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Archives: May 14, 2004

The Man Who Stayed Too Long - WSJ's Al Hunt

Election night toon

Pentagon propagandists prop up presidential prevarications

Krugman: A Crude Shock (Oil Crunch)

To Help Restore U.S. Standing, Rumsfeld Must Take the Fall (Max Boot! LAT)

Democracy Muffled

Protest Dick Cheney in Palm Beach County - tomorrow - 9AM

Janeane Garofalo interview

Everyone, hand out flyers after "Day After Tomorrow" movie

Interview with Janeane Garofalo

DU Heart Healthy Club

Handing out flyers after "The Day After Tomorrow"

Florida's Crime Rate Down For 12th Straight Year

hi admins... could you tell me how to...

My question is here:

Questions & Observations re: Berg beheading

Wanna buy a SUV? It's only $40,000, and that's the starting bid.

Legislature predictions for this election?

Should I send this to the KQRS morning show?

Republicans in Orange County?

Lakefront Owners' Group pressures Bush to order Taft on "property rights"

I just met Kerry's regional field organizer for Summit and Stark

POLL RESULTS: If you can believe them, John Kerry now leads Bush in OHIO!

Well GOOD NIGHT everybody

Whetstone To Challenge Gonzalez

Proof Positive, Jesus is a democrat...take that you fundamentalist pricks!

I have declared war on zombies!!!

Are ANY of these reasons AGAINST outsourcing invalid?

Buchanan in Tweety: He had some pointers for Kerry that made sense

Question for anyone whoses familiar with islam

Richard Ben-Veniste in my alumni newsletter....

E-Mails From U.S. Consulate in Iraq to Bergs

Are cheap white plastic chairs and yellow walls real common in Iraq?

Olbermann's Sound Bites-Jesse Ventura looked like Charles Manson

When can we expect Plame related indictments?

I just saw the video...

New truthout Writer Kicks Ass! 'Shaft the Reservists, Spare the Spooks'

On the baner ad for the DU fundraiser

Kerry Missing an Opportunity

I will make a wager that Osama gets captured real soon, they

"this war was a mistake" bandwagon

yet another discrepancy - Berg pics have socks, then no socks

Regarding Gold jewelery and islam

DU Guilt - Book me a "guilt trip" first class!

Arianna Huffington on Majority Report NOW 9:30pm

CNN.Com Friend: Berg says he was in US custody

Now THIS puts things into perspective...

How many McVeigh's have been spawned in this war?

Quote from a Bushie at work: "Bush is unelectable."

Kerry on Faux News Now!

BREAKING: pResident Bush decapitated Nick Berg with the help of the UFOs!

Any links to translation of the speech given on the Berg snuff film yet?

Jeanine Garofalo just said it is not "Joementum" but "Joeynertia" LOL n/t

Bumper sticker I saw today: "President Bush: Integrity Restored"

Richard Myers - Chain of Command

England says she was told by superiors to pose with leash, etc

A tip on how to deal with all the Berg threads

Berg's father put's out sign, "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER" on lawn!

Rumsfeld's arrogance is beyond belief!

I had forgotten about this. But Daschle did say that there is extremism

On the Chimp's Osama flip-flop, is there a news source for the quotes?

Kerry blames Bush

Best West Virginia Female Soldier in Iraq

Here. These are for you Scumfeld. Hope this catches on

Post THE most ludicrous tinfoil hat Berg story you've heard here.

I'm not voting for Bush but I find Kerry uninspiring......

Do you invest in the stock market?

Bill O'Reilly is a big, blubbering, -------

The Tide Has Turned

Blair urged to loosen ties with US

"Stick it to them" May 19

Bush is in trouble, Kerry is not honest, Nader is Reform party, not Green

Some possible lessons learned about the Iraq debacle...

Judge Denies Bid to Stop Gay Marriages - Fundies vow to go to SCOTUS

Americans for Democratic Action - voting records of candidates

Compuware pay cuts for programmers-isn't Compuware involved w/BBV?

NC DUers Heads-up (Winston-Salem area) Cheney Visit Next Monday

Martha fights back...decks Julia Child...

Rummy: 'I'm a survivor'. Yeah, you ain't in the fuckin war

Antiwar Group Protests Torture in Front of Rumsfeld's House

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012

I am so fucking pissed off.....

ha ha, Republican Natl Committee Convention Schedule

Wes Clark & Madeline Albright events for Martin Frost (D-TX)

Slip Slidin Away. Down the Slippery Slope.

Sessions (R-TX) slumping, Frost (D-TX) swings hot bat

I did not watch the video. Did Al-Zarqawi limp? He has only one leg

Countdown: new PICTURE shows MI and MP organizing abuse during

DiCaprio's on board

"It was hard to tell what orifice you were looking at in the pictures"

Where is the soldier telling Rummy to go?

William Kristol coming up on Daily Show

Nightline (05/13/04) - Secret CIA prisons overseas, doing who knows what

Reservist Fights for Life in Baghdad Hospital

Nightline-Secret CIA Prisons

Please tell me how Berg was captured, why he was detained by US & etc...

Is the phrase "DINO" overused here on DU?

Did anyone else notice the Hilary Clinton slam on Angel?

Minn. State Workers to Get Canadian Drugs

What ever happened to that 9/11 Commission?

Cheeky bastards!!!

Right on Cue, the New York Post: "FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!"

Another Conservatives switches... Michael Savage

Poor babies

An event with the local freep paper

Someone stole my Kerry sticker; hope it was for a good cause.

If Rumsfield were the one with a panty on his head

Oh, lord...the Lynndie England sex video?!?

One of the American torturer is a black guy?

Senator Jack Reed Is Frying Wolfowitz On C-Span

re Inhofe's statements on torture 5/11 - porno found on senate computer

unmistakeable sign that the tide has turned . . .

On The $25 Billion Request

LOL! Bush doesn't want to "cloud his thinking"!

27% of working adults in Texas have NO health insurance

this is too funny and is NOT politically correct

A former journalist's view of the Berg footage

Question for the faked video people.

The NAZI HYDRA in America...

When did the term "elite media" creep into our national rhetoric?

Fad inventors should be boiled alive in hot oil

The website that posted the butchering of Nick Berg has been shut down

Questions -- Berg's computer password and why the masks?

NY Times prints letters on Thomas Friedman's switch against Iraq War

What is the story/history of this image, Please ?

Here's my Berg conspiracy theory

what was result of rummyass's visit to iraq?

I argued with my Biology teacher about Civil Liberties today...

Has any official come up with an explation for the orange jumpsuit

Is there no cure for the religiously insane?

Beth A. Payne of the US Consulate in Iraq exists!

Arrested Israeli "mover" is son of Likud Party spokesman

EVERY Du researcher MUST see this thread in LBN !!! NOW

National Poll shows support for Impeachment

The Pentagon just Scared Congress Half to Death

Catholic Voters Guide from

A tale of Two Candidates - a Timeline

Decapitation video another Bush/CIA FRAUD!!

BBV - Elections official warns glitches may scramble vote auditing - ES&S

What's going on with Major league baseball??

I am not a Nazi. I am an American

Berg email from consulate - save this image

Bill Kristol on "The Daily Show" says Kerry shouldn't be elected because

Will there be protests against Bush at the Olympics?

The point about lack of training isn't as lame as we think

OCTAVIA NASR discussing Berg incident ; CNN transcript.

What's the most significant aspect of DU to you?

Intresting thing on Randi Roades Show... soldiers temporarily converted t

Will ex-President Bush face prosecution?

Return of the White Wall Mart Chair

March NBC story said White House turned down chances to go after Zarqawi

Will JFK II reveal who killed JFK I?

Who makes you embarrassed to have on our team?

DU reader declares video NOT a fake. A technical analysis.

BBV: news about Riverside, California and the lawsuit

Heard on Randi Roades Show, caller claims soldiers lent to private firms

Head Start Salary Pay Gets Renewed Scrutiny

Leader of 1986 Hijacking Plot Sentenced to Life in Prison

Pentagon report faults policies on sexual assaults

SpaceShipOne makes third rocket-powered flight

House Votes to Lock In Part of Tax Cut

dupe - sorry :(

WP: Congress Hesitant to Give a 'Blank Check'

BBC (early Friday): Britons tell Bush of 'US abuse' at Guantanamo

No More Jail Terms for Drug Possession--Moscow Times/New WMW

FBI Interviewed Berg on Possible Moussaoui Link

WP: Numbers, History Bode Ill For Bush

Bush reaches out to GOP lawmakers

Don't Buy Gas on May 19th!!!

Wave of mental problems follows GIs home

Blair urged to loosen ties with US

Grad student decodes redacted portions of Aug 9th PDB

New Iraqi Gov't Can't Expel U.S. Troops

WP: Beheading Victim 'Loved Adventure and Risk'

WP: Wolfowitz Draws Democrats' Ire

BBV - Elections official warns glitches may scramble vote auditing - ES&S

Election Panel Won't Impose New Spending Limits on Groups

Roh impeachment overturned

Gang indictment includes terror charges

Maytag CEO Says U.S. Workers Must Cut Costs

Kerry views Iraq abuse images, blames Bush

Oil prices jump above $41 a barrel

NDP takes Hamilton seat from Ontario Liberals - Globe and Mail

Executioner wore gold ring - forbidden by Islam

Photo may show intelligence officers in charge (New photo)

NYT: U.S. Soldier Paints a Scene of Eager Mayhem at Iraq Prison

Pakistani investigated for possible terror ties (Tx)

Danish nurses saw results of brutal treatment of Iraqis by British troops

Israeli missile strikes kill 19 Palestinians

Ok, this is a "welcome" thread...I'm Mad_Russian, and I'm happy to be here


Navel Lint --- Any Hints?




Show me your Kerry stickers!

Bugs Bunny actor arrested after standoff

Bush brandishes imaginary spliff, approves of jobs, forms Asian committee

What kind of inanimate (or just no longer alive) object would you be?

Rupert! Rupert! Rupert!

Naval Stint --- Any Hints?

Where's the Atom and His Package fans?!?

The following song is now stuck in my head....

Question for those in the S.F. Bay Area.

Does Dan Rather Need PolyGrip?

"Donnie Darko" - who were you in HS? Donnie? His sister? The bunny?

Which country makes the best wine?

The In-n-Out Double Double w/ Cheese Meal and Cuddly Kittens Thread

I figured it out: Dr Phil IS Dabney Coleman with the toupee off!!!

Spoiler Winner of the Million on Survivor been announced

Anybody Gots Any Gasoline and Matches?

I don't like the Flyers black jerseys.

NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST!!!!!(Survivor Spoiler)

I am married to a fellow DUer...

South Park: Don't Forget To Bring A Towel!

Favorite Ayn Rand song?

I see trees of green,

Do You Gesticulate?

God, I miss Doug.

Can anyone explain to me how to make dumplings

What makes the Evil Kitties so mean?

BREAKING: pResident Bush decapitated Nick Berg with the help of the UFOs!

Massive quantities of Haldol and Thorazine needed in GD *stat*!

Do you like to argue?

Question about air travel

Daily Show on Now

78 degrees, 65 degree dew point, 66 percent humidity = yuck!

My right hand is sore, ask me anything!

I'm the bastard son of Grovelbot, ask me anything!

Gandalf for president!!

Someone explain to me how I can fly in a dream.

I am so fucking pissed off.....

Are the moderators still keeping tabs on our deleted posts?

is it, 'unbefuckinglievable', or, 'unfuckingbelievable'?

If you hired a stand-up comedian to perform for you & your friends...

My Semester is done.

I Don't Care If He Is Paul McCartney

If thongs are made criminal, Only criminals will wear thongs!

How many watched the last Frasier tonight?

we need help getting photo of Berg with the 5 men standing behind him and

Al Franken is so cool! (spoilers)


This week's reunion shows:

So What SHOULD We Do With That Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs?

Any other GIS freaks in the Lounge? Wanna start a collective?

Lewis Black is kicking ass.

For those of you who just saw Jon Stewart interview Kristol

You can have Lynndie England on your chest ANYTIME!

What if Jesus ran for office as a democrat?

Are images not loading on DU?

I want to have Derek Fisher's babies nt

Turkish Star Trek!

Does anyone else think Letterman's top 10 list is a big bore?

Cthulhu's bride thanks

Frasier has left the building

I really liked "Hellboy"

How much is Free Republic worth to you? (PLEASE READ)

Even the lounge isn't safe anymore!

9 months in Arabia

they day I met "Roz" from Frasier...

We are horrible people - we forgot to wish this person Happy Birthday!!!!!

i do not like green eggs and ham

Fellow DUer has "JS. downloader.Trojan", needs help

"Army Of Darkness'...favorite Campbell quote:

"Daddy..what's a lesbian?"

I'm watching a horrifying show on the History Channel.

Ever have someone compliment you on your underarm deodorant?

good ideas or not?

How long do you take in the shower/tub...

FINALLY! A Flash movie worth sharing. Entertain yourselves

may 14 insomniac thread

Will Smarty Jones win the 2nd Crown ?? ....

Oldest dish you still use?

The "24 Hour Kittens, We Never Close" and Nascar Thread!

Favorite quote from "Airplane!"?

How do you like your orange juice

Anyone have that study posted today that 1 in 20 Americans smoked pot?

Someone explain to me why planes fly?

Flame on!!! I love the Grateful Dead - I'm a fuckng DeadHead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why you should never post your picture on the internet!

I am so fucking pissed off I missed the Lakers game!!!

Hummer jokes

Ayn Rand -- conservative or liberal?

DiCaprio's on board

A question about electicity for physics buffs/ electricians

Name your favorite Film Directors and THEN...

We call people with doctorate degrees "doctor".

I Think DU Needs A Slogan...

I humbly request your prayers this evening and Fri morning

Kerry on Fox with Colmes now.

If Kerry wins it'll be primarily due to what?

More Kerry VP rumors

Reassessing: Right now, looks like the most important campaign '04 issue

Kerry's "Lay low" or "Rope-a-Dope" strategy, which seems smart

Latest Poll: Kerry 50 Bush 45

Media alert Arron Brown will soon discuss Kerry's Veep selection.

Arkansas Primary is Tuesday

Kerry's Campaign Theme

"I think that I'm more conservative than they are"

Cali, NY, Illinois and other blue staters....Donate to Ohio Dem party.

Lucky Kerry got to take the General home with him!

Vets who know Bush best rally for Kerry in Texas.

Whether you like Gep or not you have to give him credit...

Who do you predict will win your county?

Howard Dean to campaign with John Kerry again (info on Kucinich also)

Why is Kucinich still campaigning?

By the way, are the Democrats running anyone against Bush?

I thought he SUCKED in the primaries...

The dirty war that doesn't exist - Chechnya

NYT Editorial: The Wrong Direction

Let's Base Our Party Platform on Irony

Could N. Berg's execution be fake? | Pravda

Nicholas Berg's Death - NYT OpEd

Why I no longer back Bush's war (Toronto Sun)

The Seeds Of a Rights Scandal In Iraq by President Jimmy Carter

Extra! Extra! Read nothing about it! (Rumsfeld swears off information)

Robert Novak May 13th column

The handover of power ceremony

Shaking The Timbers Of The House Of Saud (BusinessWeek Online)

In Iraq, We Have Entered The Heart of Darkness -- Don Williams

Man, you gotta love American Nazi's.

"Trojan War Shows Bush and Blair's Achilles' Heel Say Actors"

Bush has no excuse in abuse scandal : Andrew Greeley


The BERG-HEADING: "helpful wave of national idignation" in the Wash Post

La. Bill Would Ban Low-Slung Pants

Rummy compares himself to Abe Lincoln

wesPAC group to meet....

"Greet" Andy Card in Maine Friday

Code Pink For President!

Try "Open Line" talk show online this Sunday morning!

Black hole of charisma

Novak Parachuting on Crossfire

Rock Against Bush Vol. 1 was the #1 indie album in America last week!

Have you ever created a May Altar?

just a test.... please ignore

Military Slogan: Support the Troops - Impeach Rumsfeld

June 8 Venus Transit - A Breakthrough of Intuitive Awareness

Inflation is back - First 4 months this year is a 4.4% annual rate!

Economics experts: inflation question.

EPA Inspector General Demands Review Of Mercury Emissions Plan

"Green On The Outside, Red On The Inside" - When Wingers Attack!

Air Pollution Produces Genetic Mutations - Science

Oregon State Surveys Underwater Volcanic Range, Watches Eruption

National Park Superintendants Ordered To Stick To Bush Talking Points

Watching For Quakes In World's Most Densely Populated Fault Zone

Two Snakehead Fish Caught In Potomac River In Last Week

Collision, Five-Mile Oil Slick In Strait Of Magellan

Bushbots Dangle "Endangered" Banner From SUV Caravan

Feral Pigs Running Hog Wild Across United States

humor me: on your part of the world, has it been more windy than usual?

Russian Oil Policy Turning Away From United States - NYT

Allies present Taiwan's bid for WHO observership

Dbn running out of burial space - SA

Chocolate war erupts in Côte d'Ivoire

Feelings mixed on Indonesia's end to Aceh martial law

Pakistani investigated for possible terror ties (Tx)

Intrusions on privacy in America.

Did the media actually learn something?

More pro-gun democratic action...

New law means more felons will have their crime on their record

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 14, 2004

US prosecutes Greenpeace under 1872 law

So who hasn't contributed to DU yet?

Democrat Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bill

Pro-gun liberal Democrats, post here!

House sends bill banning gun owner lists to Bush

Man gets 10 days probation for sex with 12-year-old in Central Florida

Can we have a new forum?

How will I know my PayPal donation ...

Okay. I donated.

Oh how I long for the "hide thread" option, here at BergUnderground

A question about dupe threads in GD

Server overloads

User statistics of DU?

Silence in the Courtroom

Israeli army to demolish hundreds of homes in Rafah

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in Gaza Blast-Militants

Kevin Nealon, Laura Kightlinger, Tenacious D, at Kerry benefit in LA!

Latest Strib Poll: Kerry over Bush by 12 Points!

Running backwards as fast as we can

HTML Help for the Clueless and the Interested..and it's FUN

FROM ODP - Help Register to Vote and See Blink 182 for Free!

displaced technical people please read, need your help

Hart: Fury over photos overstated

The blinders are off finally !! My local paper.

Philly sports fans: What would you like to see first?

Texas Teens Arrested In Desecration Of Byrd Grave

Is Income Tax the Answer to Pay for Schools?

I'll be flying in to Austin

(Dallas) KLIF-AM "support the troops" rally Saturday

Texas Senators See New Iraq Abuse Photos

KLBJ 590 AM reporting that the special session will not pass...

Ed Garvey's website for Wisconsin

My LTTE in Milw Journal today

Nethercutt launches longshot U.S. Senate campaign

Freepers: Beheading of Berg good for bush...must read!!!

Very strange new data re Nick Berg and FBI

Prison Abuse: An MI Officer Sounds Off Geneva Convention did not apply

Want to read the Geneva Conventions?

Thank you, Senator Byrd

I am speaking in NYC this weekend and could use advice

What is the single most disgusting action of the Bush admin?

Anybody going to watch the C-Span "Intellingence Sharing" stuff now?

Oooh.... oooh....

Why is death by beheading worse than death by beating or electricution?

This maybe old news to you, but I just read this.

Why would al-Qaeda supply Berg with an orange prison suit?

Here's a Jimmy Carter editorial of interest

Air America

Bush: Missions Accomplished

Dupe ... Mods: Please delete.

Is Al Franken's debate w/Ann Coulter

I guess the Coast Guard didn't get Bush's memo

The Nightly Show with Jon Stewart

Where do I put pertinent but not latest issues

Bill Kristol on the Daily show...

Bernie Ward is giving a Freeper

Would Berg's job

Help me defend Clinton...

New Abu Ghraib Photo Shows Possible SAS (British Intelligence) Involvement

Does anyone know anything about Berg's in-law in Mosul?

online card sites

Kerry Opens Lead In Ohio (according to ARG)

RIAA vs Chippewa Falls High School prom committee

Doctor claims video of Berg beheading 'fake'

CBS just aired photo of Berg family/Iraqi consulate email...

These are the idiots who call themselves journalists

Justice Department tries to block access to DNA tests for convicts!

Could someone summarize for me the Kerry's foreign policy project ?

Poll: "Is Bush doing the right things to address Iraqi prison scandal?"

Freerepublic quoting Joe Lieberman Now.....

Let's compare these two photos:

Did Iraq(Saddam) give funding to Al-Qaeda to aid in terrosit operations?

Steve Bell on Bush and Abu Garib (cartoons)

one of the guards talks about funtime at abu ghraib prison

Has the media quit announcing the number of US soldiers dead?

Karen Hughes strikes again in the NYTimes

Brian Lamb talks about "elite media"

The same Berg video is watched by all with different conclusions

Stay Clam, Remain Focused - This Election IS Kerry's to Lose

I wanna see the pics of Lyndie England Having Sex

C-Span 7:23 a.m.: Wingnuts gone wild!

John Kerry: Radical Internationalist

up now on Stern: Fred Phelps family( vs gays Family Feud

Berg in a Wal-Mart Chair?

Re: Berg, here is something I thought about and it may be off the

Question: Time to start a single thread for the Berg murder coverage?

"In a bizarre coincidence..."

conspiracy theories abound. well no frikkin' wonder!

I see no one is stopping the nazis today

I keep hearing repukes say there are over 300,000 troops fighting terror?

Non Sequiter on America(ns) and the UN relationship

If you Google search "Lying prick" ...

These could be prisons full of liberals

So freeptrolls heres one for ya

America's military coup

'Let Us Have Faith' Why Rumsfeld must stay (a democrat wrote this)

Hanging Out the Troops: Col Hackworth

ACLU Requested Information on Prisoner Abuses in October

Lou Dobbs says if the CIA says its true that should be sufficient...

Freeper gets her picture on Reuters while cheering for Rummy

If the Iraq puppet govt asks us to stay

"Nicholas Berg died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld,"

Are you listening to Jim Hightower's description of Urinal Commercials?

This company supports the liberal cause - support them!

Forget al-Zarqawi voice match - al-Zarqawi has one leg!

Pollsters: Kerry aside, Bush is in trouble

The sexual torture videos will be used to blackmail Iraqi officials

C-Span: 9:10 Rich Lowry , National Review:ELITE conservatives

My favorite thing to tell republicans...

Anyone know a good Iraqi blog?

FBI Says It Warned Nick Berg To Leave Iraq

Modern Conservativism: "Just FORGET all that 'past' stuff..."

Wolfowitz admits inhumane interrogation

GOP ~ Shut Up ~ You are endangering Americans world-wide

how aware of DU are the freeper masters?

Polls Show Bush's Job-Approval Ratings Sinking

Bush's one hand is unaware of what his other hand is doing.

Bush* has driven the car of state into a ditch says top GOP pundit

Dick Cheney at FSU; did anything happen?

does bush qualify for hell?

Compare and contrast (* statements):

Regarding the you-know-who's "enemies list" & Berg - a concern

Republicans to Rally for Rumsfeld in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday

Fox news is the F-word network.

Two Unrelated Questions... I Could Probably Google Them Myself

My Letter In Today's LA Times:

Berg's Father Blames Bush & Rumsfeld

Red flags raised months ago by prison guards at other facilities in Iraq

Anybody hear about this new Newsweek poll?

follow the bouncing Dow....

Designer Virus Stalks HIV

a lost and confused punk band.....awwwwwwwww, how pathetic

I just got my 2004 Party platform survey in the mail today!

Anybody been to this map lately?

Who believes the following?

Bush stopped CIA from killing al-Zarqawi?

So are we going to legalize hazing now?

The Statistic USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll Didn't Want You to See...

Iraqi Tells of U.S. Abuse, From Ridicule to Rape Threat

Air America Bumpstickers, shirts, etc available

"Al Queda" Websites?

Blood spray patter pics link?

HORNSWAGGLED!!! ... by President George W. Bush

Mass anti- American march in Cuba

Liberals: A Haiku by Ann Coulter

Berg Murder what I see

"Lcpl Boudreaux killed my dad then he knocked up my sister!"

The day after ( movie ) can be a great PR about global warming

Graner (torturer of Iraqis) is an asshole in real life too!

Found link for English translation of Berg Video.

Good article on Berg - are we making things unnecessarily complicated

The Latest Attack on Mrs. Kerry

Is the Franken - Coulter debate going to be broadcasted?

Bush's subversion of the Department Of Labor

Berg as expiation for America's torture campaign doesn't

Bush ads in Michgan? (Bradley Fighting Vehicle)

Yet another Berg execution theory

Can Kerry's May Ad Buy be (in part) Behind Bush's Sinking Poll Numbers?

Cost of War

The latest swing states poll numbers - summary

Of Tennis Shoes & Sneakers

so whatever happened with the May 8 Medicine Wheel ceremonies?

Which term best describes al Qaeda?

White chairs used in Iraq by people other than the military...

Bush 41 = cheap huckster pic

The Saddam in Rumsfeld’s Closet

Cheney shown on CNN crowing about the Berg murder....

9-11 versus 9-1-1

BBV - Indian EVM compared with Diebold

Did any US news organizations interview released prisoners frm Abu Ghraib?

Something a little different

Kerry the War Criminal

When in Trouble, Attack the "Liberal Media"...

War supporters cynically try to use Berg image to wipe away Abu Graib

Where can I see the Berg video?

We really are the Nazis according to newly released documents

The infamous White Chair is evidence of...

MSNBC Poll: Is Donald Rumsfeld a liability to Pres. Bush's reelection

Rumsfeld took questions from the troops yesterday. Sorta.

just saw bush's first positive campaign ad

What is your concept of hell?

Indian EVM compared with Diebold

Fringe-right WV columnist defending Lynn England

Jimmy Carter has more brains in his little finger...

Torture?? Not torture??

J'Accuse: Abu Ghraib and Peoples of Conscience

Wag the 'Decapitation' Dog

calling cyber sleuths

A Patriotic American Speaks - please share this if worthy

Bishop: No Communion for Pro-Choice Voters

Berg's parents refused permission to be at Dover to greet son's body...

Limbaugh just called U.S.A.S. activists "maggot-infested DOPE SMOKERS"

HERE YA GO! "a helpful wave of national idignation" in the Wash Post

Well, it looks like Bush has only two more things to accomplish

RW Tactics 101: Berg and Abu Ghraib

Poppy bush disagrees with idiot son?

David Cross on Majority Report with Janeane and Sam tonight

Start spreadin' the news:

Can people throw out some interesting alternative news websites

If you would like to send your condolences to the Berg Family

Are we all in danger of catching the Plague ? (Black Death)


CIA does a half assed job to incriminate bush?

Dennis Hastert's memoir coming out

Cafe Press market indicator: Kerry is doing far better than W

Motives of the Bush & co for working with the Nazis

OK! Who's seen this one? ("Pershing" freep-spam and my response)

Ashcroft on CNN now talking about Berg

When Repugs say they are disgusted by the pictures, do they...

I cannot believe this: USA Today founder goes anti-*

Gas Prices and China - Another Lie

What has the War in Iraq cost your STATE?

CAPTION: Which way is up, George?

Intuitive Bush Vs Pragmatic Kerry. A No Brainer;


I just completed a Zogby on-line poll

WAR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again....

CONGRATULATIONS Bush*! New oil Record! $41.10

Lynndie England Photo: What the Heck is on the Table?

Colin Powell on Sunday's "Meet the Press" (5/16) (and, bonus joke!)

History says Bush is going down in November

Cicadas: the new sharks?

Photo savy DU'ers

I think the flip-flop issue is hurting Chimpy more than Kerry

If the price of gas remains at $2 per gallon, how much extra ...?

Declare Victory and Get Out Now!!!!

The question on Berg: Who benefits from his video death?

More Freeper hypocrisy... surprised?

For those who discount the White Chair.

Powell is getting some hard questions from the International Press...

For all of you who thought Condi's been quiet....

Who uses orange prison garb? Americans or Terrorists?

"I do not ever want to see another American killed on TV, we need to get

Randi Rhodes Friday Bouncing

whoever said bush is ignorant??

New Photoshop Image....'Caged' (115kb)

Where's Rice been?

New CNN/Time poll Kerry leads 51-46

the problems with Catholicism from a CO religious right forum

Bets anyone?

DU Family, Keep those Fires Going....

No luck finding out why Berg went to U of Ok.

Here's what my barber had to say....

Buzzflash weighs in on Berg murder.

have you heard about 'prayerwalking'? - esp for those in CO

Boycott 4th july celebrations!!!

Breaking News! three techniques removed from list of interrogation methods

a good way to know spin is coming on

Will the Senate fillibuster the killing of your spouse, mother or child?

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012

What if Canada invaded us?

I bought "The Politics of Truth" yesterday....

BBV on NPR's Science Friday


Caption 'scape-goated' General Karpinski in Abu Gharib prison

why the admiration for colin powell?

DU spell check wants to change freepers to creepers..LOL

Lol, rightwingnuts have their own Berg conspiracy theories!

Bush Assures Americans Iraq Sovereignty Near

Guesses on what the admin Friday PM data dump/policy revisions will be?

Is Big Brother Watching Your Home Theater?

Avoid the Gold Star Stigma

The Bush Doctrine: Ignorance By Design.

I just talked to the DNC and they are upbeat about the polls and...

If I heard right, Montel just said perhaps the scariest thing I've ever

Nuclear terrorist attack in a major US urban center

Hannity plays audio of berg beheading

Online video of Lynndie England interview..

Remember May 19

Louisiana Legislature weighs Bill to criminalize Low rise and Baggy pants

John Kerry holds children like a father. bush? Like they're aliens.

BIG: Police union that backed Bush in 2000 DUMPS him and ENDORSES Kerry

What's the deal with Zell Miller?

Breast-Feeding May Protect Against Heart Disease

Police Union endorses Kerry

How many of these swiftvets against Kerry are legit?

A wounded soldier returns home

Anyone going to a Kerry house party May 22?

Gen. Janis Karpinski's priest rats her out

Vatican Warns Catholics Against Marrying Muslims

Tonight's most probable lead story: Gas prices

Looks like they're going to keep higher up names out of torture story

Will Repuke candidates for House/Senate abandon Bush--new CNN poll...

Energy Independence, Health Care Overhaul, or 2 Liberal Justices?

 Could N. Berg's execution be fake?, Pravda article about the Berg video

Accountability in the International Courts for Every Country but the U.S.

Is Air America in trouble?

Well, looks like Raytheon didn't hire me to write for their newsletter....

RW talk radio: Berg was in cahoots with Zacharias Massoui!!

How has Kerry been polling in California? n/t

Area couple may acquire Air America

Bush tells the truth...for a Wisconsin

Nick Berg/Rumsfeld/Prison scandal time line

War President trying to change his tune to *compassionate*

"bush's polls are down, so why isn't Kerry doing better?"

Considering how well Rove's strategies are current;ly going

So, what part of corporate America are you boycotting?

bush*co. '04 Election Campaign Hired Mercenaries? I Need a Link Please.

Montel just said in effect it has been proved that people who are cruel

Bush has spent a lot of money to be going backwards??

Latest Zogby Poll-Bush Approval at 42%

A friend just got call from reporter asking for help writing Reagan's obit

500k jobs may soon become available.

Nothing is out of the political ballpark for Republicans.

Randi B-slapping another Freeper

Forgive Me For Asking - Was An Autopsy Done On Nick Berg?

Can Kerry win without doing a damn thing until September?

Will they be able to suppress the "other" Iraq prison photos?

The question is real simple...Are you better off now than 4 years ago?

Will The NRA Endorse Kerry?

Orange jumpsuit...all they needed was a credit card

Why I can respect McCain, but not Lieberman or Miller...

Air America News: Ashcroft's statement: Berg not connected to terrorism

If and when Nick Berg's autopsy comes out...

Question: Do Executive Orders go in numerical order?

To all Religious Officials: Freedom to vote should be free from religion

Randi talking about Clinton's accomplishments

USA Today founder destroys Unelected Chimp

"he never should have even gone there..." - rofl

Did you guys hear that idiot male caller on CSPAN that said women....

DU kicks Elephant's butt.~~ Look up ~ GOP elephant is on it's back

Blast from the Past: Flowers in Basra, April 2003

Nick Berg video and voice analysis: question

A Handy Rebuttal for the Human Rights Argument

How to have an effective discussion....DFA links to Kos thread on Dozen.

Buzzflash musings on the Berg video

DU this MSNBC Poll-Is Rummy hurting Bush's reelection chances?

How far will Bush & Co go?

Hey, people: those of us who can, LET'S DONATE TO DU NOW! see how the

John F. Kennedy's Speech To Baptist Ministers, 1960

Does anyone have a link or quote about Repubs bad mouthing Clinton...

HERE are the 6 Bad Apples responsible for Torturegate!

Missile Defense Shield won't work: per 76-page report of Scientist Group

hey these are news stories but I would't call it late breaking stuff

Why are TEACHERS showing the Berg video to their students?

OK people. Let's DU this poll right.

Which type of President do you want?

Shock of War Comes Home to 20-Somethings

An Open Letter To John Kerry from Larry David

My letter to Rumsfeld...

I am impresed by this letter from Kerry

Is being straight a choice?

Anyone else getting bombarded with anti-Kerry ads?

IMPEACH BUSH---Will it Happen?

"Higher Productivity" is really just a scam..

Shoorrrttttt post on this war's horrible legacy as regards TERROR

Is being gay a choice?

Are The Berg Killers Speaking With Russian Accents?

Having just watched the Berg video....

So we agree that there is something strange about the Berg case?

I'm gonna get killed for this, but I'd like to mention Bergs beard.

Lyndie England The Scapegoat.

What are you going to say when Kerry wins ?

I am absolutely furious that these enlisted people are being tried


Which is more Important Economic Liberalism or Social Liberalism

For Everyone Freaking Out About THE WHITE CHAIR

U.S. will leave Iraq if asked

Negative Kerry staements lies, lies lies..........

Bishop Bars Communion for Pro-Choice Voters

Bush to Timkin Corp (OH), Tanks for the memories..three plants to close.

Pretty good day, Bush approval 44%, Kerry 51%-Bush 46% SCOTUS won't block

Has Kerry demanded the pictures be released yet?

SBC President William Daley Resigns (Big Dem CEO?)

Would you like to be able to register voters?

Berg Video: Questions re translation including "Al Qaeda"

CNN Veepstakes narrowed down to 2: Clark and Edwards!!

REDLEGS! Sound off! T.V. show for us to watch tonight.

An Apology to the World by a U.S. Citizen

Jeopardy, Tim Russert, Tavis Smiley, Todd Whitman

Just for the Hell of it:

On the Berg story...........


Anyone think MSNBC's three person anchor team is bizarre?

a unique american phenomena

I want to see those other pictures. NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

New Poll: CNN - Kerry Pulls Ahead; Bush hits 30's on Iraq, Economy

Underfunded school gets air conditioning in one room for one day FOR BUSH

The Berg Video - The sound was NOT "out of sync"

Franken and Olberman are pretty smart guys....

So who are the Bush twins planning to vote for?


CNN: Bush Numbers Take Big Hit

What will Shrubya do between Nov 3rd and Jan 19th????

How should we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of "Bring It On?"

David Brock live on "The Guy James Show" Saturday keep kicked

Which nation is the greatest threat to world peace today?

Who is the Worst in Conservative Talk Radio?

A post to thank the conspiracy theorists

The One Factor that will Cause Bush to get swamped by a Landslide, Cigars

many people are speculating 'contract workers' killed berg

Bush policy of targeted killing of US citizens

Is this not one of the oddest pictures of George W. Bush?

look at these two photos, one of berg, one of lyndie england

Do fundamentalist muslims wear gold?

Varied accounts? Berg's father says "They" *or* "al Q" responsible?

Worth a repost (Dems Will Win) - Kerry: No Draft.

You've been holding back all week. Now it's time to donate to DU.

I've flipflopped on Berg. I now believe.

CRAZY TINFOILERS: What am I missing about the Berg beheading?

Riggs: (Jonathan) Bush is Prez and CEO... Hhhhhhmmmmm Alert!

BBV - Today! Will Washington decertify Diebold optical scans?

How I wish Air America would reshuffle itself

Top PLA officers to die after `spying' for Taiwan - China

FBI agent admits he lied about affair with suspected spy

Senators Assail Request for Aid for Afghan and Iraq Budgets

Beth A. Payne of the US Consulate in Iraq exists!

9/11 Draft Reports Say City Rescuers Lacked Coordination | NYT

B.C. avian flu likely harmless | Globe and Mail

The Walt Disney Internet Group just tried to dump "Spyware cookies"

Burma opposition to boycott talks | BBC

Nigerian leader rows with clerics | BBC

Nethercutt launches longshot U.S. Senate campaign (against Patty Murray)

CNN: CIA Official: Al-Zarqawi likely beheaded Berg

France: U.S. Must Accept End of Occupation

Brian Lamb talks about "elite media"

'Qaeda' Statement Says Helping Militants in Iraq

Vets to receive 'telemedicine'

please lock dupe

Suit Alleges British War Crimes in Iraq

Reports: Sivits Describes Laughing Abusers

Officials admit abuse violates conventions

Budget Request: $50 billion needed in new war funding

No timeframe for Afghan prisoner abuse probe - US

Why I no longer back Bush's war (Toronto Sun)

Guantánamo abuse same as Abu Ghraib, say Britons

America's military coup

Lawsuits target alcohol industry

Could N. Berg's execution be fake? | Pravda

Troops Get a Chance to Question Rumsfeld

Released prisoners complain of torture as fighting rages in Najaf

U.S. Troops Attack Militia Targets in Holy City of Najaf

Kerry Says He Offers Veterans More

(Alberta Premier) Klein accused of lifting info for school essay - CTV

Iraq 'power play' behind leaking of jail abuse report

I enjoy the job, says Blair

Minn. State Workers to Get Canadian Drugs

British bookmakers see increase in bets that Blair will leave


Airmen killed by US blunder

Iraqi Falluja Force Won't Disarm Guerrillas for Now

La. Bill Would Ban Low-Slung Pants

SCOTUS Justices: Iraqis Must Set Country's Fate

Bush Signs Order Giving State Lead Role in Iraq

U.S. Military Lawyers Felt 'Shut Out' of Prison Policy

Sistani aide asks US forces, militia to quit Najaf

CNN:Was Berg in U.S. custody? Answers conflict

U.S. lawmaker questions USDA mad cow efforts

Former Boeing executive charged in plot to steal rival's secrets

Bremer tells Iraqi leaders US would leave Iraq if Iraqi government so requ

U.S. request to send more troops gets lukewarm response from allies

Abu Ghraib Guard Paints Harrowing Portrait of Abuse

No mad cow tests at Texas firm in 2004

Danish doctors say Britons beat and killed Iraqis

Mass evacuation plan for London

Asteroid strike linked to wipeout of life on Earth (P-Tr Extinction)

Controversies may sway courts (Phila. Inquirer: reg. req'd)

Graner Charged in the Abu Ghraib Scandal

Printer Will Shut Magazine Plant In Effingham, Ill (Another 800 Jobs Gone)

CNN: Was Berg in U.S. custody? Answers conflict

Criticism grows over 9- 11 airline bailout

Excerpts from Lt. Calley's court-martial

U.S. avoiding 'torture' to describe soldiers' actions

In Europe, U.S. faulted

Bad Signs For Bush In History

Bremer: U.S. Will Leave Iraq if Requested

'No-kids' mom is pregnant, family says

Fighting Moves Into Islam Holy Place in Najaf

Battles rage around Najaf's holy sites

Shiite shrine damaged during fighting

House OKs Medical Liability Reform

Canada first to pass law to send cheap AIDS drugs to poor countries

Western Allies Press U.S. to Give Iraqis Real Power

Surveys: More Iraqis Want Democracy

Prisoner-abuse soldier pictured having sex with guards

Air America News: Ashcroft's statement: Berg not connected to terrorism

Poll: Support for Bush, Iraq war dropping


Kerry says he offers veterans more than 'wrapping yourself in the flag'

Deadline Looms for New Iraqi Government

Bishop draws line for voters

Intresting thing on Randi Roades Show... soldiers temporarily converted t


Zell Miller to Speak at GA GOP Convention

Danes saw results of brutal treatment of Iraqis by British troops

Oil Prices Reach a 21-Year High Today (Reuters)

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 775 U.S. service members have died

Shock of War Comes Home to America's 20-Something Generation

Pricetag for US operations in Iraq to rise steeply: Wolfowitz

Bush Urges G8 Leave Behind Past Iraq Differences

US forces taught torture techniques

270 cows generating electricity for farm

Police Union Rejects Bush, Backs Kerry

Files show Nazi criminals' U.S. intel role

al-Qaida Helping Iraq Rebels, Leader Says

U.S. Military Bars Iraq Interrogation Methods

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked

Daily Mirror editor has stepped down.

Supporters cheer Bush during visit; others question motives

Surprise visit puts Rumsfeld back on the offensive

Correction: Dented Diebold Story

Iraqi father 'tortured to death'

Lawsuit Sparks Riot In St. Petersburg FL

Soot in air can harm mice DNA, study finds

Nevada Guard MP saw abuse firsthand

Cell Phone Number Listings Could Soon Be Available

German Spiegel: Iraqi tortured to death in U.S. custody

In Arkansas, Kerry Finds Key Word to Be 'Clinton'

Berg was investigated for links to terrorism, Ashcroft says

Beheading condemned by Hamas and Hizbollah

Advocacy group issues security advisory to area Arab Americans, Muslims

Poll: Support for Bush, Iraq war dropping (CNN/Time)

Bremer: U.S. Will Leave Iraq if Requested

Lawyer: England Ostracized at Fort Bragg

Powell: Iraq Pullout Request Not Likely

US marine killed in Iraq

Militia Move Around City of Nassiriyah

Bush worries news coverage might cloud his judgment: report

American troops release 300 Iraqi detainees from Abu Ghraib prison

Bush Assures Americans Iraq Sovereignty Near

Rumsfeld Plans Focus on Courts-Martial

Sept. 11 panel: Too many documents stamped secret

Man Beheaded by Militants Is Laid to Rest

US Pushes World Court Immunity Amid Iraq Scandal

Justices quash impeachment to end two-month suspension (South Korea)

Japan Lawmakers Scolded for Reading Comics

State has no records of Berg's firm

New Polls Show Support for Bush Has Slipped to New Low (NY Times)

2 Ore. DJs Fired for Mocking Berg's Death

PM Belka Loses Confidence Vote in Poland

Gunmen Attack Coalition HQ in Nasiriyah

UK soldier stands by Iraq abuse claims

Allies Consider U.S. Request for Troops

Nancy Reagan breaks ranks for personal cause

CNN: Bank fined $25 million in terrorism probe

Bush Pushes Compassionate Side of Agenda

Overall CPI below forecast

Mock riot tests Marines in urban setting (Training With Mercenaries)

Police Union Rejects Bush, Backs Kerry

Castro slams Bush as illegitimate leader in fiery tirade against US sancti

Supreme Court Won't Block Gay Marriages

Bishop Would Deny Rite for Defiant Catholic Voters

Powell says Iraqis could like occupation

Vatican discourages interfaith marriages

US Tanks Battle Najaf Guerrillas in Vast Cemetery

Outrage as KISS player mouths off on Muslims (Gene F&*#$*g Simmons)

U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa: Abuse amounts to hazing

Timken Closing Plants That Employ 1,300 (Canton, Ohio)

Friday: we made it!

"The Stepford Wives"

Atkins Fanatics Invading My Liquor Store! - Low Carb Wine Coming!!

Straight Eye for the Queer Guy. (sluggy style): Cartoon.

Man Takes Nudes Of His Girlfriend(17)- Puts On Internet - Arrested

Good morning DU!!

What are your favorite movies to watch with your kids?

Went by my Conservative cow-irkers office this morning.

Les Français ici à DU, présentez-vous s.v.p!


Crack cocaine found in toy egg

can anyone track down the garland texas gang video fight?

Lewis Black is AWESOME!!!!

House of Flowers....

What does it mean to "fisk" someone?

My good deed for the night-> eye candy for strait, carnivorous males

What were your family names for genitals?

We must end man-sandwich and woman-sandwich discrimination!

Sex is about love between a man and a woman, not a man and a sandwich

Anyone bored and want to chat?

do yo u ever dream about du

3 sex threads locked~~~!!!

im drunk as a sckuink right now

Would Berg's job

My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance

You ordered a pie for an apetizer?

damn you 'murkans!

online card sites

For the first time, I'm ENJOYING watching Oprah!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Somebody please MAKE me fill out my daughter's FAFSA

Government officials and travel plans -- have a good laugh

naked guy in a maze . . .

This is all I have to say about that

Was anyone suprised with last night's Survivor follow up show??? (spoilers

One more thing

What websites do you do daily..

Hyena Butter...

Early notice

Best IKEA-like instructions on how to save the world

So there I was, pondering the mysteries of Barbara Bush's cooch...

W and the kittens

Prisoners Break Out Of Jail - Knock On Door Of Tougher Prison - Want In

Man fined($US4,000) for downloading music(5 songs)

Playboy Video Game Will Have Topless Animation

Ted Williams' Estate sues daughter, her husband

Baby gets credit card application

Jessica's (Simpson) Body Cream Upsets Parents

Cartoon: today's Steve Bell of the Guardian

Bandits Make Off With 5,000 lbs Of Used Cooking Grease

Girls Suspended For Putting Urinal Water In Team Drinking Jug

Caption: Always the Flag of Convenience

Caption: Cockadoodle doo, we're coming to get YOU....


Anybody got some really funny political cartoons?

My avatar can beat up your avatar


My avatar is used by noone else. Don't ask me anyting.

Concerts: Good Or Bad?

OK, I had a dream about DU last night.

Morrissey launches scathing attack on David Bowie - NME

I stayed up all night doing laundry. Ask me anything.

My avatar plays sax better than your avatar!

My avatar is more Siamese than your avatar

My avatar is... (Yawn)... The thing... that's... The most... uhhh....

My avatar brought death into the world and all its woe!

Are lottery winners really less happy?

try this GOOGLE search

Swimmers Leaving Arms And Legs At WaterWorld

My avatar is hornier than your avatar!

New American Anthem

My avatar looks more like me than your avatar.

from where the sun now stands, I shall go to school no more forever

My copycat thread is lamer than your copycat thread.

Okay time to get a hobby.....or something

Has any one taken a count of detainee deaths in Iraq

Help! I need "No W" campaign buttons...

Reminder: Daily Show replay on now

I should do it for free because...

My avatar is playing The Garden this weekend!

Baby ape delivered by consultant gynaecologist

My avatar can philosophize better than your avatar.

Intersting book sale find....

Caption: there's 17 trillion of us and we're coming for ya, Chimpy!

the invisibLe man

My poor Blue dog slipped a disc! So I have to keep her immobile for

Smarty eyes Triple Crown

Song that pretty much sums up the bush* administration

Who would go to Geneva for a convention anyway?

Deion (Sanders) reportedly leaves CBS in money dispute

Lewis and Clark's List: Opium and 'Portable Soup'

Look at what I found at the used cd store last night.

Kansas tornado video

Random Philosophical Question

Any fans of the group The Decemberists?

Need help w/Acrobat Reader

Have you ever been guilty of DUI (DUing Under the Influence)?

Let the rebounding begin!!!

Planned Parenthood Is Annoying Me

Is it just me....

Caution's subversive song of the day

Poodle Brothers: criminally insane or fit to stand trial ?

Testing our expatriate radio station

Another Random Philosophical Problem: Smell


Mr. Bush: Jesus did not say "Doo Doo Unto Others..."

loss of Dr. Egan mourned

Your daily caloric intake...

Shameless (sort-of) self-promotion

How can I make good eggrolls?

My avatar can drink your avatar under the table.

Local Weatherman Just Cracked himself up on air

Verizon Customer Jailed For Trashing Phone Company Store

Hemorrhoid strike linked to wipeout of life on Uranus. Sorry, I

The Four Classic Stones Albums - Which is the greatest?

A stranger approached me about bumper stickers this morning...

Summanabish, 7000 Semi-Coherent, Partially On-Point, And

Are you a nightowl?

Why, why, why do I let myself get into arguments with my fundie co-worker?

So what happened on Frasier last night?

Why is CA red on the fund drive map?

Vin Diesel joins Iraqi Resistance

Frogman Living In Bog Arrested For Arson

The "Frasier" ending-what was it?

Finger found near cage at Rio Grande Zoo

DU want pics of young chicks?

In Search Of: Responsible Dog Owners

West Wing DVD ads heard on Oxyrush and Hannity

Name the Unidentified Sausage #1

The latest no-carb diet, from the State Dept.

The Lounge Act of all CAPTIONS!!!

How do you disable Norton Firewall?

Another Ipod appreciation thread.....

Image Host problems....

The Miscreant Annunciation of all CAPTIONS!!!!

I know that I'm not the only one guilty of doing this...


central air ? - keep on or turn on & off?

How do you see the DU gallery?

Caption: Scarlet Woman with her arm in a sling

I just signed up for the monthly donation... all I can say is...

Does the end of Frasier mean more Sideshow Bob?

Remember this from the simpsons....

Just a reminder tomorrow's Vancouver Gathering is Cancelled

Air America ? - keep on or turn on & off?

Are you an amateur?..(contains sexy pics AND kitten pics..and puppy pics)

I'm packing up and moving back to Minot, ask me anything!

Could someone help me debunking a Freeper-type e-mail?

The Top 5 Recent Secret Service Busts

Remember Raleigh Choppers

When conservatives attack

Time to remember the band 54-40

Mortgage Nightmare

Driver In Fatal DUI May Never Go To Jail Due To Judge's Oversight

Caption: Sneak preview of Junior's new job in 2005

The Top 5 Books Written for Children of Liberals

Bush in Missouri: "You are getting sleepy, VERY sleepy..."

I really hate it like this

What one thing.. if you saw it on eBay.. would you just HAVE to bid on?

Best traffic ticket dispute letter ...

This is my 600th post, and I think I'll go take a nap.


Name the unidentified sausage #4

Name the Unidentified Sausage #2

Issue for November - Who cares about POTUS - Its about the BEER


Name the unidentified sausage #5.5

Have you ever tried peyote before?

Faithful flock to a portrait of Jesus believed to be weeping

Do you give a ___ about what Freepers think?

Just looking through some old stuff and found...

Request: Positive thoughts for my brother

Question for all you snappy dressers

Ronnie "Gipper" Reagan sellin' Chesterfield cigarettes (1940s)

Has anyone seen one-eighty?

Portland DJ's Fired For Laughing At Berg Beheading

Lottery win with a twist

DU GrovelBot touched me inappropriately!

What is the Future of Distance Learning?

You ever have the most vile, uncouth, dispicable

Question about stretch marks

Crawford or Camp David? Place your bets.

Have you smoked marijuana in the last month?

People Who Have Dropped Off The Face Of The Earth.

Phil Hendrie

Alright, here's my dough.

Is it too early for a nap?

Name the unidentified sausage #6

Grammar peeve II: Duck Tape vs. Duct Tape

Friday Trivia

Let me introduce the Trippers newest addition.....

Just what Georgia needs -- Stronger Beer!!

Schoolgirls 'Attacked Rail Police Like Banshees'

Woo Hoo...I just contributed to DU.

anyone know how to keep bees from boring into a wooden swing?

Say it ain't so! Ron Santo on the Dennis Miller show?!

Photography fans, one quick question

Favorite Chappelle's Show bit?

The "Herrreee's Johnnnnnyyyy!!" of all CAPTIONS!!!

DU this DU poll, DU'ers!

Got banned on a Christian forum for posting this...

Is it tacky to bring flowers to a wake instead of having delivered?

Whew! I found my Rosebud...

Should he use the Tek-9 or the Nutcracker? (see thermometer)

Comedienne Wanda Sykes skewered * on Jay Leno's

Who is going to host the 2010 World Cup?

Favorite line/scene of barney from the simpsons

I OBJECT to the BLATENTLY PRO-GUN donation meter.

The new greatest invention ever....

DU spell check wants to change freepers to creepers..LOL

It's official! I'm done with my first year of Law School!!!

somebody please open the bar!!

Cicada Recipes... NO KIDDING

The Cops Are Chasing Me in a WHAT?

Frickin' local theaters!! (rant)

My babies are driving me crazy, now that summer is here..

Kid recipes...NO CICADAS

Ok, who here that is able to drive, DOESN'T have a car?

My cabies are driving Miss Daisy now that my hummer is here

Are people basically good, or basically evil?

My rabies are driving me crazy, now that summer is here

Two More Cicada Pictures

Frustrated cell phone user trashes store

Grovelbot's tie breaker poll

Look at the top of the page!

Favorite Air America show?

Telemarketers are a lifeform lower than virii, part 59,810,982,374

Who is Bush* running from and who on earth told him to wear that dress?

For partnered people, what would your partner say is YOUR biggest flaw?

You say cicada. I say cicahda

You better look at the fund drive thermometer quick

Okay who is going to check the porn sites

"Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay": Horrible new (what else?) Fox show

OMG! You have to read this! (Too Damn Sad/Funny!)

I'm so clean, what should I do?

How much $ to kill me?

Grrrr! Freakin' telemarketers!

I'm cat-sitting this weekend.

You know you've really arrived at DU when ...

wyldwolf's first Atlanta restaurant review is in the GA state forum

Randi listeners

How much $ to fill me?

What's all this talk about Jon Secada? I know he doesn't come out often..

(Question) Streaming Air America for the first time.....

Bush recieves bogus Honorary Doctorate in Laws Degree

so I donated to DU this afternoon

A cicaida ate my homework!

How much $ will you bill me?

Question about what to do with old outdated softtware

A DU Grovelbot sex thread.

new Oxyrush advertisr Magellan/Thales Navigation

Shocking Cicada torture pics horrify insect world

Grrrr! Freakin' Bob Barkers!

The official "I Hate Cicadas Thread"

Which do we love more, Yaks or Cicadas?

Fonzie with a special PSA

Well, I see that the new donation target is Bush himself. What happens...

Choose 1..........Looks...Health...Youth...Money

I Lost my job!

My car broke as I was driving it from the shop

Anyone going to see the cicaidas play live at MSG this weekend?

Why did the donkey pluck out the elephant's eyes?

Latest Picture from ABU-GHIRAIB PRISON (Warning: Graphic)

look for recommendations for b-day gift

A Web Site to bookmark for your grandchildren...Dan Veaner's...

I'm sick of this sad news...I wish I were in Yosemite

Is this gross or art?

I will donate right now if the mods get rid of the gun reference

Favorite DRUNK food?

Official "I won't even look at a ugly friggin Cicada" thread.

Lotta things be happen edge a de crab dock.

How do you pronounce Cicaida?

Flying Turtle Crashes Through Man's Windshield

Fake Cop Nabbed With Naughty Badge

Holy shit! SCOTUS does something right...

So who owns a Frankenstein box?

Ow ow ow ow ow

Cawker City KS pride & joy: "The World's Largest Ball Of Twine"

I have a question

CAPTION. Could this man ever be Prime Minister of Canada?

Rush Limbaugh: prison abuse Clinton's fault

I love my friend sus and here's why!!!

The hot phrase on DU this week is "tin foil hat" -- but who said it first?

Time to make my posts a cool number

I've been sitting in a bar since 1;30 pm EST

My 3,000th post. Ask me anything!

Does Grovelbot have fake boobs?

The Official Tom Joad "Did they hurt ya and make ya mean mad" Thread

So, who won the Survivor million dollar bonus?

What will happen at 750 Donations?

Official "I love cicadas" thread

Where were YOU when the last brood came out? 1987?

Rush's Alex Lifeson worries about second-hand smoke

Sex pics of Demi (Moore) stolen

Would you vote for John Kerry if he had a Cicaida as VP?

You've been holding back all week. Now it's time to donate to DU.

Congratulations JudiLyn!! 10,000 posts

*Bzzt* The donkey has reported a problem.

Does GrovelBot wear gold?

I got the job!

Leaving for Las Vegas.

Raise your hand if they could not pay you enough to watch the Berg video.

If you were a Freeper, what would your Free Republic ID be?

Whoo's got some liquor?

When Rush "the vulgar junky" Limbaugh goes to jail/prison....

Which Cicada are you??

I'm so nerdy. What should I do?

You Know You're Nobody Special When...

Meet The PERVERT Of The YEAR (Warning: NEWS Story Involving A CHILD)

Hi folks

Top Ten Ways Dumb Guys Would Lower Gas Prices (Must see #1)

Are you getting laid this weekend?

Anyone know anything on Navajo folklore, specifially skinwalkers?

How Many Miles Are On Your Automobile?

Dodgers' Jose Lima sings National Anthem, upstaged by wife's giant breasts

Today is my birthday and I haven't received any calls yet.

Anyone here play poker in Atlanta?

I dare you to go to this site and NOT laugh:

Caption the scholar

CAPTION covering ALL the bases

Ethical question for y'all (yous'ns, all y'all, youse guys) to help with

I just donated to DU.

What is your favorite nickname for George W. Bush?


Name the unidentified sausage #3

Give a line from your favorite show and see if someone can guess it...

I'm getting married this Tuesday - Wish us luck!

I'm so dirty. What should I do?

You can pick your friends and you can pick your CAPTION but...

Anyone else still need a star?

I need a pen-pal

Finish This Sentence: "The Greatest Moment In Sports History Was _______"

Computer ballot machines must be banned! There must be a paper trail!

hey, librachik.... something you mentioned in another post.

Vilsack tours Fleet Center and endorsed for VP

would voting for vp be a good idea ?

I need help with this attack on Mrs. Kerry.... Veepstakes Round 4 results

Edwards? Clark? Who should be Kerry's #2...?

Kerry/Dean in Portland on Monday

Has anyone else noticed Cheney ALWAYS screws up his "conquerors" line?

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC: "What we have is a weak President...

MSNBC Live vote = lol, shrub is in the toilet!

Who do you think Kerry will choose as VP?

Police Union Rejects Bush, Backs Kerry

Vajpayee trampled by bullock cart economy

BUSTED: Attack Dogs funded by rich RWer profiting from communist regime

Rudy Giuliani for VP?

Rumor--but take it with a grain of salt

Ark. Times--5/14 Clark meeting Kerry in JFK's Georgetown home....

Clark Dems

Clark Bandwagon: I would like to join the party

When's the drop dead date for catching Osama?

Kerry/Clark --- I made it myself. Whaddya think?

Kerry Views Iraq Abuse Images, Blames Bush On Fox News

Lightening up a little bit.....anyone been watching Jeopardy?

Kerry K.O.'s Bush (CNN/Time Poll)

Interview with Dean in the June Progressive magazine. Election concerns.

Republican Platform quotes from 2000 (hehehehe)

Randi Rhodes on VP - "Clark will NOT be VP"

Huffington, Trippi Launch Petition on Net

Who do you want in the Kerry Administration?

How does Kerry hold down the base?

Clark's help is viewed as hint at a ticket

Why doesn't Kerry give those of us on the left a bone?

Now is the time to make the VP pick...

Pardon my ignorance: Why don't we want Gephardt?

GOP Lies and GOP Media

Dean sealed less VT records than thought previously. Less than others.

Where was Jimmy Carter at this point in 1980?

Why hasn't the Big Dog come out for Kerry?

Wow! All of a sudden I see Kerry bumperstickers everywhere

Colmes to Kerry: "Would you keep anybody from the Bush 43 administration?"

A quiet plea for steadiness in the storm

Zell says Kerry's a "National Security Threat"

Who's Your Choice If It's Between Clark & Edwards For VP?

Vice Presidential Preference: Of the six considered, who do you prefer?

Californians, say it ain't so!!!