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Archives: January 3, 2004

"BSE Scare Mostly Mania"

Gannett is printing my nastygram!

Bob Herbert column in NYT today - Darryl Hunt case - BIG RACISM

Hey Mo! Lets rock the marriage vote this weekend!

Conservatives Deconstructed (MUST READ)

Anyone here read David Weber, John Ringo, and/or David Feintuch?

Let's start an ongoing discussion of Holy Blood, Holy Grail

New Bid to Arrest World's Leading Homophobe

Knoller, convicted in dog mauling, released from prison

Sponsor of gun bill won't pull trigger yet

My newest toy

news about Jeff Seemann's campaign

Earl confirms all suspicions.

Hundreds protest against fence at Baka al-Garbiyeh

German translation help needed

Congressman Pete Stark tosses his weight behind Dean

Will Pitt: We need to reform and TAKE BACK the Debates

A WTO-like outcome: Monsanto forces a dairy to change its labeling

how about a Counter-Reagan or Counter-Bush library?

FDR: "We have Only Just Begun to Fight" 10-31-1936

Hate intolerance of any sort? This is the site to visit!

Examining Bush's Leadership Style (MUST READ)

A day in the life of George W Bu$h - 1/02/04 (graphic content)

If, as some allege, Dems and Rethugs are no different, explain these stats

Does 'duty to warn' exist among journalists?

Isn't the irony astounding?

This is my 100th post, so I won't waste it on your thread.

Which states do you think Dean could win?

According to NBC manufacturing sector claims highest profits in 20 years

anyone seen the Walmart commercial ??

Just got done watching Bowling for Columbine.

Granholm plays the faith card

Bill Maher on tonight show tonight

Freepers bashing Pat Robertson

Mike Malloy is back!

Democratic Lawmaker switching to GOP

Hysterical Bush-speak audio link from Malloy's show tonight.

What about a Constitutional Convention?

US Rep. Ralph Hall (D) switches parties-

bushco trys to send a WOMAN to deal with Iranian Mullahs?

Headlines we will never see

For my 1000th post, I say this: take heart, Bush is VERY beatable in '04!

Dude, Where's my country?

Folks, there's been a pretty huge move in the CIA leaker case

Take Back the Media needs proof for TV Commercial to be aired

It's the Supreme Court, Stupid.....

North Korea invites US to inspect main nuclear plant

Investigators ask officials to free reporters from confidentiality

Drop in Cattle Prices Stays Above Imposed Daily Limit

Reuters - CIA Leak Probe Focuses on Confidentiality Pledges

Consumer groups point to holes in US cattle feed rules

Democrats Would Choose Dean Over Kerry If the Election Were Held Today

British Cancel Another Flight as Allies Query U.S.(Pilots refuse marshals)

Enron whistleblower endorses Clark

Clark To Bush: "Don't Do It"

Dean Calls for Measure To Restore Trust in Mutual Funds

Dean trails Bush by 5% according to new poll

Dean's blunt talk about race (1/2/04)

MP calls Radio 4 listeners 'bastards' over vigilante vote

The CIA Agent Flap: FBI Asks for Reporters to Talk

Bulgarian Troops Refuse to Go to Iraq

Seven South Asian Nations Agree in Principle on a Trade Zone

Congressman Ralph Hall (TX) to join GOP

GOP Texas Takeover Is Subject of (criminal) Investigation

BCCI returns to haunt Bank of England

Rebranding Bush* as Man of Peace

Caption Smirk!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Okey Doke, It's 2 Jan 04. Fess up

So laugh a little...


It's time travel election year time!!

Dean supporter plays piano - Citizens outraged!

Dean forces dogs to wear shirts - Oh the Humanity!

Sending shout outs to all my peeps in the Lounge

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

anyone have a link to Randi Rhodes show?

Kucinich is the ONLY candidate with NO CHANCE

New Ab Fab episode on tonight

God told me something about Pat.....

God tells Pat Robertson to.....

People working the in medical field - tell me about clinicals!

What is the best part and what is the worst part

I have something special in my life.

Can anyone imagine Fred Willard on Fox News?


The Snoop Dog Shizzolator

Salary tax question: How much will I take home here?

Short rant: Local Fox affiliate still playing Christmas music during

Anyone up for AOL chat

People on this forum seem quite a bit more optomistic than they have been.

Mike Malloy is back on the air tonight

Should Roberson be in the game?

Question about "Power of 10" workout.

anyone here ever study dreams?

Open Me

Without showing the picture, only using descriptions

Who remembers the Way Outs?

Update on everythingsxen--karma needed!

The Boring Thread

Uh...Guys (as in MEN) I Have A Sorta Private Question

What is a smock?

Why did Sam-I-Am's friend refuse to eat

Does your Cat insult you?

God has spoken (to Pat Robertson): Bush, 2004, landslide

Wheeeee! I'm free! No more 700 Club for me!

Should I eat the person in my freezer?

Going to Las Vegas tomorrow ... anything I should do while I'm there?

Companion to GURUving's "Boring Thread"

Which of the two magazines is better? Time or Newsweek?

Boz Scaggs: another nominee for under appreciated artists club

Ohio State vs Kansas State. Fiesta Bowl game thread

This is my 100th post, so I won't waste it on your thread.

Lydia's Movies for Democrats?

Just got off the horn with God ...

I need help with buying a TV: LCD or Plasma?

Where do you get your news? (Besides here)

What are you drinking tonight?

It's time for the gratuitous Friday kitten thread!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Marathon on HBO Tonight

Best Name for a football team you've ever seen?

Contact Lens Wearers - Quick Question

ok, final decision time.iMac or iBook G4?

Candi Crowley

Waah! The best looking faceplate has the previous style keypad!

Backing up DVDs?

new Savage Weiner advertisers Make A Wish Foundation, Blue Cross

Vegeterian DUers: I'm considering it, need some advice.

dolo amber's new pug puppy meets the flying burrito sista

Need insights from veterans

Poll - What should I wear to my job interview?

CONFESS!!!!!! What is your favorite Classical Music piece?

CNN: Thune edging closer to challenging Daschle in '04

Dean forces dogs to wear shirts - Oh the Humanity!

Dean supporter plays piano - Citizens outraged!

Dean is the only candidate that is running for president.

Clark: I'm the only candidate that was Republican once in my life!

Kucinich is the ONLY candidate with NO CHANCE

Kucinich is THE ONLY candidate who can save us from fear!

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

US Rep. Ralph Hall (D) switches parties-

Another Kucinich "I AM THE ONLY" interview

Letters in the St. Pete Times, Dean, Rush, other subjects...good ones.

The gamble that is Howard Dean

Gays for Howard Dean: Quite comfortable

Clarks albatross: A Clinton endorsement?

Democrat candidates' Iraq strategy: a Reality Check

Should we come together and support the eventual Dem nominee?(Poll)

Sherron Watkins of Houston, endorses Clark!

Iowa Prez Debate on CNN this Sunday ET 3:00p.m.

Anybody watching Joe Lieberman on Hardball?

A Bill Clinton Endorsement - helps or hurts candidate?

Dean repeat of Hardball on now.

The distortion of polls that show Dean as the front-runner.

Crossfire: General election not the goal for Dean supporters?

Triple Bad News Day for Bush: Mosque Attack, FBI after Rove, Dean 5% poll!

We have exactly ten months until the election

Let's all support the primary process

Not OUR Enemy

Clarence Page & Bill Press

Kerry's Michigan Firsts

Sen. Fritz Hollings: "Howard Dean is right"

Lieberman or Bush?

Anyone else get the feeling Braun and Dean are close?

More repubs turning...

A Question for Southerners from a Yank re: Clark

Concerning whom they wish to face in the general election, Republicans

North Dakota--poll?

Dean Cites Terror Alert As Vindication ....Guardian

Why isn't Kucinich polling well?

Let's all support the eventual nominee.

Democrat candidates' Iraq strategy: a Reality Check

Dean said gay marriage issue made him "uncomfortable like everyone else"

Which states do you think Dean could win?

BCCI trial finally starts Jan.13 in England.

Questions about Leakgate in Minneapolis Star Tribune LTTE

IMHO, the best of the recent anti-Chimp books

Questions for Tom Kean - Want to know a secret? (9/11 investigation)

U.S. making nice this time (Toronto Star)

Opium is thriving and the Taleban are back in Afghanistan

Clark Defends His Record

NY Times: Immigration Reform

Voter Guide and article from Sioux City

How Insiders Came to Be Outsiders

Mad Cow Disease hasn't gone away

David Brooks: Running on Reform

From Rogue Nuclear Programs, Web of Trails Leads to Pakistan (NYT)

Down the Rabbit Hole With David Brooks

Dick Cheney: His God and His Empire

How Much Worse Can It Get? When will mainstream America wake up?

Off Target:The Conduct of the War and Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Seal the cockpits for airplane security. LTTE NY Times.

Bush vs. Hitler

Putting God Back In Politics

Wash Post publishes LTTE criticizing the paper for nameless sources

George Bush, Iran, and the Ghost of Kermit Roosevelt and Operation Ajax

The Things They Carry (the balancing act of the Democratic Party)

New York Times’ Safire predicts “major terror attack in the US” on eve of

Leave No NASCAR Dad Behind -- MUST READ

Pollwatch membership drive!

BBV: January 2004 Action Plan

Bush is faking letters again

Jonah Goldberg: Corrupt Columnist

Deborah Norville will be on MSNBC in Scarborough time-slot

Weeding in the Winter - great exercise

Pat Robertson--Evil to the Core or Just Misguided

NY Times: Naked Terror

NY Times: At L.S.U., a Change in the Culture

Regarding marriage & the FMA: should I try to move a thread here?

Female Episcopal Priest Resigns Over Bishop Robinson

The Bible Must Be Given No Place in a Discussion of Civil Rights

LA Times: Unkindest Cuts Scar Indonesia; When tigers fight back

Postcard from Rubbish Dump Road, Nauru

NY Times: British Cancel Another Flight as Allies Query U.S.

U.S. Muslim band wows Indonesia

Bomb kills 10 revelers in Indonesia's Aceh province; Police blame rebels

William Pfaff : Bush is ignoring the political lesson of Vietnam

Report: China to teach sex education

Forbidden Iran [PBS - 60MINS - JAN 8th - 9PM]

US soldiers ransack Sunni mosque

Homicides in '03 Plunge 23% From Year Before(LA)

Gun makers skimp on safety, report claims

America's Most Wanted Guns

How do we know posts aren't from paid campaign staff?

Is this a threat?

Where is the "alert" link?

An Open Society Avatar?

is it harrassment if someone is following me around to alert on every

Maybe I spammed, now I'm not sure.

forgot to give DU my new email address

Question about locked thread

Skinner's back!

You hiring english majors for Moderators?

Op-ed: Waiting for Allah —Iqbal Latif...

Discrimination by any other name

ACNS: Episcopal hospital in Nablus occupied by Israeli Troops

Column One: The Vision Thing

As armed gangs terrorize PA, army considers letting Palestinian

Seeds of destruction

Palestinians Die From Israeli Gunfire

Israel Army Kills Four Palestinians in Nablus, Gaza

An Interview With Noam Chomsky

No airplanes hit the twin towers


NY Time: Want to Know a Secret? (Interview with 9/11 commission head)

Former Suffolk County Presiding Officer Maxine Postal dies at age 61

NY Times: In One Suburb, Local Politics With Asian Roots

NY Times: When Dad Runs for President

Democrats Need Ohio to Win

Kucinich has earned about $9,000,000 so far

Bill Clinton: Nazi Overlord of Canada?

NY Times Letters to the Editor in response to Krugman's column yesterday

God told me that Mad Cow

Bush aides Face Request to free Media to give names

Just read about soldiers being sent to Iraq despite positive drug

Cooky situation I thought of, a green wins the white house in 2004...

Anybody know when the morning-after pill will be sold over the counter?

Here's some Geisel cartoons for your consideration!!

Bernie Ward show on KGO....(LIHOP)....

Photoshop an anti-corporate Mad Cow/Soylent Green movie scene?

Robertson says God "has just bessed" the shrub

Why I'm not a Libertarian

PakTribune: Suicide Bombers and their Mission

The Nation: Will the French Indict Cheney?

Iraq women alone, distraught as US rounds up men

OK, just to make it clear re: Dean/Clark

A Serious Poll: BBV

Penna. agribusiness suffers a setback

Ex-Cattleman's Warning Was No Bum Steer

This is funny, check it out

The kids are all right

Can anyone send me to an information source for the owners of tv

117 Palestinians killed, hundreds injured during media's "relative calm"

I will never trust another President.

U.S. Holds Reuters Staff Near Chopper Crash in Iraq

NY Times: Indonesia's Secret War

Remorseless Sociopathic Freak Paroled

Black Hawk helicopters over Las Vegas, snipers in Times Square

Slumbering Americans. Stop Taking the Bush* Brand Sleeping Pills

GOD also told Rev.Pat to fly diamonds out of Zaire on tax-exempt airplane

Jimmy Carter: Zell Miller's Appointment to Senate a "Huge Mistake"

Pat Robertson was talking to Diebold not God

There is Hope! - Reader reviews of Perle and Frum's new book

Texas Democrat Representative Ralph Hall switching parties to GOP

Texas Rep. Ralph Hall switches to GOP--Good Riddence

Pathetic Sell-Out!

Narco News is Back

Cancer changes lawmaker's (GOP) mind on drug (pot)

The Georgia Guidestones

Soros has freeps shaking in fear! (Call for his death!)

The media seems "mum" on Mad it safe? gag order?

Pollwatch Membership drive!

Just like 911.... this admin. avoids planes...but tells people to fly !

The last Repug President* that was born in the South was Ike.

has anyone else noticed

Wanna collaborate on a book?

Bush or Tic Tacs?

The People vs. Ashcroft.

With A Whisper, Not a Bang

Primary Omen: Bush to Lose Face in NH ?

What If Clinton had picked KERRY over Gore in '92?

Is Ann Coulter Reviewing her Own Book?

To win, Dems need at most 2 of: AZ, FL, LA, MO, NV, NH, OH, TN, WV

Looking for a picture, need your help!

Could this British Airways fussing be payback for Gobblegate flap?

How can a Dem win the WH in '04?

Politics Schmolitics. We have more power as Consumers.

Who's face is most likely to end up on Mount Rushmore?

Plame question, did she tell Wilson she was CIA illegally?

I need a young gal to volunteer to write to a lonely soldier in Iraq

Michigan's Granholm cites Christian compassion; Religious Right furious

A "what if" scenario on Saddam Hussein

A message for fellow gay Democrats. . .

anyone wanna talk about Karl Popper?

Trends 101: Basics, Types of, Top 3, Recognition and Timing,

Jimmy Carter; July 5, 1979: A Question of Confidence

Anybody from Illinois? How is Obama doing?

Was the Meteorite that hit Iran was a US Missile??

Could US have caused Iran meteorite?

Eight Facts About Iraq

Anybody know of good alternatives to this site?

Official Guy James Show thread 3 to 6pm eastern

Lehrer News Hour video of US military raid in Iraq-MUST SEE

Do the Dutch hate Boers?

Neil Bush is Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Thune closing in on Daschle... Is an upset brewing?????

Question on civility for foreign & American DUers

Need picture of GW ...


Video from lat night's PBS Newshour

Bush is a product of Social Promotion

Would you support Lieberman for the Supreme Court?

What's a "progressive?"

Fish on Prozac? How depressing!

diebold story on CBS

What can be done to "save" US intelligence?

I am tired of the exploitiation of 9/11 by Bush.

My strident little pep talk...humbly presented FYC.

Makes no sense....Passenger's name matched a terrorist watch list?

All these canceled flights---A question.

SF Homeless: "Shame of the City" 5 part study

I think this is the right forum: Question about VP selection

Do you plan on going to the Iowa Caucus? Let’s have a DU Meet-Up!!

does anyone have 95 bucks to spare?

Henry kissinger, Thomas kean & the 911 investigation ... Questions

Be Very Careful When You Say That !!!

I will never forget the day Bush said this:

James Madison wants to know if you have the "Levelling Spirit"

Why Bush Must be Captured and Tried

U.S. border closing plans revealed

BFEE Planned to Seize Saudi Oil in 1973!

Who is the most dangerous Supreme Court justice?

Challenging the audience Tavis Smiley promises to shake things up (PBS)

Bush move to TRIPLE veteran co-pay costs, rob $4.2 billion from HOT vets

BBV Electronic Voting Causing Concern. On CBS evening news now.

Happy Black Box New Year: Here are the BBV activism targets for Jan.

BBV: January 2004 Action Plan

U.S. investigates background of downed plane (Remember missing 727?)

Dean in lead, but can he keep it?

Australian entertainer probed after feeding crocodile while holding baby

Challenging the audience Tavis Smiley promises to shake things up (PBS)

Iraq women alone, distraught as US rounds up men

Breaking- Plane crashed in Egypt

Egyptian Charter Jet Crashes Into Red Sea

US: Mosque raiders sensitive, successful (The RW take on it)

U.S. making nice this time (Toronto Star)

More Americans Killed in Philadelphia Than Iraq

White House Cool to N. Korea Nuke Visits

Knoller, convicted in dog mauling, released from prison

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq mortar attack

US occupation soldier killed in Iraq

U.S. Aids Security of Musharraf

Gulfport, Pascagoula ports call Cuba trip a success

EU offers Libya membership of trading block

U.S. Bombs Southern Baghdad After Copter Crash

TSA Chief At Dulles Is Charged With DWI

Spying Trial Begins Monday For Publisher Of Arab-American Newspaper

Hawijah holds clues to cause of anti-US insurgency

GI Killed in Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq

U.S. May Pay Farmers to Test for Mad Cow

US may pay for farmers to hand over sick cattle

Elderly Woman Rescued From Iranian Quake (1/3)

148 Reported Killed in Egypt Jet Crash

Extended Iraq Duty Expected for More Troops

New York's Bank Robbery Rate Up 64 Pct.

Hot competitor for MTV [Murdoch+pornographers+gangsta rap shills]

Kurdish leaders meet top coalition officials

Dean has plans to bring House Under Democrats

Pressure cooker for oil

As Republicans gain power, enthusiasm for states' rights wanes

NYT: For G.I.'s, Pride in War Efforts but Doubts About Iraq's Future

Blast heard near key (afghan constitutional) talks

Nigeria Says It Has Put Down Islamic Sect

DJ Iran,Syria Mins Say They Won't Open For Weapon Inspectors

Two Hired Omani Assailants Kill an American in Oman on Request by his Wife

Turkey issues veiled warning to Iraqi Kurds after bloody Kirkuk demo

Shareholder lawsuit names Hollinger International directors

Nick Clooney Running for Ky. Congress (George Clooney's Dad)

Edge in Iowa Rests in Senator's Hands

Greenspan defends himself on '90s bubble

No Survivors Reported in Egyptian Crash: 135 people killed

Women fight, die in Iraq

Football: Freedom Soccer League kicks off (In IRAQ)

Spotlight falls on Neil Bush's share dealing

Despite Case, U.S. Could Claim Mad Cow-Free Status

Bush's Budget for 2005 Seeks to Rein In Domestic Costs

Communist Revival Worries the Philippines

Meteorite hits Iran

Prisoner charged in threat to Sen. Clinton [seems nuts, glad he's in jail]

Gunfiire kills woman helicopter pilot from South Carolina in Iraq

Report: Dean was warned on lax Vermont nuclear security

Former Navy SEAL fights deporting of adopted son

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 2 Iraq Attacks

Homicides in LA Plunge 23% From Year Before

Charge in Limbaugh drug case rarely used, court records show

Guardian: Terror suspect turned out to be a Welsh insurance agent

UK Soldiers Kicked Iraqi Prisoner to Death - Report

Controlling what we hear from Iraq

Democrats Keep Hammering Away at Dean

American Lakota Soldier Posted to Iraq Told to 'Forget Rape'

Clinton Relishing Role as Democrats' Adviser in Chief [NYT]

Germans say Bin Laden recordings are authentic: report

Clark Denies Interest in Vice Presidency

Reuters -- Egyptian Jetliner Disappears After Take-Off

US troops kill four Iraqis (Including Woman and Child)

how to drive - yes and no

OK Tolkien experts, I need your help re: death of the Witch King

DU loading very slow for me.

8736 hours until 2005!

the "trailer park boys" are on there way..

Magic Rat's Testicles: Normal?

What's the hot setup for video capture and dvd-burning on linux?

Tonight I saw Jupiter...

Hey man... Tonight, I'm high on NyQuil Ask me anything...

I made French Onion Soup. Dont ask me a damned thing.

MAN. It's 1:30 EST And I Have A BAD Case Of (D). You Know What I



Wow... Did Kucinich Supporters Hijack the Politics and Campaigns Forum?

Tonight I saw Jupiter II

Tiger's tale sumpin

Plath, Rich & Dickenson sumpin

Ever get "the Jimmies"?

A game is coming out where you can be riot police suppressing protestors..

Top phony pizza names

Has anybody ever checked out...

Best. Mugshot. Ever.

Australian entertainer probed after feeding crocodile while holding baby


Woohoo! Back in college town!

Did anyone see the Eva Cassidy special on Nightline last night?

Is this well hung?

Poetry Thread

Anyone here ever publish a book?

FW: SCAM Alert

THe Best act of the 90's

Okay moviegoers...

Best Musical act of the '60's

anyone played Max Payne 2?

Listening to Dream Theater's Awake. Ask me anything.

Would you really want to live to be 400? (Bill Moyers NOW)

Is there justice?

Prime Minister Of Canada Paul Martin Speaks Out On Mad Cow Issue

The best act of the '80's

Any Gimp users here?

How does one find easter eggs on DVDs?

Best RATM album.

Pat Robertson challenged me to a fight after church!!!!

MrsGrumpy's starting early...GO PACK GO!!!!!

How do I increase the font size of my web pages I visit ?

SEC West - 3-0 in Bowl Games

God told Pat Robinson to "Come out" but instead twisted it to

Hit Ctrl + F8 on your keyboard!

NY Times: That Parent-Child Conversation Is Becoming Instant, and Online

Ex-husbandly weirdness

Just finished watching Office Space. Ask me anything.

I need fresh fish

grrr damn wisdom teeth...

Happiness is waking up to your cat snuggling you!!

USC beat Michigan, which beat Ohio State, which beat Kansas State, which

If I lived in New Mexico, would that make me a "New Mexican"???

Who will coach the Cornhuskers

DRUMS -- does anyone know anything about them??

Which industry will have to go the foreign offsourcing route next?

tech support? graphic files compressed on unix

My kitty... growin' up!

I can't wait for summer cause I'll be looking damn fine!!!!!

You can have your Office Space movie - PCU is a damn better flick!!

In need of a great Search Engine submission service.

Posting at work - pretty cool

Top 10 CURRENTLY ACTIVE pop groups, IMHO (like you care...).

anyone local to Stanford can help me out?

I'm in LOVE with Rosie Cotton!

Yikes! "Significant Ice Accumulation Possible..."

Any gay DUer care to admit they need a Queer Eye Makeover?

Anyone else hate it when you're having a leisurely pajama dressed

I just had Breakfast with Dennis Kucinich !


USA to be embarrased by...eeer to play.... Canada in WJHC final

God, I wish I had written this!

Hello! everyone sending packages to my husband's unit-UPDATE

I got my first warning....I submit myself for punishment.

Anyone live in Hawaii?

Yay - I'm back. Now you can enjoy more Rabrrrrrr brand(tm) madness

Diehard Bears Fan helping out a Cheesehead

Anyone ele see that special on Iraq on PBS last night?

Comment on my cute new kitchen furniture!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's minus 30 celcius cold are you?

WARNING PWI Posting while drunk. (HIC!)

I liked Matrix Revolutions. It was funny.

Massachuestts DUers - anyone interested in a Clark Meet-up?

While waiting for Mr. S. to die, Mr. C. passed away on me.

Political sumpin....

I liked Howard the Duck. It was funny!

Who else misses Calvin and Hobbes?

What is your favorite Jay and Silent Bob Movie?

Hope Dies Last

I loved Death Becomes Her, it was outrageously funny!

Bill Clinton: Nazi Overlord of Canada?

Gigli, Ishtar, House of the Dead...other films we can lump in with these?

I liked Gigli. It was funny!

The "Icy Hot Stuntaz": real or fake?

Hey GAMERS. Today I Bought A Xbox Wireless Controller. I Love It.

Help! I'm trapped at work and I hate retail!

here's sumpin.

A good site.

CARTOON: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Baby, and guess who?

The movie Being There with Peter Sellers

Bam! I nailed my freeper relative

You know you are from Rhode Island if

Anybody have an URL listing US deaths/casualties in the Middle East?

iPod's Dirty Secret

Folk music fans, have you heard this?

Cool Dog Tricks!!!!!

Oh my God, I think my house is completely clean

Share your favorite internet bookmarks here

You Know You're From Boston When...

To be fair, you know you're from Wisconsin if...

Country music sales slide in 2003.

Well, I just whacked the hornet's nest a bit.

Driving Pet Peeves

You know you're from California when....

HAHAHAHAHA Stupid Freeper! DUers, help me pen a reply...

AWOL? Deserter? Here are the FACTS.

I'm Gonna Have To Have A Talk With the Orthodox Jews In My Neighborhood

If the technology of the past 20 years disappeared?

Go Tennesee!

Digital prints on film paper?


Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones turns 58 today!

who is your hero?

Bring the trolls out of the woodwork . . .

Another shameless kitty thread...

Pitfalls of Vegetarianism

It's Penis Piñata time!

Avoid HP scanners!

Anyone go to the Phish NYE show in Miami?

You know you're from Michigan if...

Pointing and clicking my way through life.

What Tax Software do you use?

I'm 39 years old today, yikes, where's my spider hole?

Anyone else here love Romero's Dead Trilogy?

Best Musical act of the '70's.

What movie should I see this weekend?

The dingo ate my CAPTION!

The Curious Croc of all CAPTIONS!

How do I deal with this Republican that came to me to convert to Democrat?


I just ate twelve bowls of Corn Flakes. It's great to be alive.

Aaaaaargh! Anyone want to buy a half-built desk?

You know you're from Illinois when...

For this, my 5,000th post....

Bands that changed your whole perception of music. They opened new doors.

The WINNERS of the DU Graphics Competition!

Just back from the vet.

Can someone point me in the direction of good rap acts?

Pet Peeves anyone?

You Know You're From or In Pennsylvania If...

Should I be concerned for my life?

Best male rock-n-roll voice of all time?

Do you plan on going to the Iowa Caucus? Let’s have a DU Meet-Up!!

I was just in Tower Records yesterday and I saw something horrific!

Remember "Wilson's wife is fair game"?

Apology to JohnKleeb

how do i use italics and bold in my posts?

After all that punditry bluster on how Dean can't beat Bush, the 51-46

Why does Gephardt bash Dean?

"Clark will be Deans V.P." is a Dean campaign desperation move...

Clark's camp emits some mixed signals on vice presidency

Transcript link for Hardball w/Dean

A Serious Poll: BBV

Texas Rep. Ralph Hall switches to GOP--Good Riddence

Dean vs. Clark - a tiny little thought to ponder

OK, just to make it clear re: Dean/Clark

In Southern Stop, Clark Promises to Enforce Voting Rights (NYT)

John Buchanan's Primary Bible (running against Bush)

Enron Whistleblower Endorses Clark...

About that "Clark was GOP until 25 days ago" thingy:

Wanna collaborate on a book?

Jimmy Breslin: No Safer With Saddam In The Slammer

John McCain in 2000 and Wesley Clark in 2004

No Safer With Saddam In The Slammer (Jimmy Breslin)

Difference Between Dean and Other Democrats, with Bush

what the heck does this mean?

New Mexico: Republican and Green party switches cause Dem reg surge!!

EJ Dionne: "Governors 4, Senators 0" plus his comments on John Kerry

Pollwatch membership drive!

NY Times Letters to the Editor in response to Krugman's column yesterday

Kerry down again in NH Poll: 5 days straight.... 1pt ahead of Clark

Ellen Goodman: What Is Safe Enough?

CSpan's most watched videos - Two Howard Dean appearances

The DLC's plan for failure: Get Howard Dean

So what of a Clark/Dean ticket anyway?

Does anyone believe the polls?

has anyone else noticed

Dean supporters who feel we are safer now that Saddam is captured

more "diversity" in early primary states ?

I'm going to stop calling them Repukes and switch to Repubs

valid and invalid criticism

The voters are being played for suckers by the media

I've heard Anthony Zinni as possible Veep - does anybody have a link of a

There's still hope for Clark and his supporters !

Can we start narrowing down the field a bit now? NOT A FLAME

Dean Says Government Should Work for Family Farmers

NY Times: As the Race Turns Hot, What About Dean's Collar?

if the dem wins the Electoral College, but loses the popular vote

Dean "electability" problem - Can they just avoid the question?

Clark To Bush: "Don't Do It"

National Polls on DailyKos have Moderates 39%, Dean at 22%,

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