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Archives: January 29, 2004

Backtracking on al-Qaeda Ties

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House

GOP Trying To Kill Academic Freedom On Campus

Damn Hippie Liberal Trees: Environmentalists Are Pinko Terrorist Idiots

Sidney Blumenthal: In Full Voice Against Bush*

Bush: The Man Who Isn't There

Dowd: Dump Cheney Now!

GOP Goose is Cooked: Democrats land haymaker as Bush babbles on

What does George Bush have to grin about?

Depleted Uranium Alert! Call your Congressman/woman NOW!

Anybody in SC

Keith Olbermann - Top 3 Bites ... Video

Good interview. (wmd)OSP.

Don't Read if you find Chappelles Show offensive ;-)

Just got this Pop-up Ad from Bush!

Stand-ins do (Prison) time for rich Danes (a Bush objective for the US)

Safety Requirements at Nuclear Weapons facilities to be eliminated.

DLCer Kerry endorsed by League of Conservation Voters

Matthew R Simmons Rice University Cheney Energy

Father and son guilty of gun racket

I'm damn proud of the 56 Democrats...

CCRKBA Urges 'Final Push' by CCW Supporters in Wisconsin

If this is a private, personal thread.....then

Question/request re: Oscar, Mixed Animal.


IAI delivers first of three Hawkeyes to Mexico

An open letter to the family and friends of Tom Hurndall

CBC repeats "the fifth estate: Conspiracy Theories"

Progressive PAC for 2006 Cong. Races....

Bush 2000 NH: 273,559 vores; total Dem primary 2004: 218,000

Obama banks on credentials, charisma

Running for City Council

Kucinich: A ‘long-distance runner’

Anybody watching McCain on PBS Newshour

Anyone else unable to access mediawhoresonline?

Wasn't Saddam Hussien a Republican?

What is a citizen?

Strange bedfellows? Michael Savage calls for Bush's impeachment

BBV: is there hope the Voter Confidence Act will pass?

Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight: Freepers fave moments of "our" Prez

History Repeats itself....Why there's hope for Bush's loss

Where are Hans Blix and Scott Ritter?

Anderson Cooper is calling Bush on his WMD language!

Where is Mike Malloy?

One year ago TODAY - Sixteen words Anniversary

Question about Reagan-era tax cuts...?

Need help re: Republican party offshore call centers

Experts question Kelly "suicide"

We are going to win

FAA Considering Passenger Ban (Humor)

Kelly = Plame. Discuss.

My letter to the editor

Florida-style politics hits the Grassroots!!!

Bill Maher coming up on Larry King

Welcome to the land of unabashed cut-and-paste journalism

Taking the Pulse


CBC has a good program on the history of the Bush & BinLaden Families

So, when will Bush* parade bin Laden before the cameras?

How Nominate 1st Lady Honduras Nobel Peace Prize?

Is Franz Kafka writing our history?

WMD, politics on Charlie Rose Show (PBS) tonight (Wed)

Where is Scott Ritter?

Bush/Kay Intelligence Lie DESTROYED

SOMEBODY didn't show up for National Guard duty

More anecdotal evidence of Bu$h's "big problem." Bankers.

GOP Trying To Kill Academic Freedom On Campus

Hey how come Crazy Ann has been so quiet lately

If we end up with a Kerry/Edwards ticket in November-

CNN Poll tonight (Old?)

How much of your $$$ would you spend to see GW out of the WH?

11th Hour, PBS Mike Farrell on now

WMD's and the failure of the "Intelligence"? huh?

Freepers upset with their King.....LOL

Questions on David Kay

Anyone else very interested in The DaVinci Code?

"If Saddam Won't Disarm, We Will Disarm Saddam"

STOP the lying about the economy......NOW!

Poll: Was GWBush wrongly informed by intelligence.....

Anyone here ever visit this site?

Dang. My FOIA request was rejected.

David Kay on Nightline.

Christie Todd Whitman (former EPA head) on tonight's Daily Show

Why would Cheney lie so loudly about WMDs on NPR?

BushCo Has David Kay on the Leash. It's so damn Obvious.

Big War Coming

Keith Olberman doing great job on WMD/9-11 stories

Is Florida in play again in 2004?

Depleted Uranium Alert! Call your Representative now!

The TV Media Refuses to Even Address the Possibility the Admin Lied

President Bush Speaks with Nation's Mayors at Winter Meeting

The coming acquital of Martha Stewart will sound death knell for Bush.

Is it possible Bush WANTS to lose in 2004?

The true cost of same sex unions

Homework Assignment For Everyone Here!

White Southern Male

Since someone got to Novak, how about getting to Scarboro?

DU this Texas Monthly poll!!!

Saddam "bluffed" about wmd? Chris Matthews and Dana Milbank.

Who's your favourite Republican Senator?

Poll: Do you believe that Iraq ever had weapons of mass destruction?

about mel gibson's new movie "the passion of the christ"

Blame the Cheney/Wolfie Office of Special Plans, NOT the CIA...

Analysts Say South Carolina Can Seal It For Kerry

Fat Drivers Worse Than Drinkers

Ottawa Broadens Gay Marriage Question To Supreme Court

Bush Says There's No Doubt Iraq Threatened U.S.

Third Graders Suspended For Tiny Action Figure Toy Guns

Clear Channel sells out O'Hare in traffic reports

Edwards Rejects A Kerry-Edwards Ticket

Mayor Eyes Low Profile for GOP Convention

Florida attorney general questions release of Limbaugh letters

1 in 12 emails carries the MyDoom virus.

Senate Chief Wary Of Fetus Guardian Bill

New Variant Of Email Virus Found, Targets Microsoft


Growing Interest Seen In Bison Meat

Army chief planning large U.S. force in Iraq through 2006 (Denver Post)

Pornographic Spam Must Be Labeled, FTC Says

World's First Gay Farm

Polish Leader Treated Like 'Illegal Alien"

Sharpton: I'm The "Show-Me" Candidate

CBS issues statement re: Moveon ad

Bush Assures Turkish Leader on Kurds in Iraq

Dean shakes up campaign staff

Bush to seek Big budget increase for the National Endowment for the Arts

The Beneficiaries of Saddam's Oil Vouchers: The List of 270(Big Names)

Kraft Will Cut 6,000 Jobs

WP: Rumsfeld OKs Increase in Army Size

Government Sues Kentucky Power Plants

Diane Sawyer - Dean's Microphone Controversy!!!! (see below)

Republicans Warn Bush On Immigration Policy

Re-run of New Hampshire Daily Show on Comedy Central...

Wasn't Space Ghost mentioned here today?

need help

I am protractable dammit!

Flash Animation from! Hahahahaa!

Stay away from sushi!!!!!

Aliens ENDORSE Joe Lieberman!!!!

Phoenix/Arizona Duers, I need some help

Batboy endoses Howard Dean!

Good corporate rule... give more than you can.... 100%, nothing...

"African Queen" & "The Lion In Winter" on Turner Classics tonight

Prior to the purge, which DUer had the most mod warnings?

For all you sports fans

Givin' you more of what you're funkin' for

So...I'm reading Ouspensky for the first time

how do you make yourself meditate daily

I'm leaving DU (no, really - well, not totally)

What the hell is going on with I.E. America radio?

more DIY home repair advise needed

How does this sound for dinner?

Joe Lieberman imitates Crazy Guggenheim

meet the new girlfriend

Word usage: "Hate" vs "Hatred"

CBS defends policy which won't allow airing commercials...

Here's hoping the stink has blown over

pop culture events we want to see

when a word/ phrase is just beyond your grasp

read this and try not to laugh!

Al Sharpton's former employer arrested for domestic violence

Jack Parr Tribute on PBS now eom

Was I missing?

Has anyone else gotten the pop-up asking which picture was GWB?

All the world's spam is the fault of one housecat

Can you walk on the moon

I've had an AWFUL week

I'm eating a big hot bowl of gumbo.

chat tonight to prove I am not missing

Awesomely Awful Alliteration Thread!

Son. of. Son. of. Worst. Poll. Ever.


so sleepy but can't stop working....

I would like advice from the many DUers who have cared for parents

Help from New Hampshire, please!

Daily Show on Joe Lieberman. Lol

Do You Suffer Fools Gladly?

Click here for the worst 'Massive Intelligence Failure' (Caption)

Parasitic. Conjoined. Twin. of. Son. of. Son. of. Worst. Poll. Ever.

Send this to your friend for Valentines Day

Any word on Spalding Gray?

5 Questions For The Lounge


I have the posthumusly released Joe Strummer album

It's freaking cold!

Your record of moderator warnings has accidentally been wiped clean.

Anyyone watching the Daily Show?

hey what happened to JKleeb?...haven't seen the lad for a while

Do the Dean people have any sense of humor?

Any Doctors? I have a serous question about testicular cancer

Squeeze v. Crowded House?

Separated at birth.. Dennis Kucinich and..

Guilty pleasures: Favorite redneck song?

Warning: This web-page is very addicting.

I've invited some local Dems to check out DU

HELP ME pick an apartment!

Ladies and Gents, the Godfather of Soul

An Important Election Message From Pete Townshend

How do you generally handle e-mails and PMs?

I hate Jay Leno.

JIF brand peanut butter is the best. And you can't convince me otherwise.

HELP!!! Anybody here go to Franklin and Marshall (F&M) College?!?

Ask the Millwork Man your window and door questions!

Ack! My tortoise is missing!

Mad TV is terrible

Is there a worse tv show on the air than DM?

Joke Time

I found my Valentine

Do You Look Your Age?

Anyone else very interested in The DaVinci Code?

Was Dean campaign run like Enron?

We're sending our military into Pakistan next?

Pierre Omidyar, founder of ebay, Clark supporter

Kerry has our donations

No matter who you support - we need to get the news media to

ABC Coming Clean On Bush Being AWOL

Back from NH - more tomorrow

Quiz: Who said this re: 9/11 Commission ??

Potential George W. Bush ad against John Kerry

Anyone seen this article?: "Howard Dean's 'smart ID' plan"

Clark staffers: Please tell them to start another website fundraiser!

Potential Kerry or Clark ad against Bush

Vote in the Poll

2004 election in 1000 words

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Don't Play The RW Media Game

Kerry endorsements: Carnahan, Eagleton and Slay.

Sorry Edwards supporters, you know I like him... but someone has to say it

During which debate did Kucinich say, "I'm a protectionist?"

Sam Smith of Progressive Review on the "swing voter"

Just got back from a John Kerry rally

Now that ABC "just revealed" the scream was a "media error"..what happens?

Latest Online Presidental Selector - by AOL/Time

Why does Dean have more delegates than Kerry?

What is Kerry's message to the Afro-American voter?

Does Edwards help or hurt his chances in 2008...

Newest SC polls

I'd like to request another preference poll

I'm still trying to figure what states each candidate is going for

Can Dean Haters be any less obvious??

Who would match up well as Veep on an Edwards ticket?

Do the Dean people have any sense of humor?

I have a dilemma

If Kerry Puts Away The Rest Of The Field Early, The Attacks On Him Will...

Did Trippi spend too much money?

Al Sharpton's former employer arrested for domestic violence

Does Kerry have any flaws?

Kerry not campaigning in Oklahoma ??

Questionable NH Exit Poll question... (about Dean)

Looking for a post where apologies are offered to Diane Sawyer

When Hacks Attack! or Meet Josh Marshall!

A Day on the Trail

Get ready for Gillespie......he's giving Kerry the shiv tomorrow

Howard Dean, You are still the man

I have a proposal for the Dean and Clark camps :

Pacifica Radio just reported that Trippi quit after...

Let's do the time warp....

hahahahaha....Doonsbury on dean-supporters....hahahahaha

Clark Supporters, I've got something to say

Is this now the Kerry Underground?

We need something special to beat George W. Bush

Clark needs our donations

For my 500th post, a hypothetical...

Ann Coulter Just Complimented Howard and Judy Dean!

Easy Come, Easy Go....

The mistakes of the Dean campaign.

Clark supporters-The Man on Tonight Show (Tonight :)), NBC

A Note to Dean Supporters...

Just heard Gov. Granholm to endorse Kerry.

How much money do the various campaigns have?

Dean spent $1.5 million on advertising in the final week before NH

Is Joe Trippi a Con Man?

New Dean campaign manager is a former lobbyist

Kerry Supports: Please Respond to Bush in 1st Debate . . .

Kerry raises nearly $500k in one day on the internet

How much cash do the campaigns have left?

A must read, especially for Kerry supporters.

Kerry 'Going in Strong' to Next Round

(thinking aloud) Was anyone else here supporting Dean because..?

I'm shocked that Dean would dump Trippi

So, uhhh, Dean hired Al Gore's campaign manager.......

The media bias against Clark - For supporters and non-supporters.

Kerry Supporters: Who Would You Most Like As A VP ?

United Steelworkers of America endorse John Edwards,75,000 members, MI, WI

John Kerry's VP Choice.

Are you a Democrat on issues or just beating Bush??

Dean is getting demolished partly because of the taxes issue.

Joe Trippi got between $3 -4.5 mil from Dean campaign

Would you rather see John Edwards make one hell of a:

How long will it be before the corporate media whacks Kerry's mole?

More info on the Dean-Clark-Kucinch-Edwards alliance ?

Here's your big chance Kerry people... (Wellstone/Kerry?)

Do you trust internet voting?

Should Kucinich offer Trippi a top position in his campaign?

"The whole bush presidency is a massive intelligence failure."

In the End, Only One Canididate Can Win

Should our candidates appear on RW media?

Who is the Antiwar Candidate -- Dean or Kucinich?

Is CNN biased or just mathmatically challenged?

"You know, Kerry could have used family influence to get out of Vietnam!"

Kerry in media bullseye now

Why oh why did we complain about Diane Sawyer

What Explains the fuss over I have a Scream

The R's understand Clark.

Kerry can turn his IWR primaries weakness into a strength vs. Bush

Why are Kucinich and Sharpton still campaigning?

Are we here on DU now a "flea on Kerry's Coat Collar?" To be flicked off?

NYTimes: Trippi "furious at Dean"

Dean Supporters --- Please Check In.

Dean vs. Kerry vs. Clark... help!

Kerry hits bigs: Ann Coulter calls him a "gigolo."

Answering Armstead: The "Long March" of the Progressive Democrats

So I asked a Hummer owner...

Thanks for the memories...

Truth catching up to Bush

CounterPunch Website Down?

Forget politics; plow the snow - Coleman's Star Tribune

What Tax Cut?

Leaving Dean (my new 'toon...sorry, Deaniacs)

Minor correction......."The Cost of Tough Talk"

Besmirching the tricolor - France, Taiwan, China

Balancing the books on the backs of the little guy

A 9/11 COVER UP?

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish: A Warhawk Flies the Coop

SA widow tells of hubby's last call from Iraq

NY Times: The Dead Center (MUST READ)

The robbers who work on Capitol Hill

Re "Halliburton Says Worker Participated in Kickbacks"

WSJ today. Who writes this stuff?

Roy Disney slams Eisner and ex-Senator Mitchell

Mass Appeal (new populism in Dem race)

DU Article by punpirate: The Costs of Tough Talk

Kerry turns to the 'band of brothers'

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): They'd call it Whitewash

Taiwan's democracy has need of America

The Nanny in Chief - Sullivan's TIME oped

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish: A Warhawk Flies the Coop

International Child Advocacy Group Seeks Award Nominations Worldwide

E-mail Gary Hart!

Suggestion: mute all SuperBowl ads

May First, Protest for Health Care Reform, May Day!

Bernie Ward is at 'em again.

Liberal Talk Radio Audio Archives!

new editorialists in newspaper

Question about Readers' Digest

Bill Maher on Larry King now (re-broadcast)

Will Novak show up for work today?

CBS Defends Scrubbing Anti-Bush Super Bowl Ad

Chicago Sun Times Boycott?

Has anyone heard of Sinclair Broadcast Group?

Minneapolis St Paul Media Whore watch

Salon: The conservatives are outraged -- about Bush

Fmr. Assitant Treasury Secretary compares and contrasts slavery to today

Usenet post on neo-conservatives.

Phe's shared thought for the day 1/29/4;

Comics' 'Cathy' getting married?

Isaac Asimov on Skepticism

Growing Priesthood Dissent On Vatican Anti-Gay Rhetoric

RW converts to the fact that GLBTs are EQUAL: One At A Time.

HP takes steps to boost employee morale

Update: Time Warner makes 2003 gains, despite AOL drag

Sony sees profit drop on increased expenses

Amazon records first profitable year in its history

US throws a bone to Africa

Fidelity Investments...Friend or Foe?

Siemens to cut IT budget by $1 billion

White House to Project Deficit of $521 bln in 2004

Bush tax cuts: help needed...

Southern African Drought Worst In 10 Yrs - Lesotho Crops Total Loss

Hunters, Anglers Blast Energy Bill

Silt may be causing fish to go belly-up

Multiple Insect Infestations Will Change Colorado Forests For Generations

New form of matter created in lab

Frying pan fumes 'kill canaries'

Ma's democratic credentials queried - Taiwan

China's defense advances due to some friendly help

TSU embraces 228 rally - Taiwan

East Timor pushes for new hearing

Taiwan's jobless rate maintains 2-year low of 4.7%

Millions face hunger - SA

Angola drives out Congolese

Shiites hold huge protest in southern town to demand local democracy

A history of Saddam in Sinatra time...(Blumrich Flash)


Civil war possible in Iraq?

Bill would cancel ban on gun used in self-defense


Gun Control in Chicago Works

Taking aim at stereotypes; Gun club arms gays, lesbians

Americans want protected gun rights

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 29, 2004

School Locked Down After Gun Spotted

Hate crime: Tosic, family victims of anti-semitism in Lower Lake

Okay, I confess! I lied about Skinner

Can the Admins give me some advice as to religious topics?

Why was my thread locked as a dupe?

log in problems

Hey Skinner, where's the Bush Clock

Question about self-nicknaming

Question about registration at DU

Using the DU logo on my site...

For the Q1 fundraiser, could you parody Limbaugh for his Freeper DOS?

How about a room on DU for the praise of media outlets

When Will The "NEW" Rules For The GD2004 Forum..

Question on inflammatory headlines.

My thread was NOT A DUPE... Why was it locked?

... and when the target is reached, he explodes like the Taiwanese whale..


Video of bombing aftermath

Pas, Shvu get 15-month sentence for weapons-related crimes

Bus bombing slaughters at least ten

Aspiration, not desperation

10 dead in bus bombing

Swap today; Hezbollah TV shows Tennenbaum

Mofaz decides against renewing closure on territories

Amnesty Int'l: The killing of civilians must stop

No plans to target Arafat

Indiscriminate killing

Aspiration, not desperation

PM aide: Blast proves need for fence; PA condemns bombing

U.S. calls on Qureia to take steps to dismantle terrorist infrastructure

The BBC's hatred for Israel

Suicide bomber's family is proud

Israelis better at manipulating media

On Sweden, Israel, art, and assassination -

If it's against Jewish law, then why is Israel doing it?

Israel may ask NASA to send Israeli to moon

Telling left from right - Ha'aretz magazine

Suicide attack on Jerusalem bus

Flight 11 on 9-11 - anyone have info on pilot turning on talkback switch

MIHOP! WTC # 7 was "pulled" down intentionally says WTC owner!!

Some German News

Candidates coming to Maine

Edwards needs to follow - up to January speech

So Sorry, voters, but you're fired

Bush says Never said IRAQ was "IMMINENT THREAT"-&media doesn't say mislead

Taliban Claim Responsibility For NATO Attack

Two Thousand Ulamas Issue Fatawa Against The Karzai Regime

With All This WMD Mess One Thing Is Clear. For Crying Out LOUD

An open letter to Senator Kerry..

Bremmer as sec of state and Powell

Blitzer / Kay "Interview"

Cheney on Russert: WORD SCRAMBLE

Assault charges against GOPerator Bob Novak...

Woolsey wins the whopper-of-the-day award

Hope to get some help on link to Counter Punch...

Do You Know Anyone Who Went to Jail during Viet Nam????

Whatever happened to former Senator Edward Brooke?

WH Wants Final Say On Releasing Emergency Declarations To Public

9/11 Commission issue is a gift that has been handed to us . . .

Bush's latest verbal blunder

Firms Support Revisions In Overtime Exemptions

Another right wing claim about Clinton, what's the whole story?

Who will pay for the Iraq war?

Are democrats more responsible for insane divorce settlement laws?

Bin Laden in custody by Christmas

Welcome to the wonderful Bush economic "recovery". AP news alert.

Is Bush* Above the Law during a 'time of war'? Republicans say Yes!

Republican accuses Common Cause of being extension of Democrats

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but

About the Dean scream

I am so proud to see this article in my local newspaper

If Kerry wins the nomination, who would you like to see in VP slot?

Someone on Malloy made a great point about WMD intelligence

statement from CBS on move-on ad

Don Imus has

Whatever happened to the anti-trust laws?

Truth catching up to Bush (Excellent read)

The Death of David Kelly

Proof Economy is in the crapper; ALL the toy stores are taking a BIG crap.

So, who can help me refute this?

If an ET Space Craft were to land and establish peaceful relationships

Drudge taking kick backs from Botox pharma corp?

Democratic ex-mayor Koch of

Media Whores OnLine down since early Wednesday Morning.

Republicans showing evidence of support from non-whites

Why don't Dems reach out to Conservatives more often?

How long before the military runs through the 87 billion?

Wanna see a freeper cry? Mention National Endowment for the Arts.

300 Iraqi police killed since May!

Remember the "Clinton was the first President pardoned . . ."?

About 2 Million to Use Up Jobless Benefits

is this SC republicans can vote democratic in this dem primary?

9-11 Commission on C-SPAN now

George McGovern>>> Still contributing.

paulthompson 9/11 timeline is gone? was it moved?

How redundant are the terms DLC and superdelegate?

DU this poll!

Duct Tape: Good For Pipes, Better for Nukes

9-11 Hearings would be impeachment hearings if a Dem had been in charge

Vote at now!

342,000 people filed first time unemployment claims last WEEK

OK check in on ABB

Man charged with smuggling nuclear triggers to Pakistan ordered released

Spectator (UK): Hutton Whitewashes Blair

Will Bush Fool the People Twice?

Michael Jackson, Jesus Juice and Teenage Boys' - by Ex-Adviser

"41" was having breakfast with BinLaden's brother on 9-11 in White House

Thom Hartman on, Talking about the Fed. Reserve- Bush

Outraged with the Blair Deceptions!

05-2003 poll: "Housing a higher priority than tax cuts"? Yes!

ALERT: I hear Kevin Phillips is on NPR's FRESH AIR...

Separated at Birth??

Kobe's wife about to get another big rock

More "economic recovery" news

Kevin Plillips coming up on NPR.

I feel sorry for Martha Stewart

Ashcroft: Bush would veto bill scaling back Patriot Act

what are the average ages of

Trying to find video link. Help.

The fundamental difference between cons and libs on foreign policy...

The original CNN poll got changed--Vote on this one about WMD

The reason why Bush knows for sure

Military in violation of Congressional approval?

CSPAN>>> RNC winter meeting 1:30 pm eastern

How to be a Republican

Does Bush have an opinion on WMD's??? Isn't he outraged???... naw

New Bush ads

Maureen Dowd: Way Off-Base about CIA?

Toll free Capitol Hill Switchboard Number 1 (800) 839 - 5276

Proof - Get rid of Bush Tax Cuts = end of deficits

Congress violated the Constitution by giving Bush the power to invade Iraq

7 GI's killed in Afghanistan to come

If Bush cheats again in 2004 will the asterisk be appended?

did commodity traders know about mad cow first?

* admin 'pressure' on CIA, etc. isn't the point

Pelosi rips GOP lawmaker on job offer

America as a One Party State

list of intelligence agencies/dates telling bush*: "NO WMD in Iraq (link)

why would any woman vote for a man who

"You, sir/madam, are a LIAR"

No...O'Reilly caught in another LIE???

Ways in which American "capitalists" oppose it when it violates interests.

MIHOP! WTC # 7 was "pulled" down intentionally says WTC owner!!

Japan is paying Iraqis to protect their troops in Iraq (for real)

"I am a Dem who voted Gore 2K and will vote Bush 2004?"

NH citizen gets under Novakula's skin....

When is bush* going to do something, catch someone to divert

a local repuke has been attacking Democrats in editorials for far to long

Frank Gaffney is Perle's tool and a PNAC signatory

Black & Decker will announce later today they are closing two plants

Voter passion and turnout--Favors us?

Socialist Equality Party announces US presidential campaign

CBS' censorship of MoveOn ad; Some Reps wade into the fray

I had to e-mail my Senator today....

It seems to me that I hear FEAR in Republicans who speak about Kerry

Whatever happened to the missing helicopter pilot(s) and soldier(s)?

Another case of superb parenting...

Here is a chance to vote your conscience. Go on, it's good.

Joe Conason on CNN Now

Will US and Britain ever be held accountable...

Guess How the Grocery Strike in CA is Gonna End?

GWB on CNN Politics now

My GOTV results from last night

Anybody ever see these?

Yesterday for the first time I saw the "PANTS ON FIRE MOBILE"

500+ boots in Chicago - 500+ crosses on the beach in Santa Barbara

Stumbled on this - I love scared conservatives - they're so cute!


Blessed are the home health aides, for they shall save our economy

Young inmates caged, drugged, state study finds

How about a room on DU for the praise of media outlets

Sweet Tea Democrats is Back Online

The State of the Union Drinking Game -- Now Available for SOTU Reruns

Karl Rove opened his mouth

Japan paying Irakis protection money?

I love it when a Repuke says "Anybody but Bush"

Our soldiers are not "fighting" in Iraq...

Flight 11 on 9-11 - anyone have info on pilot turning on talkback switch

Perle on "The Daily Show"

Arguments for War Exposed

Matt Lauer's Interview of Condi re: WMD

Richard Schmidt letter: President Bush an honorable man

Why can't I recall my Governor? - Rowland And The G. Fox Deal

Need help with facts

Sen. Lindsey Graham "Minuteman of the Year"

Coincidences. Confessions of a Tinfoil Hatter.

The Hamster gives us the truth about the Al Franken incident

Is "Dr." David Kay a scientist? Ask one who IS.

U.S. Military 'Sure' of Catching Bin Laden This Year

Why stop with electability?

Has George W. Bush visited Saddam Hussein?

Skull and Bones

After all the crap Clark got for promising no new attacks...

can someone supply an update on the BCCI trial??

The Dead Robt Reich

So.....are the DLC "Establishment for Kerry?" and if so, does anyone hav

More Pain for the Unemployed-CBS

Next time a Conservative calls Liberals perverts...

Anyone watch Lou Dobbs tonight?

Rice: we may never know about WMD's because of looting....

Cannabis downgraded in the UK TODAY !! Hip Hip Hooray!

What's up with the Reagan dime?

Why I would discourage Republicans from voting for a Democrat for Pres

I refuse to tolerate "Tax and Spend Liberal"

Dumping Cheney?

I need Bush went AWOL links

Condoleeza Rice: Saddam defied world by not admitting to non-existent wmd

So Let Me Get This Straight. You Impeach A President For A Lie About

Silly me, I thought Rice was talking about Bush...

Why should I be against school vouchers.

Mike Bloomberg Plans Snub-ya to Dub-ya

BBV: on All Things Considered

Paging Mr Soros.. Paging Mr Soros

Anybody know whether David Kay is a PNAC member?

Iraq war contracts handed out two years ago!

What 's the first scandal the newly elected Dem president faces?

A sure sign the apocalypse is coming

D'oh! Colin Powell denies WMD in 2001

Carville makes Tucker's voice 4 octaves higher. Crossfire 1/29/04

Jason Chappell , aged 22

Are Unions special interest groups?

Haven't seen too many "Bush/Cheney" bumper stickers lately

Everything Changed Last Night - It's Over

W's Facial Abrasions

Leaders from Hell. We all know a few from the past and how their

Hey, British DUers! A few questions...

What's The Mood in The White House? Nervousness? Panic? Blind Arrogance?

O'Reilly owes America an apology--and you can help!

Camejo to debate Solomon Sacramento today on KPFA democrats should listen

Google ad title "The Left Hates America" - don't they ban anti-Bush ads?

MUST READ! Foreign Grad Students and the Silver Ring Thing (HHS supported)

Randi Rhodes - send Congress a message about 9-11 commission

MoveOn is all over Peter Jennings and Bush's military record. Here is

Hannity on WABC in NY

Research Challenge (Lexus/Nexis anybody?)

Republican message boards to go to and laugh at?

Proof that not all freepers are brainless

Have you ever met a confederate sympathizer?

"I'm A Republican and I Won't Be Voting For Bush"

Is anyone else amazed that an extra $18 m to the Arts gets so much press?

Bush: "There's excitement in our economy!"

Predictions for: "We've Got Osama" Date

Making much of marriage

Civil War Possible In Iraq

Nigeria says N. Korea agrees to share missile technology

San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzalez just had a stroke (TV news only - no link yet)

Dean to visit campus today

NH citizen gets under Novakula's skin....

US Army May Keep Forces in Iraq Through '06

Bush* Scaling Back Dollars for Third World

Exxon is ordered to pay $6.75 billion, but few expect money soon

Ex-Arms Monitor Urges an Inquiry on Iraqi Threat

FCC to hear about public interest at San Antonio hearing

MyDoom Sequel Has A Twist

New Hampshire Exit Polls Present Warning Signs for President Bush*

Japanese top official maintains Iraq has WMD

BBC Director General Greg Dyke resigns

GOP Goose is Cooked: Democrats land haymaker as Bush babbles on

At least 10 dead in Jerusalem suicide bombing

Suicide Bombing on Jerusalem Bus, Casualties Reported

Arab, Israeli Prisoners Leave for Germany

James Brown Arrested on Domestic Violence

Roadside bomb in central Iraq city wounds five civilians; large Shiite pro

Stronach might have conflict, rivals say (Cdn Tory leadership) - T.O. Star

U.S. planning al Qaeda offensive in Pakistan

Safety of Americans Less Important than Politics

Bush Preps for Possible Run Vs. Kerry

Bush Is Said to Seek More Money for Arts

Blast hits Iraqi Security Forces (1/29 0118)

Kay Admission Fuels WMD Political Fight

Protest staged over KMT assets

Higher Prices, Tax Gain Lift Exxon Mobil (Thanks George)

Gay Men Lose Challenge to Florida Gay Adoption Ban

Former Iraqi Officers Angered by Police Crackdown

Morocco: Police break up anti-US demo

Bomb kills British soldier in Kabul

Charlotte Observer:Democrats have more testing to do

Two Vancouver police officers fired over assaults

CBS Defends Scrubbing Anti-Bush Super Bowl Ad (despite objections)

Area dairy farmers fear the fallout from scandal

The following is a transcript from Senator Durbin's speech on the Senate f

About 2 Million to Use Up Jobless Benefits

Rallies for Ku Klux Klan, Democrats planned here same day

Pelosi rips GOP lawmaker on job offer

DEP chief will join company he helped

U.S. general: Capture is 'strong proof' al Qaeda in Iraq

Blair's Vindication Provokes Media Backlash

Jobless claims flat

Senate Passes Pension Relief Bill (Defunds Pensions By $96 Billion)

Pakistan Bans Anti-al-Qaida Operations

Ottawa promises inquiry will get to the bottom of Arar case

Blix: Diplomacy forced Libya to give up WMD

Iraqi officials probe 'illegal jail'

Doctors question Kelly 'suicide'

Mars Spirit Rover update (January 29) Back at work early next week!

Ashcroft: Bush Would Veto Bill Scaling Back Patriot Act

A Drug Used For Cattle is Said to be Killing Vultures

Soros prepared to dig deep to oust Bush

bbv on all things considered

$161-million CSL 'error' puts Martin on hot seat (Cdn PM) - Globe and Mail

Chirac sold out to PRC for commerce, says Lu Taiwan VP

7 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

13-year-old boy released from Camp X-Ray

Bush Budget Raises Cost of Medicare (From 400 bil to 540 bil)

U.S. military 'sure' of catching bin Laden this year

Bush Seeks to Deflect Calls for New Iraq Inquiry

Berlusconi needs more than cosmetic surgery

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 January (#1)

Iraqi Minister: Bribes by Saddam Routine

Inmate executed; in last words, he claims part in other killings

White House to Project Deficit of $521 billion in 2004

U.S. general: Capture is 'strong proof' al Qaeda in Iraq - Link

Topeka Company's Closing To Leave 790 Out Of Work

Blix dismisses Bush claim that Iraq war forced Libya to give up WMD

Turkey PM: U.S. Should Stay in Iraq

Five Saudi Agents Killed in Shootout

More head injuries in Afghanistan, Iraq push improvements in protective ge

Sudanese jets bomb Chad side of border town, killing civilians

Workers' Wages, Benefits Tick Up 0.7 Pct. (WE'RE RICH!!!)

Venezuela Reports Clash with Armed Colombian Group

Afghan weapons cache explosion kills seven U.S. soldiers, injures three


AP: U.S. in No Rush to Privatize Iraq Oil

Demands grow for inquiry into the case for war as Hutton is accused ....

Dean Skips Airing Ads in 7 Primary States

Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes (MSNBC)

Campaign Ads With Bush Count As Donation

INCREASING PROBLEM: Swedes have more and more animal sex

Iraq Minister Says Saddam's WMD Carefully Hidden

Rice rejects outside probe of Iraq intel ("current reviews sufficient")

Washington Mutual plans layoffs in Cobb (Georgia)

GOP may not help Majette in re-election bid

Iraq Commission Could Pose Serious Threat to Bush

'CtrlAltDelete' Inventor Restarts Career

U.S. has quietly expelled dozens of Saudi diplomats

Bush Budget Raises Cost of Medicare (drug bill cost up 33% over

Youngest Guantanamo inmates freed

Powell Assures Turkey on Kurdish Issue

Navy Commander in 1968 Spy Ship Case Dies

US judge clears bail for Israeli accused of nuke exports to Pakistan

Military stint may cost Boeing workers overtime

SF Chron: Clinton and Senate Democrats meet on agenda

U.S. Acknowledges Some Flaws on Iraq Intelligence

Ford to lay off 1,000 workers at St. Louis-area plant

Job Market Sends Mixed Signals

Exxon Mobil Corp. set record profit in 2003: $21.51 billion US

Companies Suppress Antidepressant Data

Florida Court Upholds Ban on Same-Sex Adoptions

Republicans Warn Bush Budget Won't Cut Deficit | Reuters

Bush Seeks Increase in Arts Funding

Supreme Court won't issue stay in Colorado redistricting fight

BBV: Security Poor in Electronic Voting Machines, Study Warns

U.S. Releases Juvenile Prisoners from Guantanamo Bay

Contractors may write own nuclear site rules

Georgia Senate Votes for Zell Miller Statue

U.S. Man Hits Brazil Baby With Water

US big shots back outsourcing

U.S. Military 'Sure' to Catch Bin Laden

Michael Moore prepares provocative 9-11 project (AP)

Vatican condemns AIDS drug firms

New Poll Reveals Parents Favor Abstinence Education

Georgia May Shun "Evolution" in Schools

Begs someone to make this poll


The South Pole is warmer than North Dakota.

Why do you guys pick on Robb?

Young picture of Dean

When Trumpets Fade

OK Look. I Want A Democrat President So Bad That I Would Walk From

LMAO, I'm reading only Tom Tommorows

I just dug my car out of two feet of snow. Ask me anything.

I'm Drinking a Bottle of '97 Cakebread Cellars Benchland Select Cab

the U.S. Emperor... Emperor Norton 1, a history lesson...

Hamm Supporters ---Please Check in---

Anyone Like French Bulldogs?

I just bought an FM transmitter!!

"The Giant Sucking Sound"`

Today In Twisted History (3/4 Bush*-related!)

Clinton sent only 2 e-mails as Prez

James Brown's latest mug shot on "Smoking Gun"

Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch passes

The smallest PC in the known universe?

Favorite drink?

Pick your favorite Bush!

Good Morning from North Bay Ontario - Brrrrrrr -22 Celsius

The World is a safer place: Judge orders R.Kelly to avoid M.Jackson

OK. John Edwards. Sam Neill in Omen III - ever see them together?

CONFESS!!!!!!!!!! Who let the dogs out???

Spelling mistakes & E-Bay...buyers paradise?

holy chit - it's 49 degrees in St Pete, FL this morning!

Hedonistic Head Stone Planned For Lottery Winner

Fake boyfriends/girlfriends booming on eBay,

No More Public Urination For Minnesotans

Favorite ROMAN number

Calling all Columbus GA Democrats!

Who is your fave male singer?

Does this look like an old man who knocked wife to the floor? or sings for

Anyone ever go to Hot or

Wow...I just had someone do something VERY nice for me...

I told off the local Repug Rush WannaBe! Ask me anything!

Right Wing critique of Chomsky

OMG! James Brown being held by.........MIKE HUNT!!!!

How do you pronounce "grocery"?

It's 3:45AM...why am I awake???

Favorite SUPERTRAMP number

It's f*cking 55 above here....

Freeper wet dream

Sometimes cops are devilishly creative...

A short story that I hesitated to post....

Smart ass comment on lost moderator warnings

Favorite 10,000 MANIACS number

Any last minute suggestions about my insurance policies I'm about to get?

Disgruntled Customer Releases Deadly Snakes in Bank

It's f*cking 30 below here....

New Flash Animation: Saddam Hussein.

Hahaha.. The Dis-Associated Press .. too funny

Sorry: Wrong forum!

Question regarding books on puberty

Ceremony honoring return of soldier'sbody - live now on CBC (10:30am)

Word games from 2003 - WP 2003 style section winners - new 2004 is now!

And you thought YOU had a bad day at work?

Vegetarians/Vegans and anyone wanting to try something different...

Clean the ice off your freaking car, you lazy asshole!

Another guy who had a bad day.

For You DUers!

Is your date just a little to ugly? Solution right here LOOK!

Why isn't my pop-up blocker working? This is the third time that Bush

You just never know.. Live EVERY minute..

Any fans of "The Critic" here?

Daddy Brag: My Daughter's First Parody!

Superfly has passed away...

Did any one hear ever attend Savannah College of Art/Design?

That's IT.. I'm taking a break.. Entertain me

Who will be your Father Figure (put your tiny hand in mine...)

Crop circles on Mars?


Guess Who this is: What famous person died on this day in 1977

TV Trivia

Ughhhhh...I have to have a colonoscopy

Help! I need a link to an article from earlier this week

Anyone have a favorite online mortgage place?

A shameless but worthwhile plug for George Harrison

I have been Cable & TV free for 3 weeks now....ask me anything

Antipodean DUers: Remind us of what summer is like!

The Flying Bushito Banditos

This sunshine DAY after DAY after DAY after DAY is just RELENTLESS.

What is it with some new college grads???? semi-rant

Fun game to play while snowed in for 5 days

Chicago loses a landmark....


Some ideas for new avatars

CAPTIONS can help to shield your eyes from the awful truth....'kay?

Marriage, Part 1/2/3 and 4.... for all the married women here at DU

Some kid's website,, being sued by porn company

Help! My feet have been cold (no, freezing) for 6 weeks now.

F*ck all y'all... I'm from Texas!

Super Troopers quoting thread...

Two boys are suspended for bringing tiny GI Joe guns to school...

Uncle Richardo's Review: Zellweger saves "Cold Mountain" (no spoilers)

Um Gott es willen!

How is Vancouver this time of year?

Mustard Guy for President

neighbor's barking dogs...what to do?

I'm not at work(school) because I am sick. Ask me anything!

Ya know how the repiggies love that crybaby graphic?? Here's one for them

this cute girl sitting next to me in the Pc lab is talking to herself

Why Does My Picture Only Show In My Posts Half Of The Time?

This is why jobs are being sent over seas.

Default Block Network Trojan Horse

Memes you'd like to see

In a road rally from Agusta, Maine to San Diego, California, Who'd win?

Statue of Yoda worth $20,000 is stolen

Caption this photo of Saddam...

You bluegrass musicians on acid will LOVE this....

Austin DUers...dinner before BBV meeting tonight (1/29)

Does anyone remember "Brew 102?"

I will write in Hamm before I vote matcom

I've just discovered some great pre-prepared food

I had a dream...


My 300th post is coming, ask me anything!

Corporate mergers on the rise

Ivan Rodriguez on the verge of agreement with Detroit Tigers

hahaha...Remember this J-Lo blowjob incident on Faux?

Stupid videos

I'm happy about 2 votes for GWB--here's why:

Robert Rodriguez to do "John Carter of Mars"?

How many times are they gonna show the monkey riding the dog??

What do you call a Boer who's not racist?

Who knows anything about digital pianos?

Anyone see Colin QUinn on Leno w/ The Queer Eye guys?

Virtual jigsaw puzzles

what are the average ages of

Cast Set For "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"

Do You Think Les Moonves Had Everything To Do With Killing The

Childhood crushes today? I had a huge crush on Terri Nunn of "Berlin" as a

Missing tortoise update: Rosebud has been found!

The art of war

Dangers of being pedestrian

My cat is blackmailing me

ULTIMATE Poll: HOW MANY Stairs Has Matcom's Ass Climed Over The Years???

Help with an unruly boy! (please help)

Rick Berman possibly out of Star Trek? (rumor)

Please help me celebrate my 300th post!!!!

Why am I DUing when I need to study Genus names for trees?

Court Says Cop Wrongly Fired For Masturbation Video


Mmmmm Big Mac....

new Hannity advertiser AAA

Philly Gathering Update!!!!

For those dealing with parent care.

From ATA: A request for what would be the world's smallest forum on DU

Exploding whales!!!

My fellow cannabist, please explain this small point

Victor Petrenko Charged with Driving Drunk

Randi Rhoads just smacked a Bush-supporter on the radio.

Here's a fun little "retro" site

Wanna see Mobius strip?


Did anyone have trouble in High School?


I had retinal laser surgery this morning . . . thanks DU Lounge

My wife tried to poison me last night...

perplexed in New Hampshire CAPTION

QUESTION: When Clipping A Cat's Nails...

Anybody else starting to get cabin fever?

Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes (MSNBC)

Thomas Paine born January 29, 1737

Close calls..yours or your kids..

60-Tonne Decomposing Whale Explodes On Taiwan Street - Many Injured

Play the piano ONLINE.. you can even record and play back..funnnnn

Insomniacs check in! I've got some bad news!

Is "Eskimo" a racial slur?

That crazy Aussie is at it again!

PACKRATS! What are the strangest things you save?

i had to change my avatar

more reason to boycott the Super bowl

Cats in BIKINIS! Hot!

Am I a pervert? I think "The L Word" is one of the greatest shows ever!!!

Do you watch TV news?

Who's right, me or Mrs. Robb?

Has anyone read John Le Carre's apparent about-face novel?


Were you breast fed as a baby?

Please request Incubus anti-Bush/war video on MTV- link

What movie can't friends believe YOU like?

If you want to eat INSANELY TOO MUCH of something, see that it is sushi.

What classic/popular book have you somehow never read?

QUESTION: When Clipping A Dog's Nails...

I lost my winter gloves can someone help me find them

Anybody seen the ProfessorGAC lately?

What song makes you turn the radio up every time?


political gear for snooty aesthetes?

What Song makes you change the radio station everytime it comes on ?

Problem cat. Any suggestions?

the spelling and grammar nitpick thread

INCREASING PROBLEM: Swedes have more and more animal sex

The Anteater Thread

Need picnic table plans

Stupid military question - what is an RPG?

so what states have you visited?

Artists and Artistic types in NY and New England Area: This weekend

Where's Ethel???

what are the ratings of Dennis Miller's new show?

Navy now limits access to DU!


Condom use


Why are so many DU Kerry supporters STILL attacking Dean ?

Were Dean's Trippi-produced ads really that bad?

Where did Dean's $40 million go? - good extensive Dan Conley post

This is "Democracy"...2 States down and the "Media" crowns Kerry???

Which was the nastiest primary season ever?

A Windsurfer in the White House?

Debate today?

The Dean Ads

Dean, Trippi and Paid Media

Yankee Kerry is on a roll, but the South awaits

Why am I starting to feel disgusted and bad about this year's election?

I KNEW IT!!!! From a totally ticked off Dean supporter and contributer!

Detroit Free Press: Kerry, to Win

Ralph Nader may be getting closer to joining the race tonight.

Kerry Keeps Overcoming

Clark's money situation

Campaign Manager in Spotlight as Kerry Becomes Frontrunner

Howard Dean car alarm goes on market

Young picture of Dean

Going door to door for Dean this week - does anyone have a better flyer?

The upside and downside of running several candidates for President

Clark People: Bill Maher Stood up for Wes on Larry King!

Mayonnaise Supporters ---Please Check in---

Winner Drew Strength From Study of Weaknesses

Hamm Supporters ---Please Check in---

How do you think Al Gore is feeling tonight?

Thank god, Dean is getting a new campaign manager!

Honest Question: How can we trust Dean to balance the budget

An open letter to Senator Kerry..

Make Your Voice Heard NOW, Before Feb. 3rd!!

Assault charges against GOPerator Bob Novak...

Kerry mortgage house for campaign-ok; Arnold borrow money for campaign

Was Trippi Moved out because he Dissed Gore? Gore was needed in NH!

I will write in Howard Dean before I vote for Kerry


Clark is coming to Houston Feb 11th. Houston Clarkies, PM me for info

McAuliffe Wins Big in Iowa, NH

What are Kerry's skeletons in the closet?

NYPost--'Clintons Seek To Right Dem Ship'

Is Kerry the only liberal Skull and Bones member?

TN: Kerry has longtime supporters here

Weird... Public Enemy #1, Joe Trippi, bilked 10's of thousands of millions

Candidates on Tonight Show : baby-kiss test...uh oh, Dean

Forget the south... for just a second.

I just finished my 200th letter to primary states for Edwards

Bill Mahr on CNN: Shrub was AWOL Attn Kerry & Clark people

Great cartoon about the media

Dean may go on, but the campaign is effectively over...

Yesss! A new candidate!

How useful are endorsements?

Why didn't Dean shake up his campaign before IA?

CNN: All African-American voters should vote as does South Carolina

Dropping out of public financing

What do Kerry/ Dukuakas (sp) have in common? They both come across as

Is it true Teresa Heinz Kerry can . . .

Dean asks staff to defer paychecks for two weeks

CALL IN CSPAN>>> the media coverage of the dems!! 8:41 am est

Arizona Republic endorses Lieberman?

Dean supporters to flock to Clark?

PBS bias

Edwards Says South Carolina A Must-Win State

Hey Wes: Dump Chris, Get Joe!

Baiting among attorneys at my law firm. Sheesh.

How much money did Joe Trippi make?

CBS News: John Kerry's Contradictions

Why does DU look more like Free Republic tonight?

"Frontrunner scrutiny" is another way of saying media "hit list.." .

Dean fundraising

Wonderful Huffington piece on Judy Dean -- my 1000th post - Yippie

Great turnout for Edwards event in MO:

Data from New Hampshire does not bode well for Chimpy

Remember how dead Kerry's campaign was last November?

The media - Dean's "scream" = Gore's "sighing?"

isn't it ironic? gore/dean

Post-Feb. 3 Primary States: What will the ballot look like?

CSPAN CALL IN>>>> 9/11 comission 9:43 am

The implosion of the Dean campaign

Dean supporters only, who would you support if Dean drops out?

"You Say Deserter, I Say More Dessert..." by Michael Moore

'Chaos' hits Dean's camp

Dean team - take a look at Delegate Set-up - March 2nd will be the key

If Dean doesn't win on 2/3 is it over for him?

Clark Supporters....Do you know where Clark is campaigning today?

I kinda thought Joe Trippi was the man...

Dean supporters. Is it Dean or nobody else?

There has never been anyone like Bush in 200+ years of American government

Party Leaders Express Relief at the Emergence of DLCer Kerry

I think the Kerry campaign used a classic "rope a dope" strategy to win

Either Dean or Clark can still win big

Kerry and Bush have Iraq problems

What time, channel is debate today?

We are not Dittoheads

Dean may lose, but what he's unleashed in us will live on

Bush, Kerry Both Have Iraq Problems

I'd like to thank everybody who responded to my Clark post the other day

That's it, I'm saying it: if Dean does not win I'm voting for Bush.

Should Clark focus resources on just 2 states to insure at least one win?

Delegate Count as of Wednesday, Jan. 28th

What would the Dean campaign have to do in order to get your vote?

Drudge: Kerry's "Before" and "After" Pix

Why the right-wing is afraid of Kerry (CAUTION: right-wing source)

Dean Team - Call CNN - alert them to ABC disclosure on Iowa Scream

Collecting Delegates (a service of this link!)

Is Bush terrified of John Edwards?

Did Kerry "smear" Dean with "Osama Attack Ad" 12/17/03 ..... forget Kerry

VA: Kerry lines up local support in preparation for primary

anybody have a link that shows the upcoming state prim. / delagte count ?

My prediction for the "Final Four."- Hint: the winner is not Kerryor Dean.

Why do Dean supporters retaliate with RNC smears on Kerry's record?

Paul Begala calls me a "Conspiracy Theorist" and the Left Faction of the

Kerry Web Ad Campaign Launched By Voter Interactive

Claims that Kerry ran a Bush/South Carolina smear against Dean are false.

Enough loyalty oaths!

Discussion of Dean alternative is waaaaay premature for Dean supporters

John Edwards and John Kerry voted AGAINST Ashcroft

Once again, Dean takes the spotlight away from Edwards

Anybody But Bush check in

The anatomy of a primary

Which Pres. Candidate best suits you? How to choose

Kerry in the crosshairs (RNC speech drops anti-Dean comments)

Myths and Legends about John Kerry: True or False? A compilation!

Stand with us: Dean's remarks in East Lansing, MI

Electorally speaking...

The DEBATE tonight...When and on which Network?

Gillespie: "Kerry voted to cut intelligence budgets in the past"

Edwards and Kerry are LOADED!!!

Furthermore, about voting Democratic...

somehow, I convinced my freeper-like friend to vote for Kerry

media confessions- can we have a link???

CSPAN>>> RNC winter meeting 1:30 pm eastern

Dean to Focus on 7 States After Shake-Up (AP) (new strategy)

Apologies to Kerry/Edwards concerning Ashcroft, head in sand

had to come back and post 1971 Doonesbury

The Social Psychology of Dean's Plummet

"Knocking down Kerry now, they say...

Looking for candidate platform comparisons...

Presidential Aspirants Offer 'Pledge for the Arts'

New Clark TV ads.

Why hasn't "electability" worked more in Clark's favor?

Anyone else feel a kind of sadness today about the primaries?

Longer primary campaign may help Democrats

A comparison/analysis of each candidate's healthcare plan

God I'm sooo tired of this insider/outsider crap!

what do the Kerry supporters think of.....

New Clark ads

E-mail Gary Hart!

If Kerry wins SC on Tuesday will people stop sayin "Kerry hates the south"

Edwards Denies Botox Treatment

I'm watching Kerry's Biography on Democracy Now!

Edwards Supporters: Anyone have a link to an article on his history?

Who's dismissing the South?

Dean Skips Airing Ads in 7 Primary States

What Do You Hope To Hear The Candidates Say Tonight?

Dean's Speech, "Stand with us!"

Dear Mr Blumenthal - smearing Clark with dead issues

Edwards/Kerry/Clark/Dean donor demographics

We're complacent

How do you expect us to vote for the DLC?

American voters in Canada (and other nations)

Dean Campaign New Theme - I Hope

Latest ARG - Oklahma, Arizona, South Carolina:

The Curious Case of the Missing $40 Million, or, How To Get "Free" Media

So I saw John Edwards in person last night,

"There Is No Difference Between Gore & Bush" - Ralph Nader, October 2000

Question for people who support Al Sharpton or find him favourable...

Some possible VP picks for Kerry (Southern women)

Trippi's Gone, the $41 million's gone. Is this Howard's End?

The view from New Hampshire - John Kerry

Arizona Primary & Diebold Voting Machines

Arizona Republic endorses Joe Lieberman

Does Clark have to win at least one state Tues?

Latest SC poll results

John Kerry: War wounds

Rank the Candidates

What legislation has Kerry authored as senator

Clark supporters, check in. Any other interested people, welcome

So, let me get this right about the Dean Scream.

The view from New Hampshire - Howard Dean

This is interesting.

How Clark or Edwards can get Kerry: Say I'm electable in the South

Kerry folks meet our new endorsers in South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona

The view from New Hampshire - Wes Clark

The enemy from within.

Dean Video

New National Poll: Dean inching his way back up

preview of Bush's campaign against Kerry?

Is it all going to be over Feb. 3rd?

DailyZomby #2: More Positive Qualities of the Democratic Candidates!

Why would anyone vote for a man who belonged to a secret society?

Enough with the Insider/Outsider mess already.

Arizona Deaniacs: Dean in Tucson on 1/31/04

The view from New Hampshire - John Edwards

Kerry attacked Dean before... (Kerry will not be my leader)

Veterans may be ace up DLCer Kerry's sleeve

Kerry supporters: Who is the most formidable challenger to Kerry?

Alterman-Is Bush a 'Deserter'? It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

A Good poll site

Ralph Nader will run if Dean doesn't win!

What does Edwards have to do to survive 2/3?

We are going to war in Pakistan in the Spring before the election

Reminder on Clark:

Democratic Debate. When and Where will it air?

Now that Clinton has come out supporting Kerry, we better all fall in line

Dean: Doesn't Need to Win Any State Tues.

The Super bowl Effect

Clinton did not endorse Kerry per se.

So no one has dropped out after NH?

How many states will Kerry win on Feb 3rd ?

Begs someone to make this poll

Anyone know a link for streaming tonight's debate for we who are TV free?

States Kerry will win on Feb. 3rd (including confidence level)

What time is the debate tonight?

Neither Clinton has endorsed ANYONE

Clark hits on patriotism, faith, values in Arizona

5 days; $1,000,000.00; 15,880 people; $56.32 average contribution

GOP and Kerry playing the same Low game on Clark!

Kerry calls for firing of Tenent... deflecting scrutiny of WH?

How will Kerry deal with Bin Laden capture?

Clinton could not have endorsed Kerry - but he did endorse Dean.

Dean people who may be looking at other candidates

Dean is paying Car. Mosely Braun 20k per month, but staffers nothing?

Kerry is paying Kennedy 20k per month, but staffers nothing?

Dennis, Al Called It on WMD; Other Demos Bombed

There won't be a woman on the ticket this year

At what time and on what channel is the SC debate tonight?

Clinton DID NOT back Kerry

Bush is Unelectable

Msnbc Poll with good results for Kerry

Kerry will be a target

"The land mines awaiting John Kerry" - Joe Conason

My thoughts on tonight's debate

If Al Sharpton WINS South Carolina, How Seriously Would He Be Taken?


Debate reminder...I just received this email.......

Who would be the best VP choice for Clark?

Anyone else have this dilemma? Kerry or Clark ??

Kerry Support Found Across Wide Range of Democrats

Kerry's 2% finish in New Hampshire.

How will Kerry deal with the Bin Laden capture?

Tonight's Debate...Circular Firing Squad or....

Poll: Who do you support of among the three most likely candidates?

Will Clark win any of the states on Feb. 3?

Kerry's front-runner status turns up online dollars

I am so tired of Ralph Nader.

Bull and Groans

Forget the south? Are you kidding?

MSNBC Presidential Debate Thread #1

Please Forgive If Repost: The Scream Wasn't a Scream

Tom Brokenjaw is hosting the debate - here are his questions!

Debate simulcast here

My response to the Kerry is Bush-lite meme

Who will take credit for the Osama/ Dean TV smear in Dec. - Before Iowa

How many non-Dean supporters are sickened by his media 'assasination'?

Out of the top three candidates, who do you support?

Quit a bad habit for the good Doctor Dean.

If someone besides Dean gets the nomination...

Kerry is calling for Tenet's resignation?!

Packed '04 Dem field proves Dems know Nader helped them in 00?

Has anybody else fallen in love with Al Sharpton?

Dean supporters who feel "shafted by the Media / DNC" - 3rd party..IF he

Kucinich Question: Why was he so certain about WMDs?

Taking out the frontrunner.

Kerry's 2% finish in New Hampshire.

I have to say it: I'm anybody but Kerry

Clark supporters, Can you please do me a favor, Puhleeeeezzzzz

Dean's comeback bat - fast approaching $1M - will hit it in 20 min!

Kerry Fires Ad Barrage

Deleted message

Among those not in the race, whom would you support the most?

I thought I was ABB until Kerry came out ahead

Will Dean attack Kerry at the debate?

I think the perfect song for the Dean campaign should be

Kerry won majority of young vote and anti-war vote in IA and NH

Stop Trashing Us Dean Supporters over our support for Dean

A serious question: WHAT are John Kerry's national security credentials?

Kerry Is Unelectable

To My Clark Supporters!

John Kerry's Voting Record

Michigan Gov. Granholm to endorse Kerry in presidential race

Juicy Wesley Clark/Peter Jennings gossip!

Kerry defends defense record- "flattered" by GOP attack

Who would you rather share a bomb shelter with?

Delegate reminder: Dean still leads

"I'm A Republican and I'm Voting For Kerry!"

Deleted message

John Kerry: "An Unexpected Powerhouse," by WP Harold Meyerson

Here's a stress-breaker--beat Bush today

Some thoughts about Carol M-B's weird candidacy.

Deleted message

Does the far left have to win more elections to prove they are right?

Keep supporting your candidate - but be prepared to FALL IN LINE!

For those who stand by the IWR litmus test + won't vote "pro-war" can

When was the last time an insider defeated an incumbent president?

Why are you or aren't you ABB? (Anybody But Bush)

MSNBC...CLARK...gave speech to group with terrorist ties??

Skull and Bones

so who is running as a delegate to the national convention

What are your 2004 Dream tickets?

Dean leads in delegate count?

Things that irk me about the race and DU at the moment...

DU Kerry Support Poll - If the Dem Primary were held tomorrow ?

Robert Reich (Who Works For Kerry) On Moderates And The DLC !!!

Astounding example of Kerry Doublespeak

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