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Archives: May 24, 2004

Suspicious moving van prompt Kings Bay lockdown

US meets its old problems in new Europe

Susan Sontag (Guardian Utd): What have we done (in Abu Ghraib)?

3 Israelis arrested after drawing toy guns during flight in Panama

The Altar Is Not a Battlefield by Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Wall Street Firms Funnel Millions to Bush

Joe Conason (Salon): From John Ashcroft's Justice Department to Abu Ghraib

It's Not Bush*s Fault!!!

No respite likely for US Iraq forces even after power transfer

I got a comment on my Kerry bumper sticker

General Zinni on 60 Minutes - mp3 & video

The permanent failures of Russian capitalism

"The Ice Is Melting Much Faster Than We Thought" - Independent

Ideas for making the U.S. more energy independent.

The other side

Have mods or ex-mods ever been tombstoned?

Top Ten Typos...

Why is the Richard Perle-linked Jerusalem post allowed on DU?

Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers

Feith :''the f---ing stupidest guy on the face of the earth,"

Army lifts siege on Gaza district

I went to school in Des Moines...

Nasty weather check-in

Rumsfeld Bans Camera Phones!

Bush: ‘Natural’ Alliance Of U.S. And Israel Unbreakable

rumsfeld bans camera phones

What happened last week on Meet The Press? Was out of the US

Bush at new low on - 54.2

*Another Milestone....801 dead in Iraq!*

Did you ever hear anyone claim Clinton was the Antichrist?

Bad Knee so can't jog, but can ride a bike???

We need a Canadian Election forum

Isn't it about time for the new weekly poll numbers?

remember this - Serbian soldiers' rapes of Bosnian (Muslim) women??

U.S. denies Sanchez witnessed prison abuse (hmmmmmm...)

Did Bin Laden say: The enemy (Bush) of my enemy (Saddam) is my friend?

What's this about 2000 pages missing from the Taguba report?

Youth Contest: Write a 300 word essay and go to the DNC/RNC!

Organic food industry says program's integrity threatened by USDA changes

The Simpsons: Mr. Burns has just bought up all the media...

Gen. Mark Kimmitt -- One G*d**mn*d liar

DU this CBN poll

If June 30 handover goes badly, it could mean mission failure in Iraq

dupe -- please delete

Bwahahahaha! Chalabi Wants U.S. Compensation After Baghdad Raid

Intolerance is now a virtue!

Transcript of Andy Rooneys commentary tonight. Must Read!

the VP is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Thank you Bush.

Zig Zag Zell

Berg Beheading: No Way, Say Medical Experts/Asia Times Online

Andy Rooney basically tells freepers to move somewhere else...

What Tangible Crap Does DRUDGE Get to Be a Wingnut?

Pat Robertson and some other dumbass

VIVA Bush!!!

What is an Arab Technicrat?

"What the hell is going on in America?"

Video shows it WAS a wedding!!

Has LIHOP/MIHOP finally been replaced on DU by Berg tin foil?

Please vote in veepstakes survivor round 2 if you haven't yet

Funny Homeland Security Satire on Now, Cartoon Network (10:30cdt)

Not that anyone cares..

TBTM Radio #38: 'Training Wheels'

From Friend to Foe - Time on Chalabi

tucker carlson: unfiltered

PROOF: Bush says on the record he wants Nader to run.

"No republican has won the WH without winning Ohio"

Kimmitt the Frog

Praying for You Know Who

The Nicholas Berg execution


I have some questions about torture interrogations?

"Not as bad as Saddam! Not as bad as Saddam!"

Is it my imagination or is The Simpsons getting more political?

I am worried! I have not heard from Bev...

Andy Rooney's minute on 60 Minutes

Found on Digital watermark might match Berg camera

Ever Write a Political Book, Publish it Yourself, Get it on Amazon?

buchanan is funny

"it is so outrageously false, it's not even worth comment."

i have the exit strategy for iraq ! stop the presses !

it was a wedding.....

Yale's Skulless, Boneless Bush

Peter Werbe is on a roll. . . He is not happy.

Scary Herbert article: America being led by an Evil Force?

mainstream democrats castigate dean for being anti-clinton

good answer to Zell Miller's "no one has ever died of humiliation" comment

Did Bush really fall from a bike??

Prisoner abuse only the latest disaster from Bush policies

is Bill Gates a Democrat?

Just what does "I take full responsibility" mean?

DU is being called out by the Protest Warriors, what is up with this?

Check out , tell me what you think, please.

Here is link to their successful protest against us at Halliburton -Dallas

Harley Rider * vs * Fool that can't even ride a bicycle right?

draft bill (S 89 and HR 163)

New doubts over pre-war intelligence

America 2004 = Germany 1939

I see why Chimpy's daughters didn't want him at their graduations

Text of Rumsfeld Articles Of Impeachment as introduced by Mr. Rangel

But it still must be better than when Saddam was there....

Abu Ghraibi Fever!

Repubs (O'Reilly) caught lying about taxes by Media Matters.

How soon after 9/11 did you realize Bush was the same ass as ever?

Would Kerry be wise to trust any advice coming from Nader?

Susan Sontag: "The Photographs Are Us" (MUST READ)

Anybody wanna wager that Chalabi...

U.S. divided: Worse now than in Vietnam era?

Update on "Council rejects Gay Pride Day" story...

A few selected pics of the "terrorists" at the supposed wedding party

What is Bu$h's Mystery MED he takes 2X day?

School of the America's DID stop teaching torture techniques

Congress should clarify the human rights of prisoners.

Video of Bush clowning around before Iraq war announcement

When Zinni spoke about containing Saddam, I thought of this statement.

Study of police shootings leads to accusations of racism

Oxfam Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

Dozens killed in Kashmir Blast

Journalists worried about financial pressures on news quality

E-mail tracker firm sparks fears over internet security

Ex-Centcom chief Zinni blasts Pentagon for war woes

Organic food industry says program's integrity threatened by USDA changes

Martin Calls Vote for June 28/Canada--New WMW

Army lifts siege on Gaza district

General Zinny: 'They Screwed Up!' (60 Minutes)

AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration

Report Urges Tighter Nuclear Controls

Anian nations find human rights hypocracy in prison abuse scandal

What powers should be handed over? Three key questions the US must face

General (Sanchez) accused over abuse

UK Iraq Document Leak Could Be Deliberate: Analyst (ABC OnLine)

US under fire for use of firepower

Allied Troops May Win Immunity from Iraqi Laws/UK--New WMW

Taiwan says no marines to go to Iraq

Canadians will head to polls June 28 - (Federal Election)

Haiti's rural poor hit hard by uprising

Mugabe plans to stand down as Zimbabwe leader

Pew Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets

US to present new UN resolution on Iraq Monday

Cannes fête le Moore pas la guerre (Liberation)

NYT: Reassurance for Florida Voters Made Wary by Chaos of 2000

County's doctors, hospitals unattainable for thousands (Houston, TX)

Wal-Mart's Expansion Aided by Many Taxpayer Subsidies

Bush will launch new drive to build support for Iraq policy

New Ebola strain found in Sudan

Afghan Deaths Linked to Unit at Iraq Prison

General Says Sanchez Rejected Her Offer to Give Address to Iraqis On Abuses

U.S. Steps Up Hunt in Leaks to Iraqi Exile

Terror threat: We'll kill Madonna

'I will always hate you people'

Starved Rock Murders: Did Weger have an accomplice? - IL

'Only nuclear power can now halt global warming' [J. Lovelock, green guru]

OMG! Fox is advertising a new show, and it's not a "reality" show!

I just watched the Cannes Film awards AGAIN

"Baby Come as You Are ....In my "Getaway Car" We can Drive ALL Night!

So when you think it couldn't get any worse...

Funny stuff for sale

Anyone have a link to a pic w/a kitten w/peanut butter?

familiar with the 'Jan Crouch look'????? Jan + Paul Crouch of TBN

SERIOUSLY, people! You've got to come argue with FREEPERS at XMFAN.COM!

Internet pharmacies -- what's the deal?

Watching Rex Harrison in Dr. Doolittle

Simpsons cast on Inside the Actors' Studio tonight

Check out the Simpsons tonight (no spoilers).

Anybody know of a good vitamin site?

I can't decide what to do with myself

stupid lawn mower question..

Does the Sopranos air at 9 in all timezones?

Rumble rumble...

For "Bar" Bush: Univ. of MI child behavior: "What about nose picking?"

Fun game: Punch out Dubya!


Bar Owners Turn Tables on Underage Drinkers

Trouble Accessing Websites: Do I have a virus?

Sunday Night Baby Cub Pictures (Cute)

Has anybody seen GOPisEvil on today?

Anyone have a secret for controlling leaf miners

Evita just caught a bat - IN MY APARTMENT

If concrete evidence came out that global warming was definately real...

What was the last thing W* said before he fell off his bike?

Favorite Top 10 pop hit by PRINCE? (Part 2 of 2)

Kakophronocracy: government by the stupid

Is anyone else watching the Simpsons?

Fan calls it the worst concert ever

is condi bopping w?

Verizon DSL Outage: MA and NH

cool show about cats on PBS tonight

Why are you people STILL using Outlook Express?

Check out this um,. "Knife"

Does anyone else NOT recognize a lot of the names in the DU Gallery?

Just Watched "Henry II" on Showtime

Best PC company to buy from

I LOVE "Deadwood" - HBO rocks again

Picture of the Du Techs working on the new upgrade.

Im one away from joining the 700 club

How do you handle friends/family/co-workers who are repuke racists?

How did "The Simpsons" end tonight?

Check out the movie "Super Size Me"

Bush Falls Off Bike, Bill O'Reilly Suffers Facial Abrasions

If you met Bu$h and could only say one thing,

Austin DUers: Who was at Curras Grill (on Burnet) Sunday morning?


Maybe the best popcorn ever (have to like blue cheese)!

LOU DOBBS should be wearing my new t-shirt design!

Does anyone remember the name of this movie?

Sopranos thread...2nd to last show of season

T-Wolves beat Evil Empire 89-71, go to LA tied 1-1!!!

Anyone here survive the tornado of Salt Lake City 1999?

"This president doesn't listen to show tunes"

Not that anyone cares..

The official bad ju-ju exorcism thread

Quiz (sort of): You and your SO. How does it stack up in numerology?

Quiz: Are you a 'freak' (i.e. non-conformist)?

Anyone ever do any geneology on their family?

Greatest cat toy ever

My wife just said she likes Eminem. What should I do?

What college do/did you go to?

Bush's donors feed from the government's trough

Rove protégé key force behind Bush 2004 drive

Let's play Veepstakes survivor! Round THREE, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

How Bayh could help a Kerry ticket [Journal Gazette]

Fight for America, Fight for the South!

The Bush Doctrine of Re-definition

D-Day's Real Lessons

Do High Schools need military laisons?

What have we done?

U.S. adventure in Iraq amounts to big con job: Newsday

The Greening of John McCain

FU, free speech By Matthew Rothschild

Iraq progress may not help Bush BY MICHAEL MANDELBAUM

Gen. Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret.) Remarks at CDI Board of Directors Dinner,

The Other Long Occupation: Bush in a Bubble

Galbraith: How to Get Out of Iraq (Iraq "not salvageable" as a nation)

Open Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

GOP Must Stop Bush---- Bernstein

"Open Season in Iraq" - Stan Goff on the wedding massacre and My Lai

FCC versus our Freedom to listen to foreign broadcasts

How Fascism Starts

Worst Poll Numbers Ever For Bush

The Houston Chronicle Lies About the Recall Referendum in Venezuela

Techniques and Strategies to Win Your Upcoming Election"

Design Contest -- Better T-shirts for Kerry -- closes 5/31

Reclaim the Commons (genes + profits) - San Francisco June 3-9, 2004

Rate pic of weekly antiwar memorial 'Arlington West'

Your local media-write a display ad, take out a classified, write letter

Joseph Wilson in Santa Monica Tuesday May 25th

FCC versus our Freedom to listen to foreign broadcasts via SW & more

Gambian media to register or 'go to hell'

Webmaster finds gaps in China's Net

What colour is the sun?

Astrologers failed to predict proof they are wrong

Grandma 17 Feb 1917 - 23 May 2004

Farmers Turn to the Web for Help

Did the Nasdaq Just Give a Bullish Signal (Morning Star)?

AngloGold Ashanti looks to be world leader

China: Our Tech Can Lick Your Tech

Group: Bush Muzzling U.S. Park Officials

Environmentalists want state's GM secrets - SA

Access of weevil threatens Malawi

Fire Season Forecast Goes From Bad To Worse

Unknown Disease Killing Africa's Famous Baobab Trees - BBC

Changing Tidal Patterns, Continuing Seawater Rise Press Island Nations

Peregrine Pairs Make Downtown Portland Home - Oregonian

Burmese Elephant Numbers Dropping Quickly - AP

Aviation: a grossly polluting industry

"Only nuclear power can halt global warming" - James Lovelock

United Economic Space (UES)

Ex-Zambian air force chief arrested

Pretoria jail 'a time bomb' - SA

Cops open fire on protesters - Central African Republic

Chiluba reveals secret tunnels - Zambia

Man, 71, takes on SANDF - SA

GUNS IN THE NEWS - May 22-24, 2004

Mary Rosh Caught Lying Again...

Neighbors with bats, sticks capture suspected child predator

So, Guys, (and Gal), How's it going?

Top Ten Addendum--#10

I would like this decision reviewed please

Hi guys

Rule Suggestion: "No Spoilers In The Subject Line"

The astrology threads

I recently sent in a small donation

Lapid calls for end to Rafah demolitions

Dahlan denies holding talks with Israel for 'the day after'

Arafat at heart of rights abuse report

Sharon's Shell Game in Rafah

Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Appears in Court to Testify in Civil Case

The Rape of Rafah (Uri Avnery)

Israeli army reduces Gaza refugee camp to ruins

Security official: PA distributing arms in Rafah

How the PA Raises its Children to Hate

Palestinians pick up lives after Israeli raid

Palestine, occupation and self-criticism (By Lawrence Smallman)

43% of Israeli teenagers support refusenik stance

PA Called “Women, Children and Elderly”

U.S. Jews suggest special advisor for UN chief Annan

Reno throws her support to Castor in U.S. Senate race

Inmates finding better chance for parole under Schwarzenegger

Hey central Iowans!

Wicked Pissah Website -- The Hubbub

Help with Massachusetts CU data

Romney Booed at Suffolk Graduation

Okay, now that gays can marry....

Prop 2 1/2

When Kerry is elected, who should have his Senate seat?

Make sure and listen to MPR reply of the Dayton speech tonight

Action alert for Youngstown on Tue. May 25

Pa. Lawmakers Argue Over State Soil

Action alert for Youngstown, OH Tues. May 25

SBC & Union Still Talking As Workers Picket

Job-Seekers: Texas Workforce has a new system. Check it out!

DeLay foe aware win would be long shot

Texans Uneasy with Iraq War

Kerry coming to Seattle May 26th

CNBC Now: Dennis Kucinich v. Duncan Hunter

CNN Polls: "Gassy & Etc." Edition

Air America listeners donate $12,996 to Wellstone Action for Al's B'day.

I've just watched 'Natural Born Killers'. The Republicans did in Iraq

"You sir, are a liar." "LIAAAARRRRRR!!!" AP report on wedding

BIG irony in Protest Warrior poster vs. Pfc. Lynndie England "leash" photo

a question about Andy's question

Keep your eye on the ball people

Keep your eye on the ball people, don't be distracted: CAMERAS

US general linked to Abu Ghraib abuse

Wolfowitz's blunders cost us dearly

Differences between the Neo-Cons and the Fascists of old...

the pResident doesn't govern by polls...... ummmmm


Why the desecration of the bodies of the mercenaries in Fallujah? Heres why

Unofficial draft Mike Malloy thread

Flashback -- Cheney, Bush Sr and Powell on taking Bagdad

I can't get Ray Taliforino.(sp). It just keeps returning to DU. Does

This Week's Political Polls are Late: WTF?

Email CNN's American Morning for Cafferty's question Now!

Bush's Scraped Face Tour

Please Help me Reply to this Anti-American Email

Bu$h, Carlyle Group, and the beat goes on...

The DLC's National White Man's Conversation

When will the media stop trying to prop up Bush?

Will the press still cover Iraq War after June 30

I would not know John Kerry existed if all I ever listened to was AAR!

Bush on the skids around here.

Less troops = democrat? False!

GOP: We’ll crash party: Repubs want equal time if Kerry snubs nomination

Diebold machines and Ralph Nader

Who would have thunk it?! Safire defends Chalabi.

Independent: Blair getting hit hard by Abu Ghraib blowblack

Herbert: "The president's reservoir of credibility on Iraq is bone dry"

Fahrenheit 9/11

anyone know any good websites about the die off?

anyone have link to Zinni transcript?

When Drudge can't verify scoops, he waits until RW news source quotes him!

Nice headline (Reuters): Bush Speech to *Try* to Assure Americans on Iraq

102F Degrees in Nasiriya. Do you know why your children are dying?

Saudi Envoy: Iraq War Was 'Colonial' and About Oil

DU this poll

C-Span-7:20a.m.: 55% of journalists declare themselves to be liberal?

Link to photo of bush's injuries

Question for Duers who have read Woodward's book

"I won't run for reelection" and "I resign"

The pullout from Iraq..

Yet another FBI Investigation of Shrub Administration

A moment where I lower my head in shame..............

When electing a candidate do you go with head or heart?

Congress.Org Pres poll Freeped - get your vote in!

British Site Exposes "Selling off Iraq" Who is getting the "Payday!"

I don't know about anyone else

Israeli Deputy Premier Says Images In Gaza Evoke Holocaust Memories

Disturbing Message... Advice?

If it wasn't so sad

Tonight is going to be a bad night for W

Were Kevin Garnett's comments (uzis, grenades, bombs, etc.) offensive?


Spent The Weekend with some Ohio Repubs

Bob Herbert : "....a terrible sense of dread filtering across America..."


U.S. Nearing Deal on Way to Track Foreign Visitors

Denmark, Conservatives' anger over US line in Iraq

How Would You Feel If You Found Out The GOP Used Push Polling?

Nader Advises Kerry on VP Candidates

The Good news thread of the day - personal, common interest

Decisions based on Discussion

RIDGE Being Vetted for VP Just in Case

Franken sez first Arbitron numbers for AAR good...

Air America Radio Is Number One Stream On The Net

The Net Sentinel for 5/24/04

Col. Pat Lang (USA, ret.) on CNN just now.

Bush* to speak from War College

Did Bush get his ass kicked or was he attacked?

Wolfie the putz is interviewing a retired Colonel

Link to video of Bush reading while WTC is hit?

Post in Vogue forum - what you think of Bush twins in their Aug. issue!

Kerry is getting GORED

Bu$h tonight: It's NOT a Presidential Address, a CAMPAIGN RALLY

Fahrenheit 9-11 is going to be huge

New York Times: Bush in a Bubble

Who Will The GOP Run Against Kerry ?

Gale Norton and Abu Ghraib poll being Freeped

We've got 78 votes for round 3 of Veepstakes survivor

DU this poll: "Do You Support How President Bush Is Handling Iraq?"

CNN gag-inducing headline: "Bruised Bush battles back"

DeLay opponent Morrison coming up on O'Franken...


"The unsaved are dead already"

Clinton Approval Ratings

The last gasp for the USA

Bush Disapproval Numbers Hit Highest Recorded in CBS Poll History

Here's why the Rethugs control all three branches:

The truth behind *'s excellent adventure on Capitol Hill

Whatever happened to Emily Miller?

You know why the networks aren't going to carry the speech, don't you?

National Trust for Historic Preservation: Vermont endangered by Wal Mart

We need to attack Right Wingers when the call liberals UnAmerican!

Ever had a panic attack?

The rest of the world doesn't understand why Bush is still in office:

E.L. Doctorow on Diane Rehm today. Great program!

Have you noticed the mediawhores talking about the Neo Cons?

Fantastic Dayton (DFL - MN) speech on MPR now

Just Saw the Wedding Massacre Video (Dubai TV)- Kimmitt Lied!

Exhibitionistic Revenge at Abu Ghraib

Does a Democracy Use Troops Against it's People ?


LOL...caption this bush* photo....

Looking for background/info on Cofer Black

Wedding Attack a BFEE Mob Hit?

Good news in the recent CBS poll

I've just been reading David Brock's The Republican Noise Machine

Franken just seconded my 'All people of the world are friendly it's the

My E-Mail From Dish, RE: Air America

Breaking! Scotty called on Helen Thomas!

Maybe I missed it , But what happened with SCOTUS and Padilla, Cheney etc.

CBS Webite with Zinni Article has this.....which Creeped me out!

Noooo...Bud Selig appears to be a Democrat

Scottie just refused to say that the FCC wouldn't be used politically.

We've passed 800 senseless, needless deaths in Iraq

Author booed for anti-Bush remarks

Does anyone know (can provide some kind of a link) if Pepsi

So how tall is George

Now Playing: The Stepford Wives starring Laura Bush

Since Richard Perle is back in the news, I thought I'd revive this thread

Kerry is NOT getting coverage from US media...

Heads up to HS teachers

BIG DOG on C-Span1 NOW (2pm EST)

Repubs to use Federal Election Commission to shut Moore down?

Lucasfilms Ltd. would be a logical distributor

The leader of US forces in Iraq is a bigot.

ok, so now that bush is at record lows. where are the polls

Article in NY Times about voting macines

Bushies of Tammany Hall

''The priorities of the Godly''

Limbaugh's Substitute Lies - Just Like El Rushbo

Wonder how many freeper/lurkers here get converted?

Geez! Wouldn't you think Dreamworks would distribute "Fahrenheit 9-11"??

Is Rhandi Rhodes a "rerun" today??

Diversion Time: They're cranking up the shark attack stories again.

Bush could be badly bruised by revolt in the White House

Bush flip-flop?

"President Bush Congratulates WNBA Champs Detroit Shock"

Will ABC interupt "A Beautiful Mind" to show an empty one?

Is Disney refusing to sell the rights to the Weinsteins?

FDA rejects sperm from gay men? Gee, let's guess as to the hidden agenda

Which would you prefer to have as a CONSISTENT Democratic position?

Looking for web videos OR images- Berg, Abu Ghraib, Bombings, Politics, et

Bush and Co.: Most Missions Accomplished (despite our best resistance)

Shot 5 times in chest. Another was shot twice in head. Both deemed suicides

Remind the Freepers,Clinton's approval was in the 70's during scandal

If one vote's okay..TEN is even OKAY-er.. (these freaks are funny)

Todays Randi Rhodes is a rerun.

Who is within driving distance of Disneyland and can make a protest Sat?

Will Bush use his speech to the nation to talk about other issues....

When Farenheit 9/11 comes out, Bush* is toast.

MSNBC poll: "Do you have confidence that President Bush has the answers...

Want a FREE bumpersticker?

Have good veins if you get the death penalty in Idaho or New Hampshire

Rasmussen: Obama by 8 in Illinois.

Who can give me a quick overview of Peruvian politics during the 80s-90s?

take the quiz

The Virgin Ben Strikes Again!

How the Iraq War can be put on the Christian Right

Judy Woodruff grrrrrr

Tim Russert subpoenaed in CIA Leak case...

A good soldier: The scandal is "all that's ever going to be remembered."

what's up with Randi?

PICTURE if you will, Bush's new TRICYCLE ONE with red, white and blue

My unemployment employer contribution rate jumped 50% this year because

We all have heard them... folks who love W... have to wonder

Bush approval ratings hit new low (CBS poll)....

Revenge of the Nerds

If you thought Gen. Zinni was good last night, read this:

Is anyone---Rep., Dem, other--buying the ideas behind tonight's speech?

Fox: "Inflation Seen Jumping 2.5 Percent "

How many Bushies are needed to replace a lightbulb?

Favorite SCOTUS Justice not named Scalia, Rehnquist, or Thomas?

OK everyone let's Bundle

Christian Family Day at the ol' ballpark

The solution to the "fundraising-acceptance speech" issue

Dean to be on Wolf Blitzer at 5:00 today.

A question to liberal Christians

Another record for Chimpy. Oil Price at New High of $41.72 Per Barrel

DU this poll: "Do You Support How President Bush Is Handling Iraq?"

Does anyone fear that RW is deflating Bush intentionally?

Who is Guilty of Prison Torture?

Kos: Time for the DLC to die

Based on my reading of the bible...

Dean alert...on wolfie

The Media Goes to war..Panamanian Style

I listen to the hyped speeches, but I tape a paper chicken head on the TV

Howard Dean interview in The Progressive

I was there!!! (Big Dog's speech in Lawrence, KS, last Friday)

Does anyone have Oliver North's mugshot?

I'd give my right tit to hear this tonight

CNN: "140,000 U.S. troops are expected to remain in Iraq for more than...

Caption Bill and Bob

Now the republicans see how it feels when the media focuses on a scandal.

The End of Chimpy (We've Broken Through a Barrier)

Anyone want to watch Rumsfeld's head spin around like a top?

Web logs certainly no snooze

We should set up the fundy republik in Iraq

THIS was on

Has "Farenheit 9/11" been released ANYWHERE yet?

The TRUTH Behind The Wedding Massacre....

Jessica Lynch featured at bizarre motivatinal conference

Should Tim Russert Be tortured

Can we collect GOP quotes against Kerry's call for UN in Iraq?

Dave Letterman now takes on Matt Drudge!

They found UNIFORMS at the wedding? What a stupid lie.

ABC/WP Poll: Only Republicans Say They Approve of Bush's Iraq Policy

Can Pardons Be Rescinded By the Incoming President??

A leader who can make a difference...

AOL Poll - Bush rated very low

AOL poll...

CBS News Poll: Shrub's Approval Now @ A Dismal 41%

Minority Report?

The DLC is dead, and it's not because they're a centrist entity

Randi Rhodes is a repeat today

Only the media can hold up the Bush presidency...

An Electoral Defeat Alone is not an Acceptable Punishment

Road Trip for a New Majority (Herseth race in SD)

Lame Duck Resignation - Pardons for everybody

Mrs. Clinton and Lindsey Graham for 2008?

Torture Wolf Blitzer

I wonder how many Republicans either secretly or openly have remorse over

Can Bush be tried as a war criminal?

Even Brit Hume is seeing no hope for Bush in his "speeches"

Why is it when someone tells the truth about bush...

In today's climate, are there really many moderates left?

finally, Helen Thomas is allowed a question at WH briefing (link)

CBS evening news - bush is getting beat up, big time.

Did Tucker just make up something on Crossfire today?

Drudge: ESPN censors Hunter Thompson column

How come there's not more Women Bloggers?

I think we're winning hearts and minds

I say we show the bush twins the same respect afforded Chelsea Clinton


An early rebuttal to Bush's primetime speech: Stars and Stripes letter

Where would the soldiers have come from for the invasion

Who is Edward Jay Epstein? (Atta in Prague)

Iraq, The Marine's tale: 'I felt we were committing genocide'

New Bush photo from biking accident

Tighten your seat belt, Karl Rove!!!

Should we push to suspend or eliminate the gas taxes. Would that help?

Proposed solution to the real Christians v. Falwellian Christians problem

"I pretended I was dead so he wouldn't kill me,"

Why haven't we seen any pictures

Palm Beach columnist makes mincemeat of Pigboy

So this is "Clinton fatigue???"

youngest syndicated radio host in the U.S.--next Lush Rimbaugh

The O'Franken line isn't busy

How can gas be $2.064 a gallon?

* My prediction for the puppet show tonight & a question-

Before the Bushies have this page pulled, READ THIS!!!

Are Muslim Americans being persecuted?

Alabama: Where the capital punishment debate is how to kill people

What would happen if Dems went to vote and they STAYED

Big Four to Pass on Bush Speech

"Why don't they report all the the good things happening in Iraq?"

Taking a moment to spell out my gratitude to my fellow DUers

Is it me, or does * wear his new bruises like a badge of honor?

...Humpty Dubya sat on a wall, Humpty Dubya had a great fall.....

Imagine a poll.... Kerry: 51%

Call Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) TOLL FREE and tell him NO DRAFT!

Lou Dobbs offers a lesson in polling

Can you see the future?

"Bush's ineffective leadership is a wmd" - Nick Berg's dad

When Bush says those inevitable words tonight.....

'Foo' for thought!

Another "letter from the front."

EDM fans...... Get this Tune: Faithless "Mass Destruction"

Powerful segment on Democracy Now this morning....

Polls Suggest Public Anxiety About Iraq High

If Kerry wins, Halliburton, Cheney's henchmen will wreak havoc in Iraq...

Free bumper stickers from Move On

Holy smokes, Lou Dobbs' poll about Chimpy's speech tonight

Bush Seeks To Reassure America Speech

Heard on the radio today...

FOX and CBS reporting Bush will request Abu Graib prison be demolished

If you had a choice: Bush or the neocons

How many times will * say 9/11 and war on terra?

CNN: Nader told Kerry he prefers Gephardt or Edwards for VP.

Is anyone else nervous about bush*s poll numbers

BUSH Bullshit Iraq FAILURE Speech Thread #1

How do we feel about Eliot Spitzer as Kerry's Attorney General?

Bush is in trouble

DO NOT ERASE HISTORY. Abu Ghraib should've been left standing and intact.

Hardball - CIA Secret War

I am Grateful the President of our Country is speaking tonight.

Fahrenheit 9/11… does this all remind you of “the Passion”.

Question for bikers: how long does it take for a 17 or 20 mile ride?

It is disgraceful that the networks aren't carrying Bush's speech

TShirts:"Vote Democratic:Because these last four years have been TORTURE!"

I work in a recovery room

Do you like having a crackhead President?

Ldotters want Madonna & children murdered!

Bush Speech?

Charley Rangel on Lou Dobbs.

assume the party took a significant left turn. would centrists bolt?

"We will leave when they ask us to leave"

"Finally, President Bu$h has a plan for Iraq. I have a plan for AMERICA."

Should the U.S. withdraw from the Athens games?

Who's going to watch the speech tonight?

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

Is Kerry Going to Respond to Tonight's Speech??

DU this poll on the Democratic convention!!!

How can Democrats regain the moral high ground on abortion? Here's how:

Has anyone been able to get on today?

'All Quiet on the Western Front' - anti-war movie attacked by Nazis in 30s

"It's A Small World" | your KICKY Monday TOONs

Do you have confidence Bush has the answers for Iraq? Poll MSGOP

Where would Bush be in the polls if God WASN"T on his side ?

Whatch boy anderson cooper

An Abut Ghraib Photo We Didn't See on the Front Page of the NYTs

Missing Votes/Info from Florida Election 2000 could end this Nightmare!

to win the hearts and minds....

our answer to ralph nader: Jack Daniels

We need the DLC

The Bush speech. Had to get this off my mind.

Freepers and the right will hate this pic of Bill Clinton. . .

Take this Political Survey. See what you rank!

Just returned from Normandy.... Omaha Beach...........

Can someone explain the Freepers intense hatred of Clinton?

White House Asks Media to 'Show Respect' to Bush Twins

Iraqi Grand Ayatollah says even leaving Iraq won't save America now

The FCC is shutting us off from the world....political payoff to ELECTRIC

Do we underestimate Bush?

Please Post Your LINKS: Honour All Whistleblowers Here....

Christians look to secede; form 'new nation' within U.S.

Conventional Wisdom gives * another down arrow -- three weeks running

What if.....(Iraq, Iran)

Kerry Urging Energy Independence in U.S.

Send In The Girl Scouts...

What if the Confederacy had been allowed to remain separate?

Isn't it kinda late for "Fireside Chats"?

A vote for Nader is a character issue!

Which state should secede?

I was asked to sign a petition to get Ralph Nader on the ballot

Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S.

To all the very industrious DLC marketers on the board today

Air America's ratings - great!

WOW! "With Trembling Fingers..." (I repeat: WOW!)

"Bad people have celebrations too": Makr al-Deeb Wedding Photos

US, Britain to PRESENT Iraq resolution to UN on Monday

1 Marine, 1 Soldier Killed, Several Wounded in IED Attack

Despair driving some Iraqis to embrace insurgency

Norwegian soldier killed in Afghan attack

WP- Soldiers Vented Frustration, Doctor Says( AF Col Nelson Psychiatrist )

Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Appears in Court to Testify in Civil Case

BBC Appoints a New Director, Seeking to Overcome Scandal of Unfounded Iraq

Tonight is going to be a bad night for W

Israeli says offensive evokes WWII images

German Chancellor Schroeder Wants Total Transfer of Power to Iraqis

Blast inside Baghdad "Green Zone", smoke rising

Japan grows 'much slower' than Tokyo suggests

What have we done?

Disney's in indecency mix (wants broadcast rules on cable)

D-Day's Real Lessons

CNN Breaking: Large blast at entrance of Green Zone-Baghdad...

SA passed info to Zim on alleged mercenaries

U.S. Nearing Deal on Way to Track Foreign Visitors(Homeland Sec. 15 B)

NYT- Afghan Deaths Linked to Unit at Iraq Prison (Capt Wood)

Malawi leader to be sworn in despite riots

Afghan Deaths Linked to Unit at Iraq Prison

New Forecast Says Inflation May Get Worse (AP)

Networks won't air Bush's primetime speech

Shell Announced Fourth Downgrade of Oil Reserves

6 arrests in assassination bid - Pakistan

Scare Tactics Used To Make Reservists Re-Enlist (PLEASE DELETE-DUPE)

DeLay foe aware win would be long shot

Bushes Fly To Connecticut for Daughter's Graduation

Iraqi scientist died at US base - From a massive blow to the head

New Iraqi (US Drafted) UN resolution tabled

Europeans wary of Bush's D-Day visit

CNBC: Ex-NYSE Exec in Deal with Spitzer

Families: Scare Tactics Used To Make Reservists Re-Enlist

Bowles turns tables on man he hopes to replace

Legal smoke rooms for schoolkids

Mugabe attacks Blair, Bush and Tutu

Group sees Wal-Mart threat to Vermont

Rafah buries its dead

China goes global in farming efforts

GOP: We’ll crash party: Repubs want equal time if Kerry snubs nomination

Kimmit says they did catch the bastards who beheaded Berg

US: More oil from Saudi Arabia (seems Bandar is keeping his promise)

FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report: -Murder Rate Rose in '03

Leak Probe Subpoenas Reporters

Wall Street Firms Funnel Millions to Bush

Explosion Rocks Belfast Street

Britons killed in Baghdad blast

UK govt leaked memo 'to show independence'

Thread #2: "Bush Suffers Cuts, Bruises While Biking"

FBI: Violent crime continues to decline

Spitzer files lawsuit against ex-NYSE boss

Poll: Bush Ratings Continue Slide

Cuba base may face scrutiny over prisoner handling

Cleric says violence in Iraq's south is making enemies for U.S

U.S. Increases Haitian Aid by $60 Million

The Houston Chronicle Lies About the Recall Referendum in Venezuela

Saudi Envoy: Iraq War Was 'Colonial' and About Oil

Cuba Turns To Ex-Pats Against Bush

Open Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

Ste of Ga Governor just declared Ga State of Emergency

WP:Bush Losing Support on Iraq, Poll Finds President's Approval Ratings Hi

A Tough Assessment (ABC WP Poll Bush at 47%)

Newsweek: Bad Marks for Bush

Bush approval stays near record low in poll

Oil price optimism proving premature


Finding U.S. Abuse in Iraq Left Red Cross Team in a Quandary (WSJ)

Bush administration only interested in damage control after Abu Ghraib

Former Soldier Claims He Was Beaten During Training Exercise In Cuba

Mystery Man at Bill’s Bash

Oil Near Record, Saudi Hike Not Enough?

Iran to boycott U.S. wrestling, fencing events to protest military action

Lauderdale judge tosses Rep. Wexler suit on electronic voting machines

N.C. Republicans expel House co-speaker

Iraq-Turkey pipeline bombed

U.S. army insists desert house was legitimate target (new spin)

2,180 (Chicago) teacher layoffs to ease budget crunch (3,660 total jobs)

Iraq war was about oil - Saudi envoy

UPDATE 1-Bank of America says president to resign

Sex and death in the heart of Africa

US army suspends general in Iraq jail-abuse probe

Europeans wary of Bush's D-Day visit

Scandal Overshadows Abu Ghraib Victories

Rwandan insurgents attack Congolese soldiers

Private Lynndie wants her abuse confession thrown out

U.S. Nearing Deal on Way to Track Foreign Visitors

UN peacekeeping chief urges reconciliation between DR Congo and Rwanda

High Court: Police May Search Parked Cars

Senate majority leader campaigning to unseat Murray

Federal Court Dismisses Case Against Mayfield

U.S. proposes U.N. resolution giving 1-year mandate in Iraq

Big Four to pass on Bush speech

Utah Man Kills Woman, Himself in Shooting

Study Shows Army Trouble in Iraq Invasion

Newsweek: 'Gaps and Discrepancies' (Miller in spotlight on abuse)

Poll: 32 Percent of Iraqi Respondents Strongly Support Moqtada al-Sadr

More Men Stricken With Breast Cancer

Officials ask airlines not to refuel at Sea-Tac after pipeline closes

Brokering the Power of the Image

Poll: Bush Ratings Continue Slide - CBS poll has Bush's approval at 41%

Press feels it's gone easy on Bush

Canada: We like being 'un-American'

CNN breaking news Abu Ghraib being demolished

H'wood hot for Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

MSNBC: Gen. Karpinski suspended, pending outcome of investigation

The Ultimate Insider - Richard Perle

White House rebuffs criticism from ex-Centcom chief

Democrats to 'verify' purge of voter rolls (Florida)

Air America calls for its cash lifeline (New Infusion of Cash)

White House Asks Media to 'Show Respect' to Bush Twins

Rare Reserve Call Up

WP:Bush Losing Support on Iraq, Poll Finds President's Approval Ratings Hi

'Doonesbury' cartoonist apologizes over strip

Drivers eye vegetable oil as cheap fuel

Berg killer behind car blast

Kia Spectra Ad - I want that car cover

And now, a special extended version of "In A gadda Da Vida"

Adriana, Rest in Peace

Look at this close-up of Chimpy's neck...

Oh blech! Gross! Fooey.

Behold the awesome cuteness of

Adultrix Amy Grant, 'christian' 'country' 'singer', is NOT on board

"War Pigs" just came on

I'm going to my first Stanley Cup finals

How many livers have you had?

My 300th Post

Any transcripts from last night's 60 minutes


How often do you lie?

It's a shot in the dark, but...

After the NOV. elections should I change my DU name?

i wana get 100 of these

If Condi had handlebars,...

How many lives have you had?

I love coffee!!

Ugh, Good Monday Morning DU.

How many louvres have you had?

Graduation Speech - Student Referrs To School As "Prison" - Silenced

dream VP

Homer's 'Iliad' Now in 'Messenger Speak'

Convicted Bus Driver Must Watch Surgery As Punishment

Whereas we're at 'war' and Bush is 'Commander-in-Chief'


Mayor Tells Sorcerers To Banish Evil Spirits

Question for studious Sopranos fans

I just wrenched my back out at work.

My Flyers avatar is no more...

Insanely pro-Bush Israeli girl with bodacious tatas

Yo Yo Ma rocks

Crusader Bush's "Cable News Only" Press Conference: A Preview

A question about bad parents


Moving tips needed

OH NO!! The dreaded 700 Club!!

How many livers have you had?

How many levers have you had?

How Many Cleavers Have You Had?

My Aching Back.

Woman Beaten WIth Hockey Stick, Gun - Forced To Cook For Attacker

How many Lever 2000s have you had?

If you could move to any U.S. metro area...

How many slavers have you had?

Do you go to your state forum?

My Favorite Picture In The Gallery (besides my own)...

I Know This Question Gets Asked A Million Times A Month, But....

even freepers make a little sense sometimes...

Neocons Morph Into Pantycons

On-line stores/shops - info needed

Dinosaur discovered in New Zealand

Does falling in love have a time restriction?

How many slivers have you had?

DU chefs! Should I get a mortar and pestle or a food processor?

I just got my shots this morning. Ask me anything.

There is still a bat in my apartment!!!

And now, Matcom's Phoenix Rant

Photoshoppers! What will Smirky look like with his goatee?

Boy, do I have the lazies today!

Confess-Things you have learned from "the box" (TV)

Can I Get A Synopsis Of Last Week's Flame Wars Please?

A rare, white buffalo was just born in Arizona

Anybody else catch the Bill Hicks program on Trio last night?

My Grandmother Almost Got Punch While On A Trip To Italy Last Week

Question about the movie "Woodstock"

Any fans of the group "American Analog Set"?

Why won't my Bleeping Scanner work?????????

Agassi Loses in First Round of French Open

How far is it from Dallas to Austin?

Woman accused of drowning boyfriend´s dog

Anyone else ride motorcycles????

Pat Sajak is NOT on board. Shucks.

If you haven't seen Misunderestimator in the Gallery,

Dang - there go my nap prospects!

Just watched my very first episode of Boobah. I have a few Questions.

WOOHOO! I love seeing "3L" in print!

DU Women!

Did anyone happen to record Alias last night?

I hate to ask, but has anyone listened to Rush lately?

Bumsfeld slams embedded Virgos in Iraq

'Barbie Drug' Could Have Multiple Effects On Body

My Niece bicycled 16 miles yesterday without a spill

Elk Steals Bicycle, Eats Bushes.

Never partner with a freeper to play online cards.

The Tri-Idiotheon of all CAPTIONS!!!

Why do you think violent crime rates are declining?

* Looks like he's gonna hurl!

I'm leaving......

Billie Piper is Doctor Who helper

Anyone seen those late night "Girls Gone Wild" ads on UPN

hey amerikat- how are the kittens?

Microsoft Publisher Nerds.... In Here! Need Help!

Dubya Justifies attack on Iraqi wedding, says it was a gay wedding

FINALLY got my PiL 's CD's!!!

Nancy Sinatra's on board!!!

The cat that would not leave my lap (a poem)

An amusing study in contrasts

Well I guess we're gonna have to take control.....

Just hijack this thread.

Rumsfeld bans all wedding videos in Iraq

I just ate a really good turkey sandwich... ask me anything.

Donald Rumsfeld = the Kung Fu master (lol)

I have a grotesquely swollen Skoda (not for the Squamish).

I've just had a really nice kitten sandwich... ask me anything.

CORRECTION to Last Week's Quiz

sus is posting dirty pictures of this guy licking himself

I have a grotesquely swollen Volvo. (Not for the squeamish...)

I have a grotesquely swollen uvula. (Not for the squeamish...)

I have a grotesquely swollen mole (not for the squamous):

When Someone Chooses To Leave DU

Thunderstorms !!!!

Tonight's TV viewing guide: What will you be watching at 8pm???

Exclusive photo: Bush* on bike

Hands up who is experiencing chafing?

What's Your Favorite Summer Olympics Sport?

I have a grotesquely swollen rugala (not for the Amish)

THIS IS MY 600th witty insight! ask me anything!

I have a grotesquely swollen Bakula (not for the mawkish)

I have a grotesquely swollen mind (not for "Babs" ish)

Ohio has a grotesquely swollen Regula

And now, for those who wonder, Brad Pitt named smelliest celeb...

My salad has grotesquely swollen arugula.

Caution's subversive song of the day

Jump the shark?

What exactly is a "Freeper"?

Greatest cat toy ever: Grossly swollen uvula?

okay I hear these terms but need to know what they mean

Worst song of the 90's

Fun with IMDB

I Disputed Another Right-Wing E-Mail Today

Caption the newest Harlem Globetrotter

Dispelling Misconceptions About Microsoft

We're looking a little wide

Help! I'm spending my life in front of DU

Want a FREE bumpersticker?

If Elvis lived...

I just talked to a nice lawyer today

What time is Dumbya's speech tonight?

Oh, HURRY UP, air conditioning guy!!

What happens to records when you boil them?

How do you clean a DVD--the disc, not the player

Drivers eye vegetable oil as cheap fuel

Netflix users, how many DVDs in your rental queue right now?

What's the average wait time on Paypal funds getting into your account?

I was just checking out the weather and the radar is scary.


Got this email today..(it's funny) Why not to have an affair. ( I like #5)


If the right moment becomes a relaxing do you explain it?

Pissed off

There are no words.....

Are there ANY reliable mechanics?

Looking for a SPECIFIC graphic.

You are suddenly thrown into the future 50 years

So will we be able to see Shrub's scuffed up face tonight?

Software Questions for Computer Experts

What do you think Bush should title his post presidential memoirs?

Desperately stupid new televison commercials.

I DESPISE writing cover letters!!!

who else things bush should talk about...

If you Google for "Bush drinking game"


Golf & Liberals

Just for amusement - check out my hate mailbags!

It's Official: Chimp speech to be carried by Animal Planet.

Bush Dances!!!!

Creepy Flash adventure game

I SLAMMED my fist against a wall...

Hailstones an inch or more across!

Havin' a hard time writing the column this week.

Anybody want some water?

VEGIFORMS - Shape Your Gourds As They Grow.

Hey everybody!

Soprano's Thread: CI 12?

Happy Birthday, Governor John Rowland! R-Connecticut

The Cicadas are Screaming at 96 decibels

Who is the most insufferable performer?

When half the 10 latest threads are polls you...

When you see that the DU Lounge is out of birth control...

A crew member for whom you have secretly developed feelings of love,

DVD burning format Wars

Your Favorite "BEAVER" Is:

How long will you watch Bushes speech tonight?

If a relaxing moment turns into the right moment,

Cheese -- proof there is yecchy life on Earth

Saw this on the back of a T shirt the other day..

Kidney stones not quite an inch across

Tornado Time in Des Moines

If you're sick of the "Badgers..."

Of all the posts I've seen asking about alma maters...

I just saw a Dennis Miller promo

Coca-Cola C2 -HALF the carbs, calories, and sugar

Favorite death penalty method?

Is "Mission Accomplished" now...

Time To Play the Bush Speech Drinking Game...

the BBC's Jonathan Creek

Spent a week with a Freep.


Hail being reported accross LI.

Testing...and a question...

What are the next five movies in your Netflix queue?

I can understand "No Sex Threads"

If a Chimp speaks and no one hears him does he make a sound?

List 7 Favorite CPR songs

OK. 'Sheed Wallace is one crazy mofo but I dig him the most...n/t

And yet ANOTHER infuriating Flash game

Have a Blog? Let me Blog Roll you...

I just saw Dennis Miller at my prom

I just read Against All Enemies, ask me anything!

Google toolbar KILLS POP-UPS DEAD!

Best and worst airlines for the disabled - give me your opinions!!

The Swans -- before and after

I'm going on the Fatkins diet...

You are trapped in the DU Lounge with endless Star Trek polls. You:

I've been out of town. I miss anything good?

Idiotic right-wing bumper sticker of the day

We lost two old friends last night... :-(

Your favorite cleavage is:

Seeking blog advice


Bush* family home movies?

In one week from today I will start a thread - What will it be about?

DU Chat commemorating Bush's speech: different room

Where's the socal meeting on 6/27?

walking stiff and tall and stuff of all CAPTIONs

Which starship would you prefer be on?

List 7 favorite CCR songs

My Grandmother Almost Got Punched While On A Trip To Italy Last Week

LawStudentMom is now Dr. Mom!

Its my birthday!!! I am serving WooWoo's

You have the opportunity to become Q:

The replicator malfunctions, and starts dispensing REAL booze,you:

When you see that the DU Lounge is out of control...

You have contracted a rare, yet non-communicable virus

Hail stones an inch or more across!

I just saw a Dennis Miller porno

Who else was a proud member of the 10 percent club?

Time for Another FREEPER JOKE THREAD!!!!

Morrissey fans, don't forget to watch Kilborn this week

Your favorite book is: (answer as if you were a Star Trek Captain)

What network news did your family watch? Do you still watch the same one?

CONFESS!!! What bizarre TV show did you like to watch when you were a kid?

Your best course at Starfleet Academy was:

Cheese -- proof there is sapient life on Earth

What is your favorite color?

Which Social Values Tribe are you?

Anyone ever own a Skoda: I'm thinking of getting one...

Babylon5 fans - Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin) has died

Your favorite beverage is:

Who do you "love to hate"?

What was the best/favorite/most enjoyable play you ever saw?

Ultimate pronunciation pet peeve showdown: AF-flu-ent vs af-FLU-ent

My sweet neighbor got hit with an "unfair Fine" (a Rant, Again)

Who is your favorite character on "Deadwood?"



What sports' teams do you love to see lose? It doesn't get any better

How many lovers have you had? (not a sex thread)

Cable or Satellite?

When you retire( from Starfleet) , what will you most likely be doing?

How many lovers have you imagined?

Attn. SE PA DUers! Come see my band funk it up on Memorial Day afternoon!

From the trenches, bulk email to every newspaper in 7 states about gas

CBS Morning Show/Bush at 41% approval

Kucinich accumulating more delegates every time he opens his mouth

Does anyone know

I get to personally meet Dean next Sunday!

Amid convention scrambling, rift shows: City, campaign split on mission

Roll Call Reports: Dems with 13 and 9% lead in generic congressional poll

Sorry to do this but, who has the billboard from God in their sig?

Will scheduled turnover of control in Iraq on 6/30 help Bush?

Will Kerry be allowed a Democratic response to Bush tonight?

Latest Bush low, Approval Rating 41 percent:

Simmons: Hip-Hop Generation Must Vote

How is this consistent with the spirit of campaign finance law?

It isn't that complicated if you know what you're doing

"Wrong track" numbers: Congress back to the dems?

Let's play Veepstakes survivor! Round FOUR, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

What did Shakespeare say about war in Iraq?

Bush's scabbed-marked photo

Speaking of oil, have you seen the new flash movie at

how many here did the nader/gore vote swap in 2000?

I'm beginning to think that Nov. will be an anti-Bush landslide

Central Ohio Poll: Support for Bush, Iraq war waning

Latest USA Today/CNN Poll Kerry 49% Bush 47%

Why care about the delegates?

Kerry in Western Washington this week.

Polling Report posts latest CNN/Gallup, but NOT, CBS poll!

Why don't the Democrats move their convention to a period of a few weeks

Veepstakes survivor! Round FIVE, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !! Quick!

Rothenberg "Movement to the Democrats is simply too strong to be ignored"

Democrats may be sitting on an election surge in 2004

Bicycle accident or is the chimp back on the juice?

Can Someone Please Slap John Kerry For Me

When will Repub congresspeople start to jump ship?

If John Kerry chooses Dick Gephardt for VP...

Dennis Kucinich, seriously, it's time for you to stop

We need your help: It's time to focus on finishing Campaign Underground.