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Archives: May 20, 2004

Failure of the will? ( piece)

Hearts And Minds : Larry Durstin : Full Medal Ticket

NBR Commentary - Kerry v. Bush re: Fiscal Responsibility

Salon: The Imperial Pentagon

The Death Of The Crank Call

Iraq may be Bush's end

Medicare facts- fix Medicare is not that much cheaper than National Health

The insomnia after the American dream

Salon: America's laziest fascist (Michael Savage)

EU Survey Show Rapid Coastal Erosion, Esp. In Eastern Europe

E.U. seeks quantum cryptography response to Echelon

Zoo Visitor Pets Jaguar - Keepers Find Shriveled Finger 1 Week Later

Judge throws out ship-boarding charges against Greenpeace

"it is essential that, uhhhhh, that, uhhh . . ."

Frustrated Hong Kong NPC rep Lee to quit

Resist intimidation

Every EU nation, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden,

Perry (R) lets mentally ill man be executed


Volunteer Mods

Berg video conspiracy theories (redux)

Can I make a CU suggestion?

Thank you for removing my thread in the Lounge.

Israel brushes off UN, world condemnation

48,000 Possible Felons May Not Be Able To Vote

Dem computer programmer running for Elec Super in Hillsborough

Help pass Kuehl's universal health care bill

Best choice to replace Feinstein in 06

Hoeffel has good chance of beating Specter

Feingold will be in GB at 2pm at Bay Beach Park on the 24th

Being new to the state I know nothing of our gubernatorial

Well....Maybe it's time to go "hide under that rock." Wherever your rock

Place your bets. Foreign fighters or wedding guests?

If we could receive TV signal through our broadband link, would we ever

Every American should be forced to see what is being done in our

RNC strongarming TV from running Move-ON ads...ARRGGHHH

$18,000,000,000 spent - less than 25,000 Iraqi jobs

JINSA starts the US run up to an attack on Syria

What did Hugo Chavez mean

"The first in his family to graduate from high school"

America's Gift to the World

Gah! The Army lied about call-ups to get recruits!

Nightline 5/19: Prison Scandal ... First Stab at Justice

"What will we tell the children?" Republican response:

MSNBC: "Iraq drowns out good news for Bush" (625,000 jobs in 2 months)

Has anyone heard anything new about the WMD in Iraq???

Howard's message to Blair: Time to stand up to Bush

Just watched the war-chimp smirking about the Israeli attack...

A Proud Moment in India's History

Anyone know how to get rid of the "Cool Web Search" virus...

US soldiers could go from pawns to kingmakers

63% of Canadians Believe U.S. Had Prior Knowledge of 9/11 Attacks

Zig Ziglar Seminars: Stealth GOP Campaign Events?

Post links to sites with anti-bush paraphernalia here.

May 19, boycott Big Oil by not filling up.....

All right! Sander Hicks will be on Majority Report tomorrow!

How many wedding parties has the US shot up in the last three years?

I trust Bush completely

Israel brushes off UN, world condemnation

todays pictures

Who saw the footage from Gaza today?

For the Love of Hay-Sus, Someone Explain this last paragraph!

what is about?

Labels required on sexually explicit Internet spam

Will higher oil prices bring jobs back home?

As long as just a few pictures are out it looks like just a few did it.

Case with similarities to Berg

Okay, let's start a pool on when the sanctions start

a snip from the detroit news

Fox says "Why bother to vote? What difference does it make?"

What's all this about * filling the strategic reserves?

Apostolic Congress and the White House

good news from the detroit paper

help with a political question pertty please

another "beheading"

Investigation into White House leak of Joseph Wilson's wife???

Another Side Of Nick Berg

Battle for Bobblehead Arnie turns brutal

Quick thought about today's massacre in Iraq:

Taliban in Texas

Bush funding for the securing of nukes/material in former Soviet Union

Was Che Guevara a hero?

My dear God, What A Double Horrible Day.................

Should Rumsfeld Go To Prison?

Torture and the Golden Rule

Damn!!! Paid $15 for a T-Bone steak tonight at my local grocery....

Time/CNN Poll - 53% say they would vote for a Dem for Congress.

Where electronic voting machines are

Why The Anti-War Movement Was Right ~ April 16, 2003

Why are the pictures censored?

Pro-Choice without the Facts

Please vote in this vote

Bush attacked Iraq in exchange for a peace ageement

Paid propagandists must have had a huddle

Arundhati Roy on the Indian elections

A Bible Belt Observation

Which contains more oil?

When does a human life begin?

Any veterans here of the Gas Shortages of the 70's?

"...they are now viewed as virtually subhuman."

Florida approves touch-screen vote system

Bush says he wants a president, VP, prime minister, and other ministers..

What are the economic classes in the United States?

Which is it; Oil or Protecting Israel?

Have you ever voted Republican, even once?

Dean was outstanding on Hannity and Colmes.

HELP! Randi Rhodes is right. How do we stop CNN?

Do you get upset when you see someone displaying a raggedy flag?

Smallville a gay allegory

Military helicopters flying regular pattern over 101 in LA

I am in awe at how utterly bush has screwed up the world

Anyone naming their kid after Howard Dean?

BBV in the Onion, What are the potential problems of E-Voting?

The torture pix "Thumbs Up" and Buddy Jesus? WTF? Coincidence?

Why Did Kerry Meet with Nader Today??

I saw Joe Wilson speak tonight at a Barnes & Noble in NYC.

I figured it out! Republicans are not creating a two-class system!

Bush planning to start a war with Syria very soon.

Say hello to our new moderators!

BBV: Feds want NAMES of people registered to site

Anti-Gay epithats---We have a long way to go

Borgs for Bush

Bush's deception

ZIMBABWE: Alleged mercenaries take SA govt to court

No joke: Teacher fails at humor /Seattle P-I

Stolen Stradivarius Rescued from the Trash Heap

Andy Kaufman Returns After 20 Years (He's Alive!)


House of Representatives passes Budget

Baptist Health Systems Announces Layoffs (200 jobs - Birmingham, AL)

Army admits to recruiting mistake

Mass. Senate Votes to Repeal Marriage Law

Kerry Open to OK Anti-Abortion Judges

Deadly prison fire survivors claim it was set in revenge - Honduras

Air Force Jams Florida Garage Doors

Please vote in this vote

Venezuela's Economy Up by 30% in First Quarter of 2004

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 789 U.S. service members have died

Supporters of exiled Haitian president rally for his return

Abuser jailed for a year as US sticks to 'bad apple' script

Left-wing activists protest against Rafah incident

Material Given to Congress in 2002 Is Now Classified (Siebel Edmonds)

Halliburton shareholders meeting a spectacle

Carrier patrol normal: admiral - Kitty Hawk near Taiwan

Bush* to Detail Transition Monday in First of Several Iraq Speeches

Slave labor still haunting the US

WP: Soldier Says Intelligence Directed Abuse

U.S. Faulted for Short-Circuiting Global Treaties

Fuel Sippers Gaining on Heavyweights

The Status of Kerry And Nader? Quo.

Mrs. Bush Avoids Criticizing Husband's Speeches

Denver International Airport closed....

More Photos Surface (ABC news - soldiers posing with corpse)

Kerry doesn't ask Nader to bow out

Hastert questions McCain's GOP credentials

WP: 48 House Catholics Warn Bishops' Stance Could Spark Bigotry

Anti-Americanism hits record highs across Asia

Hostilities force Bush* into deep hole

Supergirl is on tonight's SMALLVILLE?

My lips are all out of synch.

I can't get enough of Donkeyboy's little guy

Question those authors who tell you to question authority,

Anyone been to Prague and/or Greece?

It is better to have something you believe in

Favorite #1 hit by ELVIS PRESLEY? (Part 1 of 2)

Oh crap! Bush just got Voltron on his side!!!

Buy me some peanuts and crunch and munch?

Pet names for half and half

The best POTUS ticket EVER

Why Did the Neo-Pagan Chicken Cross the Road (humor)

Who do you think will die on tonight's ANGEL series finale?

Pet names for your lower half....

Caption please

Jazz drummer Elvin Jones, R.I.P.

Worst MIDI file EVER...


You no longer need to refer to Robb as "Moderator Dingbat"

Calling DU Legal Eagles

George Hamilton lives!

I just spotted Comet NEAT thru binoculars

so i get my new cell phone today..

I wonder how many people thought Brad Pitt was playing a man named "Troy"

I Have Lost My Godlike Powers

Anyone here read or see "The World According to Garp"?

Elvin Jones died...

Anyone watch Late Night with Letterman on Trio?

When's the next DU Gathering in SF?

great site for must-read Secada info

DU ham radio operators. I'll have a special guest in my shack tomorrow.

Bill Gates's Book On Wicca

Just heard the best song!

Speaking of anachronisms in period movies...

WTF is up with The Daily Show?

great site for must-read cicada info

what's up with AMerican Idol? who got booted?

Annoying noise using Internet explorer

Something dumb for my 500th post.

The Bachelor/etts NEVER pick the ones I want.

did any one happen to see american idol tonight?

anyone know a good place to have casette tapes transcribed?

Padres sweep a double header in Pittsburgh, tie Dodgers for first!

Anyone heard "Sgt. Pepper" in MONO???

The letters have worn off the keys on my keyboard.

Saying good bye is so sad...

Two gay couples (female) whose lives have crossed ours, for the best.

How do I access the gallery?

Fun with a personal ad

Behold! The basic beauty of a BLT sandwich...

Insanity test

The last TV show whose final episode mattered to me was NEWHART in 1990.

Do you get manicures?

Anyone know anything about Media Club downloadable music?

Laura Bush on Jay Leno

I watched "The Reagans" movie tonight

Are you afraid of (bad)breath?

Can we STOP IT with all this Bush Presidency bullcrap???!!!

Alright insomniacs...who wants to be my late night dance partner?

Your favorite 3 cable/satellite channels?


Wow, I'm no longer a MOd

Inside my body crumbles....

And we'll all float on OK

The daily show is great this evening

Southern DU'ers: How true is my meal to your cuisine?

The West Wing tonight: can anyone give me a summary?

German couple wanted to have a baby without having sex!

MY 999th POST! I'm saying good bye to the hundreds.

Idol: Did Fantasia sing tonight?

What magazine do you subscribe to that tells us something about you?

Conan joke about Kerry's meeting with Nader

Sitting here watching the traffic and the part-time parade of people

Best player in NBA history?

What will be the theme song for "CSI:New York"?

I'm going in... to the 700 Club!! Ask Me Anything!

Has anybody ever read an entire Lewis Lapham essay?

Calling All DU Insomniacs!

The HP commercial on television ;Anyone know who is singing

Creepiest Flavour of Instant Noodles

What's your favorite LEONARD COHEN song?

Army Enlistment Contracts - Can They Be Broken?....

Fave trash/midnight movie

Yay Calgary!


Vietnam boonie-rats, a question about the "boonie hat."

here's something nobody's seen for awhile...

Are you afraid of death?

Republicans Announce Convention Event Schedule

Is it me or is "Norwegian Wood" the saddest song ever?

Do you take vitamins?

Any Montreal DUers?

Say hello to our new moderators!

I am craving a

Favorite Phil Ochs Song?

Hey, HeyHey....

Nader account of meeting with Kerry

New poll: Kerry 43% -- Bush 42%; with Nader, Bush 42% -- Kerry 41%

Anyone know if this automated call from the Kerry campaign is legit?

I don't want a savior. I don't want a white knight. I want a President.

Kerry Edges Bush By Only 3 Points In New Jersey

Dean on H and colmes

Who do you favor as VP--Clark or Edwards

More Clark as Veep!

My respect for Howard Dean grows more every day.

Arghh! I'm starting to freak out about NJ and CA! (I'm addicted to polls)

Who are you gonna vote for: Bush or Kerry

We should get Al Qaeda, leave Iraq alone (Ivins)

Blame the media for your ignorance? Look in the mirror.

Phony Budget Discipline (WashPost)

Another * way to "Grow the Economy"

US, Israeli, attacts on same day boost Muslims' veiw of war against Islam

Must Read: "The Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib" by Sidney Blumental

The algebra of infinite justice.


Green-Card Blues for America's Image

You can't mock the President or say "balls"

My Kerry Ad

Ahmed Chalabi's Failed Coup (Cockburn in today)

The Bush bus

Barbara Ehrenreich - What Abu Ghraib Taught Me

I hate Mona Charen

My government lying to me health risks of taking my 3 year old daughter

Rethinking the Chalabi Connection ( 6/20/04): misuse of State Dept funds?

Americans entitled to cheap gas -- right?

Father and Daughter Conversation.

‘In the mouth of madness’---John Kaminsky

Sinking Bush (Conservative John Leboutillier)

The Politics of Torture (by Scott C. Smith,

Does IQ Matter in Politics? (Dems smarter than Repubs?)

Get US Military Out of Iraq

New Revelations Highlight Miller Ink Stain at 'NY Times'

My latest DU-inspired column....right out of the lounge

Farenheit 9/11-Nothing new- NYP gets dig in on Moore

Top 10 Reasons Bush Wants to Ban Michael's Moore Film

The Rape of Truth, Justice, and Liberty 'Warning, graphic images'

Media Uses Double Standards in Covering Presidential Campaign


A Marine sees what defeatists don't

Photos from the Houston Halliburton protest....

Bush lies/censors Saudi 911 activity report - and media says nothing?

Heads up Ed Heads-- BBV

Russert on Hardball 2 Nite or watch the * Admin Jump The Shark

MSGOP has just changed their front page and have buried Eric Alterman

Did I just hear Peter Jennings say "577 Americans have been killed in Iraq

Lara Flynn Boyle says she is 100% behind Bush

Hubble wallpaper

Interesting optical illusion

Has anyone thought of drawing up a natal chart for the country?

How Agriculture Hijacked Civilization

WP: The Hard Times Never Left

more money supply, building permits, Stock values move Leading Indicators

Albuquerque Journal - Farm income to fall - and Nat'l media says nothing?

CAW head 'not optimistic' about reaching crucial labour deal with AC

US airlines scolded on overscheduling amid delays

Moscow 'has most billionaires'


'Why take animal lives when you can save them?' SA Tahrs

25 Northern White Rhinos And Counting - Telegraph

Claim made for new form of life (Nannobacteria) -- BBC

Northern Utah Rivers Peak Low And One Month Early - SL Tribune

Cosmos 'a billion years older'

More efficient solar cells:

Malawi: 'We see nothing here but poverty'

Crooked cops helped Cardoso's killer escape

scientists determine missile defense ineffective against real attack

Bush Plan to Let Iraqi Forces Opt Out of Operations Ordered by the US

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 20, 2004

High Noon: Sherif Bill Masters goes Gunning for the War on Drugs

Why I came back to the J/PS forum

Greek holiday warning on fake CDs (Throwing people in jail for buying)

Without arguing the 2nd amendment

5/20/04: Where are the "pro gun democrats"?

No Charges: Self Defense article.

Without discussing the 2A, if you own a sniper rifle like me, tell us why.

Donation Leaderboard

Will the rules tighten once Kerry is formally nominated?

hiya guys

People are being way too nice to the Admins down here

Du should have a catalgu to capture new words.

Why are pro-republican posts allowed?


Q re: sites set up specifically to taunt/mock DU

Militants vow to kidnap troops to exchange them for Barghouti

Sharon is the Israelis' last bullet'

Israel Continues Offensive Despite Outcry

Palestinians try to kidnap U.S. reporter from Rafah

So much anti Jewish-Hebrew propaganda here.

Israel Says It Won't Demolish Gaza Homes

Bush at AIPAC

10 die as Israelis fire on children's march

Harsh words for Israel

Barghouti convicted in deaths of five people

The WTC no-plane theories are a danger

Calling all South Cook and Will County Folk

"This budget is not worthy of the State of California"

Forecast projects 20 million more Californians by 2050

free airLine tix at the pru today

McGovern faces fight over 'values'

Senate votes to repeal 1913 law that excludes out-of-state gay couples

NC Dem's big tent gets bigger, GOP gets more exclusionary

Link to the Ohio Secretary of State

Ohio big-city mayors use clout for Kerry

New organizer for Kerry not yet abuzz in Cuyahoga

Commerce loans part of Phila. probe

Druce Serving Sentence At Minimum Security Prison

27 Indicted in Drug Crackdown; Philly City Hall Link

Pennsylvania On Verge of Jackpot In Slots Deal

Hoeffel’s odds against Specter a big question for Democrats

Continental Update: Rivals Match Fare Increases

Photos from the Houston Halliburton protest

Houseparties for Kerry Saturday May 22

Bush Twins To Graduate This Weekend

Stiff competition for Gregg Underheim in the Assembly...

Top Ten Greatest Americans of ALL time:

Lame response from John Podhoretz

Cancel your AOL service! They're running banner ads on!

is bush* drinking and/or on drugs????....(recent PHOTOS)....

CBS: Reaction To Repub aWol* love fest on Hill "Same Trite Phrases"!!

Don't miss Jeff Seeman on Majority Report (AAR) tonight at 8!

Stabenow -- Talking about Bush Administration Breaking Laws!!! (Off now)

DU Longtimer's: How do you deal with questionable low-count posters?

Ooh! Bush was just indirectly quoted on "Nightly Business Report"

Does Big Russ know that Timmy is a lying media whore?

Would someone please tell Mr. PotatoHead to stop promoting his book?

Weird Senate campaign TV ads here in Oklahoma...

More on the Berg vid...who is on the right side neer the end?

New Website- The Nader Factor

So who got booted on American Idol?

I could run a better campaign than John Kerry.

Link to my last post on Berg video

Trent Lott: "Some of our people need to dobber down a little bit."

Screw Ralph Nader! I have never regretted anything as much as my vote for

I Smell a Golden Opportunity for Kerry----come on, Big John!!!

New Iraq CPA theme song

Is Osama bin Laden just a memory?

the 3 amigo's work from the same song sheet..

Do you think the Senate may call Powell to testify?

There's a lesson too late for the learning...

Michael Berg Calls Bush "Weapon of Mass Destruction" in Letter.

Bush Administration VS. Powell ????


Very,very depressed

Never mind the case of the high school teacher who was in hot water over

If all the generals are "accepting responsibility",

NTI: Working For A Safer World

US Government tells lies, kills people, tells more lies

A visitor to the CLG... hello, agent Mike!

"Curve ball" . . . women's gym chain not so woman-friendly? . . .

ANWAR, OIL Reserves... the latest excuse to pass the buck

US making Moqtada al-Sadr more popular....

Greg Palast - Fear for Sale

"Smiting the infidels" . . . by Sidney Blumenthal . . .

Petroleum Refinery Accepts Responsibility

The Democrats real enemy is .....

One Day of War . . .

A Cultural Battleground

There are too many operatives here lately.

John Kerry: GAO Finds Bush "Video News Releases" Broke Law

Rice Tells Friends She's Leaving At Year End

While campaigning for the presidency,

Amy Goodman now (9am EDT): Atrocities in Afghanistan

Dead Heat In South Dakota Senate Race

David Ray Griffin (The New Pearl Harbor) on Democracy Now Fri May 21

Tort Reform - Debunking the Myth

another independent commission looking into WMD's???

Thumbsup from Iraq (warning)

Remember Bandar's comments re:Woodward and oil production?

C-Span caller from Md. told about LIHOP, wall & chair color

I just nailed my 5th repuke convert tonight...

So when are they going to surround Judith Millers house?

What the Hell is going on! I get up this a.m. and Chalabi's House is

WJ: Iraqi National Congress Mouthpiece...Comic Relief

A somewhat different concept of Colin Powell than most.

Bush*, Saddam and their supporters: cut from the same cloth?

Honestly would you trust someone who looks like Jon Lovitz?

Crazy Cabby on the Howard Stern show is talking Nick Burg theories

Why Bush doesn't want peace in the Mideast: Orders from the Apocalyptics!

Need help with Social Security chain e-mail. Urban legend?

Edwards for veep! (and heres why,)

MIRAMAX hires DNC's Fabiani/Lehane, others, to market FARENHEIT 911...

The "food-for-oil" scandal ??

New Censorship Bill turns Parents into Prosecutors

How can these people be so cold?

Was General Clark on C-SPAN this morning ??

What does John Kerry stand for?

Rummy is in fact a Nazi clone

Wonder who gave the order to raid Chalabi's house and why ??

Bush just met with the Repub caucus....

Lou Dobbs: Riggs Bank, afraid to say it?

DNC re-launches

Shelley confident counties will use touch-screen voting in fall -Calif.

WTF? U.S. Troops Raid Chalabi's House in Iraq

The "Savage Weiner" BOMBS Himself

How Iraqis really feel about the Americans.

Ashamed of America

here are the new prison photos on Yahoo. Rate them.

What does John Kerry stand for?

Call Dennis Hastert's office today and tell him what a P.O.S. he is

Fox: "Federal Aid to the States Ripe for Cuts"

WP: Frist's son charged with DUI

SacBee: I killed innocent people for our government...edited

**Attention** Entrepreneurs!

So we went to war because of Chabli ???

Please help!

More evidence we're in a nascent fascist empire on the radio today...

Imus has strange humor

I'm ADDICTED to The Wonkette! Any other DUERs Can't Get Enough?

I suspect the Iraqis don't want any more liberating!

Arianna posts at the DFA blog about her disillisionment with the GOP.

Schumer --- Are we better off today than 4 years ago? (OFF NOW)

Have We Heard Anything New About the Amazing WMD Find?

New kind of dinosaur discovered in Montana

Bush Girls Gone Mild?

GI: Boy mistreated to get dad to talk (More abuse!)

Joe Biden talking about Chalibi now cspan

Raid on Chalabi home??? Looking for ???????

Doonesbury | Ouch!

Anyone watching Schumer on C-Span slamming the neocons?

Anyone read this about the Berg tragedy

Laura * Criticized *`s speech. He drove into a wall

U.S. to Fight Terror with Terror

Major psy ops campaign on CSPAN led by D.C. rep for Iraqi Congress

Any idea how many jobs the war in Iraq is creating?

Cdn politicians paint for charity. Good cause, bad art.

It had to be a DUer who just called the Wash. Journal on C-Span

Some coworkers...

I just saw Kinnett say on live TV that they found no dead children

I never agree with who The Bachelor picks

BBV question: Will Bev Harris and other experts be at Dem convention?

Bush's agenda for the next week....

O'Franken's Hanity lie of the day

Did Chalabi kill Saleem?

Salon: Ahmed Chalabi's failed coup

God DAMN AAR sounds like crap right now!

Elephant or Ostrich?

Council rejects Gay Pride Day (Teens Need YOUR Help! Please Keep Kicked!)

What is Kerry's message?

chalabi theory

Time to support Charles Grassley. He's bucking the FBI on Sibel Edmonds.

Question about appointments to Cabinet positions

When people thump their chest, wave the flag, and say

Josh Marshall rips the War-Hawks for their new blame others strategy.

Question: How will this break with Chalabi affect Saddam Hussein's fate?

We must never put ideology above the common good.

Kerry strategy meetings with senators shows interest in southern states

No tin hat Berg: This is bad for Bush*.

Anyone have the State by State numbers for Zogby's South goes Bush poll?

Early database project yielded 120,000 suspects

Delete dupe

Could this Chalabi battle be a smokescreen?

Truth is all are you up? Are you online?

Who else thinks that "wax Bush" ad on AAR is idiotic?

Tell me the truth, please.

BushCo.'s Latest Money Numbers

DUMBASS REPUBLICAN congressman announces wmd have been found

BarneyCam on the website?, WTF is that crap doing on a

So why does Kerry support the continued ban on Canadian beef?

U.S.: Troops Cleared of Abusing Reporters

Strategy Pushing US into 'Abyss'

Hastert Trashes McCain, Questions Credentials

Bush running from CHALABI faster than he ran from KEN LAY

Who do you see as the main "Al Qaeda" players besides Cheney and Rumsfeld?

One more month of Afghan "Spring Offensive". What have we accomplished?

Zogby: * Admin’s Ties To Oil Industry Are Hurting Consumers On Gas Prices

Our Prognosticator of Prognosticators

Remember this: Iraq is an occupied country!!

Childless couple told to try sex

The religious warrior of Abu Ghraib (Boykin)

Yesterday gas was 1.93% Today 2.09...mother f@#%ers

All this praise being heaped upon the FBI by Repugs (Hatch)

How do people around here feel about Title IX?

Rummy & gens. on CNN now.

Franken's rant: Kerry was right: the biggest group of crooks and liars.

Reports are now that Israel is stepping up its attacks in Rafah

Is Bush Religious?

The Liberation Of Iraq: Warning --- Graphic Pictures

"Keep The Faith" Bush Tells Repubs

Bill mandates class for divorcing couples

I had a dream

Fairness Doctrine Would "Ruin Talk Radio"

My boss on 9-11 and his company's impending doom

Which is the most disturbing photo of prisoner abuse? . . . Why?

Caution's subversive song of the day

where the bushgang sex torture came from - naming the names

Granny D's NUDE torture PICS of BERG w/ BUSH twins!!!

Here's the spin, folks -- Pentagon too busy to focus on prison abuse

old song: "Volare" ... new song with same melody: "Chalabi" ... mp3 link

I'm beginning to suspect that bushco did 9-11

I am sick of the 'War is Hell' excuse!

David Gregory, NBC "Nobody buys it's up to the Iraqi people*

INC and Chalabi raid connected to allegations of fraud, kidnapping and ...

Sticky Lable for *

Has Europe ever been more vulnerable?

Sean Hannity wears a colostomy bag!

If Dems regain power: What GOP precedents can we use then?

NewsMax is misquoting Dean on Hannity last night. Transcript, anyone?

10 Reasons the WH Doesn't Want You To See "Fahrenheit 911"

Victory In Iraq! Warning: Graphic Pictures

"Bush is an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader,'' Pelosi said.

Patricia Cornwell about to be indicted?

America's consumption culture

Former Nato Supreme Commmander on CNN but not Clark

Kerry isn't opposed to appointment of anti-abortion judges??

Great article on Fundigelical Boykin & his role in Iraqi Prison Reform.

Lara Flynn Boyle To Campaign for Bush? - $35 by paypal

More Abu Ghraib coverup rumors

Behold! Our fearless leadership!

Please don't tell me you're suprised Chalabi is toast.....!

My good news for the day.

The First Lady's new project.....

Do you believe that what is called the "center" is actually the right?

I Would LOVE to see this on the cover of all the papers again!

Historians vs. George W. Bush

Bev Harris next segment, on Ed Schultz

Party of Personal Responsibility My Ass - Janklow still at it!

Witness Challenged at Nichols Trial (OK City bombing)

Did Nichols steal guns? (OK City bombing trial)

Couple fights following Bible dispute, police say

When gas hits $5 a gallon THEN come talk to me..

Whenever anyone brings up the questions about the Berg video,

Cops find Man, Girl living in Forest Park on Bush Admin: Among the ranks of history's greatest rubes

Free Repuibic is now aaware of their role in ZNick Bergs death

New Bush slogan: "The cluck stops here."

Another inadvertent MSNBC collectors item: ignorance meets faith

Frat Boy Bush sucks a lemon

NPR Ombudsman needs to be contacted

Sarin gas shell...any news yet...?

Stock Market kicking butt today -

"I Did Not Have Sex With That Turkey" says George Bush

Stupidest right-wing post I have ever seen (

Check out this glaring factual error on

Obese kids can now get surgery here e-mailed me back for correction I pointed out!!

FEC accuses Bush WH of "covert propaganda" - Kerry issues statement:

Why do they twist Kerry's words so much? (e.g. Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Echo Chamber finalists for * name

well, Judy Woodruff did it again today

BBV; Bev Harris coming up today on the Ed Schultz Show (Noon PST)

Today's Net Sentinel has been posted.

SBC workers set to strike

Scientists Say Chicago Sinking Every Year

Colorada Republicans appear to be old school. I hadnt heard about this

Wes Clark in Washington Monthly - I love this man

Does it do ANY damn good to write a representative? Help...

How stupid to some people have to be to believe:

David Ray Griffin interview on CIUT (killer 9/11 revelations)

Tom Delay: utter, utter scum

Feds want to know who visited e-voting watchdog website

Selective Service to make huge Skills database of everyone under 35!

Some administration official on NPR

Robert Novak: Republican base weakens

Republicans outsourcing their fundraising telemarketing

A Desperately Needed Study: Federalist "judges" presiding over Federalist

Would you support a "GLBT" business that advertised itself as such?

An army of asses led by a lion is better than army of lions led by an ass

The Voice Of Sanity: George W. Bush

"Ron from Colorado Springs" Strikes Again!!!

I for one will not be satisfied unless Kerry wins by a landslide

Catholics In Congress Denounce Church's Anti-Gay Stand

Senator Hollings: "I was misled"

coming up on CNN in next few minutes: Bush daughters for daddy

Think prisoner torture only happens in Iraq? Think again...

Grassroots democracy at work

Help me here! Taguba does a report, requisitioned by Sanchez and Sanchez

Another * book coming out soon -- this one is authored by Maureen Dowd

Judy falls for it...accuses Kerry of missing unemployment vote

Kerry's Campaign Theme: "Let America be America Again"

Pro-Choice Plank to be Removed from WV Democratic Party Platform?

An angry letter to Hastert about McCain.

Larry King/Ann Richards

Now that the Bush twins have joined the campaign

Uncle Sam Bans Gay Sperm Donors

Be careful on Yahoo message boards and others

A few days ago they were making the Sarin gas issue a major event

Brutal interrogation in Iraq / Proof of murder/ MUST READ

Now I get it: Iraq='war on terror'

Kerry should not reveal his Iraq plans before the convention...or later..

Republican letter to my local paper bashing bush today

Republican Celebrity Babes (not my words)

A miraculous story from Colorado Springs....

political research-senators

Yea! I got my pic of shrub and pickles in the mail today!

Is Monkeyboy pushing the envelope to try to get us to revolt?

lol - what's more foolish than a log cabin republican?

Legal question: "idea" patent/copyright

Message To Kerry: Time To Protest War Again

A unified Asia...America fear!

So! We think we are "Big Puff Adders" here when we post! But,

Kerry is running toward the center. Is that f-ing okay with you?

Would you support a "black-owned" business that advertised itself as such?

Best-Selling Christian Books Hurting Christian Bookstores

Chalabi does not like the U.S. anymore.

Tim Russert needs to shut the F up already....

I am Outraged by the Lack of Outrage!

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

Now the U.S. can barely criticize Israel for its massacres of civilians.

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Scandal Update - Good Email To Send Out

Lets piss-off some freepers, DU this poll.

How about "Take Back America" instead of "let america be america"?

Al Franken vs. Ann Coulter debate: MP3???

Is bush* psychic? Or, one more reason why I think 9/11 was MIHOP...

Do you think that most Christians are anti-Jesus?

Jean-Luc Godard chides Moore

"Michael Moore Hates America" . . .

"We Must Withdraw" From Iraq Says Mayor Of London, England

"I Believe": Affirmations of a Liberal

The Sloganator

*THE* Randi Rhodes station list!!!

I think we should remind all lurkers that Freepers (Nick Berg blame)

I just took at a first look at, oh my god!

Gen. Kimmet & Dan Senor, pentagon spokesmen. Are they lovers?

How important is it for you to discuss religion?

Enlighten me.. how much of this is Bush's fault exactly?

The earth is the center of the Universe

Thank GOD for Nancy Pelosi

Honest. How much of what I read here on DU should I believe?

Applied Digital Solutions wants to put your credit card under your skin

BBV report: Diebold poised to destroy another piece of the voting system

Apparently there's no Fallout from the Seymour Hersh article?

Army may send special reserves to active duty involuntarily

STUPID push poll on Fox News website.

Email from Gay Egyptian (heartbreaking)

Southerners should get this message: Bush = Sherman

Would you support a business that ADVERTISES their Christianity?

My Challenge to DUers: Develop an effective "Out Now" plan for Iraq

Divide Iraq Up Into Three Nations Now Before It's Too Late.

If Bush gets back in the draft will be brought back...for men only

What the hell is Kerry doing?????

I encountered a soldier just back from Iraq yesterday ~ whew

Is it true Teresa Heinz Kerry only paid 14% in taxes last year???

TortureGate has me thinking about our Country's past - i.e lynching

Fort Campbell soldier says they're ALL voting for Kerry. 17,000 of them!

NYT Jodi Wilgoren

Granny D! | Granny D! | Granny D! (a must read)

Kerry: "virtually all U.S. combat troops will be out of Iraq"

"Chain Chain Chain" | a KICK the TOONs thread!

New Berg Conspiracy Theory...

What Responsibility Does The 'Center' Have In This Election ???

The term "fundy" and the anti-Christian sentiment on this board.

Which actors/ actresses are for Bush?

Morrissey to perform every night next week on Kilborn's show

Sanders Says U.S. Needs Exit Strategy

Bush to Detail Transition Monday in First of Several Iraq Speeches

White House - Plan to Let Iraqi Forces Opt Out of Military Operations

High-tech executives give financial backing to Bush

Justice Probes CIA on 3 Prisoner Deaths

Ruling Says White House's Medicare Videos Were Illegal

40 Killed in U.S. Attack on Iraqi Border Village

Database Measured 'Terrorism Quotient'

Sergeant Says Intelligence Directed Abuse (very good article)

Kerry says he's open to anti-abortion judges

New York Times Reporter Escapes Gaza Kidnap Bid

Mourners Say Musicians Among Dead at Iraqi Wedding

U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack in Baghdad

Honeywell faces possible criminal charges

Seniors Group Sues Drug Makers

One 1st ID Soldier Killed and One Wounded by IED (Samarra)

Sen leader Bill Frist's son arrested for DWI

Killing rare green sea turtle draws house arrest for man

Senate wants Gitmo 'torture' videos, too

AP: ABC Airs Troops Posing With Body Photos

Brocade Hits Estimates, Lays Off 110

unemployment initial claims was 345,000, an increase of 12,000

Child abuse trial's collapse pitches French justice system into crisis

Pentagon's Explanations Add to Confusion

Daniel Pearl's father urges 'public outcry'

House-Approved Budget in Trouble in Senate

Israeli court finds Barghuthi guilty

Blair: Dissent with U.S. private

Haitian security force proposed

Mass Protest in Iran Against Iraq Occupation

Hastert questions McCain's GOP credentials

Rowland Replaced in Bush's Conn. Campaign

Ex-Enron Exec Pleads to Insider Trading (Paula Rieker)

Security plans for July emerge (random search of cars and persons)

Iraq Coalition Allies Face EU Election Backlash

Database Measured 'Terrorism Quotient'

Bush Campaign Hires India Call Center for Fundraising

Senate OKs $5.6B for Chemical Defense

U.S. Troops Surround Chalabi's House

Iraq Coalition Allies Face EU Election Backlash

Mejia Says Prison Orders Affected Decision

Chalabi severs ties with US-led authority in Iraq

AWOL on CNN live now. Took a pass on answering any questions

Inmates at Notorious Afghan Prison Say Also Abused

Military says it might return some former soldiers to duty

Frist’s son stopped for alleged DUI in Princeton


Any Iraq Differences with U.S. Stay Private - Blair

House Defies Bush Order on Base Closings

Ex-congressman's filing suggests he broke lobby law (John Thune)

Rummy on CNN, now!!!

Mueller: FBI Didn't Abuse Iraqi Prisoners

NYPD Officers Get "Terrorism" Cards

'SA govt is lackey of imperialism'

New Rules on Sperm Donations by Gays

DeFazio says vets coerced by recruiters

Climate change will have catastrophic effect on key rivers: study

Cameraman's Death Result of U.S. Military Flaws-Report

Sick Iraqi Infant to Be Treated in Ohio

The Invasion of Haiti Anthony Fenton interviews Stan Goff

Former Rebels Form New Political Party in Haiti

U.S. military report draws Iraq, Vietnam parallel

Greek police destroy time bomb near Olympic stadium

US two-faced report on human rights enrages Chinese of all social strata

At least 9 demonstrators killed during huge march on Haiti’s Flag Day

Prison Abuse Scandal Divides US President's Party

Brazil to send 1,200 troops to Haiti

George Bush will not Attend Olympics - He is sending his Dad

Chile Approves Troops For Haiti Peacekeeping

Local Hamas Military Chief Killed

Israel Says It Won't Demolish Gaza Homes

Dispute with Chalabi cost an opportunity to sway Iraqis, congressional ...

U.S. Warns Iraqi Insurgency Could Grow

Iraqis see US as occupiers: poll

Falluja Leaders Say City Is Now Safest in Iraq

Florida foot doctor to run for Iraq presidency

Hastert Lectures McCain on War, Sacrifice

"It's time to take the training wheels off"

U.S. Appeals for Troops to Guard U.N. Staff in Iraq (wtf?)

In Haiti's chaos, rape without punishment was norm

Conyers asks whether torture denial was a lie

Wisconsin strip clubs register voters (against Bush)

Sanchez says he never saw rules for interrogation

Many State Republican Stars Are No-Shows at (NY) Convention

US soldiers could go from pawns to kingmakers

Sept. 11 Report to Be Available As Book

U.S. Defends Desert Air Strike, Iraqis Say Wedding Hit

NigeriaCrisis Christian youths arm themselves as 100's flee Muslim militia

Frist’s son stopped for alleged DUI in Princeton

Soldier: Abu Ghraib prison abuse normal

...worker was fired for failure to urinate on demand (Caterpillar Inc.)

(Democratic) State officials ask U.S. to probe gasoline prices

Soldier: Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse normal

'I'm sorry. It just isn't me' (details of Sivits' testimony)

Rafah is top story in US press but not in Europe

Corruption stench as company loses Iraq contract

House Votes to Destroy Iraqi Prison

Corruption stench as company loses Iraq contract

Iraq will need coalition forces after handover: Iraqi interim FM

Meat imports allowed weeks after mad- cow ban

U.S. to Investigate Iraqi Inmate's Death

Brutal interrogation in Iraq / Proof of murder/ MUST READ

Canada's on the up - US is going down (geologically speaking)

Mac Hole Has Users, Hackers Abuzz (Mac security prob)

Leaders Back at MP Unit in Iraq Scandal-Tagubu report calls for dismissal

Red Cross condemns US "excessive" force in Iraq

DeLay Seeks Child Welfare Power for Bush

The Big Three Fear That Toyota Is Becoming The Big One - NYT

Ex-Guantanamo General Says He Was Pressed

Daniel Ellsberg visits SSU

House Democratic Leader Pelosi calls Bush 'incompetent'

Poll: Kerry edges Bush among N.J. voters

Bush says he had gas price solution

US seeks war crimes exemption extension

House votes to destroy Iraq prison

bush makes rare visit to congress - seeks to rally GOP

GOP Leaders Retreat, Postpone Budget Vote

HRW: U.S. Tries to Get Off the Hook on War Crimes


Wolfowitz: 'Tripwire' role played by some Korea units 'counterproductive'

Chalabi Furious at U.S. Over Raid on Baghdad Office

GOP gay group booted from N.C. convention

AP: Lawyer in Prison Abuse Scandal Fired (England's lawyer)

Striving for leadership (Al-Sadr, Al-Sistani, et al.)

Chalabi Raid Was Over Corruption , Not Politics

Report deals new blow to Boeing tankers

Lynne Cheney Rebukes Kerry Over Education

Portland man arrested in connection with Madrid terror attacks released

OPEC: Too late to hike June output

Detroit Zoo to Free Elephants on Ethical Grounds

U.S.: Troops Cleared of Abusing Reporters

FBI Bulletin: Lookout for Suicide Bombers Inside the US

Earth's oil gauge on low? (Peak oil on mainstream media again)

GI: Boy mistreated to get dad to talk

Chalabi Passed U.S. Intelligence to Iran - CBS

Irish Bishop Questions Wisdom of Bush Visit

Microsoft Cuts Worker Benefits to Save $80 Million a Year

New front in Iraq detainee abuse scandal? (New investigation at airport)

What went wrong

Who here has ever been hit up by Arbitron?

So who got booted on American Idol?

Samantha Bee's segmant on TDS about SC mini bottles

Okay folks, what is your favourite "ethnic" food?

Yay tofurkey!

A 750 pound sumo wrestler is on Conan right now

Yay Calgon!

Yay Colgate!

Anyone here going to see Phish in COVENTRY?

Slow Chemical

I'm befriending a very Scottish bat

LOL...Julie Benz is on "Boy Meets World" right now...

Im DECLAWING a very skittish cat...

If I traded it all...If I gave it all away for one thing...

Jasmine Trias Booted From 'American Idol'

Anyone here play the Baseball Mogul series?

Tonite's music: Brubeck, Moya Brennan, and Avrigus.

Angelus do me a favor?


So, what do I call my half-brother's other half-sisters and stepsisters?

Wow, lots of people drinking heavily tonight in GD

Listening to Sevendust's "Animosity". Now for my Bush lyrics.

Watching the lights go down...letting the cables sleep...

Munching pretzels, listening to Jarre's "Equinox"

Morrissey to perform every night on Kilborn next week

Is it poor form to "kick" one's own thread if it's foundering?

The Decameron Web

Wanna see Bubbles?

I'm defending a hairy British git

(Update) Who's gonna play in the NBA Finals???

and for Sherlock Holmes fans . . .

Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records . . .

oh man... they made Padraig 18 a moderator...

Two more posts until 900....

That does it! I'm fixing an egg sandwich.

Andy Kaufman returns . . .

I've been awake for 22 Hours, ask me anything!

Microsoft cuts back on worker benefits


Do you take it personally when people don't respond to your posts?

Adding to the list of Freeper stars.



An evening of Cinematic Greats

So who's heard of

Talking Toilet Orders Men to Sit Down

'I'm drunk, officer, but my donkey's in charge': South African man

Man With Shy Bladder Syndrome Files Suit

"I want my President to be like Jeff Stryker. So forceful & always on top"

What are your personal reading habits?

Why you should never put your picture on the internet...

Online church blocks Satan visits

Caption: JP2 shows you're never too old to have a good time

Caption:God's Banker trial - hats off to JP2...

Who else was disappointed by the Angel series finale?

Sometimes I don't get Amazon's shipping methodology

Alright, confess ...

Picasso missing from Paris museum

Caption: Godfather 4: make them an offer they can't refuse...

What's your favorite T-Shirt saying?

Ohhhh Matcom! Did you miss THIS?

How about a DU singles forum?

Are you awake?

Phil Donahue is onboard with Kerry this time!

do you think my avatar is my face?

The Vogon Poetry Thread (AKA: Bad poetry to stupid things)

Good Thursday Morning DU!

Award Winning Student Websites

anyone familiar with actor Christopher McDonald? . . .

Cartoon: Steve Bell "For crimes against photography....."

Brazil police 'expose blood scam' - Operation Vampire

Antarctic storm freezes couple's passion

Forum Admin has offered to share $25,500,000 with me!

Ohio woman calls 911 THREE TIMES wanting to buy CRACK

SA drunk donkey cart driver fined

For people that love big cats, & Dookus

Which of these popular baby names is the worst? (boys)

Oh they can say "retiring"all they want but I detect DINGBATISM

World's falling apart but on a brighter note Bush has 4 new team jerseys

What is the difference between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis?

1979 or 1989?

Snake Knocks Out Country's Power

Trekkers... your opinion on the future of enterprise

Is Jay Leno a repuke?

Brando, 80, is lured back to the screen

New Wilson Phillips CD...things have really, really, really changed.

computer ? - outlook express

Forget the price of gas!

Anyone know how to replace a cracked screen on a laptop?

I never agree with who The Bachelor picks

I never agree with who The Bachelor picks (again)

Favorite possessions from defunct companies or products (.com or other):

Jennifer Garner's on board!

Dear Laura Bush: Please criticize more of your Hubby's speeches!!

IMPORTANT! Which Latvian Political Party would you support? Huh? Huh?

Microchips to save Peru's alpacas

Anyone YOU know using two different DU sig names/IDs

Norwegian beer supplies at risk

What would you rather do...

I took TrogL's advice

Favorite lines from "The Young Ones"

MIT's Stata center

I took Skinner's advice

Cough Syrup Refilled!!!

Any "Death Cab For Cutie" fans?

You know, I love my job and my co-workers are great...but...

I'm going to be away from the Net for two entire days and guess what?

My Dad Rocks!

Favorite relic from defunct company or product, dot-com or other:

Great cartoon site at Slate: Enormous collection of topical cartoons

where could I park my car for a few days?

The Gas Guzzler of all CAPTIONS!!!!

999th post. Thanks DU!!

"Justice is Duck-blind"

How you know it's going to be a bad day...

How should I deal with this?

Caption: come again????

Ex-Marine makes my day

Got this Email's funny.."Only In America"

Caption: We're off to see the wizard!

Caption Chimp

Want to see my computer?

Let's alternate saying good and bad things about Randi Rhodes.

When I am old, I will impersonate Tattoo from "Fantasy Island."

I gained five pounds

great Bushflash video of limbaugh

who was the better "Felix"...

Anyone like the new FAITHLESS song "Mass Destruction"

I have an ectoplasm here!

I am in ecstasy here!

I have an extra C here!

When I am old I will get a Tatoo

I'm going to get my condo!!!!

I'm on excess tea here!

How much can you hurt your chances...

Favorite simpson's episode EVER....

Lara Flynn Boyle loves Bush!

you know life would be good

I am in Schenectady here!

Wagner power painter question

Bela Fleck "Uncommon Ritual"

Strip Bar Patron Claims Fraud

Peggy Lipton/Gwyneth Paltrow

I am going out to sea, here.

One Kilo, my favorite threads...

Anyone here see "The Straight Story"?

I am in XTC, here.

Tanning creams

I'm gonna buy Jamie Farr!!

Hasselhoff Has Rapping Down To An Ice-T(Ice-T teaching him how to rap)

Childless couple told to try sex

'Mirror' boss becomes first man to gobble 1,000 dollar omlette!

I feel so nekkid...

Anyone used PayPal before

Hey T-wolves fans

I'm gonna buy a car!

Convention T-shirts vs. DU T-shirts... Coincidence?

I am listening to XTC here!

Is this funny?

A Parents Worst Nightmare and Organ Donation

Got my DU postcards to send to the troops today!!!!!!!!


White hat caption contest (Kerry)

David Brock has the best line about Hannity ever

Who would have been a better Helen?

OK, I can HEAR the damn cicadas now.

Guess I'm gonna have to tell 'em that I've got no cerebellum...

Any Dada (the band) fans here?

CONFESS!!!! You have or have had a Mullet hair cut

Hey sus - let's go see Mean Girls movie tonight

Bush apparently squeezes Prime Minister Berlusconi unconscious

spelling kounts!

West Wing finale last night?

Has all hell broken loose?

Dishonest Dubya -- Lying Action Figure -- with audio

Do you love the Quizno's Spongmonkeys??? Then you'll love this!!!

Is it true Teresa Heinz Kerry only paid 14% in taxes last year???

``Family Guy'' creator Seth MacFarlane's New Show a GO!

What a great picture of Hillary!

Can you recommend a backup program?

All internet discussion of Lindsay Lohan has now devolved to...

1000 posts!

MOST IMPORTANT! Which Finnish Political Party would you vote for?

Leash Girl (with apologies to Hall & Oates)

Dirtiest prank you ever played on a sapling?

Open-source project to offer Mac OS on PCs

Ill. Lawnmower Driver Charged With DUI

Greek holiday warning on fake CDs (Throwing people in jail for buying)

Would you support a "YAK" business that advertised itself as such?

Poll: 'Psycho' is best movie death ever

Nets vs. Pistons

Bible Argument Spurs Boiling-Oil Charge

What a great picture of Hillary!

What Pro-life and Pro-choice groups are there?

Would your feelings be hurt if you found out someone had you on ignore?

I just ordered 2 DVDs from

Pitch your idea for a series to the network execs!

Sammy Hagar can kiss my A$$! It's all about Diamond Dave!

The 'Howdy!' thread

This should piss some people off, but I think it's appropriate.

Quiz: Who said this?

That's it - I'm starting a flame war!!!

Is Gihei a male of female name?

Geography Quiz time: I expect perfect scores - The United States

I love the new mods already!

Caffeine May Prevent Liver Damage

I'm this close to revealing my Liberal Self on Freeperland

Sirius users: Questions

Rankin/Bass present

Four more years of Bush

Nice Vonnegut article.

Waging (Nuclear) War on the Weather.....

Anyone else like Bill Fox,?

Your favorite Law and Order:

Ask me a question... Unless you're a wimp

Computer techies?? Yahoo Messenger question

Pie-in-Face Contest gets Student Expelled

Which of these actors sucks the most?

could one of these guys be mo paul?

John Kerry writes to "Dear Abby" - CHECK THIS OUT!!!!


Who HASN'T been to a DU gathering....

Anyone ever heard the saying "It's an ice cream day"?

Nick Drake Alert - NPR Talk of the Nation - NOW!

Byrd was pickin', grinnin'-Senator recalls ‘HeeHaw' stint

The Perfect Brownie: Fudge or Cake?

It's Springtime for Hitler and Germany!!!!!!!

Better singing David:

A blast from the past!

Celebrity Poker Challenge!

best movie to watch on big screen tv

Another Looney Tunes question!

Time For Another "Worst Movie EVER" Thread

Snopes casts doubts about the Childless German Couple story

Anyone want to watch my head spin round and go pop?

MLB Standings update for Yankee fans...

Is this photo really kerry in his high school rock band?

Singapore Plans Reality Procreation Show -Dr Love's Super Baby Making Show

Jessica Spears? Britney Simpson?

My 11,111th post is

there must be some connection here

Who has power windows in their car? A question:

DU Poster DS1 passes the 16,000 mark

Trekkers... its official

Alright, Who's Drinking?

please help me . . . argh

Anybody watch "Colonial House"?

Donations to Kerry?

Which is more disgusting?

Who is your favorite Looney Tunes character?

Make a title for my poem!

PDA question

Techno Playoffs Part I:

i am out of ecstasy here

Eric Idle Presents...the FCC song

You could be a hussy, and just not know it.

Anyone know a good site for online Poker?

okay all you cat lovers . . . this one's for you . . .

I just got called a jackass

Which celebrity baby name is the worst?

I'm befriending a very skittish cat....

Mark Wahlberg is on board!

A famous historical figure you'd like to get thrown in the drunk tank with

I got a new digital camera. Come look at two photos I took!

Favorite Nine Inch Nails Song?

Dirtiest prank you ever played on a sibling?

I'm offending a very sluttish hat

Favorite #1 hit by ELVIS PRESLEY? (Part 2 of 2)

Caption: has Junior had all his teeth pulled?

Unbelievable deal, half price on a Dave Wannstedt Bobblehead Doll!!!

Is there an army classification for being too fat to serve?

I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! :c)

Caption: Pickles reveals the truth behind pretzel biz

ARRRRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Fscking Cap and Gown Debacle!!!!

Which of these popular baby names is the worst? (girls)

Fuel gage on my Grand Am stops working.

I'm outta here

The "Vin Diesel is a terrible actor" thread

I am on ecstasy here!

his name

I paid off my capital one accounts, closed them and cut up the cards!

How's your stress level right now? Feel you've woken up in a nightmare?

when i am toLd i wiLL get a tattoo

Joss Whedon -- "I just don't believe that the Buffyverse is dead."

Which film character does Dubya remind you of?

Hey gang! Let's see what Jack Chick's been up to!

Has anyone hear ever lost their temper with a Freeper-type person?

Anti-Nader graphics suitable for posting

NC: Dem's big tent gets bigger, GOP gets more exclusionary.

Late night * humor--very therapeutic!

Why I am voting for Kerry

Skeletons in the closet

kid writes rap song for Kerry


Bush and Kerry Remain Tied Among Likely Voters in Florida

Kerry does not watch words - implies abortion rights flip-flop - why?

I think Kerry has got to shake things up with his choice of VP

ARG poll in Florida--neck and neck between Kerry and Bush

Yo, Clark and Edwards Folks

Nader on the difference in Kerry and Gore

John Kerry reads Dear Abby and writes in to her

pathetic GOP response to Pelosi

Bush, Blacks and Iraq - * not winning them over

WSJ likes Kerry's replay of Langston Hughes'Let America be America again.'

Teresa Heinz paying only 15% taxes proves the rich DO NOT pay their fair

Ya'll seen this new Kerry ad?

We will win

I think there are a lot of freepers on this board posing as Democrats.

Best Wesley Clark Article I Have Ever Read(Oxford American May/June 2003)

My letter to John McCain that will get almost all of you hating me

Defense of Republicans on this site

New (5/20) Poll: bush - Kerry tied (Faux)

Hilarious Attack On Kerry By Lynne Cheney

Just heard on AA Kerry's new slogan. I thought it was great, but ........

MSNBC: Clark Veep Top Choice

Trouble in the GOP: Hassert attacks McCain

"Become an Online Advocate for John Kerry "

The Nation of Henry Ford And Thomas Edison, Not Ken Lay and Martha Stewart

Chimpys Campaign Spending Hits $126 Million

MSN just denied Clark of his rightful first place status

Kerry/Clark: American Heroes. Kerry/Clark: Leaders for America

The Bushit is about to hit the fan.......

O'Reilly Show: Kerry Campaign in Crisis. Dick Morris will tell us why

How many Dem candidates did you give money to?

New Poll Says Bush has huge lead in South

What is your level of enthusiasm for Sen. Kerry?

OK, say Dean got the nomination. What woud the campaign be like today...

Should Kerry Abandon The South In 2004?