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Archives: May 16, 2004

Turning Points (Robin Wright, Sunday WP)

Rumsfeld goes to prison

Revealing article by Todd S. Purdum in NYT about JK's early years...

MoDo (NYT): The Springs of Fate

Frank Rich: Saving Private England

Hard lessons from poetry class: Speech is free unless it's critical

Texans, HR 2239 Shakeup...

Need help with an ANTI-WALMART crusade

The Discovery Time Channel is doing a "White House at War" show.

Media wingnuts gloating about AA's demise

Ignore me, decided to try something too!!

ignore-I am trying something

Can anyone explain to me why the yen is losing value?

Son of Russian fantasy writer kidnapped, killed

On right now--Book TV on C-Span2 are having two authors on guns

Rabbi's son arrested in synagogue fire

Investigation of the IDF Action in Rafah

ADC Advisory Statement to Arab Americans and Muslims

First Conviction of Causing the Death of Palestinian in the Al-Aqsa Intifa

Israeli Helicopter Gunships Attack Civilian Targets in Gaza

Thousands of Israelis Urge Gaza Pullout

Who else is embarrassed by Rep. King?

Howard Dean helping Joe Hoeffel's campaign

What the Hell happened in Virginia Beach?

whoaa... Geraldo is skeptical about the whole Berg story

Bush In New Haven Next him a "visit"

Everyone who signed that PNAC document, once Bush is out of office,

Who is ultimately responsible for Nicholas Berg's death?

Spain's Ex-Prime Minister Warns of Threats During U.S. Election

Should Kerry change his policy on Iraq?

What will Bush/Rove do to regain momentum ?

ALERT:"The US is 'changing' the rules on the treatment of Iraq prisoners

Why the change in The Media?

Morocco Connection Is Emerging as Sleeper Threat in Terror War

What's with repubes and bank fraud??..congressman buys russian bank

Just saw on Yahoo "Rumsfeld Approved Interrogation Plan"

There is a Seymour Hersh article

How would the Rightwingbase react if bush pulled out of Iraq July 5 or so?

Major Sea Change

bush's popularity is goin' down the terlet

U.S. Guards Videotaped Guantanamo Abuse -- Briton

Labour MPs call for new Commons vote on Iraq

Missouri Natl Guard-Cheap Labor in Iraq for KB&R

Rejection Of Prison Abuse Was Sought

Sy Hersh: Rumsfeld Approved Interrogation Plan

Yet another Nick Berg theory...

Bush campaign ran from Noida call centre

Has anyone looked into how foreign press.....

BBV: are your Senators cosponsoring The Voter Confidence Act?

Kerry and PNAC

Specious, sanctimonious, mendacious . . .

did any see Connie Rice on CSPAN?

Which Side Are You On?

could someone find me some links?

are we witnessing "Casey's CIA Redux" with Rumsfeld??

Gay Marriage Ban all but DEAD!!

"As an incumbent in May of an election year, Bush should be doing


The DLC will no longer have any influence after 2004.

CNN Larry King, with Mr. Potatohead, on now.

Has a president (term used loosely) ever had a rating of 42% or less?

Do I dare believe in...

Whatever happened to the Bush/abortion story?

New and improved Blah3

comprehensive Berg conspiracy theory site

Minutes from the Cheney's secret energy meeting

Last Few Days... Baghdad Burning

Does Lou Dobbs have a solution to the Outsourcing "Problem"?

After reading Sy Hersh's latest, how do they keep the wraps on their ...

Berg's last name is spelled B-e-r-g

What ever happened to Kitty Kelley's book on GW Bush*?

Fmr Army Sec, Thomas White, on Faux/CalThomas, we're losing the war.

A time line of the Berg film

Toombs County High School holds segregated proms again

Ha, the Weekly Standard is saying this is America's war, not Bush's

The Curse of the Bushes, One Chance Saloon

What my kids used to do about the Pledge......

How Rumsfeld paid for his Special-Access Program

Can't buy me love -- but the Rangers and Pioneers buy power

US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp

Nick Berg website Saudi connection

What's the latest word on Ronald Reagan ?

Bushbots in the classrooms -

Will Right-Wing Radio Call For Randi Rhodes' Arrest?

I think my Dad's been watching too much of FOX News . . .

Specialist Clinton Deitz, I salute you

Just got my first hate mail...I'm so proud!

DU mentioned again...Corey Deitz article

Fahrenheit 911: Michael Moore calls Chimpy "Gov. Bush" to his face!

DUer's Favorite "Quotes"

New Hersh Article New Yorker Monday: Rumsfeld May Be Toast

Nixon or Bush?

Donald Rumsfeld = Heinrich Himmler re-incarnated...

The female you just love to hate!

Today, May 15, 2004 has been the saddist day of my life.

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Is anyone following the response of Bush's Christian Base?

Honor Seymour Hersh -- American Hero!

with only 6 months to go, what's bush got up his sleeve?

Who will be paying for this??? US? I better get some cake then

Talk about sappy jingoistic cartoons!

Will the Secret Service pay DU a little visit?

Has anyone seen this---beheaded Berg on FR's 'enemies list'

Just e-mailed to me. Anybody know about "A Clean Break?"

Tired of critical thinking? You need to join the HANNITY YOUTH!

It' s Self-Righteous Crap to Claim Kerry Supports the Occupation of Iraq

Should a new left of center political party be started?

Let's Boogie Down to The Mighty Wurlitzer!

Here is one

Hezbollah mimics The Passion: TV highlights suffering of Iraqis under US

U.S. and British Forces Battle Shiite Rebels in 4 Iraqi Cities

Statement from DoD Spokesperson Mr. Lawrence

Report: Rumsfield approved of abuses!

NYT: Accused G.I.'s Try to Shift Blame in Prison Abuse

US firm strikes secret tobacco-for-maize deal

White Supremacists Leave Early After Close Confrontation

Bush official: Bald eagle will be off threatened list this year

FBI revisit sources in anthrax probe

The next casualty of the Iraq war could be Blair

Powell: Probe Will Deal With Chain-Of-Command

Rebel group in Chad claims it is holding prominent terrorists

N. Korea Slams U.S. for Iraq Prison Abuse

Regiment in fake photo storm to be charged over death of prisoner

Shadow on the US beacon

Baker family calls war a betrayal

Web Site Cites Bush-Riggs Link

Ga. High School Holds Segregated Proms

GOP Set to Conquer Redivided Texas

(Bloomberg) U.S. Denies Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogations

WP: Pioneers Fill Campaign War Chest, Then Capitalize

US guards filmed beatings at terror camp

Major Iraqi newspaper demands Rumsfeld quit

WP: Knowledge of Abuse May Go Higher Yet

Three Guilty of Conspiring to Buy Votes in N.C. Election

Almost half voters say Blair should go

Democrats agree to suppress photos of US torture in Iraq

Bush Letter Sees Promise of Stem Cells..

US denies Rumsfeld approved Iraq interrogation methods

Start cooperating or we'll hand you over, Saddam told

Christian Missionaries Battle For Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Spain's ex-prime minister warns of threats during US election

From GOP, Zero Tolerance For Democratic War Critics

Klebold's parents give first interview

Kerry's grandfather left Judaism behind

Kucinich: Oil co. profiteers pushing up gas prices

Interrogators Say Abuse Doesn't Yield Info

Arroyo regime vows to crush protests

Ohio Democrats Pick Jerry Springer as Delegate for Convention


Gay marriage

Anyone here ever heard of Visual Kai bands

Fog of War: Great Movie With Sh*tty Music

Just came up with a great name for Rush

I just came up with a great name for Bush.

for a little weekend fun . . . Playing With Time . . .

How about a Borg video thread? Resistance is futile!

Saturday night on the request line, howzabout a little "Gypsy Woman"...

I just came up with a great name for mush

Shuld I continue to post drunk?

Should I continue to post sober? (the other one didn't go through)

Your weekly reminder: my radio show webcasts from 9:00-midnight EST

Are zoos jails for animals?

Look! The Donkey can almost reach the Chimp's nosehairs!!

The great Saturday night drinking poll!

hey whoever IMed me, IM me again

Bob said.....

What is your favorite paradox from a time travel book or movie?

who watches american justice and saw Margaret Rudin's case


Stuck home on a Saturday night

Boston Butt beta-2. Tweeking for the summer crowds.

I'm baaaaaack

anyone have ideas for signs to put up in my area?

Just Saw a Chilling law & Order


ok I guess I am back

I finally added a sig line!!!

Paragon's Brad Pitt Theory: short hair, movie good - long hair, movie bad

DU Phishheads:

Forrest's Weird Encounter of the Day, #2

How many people have you convinced to vote Dem in November

Minutes from the Cheney's secret energy meeting

What shall I name this fine meal?

Just finished making BBQ sauce ask me anything!

Forrest's Weird Encounter of the Day, #1

Woman stabbed trying to break up fork fight

Separated at birth: DU's Grovelbot and Rosie?


what should I eat now?

Who loves running from the po-pos?

me & mr. johnson, some guinness, a good smoke

Flying Car more economical than SUV

Bowman: Best Game Ever!

Useless random statements thread

SNL season finale thread - hosts Olsen Twins, musical guest J-Kwon

Well, I think the twins did great

To West Coasters with HBO

When you were a kid did you ever eat something poisonous?

Troy had almost a 17 million opening night, is that good?

It is time to troll up this RW message board

Who else loves listening to the Go-Gos?

Do you ever have difficulty peeing in public restrooms?

Cubs Win!!! Cubs Win!!!

Win a Star! {Closed Thread}

now that I have a Kerry sticker on my car, do I have to drive better?

Do you have a local aquarium?


Do you have difficulty chilling unlawfully in disorderly public restrooms?

Just vacuumed the house. Ask me anything.

So who's chilling this weekend?

Beach boys Smile

Excuse me

What are the WORST/MOST FORGETTABLE MOMENTS in sports history?

Finally! A Happy Meal for Me!

If an alien spaceship landed in your backyard


do we have an official Lakers v. Spurs thread?

What is the most beautiful smile you've ever seen?

like I give a dam

Big charity ride is tomorrow. Last chance to donate.

So it's not the thyroid...It's Anemia!

Finish this sentence: "Weasels make Lousy- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "

Look up at the donation board

DU Funday veterans -- the invitations are in!!

Saturday Night Live: The Olsen Twins are hosting

A fun look back at Bush's nonsense

PUI 'Posting Under the Influence'

Man fights citation for carrying anti-Bush sign

Bad songs currently or recently stuck in your head

My FreeRepublic awards

What scares people about you most?

Any auto mechanics out there in DU-land?

What movie do you think SUCKS that was very commercially sucessful?

I really hope Smarty Jones wins the Belmont

Election Projection website: It's a Kerry runaway

Why can't John Kerry capitalize on Bush's losses?

Why isn't Kerry beating Bush soundly?

Will Shrub smirk when he concedes? eom

Africa dumps death penalty

Human rights on trial

Brazil vs. NYT: Lula's Illogical Logic

Jon Stewart's Commencement Address

back when Rumsfeld was a media darling

Someone needs to tell Bush about ... checks and balances

Kerry Getting Free Advice

The Hawks Loudly Express Their Second Thoughts - NYT

Robert Jay Lifton On Creating The Conditions For Atrocities

Saving hymens or souls?

Liebermann endorses US Torture on CNN

From MWU:Not a single Muslim has condemned the murder of Nick Berg. Why?

Attacks on Halliburton are "gutter politics"

A Political Quagmire - Iraq/Vietnam, Bush/LBJ parallels, in detail

Bush Approved The Torture!!!

Austin-Race for the White House Sunday May 16

"National 'Stick It To Them' Day"

Anyone recieve any info on Progressive Vote?

West Wing's Bradley Whitford's commencement address

Why do they say that "The Pentagon denies..."?

'The Man Who Made 60 Minutes'

Astrologer: Mid-June spells trouble for besieged administration

Seeking astrologer comments on unusual aspects of a DU friendship

Question for Nancy Waterman re;Election

Los Angeles flexes its muscle as the new kid on the art block

Data hint factories mounting comeback [Jan 2002]

UN announces chemical blacklist

Japan May Miss Kyoto Targets - AP

G8 Summit In Georgia Hypes Environment - 16 Toxic Sites Within 10 MIles

Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

Govt. May Cut Federal Firefighting Crews 30% As Season Begins - LA Times

Another scientist has been murdered . . .

Ford Promises To Build More Efficient Cars Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Perils of a powerful legislature - TW

From Rogue State to Pariah State

Expelled Congo diamond miners tell of terror

Malawi puts off elections

India and Pakistan: So Close but So Different

Gandhi to take office on Wednesday

Cops teargas Nobel laureate - Nigeria

Grieving mom battles to save others' children

I think you accidentally locked a non-dupe in LBN...

My Security Software Detected: Walt Disney Internet Group Re:Spyware

Ignorant question but

Thanks for the "On The Air" listings on the DU homepage!

Please delete my account

Can we get a McCain for VP forum?

Sharon's nightmare

An Evening with Bernard Lewis: Terrorists, Tea and Hatred

Israeli army cleared to demolish Gaza homes, despite US criticism

Rafah residents flee their homes

Qureia calls for truce, says Palestinians mustn't react to raids

In the meantime, Israel continues butchering of Palestinians

Arafat calls on Palestinians to terrorize enemy

Court okays evacuation of Mitzpeh Yitzhar outpost

What is a soldier supposed to do if given an unlawful order?

What happened to Tom Paine?

what democrats need help?

Who represents you in Congress and the State Legislature?

Ohio Dems pick Jerry Springer as convention delegate

Central PA DUers - want to meet up for drinks in Harrisburg?

Travis County Voters OK Hospital District

Governor Expects Another Special Session On School Finance

Boycott all Culver's

Nigerian Police Arrest Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka

Can they possibly explain away this Hersh Story?

"This time last year I was plotting to kill a man" . . .

Already posted elsewhere in GD BUT IT IS TOO GOOD NOT TO CHECK IT OUT!

Another priceless freeper quote. RE: Nick Berg

Gas is now $2.23/gal in PA

voxfux and the Berg situation. This one is important because

Guys know where the "Bring it on" banner is? n/t

I've Had It!!!!

Your Tax Dollars at Work: The Medicare Card Ads- WHAT A RIP!!

What would happen if the media started....

Shrub's accomplishments as governor of Texas

The DoD (not Rumsfeld) says Sy Hersh is a lying dog....

Nate Clay streaming LIVE now -- Late-Nite Liberal radio


Mainlanders in Taiwan hate rioting against legitimately elected Chen...

What is * and company going

Con Artists seize on new drug plan.....

How do you all feel about Centrist?

If Gore was sworn in as president (we all know he was elected)

bush takes responsibility --- NOT

An Evening with Bernard Lewis: Terrorists, Tea and Hatred

Former head of Texas and Utah prisons set up Abu Ghraib

Monday morning, 8 AM EST, a new dawn for Americans

Marine Earns Navy Cross

Bloomberg wants NYC to be the city that sleeps


Stars, big and small, in the pre-dawn hours

Does anybody know the lineup for the Sunday Morning Shows? Thanks.nt

My conservative Republican mother is voting for Kerry!

A great quote from a Baghdad Newspaper:

From over a year ago - Being right doesn't make me feel better

Clinton Hating - Blaming Freak due up on C-Span

We are, indeed, making Iraq a stronger nation: uniting Sunnis and Shia a

Ike Newkirk streaming now - 790thezone @ Atlanta

May Approval Ratings of Recent Incumbent Presidents (Fun Facts!)

New Yorker article, Rumy toast so is Bush and this is just sad

Anybody here heard of the antiwar demonstration in England yesterday?

Just finished "Bill Clinton's New Life" in the June Vanity Fair.

More hypocrisy at White House - Andrew M. Greeley

We need for somebody to come out with those repulsive torture pictures

"Let's Roll" on rocket in Army Nt. Guard T.V. ad, animated soldiers

Sy Hersh, Levin, Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation tomorrow a.m.

"Religion: The Pop Prophets" - this is what we're up against, folks

Maybe getting rid off Bush isn't a top priority

Can anyone please help me out???

Rumsfeld must go: dangerous man. Must read.

So, did the Gay-Marriage thing backfire and is that why it has fallen

Protest Bush in Atlanta Monday 5-7 PM

Has the Zogby poll come out yet?

MTP-80% of Iraqis mistrust the Occupying Americans

Illusions of job growth ... expose' of more lies and the lying liars.

Bush Sr., Cheney, School of the Americas, and Torture Training Manuals

MSNBC Picks up the US Govt. Authorized Prisoner Treatment story

nice article on anti-Bush media onslaught

Bush is falling the polls and I see nothing on the horizon which

On Chris Matthews (NBC, Sunday morning). Peggy Noonan eeeewwww

Bush* campaign tops $200 MILLION DOLLARS

OPM ends diploma mill acceptance

Sy Hersh is on CBS....NOW!

Bush*'s determination:FOOLISH consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds

Please tell me the Loony-Right is blaming the Left for the Prison Scandal?

Which major FOX News celebrity is about to be outed as gay?

Do you think this is just a ploy?

guess where liberallarry posted today's NY Times article on Sy Hersch's

Witness the Love and Peace that Dumbya has given the world

Rumsfeld and Bush: Joined at the hip?

Would someone PLEASE give Dubya a BJ?

Bush and his "strong feelings"...

MTP: Powell (R), Biden (D) and McCain (R) -- Which One...

Texas is again the source of bad policy: Iraq & prisoner mistreatment

Hume: these numbers are bad, but they should be a lot worse

I think that the more sly underhanded things come

The irony of Bush and executions.

rate Air America

Should Sean Hannity's radio show be pulled off the air?

of politics and war (hit piece on clark)

Digital Recordings of Guantanamo Abuse

Critics: Bush set tone for abuse in Iraq

The Media Will Turn (or Is Turning) -- Here's Why I Think So

dupe sorry about that !

Should a War Crimes Tribunal be held to judge American atrocities?

CNN is about to show the Powell/MTP "moment" from today (11:56AM ET)

Secret US Jails Hold 10,000

As far as global warming goes...

I am taking a break for a while. NOT LEAVING PERMANENTLY. I have gotten

Powell -- didn't have the time to read the Hersh article yet

"If you give immunity to senior military officials"...

Warning...Lieberman on Late Editon to praise about torture

What just happened on Meet the Press?

Loose Cannon, Gawd's gonna' get you for that!

A few kind word for our president before he leaves!

Late Edition -- Nader, Hersh, Lieberman, Russert

Hersh coming up on CNN...

Anybody But Bush T shirt experiment

Will a green light on prisoner review from the Supreme Court tell the

Good toon about the lack of truth in our media.

All this McCain VP talk

Gen Taguba: Did anyone but me sense a discrepancy between his testimony

Arianna and Rob Reiner on CSPAN2 now 12:39pm EDT

Was the "Secret Unit" operating in Iraq also?

Faked British Photos used by Arabic TV...?

CNN..Goldberg complaining the media didn't give equal coverage to pictures

Democrats are talking up McCain as VP because....

I can see huge protests of 'Pro-Torture' vs. 'Geneva Cons'

The Tweety Sunday morning show is a cartoon!!

Peggy Noonan for Conservative Idiot!

David Keene gets a present: a big picture of a gun

Torture Scandal And Beheading Diverting Attention From Battles

I wasn't crazy about Al Gore, but I voted for him anyway

Tweety- The * Cheerleader...

Helen Keller was a Socialist, Peace Activist and member of the ACLU

Israeli link possible in US torture techniques

Wolf / Russert on CNN. Now! Live!

New Bush campaign theme: "They want us to CUT & RUN!" How do we counter?

Freepers target beheaded man's father!!!

Cheney opens his mouth: "It can only be destroyed."

How Much Revenge Should America Exact for September 11th ?

Dick Durbin and Stephanie Tubbs Jones appointed to rep Kerry at DNC.

Why McCain Can NEVER be the VP Nominee..

Inside the City Detention Center

Frost-Sessions race embodies animosities generated by redistricting

Is Powell's answer lost in the camera action?

Alhurra (US Official Arab Network) will show videos of Saddam's torture

So, Russert, you whore, why didn't you follow your father's example?

Catholic church and open secrets website

I Don't Want Rumsfeld to Resign

The story of a burglar that broke into the house of a drug dealer...

Anyone watching MAD TV right now????

When is it OK to murder Palestinians?

Interior Secretary Robert Kennedy Jr.

27 Civilian Interrogators at A.G. Subject to No Law Anywhere

Need help verifying Israel as 4th largest military

Christians Should Reject Bush

Time for Powell to resign

Powell: Arab Response to Berg Insufficient

Which October Surprise is more likely: FInding WMDS or Osama?

Questions about the torture

How do you send an email FROM A BUS?! (Berg Encounter)

Zarqawi, Bergs killer... could have been caught in 2002.


If McCain is VP choice could we start taking back the Congress immediately

McCain for VP is just another Repuke diversion. Fusion? No. Furity!

Kerry putting McCain in his new cabinet is excellent strategy.

Do I need a Gas Mask? (protest song/video)


Zogby poll results (latest)

So, I'm stuck at work on Sun. and I find THIS posted outside a cube...

Re "Flip Flopping" : Does this work?

Why isn't Abu Musab al-Zarqawi even mentioned on the FBI web site?

We should not be whining about gas prices.

Bush gives it up for the lobbyists every time

Has the Democratic party already lost its focus?

FTN CBS: SEYMOUR HERSCH (The New Yorker) on right now .9:30 CT

Damn! Why are the democrats censoring torture photos?

Preparing for the worst election year in history...

Give Brahimi 50 billion seed money, plus Chalabi's "take" for expenses,

DU this poll please

To those lurking here who support what happend at Abu Gharib

Live Interview with Janeane Garofalo in 45 minutes!

Abdullah's bottom line: The Arab world will take care of the

Why does Colin Powell need a "minder" with him like Saddam had in Iraq?

(now) I support MOST of the troops

In Memoriam: Donald Rumsfeld.

Privatizing Abu Ghraib (CACI, Titan, Pappas, Jordan, Israel, Stefanowicz)

How divided is our nation ?

Kerry wins the election in November.

INACTIVE Reserves being mobilized? - OR, WA, TN?

I think I've figured out Powell's rationale for sticking around...

In the meantime, Israel continues butchering of Palestinians

What did you think when Clinton appointed Wm Cohen as Sec of Defense?

Our Bill of Rights prohibits the use of torture.

Pay to Pray?

Repeat after me: "McCain is a Republican, not a Democrat."

Which style of governing do you prefer?

A quick McCain poll (even for those sick of McCain threads...)

Will Our Country's Lack Of Prestige And Lack Of Moral Highground...

When was the last time you heard of a Sadaam supporter?

Meet the Press Mccain worship...

McCain as VP... a different look...

Emily Miller -- remember DeLay's mob in Florida 2000?

The Big Dog to speak at University of Kansas, Lawrence on 5/20

The End Is Near.

Wes Clark voted for Reagan. Do we write HIM off, too?

ARizona DUers!! Are we gonna let Louisiana beat us??

Is this true or just more freeper crap?

Did Dubya's WH & Pentagon launch the Taguba Investigation as a coverup?

Anti-McCain people, answer/consider this please...

Twenty Reasons Why I Am Voting for Kerry

Ted Rall: Gone off the Deep End

Berg, Moussaoui & "Some Terrorist People"

anyone know where Kerry's campaign schedule is posted online?

I am not one given to outlandish predictions but......

Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry? (CNN POLL)

Republican National Committee Convention Schedule

USA Pulling out of Iraq, USA Pulling out of Iraq, Its a setup.

Lindsey Graham (sp) and John McCain are only ones to save us now!

Who's better McCain or Al Gore?

Exurbs? Do they help Repugs

Anyone see Whitman open a can of Whoopass

check out transcript of Powell/Emily/Russert imbroglio

Iraq backround I made *Big pic and graphic war violence warning*

There's a bug in the stew....

An intolerable free ride

2003 Senate voting records

Army slogans - and G.I. reality

Multi-Millionaire Bush And Cheney Disclosure Forms Friday-Dumped

Why is book "The New Pearl Harbor" getting so little attention?

60 Minutes segment on Bush funded Al-Whora

Where did the expression "drinking the Kool-Aid" come from, with Bush?

screen shot of Russert -- Palm Tree -- and transcript!

on a scale of 1 to 10 worst american moments, how does this rate?

Juan Williams is kicking FOX ass!

CNN just reported terrorist group just took more hostages.

Which Nationally-Known Reporter/Anchor/Newscaster Is The Most Balanced?

Favorite Adolph Hitler Quote

Rumsfeld's 'Secret Unit'.....can we call them nazis yet?

Your local news

If Kerry wins, will the the RWers still try an "Ultimate Freep" of DU?

Here it is in black and white, Bush knew.

I sure hope Kerry makes an ad using this

The Nation: Implausible Denial

Registering to Vote = Registering for the Daft

If we can get bionics working. Discuss KERRY/REAGAN ticket.

What was CNN like during the early to mid-nineties?

Is the economy really improving?

Great list of bush's accomplishments

Why Massachusetts?

White House memo shifts abuse inquiry’s focus

Great quote from 60 Minutes:

Will this put the McCain VP argument to bed?

The buck stops with Lynddie England. It was all her fault.

I feel sorry for Kerry.....

Bumpersticker blowout

Neo-con keyboard pecker calls for a draft

You ain't gonna like this.. but... "McCain urged to join Kerry ticket"

In light of recent developments, let's look at a Kerry/Giuliani ticket

Which well known male Fox Anchor do you think is gay?

Who will be killed next time Bush faces a crisis?

You gotta admit--Terrorists listen to Bush


Joe Biden (? - DE)

Latter Day Saints early interest in Socialism

I heard something interesting tonight

Kerry just said why he mentions John McCain's name !

Do the neocons have plans for a permanent military base in Iraq?

Can an American Theocracy and an Islamic Theocracy find common ground

Happy Birthday, Congressman John Conyers! He's 75 today!

Gas is $2.12 in Hawaii?? Lower than Cali?? Lower than Penn?

Wave of mental problems follows GIs home

Some Iraq questions:Why was Saddam insistent on a secular government?

Homework Help please: A Just War

more songs now at MOVELEFT.COM

If Arnold Schwarzenegger runs for president...

George Bush's biggest lack?

Defeat the Press: Powell aide tries to shut down Meet the Press Interview

Cheney's past defense cuts questioned

When will Kerry start debating Bush?

Colin Powell's Logic - Should US Leaders Apologize For Hate Crimes?

Will Kerry be facing McCain - Giuliani in '04

SO...what becomes of DU if/when Kerry wins?


Video of the "incident" on Meet The Press online?

BUSHCO...It's O.K. to call them Nazis now.

"Challenging Rightwing Rhetoric since 2004"

Janeane Garofalo likes John McCain!

Russert is nailing Powell...

Gay Marriage Comes To MA Tomorrow - As A Straight Male All I Can Say Is...

Congratulations to all. 1000 donations.

As liberals, can we really support the troops?

Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard Training Alongside Mercenaries

If Giuliani replaces Cheney, will NY go for Bush?

Here's an idea! Let's put a Pug at the bottom AND top of the ticket!

Simpsons tonight: Simpsons get jailed for treason!

Good News is Zogby News

U.S. Said to Embrace Alleged Nazi Allies

The difference between Bush and Clinton on Sex

Fellow former military DUers: Is it not laughable that only enlisted

CNN: "Columbine killer's parents: Don't need forgiveness"

An American, a Vietnamese, and a Laotian were sitting in a bar...

Promoting McCain as a VP option is good politics for Kerry

Opinions Please! What's next?

Do you really want to vote for Kerry?

I support This Solider-went AWOL and seeking CO because of prisioner abuse

Hersch Corroborrated: Jag Lawyers Say Their Warnings On Prisoners Ignored

I Don't Support Killing

Is the American system broken?

Media needs to be reminded about this bunch restoring DIGNITY

Thank you, DUers, for your generosity this fund drive!

Contemplate your bellybuttons: Millions of Americans will vote for Bush*

US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp (Gitmo)

Kerry pulls ahead of Bush in new poll

U.S. Using 132-Year-Old Law to Prosecute Greenpeace Over Protest Tactics

Pope Canonizes Symbol For Abortion Opponents

Fallujah sends delegation to meet Sadr

Utility's jet flies Rehnquist to give speech in Ohio

US seeks to protect weapons trafficker

BBV - Blind voters rip e-machines

Jordan's King: Iraq Closer to Civil War Than Year Ago

Kerry's Grandfather Left Judaism in Europe, New York Times Says

Once considered fringe, al-Sadr movement now leads anti-U.S. fight

Abuse scandal focuses on Bush Foundation:

Kerry Says He'll Toughen Trade Deals

US admits Shia unrest is 'uprising'

Female GI in abuse scandal felt nothing wrong was done

Al-Jazeera Shows Russian Hostages in Iraq

Ex-head of TDCJ set up Iraq jail

A people banished to the desert

NYTimes: Report claims Rumsfeld authorized Abuse, Pentagon denies claims

Rumsfeld Did It and Iraqis Want Him Out

Brazil vs. NYT: Lula's Illogical Logic

Three Gulity Of Conspiring To Buy Votes In NC Election

Explosions in central Baghdad near U.S. HQ

Riding Shotgun on a Pipeline

Gunmen kill three Iraqi women working for U.S.-led coalition

U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Attack

U.S. soldier killed by roadside bomb in Iraq

U.S. filmed torture at Guanatanamo

Guinea opposition leader may be plotting coup

I think that the more sly underhanded things come

Kuwait Approves Draft Law Giving Women the Vote


From The Hill: Hastert Rips White House


FBI Ponders Identity of 'Third Man' in N.Y. Incident

Coalition Evacuates HQ in Nasiriyah

Blair, Bush planning joint trip to Baghdad: report

Ex-prisoner on U.S. torture: 'I never saw such a thing under Saddam'

AP - Powell Scolds Aide After Talk Show Interview Interrupted

Russia Wants Faster Aid for 'Rotting' Nuclear Subs

Iraqi Clans Spurn U.S. Bucks For Abused Prisoners

'Lost' missiles litter Russian highway

Jordan's King: Iraq Closer to Civil War Than Year Ago | Reuters

Rice Says U.S, Russia on 'Same Page' Regarding Iraq

Rice Says U.S. Ready to Help Palestinians {dismisses Hersh accusation)

In policy reversal, US signals possible acceptance of theocracy in Iraq

Iran Strongly Condemns US Operations in Najaf, Karbala

Republicans optimistic Sens. Snowe, Collins give convention a 1-2 punch

Israel to Expand Operations in Gaza Strip

Michael Moore smuggled film crews into Iraq for Fahrenheit 9/11

Report: Syrians, 'equipment' were in N. Korea train blast

US calls on France to lead international fight against film piracy

7 GIs, Katusa arrested in 3 incidents (South Korea)

Giuliani's 9/11 testimony could hurt ties with Bush

U.S. Soldier Killed by Iraq Roadside Bomb

Blair faces 'war crimes' accusation

Bishop steps into church, state fray

Anti-abortion icon among six new saints

CIA Wrong on Iraq 'Mobile Labs,' Powell Says

Experts: JAG cut out of loop - Newsday

White House 'tried to ban film'

Afghanistan to have railways

Pentagon Seeks to Quash Iraq Abuse Report

Did Administration Construct Legal Foundation Clearing Way for Abuse

US still has moral authority: Rice

Bangladesh creates reserved seats for women

JAG Lawyers Say Political Appointees Ignored Their Warnings on Prisoners

The Roots of Torture

That site that can't be named doesn't want me there anymore :(


Noooo (topic:boxing)

This is my 5,000th post and I have a question for all of you!

I Have To Fly To Phoenix On Tuesday - Should I Pack A Parka?


Words of wisdom from Frank Zappa...

Has anyone seen this---beheaded Berg on FR's 'enemies list'

Good movie on – "The Men" Marlon Brando's first movie

I touched GrovelBot inappropriately...Forgive me Skinner, Please.

Ahh damnit! I just lost all of my bookmarks!!!

There seems to be some confusion...(repeat post) (I'm not leaving...)

Coolers and other girlie drinks.

OK I'll admit it I'm slow! I just noticed the donkey at the top of


Hey Ladies


If Ann Coulter was President

Breaking News: Ass is kicking horse's ass in head. No damage reported.

need east coast input on snl

may 16 insomniac thread

I finally got the full HBO on my room's DDR (Sopranos Spoiler thread)



Who else is resisting the urge to post


My little WHAT??!!??

Shark Tale

I lost two jobs in two days. ask me anything

Football fans/Patriots fans.....

Ladies and Gentlemen of DU, I give you: THE * FLIP-FLOP SMILIE!

My dog has a Scooby Doo towel He's sooooo spoiled

What? No GOOD MORNING DU thead?!?

Anybody going to listen to the "We Are The Future" concert on XM today?

Dying Pa. Man Confesses to 1995 Slaying

How much time should you spend in DU?

GooooooooooD SunDaY Morning!!!

Man Skips Sentencing to Play Poker

I FINALLY get to give my Mom her Mother's Day gift today.

Gasoline Humor

George W. Bush Center for the Study of Stripping

My cicadas have a fungus!

Does anyone have any summertime fun pics ?

Mountains or the beach?

Have you seen that Revlon commercial with all those stuck-up actresses?

Grim Call On Fatal Wreck a Mystery

World Cup of Hockey team unveiled - Canada

New Militant SPAM - "Christian Debt Removal"

How is it spelled?

If someone from RI gives a one time donation, I'll donate an extra $20

WIRED News: A Tightwad's Guide to Ad Blockers

Welcome Bailey! Now I need YOUR help!

Sunday Funny - Hilarious Corporate Names

Are there any fans of the lovely Joan Cusack here?

Geez, look at this picture of chimpy!

Anyone here know any good CARD TRICKS they can share?

Any DU Mudders out there?

Anyone here ever read Don DeLillo's RUNNING DOG?

So yesterday Congressman Sweeney offered me a job... in a couple years.

'I've never had good sex with a vegetarian'

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Why you should never post your picture on the internet . . .

Caution's Subversive Song of the Day

Helen Keller and re-arranging furniture?

How is it spelled?

HBD to Blondeatlast

Watch, as I die a quick death!!

Re-arranging furniture is like building pyramids, sorta.

Quentin Tarantino Wants to Tackle James Bond

Dreamed vs Dreamt

Which iteration of Law & Order is the best

I just donated to DU!!!!!!

Absinthians! I just ordered a bottle!

May 16, 1960

Good News for Postcards for our Troops...!

Favorite Tommy James tune?

Please help me, someone paosted a link to

When Kerry wins, will you change your DU name?

The World Belongs To Us

The Wit and Wisom of Archie Bunker

This Fall's TV Line-Up ("Boondocks" on Faux?!?)

Spelled or spelt?

My Fake "SPEED TRAP"...

Did anyone else notice that ...

Rochester Calder Cup Conference Final Playoffs pre-empted by:

Anyone yet doing a drinking game with "Deadwood"?

Yay! I finally got a copy of London's "The Iron Heel"

When I hit 'Ctrl Alt Delete' once I get a list of 19 items

I'm tired . .. I think it's time for a . . .

Wow, MS does far more than put in a software activation key...


Guess it's time...

Gods, Marvel has brought back the Invaders as a Rightwing Anti-Terror Team


I can't stop eating!

IPOD Advice!!

True modesty (picture)

What movie did you love that you're ashamed to admit to?

OK, before I list with my realtor this week...

Need Picture Of Bush With Arm Around McCain

Who remembers "Swiss Movement" the swingin' live album

Need some web site help

The Mugatu, Danny Bonaduce, Nancy Kerrigan & Tuna Melt Thread

Hey you lounge lizards!

The "modernized" Batman movie is on the SciFi channel

Bush & Cheney -- if only they were just a comedy team . . .

YEEEAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH! I'm in the ""Final Sixteen"

Two movies I'd love to find on DVD.

"Three O'clock high" is on TV - did you ever stand up to a bully?

Three more donations. THREE MORE DONATIONS!

End time is nigh Local Safeway playing Judas Priest

Is it time to make a poll?

How many votes will this poll get?

Help need hugs cuz I'm a major thread killer today

I told my wife last night that I want to take the family to Monty Python's

Check it out!!!!

Press release from Office of White House Physician

Psst -- Check out the fund drive thermometer...

Keith Richards WILL PLAY Johhny Depp's dad in "Pirates"sequel!

Trees Lounge

OMG!! I just saw a stand up triple!!

I donated for my mom CarreraMae! I hope she was the 1000!!! n/t

A question for freethinkers,

Anyone good a dealing with mis-directed stress?

Being an actor on TV or in the movies can't be that difficult.

DING!!!!!! 1,000 DONATIONS!

I want to apologize for not donating....

Bush gets in car after church, whacks Secret Service agent in head


I wear a little tin foil

The ribs, they are a smokin'!

Angelina Jolie Wallpaper, very nice :o

Test post for bmp image

rummy on mtv cribs


Is James Brown? Is Vanna White? Is Lorne Green?

I think Ted Rall has lost it

Mr. Helpful.... anyone seen this site?

Watching "Fight Club" for the first time ever on DVD

It's time for the Pretentious Olympics: Music division

I put myself on ignore, but I still see my threads, what's up with that?

Electric, or manual Razor

NATO Cat Patrol In Kabul

What do you do to conserve?

I love love love UPS backup power!!!

Carter wasn't crazy:

Question about Linux - Red Hat

May 16, 1963

Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry? (CNN POLL)

What is the right age to get married?

Best canceled Comedy Central show

going back on promises - religion

I'm listening to "Jungle Love" I listening to...

Any Godzilla Fans in the house?

Need Advice

Ben Fscking Sheets! 18 K's! Brewers Win 4-1!

I LOVE New York!

DVD or Video?

Did yer parents ever make something that might as well have been poison?

Women: Shave, wax, other, neither?

Out of the top 10 places to have fun, which place do you like the best?

Tonight We Put Away The Pistons And Turn Towards Indiana

Hey Lazarus,

th damn k y is brok n on my k yboard

just saw Carlin tonight.

Who is bbqing today ?

What was Darrell Hammond's deal in the last skit?

Does anyone else have Sunday night depression?

boxing fans.....

What scares you about me most?

What's the SCRABBLE value of your full first name?

i'm nearly computer illiterate so...

The Hidden Intellect of all CAPTIONS!!!

A language even dogs and cats and musicians can understand. Please CAPTION

How old are you? an Anonymous Poll

What's the MEANING of your first name?

Men: Shave, wax, other, neither?

Should John McCain be spanked?

Carson Kressley (Queer Eye) fun facts

Crushes you are quite proud of

Thank you, DUers, for your generosity this fund drive!

What type of Dem are you?


Latin or Russian: Which language do you think is more useful to learn?

I have been sitting here watching all of the "Veep" threads...

Why Isn't Kerry Doing A Little Bit Better Than However Well He Is Now?

John Kerry is BEATING Shrub Soundly and it's only MAY!!!

DRAFT spoof

Pioneers Fill War Chest, Then Capitalize

Since we haven't had a new McCain thread in the last 10 minutes...

Who here believes that the "capture" of Osama Bin Laden might just

McCain VP talk is a red herring - It keeps the hounds away.

Oregon poll (Kerry: 38%, Bush: 34% or Bush: 44%, Kerry: 39%)

How many primaries left to go? Then it will be a 100% together democratic

New Newsweek poll - look then take it

GENext poll (also in Newsweek)Bad news 4 George

Kerry leads Bush among likely voters in Ohio (Kerry: 49, Bush: 42)

Kerry : Why Did the Admin.Base a Key Justification for War on Discredited

Media Alert: 5/16 C-Span: Clark in Alabama for Kerry 5/11

Kerry's liberal credentials

Why not Zell Miller for VP?

I dreamed of John Kerry last night - a naughty dream!

Who's more unethical? McCain or Miller?

Michigan voters cool off on Bush, war (Bush: 44, Kerry 40)

RNC ad compares Kerry to Cicada!!!!

Is it possible for us to pick up Colorado this year?

This election, unlike 2000, may be a rout

Wes Clark on C-Span now - a great speaker!

Should McCain be part of the Kerry Administration?

Why not Edwards?

John Edwards kicks right wing arse and defends John Kerry (this is good)

Nader on Wolfie

Could not convince two Nader supporters of the error of their ways

Latest Zogby Poll has *ush dropping like a rock