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Archives: January 9, 2004

Boston Globe: Gay marriage foes push referendum

The Myths of National Security Credibility (Dems-not GOP - have credibity)

Fighting a fear-governed government... with cowardice?

Conason: Stephen Moore's right-wing freak show

Bush...Mars...and the tinfoilhatters....

Bush Immigration Proposal- LA TIMES asks about impact on American jobs.

Mad Cow USA - Free Online Book

NYC - New weekly Saturday vigil to demand full investigation of 9/11

Protest Cheney in Los Angeles 1/14

Ellen Mariani to speak at Church in Portsmouth N.H.-anyone game?

Don't Give Up on the Media

David Frum and Richard Perle on "Fresh Air" -- Oh, my dear god

CD rates going up all over?

Could Mad Cow Disease Already be Killing Thousands of Americans Every Year

Qadhafi: Arab nationalism is dead

alerted on flame bait and it thread remains open much later?

Polls on timeouts...

Jerusalem's rejectionists

The IDF prefers the settlers

Masters of war

Al-Qadhafi son:Israel is not a threat

Soviet-style justice

iraq missile drawings/sketch that folks died for - from Washington Post

"Strategic Compromises and Burning Flames"

Dean/Gore (rich), Kerry/Kennedy (wealthy), Clark/Clinton (working class)

Kucinich profiled on ABC news

Team Dean

PA Senate Race: Should a Progressive Democrat Enter the Race?

Special DNC night club events: Atlanta

The Official Vicente Fox Web Site and Statement on Bush Proposal

WHO-TV in Des Moines - 8 minute opening on Dean Tapes

I had my job interview today; went well.

Sen. Robt. Byrd on C-Span 2

TIME person of the year

Is America's move to the right somewhat of an illusion....

CNN Poll: Did Bush lie about WMD to get us into Iraq?

Ultimate Tin Foil Alert: Man's Apartment Encased in Foil

Must read article by John Dean on Plamegate and why it's not going away

A tip o' the hat to Willie Brown...

Is Iraq still a member of OPEC?

Is Rove using his Watergate dirty tricks in NH on Dean and the Dems?

The "apology" issued by David Brooks for his slander

My response to MSNBC's story about Howard Dean

Tonight on Frontline: Forbiden Iran

Audio of Bush

John "Bush Knew" Buchanon on CSPAN-2 right now.

The TIA annual Man of the Year Award goes to..and the envelope please..

Favorite John Lennon song or lyrics

GW wants to explore uranus

Has Clark had a recent physical exam?

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Omen Chases Cheney: “Old Man of the Mountain” Spotted in Wyoming

Does * make you so angry you want to hit something with a stick?

I don't like the bush family and don't feel sorry for them

Mexican Euro??

How many times have the Bushies disgusted you in the last 12 months?

Can't Vote 'em Out During a War!! Can We?

Immigration - A new and cheaper form of slavery

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

Democratic candidates "pimping the church"?

How desperately do you want to win in 2004?

Did any of the stations report about the 9 killed today?

Hell opens forth tomorrow! Repent I say! Repent! (Perle & From)

Heard Rush today admit, confirm, and even brag about the deception

What's the latest Hallibuton/Overcharge/Pentagon/ArmyCorpEng news?

Smallpox and social workers?

US Tells Brazil to change its policy?

Lou Dobbs is chewing some butt

Malloy hotter than a firecracker...

Richard Pearl said this on O`reilly last night

Clip of NYC fire crew saying WTC seemed like controlled demo.

M.I.M (look Moaist "agitation")

David "Blinded By The Right" Brock...when is his book due?

Gene Burns eloquently shredding the chimp on KGO

Live interview Tom Flocco 911 Widow Serves Bush RICO Summons

How do you define the political center?

Catholic Hospital in Duarte California Santa Teresita

DUer Sterling nominated for Move On award!!

So with the weapons hunters GONE, who will stop the bushlers from PLANTING

Great "angry Republican" post I found on Yahoo!

Bingo! NBC Nightie-News just reported on the Fastow plea bargain.

Vets Say Visits Restricted To U.S. Wounded

Hundreds of (Florida )State employees may end up

Is America moving to the right or being forced there?

UPI Exclusive: Bush OKs new moon missions

I'm so sick of the left-wing propaganda machine.

Did anyone see the Byrd CSPAN show tonight?

Wow! Even Toby Keith has doubts about Iraq. Maybe Willie talked to him.

Richer, Fatter but not Happier poll: Was the war in Iraq justified if Iraq had no WMD program?

US climate policy bigger threat to world than terrorism

David Brooks hasn't yet "apologized" for the LIES he wrote

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 01/08/04 (Graphic Content)

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

Why do Democrats attend church less often than Republicans?

Have Bush* and Cheney Committed Treason?

It is naive, but I think Rush has had a change of heart.

Bush Twins Treat Secret Service with Comtempt

the foreign press tells the real story on American politics & immigration

You know how everybody can remember what they were doing on 9/11?

The War Comes Home to Ohio, or "Why George W. is losing Middle America"

I was Surveyed by the Repubs

Bush in 41.2 seconds.

Clip of NYC fire crew saying WTC seemed like controlled demo.

Backlog in Immigrant Benefits Rose 59 Percent in Past Three Years, GAO Say

Questions About Iraq Weapons Haunt US Election Year

CNN/Time Poll: Dean 46% & Bush 51% verified by Wash. Post.

Daily Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq-485 US service members have died

breaking on CNN: Jerry Jones shot, 3 girls found alive

3,300 Denied Va. Licenses Under New Regulations (in 3 days)

(Harlem) Boys Choir Leader Faces Ouster Over Failure to Act After Abuse

CNN: Amber Alert: Father dead, girls alive.

Latin American Allies of U.S.: Docile and Reliable No Longer

Bush to make big space announcement

U.S. Released Missiles To Libya As Part of Saddam Exile Bid

South Carolina trade delegation in Cuba

AP: Conn. Gov. Now 'Subject' in Fed Probe

X-Ray prisoners told of Iraq war

Bush Polls Well Among Hispanic Voters

GM Crops Linked to Rise in Pesticide Use

Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks

US calls off search for weapons of mass destruction

U.S. May Trash Coal Policy (will encourage mountaintop mining)

U.S. Backs Out Of Talks in Cuba On Immigration

Duvall and Spielberg clash over Cuba visit

Seeking Women's Votes, Clark Changes His Style

Israel Fears Isolation, Sanctions Over Fence

Bush Plans Major Space Announcement

CT Caucus Recommends Rowlands Impeachment Action

2001: a thread odyssey

My friend's daughter has identical tw*ns.

Farking funny...Tom Ridge protecting America

A special treat for today - Copy Cat Haiku

What twin jerked all the thread locks?

DAMMIT! Tell the truth!

Funny Noah's Ark Q&A

Have you heard about Rush Limbaugh's new fried chicken franchise?

St. Anger - Metallica's new album...

Count your blessings instead of sheep 1/08/03

Lines from plays? How about lines from cartoons.

Alan Moore fans...guess what I'm holding in my hands? (gloat time)

Tenacious D? Be they Angels?

Mini Putt 2 help

Calling in all DUers that like Sonic the Hedgehog

Ultimate Tin Foil Alert: Man's Apartment Encased in Foil

I need some good news today...

Another coach hired - Falcons get Mora, Jr.

Completely meaningless trivia question/word problem

Just watched "S.W.A.T." and Denzel's "Out Of Time" on DVD

What's everyone's take on the film "Underworld"?

Jesus asked me a few questions a minute ago I couldn't answer.

Frazier question: Why is Maris in Jail?

What twin locked the jerk threads?!

Let's design a world to live in

I am Aragorn! Faramir and I are lovers and living together in Rivendell..

They're out to get you Zomby

do Canadians really say "eh?" a lot?

Best stress reliever since that thing we can't discuss on DU

my sister just sent me this

Mars Needs Women!

Musicial acts people you admire like but you can't stand....

Who loved the movie Joe Dirt? , good stuff in there

The prey of the beast screamed bloody murder...

We should use those Welcome to Crazyworld commercials...

I got a nice compliment today

Woman tries to give judge Monopoly "Get out of jail free" card. No dice.

Could someone explain to me what a chatroom bot is?

Bands you hated at first, but then became fantic fans of later?

Need a decent free burning program

Please help my 5th grader with her homework: Ice Cream Survey

is it just me

Favorite Him?

BiggJawn's mostly "Cruelty-Free" dinner tonight...

Records show Dean Flip Flopped in 1996

Anybody have any good salad recipes?

Thursday Night Malloy Thread

DU, my mom needs your help kicking repug butt!

Am I the only one who thought Jeepers Creepers 2 Was damn fine horror

Nightflight anyone?

Zombie fans...what's your opinion on the poster and the remake?

The Nameless Decade

Who remembers 120 Minutes on MTV?

DU chatroom

Any Demo-rattie lovers out there?

I just read "The Story of Ferdinand" to my 6 mo old!

Can't we just send bush to Mars?

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

If...I were to do a blog

Who just caught the Daily Show?

How do you know If your Cat's are gay?

Official candidate fanfic thread. I'll start

Britney's ex-hubby, farked. (photoshops)

Favorite John Lennon song or lyrics

I told the priest...

How do you pronounce "bologna?"

best album cover of all time?

What is up with this show, "The Simple Life,"

What book would you memorize if they made books illegal?

how come Donald Trump gets all these models?

Total unabashed bragging

Anyone have a lobotomy... and regret it?

Does anyone else have a right-wing friend they ask questions at DU for?

Worst comb-over ever. Post your nominations

Anyone prefer womyn to women?

It's time for the Thursday night gratutious kitty thread!

For my 400th post I want to say :

Any other Krautrock fans out there?

Why do Republicans think Bush was chosen by God?

I had my job interview today; went well.

why's there no more "hate mail" in DU?

Have you seen these people?

Who were/are the most overrated film actors/actresses?

What book had the most influence on you as a child

Films with the highest "coolness" factor?

If Bush does win this year. Who is ready and able to leave the US

Who here has been addicted to a substance?

Eulogy To The Turn-Based Computer Game (By Kef in a moment of madness)

Bands you hated at first, and now, years later, still hate

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Are you angry like the repub drone on CBS news whines about?

Philly writer blasts Brett Favre, family

If Bush wins this year, who's ready to fight?

Tell me what you think of this photo so far....

Favorite hymn?

I inherited a mixed animal from Uncle living in woods.

2 more voters for Clark

I had a thought...

Great interview with Kucinich done by BuzzFlash

Hardball Tonight... Pathetic Gephardt

WHO-TV in Des Moines - 8 minute opening on Dean Tapes

Ticker at MSNBC says AFL-CIO endorses Dean

Uh oh Dean staff member admits lying, misrepresenting himself as Iowan

Is Rove using his Watergate dirty tricks in NH on Dean and the Dems?

Question regarding the DLCs choices and merits of same...

Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks (Reuters) Not Drudge Report

Poll: How comfortable are you with a candidate who worked with Enron?

The case for Howard Dean

Possible ? Is Clark hoping that the Repubs win in 04 ?

I am not concerned with Dean himself condoning cheating

Flash! Coming up on Fox Minister says he Angry Dean was...

Why I don't support Clark.

New Kucinich animation

AFL-CIO Gives Wellstone Award To Dean

Whatever happened to The Magistrate??? I miss that guy. I wish he was

Everybody relax.

Will Clark fight back with negative flyers and spying?

Has Clark had a recent physical exam?

Dean Supporters an Eclectic Group - Newsday

Scandals everywhere...

Official candidate fanfic thread. I'll start

Rush Limbaugh's long-lost brother? CFC investigates.

What IS wrong with you people?

I just bought Howard Dean's book. Ask me anything.

Why can Clark rise above the outsider-governor electoral trend?

Clark is the only candidate who wrote his own book

Anti-Defamation League director criticizes Dean for pandering

Everyone please relax.

Records show Dean Flip Flopped in 1996

Dean and Clark are amiable - why not Dean and Clark supporters?

Dean supporters should be pissed.

Maher: No more Abe Lincolns. The Tube Rules!

Is Clark the Dems answer to Schwartzeneggar? A guy men can like.

Desperation is all over this forum tonight

Uh oh, new Iowa Poll Gep 25 Dean 29

Clark on Tavis Smiley show on PBS

Clark Campaigned for Democrats in 2002

Kucinich on ABC's World Nightly News

Why Dean's support is evaporating

Survey explains the why Clark is a hot topic tonight.

"Strategic Compromises...."

harry Braun -Dem.Candidate for Prez?? On c-span now - who is he and how

Dr. Dean, please mention voting rights martyrs—and 2000 black voter purge

How do I decide which candidate is for me?

I'll tell everyone this, and I'm telling you this now....

Iraq, health care draw doctor to Kucinich

who could vote for a man who raised money for the creeps who stole 2000?

How do Clark supporters reconcile his stint at CNN?

Clark addresses gender gap

Why is FAUX news so pro Clark?

If you found out the candidate you supported...

How comfortable are you voting for a candidate who supported Reagan? 11 souls for Bush, Dean: 947,Clark:344,Kucinich:105

My take on the Howard Dean Tapes......

Rumor: one Vietnam vet is about to endorse another in Iowa

Dean will get my vote on this fact alone......

Joe Trippi Admits He Engineered a Mass Fraud on Alan Cranston in 1983

Can Clark raise the money necessary to beat Bush?

Lies about middle class tax cuts

I Just Maxed Out for Clark, and Next Week I'm Sending $100 to Kucinich

I've been under Howard Dean's spell from the outset

Breaking: Deans past views. Editted to Yahoo.

Uh oh Dean staff member admits lying, misrepresenting himself as Iowan

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

They might be terrorists, but they're our own

Winning the battle against terror, losing the war of ideas

Don't Give Up on the Media

Herbert: Sick State Budgets, Sick Kids

Why Amendment against gay marriage is going to split the Repukes

Now we know what Bush will do with Dems if he wins..

How Illinois delegation backed, opposed Bush - Sun Times

"Wal-Mart Bracero Program" - re *'s Latino vote play. . .

Pillow Talk with Laua Bush

BBV: The Easton(PA) Express-Times gets BBV right.

Krugman: Enron and the System

Cheney eats the heads off bats!! Aaron McGruder strikes again..

The Daily Brew - January 9, 2004

Accountability for Dubya’s War - SFTT

Bush plan gives employers too much power over guest-workers- NY T op-ed

Gene Lyons: Faults, falls and the price of fame

Dean Trolls Prowl as Numbers Dwindle

Clinton believed Iraq had WMD

Medicare Bill Will Victimize Recipients Of Company Drug Plans (WSJ)

Watergate Redux: There is a cancer on the presidency

Some of Bush's Election-Year Proposals Alarms Even Conservatives

John Le Carre wrote a book for us. And he is mad as hell.

I'm heading to Manchester, NH tonight for a Dean rally and

Media harrassed in Bagdad

Is SL from Wisconsin here?

Can some help me with some of the DU shorthand?

Anyone ever watch "Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer" on PBS?

How long did it take Noah to run around and collect all the animals/birds

Film Challenges Moslem Gay Perceptions

South Carolina congregation breaks with Episcopal Church

Gay Civil Union Bill Filed in Colorado

Gay Marriage Advocates Draw Massive Rally In Boston

Oklahoma To Get Double Gay Marriage Ban

Possible BOJ action short-lived

Jobs Report off by 180,000 jobs

Earthlink to cut, outsource 40 percent of jobs

International Investing/Relocation

(USAToday)Bush to shoot for moon, then Mars (another boondoggle?)

Any "Gold Bugs" here have an opinion about this article on Mining Shares?

Philippine Gvn. Urges Couples To Fight Drought By Bathing Together

Shell shares slump as reserves cut

Study Shows Farmed Salmon PCB Levels 7X That Of Wild Fish - NYT

Nature, humans set to work in fire-ravaged So. California state park

Denmark Backs Maverick Environmentalist, Bjoern Lomborg

Green Power, Black Death

delete me

Bush may soften now, but if re-elected...

Milosevic vote reflects not nationalism, but weak economy

Lebanese chafe under Syria's quiet occupation

Israelis to teach first aid in India

Saudi dismisses head of charity targeted by U.S.

How many have we tortured?

Information Dominance

After Saddam The Middle East has changed for the better

Maybe our problem's not enough guns...

Ohio Concealed Carry Editorial...must read

Constitutional amendment to free the weed in Michigan

Home invasion victim charged with firearm violation

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 9. 2004

Shielding Gun Ranges From Pollution Laws

Working on the Funniest GD2004 Thread ever here


Did you know

Excuse me, but I have a RANT!

hey can we have more hate mail to read please??

Please enforce the rule on non-sig "signature" images.

Skinner, we are working on a documentary

Why do I sometimes have to scroll across as well as down

Just noticed the spell checker

How are donations spent?

Just wondering if it would be a good idea

this is a test post

Jeez, you guys!

Problems with search function

Canadian political avatars

Another inbox idea

Poll idea - would this be ok?

New Forum Idea!

NY Times: European Union Mends Rift With Jewish Groups

IDF arrests 15 Palestinians in Jenin area operations

just out of curiosity

Amid international silence, Israel keeps up the killing of Palestinian civ

Likud MK: Hamas statement on temporary peace is 'tactical'

Survival of the fittest

Senator, MP cut ties to paper

just out of curiosity about Israel/palestine history

Iran denies shipping arms on aid transports

Arab writer: Syria needs to make courageous decisions

A Diaspora divided: Jews against Jews

Israel torments Palestinian town

The truth is out there, somewhere

Powell: U.S. opposes one state solution

Undercover troops kill Aksa terrorist in Jenin

Suicide terrorism/Martyrdom and murder

The Price of Ignorance

Further Israeli Moves Could Lead to Single Bi-National State

Juan Cole's Analysis of 9/11 "Doomsday" Document

Is this a fighter over the WTC?

NY Times: Financial Firms Are Bush's Biggest Donors, Study Reports

Dean Cries 9-11

The Dean tapes--only $25 per episode

Bush changed something that is an opinion into a fact - Clinton didn't

Dean Commercial Idea, to Counter the Body-Piercing One

For Edwards fans: campaign websits has feature allowing supporters to...

The Fat Lady Has Sung

Harris, Hart, and Beasley all leaning toward Senate Races

This is just awful.

Democrats bar LaRouche from Utah primary

Rush Limbaugh's long-lost brother? CFC investigates.

Fortune's "Ask Annie" predicts "The Job Market Is Getting Ready to Roar"

My take on the Howard Dean Tapes......

African American DUers-Can we get your opinion on coup2k and Gore?

Overcoming the GOP Southern Strategy

News From Iraq...(from mujahideen)

Why isn't anyone talking about WMD and Powell?

Bernie Ward starting to spank bush & powell on KGO......

THE BIG KOZINSKI - Profile of a justice on the 9th circuit

Peruvian Guilty - Prosecuting Montesinos

SMOOTH SAILING - By Richard Posner, Justice on the 7th circuit

We Took Down Two Today - Testimony about Japanese atrocities in China

NY Times: Bias Issue Faces Judge in Monsanto Case

NY Times: Turkish-German Artists Thrive in Their Adopted Land

NY Times: For Jobs, Some Germans Look to Poland

What ever happened to the committee of Hollywood

Great Source for News

Travelling terrorist


Gay Marriage Advocates Draw Massive Rally In Boston

That was odd - Madonna story on Early Today

john buchanan, repub presidential candidate

The Democratic Haberdashery issue will NOT go away!

In response to Powell's idiotic logic.....

Quid pro quo ?

January 1941 FDR's 4 freedoms: of speech, of worship, from want, from fear

Criteria for reverting to Yellow Alert

Iraq's smoking gun discovered - in White House Holster

Is anyone listening to Charles Lewis on Democracy Now?

Who do you really support

Am I the ony one who thinks *'s campaign fund will hurt him??

Favorite rightwing pol group name ? (new contestants)

NY Times: Book Reveiw on Noam Chomsky's Book Hegemony or Survival

NY Times: Of Gringos and Old Grudges: This Land Is Their Land

Don't be fooled by Bush's plan for Moon Base

LIBERAL SPACE: The Year The Dream Died.

NY Times: Latin American Allies of U.S.: Docile and Reliable No Longer

Aron Brown just pissed me off big time, a rant and a nasty letter!

Whistleblower tells all on Kellogg B&R Unsanitary Food Service to Troops

Liberal Talk Show

Are YOU 100.1% confident as a consumer?

Do you know who you're voting for this November?

86 of 97 in mad cow heard can not be traced - do we care?

One-car Caravan by Walter Shapiro

How to explain the "terra terra campaign" by shrub to your friends !

Anyone catch Dave Letterman's "Unfair Edits" of Bush and Awwnold?

Ever get the feeling that republicans see politics as a game?

what is this isreali group GINSER ?...i'm not sure of the spelling....

For those following the case of David Kelly and the microbiologists,

Bloomberg undersatement of the millenium

I'm confused about the latest raid after the Iraqi attacks on

BushCo Admits to Leaving Communities at Risk from Toxic Waste 2003

IMUS asks -- "where is the outrage over WMD lies".....

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Approach 500: AP

BBV NYC: Rush Holt will be on WNYC radio @ 10:00 a.m. Eastern today

Bonuses Not Enough

WMDs and Political Manipulation of Intel. A Must Read!

Wingers Under Siege

Economic Recovery? 1,000 New Jobs in December

LIVE ....DC Presidential Candidates Debate on c-span

Could Halliburton handle support for moon colonization?

Right Wing Spin... I mean News is at it again

Bob Novak: American Indians are Election Thieves

Dave Ross Plays "Fill-In-The-Blanks" (CBS Radio Network)

Monday Night "Narco-Chat" at NY Times Online Forum (Jan 12th)

Since that thread has been mercifully locked

David Cay Johnston on WNYC live at noon ET -- listening link

Dishonest Dubya "Lying action figure" clip....hilarious!

Paging John Buchanan. Come in please.

The most shameless PR leak yet

How long did it take Noah to run around and collect all the animals/birds

And Bush asks, "What's the difference."

Yesterday's Boondocks

WI state vet: would not be flabbergasted if Mad Cow found here

C-span2 Now republican challenger to bush Robert Haines

Irony of ironies. Freepers win defamation lawsuit.

Will guest workers participate in Social Security?

After all the spin about how GREAT the December Jobs Report was to be.....

Why does Colin Powell get a free pass?

Bernie Sanders joins Thom Hartmann at 1:05pm ET -- listening link

Bush on the economy: "I'm satisfied with the progress we've made"

Have we ever been below "yellow alert" since 9/11...?

Kennedy on the 2nd Anniv. of the No Child Left Behind Act

"politely waiting for the toilet"

Selective Service

Bush* to appoint fundie to key FDA position

Sen Tom Harkin endorses Dean....MSNBC

Help me come up with a good reply to this email...

Idea for (R) Convention protestors 11 souls for Bush, Dean: 947,Clark:344,Kucinich:105

Watching DC debates with Braun, Sharpton, and Kucinich

A Day in the Life of Republicans

In case you forgot: Powell's Lies to the UN....

FL 2000: House republican gets sailor email addresses from Pentagon


bushgang's Afghan. pipeline is progressing

Is there a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

Rush says that Carnegie commision is a partisan scam.

Looks like Oakland's ex-coach Callahan to be new Husker's coach.

1,000 new jobs created....

Fired for reporting unsanitary acts (food for our troops in Iraq) ($3 hr)

A glimmer of hope on Dallas radio?

NRA's List of Enemies Includes Britney Spears

check out the spin in this AP headline (Milwaukee Journal January 9 2004)

Freepers win "hate group" lawsuit against City of Fresno

Dean vs. Bush

Gore won Florida.

When Bush "gets" a second term in '04, what then? Seriously.

PETA after Amarillo Wildlife Refuge

Ridge Admits: Color Coded System Worthless

How about Harkin for VP ?

Noam Chomsky: After the War

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

with ALL this weeks events, is now the time to make PNAC a household word?

Every once in a while I go to Ann Coutler's site

Ha ha ha! We're Scumbags! (RimJob)

Wonder why media not reporting more about this Carnegie Foundation report

Cheap-Labor Elites

The Fundamentalist Agenda

The idiotic RW war on public schools

Why Don't Repukes

Privatizing the Space program: The Right Wing Agenda (surreal)

The Daily Brew

Does anyone know the history of WorldNetDaily?

Could mad cow disease already be afflicting thousands of Americans?

1000 jobs!?!?!?! The economy added 1000 jobs last month???

CNN re-running the WMD poll

What the hell is Bush thinking? Re: Serbs in Afghanistan?

Blind Man Bush

Today, Marks ONE YEAR Of Being Cable-News Free!!!

Is there anything good that Bush did as president?

It's official -- Powell is now a parody of himself

Bush Capitalists Update Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations

The "Club for Growth" Dean-trashing ad paid for to be used in Iowa

It looks ridiculous in print.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill Blasts Bush

CBS News Video -- Ex-Insider Blasts Bush

Which DUers will NOT be surprised if CBS suddenly "cancels or delays"

Americans are ...

Randi has her groove working

Remember when * said that if a country supports terrorism financially.

Bush/Cheney 04: "A blind man in a room full of deaf people."

Why Nader was wrong (a most important difference between D & R)

Arkansas radio show attacking Clark on abortion now

My imagination, or did Judy Woodruff appear lame interviewing Dean?

Richard (raccoon eyes) Perle is on CSPAN....he has black areas

"Bush in 30 Seconds" - Runoff Voting Now

I copied this from Bart Cop - Please Read!

The ULTIMATE tinfoil conspiracy!

YA Think The Clinton White House Would Have Gotten Away With NOT

Help, I need a history lesson! Topic: Carter caused Terrorism

Interesting reply from Google; Ban on saying Bush is a Fascist!

Is Your Beef With BushCo More Material or Moral?

Check out the highest rated articles on Yahoo right now

"Send Rush Limbaugh to the moon. He could use the weightlessness and

Heard John Loftus on WABC radio last night....

Iraq's WMDs - Lie, Truth, or duped?

I'm Hungry For The Next Development in the Plame Investigation

ClearChannel Corporation Muzzles Anti-War Conservative

Democratic nominee for Prez needs to hit Bush hard for lying.....

Bush Network Link Engine

Sick of CNN? A popular British TV news show to be shown on NWI

Nat'l Committee to Preserve Soc. Security

Should CEOs get Deported for Hiring Illegal Immigrants?

Anyone compiling a "WMD exaggeration/hyping" list ?

"Cheap foreign labor".. Lou Dobbs has created the "catch phrase"

BBV: New system no easy touch for 134 voters in Broward

ABC News: Economic Reality

WHY isn't this more of an election year issue?

PNAC and the militarization of space

Yes, Virginia, we had treaties. Once. And concerned citizens. Once.

WMD: some facts

Why aren't O'Neill's statements getting more attention from the press

How did we ever end up with "Buchanan Democrats"?

Anybody see Bu$h trip on a podium today?

Prepare for the draft.

Racism? Or somebody being overly sensitive? Waddaya think?

I don't understand why we are going back to the moon

Feasibility Of Moving To Another Country

"What would you do in this hypothetical situation?" I decided, and did it:

Hurry! go to for poll!

WP is a disgrace. And stuff is so bad on earth, Bush wants to go to moon

"A Terrible Failure: The 9/11 Challenge" - new video

Anybody see the NBC special segment on pensions?

"No New Net Jobs" - Lou Dobbs on CNN, Fri PM show

Cinncy Inquirer dumps 'Boondocks' because too controversial

RW panties all Wadded up in Mississippi

Help me Debunk the Repuke Mantra

Ed Schultz

ABC Shows Video of Apache Attack

What Future Historians Will Say About America

how Nader wasn't wrong.

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Global business vs global justice, more...

Bush-Hitler: A Survivor Speaks Out

Bushler's Mexican "Guest Workers" will have to register for the DRAFT!!

I don’t understand why half the citizens of this country don’t vote.

Bush is Sauron? Found photo on foreign web site

Britons will need visas to travel to US

International Minimum Wage - An Idea Whose Time Has Come...

Comparing Germany in 1933 with the USA in 2001

US faking terror in the phillipines

Is Target an Evil Empire like Wal-Mart?

Don't let Bush co-opt the issue of space exploration!

Question to "White" DUers

Kucinich on ABC's World Nightly News

***Breaking news*** Illinois Senate race.

Guatemala's Volcano of Fire Spews Lava and Coats Capital

RPGs hit Baghdad hotel

Ford to hire Bush advisor as Washington lobbyist

U.S. forces sweep through Tikrit, detaining 30 Iraqis

bush seeks manned flight to moon, mars

'US climate policy bigger threat to world than terrorism'

Immigration releases Haitian teen after more than a year

U.N. panel gets go-ahead to pursue `dark forces'

Four Killed in Mosque Bombing in Central Iraq

Bias Issue Faces Judge in Monsanto Case

Guatemala Court Orders Back Pay Stoppage

After pause, Taliban renew Afghan attacks (27 Killed in 3 days)

(Gov Arnold) Budget Targets Cities, Counties (1.3 billion cut)

Liberal Talk Show

Dean Criticized Iowa Caucuses Four Years Ago -NBC

Talks on missile shield in final stages (Cdn / US - Globe and Mail)

DOJ sues Mich. man accused of being in Nazi police.

Dollar recovers on 'intervention'

Unemployment rate eases to 7.4 per cent as job surge continues (Canada)

David Cay Johnston Coming Up On C-SPAN....

(Fla) Lawmakers OK bailout after agency flubs tasks

Tired of taxes, Vermont ski town considers joining New Hampshire

Kurds' Wariness Frustrates U.S. Efforts

(Paul) O'Neill takes Bush to task on economy in new book

Greenpeace head to seek NDP nomination in Toronto - Globe and Mail

US Military Deaths in Iraq Approach 500

Blunkett accused over Cuba Britons

Elizabeth Smart Suspect Ruled Incompetent

Another Microbiologist Dead, No Suspects

The Dean Tapes

US Terror alert returns to yellow

Threat level may fall to yellow

Code Yellow Returns -- Ridge Live on C-SPAN Now

Vice-Chair of Iowa Democratic Party Endorses Dean

Afghan Elections to Probably be Postponed, says UN

U.S. offers EU deal on Galileo satellite system

Enron's Lea Fastow to Decide on Plea Deal

City (San Diego, CA) settles Boy Scouts lease suit

Sanford (SC) offers budget

Schwarzenegger's budget cuts to target health, services programs

Bomb Kills Six at Iraqi Mosque; Rockets Hit Hotel

Shell Cuts Reserves Estimates, Shares Fall (20% Reserve Downgrade)

Oooooh, this is juicy!!!!


Last Wounded U.S. WWI Veteran Dies at 108

Questions About Iraq Weapons Haunt U.S. Election Year

Clear Channel Part of Gaming Ads Probe

Saddam not talking, but seized documents producing results, (UK officials)

Gay Dad Ordered To Stay in the Closet

No proof links Iraq, al-Qaida, Powell says

US Trade Panel OKs China Furniture Duties

Annan, Negroponte to Meet, Discuss Iraq

Study cuts Kenya HIV estimates

Terror Alert Level Will Move to Yellow

Scientist's testimony challenged at IBM trial

Blair promises to quit if Kelly report shows he lied to MPs

U.S. Is Trying to Coax U.N. to Return to Iraq

Bush Claims of Better Economy Don't Follow Numbers

Bulgarian troops in Iraq want more pay

Secret photo of a cowering dictator

Kurds' Wariness Frustrates U.S. Efforts

Reward offered in hit-and-run; Chemist was killed in Medical Center

Soldier dies after 12 hrs in Iraq

Sen. Max Baucus (D) under goes surgery to releave pressure on his brain

Proposal to close State Hospital gets boost

Court: OK to shield boy from dad’s gay lifestyle (Tennessee)

Australians given mid-air toilet advice

The Shape of a Future Iraq: U.S. Entangled in Disputes

Detained, Bludgeoned, Electrocuted Into A Coma By U.S.

lou dobbs

Mountain Lion Badly Injures Calif. Woman

Deadline Passes For Enron Plea (Mrs Fastow DOESN'T Plea)

Mountain lion attacks bikers in Orange County, body found

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 9 January (#1)

Iraq Smugglers Introduce Liquor to Iran

Texas GOP discusses tax relief for property owners

December Non-Farm Payrolls Up 1,000; Unemployment 5.7%

Dean Responds to Latest Job Loss Numbers

Live Dean Press Conference in moments

U.S. job creation far below expectations

Report: Saddam Hussein Has Cancer

Flight Sim enquiry raises terror alert

Group Slams U.S. 'Disinformation' Against Venezuela

Novak under fire for calling Native Americans election thieves

Wife of Ex-Enron CFO Will Go to Trial

Gay marriage opponent apologizes after not fully disclosing poll results

Sen. Tom Harkin endorses Dean....breaking MSNBC

AP: While governor, Dean accepted speaking fees, gifts from

U.S. probe turns up no known terrorists on Paris-L.A. flight

Cuba Cracks Down On Web Access

Dean: Statement on Recent Casualties in Iraq

Bush led meetings like "blind man," says former aide

Former (Bush GOP) Treasury Sec. Paints Bush as 'Blind Man'

Clark says he can keep U.S. safe from attacks

Venezuelans 'ban' political chat (BBC)

Rice: No Evidence Iraq Moved WMD to Syria

Bush Plans to Send Americans to Moon, on to Mars(1 tril cost ends Soc Sec)

US gives Saddam enemy POW status

Schwarzenegger Proposes Billions in Cuts

Dow Sinks 134 on Heels of Anemic Job Report

NYT: Supreme Court Expands Review of 'Enemy Combatant' Cases

Bush Vows Florida Win as Protesters Recall Recount

Administration: States sitting on school money

Daily Show - On Now -- Comedy Central

Ok, anyone listen to Jeff Rense?

Serendipity at the Gym...starring Donald Trump & Metallica!

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Zulu Nation Infinity Lesson

Did anyone catch this anti-Shrub Foxtrot from Christmas?

No Chris Rock!

Butthole Surfers

New! The George W Bush National Forest!

Any Mormon DU-ers here?

Sucks To Be You

Ohmygod, this hide thread thing is amazing.

To the puppy lovers here...

Will President Carrot Top Save a Cabinet Spot for Dean & Clark?

NY Times: Up North, Where a Cold War Still Rages

Scariest Forum on DU most offensive joke ever

Things I don't like that don't exist....

On the barricades

lower boredom for 3 seconds

A question for advertising and marketing gurus please

What's with this new type spam?

Richard Nixon born January 9, 1913

has anyone seen bush's blog?

Who is going to fight with me to ensure Bush does NOT win in 2004

My 200th Post! This is the dawning of the age of.....

DU techies check this out...

Smell Leads Cops To Over 1,000 Marijuana Plants

You've got 15 minutes to evacuate your home - What are you going to take??

Shotgun 'Priests' Rob Bank

Good (-20 Wind Chill) Morning DU!

Forbes Family to Sell Faberge Imperial Eggs

Ubi Lubove Yubou

WOW! Natalie Merchant is back and on OUR side.

Tell me why Bobby Goldsborough doesn't rock

Check out the best birthday present I've ever received

I have an idea for a new show on animal planet.

You're fat and forty, but lordy, you're my meat!

Anyone else listen to Art Bell/Coast 2 Coast?

Un dia sin donuts es como un dia sin chicharrones.

Wow, a new epithet!

Marshmallow Woman defaced an offering from the national mint

What's for lunch?

I'm not going to be on DU much for the next while

Big slowly falling flakes...a gift from the Lake Goddess

Fun Facts about Ben & J. Lo.

tell me why Gladys Knight doesn't rock...

how did the town Liberal, KS gets its name?

Chadwick 'upset' with Bush

CONFESS!!! Things that you like......

Hey! We made the Right Wing News!

I just got my left-wing rant editorial vetoed by my boss! Ask me anything!

I feel a badass cold coming on....

Couples Asked To Bathe Together To Conserve Water

Operation Inigo Montoya

Are you a dog person...or, a cat person?

tech support: compaq error messages/DLLs

Rudy (1993)

Getting ready to head to DC for a it coooold?

Confess: Do you have a secret Revulsion to anyone here at DU?

Karl Rove to Hire Pete Rose

Christmas on the Coast (large pics)

Can someone explain Takashi Miike to me?

Woo! I delivered a 400+hp Mustang through a foot of snow!

Who hates the "Reality Shows" as much as I do?

I just got an email from Al Franken.

CASTING DIRECTOR! Cast an all-black remake of Jaws:

OK. I Really Think DR. Julie Gerberding Is Hot. She Is The Centers For

I apologize in advance

Where to go clubbing in Boston this weekend.

CAPTION the space cowboy

Will Bill Clinton ever guest host SNL?

need a decent scanner

question for all the guitar players

Uncle Richardo's Book Recommendation for January...

Military campaign ribbons?

Chevy blazer review...anyone own one?

You gotta love todays Wizard of Id

Recent snowfalls cause "Yellow Alert"

What is the dumbest reply a Repug has given you about Rush's hypocricy?

Do Fruit flavored Gummi Bears count as a fruit on a diet?

Favorite Moon Unit?

How would you characterize my politics?

Owwww!!! Just got back from GD Primary. Now my eyes are burning.

How Bush can send people to Mars.

Blame Canada (Again)

Cat And Black Bear Best Friends - Reunited At Zoo

Dreaming of females is normal, I suppose, for a hetero male...

Anyone else feeling ill? If so, what are you doing to remedy it?

Freepers in denial over former cabinet member calling bush dumb

Gennifer Flowers joins cast of "Boobs! The Musical"

Freepers go to bat for the Bush Twins

it's freakin cold in here, mr. biggelsworth...

It's cold,cold,cold,cold,cold,cold,cold, and it's going to get colder.

Attention English majors and teachers!!! "..."

You wouldn't believe the jerk-off who called me today.

What are the bands you liked at first, and now can't stand?

Ouch %^&*()$%^&*()!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Close CAPTIONS of the Third Kind


When is the WEST WING Season 2 dvd come out?

NYC DUers - indulge my fantasy, please!

It's snowing here in North Carolina!!!!

need more help with Popup ads

I've just seen Micheal Moore on Conan O'Brien

Is George on the bottle again?

Foxboro: Saturday night

How Long Do You Spend In The Shower?

back to Yellow Alert

anyone else catch jim rome's take on shrubs new space initiative?

now _that's_ funny

As long as we're tripping down memory lane, Jamie Brockett

An ode' to anyone whoever lost a furry friend

A way to make the act of voting fun...

Did You Have Any Particularly Nutty/Memorable High School Teachers?

How should I get out of seeing the 8th grade production of "Godspell"?

I can't believe TV guide would compare Mike Bullard to John Stewart

On Monday Cider goes under the knife...

Darn it! Get out of my way!

Anyone know of any arcade emulators for Win XP?

Okay what the hell is ezttil_neonapster2?

"C" is for "cookie" and that's good enough for me.

Uh-Oh De La Hoya -Moseley fight might have been fixed (FBI)

Chuck E Cheese HELL

Otis Nixon auditions for position at Benihanas

Anyone get a copy of the AP sports rolodex email?

I watched part of that reality show with Donald Trump last night...

A gross and icky thing happened at work last night...

GOP: Greed, Oppression, Prejudice

Is the grass greener?

Looking for a copy of the book "The Boss Is Crazy Too" by Mel Lazarus

Have you ever given a restaurant a loan?

Need topic icon ideas.

Calling all straight males!

Geek alert!: Check out my new hard-drive!!

Shoplifting lesbians try to kill Marine with ricin, gunshot , & knife

Fly me to the Moon and let me CAPTION amongst the stars

Was Elliott Smith murdered?

Canadian DUers: How much Cnadian Tire money do you have?

Saddam in Outkast video

Dishonest Dubya (no, really?) - Amusing flash interactive.

Idiotic Bushspam on local ISP's Message Board...

Who here likes the Big Boys?

What can I do to raise awareness about my website?

calling all hippies and other refugees from the 60s . . .

Old news (funny Kucinich story)

How can excruciating pain suddenly vanish?

Friday Afternoon Humour (Let Me Out of Here!!!)

Bush should take this advice. Like Ma' Always used to say...

How do you cheer yourself up after a lousy night?

"The Pope is a wonderful woman."

Bill Moyer and my Computer Problems

Will Rush be rooting for the Eagles this weekend?

What historical figure do you find fascinating?

Do you know any 19-yr-olds who sound like dying hippos when they vomit?

even a repub cartoonist is mad at bush over the immigration thing (lang)

Word of the day: yottabyte

Found this in the meeting room

Channel your rage!


I have renamed Judy Woodruff!!!!!!!!!!

A poll to take the edge off us all - which Dean is best?

Guilty pleasure movie? And why?

Union training tomorrow, should I booze it up tonight?

Do they call five-and-dimes five-and-loonies in Canada?


Did you blow bubbles when you were younger?

The Great Event

How many of y'all take the homeland security color code seriously?

Need help you men out there.

Wolf "Stupid" Blitzer says "Fab-bra-zhay".

I Will Say This. Of All The News Networks Msnbc Has The BEST

Question for anyone who speaks Portuguese fluently...

Snow music, what's yours?

A tribute to Abandonware

Woohoo! It's poker night!

Hi, honey, I'm HOME (and barely singed)!

God? If you are listening we could REALLY use a CAPTION

It's Ole and Lena Joke Time!!!!!!

i thought it was cold this MORNING!! its COLD AS SHITE NOW!!

Anyone ever worked on a cruise missile?

Does My Texas Avatar Immediately Make You Think Of The Chimp?

Have you ever made love alone?

CONFESS!!!!! Have you secretly crushed anyone here at DU??

Thoroughly Modern Millie--Part Two--Question about James Fox

"Buddhism is Grandather of scientology": Tom Cruise

I just made this suggestion to the ADMIN...tell me what YOU think....

BRRRRRR! It's really cold...

Your first music listened to in 2004 has been..

Python Alert: BBC AMERICA

Need cheering up? Laugh at Bush!

If Shrubya finally told the truth, this is what he'd say:

What Bush Said About Paul O'Neill

Music artists you didn't like at first but now like


Alfred Pugh (last known WWI combat vet) died 1/7/04

you think you're COLD? (2nd day without HEAT!)

Who do you have "romantic" dreams about?

Thanks to those who helped out with my indoor photography

The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

shameless self promotion- new buttons

Bigotry rears its ugly head at Valvoline

Did a stranger ever do something nice for you....just because?

Enough cats!!! THIS is the cutest of them all...

Is there anyone you used to know that you'd like to apologize to now?

What are your favorite video games/video game systems?

It's 6 degrees in Boston and So Damn Cold I'm Making Stew

I received an email from Al Franken

Anyone ever worked on a cruise ship?


What are the Beach Boys?

Name That Tune? ..Caption Bush* pic what's he belting out?

I had the CREEPIEST dream the other night

Funny "One-Liners" of any kind..... Let's hear 'em!

Hey thanks, Elad! That is TOTALLY cool!

Frightening! Team Bush Turns Up Iraqi Plans for Super Missile!

CONFESS!!!!! Do you have a secret crush on anyone here at DU??

Did Paul McCartney die in a car accident?

Electronic terraist attacks Michigan Burger King

What Will The Epitaph On Your Headstone Be?

RIP, our beloved cat Chester

Win one for the Babe! Patriots Uber Alles !

Anyone seen "The Triplets of Belleville"? If not, go!

Would you marry without a diamond?

How geeky are you? Take the test!

Cici's pizza...odd?

Have you ever gone to the Movies alone?

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant alone?

San Antonio Spurs fans: Charlie Ward is ours!

TXLib's bday party change-of-date

Wie geht's, was machst du heute?

A .gif that always cheers me up:

Worst place for a NFL visiting team to play in?

A tribute to Salin on her 20,000 post! (A picture story)

What the album by a band you loved that made you quit them?

Hey old hippies, remember Zap comics and the freak brothers?

any DU'ers in Greenville-Spartanburg?

African American DUers-Can we get your opinion on coup2k and Gore?

Why isn't anyone talking about WMD and Powell?

Some Dean tapes were shown on Olberman on MSRNC

if you think Dean's comments about caucuses are insulting...

Had a rough day gouging, scratching, biting and hair-pulling in GD2004

Deleted message

Mud? Sling, Sling, Sling!

Stop the Fighting! We all need to take a moment of silence

Zulu Nation Infinity Lesson

Who Is Wesley Clark? A Lifelong Soldier Takes a Detour to Run for Office

Does Gephardt really not have a office on the West Coast?

MSNBC: Dean tapes showing now

Does Clark think Reagan good for America?

Will President Clark make Howard Dean surgeon-general?

Lloyd Grove: What's going on with Wesley Clark, Madonna and the Kabbala?

Will President Carrot Top Save a Cabinet Spot for Dean & Clark?

Does Clark sound like a Neoconservative on Defense?

NY Times: Dean's Odds? Surely, 50-50

check out c-span 2

Wesley Clark closes gap on Democratic frontrunner Dean

Received e-mail comparing Herbert Hoover to GW Bush presidency..think it

That was odd - Madonna story on Early Today

I'm an idiot. Out of the loop. What are the 'Dean Tapes'?

Wes Clark - A Man Of Many Hats

What is causing Clark's rise?

Dean's '00 comments on Bush vs. Clark's record

NY Times: Kerry Seeks Momentum From Focus on Experience

LA Times - Clark Push in N.H. Is Gaining Momentum

The "issue" of Dean's Iowa caucus remarks is silly

My concern about the "Dean Tapes"

Clark taking the high road

Who do you really support

Clark's Own Words: his past voting Republican

CSPAN~ Wash DC debate @10am EST- CMB, DK and AS

Broward County Clark Coordinator Died Last Night

Two Democrats Accuse Dean Camp of Dirty Tricks

"Feeding Frenzy" over Dean tapes? Chuck Todd on C-SPAN.

Dean's Unacknowledged Contribution

NH Tracking Poll. Clark up; Gephardt, Kerry down

don't ask howard to do THIS

Is there any oversight group to detect/prevent rightwing primary sabotage

Iowa: 7 Point Lead for Dean. Gephardt, Kerry Tied for 2nd. Edwards Moving

Meet Gert Clark

Dean supporters: Are you comfortable

Clark and Dean both pale in comparison to ABB

Dean a hypocrit for attacking Bush on stem cell research?

"Buffalo Soldiers" join the Clark Campaign in S. Carolina, elsewhere

Candidate Reviews, Self Promotion, and The War in Iraq

Back to Code Yellow -- Ridge live on C-SPAN now. n/t

Hey! Howzabout a one-day moratorium on attacks?

Dean tapes.......on Gore.

Gephardt's Karl Rovian Move

Dean: Loss of Health Care Coverage Another Example of the Bush Tax

Sharpton & Kucinich & Mosely-Braun

Clark numbers keep rising in New Hampshire -ARG- 1-9-04

Is Mary Landrieu being considered for Vice President?

Dean losing it in IOWA!

How secure is Dean's lead? Can we discuss this?

Vice-Chair of Iowa Democratic Party Endorses Dean

Watch John Kerry on NBC's Meet the Press this Sunday.

No Backlash To The New York Post's Nazi Comparison

Poll shows Gephardt on Dean's heels in Iowa

Clarks Tax plan

"Dean Finds Religion on Taxes" by Scott Lehigh, Boston Globe

PAC funding for Kerry and Kucinich??

The attacks on Dean aren't slowing down his bat

Howard Zinn writes speech for Dem. Nominee

Dean at 35%, Clark at 20% in NH- Clark is surging!

DC Statehood Being Debated on C-SPAN NOW (10am EST)

Things I've learned in the 2004 campaign so far...and continue to learn...

To Kerry supporters - Why do we answer questions

The New Yorker: Running on Instinct (Howard Dean)

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller to Endorse John Kerry

WP - On Gun Control, Dean Aims for the Center

Dean supporters: stop calling Senator Harkin's office!

To Clark supporters: Will you vote for Dean if he's the nominee ?

Do the Dean tapes make you wonder if hidden records a ticking time bomb?

Harkin endorses Dean -- Breaking now on MSNBC. (NT)

Sen Tom Harkin endorses Dean....MSNBC

Clark a known hetrosexual!

Arkansas radio show attacking Clark on abortion now

Dean's right: There's no 'war' on terror

Iowa....Tide of Second Thoughts Rises Among Democrats

Local or Washington Endorsements?

Which media types are saying nice/rotten things about your candidate?

Help me make sense of this

Why hasn't Harkin endorsed Dean?

Latte unfair, FactCheck on Club For Growth attack ad

OK Dean Supporters, let's back away from the sparing.

More dirty tricks in New Hampshire

Vice-Chair of Iowa Democratic Party Endorses Dean

Harkin is not going to endorse Kerry

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller endorses John Kerry

Dean campaign playing Rocky Theme Song in New Hampshire

Clark on NCLB & Jobs

Politicians - and Candor

Dean vs. Bush

Dean vs. Bush

This is how I see the first two primaries/caucuses

IMO, Democrats will vote in record numbers against Bush

Clark says he can keep U.S. safe from attacks

How about Harkin for VP ?

Question about each candidate's Supreme Court preferences:

Republican challenger to Bush on CSPAN2

Democrats’ Attacks on Dean Enhance Bush’s Re-election Prospects

Dean said.....Unbelievable, Simply Unbelievable

So those into Dean's caucus comments...why ignore these comments?

OK Clark Supporters, let's back away from the sparing

Coulter is Giddy over Dem infighting

Preparing "movie night" at my local Democratic organization...

Are there any candidate supporters who can be honest and admit...

The Democratic Haberdashery issue will NOT go away!

John Solomon Loves Howard Dean

Is Clark as Pro-Union as he is Pro-Choice?

do you honestly believe Dean would cheat?

Running mates for Dean

Gov. Dean To Be On "Inside Politics" on CNN @ 3:30PM.....

I was just on MSNBC with Howard Dean!

Wesley Clark on Ed Schultz RIGHT NOW

The Balkans today---did Gen Clark accomplish anything?

Harkin about to endorse Dean, coverage on CNN Inside Politics now

Can someone post a pic of Wesley Clark's wife?

A New Side of Dean

Now after Harkin endorsed Dean, is Iowa in the bag?

A poll to take the edge off us all - which Dean is best?

An Online Poll from Unlikely Source - Dean is up with costume buyers

Clark statement on 9/11

Has skinner decided?

IOWA AG Joins 1/3 Iowa Legislature Endorsing Kerry

Is Clark's rise in NH coming at Kerry's expense?

Concord Article on Clark's statement

Write a SHORT mission statement for your candidate.

New accusation of Dean dirty tricks in NH?

O'Niel Says Of A Cabinet Meeting

Wesley Clark sitting out debate on Sunday...the 3rd one of the year...

Undecided? Go check out TNR's front page

Gephardt people?

To Dean supporters: Will you vote for Clark if he's the nominee ?

Is It Safe To Say That The Party Is Getting Behind Dean?

New National Poll: Dean 20, Clark 13, Lieb. 8, Kerry 7, Gep. 7, MB 4

NH weather for our DUers campaigning.

Wishful thinking: Can Clark really challenge Dean for NH?

While governor, Dean accepted speaking fees, gifts from special interests

LOL!!! General Bluto for President!!!

Judy Woodruff outrage of the month

Dean Sits Out Of Today's Debate- Second One Of The Campaign

GOP plans Iowa blitz

"Clark Second in NH behind Dean"

Clark Counters Dean Flyer With His Own

Kerry: End medical marijuana prosecution

I can't believe Clark said this...

Protesters at Republican National Convention?

CBS News has this..Clinton: Bimbo Eruptions.....Dean: Dumbo eruptions

Dean's NEW view on taxes

"In 2000, Dean bad-mouthed Iowa caucauses"- Des Moines Register

Clark supporters - Say something nice about Dean.

Dean fires 2 campaign aides

****FLASH****Tom Harkin to endorse Dean News Conference at 4pm ET

Some questions I would like to see all of the candidates answer

Position on the death penalty

Wes Clark's bipartisanship: an alternative perspective

"Flat Howard" takes Tokyo by STORM!

A Poll For Clark Suporters Only

Kerry gets endorsement of Quad City times in Iowa

What is the value of endorsements?

Clark/Edwards might be the ticket to the White House

How many undecideds on DU?

Is someone telling older NH voters they can't vote in Primary?

Democrat vs. Bush/X?

Dean tanking... down 13 pts Iowa & 4 pts NH

Will Dean supporters caucus for Kerry in Iowa?

Has the Harkin Endorsement swayed you in support of your candidate?

Flashback: Stolen Kerry Laptop with Campaign information.

AP-Ipsos poll Jan. 5-7: Bush Wins; Clark Best Head to Head

If Gep and Kerry get knocked out I'm going with Edwards

The Balance Sheet for Dean - WP

Keep asking Dean for a middle class tax cut

A posting that doesn't blast anyone- what's happening in Iowa

Why Kerry is going to get Harkin endorsement

New Clark Fundraising Challenge: $2 Million Train to New Hampshire!

One-car Caravan by Walter Shapiro

ignore this and it's FOUR MORE YEARS

Rethinking my choices

Dean's ultra-conservative views on criminal justice

Only One Candidate Has a Plan: UN in, US out of Iraq

Why does Clark CONTINUE to defend the murderous School of the Americas ?

Deleted message

Who said Clark doesn't have the Money?: Clark, Dean, and Campaign Finance

NY Times: Tide of Second Thoughts Rises Among Democrats

Which candidate has the best health care plan?

Dean supporters - Say something nice about Clark.

Question: Why did Harkin endorse Dean now?

The Balance Sheet for Dean

How does Dean defend the "skiing controversy"?

NY Times: Seeking Women's Votes, Clark Changes His Style

Boston Globe~Caucus-night vote-swapping could tilt Iowa

Kerry is doing MUCH better these days