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Archives: May 19, 2004

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the Manchurian Candidate

Bush Needs Help, But Will His Friends Be Able to Deliver? - WSJ's Murray

Don't blame the 'white trash' - Iraq

Troops, torture and the politics of ambiguity

Christian Reconstructionists - The Covert Kingdom

Sacramento DUers - May 26 - Protest G.M. rice at Ventria Biosciences

Protest details for Bush appearance in Old Metairie, Louisiana

Greg Palast on CSPAN web site

Sweeps period shows FCC’s hypocrisy

Did anyone see the troops on Hardball?(text please)

US tycoon opens casino in Macau

Oil prices fall back by a dollar

The Memory Hole releases internal DuPont docs re: C8 lawsuit

13 Transnationals Get Green Light To Mine In Indonesia's Forests - Reuters

Spell of the Sensuous

HRW: U.S. Presidential Rejection of Coercive Interrogations Needed

Sonia Gandhi declines Indian premiership

Egypt accuses Islamists of coup plot

China needs a history lesson

Just wondering.

Bought a "sniper" rifle today... ask me anything.

Question about the edit feature.


Israel says Palestinians dismantle 30 of own homes

Children among 20 dead as Israeli army begins huge crackdown on Rafah

Rats take over from man's best friend

Who let bin ladens leave the US?

The Importance of Ohio Voter Registration

Compassion. Rick Perry style

Perry's approval ratings drop to 37%. Many are SHOCKED

Kerry House Parties in Oshkosh, Green Bay... YOU'RE INVITED!

Fred Ebert (KIRO Radio) thinks the Berg video is a fake and

Coalition of Catholic Women's Groups Supports Same-Sex Marriages

Weekly 60 Minutes commentary by CBS News Correspondent Andy Rooney

Iraqis want our soldiers involved in prison abuse executed.

When Bush loses...


Kerry should visit the troops--in S. Korea!

Were the prisoners in Iraq labeled "terrorists"? Why were they tortured?

My military buddies continue to surprise me...

Anyone else see the Colorado bridge segment on "Countdown?" (MSNBC)

If we leave Iraq, will the same happen?

OMG! Turn to Larry King and get a look at Joan Rivers...

Bush and Rummy in Purgatory....

Is defeating Bush* at all costs a shared goal at DU?

Well, well, well..if this doesn't say a lot!

The World Laughs Has America Wastes Gas!

Vote in this poll "Are we safer today than we were before 911"

Do you think we are being gouged at the pump?

Marriage By The Numbers

big fat potato face is on two tv and one radio stations as I type this....

Letters From Hell

George McGovern coming up on Hannity and Colmes..... MST

Rhode Island recognizes Massachusetts marriages

weapon of mass dissapointment found in iraq

Chi Trib buries lead critic's rave review of Fahr/911 in Metro section

Solace for those uncomfortable with Kerry

How bouts we Soften up Rummie before we Question him??

Kerrys almost there 500,000

No Protest for YOU...The Peace Nazis of NYC at it again.

Waiting for the next shoe to drop ?

Did O'Rielly really say that he likes to troll for 13 year olds?

The bastard just doesn't know when to admit defeat!

Does anyone else think it's funny...

Why is there so much time between the primaries and the general election?

NBC employee was arrested and beaten by US military too

More FAHRENHEIT 9/11 reviews

What might be an e-forum where undecided voters could be?

Ahmed Chalabi - Ruiner of lives and other wonderful character flaws.

AP Interview: Al-Qaida wants to strike U.S. with chemical, biological weap

How many votes does Nader take from JK? From W?

Zogby Poll in my mail

Officer Says Army Tried to Curb Red Cross Visits to Prison in Iraq

This speech was written in 1939, for a movie.

Wow! The power of Dean's bat: $500,000 for Kerry in 1 day. Congratulations

Mason-Dixon Poll: Bush Leads Kerry In N.C; Edwards On Ticket Makes It Even

Randy Johnson pitched a perfect game tonight !

Anyone else heard about Linda Tripp being sent to Iraq to help interrogate

Your Opinion Please

The man * chose to put in charge of our homeland security...

AshKKKroft invokes 'states secrets privilege' in 9-11 case (Edmonds)

If you have been in the military you know there is a OIC or NOIC present

So who's the bubble headed bleach blonde filling in for Oberman on MSRNC??

Sick Freeper photoshop of Berg

"A Kerry Landslide?" -- interesting article in latest Washington Monthly..

Lucianne Goldberg obsessed with Alexandra Kerry's breasts

Teri Gross has Wm. Kristol on "Fresh Air" 8 p.m. Central

Why not attack Bush on gas prices?

Marines Begin to Question Their Mission (from an official USMC website)

Send a question to the white house beat reporters

DU slandered on the O'Reilly Factor

Shrub pictures..

Email from my idiot brother (who I still love).

Has anyone married a dog in Mass. yet?

What's this about mustard gas?

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings

Senate Foreign Relations

Victory Confidence Poll PART 2

Here is how you will know when "Bush is toast"

Whose behind the gas strike tomorrow?

Time Magazine: The Sad Tale of Nick Berg

The prison abuse story is America's moral crossroads.....

European socialist style system for all Iraqis?

Does your state have one of those anti same sex marriage referenda?

It's Embarrassing and Shameful and this is What it Took

I don't think this is coincidence. Scary stuff about old Monkeyboy

Vote Cheney OFF! DU this poll right away on

Jazeera's Iraq Coverage Hits U.S. Raw Nerve

Here's what the right-wing has remaining in their arsenal. It's not much.

Victory Confidence Poll PART 1

Dean has brought the Kerry bat to!!!

Jonathan Alter on O'Franken Factor: "...astonishingly incompetent.."

Barb & Jenna to Work on Dad's Campaign..(more info to come)

Why Bush Supports Fuel Cells.... It's the Platinum, Stupid

Watch NIGHTLINE!!!!!! Comparing Iraq to Lebanon!!!

I need a bit of help here....

Help! Our Homeland Security appears to be based on a popular party game!

Bumpersticker seen in downtown Seattle...

Freeper acquaintance too confident they will win in November....

Should Clay Aiken change his name to Troy

Did the U.S. fly Saudis out of country after 9/11?

Transcendent joke

Hey O'Reilly, nice expose on Soros, now let's see one on Sun Myung Moon

I think I know what the hurry for June 30th is ! Of course you do too !

Army Blocks Red Cross from Abu Ghraib investigation

So, Why in the Hell Can't We Stand Up to the Ultra Right Wing??

Top 10 things we can all agree on...........

Will America get booed at the Olympics?? mentioned on O'Reilly

I don't understand the "God Hates Fags" nuts

All right damn it! Lets hear some DU campaign Ideas!

Online music


Nader and Kerry to meet tomorrow

Freepers making fuss about Sarin gas, when it's possible that shell

Incredible article from the Independent Weekly:

What's wrong with the price of gas going up?

Latest News On Nick Berg Video

The Headscarf clue in the Berg video

The Iraq Disaster: Why Bush Cannot Be Held Accountable!

Will Bush attempt to pull a Grover Cleveland in '08

When Bush was drinking, did he beat his wife?

Former city officials strongly rebut criticism of 9/11 panel

Can torture be justified?

White House 'tried to block film'

Israel's bloody assault on Gaza continues

"No one understands what we've been through" - Missouri families

Homes wrecked, lives destroyed: tactics that fuel the Infitada

Former FBI Lab Biologist Pleads Guilty to Falsifying DNA Reports

MPs Press for a Vote on Sending More Troops/UK--New WMW

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 787 soldiers dead and 4,524 soldiers wounded

Washington to stop funding Iraqi [Chalabi] whose misleading WMD...

US bans rights monitors from Abu Ghraib court-martial

British soldier arrested over fake Iraqi abuse photos

British soldier arrested over fake Iraqi abuse photos

Who let bin ladens leave the US?

Children among 20 dead as Israeli army begins huge crackdown on Rafah

Amateur rocket fired into space

Agency issues report on human trafficking

‘Definitely a Cover-Up’ IRS May Help DOD Find Reservists

US citizen murdered in Armenia

Group Cancels Events for GOP Convention

Seven die as cargo plane crashes in China

WP: Violence Leaves Iraqis to Despair

UNICEF highlights the plight of child prisoners in Asia

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings

Typhoon Nida leaves 23 dead and missing in the Philippines

How India Funds Bush's Campaign (!)

Honduran troops complete Iraq withdrawal

Britain to dispatch up to 3,000 more troops

Plea deal possible in first prison abuse court-martial

Army may send special reserves to active duty involuntarily

Reuters: US abused our journalists - (WAR CRIMES)

US omits human rights violations in rights report: paper

US bans right monitors from Abu Ghraib court martial

Iraqis crawled in broken glass

Morning After Pill in Canada: Prescription May Not Be Needed - NYTimes

U.S. Wants Quick Handover of Iraq Prisons

Saleem 'held up at US checkpoint'

AP: Kerry and Nader to Meet Wednesday

Amid Iraq bloodshed, Italy and Poland exert pressure for power handover

NYT: Officer Says Army Tried to Curb Red Cross Visits to Prison in Iraq

Former Guantánamo chief clashed with army interrogators

Marine Dies in Al Anbar Province

Three Key Witnesses in Abuse Scandal Refuse to Testify

Mason-Dixon Poll: Bush Leads Kerry In N.C; Edwards On Ticket Makes It Even

US jobs moving abroad faster

The Social Security Trust Fund is Empty, Economist Says in New Book

Honduran Troops Complete Iraq Withdrawal -

WP: U.S. Faces Fears Plan Is on Brink

Texas Puts Mentally Ill Killer to Death

NYT: White House Trumpets Programs It Tried to Cut

Manned Chinese space station expected within 15 years

Protesters plan mid-town die-in

Accused spy back at work at U.S. Air Force base

FEC complaint filed against PAC (Bacardi)

Jayna Davis Dissects Berg-Moussaoui Links

Any one watching the SciFi Channel right now?

If rush hour is such a problem in our country,

Ah misunderestimated mah underpotentiality fer miscomprehension?

Aww... Simpsons on now...

New Beastie Boys video online

I think American Idol may be fixed......

I just got a check from my health care provider.

And award for greatest ignorance goes to...

May 25th, Grateful Dead, "Rockin' The Rhein"...Europe 72 3-CD Set

Whitacre's 2 1/2 pound bean consumption has taken a toll on Lake Michigan

Bear Cub Nuzzles Exchange Student

And so my 'net fast begins

Favorite Status Quo song?

Screw the Lightning?

everything sucks and you know it

Dab nab it, I missed seeing John Kerry last night!

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take to

Huge Hive! Yellow Jackets Invade Mobile Home

Wolfgang Petersen is doing XANTH? Say it isn't so!

Dodge Ball

Courtney Love is writing manga

Ink Stained Wretches, past and present: Do you get Bong Bull?

Woman Tries to Gas Unwanted Houseguests

Randy Johnson? PERFECTO!

Randy Johnson pitches a perfect game

Well, I have some cool news to report

Childless couple told to try sex - an Ananova No Sex Thread


What makes you an individual?

Hundreds left stranded after fuel-gauge failures

What was your favorite line/scene from "Bart Mangled Banner"?

Larry King on right now doing a Tony Randall tribute

ABC announces spinoff of "The Practice" - very anti-Bush series.

Hey Gay People...???

Woah, check out this Plane Vid

My freeper uncle just sent me this.

Manga fans - help me forget my marriage woes - Blade of the Immortal!!!!!

Today was the worst day of my career

Four more years of Bush...

DirecTV - satellite - thunder - lightening - poof

The Diary of Legato the Destroyer

Who's gonna play in the NBA Finals???

What's going on in Haiti now?

I loved troy ounces

I loved Troy Donahue

Can anyone tell me how to read out my current TCP/IP address?

Best line from MA gay marriage coverage...

Favourite rock "hook"

Bush, on golf course, sets Guiness World Pit Stain Record

attn Mac OS X users, there's a new security exploit

The Duel (f**king funny!)

Britney Spears confesses lesbian love

I loved menage a troy

Who here has man-boobs?

Alright, Im retarded...

Announcement: Abe Vigoda is NOT DEAD

I want my star

Angelus doesn't feel so well....

Why am I bothering to watch Idol tonight?

Two hour long test of the Emergency Alert System in PA?

I loved Deanna Troi

Anyone listen to The Flaming Lips?

Last time I looked

I love the Sinatras

Randy Johnson throws a perfect game

31.1034768 grams

How stupid can one person be?

Send an email to your future self.

Xen, can you sing...

I loved Phil Donahue

I loved Troy Tempest

Another OMG, he's not DEAD?! moment...

I desperatley need someone to dance with...

Doggy pic

Am not!

What's your favorite part of the chicken?

Is there a more decent human being than David Letterman?

Gwyneth Paltrow is on board

Bush "Picks Up A Pair Of Pruners"...meanwhile, in the Philippines...

Frieght train freight train going so fast!

Is there atune better than the theme from "the good the bad and the Ugly"?

I loved Troy McClure

I just lost the only "metal" music station in Dallas.

DU Road Trip! Show us your cities!

DU Rude Trip! Show us your *itties!

"Cheers!" -- "To Absent Friends..."

So how many Canadians are cheering hard for Calgary

aaargh!! Barbara Eden and Joan Rivers!

Oh God help me...

What the @#$% is an Army Financial Specialist Degree??

Time for "Ask the Canadians"

Resolved: The Five Funniest Guys Are All Named Dave

Even Shrub's WALK annoys me.

Baby kitty isn't going to make it..

What's the worst mascot (personified) you ever heard of?

My uncle needs a stem cell transplant for aggressive cancer, need info.

Relevant comic strip!

Favorite song by ARETHA FRANKLIN

If you're a virgin, how old are you???

The night I lost my virginity

What'll the post-mortem book on the Bush non-presidency be called?

I loved "Troy"

Argh! It is not *the* Democratic Underground, it's Democratic Underground!

Have you ever bought anything because of a tv advertisement?

DU VP Poll - Who would you like to see run with Kerry?

email from Ken Mehlman

Calling out the Clark and Edwards supporters!!!!

AP: Kerry and Nader to Meet Wednesday

John Kerry just called me!

John Kerry/Jon Stewart Ticket?

A vote for Nader is a vote for a Republican

Two votes for Kucinich today (OR primary)

What issue will most influence *'s downfall this Nov.?

Kentucky, Arkansas, and Oregon primary results HERE!

I'm going to say something controversial now...

The Drudge Report: The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Clark)

Refresh me as to why Kerry's Skull and Crossbones association...

Dumbest Democratic move of 2004

Why do people post anti-Kerry spin and innuendo here?

Do You Dare To Resist This Kerry Photo?

Power and vainglory

Bush is troubled (latest Steve Bell cartoon)

How 1,300 jobs could cost Bush his own

re Escaping the Maelstrom

Bow to Global AIDS Reality (Bush $15B go-it-alone program not working)

Scotus in Brief

Is Bush the Anti-Buddha? Surrender, Judith Miller!

Labour to renew links with Bush opponents

Abu Prison - The Movie

U.S. voters facing crucial decision (Toronto Star)

The Onion Infographic,: Electronic Voting Machines

More pissed-off letters in Stars and Stripes

U.S. voters facing crucial decision - pretty searing stuff - Toronto Star.


Hard lessons from poetry class: Speech is free unless it's critical

"Bushwhacked In the Caribbean"

Rohrabacher’s deal ( medicare)

Pre-empting the Bill of Rights

Bin Laden has exceeded even his wildest dreams

Tom Toles has it right- again...

Abducting The Tragedy

Academy of Actuaries states the FACTS about Social Security

Would You Have Sent Your Son (or Daughter) to War If...

He Molests the Dead

How 1,300 jobs could cost Bush his own (Howard Fineman MSNBC)

Tom Oliphant's Column From Europe - WOW

No joke: Teacher fails at humor /Seattle P-I

Johnson pitches perfect game and Gene Lyon's hits homer again

Did you catch the Safire column today?

They printed my letter to the editor!

Plan Of Attack - Former U.S. Ambassador says Disturbing about * Admin


Bushwacked in the Caribbean

where is Kerry's exit strategy?

Support House cuts on New Nukes - email

Raleigh-Durham.......Who is this guy?

Franken talking to his stupid dittohead friend again

What game is Murdoch playing? (Murdoch messing with the Olympics)

Astrological transits for Donald Rumsfeld

Today's Quote

How does your garden grow?

Toyota picks Indonesia as global production base

House Corporate Tax Bill Becomes Magnet

ICANN wins a round in antitrust dispute

Sony says in exclusive talks to buy MGM

NHL dumps ABC, signs deal with NBC

employer-friendly changes in workplace-safety rules." approved by House

The End of Cheap Oil--National Geographic article

Weep, weep for the yuppies - they cannot sell their SUVs! Seattle PI

Norway's Solution To Collapsing Cod Stocks - More Whaling

Another Peak Oil article

Biodiesel from algae

here's a two-fer for the alarmists

Gas Boycott? I'll be filling my tank for sure then!

Evidence indicates "dark energy" will cause universe to end in "big rip"

Are there any other bike commuters out there?

Shanghai Issues Seafood Warning - Red Tide Now 8,000 Square Miles

Their Villages Plundered, Sudanese Struggle in Desert

Swords Into Bumper Cars-suspected guerrillas rebuild Iraq amusement pk

Aussie firms implicated in Iraq oil scam

Sonia Gandhi's statement to her party

Gun advocates win, but so does common sense

"Gun advocates win, but so does common sense"

"I am a prisoner at Abu Ghraib"

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 19, 2004

End of the Mod Term, Gungeonites, please read

Its time for another DU dungeon mythbusters!



Sorry about posting in the wrong forums!

How can one formally complain about a moderator?

Has anything like this ever happened to DU?

is there a way to recover posts older than 24 hours?


Becoming approved news source?

Arab Brother and Sister Were Killed by Palestinian Bomb

Israeli troops resume search for militants, power and water knocked out in

Israelis fire on crowds in Gaza

Quick question concerning the death of Rachel Corrie.

Just saw the raw footage from the Gaza attack today...

Soldier's death forges a strange bond

Rafah missile strike prompts widespread condemnation

Palestinian Home Owners Sue Israel

Amnesty International: the European Union's arms exports

Amnesty Urges Spain To Halt Arms Sale To Israel

Israel seeks mass Gaza surrender

Abdullah: Arafat should quit

At least 23 killed in IDF missile strike on Rafah protest

Man calls on library to pull ‘offensive' magazine

Who to Trust: AIPAC or Amnesty International?

Israel stands condemned

Israeli Helicopter Strike Did Not Kill Civilians

Rudy just mentioned the hero;John O'Neil

Antiwar Activists are Missing an Opportunity

Hello folks, on August 16th I shall join your ranks as a resident of IL

Black woman state's first to become federal judge

Senate approves bill banning gun shows at Cow Palace - California

Heads Up---Repubs plan several million $ blitz in CA

Bill would require notice before 'spyware' added to computers - California

Postal Service suspends delivery to Boston housing project

google bomb Romney, anyone?

Romney eyes order on licenses: Seeks to halt marriages of gay outsiders

activism: hooded statues

Progressive Caucus of Michigan

Fumo predicts passage of gambling bill

Smarty Jones Boulevard?

Perry Job Performance Criticized

Police Shootings Shake Austin

SBC Strike Set For Friday Morning

Continental Raises Fares to Cover Higher Fuel Costs

Texas Oilman Predicts Gas Will Reach $3 Gallon

SW Wisconsin protesters are standing up to Chimp, flipping bird

William Y. Walter, former Washington state GOP chairman, dead at 84

How in the HELL

Lack of Conservative Intellectuals (OxyMoran) at colleges. (conservative): Kerry Says He Offers Veterans More

David Brock to be on O'Franken today, for those that can listen...

So, what happens if gas goes so high people can't drive to work?

White House Is Trumpeting Programs It Tried to Cut

need information please

Interesting - India Elections - Electronic Voting?

I'm on hold for O'Franken what should I ask?

The Right Wing (&Co.) just can't seem to find the right flag bearers

Are you a veteran?

Nice Counterpunch Article on John/John Matchup

Anyone else not able to access Air America online?

I hate O' a name

U.S. Labor Against The War Says: "End The Occupation"

Never In Iraq Has There Been Anything Like This, Even Under Saddam.

Bush Administration revision of Executive Order (EO) 12958 on national

Mike Webb (gay) chats with Rec Phelps (the famous homophobe) now

Site R is too close for comfort for me...

9/11 Commission and New York's Finest

An Algorithm for Determining the Winners of U.S. Presidential Elections

I need a link to the letter to

Can a Democratic president make a difference?

Odd visability idea

The Daily Factor, Solid Blue Residents move to Ohio!

FL Senator Bill Nelson stock on rise for VP

was mr. berg's head ever located?

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings to Bush

CNN Poll - Will prices at the pump change your vote for president?

Zarqawi's Right Hand Man: ASHKRAF

Pledge you vote for Pres., turn the US Blue!!!

Self-Sufficent Income Level In LA Is 70K Per Year

Bush = "prisoner of his own war" (TIME)

How many other counties in the world had Sarin weapons?

Quick question concerning the death of Rachel Corrie.

Photos of Prison Torture?

Bush chances hit new low on ""

Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel

What do you think of this bumper sticker ?

Just saw the raw footage from the Gaza attack today...

CNN's Jack Cafferty Hates Everybody!


Anyone just see Barbara Boxer tip off CNN hostess Soledad O'Brien

Gas prices = Saudi manipulation?

When and where will the next attack happen?

All Posts On Israel Seem To Get Locked By The Mods

BREAKING: Sivitz sentenced to a year and demoted to private

Can Kerry take Ohio in November?

Thriving Bald Eagle Finding Its Way Off Endangered List

Play It Forward Political Style: Kerry and The Election


did Dean just give Kerry the news of the fundraising goal from his bat ?

Heads Up, all DUers sending care packages to Michaels unit

John Walker Lindh

Got that shoe on another foot Ron????

Edwards Could Tip North Carolina For Kerry

How Smart is Karl Rove?

Hearings Alert! | Guiliani at 9/11 | Prisoner Abuse C-Span1

what form of mass civil disobedience would be most acceptable?

Did Rumsfeld knew about the tortures before it came out?

If you want to send something to any of the Troops poll?

BBV: Questions about contract for a voter registration system


god bless the daily show, cause i need a good laugh

John Kerry stickers at Buzzflash!!!


Say what you want about Wolfowitz, Armitage is worse...

Under "President" Kerry, America would be Stronger, Safer, Richer,

The Face Behind Powell's Palm Tree in Jordan...

Anyone have a link to a live feed of the 9/11 hearings???

A washtub full of medals sitting in front of the Senators...

Wow! Some lady in South Africa wants to give me $4 million!

Outburst at NYC 9/11 hearings.

Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses

The Moral Case Against the Iraq War

The Senate Armed Services Committee is CRAP.

"Losing Bin Laden" by David Miniter on CSPAN

WTF??!! 9/11 commissioner criticizes emergergency personnel???!!!

Bush's Uncle John caught in Saudi money laundering scheme

A screed about Internal Business Culture Dysfunction.

What if this happens (Bush "wins" the war)

Torture COVER-UP!!!

Today is Ho Chi Minh's Birthday ~ He would be 113 today

So my boss ordered me to go to the doctor.

Nick Berg's Potential Employer: The Harris Corp's Iraqi Media Network

Can anybody help me with a protest video?

Coalition Military Deaths hit 900

France says 35-hour week is failing

WTF! Hillary questioning cut off during the NPR broadcast in Ann Arbor

AT last! Something that trumps Rethug fundraisers!

Miller, Abizaid and Sanchez Senate Hearing 8:30am ET

Why does * admin hide Iraqi killed count?

Bush: "Our vision is a Middle East where young Israelis and Palestinians..

Shame on US: Blistering Guest Globe Op-Ed on Bush and War

a la Nick Berg - Where was the freeper outrage

Baghdad:: Sivits Guilty, sentencing to follow:: Per CNN

Sounds like the Generals are calling each other 'liars?"

our troops suffer DU poisoning AND lead/toxins in their tents fabric

Analysis: A benevolent dictator for Iraq? - upi

Boy, that was a quick court-martial. guilty on 3 counts of abuse

Army does about-face on call-up readiness

926% Increase in profits? Want to guess who?

Huge Halliburton Sign on I-10 in Houston

Awesome graphic on Bush's poll ratings!

How to blow a "W"ingnut's mind!

Brock is now a regular on O'Franken!

DU this poll

2-fer: G.E.RUSSERT Not Pals with His Brownnosed Guests

Is Reagan to blame for 9/11?


Franken's Rushbot says liberals focus on the bad about US, unlike wingers.

"My City Was Gone" and Rush.

Who are we handing Iraq over to on the 30th?

Col. David Hackworth's $.02 on who should take the weight for Abu Ghraib

Tiangulating evengelicals: Let's compare Abu Ghraib to Sodom and Gomorrah

Ugggghhhh, Gasoline in my town has gone up 12 cents in the past 5 days

I received an e-mail from Howard Dean today asking for money for Kerry

The Republicans could at least let us have our gasoline tax deduction back

Books and Bibles - Holding School Functions in Churches

Todd Glitlin: The Green Party Voters' Guide

I Just Had a 15 Minute Conversation w/ KURT VONNEGUT!!!!

40 killed at a wedding celebration

Another misleading poll on CNN!

Gas prices in Bush Alaska: $5 a gallon and rising. THEY WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Byrd on NOW (2:35 PM ET) -- CSPAN2 -- (Topic :Oil & the Middle East)

I worry about Michael Moore.

Just another night at..Camp Fallujah Morale, Welfare and Rec. department??

Al Franken, 'Why did our country become 'insecure' in the first place?'

Al Franken, I know the solution for Iraq. You missed it. Try Bush,

Anyone know latest on AirAmerica in L.A? (edited)

Timkin Company a dyed in the wool gang member

Update on Conn. Governor Rowland's Possible Impeachment

sounds like the oil reserves will go to the war effort

Victims families yelling out loud at 911 hearings about radios

Get To Know George W. Bush!

America's short attention span: Exhibit A

does anybody have info on the israeli "mistake" that happened today

Anyone remember the movie "Executive Action" ???

Someone tell me how we'll beat the brownshirts this year

Brock: O'Reilly's guest last night (Richard Poe) conspiracy freak

Gen. Abizaid opens his mouth: (his opening statement)

U.S. Attacks Iraq Wedding Party

The GOP/Fox's (Not So) Secret Propaganda Playbook

Huge Priority For Bush Misadministration: Potholes

How the campaigns might target a family in, say, Ballard (Seattle)

No joke: Teacher fails at humor

The longer this goes on

what is the best "Support the Troops/Families" group?

9/11 meeting erupts in chaos...CNN breaks away!

Quote of the day (from 9/11 hearing)

MSNBC poll: Do you think the military forced the guilty plea

I read the news today. . . oh, boy. . .

He was 21...never met his newborn son (VERY odd story)

EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security 'shuts down' 9/11 conspiracy site

Nader meeting with Kerry now...

Sivits Wept

Why does Bush keep pretending that his "Energy Plan" will lower gas prices

Mike Webb Seattle Talk Radio Host Assaulted

a ridiculous but funny sight

Camp Redemption???

DU is inspiring me to speak out in public! (and embarrass my wife)

Faith-based child molestation

Local Green Party leader joins Democrats to back Kerry


Americans for Democratic Action fund anti-Nader site

read this report on the wedding party massacre in iraq.....

OMG - More Abuses and Deaths Reported -- Details

needs help Vote off politicans from Political Island Bush already gone

Jay Leno asking questions on the street

never mind

As usual, the Onion nails it: U.S. To Fight Terror With Terror

The case for Kerry

Ducan Hunter official LIIIIIAAAAARRRR award

The Repub Adulterer and The Buggerer

The only way to get rid of bush

Randi Rhodes: "'Tards"?

Judy Woodruff's intro to her show :

Bush Quote On Oil Reserves: Reason #24,889,338 To Hate Him

AP Story on Giuliani Lashing

Maybe it's a good time to ask again: 'Why do they hate us?"

Anybody remember the Hart-Rudman Commission?

bush on lsd

Did anyone else hear Sen. Dole say

"Coalition" Casualties Number 902 Today

Atrios' interesting Dershowitz info on Scalia's precise fascist tint.

How to brew up an underhanded campaign...

US Secretely Placing Long-Term Hooks Into New Iraqi Gov (WSJ)

From Jeff Fisher Dem candidate for Congress(v Mark Foley)

I've been posting Jeff Fisher stuff

"I'm 50% immune to Land Mines Now"

I saw this on the 10 o'clock news last night

The case for Bush*

If only Bill Hicks was still around

Texas Guard engineering battalion to go to Iraq

a warning on pbs

Sen. "Fritz" Hollings speaks....(you know how he is being attacked)

Phillip, contractor from Wrentham, MA: You are a coward and a bigot!

Please allow me to introduce myself

Yemeni's lawsuit contends special tribunal violates Constitution

"til death do us part".......

"Strict Constructionist" Judges vs. Thomas Jefferson

A Marine sees what defeatists don't

UN Securtiy Council taking a vote on Israel CNNI live 5:30pm ET

Discounts and bennies for police and firefighters?

Does Nader beat his wife?

Saddam refused to comply with UN resolution

Kerry's new bumpersticker stinks

Democratic operatives form group to stop Nader

Fahrenheit 9/11 Status Update: dKos

Historians: W is the worst failure since....

Bush vs. Bin Laden: Rage in the Cage yeeehawww!!

Is Iraq a Captive Nation?

Outburst by 9/11 family members during Giuliani's testimony

The Net Sentinel

Bush pretends he never gave secret prison order

Would it be feasable to start screaming for IMPEACHMENT...

Just saw a Bumpersticker " Integrity Restored" (probush)

know who we should INVADE?

At least you dont have tabloid newspapers

Dobbs leads with "Gaza Bloodbath" but no mention of US attack

I think Nader is going to stick it to the Repubs this time.......

Cub Scouts gather in support of Army Spc Sivits

Let's assume that * writes his memoirs after he's "retired" in November.

Anyone else just hear the debate proposal floated on Randi Rhodes?

Is there anyone out there on inactive reserve?...

Anybody see those small children on FOX-TV a couple of days ago....

"Operation Take One For The Country" (you ain't gonna believe this)

George W. Bush IS an average guy!

Did Lou Dobbs really not know about Bush's Uncle/Riggs?

Misunderestimating The Idiot

YOUR taxes were funding Chalabi!!


Riggs bank scandal: campaign contributions of major players

Dr. diagnosis patients with posession.

"Massacres are us": US and Israel. This is a sad, horrible day.

Just wondering about Powell

Rush Limbaugh Implicated in Prisoner Abuse Scandal

U.S. aircraft killed 40 in Iraq and Israeli fire killed 10 in Gaza

Randi: "When I am president, this will never happen" - truth is simple

Legal Eagles...please read this contract...

What's this " Bad Conduct " discharge ?

MSNBC - Abrams Report - Should Protesters Be Prosecuted? (6:47 pm EDT)

Great speakers at Take Back America Conference!

GOP Tells Gay Republicans 'You're Not Wanted'

Who said this: "I cannot prove it was a weddding, and neither can YOU!"

NPR reported today that US military tried to limit RC visits.

Army Conscientious Objector Camilo Mejia Witnessed Torture of Iraqi Detain

Very U.N.-Attractive

So Fred Barnes believes Bush will cut the deficit in half in 2005...

Good point, Randi.

in Woodward's book, Prince Bandar made a deal to fix oil prices in 2004

U.S. General Says No Inmate Abuse Pattern in Iraq

Senate Committee Treatment of Iraqi Prisoners CSPAN2 8pm et

Do DUers support the following structural governmental reforms?:

Gas Tax Rebuttal

Poll: Edwards Makes Kerry Viable in N.C. Does it change your VP choice?

Are Liberals the 'Log Cabin' Democrats?

PM Howard budget bribe falls on deaf ears

Super power my rear end

New freeper argument

Are Americans supposed to be better than Al Qaeda?

Contest to name Jeb Bush

"The Good Doctor Speaks" — Dr. Dean's Op-Ed

Listen up ! George W Bush wants you to know one thing !

Last Night on FOX News: Stupid Story on Gas, Carter

OK, Who wants the rest of the torture pictures out RIGHT NOW?

ABC News pix of two soldiers SMILING over prisoner's CORPSE!!!!

Bush is Guilty in the Culturization of American Torture

Which cabinet post should Kerry offer Nader?

US Marines pull ad from

Cheney won't run.

Wedding Massacre ===> Upcoming Distraction from Fox/Rove?

Ya'll might like the anti-freep letter I got in the Philly Inquirer

ABC just showed 2 new photos

Trickle-Down Morality

Historians Rate the Bush Presidency

Did Spineless Dem leadership give in to Bush again?

Why do we always attack Wedding Parties

Anyone got info on the brownshirts in FL (2K)?

Unitarian Universalist church denied tax exempt status in Texas.

Two new Chick tracts!

Is Haiti off the DU worry list?

Rage Against the Bush Machine

Video Gate!

Cool Photo Kerry/Dean

Mouseland-- a political fable for us all!

Do any of you ever feel like Teresa might be a liability for Kerry?

caligula and bush

Surf! Only CBS shows Wedding Massacre! MSNBC/CNN all afternoon/Nada!

General Wes Clark on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Alcohol Fuel?

Cheney's comments at the Coast Guard Academy today

Kerry OK to appoint anti-abortion judges???

Virtual Devils Curse Internet Church

Illuminating videa on the Carlyle Group and our defense spending

DU this poll

Which is the BEST Air America show?

The prisoner-abuse scandal at home

Have you grown tired of Judy Woodruff? Want to do something about it?....

We should be better than this . . .more pics surface

Vetwife and Namvet's small step of protest at school awards

Did anyone hear the Chimp speak about gas today? He's gone.

Tim Russert throws like a GIRL!!!

So Carol married Anne yesterday...

Why don't we stop funding Israel?

Opus Dei Cult (members include clarence thomas and scalia)

When will Bush denounce The C.C.C. (racist front organization)

10 Palestinians killed in Gaza; 40 Iraqis killed in Iraq and Wolf calls it

Arabs not buying Berg story - blames CIA

A question about the World Trade Center (pre-9/11)

Who Invented White People?

Poll and Discussion: What is AAR's "Weakest Link"?

jeb is purging voters again!!!!!!!

Did anyone just see CNN's ridiculous assessment of Kerry?

Pardon me for bringing up the 150th thread on Nick Berg, but...

"Maybe they like his hair. Go figure."

Sadr, a defiant ‘Robin Hood’

BBV: Voter Confidence Act gains another Senate cosponsor (keep calling)

DU'ers recognized ... but not in a good way

Some lying liar left a printout on my desk.

Should People Have The Right To Vote For 3rd Party Candidates?

Berg was arrested twice in 2000 for trespassing at Oklahoma U.

Latest News On Nick Berg Video

US bans rights monitors from Abu Ghraib court-martial

White House Is Trumpeting Programs It Tried to Cut

Italians Retake Base, Nasiriyah Library in Flames

Three U.S. generals to explain what they know about Iraq prison abuse

Official: al-Qaida Seeks Chemical Strike

G.O.P. Split Over Inquiry on Prisoner Abuse

Report: Harsh interrogation OK'd for 1 inmate (Sanchez)

Howard marginally increases Iraq commitment (Help is on the way!!)

3 Witnesses at Iraq Abuse Hearing Refused to Testify

Sens. Bunning, Lincoln Win Nominations

Officer Says Army Tried to Curb Red Cross Visits to Prison in Iraq

Wolfie admits errors in Iraq planning

Israeli troops resume search for militants, power and water knocked out in

Giuliani to Testify Before 9/11 Panel

Israelis fire on crowds in Gaza

Newsweek says: Could Bush officials be prosecuted for 'war crimes'?

Official: al-Qaida Seeks Chemical Strike

Numbers show close race in N.C. with Kerry-Edwards ticket

Budget Deal Reached, but Outlook in the Senate Is Unclear

US soldier jailed for Iraq abuse

Officers Say U.S. Colonel at Abu Ghraib Prison Felt Intense Pressure to

Jury to Deliberate in La. Tobacco Trial ($1B)

Bushwacked in the Caribbean

Coalition Military Deaths hit 900

N.C. Senate OKs 2 treatment centers

DUPE Israeli Forces Kill 10 Protesters in Gaza

Israeli Attack on Gaza Protest Kills at Least 12

Study weighs costs, benefits of options in shifting U.S. overseas forces

Collector wins £1.9m urns case

3 Witnesses at Iraq Abuse Hearing Refused to Testify (def witness "unavail

Analysis: A benevolent dictator for Iraq? - upi

Scotus in Brief

Iraqis demand control of oil wealth

Baking soda shines in study at CMC

Clinton bill to regulate export of data overseas

Sivits receives harshest penalty in first court-martial for Iraqi prisoner

Panic as Blair struck by flour-filled condom

Swell affair at a grand a head as Dad speaks up to boost Bush

Iraqis Demand More Power, U.S. Holds Abuse Trial

Union gives SBC final strike notice

Egypt Arrests 52 Muslim Brotherhood Accused In Plot To Overthrow Governmen

Bashir quits ITV for US news show

Pentagon Finds More Prison Abuse Images, Senator Says [REUTERS]

How the US treated David Hicks (in Guantanamo Bay)

Kerry Is Expected to Meet With Nader (Today, per NYTimes)

Commons powder attack on Blair

Bush administration takes step towards lifting Sudan arms embargo

Nick Berg's Father Backs Anti-War Stance

EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security 'shuts down' 9/11 conspiracy site

Britain Opens National Stem-Cell Bank

Spc. Jeremy Sivits found guilty

Bush to Israel: show restraint, respect innocent life

Army generals say systemic problems at Abu Ghraib

Official: Abuse Troops May Face Charges

Bush Urges Restraint From Israelis, Palestinians Amid Escalating Violence

American helicopter fire on wedding party

Giuliani Heckled by Families of Sept. 11 Victims as He Testifies At Commsn

Poll finds voters unhappy with state's top leadership (Texas!)

Oregon Primary Results

Lawmakers: Don't send Haitians back

Prisoners' families jeer Iraq abuse court martial

Pentagon finds more pictures of Iraq abuses

GOP legislators, McDermott join forces on Africa-trade bill

U.S. Faces Growing Fears of Failure

GI's parents protest 'war on the cheap' /Seattle Times

Two U-S soldiers killed north of Baghdad

Primaries in Oregon, Kentucky, Arkansas

4 journos arrested in Iraq

Halliburton Shareholder Meeting Draws Protesters

FBI Whistleblower Testifies That Gov't Scientist Lied About Bomb Crystals

Bush daughters to work for father's campaign

Deal breaks judicial deadlock

Thousands in Tehran anti-US march

Continental Air warns of hefty losses

Ambassador-in-waiting menaces: Foreign participation in Venezuela is imper

U.S. Military Vows to Keep Afghan Jails Secret

BREAKING: More Than 40 Iraqis Die After US Planes Attack Wedding Party

Equatorial Guinea coup plot extends to UK

Britain opens world's first national stem cell bank

Unravelling the riddle of Simon Mann

Bolivia: The Chamber of Deputies must reject US impunity agreement

Giuliani testifies at stormy 9-11 panel hearing ..booed,heckled

Virtual devils curse Internet church

Irish govt make plea to Columbia

Second climber rescued safely from Mount Rainier

(Aust) PM to question US over Hicks abuse claims

Mass. Senate Votes To Repeal Out-Of-State Gay Marriage Ban

Cuba: U.S. provoking exodus of Cubans to create migration crisis

Blair hit by object during PM questions

Australians (and US) implicated in Iraq kick-back scandal

Court martial begins for anti-war soldier

Expelled Congo Diamond Miners Tell of Terror

Iraq's Rebel Cleric Gains Surge in Popularity

Dupe- sorry

U.S. General Forecasts Escalating Iraq Violence

Seoul Will Send Iraq Troops

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 May

Bush Anticipates Selection in Next Two Weeks of Iraqi Government's Leaders

Court-Martial Begins for Soldier Who Fled 'oil-Driven War'

Washington Post editorial slams new tax cut for wealthy.

Judge Throws Out Ship-Boarding Charges Against Greenpeace

NJ Qunnipiac Poll: McGreevey approval rating up

U.S. to give detainees a chance to go home (Guantanamo)

Powell Rebukes Israel for Deadly Gaza Raid

Bush: Petroleum reserve won't be tapped to ease gas prices

India's Reform Architect Singh Wins PM Post

Continental may cut jobs as fuel prices soar

America hit by storm of insects

Texas official says Unitarian church not a tax-exempt religion

GOP pushes $2.4T budget through House

Brutal interrogation in Iraq (5 deaths)

Sales of gas-guzzling SUVs sputter as fuel costs climb

Students charged for taping teacher to chair

Bush Declines to Condemn Israeli Attack

Bush administration promotion of Medicare changes broke law, GAO says

Naples (FL )podiatrist plans presidential bid in Iraq

U.N. Demands Israel End Home Demolitions(and condemned the killing.....)l

Muslim girl in Oklahoma can wear head scarf to school

Kerry Would Consider Anti-Abortion Judges (MSNBC\AP)

Pelosi: No caucus stand on Iraq funding request

FBI Whistleblower Testifies That Government Scientist Lied About Bomb Crys

New Discount Airline to Fly in June

Fidel Castro can live to 140, doctor says

Iraq Deaths Don't Faze Military Recruits

U.S. Military Denies Wedding Party Attacked

Kerry: I'll Lure Those Who Support Nader

Armed guards at child 'camp' questioned by state official (TN fundies)

Who'll commit suicide first?

DU soccer fans who will win the Euro 2004?

Music geniuses: Identify this song!

Indus Valley Civilisation

Virtual Devils Curse Internet Church

If you want to send something to the troops

Enterprise (Star Trek) is coming back!

Looking for name of a lousy movie - "Look in the pot"


Students Charged for Taping Teacher

Check out some of the most important things in my life...

Dog survives five weeks in desert hole

Caption the hand on the French flag in a Canadian made bus...

Wow! Some lady in South Africa wants to give me $4 million!

Football Kills (Is this a joke?)

wedding video

The Iron Dream by Norman Spinrad

Russia - The APs favorite European country.

Caption:Poppy's fan club spell it out in London 18 May

Ya want nuts with that ?

Bye for now...I need hhuman interaction

Hahaha....Charisma Carpenter was just on "Boy Meets World."

interesting BLEEP on the Kilborn show

Uh oh - I'm nekkid

I'm really sorry the guy died, but "Dick Tiddy"?

Help me out on my message boards...

I have a pretty big deal

Forecast: Overcast, with widespread flooding, high winds and tsunamis

Cover me, I'm going in

Giant Rabbit and War Criminal Redux!

Have you ever tried chips fried in Olestra?

may 19 insomniac thread

War Criminal (no Giant Rabbit)

Nothing pisses me off more than ironing boards, and aluminum foil.

Trojan Rabbit (no Brad Pitt)

And we'll all float on OK.....

Okay, who loves Animal Face-Off

I swear...if I hear that "Roses" song by Outkast one more time...

Naked News now in Spanish!

Gwyneth Paltrow is sitting on the fence

What's going on with Kerry's daughter?

Chickenhawks Of The Sea

DUer's who should be stand - up comedians

Best Mexican Food!!!

I get a fundraising letter from the RNC.

Jail Imposes Dress Code for Visitors

War Emblem, the selective stallion

Goodness me, this caption can't even be bothered to show up in person

which is sadder: football widows, or c-span widows?

Childless couple told to try sex

Gumless God Refuses To Eat His Words

Caption: When the saints go marching in?

Rare cello escapes CD rack fate

Rare cello (Stradivarius, worth $3.5m ) escapes CD rack fate

Malaysian golfer attacked by crocodile

Cartoon: A Troubled George Bush: Guardian's Steve Bell

Good Morning DU!

We really are living in a Blade Runner world now....

Caption: Junior flogs rare WH fireplace in fundraiser drive

Giant Rabbit (no War Criminal)

Should I stay or should I go

Cops refuse to help unlucky medical marijuana grower ....again

So I'm driving, right? And see another of those ignorant NRA stickers.

Caption: Poodle gets the fairydust treatment

frikkin floods in kansas city!!!!!

Joke of the day.

What's in your CD changer?

Are you paranoid?

OK, who does a vanity search of DU forums for their own name?

Homophobic morons who just can't help sounding stupid.

Please make my coworkers stop talking about "American Idol"!

What does your handle mean/relate to?


Star Trek's James Doohan Bids Fans Farewell

Win a Spin on the Wheel O'Terror!

Computer pro's: If you've got a moment, I've got a question!

Caption: Triple Crown contender gets a soaking?

Trying to remember the title of an old monster movie...

Need help with anti-virus software!!

Police Officer with Handbag Fetish Convicted

I have a high school reunion next month and I'm nervous

Man trying to ship himself to Cape Verde caught

Who else is reading & loving David Brock's new book????

Deer crosses Golden Gate Bridge

Parliament Takes on Those 'Appalling' Refs

My God! My cat Evita gave me a scare last night!!!!!!!

So the gas company came out and SHUT MY GAS OFF!

Funkadelic Takes on Those 'Appalling' Refs

I do not understand the Bee Gees song "More Than A Woman." Really.

US To Fight Terror With Terror

Why you should never put your picture on the Internet...

Radio listeners, How fast do you switch channels after the spots start?

satellite DSL?

Last US Tasmanian Devil Dies

Chinese fans slam dunked by Jordan no-show

Good news for this carb watcher.

Official "Bennifer" Recovery / Support Group Thread

The story (or reason) behind picking your avatar?

Canadians read this - Americans can too of course

George Clinton fakes those appealing riffs?

What is up with Liddy Dole's hair?

Yet Another Remake That Wasn't Needed.... Stephen King's "IT"

Reds' Closer Graves Gets Lost Wallet In Mail

So the dust has settled and I'm not married after all.

The lay preacher's wife on Colonial House sounds like a DUer

Dodgeball Grows Up, Finds Niche With Adults

Well, there's how many guitar pickers in Nashville?

Hey southerners!!!

Defeat Freepers once and for all.

CAPTION...but he plays one on televison

Self-tanning cream, fresh hair plugs, and a complete wax-job

The Carbohydrate Manifesto

Happy Birthday Pete & Joey

Happy Birthday Chewbacca!!!

"Fauxhawk", "Manity"... THIS is why I've been going to the barber.

I'm looking for an effective dandruff control shampoo

What's TheDifference Between A "Perfect Game" And A "No Hitter"?

How's this for a cop car????

Game 7: Detroit or New Jersey?

Sex during old age is not a myth

Game 7: Minnesota or Sacramento?

Kerry in 'Apocalypse Now'

Bizarre dream: "chimp, chimp has seen it"

Dukes of Stratosphear Reunite on "Wish List"

AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Please answer me a question.

Damn, I just lost another job.

Hillary Clinton killed Brit Hume's son?

Jazz drummer Elvin Jones has died...

I need help -- I'm in charge of coming up with an image/theme

who was your commencement speaker?

YUMMY lunch.....

Hillary Clinton killed Kenny!

DVDs and CDs aren't the only thing you can find on Ebay

Problem with Thoughts?

Totally sad....Might be having my dog put to sleep to today.

I'll give you a "PA fest!"

Creepiest Kiddie Show!

Where do you ski?

Why would bots index a website?

So, they've replaced 2 announcers on "The Price is Right"..

Creepiest Kiddie!

Hey! the Quizno's monkeyrats are back! joy!

Do I have a dirty mind?

Check this out.....

Coolest Guitar In The World! (Poll)

What is a MA fest?

Creepiest Kitty

did anyone hear the new MORRISSEY record yet

I'm accepting donations of spare "u"s...

At the risk of starting a flame war/PA fest

Charles Barkley in talks to co-host Monday Night Football

What do you put coins in?

Does Underpants throw like a girl?

How many members of the Bush Co. are needed to replace a light bulb?

Banderas gets weepy during screening of Shrek 2, holds Timberlake's hand

What's an IN fest

She throws like a girl!

What is a PA fest?

Bush is sending triplicate photos and fundraising letters

Guilty Pleasure: Who STILL likes Jackass?

Chlamydia Watch - Who's Got em?

YAHOOTIE!!!! I finally got a job!!!

Time for "Ask the Australian"

Law and Order fans: Lenny's last show is tonight!

The Onion - U.S to fight Terror with Terror

I just love... Cleaning... Stinky Litter... For my best friend... STIMPY!!

Hey Wolves fans, check this out!!!

Caption: Poppy checks for pretzels...

have you ever thought you misplaced your glasses

Can't imagine anyone answering an American Idol thread but,


Decatur Watch - Who's been there?

My brother's cancer is NOT back!

It's Now 1979 On "That 70's Show" ... Will They Become "That 80's Show"??

Do you know who the "Four Sisters" are (politics-media related)

Need some quick HTML help please

Please remember a good friend and VietNam Vet

Arrrrrghhh...the AC is dead....

Help .. I'm looking for the I shall wear purple poem

Studies show inconclusive evidence RE: girls and cooties...

CONFESS!!!!! Do you still have a childhood toy....

Anybody here know anything about DDrums?

After viewing more Abu Ghraib photos, I have determined that

Four more years of Bush

Question: when you go to type in the subject box...

Man, Yellowcard is an awful band.

At what point do you say, "That cello would make a kick ass CD holder"?

What's the best way to throw underpants? - Check prices in your neighborhood

I've changed my sig line...I have a reason for mentioning this...

With apologies to ZZ Top, I need some cheap EYEglasses.

It's 6:40 P.M. in Clinton Township, MI... Time for a Q&A with Mr. Scorpio

Creepiest T.V. Dinner Dessert Like Product

Protests After Palo Alto Cops Kill Mountain Lion

Have you been in a car accident? How bad was it?

"Tinker" is coming home (my new puppy).

New interview w/ Bono from CNN

Funny Rumsfeld screen capture for your viewing pleasure....

Some Going away ideas for Shrub

speaking of 90s music, is "Constant Craving" not the finest pop song

I just worked 9-1/2 hours without a break, and GODDAMMIT, I'M TIRED!!!

The night I lost my virility

Anyone miss the band At The Drive-In???

$2.06 two weeks ago, $2.16 a week ago, $2.27 yesterday. Enough already.


These lyrics seem sadly apt about now...

Pet Names For Your Better Half....

Creepiest Summer Food Stand Choices

Anyone remember 90's band "Screaming Trees"?

Changing a lightbulb

Jon Stewart (Daily Show) gives commencement address.

John Secada Watch - Who's Got Him?

Who's Oscar was the biggest travesty?

How to Drive

Creepiest Ditty

Do you and your eviler half take showers together?

Favorite Hot Dog?

The Obligatory "Hey, I've Reached 1000 Posts!" Thread

I too support George W. Bush

For guys and gals, how do you groom your private areas?

Kings - TWolves

Cicada Watch - Who's Got 'Em?

German couple learns stork doesn't exist.

a question for people who grew up in chicago in the 60/70's...

Does Rumsfeld have any children?


When you're reading a book (for pleasure, not work/school) do you...

Sooo, have you ever spent money to wear advertising (eg Hilfiger)?

Which Sport Showcases the Best Athletes Around?

Elvin Jones, Jazz Drummer With Coltrane, Dies at 76

Favourite movie composer.

Has anyone posted this Andy Kaufman thing yet? Is it real?

The problem with black-box voting...

France or Germany

Should we, at DU be a little more sensitive and postive or is one

Have you ever grokked anyone?

"Angel" fans: Final episode is tonight.

Hijack this thread. I dare ya. I double dare ya.

when I am an old woman I shall wear leather

Caption Tommy's thoughts

Ughhhhh.. Tonsillitis

What are you?

For those who play President Forever, your most stunning victory?

Someone tell me a silly story, please!

did the nazis have "God is on our side" engraved

Pet names

Can we STOP IT with all this Low-Carb, Atkins diet fad bullcrap???!!!

so there is this bottle of Bushmills on my counter

How many anachronisms can you name in period TV shows/movies?

What Bush MEANT to say in the State of the Union

There are 150,000 troops in Iraq...

Dupe, delete

Bush camp hobbled by poor poll performance

Adding Edwards may help Kerry in NC

Poll indicates that Edwards puts NC in play for Kerry

Kerry's List Is Long, but One Name Is on Many Lips (VP per Craig Crawford)

Congress Kendrick Meeks endorses Jeff Fisher..

Must Read;WHY has labor NOT endorsed Jeff Fisher in PB County yet?

What Will The Price Of A Gallon Of Regular Gas Be By Election Day?

Bush, Senate make deal on judges (helps both GOP and Dem in 04 election?)

New Jersey looking better (likely to stay Dem) on the 04 electoral map

The McCain trap

Bush ushers in an era of personal responsibility by denial of Abu Ghraib

Well, well... it seems that the twins ARE rethugs....

Kerry and Nader to meet Wednesday

Tell me about bill richardson....

"The Truth Happens To Be With Him."

Does anybody here live in Wisconsin

Kerry to insure 27 million uninsured for $653 B- CBO will not do a GOP est

Spoof Flash animation of Kerry not being "injured enough" with first medal

Are you supporting Kerry to oust Bush?

Wes Clark on Wash. Journal 5/20 am C-Span

in which I give some props to John Kerry

Political Odd Couple Forges Friendship (Kerry and Dean) NYTimes

Why hasn't John Kerry borrowed Dean's $100 from 2 million people idea yet?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you a VP candidate that guarantees a win

Bush Gains in Efforts to Win Over Jewish Vote

Favorite bumper stickers?

Dean and DFA raise $503,000 for Kerry overnight

Are Conservatives Six Times Smarter Than Liberals?

Dean on Hannity tonight. VT Dem party Monday. Hawaii 29th.

Nader as VP

Wearing My "Dean for America" T-shirt

Can a truly progressive candidate win a national election in this country?

Dean coming up on Anderson Cooper soon.

OK. How will this play in the Midwest?

Potential Ticket?

Kerry/Edwards could win NC!

Federal Review Composite Poll (5/18): Bush 275-Kerry 263

Hillarious web site.

Nader ~ Kerry share the same objective "Defeat the Bush Government"

Smartest Dem move in 2004?

Moderate Independent (5-17-04) Clark As VP

Have any of you noticed who, of the VP choices, the repigs support?



Edwards on Kucinich

I have a weird idea: let's pick a DEMOCRAT for VP!