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Archives: May 21, 2004

"Get US Military Out of Iraq" by Dennis J. Kucinich

'I killed innocent people for our government'

Salon: A Call to Conscience

Charge Bush, not just low-rank soldiers: letter Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hersh's stories change history

Dowd: What Prison Scandal?

Salon: Ahmed Chalabi's failed coup

How the Middle East is really being remade

Day of the Bush Zombies

George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes - Michael Berg

"With Trembling Fingers"

President Clinton's upcoming book tour? Any info on locations?

For Fox News, Ad-Sales Market Isn't Fair, Balanced - WSJ

The latest from, tears apart Hannity & Foxnews propaganda

Today's Thought

funny :) "science supports our sugar-slurping, gas-guzzling habits"

58 year supply in ANWR?

President Chen's Inaugural Speech: "Paving the Way for a Sustainable...

Taiwan's second satellite successfully launched from US

`Oriental modern dance' comes of age

Iran: Nuts With Nukes


How about this for a DU Slogan?

Palestinians bury victims of Rafah raid

Palestinian Drs despair at rising toll of kids shot dead by army snipers

Where fear is in short supply

I don' t want to hear any more about Muslim clerics who won't speak out

Alan Dershowitz just managed to lower himself into the 5% most idiotic

Berkeley Intifada

California Assembly was busy, here are a few stories....

State seeks fish poison again to rid Sierra lake of pesky pike - Calif.

Democrats accuse Norm "the weasel" Coleman of trying to muzzle dissent

Cornyn is going to try to strike the Sunset provision on Patriot Act

Kerry coming to Green Bay next week!

It's official Dave Ross running for Congress in the 8th

Mike Webb assaulted by a cop at Dick's on Broadway.

King Co. platform committee meeting 5/25 at Labor Temple "Challenging Rightwing Rhetoric since 2004"

New Zogby Survey & Free Report

"Are we headed back to the good ole days of Hollywood Blacklists?"

MSNBC showed an Iraqi boy killed by US airstrike

new Hannity advertisers PetCo, Bayer Consumer Care

Operation make sure everyone is signed-up for meetup.

Is there anyone more vile that Michael Savage?

translate please (it is written in moran)

Good News/Bad News: MORRIS Sez Polls "Terrible News" for Shrub

The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 (10 commandments)

A secret tape of the meeting with Bush and the Repubs today ?


Frontline Tonight: The Jesus Factor

Paula Zahn embarrassed herself, CNN and all Journalists tonight

Frontline is on tonight- (probably now on the east coast)-The Jesus Factor

Why Does the Term Anti-Semitism Only Apply to bigotry against Jews?

What polls are the least biased

RNC Convention Schedule Released

White House's Medicare Videos Are Ruled Illegal

I love Pelosi

Iraq is Getting to Be Downright Humiliating and Embarrassing

How to Defeat Shrub 101, Expose his Power Base.

The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House

and the tide continues to turn . . .

God Damn Fundies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Ruchards new bumper sticker. No child with a behind left!

I think The biggest scandal yet is going to

The Times from the UK doesn't think the oil situation...

How Long Has It Been That Your Guts Have Been Twisted?

Kerry's not really wooing the center right, he's

Has anyone Googled "Weapons Of Mass Destruction"

Ellen Mariani and David Ray Griffin on Democracy Now

Andy Card, pathetic!

vote in the latest poll

Graham amendment to Iraq supplemental - 10/15/03 - Invasion was for Israel

Imagine if Kerry wasn't pandering?

Senator Frist's son charged with drunken driving.

Does this have any truth to it?

I think The biggest scandal yet is going to

Here is the ultimate Iraq plan for Kerry!

Three cheers for Nancy Pelosi...

"With Trembling Fingers"

Frontline (PBS) on Bush & his "Godliness" just started

Do you ever think there will be a liberal version of Faux news?

What is your favorite political term?

Ldotters call for the murder of Nancy Pelosi

Sibel Edmonds: The retroactive cover-up

MATRIX funded by Homeland Security

Fox's "Opinion Dynamics Corporation" poll results on changing presidents..

Need some levity after reading all the depressing crap on DU

"I Killed Innocent People For Our Government"

G-8 Summit in Georgia..What do you think is gonna happen here?

Michael Savage just needs a lot of fucking therapy.

Alan Dershowitz just managed to lower himself into the 5% most idiotic

Ann Richards on Larry King Live CNN tonight

Why Cannot All Democrats Be As Outspoken As Ann Richards?

Shrub Crapped on the Repuke Caucus Today----- Dey Not Happy

Best Creative Headline of the Day: "Swing Low, Sweet Chalabi"

Hey, all you guys who said the Tucker Carlson is one of the "thoughtful"

Big "outrage" on Tulsa TV about "upskirting"

I just bought 100 "Kerry for President" bumper stickers.

NPR didn't tell the whole story about Republican child tax credit rip off.

Why do almost all gay women have short hair? I'm interested . . .

How long before the internet is "terrorized"?

Now HERE'S a crew of Scary Marys...

John Cornyn-R TX and the Patriot Act

New Abuse Photos Emerge - Story - Washington Post

New abuse pics & info -- who leaked them?


Anyone read lately.

GAO Says HHS and Bush Administration Broke Laws

Outsourcing plan that saves millions of US jobs!

The George Allen tour of Baghdad bondage stores

unemployed 1st timers up, but below 425,000. dow down below

Urk. Check out this letter to *. And see if it makes any sense.

If the Republicans try and steal the November election...

David Cross coming up on JimmyKimmel. He wore a DU shirt, once when

Thoughts on waiting for a train in NYC

Is there a culture of abuse in the military?

Senate staffer's shocking sex blog

I love Tim russert as an interviewer but...

Robert Mueller: Not Sneak N Peak but Delayed Notification

Dear Ahmed Chalabi: You owe us $300 billion

DU ham radio ops. VIP in my shack today.

Transcript: Ann Richards in Larry King tonight. Great Interview.

Good Doonesbury strip

Ann Richards would make a great Democratic party chairman.....

American voices on BERG video?

What does Chalibi know and will he live?

How 'bout some equal time for the non-believers here at DU??

A Backdoor Way to Retake The Senate???

by the way is there any news on the four arrested for the berg

Unbelievable whoring at CNN. Disgusting.

Look at the TIME cover photo of W! (hilarious)

Strippers Against Bush!

Air America Raising New Cash

Socialists Attack Nader for Sucking up to the Democrats

Even "I" could be a better president than this asshole

Please help with an online poll

Bush officially the worst president in history

what would Jesus say to george dubya bush, were he here today?

80% of historians view bush as a failure . . .

Why can't libs have their own NRA type organization?

The most disturbing part about the new photographs...

One Year Ago Today: a Byrd's Eye View

A bad experience at Theology On Tap...

what have you sent the GOP when it send you letters begging for cash?

NEW Iraqi abuse photos (disturbing) out (Thursday night)

Christians: Do you find "Xtian" offensive?

Helen Thomas - Message To Kerry: Time To Protest War Again


Iraq sarin shell is not part of a secret cache

Speaker of the House for 2005

So what does everyone think about the new WWII Memorial?

The Audacity of George Bush

The Smarminess of George Bush

The Insanity of George Bush

The Dishonesty of George Bush

The Ignorance of George Bush

Help me give Will Pitt a wikipedia article!

The Arrogance of George Bush

Charlie Chan Movies were my first exprience with Asian-Americans!

OK--Here's the Jackpine Exit Strategy:

I get to see the big dog (Clinton) speak tomorrow

Halliburton Stockholders meeting PROTEST MADE THE NEWS!

Why do Dems / Kerry prefer paperless touch screens to punch cards?

U.S. Panel Vetting WMD Intelligence Starts with Iraq

White House guilty of breaking propaganda law

Rumsfeld: Prisoner Probe Diverting Attention From Iraq Security Situation

Bush campaign spending hits $126 million

Bush Says Iraqis Ready to Take Power

Views Differ on How Iraq Power Transfer

US confession over Guantanamo

Pentagon: Gitmo interrogation techniques lawful

U.S. Troops Pull Back From Heart of Embattled Iraqi Town (Karbala)

FBI move to classify data draws anger in Congress

Bitterness deepens over Gaza raid

Robocops ready for England fans

19 dead as typhoon tips ferry, triggers landslides - PI

Senate Confirms Two More Bush Judges

USAF in secret garage door jamming trials

Wanted in Africa, Needed in Iraq-IPS ("merchant of death")/New WMW

Making a hooligan into a hero (90% Iraqis view US as Occupier)

Closure of Seattle-based Wi-Fi firm raises eyebrows

Giuliani's 9/11 account clashes with evidence

Wall Street to Toast Its G.O.P. Overseers During Convention

Mueller: FBI Didn't Witness Iraq Abuse

Once solid Republican south-west in play for election

Doonesbury to list names of Iraq dead

Army admits it erred in recalling soldiers

Israeli trroops sweep Rafah neighbourhoods

Oregon Lawyer Held in Spain Attack Released

Bo Derek Speaks Out Against Horsemeat

Vermont medical-marijuana bill to become law

Standing of Former Key U.S. Ally in Iraq Falls to New Low (Chalabi - WP)

Afghan Massacre: Eyewit Testify that US Troops Were Complicit in the M

In April, Kerry's Fundraising Nearly Doubled Bush's

Drudge: Washington Post Preparing to Splash More Iraq Abuse Photos

Taiwan offers olive branch to China, says independence off agenda

Sudan Investigated for Ebola-Like Illness

Civic group combats slave trade

WP: Iraqis Provide More Details of Abuse

Exporting Abuse?

GU: 'US soldiers started to shoot us, one by one' (Wedding massacre)

Layoff notices reported at Qwest (600 jobs)

WP: Videos Amplify Picture of Violence

The other prisoners (The Women of Abu Ghraib)

One incident:. Forty dead. Two stories. What really happened?

Memo Gave Intelligence Bigger Role (signed by Sanchez)

Pelosi questions Bush's competence: Republicans demand apology

Homicide probe: Fan poked with object at Coors (Field) dies(wierd)

Most offensive use of Mozart's "Lacrimosa" (from "Requiem")?

new Hannity advertisers PetCo, Bayer Consumer Care, Piper Jaffray

Traffic Is Horrible! I'll Just Think About Sex...

So when are the two DU lovebirds getting together???

Anyone remember

Dual poll Guys who like chick flicks and...

Ever hear of "mountain bread"?

Do you get frustrated with other message boards with less activity?

One thing I really admire about Phil Collins:

AAAAHHHHHH! What a day I've had!!!!

another Computer techie question...

Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison?

Ann Richards new bumper sticker! NO CHILD'S BEHIND LEFT!

DU Car People: What's wrong with my car?

aubrey the arse hamster

Is a low carb diet good for people with hypoglycemia?

Childless couple raised by uberfundies told to actually f*ck to have kids.

How long do you keep bills and credit card receipts before trashing them?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Castrol

I will Try not to DU

Fire flies (aka lightening bugs)

I have been wondering if

Detroit vs New Jersey Official Game 7 Thread

I spent 8 hours detailing my car today-I'm beat.

Gamers: X Play is doing an E3 Recap

What do you like most about Dave Chappelle's show?

Soldier wallpaper on a workplace computer: what to do?

Ann Coulter is a bloke.

Congratulate me...

Which 'Queer Eye' Guy Are You?

Man the Coke machine at work broke today.

Oh, yeah, I'm ready for "Bike the Drive"...(BRAGGING!)

Stars Wars (Original 3) DVD: List Of Changes!

Why do they hate us?

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

LOTR - ROTK DVD Release....

Music Music Music!

"In the beginning I misunderstood,

Movie Thread

Robert Kirshner on Charlie rose now, Dark matter

Hey Todd Rundgren Fans

Safe to say now, I've been at DU over three years (mid-May 2001)

Tales of losers you know?

My new signature banner, and where you can get one like it

DU ham radio operators: I had a VIP use my radio station today!

"I've been mad for fucking years"...

Late Night Poetry thread

Who needs the Kwik E Mart...

may 21 insomniac thread

still wondering if you should fly your Kerry colors on your car?

Who's stupider - Master Shake or Dubya???

The genie grants you one wish...

Any X'ers out there wondering "What happened?"

Favorite Dragons!

My wife just got mugged.

Purported DUer David Cross coming up next on Jimmy Kimmel

How's this for all of us here at DU?

Pistons rip apart Nets!

listening to Marillion, Script for a Jester's Tear... Ask me anything!

I hate cameras with small lenses.

Anybody got XM or Sirius satellite radio?

My daughter just graduated from high school...ask me anything!!!!!

Anyone using the new Opera 7.50?

Should I give my dogs a hair cut or take them to a groomer?

could this be screamin' lord byron?

My last quiz for tonight: What kind of car are you?

Pics of my skittish cat....

What is the fastest speed you have ever driven?

My very next post will mark my escape

How do I choose a bike?

I defended my PhD today!

What kind of cat are you most drawn to?

My Fantastic Four comics came today!!

Which city are you?

kittens progress report and new pics.

Dems have a 13 point LEAD over Repukes in CNN Congressional poll!

Kerry Hones Message Out West - WSJ

A bogus e-mail I recieved.

South Dakota poll (kerry doing better than gore, still far behind)

Kerry's polling numbers go down when the media folk show a video of him?

Rasmussen is whack... Bush 45% Kerry 44% Without Nader

In April, Kerry's Fundraising Nearly Doubled Bush's

What about Nancy Pelosi for VP?

Clark and Edwards people are still fightin'!!

Who will win the general population election and by how much?

Kucinich and the LaRouchie

Terrorism in Boston, the July Surprise?

'Gooks' to 'Hajis' (Bob Herbert)

The Moral Case Against the Iraq War

Neocon Lets Cat Out of Bag

"Sarin Bomb!" vs The Dud Heard Round the World...Scott Ritter weighs in

When things start going badly for the NeoCons,

Paul Reynolds (BBC): Bush tries to get a grip on Iraq

Sullivan on the Iraq War, September 1, 2003 (Juan Cole)

This is the predator's boast: 'I got me one!'

America is failing to honor its own codes

Hollow Policy On Mideast? - CBS

Think Again: On Officers and Control

Slacker Friday - Eric Alterman

Less serious article: O'Reilly & Tarantino - ALL RIGHT?

Im gonna be sick...AGAIN

I'm sorry, I don't feel like apologizing

Politicized Science

Down the drain in Iraq

The neo-cons have had their day. Now it's time for a clean sweep

Rumsfeld on a Rampage! (The Daily Scribble)

Helen Thomas: Message To Kerry: Time To Protest War Again

Hawks Eating Crow - The Nation

The truth about Ahmed Chalabi...

Susan Sontag: Regarding the Torture of Others

Bush: Dumb Like A Bullet

Abu Ghraib, American Values, and the Bush Administration.

Wesley Clark: Broken Engagement

Protest Bush in Denver June 2

Dick Morris on O'Rielly last night

I refuse to watch Crossfire until Dems make Repukes SHUT UP!

Cars searched in CD piracy crackdown - SA

Good morning

The Question W Revue Announces Cast and Performance Dates

Nostradamus Quatrain Generator (or, WWNS: What Would Nostradamus Say)

Bush & Co. pressure states to outsource our jobs!

House Votes to Keep Tax Credit for Children(w/deduct for 300K folks:=$569B

India's Times: Bush Fdraising outsource 125 call center jobs last 14 month

Fed Funds at 4%? Not Until Year-End 2005??????

(Unemployment) Jobless Rates Fall in 11 (of 17 battleground) States

EPA Relied on Industry for Plywood Plant Pollution Rule

Undersea Volcano Discovered Near Antarctica

Crossing The Red Line - Review Of Current Energy, Climate Books

Lionfish Showing Up Off Atlantic Coast

WHO - Possible Ebola Outbreak In Southern Sudan

Ford Will Limit Initial Hybrid Escape Release To East, West Coasts

Federal Biologist Quits Over Klamath Fish Kill, Distorted Science

Cars searched in CD piracy crackdown - SA

"How long will the war with Iraq go on before Congress Notices?

One More Strike Against John Lott/Mary Rosh

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 21, 2004

Knives in the news.

SAF Blasts Elitist Chicago Alderman; Asks 'Where's Protection ...

should we alert the mods for dupe news stories?

Hey, I volunteered to be a Mod! What! You guy's Chicken?

Found a liberal radio program, maybe a Listen Live candidate?

Will There Ever Be Moderator Conscription?

Israel leaves trail of devastation in Rafah

Haaretz editorial (Thursday): Pointless destruction

Time is up for the PA

We're in bad hands

Let's not get mired in Gaza

One Step Ahead Of The Bulldozer

Caterpillar Should Do the Right Thing, Now By ELIZABETH W. CORRIE

A Sister for Rafah?

The other side

Is there method behind Israel's madness?

9/11 Hearing in NYC Mayor Giuliani

9-11 Widow Sues the Bush Administration for Intelligence Failures

Chance to help Obama, Renner and others!

Obama takes political stalker in stride

Blag threatens layoffs.

St. Petersburg City Council decries Patriot Act

Big names lend key support in U.S. Senate race

New Law Helps Expectant Parents With Family Leave - California

california media

California's credit rating upgraded, first time in four years

GOP Assemblyman Ray Haynes - total right wing hypocrite

Iowa Democrat Platform

Everyone making it through the storms ok?

Anyone know where the Kerry house parties in MA are Saturday?

Well, our favorite two-faced lizard Norm Coleman is at it again.


Kerry urges mediation - Timkin

Senator undecided on firing aide over sex blog

Bush coming to Youngstown Tuesday (5/25?) to talk about health care

Fumo Probe Moves to Harrisburg

Morrison will be on O'Franken Monday, 5/24

no statewide coordinator in Wis.?

Will the media nail Bush on Chalabi, or run like hell?

MSN / Slate: "Rape Rooms: A Chronology - What Bush said as...

I am such a moron!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember when they had our soldiers?

The Fish Stinks From The Head Down

What most likely will happen after the June 30th "handover"?

Who Loves Dean's Bat?

I don't see NBC's new prison abuse release on the LBN forum.

"I have other priorities than military service"

I don' t want to hear any more about Muslim clerics who won't speak out

Anyone watching tonight's Nightline?

The torture pics have 100 percent lost us the war of hearts/minds..

What happened at the Halliburton Stockholders Meeting and why doesn't

the WP now has sworn statements from the "detainees" online

How Odd Is It?

Bush/Cheney manipulated Chalabi and he's now playing his part in the drama

NPR all things considered bows low to the military tonight

Just 6 bad apples, well 7, a dozen...

9-11 Commission hearings at (free!).

Who let the punks out?!

FOX News is Fucked

Who is this moran on Cnn Daybreak?

Culture clash in the South Seas

7 a.m. C-SPAN. Lamb Friday... He gives the NY Times view of photos first.

I can't see the Al-Jazeera web site.

Americans are stupid

OK we've all heard the Bullshit stories about the raid @ Chalabi's house

NEW prisoner abuse photos, man covered in feces,

DNA twist in battle for £285m art estate

Latvia risks Russian ire after MPs vote to open KGB records

Iraqi Prisoner abuse: it seems to me......

AOL Poll - Americans pessimistic about Iraq

U.S. still probing Afghan wedding incident (sound familiar????)

The A Team war

Comedians on the Political Campaign: UK's Guardian

More Abuse at "Secret" Prison in Iraq


The next time you need to refer to "The Nuremberg Defense"...

The truth already out there is devastating : 1 +1 = 2 (my bestest links)

"Another Bad Day for Bush" according to CNN

PreMeditated This was all premeditated torture by Bush What can we do?

Republican Leaders are "infatuated" with George W Bush....

Doonesbury | B.D. gets a new nurse...

Ellen Mariani on Democracy Now --9:27 AM EST

Which Supreme Court decisions most fundamentally altered America?

US Imprisons Innocent Wives and Daughters of Iraqi Insurgents

Military Evangelism

The US Embassy in Iraq(1,000 strong) the new "House of Spies"?

Stopping the Neocon juggernaut?

Zell Miller on Iraqi prisoners: "Get This Thing in Perspective"

Red agent evaded MI5

Tired of the "President" bashing double-standard

Clarification needed: How the F do Pelosi's words put lives at risk?

'Ugly' count was inept spy

Chalabi is another blatant example of Bush incompetence....

and from the "do as I say, not as I do" Department....

Update:Catholic politicians face US church ban over abortion laws

Democratic challenger for DeLay's seat to be on AAR Monday!

Great News Folks (

Is anyone else offended by...

Iraq sarin shell is not part of a secret cache

Imperial family in turmoil over sick Princess

Just received these NEW torture pics... Deleted

Well according to a caller on W.J. there is a connection to hillary

Would you buy a house next door to an Iraq occupation veteran?

My question for the day is

Imus: "Jon Stewart is better than great"

No, seriously DUdes, I can't see the al-Jazeera site.

Image and reality (Al-Ahram)

The Unexamined Life of Nicholas Berg (I'm SO confused now!)

George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes

I'm hosting A Kerry House Party Saturday--Article in Local Newspaper!

Eyewitness account of wedding party massacre in The Guardian

If gay is a choice, then so is Lutheran or vegetarian

Very Interesting...

"FEELS GOOD" - Remember that?

Is the malAdministration filled with people who have brain lesions

Gene Taylor D-Mississippi on c-span

Cnn segment on pittsburg ground war. Unemployed dem vs Sharp repub

GMA reported that there was a picture of the rape of a boy

Thank You DU'ers!!

The emperor has no clothes.....Vote him out!!

Duncan Hunter is a real piece of work

Canadian Election to be called Sunday. Any questions? Ask the Canadians.

Which would shock/outrage you more: if Kerry's VEEP choice was

George Galloway launches European campaign

I admit it: I hate George W. Bush

Was Saddam held as prisoner at the Baghdad Airport ?

Friday morning 5/21 -- poll numbers

Bonfire of the hairpieces: global cost of religious ruling/Kosher hair?

Will we ever see Farenheight 911 in the US?

This "fraternity" over in Iraq...

The healing powers of Scott McClellan's 5/20/04 Press Briefing

Did any of you see the Clip of * Speech @ the AIPAC???

The retards at ""

Jeff Miller, Rep, Fla - poll- HELP!

The "Presidential Prayer Team" prayer requests for May 20th

Historians Assessment of *ush and why I'm voting

The Sermon on the Mount

CNNI is showing video tapes of abuse. How about stateside?

Question on CSPAN's Washington Journal: Is US the greatest nation?

'US soldiers started to shoot us, one by one'

I'm going to an 'uproot Bush' sale tomorrow

How can we believe anything our 'intel' says? Read this carefully

Can you imagine if Bill had boosted a bad guy like Bush did?

WTF?! Hussein-era videos released to contrast prison scandal.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi

"Democrats now appear to have a fighting chance at gaining the majority"

Remember little Ali Abbas?(the boy who was burned and lost 2 arms in Iraq)

The factor that will decide the election...

If you're sick of the Abu Graib Torture, how's this for an idea?

Jesus!...These damn gas prices are KILLIN' me!

Two Held Over Berg Beheading in Iraq (It gets weirder and weirder!)

They already released two of the 'Berg' suspects.

Anybody watching C-Span?

New Faux News Poll.

The Net Sentinel for 5/21/04

Gergan on CNN: Lays Into The Evil Empire on Chalabi

David Brock is going to be on Doug Basham's show 10:00 cdt

Meyers: "I think the worst fear the Iraqis have is that we would leave."

link to story about "Bush meets with end of days evangelicals"?

When did you last give Bush* "the benefit of the doubt"?

The Invasion of Haiti Anthony Fenton interviews Stan Goff

Finally a Democrat who tells the truth & won't back down-GOP are lying

AOL new Welcome! screen is stupid


Frankens funniest remark in a while:

Timeline of Prisoner Abuse Scandals....Reading this reveals more and

Don't torture English to soft-pedal abuse

The more Abu Ghraib photos released, the better (for Nick Berg anyway)

Someone enlighten me re: Sudan crisis

Another concern regarding the Abu Ghraib survivors

Iraqi detainee wears same outfit as Berg!!

As much as I want to defend the lower ranks, I can't defend Sivits!

Gerghan slams admin to Wolfie

Bush invited an Iranian spy to the State of the Union

O'Franken watch: Joe Conason to be on today...

Joe Cosonan on Air America for the hour

Iraq wedding party guest: 'US soldiers started to shoot us, one by one'

Tell Congress we need civilian oversight of military prisons.

the bush administration makes me sick and ashamed. Over and over and over

OMG! Freeper Bitch Alert! 1st its Farenheit 9/11 Now its Day after ...

Pelosi has actually framed the Central Issue for November


How much longer can they continue to blame this scandal on Privates...

DU has an Activism section, time to start using it!

Jeweler shot dead in NYC's Diamond District

So, Bush had us 'sleeping with the enemy?' Chalabi

Bill Cosby stuns crowd with speech

CNN Polls: "Chalabi" Edition + Defreeping Bonus Round!

John Kerry please say this

Something funny

State-of-the-art racist language for Iraqis

Secretary of Defense and Torture Donald Rumsfeld-"Ordered the Abu Ghraib

Chalabi stage being set.

Deleted message

Iraqi prisoners 'ridden like animals' - Toronto Star

The GOP Convention Schedule for NYC

I never Thought I would see the day when I am ashamed of some right here

McCain worries his colleagues could get killed in "tragic accidents"

Tom Delay's excuse for not going in the military during Vietnam

W-w-w...w-war c...c-c-crimes...

Nader Did Not "Steal" Votes Or "Spoil" The 2000 Election

Ethics & Religion

Positive things in Iraq

"media lickspittles.."

Mike Berg: "Bush's ineffective leadership is a weapon of mass destruction"

These poll numbers that have Kerry ahead of Bush.

Grover Norquist on What's at Stake in the November Elections

$2.80 a gallon. for midgrade gas...

John Kerry made his first big campaign "Faux-Pas"..

Give us your best rant !

Palast - one million missing ballots in 2000!

Any predictions on what the friday/weekend media dump (end of the day)

John Kerry to delay accepting nomination ?

I never thought I would see the day...

Does anybody know what's supposed to happen on June 30th?

Oh brother, it's Franken's birthday

Out of the thousands of funny pics of Bush, this one's tops in my book!

I just thanked Nancy Pelosi for speaking up and not backing down.

Presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for? POLL

Ashcroft justice system. Martha Stewart gov. witness lied!!!!!!!!

I was watching Faux news & a republican admitted Bush can't handle job.


Kerry wrote letter to Dear Abby

Pizza Hut driver shoots robber / gets fired for carrying a gun

"Killer diet" . . . BushCo dilutes the meaning of "organic" . . .

GOP infighting rises, poll standings fall

Do Limbaugh & Hannity Have "Education Envy"???

Tinfoil hat theory about Florida 2000 ballot tampering...

So you just got released from Abu-Ghraib!

FYI: TomPaine.CommonSense website reworked

Bush can't handle domestic problems because he's fighting a war on terror.

Disaster Pic Makes Political Waves

So Kerry will not accept nomination till late August

Are Freepers making a big deal about these new torture pics?

Priceless: Chimps face in this photo from LSU

War and killing, and then religion?

It is time to put all this torture stuff into proper perspective

New MoveOn ad. Fire Rumsfeld

My friend's ltte on losing our freedoms....also cartoon. Powerful, moving.

Why are bosses so damn annoying?

is this someone Naderites want to be associated with?

What would upset you the most?

OK, a Republican finally said something I agree with.

Bush going on PRIMETIME TV again Monday - Should Kerry get equal time??

Coming to Boston for the Convention? You'd better read this. (holy crap)

RW radio ad - 'We're sick of liberals and democrats attacking US holy war'

I DO support this soldier

The Bush Family: Misunderstood patriots or traitorous gangsters?

Stars and Stripes letters--Bush takes another hit

Anybody else feel it is offensive...

FORCED to renounce Allah, forced to thank Jesus for his life.....

Bushco destroys US reputation - 'free elections' + 'fair treatment of POWs

As we pressure, they will get uglier....

Randi: "No Child's Behind Left"...

President speaks at LSU yet can't attend his daughters graduations?

Iowa - State Platform Discussion

Sibel Edmonds testimony has been retroactively classified

CNN touting Shrub has office and people in Pgh. Kerry doesn't

NRCC spent $85million, DCCC spent $31.5million 1/2003-present

PHOTO of bush* with his good friend Chalabi....needs caption....

"Crock of shit" alert - BC to see huge conservative sweep...

Stephen Cambone -- despised by the military brass

Nightline Friday - Chalabi, Iraqification, and Military Recruiting

maybe it really IS the end of the world

Pics coming in dribs and drabs: Are they *all* from Abu Ghraib?

The Bush administration has to be very concerned about war crime charges


Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

The forgotten war on terror

Looking for reliable, honest news sources

No Doubt and Foo Fighters are on board for Rock Against Bush vol 2

HOWARD DEAN on the Ed Schultz show (NOW -- 4:13pm et)

Only Americans are dumb enough to think it's an Insult to say Kerry

Crossfire: Vic Kamber is kicking ass.

Repig Jack Ryan has staffer follow Obama everywhere with a camcorder

If the election were held today who would you vote for?

This is a critical step that Kerry MUST undertake.

More information on the Chalabi Smackdown

Hannity Claims Kerry Flip-Flopped on Abortion - SO DID BUSH!!

Yes, Bush really said Iraqis are ready to "take the training wheels off"

John Snow on MSNBC

2 TOONs 2 good 2 wait 4


Oprah advertises on AAR.

I am feeling sick to my stomach.

What is your favorite show on Air America Radio?

Three Cheers to the Halliburton Protesters at the Stock Holders Meeting!

Something fishy with Pledge your Vote

Is George W. Bush a libertarian?

Christ covered in shit, mocked by soldiers

Bush giving speech Monday night from Carlisle, PA.

John Kerry and Bobby Kennedy's Unfinished Mission.. Arianna Huffington

Calling Judith Miller: You have some explaining to do

11,127 gun deats a year, 4,000 non-seatbelt deaths a year.

Air America Rules!

Samuel P. Bush

100 Burned soldiers from Iraq have been treated at Brookes Army Hospital

Bill Cosby and the slave mind....

Clancy Writing a Book W/ Zinni!!! (SLAMMING the Admin!)

How much of this rage can people withstand ?

Carville is kicking but on Crossfire today.

Military Takes Action Against Key Witness in Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal

Bush outsourced fundraising and voter operations

MAJOR change to voting elegbility requirements in North Dakota!

Patrick Buchanan is usually a savvy political analyst but....

Lilywhite wingers warn Cosby to "get his black ass back on the plantation"

Letter to Editor: Kerry Slap?

CNN just showed VIDEO of some of the abuse in Abu Gharib!


Is there a link to a transcript of Pelosi's anti-bush statement ?

Kerry will "Kerry" this state

DU this poll: "Did Pelosi Go Too Far?"

Who put the star next to my name? I don't deserve it. Seriously.

need help finding an old story

Dear MSNBC... Dear CNN... The word you seek is "FECES"

Iraq: Leave Now or Stay?

Question for those who don't want to pull out now.

GOOGLE took my money, said NO to LIBERAL ADS....

Screwed up ATM machines.....made by ......

One Wedding and Forty-Two Funerals

Bush meets with Congressional Republicans at the Capitol

Well, gas has already jumped to $2.199 in St Paul, MN. How can it not be

they just called my brother up for iraq

Condi and w gettin' it ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could the "October Suprise" come from OUTSIDE ... and bite Shrubya?

?? Regarding Halliburton/Bechtel no-bid contracts in Iraq/Afghanistan

Yikes! Carlyle just bought the phone company in Hawai'i!

William Cohen's wife on Hardball


Bush Game, great, informative, entertaining

MSNBC voting poll

Check out the “The Oil House”.

Does anyone know of a conservative idea that has worked? & contributions to presidential candidates.

How many schools have we built in Iraq?

Just spoke with a 23 year old nat'l guardswoman about to go overseas....

Good idea/bad idea: Kerry delaying his acceptance of the nomination

Hey, DUers - I'm gonna be back on the radio tomorrow night!

Prosecution suddenly charging witness unethical in Martha Stewart trial?

What happened to our military? Three years ago. . . .

George Bush Never Looked into Nick's Eyes - By Michael Berg

Is the price of gas rising abroad or just the US...?

Want a new Career? Titan is hiring in Iraq forTranslators - GITMO too!

Bringing sanity to Religious Discussions...


Have I Brainwashed My 9-Year-Old? If So, Is That Bad?

TAndP unveils new Iraq Peace Plan

WTF!!AAR Did anyone else hear that strange ad:Teens with alcoholic parents

CBS News: Chalabi Passed "Highly Sensitive Info" to Iran

"A Nation that kills its Children is a Nation without Hope"

Gross Out Graner

I heard today about foreign markets declining to buy 'made in USA' items

If you live OUTSIDE a 50 mile radius of Wash. DC, did your local

What's up with all the YELLOW FLAGS in past month?

Interesting graph at

Carville quote about Al gore.

who handles military ballots??

US Imprisons Innocent Wives and Daughters of Iraqi Insurgents

Are you investing with Merrill Lynch?

Should Nader be allowed in the debates?

Md. May Not Count Primary Paper Ballots

Is it possible that Bush not be re-nominated by the Repub Party?

Horrible scenario for immediate pull-out from Iraq.

What's up with Bill Cosby?

Did you know that the Richard McGarrah Helms CIA made an operational


How many DUers out there have produced info flyers and distributed them?

About PBS's Frontline program on Bush and his religious followers...

Concerning teachers and possibly school librarians and the infamous Berg

Gore Vidal up next on DemocracyNow - 9.30am

Women in the Military! "Hell NO...I won't GO! I won't and I will leave!

Does anyone here REALLY believe the rift will heal?

Political problems in Zimbabwe

Berg Killed by Americans - SMOKING GUN !!!


The "Washingtonienne" Scandal Heats Up: Senator DeWine (R-OH)

Tune in to CIUT right now 9/11 Show. DON'T MISS THIS.

Four arrested in Berg killing? Hmmmmmmmmmm

John Kerry says he will not accept the nomination until after convention

Clinton at Robert J Dole Institute of politics

Nick Berg - I got this email...

DU this Rumsfield Poll in the Bible Belt

I do NOT support the troops

Another ? - Who in this admin worked for Nixon and how? Iran/Contra?

NOSTAMJ, I don't think enough here know of GRANNY D!

Newsweek: "A detainee...covered with an unknown brownish substance"...

I have used the pull-out method

Detainees were sodomized with night sticks at USA run prison

Do you in your heart of hearts think that Bush can be defeated & removed?

Get out the barf bags

I swear, being on DU has sent me running to the center...

Is Randi Rhodes saying bye-bye to Air America. Sure sounds like it. She

"Hannity Youth!"- a bouncy noisepop S&M ode w/ Coulter, Gingrich, & Colmes

Another World Is Possible

I hear a calm American voice, and not just on the Berg tape, saying

I found an art/comic file I made back during primary season. The "D-Men"

BBV: Now this is what I call legislation....

go here to hear Eric Idle's "Fuck you very much mr. bush"

Question for the 'Kerry = Bush-lite' folks

SURVEY: Which Is The BIGGEST Flip-Flop You've Witnessed In The Past 4 Yrs?

Colombia Grenade Attack Kills 4, Wounds 15

Soldier in Desertion Case Says Opposed Iraq War - Reuters

Last Spanish Troops Have Left Iraq Base

U.S. Bombing Kills Three Afghan Civilians--Mayor

New UN Resolution Taking Shape on Iraq Transition

18 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Karbala

FOX News is Fucked

CORRUPTION INVESTIGATION: Official renounces ties to coalition after raids

Drug dealers in eastern Kentucky beat pharmacists to new form of OxyContin

Plan for kamikaze (germ warfare) pigeons to bomb Russia (UK)

Uzbek Man Dies in Police Custody

Iraqi survivor relates ordeal of U.S. attack

Grizzly Bear Trophy Ban Sought in U.S.

EU and Russia sign protocol on WTO membership (China/US still left

Harsher methods were sought at Guantanamo

'Contract interrogators hired to avoid supervision'

Lawmakers Seek to Curtail Cuba Embargo

"Sarin Bomb!" vs The Dud Heard Round the World...Scott Ritter weighs in

UK pondered suicide pigeon attacks

Videos Amplify Picture of Violence

Taiwan Leader Eases Fears of China Strife (WSJ - Chen--major concession)

Bush forced to fight for La. votes (The South is Not a lock!)

Four Arrested in Iraq for Berg Killing

NPG is laying off 100 workers

Wedding Massacre Survivor: "US Soldiers Started To Shoot Us, One By One"

Kerry Accuses Bush of Plans to Cut Education Funding

House Backs Boost in War Funds(plus 39000 more troops)

Bush, Kerry Set Campaign Fund-Raising Records

Guardian: Al-Jazeera man killed in Iraq

Iraqi prisoners 'ridden like animals' - Toronto Star

INTERVIEW: U.S. Oil Firms Turn to Russia for Help

Top job in Iraq said to be offered

Bush to launch new anti-Kerry ad blitz

FBI waiting to investigate Iraqi abuses

The Seeds have been Sown (Dahr Jamail from Baghdad)

Haiti investigating alleged corruption under Aristide rule

U.S. Sen. wants Ag. secretary to resign

Bush sends his wife to woo the sceptical voters

Bible Argument Spurs Boiling-Oil Charge

Bill Cosby stuns crowd with speech

On the spot: destruction of houses and zoo in Rafah

CIA: Chalabi Possibly Spied for Iran

Report: Soldiers Fondled Iraqi Prisoners

ICRC worried about detainees in secret jails

WWII spy sea capture planned

9-11 Widow Sues the Bush Administration for Intelligence Failures

The truth about Ahmed Chalabi...

(Ilinois) Governor threatens up to 5,000 layoffs

Kerry aides expect Bush exit plan on Iraq

Miami federal judge tosses U.S. case against Greenpeace

Bush girls join daddy's re-election campaign

Soldier who deserted Iraqi unit to protest found guilty in court-martial

'Iraqis are paying the price for US mistakes'

New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge

Kerry Campaign Theme Taken From Poem About Black American Struggles

Timeline of Events in Iraq Around Abuse

Downie Says 'Post' (WP) Received New Prison Photos Only Yesterday


U.S. Arrests Rebel Cleric's Supporters in North Iraq

Diplomat hurt in bomb blast - Bangladesh

Army to void enlistments [IRR] made under mistaken order


CMU's snooping robot going to Iraq

Sherpa breaks Everest record

Strip Clubs Get Out The Vote (Against Bush) (CBS)

AP: Kerry Considers Delaying Nomination (1 month -not at convention)

Grads wind up in jail (news video clip)

The neo-cons have had their day. Now it's time for a clean sweep

Powell: Kerry Policy on Iraq War Unclear

Activist Urges Depleted Uranium Clean-Up in Iraq

Lebanon Shiite Vow Iraq Holy Sites Defense

Material Given to Congress in 2002 Is Now Classified (Sibel Edmonds) NYT

Iraq Governing Council slams US for Chalabi raid

Monsanto can hold plant patent: Supreme Court

New Iraqi government will be known in two weeks: Powell

Delegate's Nazi Past Clouds German Presidential Election

Bush grants pardons to 5 people and commutes 2 sentences

Military jury convicts Miami Beach soldier of desertion from Iraq

Forbes: Chalabi Raid Complicates Oil-For-Food Probe

World Oil Prices Fall from 21-Year Highs

Mass. Clerks told not to wed gay couples

US military concedes women may have died in airstrike in western Iraq

CPS considers case against soldier

Chalabi keeps network, could thwart U.S. goals despite fall from grace

U.S. Probes 8 More Iraq, Afghan Prisoner Homicides

Bush campaigns in deep south, defends war

Agency: Jobless Rates Fall in 11 States

House rejects nuclear research fund switch


U.S. probes 8 more Iraq, Afghan prisoner homicides

Afghan Policies on Questioning Prisoners Taken to Iraq

Bare Nipple in Euro-Poll Ad Banned in Britain

Colonel: 8-10 percent Iraq troops won't get leave

Army captain accused of photographing soldiers in shower resigned

Many Iraq Prison Abuses Occurred in November (Guardian; AP)

Islam unites Shi'ite and Sunni rebels against U.S.

Brit who sold unborn baby on 'Net jailed

Justice Department opens prison abuse inquiry into contractor

US opens criminal investigation over Iraq abuse

Veneman Unaware of Banned Beef Shipments, USDA Says

Bush in bid to calm Congress

Judge freezes assets of suspect charity

Britain Officially Probes Iraqi Civilian Killing

Oil prices drop as much as $1 per barrel

Stop the gay bashing Stonewall Democrats tell GOP

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 790 U.S. service members have died

US troop presence sparks Shi'ite fury beyond Iraq

ABC just said that the PENTAGON announced more prisoner deaths today

Titan Worker Named in Taguba Report Terminated -Source

Journalist Hersh Shuns Fame for Stories

Moscow to 'accelerate' efforts to ratify Kyoto protocol: Putin

Three amigos. One message. Stop the spread of HIV

Bishops won't deny politicians communion

Female trucker arrested for stalking Bevery Sills

14 US Military Bases Under Construction In Iraq

Ahmad Chalabi's Fall From Grace (passes Amer. state secrets to Iran!)

Titan Worker Accused of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse-WSJ

Trucks made to drive without cargo in dangerous areas of Iraq

NYT~ Justice Memos Explained How to Skip Prisoner Rights

Rights Groups Oppose U.S. Bid for Exemption from War Crimes Tribunal

Cheney paints Kerry as soft on war on terror

Ugandan rebels massacre villagers

MSNBC: perjury charges vs. Secret Service witness in M. Stewart case

Shadow keeps eye on Obama (Chicago Democrat)

Rumsfeld approved tough line: Pentagon

Lady Liberty hooded in political ad

Thousands may have human form of mad cow disease

Shiites Protest Fighting Near Shrines

US Bioweapons research may violate the law

U.S. admits to secret interrogation site in Baghdad

Maryland voters who requested paper ballots instead of touch-screen won't

Hussein-Era Videos Released to Contrast Prison Scandal (WP)

GOP Infighting Rises, Poll Standings Fall

Military Takes Action Against Key Witness in Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal

In shadows of prison abuse, pregnancy also problematic

Kerry weighs delaying nomination

(CBS) Radio host (Dave) Ross to seek seat in Congress

House Panel Argues Over Abuse in Iraq

Poll predicts minority (Canada- Libs in trouble)

Assistant of OH Sen. DeWine is fired

Kerry Faces Opposition From NRA Members

Arms Dealer Wanted in Africa, Needed in Iraq

Iraq Desert Bombing Video Shows Carnage (smoking gun footage)

CNN Breaking: 4 arrested in the Berg Murder (2 released)...

Berg beheading: No way, say more medical experts

Likely scenes in Boston, New York worry parties

Bush to Outline 'Clear Strategy' for Iraq Monday

COMMISSION MEMBER'S REGRET: We were too easy on Rudy

Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

US demands war crimes immunity

White House: Inflation Not A Threat

Kucinich outlines plan for peace with honor in Iraq

OK, now I'm totally spooked

Anyone here seen Ross McElwee's documentary Sherman's March?

hey, underpants . . . this is for you . . . :)

Second Seinfeld/Superman "webisode" is up

Do you read all the posts under the thread?

weird problem with my car blinker lights

New Ministry Album slams *

Do you download?

People I like who get ragged on a lot:

On "Smackdown" Last night was a wrestler who looked like John Edwards!!

Chichester High officials suspend seven students(more to it then that)

British Police storms film set - Heathrow Airport shut down

"Good thief" leaves apology

Anybody have any advise to deal with animal relations?

i need photoshops of dubya for freeper duel...

N.Y. Lawyer Fined for Barking at Witness

If for NO other reason, * should be fired in November because...

DETAILS: AMERICAN DAD, from FAMILY GUY creator Seth MacFarlane

Caption: Wanda and Winky, asylum seekers

Enjoy: Eric Idle's FCC song

Boy, 8, darts into traffic, trapped under car(good story)

Caption: Cha-la-la-la la-labee! Cha-la-la-la la-labee!

There's mosquitoes on the river

DUers , I need help!

(David)Wells tripped on bar stool before cutting self

My four-year-old graduates preschool today.

Good Friday Morning DU!!!

Everybody Polka

Ind. Judge Appoints Attorney for Canine

Caption: Junior 12-steps Assholes Anon member

ARRGG--496 emails in my inbox

So...who's ever been to a *convention*?

The Many Moods of Evil Dick Cheney, 43rd President of the United States

Woman Jailed After Selling Baby on Web

Training for the White House Press Corps

I give up

Thief returns car with toddler

Extreme Ironing (from NY Times)

Caption: secrets of cardio-vascular keyhole surgery?

I want her to love me

Anybody else miss matcom's ass?

Caption: Hi my name's george and I'm voting republican 2004...

Who is Jason Kidd?

Caption: New grass wig is a winner at Chelsea Flower Show


Who predicted Nets over Pistons in 6?

Bizarre car accident in a Cincinnati parking garage!

Today will be a GOOD day. I actually fixed something!

My 11 year old was the hero in his Little League game last night.

question for web graphics gurus please...

Ann coulter.... boxers or briefs?

what's the most bizarre spam subject line you've ever received?

Pickes needs a lot more than just a CAPTION, but itll have to do.

Cooks...why the chest pounding?

Symptoms of Mad Cow Disease.

Florida AGAIN shows it's stupidity.

Microsoft just chose me to be a "Beta Tester" should i?

Online dating.. Maybe his problem isn't his political affiliation

It's 10:00 am here and it's VERY dark...

What should I, LynneSin, do this weekend

You favorite Newspaper to read

What should I, Supernova, do this weekend?

What should I, Pagerbear, do this weekend?

"The Longest Yard" remake starring (ugh) Adam Sandler

I am a complete and total bum

last day of school ask me anything

Hands up who hates other people's copycat threads

Caption: say it with flowers

Caption: sunny side up or easy over????

Caption: Smarty Jones, straight from the horses's mouth....

How To Punish George W. Bush...


who is the worst actor in movies who is well respected?

Hands up who hates other people's pets

RIP Elvin Jones

Am I May or what?

Hands up who kids other people's hates

Holy crap!! Now we've REALLY done it!!

Listening to Bruce's"Tracks"CD's

Hands up who hates other people's farts

Am I paranoid, or what?

Hands up who hates other people's copy-yak threads

The Fates-Ain't-Smiling of all CAPTIONS!! (Gad. Dread. Etc.)


I got dissed by an American Idol


I like my co-workers, but...

Todays great posts from mostly conservative politics forum

CAPTION the direct hit

The Ripe Interrogation of all CAPTIONS!!! (Warning, not for the squimish.)

Am I Faye, or what?

Am I gay, or what?

The Sublime Moment of all CAPTIONS!!

Johnny Cash's Belongings to Be Auctioned


Am I fey, or what?

President Bush, lookin' sharp in the Big Easy! Rockin' the Vote, Baby!

When you were a kid, did you think adult life would be like this?

Who told you the facts of life?

Comcast tunes into Microsoft TV software

Am I insane, or what??

Am I Tippy Tippy Day Day, or what?

Dammit I like Martha Stewart.

Blow your horn!


Am I detecting more snarkiness at DU than usual?

Happy Birthday, Fats Waller! . . .

Oh, what the hell. Am I Doris Day, or what?

is it just me or...

Well I got my Rock Against Bush CD today.

Am I Jay, or what?

$28,000 strip club bill

Am I Terry, or what?

Fay Wray to apear in King Kong remake!

Am I Michael Bay, or what?

Hands up who hates other people's hands

Hands up! Who hates other people's Keds?

CAPTION this traitorous trio.

Caution's subversive song of the day

Oh please - oh please - people, please buy our house!

new Oxyrush advertiser Cambridge Soundworks

Please gush over my kitties


How many tickets have you gotten?

The perfect analogy for Bush.

Anybody here use Slashdot?

Hands up! This is a robbery!

uh oh, it's Mojo/ rant time again!

cool website

the Composer's Political Compass

It's almost BEER time!

NJNEE Conquered in Game 7!

&@#% Allergies!!!! I didn't even have 'em a couple of years ago -

What are your latest Indie music discoveries?

Pics of my Scottish cat...

Oy! A pic of my Yiddish cat!

Tonight for dinner I'm having a vegan chick in pot pie.

Cats and Mythology: anybody?

DU this poll on Iraqi abuse!!

Some perspective on a WORLD RECORD

Fantasia or Diana who do you want as the American Idol?

My cat just got into some green paint.

Today's load of spam

90-Year-Old Florida Woman Earns GED

Getting out of jury duty

A-Rod coming back to Arlington this weekend.

Boy Scouting and the LDS church...

Does anyone here remember the Jerky Boys

Any Phish Phans from the West Coast here?

This is post number 1,000 for me, ask me anything or not

I've Figured Out What The Cicada Chorus Sounds Like...

Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom!

Question for cops/lawyers

considering becoming gay, how should i proceed?

Hands up! Who hates other people who breath?

Freepers too stupid to understand language

Hands up! Who hates other people who brood?

Is Tofurkey the most disgusting crap on earth?

Hands up! Who hates other people who preen?

Have a link to the Dilbert cartoon where the Boss discontinues free sodas?

I want a Bullshit puppy

Hands up! Who hates other people who board?

Hands up! Who hates other people who breed?

hands up for those folks who are starting to hate these hate threads

Hands up! Who hates other people who bleed?

Hands up 'cause it's gross to have your hands down

They fixed the Coke machine


Hands Up! Who hates Hands Up?

I have my hand up...ask me anything!

Hands up! This is a robbery!

Stop me before I adopt another cat!!!!!

Cats blamed for starting Kan. house fire

Hands up if you have a hand up your ass!

Is anyone else overly empathetic?

Ed Norton is on board!

Well, this day just keeps getting better and better

Hands up - who hates other people's parents?

I've come upon loads of new, real progressive DUers today.

too good a joke to die in another thread:

Who am I?

Powell's distancing himself...

3.0E2 = ...

I pity the fool who doesn't wish Mr. T a Happy Birthday

Anyone in Ohio? How bad are

Denny Hastert thinks I'm "Unrepublican". WHOOPPEEE!!!

The Permanent Bonding (Crazy Glue?) of all CAPTIONS!!!

Hands up who throws like a girl?

The Herrrrre's Johnny of all CAPTIONS!!!

You KNOW you're not getting any work done. So CAPTION!!!!

My subwoofer just died.

Helen Hunt gives birth to baby girl

Did AOL just temporarily crash?

Vintage CAPTIONS!!!

The On-Her Roll of all CAPTIONS!!!

Hands up who hates other people's kids

A shiny new star for Earth_First...

I feel like arguing!

Hands up who hates GIANT RABBITS?

Easy to use LTTE writer for typical Republican lazy-assed morons.


Looking for good articles/ essays/insights on Industry and Humankind

I hate this thread!

Porsche drivers most likely to cheat on their wives

Idea for bumper sticker.

It's ok to not want or like children!!!

Are you offended by the word "scumbag?"

Woman with a Greasy Heart...

George Bush beats John Kerry!

Something to consider before drinking Beer

Photographer Thinks He Caught UFO On Film(Yay! Another one)

"Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a bitch?"

Latest Bush photo: He HAS become "comfortably numb"...high as a kite

You guys are going to love this....Bush Game

Alarms going off, Tornado warning - anyone join me in the basement?

GRRRR....I hate people

What is the fastest you driven in reverse?

Canadian DU'ers. The director Guy Maddin...a good director?

Philly Blunts for sale in the back alley

I don't trust Jiffy Pop employees

Tonight for dinner I'm having a vegan 'chicken' pot pie...

I don't trust JIF Peanut Butter employees

The Giffords are NOT on board! (thank you, god)

Poll: Which should win The Darwin Award for outstanding stupidity?

Hands up! Who hates other people who're broke?

Really stupid DSL question

I Don't Trust Jiffy Lube Employees

Tonight for dinner I'm having a vegan "children" pot pie.

Who will play in the NBA Finals???

What Happens To Olivia Newton-John's Accent When She Sings?

Does anyone get SEVERE withdrawls from their anti-anxiety medication?

Does anyone remember "The Message"?

WinMX blows. Which P2P should I replace it with???

Need help with a Poll...Kerry vs: Bush

What the *farthest* you've ever driven in reverse?

Oh my GOD!! I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Am I straight, or what?

Is it safe?

I found it!!!

"Hands Up!" is prejudiced against people without hands

Beat me with a stick and put me out of my misery.

The Paraphenalia Poll...

I just took a ride on a virtual schizophrenia machine

United's (Freddy)Adu Graduates From High School(at 14)

Stupid Crack User of the Day(Woman calls police 3 times to buy crack)

Breaking: Fritos are to dogs' feet as Soylent Green is to humans.

Sergio Mitre broke my heart this afternoon. Ask me anything!

new Hannity advertiser Raytown Dodge

Name 10 things that make you happy

Do dog's feet smell like Fritos® ?

Come argue with freepers at!!!

The Dumbest Mainstream Phrase thread

How high?

Stick me with a Beat and put me in some misery

Most moronic reason to vote for Bush

Under blue moon I saw you

Cable modem question (Comcast)

MP3 player owners:

Identify Your Favorite Brown Substance Here...

Love this photoshoped pic....

Are any other film geeks as stoked for 2046 as I am?

I was sent this funny song file, and want to share

Ask me questions about the Air Force

I'm so sad - I never knew Abbott or Evita when they were kittens

What State Has The Best BBQ? Texas? North Carolina?

I'm listening to "Tarkus"-Emerson Lake and Palmer. Ask me anything!

This Is NOT A Sex Thread: Germans Stuck In Traffic Have Sex On The Mind

A VERY Quick Hello From SLC!!

Who watched that Flyers game last night???

By popular demand, THE BAR IS NOW OPEN!!!!

Whose devil is cooler?

Happy Birthday to you Al Franken

Question about reading online news sources that are in Japanese


Techies - what's the best way to transfer laaarge files over the Internet?

Test your color vision.

Favorite Mike?

Four more years of Bush

Cell phone users: Did you dump your 'land line'?

In Which Branch Of Service Would You Choose To Enlist...

I'm leaving DU (sorta, in 10 days or so) - ask me anything while you can!

Worst cellphone ringtone?

I finally bought a new car!

Looking for DUers with Bluetooth cell phones and Bluetooth headsets

Jehovah's Witnesses next door. Hide!

The Question W Revue Announces Cast and Performance Dates

Who here can't stand the thought of someone not liking them?

Favorite party song?

I'm Dick Cheney. Ask me anything.

I just got a jury duty notice...

Best Metal Album of all time

The 'Just Hypothetical' of all CAPTIONS!!! (grim outcome!)

Gallery err picture? of wannajumpmyscooter

ATTN: June and July babies!!

"So, Dick. Why don't they call you Richard?" of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The 'I Swear to God' of all CAPTIONS!!!! (Messy! Provocative! Mind-suck!)

CAPTION the Magna Cum War Criminulus

The Ghost of All Captions!

Indiana Pacer and Detroit Fans Check In Here

The Gallery has been updated! (5/21/04)

Have we lost the Jewish vote?

What's our message?

Edwards on Brown

Politics1 Survivor, Round 3-Cheney and Hillary are running neck and neck

More good news from NC


Once-solid Republican Southwest in play for presidential election

Bush Campaign outsourcing to India - on AA now!

Could Kerry have more money than * soon?

How about a new nickname for *?


Should Kerry bother with Florida?

CNN reported that Kerry already spent of his 115 million.

The RW media, working for us

Actually fundraising and spending numbers for both Bush and Kerry

Check out Kerry's new "Oil-House" flash ad

Something to measure the heart of the man

10 Reasons why Kerry should starting talking about OTEC

USA Today: "Bush to launch new anti-Kerry ad blitz"

Do Kerry - Bush have to pay for clickthroughs?

If you heard that Ralph Nader died tomorrow, what would you do?

Fearful strip clubs register voters to oust President Bush

Bill Schneider can just bite me!

I'm hosting A Kerry House Party Saturday--Article in Local Newspaper!

Kerry up 5 in Pennsylvania

Obama stalked by Ryan campaign aid

PPI/DLC founder posts at Dean's blog. Interesting history here.

Kerry considers delaying acceptance of nomination to extend fund-raising

WTF?? I just got a call from a paid phone bank for JK

Illinois Dems - Does Obama need my $

Poll: Kerry Edges Bush Among N.J. Voters

Ann Richards changed my thoughts on Kerry's strategy - not fighting back?

Upcoming Dean appearances through June 4

Why Kerry will probably win in November

Two groups of Democrats that, unfortunately, * will gain in

Bush Forced to Fight for La. Votes

Novak just said he's giving Ohio and Florida to Kerry!!

Would you favor Kerry not formally accepting nomination at convention?

Will the Republican Convention this year be a 1992 repeat?

Why is New Jersey so close?...

RWers red-baiting Kerry with his new slogan

Greens for John Kerry