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Another Urgent UN Task: Sudan

Bush can't win this election now. Kerry can only lose it

America Hardly Seems Like America Any More

TV Viewers Offered Choice: 'Fear Factor' or Bush - WP

Sharp Comments On Yale Class Day (PBS Civil War's Ken Burns)

Nick Berg video deserves an oscar

NYT: The President's Speech

'Spray and slay': are American troops out of control in Iraq?

For a future without war, if that's possible, look to the Rhine

Krugman: Delusions of Triumph

The working poor...

Where is the June meeting in So Cal?

Just because...

My road to skepticism...

Hi I'm Mark. I'm a DU addict

Toyota reportedly planning to make Lexus cars in China

Seize the opportunity, invest in Jordan now

Air Jordan's flight through puts Nike Taiwan in a spot

Impotence drug demand putting seahorses at risk

U.S. cloud covers Campobello - Canada

Seven Million Refugees Deprived of Basic Rights

Human Rights Watch: No "Sovereignty Lite" in Iraq

Threats only isolate China's leaders

Vital youth versus geriatric blues - TW

Turkey playing host to reconstruction trade show for Iraq

Beyond a state of emergency (Nigeria)

Arab League credibility depends on resolving Darfur crisis

Well, whaddya know...update and further proof of dishonesty...

Hate to say it ... but I'm starting to like my 1911

So I understand no sex threads

I'd like to agree with Bombtrack

RE: Bombtrack's question

Inside Track / Rafah is a nightmare

Major Jerusalem bombing foiled

10 000 Palestinians bury dead

Palestinians claim Israel dumped toxic waste in West Bank

Rafah arms smuggler: Profit overcomes fear

Terror threat: We'll kill Madonna

The U.S. military and neocon RACIST "handbook" on Arabs.

Mainstream rapper Jadakiss suggests Bush complicity in 9/11, in new song

Legislative session at a glance - California

Calif. lawmakers stage 'domestic revolt' to protest pastor's remarks

Hey TC DUers: See a good film, and support unions!

RE: Michigan's Campaign Underground info...

Kucinich national delegate could use some bux

Cincinnati Democrats!

Help with Campaign Underground stuff

Kucinich petitions to the national convention to be at Folklife

Dean and Kucinich supporters to meet in Olympia

Seattle World's Fair in 2012?

Patty Murray rally 5/25

Help register voters at Worksource

never mind.........dunno how this got up

Seattle pipeline break may hit airport, marshes

coming up in a moment: will the chimpbot show his bruise, or not?

They'll need paint thinner to get that foundation off Bush's face.

Andy Rooney says Bushler Prisoner abuse, worst thing America has done

"Full" sovereignty

Is there too much immigration into the U.S.?

it's NOT ABUSE!!! Stop calling it ABUSE!! It's TORTURE!!!!!

First truth out of shurb's mouth

The Same Old Tired Speech.

Is there too much immigration into the U.S.?

Does the Majority report take phone calls?

Now we know why the networks didn't carry the speech.

BUSH Bullshit Iraq FAILURE Speech Thread #2

Chimp is on my local channel

HHAHAHAHA - Paula WhoreZahn Says The OCCUPATION Will End In 37 Days

Our Darkest Days Are Here - Andy Rooney

ABU Ga-----------RAPE???

BUSH wants to DEMOLISH Abu Garif!!

In conservative Cincinnati, FOX affiliate goes with "The Swan"

Coincidence? "George of the Jungle 2" is on the Disney Channel right now

How many hours of barking heads spinning this tonight?

Okay we heard his plan...lets offset this imperialism with our own plan

Elections in Iraq in January

Did the speech help?

Bush speech, Lies, obfuscation, exaggeration & Abu Garumpf! He called

Bush's New Three Point Plan For Iraq!

George W., You're fired!

Tonight's "terra" count in the speech: at least 15

Wanting to live under totalitarian state so badly you kill yourself? dare they play "Stars & Stripes Forever" for that fuck?

CNN "Presidential Speech" at bottom of the screen....

Senator Biden ripping Bush's speech on Tweety

Biden is DESTROYING Bush on Hardball

This should be good...Lieberman's opinion on Bush's speech coming up

Speech Re-cap

BUSH Bullshit Iraq FAILURE Speech Thread #3

Why a live audience? His Oval office speech looks like hostage tape.

Oh Jaysus, not Lieberman.....A good democrat like Zell Miller

Joe Lockart (Clinton admin) was right on target with his comments.

2000 person Iraq US Embassy will have satellite offices throughout country


CNN Albright: "just because the pres says it doesn't mean

Cspan just said this is the first of a series of weekly speeches * will

How about we trade Lieberman and Miller for McCain and Graham

Missed *'s speech. Is it bad for us that the networks didn't show it?

How long can bush* put a smiley face on Iraq.

Leveling Abu Ghraib = burying the evidence

Bush is Pontius Pilot

The UN security council should say

Question about what Will Marshall means by creating our own *vulcans.*


THE ENTITY Revealed! 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Prime Minister

Who is a better liar Baghdad Bob or Baghdad Kimmet?

Joe Lieberman

Bush missed golden opportunity. He should've honored Abu Ghraib victims

Larry King intro.....

Please, oh, PLEASE Mr Rove, let the pResident give a speech a week!

Geez, guys! Bush on drugs, etc.,

O'Reilly liked the speech...

All I could see was Robot Head

Lieberman says Bush has done what his critics have asked him to do

Honestly, How many percentage points?

What is that music.... its like the music you have in a fairground...

What is the worst case scenario?

Richard Perle on the Bush speech (Hannity & Colmes)

If Colmes Wrote A "Blinded By The Right" Would You Possibly Forgive Him?

what has happened to the political speech?

"liberal bias"

History lesson: GOP must stop Bush

The FOX talking heads are absolutely sickened!

Alright! Who was it that gave Bush a "Midnight Lobot"????

Sock-Puppet Bush promises Iraq "Real Government"...

Congress trying to override Supreme Court (???)

Due to military cutbacks.

Top musicians to play Bush protest concert

I Think I'm Going To View The News Differently From Now On

104F Degrees in Al Kut. Do you know why your children are dying?

Conservative Logic: Bush Confuses Failure With Success Again

I Got On Larry King!!!

What do you do when the Oil market is driven not by supply and demand,

GOOGLE censor update..."offensive content"

Scott McClellan: "I mean, I don't think anyone wants to be occupied"...

"Full Sovereignty" is a LIE

I'm sick of all this "Chimp in a Bubble" shit....

if lieberman were to debate bush, what would he do?

The Stupid Security website

Should There Be An Independent Kurdistan?

Why are there so many wingnuts on TV?

Disgusting email I just received

Is Mitch McConnell.....

Abu Ghraib: Israeli agents believed to be participants

Is Geostrategy-Direct credible?

The pResident chose his audience. At least they admit it.

Do you think Bush will actually give six speeches on Iraq now?

The FCC needs to fine CNN.

Where are the Iraqis?

Amb. Joe Wilson on with Tavis Smiley tonight (PBS)

Who do you think will win the Republican nomination this year?

Destroying Abu Ghraib: Is it to DESTROY the evidence???

Could 9/11 seriously have been an inside job?

Local News Headline: "Bush* promises to tear down Iraqi prison"

Heh...just sent Chimpy another little love note

Streaming hip hop tribute to RFK

Calling all DU'ers: Please help Chicago fight Wal-Mart!

dude, i'm talking to Eric Blumrich.

Democratic Underground makes a difference. Don't believe otherwise

"Pray for George Bush"

Your opinion of Bush changed because of his handling of Iraq? POLL

You can't support our troops if you don't support the war!

The Whiskey Bar is closed

Langston Hughes' poems

Should an independent Kurdish state be created?

Why, 14 months after the invasion, are we now getting the "Iraq plan?"

Purposefully Mispronouncing Abu Ghraib?

Just a thought on Michael Moore and the release of the Abu Graib pics

Bike accident attributed to "Osama Schwinn Laden"

Bush's Crusades and the Carlyle Group

Website with a good Berg Video theory. pretty interesting.

Ok, what's the deal with people saying Clinton's Book will diminish Kerry?

How many points will Shrubya drop after this 'speech'??

Was Bush drunk, on drugs or hung-over?

US Intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war (frontpage guardian)

Lance Corporal Boudreaux photoshopped his pic then CGI'd Berg's video

I want to buy one of the fabulous books recently released

The real cost of the Iraq mess: The better things we could be doing.

Why do some "great" recent movies have battered females?

"Let's bring back civility" Jeopardy Alex Trebeck

I am really wondering lately if Chimpy has syphilis. Looking at his nose

Nightline 5/24: The selling of the handover

hahahaha...listen to Janeane.....she just called * a DOUCHEBAG!!!

THIS JUST IN: Germany to destroy Auschwitz

Will tonight's speech finish bush*?

My God, EVERYONE Is Saying This Speech Sucked

Bush trips over Abu Ghraib pronunciation

Wes Clark TV alert

I attended my first Kerry Volunteer Meeting tonight - it was PACKED!

Shrub timing speeches according to John Stewart's vacations?

It's best use is as a doorstop

What's Chimpy's excuse for not being able to pronounce Abu Ghraib?

Dean's Letter on Electronic Voting (and link to a petition)

Has anyone noticed.... ?

Are you aware that we spent 50 million to renovate/upgrade Abu Gharib?

US soldier tortured when he was ordered to 'play detainee' at Gitmo

Zinni and Clancy coming up on Faux.

The mysterious case of Captain Craig Button USAF 4-2-97

Air America Beats Rush Limbaugh

Bush's Make-Up Artist Wins Emmy Award (Speech as Extreme Makeover Show)

What gives the US the Right to tear down Abu Garib Prison?

Freeper hate speech

Not since Calvin Coolidge...

BBV: Does this mean the League Of Woman Voters have joined....

why a military audience?

how credible is snopes?

Yet another Nick Berg theory. This one is pretty good.

I'll be damned, we might just pull out of this.

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 795 U.S. service members have died

Top commander in US to be replaced: report (Shanchez)

'I will always hate you people! " (daughter of a murdered Iraqi prisoner)

National Parks fast falling into disrepair

Iraq's day of reckoning

Friend of US and Iran has too many enemies

Where are the Iraqis?

War returns with a vengeance as allies fail the Afghan people

I Got On Larry King!!!

It's best use is as a doorstop

Bangkok ready to talk to Islamic militant group

Kerry's Campaign Gets New Airplane

'Suspects threatened with Guantanamo torture'

Even in Iran, young turn to advice gurus from America

NBC: Pentagon to replace  top general in Iraq - Sanchez

Sudan: Villagers put their lives on the line to tell of atrocities

UK haggles with US over extra troops

Bush coming around again to raise cash

Campaign ads are under fire for inaccuracy

Anti-Bush Protest at US Army War College, Carilise

Bush says US will persevere in Iraq

CNN bomb explodes outside Baghdad hotel

Two out of three voters say no to more UK troops

Toxic foods killing thousands, UN told

Arctic researchers see early warming signals

US seems ready to allow Iraqi militias to keep arms

France Rejects God Reference in EU Draft

Bush trips over Abu Ghraib pronunciation

Mossad goes on-line to recruit spies

Air America Radio Beat Rush Limbaugh

Disney, Weinsteins Dealing on 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Pentagon mulls replacing top general in Iraq

Some senators wear aprons to protest pastor's sinful remarks

FBI apologizes to man linked to Madrid bombing

Progressive Catholic diocese to ordain woman

US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war

Bryant's lawyers suggest bias in investigation

Does something sound WRONG in this headline?

Party at Robb's house tonight

Instead of watching the coward-in-chief,

How can the computer guess how long one's waiting time is?

The secret lives of plants: Roger felt that familiar swelling....

Lol Ive never seen George looking better than he just did now.

how many different pronunciations of abu gharib(sp?) will we hear tonight?

Check out what they're saying at

Video of meditating chick....

No sex threads here, but what about fart threads???

Photo of medicating chick...

Check out

What's the proper pronunciation of that prison?

I have digital ready Tripod!

Shrub's style of lying has changed

Can anyone tell me what religion this symbol goes with?

Complete this analogy:

A-pink, pink, pink, pink...

Tornado warning!

From MoveOn today, in case you missed it:

Mmm! Swedish meatballs.

For Mobius and Star Trek TNG fans: Wesley Crusher's web site...

A fun statement on Grace Baptist Church messageboard today

new Oxyrush advertiser Kansas Department of Commerce

Dating the Asian tapeworm

Omigosh!!! I just cannot believe it!!!!!!!!

NOOOO!!! BABYLON 5`s Richard Biggs passes away

McDonald's Offering DVDs

Fuck the FCC song

Russert will be the guest on tonight's TDS

Dating the Asian woman.

Fuck it! The TV is OFF! If I had a gun, I'd shoot it. Fuck Bu$h!

Dating the ugly woman.

I waxed poetic on Debbie Norvill

Has anyone noticed lately.....?

Extreme Weather Week and The Day After Tomorrow

ANyone watching the last 5 miuntes of the Pacers/Pistons? (10:30 pm et)

Somebody please explain the following to me:

OMG! My sister & her partner got married over the weekend!

FR Crashes Again

Carbon-dating the Peking man

Dating the Himalayan Brahmin

Enjoying watching " A Beautiful Mind "

sigh... getting Pop-under ads...

I just want to say that all DU'ers have been amazingly supportive

I wish I had my camera today

Just when you thought it was safe to visit the doctor

Reruns AGAIN on The Daily Show

Why Internet Explorer is Harmful to You

Is Karpinski actually

OK...I'm watching 'Ghost', and the romantic in me is coming out...

Well, grocery prices are up...

yea! the tornadoes missed me!

I must have been a good boy today...

Roto-tilling new garden area late this afternoon, I tilled up a snake ..


Well, *I,* for one, don't "Love Somebody Sometime."

Things to do instead of watching the chimp try to speak

Ah, the glory days of computerdom:

when do the schools (non-college) get out for the summer in your area?

Well, hosiery prices are up...

Letterman has the Sopranos cast

Conversation w/ my ex-wife

Sing along!! The Idiot Son of an A$$hole.....

Mating the ugly wombat

Where Has All the BRITISH Music Gone?


Bubba Ho-Tep --- TUESDAY!

Grandpa Simpson: "This monkey's gonna change my life...

Deer Breaks Into Minnesota Home

Tail bones more than a pinch across!!

W's tie matched the background behind him. Coincidence?

Sex Trek thread! (for Mobius)

I'm drinking boxed wine, ask me anything!

Fucking holiday weekends

I just graduated from high school, ask me anything!

REM**Please, Michael, just off yourself now.. *REM

Which film will be more damaging to the Bush Administration?

I just watched my first prawn film

Mob of kids chase down suspicious stranger

Not Again !!! DirecTV - Thunderstorm - Poof !!!

Who else has a proud member in the ten-inch club?


Hey Ladies! Favorite Color Rose?


I just watched my first porn film.

Anyone catch the Pistons-Pacers game?

George W. Bush: Asswipe or douchebag?

Freethinker thought about "godless communists "

Which Starfleet Captain is DU?

Mythbusters, the TV show, anyone else watch???

Are all the reality shows real?

DUers, need help finding not too expensive airfare to Osaka this fall...

CAPTION the chimp

Evita killed the bat. Should I have the thing tested for rabies???

criminey... i just gassed up my car...

wow. renee olstead on Still Standing

Well, *I*, for one, don't "Love Raymond."

Bush "climbs out of Marine One" a drunk

I think we need a poll to settle this. Your favorite Star Trek Gal...

NOAA Weather Radios - get one, if you don't already have one!

This could be fun-Robert Wagner, William Shatner & Lee Majors in a TV show

FAST!!! Somebody say something really funny before my head explodes

The crux of the biscuit is the APOSTROPHE

Welcome to my Japanese Garden. Lotsa pics.

Here's the promotional flyer for my new legal research/paralegal business!

The dicator's speaking at the Army War College.

Summary of the latest polls (CBS, WaPo/ABC and CNN/USA Today)

Latest CBS/CNN/ABC Polls

Question about campaign contributions, I want to contribute to

Kerry's Campaign Gets New Airplane

Campaign Ads Are Under Fire for Inaccuracy

Gee Dubya is coming to my town TOMORROW!!!

W fathering a child with a Hispanic, then made her have an abortion

Dean was on Bob Costas tonight. VPR in the morning.

Memo to Kerry: Connect to Voters

If only Leni Riefenstal had filmed this

Wes Clark to be on Today Show Tues am

Veepstakes survivor! Round SIX, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !! Quick!

An argument for Edwards over Clark for VP.

Kerry visiting Green Bay, WI this Thursday and Friday

Dean's rally with Joe Hoeffel sounds like it was fun.

It's Early but you gotta love this Zogby Electoral State Breakdown

Pat Boone blames CBS for being the "enemy within"

C-Span idiot

God save America ...


US Intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq War

"The Devil's Gold"

Blair answers questions - what a concept!

WP: A Speech Meant to Rally Public Support Doesn't Answer Key Questions

WP: TV Viewers Offered Choice: 'Fear Factor' or Bush

Israeli Agents Believed Involved in Abu Ghraib

North Jersey Dems: democratic primary is soon, June 8, 2004

Boondocks: "Something's very wrong in Iraq"

NYT Analysis: Bush Starts Out on a Five-Week Uphill Run

Iraq's day of reckoning (will the new government really be independent?)

"Marching Off the Cliff"

Full disclosure toon

Iraqi quagmire threatens to sink Bush

David Brooks is an *sshole!

A Speech Meant to Rally Public Support Doesn't Answer Key Questions

Onus Now on Kerry's Iraq Plan

Bush Offers Plan to End Chaos in Iraq(end eroding confidence in his leader

Bush can't win this election now. Kerry can only lose it

Bush can't win this election now. Kerry can only lose it

President offers plan that is easier said than done

Sometimes, It's a Simple Game of Spy Versus Spy

A letter to the editor I have just sent...

Pitching the UN and still behind the count


Post. Of. The. Year.

Co.Gov.Owens' little Republican humor falls flat with the French

President Ann Coulter in 2012

Activist judges toon

War Against American Cruelty

Our Darkest Days Are Here (CBS Andy Rooney)

That Sinking Feeling… Eric Alterman

Michael Kinsley nails David Brooks

Bush's speech/Simply more of the same - Mpls Strib editorial

Bush's Magical History Tour

Abu Ghraib: US security fiasco - From The Register

"Our darkest days are here" - Andy Rooney


The Michael Moore Conservatives (in UK)

Maybe Rush's college frat days were like Iraq

"1,001 uses for Bush" - A Brazilian major newspaper columnist's view of *

Studies Reveal Most Canadians Harbor Deep Hatred of Bush

John Kerry to speak in Seattle

Lights for Human Dignity

Sign this petition for FCC hearings!!

DVD "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" -the media will never report these truths

Franken is laughing at Bush speech mishaps!

Michael Moran : Media takes heat from administration over Iraq

Joseph Wilson on Randi Rhodes, coming up at 3 p.m. EST

Transcript, mp3 & vp3 of *'s Army War College speech

Democrat intervention kit

My Aunt tells me Brokaw Left the News

Savage: "the Asians still chew 'em [dogs] up"

Walter Cronkite returns to MTV...

Need help with these questions:

Bands/singers you used to like but can't stand now.

Amazon Deforestation Speeds Up - 11 Football Fields A Minute - Science

1,000 Trees Destroyed As Ohio Begins Battle Against Ash Borer

NPS Plans To Tow Entire Marina To Deeper Water As Powell Drops

Kerry on energy independence

New study super-sizes the universe (156 billion light-years wide)

Fascinating Series Of NYT Articles About Greenland Research Teams

New study super-sizes the universe

Arctic Warming Rapidly - Full Report Due In November

Las Vegas Property Owners Offered $1 Per Square Foot To Root Out Grass

looking for recumbent 3-wheel "bike"

Why can't we physically reduce CO2 in the atmosphere?

Roadmap to peace? Exit strategy? Slow down!

Storm brews over Rwanda jail plan

Sudan nears peace deal with rebels

Isn't Abu Ghraib a crime scene? What about forensic evidence?

wedgies in the news

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 25, 2004

guys can the "search" function....

An apology to all about a word I used in one of my posts in the Lounge.

Bulldozers threaten Gaza 'school of hope'

Whiteout and the Madness of Truth

Police: Ambulance network smuggled PA officers into Israel

Israeli army faces growing criticism of bloody Rafah incursion

Rafah arms smuggler: Profit overcomes fear

'Arabs for Israel' launch website

neo cons accellerate their idiocy on Iraq

Assembly approves creating 211 information line for services - California

Senate bill asks voters to approve more schooling for inmates

Positive signs for GOP in Democratic-leaning California

So who's voting for Angelides for Gov in 06?

Worcester bishop shocks gays with `evil' statement

Affordable housing -- 40B or not to be

Romney 'introduced' 131 repugs to run for state office in MA

Another reason not to get AIDS.

I can't get the new Air America Station!

Nobody Home in Montgomery County?

Kerry Coming to Cincinnati June 15th

Candidate: Not being pressured to quit

Mob of kids chase down suspicious stranger

Texas Gets $33M For Bioterrorism Programs

One More Texas Dem Convention Question-Dress Code-is there one?

Is Texas defining acceptable religious practice for you?

More virulent anti-Texas sentiments...

Feingold pushes universal health coverage at campaign kickoff

How About That Drunk Seratti Quitting?

Ugggghhhh Press-Gazette slamming Kerry.

Who's going to see Kerry in GB?

John Kerry to speak in Seattle (May 26, 2004)

was watching jay leno

O'really asks????

Bush's Third-Party Threat

question about executive orders

technical difficultes- ignore

anybody watch senator biden after bush's speech

Is there a transcript of

NEWSMEAT Study: Republicans Dominate Game Show Hosting

"Marching Off the Cliff" - Pic says it all

Last post of the night: Kerry's great quote about Bush's speech

The video camera used to film torture the same one used for Berg video????

New UN Resolution ... read the fine print

Bernie is now going over

The dumbest neocon idea

Count every vote: Sign the petition.

Listen to Al Franken talk about Air America ratings

Abu Grape, or however, ya say it.... Intentional mispronounciation

On-Line Poll -- President Bush's speech -- Unconvincing 58%

about those hand wounds on Bush...

Abu Ghraib interrogators hired by Dept of Interior

Common Cause has really lost me on their latest "cause"

Something is fishy about Iraqi scandal

July 20, 2004 is

Just grow the fucking mustache

Online view of the speech somewhere please!

What if 7/1/04: 1) no countries other than us recognized Iraq as having

Question for the DU vets about speaking ill of superiors.

Robert Reich on C-Span now

Cafferty about to punch Hemmer?

DU this: Should Rummy Resign Poll, in GOP country?

So... Sanchez is out; Casey is in? Who is General Casey?

Poll shows new low on approval on Iraq

Hisham Melhem is a righteous dude

The entire world knows the name Abu Ghraib. Everyone but Bush.

How Fascism Starts - Molly Ivins

New Bush meme: We've been in Iraq to fight AL-QAIDA

Someone else for president.

is it true that Rumsfeld & Rather co-own a ranch in New Mexico?

I'd sure like to see the draft brought back for a moment

C-Span 8 a.m. Moony Blankley on. Repulsive person. He says

The Net Sentinel for May 25th

Poll in AM-NY - feel better about Iraq now that W 'splained it all?

You know I've seen so

Is it just me or was Dubya's speech a non-event?

Its not just the invasion, occupation, pillaging and plundering.

Did GW* visit the Dungeon?

Genesis of an Address to the Nation - editorial cartoon

Col.Patrick Lang doubts Major Gen Fay's ability to probe abuses.

You say Gareb, I say Garob

Why does CNN always argue FOR the president.

turn abu ghraib into a hospital or school? NO, let Halliburton have it!

I'm Convinced That Bush Doesn't Comprehend The Words He Reads ...

Unanswered Questions about a CSM's Sudden Death-Top MI NCO for AG

Shameless Chimpy* Photo Op Alert On NOW!

Wes Clark to be on Faux

What effect will Nader's call for Bush's impeachment have on the election?

Why do the Republicans

Is a Trip To The Hague In George's Future? What Countries most likely


Slate: *'s Magical History Tour

I did not watch Bush's speech but,

Remember the backpack meals for kids?

Fox (of course): "What he's saying is what all Iraqis want to hear"

Orwell Rolls in his Grave..

Checking in with Evil Dick aboard the USS Virginia, 5/19/04

Wit House? Abu Ghraib?Gh re bee?

I just caught the last of a speech by Paul Vogel on c-span2

Help! Veepstakes survivor issue. What should I do?

Which President's speechwriters would you hire playing ads on Stern's show!

Bush's "Symbol" of a new Iraq....A PRISON?

Bush* speech was an insult to every American.

Iraq War has accelerated Al Qaida recruitment

Help! Veepstakes survivor issue. What should I do?

Remember the poster of tricky dick

It's a shame Bush is such an evil and deranged swine because ...

Someone should write a book filled with Ann Coulter quotes.

Banfield re:Wiener-Savage. HAMMOND: Shrub Bored in Mid-Sentence

Analysis: Spain distances itself from U.S. - upi

"transfer of sovereignty" is a scam

Rules are made to be broken! DOD vs POWs

DU this very important CNN Poll

True or False?: The end of oil means the end of plastic.

McClellan: "Girls Gone Wild" hit the campaign trail- 05.24.04

Please go vote on this ESPN poll on who you will vote for in 2004

Al Gore Will Call For Bush Team's Resignation Tommorrow

Letter in New Yorker from Army Capt. Points Finger at Bush for Abu Ghraib

South Knox Bubba translates Bush's speech

Iraqis get medical care that 40 million Americans can't get.

Crips, Bloods In Newark Agree To Truce

The dirty little secret of Sovereignty

New MP3- this KICKS ASS

DU this poll

John Kerry, veteran in conflict

Irony is dead. bush shakes prosthetic hand of Iraqi man

grrrr-UN DON'T Play Ball with Him..........don't.

107F Degrees in Al Kut Wed. Do you know why your children are dying?

Just Responded to Bush's Campaign Contribution Request

Well, so much for "we'll leave if they ask us, but they won't ask us"

David Letterman... what the Hell did George W Bush Say?

HELP needed - Transcript of Keith Olbermann with JOSEPH WILSON?

Rank these scandals

Just got this from a Republican friend

If Ahmed Chalabi has been acting as a spy for Iran...

Bush to debate Kerry at liberal Swarthmore college????

Which party will the Nader voters go with ~ Remember there are more

Perkel: Smoking Gun Proof Berg Died In AbG

Christopher Hitchens Reader endorsed by Dennis Miller

Want to see how much your neighbors donated to the campaign ?

Interactive Battleground States Polling

General Sanchez out. Mullah Sadr in. What do you think?

You won't believe the degree Barbara Bush got

When advocates become regulators (Bush record on appointees)

"Orwell Rolls in His Grave" Could DU join forces with the "Buzz?"

"Congressional Score Card 2004"

Colorado Gov. tells French jokes at Michigan GOP convention

dup... please delete..

Was last night's speech a "policy speech" or a "political speech" ?

anyone been able to get to since the win..

Accordingly, 88% of the Iraqis want us out now.

DU this poll....

'Gaps and Discrepancies' in General Miller's Testimony.(No sh*t Sherlock!)

anyone know of a link that shows the latest poll #s state by state?

Take the Washington Post poll

Does anyone at DU have a Prius or other hybrid?

Abu Ghraib mispronunciation: Missing the obvious?

Are military women still commanded to adhere to Arab custom?

Don't ya just LOVE that New Prison smell?

Bush is in trouble yet why am I getting this funny feeling about this?

Amnesty International Wants Iraqi Prison To Stay

The 2008 ticket that could have the left quaking in their boots

Amy Goodman now speaking on NPR

Please vote

know the enemy - Stephen Cambone

We wuz dooped.

unconventional behavior

"Christian Peacemaker Teams" says US soldiers steal from Iraq homes.

Anyone know anything about R-Dewine's interns sex scandal.

So, we're going to tear down Abu Graib but then...

CNN's Noon Report with Blitzer is Trashing Bush big time! Report from

Bush's Desperate Lies


Honestly, What do you think of Activist Democrats

30,000 sign e-voting petition sent out by Howard Dean last night.

* needs the help of a speech/language pathologist, desperately!

Bush team lied about the weather!

"Saddam could've gone into exile" DOESN'T HAVE LEGS!?!?!

Joe Wilson on with Randi today!

I received my George and Laura picture

Oil Price Settles at New High of $41.72

Our Anti-War/Anti-Patriot Act Protest Shares Front Page with Bush

Iraqis Say U.S. Soldiers Steal During House Raids

ARR: The Bush wipeout due to recent rain - LIE.

Franken/Coulter debate on CNN tonight? Or is Franken a repeat today?

My Fantasy re: Kerry & Nader

Would someone please post Woodward excerpt re: Bush speaking in tongues?

Chalabi's War

Looking at the lunaville stats for wounded, they are way off the mark

Troubled Boston Archdiocese Announces 60 Churches Will Close

Randi Rhodes...

needs caption: 'big' man bush* struts out excitedly to speak about his WAR

Remember the Repuke commercial comparing Kerry to Cicadas?

Kerry will find ways to do things better. Bush is part of the Problem

Missing 2000 pages. Smoking gun on Rumsfeld?

Did this guy snub Bush on the hand shake?

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that 40% of every demographic supports

Biden on CNN just now: "Tinker's DARN"

How much money did we spent to renovate Abu Ghraib?

What happens when they won't cover President Kerry?

Even the cicadas are on to Bush.

Did You Know? Haliburton has

Our Wonderful Economy Under Bush-What you won't find on Bush's economic

FAUX critic trashes "The Day After Tomorrow"... because of 9/11???

Novak and Schneider talking against Shrub!

My friend just got a pic of * and pickles, looking for money to

what happened to Michael Moore's website

Can someone direct me to the bush4prez website?

College of War? Where is our College of Peace located? Does anyone

How shall I rob thee . . . let me count the ways . . .

OMFG - what is some people's effin problem with Randi???

Toby Keith to Open Summer Concert Tour on July 24, in Boston..???

Does anyone here believe that politics DON"t define the person?

Imagine if McCain were President...Thank God for Bush!

Female Desirer and Islamic Trauma

CIA switches from covert ops to kid's stuff (CIA's webpage for children)

Professionals at CIA giving the shaft to the neo-cons?

PNAC not working?... Bush screwed UP!

I am feeling bad for Randi's Mom

Things are Changing

ok, am I the ONLY person on the planet who has figured out that Al Jazeera

Bush "smiles laughs as he participates in a conversation on health care"

Do you think it would be a good idea to have a con/lib forum on DU?

Bush's upcoming Iraq speech schedule

Medicare #1 Election Issue

Bush and Rove in full campaign mode....

D.U. this poll

Stores blame 'Shrek' for poor sales

AAR L.A. - does anyone know what's happening? Sorry if this

So * said in a statement before his pep talk at the Army War College that

Nice quotes!

Bush said "The occupation will end June 30."

Need Help Getting A List Of Activism Projects and Events!

Clinton says she could support Republican McCain as Kerry's vice president

Whatever happened to the FEMA [conspiracy] theory?

If Hillary continues to call for a draft....

Well this answers the question "How do you sleep at night?"

Social Security e-mail hoax dBunked by

BBV - Canada is using paper ballots - why can't the US?

Bush's Speech, a lesson for the media - Some simple math

Can anyone tell me if this UCC stuff is valid?

DAMN! RW Talk Radio MURDERING Bush*!

Hannity caller suggests a Bush-Lieberman ticket, Hannity agrees

Need some help with a Chalabi article

Pollkatz is back!

Judy Woodruff just never tires of boosting Bush and diminishing Kerry.

Newsweek: Bush Disliked by Young Voters

Draft Clark founders are working on an anti-Nader group?

KPOJ Portland Air America Station Just Switched Over to Latin Music

Video of Bush justifying attack on Iraq

Rumsfeld's time 'absorbed' by abuse scandal

BLAIR: 'Troops are Staying"

Hawkish Tom Clancy promotes new book, criticizes Iraq war

Does Kerry get Equal Time?? Bush 6 speeches amounts to campaiging

Unrealistic, but two things I would LOVE to see Kerry propose

Another new prison!!!!

Is Wolf Blitzer just a tool or a total tool?

Fascist Sen. Jon Kyl introduces bill to make "Patriot Act" permanent

Unfreep this poll

Will you give President Kerry a chance?

I wonder how many people are being held beacuse of faulty fingerprint

OT Music Breaking News: Phish breaking up...for good.

Jon Stewart commencement speech

change in meaning of the term Liberal in America.

Copy of ICRC report on the treatment of prisoners by coalition forces

Al Jazeera documentary...

the wing nuts found the site

When bad things happen to bad Presidents....

Election Night. .... bush wins: What DO you DO?

John McCain: A Union Hating Strike Breaker

I just went to Campaign Underground: It's EXCELLENT!

Does Kerry have to do much more than point to this?

Great DU Article on the cowardly, American traitor...Ann Coulter

Non Sequitur Comic

GWB Not Invited To Spanish Royal Wedding...Clinton? Si!

Libertarian candidate detained from flight

Tonight's Tough Crowd

Bush will hijack D-Day anniversary

My top three for VP. What are yours?

Carl Bernstein on Wolf compares Shrub with Nixon

"The right never resorts to as hominem attacks" -Hannity, 10 minutes ago

Lou Dobbs interviews Fouad Ajami. Who Is he?

Michael Moore's site is down

CBS: "Big Oil" Getting Tons of Homeland Security Money

Down the Memory Hole: "Devastating" CIA Report Predicted Civil War in Iraq

How much oil is Iraq exporting?

Franken Vs. Coulter Debate on the web?!? Help!!!!

Which is the Most Embarrassing Element of the Chalabi Situation?

Offhand, does anyone know if Chimp's speech last night helped him in polls

New Zogby Poll Shows Daschle Kicking Thune's Sorry Ass

Has a single commentator said Bush "HIT A HOME RUN" in his speech?

I'm looking for a particular picture of John Kerry

The American Psyche is inclined to War

Taking back the house - Does your state have any upset possibilities?

Do you think there will be a draft after the election?

O'Reilly: "Everyday Americans and Mr. Bush"

had to happen . . . The Official Lynndie England Fansite . . .

Hardball: Tweetie cornered the Bush campaign guy: would Bush* go to war

America used to be a very strong supporter of the Geneva Convention

forget McCain, how about Olympia Snowe?

Did any of you see CNN's 5 PM "Terror Alert?" I think I imagined it...

We must destroy the Republican Party to save it.

Times May Apologize for Miller's Stories on WMDs, Shafer of Slate Reports

Some quotes our pResident could learn from . . .

Was the 60's counterculture comprised more of activism or hedonism?

Anyone notice the other Irony ?Chimp's Speech? From "Carlisle, PA"

Anybody hear Randi' interview

look how diminutive * is next to Laimbeer

Regarding the Sarin Bomb Shell

Here's my bet on the October surprise.

How is Abu Ghraib *really* pronounced?

Bush trips over Abu Ghraib pronunciation - Reuters

Watchdog Group Report: Most NPR Sources are Conservative

Did France put combat troops on the ground in the First Golf War?

Help! I lost Bev Harris's contact info

How to have a blast in a thread (Brought to you by Trumad)

What's your favorite political blog?

Air Force Infantry?

How do Vets feel right now?

Any other L.A. DU'ers going to Borders in W.L.A. on Friday

My take on the McCain as VP thing - - and it ain't positive

"I fear all we have done is to waken a sleeping giant...

The worst scandals over the past year... rank them and why

can any of you wonderful DU geniuses get a link to the clip of Tucker

Zinni on Tweety now! MSNBC. n/t

Scott Ritter is coming to Dallas in June. Who would like to attend?

it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to be attacked by ANY Iraqi WMD's

Aerial mind control (Commando Solo) and Rumsfeld's "Message to

Did you guys just see Al on Anderson Cooper....

Tom Clancy wrestles with Iraq war

Outsourcing Torture - (CBS\New Republic)

Iraq abuse insider disciplined

Air America Ratings - listen to Al Franken talk about them

Bush* epileptic?

Carl Bernstein calls for Bushler's Impeachment!!

Protest Warriors exposed.

Haha -- * chased by a cicada

Here's a wild idea. What if Kerry picks Nader for VP?

They bombed THIS place?

for DU women . . . (please try to hold your tempers) . . .

Joseph Wilson Today's Guest on the Randi Rhodes Show

My take on the McCain for Veep thing

How many members does the DU have?

Needing a quick Kerry Sign Resource For a Bluegrass/Country Music....

11/03/04 - Bush is OUT, but still PRESIDENT for two months...

Oh, Michelle's husband's gonna kill her...

What is it with the Republican apologists on this forum?

Cheney Won't Run

The terrorists want which candidate to win?

Today-800 boots in front of the US Capital

Who here has ever heard of the website & what they do?

Limbaugh's Substitute is Defending Wal-Mart

Sarin Gas Shell NOT WMD.

What would you do if Kerry choose Gephart as his Vice President?

Bush/neocons still don't get it!! His speeches always begin by demonizing

June 5, Pro-Peace DC from WH to rumsfeld's mansion (photos)

Best coverage of the Chalabi/Iranian spy story: Laura Rozen

Who thinks the terror threat level will be raised before Memorial Day?

From Randi's show - just now

Any links on the lady who got fired for having sex with Repukes

Does anyone know the Koran and the Bible very well?

Powell is apparently an Ambien junkie...

Senator Clinton Calls For Troop Build-Up On FoxNews!

Crossfire just called the WH on the "rain" and bike spill

I think rising fuel prices are good

BBV: Mischelle Townsend

Is this true?In Ireland theres a statue of Bill Clinton

OMFG - what is Randi's effin problem?

Vote in this poll

Is Moqtada al-Sadr a terrorist?

Well, well, well. Even hard-core * supporters reading the writing on the

Positing A Theory

Australia's pro-Bush PM Howard in trouble. Labour Party ahead in polls.

Al Gore To Call For Bush Team's Resignation

If Gore made it clear he would accept VP nomination...

Pub Psyops 101.01

"Georgie Peorgie, Creature of his Father" - a mildly mindblowing video

BBV: please support litigation to reduce electronic voting in Ohio

'Spray and slay': are American troops out of control in Iraq?


Israel leaves Rafah?

Top US commander to be replaced

Egypt snubs G8 invitation

Israeli Agents Believed Involved in Abu Ghraib

US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war

General denies visiting jail during abuse

Taliban Assaults in Southern Afghanistan Leave Three Dead, Officials Say

Enquiry into HIV Court Blunder (UK)

Duplicate post. Sorry

(F)BI Apologizes to American Lawyer

Sacred Shia site damaged in Najaf fighting

Iraqi oil pipeline badly damaged (will take two weeks to repair)

Campaign Ads Are Under Fire for Inaccuracy

Shrub has no Exit Strategy for Iraq

Senior Iraqi politician assassinated in Kirkuk

Ex-Inmate Alleges U.S. Abuse at Guantanamo

Soldier Killed in Rocket Attack Near Baghdad (NEW)

Al-Qaeda boosted by Iraq war, warns think-tank(grown to 16000, with better

US, Neocons, Bush: PUNKED by Iran

President offers plan that is easier said than done

Poll shows big Daschle lead

Iraqis Skeptical on Bush Speech, Want U.S. Out

Battered Iraqis Find No Comfort in Bush Speech

Iraq cries out for help from donors

A speech meant to rally public support doesn't answer key questions[MSNBC]

John Kerry to speak in Seattle

Russia wants more work on U.N.Iraq resolution-Ifax

Tent-city residents deal with warrants

ABC: Qaeda Has 18,000 Militants for Raids

Large Explosions Rock Central Baghdad; at Least 1 American Soldier Wounded

Bush Would Carry Indiana In 2004

Al Gore To Call For Bush Team's Resignation

'Ghost detainees' troubled the U.S.

Sanchez to Be Replaced As Iraq Commander

Kerry in Northwest to tout energy plan

Man Flies Microlight Over Everest

Latest U.S. Moves on Iraq Win Mixed Reviews From Other Countries

Iraqis dismiss Bush's Abu Ghraib plan

Bush says troops staying put, but plan dissatisfies Iraqi leaders

US journalists face credibility gap

Political infighting splits (Wash.) state's delegation in D.C.

The Hill's Sex Diarist Reveals All (Well, Some)

ABC News says no promotion for Sanchez

Paige makes case for Left Behind law

Nuclear Experiment Planned in Nevada

Bush Seeks Global Support for Iraq Plan

Kerry Takes Off in His "Freedom Bird"

Bush considers accelerating Iraq election timetable

Germany's Schroeder strikes deal on immigration, security

Fallujah Emerging As Islamic Mini-State

France Urges Changes to Iraq Draft Resolution

UAE drafts tougher laws to combat human trafficking. (camel jockeys??)

C.I.A. Bid to Keep Some Detainees Off Abu Ghraib Roll Worries Officials

Soldiers' Doubts Build as Duties Shift

Past US oil stockpile releases cut gasoline prices

18 killed in Baghdad clashes

Poll shows about-face by Californians about war

U.S. Army Appeals for Better Combat Vehicles in Iraq ("too many funerals")

Hanford injury reports doubted

New Pharmaceutical Industry Front Group Formed to Oppose Prescription Drug

Reliant Energy to power up military installations

Boston Archdiocese Closing 60 Parishes

Fallujah Emerging As Islamic Mini-State

UN Iraq resolution needs 'improving'

Springsteen Planning a Counter-Convention Concert?

Terrorists planning major summer attack, U.S. says

Disney may be burned by Fahrenheit 9/11

Bush talks health care in Democratic stronghold of northeastern Ohio

Friendly bacteria Block HIV

Lesbian Moms a Growing U.S. Phenomenon

Iraqi Islamic shrine damaged in attack

Army may be sending training base troops to Iraq

Tests Confirm Sarin Gas in Baghdad Bomb

Kerry telephones his millionth donor

Army may tap training units for combat duty in Iraq

Priest in Michigan Arrested in Internet Sex Sting

Moore Film Provokes Disney Boycott - Fahrenheit 911

Ads apparently help Kerry catch up to Bush in 17 states

US closes in on deal with Iraqi cleric - Moqtada al-Sadr

GOP Creating Own '527' Groups

Arabs say U.S. offering Iraq sham sovereignty

Rumsfeld Delays $20 Billion Deal With Boeing

President Bush's decision to demolish Abu Ghraib prison draws little appla

US gives $US100m to prop up Haitian rulers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 25 March

Weird info about botched bank robbery here in Tulsa yesterday

Iraqis say U.S. soldiers steal during house raids

China lets Hong Kong display Buddha's finger

Authorities search truck, cite "homeland security"

Conoco refuses Saudi offer of extra oil

Nader Calls for Impeachment of Bush Over the War in Iraq

Iraq Will Have Military Veto, Says Blair/UK--New World Media Watch

Nuclear Experiment Performed At Nevada Test Site

Watchdog group report (NPR is no liberal station)

Gen. Franks Gets Honorary Knighthood

Analysis: Bush has no Iraq exit strategy

Sergeant disciplined for speaking of abuse

2 recruits allowed to rescind enlistments

Aristide's former security chief was U.S. informant, attorney alleges

High oil prices here to stay: OPEC

CNN: Holiest Shiite Muslim shrine damaged in Najaf

Physician, remove thy germ-infested necktie

General Sanchez GONE !!!

UCSD student gets OK to air beheading video on campus today

Tancredo's newest anti-immigrant bill defeated

Shiite Scientist Likely to Be New Iraqi Prime Minister

Floods Kill at least 160 in Caribbean

Al-Qaeda boosted by Iraq war, warns think-tank

Cardinal: 'Rainbow Sash' wearers won't get communion

Viacom's MTV to Launch Gay Cable Network

Leftwing dictator or saviour of the poor: Chávez... (guardian)

New intelligence suggests terror operatives in U.S. for major attack

Gasoline prices crush U.S. confidence -ABC/ Money

What is your favourite morning / breakfast programme?

Are the stars on DU registered for posterity?

What does a star mean to you?

Do you have me on ignore?

Ralph Wiggum says...


Funny quiz I just made

How can I found out which athletic/dietary supplements are safe?

Bush's Fall

Christians look to form new nation within U.S

new Oxyrush advertiser Super 8

As candidates(R), they're making their first cuts - to their signs

Good Morning DU!!!

Anyone else having trouble with connecting to DU board?

How to put the Bush Doctrine to everyday use

ok... you got Dookus tied to a fencepost. What do you do?

Bank Robber Caught Kissing Money On Camera

Another potential voter selling himself on Ebay

Leonard Cohen Hallelujah and broken hearts.

Tuesday: Air America Night on "Tough Crowd"

21 Year Old Frozen Sperm Produces "Ice Baby"

So tell me. What is so f***ing "Liberal" about Hollywood?

Good Morning DU!

Anyone Seeing The Day After Tomorrow The Day After The Day After Tomorrow?

So after I got back from the war I only had four kids left....

I MISSED last night's Colonial House. Will someone be a good Pilgrim

Mike Malloy's mother passed away.

My last day of freedom - how should I spend it?

My wife just said she likes M & M's. What should I do?

Food Poisoning Puts 300 Mourners in Hospital

It's time we start a thread for America's best actress: Julianne Moore

Are Freepers totally nuts? Or simply totally stupid?

Snoop Dogg divorcing (the divizzle)-What happned to romance?

Any Aimee Allen fans here?

***NEW Eric Idle song***

Getting ready to switch to Mozilla Thunderbird

I REALLY hate some people.

Power Up!

Prozac or Stepford?

How do you feel about change in your wife?

Hey Laaaaadies! Would you call this a romantic getaway?

Do you vote the meanest option in a personal poll?

How do you feel about change in your life?

I was awakened by *'s voice on the radio

Sexy Strawberries Improve Love Life

MLB All-Star ballot question

I need mental help.

What was Christopher thinking ?(another Sopranos question)

Jesus Statues Weeping In Austrailia - Church Investigating

Tayshaun Prince made the best defensive play I have seen in years

Distant relative of Hitler entitled to "Mein Kampf" royalties

When do the Stanley Cup finals start????

Getting ready to switch to Thunderbird, ESQ

Check out my "Biking George" cartoon

Honk if you're a Motorhead fan...I said honk, dammit!

Question about sending gifts to soldiers in Iraq

The greatest love song ever written (Dire Straits alert)

What INfamous people came from your state?

Hot New Pin-up Calendar for Troops

buying a car out of state

University Cancels Annual PORNFest

How would you describe Robespierre?

How would you describe your Heir?

Time for a thread to worship Iris De Ment

Top five reasons why I love The O'Franken Factor

How would you describe your heir?

How would you describe your hare?

How would you describe your Hari?

So are they gonna reuse the name "Camp Redemption?"

Why would you describe your hair?

Want to see how much your neighbors donated to the candidates ?

Is that adams apple on Coulter real or photoshop?!?!?!?

I just got my teeth cleaned. Ask me anything!!

How many would like to see Bush's Dog Barney remain in the WH

Could someone take me to Supercuts?

I Am Offering A Bounty For Matcom's Buttcrack capture

I just got a job with Vector/Cutco. Is this a legit company or a scam?

It's official. Trader Joe's frozen chocolate covered bananas kick ass!!!

24 Y.O. Chimp Gives Birth To Twins At Zoo

"Fred" The Parakeet Returns Home After Four Years

'Wedgie' Leads To Death Near Sports Bar - Inspired By "Jackass"

School Board Blocks Student Pagan Club

Mystery flower. Do you know what it is?

Has anyone read any of Vince Flynn's novels?


I wanna go home!

Is Air America doing reruns?

How would you describe MY hair?

American Spendor on Billy Bragg

Official ban ending, chewing gum returns to Singapore after 12 years


Lightning bolt ignites fire in Lowell church

Star Trek? HA!

Dubya, Andy, Condi 'n' Karl...Double Mega-Hurl Evil Axis Alert Photo

Caption....what's chimp thinking...

Read the actual CAPTION (strange looking pic)

Did Adriana deserve it?

Who Else Thinks "The Day After Tomorrow" is Gonna Suck?


Scholars plan to espouse merits of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Occupation to End June 30th, Say Cicada Experts

Jon Stewart's Commencement Address at William & Mary

Conservative friends forced to put their kid in *gasp* public school!

Depressing news from Baghdad

Please some info on this file sharing program!

What have you heard about the movie "Saved!"?

"U.S. President George W. Bush is chased by a cicada"

Did "Raiders" ruin movies?

I Am Offering A Bounty For Evita's Capture

Have you ever been in a band?

Parking Lot Set Aside For Public Car Sex

Don't Forget - ROTK Is Released TODAY

What famous person would you like reincarnated as your child?

Equal Time. Your favorite Star Trek Guy.

How Would You Describe Your Hair?

82 posts shy of 5,000. Ask me anything.

Storm picture from last night

Navy Blue Angels have been buzzing my office all day!

I'm offering this Bounty for Evita's capture

The Vietnam war must end now!

Are You PRESENTLY in a band?

Death, or...

Just was given two cassette tapes.

For those who dislike Sean Hannity!

My latest incident of romantic self-destruction

What is all this I am hearing about Jon Secada "invading" the US?

Matcom's wife just told me she likes B&D. What should I do?

Teen Who 'Joked' By Dropping A Noose Around Black Teens' Neck Apologizes

Have you seen Batboy?

Have you ever been arrested?

Corporal Punishment Poll

Best graphics program

How long can you go without

say 'hi' to Condi and CAPTION

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

My Cats and i have a poop problem!

Need French translation

Shrub too lazy to pick skull /bones name

Could somebody explain servicing multi-gear bicycles again

Hopefully, This Will Be The Final Battle in the E-Mail Wars

This is why the WI hate amendment cannot pass

Passed my CIW Foundations exam now studying for Site Design

Woman Sticks Arm Into Bear Cage - (Surprisingly) Loses Arm

Ok damn it! Which new moderator threw the wrong switch?

'Babylon 5' actor dies

vegetariain burritoes t'night

Ha! VERY Funny M Python Song - "Eff the FCC" (sung by Eric Idle?)

Hannity does a commercial for the Sharper Image Nose Hair Turbo-Groomer

What is your ideal pet?

Schizzolate DU on



How long can you go without posting/talking/thinking about Freepers

Woman sticks arm in toilet, surprisingly gets crap on it...

So you've found the perfect partner, BUT....

Folks who know cars

Cooking With John Ashcroft

In honor of Evita: What animals have your pets killed?

Stick-em up!

Who in your family do you avoid? For me it's my cousin Teddy. He


Funny thing about Rage Against The Machine...

Any advice for a 4-year old with potty-training troubles?

My wife just said she likes S & M. What should I do?

Liberal cats responsible for starting house fire.

Woodward? or Bernstein?

Hello hello hello. I'm back.

I’ve been drivin’ all night, my hand’s wet on the wheel

What league is your favorite baseball team in?

"Think" like a Freeper. What's your first "thought"?

Anti-protons - OR - finger-lickin'-good chicken?

Caution's subversive song of the day

Speaking of Menudo....

DU this poll asap!! If election held today, who would win Bush or Kerry?

Latest Issue of Newsweek shows most young Americans HATE Bush.

When The First Person To Eat a Chicken Ate It...

John Runnings, peace activist, dies at 86

A Brazilian's view of * - cross-posting-plus-SPAM

any good PHP /MySQL programmer here on DU (ideally from NY, NJ, CT)?

Hats off to Mr. Kobe Bryant

A man, a plan, a canal, PANAMA!

Answer: Tastes like chicken

Today is my birthday - ask me anything.


'Wedgie' led to death near sports bar, lawyers say

What do you think about when you vote?

Predictions For Tonights LA/Minnesota Game

What a synonym for 'thesaurus'? down?

The ANSWER: 1 dead bird, 1 dead squirrel, 4 frogs, 1 turtle

Bush, the "human accident".

Phish: The final encore

Hard to tell if this is Pappy Bush or stills from "The Mummy III"


They're coming out of the woodwork...

For the Nintendo Gamecube owners

The Answer: 1 Jar Pickled Herring, 1 Pair Fishnet Stockings, 2 Cucumbers

To what lofty heights will the trash climb before my husband takes it out?

Anyone ever hear of the Rick and Bubba show?

If you didn't watch GB last night what were you doing?

If you did watch GB last night what were you doing?

Have you ever been to jail?

I Am Offering A Bounty For Evita's Capture

I had a horrific rendezvous with a probable Freeper today.


Town Returns Funds Used To "Combat Goth Culture"

Doggie picture!

Last nights storm pictures

Phish breaking up! Really!

DU Chat: different room name

The Answer: A Man, An Angry Pit bull, and an 8 year old boy



I saw "Mulholland Drive" last night. . . . WTF?

The Compactionate Conservative of all CAPTIONS!!!

CAPTION the cicada and the tailless ass

Is Ann Coulter a giraffe in disguise

LynneSin's Reds are *en fuego*

SEE??? I Told You They Were Dems :):):)

OT Music Breaking News: Phish breaking up...for good.


Post number six thousand. The Yellow Corvette

I'm apparently a "BORN AGAIN DUer" -- a newbie!

John and Ken (kfi am 640) are turning on Bush. I love it.

Stanley Cup Finals predictions thread

Serious Question! What Do Repubs Listetn To?

There's a rushing sound in my left ear and my equilibrium is off

Which famous people came from your state???

The Podium Spitoon ExtraDeluxe of all CAPTIONS!!

What's the difference between recordable CDs?


What was the first play you ever saw?

Are you an innie or an outtie, belly button wise?

Which actor or actress would you like to do a kissing scene with?

What's Your "true" Political Affiliation?


Need help re: Clinton bashing

Queen Noor touches the donkey of Juan Valdez. Clinton approves.

Hunter Hunted: Wild hare attacks man

What do you consider your best and worst physical features?

What book're ya readin'?

If told to "Act" like a Freeper -- What's the first thing you do?

Should I change my last name to De Nasty?

The perpetually-threatened FAVORITE ELO TUNE poll

A Lifetime® Original Movie

I had gum surgery this morning! Ask me anything except...

Please explain to me why I got a puppy again...

Presidents/Vice Presidents you've seen in person.

Favorite Dylan Album

How do you like your bananas?

My top-20 favorite albums are better than Koolzip's top-20 favorite albums

Take this Religion Test

any DUers in Virginia want to have a gathering in June?

Kerry Promotes Energy Plan in Ore., Wash

convention plans? please check in

I'm very worried that things could improve for *, post 6/30 handoff

Kerry to detail plans on national security (focus over next 11 days)

Wow! Electoral map moves bigtime toward Kerry

Want to see how much your neighbors donated to the campaign ?

Gee dubya lands here in a half hour!!!!

Campaign funds left?

Bush ignores sick 911 Firefighters and police

Veepstakes survivor! Round SEVEN, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

Bayh doesn't think Kerry will ask him to be vp but would accept if asked

National Republican Congressional Committee's survey...

I'll bet you a crisp dollar bill

Ha! I Just *Responded* to the */Cheney 04 Mailing I Received...

Transcript from Blitzer's interview with Dean yesterday. poll. Vote off Cheney

Bobby Kennedy and John Kerry? read this and see what you think

Kerry Supporters: Who did you support before Kerry?

MA-UT-CAL-OR deviso par excelanto KERRY !!

Sudden turn around in recent polls

General Zinni is on Hardball....NOW!

How About A Good Juicy bu$h Sex Scandal?

Washington and Oregon turnaround:

Dean on VT radio...responds to Bush speech last night.

Veepstakes survivor! Round SEVEN, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

Edwards's edge on economy (Veepstakes per Oliphant, Boston Globe)

Federal Review Composite Poll (5/25): Kerry Takes The Lead 284-254!

Timeline Comparing The Lives of Bush and Kerry: Birth - 1998

Whats up with white males?

Take a listen!!!!

Do you believe ANYTHING this administration says?

Senator Durbin favors Wes Clark for vp

Tucker Carlson melt down on Crossfire

Please give to the John Kerry campaign.

You have to admit that Dean now looks like a genius...