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Archives: January 28, 2004

US needs to match the Chinese in diplomacy

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Last of the believers

Baghdad Is Bush's Blue Dress - LAtimes-Scheer

Good piece. Read it and smile! :-)

Tweety just said "Irregardless"...again!

Am I just paranoid?

Dennis Miller premiere garners PATHETIC ratings

Utah Anti-Gay Bill Revived And Heads To Vote

Gay Group Sues Cardinal For Hate Speech

About those Log Cabin Repukes . .

The Lull Before The Storm

Whoever is Democratic candidate should sing this song on and on and on

Asia and US in risky tug of war over dollar

Pentagon Releases Hypothetical On Sudden Climate Change - Fortune

TDF is dedicated to pursuing Taiwan's right to sovereignty and

Chinese immigrants flood into the Russian Far East

Executions looming in Philippines are provoking protest

Mexico, for first time, to allow Peace Corps volunteers

Is this where I post a suggestion?

What? no Official Thread for HAMM supporters and well-wishers ONLY?

Is this board really peaceful tonight, or are the mods working OT?

Most respectfully, I ask why this thread was locked:

Have the moderators been outsourced to India?

Aust donates $3m to Palestinians

Palestinian militant turned peacemaker...

New Poll: Nearly 70% Of Americans Say "No" To Palestinian Arab State

FTW's Mike Ruppert online tonight for anyone interested

9/11 Commission Hears Flight Attendant's Call

NYT: 9/11 Commission Says It Needs More Time to Complete Inquiry

Does Anyone Else Believe Flight 93 Got Shot Down?

Ten Patriots

Congratulations to the Kerry campaign...

Blair needs to go down tomorrow.

"There is no age exemption from committing murder in the Alabama code"

Scarborough: Politics are bloodsport

Wow......freepers are a sick bunch of people....Argh.....

Meet our new first lady. Theresa Heinz Kerry.

Anderson Cooper/Tucker Carlson make snide remarks

Tweety say: NBC calling race for Kerry...Dean second

Franken goes nuts?!?!?!

H1-B visa = Indentured servitude with corporations profiting.

UPDATE: On the 3 soldiers dead south of Baghdad

All this talk about dumping cheney

MSN Money: "Techs force a pullback; Amazon profit is strong"

Memes and themes that could work

Critique my letter to Congressperson, please.

If Dems take the South, they will win; if they lose the South, they win!

Wars, Lies & Videotape - tonight/tomorrow - Discover/Time

Bob Dole on Lieberman "My good friend Joe"

Please vote in this poll

Dean and Big Brother

The Need For Speed: Going To War On Drugs

Forget the South, Democrats

Saddam killed billions of Iraqis!! Human Rights Watch says...

was the first Gulf War justified?

Kerry Quote Tonight

Here's the deal

Mike Malloy LIVE tonight

sorry, wrong forum

Ronald W. Reagan's kids

I just saw a Halliburton commercial

Back In Bush's World 6 More Die In Iraq.

Daily Show - Interview with the Evil One

A Primary schedule that could make more sense-

anyone else just hear *'s "bored as hell" comments on Cooper 360?

How long will Dennis Miller's Show Last?: Official Pool

While the primary was going on, a bombshell was dropped.

LYING AGAIN on TAPE even!: Smirk STILL saying Saddam didnt let us in!

Administration accused of holding Bin Laden until Oct.?

RNC Protest Sign

Low-Pay Sectors Dominate U.S. and State Job Growth

FAIR: Dennis Miller's Defense: Ethics Don't Apply to Him

Massachusetts Liberals!

WMD lies: Powell's remarks of 2-24-01, the SMOKING GUN!!!

MyDoom.A worm causes numerous infections

Australian dollar rides high on weak greenback | ABC (Australia)

Poll Indicates Americans Support Economic Embargo Against Cuba

Iraqi Whispers Mull Repeat of 1920s Revolt Over Western Occupation

Goss Tells AP He Approves Kay Disclosure

Adult tremor disorder discovered | Sacramento Bee

Saddam Hussein rewarded his/her "friends" out of barrels for oil...

Florida BBV: 3 most-populous counties push for ballot paper trail

Uzbek Group Blames Crew in Plane Crash

Asia Bird Flu Kills 8, Spreads to China

Saudi Arabia Says Ready for Anything at Haj

Kurds campaign for federal state

Rebels urge Liberia head to quit

Since US war, Afghans back in opium biz

WP: Kay Says Evidence Shows Iraq Disarmed

Flight attendant on Sept. 11 plane calm in tape of conversation with crew

9/11 Hijackers Used Mace And Knives, Panel Reports

ACLU files complaint with U.N. about U.S. detention of immigrants

Wichita plant's future uncertain amid Boeing sale (Carlyle Group buyer?)

Chandler Leads Kerr In Race For Congressional Seat According To New Poll

Each-way gambler Murdoch is backing Bush to the max

WP: Kay Says Evidence Shows Iraq Disarmed (Milbank/Pincus)

Central Baghdad rocked by blast

Kerry wins NH primary.

9-11 Panel: Hijack Scenario Downplayed

McGovern calls Bush a deserter on CNBC

Canadian Army told to quarantine US beef in Afghanistan

Lottery director George Andersen dies day after meeting with auditors

CNN: Bush agrees w/ O'Neill assesment.. meetings were "boring as hell"

new Hannity advertisers Zantac/GlaxoSmithKline, Travelocity

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House

Anyone else thin Jeanne Meserve looks eerily like Laura B***?

Cool little political music video

CNN just called it for SHARPTON

Is it just me or is Dee Dee Myers hot.

speaking of Glakes and the USN.... I just had to perform a grand

virtual bubble wrap

My apologies for a random moment of boorish behavior.

Good Idea? Or not?

turbo tax

CNN just called it for SHARPTON

Carville's Shirt

I had a wonderful dream last night

primary, schmimary - what's for dinner?

what the heck is the "Mark All" for, anyway?

My face is in a permament state of disgust.....

PRIMAL SCREAM! MEDIA......GO F**K YOURSELF! will the mods lock?

the onion has a great scoop! :)

Ann Miller special on TCM

Please vote here

Return of the King gets ONLY 11 Nominations? I count at least 14!

Boston DUers!

More proof Dean should join a band

Yes - the bitter cold is staying around!

Go journalism!

DU chat anyone

I love wget, or The Much Misunderstood Power Of The Command Line

My wife just brought me hot chocolate chip cookies... baby...goodbye!

Praise the Lawd... no more 700 club for me

please help...need name of band...

Need suggestions on helping a young guy get a date

And Californians wonder why the rest of the country thinks

whatever happened to Joe Pesci?

Caption this photo!

Wacko Jacko = Joan Crawford's daughter?

I'm trying to watch braveheart for the first time

All I need is Dawn Welles and a steady supply of coconuts

Can you pass this 8th grade test from 1895?

MS Internet Explorer/XP gurus, please help!

Star Trek related thought I just had

The gods be thanked, I've gotten work!

30 pieces of silver? Or blood money for the Holy War?

Iowa...New Hampshire...Houston!

My lovely luncheon with a racist homophobe.

Can you loan the Gubernator a CAPTION?

I just realized something....

Jimmy Page's guitar is out of tune all the way thru "Stairway to Heaven!"

Did Kitty ever do Marshall Dillion or did Marshall do her?

Is Bertha Venation a complete and total idiot?

Would you vote for this presidential candidate?

I feel sorry for Dean supporters..

What's the best site for getting N.H. results as they come in?

When's the NY primary?

Clark same favorability as Lieberman?

As a Canadian, I find the term Liebermania bordering on offensive...

I find it hard not to chuckle and feel bad when I hear the words...

Drudge: Lieberman may "suspend" campaign

Anyone else thin Jeanne Meserve looks eerily like Laura B***?

43 more minutes until the polls close

My ears must be on the fritz - Tim Russert just aggreed

I've got a tension headache - ain't politics fun? I'm dying to hear the NH

Good luck to all the candidates tonight!

Dean releases his travel schedule for the next five days

Kerry-Dean, late afternoon numbers: FOX 36-31, CBS 37-30, LA Times 36-33


Drudge says Kerry wins by 6 - Update - now within 3 points hmmm

MSNBC: 8% Returns In - Kerry 37%, Dean 25%, Edwards 13%, Clark 13%

MSNBC reporting record turnout (Londonderry NH)

Londonberry, NH having ballot issues

8% reporting, Kerry 36, Dean 25, Edwards 13, Clark 13

Interesting tidbit from the Conservative Conference,they're angry at Bush

I think Dean has a 50.01% chance of winning the nomination.

Tonight I am thinking about Howard Dean.

The Polls Are Now Officially Closed

Has the Joementum started yet?

Connecticut Primary Ballot Order Drawn


CNN just called it for SHARPTON

Quick question: how many precincts in NH?

"Joementum"'s secret ingredient -- it's Dick Swett!

Clark versus Edwards: Mutually assured destruction?


Bush fears no candidate

Sorry, John, wins in IA/NH don't get you the nominations.

In 1992, President Clinton finished third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire

Hardball: Lot's of Repubs & Independents showed up to vote. Said they

Wolf Blitzer is on CNNI ~ Special Election Coverage

CNBC: Projecting Kerry will win

BREAKING: NH's Largest Polling Location Running out of Ballots

CBS called it for Kerry. 8:20 pm

CNN calling it for JK. n/t

Looks like it's over for Lieberman

CNN, close between Kerry and Dean

Do New Hampshire people lie to the exit pollsters? (Remember 1996!)

Ridiculous - Hardball calling for Clark to drop out

NOT looking for Flames (Question): Is it now Kerry vs. Dean (Edwards 3rd?)

Faux just called it for Kerry 8:15pm est

Hold the phone!!!!!!!

Dean supporters congratulate John Kerry

Sorry Howard, Second is not a victory... What do you make of a Second?

There is too much discussion at DU about what happened years ago...

Faux reports....

Begala is SUCH a DLC Bush-Lite media WHORE!!!

Winner of what ? It's proportional, no ???

Looks like the Comeback Kid Dean is BACK!!!

What exactly does the Democratic Party Stand For?

How can the media project

So Neither Edwards or Clark get any delegates?

Sharpton supporters congratulate Joe Lieberman

Dean outspent Kerry on Advertising, 2 to 1

Congrats John Kerry - from an Edwards supporter

CSPAN to have live NH Primary coverage starting at 8:00pm EST

71% of delegates to be decided in the next three weeks

Edwards and Clark within 500 votes of another

7 Votes For Hamm!


TV Alert: Dean on CNN NOW 9:07

OH MY GOD is anyone else going NUTS?

Dean on Larry King now ~ 9:00pm EST

For the Clark team: A quote from Wesley's favorite philosopher:

A serious question for Dean supporters

Why Kerry is a Traitor and why I'm not voting for him

Obvious RNC talking point on Clark, as revealed by Dole on CNN

The best thing about tonight's results is...

Clark Supporters:

Why does Dean have more delegates than Kerry if...

just to show how quickly how things can change:

Official Anxiety Thread

Has any candidate ever won both IA and NH and not gotten the nomination?

Kerry, Dean, Edwards, Lieberman on Larry King tonight - Clark declined

anyone have a Dean vs Hannity transcript?

Clark was hurt by the media attacks of the last couple of days and...

Should candidates who haven't won any primaries by Feb. 4 drop out?

MSNBC: Kerry is more "liberal" than Hillary

How is Lieberman (almost) ahead of Clark/Edwards?

TV Alert: Edwards on CNN NOW 9:16

Record turnout!

The Primary Process -

NH: The Real Inside Skinny

The numbers are holding: Double digit win for Kerry

Kucinich on C-Span

Howard Dean on Hannity -- Audio

how come on the cnn site

The biggest story out of IA/NH...

Clark-Edwards..... ALMOST TIED! (UPDATING)

Kerry Victory Speech - Taking Offensive OMG

Most amazing thing about NH: The polls got it right

Clark reconsidering??

Great Election Results page

Meet Theresa Heinz Kerry. She would be an amazing first lady.

Exit polls don't match official results? This on NPR now!

Clark on CSPAN NOW!!!

a simple ? about kerry's

Who do you think will win the nomination?

Congratulations Kerry Folks on a nice victory from a Dean supporter

Delegate Count

CNN switching from Kerry speech to Edwards.

Dean leads in delegate count

ENOUGH already with the "Dean Scream" DUers...

Damn, Kerry looks good up there.

Interesting...Clark has all women on stage

Any wagers on how long Kerry's speech will be? :)

Kerry and Dean are from neighboring states. Is the 3rd place finisher...

Kerry scares me

Two Topics Karl Rove Fears in 2004: Viet Nam & Iran Contra

CLARK on CNN now!! For real this time.

What DOES second place mean for Howard Dean?

Another setback for Clark - why?

Will Kerry get Gephardt's endorsement this week?

HOW can you say with 50% in, someone wins by double digits!!??

Lieberman on CNN

Lieberman sure is a happy guy.

What are the implications of a Clark/Edwards dead-heat finish? eom

Clark in a 3-way race for first place!

The media assassinated Dean and Clark: Who's next?

Geez, Bob Dole is such a jerk sometimes...

First three speeches are good, now comes Dean.....

Clark speech on MSNBC, NOW

Crap Like This Is Why People At This Site Shouldn't Link Drudge!!!!

Vote in this poll

NEWS FLASH: This is only ONE primary!

Lieberman on CNN No clear winner for third place

How close does Dean have to keep the margin of victory?

DEAN SPEECH NOW! Get your popcorn out!

13 running in the Republican primary

Did Tammy Faye make an appearance in.....

Tonight was a VERY good night for Democrats

So Kerry beat Dean by almost 15%, a 45 pt. 3-week swing

Dean supporter holds up sign implying Bush and co. were behind 9/11...

Here comes Dean

John Edwards is talking about race and civil rights right now! says Edwards is the 3rd place winner

Tweety on MSNBC

Someone please remind me why IA and NH get to choose our party's nominee

Liberman Claims he tied for third

Joe Lieberman smokin crack? Can't count. Joementum hits brick wall

Judy Woodruf is going on the attack on Kerry

The anti-establishment candidates....

Wait... they pulled the NH returns off Drudge...

Interesting results from my phone work tonight - undecideds win!?

It's utter stupidity to let small "white" states like Iowa and NH decide

Damn mediawhores did it again

Rerun of Clark speech on CNN! NOW

Record broken for turnout in Dem primary in NH, per CNN


Is there something at DU that we need to come to terms with?

Latest Drudge Bash. Target: Kerry

Lieberman on MSNBC "let's wait for the ISG report", sound familiar?

TV Alert: DK on Faux NOW 10:33 Insanity and colmes

A question, fellow Dems

No president has won without coming in 1st or 2nd in IA or NH primaries?

Kerry may win tonight ... but Dean has the momentum

I Don't Care WHO You Are For!!!!!

Kerry on CNN w/ Wolf & Judy

Judy Woodruf just said Dean supporters are "Minions"

Kerry really needs to get himself a message

It will make me sad if one of the anti-war candidates doesn't win.

So what candidates need to win what states on Feb 3rd?

TV Alert: Daily Show will be covering the primaries live tonight.

I've learned to appreciate Dean

Can the Eventual Dem Ticket be two Northeasternrs?

Who will win Puerto Rico?

What was the turnout?

Dean is a Rock Star

Deans not screaming, his supporters are!

So let me get this straight...

Voting irregularities in NH ?

Lieberman: Well, the intelligence community has a lot to answer for

If Clark comes in third, here is what the pundits will say.


So, is Dean going to go after Kerry big time? Will Edwards benefit?

Voting irregularities in NH ?

Who wants to get on board with my Dean/Clark deal scenario now?

Jon Stewarts Comments

Exit Poll: Kerry scores on beating Bush

Question for Clark Supporter Regarding Ads?

Is Lieberman the millenium Zell Miller?

Was the first Gulf War justified?

Daily Show: Live from NH Tonight?

Anybody besides me toyed with the idea of Kerry/Hollings?

The Deans...

Nice to see Kerry kick major ass

Clark Supporters: Letter & Phone Campaign

Solid Concrete Proof of Joementum

Ironic Circumstances: The Dem Primary is distracting from Iraq

Turnout surpassed 200,000 substantially

after his SCREAM, dean sounded whimpy tonight....towed down

Just Heard That Clark Looks To Be 4th...

What are Kerry's chances of winning the nomination?

Clark and Edwards cannobolizing each other?

repeat post from January'll be a Kerry/Edwards ticket...

Tonight America Spoke in a united voice

Is it all over next week if Kerry sweeps all the primaries?

Brokered Convention Looms. Possibility of top three candidates

Who are Hamm and Vermin Supreme?

I know there is a debate coming up soon, when is it???

one thing I dont understand about the exit polls (re Dean)

Lieberman: Fifth place is great?

What is the next move for Dean, Clark, and Edwards?

Dean leads Delegate Count . . .(?)

Quick question:

omg! Ron Reagan Jr.

ABB....please unite NOW to beat bush*...anyone who has been

If Clark finishes 3rd will he remain a top-tier candidate?

Clark will win South Carolina with the Black Vote Alone.....

Kerry/Hillary ticket - Kerry/Edwards - Kerry/Clark - Kerry/Dean?

Gephardt d. Sharpton, Braun d. Clinton, Kerry(R) d. Bush(D)

Kerry tells 'influence peddlers' in Washington: 'We're coming'

They're all the greatest!

Dean not acting like a loser in his speech and crowd reaction incredible

Dean speaks to the little people

Official Thread for LIEBERMAN supporters and well-wishers ONLY

Official Thread for SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers ONLY

Kerry supporters congratulate Howard Dean

IF Kerry won the nomination, would he give Dean a place in his

Read This Freeper Post .... Fascinating...

Where can Dean win on 2/3?

Clark Takes Over Third

Are you offended by 'support my candidate' threads?

Dean needs to come down South!

Lieberman is BEGGING!!!

Was the first Gulf War justified?

Should Dean lose the nomination, he should replace Terry McAuliffe.

Why is Liberman doing better than Kucinich?

What exactly does the Democratic Party Stand For?

John Kerry regarded as the most "electable" by Democrats


Republican Primary Results (heh,heh)

Official Thread for CLARK supporters and well-wishers ONLY

Official Thread for KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers ONLY

You are a class act, DUers!

Dean and Clark together beat Kerry

Official Thread for EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers ONLY

Which is Better? A nominee sooner or a nominee later ??

Congrats to Clark on 3rd

Where have all the Clark supporters gone tonight ?

Zogby wasn't so nutty after-all

Clark needs to change strategy

The Right Wing Malicious Assault is in full bloom tonight.

When Clark, Edwards, and Lieberman drop out: Kerry or Dean?

Anyone know how John Buchanan did against Bush in the repub primary?

un-Official thread for HAMM supporters and well wishers only

On a Hopeful Note: 12% of Republicans in NH REJECTED DUMBYA!

Shouldn't people who cover our campaigns know at least as much as I do?

Official Thread for DEAN supporters and well-wishers ONLY

Dean got only ONE vote in Hampstead County, NH

Who here is unhappy with a Kerry win tonight? Why?

OK, How do we get Clark to stick it

Official Celebration Thread for KERRY supporters and well-wishers ONLY

When has Kerry's being a Bonesman affected his service?

Clearly stated: Should Lieberman leave the race?

Democratic Presidential Preference Poll

How could Kerry vote YES for the Patriot act, YES for the war in Iraq....

Time for all us Dennis Kucinich supporters to check in!!!

Wealth and politics

Will Vice President Cheney be indicted—and will the US media report it?

January 27th 2004. French Bashing, Young Voters and the Newsless

Guns vs. butter

Joe Conason (NY Observer): Bush’s War Stories Simply Don’t Fly

Mr Blair misled us - and now he is looking silly

CBS, Censor Broadcasting System

Waiting for the wealthy to sacrifice in this war (Good Zinni Quote)

NY Times: My God Is Your God

Using Fundamentals US Policy to Improve Your Life

Lewis & Clark helped rob American Indians

Morford Rides Again - Damn Hippie Liberal Trees!

The New Gene Lyons

Michael Moore enlists with General Clark: the pathetic—and predictable...

Correspondence from 18-year-old soldier before death in Iraq

TIME: President Bush's Naked Envoy, Dick Cheney goes a-wooing

Last of the believers -- claiming an honest mistake will no longer wash

"Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me!"

"10 surprises to stretch your thinking"

Will Vice President Cheney be indicted—and will the US media report it?

Secretary Colin L. Powell, February 24, 2001

Kay: 'We Were Almost All Wrong' :wash post

LTR from Congressmen (26) to CBS re: MoveOn ad during S'Bowl

Thoughts on "Class Warfare"

Million Patients March!!!! MAY DAY MAY DAY

PETITION for the Dem. Nat. Committee to Endorse HR2239 (paper record) DRE

Unjustly deporting people! Sign my petition, PLEASE! Let's stop GWB!

IE America.

House Panel Pushes TV, Radio to Clean Up Shows

Jon Stewart's version of Interview With The Vampire (Perle)

Show your 'support' for Rush: Send Barry Krischer Your Opinion...

A warning about diets

Phe's shared thought for the day 1/28/4;

Razzie Nomination

Lesbian softball player settles complaint against University of Florida

Public inquiry to be held into Arar case(US deported Canadian to Syria)

Cleveland Indians prospect asks forgiveness for role in gay porn video

Labor Supports Gay Marriage

'Japan says to cautiously consider gold in reserves'

How would you improve the job market and national security?

Yukon River King Salmon Parasite Linked To Warmer Water - ADN

Bush EPA Chief Celebrates Clinton Clean-Car Program

Hitler's Chemical Weapons a Seeping Menace

Japan May Consider Sharing Fusion Project (with France)

GM cress could seek out landmines

Bioengineers build scaffold to grow neurons(repair spinal cords)

Conservative Sportsmen Turn Against Bush - USA Today

Destined to change the way people. think

Monarch Butterfly Habitat Deforestation Grinds On, Despite Laws

Toyota Again Boosts Production Of New Prius - 130,000 For 2004

Illinois Takes On The Green Monster - Kudzu!!

Humanitarian reasons didn't justify Iraq war

Paris and Berlin consider military intervention in Iraq

China: Controls tighten as Internet activism grows

Nigeria: N. Korea to Share Missile Tech

Iraqi Whispers Mull Repeat of 1920s Revolt Over Western Occupation

Kerry flunks Cannabis Policy

Remember When We Had A REAL President?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 28, 2004

Casting a movie in the J/PS forum...

What law would you enact to stop any particular gun crime?

Gun Nut "Logic" or Whatever It Is

Is this a way to get rid of posts that you, personally, don't like?

Isn't it funny....

Would I get banned for PMing abuse to someone?

Why was my thread on the mass psychology of fascism

actually, using the header sex sex sex

Can we create a permanent section for poll analysis?

Oh, by the way...

Please! Can we cut out the "NOW" headers?

Where Is The Line Between An Inflammatory Attack and a Valid Criticism?

Should post #1 on this thread be allowed to remain with out some

Re: my earlier q on polls

Has there been some recent downtime in the early morning hours?

So, when did this miracle of beneficence happen?

"unambiguously positive"

So according to this thinking, anyone can slip anything outrageous

DU improves

Did a mod accidentally bump the lock button on this thread?

Israel and Hezbollah - mutual deterrence

Sharon offered evacuation deal, say settlers

The Likud is dead. What killed it?

Contemporary Islamist Ideology Permitting Genocidal Murder

'The Fall of One Jew, Whether Soldier or Civilian, Is a Great Accomplis

Israel may allow W.Bank police to rearm-officials

UN chief: PA may collapse unless int'l aid sent

EU says Israel's security fence adds to aid costs

Cheney Says Terror Will Not Lead to Palestinian State

Heard on the Hill

Israeli rights groups join anti-fence case

Sweden Should Take Lead To Make Suicide Bombing A 'Crime Against Humanity'

Israel, Hizballah Prisoner Swap Will Encourage Terrorism, Critics Say

"Diagnosing Benny Morris: the mind of a European settler"

Peace near dead end, Qureia says

Eight Palestinians killed in Israeli raid

Iraq Govt. Lifts Ban of Arab TV Station

Kurds campaign for federal state

is ewing 2001's 911 Encyclopedia still available in the internet???

Most important new 9/11 news

Demolition of the Towers and Building 7 on 911

Okay, so what about this Betty Ong tape?

Hart unlikely to enter Senate race

U.S. border policies divide Senate hopefuls; Kenyan in US Senate Race

Fun demo of Instant Runoff Voting online

Kucinich's state of confusion

Bush the 'Deserter'

Bond has financial edge over Farmer

You Know Why We Need A Change.

mo roca from the daily show on larry king live

Mike Ruppert on KFNX radio in Phoenix now - 12:00am EST Jan 28

Oh my, Bill Schnieder just spoke the truth (CNN)

U.S. casualty rate is higher since Saddam's capture

Is the South becoming the new Rust Belt?

Good News: 15 percent of Repubs voted AGAINST Bush in NH primary

Check this out

Nightline is showing the MOVE ON ads!

Bush Never Said Saddam Imminent Threat

Operation Desert Guard

Word Parsing to Rival the Masters: On Immanent Threat


General Strategy Ideas after Nomination

The Next 'Pentagon Papers' by Daniel Ellsberg

The delegate selection process

Rove in control of the Oscars

"We intend/expect to catch OBL within the year."

Do you think Bob Novak is a traitor?

What is the BCCI of today?

Al Franken physically assaulted??

Who's tougher than me?

Atlanta's one of the highest in job growth.

Could Kerry ask Hillary for Veep?

What sort of anti vietnam stuff did Kerry do

Any updates on the Novak shoving incident?

On line petition to save overtime pay

FYI, you people who speak of Media W----- have it all wrong.

Seems like it's up to you guys

A little progress is better than no progress...

White House Wants 9/11 Inquiry "wrapped up" by May

Record Turn-out in New Hampshire ~ Good news for Democrats

CSPAN2: CPAC on, Ed Gillespie speaking.

Hutton report: Dossier not sexed up

The Mysterious Case Of Iraq's Missing WMD

Dennis Droppings: Ignorant Pseudo-Sahl Quoted at

If you haven't watched the Pentagon's enforced use of amphetimines


progressive causes are alot like acne

Watching the News last night re/the primaries

DU This Poll

David Kay coming up on CSPAN3 11AM

What will David Kay's next assignment be?

Juicy: Bush supporter Willis's crush on a boytoy?

More from Jeb's banana republic

The Smoking Gun

Rush Limbaugh Speaks

What They Left Behind

A Democratic "Southern Strategy"

RWer admits he was wrong!!!!

My Bush-loving co-worker admits embracing ignorance!

Sex, Sex, Sex!

CNN/Wolf Blitzer still talking about the hearing

Has the CIA or FBI ever been accused of partisanship in the past?

do TV stations charge Dems & Repugs the same for ads?

I am concealing WMDs (huge stockpiles)

",,,,For Security purposes, I cannot divulge my location"...

Secret Doc, Shows Bush Adm, Effort to Stop Global Anti-Obesity Ini.

as for now the rest of the world is saying "we don't hate America we hate

Question about fast I.D. of 9/11 hijackers...

Baghdad is Bush's Blue Dress - let's talk of impeachment

More Industry takeover of the government (CropLife America)

Blanquita Cullum is an airhead!

A Party of Values

1000 dead troops by Nov.?

PLay Guess the Region (Beyond Red vs Blue)

what a great analogy!

Funny Onion Article: Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges to Restore Honor and ...

Is Rudy Giuliani a chicken hawk?

Why did * not hide WMD in Iraq?

Democrats are Socialists?

Bush won NH with 85% of the vote- what about the other 15?

Who was the FIRST President of the US? Samuel Huntington?

Dems should call Bush's(Kay's) bluff and demand full intel investigation

I can't believe they let this crap into our newspaper:

What we have here is a failure to take responsibility.

I am SOOOOOOOO sick of hearing Saddam's use of chemical

New Discussion Forum

Isn't this about the same time Ashcroft quit flying on commercial airlines?

Wash.Post pro-Bush "tough guy" SPIN

Rush Limbaugh - The new and improved Jesus

Wow! I'm invited to an RNC fundraiser! My dilemma...

Lord of the RIngs: A Republican Flick???

MWO is Especially good today 1/28/2004

Office of Special Plans....

The First Lie

CIA/Bulgarian Nurses/400 Lybia children given (?) AIDS injections?

Black life far more rags than riches

Erratum in "Lipstick on a Pig"

I'm searching for the name of the American General who commented last week

It's the JOBS, stupid...

Buck Up People - They Will Find the WMD's

anyone know anything about

Bush the 'Deserter'

Why can't RW-er's let Chappaquiddick go?

Al Franken on, listen here


Driving Bush from office in disgrace couldn't be any simpler than this.

I heard a rumor, when cheney left the Pope's presence

In a pre-2000 world, our candidates would have a chance with the media,

Plaid Adder: 2003 SOTU

Since the words "imminent threat" are in the news today......

The most terrifying film of the year!

What to Make of the Dump Cheney Rumor?

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledge - "To Restore Honor And Dignity To The WH"

'Ghosts' haunt capital --Neo-Confederates want plaques restored in TX

The look on this guy's face says it all.. Yup.. our economy is just peachy

Reasons for Optimism

9/11 Commission Says It Needs More Time - (GOP rejects)

Why isn't Bush* calling for intelligence investigation????

I called Viacom, to protest the censorship of MoveOn, and an interesting

What to Make of this Dump Cheney Rumor?

Osama's Back in the News - We're Huntin' Him Down Again

We're sending our military into Pakistan next?

Does anyone have the answer to this question?

I anyone else having trouble getting on MWO

Check out this scary Rush tribute "The Passion"

Would you criticize Bill Clinton if it guaranteed a defeat of the Repub..

Abortion Activist Accused of Cybersquatting by W.Va. Paper

MSNBC just reported that Giulianni may replace Cheney as VP

Record turn-out in New Hampshire ~ Good News for Democrats

today is Randi Rhodes birthday...

Carl Levin Rocks!

Powell called WMD reports "Bullshit" before UN then used em' anyway.

Andrew Sullivan no lefty "say's Bush in deep trouble"

Saudi Arabia has no connection to 911

Opinions please

Leonard Peiltier's anniversary message

Novak absent from Crossfire

THIS is why Bush and Cheney belong behind bars!!

Myth Busting: the rich do NOT pay more into the treasury, en masse than

CNN: "The capture of bin Laden could benefit the President...

So David Kay says "We were all wrong." Okay, fine, now just what the

I'm guessing that Bill Clinton disarmed Saddam Hussein?

Joe Trippi leaves the Dean campaign....what happened?

Who isn't tired of this BS?

So...Bill Clinton brought peace to the Balkins, and disarmed Saddam.

A freeper's tax cut analogy - does this make any sense?

Clinton wrote only two e-mails while in office

Okay, Mr. Kay, so who's the cheerleader for this ugly landgrab?

Influencing people — a personal success story to inspire you

Just how much is B* paying Wolf Blitzer?

Daddy Matcom Weighs In On The Kay Report

Bush Job Ratings -- he has nowhere to go but down

I think Kay is lying to save his life

Electronic voting favored by majority of Georgians

Editorials Question Bush's Role in 'Cooking' Up a War

For Bush*t, It All Depends on the Meaning of 'Imminent'

Revolution Now!

What do gay and lesbian voters deserve from Democrats?

Props to Bernard Weiner for the "Fog Of War" article this morning

Bag the Southern Stratey...go North ?

Are We Witnessing The Biggest Cover-Up In History ??

It's MORE incriminating if BushCo DIDN'T use the phrase "imminent threat"!

Rush Limbaugh needs our help!

What are the prospects for impeachment?

9-11 Changed Dennis Miller, Did It Change You?

So did your "Local" Clear Channel station mention Botox today?

Ellen Mariani to be on Scarborough Tonight!!!

interesting: Skull & Bones have now won two

Stock market down 150 points. 12:41 Pacific Time n/t

Did anyone else see Bush's guy on The Daily Show last night?

CGES Sees `Genuine Shortage' Of Oil,OPEC Won't Cut In '04

Tucker Carlson on Crossfire: The rich keep this country afloat.

Supreme Court of Canada to release decision on spanking children

My first hand account of Novak's savage assault on a citizen in NH

Is the Democratic Party in Transformation ?

Clark and Edwards Vie for Third — Big Test in South Is Next - NYT

U.S.: Nuclear Plant Cheated During Drill

Mexican Church Attacks Pill Use

Genetically Modified Sperm Is Possible In Humans

Sharp rise in piracy on the high seas

Cures For Health Care: 7 Dem. Hopefuls Would Deepen Gov't Involvement

Australia donates $3 million to Palestinian refugees

Victory, of sorts, for Blair

Cheney pays a visit to Vicenza (Photo Op with 173rd Airborne)


GOP Asks Supreme Court To Act On Colorado Redistricting

Eight Palestinians killed in Israeli raid

Couple who fought for registry first to sign as domestic partners

Kerry Looks Ahead After Big N.H. Victory

Panel: FAA Downplayed Hijacking Scenario

NYT: Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraq Arms

British soldier killed in Kabul suicide blast

Fletcher Tightens The State's Belt

Bush Backs Away From His Claims About Iraq Arms

French Resistance heroine wins Australian government support

U.S. Broke International Law, ACLU Says

Steelcase Closing Two Plants, Trimming Hundreds Of Jobs

Ford Plans To Lay Off 200 Workers At Claycomo Plant (Missouri)

FCC Proposes $755,000 Fine Over `Bubba'/Clear Channel

GOP having trouble finding votes to override gun veto (Wisconsin)

Pentagon Plans Afghan Spring Offensive

Kroger Recalls Roast Beef (Atlanta)

White House to Propose FAA Cuts - WSJ

3 Dead In Baghdad Hotel Blast

FAA was focused on explosives, not suicide pilots (They were warned)

Am I losing my mind...

Cracks begin to show in US-UK relations

Steelcase closing plant in Fletcher

Will Vice President Cheney be indicted—and will the US media report it?

Jordan and Bulgaria Investigate... Citizens in Saddam Bribes Scam

Only Dean and Edwards have full delegate slates for primary (NY)

Taliban Claim Deadly Afghan Bombings

Second Mars rover (Opportunity) having problems

CSU faces rejecting 20,000 students ...budget cuts force a reduction

Blair demands apology

Manitoba MP Rick Borotsik quits Conservatives - CPC loses 5th MP - CTV

Schwarzenegger to pay $4.5 million after court rebuke

China Clamps Down On Online Justice

Kay Blames Weak Intel in Iraq WMD Failure (AP)

Prosecutor rebuked over release of Limbaugh documents

Fed Judge Directs Exxon to Pay Damages & Interest re Valdez Oil Spill

Mystery Disease Terrifies Sudan Officials

2 men caught between 2 nations

Chinese President wants more French Investment in China

Immigration opponents move toward taking over Sierra Club

Hutton Inquiry Report Released

Lord Hutton statement NOW (Live covering)

Orange County [CA] to have jump on voting

BBC chairman to quit over Hutton

Kay Cites Evidence Of Iraq Disarming (WP )

Remains of Nine More Women Found in Canada's Worst Serial Killing Case

U.S. to Release Two Dozen Guantanamo Prisoners

Pakistan investigates BCCI role in sale of nuclear knowhow

Lawsuit Seeks Govt Benefits For Laid-Off Software Workers

Congress discusses indecency on TV, radio after FCC record fine

Iranian students call election boycott

Two-way jobs traffic as Indian firms set up in UK

Hutton is accused of a 'whitewash'/The Independent

Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Program Contacts Supplied Iran and Libya

Scouts Seek Help From Gay Congressman Frank

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 28 January (#1)

breaking: .....Rep Clyburn endorses Kerry not Sharpton/Edwards in SC...CNN

Joe Trippi out as Dean mngr, stays w/campaign (MSNBC)

House Democrats claim prayer is 'disrespectful' (Arizona Legislature)

Capital Punishment: Voters To Decide Death Penalty? (Minnesota)

Blair Cleared Of "Dishonourable Conduct"

(Stocks fall) Fed Drops `Considerable Period' Outlook on Rates

Kennedy rips bush a new one ...Kay meeting Congress ..LIVE CNN NOW!

New (M$ IE) Explorer hole could be devastating

1/28 Deserter Lines -- (Clark & Kerry campaigns to investigate AWOL?)

Members of Congress Challenge CBS Decision to Not Run ....

Frist aide put on leave in probe (Dem Memo Leak)

WP: TV Covers the Bush 'Dodge'

WP: Kay: 'We Were Almost All Wrong' (WMD in Iraq)

Bankruptcy bill held up by protections for farmers, abortion protesters

Florida Gay Adoption Ban Upheld

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 519 U.S. service members have died

CREW Alleges Cheney Leaked Classified Information, Breaking Federal Law

A spring offensve to capture Bin Laden announced.

Judicial Inquiry Clears Blair on Iraq Intelligence Claims

U.S. plans Al Qaeda offensive

Missouri Gay Marriage Ban Moves Toward Vote

U.S. Government Offers Free Cyber Alerts


Teens arrested for smashing 'decadent' SUVs

If aliens came to Earth and said "Take me to your leader"....

Student's Jeep Stolen Twice In Three Days

lounge dwellers i need your help...a pic of Ali the boy bush* disarmed?

Man Rescues Cat - Cat Saves Man In Fire

134 Cats, 6 Dogs, 3 Children Taken From Utah Home

I'm a player in a Drinking campaign now. Presidents are on me.

A picture of Bush supporters.

Gentleman With A Family

Funny cartoon:

I just had the cutest guy show up at my door!

Did I miss the Austin - Curra's breakfast? Doh!!!

Hokey smokes Bullwinkle!

Funniest Kucinich story I've seen so far.

If you could own one classic car, what would it be?

WHOHOO. Best buddy from college just became a "psychotherapist"

Voting irregularities in NH ?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Furniture Medic

Nelson DeMille Fans

I found a friendly cat in the middle of the dessert

So what should I do...?

Is this legal in most states?

Did Kerry get "Botox" shots??

How many televisions are too many?

Do you ever wonder where snow cones come from?

The Flying Nun Knowledge Base

"Lost In Translation": best opening shot in a movie ever?

Meetup for United Kingdom DU'ers Feb 9th?

Bert and Ernie moved to the hood

A moral dilema

How can I identify the new virus?

Teaching Math

Question for classic comic fans, Re: Doom Patrol:

Poll: Am I funny?

Erratum in "Lipstick on a Pig"

Strangest Songs?

E-Mailer virus hits the USA hard - (changes home page)

Grammy Award R&B singer arrested in GA on possession charges

Does anyone around here have a sense of humor??

Man, My company is opening late, I am here

Local paper - classified ad... heee-heee-heee

So when will we hear the tales of Matcom's Mexican Adventure

My bad poem:

Who is looking for a CUTE puppy to adopt?

It Is Currently Negative 14 Degrees Fahrenheit

Does anyone know a way to keep deer from eating all your bird seed?

Dryer lint, what is it good for?

Anyone else just hear about "College Hill"?

Everybody, rock your body.

Fingertip Mysteriously Missing From Hospital (Was To Be Sewn Back On)

OWWW! My braces freakin' hurt!!, and other tales from the CanuckAmok Files

GIANT Snowball Stops Train

What will David Kay's next assignment be?

Where is the snow???

Should I Go Into Work Today?

Awww. Isn't my doggie cute

I found a friendly cat in the middle of the desert

Who has seen or read "Candy"?


Someone PLEASE Whisper To Mr. Kay... LICK YOUR LIPS!!

Streisand MAY play Ben Stiller's Mom in "Meet the Fockers"

Who owns your local Hate Radio station?

This is what we're up against!

Stoned Police

'In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I' on Bravo now

Hey, now! I smell butt!

Oh, VOMIT, there's a Bush banner run on my Opera browser.

Ethics Test (Funny)

Judge Shoots Boy For Throwing Snowballs

Barton Fink? WTF?

..."So.....Then it's POSSIBLE that leprechauns.........."

Who let the dogs out?

Jury Rejects Claim That SOUP Drove Man Nuts

CAPTION his highness

Bush 2004 campaign promises to restore honor & dignity to WH

REALLY bizarre dreams you don't want to analyze

Jail "Stand-Ins" - You Do The Crime, THEY Will Do The Time

which musical DUer can I blame?

And for my 1000th post.... Ask Me Anything...

Fish Food

CNN Newsflash! Important Breaking News seen on CNN Screen Crawl!!

Halle Berry Fine After Catwoman Accident

Oscar captured on tape.

I'm a player in a Presidential campaign now. Drinks are on me.

I'm feeling selfish, so give me $5.00!

Scarlett Johansson showing off her Dean support!

Picture storage areas

Long John Silver's on Mars!

Heartfelt congratulations to Joe Lieberman on his placing third in NH

Grocery store rip off rants

Something is wrong here-what are these blacked-out areas

What does the back of a smiley face look like?

I had a dream...

Man ordered to keep clothes on when outdoors

I got this in an e-mail from a friend that I thought was a Bushketeer

President Bush Speaks with Nation's Mayors at Winter Meeting (photo)

Anyone else ever drive a Corvair?

Have ya ever tried to burp and farted instead?

Greatest coach un University of Utah history resigns. =(

What is the worst officiating you have ever seen...


These car posts.... Did you ever name your car?

Acrylic fingernails: anyone had them?

Remote email access?

'The Butterfly Effect' is not a bad movie

Have ya ever tried to fart and peed instead?

Do you ever sort DU forums?

John Stossel says the media is "Leftist" so he must be right.....

Whew, I've been gone for a while- what's been going on?

A radio-show just asked me to apply for a job as Assistant Producer

Moderator warning records have been cleared. Interesting.

What movie have you watched the most times?

DU wipes our wrist slap records clean Woo Hoo

How do you put someone on 'ignore'?

Well, screw that, I'm taking the day off.

LOL! Everyone Get's A Free Pass! Mod Warnings All Deleted!

caption this cherie blair photo

Moderator warnings cleared as a Job Action against DU.

I heard a rumor, when cheney left the Pope's presence

Have Ya Ever Tried to Burp.....

Anti-Bush valentine's present

Links Please?

Okay, who else has seen "Whale Rider"?

The most terrifying film of the year!

The most terrifying film of the year!

Spork or Foon?

Scary nightmare that woke me up this morning

Breaking: New Kucinich press secretary defects to Kerry camp.

Looking for an old thread, search function not working for me

Do You Make Up Your Bed Every Day?

WWJD? (What would Jim do? - Ask me anything.

If you don't have a strong stomach, don't read this.

So, who wants to talk sex???

I'm watching 'Canadian Bacon' ask me anything!

Let's play the "related program activities" game!

I Have A Question. When You Send A Money Order Do You Sign The

Fun with Madlibs: Science Fair Project

How Crazy Am I?

I got another 23 minutes in this office. Ask me anything!

Introducing myself

Computer toolbar is now located on the right side of my

WTF??? Twisters in Hawaii?? Yesterday, about 10 touched down

How do you plan to get your first moderator warning?

what car did you learn to drive in?

Breaking: Will Pitt is new Dean campaign manager

Victoria Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood

Mmmmm.....greek salad with feta cheese.

nice tits

I am officially 14 posts shy of the 4-digit mark.


HUMOR BREAK! Senior Quickies

Protect your cat from Right-Wing mind control!

This is my one-thousandth post.

Please ban me again!

Just checked my mail, and 3 people tried to give me a virus

Cheesier Gift: Chia Pet or The Clapper?

So I met Melrose Larry Green from Howard Stern

1.75 Million AFA Emails Get $755,000 Results at FCC (and now we're broke!)

Is it possible for a Aztec to be even uglier?

I am electable dammit!

There are 10 kinds of people.

Micronap or seizure

Acrylic nails: who's had them?

Hmm, so I guess calling in was a bad idea

If I Go Ahead And Do It, Will You TOO?

Should I change my avatar image?

What's going on with my eye??? Really.

Cure For Cancer: 72 Hours Of Sex!

99th episode of Angel is on tonight!

XP experts unite. Need to change a name

Hey! Is that a Hemi?

Anyone have any good vacation ideas?

this may well be the worst toy ever conceived . . .

True Believers

To those of you who are married or who were married before

I think I'm going to adopt another cat

LA Du'ers: Wanna hook up for a mini get together?

What do you say during a roll call?

By the way, did y'all see this? (Another DU goodie)

I'm building my first website...

What fun things have you been called on message boards?

Your eyes are open Grampa.

Just back from Bowie Concert - first row seats! Ask me anything...

If I don't do it, who will?

I just paid $ 3872 to the orthodontist. Ask me nothing!

So I asked a Hummer owner...

Urinal cakes, What are they good for?


Who wants to see what PopulistMom's hubby looks like: get this description

Mrs. Kerry's Scarves

Photo: Is Bush's suit padded or is he wearing kevlar?

This week's sign of the apocalypse

What do you mean the CAPTIONS never existed???

What's the legendary movie you've inexplicably never seen?

Not All Americans Are Stupid: Take the Quiz and Find Out How You Rank

My 2 year old does a John Kerry impression

I make my Cat Mr. Streets say his prayers every night

Now my cat's a murderer: the Mika saga continues

My cat, Tans

The Extravagence of College Football Recruiting

Which musical duo or group has the best harmonies ever?

Miss me?

How to make money off "morans" on Ebay

I give up - I'm staying in the Lounge

James Brown Arrested on Domestic Violence

I'm feeling generous, so ask me whatever you want to know about me!

OK, I have definitely missed something here:

URL/Web/HTML experts: Help!


I can't stop listening to.........?

Anybody In The Know RE: Dems Rally Music?

I'm really sad. I just put my dog to sleep :(

What Will The Pig's Next Costume Be?

Moderator (remixed)

Are you going to boycott the Superbowl?

What movie do you wish you had NEVER seen?

CONFESS!!!!!! Celebrity Crushes you had when you were a kid!!!!

Democrats battle Republicans in new forum...

Here's the vote count for all the candidates

Is the Lieberman campaign the worst ran operation ever?

Will there be any more debates before Feb. 3rd?

Question for former "Stop Dean" and/or "Stop Clark" Democrats

1/27/04 South Carolina SurveyUSA polls, and some other key states

What if Edwards, Clark, Kerry, and Dean all win on 2/3?

Campaign Strategy! Where I think each campaign should focus

How difficult would it be for candidate's supporters to conduct their own

Seriously, I have a message on my answering machine

I can tell you when Kucinich will be elected President

Is Lieberman smoking some joecrack?

I think Dean getting 4th in 3 or more of the Feb 3rd primaries is likely

Wasn't there a Repuke primary tonight?

WE out number repubs 3 to 1 already

Interesting Analysis Of Dean And His Fortunes !!! - Very Hopeful !

An individual praise for each candidate...

Who saw Dennis Millers new show

Best nomination fight ever. Even beats '84. EVERYTHING is in play now.

Question about the Iowa strategy

did dean lose when saddam was caught ? wasn't that the real

Why are Al Sharpton, Dennis Kucinich and Lieberman still in the race?

Dean got more votes than Clark and Edwards combined !

Dean should veep for Edwards

Current DRUDGE idiocy... "New and Improved Kerry..."

I hope Kerry doesn't expect to win South Carolina with this kinda quote.

Dean plans to skip Feb. 3rd primaries and focus on Michigan and Washington

Kucinich supporters, let's make a deal.

oops, forget it.

Charge: Kerry opposed the First Gulf War

Scarlett Johansson showing off her Dean support!

Question? Does PA matter at all in the primary?

How do they have delegates before elections?

On t.v., they asked where all the Dean supporters will go & do.

What I've learned about politics

Y'all know what this means right? We all have to donate to our candidates

IWR, No Child Left Behind, Patriot Act, Tax Cuts for the Rich

Willy Brown just said this about Kerry...

How fun must it be to cover the Lieberman campaign?

Dean supporters only I have an important question for you

How does Edwards win the nomination?

If I Were Edwards.......

Official Stop Bush Thread

Dean to appear on all morning shows, ABC, CBS, NBC

Dan Rather on Charlie Rose: ..."and the 'young' John Edwards...."

Why at 7:45AM EST, are they still reporting only 97% of precincts?

Super Tuesday Tracking Polls

Who might run again in a future election?

Official stop Kerry thread

Bush gets only 85% of NH Repub vote! Dems get full 100%!

97% in and Edwards has closed to 700 votes of Clark!

I wish the non contenders would donate their campaign money.

Holy Coffee Beans !!! --- Was This Intentional By MSNBC ?

As a Dean supporter, who should I support now?

"We intend/expect to catch OBL within the year."

Am I the only undecided one in DU?

What is Bob Dole's problem

Since when are career politicians "unelectable"?

a family affair

Top Ten Responses To -- "I Love Kucinich But He Can't Win"

112 people wrote in Bushie in NH

I need a list of the primaries in order and by date

I like Kerry but his record is a treasure trove for Rove...

What are you prepared to do for John Kerry if he is the nominee.

Can't they get the last 3% counted?

Who Was Tuesday Night's Biggest Loser?

It could be down to Kerry vs. Clark after next Tuesday

The Almost Final NH numbers

Kerry is only third candidate in history to win both IA and NH

John Kerry Is Now The Prohibitive Front Runner

Kansas City Star Poll, Kerry leads in Missouri

Can we UNdraft Lieberman?

what will geph do?

Who really Believes Kerry can win?

Okay, after tonight is there anyone at all who does not see who the

Voting for Clark?

Arizona, Oklahoma, and South Carolina -Todays ARG POLLs

Only 1.5 % of the delegates have been chosen at this point

Official Thread for LAROUCHE supporters and well-wishers ONLY

This is what we're up against!

A quick note on Nashua, NH

Um, did we know that Will Pitt is now DK's press secretary?

One down and one to go

The Persistance Of Joe Lieberman's Campaign Is Like:

Hold the presses.....Dean still leads in Delegates!!

Are voters sheep?

Analysts say S.C. can seal it for Kerry

Who is right about Iraq since Saddam fell: Bush or Dean?

Dean in the lead with most delegates

Someone please explain how delegates

Hey all Dean Supporters

Total number of votes and delegates selected in primaries so far

Clark supporters: write Rangel, write Dinkins, write Sharpton. . .RE: S.C.

Clark endorsed by Washington Blade (DC gay paper)

More NH Info than you could possibly want

Dean's 'victory' speech last night.

217,962 people voted in the Democratic NH primary--

Fashion Police for Dem Candidates...

What sort of anti vietnam stuff did Kerry do

Clark on Leno Tonight! - (On Edit: Taped Piece...

Who will win the nomination?

Kerry/Clark/Edwards supporters - your guy's position on the Iraq invasion?

In the upcoming primaries, think of military bases and dependents....

I underestimated Kerry. He has proven me wrong.

Insider's advantage

DU this poll please

Oh I just have to do this...

BREAKING:Kucinich spokesman goes off on non-covered news stories

Not to steal a line from past posters here, But...

AZ Clark supporters/DUers-wndycty is coming to Phoenix for Clark 2nite!

Has a divorced man ever been elected president?

How Much Did the Club for Growth Ad Hurt Dean?

Joe Lieberman - "I am the one mainstream candidate in this race,"

Edwards says no interest in running on Kerry ticket!!!

What if Dean doesn't win a state but continues to lead in delegates?

Latest Arizona and South Carolina polls

New Zealand Headline: "Kerry wins Vermont primary"

What happens to Dean's passion if Kerry wins?

Which democratic candidates have children? grandchildren?

League of Conservation Voters endorses DLCer Kerry

Kerry's EXCELLENT Animal Rights Record

March 2 primary win could be vital

Somebody Sure Wasn't Thinking

Obituary for Dean's campaign (2002-2004)

Clark vows a tough fight from a determined soldier

Does Kerry = Tsongas?

Stop it! Stop it! We need to unite! Don't be sour if your guy's out.

My Frozen Dean Volunteers Report

How Did I Get On Edwards' Email List?

if first primary were in Tennesse...

Gov. Vilsack to endorse Kerry

Egads....Kerry Profile On Democracy Now This A.M.

Who here LOVES Howard Dean?

Dean supporters: Good, positive article on yesterdays vote


Urgent -- Call 2 Action for Clark Supporters --Urgent

scoring the pollsters

What is the delegate count right now?

Dean's campaign is repeating Clinton's 1992 campaign

Who voted for John Edwards yesterday?

Has any candidate ever won both IA and NH without winning the nomination?

Survey: Missouri Up For Grabs In Primary

Josh Marshall says Iowa and N.H. carry good news for all Dems

Hey Edwards supporters: my mom's with ya!

Does Dean want Kerry to win South Carolina?

CNN: Clark stakes claim as top-tier candidate

How much money do the candidates have after NH?

Deleted message

How will Edwards do in the upcoming primaries ?

Suggestion for Edwards to do better in California

Dean is better in the South than Kerry in the GE

Clark has the winning message for the Democratic Party in the South

Dean built health care plan for Vt. piece by piece (Charlotte Observer)

Close your eyes.. imagine it's the future.. Bush vs. Kerry debates..

St Louis DUers Kerry is going to be at Forest Park Community College

I'm concerned about Kerry and the South

I used to think politics was a game.

Kerry/Edwards - is this our ticket if Kerry is the nominee?

Dr Deans record on Prescription Drugs - record of accomplishments

I trust Dean to deliver health care for America --43mill. have no coverage

Two things. One today's headlines should have read...

Where do the candidates stand on foreign policy?

Kerry keeps giving South short shrift


If Kerry wins, how long will it be before we will have "buyer's Remorse"?

Hey, Let's Stop Worrying About Kerry So Much

Does anyone give a damn about Kerry's shady "connections"?...

Deleted message

why you should support Clark over Lieberman, Kerry & Edwards

OK, here's how I see the primaries going. Kerry vs the anti-Kerry

Clark out West today

Got a pleasant surprise from Clark supporters yesterday...

Why we're ALL winners after last night

Bush Secret Weapon has Kerry ties

the Dean bat keeps growing - How 'bout You

Kerry Will Fight For Votes in every state

Get ready for more 'Dirty Tricks' from the Kerry Campaign

Dean Called For Microchip ID Card to Use the Internet

Who Here Has Switched to Kerry or Edwards Since Iowa?

Newsweek - don’t count out Howard Dean just yet

fell asleep...woke up to third!!

Well, I'm glad I don't have to vote for Kerry...

Here's a campaign slogan Dean should use! Free of charge...

"Clark is Done" said Joe Scarboring, Tucker Carlson,

Why can't Lieberman face reality?

Democrats/progressives/anti-war people will all vote for Kerry in the GE

Poll: Dean worse against Bush

New Buddy Icon for AIM users

Kerry won for 2 reasons

NH Among Few States Using Paper Records for Voting. Hope it spreads!

Its Time To Rally Behind Kerry

The Appeal of Howard Dean -Why he could be Bush's more dangerous opponent

Kerry's latest gaffe .. read on

Kerry Is Winning Fair and Square

Health and prosperity at heart of Dean campaign (Fin. Times 1/28)

Interesting data from exit polls:

Breaking: New Kucinich press secretary defects to Kerry camp.

Michigan may be last chance for pursuers to derail Kerry

How open is Kerry to the "no moral center" attack?

Bad timing and unfortuneate camera angles.

Another Vote for Hope Over Anger

Dean Supporters -- Make Yourself Feel Good

Great Quote in the Boston Globe:

Dean Vows He Won't Scale Back Campaign (AP Story)

Kerry Way Ahead in Missouri at 25% to Dean 6%

I'd Like to Know More About Kerry's Position on School Vouchers

A New Hampshire Breakfast

Begala on CNN

Dean Will Endure

Something to keep in mind if media is brutalizing your guy:

Breaking: Will Pitt is new Dean campaign manager

CNN says that moderate Dems went overwhelmingly to Kerry over Dean

And the media bias keeps rolling on...

I Am So Proud to be a Democrat Today

Make-up, air-brush tanning, a haircut and botox

Easy way to throw cold water on the "Kerry is establishment" stuff

Cheap shots and innuendo define the posters more than the candidates

I'm so ABB it hurts

Congradulations to Kerry and Dean from a Clark supporter...

4% of the NH voters were Repubs. Here's who they voted for:

Just heard on

what does electable mean?

why it will come down to Kerry v. Clark . . .

Blitzer making sure Kay says war was still justified on CNN


Can't believe it!

Say hello to the new front runner

Gore has derailed the Democratic Party.....

Has Kerry commented on the Mass. Supreme Court gay marriage ruling?

Carville in the CNN war room with Begala

Let me get this straight

new SUSA poll of South Carolina: Dean tied for lead of African-Americans

Sam Donaldson: People didn't vote FOR Kerry, they voted AGAINST Dean...

Sen Kerry/Kerry supporters: I salute you

North Carolina resident comments on Edwards

Which is more important?

Morning Show of Dean saying Deficit Comes First?

BREAKING! Trippi joins Lehane in Clark campaign! New dynamic duo!

I think it might have been "Big Mistake" for Dean to focus on IOand NH

Cute Kerry Supporters at last night's celebration

Has Terry Mac ordered candidates to drop out if they don't win on 2/3?

I guess Kerry must be doing something right ...

Santorum = Forrest Gump with an attitude

Just a theory.......

Which candidate has the best chance of becoming the alternative to Kerry?

Clark/Kerry campaigns to investigate AWOL claims

Dean Supporters....MO poll

Is anyone sharpening up pencils for Write-ins on Nov. 2nd?

Anyone know history of dem nominees given iowa and NH?

Stand with Dean --- he's the one who can stand up to Bush

Trippi - in his own words

Post for Kerry supporters - A happy man. photos enclosed

Pardon me, I'm a little confused about Kerry

Why are you afraid of Dean? Kerry is the voters's most "safest" choice

Final NH results 100%: Clark takes 3rd

How Did Novac Know Dean Had Money Problems

Who is Roy Neel?

Maybe Dean trails Kerry because voters actually prefer Kerry.

Heads up Dean supporters

'The First Lie: Congress never voted for the Iraq war' aka Kerry/Edwards

What part of ......................... don't you all understand???

I'm still ABB - anybody else?

a suggestion re: other candidates' supporters

Electability math: Kerry + Edwards + Dean = Clark

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See you in 2008!

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Will Pitt . . . Repub refusal to grant extension to 9/11 Commission . . .

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Let's address Skull and Bones fears once and for all

Say hello to the Press Secretary for the Kucinich for President campaign

Odd pattern in NH. I'm just reporting the numbers here.

BCCI trial heats up in England. BushInc. will work overtime to get Kerry.