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Archives: January 27, 2004

Power Rangers (by Josh Marshall)

Krugman: Red Ink Realities

"I Couldn't Stand to Support This Dynasty of Deceit" Phillips Interview)

Salon: The Bush dynasty's dark magic

Clark Supporters: I need your help right now.

Send Them the Bills

FWD: Bring progressive radio to Chicago

Walters Set to Leave '20/20' in Fall

which network news has the least RW propaganda ?

The Term "Homeland" probably comes from here...

Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War w/ Iraq

Direct Thermochemical Hydrogen via Nuclear Energy; the Sulfur Iodine Cycle

More deaths in Aceh offensive

Algerian massacre site 'erased by police'

Since the republicans are so pro-gun,

You know what would be really swell?

Good grief - Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor here?

I need to discuss something privately with an administrator.

Is there a plan for the NH Primary?

George Steiner's Zionist heresies

Friends, Romans, countrymen

Nasrallah the liberator, anointed by Sharon

Ha'aretz (Tuesday): Final prisoner swap list drawn up

Ha'aretz (Tuesday): Arbel: an indicted public servant must suspend himself

(Whitacre D_WI) Announces Withdrawal From Congressional Race

Ousting Saddam 'no cause for war' (Human Rights Watch )

What will be the consequences of the New Hampshire primary?

Kleczka Seat Is A Prize

Did anyone else see Blitzer defend Howard Dean comments about CNN

Tauzin to Delay Exit Until March Primary

Why I am asking you to support Wesley Clark for president

Nom de Plume Vs. Dick Cheney

Jennings quotes WH: "Saddam was threat to US.... WMDs or not!"

Any word on the soldier lost in the river and the helo pilots?

Please rate this story.

This would explain the Iraq debacle...

How important is religion applied to a political candidate?

Targeted: Pineapple Face Noriega History Channel 9pmET/PT

Big Country's "Republican Party Reptile"

What do you think of this?

Freepers seem to be avoiding Kay report on WMD's

Almost forgot. In case anyone has ingested some poison and needs to

Bush's service records show a year in which there is no report of duty...

Sundance Channel now...An Injury To One...

Um... Did They Pull The Plug On Malloy ???

tweeeeeet with Norville right now

Hypocrite Matt Drudge posts attack on Clark using Democracy Now link

Should Faux start an "Iraq Reality Show"?

Can The United States Be Saved?

Canadians, help a poor ignorant American

Moore/Clark/was w a deserter? Good article in American Prospect

NY Times Book Review cover - wow!

Bill O'Reilly: "I Believe David Kay"

Homeland Security- Feel safe yet?

"President Kucinich? No, we don't think so either" Said the flyer...

Ashcroft a kook or what? Check out the last paragraph.

Pro-Life Democrats Keep Fighting Despite Presidential Candidates

I just heard Ashcroft say "Weapons of Evil Chemistry" !!!???!!!

Jon Stewart doing faux interview with Dean

Is there any way to save Iraq?

Latest spin: Iraqi scientists lied to Saddam...

A thought and prayers

Why do states keep bailing out corporations?

msnbc now a father of a soldier

can we please STOP complimenting McCain now?

can anyone tell me when we'll know...

Need Debunking help!

This is an AP story, Retreat on weapons stance may be a victory

Honoring the fallen, quietly

Mark Morford on Dennis Miller

For the last time people. McCain explained....

Did anyone see Theresa Heinz Kerry on Hardball?

Extensive web-site says that Bush is descended from extra-terrestrials...

How did we know Bush was not telling the truth.....

Five minutes into the first show, Dennis Miller declares...

Prosecutors think they can nail Pigboy Limbaugh for 10 felonies!!

Felony violation of US Patriot Act...Bush & Co. hoisted on own pitard...!!

Open Letter to Ralph Nader

From RPF: Who is your favorite Senator (not running for President)?

The Era of Conservative Talk Radio/TV

Jane Fonda , Patriot or Traitor?

Is Colin Quinn worse than Dennis Miller?

Would you vote for this presidential candidate?

Powell, 2-24-01: No significant WMD capability

Has Mel Gibson completely LOST it?

The poor (& Middle class) shouldn't have to carry the rich!

"The rich shouldn't have to carry everyone else" - Bill O'Reilly

Pinochet's atrocities

U.S. now Cuba's seventh trading partner - minister

No humanitarian case for Iraq war, says rights group

Ousting Saddam 'no cause for war'

Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths - 514 U.S. service members have died

Wyden pushes bill to extend jobless benefits (D-Oregon)

Marines Charged in Iraqi Prisoner Death

Castro seeks out Robert Redford

Cuba's Entrepreneurs Come Creeping Back

Iraqi who gave MI6 45-minute claim says it was untrue

CBO Says ’04 Deficit Will Rise to $477 Billion

Detroit News: It pays to challenge HMOs, Denials of emergency room care

White House to Review Prewar Intelligence on Iraqi Arms

Gay B.C. cabinet minister marries partner after 32 years as couple

Kay Warns Iraq Close to Civil War

Powell Frets Over State of Democracy

Last refuge (for US troops in Canada)

Bush Under Pressure Over Iraqi Elections, WMD

US budget agency: Govt debt cap to be hit July-Sept

Court to consider ending execution of juveniles

Iraqi Cleric's Citizenship at Issue (al-Sistani)

Bush open to new attacks over alleged Iraqi WMD

Limbaugh's pill use not extraordinary, lawyer says

9/11 Panel Faults U.S. for Letting in Hijackers

Loud explosions rock Baghdad (+occupation lackeys in Najaf)

LA federal judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional

Today's Windows Virus - MyDoom / Novarg

California Moves to Ban Smoking in Prisons

Travel companies seek alternative to U.S.-Cuba exchange

Dr Kelly 'did not kill himself'

Cuba postpones tightened controls on Internet use

Our candidates -

This Is A Test!

Whatever happened to CoraRose?

What Did Nicktoons do to Animanics?

I mean OLD Genesis!.... (vanity thread)

Not Sure What to Make of This

Another reason to hate Tom Brady & the Patriots

Attention Hitchcock Lovers: "Torn Curtain" on Turner Classics 8 PM EST

The price of gas is killing me.

Photoshoppers.... a rough sketch of an idea... I don't have time

I've fallen to the Dark Side, I plan to watch a reality TV series.

I'm ditching my City Council meeting!

Today In Twisted History

Crazy weather here.

Lock the toolbars doesn't always work, does it?

Interesting dialogue in The ABC movie tonight

Homer Simpson let loose on US nuclear weapons facility

Neil Bush and prostitutes; a rant

Question about strange cat behavior

Almost forgot. In case anyone has ingested some poison and needs to

Good Night, children

Before tomorrow's Oscar are the Razzies':

Make your own * speech!!!

The Secret Machines: Anyone heard them?

Wanna see some kick-ass bumper stickers?

Guilty pleasure TV show: "Las Vegas"

Who are you least likely to see at a MENSA meeting?

Poll time: Golden Globes or Golden Girls?

Plastic surgeries gone wrong on Discovery Channel.

If you could "torpedo" a WELL known person, would you?

At long last -- My copies of the 'Uncovered' documentary arrived!

What is the sexiest thing to you on a woman or man

pets in senior housing


Have you played with your tamagotchi today?

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Joel or Mike

Well, I did it.

Is this image supposed to be a subtle hint?

What DID David Kay's team find in Iraq?

GREAT NEWS FOR FINNFAN! New Finn Brothers CD due in May/June!!!!!!!!!!!!!

notable indie videos on beavis and butthead

My cat is old and smells bad around the mouth.

Anyone want a "flip the bird" cursor??.. I found one

Do you like Bible movies?

Celebrity vanity..(Disastrous plastic surgery)

Today a kid wrote White Power on the whiteboard and drew a clansman.

What's your most hated ST:TNG episode?

Do You Want To See A Really Bad Boob Job.

Bikers have some wild get-togethers, don't they? They have a Catwoman too

World Wrestling Entertainment and Howard Dean.

A little late, but it's time for the Daily Show

always knew bush was gay

Sexy glass!

Whats the first thing you think of when you see this?

A really good friend of mine died on Saturday.

DU Newbies Standup and Be Counted

Symantec offers free download to fix new Beagle virus

Austin DUer's: Esther's Follies...

and the 2004 "Dumb and Dumber" Award goes to . . . (fanfare) . . .

Fun Poll. How often did you use the word "gaffe" before the media

What is your favorite euphemism?

Dick Cheney Sells Daughter

Best Billy Squier song

What movie monster scared you most?

Passed out having blood taken

How many Lounge members does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Come on -- let's get catty. Golden Globes Fashion review coming on

What non-human thing would you be??

Books on linguistics

"The Ring"..can someone explain the end to me please??

Slate helps you pick most electable Democrat!

Candidates invited to debate in Missouri Monday night ( STL Feb. 2)

Will someone please poll us?

Dishonor Guard (Bush, Moore, Clark & Dissertion) American Prospect 1.26

After year of reporting on Dean, Mara Liasson has been switched to Edwards

Will Syria allow US to plant weapons there in exchange for no

Today's media lies and spin about Clark's supposed mis-statements.

Mrs. Kerry on hardball NOW

My problem with Kucinich

Are there any political message boards affiliated with NH papers?

Treasure Trove Of Clark's POSITIVE Media Appearances To Download :-)

Time For Some Ad-Libs

Zogby on CNBC: Kerry trending up Monday (Dean #2 / Edwards #3)

Resource for Dem campaigns: Military deaths in Iraq

Tomorrow, no matter what, it will be a Dean victory

WMUR/University of New Hampshire Final Poll

Way to go Clark supporters

One of our wonderful Clark supporters in NH (pic)

What's The Town\County In NH That Votes At Midnight Tonight, And...

RPF113's poll: Whom do you currently support?

With Arkansas Swing, Bush Targets Democratic Rivals (Edwards dump)

Faux just announced Clark "pretty much through"... :)

The Most Important Part of Today's Howard & Judy Show

LOL! Holy Joe just said he'd be happy to come in 4th in NH!

Democracy Now!: Wesley Clark Admits Targeting Civilians In Yugoslavia

Kerry & Dean bashing Dems...

Did anyone else see Blitzer defend Howard Dean comments about CNN

Malloy a Thom rerun!

Dean and Edwards get the most response from their stumps

did anybody else see that 20 year old talk about Clark on C Span?

Good luck in NH Tuesday Guys and Dolls!!!

As a Clark supporter I hope he loses in NH

Open Letter to Ralph Nader

Unlikely leader (Dean meetup infiltrated/taken over by GOP)

I've not said this before: I agree with Dean

Clark Supporters, O'Lieley just pronounced Clark's campaign bid Dead

Wes Clark Jr. on msnbc right now est.

Dean on Hardball Now

Three words why I cannot support Kerry ...

Since there are more Independents than Democrats in NH....?

O'Reilly again claims that he came from a poor background

Was Biden campaigning for Bush?

I'm not a democrate or republican or independent ... I'm an AAB

CSPAN - Dean rally in Portsmouth NH........LIVE...ON Now

Why I am lucky enough to miss the Dean rally but catch all of Lieberman's?

Dean is more interesting talking about other issues besides war. I heard

LOL--everyone's the underdog in this one

we're going to SC and OK and AZ and ND and...and...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Voting starts in 100 minutes!!!!!

candy crowley makes me ill and

Brand New ARG Poll Kerry 35 Dean 25 Edwards 15 Clark 13 Lieberman 6

I'm sorry...Dean looked insane on the Daily Show

Kerry says "If you think I would have gone to war, don't vote for me."

C-SPAN is a Godsend during the primary season

It is time for our more "genteel" candidates to lay it all out Re: Chimpy

Everybody tuned to C-Span? Dixville Notch 11:35

I was more confident before Iowa

New Hampshire Local TV On C-Span Now !!!

Edwards-Clark 2004?

Joe-mentum: What is it?

Here's why I hope the primary is VERY, VERY close.

This Dean supporter is cautious about New Hampshire.

Kevin Phillips/"American Dynasty" - Clark and Dean can indict Bush.

Final Suffolk University Poll results are in too!!

"...and I approved this message,"

New York Times: With the Race Changing Fast, Clark 'Adjusts'

What time do the polls close tommorow for the primary

Local and other county officials in California

Did I hear Joe right tonight? "I thought we needed to go to war in Iraq

We the People of the United States

Dr. Mr. Jon Stewart-Dean

NH Predictions time!

Thank you Clark, Dean, Kucinich, for never caving.

Clark at Dixville Notch turn on C-SPAN n/t

Heads up, Dean people. Check out this cool Woody Guthrie-like audio clip

I just can’t choose between Clark and Dean -

"I was deceived"

Voting starts at midnight in NH in small towns

I'm a N.C. Democrat, Edwards Disappoints

Vote Your Wish

Kerry declared winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary

Who's more presidential? ... A fair and balanced comparison ...

Clark supporters and Everyone Who's Interested in a Real

Jack the Sound Barrier. Bring the Noise.

What do Wes Clark and Ralph Nader have in common?

When will they report the Dixville Notch results?

You Say Deserter, I Say More Dessert... by Michael Moore

I'm a Skull and Bones guy but I'M voting for General Clark!

CNN Shiils for Bush Vis a vis poll numbers

They're voting in Dixville Notch now. On CSPAN. General Clark there.

We know that the Dean campaign has been the victim of dirty tricks

Is Edwards pretty much assured a spot on the ticket?

Deleted message

Why I'm Switching From Clark To Edwards....

Falling for Dean after speech tonight . . .Dean supporters . . .

Do Edwards supporters support the War in Iraq

Who's Talking About Institutional Racism?


Edwards was chastised by NOW

Neatest Conversation- Kucinich related

Edwards just handled O'Reilly, and won respect and votes.

Dean coming up on Daily Show

Predict Dixville Notch NH primary results and win!

John Kerry & Iran Contra - Information Wanted Please

Edwards Supporters, check in.

Why I chose Clark over Edwards

Dean is still spinning tall tales on the issue of race

Edwards just blew it for me on O'Reilly

Clark supporters...want to light a candle of hope and support

Announcement - Dean will Win NH

The League's Extraordinary Gentleman -John Kerry

Those two kids have really got Dean's number. A great new episode of

Cowering under Islam's sway

Never was a statement more true than this and in this case:

New Hampshire forecast aside: some campaign givens

the newyorker's take on the SOTU

The Happy Populist (Edward's Two Americas theme)

Wasted energy bill

Clark Caught in Bind by (Uniform Code of Military Justice) UCMJ !

John R. MacArthur on the Media Heathers

No Stinking Empire - Charley Reese

What a fair trial for Saddam would entail. Noam Chomsky

Good piece by Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon papers author)

Campos: CBS' eye just got blacker

Washington Post editorial 1/27) The Jobless Recovery

BBC on the U.S.: Age of Empire

Teacher arrested for carrying weapons of math instruction

Conason - Kay's conclusion is clear. The war was unnecessary.

Unemployment Could Bite Bush in the Butt


Laat ditch effort to save overtime pay

Info about Washington State Caucus 2/7 10am

San Antonio DUers: The FCC is in town TOMORROW (Jan 28)!

Don't Shop Kroger Stores!

Google Sells Out. (Hutton Inquiry)

Scott Ritter Interview Coming up Around 11:03 a.m.

Judy Woodruff: Fair And Balanced

Thomas Friedman: Fraud

Republicans: Majority Whiners & Self-Serving Hypocrites

Phe's shared thought for the day 1/27/4;

The Degree Confluence Project

I Found A Really Cool Site -

The Astrotest - A tough match for astrologers

Gay Dropped From Cabinet Hours After Announcing Marriage

Gay Democrats To Meet In Providence

Human rights panel agrees to air complaints of hate crimes,...

AIDS Quilt Creator Can Keep Benefits

Quebec Could Become Third Canadian Province To Legalize Gay Marriage

No Gay Clubs For Downtown Las Vegas

Gay Democrats To Meet In Providence

Gay Dropped From Cabinet Hours After Announcing Marriage--BC

U.S. to Start Airline Background Checks

Democrats Launch Major Gay Voter Drive

Same sex marriage and the evolution of "family"

Alien rats 'gobbling up Africa's grain'

DVD Hacker Asks Compensation in Acquittal

Some satire for the Gold Bugs

Now here is a company that puts Walmart to shame. A real little gem!

"Black Hole" in US Economy (UPDATE) -- FTC Complaint Filed

WANT JOBS? Vote Democratic

DVD Hacker Asks Compensation in Acquittal

Chemical Industry Given Private Access to EPA(Pesticides versus of Wildlif

Greenpeace under assault?

Louisville will sell sewage sludge as fertilizer

Did SA sell riot-control gear to Haiti?

25 rebels killed in northern Uganda

No profit for banks from repossessed homes - SA

Iraqi Caucuses A Long Way From Iowa...

'Globalisation does not work for the poor'

Another NRA Bigwig in the News

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 27, 2004

Are you a member of the NRA?

Defensive Gun Uses - January 2004.

Boys Suspended After Tiny Toy Guns Brought to School

Defensive gun uses for the month.


Scrubbing the Web

Please take a look at this thread lock!

Will mods start one central Vincent Hamm thread for the voting later?

Considering how angry GD2004 has been

Your anti-Hamm bias is so totally obvious

Does the "nickname rule apply to the other forums?

We need a thread category for truly stupid stuff.

Copyright issue question

I have a big gripe here

Why was this thread locked?

Another threadlock complaint.

Receiving an error on some new threads (can't go to Dookus', for example)

bad image."don't look at this picture" thread in DU gives me "fatal error"

bad images in threads?

Info on fatal errors: turn off sigs!

New England knows nothing! Only the South can pick the President!

Just a comment on "ATA" threads

Courage, Camille!

5 IDF troops suspected of taking bribes from Palestinians

Father caught between Israel and Palestine

Two-State Solution Again Sells Palestinians Short

Israeli armoring company awarded $1.1 million contract in Iraq

Olmert: Disengagement plan to begin in June

Arab League calls for IAEA inspections of Israel's nuclear sites

John Kerry: Israel lacks viable partner

Hizb Allah leader says Israel tortured him

Thirty wanted militants said holed up in Muqata

MK Steinitz calls on State Prosecutor Arbel to resign

Sharansky: Israeli 'Nazifiers' are traitors

German Trial Hears How Iranian Agent Warned CIA of Impending Al-Qaida Atta

Zakeri says he told CIA in BAKU & Osama's Son told Iran of 9/11 before -

Why do I get the funny feeling

Does anybody know something about crispy´s Anti-No-Boeing-Website?

The Tora Bora Cave Systems of Al Qaeda

What Happened to the videotapes of the hijackers?

9/11 Commission: Hanjour Most Experienced Pilot

McCain campaigns for Bush in N.H.

Shameless promotion (and a question)

Would the Dem nominee for prez keep any Bush cabinet members?

Dean needs a few more swings.

Anyone hear of 2 CNN employees dead Iraq today

Ashcroft: "Evil Chemistry" and "Evil Biology" Justify War

Where was the OTHER George on 9/11???

US, UK IT professionals seek jobs in India

We may be the left. But we are right.

New NH Poll ARG 1/24-1/26

One question on NH polls

Janeane Garafolo on Mike Webb's show now -- link

Honoring the Fallen, Quietly (a soldier's story)

Break dancers perform for Pope (surreal pic & video)

Part of Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional

Stress epidemic strikes American forces in Iraq

Dennis Miller = P.O.S.

merell streep golden globe speech?

Spy Chiefs Warn PM: "Don't Blame Us For The War"

Bernie Ward on KGO AM-810

Limbaugh lawyer denies any talk of plea deal

CIA warns of Iraq civil war

Limbaugh attorney spin is making me dizzy

For undecided NH voters, it may be important.

Amnesia of the Greatest Generation

Chess cleared of satanic links

I just heard a discussion at the local diner

Conservative Political Action Conference attendees outraged at Bush

The Tigris: Iraq's Bermuda Triangle?

More disturbing hints of right-wing slide for Canada's Liberals.

What's with all this crap about Clark and Sun Tzu

Hidden ways Corporations/Republicans finance elections

c-span caller: criticizing * is killing the troops

BBV: Need urgent help in Michigan

I am the new Youth Services Director for the Hoosier Hills chapter of the

Does it bother you that bush* gives the same speech


The American Media Covers for Bush* and Polarizes America

Today's Bushism

David Kay floats meme on WMD this morn on NBC

Isn't anyone watching live coverage of 9/11 hearings on C-span2?

911Committee Hearing C-SPAN2 now

3 more U.S soldiers blown to bits today, My sig line is obsolete!

Anyone else watching chimpy lying his ass off on TV right now?

Neil Bush's Divorce Produces Disclosures

The Panopticon Singularity

Wal Mart - Bigger & Newer than ever before

"Going against the mood"

Poor MSRNC.. They are having a meltdown..

Working and Poor in the USA

A WarHawk Flies The Coop (repuke leaving repuke party)

Paranoid Shift

Just saw the smartest Dem candidate tear apart Blitzer

Berlusconi and Bush--Messianic Leaders?

Hilarious: Cheney presents Pope with glass dove

The real losers in 2004 is Al Gore and Bradley

are the N. Hamp. people voting on the riggable touch screens?

What is it about rebublicans Turns into a Rant

Bush's photo op with Polish pres turns into WMD Q&A

Keep up the good work, Democratic C-Span Callers!

Drema's Dems aim to keep party's traditional values

Freepers joke about CNN employees just murdered in Iraq...

BBC buys up 'Hutton inquiry' Google links

Will Gen X/Gen Y presidents need military service?

CSPAN live press conference now...all about Iraq....Scott said..

"Belinda Stronach gave Paul Martin $55,000 for his leadership campaign,"

Bush: with a resume like this ...

"...a grave and gathering threat.."

Forget Alexandra Robbins

What other person in our history received a commission after three weeks

When the deomcrats win '04 will we finally get real investigations?

By not resigning, Is Gov.Rowland costing CT.Tax payers$$?

Dennis Miller claims Fox News owes him back pay; may sue

If (when) a Democrat wins

2004 Repug ticket: Cheny out - McCain in as VP. Could that be

I can't believe that they're trying to blame the CIA for bad intelligence

Focus on the Family will not take faith-based government money

What's up with MWO and Howie Kurtz?

Rove calls WH press "weenies" and other goodies on the bushgang

The real reason why Dennis Miller sold out (E! Online Oct 2003)

anyone see the cheney 'haliburton' commercial on CNN?

I Wonder. Will We Ever Have MORE BLUE STATES.

The CIA owes the White House a big fat "I told you so!"

Consumer confidence at highest level since 2002? (Hmmm)

Ted Kennedy on C-2 NOW...trashing Bush on the economy

What do you guys think of Bill Clinton?

Dick Durbin is talking about CBS rejecting MoveOn add! Dupe

Bush admits misleading on WMD-Iraq has zero? most lethal weapons?

3 more soldiers dead, no WMD's... let's VOTE HIM OUT.

Howard Dean on Rolling Stone cover

Listening to Local Texas RW Radio Show

Anyone else watching the CPAC on CSPAN2?

photo of cheney on his european tour (caution: major hypocrisy)

How U.S. Intelligence Failed - Compromise Of The CIA Analytical Division

CNN: "How Bush gets his way on the environment"

How Come They Can Find Out Martha Stewart made $40,000 off a stock deal,

Northerner Presidents vs. Southerner Presidents

Did anyone see the trucker patch on panties...

Powell actually SAID they expected Iraq to prove a negative!

Did AL Franken really tackle a Dean Protester?

Howard Dean is Making Mincemeat Out of Sean Hannity

Blair won his vote (education bill) today. This is a huge relief and a ...

Great article on Dennis Miller's show last night...Great Stuff

Local National Guard unit looking to fill 48 open positions

Sell me on your RFK assassination theory.

Iraqi Famil Care Package people.. It's been too "dangerous" to

Middle Class Says: WHAT RECOVERY?

Fire Tucker Carlson now.....please.

the WMD threat ended on May 1!

FBI: Just 200 hard-core Al-Qaeda (July 27th, 2002)

I need at least 25 Duers- Lets get on MTV message boards!

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in ’04? (MSNBC gossip)

E-mail virus alert

Bush obtained new driver's license # in 1995

Newt broke 9 of his 10 items with his CONTRACT WITH AMERICA

If you're considering Law School...reconsider. Can you say "outsource?"

Questions for Stabenow or Levin anyone?

Dr. Dean made a "house call" on Sean Hannity's show & owned him !

Arnold commits (another) felony

Sell me on your JFK assassination theory.


How Bush Missed the Opportunity to Get Bin Laden.

Poll on MSNBC: "Can a Dem beat Bush?"

MSNBC -- Students suspended for bringing a gun to school

The truth uncovered- excellent exposure

need ammunition against republican

dang, CNN playing some of the 9/11 fight attendant call...

Dobbs On Tweety...CNN report on MSNBC...

Talk people into voting!

Some more encouragement to throw at you guys

I just received an RNC "census document"...!!!

Lone Dolphin Pining Away In World's Largest Shopping Mall

United We Stand--A better poster?

Exporting Lawyers!!! Yeah!!

Bush Not Popular at this Year's Winger Convention

BBV: Ohio counties using DREs in 2004 GE (official list from SoS)

Read Perfectly Legal: It could hold the key to a democratic victory in 04

Sell me on your MLK assassination theory.

Bush is NOT a southerner.. He's a Northeasterner.. Let's USE that in ads

Kucinich disavows LIHOP on Hannity's radio show

Are we DUers the real "conservatives"? Let's list the ways

Report of Cheney's visit to Caserme Ederle, Vicenza, Italy today

Does it bother you that Bush* was warned of 9-11 and did nothing?

I finally get the Bush Administration's thought process. (Seriously)

"weak, inarticulate, dangerous, liar, speechless"

Please DU this AOL poll

Michael Moore stands by his "deserter" remarks!

Tony Blair Democrats? Give me a Break!

CSPAN - Dick Durban NOW NOW NOW on the floor of the US Senate

The effect of war on women

BBV: Market Place on NPR

What percent of taxes (income) do the top 1% pay, top 5%,

Propaganda creates reality: Why Bush will win.

Eugenics in the US. 19th Century inspires Nazis

Lincoln - new early photo! Fascinating for history buffs!

Iraq Bombings Kills 6 U.S. Soldiers Today

Did Clinton help China acquire ICBM technology?

Bob Novak assaults man who calls him a traitor

a reminder concerning war (with links)

The Myth Of Al Qaeda

The Democrats are out to get you

Trying hard not to gloat

Request: whereabouts of 9/11 "Lone Gunmen" pilot episode

Death penalty for juveniles: Should U.S. maintain or abolish this policy?

"Fancy Inflation Hacking Which Sells Cars".

When does life begin?

OSP "Office of Special Plans" presented BAD intel NOT the CIA!..must read

BBC (Tuesday): Blair preparing for crunch 48 hours

Blair 20 votes from safety | Guardian

Conn. Governor Impeachment Panel Gets Unanimous OK

20 Iranian pilgrims 'kidnapped' - in Iraq

U.S. Threatened with Iraq War Crimes Trial

Suicide bomber kills peacekeeper (in Kabul)

Museveni marks 18 years in power - Uganda

Among Voting Veterans, Military Experience Sells

Bush Hails Al Qaeda Arrest in Iraq

White House's WMD retreat weakens Blair

British team makes last-ditch attempt to reach Beagle 2 on Mars | CBC

Second Thai boy dies of bird flu | BBC

South Koreans Ponder Just How Far Corruption Reaches | LA Times

Clinton's Gift to Internet Age - Only 2 E-Mails

Britain Faces ICC Investigation Into Use of Cluster Bombs

Guards at Plant Tipped to Mock Attacks (nuclear weapons)

No humanitarian case for Iraq war, says human rights group

High hopes as congressmen meet up with Gaddafi

Iraq's Saddams queueing up to get rid of 'rubbish' name

Penalties for all illegal drugs under review (in the UK) | The Guardian

Annan to Send Election Assessment Team to Iraq

More details of Army's abuse probe surface (Female Iraqis clothes removed)

NZ accepts asylum seekers from Nauru | ABC (Australia)

New Hampshire forecast aside: some campaign givens

Several hurt in Iraq blast

EU's Mind "Made Up" On Microsoft

Scientists Explore Lakefront Property, in the Sahara | NY Times

Clark Wins Dixville

Iraq to Probe Alleged Saddam Oil Bribes

Iraq War Not Humanitarian, Group Says

U.S. will wait for report on arms -- New White House position evolving

US Auto Loan Racket -- FTC Complaint Filed 01/27

X-Rated Filings In Bush Divorce

Private-sector health role supported by Stronach

U.S. Casualties Feared in Iraq Blasts

BBC (Tuesday): UN to rule on elections in Iraq

Iraqi who gave MI6 45-minute claim says it was untrue

Cheney watch: He just finished reenlisting 4 soldiers in Vicenza, Italy

Judge says Arnold broke campaign laws


'Solemn journey:' Impeachment panel wins OK (CT Gov. Rowland)

More Troops Needed in Afghanistan, Senator Says; Bomb Kills Canadian...

Stonecipher's Visit Takes On Higher Profile (Boeing Wichita Sale)

Soldiers battle anguish as Iraq tours are extended again

U.S. Troops Discover Car Bomb Near Iraqi Governing Council Office

Eugenics in the US. 19th Century inspires Nazis

Kurtz will be fired! Charges of Personal Influence Peddling at Wash Post

Brown hints at Blair's resignation in interview

Iraqi Kurds Threaten to Force Turks Out

Suicide Bomber Strikes Convoy in Afghanistan, Kills Canadian Soldier, Afgh

Speedy Worm Invades Email Inboxes

Experts question Kelly 'suicide'

Iraqi exile group says WMD intelligence it gave Britain could be false

Iraq to Probe Alleged Saddam Oil Bribes

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed West of Baghdad

U.S. Official: New Iraq Contracts to Be Open to All

WP: War Issues Cloud Cheney Trip, Questions on Intelligence Persist

White House split on how to restore Iraqi self-rule

Defector: Bin Laden son "Forwarned Iran of 9/11"

Bush Backs Away from Iraq WMD Certainty

Mexican Authorities Find 11 Bodies Buried at House Near U.S. Border

9/11 panel's report critical of FAA-discounted idea of suicide strikes

Pictures of food!

War Issues Cloud Cheney's Trip

exit polls: Kerry 36; Dean 31; Edwards & Clark 12 each

White House brushes off Kay WMD comments

The Economy Takes a Ribbing and Other Bush* Reruns (Milbank)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 27 January (#1)

Bush Defends War Decision With Iraq (Ashcroft stunner)

FCC proposes $755,000 fine against Clear Channel Communications

Dean's unpaid Deli Debt

National Review Online: Early Results: Kerry 36%Dean31%Clark/Edw 12%

Study: That Neanderthal was not your grandfather | CNN

Ohio Co. Admits Overbilling Blacks

Indiana Gay Marriage Amendment Dies

Stacking Bodies: Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attack

Vote for Second Discussion of Tuition fee bill about to be announced

U.S. to Start Airline Background Checks

LaRouche supporters disrupt Democrats

Court rules Quebec gays should be allowed to marry immediately

UN to assess Iraq poll plan, six US soldiers die

Judge doubts Hatfill suit will harm anthrax probe


Dean Accuses Rivals Of Anti-Gay E-mail Campaign

South Korea holds IOC vice-president | BBC

Feud in Polygamist Town Has Authorities Worried About Violence

Critique of Bush's speech needed an injection of reality

Mutual Fund Whistleblower Tells of Beating

Ashcroft Praises Austrian Police Unit

Budget Office Deepens Fiscal Gloom for Bush

CNN: Cheney, pope meet at Vatican

State layoff impact still under wraps (California)

Official: Libyan nuclear material in U.S.

O'Neill Stands by Bush Criticism in Book

Kraft to Cut 6,000 Jobs, Close 20 Plants

Jack Paar has passed at 84

Arizona Girl, 3, Survives Days in Wrecked Frigid Car (w/dead mom)

Two CNN Employees Killed in Iraq

Memo-Leak Probe Expands to Frist's Office

Defector: Bin Laden Son 'Forewarned Iran of 9/11' (and CIA)

Three Iraqi Guerrillas Killed in Raids

Union Confirms Layoffs At Local Ford Plant (Kansas City)

Justice Dept. Finds No Patriot Act Abuse (Zero out of 1286 complaints)

(Schwarzenegger) broke campaign law, judge rules

Schwarzenegger Calif. Campaign Loans Ruled Illegal

9/11 Panel to Ask Congress for 60 More Days

US denies 'imminent' threat warning.

Blair wins key top-up fees vote (BBC)

Colorado GOP Asks for Redistricting Stay

Rove Teases Press Corps "Weenies"

UK TV: Hutton inquiry conclusions leaked to Sun, "BLAIR CLEARED"

CNN Breaking: Tape of 9/11 Flight Attendant Reporting Hijacking

Congressman under fire for job offer (Medicare Bonus)

Six U.S. soldiers killed in attacks in Iraq

2 nurses charged with murder in Miami juvenile jail death

Teenager's Conservative Club Causes Uproar

High-speed rail system best for state's (CA) travel needs - AP

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in ’04?

I just can’t choose between Clark and Dean -

new Savage Weiners advertisers 01/26

My Adventures at NCOR

The Bush house of evil

new Hannity advertiser Purell . . . an online place to store your photos for free . . .

I found my valentine

If we're supposed to have "perfect" boobs, how about this?

Why Hamm when you can have Pork-Chop

The Media is pushing Vincent Hamm

Do You Want To See A Really Bad Hand Job.

You can sing "You Don't Mess Around With Jim" over the Sesame St. theme

Have I Offended Somebody?

Are there any pro Factory-farming websites? (HELP)

You know how I found out about Hamm?

Here's a riddle...straight from today's headlines

Irony of the year?

GD 2004 is hamming it up better than the lounge tonight ;-)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The mods are on a rampage!!!!!!!!


DU late night chat (free Hamm jokes, ham sandwhiches, and ham)

i heard he was going

All this Hamm stuff makes me want to run for Pres.

Trekkers: How is 'Enterprise' doing

Stopping Hamming this message board!!!!

"Moon Over My Hammy"

I just slammed my Hamm.

"Joementum" - the new fragrance for men

Does anyone know if Hamm went to Yale?

Anyone else getting a ton of Hamm spamm?

I gave my cat an enema.

Child porn Web sites up 70% in 2003: report

Mia Hamm

The Freeper argument goes on. Will this guy ever give up?

Is anyone else sick of the cold?

Chess cleared of satanic links

Check out this link to see why Ontario is such a great place to live......

Oscar nominee list is out!

Ever look outside and based on the weather

Virus Alert: WORM_MIMAIL.R

I'm such a princess

I'm sick...Not for the squeamish

Oscar vs. Hamm

I just voted for Kerry.

Now this movie just looks screwy.

Oh crap!

remember the old text games from outfits like Infocom?

Jury Clears Cow In Car Accident

That #[email protected]*%! Dido song!

I f*&#*ing hate winter.

Tony Blair's voice = Terrance and Philip

Mississippi To Ban False Fingernails

Cell Phone Explodes - Burns Man's ASS

George Bush vs a box of Tic-Tacs

Kentucky Fried Fish? - Bird Flu Took The "C" Out Of KFC

Weapons of Math Instruction

Anyone experiencing problems with the Internet?

just took montana to vet.... ask me anything

Coachella Festival to include the Pixies and Radiohead

Librarians...What course of study does one follow to become a Librarian

Funny animation

The Quest for the Crown

Need an update...apparently missed the whole "Hamm" thing

candidates and their pets....

Has MrsGrumpy finally gone round the bend?

DU tech experts, I need a suggestion

Barbarians...What course of study does one follow to become a Barbarian?

"Joe-Mentum": dumb and dumber

Ways To Annoy Bathroom Friends

favorite lyrics

Buying books!!! (Suggestions Please!!)

Why I support Hamm.....

Anyone remember the 1984 BBC TV Movie "Threads"?

Midwest we are getting WHACKED again with snow

Please Consider my book about baseball great Bob Feller.

I received a weird email with an attachment

Twenty-five E-mail Subject Headings You Don't Want to Use in your Office

Was the movie called "Special Report?"

can you help w/ reading a file extracted from winzip?

Trekkers: How is 'Enterprise' doing

Looking for Bush photo-morph URL

Musical Politics

Winners of the Wacky Warning Label Contest

Satan, Pope square off in Final Conflict

I thought of a great invention for web designers!!

Anyone need some funny Shrub pictures to spread around?

80's randomness continues: TV show about a little robot girl...

minus 54 degrees in Calgary!!!

"GIGLI’s a Really Big Hit…with RAZZIE® Voters!"

Doomsday Scenario Poll

Need help finding my muse

Anyone remember the TV Movie "The Day After"

The Underground Kingdom of Light

Have you heard the new Dean remix?

What's your favorite meme?

Sig Line/HTML Question

Boston/Cambridge/Cape/Metrowest DUers - Snow Coming

Pictures of food!

How about a sent folder for PMS?

My head hurts from beating it against a wall.

Wicked...Wickedly good!

Wax fruit... What is it good for?

Dirk Pitt? Not Matthew McConaughey!

Remember the penguin/yeti game? I just got 1200!!

Have any women here taken a R.A.D. course?

Houston Light Rail

Is anyone else getting a "Fatal Error" while trying to open some

The Oscar Nominations have been announced

I have a crush on Naomi Klein.

Should I post in GD2004?

Likely Best Picture nominees

Should Be a 10th Circle of Hell for Spammers

where is the Oscar thread???

CBS is a Dingbat

"So, you still call yourself a Republican?" (Gimme some input, DU)

Just listening to Kilimanjaro by the Teardrop Explodes

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss

1 billion seconds ago it was 1972, who did the math and came up with

The Gallery of Regrettable Food

Creative Ways to Dispose of Dennis Miller's Books

50 car Pile Up here near Ionia MI geezus!

The Unofficial Oscar Thread

Did anyone see the trucker patch on panties...

Anyways,I have this little muscle twitch in my eyelid. It's been going on

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House

Pilot's Gripe Sheet

That's IT! I'm on STRIKE again!!!

I'm Getting A Intestinal Gas When I Click A Thread

Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Wanna see an 8" boner?

So I "braved the cold" and went to a local library today

School House Rocks!

People who back in to parking spots...

If this has been here before--Sorry--Create your own conspiracy...

Highjackers Suprised to Find Selves in Hell

RIP Jack Paar: 1918-2004

I got carded while buying vinegar today.

Career Change

YOU decide Tucker Carlson's Fate! HOW Should He Spend Eternity?

Strangers with Candy.

Bush 2004 campaign promises to restore integrity to white house

Oooo My very own Nigerian Bank scammer is falling for MY bait..

This thread is unlockable.

Anybody else watching "My Really Stuck Up Humorless Fiancee"

Al Franken bodyslams Dean critic

Book recommendations--National Security State?

Sunday afternoon-Golf? the Bob Hope Classic? No a 700 Club Telethon!!!!

Fear of clowns?


Anybod know of a good, small scale for weighing food?

Roddick Ousted at Aussie Open

Anyone else getting Republican ads on Opera?

Now this guy knows how to moon ya...

who will be voted out tonight on democratic survivor?

Want to make BIG, Looooong URL Links.......tiny? Here's how.

I'm getting a fatal error when I click on a thread.

Today's Poll: Who is your muse?

If you're happy and you know it bomb Iraq

What a terrible day

OSCAR nominations - complete list

A Church / State Question for Fellow Atheists

IF you think I'm sexy, AND you want my body...

I was looking for a picture to caption...

Ok, so what's the name for this particular style of humour

Hack! Sneeze! Ache! Groan! (Thanks, Paddy!)

CAPTION Cheney offering a false idol to this guy

You might be a Republican if........

Gay or Straight can you tell?

Play the Hecat or Shecat game

Aint no GLakes boots in my company

Is my primary use for DU to post complaints about my husband?

Dang ol' Boomhauer, man!

The Female or Shemale game

Momma's got a squeeze box, daddy never sleeps at night

How NOT to get a car out of a snowdrift


What the worst episode of Star Trek: Voyager?

Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse


I saw something distressing on the mars rover site...

My fairy tale about ZombyWoof and GOPisEvil in the land of Kef's closet...

CAPTION-The WMD information was off by thaaaaaaat much

Going to Tampa next month....

Is this worthy of being called a joke ?

Which Starfleet Captain are You?

Get ready to puke

Anyone have a cat that doesn't vomit enough?

What's the dumbest Oscar win?

Bush Psalm 23rd

Cutest Couples!

Where can I find a job?

This is the funniest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN!

New Hampshire Upset: Grover Sweeps Primaries

Dog Owners: I need help

A co-worker just told me why the repugs are interested in Mars...

I feel sorry for Dean supporters..

Do you believe in ghosts? My ghost story

is anyone else listening to the morons calling into CSPAN this morning?

10 most dangerous intersections & photos. Do you live near one?

Republican Mensa IQ test ....You have to take it

Who is your favorite superhero?

DON'T look at this picture.

Plsu, Oy'd yo,r gpt s etpmh lru [pdy...

I find the Hamm threads rather rye!

Very Gneiss!

SR-71 "Sled" stories...

Just another attempt at a GOOOOOD MORNING thread!

For those of you interested in NH results (thus far)

Results of Dixville notch

No wonder they call it Dixville.


One for WES!

Results from Hart's Location NH

Hart's Location

Clark Takes Hart's Locations

Hart's location

Clark leads NH in early returns

George W. Bush never visited New Hampshire in this primary cycle

Who is Vincent Ham?

Clark is a Rhodes Scholar

Hamm ties Lieberman in early voting!

Is Vincent Ham a Democrat?

I Don't Want Establishment

Do you think Vincent Hamm's campaign is good for DU

Sorry, mistake.

Drudge has a link on Clarks Early wins...

Will Clark get a bounce from winning early?

Stop Ham or ABH

Dixville says...

I do not like that Vincent Hamm. I do not like him Sam I Am.

Why Hamm when you can have Pork-Chop

Hamm says he's most delectable

Is Vincent Hamm an Islamophobe?

Candy Crowley loves Hamm...

Did Hamm get endorsed by the NH Muslim population?

Joe Lieberman reportedly upset at "Jews for Hamm" campaign

The Media is pushing Vincent Hamm

Fox says put a fork in him, Hamm is done

Karl Rove fears Vincent Hamm

Vincent Hamm indicted for port barrel policies.

DRUDGE REPORT flash: Vincent Hamm's sordid past comes back to haunt him

Exil Polling and when we will know the results

I'm volunteering in Nashua, NH tomorrow for Clark

Kerry will win NH

Who the bleeding Christ is Vincent Hamm?

Clark wins in Harts, New Hamphsire!!

I support Don Lautenbach, Emperor of America

Breaking!!: Porky Pig announces MAJOR endorsement for Hamm.

Dean just said that he never offered Hamm the VP slot.

Rumors Hamm may offer VP spot to Sun Tzu

Was Lieberman in Skull and Bones?

Hamm...the other white meat.

What a brilliant move by the Clark campaign

My new dream ticket: Vincent Hamm and Mia Hamm

it's nice to see a little congeniality and humor here....

Babe's endorsement sparks fury.

The official Dixville buzzkill thread

Hamm can't cut the mustard in Dixville Notch.

There is no joy in Dixville...

CSPAN NOW: Sen. Joe Lieberman, demonstrating Joementum

Hamm got 22 votes in 2000, what will he get this time?

am i to late?

Clark makes hash of Hamm

Are you freaking out?

Don't Forget Political Compass

Boston Globe Poll - Kerry has 17 point lead, Clark battling for 4th

Will the Dems carry the * AWOL states of Texas and Alabama?

Can Vincent Hamm win in the south?

Go shopping for a president on Amazon. Gov. Dean Leads donations

I've made my choice. I'm NBVH.

Does anyone have the link to Vincent Hamm's site?

Ah, screw New Hampies! This is what I'm obsessin' 'bout now. (new polls)

MSNBC webpage shows no respect for Clark!

ONE thing ALL supporters should pray for tomorrow (EVERYONE)

Undecided, and Out of Time in New Hampshire

For all of you Naysayers who think that Clark's Win is a joke....

My prediction: Kerry wins NH by more than 10%

Clark Supporters

From RPF: Who is your favorite Senator (not running for President)?

What do you guys think of Bill Clinton?

Suffolk one-day Jan 26 poll, Kerry up by 18

Is it significant that none of the "Independents" voted for Bush??

So, does anyone have any exit polls yet?

UK government aide on the NH primary

Dem candidates make last push in New Hampshire, Clark wins first votes

Donor Money Scrubs Websites

UK Guardian on the candidates hair!!!

Kids....I'm feeling pretty good

Lest we forget our ultimate goal: three years ago today...

Clark Wins First Votes in N.H. Primary


Kerry Lead Shrinks to Three Points in New Hampshire

DU Newbies Standup and Be Counted

Howard Dean's Super Duper Not So Secret Weapon To Win The South

Exit Polls

the Republican Primary ?

Any Word On Turnout In New Hampshire (Not Exit Polls Just #s)

Enough with the debates.. Sheez.. c-span said 2 or 3 more debates

Question about Kerry & Independent voters

Why I Think The Media and the RW Don't Want Clark in the GE

The Polls are Nuts!!

Kerry: Forget the South ?

Oscar nominations obviously a Karl Rove distraction tactic

how do we hear about results

Dean and Lieberman up next on CNN (9am)

In New Hampshire, Health Care Is On Voters' Minds

But in all serious, I got an irrelevent question about Dixsville & Clark

Freepers support JOE LIEBERMAN

Does Clark drop out if he finishes 5th?

The Media have been an "utter disgrace"- and the people get con'd again

Kerry the Scull and Bonesman

What would be an appropriate exclamation to make if Dean wins today?

Clark Supporters: We will finish first

Hints, but No News, Before 8

Half of NH voters have seen Dean's "Scream" speech 5+ times

Chances of a Dean win in NH?

The compressed Primary Schedule - March 2nd should determine Candidate

Noonan - Republicans are scared of Wes Clark

At this late stage, is it still possible to like all the candidates.....

Clark misspeaks again

Is that earthquake indicator in NH Franken slamming heckler?

I had no idea there were so many presidential candidates

AS a newly anointed member of the 700 club

Let's all pray that "JoeMentum" comes in 5th!

Clark's new positioning strategy: "I grew up poor"

Anyone see Edwards on O'reilly last night?

John Kerry greets supporters outside polls at Jewett St School, Manchester

Question for Deanies from a Deanie

The Media : If you know who they support, they are biased..

Kerry snowball fight video

Is it "Fair and Balanced" to say a candidate is "through" before one vote

Clark Wins Inital N.H. Primary Votes

NH speaks! The winner has been declared......

"He speaks to issues that mean a great deal to us."

Dean Leads in NH Polls

The Only NH Surprise (another lame prediction)

Comic relief: Dace Barry's been following the N.H. primary

Crowds Size Up Edwards (Wash Post)

Can Republicans in NH vote in a Democratic Caucus?

Who will finish third in the New Hampshire primary?

Why Plato hated democracies . . .

Who will quit after Nh?

Gephardt endorsing Kerry tomorrow?

Can Kerry excite the crowds like Clark, Dean and even Edwards?

Did Wes Clark really read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" seven times ??

When You See Your Candidate Attacked (here on DU) Do You....

Lowry claims Edwards is too Successful to be President

Why I support Hamm.....

Where the hell is Josh Marshall TPM ( He's been reporting from NH)

Clark's victory speech

What time are tonight's results expected at?

Bugger CNN -- Tucker Carlson doing primary coverage this AM??

has anyone else suddenly appeared on Edwards' mailing list?

Dean stiff Iowa deli to the tune of $900

How will Lieberman do tonight?

Dean and Clark --- Both anti-privacy?

Any News on Turnout Yet?

Exit Polls - Who's Winning?

Republicans propping up Dean

The candidates name is Joe Lieberman...

Why is Deans post-Iowa speech referred to as a "concession" speech?

Any other Deanies almost ready to remove their bumper stickers?

Under-30's are NOT Pro-Bush; That's Media-Whoring

Final predictions anyone?

IF Kerry's becuase the repugs supported him just like they

Presidential Candidates with "problem" siblings

Anyone see The Daily Show's take on "Joementum"?

Democrats just want to beat Bush - any Dem who can will do

Joe Lieberman you are a great Democrat!

Strategic Voting: Have You Ever Done It?

Clark Caught in (Uniform Code of Military Justice) UCMJ Bind!

Bush wins in NH!! read this caption (not mine) carefully

L.A. Clark Supporters: NH Results Party at The Knitting Factory Tonight!

Message to my fellow DUers on the eve of NH - from a Kerry Supporter

So who's ahead now kids?

"G W Bush did not do everything he could to protect America..."

"...Clark going down like the Hindenburg.." On FOX-TV

what time do polls close in New Hampshire?

Fox News: Edwards, Clark vying for third (in contradiction of

Democratic Candidates Photo Unity Thread

Wolfie's badgering of Wes Clark re "viability"question makes me livid...

Bush Better Than Clinton on Iraq, says Kerry

We who work in the news media owe Howard Dean an apology

Why do 54% of the UNDER-30 voters support Bush ?

At one point do we start pulling together behind one candidate?

I fear Dean will win NH because of Bush-supporters voting for him

Good luck to all candidate supporters tonight

And on Tuesday's the Dems collectively hold their breaths

Is NH going to be slammed by severe weather tonight!?

Doomsday Scenario Poll

Ok, can someone tell me how New Hampshire divides delegates?

Kucinich collecting bbv data

"Kucinich's message of peace draws young volunteers" 1/26/04

Kucinich's compassion for a homeless man

If Kerry wins the nomination, who should be his VP?

Anybody have a way of getting exit poll #'s?

Daily Kos: 1 PM Exit Poll Reports

Kerry vs. Edwards (on the issues).

The Pubs job at this point is to Confuse us Dems. They come to stir

I want to go to the debate in SC

Edwards makes it to the editorial cartoon page


St. Louis DUers - Kerry will see you in St. Louis

Fox News & Brit Hume hate Clark on a visceral level, which I find

I've got to give it to Howard Dean-

At least one Kerry staffer must think we're very dumb

Dennis Kucinich: Candidates Tiptoeing Around WMDs

Article on South Carolina

Ted Kennedy on C-2 NOW...trashing Bush on the economy

Well if Lieberman does moderately well, we know why

Are New Englanders out of touch with "electablility" reality?

Is there a poll for Virginia?

Let me enlighten you, even if Kerry wins NH,he FAR from the sure thing

A reminder of what's at stake in 2004

Kerry 37% Edwards 23 Dean 22 Clark 11 Lieberman 5 Kucinich 2

Deleted message

So now they're pushing exit polls?!

Clark Caught in Bind by (Uniform Code of Military Justice) UCMJ !

universal healthcare and domestic violence.

Will tonight be as bad as last week?

Kerry has huge lead in Michigan

Kerry Launching TV Advertising Blitz

My ranking of the candidates, and why.

Kerry launching multistate advertising blitz Wednesday

Wes Clark will be on Wolf Blitzer.

Northerner Presidents vs. Southerner Presidents

Concerning candidates that oppose bush on war

Dems waste time in New Hampshire while Bush campaigns in Ohio

MSNBC first exit polls released at 4 pm eastern

N.H. freeze no match for San Diegans supporting Gen. Clark- SDUT

The Dixville analysis

Exit Polls

1/23-25 Arizona poll: Kerry 24%, Clark 21%, Edwards 15%, Dean 10%

Any news on the Puke exit-polling?

Why Didn't Kerry Speak Out?

Why did Dean give Bush a pass when Kerry was willing to criticize him?

Kerry will give the White House to Bush

record turnout- music to my ears

KUCINICH on Hannity right now!

kuch coming up with wolfe on cnn

Who's more Electable?

Sean Hannity just announced that Howard Dean is on his show this eve...

The boy at Dixville Notch, John Kerry and electability

is the threshold for delegates in NH 10 or 15%?

Clark gives * a pass on NPR

How will it end?

My letter to NPR Ombudsman re recent campaign coverage:

Why no Exit Polls? Is Clark Moving Up or something?

CNN: Anti-Kerry Attack flyers has been Flooding NH. Who Takes Credit?

Night Time In New Hampshire

Clark with Blitzer - Comming on Now 5:12 PM Eastern

Fellow Dems, I have a great idea!

WMUR New Hampshire ABC outlet has some interesting articles

Drudge flash: Kerry and Dean in a slugfest

Appreciation Thread

Just spent a day at the polls

NH Deaner's check in!

Drudge: Lieberman contemplates suspending campaign

What do you think of DU members who disagree with you on the primary?

Can Someone Justify Dean's Attack on Kerry for Voting Against Gulf War?

Clark Leading Oklahoma

Watched Dean, Kerry, Edwards & Lieberman on Democracy now:

Exit Polls? Anyone

In one ward, early signs point to Kerry

CROSSFIRE: Kerry fake hockey game good, Dean honest about Iraq bad

I'm hoping all the candidates stay in the race thru the next primaries ...

LaRouche groupies endorse Kerry?

In Praise of Dennis Kucinich

Did Clark Skipping Iowa Hurt Him In New Hampshire?

Question about Teresa Heinz-Kerry from Hardball

The Thrill of a Horse Race

The Democrat Party is alive and well in Peterborough, NH.

any new exit polls?

"Some People Are What the Times Demand"

For those Politicians who support the War! Six more troops died today!

Fun test to find your presidential candidate soul mate

In small states, how much are Newspaper endorsements worth?

Clark Supporters: How would you respond to this?

Is Howard Dean making a comeback? John Kerry thinks so!

NBC reports that Clark has already left NH for SC

MSNBC's exit poll numbers coming in minutes

Bush vs. Larouche

Just in: One of the largest turnouts in NH history!

Dean says that Kerry should quit "whining"

Populist tax plans: Edwards vs Lieberman

Edwards not on ballot in some states - going to court to find out if can

Survey USA-SC: Edwards in first, 32%, 15 points ahead of Clark in 2nd.

Dean on Hannity...Kerry and Edwards on O'Reilly....I like this

Wow! Another cliffhanger! Is this exciting or what?

The Networks Go Around the Bend, or to say it another way

St. Louis DUers - John Edwards to visit Blueberry Hill

Primary Coverage: Which Network Isn't Freeped?

I would like to congratulate the winner in advance - whoever he is

Colorado anecdote

On Fox: Dean Supports Aggressive, Interventionist Military Policy. OKaay!

Delegate Counts - why does Dean have more than Kerry?

Is there a more bunch of miserable people than those on Hardball?

Here's why Kerry can still challenge Bush on the war

CBS: Bad news for Bush (Polls from NH)

Dean demonstrates what he will do to Bush if nominated

Howard Dean is Making Mincemeat Out of Sean Hannity

OK...Beat the professional pollsters. Give us your percentages...

Will Edwards win the spin tonight?

Stop it! Stop it! We need to unite! Don't be sour if your guy's out.

I said a prayer for Gov. Dean this morning.

Edwards a lightweight?

Now I understand what a leader is.

Behold the Dixville Bounce

If Clark wins New Hampshire,

Clark on Open Government

The very unofficial NH predictions thread:

Quotes about, and one from, Wes Clark--copied from the Clark blog

New Hampshire exit polls hold out hope for November

Clark supporters - raise a glass

Young Clark Supporter banner (cute w/adult language!)

Our plans for the New Hampshire primary

Dana Milbanks spills the bean's GOP afraid of Clark

feel pretty good today.....


By These Issue Stances - Can You Figure Out Which Candidates I'm Comparing

I, for one, will be sorry to see Lieberman go

Wall Street Journal: Corporations are Scared of John Edwards

Links to tracking the New Hampshire returns:

The Tension is so bad about NH Vote......I had to turn the TV OFF!

Right hates Clark because he was said to be Clinton's Man

Would any Dean supporters have supported the UN removing Saddam

Can Republicans in vote in a Democratic Primary?

Peggy Noonan declares GOP fear of General Clark

Clark gives in to Wolf Blitzer

Didn't the Entire Collective Media Declare Howard Dean Finished Last Week?

Final Zogby poll for New Hampshire: Kerry 37, Dean 24, Edwards 12, Clark 9

Final Polls lost of em' for 1/26

A third party What if

Very cute, very telling take on Joe Lieberman

My God! Wolf is really trying to screw Clark!

Will Edwards drop out if he loses SC?

Any Missouri (area) DUers?

Tucker Carlson is declaring Clark DOA on CNN as we speak

Has DU always been this far right?

Fellow Dean Supporters- A Plea for Restraint

Dean campaign printed my idea for a newspaper (must look) -The Dean Times!

Taking the rock out of your shoe, or Joe is done

Which candidates are ready to pull the us out of Iraq NOW???

Sen. Jon Corzine endorses Kerry

How many conspiracy theories

Is the South different?

Just saw the smartest Dem candidate tear apart CNN's Blitzer

Why do DU'ers dump all over the South and not the Great Plains States?

I just heard the most hilarious bit on the local radio @Howard's Scream

Good luck to everyone tonight and congratulations/condolences...

First Exit Poll Kerry 36 Dean 31 Clark 12 Edwards 12

Al Franken knocks down Dean Heckler

CNN must think Dean won it.

Top Ten Responses To--

I have a confession to make.

Fox Dayside Sliming Kerry re. 1971 Senate Testimony Against War.

How can Kerry challenge Bush on the War should he win the nomination?

When the cameras are not on Kucinich--

Is THIS Presidential?

ABC sneakily employs push poll against Dean

Democratic Candidates Photo Unity Thread

What part of "A northeasterner can't get elected" do people not understand

Don't yield the weight of unified voices - Kucinich is the Party's soul

Clark not Edward is the Better V.P. for Kerry. Synergies are Powerful