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Archives: February 24, 2004

Looking for an online version of the RFKjr. article

US Soldier Seeks Refugee Status in Canada

Bush*s Sex Fantasies (Just Say No)

Gunned down with abandon..Fisk

Forget Nader, Hug Kucinich

Ohio DUers: Wanna take back our state? I've got a website. Wanna help?

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose men like this -

Official DU Philly Gathering: April 24th, 2004

I'm interested in learning about macrobiotics

Saudi oil fields "in decline"....

Climate change may lead to war

Iran reformists resign

Are there still warnings?

Admins -- FYI

I can't post a topic no matter what I do.

Is my sig-line too big?

I am new here and just got an IM

Time to start locking Nader threads

IDF scales back forces in West Bank

Security sources: Cost of fence could rise to NIS 15M per km

Did anyone make it to Ellen Mariani in Kansas City?

Ralph Nader: media sweetheart

Bush vs. Kerry vs. Nader: How do you vote?

Labor Dept. offers tips on avoiding overtime pay

suggested response to current GOP smear email on Kerry's war service

Democrats attract "worthy foe" in NV-3

Nader's remembrance: just the village idiot

Kucinich and Dean and Clark were expertly managed candidates

Anderson Cooper: "Did Clinton blow chance to get Bin Laden"

Ann Coulter Has Risen From The Dead!!!

A question for those knowledgeable in election law.

Bush: The draft?

bush on c-span at repub gov dinner

Virus closes US army bases in Germany

Both of my former Wing-nut brothers are fed up with * (Ohio report)

Total Information Awareness survives congressional shutdown

Howard Dean talk radio show...any thoughts?

Salon: Twins no grand old partiers

Any DUers wear the Brown Scapular?

Recent hubris of Bush* and Co. shows them over reaching.

Stupid headline alert... The Israeli "Barrrier" is "divisive"

Has God spoken to you about the election?

Poll: Many Americans Support TV Executions

Only three more Malloy Programs!

why do some want to live this way?- A nonnegotiable neighborhood

Mike Malloy ranting about Nader....

Chris Matthews: Nader Unqualifed b/c Never Been Married

Bush lied, people died, get it!!!!!!!!!

BBV / Bev Harris rocking on KPFK NOW!! 90.7 FM Los Angeles

Whew! I just got back from a trip to Freeperville.

Should the death penalty be illegal in this country?

Dude! I'm part of the Liberal Intelligencia!!!!!

Can Nader still run on the Green Ticket?

On a personal basis I simply don't like *

Why we need third party candidates like Nader, Buchanan, etc.

The homilies this Sunday at churches that bought out "Passion" showings:

George Washington would roll over on his birthday if....

How much anti-Semitism is on DU?

How much Islamophobia is there on DU?

4 more years of * - what's the best possible?

Bush regime paying CHALABI MILLIONS for the lies he told to the US, to get

Climate Change

Please help me respond (blood pressure now at boiling point)

Mike Malloy on Nader...listen now

Ha ha! Jon Stewart just had the funniest line!

And then there is Gibson Sr.

Did any one just hear Pat Buchanan on Keith Olbermann?

Is Instant Run-off voting basically useless?

CNN: CIA Failed us in IRAQ

Check Out Bush Re-election Website & It's Letter Writing Function

BBV: please call your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor Voter Confidence

how many new voters can be expected?

Bush, And Our Soldier's 'Souls' !!!

Nader and Your Point-Click Democracy

Attacks on Nader are stupid..

History Repeats

Review of the Passion overheard at a local restaurant

Chris Matthews just destroyed Nader!!

Senator Levin calls George Tenet a liar

I went to check out the dark side (m)

Okay Progressives.....put your money where your mouth is.

I'm against countries, borders, and

Whoa! Bush kept moving boundary back on drug use rules!

Something we Democrats ought to note about Nader supporters

How many votes will supporting the NEA cost us?

Nader's mother wouldn't let him play with toys as a child

Who's got some good e-mail addresses for CNN?

The Christian Far-Right

Anybody looking for a job they lost?

Daddy Matcom Just Predicted A Landslide For The Dems!

I'm sick of Arnold all over my TV all the time.

romantico and other DU'ers, sounds like we got 'Borders' stores attention

Kyoto Treaty

Do you know what pisses me off most about this whole "Passion" thing?

Hey...Christian Lefties...A query.

I am photocopying my NEA card and mailing it to Rod Paige

Convince me the Electoral College is still valid

Paige calls NEA a "terrorist organization"

Darwin and the Left

Nader on Hardball

To much police time going to pot? | Globe and Mail

Saudi Arabia Oil Production in Decline!

Mardi Gras massacre fears in Haiti as rebels close in on Port-au-Prince

US soldiers face court on rape charges

Shell's Texas shutdown offers support to crude

Iranians who sewed their lips reject pleas of friends

MORE! Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

NYT: C.I.A. Was Given Data on Hijacker Long Before 9/11

Delay in handover could lead to civil war, warns Iraq cleric

Sweden raises dollar concerns with U.S. Treasury

Lawmaker's fund raising at Reliant Energy probed


Drudge: 9/11 HIJACKER LEAD IN 1999

USDA: Bird Flu at Texas Farm Is Deadly

Pentagon Opens Halliburton Criminal Probe

Kucinich Focuses on Oft-Ignored Hawaii - Washington Post

Collapsing cots cause concern in Kuwait(US Troops from private contractor)

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields

Crude-oil quandary causes concern

Bush Accuses Kerry of Waffling on Issues

WP: Army Scraps the Comanche Helicopter

Witness backs up (Martha) Stewart's story

Politics Questioned in Hospital Plan (Laura Bush's Children's Hosp Iraq)

Schwarzenegger: I'll get what I want in D.C. because I'm 'like a tick'

WP: Economic Forecasts Were Off

Sierra Club calls for Scalia to leave Cheney case

No Hunger for a Culture War (Young voters-economy and foreign policy)

Educator quits after refusing to paddle student

Honestly, those of you who gave up sugar today...

LOOK what made it onto Betty Bowers!

Overheard this while eating lunch in the building cafeteria

Who gets more web visitors?

Journalistic Deathmatch!

My second interview with Pierre Bensusan

South Louisiana (and elsewhere): Happy Mardi Gras check-in

You know how I always talk about Ann Coulters crab hands?

and over here, let's put a happy little tree...

Anyone else pissed off for no fucking reason tonight?

Who are your parents supporting?

Radical proposition

"I was so bored once...

February 23, 1995

Got a RW piece of crap in your Email?? PUSH BACK!

Ann Coulter Has Risen From The Dead!!!

Caption this before the party's over.

Bertrand Russell quotes

Which is more likely to get locked?

My brother just left...

Is it just me or is DU kind of slow right now?

I just sort of lost my new job: Ask me anything!

My "pet" name is

You think George the first, really ate pork rinds?

who all think carlin rules?

I Was Just In A Flame War And A GD2004 Broke Out!

The Ralph Nader/DU drinking game

DAMNIT - all women please check in right here right now!!!

Funny cartoon about next year's Super Bowl.

How long does one wait until they start calling hospitals about

Which LSAT prep course should I take? Kaplan? Princeton Review?

Any one else ever get those little green marks under your skin....

Game Show Economics

Is it poo?

Get me off your E-Mail list!!!

There was a long thread on women execs in the porn industry ...

My Sister Got A New Babysiter - JUST to See "The Passion!"

Is there a way to unupload the avatar I've already uploaded?

How did you find DU?

Does anyone ever feel like creating a huge (DU) drama thread?

Battle of the Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. INXS

Ladies (and perhaps guys), I need info on "the pill"

How the fuck did I get onto this mailing list?!

LOL, here's a real pearl of wisdom.

Any fans of extreme Asian cinema?

Aww... the poor little jocks...

Question to people who prefer sex

DAILY SHOW thread -- guest: Tyra Banks

Anyone remember the hair-head vs. skinhead wars?

Monday night DU AIM chat?

How not to make lemon pudding

Pro Ham Sammich posts and posters should be BANNED

Best Outtakes from Gibson's 'Bleeding Jesus, Shameless Promotion' (tm)

All you gay people are a bunch of hobos!

"If DU suddenly disappeared, I would...?"

OOO the evil harpy that tried to get me fired was at the same meeting as I

Oscars: Who Got ROBBED In The Noms? SOUND OFF HERE!

I created an email filter that deletes emails with my name in the subject

The 9 levels of DU hell

I think I'll have a Samuel Jackson

Movie of Neutron Star Explosion

Ten Quivering Questions for Tonight

Duckman: misunderstood American Hero, or low-grade moron?

George Bush's dog died...

Kitty pix please

Any DUers know Moab, Utah?

Which ONE of the SAG winners will win an Oscar?

Norah Jones on Letterman tonight

Does anybody here gag watching Fear Factor?

What's the leadership like in your local government?

How much anti-Buddhism is there on DU?

Wanna hear my highschool rant? Be prepared...

I bet shortbus $5...

Do you hate Kamika

what is WRONG with ???

Freeper Kittens??

Convince me J.S. Bach isn't the greatest composer ever

Who knows the west coast of Florida?

London, England

Check out this Freaky COOL Game!!

Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally turned someone on here?

I bet dolo amber $5 that more men than women post in this thread.

Anyone listening to the Chimp on CNNInternational? 7:20 pm EST

The Power We Have Is In The Delegates Our Candidates Receive!

Bush Strategery just laid out on C-SPAN

Bush Before The Republican Governors

Harley Sorenson (SF Chronicle columnist) endorses Kucinich today

It's like sports Nader Fans, this conference doesn't allow.....

Clark, Dean, Kucinich, Sharpton,CMB - Nader doesn't warrant face time!

Does Kerry pass the baloney sandwich test?

I would not worry about Nader.

Relax, Nader Tells Democrats, but the Math Says Otherwise

Think of the Democratic Party as a major college sports....

Gov Huckabee speaking to God (and Repub Govs) on CSPAN

Lieberman urges Nader to rethink run for president

Chris Matthews son worked on the Dean campaign

Edwards on ticket would diminish the Nader factor.

Bill Maher: Only crackpots will vote for Nader this election...

I'm voting Democrat...

I think we're going to win despite ourselves!!!

We need to drive on the left side of the road

The Progressive Populist Moment Has Arrived

Pro Nader post and Posters should be BANNED

Those of you who had the horrendous gall to call Wes Clark a

Is it OK to harass Nader volunteers?

Reminder--From the Rules

Latest New York Survey U.S.A. Polls:

Ignore them... they will go away

Bush told more truth in 5 minutes on MTP than most Dems have in 3 yrs.

Sierra Club is considering adopting anti-immigration policy.

I voted for Edwards today!

Just curious: what does Nader stand for?

Edwards' support for wilderness

Clinton boosts Broward Democrats

Kerry On Religion (Fascinating, Especially For Any Bill Moyers Fans)

Democrats for Bush/Cheney!: Troubling Website

Didn't Bush Sr. attack Bill Clinton for being a "waffler"?

Why is Nader not being supported by the Green Party this time?

Hawaii, anyone?

Have any Dean backers who moved over to Kucinich?

New SurveyUSA numbers, New York, Kerry- 58% Edwards- 22%

Voting Nader is NOT like saying you'll only date supermodels

Could he be the next Governor of California?

A question for those of you who claim Dean is still in. If Dean is still

Anyone hear Bush's "new and improved" stump speech?

I need a reliable source for John Kerry's war wounds...

When is Kerry going to resign as Senator?

Puke Alert: Ralph on Hardball

Bush's Speech to the Governors Last Night was Right about Kerry

The Democratic Party cannot afford to lose men like this -

Who's more electable to a second term? Edwards or Kerry

Bush Volunteered For Active Viet Nam Duty But Was Denied....

Sharpton blasting Nader on CNN

Is Dean In or Out?

How will Kerry respond to Bush calling him

Malloy is blasting Nader on his show.

Edwards: Looming on the horizon, another “Hey Mabel” moment?

John Kerry Talks Jobs and Opportunity with New Yorkers in Harlem & Queens.

Bush directly attacked Kerry today: called him a waffler

Kucinich Focuses on Oft-Ignored Hawaii

Just want to say to the Dean supporters here...

Just Confirmed John Kerry Meetup-26th. Hope to see a lot of former Dean

Kerry And Killing Civilians In Vietnam

Kerry On The Patriot Act

Kucinich supporters: contribute to the CA UNION grocery workers!!

for three years we've heard that Nader makes no difference,

UmHaider not Nader showed me there is not that much difference

Cohen: Run, Ralph, Run

Dionne: Bush*s McCain Strategy Redux

Horsey nails it again

"Bush remained above the fray while Dems took pot shots"

Kerry, Edwards care more about polls...

Injustice For All-Dismantling of Employer-Based Health Care

Jesus Scholars Find Fault in Gibson's 'Passion'

Need some help

US Media: Dereliction of Duty!

The Carlyle Group Does It Again: More Insider Trading?

California Democrats back austerity ballot measures

Frozen in Time:--The WSJ's Paranoid Lens on Latin America

As many as 1 million to march on GOP convention

Why the 'chicken-hawk' argument is baloney

The Daily Brew - The Sanctity of Marriage

"Nailed" (Review of "The Passion..." in the New Yorker)

James Carroll: "An obscene portrayal of Christ's Passion"

Andrew Sullivan: "War Declared on Gays"

How Safe Is Your E-Vote? Elections go digital, but experts fear a crash.

Are you a Sierra Club member? If so, you better vote in this election

Protest CAT selling to Israel -- Peoria, IL -- APR 23

Houston forum on BBV Wednesday with David Dill & Dan Wallach

LA DU'ers! Protest Bush Tonight!! West Hollywood!

Short Notice, 6pm tonight NYC, Rally...

Bush protests going on NOW in NYC and LA; times and places

Woo hoo! Our little protest against Cheney in Wichita made Maggotpunk

Join Team DU in Washington DC on April 25th for the March for Women

Showed Bush-loving coworker select pages from "Blinded by the Right"

ieamericaradio to shut down Wednesday

David Ansen proves his idiocy in his review of Gibson's new movie

Great news for Liberal Radio Listeners.

What happened to Seabass?

Annoying hosts...

My Free Martha Stewart Webring is up...

Bay Area DUers: Alcatraz Island, global peace monument?

Are we seeing the death throes of the Piscean Age?

Indigenous people...."Code of Ethics".....

Supreme Court in California to Get Case on Marriages

bush trashing gays

New Mexico Clerk Publicly Rebuked For Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses

Govenors Leave Issue of Gay Marriage Aside

Complete text of Bush's anti-gay statement

Bush Makes It Official: Supports Anti-Gay Amendment

Ohio Partner Registry Under Attack

Wisconsin DUers!

Sir Ian McKellen's gay activist web site:

SF Judge Removed From Gay Marriage Case As Conservatives Allege Bias

Hey, advocates for the Advocate, check this out.

Broken marriages, not gay nuptials, pose risk to kids

It's Official: Bush Just Started A Cultural War In The USA

GOP Bigots Stall Indiana Legislature

Nikkei Posts Biggest Loss in 2 Months

Quota Systems as an Alternative to Tariffs

Seals and Dolphins Wash Up on Mexican Beach

Engineered DNA Found in Crop Seeds-U.S. Failure to Block Contamination

Two Mummies Pre-Dating Incas Found in Southern Peru

Substantial Locust Outbreaks Underway In West Africa, Saudi Arabia

Received from

Corps Blows Hole In Last Dam On Rappahannock River

Forecast of Rising Oil Demand Challenges Tired Saudi Fields (nyt)

House Sparrows Declining In Southeast England (House Sparrows?!?!)

'Dozens of bodies were drained of blood' - Congo

U.N. Seeks Better Security for Iraq Return

Rumsfeld warns Iran, Syria about helping militants

Sistani wants vital UN role in Iraq: report

Mexicans Say Gang Crushed by Arrests

Honduras Gangs Leave Grisly Warning

Nigeria Boycotts Polio Vaccination Drive

Japanese Critics File Suit on Deployment

Weekend Clashes in Colombia Leave 66 Dead

Vote in this poll

NY Times: Lawyers, Guns and Mayors

Kansas CCW Bill Moving Right Along!!!!

Why Shouldn't the US Institute Australian Style Gun Control?

Newspaper makes HUGE error...

Missing Mississippi Family: What do you think happened?

Port Moresby shocked by horrific home invasion

I can't reply to threads

Observations & question about two locked threads (neither was mine)

I have a question about sig line formatting.

How about a Bronx Cheer smiley?

Why would Nader supporters be permitted to

Why is this not being locked...

Will the "top" tab be returned?

If all candidates but one drop out after Super Tuesday

Religious discussion about a movie.....

Inciting Violence???

What the HELL is this when I try to post?

A polite request for the mods or administrators, please....

OMG, could you please delete my posts, #53, #56, #59

A request to the admins/mods

A thread about Bill Maher was locked; wondering why

This post is okay?

I'm back, and I still suck!

Nader posts...

Question about rules (criticizing the nominee)

Protest CAT selling to Israel -- Peoria, IL -- APR 23

Kerry Endorses Israel; Who should he endorse post 9/11 for chrissakes.

Jordan to Make Its Case Against Barrier

Refusal Is In the Air

'The Middle East needs bridges, not walls'

Peres: Israel must give up all of West Bank and Gaza

Dichter: Gaza groups developing artillery to attack Israeli towns

Over 25 percent of Sheikh Sa'ad residents forced to leave their homes

Boim: Is Palestinian terror caused by a genetic defect?

Israeli Troops Kill Lebanese Shepherd in S. Lebanon

WHO suppressed scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears

Looking More Closely at the Bulge on Flight 175

911, WTC Missile Thread

LAT/Brownstein great analysis:Bush Replays Themes That Worked in 2000

Bush Assertion on Tax Cuts Is at Odds With IRS Data(lies-small bus hurt)

Happy Days are on the Way

Greens Welcome Nader to Presidential Race, will nominate someone else

What'll happen to the left in 2004 and beyond?

Dennis Kucinich, a closet scientist?

Indictments of The Plame leakers: Will the G.O.P. turn them into "heros"

To the lurking freepers: How did you become "that way?"

Need some help debating the 2000 election

Did someone change the meaning of "elite" and not tell me? I got an

So, I'm really excited about the SAFEWAY STRIKE.

Former CIA official/ Iraq/constitutional crisis compared only to Watergate

Flashback 2000: Republican Group funds Nader ads

just read the script to Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

Osama bin Laden Caught, Write The GOP Spin...

Are we taking Ourselves Too seriously?

Play: Name that Bush Appointee.

Bu$h said something I liked last night.

Just got "gay-bashed" on another website...and I'm not even gay!

Brazil's Bawdy Carnival Draws Thousands

Check out this 5 hour old MIHOP board;

Any Colorado grads and/or residents care to share their insights?

Dear DU: I have lived with an enemy of the state for 15 years....

Horsey nails it again

EU threatens trade war with Russia

Republicans Push Medical Malpractice Bill

Andy Rooney talks to God

our "rights"

Corbis knocks on Freerepublic's door

NPR this morning-Cheney had direct access to "Office of Special Planning"-

Knock, knock. Who's there?

Pentagon's Office of Special Plans discussed on NPR

Headscarves face ban in Germany

Newsweek article on offshoring...

Mel..Mel.. Mel.. how come "euro-style" actors instead of middle eastern?

Education Secretary calls teachers union a "terrorist organization”

Odd Gallup poll: Rating Foreign Nations

Anybody hear NPR's piece on Office of Special Plans? Where were they..

Idi Amin and bush

A rush to replace blanket primary

Why doesn't bush identify who he served with in Alabama

Take a guess:How giddy was the GE/Today Show over W's speech last night?

NEA president reams the Bush administration

Dreyfuss: possible Israel/Chalabi ties to faked Iraq intelligence

let's talk Budgets again...

"poisonous....virulently anti-Clinton" Book Is Slouching to be Born

Suggestion for National Guardsmen and Reservists

The dumbest line in bush's speech yesterday.

Special Report: Bush to Seek Constitutional Amendment

Rrepealing The 14th Amendment - US Constitution

I am so-o-o-o tired of hiding Nader threads...!

Another high profile Rep. Congressman sinking in doodoo.

Question for the religious pls

Barbara Bush (Dubya's daughter): Not a Republican???

Today Show lead in...give me a break

A much needed challenge to the media !-

Lawyer: Nugent Admits He Fathered Child

I just read the best movie script ever!

WHO suppressed scientific study into depleted uranium cancer fears in Iraq

Corporate reputations take a whipping

Churches showing graphic scenes of violence

Bush to support Amendment against Gay Marriage

Republicans - The Anti-Constitution Party

Bush will push to ban gay marriage in Constitution

What's happening with Martha's case?

What do you think Osama's current situation is?

Who cares what Bush says?.

"gay marriage" is an attempt by the GOP to define the terms of the debate

Are There Any Religions That Sanction Gay Marriage?

Bowling for Columbine

Change to Presidential Succession?

I am pleading with you. Get involved and stop the madness.

Regulate boardrooms not bedrooms

I almost just deleted this email I received, but then I decided to share.

anyone listen to C-span Congressional Armed Service...CIA/FBI?

Ten Years After (New Yorker Piece on Haiti)

Risking death, 2 Afgan Women Collect and Detonated

BBV: California voters - today is the last day to request absentee ballot

Question: Where has Nader been the last three years?

Oklahoma Governor Suggests Homicide for Teachers Unions

Did You Know Your Doctor Is Now Required to Rat You Out?

About That Bumper Sticker..

When will Bush declare martial law?

Bill Maher on the current political landscape

Waffling vs. Pretzeling (thank you, AlFrankenFan)

PETA to Gibson: Thou shalt not kill animals

Governors raise concerns to Bush* about National Guard

*'s Statement to 1400 Repukes last night


3 wks. ago 10,000 Iraqis marched to US Counsel in Nasiriyah

Comment right after C-Span replay of Bush's call for ammendment

Link to a Great Plame article

I hope Martha Stewart walks

now for a humorous interlude .... The Battle Hymn of the Shrub

"Do You Support a Constitutional Amemdment Against Gay Marriage" (Poll)

Bush* is making a play for his base with the gay marriage stuff.

Nader on Democracy Now

I can't believe how upset I am about *s support of the anti gay amendment

Can Hannity be serious?

Question on Constitutional Amendments

Is the "Same Sex Marriage" melee a trap? For Secularists?

rumor mill - rick perry

"not the concern of normal, healthy human beings" . . .

Conservative Consistency

We can do without "crowning GW @ ground zero" comments

Who here at DU supports Nader?

Why so many liberals voted for the War Powers act...

Andy Rooney Calls Mel Gibson 'Wacko,' Drawing Ire

Another imminent threat!!!

My latest plea for Party Unity:

is 50 marines enough man power


Question about DuPage County, Illinois

Bush and Spam

Idealist, Realist or Cynic?

What with the AWOL/WMD/credibility issue,

Frontline doing show on the invasion of Iraq should be good

Alert! Oppose Christian Reconstruction Legislation now Alert! -Help stop Tom Delay now! Good Democrat needs our help!

Gay Marriage Is A Very Good Idea

How our generation will be judged

Nader Seeks To Attract Gay Voters

the amendment process......

Conservative Sportsmen turn against Bush.

Are Chickenhawks in danger from bird flu?

How many amendments are there that LIMIT rights?

Marriage: Turn "DOMA" into an amendment instead (if necessary)?

gasoline price check in-- $2.20 per gal in Arcata CA....

ROTF. Bush/RNC solicits Joe Wilson for campaign donation.

If a constitutional amendment against marriage based on Bu$h bible

Wahhhh...we want our flag back...Virginia Confederate loving crybabies

The Pentagon Inspector General's office....

Education Sec Paige calls Teachers Union Terrorists.

Nader might actually help...

Enid Goldstein discussing gay marriage LIVE now (~4PM ET)

Anthrax Shots Made Australian Troops Sick

Keep criticising Mel Gibson

Will Transgender People Not Be Allowed to Marry Anyone?

The 1st Minnesota Regiment was a heroic regiment in the Civil War

Outrage Over Bush Support For Gay Marriage Ban

Questions on Progressive Radio.

You know what the real difference is between the Left and the Right?

As a gay Democrat

Religious Wars -- Secular Wars -- Who Wins?

right-wing ministers against Bush

Two important 9/11 reads from NY Observer

Sean Connery turns his back and runs like a coward from evil

A plea , all moderate to far left must unite !

EJ Dionne notes Bush is redoing crazy McCain 2000 SC attack w/ Kerry

When conservatives want to amend the constitution it is to take rights

Kerry response to Bush on same-sex marriage amendment

Why isn't marriage kept in religion?

Exactly how conservative is America?

Kerry needs to respond to Bush's "flip/flop" attack... TODAY

Imagine Dubya as President in the 1950's

Please vote in yet another 'gay marriage' poll

most awful conservative websites...

ACS - Affiliated Computer Services - Pros & Cons

Consumer Confidence Slumps on Job Fears

For your viewing pleasure - Another AARP "satisfied" customer. Not!

Tucker Carlson says that Annthrax Coulter should stick to pantsuits

Let's play "Offend the Opposite Sex!"

"Seperation of Church and State" in regard to gay marriage?!

Just handed out a stack of voter registration cards!

Does anyone have a clue as to the percentage of gays

I almost had the big one yesterday!!!!!!

Great Bumper Sticker

Who Do You Think The Freepers Are Here?

Shiite Leader Sistani Threatens Intifada Against U.S.

Heh he...Oil Dick was in town last night.....

Wag The Fag!!!! That's the new name my pals in WeHO have given the

Andy Sullivan reacts to Bush's support of marriage amendment

Vietnam Veteran for Bush shows up at Cheney Fundraiser in Wichita

Bill Clinton as Secretary General of the United Nations?

Jon Stewart last night suggested a constitutional ammendment against

CNN sabotaged Dean's campaign

Great post by Josh Marshall on Bush and gay marriage

Clear Channel profits flat despite marketing blitz

Wolfie poll (CNN) on amendment, Should Constitution be amended

Proposed marriage amendment will actually ban civil unions too

How many votes did * just flush and how did the gays vote last time?

George McGovern Fans!! Great Article!

Rick Perry (R-Tx), his wife, and Grover Norquist travel to Bahamas

Which Marriage Amendments do you want to see in the Constitution...

Trouble for Bush(Nasdaq heading down for the 6th straight week)

Stop Playing God Bush. We Already Have One.

Forget about "Flight Suit Dubya" -- now there's...

Maybe I'm CRAZY!

If gay marriage is what really "troubles" *, then we're really in trouble!

Will you write your Congressmen re: Marriage Amendment?

DNC Blog about Hatch (busting into computers)

Good Dem theme on the gay marriage amendment today...

Terminology Question- Marriage Rights

Why does it seem more importance is placed on Jesus, than God?

We're the party that rallies around the 1st ammendment so this Mel Gibson

Our Lagging Education System

Question about the bible

how about this for a 3rd dem talkingpoint on antigay amendment?

Why hasn't Drudge reported on the Rick Perry rumor?

Heads Up BBV!

What A War

CSPAN: Kennedy on floor now - Gay Marriage

Any Greens out there? Will you vote Nader now that he's in the Ego Party?

C-SPAN-- Ben Chandler to be sworn in a few minutes

Rush Limbaugh Lies Again!!!!

What's with the media buzz about Osama?

Whatever happened to that missing airman in Iraq?

Called GE Regarding A Dental Claim - Service Rep. In India

Interesting conversation I had today with a Christian conservative.

Lautenberg Blasts "Chicken Hawks"

Doonesbury looking for AWOL witnesses - Day 2

"Marriage" Is Not An Issue For The Government.

Any News on the Rick Perry Gay thing?

Is this gay-marriage issue as important as the flag burning issue?

I watched Dayside with Linda Vester

X-Men and X-2, great gay and minority allegory. Very timely especially X2

Constitutional Amendment

Did you guys just see the Mel Gibson interview on Catholic Network??? Holy

Lou Dobbs poll- Would you support a constitutional amendment

Would you support a sovereign Palestinian state...

Help Ralph get on the ballot!

Which word describes your politics?

Wondering why there is no substantive info on Haiti in the popular press?

CNN poll on offshoring

Protest against Bush in West Hollywood - Tonite 7pm

Somehow I missed this, this will cheer you up!

Log Cabin Republicans respond to Bush

Bush and appearance

I'm so angry at Bush & the media - the story of amputees in Walter Reed

Great John Dingell letter to bushco on hamburger manufacturing.

DU this poll

If you want marriage left to the states, you must want an amendment.

A must-read review of "Passion". David Denby/New Yorker...

Now that he's started, what's Bush's next Constitutional amendment?

How does allowing gay marriage harm the "institution of marriage"?

Top 10 Reasons Why Mel's Passion Isn't "As It Was"

Misogyny in the passion

Vote in this poll

Let's revisit Harken

What are some of the things the Bible says about marriage?

did you know Smirk signed the war order in Feb. of '02 ?

A formal complaint on Bush's military desertion to Dept. of Defense.

Thom Hartmann will continue streaming after ieamericaradio folds

Microsoft versus NEA Survey

Leave Mel Alone!!!

TWO scathing reviews of Passion in one issue of Boston Herald (GOP rag)

Jerry Falwell and having sex with animals

Republicans want war with gays. NOT us.

Do you think Bush's strong "anti-gay" stance will hurt him?

TWO Constitutional Amendments in 24 hours from bush* regime

Convince me that gay marriage is a good thing

Petition to Oppose Constitutional Amendment

Forget the DLC! Found a Progressive Organization!

"Ammendment" and "The Passion": my colleague's joy

On what issue are you most "Republican?"

If peak oil is a reality, we really need to be making noise

Homework for racist white men and women

Freeper Freaks At Kid Watching "Columbine..." LOL Alert!

Ashcroft and His Thugs Spying on Progressive Web Sites

3 fewer votes for Bush?

"A BushMan" - flashmedia - strange, yet hilarious

Recruiter Lies And My Friend's Son

Can religion be blamed for war?

Bush Assertion on Tax Cuts Is at Odds With IRS Data

C.I.A. Was Given Data on Hijacker Long Before 9/11: NY TIMES

bush Says Democrats Offer Bitterness, Anger [Reuters]

Kerry Leads Edwards Handily in Calif. (56-24) Kerry-Bush (53-40)

CIA chief visited Islamabad, shared information on bin Laden

White House Undecided on Syria Penalties

Court declines S. Florida 9/11 case

Administration shelves plan to let nuke contractors choose safety rules

Haiti Rebels: Aristide Made Error on Guns

Guerrillas Kill 3 Iraqis Working with U.S. Military

Libyan PM denies Lockerbie guilt

U.S.: Pentagon Denies Access to Guantanamo Trials

Pakistani Arrests 20 in Bin Laden Hunt

Iraq Leaders Want to Start Election Plans

Report: Sex and violence plague prison for girls (Florida)

Haiti Rebel Chief Discounts Military Rule

Inspectors Uncover New Nuclear Experiments in Iran, Diplomats Say

Capturing bin Laden is a top priority :

Zawahri [bin Laden aide] attacks France veil ban in tape

Almost a third of Americans say paying for drugs is a problem in their fam

U.S. Military Announces Killing of Key Aide to Militant Al-Zarqawi

Low-Carb and Other New Products Sends Heinz Earnings Upward

Bush to Back Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

The Carlyle Group Does It Again: More Insider Trading?

Bush's same sex marriage ban confirmed

FBI, CIA outline worldwide terror threat : Olympics, presidential conventi

N. Korea opposes nuclear freeze before compensation

Bush just spoke, voices his support of Gay Marr. Ban Amendment

Europe Joins Ban on U.S. Poultry Products

Bush Assertion on Tax Cuts Is at Odds With IRS Data

[Mississippi missing family] Case Gets Tougher as Time Passes

Calif. attorney general to ask state Court for gay-marriage ruling

(Cdn) PM's ticking time bomb - Toronto Star (ongoing BC scandal)

Medical malpractice bill faces vote today [in Senate]

Top Bin Laden Deputy Criticizes French Headscarf Ban

Kerry Leads Bush in Character Ratings

Joe Viterelli, Jelly From 'Analyze This,' Dies

Pentagon Excludes Human Rights Observers from Guantanamo Trials

`Liberal' tag resurrected to pin on John Kerry

Rights Groups Protest Guantanamo Trial Exclusion

Man With Uranium Caught at Ukraine Border

Treasury's Snow says U.S. economy on a good track

Man Convicted of Raping Children Publicly Executed in Iran

Bush Denounces Iran Elections

Wired News: U.S. Still Mining Terror Data (TIA alive & well,moved to NSA)

U.S. Demands Libya Admit Pan Am Bombing

With new chief on board, MSNBC needs an identity

Bin Laden Deputy Warns of More Attacks on the U.S.

Greenspan: Mortgage Debt May Be Threat

Judge orders sales of "ripper version" DVDVXCOPY stopped by this Friday

Supreme Court Blocks Reverse Age Discrimination Cases(older sev. ok)

Port of Lake Charles encouraging trade with Cuba

Home Depot Reports Huge Jump in 4Q Profit

U.S. Military Shows Interest in Africa

Kerry Leads Bush* in Character Ratings

Spain's Repsol Plans Oil Drilling in Cuba in 2004

Italian woman governor of southern Iraqi province

Greenspan: Mortgage Debt May Be Threat

Bush Officials Face Congress Over Bird Flu, Mad Cow

Local woman in Adult Videos awaits second trial

Venezuelan Lawmakers in U.S. Visit to Discuss Recall Referenda Fraud and S

Federal court blocks elections in 17 (Boston) districts, orders new lines

Mexico Closes Borders to All U.S. Poultry

How the Public Feels About Gays, Gay Marriage and Efforts to Ban It

Consumer Confidence Index Declines Nine Points (Down Sharply in January)

Russian President Fires Entire Government

Embattled candidate gets compromising pictures of accuser (CO)

Tenet: al-Qaida Spreads Anti-U.S. Agenda

One body recovered, two spotted in Mississippi River wreck

Haitian Leader Rejects Rebel Demands That He Step Down | NYT

Same-sex marriage ban might lack Congressional support

Soldiers 'given 5 bullets for Iraq war'

‘Neo-Conservative’ Likely To Be Iran’s Next President

Intelligence will vindicate Iraq invasion, says Australian minister

Bin Laden Deputy Warns of More Attacks on the U.S.

GA Gov. Perdue: Just kidding about G8 protesters | AJC

U.S. consumer confidence plunges in Feb

Politics: Sharpton wants to mediate in Haiti

Report: Seeds tainted by altered DNA

State Department Joins Halliburton Fuel Probe

100 Civilians, Troops Massacred in Congo

Suicides Among Soldiers Who Served in Iraq

Putin sacks entire cabinet....just breaking on CNNI

Justice Dept. weighs probe of (Ben Nighthorse) Campbell office

Lautenschlager arrested for DUI {WI. AG}

US 'Bans French Meat'

Haitian President Appeals for World Help

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 24 February (#1)

GOP activists launch recall campaign of attorney general

Shiite Leader Sistani Threatens Intifada Against U.S.

U.S. Charges Two Men With War Crimes (Military Tribunals)

US says some Iraqis not cooperating with arms hunt

NEA wants Paige fired for 'terrorist' comment | Houston Chronicle

Vaccine Boycott Grows in Northern Nigeria

'Bankrupt' Forces may shut 5 bases

Germany plays down pre-9/11 tip on hijacker (new info)

John Edwards' Statement on Marriage Rights Issue

Less believe in Iraq WMDs: US poll

Israeli Company to Supply Fuel to US Army in Iraq

PM looks at tightening Ottawa's ties with U.S.

A Look at Places That Grant Rights to Same-Sex Couples

Bush to Endorse Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

"It's OK to be Gay, Governor Perry"

Oral arguments on Roe canceled

Gay Democrats ask for marital history of GOP legislators

Up to 300 Feared Dead in Morocco Earthquake

"Walkie Talkie Man"

All you gay people are a bunch of HoJo's!!!

I got my membership to the WWF today!

Thee Monday Night/Tuesday Morning what are ya listening to inquiry:

Do you have a totally ambivalent love/hate relationship with Dookus?

How can AquariDem redeem her DU self in 2004?

Thee Monday Night/Tuesday Morning what are ya listening to inquiry:

2003 Beaujolais

My fundy mother won't see an R-rated movie, but she's going to Mel's film.

My dumbass cat is stuck on the roof...

Nothing's happening in Ocean City at 3 AM

Anyone watching "Super Millionaire" on ABC?

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!!

mac Safari browser users- can you load Nader's site?

just read the script to Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

Hamburger Helper

Shhhhh ....the puppies are sleeping

Do you hate northwest???

Really cute biblical cartoon

Spit take on AWOL

Best Dance Music Songstress

5:39 AM

Luis Bunuel film?

Spamelot . . . I know it sounds a bit bizarre . . .

Do you love that ZombyLove?

Beware of Exploding Beer Bottles

Cognitive Dissonance on CA82

How I'd do as Mel Gibson's casting director

Priests Hit By 'Binge-Drinkers' Tax (Church Wine)

I'm having mixed emotions right now

How not to propose

Man Aquitted Of DUI - Found NEKKID From Waist Down

Pig Dies Under Its Own Weight (900 kg)

Man Has His Glass Eye Made Into A Ring

Help Me Understand A Bumpersticker I Saw This Morning (Anti-GOP?)

The American education system apparently has a chronic case of the stupid.

I was in the Air National Guard in Alabama in 1972-75

What do birdie droppings and the Chimp have in common?

LOL ! Great quote from Late Night with Dave Letterman

M&M's Used To Test Physics

Cigarette Blamed For Toilet Fire

Did you join in the "Disco Sucks" phenomenon?

I had to go to London to be gay bashed by Texans

Help needed - Real Player and WPFW

Caption???From Arab Electronic Mail Journal

How many people will vote in this poll?

Today is Pancake Day

Doggy deodorant.

The Passion of the Christ or Battlefield Earth?

CC Fires ``Bubba the Love Sponge.''

McDonalds... a treat for the kiddies?

German State Launches Market for Liquid Manure

Is the shipwreck on Ole Miss God's way of telling

For those wondering if there will be a DU Delegation for the in DC on 4/25

In keeping with the theme tonight...

Hey kids, take the career aptitude test

Alliance For Retired Americans Needs Your Help.

Barbie-wielding man stalking neighborhood

CAPTION the Bush supporter offering his explanation of the last 3 years

Thank you Austin DU'ers.

Bull Gores Matador In Groin. With pics, of course

Movie Choice: The Passion of the Christ or The Producers?

What are you most likely to order at brunch?

For Sale: London Parking Space at $187,500

life can`t get much better than this-

How do you prefer to eat grapefruit?

page 32 is up

Lese Le Bon Tomp Rouler

Here's a poll - you know what to do

Art Buchwald on Dubya's military record

Is JCCyC worthy of a "do you hate me" poll?

What does this mean?

If you don't hate me....

If A Woman Calls The Police On You ...

Who was j.e. hoover's purported lover?

christianity -- why republicans love it so much

Anyone seen my glasses? I can't find my specs

If A Woman Calls You "A Loser"...

Arghhhhhh ...It's Snowing Again

Cool! HEyHEY to be interviewed on CBC tomorrow

Ah! The Love the Hate the Passion


If a woman calls you marginally adequate

If A Woman Calls You "Amazing" ...

Favorite Tony Bennett song

Vote for Art!!!

What if a woman calls you "safe"? (please delete)

What would a Freeper have to read in his/her bathroom?

Hurl your abuse at the President here

Alphabet Soup, what does yours say to you?

The proliferation of Body Paint on Bourbon Street

my own private den of hilarity on the third floor

The binomial nomenclature of a Freeper

Mouse fight gets gruesome

HELP! I think I’m addicted to politics, the primaries, and now DU/GD2004!

Don't go changin' to try to please me is dead.

Will I see you tonight on a Downtown Train?


Seen particularly egregious Republican spin lately? Post it here!

Just used the ignore function for the first time

College Class Ring, Lost In 1961 Found Under Oak Tree

Forget Tom Cruise, The Real "Last Samurai" was French

How big's the US budget deficit?

What if women don't call you at all?

Son of "post your picture"

Before I go nuts: Amendment has 2 Ms, not 3

What cartoon villains do members of this administration remind you of?

Hilton's Ex Makes a Fortune From Tape

My dad was right, George DOES look like a possum!

It's Fasching in Germany, and Bush was in the parade, again, this year

"Do You Support a Constitutional Amemdment Against Gay Marriage" (Poll)

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a

Are there any good actors under the age of 25?

What you got to read in your Bathroom?

Free the Kalakala!

Lena Horne Zaps Janet

Joe Viterelli, Jelly From 'Analyze This,' Dies

Do you like Goldberg?

Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear On A Blind Date

I finally bought Zamyatin's "We"... are there any dystopias left???

I just got an Achievement award

Hurl the Love at a hero:

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band

The Tuesday, she is Fat...

ATTENTION: Sign Up For My "Opt-In" Ignore List...


Caption: Dear Pres Bush, incase you haven't noticed.....

Spitting contest, 11th floor height, running start = bad idea

A question for newyawker99

The superior american culture finally reaches the mid east

Office training video Hell.

Man, commercials have the stupidest people in them...

Has OXY Rush ever said thank-you to the ACLU

I got a chick in the mail!

I Got a Chuck In The Mail

CAPTION taking a Paige from the holy war on NEA terror

I got a czech in the mail!

I got a czech in the mail.......

I got a check in the mail!

I got chalk in the mail

I got a chink in my mail: An armor thread.

I got some Chai in the Mail

Group Therapy with Newsman Matt Drudge

I got a geek in the mail.

Correct usage: "verbal" or "oral"?

I got a cheque in the mail...

I Got Some Chapstick In The Mail

Ya poluchil chai ot rynkye.

The Unofficial I hate The Passion (or Mel Gibson) and Nader thread

I got some crack in the mail.

Slinkerwink's DU Popularity Can Be Traced To.....

I got some chaps in the mail.

pound for pound, Stone Temple Pilots just does it better

Rush's newest: Hollywood types find Latins with good bods, have babies

Owie! I just had my knee aspirated!

Anyone familiar with the Yale Puppeteers?

Endorsing A Check = Stealth Contract?? BEWARE!!

I got a Cock in the Mail

Brian Wilson to release "Smile" -- 37 years after it was created . . .

Is anyone else goofing off at work?

Wife Convicted Of Trying To Kill Husband During Kinky Game

I got a Chad in the mail

Ignore...not working!

Do you hate me for my freedom?

20 things you have to believe to be a Republican:

CAPTION the tainted chicken "from Texas"

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!

Have you used Internet Pornography?

Annoying internet forum behavior

Article on my site re: Bush and his "reasoning" for the gay marriage ban

today's new Hannity advertisers Feb 24

Anyone know what is going on with mediawhoresonline?

Only 15 minutes left in Rush today (his official meltdown show).

another pile of morning poo

Avatar question

Should Goldberg quit posting and go back to doing homework?

Did I mention I still haven't heard about that job?

Trying the baby picture again...success!!

What's a good P2P platform that won't choke my PC with spyware?

Where can you see lions?

My god, I agree with Andrew Sullivan (help me!)

is DU logging people off today?

MIA canucks on DU

Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Addicted to DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does dolo amber care if you guys like her?

What I suspect this year's Log Cabin Repub gathering will look like....

3rd friend deploying to Afghanistan this week

Mathematical proof that we are not men. We are Devo!

Pretzel baking time!!

Quick! Without looking!

I need to find Saphocat!


Inre: Mars--does this look like sedimentary rock to you?

Which candidates support my right to have a rock to wind a piece of string

Has anyone noticed that Stephanie Herseth...

Rush is nuts today, totally nuts (hello, fellow "toadweeds")

Views on spanking

Ever make a gas grill work like a smoker??

What did Dr Atkins die from?

I just had a brief chat with the guy running for the "New Conservative"

today's new OxyRush advertisers Feb 25

DU Forums -- First Night

I got some cheek in the mail

Great Bumper Sticker

I don't know why some people hate the internet

new Hannity advertiser Gold Bank

gotten a reply from any of the hate radio advertisers?

Porn Model Takes Off At Airport

Well, it's official my newspaper is gonna suck now

Ever make a gas girl work like a smoker??

My fish died

Favorite foreign film, DUers?

Was the THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Remake any good?

Nyuk nyuk nyuk ...

Half of Young Americans to Get Sex Diseases -Study

I'm teaching my voice recognition software Curse Words! Ask Me Anything!

What If a Woman Calls You a Cab?

two interesting reviews of the Gibson movie . . .

What in the hell am I supposed to eat NOW?!?!?!

What if a woman gives you Crabs?

What genre do you enjoy listening to most?

In "honor" of Smirk's anti-gay marriage speech: The "Gay Bar" Video!

NEW _ "2004" Nude Police Officers' Calendar

Wag The Fag!!!! That's the new name my pals in WeHO have given the

Mathematical proof that men are evil

Forget it - I'm giving up. I'm not getting this new job.

ZenLefty sucks

How do you moderate your DU experience?

Why don't you do something about it?

Question of the day. (hopefully un-Googlable)

Proof that no one likes ZenLefty

Any Du'ers like the NBA?

Best Zombie Film

Mathematical proof that girls are evil!

What the hell is "Super Millionaire"???

computer question--need some help...please

LA Du'ers: Wanna protest tonight?

An IE question from an 'alleged' expert!!!

How Many People are Sad or Angry

My friends R.B. and E.D. got married in SF yesterday

Best Paul McCartney & Wings song

Ahhhh!!! (scream) Don't look! You'll go mad!

What are the great pop culture touchstones since 1950?

Share the pics/uploads you use on DU. Here’s mine.

To the lurking freepers: How did you become "that way?"

Penguins accept same-sex commitments. (Why shouldn't we?)

What if a woman calls you a creep?

now for a humorous interlude .... The Battle Hymn of the Shrub

List of jobs that give you a few months off a year vacation to travel

Favorite Peter Gabriel Song

What type of Internet Service do you have?

I finally hit 300 posts...ask me who my daddy is!

Most Unintentionally Hilarious Film

Rabrrrrrr sings "Carmina Burana" tonight! Free concert, in NYC

What Have You Got To Eat In Your Bathroom?

What's your dream job?

Do You Like or Dislike Slinkerwink?

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Poll.

I have hairy feet.

What if a woman calls you safe? (Take 2)

It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

What if a woman calls you "Betty"?

Favorite foreign DUer?

How Come Women Never Ask Questions About Men Here?

Father Spanks Daughter In Front Of Class (HIGH SCHOOL)

Kamikas big "the passion" post (devils advocate)

I have to give up my TENS unit.

Friendly religious debate

Enough of these "hate" threads this morning!

This is the most annoying post you will ever read.

Do you like dogs?

Any DU'rs like College Basketball?


DU'ers What do you do for a living? or.....

Crossover Champion Edwards Needs to Lure More Democrats - LAT Brownstein

Voting for Kerry as the Nominee is like Voting for Bush in Nov...

general election, and national trend lines

I always thought that Condoleezza Rice was in Bush's cabinet, but no?

Nader Supporters are actively promoting their candidate on this

LA Times: Kerry Leads Edwards Handily in California

Edwards Searching for Another South Win

Kerry has been meeting with Tony Blair's opposition.

I just Googled "Bush and abandons": 41,300 hits

LA Times: Kerry leading Bush 53 to 40 in California

anyone have any polls from the 3 contests today?

Two co-founders of Generation Dean endorse Edwards!

NY Times: 'Tour of duty': The Other JFK

Kerry Leads Edwards Handily in California

Not all Nader supporters are Democrats.

For the Last Time- it ain't about Nader.

Re: Special Rules removal

Kerry Speaks to New York, Talks Back to Washington

Kerry has 4 Idaho delegates votes going into caucuses

Kerry/Edwards polls better than just Kerry against Bush

Kucinich Focuses on Oft-Ignored Hawaii

EJ Dionne~Bush's McCain Strategy Redux

Lets hear it from liberals on the Guy James Show !

We can do without "crowning GW @ ground zero" comments

What is the real story on Kerry's record?

The fear that numnuts Bush instills in some Dems is laughable!

This is why people should get behind Edwards

Democrats close in on money goal

to people who keep cutting and pasting:

Recess appointments make ABB a necessity

Kerry question

Should Rod Paige Resign?

Meme: Bush admin thinks teachers are terrorists

Bush campaign sinks to lowest common denominator, culture war!

Candy Ass Dems need not apply!

Wall of Separation--What the Candidates Say

Presidential candidate Kucinich dashes through Hawaii

Should All the Dem Candidates Take the Gloves Off Regarding Bush?

If a voter thinks being anti gay is a good quality...

Just who is Roger Altman anyway (besides being with Kerry)?

Nader wants to be Green candidate after all??

Edwards Fumbles on Foreign Policy Answers

Super Tuesday it isn't: Utahns have a chance to either help or hinder

DU'ers are giving Nader way to much credit...

Richard Cohen column: "Run, Ralph, Run." (not an endorsement of Nader)

Utah: Four more years of Bush is scary, vote for jobs, vote for Kerry!

Primary Players and the Cabinet

Why I "Still" Support Edwards

Maybe I'm superficial (Nader)

Bush appointee buying Kerry domain names. Illegal?

Greens mixed on Nader, or even running any candidate at all

Bush Says Democrats Offer Bitterness, Anger

A Query

The Gay Movement Needs A Dr. KIng And A Corresponding Non-Violent

Edwards Says Nafta Is Important, but in Need of Change

Comedians on the campaign--Kucinich gets a mention


Bu$h clinches religious right votw with his Gay Marriage Ban

I live in CA - who should I vote for?

dupe sorry


Thought just occurred to me about Bush's hypocrisy re: "activist judges"

New L.A. Times Polls Kerry leads by 32 points:

I finally decided who gets my (MD) primary vote next week.

Doing "X" is equal to "Y" threads...

Tweety's son worked for Dean....

Would you trust bush...

Any strong opinions on Prop 57 and 58 in CA?

Predictions: Gays will vote 90% for Kerry in November

Bush came out with his points he will use against the Democratic Nominee.

Remember when we were on offense?

I didn't know Edwards lost a teenage son

Is the IWR still your litmus test?

Could the Dem nominee choose Gore as VP?

Jennifer D. in Utah works around the corporate media

Nader Supporters and Others:

CNN debate this Thursday?

Help! - Bev Harris, BBV People and Texans....please read

Kerry's elective record

Will the DNC again have to call on Dean

Voted for Kerry today

Electability, or desperation?

Bruce Reed is a longtime supporter of John Edwards.

Marriage is a Sacred Institution

Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up?

who should be Kucinich's Veep

Nader on Kucinich from CNN

Media Warning: Big Media is trying to frame trade debate as market pro-

Kerry Advisor Bruce Reed Mocks Dean While Promoting Kerry's Pro-War Stance

Does Anyone Know How Many State Legislatures Are Controlled By Dems?

Kerry's Senate Record Mixed on Spending(Wash Times/AP dump on Kerry)

I think the remaining candidates should support Gay Marriage.

Statement from John Kerry Regarding Bush’s "Waffle" Speech to Governors

Will Kerry do anything to stop electronic vote stealing ?

Kerry's Victories Helping Raise Money From Wall Street Donors

Kerry: Bush Policies Tore 'Guts Out' of Steel Town

Primary challengers for *

CNN poll-gay marriage constitutional ban

For Dean supporters who will vote in coming weeks

Past Votes May Dog The Kerry Campaign (Wash Post dump on Kerry)

CSPAN2 5:45pm EST - DOMA

Shouldn't gay marriage help out the economy?

The Howard Dean Phenomenon

Reminder- Edwards meetup tonight at 7:00 pm.

Isle Democrats expect to vote on principle (includes HI caucus details)

Stand with John Kerry and Vote Against Hate

Edwards Says Democratic Race Is Not Over

Kerry Assails Bush on Haiti, Security and Gay Marriage Ban

Each and Everyone of you who supports Ralph Nader supports

John Edwards supporters - please take a look at this letter

Would Kerry or Edwards be a better debator against Bush?

Will LaRouche run as an Indy when he doesn't get nominated?

Interesting Poll on the Denver Post Web Page

Perot is as much responsible for the deaths of 540+

Past passion turns against Nader in '04

Does anyone know what Edwards position on Vietnam was?

Novel idea: Rather than bitch about Nader, lets DO something positive!

Edwards patting the head of people in wheel chairs?

Latest Survey USA polls for CA, OH, and FL

New Kerry Ad in Ohio Focuses on Jobs

Kerry picks up endorsements of 4 out of 5

Corporate Donations to the Democratic Party and Candidates

Kerry SHOULD NOT support Bush's Ban on Gay Marriages

Chris Matthews' Praise of Howard Dean

Will Kerry or Edwards be easier to paint as inconsistant or a fencesitter?

A Dean vote now means NO progressive voice until the Convention

Serious question about Kerry

Edwards raises 450K in 24 hrs., avg. contrib. $79

Drudge Smear Alert : Kerry called Republicans 'legislative terrorists'

GRR!!! Chambliss henchman after Russ Feingold

Want the facts on Kerry's fundraising in the Senate? Read and learn

If Edwards is nominated who would you like as his VP?

Chris Matthews on Dean (Dean Supporters Read)

Be the moderator! You have the power to make threads and people disappear!

Why on earth do we really WANT the primary season to end???

Was Willie Nelson an evil bush enabler

Anyone Notice Kerry Endorsing Arianna Huffington's "Pigs At The Trough"?

Edwards seeks Dean's support

Great response from Kerry on Bush's gay marriage amendment

PREDICTION: If Dems lose in November, Dean will be blamed

Utah, Idaho, Hawaii voting today

DU Primary Poll -- 2/24/04

Politics is so incredibly boring without Dean in the race.

Nader and those that support him are enemies of the Democratic party!

If Dems Lose In November I'll Know Who To Blame...

Nader at the Press Club, I think it's very positive sounding

Dishonest Trade Talk

Is Judge Roy Moore running on the Constitution Party's ticket?

Polling data for Super Tuesday states and up to date delegate counts

Fast forward... we win the presidency... who would be a good veep?

Bush demand Constitutional Amendment is most arrogant and insulting

Forget the DLC! Found a Progressive Organization!

Edwards rankles area disabled

What's scary about the IWR issue is...

I just voted for Howard Dean!

Disturbing Article on Kerry and MIAs

OK...we did it is time for Herseth!!!

Let's have a conversation about values.

Kerry and Wellstone Shared Vision of Grassroots Campaign to Change System

Is Kerry Going to Say Anything About Bush's Proposed Ban On Gay Marriages?

If Dean can break Bill Clinton's fundraising record twice in 1 year

With Dean out, the anti-*bush failures have been lost.

Who do you trust more?