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Archives: May 18, 2004

The Bushes and the Bin Ladens: passionate anti-war film is a tale of two f

Salon: Trust Us (Did the U.S. intentionally mislead the court?)

Vermont's lessons on gay marriage (Howard Dean)

Conason: The Times pets a Republican "attack dog" (Gillespie)

Salon: How High Does It Go?

Krugman: The Wastrel Son

Today's Thought

Venus & Neptune Rx today & Bush Fears of War Crime Prosecution Exposed

Major Australian Coral Reef Shattered By Muscular Cyclone, Studies Show

Polar Explorer - Arctic Ice Disappearing At "Incredible" Rate - Reuters

Cabinet mulls TTV, CTS future - TW

Take no notice, Mr. President - TW

Abuse in US prisons cited

It was suggested that I...

Canada - "Gun legislation a failure, let us count the ways"

Here's a thought: bring back Grovelbot as Perspectivebot

So what happens when Kerry wins?

Is there a rule on graphic

Clarification Please

A Friend's Lament

"The situation in Gaza is horrific beyond belief. "

How about a "DU DAY" at Kerry's Boston HQ

Why is Ottawa county so heavily Repuke?

Cheney at Salem College

Cheney is coming to Lubbock

A black man was found dead in his cell in the Brown County jail

Bush uses Timken Company, to touted his economic plans and it shuts down

THE REAGANS - DVD on sale tomorrow!

Has the Smirk stopped smirking?

Usually right-leaning poll can't even salvage Chimpy

Is Fahrenheit 911 going to win the highest award (The Palme d'Or)

Iran and Afgan war vets..

Interesting stats!

Does God Hate Shrimp?

Call CNN and complain, phone # 404 827 0234

transsexuals can now compete

Bush Admin "jumps the shark"

Nerve gas will be found negative, like all of the other field test

polygamy and same-sex marriage --

Oh Cone On!!! How Many Coincidences Before You Wake Up America?

transsexuals can now compete

Weapon of Mass Destruction Found!!!!!!!!!

I just took part in a Republican push poll!


Condi's NOT going to like this, George!

"It was during this period...that America went slightly off message" Toon

Cool Picture of Kerry

Intelligence Officers Told M.P.'s to Strip and Shackle Prisoners

Check out this NY Times Headline. Science Fiction.?

Randi Rhodes Love Thread


Serious Question about Sarin, shelf-life...

Sarin Gas - are they kidding ???

Don't Wave the US Flag? Gee, Thanks, Smirk.

Just had a really fucked up photoshop idea for Bush*, and I don't like it

Why dont American Indians warrant a mention by Nader's site?

You wanna know where your tax money is going?

Better Educated People Believe Two Things:

Okay, so let's leave Iraq now. What can we do to apologize and ensure

Ted Kennedy with Tavis Smiley tonight on PBS

I wonder how many Americans go to bed thinking we found WMDs?

Nick Berg and Rep Nat'l Convention?

Speaking of photo ops

Clarence Thomas addresses Tom Monaghan's fundy law school grads

liberal songs, even for 56K

Does Nader believe the government should protect a woman's right to choose

He got his photo-op.. Would you pose with him??

Hey! Shrub had Nostrodomus working for him!

Another "thumbs up" for Fahrenheit 9/11

Kerry Massive 327-211 Lead in Right Wing Electoral College Projection

Is Poppy gonna bail again?

Good debate on gay marriage - Mark Levine vs Focus on Family

Perot For Kerry VP Choice!

I'm gonna propose to Michael Savage

Any chance of winning a US election if you are strongly against Israel's

Dennis Miller: "700K new jobs in 3 months and Bush isn't getting credit"

Latest Abuse: Iraq Prisoners forced to wear maxi-pads

"It works." Seems like a Rove-ism of the first order to me. >

Bumber stickers observed in conservative N Dallas/Plano, TX

I would LOVE to hear about bulk ticket sales for Farenheit 9/11

Link SSS's .gov site concerning the DRAFT! It is for real folks!

The ad hoc Congressional Iraq watch


Chuck Asay: Greatest Human Being Alive?

I think Kerry will break 50% in the polls by the weekend (polls w/ Nader)

Lou Dobbs just went back to the dark side

Bush thinks the controversy has blown over......

CNN Polls: "Equality is for suckers!" Edition

Why is Kerry/McCain a "Dream Ticket"?

I think we need a fundraiser to send eileen from Oh on a cruise

Do you have any doubt that Kerry is more qualified more Bush

Colmes is smacking down Dr James Dobson!

Philp Berg, Ellen Mariani's Lawyer in 9/11 Lawsuit/Nicholas Berg, Beheaded

Whatever happened to the Saudis cutting gas prices...

Oh, the delicious irony -- gay Fox News Anchor

Randi Rhodes: Greatest Human Being Alive?

Defending gay marriage

Computer experts?

Sy Hersh and Joe Califano visit Charlie Rose tonight (5-17)

Where's the black helicopter crowd when you need 'em?

NH gas prices changed 3 times today

George Bush has made my life easier...

Tom Ridge for Vice President?

Homophobes desecrate flag at Mass. protest

Keith is showcasing Powell.... and it's DESTROYING BUSH

Home Depot hosts Bush's dinner in Atlanta, raises $3 million. Air Force 1

Anybody else hear the story about the $100 fine for not standing

Weird experience today. . .

A Few Bad Apples - Ted Rall Cartoon - ain't it the truth!


I was looking for an essay on the technological fall of the Arab world...

How much money will you contribute by November ??

American G.I.'s Crushing Iraqi Car Video

Excerpt from David Brock's New Book on Repug Noise Machine

Why do republicans always turn down people being nice to them?

Should Catholics forbid death penalty supporters from communion?

BBV Satire: All together now sing..."Some trails are happy ones.....

Olberman puts to rest the WMD found in Iraq...

The Hitler Project: Book Chapter on how Prescott Bush saved Hitler with $$

Democrats, Volunteerism, and Get Out the Vote (GOTV):

Berg video shows person with a 'US military cap' in frames

My dear Republican friends,

Am I a racist?

"anti-zionism is anti-semitism"

Pelosi, Daschle coordinate attacks on GOP ‘failures’

Afghanistan begins main phase of disarmament programme - UN mission

Defense Department may call on IRS to help find reservists

NATO chief refuses to rule out Iraq role

Anti-Bush Fahrenheit 911 explosive

Arab Nations Nix Sending Troops to Iraq

Same sex binational couples still waiting for their day of celebration

Researcher quizzed again in anthrax probe

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 783 U.S. service members have died

Marine pleads guilty to lying about exploits in Iraq

British Fury at US 'Kill and Kill Again' Policy - Report

Texas governor considers reprieve for mentally ill inmate on death row

Gasoline surges under Bush following refinery mergers

Tent city of homeless welcomed to church; city sues


(NYC) denies anti-war group's appeal for Central Park protest

NYT: Military Police Got Instructions at Iraqi Prison

Israel brings death to Rafah refugee camp

Two policemen shot, three temples bombed in Thailand

Abuse in US prisons cited

Islamic militant suspects accuse Malaysia of abuse

Newsweek Poll: Growing Support for Same-Sex Unions

timken plant shutting down!

Bush Iraq Policy Ignores Past Errors, Historians Say (Update1)

Soros Steps Up Attack on Bush Policies in Iraq

Don't call workers mercenaries, says British company

Red Cross chief in US quits amid Iraq POW scandal

Climber rescued from Mount Rainier has died

US forces close in on Najaf centre

WP: As Violence Deepens, So Does Pessimism

UN staff in Congo face child sex claims

Kerry Says Bush Needs 'Some Space' on Iraq (Dean Appears w/Kerry)

Bush camp wary on approval

Bush's Handling of Gas Costs Criticized

3000 US Soldiers Currently Stationed in Korea,

Rumsfeld says it wasn't necessarily sarin

Bush helps republicans raise $3.2 mill in Atlanta

LAT: Guards' Testimony Paints Grisly Picture of Prisoner Abuse(Dead-Ice)

New Iraq Prison Shock: Male Detainees Forced To Wear Women's 'Maxi-Pads'

‘We walked right into it’ (Dole would have switched on unemployment vote)

Egyptians decry 'gay' U.S. abusers in Iraq

US$20 million offered to Colombian paramilitaries to "work" in Venezuela

2 week on the job:

Who wants a big wet kiss?

Colonial House

Enough with the double entendres?

(Contest)Who is this a picture of?

Best/favorite David Lean film

If I created a thread about asexual reproduction...

Got a favorite book about reducing clutter in your life?

Who's up for a Q&A with Mr S?

Weather May Explain Mexico UFO Stir

I feel stupid.

Stalactites vs. Stalagmites

Anyone ever REALLY been laughing out loud as they type "LOL?"

The trouble with Dick ... captions?

Take the Special K Challenge!

What's your favorite conspiracy debunker "coincidence" theory?

Cut and pasted from the MAJORITY REPORT blog.

This country needs an enema

New StrongBad email this week......................

The whole "gay marriage" thing reminds me of this quote from Archie Bunker

If I created a thread about myself being tossed...

I've been married for precisely 32 years, 5 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes...

BBV Satire: All together now sing..."Some trails are happy ones.....

I wish I were gay...........

Red Sox online ticketing system sucks!

Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) vet in LA?

OMG, McDonalds now sells happy meals(tm) to adults!


Hey, I just had my first locked thread! Ask me anything.

The world is coming to an end!

Favorite song by Howard Jones

The lovely wife is gone for a few days... Hello linguini!


I need suggestions on carpet cleaning

What's The Ultimate\Your Favorite Oxymoron !!!

If I created a thread about "Dick" Cheney .......

Thank Jebus for the Lounge...

Bruce Campbell's "Bubba Ho Tep"...Elvis vs. an "Egyptian cowboy zombie"

Fave Black song

Goddammit! The Daily Show is a rerun.

Ask the Astronomer!

I just got my star ask me anything

What do you think is the band least deserving of fame?

Tasty Treats you would recommend................

Wake Up, Stop Dreaming

Uncle ZombyWoof: DU's Resident Grump

CSI: Miami

So I'm running for class secretary. Let me know what you think.

I finally picked an Avatar and sig, ask me anything!

Is Bungalow Bill really about Dick Cheney

Wanna meet Aliens? Come to India in 2009!

Well, everything would be a lot better if everyone had a rocket-pack.

David Brock's new book comes out on Tuesday!

Does anyone understand anything Henry Kissenger says?

Sy Hersh is on Charlie rose now central time

I'm going to bed

Naysayers beware - new MORRISSEY record out tomorrow!

WOO HOO Absynthe and Sprite Remix!!!!!


Owch! big lump in arm from tetanus shot.. what to do?

TiVo ethics question

Bucky is?

Skinner, a Cthulhu picture for you!

I suspect a LOT of people of faking Tai Chi. How does one >

Why do gay couples want to get married?

ABC's Super-millionaire qualification bogus

Video T-Shirts??? -- a neat technology being used just for ads

What about that glass?

Go Squiggy! You Rock!

Do we allow dissent?

Powell/MTP tape gets huge laughs on Letterman

WTF? Leno has Slipknot on the show?

What is your outlook on technology?

i just got my star what is your favorite "enhancement" & a question

As the school year closes, take time to thank a teacher

Do you watch HBO's Deadwood?

Where's the cheapest place to buy eyeglasses?

Do your pets yowl when you sing?

I'm tired

My hard drive crashed... ask me anything...


Grammar Question!

On my turntable: Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman's THEREMIN MUSIC FOR THE SMART SET.

Charlie Rose is worse than Chris Matthews!

Worst case of a band selling out to a TV commercial

When I see a sex thread, I.....

MEN: How often do you have to shave to look presentable?

Letters to Ike in 1954 after Brown v. Board: Anyone hear this on NPR?

Where's your favorite Florida vacation spot?

paypal poll

Any advice for a graduate?

What's the easiest way to connect an XP desktop to an ME laptop?

What should be my first act if I am selected as a moderator?

please suggest a book

Help with a semi-feral cat, please

This country needs a National Reconciliation Week/Month

I'm in trouble. Can anyone help?

Filmography question: Miranda Cosgrove

Well, I am about to be single again!

Skinner, a Chihuahua picture for you!

What religion are you, and why do you think everyone but you

Favorite U.S. #1 single by THE BEATLES? (Part 1 of 2)

Who wants to join me on a deserted island for a year?

What was/is your university's mascot?

Latest Rasmussen Kerry 45 % Bush 43 %

i have no problem supporting Gephardt for vp

This is the last time I intend to create or respond to a McCain Post.

Is Nader right wing?

Bans on gay marriage on state ballots could benefit Bush

Jim Matheson Leads by Wide Margin (Dem up in UT-2)

Texans For Public Justice - Payola Pioneering...

Americans abroad fired up for fall election

Daschle Leads Thune by 13 points in South Dakota

Great photo of Kerry on Yahoo!

Gephardt - a ventriloquist dummy left out in the sun too long?

What are the odds of Hillary as VP?

poll finds Edwards, Hillary, and McCain as top vp choices

Dean supporters, who is your vp choice ?

Poll: Bush Leads Kerry by 22 points! (but its just Alabama)

New Michigan Poll: Huh? WTF?????

3 words about McCain as VP: "Hell fucking NO!"

Kerry says he will give Kucinich "a place to be"

Do you know any person who voted for Gore and plans on voting for Nader?

Torture fallout and gravity

A Chinese bust is well on the way - Communist China

Google Adwords Censors Humor Site Critical of Bush

Swelling Call to Quit Iraq Is Peril for Kerry - WSJ

Skyrocketing oil prices have Tony Blair over a barrel

Raiding Iraq's Piggy Bank (US locks up control of Iraqi oil money)

Getting to the Bottom Of It

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): This is what we paid for

Is Bush the Anti-Buddha?

'George Bush is the greatest threat to peace'

Payroll Gains Don't Reach Some Americans - WSJ

Opposition to Condoms

Salt Lake Tribune's take on gay marriage: More perfect unions

Lone Ranger Bush; No Silver Bullet (

The department of what? - Does this DOL really work for workers?

For once, it flows uphill-Abu Ghraib meets Guantanamo Bay (and Whitehouse)

The sorry state of our leaders, celebs

Study in evil - Psychology experiment shows how power corrupts


David Brooks: In Iraq, America's Shakeout Moment


Commencement speech by George Soros. The Challenges Ahead.

Can Kerry Stay Out Of Bush's Trap?

Another Krugman winner: The Wastrel Son

Must read - Stop blaming your henchmen, Mr. President.

White House 'tried to block film'

The Sudan Genocide (Nat Hentoff)

Hitchens: What Went Wrong - The flaw in Seymour Hersh's theory

SCHEER: Massachusetts Shows World Opposite of Totalitarianism

LOS ANGELES AREA DUers: Are you attending the "US out of Haiti" rally?

Defend the reproductive rights of our women in the military

O'Franken Factor - Rush and Clinton's Oral Sex

OMG NORML just did a commercial on Air America!!

Funny ads: "If Bush was your roomate"

Nancy, how does this sarin gas incident play out

Astrologers .. If you dare

Outplacement Reports

Ohio Factory Bush touted as helped by tax cuts, closes - 1300 jobless

Greenspan wrong again - Inflation IS accelerating while labor costs do not

Some think Fed has left it too late

DU Money gurus... your advice desperately needed!

Gas prices thru the roof while Bush YAWNS

Eastford man making his own energy

League of Conservation Voters ads in Florida re Jeb's oil drilling lies

Satellite data confirms global warming

Indonesia's Medicinal Plants, Knowledge Fall To Logging - Jakarta Post

Ozone Up 2X In 20 Years Over Parts Of Atlantic Ocean - Science Daily

The Inside Skinny From The Director Of "Supersize Me"

Geological Time Periods Reclassified - Welcome To The Ediacaran - BBC

Humor me again: waves of high humidity

Burmese Pythons At Home In The Everglades - KRT

Mitsubishi Will Consider Not Buying Old-Growth Woodchips (Gosh!)

Fundraiser Denies Link Between Money, Access (Bush EPA advantages donor)

Bald Eagles Will Leave Threatened List By 2005 - Bush Official

Convention Okays DDT

Language of Science Lags Behind Nanotech

GAO: NRC Misjudged Ohio Nuke Plant Risk

African Nations Step Up Polio Battle

Moderate Islamists seek recognition in Egypt

So, the killing of the IGC president yesterday...

ex-fellon LEO can carry on duty, want to carry off duty.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 18. 2004

We DIDN'T Get Kicked Out--It's A Boycott! That's the Ticket!

Intolerance of gun owners nation-wide problem

My signature

Request to stop using "my bad" on the front page.

Question !

How about a quick tip thread?

Hi Guys!

Mouseover problem

I still don't have my star. Am I being punished for being toooo 'liberal?

Can poll votes be traced to a user ?


Refuseniks protest against Rafah operation, call for Gaza withdrawal

UN chief urges Israel to stop house demolition in Gaza immediately

"Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism"

Israel brings death to Rafah refugee camp

The pictures and news from Rafah are heartbreaking!

Israel's bloody assault on Gaza continues

Children slain in Israel's Gaza onslaught

Israeli Arab Bnei Sakhnin wins State Cup final

Israeli Army Moves on Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza

The Rafah demolitions: "people are scared to death"

Bush checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move

Sorry, we are just on the wrong side of this ME conflict.

Electronic Intifada Founder Advocating Bi-National Solution for Palestine

Amnesty denounces Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes as war crime

What's really happening in Iraq from one who knows.

Brits enraged at American brutality.

Poll: Obama ahead of Ryan by 8 points in Senate race

Candidates dip into coffers early in crowded race for U.S. Senate

LOS ANGELES AREA DUers: Are you attending the "US out of Haiti" rally?

Jerry Brown Files to Enter Attorney General's Race

BIG or small, old or NEW...what are your memories of Vernors?

Anybody else hear "The State of Things" today (5/18)?

Ohio, check in!

Tony Podesta to run Pennsylvania Kerry Office

My letter to Philly Archbishop Justin Rigali

Republicans like Feingold, poll says

State convention: Wisdems has a hotel block!

Feingold campaign appearance Milwaukee Monday May 24th 11AM

Democrats Hope to Reclaim Foley's Seat

Mike Webb assaulted by cop (listen now)

Have you noticed less 18-wheelers on the highway?

I love Russ Feingold

Cannabis Use Not Linked with Psychosocial Harm

How odd.. a carpet cleaning/golf site website linked a poem of mine

Nick Berg was working in Abu Ghraib?

I was in Portland and saw KERRY, DEAN, and SAM from LOTR PICS

"Don't be an asshole. Vote Democratic"

23 Hours Ago

Bush's Handling of Gas Costs Criticized

somebody please post this

"Sir, you have a booger in your nose,"

"Pumping Iron" documentarian to make Kerry movie

Please go to

Google Adwords Censors Humor Site Critical of Bush

Berg Video: pinky finger or US miltary agent?

Anyone know of a good article on Zell Miller?

One in four Europeans fall asleep on the Job

The TRUTH about tax cuts


Study links diabetes to risk of Alzheimer's..this is scary

New York eaterie offers 1,000-dollar omelette

Will a President Kerry be more concerned about environmental issues?

C-SPAN WJ: Duncan Hunter...Kool Aid Drinker

WTF? C-Span isn't covering 9/11 Hearing until 2pm?

Are the 9/11 hearings today & tomorrow on TV or radio?

Bush speaking LIVE before AIPAC -- CSPAN 2 -- 9ET AM

Creative responses to pure hate, anyone?

I caught foxnews in another lie

Fahrenheit 9/11: Connecting with a Hard Left

MAN, there are a lot of Freepers on this board today!!

How high will our high be?

Pennsylvania - My State Rep is among those suing the gay couple

We have POLLING places, but we don't have PROTEST places.

Owner of "pinky finger" in Berg video identified

'Fahrenheit' lights fire in Cannes debut

Somehow, I just "knew" this guy was a republican

Imus: "Sean Hannity is disingenuous, hypocritical and phony.."

Doonesbury | B.D. story takes yet another twist....

Day 2. Nation still exists after first day of gay marriage.

CSPAN3 -NOW (Tues 9:40AM ET) - Future of Iraq - Wolfowitz/Armitage

"We thought it looked funny, so..." - Lynndie England

Since churches are

KRUGMAN: "lost prestige is better than ruin"

Rep. Duncan Hunter opens his mouth: "only 6 torturers-why the hoopla"

Bush's NEW TRIFECTA! (Or Maybe Kerry's?)

White House warns China on Taiwan - Pot Meet Kettle

Bernie ward is on fire

Congressmen to AIPAC: We'll legislate Bush's promises

the Canaries are shrieking - "Look Out!"

Quote of the day

When Kerry is elected..what happens to the "illegal combatants" currently

Terror Attack Imminent!....QUICK!...Ban Gay Marriage!

wolfowitz: next year and a half will be tough

Brief Summary on Bush

Another ambiguous CNN poll....(Gasoline)

Another good Montini column

Just an opinion. I don't think we are near angry enough.

911 Hearings NYC

An Issue

Rumsfeld back pedals

Does anyone know what derogatory name GIs are using for Iraqis

Court Martial tomorrow? Why is the media acting as tho they

Too many DU'ers are becoming complacent about Kerry's chances

BBV: let MORE Senators know that we need The Voter Confidence Act

Tragedy in Iraq makes mission clear (can u say revisionist)

need link please Berg - Russian connection

Yellow Journalism is now the norm -- Daily Howler

O'Franken is giving visibility to the al-Zaqawi story...

Kerry should challenge Bush* to a REAL debate -- ON THE NET!

The Draft, Gas Prices, and the Iraqi War...THE PERFECT STORM!

John McCain and his love of George Bush!

Iraq War Weakens Bond Between Bush, Evangelicals

Bush visited Ohio factory last year. Kiss of death.

Bush visits Ohio factory last year touting econ policies. Kiss of death!

The Palestine/Israel situation

Euronews - Warm reception for Moore at Cannes

White House Gang

Bill Clinton for Sec'y of State.

We were warned. God, were we ever warned.

Google censors ad criticizing Bush, lets pro-Bush ads continue

Did Rumsfeld call 9/11 "A Blessing in Disguise" ?

Start your day right: AMERICAN FASCIST CONSERVATIVE web-site

on her deathbed, Liz knows that Kerry will WIN the White House (link)

O'Franken note: Clowns is right...

What is the purpose of the Halo in religious terms?

"Take Action to Protect Marriage!" Really, do it.

Bush speaks: "we honor those who expose our failures, correct our course..

Alter on O'Franken: "Wolfowitz lied to me about Iraqi nuke program"

BushCo meddling in Berg investigation? "Good Progress?"

Who here is afraid to talk to family and friends.......

Let me get this straight ......

Prediction: Bush will break promise to Dems and recess appt. winger judge

Officers lied to the troops - scammed them into killing

Help Poll - Gays - Fla paper s- t petersburg times

Hey! I just heard Sean Hannity blames 9/11 on the Jews!

Eureka!! I have figured out Zell Miller

DU's "Top Ten" at 3rd Place on Google Search

DU first in line on google under torture

Franken's dittohead friend has gone over the edge.

Was the anthrax terrorist one of our own? Berg 'terminally interrogated'?

Mustard Gas was found in Iraq?

I never thought about how many pictures like this must exist..

George & Bab's neighbor/friend asked what my "BUSH LIHOP" button meant!

Help! Need to contact Mike Malloy.

Dean Supporters: Remember the $500K Bat is out for JK. We still need $240K

How many Southeast Texans are going to stand up Tomorrow to Halliburton?

Image drawn up by a dutch artist for a large newspaper in the Netherlands

Air America radio attacks on the French

FOX (5/18/04):Tests Confirm Sarin in Iraqi Artillery Shell

Read this: Immigrants in Illinois export $1.5 billion to kin

How are the news sites dealing with the Sarin Gas story?

The things you find for sale on eBay

Re: Berg in US Custody...freeper claims US consular official "misspoke"

US Halts $340,000 Monthly Payment to Chalabi's Iraqi National Congress

Fahrenheit 9/11 'favourite for prize' is your marriage holding up?

So, What ever happened with that Sarin Gas

Blah blah blah Randi Rhodes sucks blah blah blah... she's rockin today

Even the politically clueless

Kerry Says Bush Needs "Some Space" On Iraq!

When will the "jawboning ass" start lowering gas prices.

Ages of the current SCOTUS Justices/why Bush has to be defeated

Tony Randall dies; Shrub & Dick need not attend the funeral...

'Anthrax Cop' to be reinstated

Listening to Rush

Check out the way Wolfowitz combs his hair..YUK!

Here's a must read

A key to dealing with Righties

Who would be a better President? You or Bush?

CIA Officials leaking THE abuse LEADS to RUMSFELD'S DOOR

President Bush's Hypocrisy- Again

Question about "Farenheit 911"

Will army railroad a few soldiers (6 or 7) for abuse scandal?

Did you know Justice Stevens is older than the Pope?

"At least, Reagan was a good president"...

Religious Right Leaders Blame Iraqi Prison Abuse Scandal On MTV

Camp Redemption? Abu Ghraib gets new name

"New Refinery" Talking Point; Why would anyone invest now?

If DU existed in the 70s, would the same people bashing Chavez now...

BUSH Head of Military Gays...Commander in Queer

Micheal Moore is a liar....

Who would be a better President? You or Kerry?

Randi Rhodes redeems herself: compared Armitage to Frankie Pentangeli

Great Kerry article in newest Esquire

I'm Insulted & Angry Over All the McCain Talk (VP & Sec. of Defense)

WHY did my BUSH QUEER message FAIL and read this?

How does one acquire tickets to a Presidential debate?

Bill Kristol just said the war is worth whatever it costs!!!

South Florida Dems: Vote Sam Sheldon

Kerry has Dean's Bat - Take a Swing for Governor Dean

War Criminals -- If you haven't read Seymour Hersh's latest column...

South Florida Dems-Vote for Jeff "Bootstrap"Fisher

another presidential utterance for the ages, from today's slate

Marine Sgt. speaks out on killing of civilians

Rumsfeld tries to get Senators to back off torture investigation

LetÕs not politicize the war, OK!!!???

Troops in Iraq abuse......Iraqis working for REUTERS & NBC

I just heard a Colonel on Hannity's radio show say.....

For better or worse. O'Reilly may be leaning to our side...

Wolfowitz not exactly a Dapper Dan man

Howard Dean wants you to donate to Kerry, only $120,000 left on bat

Don't look now dittoheads, but gasoline is this high with NO Kerry tax!

Why is there a news report....


Did ya know all SCOTUS's were Pub appointed except 2?


Apparently NBC and Reuters staff

A collection of Dubya's words are

If there was ever proof Operation Iraqi Freedom is a fraud, it is this...

Another potential recipient of the Darwin Award!

Moore film 'favourite for prize'

Is Osama bin Laden alive?

Why wasn't the 9/11 Commission hearing on SOP Collapse

Where to, George? Elba or St Helena?

DU suvey: Was the sarin discovered from Iran-Iraq War, planted, or both?

How did the Sarin gas bullshit play out last night on broadcast TV?

Michale Moore Says Bush Despises Our Troops

Has anyone considered this McCain as VP scenario

(Edited title) Is It the Oil, Stupid!?

Never mind, delete

Photo from 9/11 hearing today

Would you vote for McCain

Hehehe...the word is spreading!

I propose a DRAFT FORUM on DU.

Was Emily Fired?

Unfiltered just reported 4 arrests in Berg murder in Iraq

Children of Bush's America

Could someone be so kind & tell me where the pic of the green-eyed

Baghdad webcam looks dark -- something going on there tonight?

Home of the Brave, Land of the Free??

How did the Freepers react to sunday's Simpsons episode?

What is Christopher Hitchens' relationship with Ahmed Chalabi?

bu$h lives in a vaccuum. His quote of the day.

US Military Seen in Berg Film?

Oh, one more Nick Berg video observation.. did you see the light??

Myers tries to squash the abuse story, Justice lawyer may have lied to SC

Russian spoken in Nick Berg video? My take on it...

when will the gas run out? & how will it change us?

Can torture be justified?

*sigh* looks like BD isn't gonna change much....

I have become something of a conspiracy theorist.

Who's been fueling our gas guzzlers?

NY Starbucks workers form union - first in Nation

Variety review of "Farenheit 911"

Are you READY to R-U-M-M-M-B-L-E !

Harry Potter and the Left Behind series . . . more alike than you think

McCain, Serin, and October

Too funny..Protest at Rummy's house..with video & cop car

Why hasn't inflation begun to spiral out of control?

Daivid Brock On Today Show

Is this illegal? When I went to the polls to vote in the primaries 4/27

War Crimes Act... to hell with impeachment...

Will fahrenheit 911cover *'s Executive Order W199I-WF? Video strm

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

Let's all try and stay calm, shall we?

Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move

Why does Drudge get such a bad name?

Letters From Hell "I AM A PRISONER at Abu Ghraib"

My letter to Philly Archbishop Justin Rigali

Ldotters laugh at US Troops abusing Reuters staff

How to Act When Bush Loses

Best Buy CEO giving all last years stock options to employees

How cruel can conservative radio go?

Two veteran friends from PA think the Iraq prisoner abuse...

Has anyone mentioned this reason Dems might not want mccain?

Hundreds Left Stranded After Fuel Gauge Failures

Summer Olympics

What is a liberal? (John F. Kennedy)

What, if anything, is wrong with monitoring fundie churches...

Godfather fans: Anyone see similarities with Bush brothers & Corleones?

What's up with Chimps health these days, he's been sweating

Great review of "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Nlighten1 says Kerry needs "some spine" in dealing with Iraq and Bush.



why isn't al-qaeda endorsing bush a bigger issue?

On election Night what Network are you gonna watch?


Anybody see the RNC on WWE RAW last night?

Why the fixation about "what THEY are saying"??

More Nick Berg questions

Repug Propoganda that's making the internet rounds

WooHoo! Kerry Picks McCain as VP and DU goes Wild with Cheers!

The USA Intelligence Community has been Infiltrated by Foreign Powers

Gas prices are out of control!

Which Is the Real Reason Bush Now Wants to Demolish Abu Ghraib

Support this solider-Camilo Mejia faces court martial tomorrow

Never Mind The Bollocks!

A salute to WTC 7. We'll miss ya.

You guys really think this election is over, don't you??

Roger Ebert reviews "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Irate Article in Local Paper re War Crimes (by me)

Decriminalization of Marijuana

Who Blew Up the President of the Iraqi Ruling Council?

Leo strauss and the The moronic American public

Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush

Regime Plans Terra Attack Ahead Of November Election

Bumper sticker spotted in Boston...

Pentagon may use IRS to find reservists

Is gasoline too expensive in the United States?

A Question about time stamps, two camera theory

Need help with Kerry's war service

Nick Berg vs. Daniel Pearl - why Pearl's assailant was "brown"

How & when will we KNOW that bush is Toast?

A New Voter's Tale

Last liberal Democrat in the White House?

The DU Plan to prevent future attacks helping Bush

Is bush resembling lincoln?

Calling up the Inactive Reserve! It's getting Drafty

Why Can't Kerry Attack "Iraq" from Another Angle???

Defense Research and Engineering Network just indexed my site

The Conservatives have defeated the Liberals - --- - NYTimes

SUPERCUTS commercial on AAR against liberal values.

Would you still vote for Kerry if he picked McCain...

Hey DUers Needs Some Help

Free Parking is For Monopoly Boards, Not Pregnant Women .(grouchy guy rant

Analyst says plan would widen future budget gaps..(California)

UK plans 3000 extra troops for Iraq

‘Why Rumsfeld Is Wrong’

Fresh Clashes in Iraqi Holy City of Najaf

U.S. issues delayed human rights report

Democrats Ask to Recall Haynes (?'s for Judicial Nominee because of Iraq))

Russian troops ambushed in Chechnya

Democrats Hope to Reclaim Foley's Seat

Father of Slain U.S. Reporter Appeals to Muslims

Halliburton accused of 160 mill in overcharges.

Berlusconi flies to US under pressure to change Iraq policy

U.S. Military Sets Abuse Arraignments for May 19

Lawyer makes final bid to stop execution of mentally ill killer

U.N. Refugee Boss Denies Sexual Harassment

White House used unreliable defector

Nomination faces key vote

For Sniffing Out Land Mines, a Platoon of Twitching Noses

9/11 Commission Comes to New York

County sticking to basics -- Board agrees not to use electronic voting mac

Cardinal prophesied Polish pope's election

Suicide Bomber Kills President of Iraqi Council

Breaking: Four arrested in Berg beheading (Sky News)

Wolfowitz Target of Democrats Ire on Iraq

( LL)Bean sues retailers over pop-up ads

Democrats Sue to Get Medicare Bill Costs

Tony Randall dead at 84

Israel brings death to Rafah refugee camp

Gandhi Stakes Her Claim to Lead a Rattled India

Security fears emerge as US troops prepare to quit S.Korea

Australian opposition opens up big election-winning lead, new poll shows

Iraq Says UN Must Reduce Reparations Paid from Oil

Italian Soldier's Death in Iraq Roils Rome

Iraq Arrests 4 Suspected of Role in Berg's Beheading, AFP Says

Lawmakers Probe U.S. on Iraq War Plans

Inspectors: Sarin possibly left over from pre- Gulf War

Bush leads in negative ads

Russia repeats call for US-led coalition to rethink Iraq approach

US Cardinal Accuses Bush of "Moral Failure in Iraq"

dupe, sorry pls delete

Canadian clinics cutting off drugs for Americans /Seattle Times

Four arrested over beheading of US businessman in Iraq

Jerry Brown to Run for Attorney General

Bush: Israel Has Right to Defend Itself

Tapes reveal Enron misdeeds, PUD says / Seattle Times

God back in EU debate

Pope celebrates his 84th birthday

Iraq Situation Said Tougher Than Expected

Berlusconi flies to US under pressure to change Iraq policy

Iraq War Weakens Bond Between Bush, Evangelicals

PM (Berlusconi) under fire for handling of war casualty

Panel Calls for Changes in Foster Care

Enron Chiefs Might Have Been Told of Power Ploys

Pentagon to Keep Cash From Halliburton

NRC Miscalculated Nuke Plant Risk

White House nominates Greenspan to another term...

Kerry blames Bush for economic woes

As Violence Deepens, So Does Pessimism..........

US seeks Colombian extraditions


TEXT-Fitch cuts Riggs National Corp, units ratings

Dem. Chairman Blames Bush for Gas Prices

China rejects State Dept report, tells US to turn human rights gaze inward

Moore rant wows Cannes - Toronto Star (Momentum builds for F-911)

Fewer Iraqis Working on Reconstruction

Job training jeopardized for many laid-off workers

(Unmanned) Amateur rocket fired into space

USDA: Cattle Brains May Be Turned Into Biofuels

Anti-Bush, anti-US sentiment rises in Germany

Pentagon may use IRS to find reservists

Kerry: Bush Inaction Costs Americans Jobs

U.S. to Halt Payments to Iraqi Group Headed by ...(Ahmad Chalabi)

Supreme Court (of Canada) Upholds Election Spending Law

Daschle: Accord Reached to End Judicial Blockade

IRS to locate thousands of out-of-touch Reservists for active duty

Soldier Faces Court-Martial for Desertion

Appeal to the Faithful (LOL!)

"Timken Layoffs Potentially Devastating " (Bush visited last year)

Dems allege conflicts with two companies in Iraq

U.S. reconstruction has fewer than 25,000 Iraqis on the job

DJ Iraq Car Bomb Might Not Now Be Work Of Al-Zarqawi-US Genl

New Dem. ads feature Hispanic politicians

U.S. Wants Quick Handover of Its Prisons in Iraq


Reuters, NBC Staff Abused by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Connecticut Republican Governor Subpoenaed

Schroeder sceptical about Nato Iraq role

Tests Confirm Sarin in Iraqi Artillery Shell

Iraqi Leaders Demand More Powers from Washington

472 prisoners to be released...

Republicans say billboard offensive

Court Rejects McKinney Primary Loss Suit

Death of Prisoner Detailed in Testimony

Iraq may ease world oil markets with revived exports


Iraqi probed in rigging of cell-phone pacts

M.P.'s Received Orders to Strip Iraqi Detainees

'Significant Adverse Effects' - WTC toxic dust

UK Protesters Taunt Bush Sr. with Torture Hoods

White House rules out using emergency oil reserves

Republicans Clash Over Prison Abuse Probe

U.S. to Halt Payments to Iraqi Group Headed by a Onetime Pentagon Favorite

U.S.: We Underestimated Iraq's Resilience (Wolfowitz)

Bush Daughters to Work in Father's Campaign

CNN Breaking: Tony Randall dead at 84

9/11 panel scolds ex police, fire chiefs

‘The UN has no place in Iraq' (interview with UN humanitarian coordinator)

Rocket launcher found near Atlanta rail-transit station

Democrats Want More Oversight on Iraq Contracts

U.S. Accused of Violating Press Freedom (in Iraq)

Bush loyalist Blair swoons in opinion poll

Worried Republicans Glad Election Not Until Nov.

U.S. Cardinal Accuses Bush of Moral Failure in Iraq

Google censors ads criticizing Bush, lets pro-Bush ads continue

Senators press administration on Iraq

Prison abuse scandal limited to Abu Ghraib: US lawmakers

IRS May Help DOD Find Reservists

Reuters Staff Abused by U.S. Troops in Iraq

Official: al-Qaida Seeks Chemical Strike

Senate Panel Will Summon 3 Generals for Hearing

Letters From Hell (Abu Ghraib)

Bush, Dems Reach Deal on Appointments

Gandhi Gives Up Bid to Lead India

U.S.: We Underestimated Iraq's Resilience

Pvt. England details specific abuse /humiliations

Army, CIA want torture truths exposed (UPI turns on *Co)

The Jesus Landing Pad - Village Voice

Nigeria declares state emergency

‘Definitely a Cover-Up’

Laura Bush defends President over Iraq

Woman arrested carrying 266 dead parrots

Schroeder slapped at campaign stop

May 18 insomniac thread

Ladies and Genitalmen, I give you... CHESTWIG!


So how many DU'ers have gotten divorced today?

Let' Bowl! . . . on Comedy Central . . .

fat babies have no pride

anyone wanna get a DU chat going?

My name is Dookus...

What does it mean if you burp and taste soap?

I'm bored... where's Jchild?

so the phone rings last night

what the HELL do you people DO at this unGodly HOUR?

Spasms from sneezing knock out Sosa

Trading faces in Delaware...sounds like fun

Louisiana put in a poor light..Jon Stewart piece about thongs

Pastor Escapes Attacking Gator By Punching It In The Nose

So I just went jogging - Boy, am I out of shape!

any Ultimate Frisbee players here?

'Barbie Drug' Could Have Multiple Effects On Body

Caption: when I grow up I want to be infallible...

Bin Laden artwork on Turner list

Okay, who doesn't like lyrics posted?


N Y diners chew over $1,000 omelette

Open your closet...

Man Eats $275 Worth Of Shrimp In Grocery Store

Anyone have a buck-nekkid statue in your house?

Anyone ever try out for Jeopardy?

Today's challenge: Songs with the word "answer" in the title

I get to make 110 people happy tonight..

My cat just saw a ghost!

Southern stereotypes and damned yankees on "Washington Journal"

Amateur rocket fired into space

Don't come near me: I'm dangerous - I watched MTv for 4 hours last night

PJ Harvey!!

Whats the story behind your DU name?

Oooo...Rock Me, Amadeus

Ahh damnit... I gotta get ready for work

2012 Olympic City Finalists announced. NYC on the list

Good Morning DU!

"Soldier Bush Beans" (Funny)

My gal Sus is about to get 500 posts - ask her any dumb question!!

Remember Hyakugojyuuichi?

Where should I go on holiday?

Cannabis Use Not Linked with Psychosocial Harm

I have to put my WHAT in her WHAT?!

I am officially offended by a pop-up ad...


For all you hetero's in DU, you know who I'm talking about!

Words fail me on this MSNBC "story"..

Blue Chill is gone....gosh, i'm gonna miss him

What your opinion of stuffing your dead animals?

"...And it's soooooo easy!"

The Dittohead Guide to Adult Beverages

Felix Ungar: Room Temp Of The Day


Wow...a new company has sent us a catalog asking us to sell...

Chocs to give you orgasm

Put your coffee DOWN before viewing this picture

Lawsuit alleges ESPN pirated minor league statistics

Well, it's been a rough time lately

Politicians Bristle About Mental Health Slur

Is the glass half empty or half full?

cool site ahead

I loved Tony Randall

Anyone familiar with

Poodle's DNA Helps Track Down Accused Dognapper

Man Siphons Sewage From Camper

Rare Penguin Stolen from Sanctuary

Average everyday sane psycho. re-launched yesterday - check out new look

Joke told at a meeting last night-- The Golden Rat

Caption: make mine sunny side up....

Caption: don't forget behind the ears, Ma...

Theme Songs - what would yours be?

My bit

Eastford man making his own energy

Could life be any more perfect?


Ah shit.... Tony Randal is dead.

I just bought David Brock's new book today - so don't ask me anything

OK quote contest time

Skinny R.I. Burglar Strikes Again

Calling Mr. Miracle!

Where are we from? How did we get here? Where are we going? Why is this

Help with a federal semi-cat, please

New to the world of pets - bunny hurdling

Clearwater Festival: The Great Hudson River Revival 2004

Will Durst on Gay Marriage

I just bought ANOTHER guitar...I may have a problem...

Day 1: no mat, no com, no matcom

PC Gamers: Half-Life 2 is completed and released (update)

Phone call to my very republican step-grandma

A Kinda Gross Poll Question

What should be the National Cookie of the United States?

Caution's subversive song of the day

Most annoying Air America ad

Why men are confused most of the time

User-Friendly Tips for DUers..(Especially the newly minted)

Bill Clinton for Vice President?

I found the solution to my bumper sticker dilemma!

Great graphic from CNN

what does this pie chart indicate, & what does it portend?

Pet Owners: Do you have pictures of your pets at your work

LOS ANGELES AREA DUers: Are you attending the "US out of Haiti" rally?

I Hate...

I'm voting for Jasmine tonight on American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!

Instructions to get your day off to a good start:

Need "The Ark Of The Covenant"?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' getting major thumbs up reviews!!!!

My pet peeve of the day

How is it possible that I am creating more trash than I remember buying?

I saw "Super Size Me" last night! Ask me anything!

Strawberry pie

I need more Bush God Freak ammunition!

What do they do with Grovelbot between fund drives?

Lenny Brisko is leaving Law & Order... I'm gonna cry

Have you heard of the NO-CARB Diet for 2004?

I'm going ot the bathroom can I get anyone anything?

Liberty Broadcasting is "ghosting" over my Air America feed

Help with a feral semi-colon, please.

Caption: 9/11: Who, me????

May 26th I'm 42. Do I get the question to Life, the Universe & Everything?

Favorite dwarf that didn't make the cut

It is official. We know times are REALLY BAD when Batman

Just discovered the "Red House Painters"...

Picture Of The Day

Best chill hip-hop album?


Anyone want to buy a Smoked Meat Sandwich?

Caption: not everyone's singing from the same hymn sheet....

Do You Worship Santa?

Do you worship Santana?

Mug Shot of Vaseline Man(From an Article I posted yesturday)

Who was the local Ombudsman the year you were born?

Caption: no one expects the spanish inquisition....

Had a visual idea for an animated GIF. Anyone has the resources to do it?

Should CatWoman apply to be a mod?

Cat having problems. Need information please ...


:: a very important message ::

OMG! Tony Randall died

This is post 7777!!!

Whao! I just discovered Al Franken wrote 'When a Man Loves a Woman'

Official "I Was Punched in the Family Jewels" Support Group Thread

Can it really be true?

Robb is a Dingbat:

Is it a leap year???

Oh Dear God Say It's Not True: "Martha Stewart TV Show Suspended"

Did I get one heckuva load off my mind today.

Favorite Dwarf

Porn Switched With School's Announcement

I Just Turned In My Resignation

Has anyone ever tried to go off Zoloft?

Ford's Hybrid SUV


Water's Ready! Time for Tea!

Milwaukee: 2 bowie tickets avail for 5/19 show

I love stop signs, don't you?

Ebert gives 'thumbs up' to Kerry with cash donation

Best/Favorite Film w/ David Chappelle in it?

Do you worship Atlanta?

Which are worse: cicadas or "love bugs"?

Hypothetical Question

Just about finished filling out my financial aid form. Ask me anything.

I'm listening to Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster." ASK ME ANYTHING!

Have you ever wiped spit on your head to look good?

I LOVE the Daily Show!

Do you worship Satan?

Dutch people are world's longest sleepers

Best Felix Unger. Jack Lemmon or Tony Randall?

The bar is: OPEN!

Wanna see some nice cleavage????

Another Bush is Toast thread

Star Wars Underpants

Kerry wins! So, will the infighting be worse on DU?

favorite pickles - poll

I just downed some NyQuil, ask me anything!

I'm a redneck.

The official 5/18 Colonial House thread!

Has anyone ever tried to go off Zoloft?

The replicator malfunctions, and starts dispensing REAL booze,you:


Ever had this happen?

Isn't it courts-martial rather than court-martials?

Al Franken's "LateLine" out on dvd in August

Documentary about the Weather Underground on PBS tonight.

Do you have/have you had a MAID?

The NBA Champion will be...

Tony Randall, RIP, supported Wellstone.

I won a year's supply of M&Ms - Ask me anything by 7:30 pm EST n/t

The trials and tribulations of Anemia and Hair Loss

Best/Favorite Dog Film?

Opera users: Is there a free downloadable Opera browser?

I just ate 2 and 1/2 pounds of beans! Ask me anything!

Anyone watch Colonial House last night? It's really interesting!

Pretty girls, pretty boys, did you ever hear your mama say "noise annoys?"

Pirates . . . . AAARRRRRRRRR

An excerpt from my manuscript need opinons on the flow of it

Is it safe to eat pizza that's been sitting out for four hours?

We talk alot about music. What about visual art? What do you like?


I have to take "Moe" to the vet- he has ulcer like sores on his neck

Americans are going to heil!!!

Ok I am due to be married in 2 hours but there's a snag - send good vibes!

I just got a whiff of Whitacre...

H.S. Student Hospitalized After Drinking Lab Chemical On A Dare

Portland, OR DUers...a little help please...Need info about Portland, OR

Itt's me again, seeking suggestions for pop-up killers.

Best/Favorite Gangster Film:

How many miles a week do you drive?

Things you think are cool that other people think are stupid. . .

Can someone explain why I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force so much?


Everquest is the 77th richest country in the world

Favorite U.S. #1 single by THE BEATLES? (Part 2 of 2)

Which Simpsons character deserves a spin-off the most?

Anyone watching the all day

CAPTION: Rummy (I've no originality this late in the day)

LA adult film industry resumes production in wake of HIV scare

Do you LOVE or HATE America?

CAPTION the once nocturnal beast now unnerved in his former environment

Yet another linguistic pet peeve thread

Morrissey on Bowie...

I have a question....

$1000 omelet

What decade's music sucked worst?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?


Non political thread: Annoying Bush traits.

Favourite underrated or low-profile Beatles Song.

Would You Be Ok with A English Woman As Your President?

What's the most far-flung country/place you've visited?

What CDs have you bought this year?

Things you think are stupid that others think are cool!

BBC's "Panorama" program about London terror attack...anybody have it?


Most racist film of all time?

DU Parents: How old was your child when they were potty trained?

Zelda fans - OoT - Master Quest - worth it?

What style of fashion would you like to see return?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... HEDWIG!

Biggest time-suck of a video/computer game that you possess


You have 15 minutes to evacuate your home: What do you take with you????

Anybody have good advice for an (almost) grad?

Kerry Campaign is running GREAT!

Thoughts on Kerry's campaign (long)

saw my first KERRY bumper sticker yesterday

'George Bush is the greatest threat to peace'

Great Money Making Idea for Kerry & YOU?

Last March the Kerry's CA campaign was persuaded to call for opening

Bush's view on history

Moveon asks folks to ask Kerry to keep to his Cal State Dem Conv Speech

New Democrat Network has two new ads

Whitch would you rather have....

Kerry Outlines Plan to Give All Families the Opportunity to Get Ahead

'Fahrenheit 9/11': Connecting With a Hard Left -WashPost review of Film

the 3rd JUST TRUST ME Iraq budget request - & still unarmored Humvees

My biggest fear!

Fantasy Veepstakes

Police union endorses Kerry

VA DUers . . . What do you know about Al Weed?

Help Herseth Win!

What will the Jesus Factor be in the 2004 election?

John Kerry takes on economy - Gets an enthusiastic boost from Howard Dean

I love this Dean Dozen guy, Rob in Tampa! More than one way to help.

Two votes for Dennis Kucinich in the Arkansas primary

I Voted In the KY Primary today...

Kerry and Dean campaign pics from yesterday

John (kerry) John (mccain ) ticket BEWARE

"Please Support John Kerry" : Gov. Dean email....

Nelson's odds rise as ticket partner

Kerry and Dean ...Coming to a town near you !!!

Your Favorite John-John Ticket

Alter on Franken: Clark for VP (if not McCain)

Frightening thought on "Unity Ticket"

New Dem Ads Feature Hispanic Politicians

Is Marcy Kaptur An Option For VP?

Idea for exit poll on election day - IMPORTANT!

Bush Twins to work for Dad's campaign

Globe: In Kerry veepstakes, Clark is the wild card

Would you support a Kerry/Lincoln Chafee ticket?

My "Veteran for Kerry" bumpersticker was defaced

Arkansas primary today!! Voted and was met in the parking lot

Just voted for Howard Dean in the KY primary - ask me anything :)

U.S. school law flawed-state school chiefs oppose 'No Child Left behind"

What are the chances of Moore running for president?

Anyone who thinks Clark will be VP is nuts

I've got our slogan! It says it all:

Don't Let the Republicans Win This Poll-VOTE!

Should Nader be eligible for placement on the Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

The "bat is up" on John Kerry's website this morning!

What is this insane obsession with putting a REPUBLICAN on our ticket?

Bush polls / HOW LOW CAN HE GO

Nader worth nearly $4 million, financial-disclosure forms reveal

Can we start a campaign from DU that gets the word out about the DRAFT?

My Arguement for McCain

CNN..V.P ....Edwards & Clark

JOHN EDWARDS wins CNN Veepstakes! (62% Edwards -38% Clark)