right now?

NY Times Op-Ed piece: Kerry's proposed gasoline tax was an excellent idea

New Zealand lawmaker blasts Chinese complaint

Lien's plea for `faith'conceals aninsult to all - TW

Bullet trains arrive in Kaohsiung - TW

There's something you should know

high school student asked me 'was Palestine ever its own country'?

Israeli Director Dedicates Cannes Prize To Palestinians

Egypt ready to take major role in Gaza security after pullout

Dead were civilians, Israeli army admits

Photo we didn't see from Abut Graib....

Farm Animals Seized At Peninsula Home -

In Honor of the Upcoming State Convention

I'm seeing TONS of anti-* bumper stickers in Bellevue

Hurry! Hurry! Get your free prosthetics here!

Here is an Objective look at AL-Quaran

political songs at MOVELEFT.COM

More unintentional irony from Newsweek: "How To Get Out Of Iraq"

How many Iraqi prisoners have died?

The U of O College Dems "Bush Bash" went off really well.

Bush's bike fall explained

My probing dissection of "The Speech"

White House Web: "President George W. Bush talks with several Iraqis...

I am pretty sad. Phish is calling it quits.

Winston Churchill(no wonder he is * role model)

High terror alert: Just on Keith Olberman

Aren't we past due for a major terralert?

Well, so the terrorists are still going to attack now that we know ?

Why didn't B. Golderg & O'Reilly just have that chat on the phone today?

Russert and the Imuses talking about "Vegans"

Wes Clark on Paula Zahn now

Todays "Breaking" news"there might be an attack sometime in the future"

Wheel out the pResident

3 Political...... Truisms........ need pointing out.........

The Summer of '04: What else could go wrong?

How cute teh local news is opening the local wiht back up

Faux ramps up propaganda

With the RW Talk Hosts turning on Shrubya... what happens when Rush turns?

At long last--the Mike Malloy vs Randi thread

Who here knows about Exxon Mobile in the morning?

If you were elected president, what would you do?

Thanks News Jock

Countdown: Bernstein being interviewed. Olbermann is just great.

For everyone here tonight. Check this out and tell me what you think?

Even the founding fathers new This Experiment would be corrupt

Anyone see the smartass that was on Hannity then Scarbourgh?

Mother Teresa Fascist Enabler

Bush exacting his righteous wrath on Abu Ghraib. The buck stops there.

Bwaahahahahah! Mr. Potatohead knocks 'em out at Boston College graduation

Nightline 5/25: Afghanistan, the forgotten war

Fun with Math

Virginia's new law banning civil unions

Little Rich Lowry been talking with Lucianne again ?

Is this nonsense or what? (from a Yahoo forum)

Terrorist Attack an "attempt to affect outcome of election" - Ack!!!

AP: "Terrorists Planning Summer Attack"

*Puts on her Tin Foil wizard hat* Ok what would happen if...?

Who here wants to see Scott Ritter in Dallas, June 24?

Get those barf bags ready! Cowboys.

for the last few weeks i`ve posted about my wife`s

A spirit lifter from Monty Python's Eric Idle

Have there been any communications from Al-qaeda/Zagarwi lately?

The wagons are circling...MSNBC's "Can you spot the threats?"

I have seen NO pro-bush* bumper stickers in my rightwing neighborhood

Any word on where General Sanchez will be reassigned to?

don't be afraid to "Lick Bush".

Someone in UK.....can I see this video on BBC4 anywhere?

Did Bush disgrace Sanchez?

Los Angeles more deadly than Iraq for returning soldier

Franken AND Garafalo on Tough Crowd ....

I thought it was a joke, but the freepers are ready to start a nation

Lugar and Isaacson Speak at Tufts Re Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Couldn't Kerry spend all the money NOW by prepaying ads?

What are the different types of moderate democrats/repubs/independents?

So Iran framed Saddam? When someones proven framed do they go free?

Franken & Garafalo on Colin Quinn now

RW Talk Radio Host Today Said This About Bush

So Chimpy is going to France for the D-Day anniversary?

DU this poll

107F/41C Degrees in Al Kut. Do you know why your children are dying?

Letterman tonight: "Bush has a 5-point strategy for getting out of Iraq.."

How did Colin Quinn ever had a comedy job?

high school student asked me 'was Palestine ever its own country'?

Are Americans going to be fooled in 2004 as they were in 2002?

Gimmee an "I;" gimmee an "R;" gimmee an "A;" gimmee a "Q"

damn franken just got embarassed by quinn

Lunaville just revised their casualty count

My perfect storm: Bush resigns..Cheney takes his place....

Dirty Bomb will be my guess, Carlyle group has cornered the market

"We have nothing left to fear but fear itself"

Courting Disaster: What's really at stake in this election?

Air America vs Tough Crowd

New from WashPost on terror threat: Orange alert till after inauguration?

So what will that bulletin say?

The Award for Biggest Political Brass Balls of All Time Goes To...

Canuckos ..who ya votin' for

BBV: California Senate requires paper trail for e-voting machines by Jan 1

An invasion of Iran?

Terrorists planning summer attack....right on schedule

Least competent rises to the top

We are being set up

Why This Site Rocks!


historic Vietnam photo (another beheading...caution...graphic)

The Origins of the Overclass

Sam Seder is making an A* out of himself with Ed Koch

Did Judith Miller sleep with her sources?

Evidence of Iranian document forgery, passed by Chalabi to frame Saddam

What do you all make of the right's confusion over Iraq?

OK, weird...I'm getting clobbered by my readers, so take this poll.

A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal

Will the latest 'sex scandal' get the press to make it a top news story?

Is it just me or is Colin Quinn a Dumbass?

Myth: The rich get rich because of their merit.

The U.S. has among the worst health statistics of all rich nations

Physical threats from Freeperland

Recommended reading: this month's issue of Harper's (again)

the strange case of artist Steve Kurtz -- accused of "terrorism"

Here we go... "THEY ARE HERE". Prepare for US elections suspension

CBS says 5 al qaida members in US

Tom Brokaw - Good bye and Good riddance!

Shepard Smith is gay.

Canadian DUers

US, Britain signal apparent differences on Iraq

Battle Lines Drawn in Spitzer V. Grasso

Returning Sailor Killed in Gardena (LATimes)

Is Atty.Gen.Ashcroft responsible for prison abuse in Iraq ?

Former Soldier Claims He Was Beaten During Training Exercise In Cuba

U.S. military arrests war's 'bargaining chips' (US taking hostages)

Brand-Name Drug Prices Rise Faster Than Inflation

Calif. Supreme Court Skeptical Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

NYT: G.I.'s Prison Abuse More Widespread, Says Army Survey

WP: Military Families Mourn Daughters

NUMC cuts another 100

Michigan companies recall brown almonds

Ex-General Franks Gets Honorary British Knighthood

Senate majority leader campaigns against Sen. Barbara Boxer

NYT: Civilian's (Berg's) Ill-Fated Road to Iraq Was Paved With Derring-Do

Spanky the clown arrested on porn charges

White House Ignores Critics, Voices Iraq Optimism

U.S. repairs in Iraq may come too late

Row in Philippines over leaked tally

Taxpayers Footing Oil Safety Bill (Homeland Security Funds)

U.S. Delays World Court Exemption Plan

Russian Scientist Dies in Ebola Accident at Former Weapons Lab

Christianity bedevils talks on EU treaty

U.S. accused of weakening organic standards

WP: General Is Said To Have Urged Use of Dogs

South Dakota Senator Lashes Out at 'Taliban Wing of Republican Party'

U.S. Soldiers to Be Reprimanded for Forcing Iraqis to Jump From Bridge

Iraq war hurts Australian premier's election chances

G.I.'s Prison Abuse More Widespread, Says Army Survey

Rehnquist Orders Study After Scalia Flap

The Times and Iraq (NYT "Apology")

Angel rerun on now

NFL Seeks Franchise in Los Angeles by 2008

MDs' neckties 'a health hazard'

what happened to DU's Air America banner?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Missouri Beef Industry Council

Met a guy today who claimed to have been at My Lai.

Judge kicked off bench for drunkeness.

ROTK is out...what other DVDs are you looking forward to....

i just hit over 1000!!!!!

Phish breaking up

Do you like this concept?

I'm the man on the mountain, come on up.

i've just purchased tickets...inquire as you may . . ..

Calgary/Tampa..if the first period is any indication - get ready

Always remember guys:

Have you seen any of those milk ads lately?

(Andres) Galarraga beats cancer, wants to play again

Folks, I need to ask a really serious question:

Best Lures

Question about the afterlife

Anyone know why the Flames made it to the finals? (Speaking in folklore)

Look, guys. I never meant to imply what some of you may have thought

HEyHEY (and other Polar Bear lovers) here's a thread for you. Too cute!

Worst job....

Buba ho tep!!

Goddamnit- this is just what the Cable people said would happen

Does Anyone Want Frivolous Advice on Anything?

"I've got a growth on my pecker!"

Gay Activists - Turn On C-Span

Best slightly-brackish water fishing advice..

best baby's bathwater fishing advice...?

Do you think this church sign is for or against the war?

New Finn Brother's CD "Everyone is Here" & tour starting soon!!!!!

Another question, this one is interactive:

Next time send money: post office

best fire water fishing advice?

Why are old pulp mills so colorful?

Go Stro's!

accidental dupe... sigh...

anyone else going to see Rush tomorrow night in Nashville?

Terra Alert: Foreign terrorists in Florida

Hey, warm lemonade is actually pretty good

The chimp is a shrimp!

F*ck you stretch marks!!!

40's are illegal in Florida?!

Two jokes...

Eins zwei drei fier!

A question for you humans who are owned by a cat

drunk on a Tuesday.... ask away....

Define Leftenants...I think it's a rank in the British military but

Time for a quick sequel of "Ask the Canadians"

So Chimpy was at an Indian (Native American) reservation

Hockey fans!! Check this quick poll!

Scarlett Fought for Terra!! (NT)

Phish breaking up

Dear Jenna & the Other One:

What is "Strip Karaoke"?

Tonight, two Hartford, CT cops were seriously injured during a drug bust.

Flames take game one

WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO! I got a transfer!!!

Check out this home page for a Sydney sex shop...


Best fresh water fishing tips Got any???

I speak Spanish!


Why don't any clubs have an "Oldies" night

What DVD's do you want that 'they' haven't/don't/won't release?

REMINDER - Air America personalities on Comedy Central

Cicada threatens Chimp

Ticks, ticks, and more ticks!

What's freeper heaven like?

Hot or Not - Gabrielle Union

Apollo 13 info and communication transcripts - a good read

Who wants a kiss from HEyHEY

Letterman said...

Is this considered a "sex thread?"

Correct me if I'm wrong - But I should have my own late night TV show

Are there any Weather Spotters here?

I am in Pain!! Just took a soft ball to the pelvic area!!

HELP!!! Post your sure-fire *earworm* cures here!!

Love it? Don't love it? Lyle Lovett.

Cameron Diaz on Leno

American Gothic, anyone else a fan?

Advice on dealing with disturbed parent?


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, is it really amore?

Question regarding punctuation

24 is gross

A "Yo Mama" War... Let's get crackalakin!!

Cant get her off my mind and the stupid thing is i may never see her again

Shit..I just spilled rye and coke on the keyboard

Survey of some pretty bad pickup lines


Anybody familiar with Pre-Disco BEEGEES?

Lost Childhood Photo Of * Found !!!

First trip of..youth/discovery..on your own?

Is there anything wrong with a gay who is in the closet?

do cats voices change at adolescence?

My unsual bumpersticker...sort a FU to the red white & blue crowd.

I'm sorry, but the Bay City Rollers can kiss my...

OK, who's watching the T-Wolves/Evil Empire game???

Kill Bill

I've been noticing lots of "For Sale" signs on SUVs lately.

We had a Baby Boy this morning !


Remember the "Hamster Dance?"

Freeper child in a pool

They found Osama Bin Laden...

Does anyone here smoke a pipe?

Who else enjoys the smell of a new book?

DNA Study Finds Cheetos Aren't Food

DNA Study Finds Chihuahuas Aren't Dogs

Anyone remember the old Boris Karloff show "Thriller"?

How come when I go to Wal-Mart

Who wants to kiss HEyHEY

Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkahban...

Glengarry Glen Ross

#6,000: Swiniest swine in the whole swinish Misadministration

Fantasia is fantastic!

The most awesomely bad songs of the 1950s

Coolest Canadian Province?

Arkansas family celebrates 15th child

ok... who loves Janeane???

How 'bout Colin Powell as Kerry's veep?

Yea! Kerry is now being called a Commie lover!

How 'bout Jeb Bush as Kerry's veep?

Did anyone see Wes Clark on Paula Zahn? 5/25

This is amazing. Over 64,000 sign e-voting petition in 24 hours.

Terrorist attack threat this summer going to help the Chimp?

Idea for an Ad Campaign (Republicans for Kerry)

Specter v. Hoeffel: Polls show 52-40

Vote for the VP

Let's Push This Into The Vernacular: Not Worth The Shrapnel In Kerry's Ass

Dems want our input into the party platform

McGovern warns against delaying Kerry nomination

Is anyone concerned about Edwards having been a trial lawyer?

Veepstakes survivor Final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hardball: Kerry "cuddly factor".....

Slate: Judy's Turn To Cry

The trail to Tehran (lot's of info on Chalabi/Iran/CIA)

Some of Pat Bagley's political cartoons (Salt Lake Tribune) pretty solid!

Abu Ghraib and the Bush economy

Skip the bait and switch

Steve Bell unveils Bush and Blair's exit strategy

Danner: Torture and Truth

Bush's blind leadership

Pie in the sky toon

Democrats have little choice but to delay the nomination

'NewsHour' Stays Dedicated

They got nothin toon


Bush bashing toon

US war policy `grave error' (Perle interview)

Does Powell know what "Sovereignty" means?

ASIA TIMES: Perle: 'Prince of Darkness' in the spotlight

The Real Times Scandal: Will Someone Get Fired Over This? Altercation

"The building is not guilty ". Iraqis hostile over plan to raze prison.

SCHEER: Chalabi's Long, Costly Charade

From Abu Garib to Abu Garob

RNC responds by criticizing Moveon, not Gore's speech)THE COMPANY HE KEEPS

Poking holes in the official story of 9/11 (Toronto Star)

Bush's Iraq: almost unrecognizable: David Sarasohn

'Burning Bush' Can Fahrenheit 9/11 win the American presidential election?

The Prison Demolition pics

The things Bush didn't mention in his speech(re-writing of Iraqi history )

Plaid kicked butt today!

Holy Crap -- SF Chronicle Editorial

Media should stop bashing America: Newsday

What should have been said . . .

The Silencing of America: Americans Are Afraid of Bush’s Violent Regime

RW antiwar slam on Bush over Abu Ghraib "The Face of America"

Brandon Mayfield's ordeal

Bush: a Study in Failure (Great Read!)

Nader in Portland ME May 27

Last minute but - 5/26 protest Barbara Bush in Maine

Dean selects another "dozen" that are solid progressives needing support

Calling all DU Hams

MASS MARCH ON JUNE 5 "Bush and Rumsfeld - Guilty of War Crimes"

NYT Criticizes Own Reporting on Iraq (without accompanying qualification)

Far worse than Abu Ghraib!

Webcast of Gore's speech?

Remove Limbaugh's Radio Show from Taxpayer-Funded American Forces Radio

David Brock on Media Matters

Question for Nancy Re: Veepstakes

"The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised...

A very smart dog and Frankinfood.

Denel, Boeing deal is 'substantial investment' - SA

China's Internet users just not game

Comcast to offer Net phone service

Worries about cooling economy dog stock market

At Least 363 Die In Flooding, Mudslides In Haiti, Dominican Republic

World Grain Reserves Approach Record Lows - Globe & Mail

National Parks Fast Falling Into Disrepair - CSM

Brazil Says Deforestation Figures Inaccurate, Part Of Plot To Hurt Farming

New Mexico Forest Fire Up To 23,000 Acres - AP

Radiation News: Bacteria and Lobsters

What a gas: Cheap fuel draws big lines

Bacteria thrive in radioactive soil

Sudan: Urgent Action Required On Darfur - ICG

Common language for Africa advocated

Whose edifice is this? Spain peels back the layers of its identity

U.S. Emphasizes Intent to Transfer Full Power to Iraqis -- With Limits

Vengeance or assault on terrorists - Rafah

Kuwait's domestics get legal protection

Hundreds dead in Caribbean floods

Pakistan blast kills one, wounds 27

Poverty not terrorism threatens peace

More women taking up firearms.

3rd grader threatens classmates with knife and paper clip.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 26, 2004

Interesting observation on Dem party platform.

And Don't Forget Your Gun

CA Democrats don't help the outreach

The mod made this writer

A Suggestion...

Does this cartoon pass I/P muster?

A Compliment for the Admins rather than a Query.

Dangerous looking popup in one of our threads

What settings do you use in DCForum+ for your appearance/behavior?

How many alerts does it take to lock a thread?

I was wondering how to put in a picture next to my message

Can we have a forum for "FREE STUFF" that

Welfare state over the Green Line

Madonna Begins Tour, Cancels Israel Gigs

Pay Palestinians for razed homes and give them Gaza settlements.

Sharon, Arafat and Bush must go

Amnesty: 100 Palestinian children killed by IDF in 2003

Jim Hightower on Abu Gh-rape responsibility

State Republican Party Offers Discount Communications

Hello California. May I ask a favor?

Checking IDs on the T

Repuke meltdowns in Ohio (?)

Wellstone Action Bus in Pittsburgh Wed June 9th

Now that the flyers are out...

Governor Perry Says Minority Admissions Tool Needs Overhaul

Just registered for the State Convention

OK, Fess up, who ordered this lousy Seattle weather for Kerry's speech?

Jury convicts Burns and Rafay in family's killing

Lost Childhood Photo Of * Found !!!

can someone tell me why I cant post a question on the history of Palestine

Borger: Chalabi Told Scott Ritter He Was Tight with Iranian Intel!!

Poor store sales and the weekend of June 11 to 13

Blair seems to be looking for wiggle room, freedom from Bush

Democrats To Unleash Gore On Bush- Washington Times

it is now 982 days

April 28th 1977 - Nine-year mystery of missing uranium reported

U.S. To Fight Terror With Terror

4:00 AM EST and DU is flying

Republican Full Employment Plan - Six Easy Steps

Randy Says it's CHOCOLATY Sovereignty..

Blair said Iraqis will have veto power over military operations.

An Auspicious Anniversary from 1868

please forgive me for linking to the National Review, but . . .

Open Debates seeks to change the debate process . . .

AP Reports Increase in Al-Qaeda Membership and Activity

Aughhhhhhhhhhhh! We're all gonna DIE!

dupe. Sorry

Chalabi went to Unversity of Chicago

The Right has finally hit the brick wall

What will the public believe about the "terror threat"?

What's French for "Dangerous Loony?" . . .

NYT Contradicts "New Threat" Stories

The Chalabi affair: the truth is NOT out there... yet

Why do Dems have to rely on Repubs to take on Bush?

Let's write an newspaper ad for the 5 Al Quada members recruiting.

Can A President Be Forcibly Removed For Medical Reasons?

John B. Israel: interrogator at Abu Ghraib prison disputes accussations.

Then he goes to the ranch and dresses up like Mr. Greenjeans. (Begala)

NTY|LTTE: "This is not patriotism; this is disaster"

"Iran persuaded the US and Britain to dispose of its greatest enemy..."

Dick Morris Suggests a Vote for Kerry is a Vote for the Terrorists

great news from Japan

Is it a bird? is it a plane? no it's Super George!

New Poll Shows Bush, Kerry In Dead Heat In Florida

Taxpayers Footing Oil Safety Bill

School Attendance (No Child Left Behind)

And the Blind Shall Lead: Iraq CPA recruits Heritage Foundation wannabees

Bush* WH admits terror alerts were bogus - 5-21-2002

Zinni and Clancy on Charlie Rose tonight

Terra Alert is from Steno Sue!! False Alarm!!

Taxpayers Footing Oil Safety Bill

How do "Christian" rethugs reconcile their bloodlust with this?

So, What Color Duct Tape Do I Need To Stock Up On Today?

Nuclear Weapons Were The Reason ...

If there is a major terrorist attack, who benefits? Bush or Kerry?

MUST read: Michael Berg's letter in BosGlobe

PHISH is breaking up...

Well lookee lookee DRUG PRICES went UP what do you know?

CNN is doing a "countdown" to June 30th Iraqi transfer. Bush is giving...

NYT and WP are lagging in the Chalabi story.

So what does everyone think of the Washingtonieonne sex scandal?

CONASON: "they are in fact silly dreamers"

Activating the Illinois National Guard? (NPR)

Jersey City (NJ) Mayor Dies Suddenly

Why couldn't we have bribed Saddam and the Baathists....

C-Span-3 Amnesty International

The Onion: Fed Up Cheney Enters Presidential Race Himself

If Al Qaeda has operatives in our country right now

I'm hearing Franken and Jeanine gt trashed by Colin Quinn last night?

partly cloudy, humidity 78%, terror alert Yellow, chance of beheadings


Bill Clinton's Kansas speech on C-SPAN3 now (11:10am EDT)

An Iraqi agent *did* meet with Atta.

Speaker booed after Anti-Bush commencement speech

I thought we were "safer"? And I thought intelligence was unreliable

Was the NYTimes apology in your newspaper? If so, where did they run it?

Clarke takes fall for Saudi flight decision

Final Answer: Google tells me to pound sand

Anyone have the Clinton Kansas speech saved as a download?

Sex and Violence

Who's more of a guy--Karpinski or Coulter?

Got this from Senator Edwards...

Guardian article from 2002: US holds up anti-torture agreement

Bush and the Media (didn't want to waste this on a Yahoo board)

OK, so if I understand correctly, the Terror Alert Level is now "maybe?"

Clueless wingers suggest "we all just get along" and support Bush in WOT.

105F/40C Degrees in Baghdad. Do you know why your children are dying?

California belongs to Kerry--Field poll: Kerry has double-digit lead

Madonna's live performances pack a political wallop

Bush in Ohio: Handshakes, smiles, and expanding healthcare for all


Schrubs hideout, I mean ranch

Maybe the First Chimp is speaking

If you're still following Bush, there's not much we can do to help....

Question for all

Paranoid? Who says I'm paranoid? Why should I be Paranoid?

Franken's Limbaugh impersonation.

Wider Iraqi abuse shown

Well, it's official. The prison abuse scandal is over.

MSRNC to carry at least part of Gore address at NYU

hypothetical question about Abu Ghraib prison

MSRNC to carry at least part of Gore address at NYU

How many DUers are aware that Chalabi may be an Iranian agent?

Dr. Helen Caldicott on c-span

New Home Sales Tumble 11.8 Percent

Could James Baker Replace Rumsfeld?

Unfreep this Poll on the Bush gang

Ashcroft on Chalabi -- last April

Problem ,George: Bin Laden & the boys don't work that way

BBV: Meet Cathy Diebold

America's Mayor wants you to come to their - what do I do with it?

If we are attacked, then hasn't the BFEE FAILED AGAIN!?

Bonesman who tapped Bush now supports Kerry

The bombings did NOT affect the Spanish elections

We sure have lowered the bar

Fox News pic of Bush

Gen. Zini on Lou Dobbs tonight.

Gen. Zini is on Lou Dobbs tonight.

Bush wants every1 to serve in the military

Demolition of Abu Ghraib--big ol' honkin' PR stunt?

healthcare is so funny - check out this picture of * !!!!

The man replacing Chalabi was also an exile...

A vote for Bush is a vote for fulfilling Bin Laden's agenda.

Just caught the call for resignations

Chalabi Break In - Who was present?

Chaos and Outrage: Eric Baum, LA County Democratic Party


Does anyone know how much it cost to develop

A blast from the past: Colin Powell, Feb. 2001

OK Air America! It's time to shake up the place!

Gore's comments were just played on CBS radio.. - what do I do with it?

Something I don't understand about the "Convention" flap..........

Franken's impression of O'Reilly whining - cracked me up!

Al Franken has just handled some Texas

delete -

Gore on MSNBC now

Leaders call poverty world peace threat

You Simply MUST Read the Plaid Adder's New Column, "Sex and Violence"

I wonder what the schrub

The Bush Administration: Always Worse Than Fiction

Terrorists may "Pose" as Europeans-Translation-Don't trust Europeans...

Is it true that military must re-up or be sent to Iraq?

New MSNB Poll

Berg video skepticism going mainstream?

This guy says he's a Democrat. WND collaborator.

How will you weather Bush's second term?

Errata in "Sex and Violence": I conflated 3 different military mouthpieces

How will you survive W's second term?

The lady at the liquor store

Why doesn't Homeland Security website have photos of the

When Reason Sleeps, Mumbo-Jumbo Frolics

Argh!! "Terrorist want to affect election" spin getting worse!!

Beware...Just heard on KGO...

Attention, Wal-Mart Voters: Lost Jobs and Military Funerals Haunt Bush

Does Al Franken have a self-hatred problem?

Army kept whistle-blower in locked ward

CNN now: "Summer travel expected to rise this year"

Chairman Powell Is AWOL - don't let him get away with it

I don't see the 'No Limbutt on Armed Forces Radio' petition on MM?

Dear Avacor (Regarding Rush Limbaugh)

Terrorists - 7, Patriot Act - 0

Dean on Ed Schultz about 4:30ish about voting. More about new Dozen.

Draft comming?

NWCN (Northwest Cable News) just said Bu*sh more popular to win.

Ashcroft says "Tomato," Harrison Ford says...

Franken is SOOOOO ineffective

Nixon too drunk to meet with British PM

very soon now, we liberals will become the enemy, & targets too

Help with a link please!!

Another piece to the Perfect Storm! AARP: Drug prices soaring

OK Terror alert =

ABC (Australia) World Today - Interview per Intel leaks to Iran (Chalabi)

Kerry attacks Bush*'s Foreign Policy

The abuse Iraq was done by the same people waging the war on drugs

Anyone see this crap: Bush edges Kerry in

Ashcroft, live at today's press conf: "The Changing Face of Al Quaeda"

$50@bbl oil? Get ready

Terrorist poster -- know any of these guys?

"Mr. President, if there is another attack, will you suspend elections..."

Apparently we have too few

Terror alert is damage control for the Mayfield scandal

Online Gore Speech Video Clip - asking for resignations

I need a copy of the "Bush* boozing at Texas wedding" video clip

So...we're NOT going to Code Red because...

An Iraqi Blogger's View of Ahmad Chalabi

How much of a bump will the new terra threat give *?

Dumbass on AirAmerica...

Don't forget about Timmy & Terry. Nichols guilty on 161 counts

Tell Me More About Some Gore Speach?

Letter to Mc Cain from me.

New Campaign Commercial

"Steal This Book" just arrived in the mail

WP: Gillespie sez Bush responsible for deaths of GIs

Did the prison abuse scandal

YOOOOOOOHOOOOO...Mike Malloy....

"You can't make a campaign about money."

Freepers are actually saying they like phish

A glance into the mind of a RW forum.

Archive of Air America shows

Vehicles line up for cheap fuel in Elgin

I just reamed the NAACP for supporting the US military.

What about Stephanie Herseth?

Hitler's Pope

Check these T-shirts, 8643dotbiz


Republican view on elections! (Unintentionally funny!)

The Jesus Landing Pad

CNN Judy W. repeats Interview

Moral relativism is not wrong. Christian approval of slavery.

If these two can agree on a progressive strategy, so can you

Expect plenty of comparisons to WWII in the next week

Warning! Warning! Danger

Letter to the editor over the terror alert

Does anyone know when

Who's in Charge?!: CPA Official Contradicts Washington on Shahristani?

Gore Speech To Play On CSPAN Tonight at 9:00 CST

Ldooter say that terror alert mandates the return of the militia movement

Poppy sounds off

We 'know' AQ is ready to "hit hard" but can't find out who outed CIA agent

Terrorism is his number ONE "asset"???? according to CNN

Ashcroft and Ridge at odds over terrorist alert...

Trent Lott on the torture!

Richard Perle in His Own Words

Wow!! My letter from the RNC (with autographed photo of shrub)

Police State in Sea Island, GA

David Brock on Washington Journal tomorrow AM - C-SPAN

Blue Butterfly: Is this racism? Or is it OK now?

Is the chimp drinking again?

McCain would be a good vice-presidential candidate

Ashkkkrofts Call to the Brown Shirts:

BBV: Solano County, Calif. Votes To Replace Banned Voting System

Sending my son off to his 3rd Iraq Trip was...

The new terror warnings are...

Can someone explain to me how they have 'strong, credible evidence'


in honor of another young man who DIED for bush* LIES (photo)

Kerry will accept nomination at convention.

? Iraq Glowing Marbles Radioactive Uranium?

kate o'byrne column that will piss you off-re: Rush&'frat fun"torture pix

Progressive Voters..check out this site....


I'm not the only one still harping about Nick Berg

Just got my Momentum in May letter from John Kerry

BBV: Counties rescinding touch screen contracts

I don't want my President to be average...

Hannity Is Attacking

A response to the administration's response to Al Gore's 'scream.'

John Ashcroft, Mr. Zero-Credibility, is lying to you right now...

A Peek Into the RW Mindset: My Fight With a GOP Friend (Wedding Massacre)

New Statue of Liberty AD HERE - Why hasn't Bush fired Rumsfeld?

Recordings from the day Reagan was shot.

A Guy With Guts

Did anyone hear this on the Ed Shultz show? About Diebold?

George Bush gave Bin Laden what he wanted for years.

anyone going to a Kerry meetup on Thursday, May 27 at 7 PM?

Haha! The front page of right now!

A couple of very good Kerry photos surfaced today...

Do Arabs expect a different US attitude in the MidEast with Kerry?

Will bushco's Implosion Lead to More Respect For Church/State Separation?

I think Al Gore was born to be President

More about Outing (Why stop with Gay?)

What are the most romantic song lyrics ever written?

Want progressive news?

what's with these 2 bills intro'd by Dems to start a draft?

FCC killing college radio?

April 28th 1977 - Nine-year mystery of missing urnanium reported.

BBVers: Chief Programmer for Diebold

The Wingnut principal at that H.S. from the Conservative Idiots o' the wk.

DU this Poll!

early copy of 2004 Republican National Committee Convention Schedule

CNN Poll "Do you feel more secure today against terrorist attacks ..."

Fox's disturbing "Hypnotic Eye / U.S. in the Crosshairs" graphic

Shepard Smith is straight.

Fox is *Retarded!!

Benefits to higher gas prices?

The President's Worst Nightmare

Analysts Say U.S. Threat Warning Is Ass-Covering!

Anyone receive the RNCC "Survey?"

Fox's Poll results shows you the mind set of the fox Audience

Trying to kill all the terrorists is not the answer...There is another way

Republican view on elections! (Unintentionally funny!)

Buxh visit to Y'town

What time did Kerry give his Gas Prices speech Today?

Berg beheading shown to highschool students.

B.Gen KArpinski in on Hardball in 2 minutes. 7:15pm est.

Terrorists: Brown, Black and Hippy

I was watching Super Millionaire a couple of days ago and there was a

The * no-lose scenario

Pentagon Acknowledges Incomplete Prison Report Sent to Senate

Breaking news: Kerry WILL accept nomination at convention

Robert Baer on Matthew's is a "TURN COAT!" WTF is he doing?

I heart Marty Kaplan of "So What Else Is News?"

Toronto Star: "Poking holes in the official story of 9/11"

Al Qaeda thrives for an Adversary!

Please Help : What were the circumstances under which the arms inspectors

Bush won't let another attack happen

Leslie Blitzer pulled a fast one

Is it true the DNC and DLC told Gore not to run this time ?

How much money has * spent campaigning on our time & dime?

Sharing an Ashtray with Kinky Friedman

CNN Showed Me 6 Pics Of Terra Suspects 30 Minutes Ago

John Kerry/ Shepard Smith unity ticket

Randi Rhodes vs. Ed Schultz

Adam Gadahn's conversion to Islam

If you haven't yet, Please Read Pres. Gore's speech!!!

The new terror threat level

Why is school culture so fascistic?

David Brock to be on C-Span's Washington Journal Thursday

British Conservatives: "BUSH is NUTS" (warning: Weekly Standard)

The new Atta - Florida flight schools, even has a doppelganger

Chimpy's speech was a great big flop

Cheney Runs for President Himself! (from The Onion)

PHOTOS: President Al Gore blasting the bush* WAR CRIMINALS

BBV: Diebold's Sr. Programmer Calls The Ed Shultz Show?

MSNBC: "Nuclear scientist turns down leadership of Iraq, envoy says"

Poverty Is Not a Condition, It is a State of Mind

Tweety to discuss Kerry electoral landslide next

Soros, Edwards, Dean to address Take Back America conference

Rhodes reading Gore's speech

Pre-Election Terra: It ain't MIHOP but it's just as scary:

Original WW2 Band of Brothers vet wants Bush out.

Sign the Media Matters petition to get Rush off AFRTS

Bush Website Sheeple-Friendly Online Tools...

Florida G.O.P. to get discount rates from phone company...Dems?...not..

Idiot Freepers with too much time on their hands

Photo Gallery Of Gore Speech Today Now Up

Terrorist it is folks...

Can you point me to a Bush/Sept. 11 link?

Are You 'Unity Ticket' People CRAZY?

If Chalabi lied, then who lied about Saddam to Poppy? Should we believe

What the hell happened to Condi Rice?

Has anyone considered switching their cars to vegetable oil?

Maria Cantwell, Senator from Washington

network news virtually ignores Gore's speech . . .

Rush's forced conscripts (troops abroad fed Limbaugh)

CNN will discuss the Bill Cosby comments.

Al Gore's Speech Will Be On C-Span At 9:50 PM, ET

The Anthrax killer...

Judith Miller (NYT) Admits Being Little More Than a Neo-Con Stenographer

Christopher Hitchens - The pot calling the kettle black...

Perle Calls U.S. Iraq Policy a "Grave Error"

Brace yourselves people, bushco is planning attack number two

Answer to the question: "Why do the American people go along with this?"

Erg! Why is NBC News so obsessed with health news

Bill Cosby "Family Values" Flap. Good for Cosby! He is turning this

I'm worried about the folks in Georgia.

Ripping judith miller on pbs newshour

c-span 7:45 hoot alert

Could an attack on one of OUR leaders be possible...

Lou Dobbs is questioning the motivations of today's warning!

Okay. What type of THWARTED terrorist attack has Rove decided upon?

Poll Shows Voters Prefer Bush at Barbecue

I know how a President Kerry can get us out of Iraq

Could * stop the election?

Wow!! A lengthy but most informative article by William Clark

Will Kerry get rid of the "terror alert chart" when he takes over?

Al-Qaida to attack Euro 2004

How personally will you take the passage of anti same sex marriage

Myth:Poor people, immigrants and minorities are committing the most crime

TERROR! | there WON'T be an attack, but it is a SET-UP

How awkward will it be this summer for US athletes in Greece?

The newspaper published my LTTE...

Gore Marches Bush Out to the Wood Shed.. with style..

Kerry: " a foreign policy that absolutely makes it unnecessary to DRAFT"

"We are in a Civil War.." "We can't afford to be nice." How true.

2nd Dean Dozen list announced. Good mix of grassroots' campaigns.

Very little of the Bible's moral code is original

Text of Gore speech today

OK People when predictions of a Kerry landslide begin (as in Hardball

What is the point of outing?

Texas... A Republican Stronghold... What can be done about it?

Bush's Uncle BUSTED !!!!!!

183 men & boys dragged from homes ..killed in front of families..

So what's the story on CAFTA?

Bush's new senior speechwriter -- formerly Rummy's, Helms'

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Manchurian Candidate by Maureen

Send Your Thanks To President Gore!

Oxyboilboy says that we cannot come from monkeys

Help people in Maryland fighting Diebold.

Before you buy a Dell, you may want to see this...

I have a new hero!

EXCELLENT ad constrasting Kerry & Bush during Vietnam - LINKED

Flap over the word "niggardly?"

Former Nixon Diplomat calls BushCo "WORST REGIME in American history""

Perle badmouthing occupation of Iraq

I really dislike the term "Homeland" when applied to the US

"Don't you know we've changed the subject?"

Gore calls for Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cambone, Fieth, and Rice to resign!

While I sit here trying to think of things to say

TERROR ALERT: If you don’t think the BFEE is capable of bombing our own -

Terrorists planning major summer attack, U.S. says

African Security Council launched and hailed

Two Russian workers killed in Baghdad ambush

Islamic militants take strength from anger at U.S.

Rehnquist Orders Study After Scalia Flap

FBI Ignored Spain's Doubt on Fingerprint

U.S. Civilian Working at Abu Ghraib Disputes Army's Version of His Role in

Crist Opens Inquiry Into Price Of Gasoline (Fl Attorney General)

Making a bid for Congress

219 citizens sue gov't for sending troops to Iraq

U.S. to Apply Cuba Sanction on Jamaica Resort Company, WSJ Says

Congress Disputes Bush Pledge (No $$ for Abu Ghraib)

Report: al-Qaida Ranks Swelling Worldwide [AP]

Why are they smiling? (wrongdoers)

Tracing a Civilian's Odd Path to His Gruesome Fate in Iraq

Durable goods fall 2.9% in April

This Made Ashcroft Gag

Two Russian workers slain in Iraq

Kerry's dinner: a feast in fund raising (New Seattle record for Dems)

U.N.: Port Security Not Seaworthy

Wartime Wireless Worries Pentagon

Ex-chief of Iraq prisons baffled by suspension (Karpinski)

SA denies ' trapping' alleged mercenaries

Gov't Suspends Iraq Prison Contracts (CACI)

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

Russia's Putin Criticizes Human Rights Groups

Venezuela seeks arms edge over Colombia


Abuse of Captives More Widespread, Says Army Survey - NYT

Blue chips slip amid new economic data

Worker's sex diaries too hot for Capitol Hill

Sarin gas verified

Key-state polls favor Kerry

9/11 Panel May Not Reach Unanimity on Final Report


FBI traces fingerprint error

Gum Returns to Singapore After 12 Years wants you to come to their

Bush Highlights Community Health Centers in 2005 Plan (for the uninsured)

U.S. casts wary eye on Venezuela vote

Kerry attacks Bush for `arrogance' in foreign affairs

U.S. soldier dies, two injured in road accident near Tikrit

Blair spin doctor under fire about Paris gaffe

Two Koreas open historic military talks

Arizona court upholds gay marriage ban

Military Reporters Group Supports Media's Coverage of Iraqi Abuse

Al-Qaida said almost ready to attack U.S., Ashcroft says

'I can wage a more effective war on terror than George Bush'

Why doesn't Homeland Security website have photos of the

Iraq Official Chides Bush on Prison Plan (a waste of resources)

Federal Court Upholds Oregon's Assisted Suicide Law

U.S. Official Denies Shahristani to Be Iraqi PM

Archbishop enters communion debate

Amnesy International (William Shultz) just said the United States

Amnesty Int'l Slams "Bankrupt" America

Amnesty slams 'bankrupt' vision of US in damning human rights report

Justice orders ethics probe in light of Scalia-Cheney hunting trip

Russian electricity firm to pull out of Iraq after more workers killed

Nuclear Scientist Could Be Next Iraqi Premier

Report: al-Qaida Ranks Swelling Worldwide

Terrorist Nichols Charged with 1st degree

Crist Opens Inquiry Into Price Of Gasoline

Rape at Abu Ghraib

Kerry Slams Bush, Saudis On Gas - "clandestine draft"

Retirees Worry Former Employers Will Cut Drug Benefits, Push Them Into Cos

RNC responds by criticizing Moveon, not Gore's speech)THE COMPANY HE KEEPS

Worries about cooling economy dog stock market

Ridge Reveals Terror Threat Against U.S.

U.S. Captures Muqtada Al-Sadr Lieutenant

U.S. Troops Capture Lieutenant of Cleric

Poll: Kerry Maintains Big Lead Over Bush in Calif.

Medicare Discount Cards From Hell?

If Chalabi lied, then who lied about Saddam to Poppy? Should we believe

Kery will accept the nomination at the convention.

School layoffs likely; district, union fail on buyouts (1400 jobs gone)

U.S. Planes Attack Taliban in Afghanistan

China, France, Germany, Russia Seek Iraqi Control Over Security

John Kerry Will accept nomination at convention

Iraqis hostile over plan to raze Abu Ghraib

Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham dead at 60

Bill Cosby "Family Values" Flap. Good for Cosby! He is turning this

Army kept whistle-blower in locked ward - Psychiatric ward

Al-Sadr Offers to Remove Militia From Najaf

U.S. links Canadians to new terror threat (article gives names)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 26 May

Gas prices won't slow sales for SUVs, vans

U.S. voters unimpressed by job numbers

New York police says unaware of new terror plot

500 More Layoffs Expected In Cleveland Schools

Kerry will accept nomination at the convention

Some soldiers cry foul over medals

UK denies alliance row over Iraq sovereignty

Next 9/11 Panel Hearing Delayed a Week (focus on bush* &shootdown order)

The Other U.S. Military

Clarke claims responsibility (for bin Laden family flight after 911)

Robert Blackwill: Veteran diplomat helping to set up interim govt

Alabama's ex-chief justice Roy Moore to appeal removal over Ten Commandmen

Iraqis snap up CDs of abuse images

An Overreaction? - Not everyone thought Ashcroft’s warning was justified

Drudge: Kerry to accept nomination at convention

UN fury over Bush attempts to install PM

‘The War on Terror Is Not Working’ MSNBC

Tom Clancy wrestles with Iraq war

Asscroft and Mueller on TV now doing their patriotic

[Amnesty International:] U.S.-led terror war "bereft of principle"

Ex Lt. Gen.: Iraq transition too hasty (Garner)

Kerry speaks on Seattle waterfront

Bush adviser Hughes offers her take on president

Pentagon says probe of General Boykin nearing it's end

Large-scale layoffs up in April (157,314 jobs nationwide)

Bush speech alarms even war enthusiasts

U.S. eyeing ways to boost gas supplies

Terry Nichols found guilty

Car Bombs rock Karachi

New home sales tumble - Biggest monthly drop in 10 years

U.S. Seeks to Rid World of 'Dirty Bombs'

U.S. Studies Foreign Captives' Legal Status in Iraq (WTF?)

(Bremer)Iraq unveils 25-million-dollar compensation fund for Saddam crimes

Dad Charged For Not Using Enough Sunblock On 12-Year-Old

U.S. to pull all 1,900 troops from Haiti in June


Analysts say US threat warning is back-covering - Political ploy

Military: (U.S.) Soldier injured in Cuba (Guantanamo abuse)

Dellinger, One of the Chicago Seven, Dies

S.D. Senator Sorry for Taliban Comparison

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 796 U.S. service members have died

White House memo criticized

Israel arrests UK reporter who exposed nukes-paper

Kissinger Tape: Nixon Too Drunk

U.S. has so far provided $191 billion for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan...

Envoy: Iraq Scientist Doesn't Want PM Job

Gore: Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet Should Resign

(Treas Sec) Snow Says He Unknowingly Held Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bonds

'N.Y. Times' Correction Causes Other Papers that Ran Stories to Scramble f

Like Father, Like Son? No, Says A Former President

Three U.S. Marines Die in Western Iraq

US asks private sector to ease bullet shortage

MSNBC: New photos show Abu Gahraib tactics (more)

Dubya spelling question

Lost Childhood Potato Of * Found !!

My name is "I'm so into myself and I need some attention right now."

It's amazing the number of great works that are in the public domain

What do you do when someone blackmails you?

Hundreds and hundreds of pork chops from an overturned semi

The diebold voting machines are now working so good,

Going to the Coca Cola 600 this weekend!!!

need the cartoon image of bush playing golf

My name's ForrestGump

Xbox live: it's like highschool all over again...

Coolest thing to come out of North America?

My name is Dookus

Albums that made you change your mind about an artist

My name is Luka

My name is Hawkeye-X

Lost Childhood Obsession of * Found

How many Top 20 Dookus Lounge Threads will emerge tonight?

Friends as Business Partners Good or Bad Idea?

Can't find a joke thread, so--

Has anyone ever been to the Mutter Museum? Is it cool or tacky?

Do you think I could take the Everly Brothers in a fight?

Question about ISDN configuration under Mandrake Linux

digital cameras - suggestions ?

How much of a tool am I?

"Best" volcano?

My name is WilliamPitt

I've just watched Return of the King -- Ask Me Anything!

What will be today's high in your area?

Woman Gives Birth To 15th Child, Wants More - She Is 37 Years Old

Man sues wife over ugly past

so who's seen bush's blog?

Hey Apu, got any of those potato chips that give ya diarrhea?

Assaulted man was filming drama scenes

Video game helps players lose weight

show tunes and ethel merman

Starting new job today - wish me luck!

Good Morning DU!

West Wing's Allison Janney is engaged

'Killer' swans on the loose in central England

your townhaLL meetup (now i'm pissed!!!)

Robber begs for oxygen tank after being tackled by clerk

I need help

I sometimes feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland...

The CEO pResident and his complete lack of mistakes

cows with guns!

Adjacent to this complete breakfast

What's the dumbest thing rightie said lately??

Why I kick all ass

School Attendance (No Child Left Behind)

The "Duck Tape" rip-off of "Fisheads"...

Cops take 100 animals from home; used for sacrificial offerings

Man walks off with $38,000 statue of woman in a bikini

"Coney Island Baby" by Lou Reed....

So who is hanging with me at the CounterConvention in NYC?

Anyone seen the movie "The Saddest Music in the World"?


Let Me Recommend A Good, New, Rock & Roll Band To You All


HELP! I'm getting "The" bends.

I don't want to!

the Internet through electrical sockets?

Reseacher Dies After Accidental Ebola Jab

I Haven't Watched ONE Episode Of American Idol

Phone Directory Error Turns "Day Spa" Into "Gay Spa"

Damnit! I have poop and acorns in my house!

Bubba Ho-Tep: Will there be a Sequel?

the chuckling chitter-chatterhead of all CAPTIONs

SOS! Our contractor is threatening to walk out on remodel. Need advice...

help keep me sane

Tennis Fans--Justine Henin-Hardenne just lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Italian Pizza Police Laying Down The Law

Man Fined For Hitting Tony Blair With Powder Filled Condoms

Anyone know anyone who needs a server job?

post fat pictures here

Man Gets 4 Years In Prison For Inflating EBay Auctions

PHISH is breaking up...

James "Blood" Ulmer , Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Calvin Weston

Windows Mavens, help an old fart please. IE question.

bushie's bike accident

How many one-night stands have you had in your life?

Sean William Scott---your opinions, please

CAPTION the 'oxy' or the 'moron'

"24" fans check in- what was your opinion of the finale? **Spoilers***

"No two men are ever the same and they tell me Jim Dandy is my name..."

How creepy is Jessica Simpson's dad?

Attention Smart Shoppers

If I were a "Terraist"

Three Kings of the Blues Pick your fav

Give me 5 and a CAPTION

How Many Bushies Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

Crayola To Girl: You're NOT a drawing contest winner after all

Mamma Mia - The Musical

Dammit, Archae!

Teens Seen Lighting Each Other On Fire - Police Called

Quick: Is it "baited breath" or "bated breath"?

Listening to Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell. Ask me anything.

Cops Starring In Porn Movie Probably Won't Be Fired

I think Bush would be funnier drunk

Did anyone hear yesterday's newmadeup word by the Chimp?

FOX to spread high-quality television across the globe

Does anyone here smoke roll-ups?

Man sues wife over ugly past

Asshat Press Conference Thread

Andy Roddick 2 Games Away From Elimination at French Open

WAHHHH! Phish breaking up now I REALLY wanna go to Coventry

PRETTY LAME STUFF I can do that's not especially unique or interesting

How cylindrical are you?

What is the difference in owning a male vs. a female dog?

Which Country has the best looking girls?

Best Museum? My vote- the Barnes Foundation

Who wants to Cream my Twinkie?

Why do some people call tank tops "wife-beaters?"

Bomb scare was no game to police

HELP! I'm getting into "The" bands.

Champions League Final (Monaco v Porto) is about to start

Salsa spice holds health benefits

Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility

Last American Man Falls At French Open - Roddick Defeated

"I'm rich bitch!"

post tat pictures here

If you recorded an album in the 1980s, you had to have a sax part in it

Caption in the morning, caption in the evening...

Man Gets Jail Time For Armed Pet Rescue Attempt

Has anyone seen "Total Eclipse"

18 (now 17) posts away from the coveted 1000+... help me reach my goal.

Take the quiz: Would you be a Sleazy C.E.O.?

"Betting" on Kerry to win...literally

90's Lyric Quiz, Part One

Any clue as to what mix of breeds my spongmonkey may be?

What's your favorite museum?

they're doing Face Transplants now? Let's see, what model face...

worlds stupidest sounding instrument?

W.Va. Town to Have Empty Election Ballot


Congratulations Sus! Welcome to The 700 Club!

Sopranos question: Is there going to be another season...

British man jailed for armed pet rescue

Speaking of previously worn underwear...

It's starting to get hot out, 92 today in florida

Dennis Kucinich: 50% in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Woman Bites Off Pet Python's Head

check out this knuckle dragging Freeper

Porsche Drivers Less Faithful Than Other Car Owners

Big fish- good movie or bad?

City Council Wants To Ban The Sale Of Previously Worn Underwear

Woman Bites Off Monty Python's Head

Post snot pics here

Woman Bites Off PHP's Head

Who's your favorite "classic" game show host?

Everyone help me give EarlG a big hand!

Neocon parade

Can you be happy being alone and not desiring for a relationship?

Aspiring Java Man here -- wish me luck!

Worst movie "curse word" over dubbing?

checking out new stuff

Caution's subversive song of the day


I've got a gig!

Walter Cronkite is gay

My son left for Baghdad yesterday

Why do very talented people go on American Idol?

OMG I found our old campaign song.

I have about 45 minutes to kill: ASK ME ANYTHING!

You know what would taste good?

90's Lyric Quiz, Part 2

I've got forty gigs!

What is your favorite way to catch walleye?

Ouch! I can't move my left arm this morning!

How cynical are you?

Keebler Elf held for questioning in "tree trunk cookie factory" scandal

Look at me! I'm blogging!

Which state has the best looking boys?

Can someone please post one of DimSon's Messed UP Face

My dog has died.

Question about cousins.

Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-bra Bush, Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-bra Bush, Barbara Bu-u-u-sh...

Need A Link... Do you recall that SNL opening skit where Robert DeNiro

Whose farts smell worse?

So, who wants to give me $5,000?

Father charged(Faces 18 months) for not using sunblock on 12-year-old

DU Teachers: GPA question

I Am Double-Jointed .... What Are YOU?

Hoax Package Gets by Sweden Post Office

A question for middle-aged single men

Is anyone here also using DCForum+ on their website(s)?

I sometimes find the smell of my own farts to be pleasant.

What is the difference in owning a Male vs Female Sponge Bag?

WhooHoo.........My original songs are back online............

If you have a skill of use to a condo association ...


Far Side..

Manure Spread Around Ind. School in Prank


post twat pictures here

Morality test

Senior Prank Includes Spreading Manure And Dead Animals Around School

What is the difference in owning a male vs. a female thong?

Best Critique of Reagan I Ever Heard...

Krispy Kreme to Make Low-Carb Doughnuts

IE help please. Earlier I asked for help with a problem.

Favorite Beavis and Butthead episode

I got 40 winks

Everyone go see "The Day After Tomorrow" this weekend if only to PISS...

I got forty thieves

I'm leaving DU

Man Admits Tossing Condoms at Tony Blair

Class issues and getting hired

Heheh.. saw this t-shirt recently....

Bank Holdup Suspect Allegedly Calls Cab

Zinni and Clancy on CNN RIGHT NOW!

See the City, See the Zoo...

George Michael on Oprah

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

If you were with Bush and he crapped his pants would you blab?

I'm thinking that St Louisans should consider building an ark

Okay if we could all now turn to our Hymn Book...............

Satan files lawsuit against Music Industry execs for $$$ to expand Hell

Whats The Difference In Owning A Male vs Female SPONGE?

Which state has the best looking girls?

The sights, sounds and smells of nature are what make it so wonderful

Western Bush Pig

Meet the 'real' madmax

Say you're at a James Brown concert. Would you rather that he make your...

Show those Europeans we're as smart as they are: Take the quiz

Ten Worst Americans of the past 100 years?

Speaking of the "Moran Guy"..... (warning - HUGE pic)

I've never watched American Idol, but I'll bet the white girl wins.

Flat-Top Pickers Union Sues Proctor & Gamble

I'm in the 700 Club now. I'm better than most of you.

Best George W. Bush jokes you've ever heard

Is this the face of the next Superman?

What's the most extreme thing you've done on a bet?

Your favorite sporting club sucks!

I just had the nastiest, most horrible soup in history.

What is the difference in owning a male vs. a female cog?

What's up with Ed Asner? Supports LaRouche????

We were thinking about driving the Skyline Drive this summer

What are the most romantic song lyrics ever written?

Post your favorite fart story

Family Kicked Out of Graduation for Cheering

At Kleeb's request: DU Chat tonight

Why I am sick of my office being in the basement.

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

Speaking of Moran Guy again (warning: could be considered bad taste!)

Ever loose a non-tangible aspect of your life?

If Free Republic Had a Lounge, What Threads Would Be There?

I'm not "young", I'm not "old", I'm not "middle-aged"...

Post a picture here - anything you want

just gave my highschool AP physics pumped...

Calling all hams on DU

I need your quitting smoking tips!!!!!!

What's the most overrated museum you've ever visited?

3.612 (my grades are in!)

Best sounding little-known insturment?

VolcanoJen is a...

"I am the reason that communism fails."


Build your own Red Meat comic!

What teams fans do you dislike the most?

Best bathroom graffiti you've ever seen...


What is Burtworm trying to tell me??

Any clue as to what mix of breeds my dog Angel may be?

The DU MATCHMAKER Thread! Which DUers Would YOU Match?

get rid of bush by november

A friend just lent me this movie -- "Lucky"

Worst Possible Thread Names

Van Halen's new single "It's About Time" released today!

I got forty pigs

please rate my website

post cat pictures here

Kennebunk GOP brings in heavy hitters to open office

Dennis Kucinich: 50% in Alaska.

Dennis Kucinich: 50% in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Rumsfeld Doctrine - EXPOSED -

Bush is uniting Americans.....................

Brief Descriptions of Competitive Congressional Districts

Zogby16 Battleground States May 18-23- anyone have details of Kerry lead?

I forgot the DFA link...sorry here'tis

young voters

the end of the Republican Party

Should Kerry Delay Acceptance of Democratic nomination?

Gephardt Promotes McCain Candidacy


Why Kerry should be rubbing elbows with Mark Warner..

Kerry Slams Bush, Saudis On Gas

David Axelrod was on Tavis Smiley today. Must listen for DU'ers.

Many voters in Florida not back on voter rolls

Al Gore speaks of John Kerry today

Photos from Gee Dubya's visit to our town yesterday

THIS is why Kerry worries some of us:

I just submitted this on the site; tell me I'm nuts.

What would you tell "We Count. Org." that you want Kerry to do? And,

duplicate ignore

New Poll should calm Fears about California

Consider giving to the Russ Feingold re-election campaign.

Wes Clark to be on Anderson Cooper tomorrow (5/26/04).

Dean on Ed Schultz about 4:35 to discuss the voting petition.

Breaking: Kerry to accept Dem nomination at convention

If we had a parlimentary style government would Bush's govt. survive?

Quinnipiac University Poll: Bush 45% approval rating/ Kerry-Bush tied 45%

Clark's Recent Television Appearances. . . Edwards Appearances??

John Kerry looking most closely at John Edwards

I am now having doubts about John Kerry......

Someone contact Kerry campaign! This could look much better on yahoo

Dennis Kucinich just won 50% of the votes in Alaska tonight.

Gore and Nader Agree It's Time for a Change

Poll Watch: The Nader Effect

Kerry doesn't need a VP who helps him win, he needs one to help Bush lose

Dick Durbin ROCKS!

Belated Veepstakes Suvivor Celebration thread ! ! !

Kerry puts Edwards through his paces [this looks great!]

Who is Kerry MOST LIKELY going to choose as his VP?

I saw a Kerry bumper sticker on a neighbor's car!

Do You Have A Kerry Bumper Sticker on Your Car(s) Right Now?