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Archives: May 11, 2004

Rumsfeld and the 'beastly' Boykin

"The Six Morons Who Lost The War"

Characters on government stage can't find the exit

It's Time to Wonder What Iraq Is Doing To Change the U.S. - WSJ's Seib

Chinese investments prove risky

An American tragedy

Broken promises betray soldiers longing for trip home

Santorum and Cheyney, an odd match-up

Editorial: A Failure of Leadership at the Highest Levels

As Heroin Florishes [in Afghanistan], So Could Terrorism

Salon: The private contractor-GOP gravy train

Not Accountable - US Atrocities and the World Court

Salon/David Brock (new book): The Mighty Windbags (a must read)

Salon: Busting Big Fat Liars (Brock Interview)

Krugman: Just Trust Us

Bush's US considers nuclear non-proliferation `a lost cause'

George Monbiot: 'Joy of sex education'


Brooks: For Iraqis to Win, the U.S. Must Lose

Bush Protest - Parkersburg, WV details

CNN poll: 73% think abuse not justified

Anyone have URL address of Kerry Petition: Rumsfeld Must Resign??

Anyone ever actually read the Dr. Doolittle Books? (Old Racist Books)

What's the matter with Usama's gold offer?

Home funerals cheaper, more intimate for some

Korean shipbuilders vie for Exxon Mobil LNG-carrier deal - $4B

Official - US Climate Policy "Misunderstood" - Hey! Don't Leave! Really!

Anwar says judges in sodomy case are biased

To Bush, the Arab is always the villain


Gone Fishing, With a Firearm: A Cherished Sport in Vermont

Can anyone confirm if my donation went through

Hi, guys

Proposal for New Rule for Democratic Underground

Helping Mari333

my friend can't get accepted by DU...

1,100 Palestinians Made Homeless in Ten Days of Destruction

self removed

Any Illinois College Dems?

New leaders must stop hostile takeover of the Legislature

anyone working on John Olver's campaign?

Carville to speak at Humphrey Day Dinner

Any NCers going to protest the Republican Convention?

Pittsburgh Post Gazette says Chris Heinz may run for Hart's seat

Thinking of volunteering for Derek Kilmer in District 26.

BBV bills in the state legislature

Should Mike Webb run for congress?

Are those being court-martial-ed being given leniency for NOT

What's up with

Who else is taking off the day after the election?

Man Charged With Breaking 'Virgin Mary' Windows

Olberman on Sivits....

Kimmitt lies to the press

Rant---Fear And Loathing---etc.

Kennedy speaking about Iraqi prisoner abuse on C-SPAN

Bush to Rumsfeld: "you are doing a superb job."

I simply cannot believe Bush

Janeane Garofalo just said that if Rumsefeld is the greatest Secretary of

We are SO screwed (Your tax dollars at work)

Keith Olberman just said "MR." bush*.

DU this Poll!!

Kharma baby - Aint it a Bitch !

Prisoner statements on British interrogation.

"President Bush has great passion for the improvement of the environment"

Rumsfeld: The Scapegoat that Wasn't

Wanna go hear a GREAT Anti-Bush Song

BushCo will never get the media to back off sex, torture, abuse....

Idea on what to do during the Repub convention

I need help finding a post here.....

"Schedule" for DNC and RNC Conventions

How Are Bush's Ads Going to be Viewed Now???

VERY unsettling Sy Hersh interview on The World right now...

Dennis Miller's latest cheap shot

We do not need to see the videotape of PFC England and her beau...

Iraqi prison cells renamed "Rush Rooms"

Degenerate Liberals!

Red Cross has docs going back a year showing abuse in prisons across

!!!When your military attacks!!!Tonight on Fox (news)

Karpinski on CNN w/ Aaron Brown now 9:10 pm

This is important! Delay of CBS torture report in relation to USSC case!

If you regularly listen to Howard Stern, please post re political talks

Wanna Get Rid of Rumsfeld ? ....

Six bad apples? Sounds like those in the military know the score

Does anyone feel a major purge in the offing?

Did I just hear that some of those videos are of England having sex

Another $600 Million down the toilet

Depleted Uranium...

Aaron Brown: White House knew about this last year from Red Cross Report

The Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush

Why the FOOL is Nurse Ratchet Karpinkski on tv?

Does someone look a little overwhelmed and hugely unqualified for his job?

Bush: Yes, he is stupid. But not the way you think

Please help dismantle this freeper

DU can Elect Kerry but won't do so!

"Bush has a moral clarity that is inspiring." Hannity

Just read the transcript of Kerry's testimony

anyone here ever read Karl Jaspers' The Question of German Guilt'???

The Democrats do not need to "push" this story...

bush* made a HUGE mistake by cheering for rumsfeld today....

John McCain on Jon Stewart tonight

Bye bye atrocities - hello, peep show!

It Appears the "Other Pictures" Have Been Printed in Arab Newspapers

Conservatives support torture

Torture to become Bush's wedge issue this Fall.

For animal lovers in the event of natural or other calamity

Lawsuit to stop purchase of electronic voting machines in Ohio

Bush on Bush

Anyone remember this ancient history?

I know many people don't agree with me about this (torture pics)

Need a better DU fund drive graph.

Jonah Goldberg thinks torture photos shouldn't have been released.

Let's give * a mental wedgie

our soldiers were told lies so they'd kill for Bushco

LOL......great photo....the vampires themselves.........(PHOTO)

Poll--Whose responsibility is it to ensure that prisoner abuse doesn't tak

Whats better, whats worse? Torture or assassination?

I am becoming comfortable with another * term

Spain to refuse hand over of Iraqi cleric

Nightline - Rep John Murtha on about the ill-planned war

quick aural/visual exercise for Bush/Kerry comments.

George F. Will "empire is always about domination"

A new low for shrub

Bush: An Idiot Who Does Not Understand What He Reads...

Does anyone know Jon Stewart's personal political views?

Nader's Advice To Kerry

Suit Will Challenge Federal Gay Marriage Ban (DoMA is being challenged)

urinate, damn and orgy now considered indecent


a-BOO g'ehhb

Bush: "I'm a man of conviction."

May 10 letters from Stars and Stripes

*, you have set the you must stand on it

Sign the Declaration of Independence from King George

What does a guy have to do

What's up with Russert? He's killing the Bush regime!

what will you do if you or your kids are drafted

Bush praising Rumsfeld to high heavens = Rummy will fall on sword.

nadar didnt make it on the txas ballot

Ignorance runs rampant.

I need a good anti-Bush offensive...Please help

3+ years. Reminder of the lies/issues/ripoffs.

Does Your ISP Provider Support GWB???

Eisenhower, 1961.

Folks, I'm nearing my 1000th post here. When, Lord, will it end?

Front Page of CNN right now, lol

Shrub traded Slamin Sammy Sosa and Kept Dishonest Donald Rumsfeld

When did Dennis Miller become a Fascist?

Dennis Kucinich for Vice President!

DUers, we HAVE to help Mari333!!! Attn: Skittles, Anarchy1999, Will Pitt

Mari333: Here's th deal

New Satellite Image of Blast Site (before/after) at Ryongchon, N. Korea

Crisco's Flock -- How are the Fundies handling POW photos?

TBTM Radio #36: 'Wrongdoers and Banjo Music'

Rush Limbaugh an excellent illustration of why the photos need to be

colin powell: 'covering up' war crimes for over 35 years...(photos/links)

Dopey Ads?

McCain on Jon Stewart Daily Show

We should get out, and oh, Europe doesn't have troops to replace us

Good grief, Leno show is REALLY DISGUSTING....what the fuck?

Democracy Now!: Mumia Abu Jamal on Iraq Prison Scandal

Who's in charge of training these inexperienced young troops?

Village Voice: "Ralph Nader: Suicide Bomber"

paid $2.40/gal for regular unleaded gasoline today....

OK, I Just Read The Executive Summary of the Taguba Report.

The KEYS TO THE RACE/ Important info/Sosnik-Clinton Pol. Dir.

Wisconsin Newspaper Begs Readers for More Pro-* Letters

For everyone who still thinks Kerry supported Iraq invasion

Proposal for New Rule for Democratic Underground

Gallup: Consumer Confidence lowest level of the year in May

Is there a massive double standard in effect here?

Air America Streaming Listeners

Democrats for the Second Amendment

Ya know, if in 2000 you warned people what Bush...

Brooks 5/11: "It's still too soon to declare the Iraq mission a failure"

Condy being protested at Vanderbilt this Thursday.

I met a man named Franko

RAGE: "14-year-old Iraqi with a broken arm being hurled to the ground . .

Is Bush Stupid or Misunderestimated?

INCREDIBLE Wes Clark Article in Washington Monthly on Iraq

U.S. forces kill 35 of al-Sadr's militiamen

Gulf War I POWs cite Abu Ghraib

Gannett, AP Sue U.S. Marshals for Erased Scalia Tapes

Israeli link possible in US torture techniques

Iraq Prison Scandal At Its Most Graphic

CACI says interrogators were screened properly

U.S. Training North Africans to Uproot Terrorists

WP: Blair Newly Rebuked Over Prison Abuses

U.S. soldier charged unfairly in Iraq abuse-lawyer

Iraq torture photos found in desecrated cemetery

All Quiet On the House Side

Interrogation, war, and gray zones


GMA, FPJ run tight race in quick counts - Poe 155K. Whore Arroyo 150K

Head of Inquiry on Iraq Abuses Now in Spotlight (Taguba is son of POW)

Military Spending Raises Questions

Arroyo likely to win Philippine elections: exit polls

CACI says interrogators were screened properly

Bush honors Super Bowl champ Patriots

Palace life puts strain on Japan's princess

(CACI) Contractor: Army Happy With Interrogators

Hmong rivalries erupt in violence

Bush to Travel to Europe in June

Ex-Klansman (David) Duke working for 'white rights' group

Amnesty: UK troops shot civilians

Bush: Soldiers must answer

New Bush space speech planned

NYC police security estimate for GOP convention now $76 million

DRUDGE: Photos show American soldiers having sex with one another.

Iraq abuse allegations multiply

From the Senate Minority Leader, a Call to Calm (NYT)

Mistreatment Of Detainees Went Beyond Guards' Abuse

Exclusive: Red Cross Report

Bush sees CLASSIFIED abuse photos

WP: Across America, War Means Jobs

Colombia Is Americas' Worst Humanitarian Crisis -UN

$5 Million Air Force Band Rehearsal Building Under Scrutiny

Gone Fishing, With a Firearm: A Cherished Sport in Vermont

Any Dark Tower fans?


New Torture Rules have come out.

"Thank you President Bush!"

Zogby says...

Seen on My Drive through the Buckhead(Atlanta) Neighborhood Today

Everyday that passes...

Don't be so salty!

How Evil are you?

Heard of the NO-CARB Diet for 2005?

wine makes me mellow goddamit...whooz with me heere?

How tired of "How ___ Are You?" threads are you?

What kind of existence after death do you imagine?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy!!!!

Battle of the Soul Duos: MARVIN & TAMMI or SAM & DAVE?

Where is DuctapeFatwa

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: The Axis of Evildoers

I think I helped this guy's dad today...

Wonderful TV Commercial Juxtaposition I Just Saw

Thanks for the star, to whoever gave me this thing!

Bush... You're An Idiot

Is Grovelbot perfect?

Acute, at that, so Doo Dat Doo Dat Doo Doo Dat Dat Dat

Rowan or Martin?

Should "I" Submit Pic to DU Gallery?

"Schedule" for DNC and RNC Conventions

Anyone build a bio-diesel vehicle?

Day of the Dead: Contagium, the sequel to Romero's third zombie film

Police Scanners - anybody listen regularly?

Diesel always seems to cost less than typical gas. Why?

So tell me again

Geniph and JulieRB's Bogus Journey, or the King County Dems Convention

Cheney's Angels "visualization" for "prayer and spiritual work"

I'm listening to "Damage Incorporated' - ask me nothing!!!!

DU this poll:

OK I have got to ask

Future Site of the W- presidential library (satire)

the fundie exposure is approaching critical mass

If Shanneee and I wrestle for the love of Grovelbot, what should we use?

How much does it cost to run Doctor Weird?

Is there any way your FAX/Printer can be screwed with?

Just heard a good line from Leno

We have a nice thunderstorm developing south of the city

Guess what book is still in print nine years after it topped...

August 31rst


Useless information

Ye gawds


Holy hasenpfeffer, beer's gone up in price!

which one's mary kate & which one's ashley & how much less could i care

BBC's unfortunate headline: "Iraq abuse claims dog Blair"

Presidential theme songs

Any College Dems going to the Convention?

This Is Not A Joke. I Admit I Play The Lottery And Between Last Week

Just what are digesting tonite? (monday food thread)

I just don't understand creationism

Preparing for interview....zzzz....zzzz...

Thank goodness, exams are OVER!!!!

What is the most Polish thing you have ever done?

Minnesota Timberwolves/Sacramento Kings thread

BAYWATCH: your favorite pair

Seventies coker, pretzel choker, Sadam may be the ace but he is the joker

Left handed or right handed?

I'm currently reading Franken's "Lies. . ."

A...belt buckle.

Hope at last for those who love food.

I really want to know how many Canadian DUer's are there?

Who would you vote for?

Pet Pairs (cute cat photo in lead post)

Remember 1975?

What is most Posh thing you have ever done?

What inane task do you find oddly satisfying?

Mrs. Venation is getting better! Praise & thanks be to . . . .

"CRYPTONOMICON" -- worth it or not?

Is there a surplus of conservative books at your bookstore?

CROSSFIRE: Your Favorite Pairs

2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs

I'm drinking Absinthe...ask me anything...nt

Is God perfect?

Nader Campaign Sues Texas

Did anyone see Gov. Ed Rendell on "Inside Politics" today?

Kerry leads fund-raising race--on Amazon

Does Kerry slum for political points or is he just being aggressive?

I'll repeat: If not John Kerry, HOW?

What if Bush pulls a fast one on Iraq before Nov. election?

Movement growing in my bowels

Politics may be a natural for Chris Heinz (talk of getting in politics)

Kerry with Clark in Ark, Wed. 5/12!

Some quick electoral college questions

Why Nader may cost Kerry the Election

Edwards is still on the stump

Non-Swing State DUers

Shortened Primary Season?

Can someone please explain

My Favorite Wes Clark Interview

Kerry & Surrogates on Prisoner Abuse Scandal

The Affect of Congressional Campaign Spending

Here's a problem. Let's solve it.

The US Bush knows is not the point

To Neocons, Reality Is 'Treason'

Those Iraqi prisoners, many innocent civilians, who will give them

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Yepsen: Fire Rumsfeld? No, tear down the prison

The Human Hell, Demons of War, and the Evolution of Aggression

Interesting Article

Army Times: Editorial: A failure of leadership at the highest levels

Leave it to the shrub admin and the US media

American media using word connotation propaganda to demonize leftists

Tourists and Torturers (Luc Sante in NYT on the abusers' attitude)

Robert Scheer: Thread of Abuse Runs to the Oval Office

Novak the hatchet man strikes

Right Wing Ignores Torture and Undermines War on Terrorism

Attack on cartoonists no laughing matter

But was it torture?

Caps Wouldn't Lower Premiums

Nader's advice to Kerry (Wm Raspberry)

Iraq's Political Puzzle, Piece by Piece

The Tantric Tantrum of all CAPTIONS!!!

Weeping Cardboard Jesus

Sign # 4,386,987 that civilization is on the downslide

Talking Points Memo: Clothing himself in shame

A quiet time bomb: U.S. supercomputers a hacker's dream

Robert Scheer: Thread of Abuse Runs to the Oval Office

Not to love der fuehrer is a great disgrace....

Rumsfeld thinks people in other countries like the U.S. Think again.

AZ Republic: Rumsfeld Must Go

No Cuba libre: Loose lips can lose your ship

US Soldiers - Gayer Now or during the Clinton Administration?

Playing Dirty (Atlantic Monthly)

ALTERMAN: WHAT NEXT? We invaded a country that we now know posed no threat

Bush Circles Wagons, But Cavalry Has Joined the Indians

Who is responsible indeed, Jack Rabbit!!

Plaid Adder sneak preview: May 12 edition

Sen. Imhofe is an Idiot

If you're in the LA area and support Kerry....

Faith and Civil Liberties (May 15, Bloomington, Indiana)

Keep your DOJ on a leash: Support the Patients' Privacy Protection Act

Stop Diebold From Infecting Ohio!

The mighty windbags: David Brock's new book

Faux News columnist attacks outsourced US workers blog

Why does media hide fact that Administration knew of Iraqi abuse for 6 mon

There's a "donate a star" movement on in the Lounge!

Need help from DU gardeners -- bulb storage

Do you moonlight/have a second job?

Astronomers: Who is going to watch the Transit of Venus?

my 9000th post

Watch Japan and China.........purchase of T-Bills

Prices of Mine land

India trying to buy Kerry, wants H1-B Visa Increase

Why is a barter economy defined as poor?

Monsanto scraps biotech wheat plan

Monsanto Bags Plans For Roundup Ready Wheat

Canadian Hemlock Slowly Vanishing - NYT

1/2 Of World's Bamboo Species Face Extinction - Sorry, Pandas, Lemurs, etc

Molecule 'Vacuums Up' Fat from Mice

Iranian President has criticized US backing of the Baku-T oil pipeline

Bush does a GOOD for environment - Tougher Diesel off road Emission Rules

Plug-in hybrid using electric from grid from coal replacing oil/gas?

Safety ?s Cut 33 Planes From Nation's Tanker Fleet As Fire Season Starts

Brazil's Lula seeks bingo ban

An Arab- Southern American summit in December in Brazil

Libyans burnt the American flag in Benghazi

Amnesty on Africa: Moving towards abolition of the death penalty

Dissent in Venezuela Is Part of Democracy

US Accused of Interfering in El Salvadoran Elections

There are Muslims who love America - in Iran

How Americans Found Friends in Iran, of All Places (3 Letters)

Inactive Reserve Callup May 17?

Veiled arguments

Philippine Candidate Lashes Out at Voting

India - Exit polls show gains for Gandhi

Dad charged with endangering tot who ate cocaine

U.S. ignores risks posed by readily available explosive

Hola admins

I donated again

Why is the United States red in the donation logo???

I respectfully submit my Provincial Premier for Conservative Idiots

I think we should make a freeper "dungeon"

Why Do You Disquise The Names And Email Addresses In The Hate Mail?

The next time someone wants to open DU to freepers and conservatives

I humbly beseech thee to unlock the Richardo username...

Should I turn off sigs and images?

How do you get into...

I want to donate...

Will there be any new features..

I actually don't even have $5.00.

Hey, how about another fun Donations graphic to encourage the

Hebron settlers furious over move to disarm them

University of Richmond Jewish group's chief fired

American evangelical support for Israel criticized by rabbis

Sharon's willing accomplices

6 soldiers killed in Gaza; troops pour in as Strip cut in 3

Sharon vows to get to “inhumane enemy” wherever they hide

8 Palestinians hurt in Hamas-Fatah gunfight

Report: 6 Israeli Troops Killed in Gaza

PA calls on militants to return body parts of IDF troops

A Racist On the Rise

The Modern ‘Hep! Hep! Hep!’ - by Cynthia Ozick

Zephyrhills may rescind naming street after MLK Jr.

Cuban-American Senate Hopefuls Take Polar Stands

Scheer named director of California First Amendment Coalition

Who is the face of the Democratic Party in California? We need one!

Editorial: Romney's real agenda is national

State Convention May 21st - 23rd

GOP Rep Steven Latourette is out porking Dem challenger Capri Cafaro

Presidential candidate flies into Erie, lands support

State Senate opposes common-law marriages

Gettysburg, PA - Democratic Party is party for change here.

17th Congessional District... Holden vs Son of JoePa

Recount narrows Cuellar's lead to 58 votes

Great Public Forum May 12th in Austin! Robert Jensen and R. Mahajan.

Texas is Falling Behind on the Leader Board !!

Missing Child Alert on Queen Anne

Casper on with Norville

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to start the party

Nightline for West Coasties, and Murtha interview

Sorry, wrong forum. (Gulp) n/t

Photos show prisoner sodomy with glow sticks, forced masturbation

the adult internet industry join the fight to defeat Bush?

Daddy's boy

Quick ideology question

World's scariest conservative...

What the freakin heack is that quack Phil up to ?

Baltimore Sun: U.S. practices at Abu Ghraib barred in '80s

see how nicely 9-11 fit in to the whole 4 year bushco plan?

Is there a stream on the net for Tuguba's

BBC News: UK troops 'shot harmless Iraqis'

Et Tu, George Will


Who should make the decision to release the photos ??

Who will restore America's credibility in the world ?

Quote from bu*sh on NBC nightly News

Haunting words?

What is the best reason to convince Repubs to vote against Bush ?

Zogby poll - hmmmm

Imus and Sen. McCain on now....

How explosive will Taguba's testimony be this morning ?


Breaker Morant's take on Spc. Jeremy Siuits' court martial.

Just sent Soledad O'Brien an e-mail....

Did I just hear that 2 other generals will testify before Taguba???


"Would you like to see how feminists dream of treating men?"


If you accept responsibility but accept no consequences...??

Bush testing DRAFT, gearing up CO process first time in 30 years, No Child

"imaginary new jobs"

Gasoline Prices

The Iraqi tortures are an extension of the American justice system.

CNN fails to inform you that kerry is up by 6pts among registered voters

"Women like Patriot Act - makes them feel safe?" WTF?

WHite Wash Warner

bLame the media for abuse faLLout

Taguba entering the hearing room on C-Span 1

Kathleen Parker blames Farrelly Brothers for Abu Ghraib ... no, really!

Air America new commericals

Here's one way to help Mari333

In 2002, Bushites Opposed UN Anti-Torture treaty

What time does Taguba testify?

They broke away from local coverage just when Taguba began

Questions about Pat Buchanan

watch POW torture hearing LIVE NOW on C-span...on your computer (link)

The faith of George W Bush on c-span

The Nazis called the resistance in countries they invaded "terrorists" too

Destroy Abu Ghraib? Hell No!!

Americans are doing a lot of soul searching right now

Has SHrubya already decided the election is lost and to hell with us all??

As a American Red Cross Chairman, I have a question for you.

wrong forum sorry

Next time, just don't take pictures

Is the right breeding these guys?

Hearing is it good with Levin asking the questions first disagreement

Prisoner abuse is a joke to some people

Do the Repugs on the Committe even know that many of the prisoners

The BIG LIE: Abu Ghraib torture is "unthinkable".

Taguba to Testify on Iraq Prison Abuse

Make America work for us is running some kickass commercials

Does anyone else notice the resemblance of Inhofe to Bob

David Brooks plagiarizes idea of Ambassador Kiesling: US can't win in Iraq

Bill Moyers on Lou Dobbs yesterday.

Sen Byrd up (Taguba hearing)

Steven Cambone (Iraq torture hearing) is long time PNAC'er

Just finished doing Zoby's new poll

CNN Polls: "The word abuse looks weird from seeing it so much" Edition

Children held at Guantanamo Bay - April 24, 2003

Listening to Lynn Cullen on WPTT...

Lots of people think the abuse of prisoners is no big deal-

Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting.. (on nbc now)

The 8th wonder of the world has been discovered!!

Republicans = Dallas Cowboy fans

GO TED....Kennedy just called them POW's....great job, finally

Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting.. (on nbc now) #2

Is Afghanistan a war? Then why are the detainees not POWs?

Hah! Krugman agrees with me!

Perhaps if the 50-cent gasoline tax proposed by Kerry had gone into

An obvious COVER-UP in the process....CIA-approved ??

Hey Shrub, Maj. Gen. Taguba is "brown-skinned"

Everybody's Favorite 9/11 Commissioner in the News

ARG! I need some help with a flyer for my Rock the Vote Concert.

Hey Karl Rove, I BEG You, PLEASE Pick On Theresa

David Brock at

Lynndie England says she's a scapegoat

Responsibility examples

Slate: RAPE Rooms - What Bush* said vs. Reality

Why the Outrage?

Buff Male Models May Hurt Men's Self-Esteem

I swear I just heard on CBS Car radio news Sadr dead?

Taguba is a fine example of how our military should work.

Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting....Thread #3

So do you think the Arabs will buy the Whitewash of Abu Ghraib?

Question: Who are the prisoners?

MSNBC poll: 69% find Bush response to torture inadequate

Joementum and Warner - strange bedfellows

Interesting site about Laura Bush

Bush says we live in a free and open society, which is why

I just voted for Kucinich! futures contract on Bush 2004 hits record low

Lindsay Graham is awesome!

John Mccain and other repubs apparently walked out of

Rep. Miller calling for Rumsfeld's resignation now

Seeking confirmation: Cheney charged with assault?

What do you think of Air America so far?

Why is it that an American civilian that is a liberal opposed to the war

General Taguba already being "punished" for his courageous report...

Why is * skating on the prison issue?

JonBenet's dad to campaign for seat in Michigan House

From Ralf Nader, back at you babe !

NC Repiglican Coble: "Rape rooms and torture chambers closed."

Freepers listening to AAR

New jobs created in Labor Dept. imagination

We still can't avoid the obvious: Who put our people into Iraq?

Rush on Abu Ghraib

My Email to Okla Sen Inhofe who says we show too much outrage over this:

I want to start a Mark "Dittohead" Luther Fan Club!!!

Hey Lindsey, why ain't you callin' for Impeachment outrage boy?

Martial law seems less likely now

Bush approval hits new lows in poll

The Nuremberg Defense will not work, the soldiers need an "Abu Ghraib"

Do you approve of the way bush is handling Iraq torture scandal?

Are the Iraq hearings Rumsfeld's and Cambone's "Blanket Party" ?

MSNBC back to Kobe and Peterson Case, CNN showing tornado

That Thread About The Corpse Whose Head Was Run Over By A Tank...

Senator Inhofe From Oklahoma . . .

Did you all catch Taguba's aide hand the bag over to Doug Feith?

Al Franken's dittohead friend is a poster-child for

Is our 'Interrogation' policy based on the Israeli model? read here

Lindsey Graham would make a great Democrat - He has dignity

Fascinating encounters with various L.A. car people this morning!

And the bloodbath begins, this is going to be very ugly

CNN/HLN poll

Where did the hoods come from?

It's Official! Diebold in Ohio - Will "deliver votes" for Bush

Well, it's official: Karpinski + 6

Anyone think Franken's show is a bore?

Why isn't Coulter out there leading the charge for more and better torture

Did Laura Bush say or do something "over the top" in the last few days?

Taguba should receive the Congressional Medal of Honor: where

the REVENGE for Abu Ghraib has begun....american contractor beheaded

Even Bill Schneider couldn't sugarcoat Bush's poll numbers

my friends two daughters were in the guard

Wondered if we were any better of a quarter century ago and I wondered if

Deleted message

repubicans write a bill against those awful cell phone cameras

Hooray! Republican campaign decision made to embrace torture

My Letter to Senator Inhofe

Did Pickles really say we liberated Iraqi girls from the Taliban?

KRUGMAN: "a moral catastrophe was inevitable"

Lindsey Graham is an awesome liar and HYPOCRITE.

The Real Shame of It All.

Seymour Hersh

Senate Armed Services Committee Meeting....Thread 4

The Faux pResident's Folks Have Faux Credentials

Senator Talent Suggests It's All Clinton's Fault

Freudian Slip from Bush of the Day...

Republicans decry politica correctness and politicizing of prisoner abuse

The Most Unamerican Thing To Do - Coverup The Crime

Eric Alterman on O'Franken - and it's just starting now...

"The experiment requires that you go on."

Grassroots Campaign Challenges Electronic Voting

One Republican wants pictures of mass graves and Saddam's atocities

How stupid can people get?

I say he was used as a scapegoat..............................

Will Sivits take a dive to protect Bush and Rummy?

Congressman Paul Hits One Out Of The Park

Idiotic review of MoveOn's new book

It's got to be Edwards for VP and Clark for Sec. of State

Why they think everything is Clinton's fault: The Culture Wars

Send this to Jim Talent who blamed Clinton for cuts/torture

Premature to fire Rumsfeld based on evidence - but rush court-martials?

Senator Inhofe is an out right lier!!!!!

Man Beheaded in Iraq.....

I was pleasantly surprised today.

Sign # 4,386,987 that civilization is on the downslide

If you gotta buy ice cream, buy Ben and Jerry's

Family Guy

a few TUESDAY morning POLL numbers

David Duke opens his mouth: from a Halfway House

So who has called a Senator today?

Saddam Hussein is the New Moral Compass of the United States

Randi Rhodes Show opens with the funniest song

Theory regarding the 4 blackwater contractors that were killed

Militants say they previously offered beheaded man in exchange for

link to article talking about rape of prisoners?

Are Hitler comparisons still unpopular?

Was the Fallujah incident revenge for prison torture?

Abu Ghairb torture scandal allows bush* to save face for losing the war

Berg's father furious with Bush Administration

MP shown RAPING female prisoner

Is there an English translation for what the Berg killers read before they

This Berg crap is too much. I'm stopping to put in a Jonathan Richman CD.

Congressmen were aware ...

Is anyone watching fox news with this Sheppard guy now?

Send the video to INHOFE...........................

If Berg was Iraqui...


How far will the Republicans go to protect Bush, Cheney, and Rummy?

Why was the dehumanization photographed?

A conversation with a muslim

Rummy and Iraq tourism (for real)

Saddam to Be Transferred to Iraqis in June

Next thing you know - they'll be saying- "If the Iraqis don't like it...

Oh my God, I just walked past one of boss's office

What was the verdict on this hideous image? (WARNING:GRAPHIC)

Why does the Seattle P-I publish Billy Graham?

Fresh Air on NPR = Private Contractors and the Military - now

Randi Rhodes seems not to know about Berg and poss set-up

Do you think the Berg video should be shown?

Army running out of ammo, seeks bullets from foreigners

Military fartigue provided by US army...........

Shiite cleric wants Bush checked by shrink (Before Election)

Seven tips to be a caller on Randi's show.

Conservative underground web sight....

Will we have WW3 or will we have MIHOP?

the Berg video link posted in GD seems to be down - is there another?

Hey folks, lookee: the Coalition Provsional Authority Website!

Comments by Republican re: beheading

Possible theory regarding the blackwater contractors that were killed.

Subject: Fresh Air on NPR = Private Contractors and the Military - now

Prediction: RW Spin Points for Torture/Beheading Incidents

rofl - there goes that crazy Lieberman again......

this add 4 john kerry was running on cnn whahahhaha

when we invade other countries the resistance are not terrorists

Oil:Plastics? What is their relationship?

What if they gave an occupation, and nobody came? How many Nick Bergs

I'm numb now...

Bush: Missions Accomplished?

I absolutely cannot believe the R's are trying to actually JUSTIFY torture

Military fatigue provided by US army...........

This Bush "bring them to justice" quote sums it all up

i've got a freeper on my back! looking for some info...

follow afternoon testimony in senate - I'm listening on NPR

Radio report.. US Forces attacking Mosques in Kabbalah...

I'm writing a song for whomever gave me my star...Thank You!

P.W, Singer author of Corporate Warriors on NPR Fresh Air - now

The big unanswered question about torture is....

and on CNN: Kobe, Scott Peterson and...

pls explain i must be stupid

Jim Phillips is SLAMMING Bu*sh RIGHT NOW on air

Fahrenheit 9/11: Wacko Attacko, Response #1

Scott McClellans quote about the beheading. Makes me sick!

Saddam being handed off to Iraqi's soon

Can someone please enlighten me

28 top federal workers have bogus college degrees

What a rip off! Gas is over $2 here!

c-span3 is streaming the afternoon Senate Armed Services Comm hearing.

Support the troops--unless it hurts B*sh's chance for re-election...

Nader v. Lieberman

If Bush were to win in November (gasp!)........

Bush's BOLD DEFENSE of Rumsfeld

Why is Berg in a US-issued orange jumpsuit?

A Quiet Time Bomb: U.S. Supercomputer Grid

where's outrage abt military stopping soldiers' email access???

why hasn't anyone in senate hearing mentioned beheading??????

MI school drops student's suspension (wore anti-war and anti-Bush shirts)

What does it cost to "make" a soldier?

Are people here going to John Kerry meetups?

They are spinning the Beheading................

e-mail letter about Social Security -- Anyone seen this before?

Goodbye Torture Scandal - Hello Beheading

Twins graduation...the real reason...

In Illinois, Obama Holds Wide Lead

They hid 'ghost detainees" from Red Cross! Abuse was planned-

Now, let me get this straight. Janet Jackson can't show...

War in Iraq Becomes Liability for Bush

Mainstream media using word connotation propaganda to demonize leftism

Florida town changes MLK street name

"Pa. family angry with American government over son's brutal death"...

WAIT! How do we know the AUDIO is authentic on the tape??

Randi just SLAMMED a freeper caller!

Is there a full moon tonight or something?

Frag Order?

772 Dead Soldiers=Ho Hum/4 Burned Mercenaries + 1 Contractor=Outrage

A naked Iraqi detainee cowering under threat from two U.S. military dogs

Iraquis offered to trade berg for Iraqui prisoners (AAR news)

Is anyone else really surprised that Bush didn't run from Rumsfeld?

I Blame Bush.

A wave of fear -- I'm reaching out to DUers here

Sen Levin putting it all together on Lou Dobbs- Col Pappas was in charge

Pa. family angry with American government over son's brutal death


Premise #1 : We have no business in Iraq...


Candidate Fundraising Totals And Comparisons

Murtha On Now CNN

I don't think that's a prison jumpsuit

The sinking convoy story (a bit tinfoilish)

American civilian beheaded in Iraq - what are the consequences?

The Official (Bad Republican Screenwriter) Story

Do we know exactly WHEN the 'beheading' took place? I've looked at

If Saddam and regime officals are 'responsible' for atrocities occuring

It was just a frat prank.

Listen to CSPAN-3 for hearings...

Bush threw water on a grease fire

Jan 16th: Lawrence Di Rita, spokesman for Donald H. Rumsfeld, said..

Mrs. Kerry Earned More Than $5M in 2003

"Are U.S. goals in Iraq worth the cost?"

Military infiltrated by Al-Qaeda?!?

Is there a tally somewhere of civilian "contractor" casualties?

'Superiors Condoned UK Troops Beating and Abusing Prisoners' - Soldiers

Please, please, don't try to tie the beheading with the torture

I just put Idaho on the donation map, yet I feel all alone...

Frontpagemag reporting Saddam and Al Qaeda link confirmed

A Theme/Slogan for the Kerry campaign:

How much do you pay for power? Per KW (kilowatt)

Help...need help finding names and phone numbers of KS lawmakers

A Bush* ad came up...and the revulsion at his mentioning war budget

Make the case: Bush is a racist

Muslim or not a Muslim?

The right's sickening idolatry of Ronald Reagan

Look at this &*%!$@ CNN Bushevik Pravda

Krugman in the NYT today: Just Trust Us

Bush's Church Makes Statement on War

Lou Dobbs Poll: On Iraq: Withdraw, Stay the Course, or Change Strategy?

World leaders react to abuse scandal

Is anybody watching Jeopardy?

Are we ever going to have real hearings? That...I don't know what to call

Money diversion or how to be a Bush Bitch. You decide

Hey John McCain,,,you've gotta be proud of your Party!

No High Ranking Officers or Officials are Currently Facing Court Martial?

Info Clearinghouse DOWN

Regret for Torture Scandal is all in the Getting Caught

Was it rape or did she want comfort?

Freepers are running a Freep campaign against CBS right now

Sweet! Anti-Bush link being circulated at my WORK!! :)

Big Problem- Help, please!


Iraqi Vs. Al Qaeda Kidnappers

Nobody but Neocons Created Lynndie

anyone from Kansas....any one hear about a judge closing the schools?

Faux News will have constant 24/7 beheading coverage

What's wrong with this picture???

Deleted message

Exclusive: Green Beret's strange suicide - upi

I want JUSTICE for Nick Berg

Former Abu Gharib prisoner recounts abuse by U.S. soldiers.

Seymour Hersh says Iraq Torture Policy goes straight to Rumsfeld..

Why do I feel Americans are being cruelly manipulated ?

Which Horse of the Apocalypse is Bush?

10,000 Innocent Iraqis Killed in our Invasion and Occupation

Tinfoil Hat Time: The timing of the Berg video makes me soooo suspicious

pic of Berg prior to imprisonment

Nick Berg, beheaded in Iraq, had been in US custody

Clarkies, help

How Will this Torture of POWs Affect the Military Long Term?

Is overall terrorism down?

Male MP Having Sex With Female Iraq Prisoner

Kerry Focused on 5 Possible Running Mates, People Say

Can anyone tell me the cost of a full page NY Times ad?

What is the name of this "radical Islamic website"?

A Freeper sends in a nice message in contact form

WTF?? Taguba now says "they did it on their own"????...GTFOOH

Iraq torture part of the PNAC plan?

Now Watch. Watch As The Death of One White Man, Stirs Up The Ugly

"Bush+Kerry=Same"proponents, how do you convince poor people of color?

I just watched the Berg video and I regret it.

Nick Berg Weirdness

Well, they did it. They were able to do it again....

Rush Sings!

Circle of Violence

What do you think of Romania?

Sen James Inhofe = NAZI

Top Officials Hold Fake Degrees

A quick word on racial stereotyping today re: Berg's "white" killers

ChoicePoint chief envisions brave new world

Nailing Rumsfeld on Abu Ghraib. Absolutely nailing him.

Stupid CNN Poll!

Why do so many DU'er praise Repubs when they get one thing right

The 50-50 Lie

Hunter S. Thompson raises an interesting LIHOP/MIHIP question

how i explain things to freepers

Beheading chief, blame Bush, not Clinton, this time.

It's simple - abortion will be illegal by the end of Bush's 2nd term

Bush passed on chance to get Berg's killer prior to war

"Who Made The Hoods?"

New York Crude Oil Closes Above $40 for First Time in 13 Years


Anyone been watching c-span3 - The Abu Ghraib hearing ?

Harold Ford, Jr on CROSSFIRE now

Guess where Oxy-Rush has been surfing...

BBV is failing to provide solutions. None will be in place by November!

Nick Bergs killers are WHITE.....

Since Bush took office, this Nation went down Hill. Its getting worse

Is The Pentagon a "Self-Licking Ice-Cream Cone"?


From the shameless commerce division of DU:

DLC: "white male-pandering, union-bashing, corporate wing of the Party."

MIlitary's Black Heart Exposed

Homeschool Horror

This is how Bush fights the "war on terror?" What a joke.

look closely at this photo; what do you see?

Call to ACTION - NICK BERG / This news MUST get out.

Casper on with Norville

A Double Ordeal for Iraqi Women

Russian Worker Killed, Two Taken Hostage in Iraq

U.S. Works to Calm Prisoner Abuse Fallout

Three Killed in Bomb Attack in N.Iraq City Kirkuk

State review criticizes oversight at Hanford

Gay Friendly Town in Mass Votes to Issue Marriage Licenses to Gay Out-of-

Pakistan braces for return of ex-PM's brother

UK court allows Iraqis to challenge govt on deaths

Disaster Flick Gets Mechanism of Global Warming Right, But Its Timing ....

2 charges against reservist dropped

Six Israelis Killed in Biggest Gaza Ambush in Months

Cuban dissidents reject Bush pro-democracy plan

Medicare Contractor Firm Donates to GOP

Scottish Factory Blast Kills Two; 60 Trapped, Fire Brigade Says

U.S. troops kill 13 al-Sadr loyalists

HUMAN RIGHTS: People who live in glass houses

Sudan: More Reports, Little Action

Army running out of ammo, seeks bullets from foreigners

National church group says U-N should take over Iraq

General to testify on abuse probe (As many as 300 more photos of abuse)

Oil prices tumble after Saudi Minister calls for higher output

Blair Rejects Call for Iraq Investigation

UN warns Colombia mired in 'grave crisis'

Hundreds Call on Sadr Militia to Quit Iraq's Najaf

Chiquita paid alleged terror groups

Medicare Contractor Firm Donates to GOP

One Russian killed, two taken hostage in Iraq

Cheney to Have Routine Pacemaker Check

Speech met with disbelief [Al Jazeera]

Suit Claims Abuse by Nuns at Mass. School

GOP Seeks to End Tax Cut Debate as Democrats Push for Jobless Benefits

Nader coming up live on c-span at 9am eastern

Civilian Convoy Hit in Iraq, Several People Missing

Dropping the Bomb on Google

Terrorists have Iraq's WMD: (Canadian) PM - Winnipeg Sun.

U.S. General: No Orders Given on Abusing Inmates

US to hand Saddam back to Iraqis

Across America, War Means Jobs

Food Stamp Use Skyrockets in Arizona

US criticised over web controls

Bremer Promises Justice in Prisoner Abuse

Colin Powell proud to be a Scot

Bush administration has used 27 rationales for war in Iraq, study says

Danish PM will address pictures with Bush

Kerry Warns Opponents Not to Attack His Wife

Iran Warns Israel of Retaliation

Official: U.S. Can Board Panamanian Ships

Iraq: Rutelli, Breakthrough Within 7 Days Or Pullout (Italy- Rummy Sacked)

No Cuba libre: Loose lips can lose your ship

Hollinger paid (Conrad Black's) expenses: lawsuit - Globe and Mail

General to testify on abuse probe

Calls grow for Italian troops to quit Iraq

No charges filed in U. of Colorado sex assault probe

The 50-50 Lie

Tougher Emission Rules Set for Big Diesel Vehicles

Amnesty details killing of civilians by British soldiers

Approved drug card providers leaned toward Bush campaign

Body found on Baghdad overpass identified as that of American

Netherlands to Review Iraq Participation

What are they Smoking at the Labor Dept? (Jobs numbers are made up)

Kerry Vows to Rein in Health Care Premiums

Another (American) mini sub missing

Plastic Surgeons Put the Knife Into TV Makeovers

Sadirist Launch Wider Insurgency in South

Family of Beheaded U.S. Man Releases Statement

Pentagon employees give Rumsfeld a standing ovation


Halliburton to settle asbestos claims

Relatives of Iraqi dead win hearing (in London's High Court)

Honduran Troops Start Iraq Pullout

Iraq abuses widespread: Red Cross

U.S. lawmakers get involved in Uruguayan abortion vote

Barenboim irks Israelis with criticism

Mistreatment Of Detainees Went Beyond Guards' Abuse

Rumsfeld Denies Cover-Up of Iraq Prisoner Abuse

N.Y. Removes Controversial Parking Meter

Iran Critic Faces Death Penalty

Cuba closes stores, restaurants; blames closures on new U.S. policy

BBC Analysis: US dream for Iraq in doubt

Holden: Missouri soldiers shouldn't drive civilian contractors

Investigation: 28 top federal workers have bogus college degrees

Florida town changes MLK street name

Religious hatred flourishes on web

U.S. Trying to Sort Out Iran Role in Iraq

Abuse photos used for interrogation leverage, Warner says

U.S. residents carry unhealthy levels of pesticides, study finds

Gas Price Hits Record $1.941/Gallon-Govt.

Centcom: US Soldier Killed in Al Anbar Province

Murtha On Now CNN

Experts: 9/11 Vengeance Fed Iraq Abuse

Widow of Italian policeman slain in Iraq says he witnessed prisoner abuse

Levi Strauss puts Dockers brand on the sales block

Listen to CSPAN-3 for hearings...

Nigeria's Muslims 'tired of the massacres'

Ba'athists leery of role in new military

IRAQ: FASSINO, Italy Cannot be Torturers' Accomplice

(New) Policy on Cuba will cost Bush votes, group warns (from Miami)

'60 Minutes II' to Air Video of an American Talking About Iraqi Prisoners

Mainline Christian churches want UN to take over Iraq

U.N envoy leaves open a role for Iraqi Governing Council members

Global Warming Ignites Tempers, Even in a Movie

Appeals court rules for birth mother in custody case - Egg donor

Why do I feel Americans are being cruelly manipulated ?

Sierra Club Endorses Kerry for President (Press Release)

Lawmaker: Bush Imposes Economic Sanctions on Syria

Honduran Troops Start Iraq Pullout

Mahdi Army seizes US weapons

Wisconsin Daily Asks Readers to Send Pro-Bush Letters

U.S., Tribunal Disagree on Saddam Handoff

Laura Bush's Albany appearance met by demonstrators

Torture in Iraq and Chile: The US Connection

‘60 Minutes II’ to air controversial footage

Evidence mounts as Bush hails Rumsfeld

War in Iraq Becomes Liability for Bush

British Soldiers May Soon Face Abuse Charges

Saddam to Be Handed Over to Iraqis Before Power Transfer

Memo: Iraq Abuse Was 'Vigilante Justice' (for Lynch 'rape')

Pa. family angry with American government over son's brutal death

US needs French help in Iraq

A Double Ordeal for Female Iraqi Prisoners

Kerry Warns Opponents Not to Attack His Wife

Gee taking heat, even from wife, over VU's decision to honor Rice

Hoping to cut costs, Navy experiments with civilians on warship

Blair: I will quit if I become electoral liability

Female Private Ordered to Pose with Leash

Senator (Inhofe) 'Outraged by Outrage' at Prison Abuse

Soldier: Foul photos of inmates were prized

Nine killed as gunmen clash in Somali capital

GM giant abandons wheat plan

Bush Improving Economy Tied to War Jobs-The Secret of the New Jobs

Clinton gives 900-page memoir to editors

Commanders blamed for Iraq abuses

Senate Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits

AP: Laura Bush Appears in Internet Ad

General Who Made Anti-Islam Remark Tied to POW Case

Air force plane tapes UFOs (Mexico)

JonBenet's dad to campaign for seat in Michigan House

Cuba Freezes Most Sales at Dollar Stores

(New) Video Seems to Show Beheading of American

Do the Heat have a chance versus the Pacers?

What is a SYN port attack?

Reno 911 ROCKS!

Is there an all-time dumbest DU thread ever?

Is that like the brown material creek ?

I don't need your opinion... :-)

Whew...Just passed a class, I thought I would fail!

Dr. Ruth just kicked Scarbourogh's ass!

Will gasoline prices ever fall back down?


Passenger Leaps from Jet on Runway

DU Insomniacs check in (11 May)

Cat Survives Cross Country Trip in Drawer

Cowboy Bebop

How many bones have you broken in your lifetime?

DU screen names that need a home.

How many homes have you broken in your lifetime?


Transgender Witch To Sue Mayor

New NIN coming along nicely

as of this moment

Man Breaks Into House - Naked - Arrested

Homeless Man Rips Apart Burger King Registers With Bare Hands

Nicole Kidman is a great actress

Indian man aiming for 100th marriage

If you see a man wearing a hospital gown and electrodes...

Lufthansa to offer onboard Wi-Fi Internet

Dog, Hungry For Pizza Blamed For Fire

Cat Survives Cross-Country Trip Inside Dresser Drawer

Animal Pregnancy Baffles Mo. Zoo Curators

Family Watches As 80 Year Old Grandma Skydives

Yes, America...this IS your press corps

Lewis Black: The End of the Universe

Every continent I've loved has started and ended with the same vowel

Freepers: Liberals and Muslims- United in their hatred for America

Pet DU Peeve- Posting Threads About Some Event Without Giving ANY DETAILS

Good Morning DU!

I love you all...but it's too darn early in the morning to be meeting you

Taxi Driver Goes On 2,300-Mile Journey Across U.S., Passengers Pay $3,000

6 minute clip of U.Fla.'s incoming freshman runningback Noel Devine

Woman Lives WIthout Portion Of Her Skull For Months

Student Was Forced To Dance Salsa (Female Role) With Adviser

Amazingly, I have a dog question!

Birthday may save Sasser virus youth from jail

Husband helps wife with secret note

Stupid allergies.

What pollen really is.

Deejay Hospitalized - Tried To Launch Bottle Rocket From His Ass - Burned

Investigation Reveals 28 TOP Federal Workers Have Bogus College Degrees

Ex-CNN-producer (for ZAHN) Arrested

Jack and Stella are one year old today!

Tampa Bay Lightning fans: SCOREBOARD!!!

Microsoft Apples (TM)

Mom Gave Birth To 3 Boys 3 Girls Monday

Is the Superbowl Over?

Would God ever wear a golfer's outfit?

Next person who interrupts me on the phone

3D Internet Church Opens

Sun Yat-Sen Imposter Dupes Old Chinese Patriots


mah toamater plants are growing like weeds

Australian Government Tells Citizens To "Do IT" For Your Country

What's the meanest/funniest thing you've ever done to a coworker?


If you were a dyslexic, would you worship your Dog?

Cartoon: "Leave my Rummy be, terrrst assholes!!" - Steve Bell

A great book from a former Republican Governor (former as in job & party)

Who Want to Help me MOVE?

Republicans = Dallas Cowboy fans

A Day Without A Mexican

Does God always Bowl 300?

Are you tired of tadpoles?

If God was a food...

If God Wasnt Perfect, Would you Still Worship God?

What is the origin of 4:20? (some were wondering...)

Are you tired of the God polls?

Fox: "Wanted: Volunteers to Get Butts Kicked"

Caption: Something nasty on Poodle's doorstep welcome

Favorite Host of MTV's TRL

I love you all, and I miss you!

What the best Canadian pharmacy??

CAPTION the #1 Patriot (wicked pissah )

Baby Dies After Mother Stuffs Her In Dresser Drawer

I FINALLY got a name plate outside my office

Caption: White Wash vermin pull another stunt

Driver (Drunk) Loses Car - Breaks Booze Record

Your Favorite "Nonsense Marketing Feature"

Poppy seeds: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Would DU Grovelbot's threads ever get locked?

The Subservient Chicken won't sell out

Best Techno/Industrial music tracks of ALL TIME?

Anyone want a Popsicle while I'm up??

I'm sorry Kerry, but I have to vote where my heart lies....

DU mechanics

Who would win in a fight?

Wh00t! 400th post!

Church Says Virgin On Mexican Wall No Miracle

And now for those in need of a little digestive clearance...

Man, Hoping To Catch Trout, Catches Wedding Dress Instead

Teen Mugged People So He Could Go To Movies

I want to take a nap, but my cats are walking around

Teen Says He Used Sling-Shot To Destroy Virgin Mary

Villeneuve to Williams? (F1)

Does anybody else thing McCain's eyebrows are funny-looking?

Help from a Mac User Please?

Prostitutes See Sharp Drop In Business

The purpose of this thread is NOT, I repeat NOT, to kiss admin's ass

Ballers, are the T-wovles 4 real?

New indie rock and punk bands?

What color thong should Grovelbot wear riding its yak to Will Pitt's party

Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited on tonight

Why is god good?

Would God's threads ever get locked?


You know the problem with North American Nightlife?

is anyone here a member of the Randi Rhodes message board?

Woman Finds Mouse In Mothers-Day Soup

sticky keys question

Do you like the scrolling text I added to my sig line?

Know a lot of songs? Then play the JUKEBOX GAME!


Is George W. Bush Mentally Ill?

Where the hell is GOPisEvil?

David Cassidy insults the Welsh!

Anyone know of a site where I can give a warning about a virus

Party Set for Andy Kaufman, Just In Case...

Marilyn Manson to play Jesus????

If you could go straight to Gore Vidal and tell or...

Using a movie genre, how would you describe your life?

Republicans- the "Fuck you I got mine" party.

Woman's Keys Deflect Bullet That Could Have Killed Her

Help! Javascript question!

Goliath, 2,400-Pound Horse, Visits Nebraska

Worst bumper sticker ever.

What's the most you've ever spent on a meal?

Anyone play Pebble Beach Golf at EA sports?

My kitty is being a baby.

BEATLES FANS: Do you have a least favorite Beatles album?

What advise would you give someone considering starting a business

We are FIVE states short of having ALL 50 states donating

Airline's new fleet includes a cupboard for corpses

Louisiana seeks to outlaw low-slung jeans

Favorite Horseman?

Are we going to have an official donation clearing house this drive?

Adult ADD: Do you have it?

Favorite Horseman (let's try that again):

My 100th Post!!!!


Totally Cool! Will Pitt included in the Patriots visit to the White House

Hey....I have a star!

Which adjective is most appropriate for me?

Bread machine recipe book:

War $$ vs. unemployment benefits

World Record Holding (75lb) Raccoon (Bandit) Dead

Deja Vu: When was the last time it happened ot you?

Huey's Pottery Barn Dream -- what is it?


Anyone know where I can but a "Hunting of the President"movie poster?

BLIZZARD!!!!! and not the Dairy Queen kind..........

Weeping Cardboard Jesus

I'm a new man

Favorite "Davey and Goliath" moment?

What the Rabid Right Believes

You Get To Send A 25-Word Telegram (Guaranteed To Be Read By Bush*)...

Who else is trying to lose weight?

I just increased my Gas Mileage by 3 MPG! POLL

Which is longer - your lawn or your hair?

CREEPY Invasion Of My Privacy... High-Tech Scammers and Schemers

Caption: Me and my shadow...

I have a baby in my lap, trying to type..ask me anything!

New sig!

Anyone else need a goddam wee break? I do.

Anyone else's radio stations play Evanescence too much?

Expand your vocabulary - add to the list (real words only)

Do you like the show Married With Children?

Anyone else need a goddam dandelion break? I do.

Parents Complain - School PULLS Book Issued For Reading Assignment

Anyone Else Need a Duplicate Thread Break? I Do....

photo proof the torture of POW's was condoned at the top

What would you or have you sacrificed in the name of love?

Anyone else need a goddam weed break? I do.

Do women actually worry about party lines?

I'm having a TEMPER TANTRUM. $3000 for a dental implant.

Hello fellow DU'ers. My new site.

SCTV coming to DVD June 8th!

The Tantric Tantrum of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Invisible Man of all CAPTIONS!!!

Wish Me Luck At Poker Tonight, I Pledge 10% Of Winnings To DU!

Need a break from bad news? Here's a fun book.

Need a fun little break?

I'm getting Laroucherized!

Anybody want to bandy?

OMG! Just now! On TV!!!!!!!

Air America merchandise NOW availabale!!!

Who here likes to procrastinate

Beefcake: Who's Your Favorite Kind?

hi all, havent been around in a while

Anybody worked at the Olive Garden?

Hear The Correct Pronunciation Of "Moron" At Merriam-Webster.Com

Totally non-partisan political hair poll

I'm sick of it all- Let's talk chocolate

The safest way to rescue a cat from a tree.

Buff Male Models May Hurt Men's Self-Esteem

My 1000th post! Ask me anything (that I know the answer to)

Today, I did something on a lark.

Broke = lazy, at least as far as this individual is concerned.

Favorite "Deadly Sin"

Drudge:Swatch "Bunny-Sutra" billboard in Times Square

Nazis, tornados, and Dali: This Day In History!

Woman Fed Up With (GOPisEVIL) Hitting Her House With Golf Balls

I'm buying an Air Conditioner this week - any words of advice

I'm buying Hair Conditioner this week - any words of advice?

Wish me luck. I will be playing Operation tomorrow.

Just finished William Gibson's Pattern Recognition -

God says to kill everyone?

"The Clam Box," Ipswich of the greatest restaurants in the U.S.

Why is everyone in the lounge so damn witty?

Has anyone heard from BigBigBear?

Cheesecake: What's Your Favorite Kind?

What would you do if your significant other cheated on you?

There's sex in the sunny days.

Anybody know anything about the dogwalking business?

My buddy Jerry died two years ago today

Do women actually worry about panty lines?

After 2 days of vacation I now know what my cats do while I'm at work


What do cars talk about all day?

A Poll for AlienGirl (and anyone else with a sense of humor!)

Every woman I ever loved has an "a" at the end of her first name

Greg Brady vs. Keith Partridge

my friend got a kitten. isn't he CUTE??

Freakin' $2.05 a gallon! How much is a gallon of regular in your area?

20 posts til 2000... ask me anything!

Punk Kittens

DAMN My Lawn Looks GOOD Right Now!! (pics inside)

I am 100 away from 5000! Ask me anything...Preferably 100 anythings.

"Wildfire" is the stupidest song ever

As of today I'm the new owner of an 8 year old beagle, and I'm crying.

Family Guy

"Power Players" Jeopardy was an embarrassment yesterday

I want to donate!

Top Ten Reasons to Donate to Democratic Underground

Wish me luck. I will be having an operation on my foot tomorrow.

Sinatra or Martin?

Anybody live near NASCAR track?

I'm staying at DU

New Updates to the DU Gallery (5/11/04)

Movement To Hump The Dump The Humpty-Dumpty Supporters Widening !!!

Movement growing to squabble like a bunch of six year olds!

It's about Gravitas...Stupid

Pile of flaming dog doo doo or Shrub for prez?


Nader Misses Texas Ballot Requirement, Sues

Edwards on the stump with Salazaar: Blasts Bush*/.Rumsfeld

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee money will await primary winners

Allison Dobson, former Wellstone aide, named national spokesman for Kerry

Wes Clark- Midwestern Darling

Still running as the "War President", George?

Simple message: 9/11 & Iraq torture - Bush ignored early warning signs!

Bush approval hits new lows in poll

Who is going to the Maine Dem Convention?

Dean is making valuable contributions to the Kerry campaign.

18-25s Want Kerry in Ohio

Bush, Kerry nearly even in poll on Iraq

Bush Widens Lead Over Kerry In Spite Of Difficulties In Iraq

American civilian beheaded in Iraq - what are the consequences?

Kerry needs to personalize his ads...

Anyone been watching c-span3 - The Abu Ghraib hearing ?

What is with all the animosity?

Greenfield speculating about a running mate for Kerry

I have been working on some repukes

"I'll have ahhh.. the goal"

Rasmussen Reports today Bush 46% Kerry 45%

Nader's Ballot Access Requirements

Horse and Hound magazine show's Bush widening lead over Kerry

Would it be bad form for Kerry to pick VP before convention?

Newsweek: Clark for VP?

Kerry needs to remind people why they like Democrats

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