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Archives: January 7, 2004

Bernard Weiner: A Quick Pat on the Back -- Now Into the '04 Trenches

Carl Hiaasen: Welcome to the big house of prayer

Attn. Dems: Dean can’t beat Bush (from Kerry advisor)

Sick Puppies and the Gomer Pyle U.S. President

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts


Iraq's Arsenal of Ambitions

Kristof: The God Gulf

A New Google Bomb Campaign!

Cities in revolt over Patriot Act

Factory orders suffer setback in November

Space Station Leaks

Bolivia's drug crisis

Another Mentally ill Prisoner Dead on Bush's Watch

Why was Mike Post removed?

Finnfann (sp?)

I respectfully request

Candidates listed by favorites

I'm sick and tired of the obvious bias against...

IDF dogged by a credibility gap, and eroding consensus

Meeting to Address Israeli Strike on Ship

Breeding grounds for hatred

Walk-in suicide bombings inversely proportional

11 Airplanes Astray On September 11,

does anyone know anything about Carl Wolfe--running for Congress VA-1

Kucinich is only one to see the need to free the weed

C-SPAN1 7:00PM EST - Kevin Phillips author of "American Dynasty"

New Poll! 90% of Polls are Worthless!

One of the best things I've read this year, so far..

Washington Journal tomorrow AM...

"Stealth Draft"

Passports and dual citizenship.. ?

Official State of the State Address Thread (Govnah Ahnuld)

Cspan now: Daniel Becker, Sierra Club Global Warming &Energy Director

Schwarzenegger Says Bond Vital to Avoid Bankruptcy

Why all this "X is not electable/ can't beat bush.." is wrong and...

Malloy wound up again...

Details of Bush Immigration Plan Outlined

I want to thank you, George Bush, for this...

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 01/06/03 (Graphic Content)

Well educated people are terrorists

Dean does best against Bush, but people don't believe he can win

Zell Miller

A new GW Bush site for you to look at!

Have you voted for Media Whore of the Year?

CSPAN NOW: "Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush"

Does anybody have a run down of the 1992 primaries (dates and results)

Newt on Tavis Smiley

More important aspect of a Democrat's evaluation of George W. Bush...

NPR's Biased Coverage of Dennis Kucinich

We need a "Plan B!"

anyone going to a meetup this week?

Rummy declined honor as ‘Person of the Year’

Ok Folks are you watching Nightline on CIA Intelligence

Anyone hear this Tom DeLay story on NPR tonight that left me sputtering?

U.S. & our laws were founded in Christian teachings & heritage

Did the Democrats stand for slavery in the past

Freepers flipping out over Bush's plans for immigrant amnesty.

We had a thread about the founding of the DLC and the funding.

Turn on Nightline NOW!

NRA Racist Comments Exposed

Yet another good non-partisan election site

Bush Served With Personal 9-11 RICO Complaint

Anyone see Rumsfeld today...

Only one campaign medal for both Afghanistan and Iraq....

That Pesky Bush-Hitler Thing

PBS Newshour -Democratic Leadership Council sharing on Dean leading so far

Do your duty: Write to NPR's Ombudsman and Check-In NOW

Why are corporations legally considered like 'persons'?

Who did you vote for Media Whore of the Year?

If Rush is going too attack us...Lets bombard him with e-mails and faxes..

Kevin Phillips: Bush Family Dynasty on C-Span Now! 10:45 est!

From the Deck of Hawker Hurricane

Resist the draft, right here

The Classic Bush/Hitler piece: "When Democracy Failed.." by Thom Hartmann

BFEE Factbook: GW Bush, James R Bath & House of bin Laden

2 Frenchmen killed west of Baghdad

Bush (regime) seeks secrecy for Supreme Court proceedings

Syrian president makes landmark Turkey trip ( - ME is uniting ? ? )

Interrogation, Torture, the Constitution, and the Courts

Hardball Tonight...Judy Bachrach...

Iraq's Arsenal of Ambitions

Man seeks to establish Christian nudist colony outside Tampa

42 Journalists Killed During Iraq War

US State Department spokesmen beginning to sound like a broken record...

A Partner in Shaping an Assertive Foreign Policy (Condi Rice)

Schwarzenegger Says Bond Vital to Avoid Bankruptcy

Bechtel Wins Its Second Big Contract for Iraq

Marines Offer New Tactics in Iraq

US Is Controlling What We Hear From Iraq (Especially US Deaths)

Bush Makes Good On Promise (Starve the beast)

Kucinich Shows Pie Chart on Radio Debate


CNN vows caution in calling 2004 races

NYT: Bush* Would Give Illegal Workers Broad New Rights

Danish Troops in Iraq Being Kept Safely from the Action: Danish Sergeant

Am I the only one who thinks sailling WEST to find the EAST

New Poll! 90% of Polls are Worthless!

Man on Mars

I.... Am Spartacus!!!

Help! My contact popped out

Message was left about potential job, but I cannot understand

Video clip: So you're living in a police state

Going to Chris Rock!!!

On PBS NOVA tonight more "Mars Dead or Alive"

Hello, sexual innuendo!

Mars Images

Jim Lehrer called Dean "The democrat who won't go away"...

Is Google on our side?

Warning major venting ahead.

"My husband is planning an accident"

Desperately seeking Plaid Adder thread...

I want to annoy my wife while she watches TV: Ask her anything.

Yet another Google treat

An Activist’s New Year’s Resolution: I will show up

Hey there, sugar dumplin', let me tell you somethin'....

Thank you, NPR!

Political movies this week, including one NOW

Best Mac/PC for video editing?

My 1-year DU anniversary is coming up; what are you getting me?

Wolf Nipple Chips! Get 'Em While They're Hot... They're Lovely!

When leaving a job, how polite should one be towards management?

"Coming to America" - uproariously funny or dumb?

Kid from my town who got stuck in machine speaks up.

LOL, new photoshop opportunity!!!

Who uses Norton antivirus 2003 pro?

Voluntary tax for space program, would you pay?

Anybody Watching "Line of Fire" Right Now?

Need info on how to live out of a car / van

Where is HEyHEY tonight?

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Doll

Jim Jarmusch's "Night on Earth" on IFC at 11:45 PM EST

anyone else need cheering up? i know i do!

GURUving, on a Tuesday evening

Great line from M*A*S*H

Favorite Yahtzee Roll

Ahh, wintertime in Connecticut!

Redskins: Is Joe Gibbs Coming Back?

Official Tuesday Night Malloy Thread

Ahhhh, the Daily Show is BACK!

When the Rapture Comes, Where Will Bush Be?

With apologies to all blonde DUers

10 years ago: Nancy & Tonya. What do you remember?

Yet another gratuitous kitten thread, please join in :)

I just got a call: My sister's in the hospital

people mismatched with their profession

Funny occupational terms...

When you see a bumper sticker that reads

Pre-emptive poll defreeping: Has Bush made you feel safe since 9/11?

So - When should I take down the Christmas Tree?

Who the heck put this search bar at the bottom of my screen?

Here's what Howard Dean's own mom says about him

Favorite FOUR TOPS record?

The DU theme song? Woody Guthrie's "All You Fascists"? YES!!!!!

>>>SOteric<<< 8,000 POSTS!!!! You know what to do!

Something Wrong ...

What are the top three beers that you would find in your fridge?

I Had A Good Belly-Laugh At Safeway This Afternoon...

Now my tale is told

January 6th. 2004. Who is still in the resolution game???( or not)

THE FROG WANTS TO KNOW : What exactly is a Fraternity ???

Happiness is a warm puppy

DLC A Counter-Reformation on Taxes

Anyone for Wes? Daily Mojo from Mother Jones......

"Inside the mind of Howard Dean"

I wonder who is going to endorse Dean next?

Clark Slams Media Consolidation

Deleted message

Signorile: Dean a winner due to fight for equality and principled stand

Mich. Dems Start Voting

Why I support Dean.

Not so sure anymore

Gore plans Iowa swing for Dean

Howard Dean: "He enjoyed eating babies in a white wine sauce. . ."

Howard Dean: Vermont's Pinochet?

"Hitler's Brownshirts" and "Herr Howie" article in NY Post

Dean is Vulnerable, and Barney the Dinosaur is a Better Candidate

Supporters Make Push for Clark to Join in Iowa Caucuses

Why all this "X is not electable/ can't beat bush.." is wrong and...

Conservative group buys AD against Dean in Iowa

Gore plans Iowa swing for Dean

Transcript from NPR Democratic Presidential Radio Debate

Wesley Clark Airs Campaign Ads Statewide

Would you rather have Gephardt or Dean win Iowa?

Dean's energy debacle...

Clarifying my feelings about today. Manipulation...don't let them.

Deleted message

Attn. Dems: Dean can’t beat Bush

The idea that Dean supporters won't vote for the eventual nominee

Favorite Yahtzee Roll

now THIS is funny

Dean needs to set these GUN NUTS straight!

National Polls vs Statewides...a looming Dean disaster?

Edwards: Proved he's not been co-opted by Bush

Vote Clark to prevent October surprise!

Deleted message

A new philosophy of governing for all active democrats to consider.

NPR's Biased Coverage of Dennis Kucinich

Many on DU sure better hope Dean doesn't get the nomination.

Shouldn't one of the first groups Dean talks blunt to about race be..

Dean informs America about the Bush Tax

I used to like Howard Dean.......but

The only groups Dean is "alienating" are. . .

OK what's going on here people, it's only been a slight upswing for

Cover the debate, not the fight

Dean Meet-Ups top 170,000!

Dean Can't Win

Wash Post: Kerry has moved into position to challenge Dean/Gep in Iowa

Have you seen the NEW CNN Jan. 6TH, 2004 poll? Clark is doing GREAT!

Kerry on hardball now!

Is Clark's tax plan "pandering"?

Shouldn't Dean either repudiate the NRA or face negative ad's?

Say one thing to promote the candidate you support

Clark cannot win the general election

Underdog Kucinich campaign's philosophy: `anything is possible'

My heart says Dean, but my head says Clark

USA Today Poll: Bush's support building (and Clark gains on Dean)

CMB, Democracy Now, and watching the left eat it's own

Braun fails to get on New York primary ballot

The Smoking Gun on Clark?: Stephens Group and Dean Attack Ads

Dean is too liberal, too conservative, too pragmatic, too idealogical

Top ten reasons why Dean will beat Bush in a landslide!

Kevin Phillips: Bush very Vulnerable, but Dean is Hopeless Against Him

What Are The Chances Of Getting A 'No Gloat' Policy Here ???

Rah-rah rhetoric fading as reality of Iraq sets in


Opponents Lob Few Shells at Dean on War

The Era of Distortion

Letter to the editor from Georgia!

It shouldn't happen to a vet

I wonder how this squares with the RW-Christian conservatives and

NYT Op-Ed - Second Thoughts On Free Trade

President Wavers on Pledge to Help Find Leaker

USDA,industry too cozy? (mad cow)

Women have it easy

The Boomers' Time Bomb Denial

[BBV/Der Spiegel]A Bonanza for Errors

Conservative slams Ann Coulter in another editorial...

Ghosts Of Landslides Past - Arianna Huffington

Intoxicated With Power

Plame leak shameful no matter how the White House spins it:Josh Marshall

Saddam Hussein? Saddam Hussein who?

Foiling aircraft attacks isn't rocket science(so why the Bush 2 yr delay?)

This business cycle could get vicious(Bush screws US for 04 election)

The Access of Evil - Heller Mountain

Bush deploys 20,000 body bags to Iraq

Morford: Oust BushCo. We've got some mandatory purging to do

Steps in mad cow crisis stop short of world-class safety

Article on Dean from New Yorker

Who is to blame for destroying the "institution" of marriage?

All That We Can Be

John Dean- Why Did Ashcroft Remove Himself...(New witness?)

Rummy declined honor as ‘Person of the Year’

What's up with Randi Rhodes?

Radio interview with Kevin Phillips 12N EST

Google again censors ads for

Do NOT light a match.

Goonball pic of * needs captions!

Hunk Groom For An Hour

an indictment of science and its religious followers

nostamj's political cabaret thread

Congratulations! You've won $900,000,000

Twin Cities DUers: Time to meet again!

Astrologers: January planets

Sun set food prices in the Middle Ages

Gay hotel group forms

Church may split on female bishops

The Sarbanes Oxley Blues

'Accounting Problems' In Major US Economic Indices

Bush econ platform -lousy last 3 yrs , but it'd been worse w/o tax cuts!

Must read. POG Suppression and Manipulation

GM's Bob Lutz - Company Has "No Plans" To Answer Prius Hybrid

Israel and Turkey Agree On Arms-For-Water Deal

First color photo from Mars

Shipment of radioactive waste to begin today

Sierra Club: uncooked facts on enviro assault

Bush Administration Ignored Internal Dissent On Mountaintop Removal Mining

Climate Change(global warming) = Socialism?

The Sun is a Third-Generation Star. The First Two Were...

Australia's Qantas says toilet queues banned on flights to US

Permanent Bases: Leave Iraq? Hell No, We Won't Go!

"Gun Grabbers' Global Gestapo"

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 7, 2004

Legislator to take new shot on guns

Ohio joining Shall Issue CCW

Vagina bombs

Is it acceptable to call a Democratic candidate this in a thread header?

Question about civility and 'crossing the line' repeatedly.

Can we put a limit on the size of pictures in sig lines

Is this the right spot for the "suggestion box"?

Skinner, this is for you.....

Do you still have a deal with amazon?

Are non-sig "signature" pictures constrained by the same rules as sig pix?

is it my computer or is anyone else having trouble with ...

Where in the rules is mentioning the existence of sock puppets illegal?

My eyes are soiled from reading this nasty thread

can threads still be hidden?

Question for Moderator of The Meeting Room

Peace Index / Demographic fears favor unilateral separation

Israeli troops kill three Palestinians in sweep

Peaceful soap opera gripped Palestinians

Muslim pro-Israel activist threatened

Israel and Libya hold secret meetings

To be or not to be Jewish, lesbian, feminist

EU Commission president reinstates anti-Semitism conference

Five Israelis start jail sentence for refusing to serve in the army

Senior al-Aksa Brigades terrorist arrested

Yesha Council leader calls U.S. ambassador 'collaborator'

Libya denies its officials held any meetings with Israelis

What should Israel do about terrorism?

Lesbian activist fights deportation in Israel

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper -(no bio/chem or nuclear -long article)

Decorating tips for 9/11 theorists

Question for 9/11 conspiracy believers.

Dean Campaign Issues False Info on Kerry Record

Bush/Treas Sec Snow spin -Lousy economy would be worse without tax cut

Where do I check to see who has filed to run in Ohio for fed &state office

Kucinich: Texas Redistricting Discriminates

bushflash fans, more good news for DK supporters-

Want to be a part of the Iowa primaries? Find out here :-)

If Truth Be Known

Letter to Editor of my local newspaper

Republican idea of happiness song

US Coalition forces Above the Law, According to the CPA

No Word From Bush On Forms in Leak Probe

Is it time to boycott Rush's advertisers again?

buzz interviews phillips in the Bush Dinasty

"ethnic cleansing" says Israeli official, Freepers agree

The Era of Distortion

Bush's 2004 Campaign Theme: "Vote For Me. I'm Not Hitler!"

C-SPAN WJ: Minister Of Paranoia

Federal judge: Seattle police lacked cause in WTO arrests

Arnold's SOTS address, it was Ken Lays address "energy deregulation"

9/11 Timeline

Why Did Dean Back Down Over Saddam?

I need a Bu$h Co. list

In anti-gay poll, same-sex marriage gains should...

Nearly half of New York City’s homeless are children

Arnold's State of the State Address on NOW CSpan


You bet your life.

We "can affect" this election.... we can remove's how!

Words of wisdom for the new year....(got this via email)

Is Deborah Norville a Freeper/Conservative?

A Must Read and Send: Don't Give Up on the Media by Ernest Partridge

What do you think about the Bush guest worker proposal?

Just a little request when we talk about immigrants

Is anybody watching MSGOP? They are talking about Hillary

Question on the Natural Law Party

Haliburton is NOT off the hook, as some news articles reported

How did the Traditional Values Coalition get my work email address??!!

If we get Osama before Nov. are we doomed?

AMAZING: Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

Iraq's Paper WMDs

Does anyone really believe that the murder of Swedish FM Anna Lindh....

Co-workers talking about lobbying for Faux News on office TVs.


A Smokin' Crime Wave - huge cig tax fosters violent black market

Two Different Views, Both Ugly

Prices are going up up up up

Gay Adoption Opponents Ought To Watch "Adoption Stories" ...

Any small business owners here ever get approached by IPA

Bob Somerby's day two destruction of David Brooks!

Isn't this illegal immigrant stance

I'm wondering if an "Honest" person can get Elected

New bush policy

What does "ulooj" mean?

Democratic Underground's Greatest Hits

Mars Maestro Data just released!

CSPAN1 Now - "Club for Growth" press conference on their Dean commerical

Newsmax's pathetic spin on controversy

So is the US-Azerbaijan...

Minnesota report says abstinence-only sex education doesn't work

Nothing on DU about W's Repug challenger?

I have a question about using The Freedom of Information Act?

Conservatives hate Bush's spending - 31% incr. in discretionary $

I think I may be a bigot..........

Are we in for a major crash

Red herring in the Bush immigration offer.."first" employers have to find

My personal take on the Bush Immigration policy....

Father of dead soldier deported

Study Says Global Warming May Spark Mass Extinction

Is it just me or does Bush come off looking totally stupid......

Legal Hispanic immigrant on NPR TotN...

He's coming to my town: Powell to give Commencement Address at Wake Forest

Freepers going NUTS over the immigration deal!!

Does anyone feel less defensive about their political views than ever

With all of the talk about * being "invincible" again, I' thinking of a

The Immigration deal - Bush's move to the center

Is down?

The Big Huge Immigration LIE!

Ever feel like a stranger in a strange land?

How many US soldiers will die before the War Against Iraq is over?

how many wasted days?

ABC Nightline for Wednesday: Koppel and Powell, one on one

Are Lieberman, Kerry & Gephardt to Reveal a Last Ditch, Bold Plan to Win?

A Repug House and Senate - common sense says we need a Dem pres.

Where is Ross Perot?

Need information on the Natural Law Party

Bush Immigration Plan is a Scam -- not to be voted on until 2005 (WSJ)

Website Setup to Help Dump CT Governor (R)

The corruption is rampant

Daily show last night Tom Brokaw "admits" Media makes news up

The press can say what they want.....but I see many repugs against Shrub

Sludgereport: Another Hitler video!

Local RW Radio Host: "Impeach Bush Immediately!" (Immigration)

OOPS, sorry dupe: Drudge takes on Takebackthemedia

Cdn Election Update - Early Election Result Prediction

U.S. official stands by Iraq WMD report

Savage whining

Democrats are terrorist appeasers / Democrats are soft on defense.

If Gov.Rowland is impeached, will that help the Dems this Nov?

words of wisdom from Fightin Bob

Judge (R) Accused Of Saying Women Ask To Get 'Smacked Around'

Pat Robertson Is A Complete Moron

Marriage Tax ? How do you feel about it ?

Hey guys -- head over to LBN: 35 soldiers wounded

Bush is a tax raiser!

WMD's are only on Paper! See sketches.....

Ed Schultz Show 3-6 pm EST 1/7/04

CT Dems turn on WTIC now!!

Tancredo on CNN is ragging on Bush big time about the new

"The Working Poor" -- a GOP Invention?

What should Israel do about terrorism?

What should be the Democrats' stance on Bush's immigration policy?

Is Rush Limbaugh a Republican, or is he...

Wolfie - with WP reporter --- no WMD's -- found "almost Nothing"

35 Americans wounded in Iraq mortar attack!!!

British Book Sparks Ancient Manuscripts Destruction

AP Wire story - Based on questionable terrorist 'expert' source

My exchange of letters to the editor involving homosexuality!

Is it time for a high-speed "bullet train" in Florida?

THIS is what we went to war in Iraq for!

My neighbors are separated

Are all republicans despicable?

Blair pledges to quit if proven a liar

RICO Laws Becoming the Last Resort of American Workers

9/11 LIHOP, MIHOP call to action

Is the MoveOn incident a sample of things to come? Watch out for Rove...

DC DUers. Query re Valerie Plame.

Thank you, Rover Lander, for replacing *'s doom/gloom with hope & promise

(Boy this didn't take long) DEPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

CNN Poll - 63% (6:05 est) disagree with Bush Immigration Plan

So what about the Illegal Immigrant Amnesty and Selective Service 2005?

"Like Slaves": Anthropological Notes on Occupation WARNING: Reading Ahead

shrub call them "undocumented workers"... Lou Dobb uses "illegal workers"

Taking back the vote goes to Lou Dobbs

Clark on ABC now!

Bush is laying back trying to soften his image...

Many of you know I have access to blast-faxes, well listen up.

was Deans mother really one of Barbara Bush*s bridesmaids?

Never forget this - They're Lying To Us

After reading this, I feel really sorry for Jenna and Barbara

Fascinating Video re/911

Do the Democrats really have an electable candidate?

Your feedback needed. I've decided to out myself...

Stealth Implementation of Patriot II ??

Mad Cow USA book and the failure of capitalism

I saw on TV here in Tucson that Republicans are switching parties

What's Bush "Really" Up To with this new Immigration Policy?

Did anyone hear the guy on 'Coast to Coast AM' last night?

Taxes. How the upper-upper class avoids them,...

Who's offshoring/onshoring/outsourcing/insourcing

is MoveOn having difficulties?

Why would NPR hire a snide vindictive person as ombudsman?

How do folks feel about Joe Kennedy?

I need a link!!!

Blair is Bush's "Poodle" but not many British Soldiers have been Injured,

The Republicans are now Masters of America

Woman or minority president - how much longer?

A few simple questions for all lurking whoremedia...

The Washington Post needs to be careful with its layout design

Home, ill, flipping through TV channels seeing that

The Fall of De Beers Diamond Empire?

FWIW, anecdotes from my trip to Spain

Kevin Phillips American Dynasty - Scaborough Country

Take Back the Media Headline on DRUDGE! Fun!

The Five Hundred

God Endorses Bush

The "only way" -- Boycott Hewlett Packard Products --- bring jobs back

AMAZING photo of Saddam during his capture... Never released!

A picture is worth a thousand words

"Duct Tape & You: Partners for Progress" - a film to make us all secure

BBV - How about creating commercials like MoveOn did?

How the War Machine is Driving the US Economy

Bush's "Illegal Alien" Gambit - Guess Who Wins in the Long Run

BBV: Washington State action item...

Is Bush going after the Hispanic vote with his new immigration policy?

Is anyone else upset about Hillary Clinton's ethnic joke about Indians?

Does the 2nd Amendment allow private gun ownership?

Tin Foil Hatters meeting: Photo analysis

BBV: CA Voting Systems Panel meeting next week

Both Fastows trying to obtain plea deals (Enron)

Cambodia marks fall of Pol Pot

Ex-HUD Secretary Martinez Enters Race for U.S. Senate

Poll shows Democratic race tightening

Bush banks record $120m for his election war chest

Suspect admits killing Anna Lindh

U.S. Group (CPA) to Take Part in Iraq Meeting (UN role to be set)

US, Europeans search for possible al-Qaeda bomber

U.S to release 500 Iraqi prisoners

US oil hits post-Iraq war high on cold, dollar

Arkansas executes mentally ill man

Domestic Terrorism Fight Comes Under Fire

(UK) Emergency powers plan published

TVA spends $472,000 flying chairman from his home in Miss.

Stronach likely to enter race (Cdn Tory Leadership Race) - Globe and Mail

Coalition to release hundreds of Iraqi prisoners, one more policeman kille

AMAZING photo of Saddam during his capture... Never released!

Details of Bush Immigration Plan Outlined

Illegal Immigrants become campaign tool.

Troops Arrive at Fort Campbell From Iraq

USDA,industry too cozy? (mad cow)

Energy firms paying tab for GOP trip

U.S. Opens Up Bidding for New Iraq Contracts

'Dirty bomb' was major New Year's worry

At Iowa Debate, Democrats Question if Dean Can Win

Earthlink Cutting Another 1,300 Jobs

U.S. Troops Accused of Killing Iraqi Couple in Attack on House; Kurdish Pa

U.S. Reporters to Defy Order to Disclose Sources (Wen Ho Lee Case)

Blair Under New Fire Over Dead Scientist Probe

California conservatives resuscitate Prop. 187

Rebounding economy expected to cut federal deficit in half by 2005

Libya and Israel hint at new ties

'Producers' Returning to the Big Screen

Progressive Talk Radio Show Hits National Airwaves

Firm Justified In Firing Anti-Gay Worker Court Rules

Levi's jeans: Fading away (Company Shipping 800 Jobs Overseas)

New US farm policy punishes Latinamerica

Venezuela: Provocations by Misinformed US State Department Spokesman

Pepsi production returning to Iraq

Companies to Design U.S. Airline Antimissile Options

EU Concedes Politics Plays Into Euro Pact

650 US cruise tourists fingerprinted and photoed in Rio

Daschle: U.S. Needs Labeling Now to Show Beef Safety

Pentagon Looks to Close Bases

U.S. mulls state-run oil company for Iraq

7 at Chinese Paper Held After Articles on New SARS Case

Kerry Targets Workers; Poll Shows Slip in N.H.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 January (#1)

Conn. Gov. (R) Records Subpoenaed, Poll Results Bleak

Bush administration seeks secrecy for Supreme Court proceedings

Australia's Qantas May Ban Bathroom Lines (US says no lines)

Bibles as Textbooks -- Holy MadCow...Batman -

Iraqis revive ancient word `ulooj' to insult, greet U.S. troops

Episcopal resolution passed in protest of Robinson is withdrawn

Sources at the German intelligence bureau claim that CIA misinformed

AP: Dean Leads 'Superdelegate' Race

Martha's circus overshadows weightier case - trial of tyco's kozlowski

Report: Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper

Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper ..Never Got Past the Planning Stage (WP)

Study: Warming May Spark Mass Extinction

Seniors medical costs rising at six times federal adjustment

Pentagon Auditors Set to Clear Halliburton

Enron plea bargain in works

Expert(?) Warns of al-Qaida-Linked Groups

Bursey found guilty, fined $500 (Wouldn't stay in * 1st Amendment Zone)

Dean Fundraising Sets Party Record

Governor apologizes to Connecticut

Army Calls Up More Reservists for Iraq

GIs in Iraq Scoff at Re-Enlistment Bonus

New Jersey Tells of Progress in Developing a `Smart Gun'

Willie Nelson WON'T record his peace song

Mars Orbiter Fails to Make Probe Contact (News and a Grrrrr

Argentina ticked off with U.S. over criticism on Cuban ties

35 GIs wounded in mortar attack

Harris Decides, but Won't Say Yet (FL Senate Run?)

Rumsfeld Denies Playing Politics With War on Terror Medal

Firms Defend Moving Tech Jobs Overseas

Court rejects challenge to gay retirement subdivision

Fire Hall Gay Bashing Leaves NY Fireman Critical

Snow: Rebounding Economy Expected to Help Cut Federal Deficit in Half (?)

US Troops Kill Iraqi Couple As 5 Children Sleep

Blair: I'll take Britain into euro by 2007

The Return of ARCAD (US bio & chemical weapons)

U.S. Presidential Candidate Calls NK 'Serious Threat'

For my 500th post

I have been reading 'Bush's Brain'

quick! need a link to the latest Richard Perle plan for world domination

You ever notice...

DAVID CROSS [SPOLIER] celebrity poker!!

okay i think i got it!

Weird - I think I figured out why 47 is my "lucky number"

cd catalog program for Linux?

My Netscape Navigator won't let me download.......

All hands on deck

Who else NEVER goes to GD: 2004 Primary??

If you could change the ending to any movie..... (beware spoilers)

Scariest music?

May decide to have a cooling off period until a certain alert level goes

Bush* is the Green Goblin, Dean is Spiderman!

Who's your favorite transsexual travel writer?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Cabela's

I'm getting myself some COOKIES

StarWars Gangsta Rap..Atom films

Bent TV News.. "Crack Iraq's Back"

Christmas Carols from the Psycho Ward

Create a sculpture for the Hirshhorn Museum

Anybody else find it creepy that Entertainment Tonight is featuring

The Greatest Sitcoms

What does it mean when an icicle forms from my outside faucet?

Wanna watch the "Clinton exit film"??? I found it ...

Does anyone remember me?

Man Uses Counterfeit Money To Post Bail

My car doors froze on me tonight!

What your car says about YOU...

It's going down to 9 degrees here

What does it mean when a bicycle forms from my outside faucet?

"There is no pain you are receding.

NY Times: Flavors Fresher Than Sushi

What Will You Be Remembered For?

'The Governator' beer

There's snow on the ground. Ask me anything.

We should use to organize Monthly DU Meetings

Millard Fillmore born January 7, 1800

Civilized policy discussion wanted

How Many People Have Put YOU On Ignore

Sleeping Man Ejected From Home - Matress And All - After Crash

This Thread CURES What Ails You ::: Double Your Money Back Guarantee

What do you think about the Bush guest worker proposal?

How Many People Want To Be Put On Ignore?

Freeper Free and Lovin' it

Karma request ...

Anybody see this Chinese movie coming out? Looks pretty cool

Joe Gibbs was last affiliated with the Redskins in 1992.

Michael Jackson Joke Thread

we're DOOOOOOOOOOOmed (a rant)

Burglar Delivers Himself To House In A Box

Fannie May & Fanny Farmer...

World's Longest Snake Comes Up Short

Joe Cartoon.. gerbil in a light socket film

Am I the only one wondering ...

Attention Twin Cities DUers!

WHAT are these Smurfs doing?

The Croc Hunter is on Leno tonight

My Rant: Ticket for not providing proof of insurance

This food story will gross you out.

I love Chinese restaurant menus

Dentures Give ELEPHANT New Lease On Life

Finally!!! An enjoyable rap video

Mad Cow, anti bush cartoons!

Look: Will's book in French on

Bush's Top 12 New Year's Resolutions (FREE T-SHIRT!)

What a piece of work is man...

Excel printing question

I now have the perfect girlfriend!

Paris Hilton photo

Latest Dean Scandal!! (Parody)

I hate morons who have eyeballs! (thanks, ZombyWoof!)


A short film you MUST watch... best animation ever...

Military Code Name Generator

I Saw Only TWO Episodes Of The New "Battlestar Galactica" Mini Series

Boyfriend 5.0 upgrade...........problems!

Am I the only one with a severe adoration of Phoebe Buffay?

2002 $314.9 M Powerball Winner Accused of Threat

I posted this months ago... but if you weren't paying attention...

Anyone else had enough of the "I hate" threads?

I Love You Gwyneth Paltrow !!!!!!!

Scumbag Doc Harassed Dying George Harrison For Autographs

Maybe Hitler IS a liberal after all...:-P

The American Patriot #9: A Weekley Series

Is it freakin' soup yet?

Pete Rose still doesn't come clean -- Still lacks respect for baseball

Anyone else get annoyed by

What's that Klingon game called?

What was Uncle Saddy doing in the Spider Hole?

Yee-ha! "Pathetic Geek Stories" now has it's own website!

Am I the only one who doesn't get Tom Cruise?

Did you know the U.S.A. still has debtor's prison?

Hooray! I found my toaster!

No, no, no!!! THESE are the greatest sitcoms!

Guidlines for Klingon software developers

More Images from Mars

Gibbs' Return is the Maladministration's Latest Attempt

I got 3 formal mod warnings for 2 posts last night. Anyone topped that?

Anyone ever been to Great Basin National Park?

A message from GOD! Loud and clear!

Mars Maestro Data just released!

28 Days Later is an awesome flick

Just got a bone implant. Don't ask me anything.

Speaking of "pathetic geek stories," here's mine

I know it's late but hooray for the Hawks and Buckeyes!!!!

A lot of high paying jobs are being created in the economy

Dry, cracked hands

To go where no man has gone before; why we do it.

Any publicity for World Idol-winner and everyone's fave hobbit Kurt Nilsen

Britney's Ex Speaks

Just want you all to know.... I'm keeping track

Brrr it's cold...NW snow and ice pics

Do you feel depressed about being possibly fat or overwieght?


NSMA: Did the administrators of DU find your keys yet?

Unfixable Virus

What should I do with column-related hate mail?

Crossword puzzle chuckle

I feel ASS-tastic!

Now I know I spend too much time on DU....

Martian reaction to Spirit landing!

Finally! A major victory for me

Clark "Webside Chat" starting NOW 5pm ET....

Thank You.. Your kind thoughts must have worked..My eye is better

Who are the top three peers that you would find in your fridge?

A few nyucks for a cold day.

Goldie Hawn is a grandmother

Congratulations DookussukooD !!!

Tips for Better Living

Why does most popular music seem to focus on two subjects:

I like mayonnaise

CONFESS!!!!!! What's the strangest Album/Tape/CD in your music collection

Am I the only one with a severe aversion to Jimmy Buffet?

Am I the only one who thinks Stevie Ray Vaughn wasn't a guitar-God?

Liberal_Veteran offers employers tip to avoid paying overtime....

Anyone have a link to the Bush appology t-shirt?

Gibbs returning to Redskins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caption Smirk - - on the "job"!

Anyone read "A House Divided" by Margaret Steen?

what's "business-casual"?

Have You Ever Quit A Job In Anger... Impulsively...


Isn't he dead?

David Brooks in the NYT equates hating


Can you learn a language through osmosis (SLEEPING)?

New West Wing tonight

Howard Dean just called me!

This bad boy just ran across our front lawn.

My Cat Hates You

good day all round

When friends divorce

Ok -- who puked on Matcom's ass?

Who would win in a superpower battle royale?

Only 43 Days till Summer!!!

World Junior Hockey Video for the ten of us who care

Legal help needed immediately!

I just voted! Ask me anything.

My candidate is better than your candidate.

If you kiss me, then I'll kiss you back.

Have the Freepers made any comments about Willie's song?

need some help here!

What happened to my ass?

Bare your soul (or buttocks) here... Tell us your embarrassing secrets.

Questionnaire: "Inside the DU Lounge"

Look At This Picture Of Uranus

I NEED YOUR ADVICE! (re: parenting)


in praise of children, the little shits.

Did you take a shower?

I Just Listened to "The Ballard of Bilbo Baggins"

How many DUer's would be interested getting together in Green Bay?

One, two, three, four... It's time for a Cuteness War!!

What a waste of oxygen...

CNN: JOE GIBBS Returning To Coach The Redskins????!!!!???!!!!!

How many people do you have on Ignore?

Looking for info/photos of massive industrial sprawl

ok. Who Puked On Tucker's Jacket?

OK, who still stands by their Pete Rose-Hall opinions?

Am I the only one who thinks the football Gods are on the Packers side?

Anyone have a link that shows how much mad-cow will cost

Do I have a virus? "This system is shutting down"

OK, here's an easy one....(No, not Matcom...) What's your favorite color?

Am I the only one with a severe aversion to Buffets?

Vote for George W. Bush!

A Bush Poem (written by a 7 year old)

Woman Suing Over Lottery Has Past Charges

It's time we explain the signficance of our sig lines & pictures

Get AUDIO for Willie Nelson anti-war song HERE!!!!

Movie directors you hate

CAPTION this meeting of the minds

CAPTION our southern friend Vince

Favorite 20th-century Republican President?

Rowan Atkinson as Lord Voldemort?!?!?

Dover's post got me thinking.

Have you designed your own hell yet?

Pictures in sig lines

What's your favorite coffee drink?

CAPTION -He ain't fooling anyone by carrying that portfolio

I am SO proud of my husband....

It's Homestar Runner!!!

Any ornithologists out there?

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins! (link to VIDEO- compellingly awful!)

Any tips on finding a job?

Anyone care to vote on best (or worst) entry in my contest?

Northernmost & Southernmost spot on Earth you were in?

Ever been to a Playboy Club?

I've been having this strange "marriage" dream these past nights.

What was the BEST movie of 2003?

What was the WORST movie of 2003?

How do you pronounce RAMEN?

Strangest/oddest food you've eaten

What is your all-time favourite TV show?

Sommeliers - How well do you know wine?

seeking... ***political*** comedy writers/songwriters

LA DUers - Vote on a venue for January get-together

LA DUers - Pick a date for January get-together

Here's what Howard Dean's own mom says about him

Write to NPR's Worthless Ombudsman and Check In!

I think that if Clark's the nominee, the Bush regime will implode likeUSSR

SC State Senator drops Kerry, supports Dean

Meet Dean's new director of Internet and Information Services,

What my local freepers are saying about Dean..

General Wesley Clark, 4/10/2003, On Iraq

Howard Dean cut funding for clean elections...

What those of you who are smearing Clark are accomplishing

General Clark's war history and ties to Neocons threaten his candidacy

How to win without California in 5 easy steps

Dean, Clark in statistical tie Dean loses over 21 percent

Littwin: Howard Dean: baffling, irksome - and inspiring

anyone listening to CSPAN this am?

No matter which candidate you support, don't buy the landslide line

God!!!! Please get the Primaries started! UGG

Gore and Others Fan Out to Back Dean in Force

Rove & Co must have watched that episode of "West Wing"

Why Did Dean Back Down Over Saddam?

NYT criticizes Dean on secrecy

Kerry proposes ``pocketbook watchdog''

This is cute: Kucinich holds pie chart in NPR Radio debate

The anti-Iraq war part of the general election

How to Be an Iowan for a Day

Edwards Promises a Positive Vision and to Change the 'Two Americas'

Waiting for "Good-Poll:" Dean Downs Dems Down. The Beat Goes On.

Outsourcing the Occupation is not Ending It

Kerry marriage off - Dean endorsement in SC

Has anybody seen the new "Club For Growth" anti-Dean ad?

Oxy Rush pushing Dean-Bradley Heightgate

Bush is a tax raiser!

Clark wants to cut defense spending?

Is this good? For us, I mean.

Forget what Rove wants....It's what the people want...which is - no Bush

Senator Matthews, SC endorses Dean. Not familiar with SC senators.

"Dean: Dominator or Detonator?" by David Broder, Washington Post

Campaign Compulsion: How the Media Picks the Candidates

Pictures in sig lines

Dean supporters don't really oppose more progressive taxation, do they?

Early endorsements are a mistake

Any Sharpton Sightings?

Clark/Dean will be the ticket. One DUer's near formal endorsement.

Are all republicans despicable?

Arianna: Unelectable, My Ass! - must read for Dean supporters

Sen. Kerry presents his “Platform for Americans with Disabilities"

Which candidate has the best message to defeat George Junior?

Poll for Dean Supporters only: How long have you been a DUer?

Ah, but there is a repuke for Clark web site too

An honest question for Clark supporters (or others in the know)

If any dirty tricks...think Rove first...with media coverage to boot !

Will bush*'s alien anmesty plan spur Buchanan to enter the race ?

Dean more conciliatory? Yeah right

I'm wondering if an "Honest" person can get Elected

Quick guide to Primary Schedule dates:

Mayor Daley likes Dean's Message

Could the "Dean flyers smearing Clark" be a sympathy ploy by Clark?

Leon Fuerth To Chair Dean National Security Advisors

Bill Bradley's Message Endorsing Howard Dean for President

Lower Income and Middle Class, How Much Will You Save?

Is Dean blowing his chance to become Clark's VP

USA TODAY: Clark closes in on Dean in poll

Dean Rivals Accused of Harassment by Phone (NYT)

Help Gov. Dean Get The NRA's Endorsement!

The touting of polls plays into the hands of media manipulators and hacks

I am a strong Dean supporter and

Want to be a part of the Iowa primaries? Find out here :-)

If you need a good John Edwards analysis, listen to this:

Why does new CNN poll get more press than the last?

Easy fix to Dean's tax cut problem

I apologize for calling General Wesley Clark

Anyone notice that more people are standing up and defending Dean's

CNN meme: Happy days are here again for Republicans

I have yet to see any real "Dirty Tricks" in this young Primary Season...

Clark Supporters...Let's remain above the fray

Why is Kerry Campaign imploding?

Kucinich Questions Bush Immigration Plan

Breaking: Madonna Urges Others to Support Clark

Tech firms defend moving jobs out of U.S.

Are Lieberman, Kerry & Gephardt to Reveal a Last Ditch, Bold Plan to Win?

Is Clark healthy?

Who is Karen Hicks? One of the Women Behind Dean's Success.

Helen Thomas - "Remove Arrows from Dean's Back"

Dean wins Bradley and Gore endorsements but Clark gets. . .

Bush Campaign has $99 milion, yet neo-cons complain about Soros

Kucinich plans for presidency

Kerry "helping middle class not about politics, but my fundamental values"

Web Alert: Clark Wireside Chat. 5:00 EST

Clark: Danger to the Democratic Party

Support flows to the guy with a backbone

Clark 2nd in NH tracking poll Clark 16 (+2), Kerry 13 (-1), Dean 36 (-1)

Right now the contest vs. Bush looks bleak--but it can be done

Is Anybody Listening To Lieberman? -- CBS News

Something tells me Rove is up to no good tricks again

Edwards ducks debate, goes solo

Kerry - Labor Dept. Overtime Posting

Time: Dean on the Rise poll graphics: Bush 51, Dean 46% = Electability!

Another Repukes for Howard Dean website!

Is Kerry Healthy?

This is finally shaping up to be the Dean v. Clark primary

Breaking from Clark embed on MSNBC

Did Dean laugh when Kucinich

Dean Displays Wall Street Roots on Campaign Trail

Clark is allowing the other candidates do his dirty work against Dean

Double standards. . .

Clark people better be ready for incoming fire

Howard Dean Tax Calculator, How Much Will It Cost You?

Underdog Kucinich campaigns philosophy: `anything is possible'

Kerry - Memory Lane (Peter Yarrow on the trail)

Some thoughts on "Democide"

Have the GOP dirty tricks already started?

I call on Gov Dean to condemn these tactics

Dirty Tricks Against Clark

Dean Meet Up is Tonight, 7-9pm

Employer: I'm not cutting your pay, I'm just rolling back your raise.

Dean and his amazing cyber Teflon coat - By Dick Morris

Clark will be on.........ABC World News Tonight at 6:30 Eastern

ABC doing a piece on Clark in a minute.

Just saw first Edwards commercial on Boston NBC affiliate

I voted in Michigan's primary....

Dean or Clark: Blogosphere Shaken & Stirred

A real Contract w/America: Kerry's 10-Point Workers' Bill of Rights

Are Republican Operatives Playing Nasty Tricks on the Dean/Clark camps?

If Dean wins Iowa and New Hampshire, it's over.

A message board for grownups

Edwards defending Dean? Wow.

If Clark get over 25% in New Hampshire does that knock Dean out?

Fear now being displayed by Dean and his supporters.

Goodness gracious. I just took a look around here.

What are the odds of Buchanan getting into the race?

Clark: Is he really the man or is he fluff?

ABB theme song

Poll for Clark supporters only, please: How long have you been a DUer?

Wesley Clark Files 5,000 Nomination Petition Signatures in Illinois

Dean may support middle-class tax cut

Now I am against progressive taxation and a social conserative

I call on Kucinich to fire his campaign manager and re-focus his campaign

Dean is now attacking Ted Kennedy

Democrats Need Ohio to Win

Clark Gets Support From "Buffalo Soldiers"

The Official Iowa Prediction Thread

Democratic Party give the District of Columbia Primary the Big Brushoff

Roy Neel Joins Dean for America as a Senior Advisor

NC May not have a primary

Presstitute, thy name is Tom Brokaw (irrational Dean hatred)

Dean intends to cut middle class taxes after repealing all of Bush's tax

Kucinich Concert: Get AUDIO for new Willie Nelson song HERE!

Foes attack Dean on his actual strong point

Musicians for Dennis Kucinich!

AP: Dean Leads 'Superdelegate' Race

All these tax cuts don't help me, a single mother with 4 kids

Latte drinking, Sushi-eating, Left-wing Freaks check in here

Nominee preference poll for 1/07/04.

Editorial: Dean's right on Saddam

General Clark's Disturbing Record

Did Clark kill the Kerry campaign?

N.H. voters eyeing two non-Deans