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Archives: January 26, 2004

You must read the words of a member of the United States Army:

George Soros: The US is now in the hands of a group of extremists

'Liberal' is a dirty word for George Carlin

Female GIs reporting rapes by U.S. soldiers

Soros: The US Is Now in the Hands of a Group of Extremists

Helen's War: Portrait of a dissident

One Deaniac's activism, from Ellensburg, WA

BBC (January 25): Lula calls for trade revolution

Xinjiang Desert Growing By 400 Sq. Km. Annually - Xinhua

Philippine Senator Blames Deforestation For Water Shortage

Australia: "Last Chance" To Stop Pirate Fishing In The Southern Ocean

Is relativity wrong?

Second Mars Rover Sends Pictures to Earth

Bush-Cheney Energy Strategy: Procuring the Rest of the World’s Oil

`J'ACCUSE!' America's Dreyfus Affaire

My "Kerry has the personality of a..."

I seem to see a lot of people who look like disruptors

Rabin's killer applies to marry

No Exit

Hamas proposes 10-year truce for Israeli pullback

Israeli Demolitions Leave Many Homeless

NIST Testing Controversial Theory of WTC Collapse!

How much influence do pro-choice groups have over the election?

Using PayPal for political contributions

60 minutes Ed Bradley and his earring

The 50 lies that took the UK to War (The Independent-UK)

Terribly sad program on Discovery/NYT (directv chan 285) Afghan kids

Jury Said to Hear Evidence in C.I.A. Leak (Plame)

Bush is a Uniter not a divider..

Link on Comander in AWOL

B Rapoport -- the richest guy in Waco.

Who has taken matching funds

Ladies and Gentlemen, something Really Strange

Who do you predict will be Chimp's running mate?

Go Meryl Streep!!!

Saddam and Bin Laden (from the Dean Blog)

Dennis Miller

LCR: has not decided to endorse or not endorse President Bush in 2004.

The saddest thing about d miller

Question about Chomsky' ssupposed beleifs...

If we have a Draft should the decision to make War be made Democratic?

Newsmax poll on Mel Gibson needs our help!

Barbara Walters to leave 20/20

Meryl Streep Accepted Award - Said "steroids and marriage" not our

Kay calls for Probe

How Rush Limbaugh may go free. (MUST READ)

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now LIVE -- link

So President Clinton Has This Judge.

How Much Does "DRUDGE" Physiologically SUCK? n/t

Has anyone heard of a voter switching TO Bush?

Should women be allowed to serve on draft boards?

Question about Clinton vs Bush vote totals

Just think, Bin Laden and his boys have cost the US trillions!

Bob Dole

But, but I thought you didn't have to prove anything was true, just allege

FReepers: Rape OK in the military

Which American TV News Org. Will Be 1st To Question Bush on AWOL Charge?

NY Times editorial: Scalia should recuse himself

The Thing About Dennis Miller

Anybody See This Yet ??? --- Turns Tables On

John Buchanan

Ominous Developments

Is the US exporting an abortion war?

Iranian Hard-Liners Veto Election Bill

Ohio Gov. Taft sticks with high-tech goal | Cincinatti Enquirer

Turkish Leader Suggests U.N. Can Work Out a Cyprus Settlement | NY Times

US embargo of Cuba a historical mistake: Orthodox Patriarch

Bill Gates to receive honorary knighthood | Seattle P-I

Blair defiant over WMDs as aides face Hutton censure

Kerry Slams Dean on Taxes, Foreign Policy

Latest N.H. Presidential Primary Polls

Bush might get boost from Fed rate policy

At Davos, A Conciliatory US Leaves Critics Wary

Toyota Overtakes Ford as No. 2 Auto Maker in the world

Delays and Split on Iraqi Council Imperil U.S. Plan

U.S., Costa Rica Reach Free Trade Deal

KRAFT WOES: Layoffs, more changes in works?

Sharpe, others meet with Castro, make S.C. first with major trade deal

Republicans Relish Facing One of the 'Liberals'

US Must Quit Iraq Before Vote, Say Sunnis

Kay Asks Why US Thought Iraq Had WMD

2 priests face new sex-abuse allegations | New Orleans Times-Picayune

NYT: CIA Had Only Very Little Data on Iraq Arms, Ex-Inspector Says

New federal air passenger screening program set to start this summer | MST

Boeing considers sale of huge Wichita plant | Seattle Times

WP: Cheney Is a Silent Partner No Longer

Christian philosophy debate goes to school board Monday (creationism)

Redford shows Che Guevara film in Cuba

What does the GOP think of your favorite candidate?

Caption this: Why we went to war in Iraq

50pc McDonalds nuggets for 7.99?

Anyone from San Antonio want to start a rock band? I play drums...

woo 700 posts

"The Ashcroft of Oz"

I was a Grade-A Moron to ever question eating meat!!!!!!!!!!

HEyHEY Polar bear ALERT on Nature tonight

Man, I hate the Golden Globes....

Hymns here! Get 'em while they're holy! Fresh from God's brain to your

A question for any DU musicians out there...

Yay! I finally got my network working in Mandrake Linux 9.2

Conspiracy, the movie

OK DUers! I just put 2 cakes in the oven...Ask me anything! n/t

Hardy har har

Theme Songs for the Campaign Trail

I am pissed

Calling all Techno wizards...

Hellman's Ruby Red Ginger Salad Dressing

A brand-new Simpsons is on *SPOILERS*


Moment of Silence Please, "Oscar" Episode 1 has passed

If you're the commander of a submarine, are you still a sub-commander?

A Gargoyle movie starting on Sci-Fi

Dorm damage charges for last term. Gotta love the U of O!

If an assbucket farts, does that make it an asskeg?

How many hours need to be subtracted from DU time to get GMT

Gasp! Is Jr. drinking beer here?

Jr spills Uncle Dick's water...

Saw "The Cooler" yesterday. Baldwin and Bello wuz robbed tonight.

Get out your party hats! DS1 came up with 13,000 things to say,

Jr prays for liberation of those caught in the 700 Club

For my 10,000th post, I shall demand a ham sandwich and a beer!

For every sprinkle that I find, I shall kill you

What's up with the kittens?

Protest signs at Jr's visit to Ohio... oh yeah, they love him.

My flight to Tampa today SUCKED! Oh...Wish me luck too.

Mary Poppins arrives in Phoenix

Sigh, we have no electricity and my computer

How do you say Iran

Please take Larry King off CNN! They fire othe people or switch them

Post your favorite candidate pic here, please

X on hats is about to be an issue, so where did Malcom grow up?

Yaaahooo- DU 3 9 3 2

My buddy Patrick is in a bad way

From the Desk of BeatleBoot

the five worst Board Games.

new Hannity advertiser Beaver Run Resort

we have an inch, we have an inch, we already have an inch!

Good night for the "T" in "GLBT" tonight at the Golden Globes

Do NOT miss the end of 60 Mins..

I think I just talked to a customer service rep in India

just lost $100, ask me anything

Official DU Adult Swim thread for Sunday Jan 25th

Hank Scorpio is now available to answer your most perplexing questions

Eight men out w/Studs Terkel is on ESPN Classic right now!

Spark plug question

anyone here familiar with Doc Pomus?

Find your cyborg name

There's about 7 inches here.

Alfred Hitchcock...


My friend is getting drug tested to be hired permanently

found the JS/Psyme.C virus on my computer

Man, I hate the Golden Girls......

Somber apocalyptic dream I had last night

Update on the 2004 Racial Draft (Dave Chappelle)

Here are all the latest polls. They are up to date.

Caption: The giant sucking sound

Caption the lovebirds -- Jr. getting some lovin'

Caption this: Busted!

I lasted 4 posts at Freeperworld

Some offbeat material from my record and CD collection

"Oscar" episode 1 " The Phantom Mammal " has passed

What is your favorite Beatles Album? THis does not include compilations.

Golden Globe awards

Caption this: I told them the kitten was for my little girl...

Where's the snow?

Legion of Doom vs. Republican National Committee:

I saw Tears of the Sun earlier today.

Meryl Streep Deserves her own thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey DUers: Post a pic of the city you live in!!! (2nd album)

What Color are They?

Would you attend a national DU convention?

Dean: The tide is turning, judging from the market....

Health Care #1 Issue in NH and Clinton gives Dr. Dean high marks

Edwards surging in South Carolina

Dean On CNN Tonight

Resolved: Candidates should agree to a formal cease-fire...

Bush vs. Dean - Who's more presidential? (film clip)

NBC Nightly News: Race is Tightening!!!

Is Clark dead if he finishes 5th in NH?

Dead heat

How many Lieberman supporters are there here?

Republican mischief in NH

I propose a celebratory DU party in honor of the Nominee once he's chosen

Suffolk U. Tracking Poll: Kerry Pulling Away in Granite State

LaRouche-ites just hijacked Kerry's Town Hall meeting?!

Forget those other polls. Let's do our own unofficial DU Poll :

A reminder to our Democratic candidates....

I am going to step out on a limb here & say when we get down...

This race is not over!

I'm so confused. Isn't there a debate tonight? Women's issues...or

Gallup: Kerry extends lead over Dean as Dems make final N.H. push

Dean vs Kerry on taxes.... Kerry is for "reversing tax cuts" as well...

I have had ENOUGH

The comeback bat is almost at 310,000

Whatever happenned to the FOX reality show on the presidential primaries?

Clark Has Wide Lead In Oklahoma

Dean on CNN tonight at 8:40 ET

Kerry increase lead on Dean in Latest Gallop Poll, and Suffolk Poll

Kerry widens lead in latest Boston Globe Poll

Clark Supporters: New Meme--"Send Bush to Mars"

Gert surprises Wes. . .great picture

What do you think of this Clark shadow cabinet?

If Kerry wins New Hampshire - predictions...

If Kerry is elected President

I wish that it was this simple (link)

Arizona: Clark 39, Dean 32, Lieb 8, Kerry 5 Edwards not on charts

Oklahoma: Clark 32%, Edwards 23%, Kerry 17%, Dean 10%

People turned back at Nashua Clark event today because of fire code

If Kerry does not win nomination, what does he do? Go back to Senate?

The Media is savaging Clark!

Dumb quote of the day

Link to Latest Zogby poll

Its gotten out of hand

Third place good for Edwards?

Here are all the latest polls. They are up to date.

John Kerry and Malcolm X

CSPAN -- Dean rally for women - on now- tune in

Our nightmare: Liebernan third?

Gephardt to endorse Kerry?

Clark on Meet The Press NOW (repeat from this morning)

New ARG polls for AZ, OK, SC are UP

Question: (I should know but don't) how many primaries have any GOP

Is Bush a leader or follower? Does He have any flaws?

Wesley Clark is the grandson of a mill worker

Come on people now, smile on your brother......

Just saw JFK on 60 MINUTES...

Kerry on 60 minutes. Now.

NH Papers that endorse Clark

The difference in Dean and Kerry supporters is

Being a Democrat is fun again (Ed Garvey column in Fighting Bob)

Latest N.H. poll holds hope for Dean

We're going to be in a Mardi Gras parade this weekend and

Kerry has the personality of a......

So Edwards has a lead in SC and Missouri, hmmmm

Dean: Iraquis much worse off with Saddam gone

Which one of the Feb. 3 states is Dean going to win?

Is this the first time there's not a six week break between the NH

Could we get Lincoln Chafee to start a "Republicans for ____" like Zell is

Our next president sure looked good on 60 minutes

Optimism, hope in New Hampshire

I don't like John Kerry's wife. Change my mind.

This excitement on edwards....I think he is a "smooth talker" with no

I'm a Clark supporter with an Edwards jones

Vote in the Newsweek Poll PLEASE. I don't believe it

Josh Marshall reports on 3 rallies he attended today, Wes, John and John.

Excellent analysis on factors favoring Edwards winning 2nd

The all-encompassing candidate negativity thread

re Dean's speech: Was he unaware of the tv audience, or he knew they were

I'm watching a LaRouche Infomercial

It is not fairto the voters that the media is not mentioning Kerry's

Edwards and Clark as Southerners

If Dean doesn't win the Nom, what do you think he does next?

Kerry shows class and a sense of humor as he outfoxes the fox in the coop.

Wes Clark ad that is a must see no matter who you support

"I was also undecided... now I'm voting for you."

Kerry doesn't have a personality problem. Period----> .

Are we being hoodwinked by the "electability" issue ?

will Zell Miller hurt the dems?

Talks with a former Kerry supporter who has worked with Dean

How Serious Of An Issue Is The Feud Between Kerry & Dean Supporters

Are the primaries in the 7 states next week more important than Iowa & NH?

Clark is in 2nd/3rd place in most polls, is leveling off.. Still has $$

Where do the candidates stand on the minimum wage?

Is there film of Kerry in Vietnam?

Dean on Women's Issues this am on CSPAN was excellent -- the Dr. Delivered

During the last election there were warnings about how bad Bush would be

Right Wingers Are Scared to Death of Dean By Rob Kall

Wesley Clark and his tremendous American Indian support

ARG NH poll also up. 1\25: Kerry 38, Dean 20, Edwards 16, Clark 15, Lieb 5

Drudge mentions this on his radio show. (Kerry) About shooting Dan Quayle

Dean's Speech Inspired the Hell out of Me and I am for Clark

Why wouldn't Fiengold make a good VP?

The Gaffes of John Kerry

NH Dirty Tricks?

Dean said this AM - more women bankrupticies than women graduating last yr

Dean had his facts wrong on Gulf war '91 today

Fellow clark supporters....say it aint so

I will say this, if Edwards comes in 2nd in NH---WATCH OUT.

"DU Oldies" those who've been around the bend here since beginning and

Indian Country: Kucinich urges spiritual reclamation for America

Sorry if a dupe - did anyone else see Kerry on FAUX today?

Herbert: Education Is No Protection (Outsourcing White Collar Jobs)

How's the Candidates' Spanish? Hard to Say.

Bush's Missed Opportunity ...and its potential costs - John Hood

Whistleblower Coming In Cold From the F.B.I. - 9-11 (Bookmark this)

Powell Troubled by Russia Democracy, Foreign Policy

The New Yorker on SOTU Adress: UNSTEADY STATE

Schlesinger: State of the 'Vision Thing'

Kerry's Senate record may be a liability.

Campaign Money Merry-go-round

Salon: Stand By Your Man ’04 (Judy Dean vs Diane Sawyer)

Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War w/ Iraq

Scalia Mustn't Sit in Judgment of His Hunting Buddy: Newsday

Would you like ketchup with those freedom lies?

Tony Blair should resign

Republican Strategist on the Extreme Corruption of the Bush Family

Are Parallels to Nazi Germany Crazy?

Howard Dean's white world

Top ten responses to...

Kay Asks Why U.S. Thought Iraq Had WMD

Malpractice insurance rates remain high (Texas after "reform")

What's happened to left-wing Liberalism? (Larry Zolf - CBC)

Part of Patriot Act ruled Unconstitutional

Brokaw Makes Up New Miliatry Term: "Absentee Record"

Stop Smiling

A quote from Dennis 'Mr. Big Word Guy' Miller

Which story boosts media ratings? Kerry Ahead or Race Tightening

The Media & Blogging: Radio Interview with both Andy Sullivan and Atrios

How Fox is spinning the latest Kay WMD report.

LOL Just saw Blitzers promo of Dean interview.

Adopt a Journalist (On the Media) - CBS question

Bush: American Ali Baba


Three great cartoons for your Monday morning!

What is the basis for religious tolerance among the faithful?

Astrologers: Questions about Bush's election chart

CARTOONS! The "Towering Intellect (on Steriods)" Edition

I want to share my story about "Good Christians"

The Black Commentator: Black Labor Seeks Game Plan for Victory

The Black Commentator: Envirnm. Racism: PCP Landfill fixed; no reparation

The Black Commentator: I Wish I Could Believe (artwork)

First Voter Sanctioned Gay Partner Registry Opens

Indiana Gov & AG At Odds Over Anti-Gay Amendment

5 halos for HBO's 'Angels in America'

Gay rights back on agenda in New Mexico

My Life as a Modern day slave

A modest proposal: Give marriage to gay community By Merrill Markoe

Georgia Moves To Legalize Discrimination Against Gays

Mass Gov Plans End Run Around Gay Marriage Ruling

The Black Commentator: The Death Penalty: Justice or Just Us?

Scouts must pack their tents

Connecticut Christians rally against gay marriage

History Lesson: Federal Reserve

overtime take away bills - HR 2673 and what other bill?

Only one issue in 04 - Jobs. & Sing along.

About the "New" Color U.S. Currency

Hardball tactics backfire on Boeing

Hill Budget Office Sees$477B Deficit (10 yr 2.4 T if we ignore 7.5T likely

So what's next after the manual jobs are gone?

Michael Meacher/UK environment minister from 1997 to June 2003

Renewable Energy in the French West Indies

NWF Slams Fed Study That Allowed Destruction Of Florida Panther Habitat

Georgia: Saakashvili should put human rights at the heart of his policies

The Black Commentator: US Monetary Imperialism and the War on Iraq

New Global Survey Analyzes War and Human Rights

Is the blame for the war shifting to the CIA once and for all, now?

Iranian Cabinet Warns It Would Scrap Election

Iran parliament crisis threatens elections

Power Rangers - By Joshua Micah Marshall

Whistleblower: FBI deliberately left America vulnerable; FBI infiltrated.

US lawmakers upbeat on Libya ties

WSWS: US plans for a new Iraqi regime in disarray

Rights group: Iraq invasion not justified

Jews urged to stop playing Holocaust victim

GUNS IN THE NEWS--January 26, 2004

I like these ladies! How about you?

DU Dungeon Myth Busters.

Gratitude for the current system of post removal clarification

Please help, o moderator!

Why does this attack remain?

Is this against the rules?

Is it against the rules to link to locked threads?

Fund raising idea, plus

Elad, you rock!

Will there be Mondays in the Underground Railroad today?

Have to ask about a locked thread

Just FYI and thanks

Thank you very much for the "Sent Folder" option to PM

You guys are awesome!

Thanks, Skinner! For the "Ignore/Hide this Thread" Capability!

How long is reasonable to wait for Mods to move a post if a poster request

I disagree with this thread being locked...

Why was this thread locked?

Germany: We'll free prisoners for Arad

How Internationals Help Palestine Cause

Pals mull national day against wall

Israel prevents suicide bombing planned for Tel Aviv

Gadhafi says world is 'deaf and blind' to Israel's WMDs

Anti-Semitism in Europe

Palestinians murder collaborator

Still No Justice for Rachel Corrie

Hiding Israel's Contribution to the US Military

Edwards News on S.C Polls +N.H

Wes Clark Jr on C-Span at 11:30am central time.

Folks around Edwards see signs of Iowa repeat

Green Party response to SOTU and SOTU Dem Rebuttal

Real 03 deficit is $536B before stealing 161 B from Social Security -10 yr

In Illinois politics, campaign money goes round and round, records show

U.S. Sen. Jon Corzine is set to endorse John Kerry

Dean won't play dead, new SUSA poll results for NH

Should I run for Congress against J.D. Hayworth?

New feature: Sent folder for PMs

From the Desk of BeatleBoot


Republicans relish facing one of the Liberals

"Remind Us"

Random conservative complaint from

What did Andy Rooney say about Dubya* tonight?

Why are Dems so defensive of Bush Military Record?

BBV: First election to be rerun due to failed systems - Mississippi

Drudge is calling Bush a Socialist on his radio show.

my shocking New Hampshire prediction!

Funny story about the making of LOTR

Compassionate conservatives discover American poor not really poor.

my offhand response to a pro-Bush spam (Cowboys)

Did Saddam really try to kill Poppy?

Bush Agonistes--Depressed Audience Response SOTU

Some Fair and Blanced perspective on Fox News "behind the scenes"

Can someone link me a site explaining how

Financier full of wit and opinions --- The U.S. economy in one Whitman wor

What is this connection with * and Victor Ashe?

What does this mean? NY Times Book Review Top 5

Remember Iraq's 11,807-page document presented to the UN inspection team?

Picking the contested ground in 2004

After Iraq What? A Candid Assessment of Likely Developments

North Korean Nukes?

As a young Congressman, Rummy was deeply critical of Brown and Root!

What do Americans, Germans, Italians and Russians have in common?

Election Fraud + 9-11 = Perpetual War

Cheney's on CNNI now, talking about "peaceful resolutions"

who is the smug repuke on c-span WJ (8:15est)

India attacks US on plan to ban outsourcing

can't find spy story posted yesterday.

Arkansas DU'ers, Bush is in town, and Olie North will be on KARN

Debunk: Clinton had roadsides cleared of debris for bus to DC?


Anyone else notice this on Headline News this morning?

Was the '96 Election the last real election in the US?

Bush's Looming Political Deficit

"Media Too Easy on Kerry?" (Not about '04 primaries)

Are Log Cabin Repukes COMPLETELY Dain Bramaged?

Death threat against U.S. Customs Agent

George, there are no statute of limitations for desertion

CIA warns of civil war in Iraq

WHY is Calico Johnny Arschloch in Austria?

Need sources on military suicides. Olie North telling show 'maybe two"

Has the Bush* presidency "jumped the shark"?

Use Republican actions to prove fallability of paperless voting?

Google "Office of Special Plans" not Programs...there are 2 OSP's

Clark/Dean/Kerry/Edwards and Bob Graham as VP scares Rove

bush's military record

David Kaye is accusing CLINTON of inventing the WMD scam, well here is the

Priceless image making (RW upset w/Bush -but where can they go?)

Center for Cooperative Research...what does anyone know of this site?

Plame, 9-11, WMD, Halliburton, Deficit, AWOL, Harken, 500+ dead soldiers

We Need Some Heat From NH

Is there a Republican website similar to DU?

Cheney Defends Iraq War, Skirts Arms Issue

Montreal Gazette: "Opening on the Left" (Cdn politics)

"The Year of the Fake" by Naomi Klein

September 11 Commission Meeting C-SPAN 3 9:00am et

Which TV Network Will Be First to Hire Someone who Had it Right on WMD?

I never thought I would agree with Cheney

Democrats and the Welfare Queen myth - working class still buying it

Dishonest W

Rebel Yell-I'm a southerner & I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't ..

Any body seen this?

To hell with Imminent Threat. They made the WMD argument...

Pearls of conservative wisdom

BBV: DU this poll!

What was the reasoning Bush 1 used for not going after Saddam in 1991?

How is it possible that Diane Sawyer is married to Mike Nichols

Shouldn't Bill O'Rielly apologize to all of those people

Powell in Russia lecturing Putin about democracy!

Democrats Last stop: Land of God and flags

Which TV Network Will Be First to Hire Someone who Had it Right on WMD?

Did Scalia break the law?

Apparently Belinda Stronach has a better chance than we thought

States chose to leave the "No child left behind act" behind

OK, it's Monday - Has Michael Moore responded yet?

"Powell presses Putin on democracy"...and an unintended metaphor

Drs. Dean live with tweet right now

Freepers questioning Kerry's War Wounds

If Kerry's the nominee, who should be his VP?

Is round two of the CIA/Admin war coming? Hey Matcom, what's your dad say?

Super Bowl CBS Accepts Halliburton "Sympathy & Understanding" Ad

Ashcroft defends war on Iraq

Beyond BBV: Troops overseas to vote *over the Net*!!

If Dean's the nominee, who should be his VP?

Wow - a response from one of the bushbots I emailed

Hit this poll hard.

Administration's tide is turning

Un-freep this Presidential poll

a REAL progressive columnist quotes Hannah Arendt...

Thanks, Skinner! For the "Ignore/Hide this Thread" Capability!

Question of Etiquette on foreign ;) soil

Cherie Blair: "Bush 'stole' the presidential election"

Apologies to the Neo-Cons

Is foreign media following our candidates now?

Olie North is claiming Kerry helped found a anti Vietnam terrorist org..

Why is it the CIA's fault?

DNC Slimes Dean

MWO says Howard Kurtz may get fired... (((Breaking)))

Scott Ritter on CBC Newsworld talking about David Kay/WMDs

A Special Message from George W. Bush: FEED ME!

vomit alert: bush quote re: his military service

"Losing America: Confronting a Reckless and Arrogant Presidency"

Do Polls Matter

Global warming will plunge Britain into new ice age 'within decades'

Howard Kurtz caught in ethics probe

WSWS: "Britain: Revelations on US spying compared to Pentagon Papers"

The Disenchanted "True Believers" Will Be The Downfall of shrub

The debut of my Anybody But Bush Button . . .

What are your honest opinions about Hillary Clinton?

Is any of this REMOTELY true???

Is America an empire now? Look at all this pentagon pork!

Why Hillary Clinton would be the perfect Pres. Candidate

The US is Now in the Hands of a Group of Extremists...George Soros

Jesse Helms campaigns for Bill Cobey (R-not going to be governor, NC)

Turn on CNN -- Dobbs is kicking Greenspan in the teeth

Why we need to drop the IWR vote issue.

Is Will Pitt Exceptionally Brilliant?

Will the CIA defend itself or cave in and take the blame again?

MSNBC: Greenspan "convinced" 3,000,000 lost jobs...

Texas Pushing Dead Peasant Insurance For Teachers, School Workers

This will make you feel GOOD!

Dishonest W--FUN!!

Juvenile court JUDGE, leaves 4 yr old home alone at night

Which of these categories are you closest to?

About trolls...

More proof US was warned about 9/11

Who here has read the Da Vinci Code?

McNamara breaks silence on Iraq: "It's just wrong what we're doing"

Please vote on this poll this hometown rag is SO repug

New on the blog: The Conspiracy Quagmire: in pursuit of truth, or...

I'm tired of this "The Pres never said Imminent Threat" Crap

NPR's "Fresh Air" is very disturbing today

Arsenic is a government-approved feed supplement for chickens

Now that Susan Estrich has signed on to Faux

Guess what I just saw...

Your State: Democratic Chances

Skull and Bones today on Nationwide radio (10pm-2am Pacific time) Links

monday blues? try Monday TOONS!

What the Hell was so great about Janet Reno anyways?

CNN: David Kay says Intel community owes Pres Bush an apology

When Bush loses the election, what will he do with the rest of his life?

Boca man sues steakhouse, claiming potato burn

DU vs FreeRepublic. A look back on the Powell presenation to UN

Did Bush Make Pass At Canadian Male Political Aide?

Did Bush really lie about WMD?

do you think this means Repubs really are anti-Constitution?

A Grandmother's Activism - Please Read Her OpEd From 1956

Bush Lit the Fuse: Chaos Under Heaven, and More to Come...

I’m tired of this “same policy as the prior administration” crap!

Why do Repubs want to make the abortion the main issue?

"Liberal or conservative -- so what?"

How's this for a protest? Health Care

Posted on my website, my withdrawal letter:

"Never Trust a Terrorist!"-a video from your friendly Ministry of HomeSec

Rising water threatens hundreds of homes near Montreal | CBC

Karzai to ink Afghan constitution | BBC

Thai PM in bird flu 'cover-up' | BBC

Kenyan President Kibaki says he is fine after surgery | The Daily Nation

Georgia swears in new president | BBC

Gephardt backers get behind Kerry bid | Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

Powell in Russia to press democracy issues, arms sales...

Dean and Kerry Trade Foreign Policy Barbs

Three US soldiers missing in Iraq; Shiites draw election battle plans

Gaddafi Hails U.S. Ties, Hints at Secret Cooperation

Serb soldier's notebook on horrific killings at center of controversy surr

Liberal web group MoveOn raises millions

Iraq north pipeline to stay closed for months-U.S.

Forget the South?

D.C. voucher plan draws instant fire

Orthodox Church leader calls US embargo of Cuba a "historical mistake"

Bush, Congress Face Historic Deficits

Australian PM Howard defiant over Iraq war involvement | ABC (Australia)

General promises to catch Bin Laden

Iraqi Melting Pot May Boil Over | Los Angeles Times

Monday morning: Specter of power blackouts haunts regulation debate

China may be worlds ahead in building lunar legacy | SF Chronicle

Mexico accepts Peace Corps aid | Arizona Republic

Kerry's Senate record may be a liability.

Charter school's contract, name give Portland pause | The Oregonian

General vows to catch Bin Laden

Soros: The US Is Now in the Hands of a Group of Extremists

S.Korea Bird Flu Gene Differs from Vietnam-CDC

Deadly Bird Flu Detected in Pakistan

U.S. Searches for Missing GI, Two Pilots

Blair stares into abyss - Chancellor challenged to save PM in fees fight

New (Montana Legislative) map pits GOP against GOP | Great Falls Tribune

Ashcroft: War Justified Even Without WMD

Joe Lieberman Deserves Your Vote

US must quit Iraq before vote, say Sunnis

OMG Someone on CNN just said...

Hutton reveals timetable of report's release (Kelly's death) | Guardian

Lethbridge councillor in court on public mischief charge | CBC

Iran election tensions increase | BBC

Musharraf hopeful of Kashmir deal | BBC

Gay-marriage opponents rally across state (Massachusetts) | Boston Globe

Singleton, Scaife among political contributors (from media)

Two Iraqis killed, two wounded in Baghdad blast

Dairy industry rides out mad cow scare | Kansas City Star

Kerry hits out at Bush over Iraq

OAS to Monitor Disarmament Of Colombian Paramilitary Units

Japan formally orders troops to Iraq | ABC (Australia)

Newspaper: Part of Columbia astronaut's diary found | CNN

Elvis, Castro Visit Last Saddam Hideout

Biography: Blair Thought Chirac 'Out to Get Him'

Dean: Iraqi Standard of Living Worse Now

Economic concerns run high in Arizona | Arizona Republic

Senate:no WMD's

Greenpeace fights to halt fishing fleet's slaughter of dolphins

Ashcroft: War Justified Even Without WMD

Judge Dismisses Slave Reparation Case

U.S. Supreme Court takes Missouri death penalty case (killer under age 18)

Too late to use rights to justify Iraq war-group

Bill Gates to be Knighted

U.S. army probes fatal shooting of Iraqi family

Sept. 11 Panel Looks at Border Security

Existing-Home Sales Set Record for 2003

BSE (Mad Cow) fears spread to Canadian Forces in Kabul | CBC

Yow, 2 breaking: judge rules parts of Patriot act Unconst, 3 explosions in

Parmalat debt grows to 14bn euros | BBC

US to review pre-war intelligence on Iraqi weapons


Kerry Lead Shrinks to Three Points in New Hampshire (Yahoo)

Seven Iraqi Police Killed in Attacks

bush*: Bin Laden Aide Caught in Iraq

Sanofi Makes Hostile Bid for Aventis

Kay: U.S. Must Explain Iraq WMD Research

Iraq Weapons Search Will Continue (Blix Comments)

US threshold for Iraq 'success' is modest

Supreme Court Reaffirms Miranada Ruling

Iraq Pilgrims in Saudi Thank God for Saddam's Fall


Iraq Official: Iraq Not Stable Enough for Elections

DJ Strong Blasts/Baghdad -2: Sirens From `Green Zone' Heard

UK firm to end India experiment (call centre jobs) | Times of India

Parishioners rally behind priest ousted over sex abuse claims

Some French Lawmakers to Snub China Chief

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 26 January (#1)

12-story building reportedly collapses near Cairo, Egypt; casualties unkno

Papal blessing for break-dancers

Record world unemployment stable in 185 million

To Germans, U.S. motives now suspect

NJ Senator, 80, Weds (Frank Lautenberg)

Strong explosions heard in central Baghdad, sirens from green zone

ID error led to assault in U.S. jail, doctor says (Halifax Herald)

Democrats ask for GAO inquiry into CIA leak

US uses 1872 law against activists

Greenspan : Confident Lost Jobs in the United States Will Be Replaced

Supreme Court Reaffirms Miranda Ruling

Bush Under Pressure Over Iraqi Elections, WMD

Federal Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

Yahoo!: Part of Patriot Act Ruled Unconstitutional

Al-Qaida Program to Make Chemical, Biological Weapons Was Halted

UK and US 'may have been wrong on WMDs' (former defence minister)

CNN - U.S. Britian downplay (spin) Kay

White House may be probed on CIA leak

Judge Dismisses Slave Reparations Case

Sheriff Plans Layoffs (Ohio)

Minister: Iraq Not Secure Enough for Elections

Chief Justice Balks at Ethical Questions Raised by Senators (AP)

White House Retreats From Weapons Claims

Utah House votes to abolish firing squad for condemed killers

Global warming will plunge Britain into new ice age 'within decades'

Clinton: Bush's economic plans threaten U.S. growth

Mars photos hailed as "Holy Grail"

Dean back in dead heat with Kerry (Battle Cry- "Scream for Dean")

Even His Mom Wonders Why Lieberman 'Didn't Catch On' | LA Times

Federal Deficit Is Expected to Reach $477 Billion For '04

U.S. Budget Office Deepens Fiscal Gloom for Bush

Cheney 'waged war' on Blair Iraq strategy

Federal deficits are setting records

Hill Budget Office Sees $477B Deficit

Talk show host just said Boeing plans to close Kansas factory

Neil Bush Divorce Produces Disclosures

U.S. stocks end sharply higher; Dow hits 31-month high

Breaking at MWO: Howard Kurtz (WP) caught in ethics probe

BBC (Monday): HRW says Ousting Saddam 'no cause for war'

Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty's popularity shoots up | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Parrot's oratory stuns scientists | BBC

Parties in a quandary about gay marriage | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

White House Says Deficit Manageable As Percentage Of GDP

Utah Polygamy Ban Challenged; U.S. Supreme Court's Sodomy Ruling Is Cited

New Feature: Sent folder for PMs

Houston man top contender for Buffalo's Slumlord Hall of Shame.

OK Computer

What do you want to know about AlFrankenFan? Ask me anything!

another Freeper who might actually have a functioning brain cell

Mr Scorpio is grateful for your emulation of the questioning format

Woo-Hoo! I just passed 4,000 posts!

What do want to know about Funkyflathead?

What don't you want to know about antiwarwarrior?

Im having a lil' fun with a Conservative who got my SN from DU!

I watch the Golden Globes with the FReepers...and survive.

Stealth cat

I got stood up tonite...ask me anything!

"The Stinkers" Nominees are posted

National Lampoon Magazine, Radio, and Vinyl Memories

I have broadband is there a place to download HBO TV shows?

Jeffery Dahmer as Presidential Candidate

Funny story about the making of LOTR

I am a genius I solved the math problem

"But everyone knows the Uplink was cancelled..."

Mission Accomplished Un-Spun (cartoon)

School Lunch Menus

Anyone playing any MMORPGs?

What to do about my Muslim Cat?

Inner Peace

I am da money MAN!

I don't think gay marriages & steroids are this country's biggest problems

help my friend with his math

Dirty Rotten Good Samaritans!

The REAL "Butterfly Effect"

Take Your Kid to Work Day

Hi. I've missed everyone.

Man Shows Up For Court In Bumblebee Costume


I love Meryl Streep!

Good (Monday) Morning DU!

Man Could Win 10k If Panthers Win (Talk about Faith)

Look who's turning into Jay Leno

Check this guy out


How Many Keys Are On Your "Everyday" Keyring?

Worst Zany Morning Zoo Crew Sidekick


Republican jokes

New Gallup/USA Today Tracking poll Bush 99%, Unnamed Dem 1%

Will he plow my driveway?

EuroTrip - WTF?!

Gods kid gets scolding for bringing "Earth" to school for Show and Tell.

I saw a commercial last night for a movie called Hell Boy

92 Year Old Bank Robber (Said To Be Oldest) Gets 12 Years in Prison

This poll requires your attention

You can't argue with neo-cons when they have such selective memories...

Beer spill shorts out Iron Maiden concert

CAPTION the almost lifelike

Buffy star works on her orgasms

Break-dancing for the Pope

Wool sweater update

Man Robs Bakery - Gets Pummeled With Rolls Instead Of Getting Dough

Begging for a caption! Cheney....

I'm number 456 on the library waiting list for Franken's book

What do you want to know about Forkboy

Mad Cow

I'm nearly alone at work, ask me anything

One man STRIKE!!!* That's right I'm calling it I'm not afraid

Bet You Can't Do This

Concernedcanuck's camera catches Oscar on evening constitutional

Doo-wop horses....

Good to see Charlize Theron and Sean Penn get Golden Globes

The Razzies: 'J Lo among worst film nominees'

Liqour related question

Any fans of the group Smog?

Help! It's been 5 minutes since I've seen new NH poll results!!

CAPTION--Do NOT look behind the curtain

Tech Support

What do you want to know about ButterflyBlood? Ask me anything!

Seat belts are a good idea

Girl! I want to take you to a gay bar!

Top ten junk foods - who woulda thought ?

The Razzies have been announced - was one of your favs picked?

CBS to air a Cialis commercial during the super bowl

Look at what I found out on IMDB-Internet Movie Data Base

People who drive 10mph in the snow should have their licenses BANNED!!!!!!

Where is a good place to get non-American flags

The Razzies have been announced - was one of your favs picked?

DU chatroom anyone

Another cop thread

Ear-Biting Man Nabbed

a show of hands, please - on unexpected days off, who else

Liberal hero of the weekend?

Weird stuff: The sun is shining, and it's snowing a lot...

Break-dancers perform for the pope

"How to Destroy a Republic in 2 Terms?" By George W. Bush

I love my bread machine.

What is it about Edwards and Clark ?

Techies- Help me get something annoying off my computer (XP)

Central O'ahu residents see twister take form

Help...trying to set up a voter registration booth at a rock show.

Favorite 'names' for biased television stations:

caption Skinner....

If you could start your own religion, what would it be like?

Monday's IN the UGRR....MIA for another week?

My favorite picture of a Bush-ism

This Is Totally Unfair Of Me...

Proposed bumper stickers for the next presidential election:

I'm going to be out on the "hustings" tomorrow!

If I'm the nominee who should be my VP

snow cats (three photos, 100kb)

Me need caption

Oxyrush smilie heh heh

LOL!!!: Blend your two favorite websites!

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup,

Bwah-ha-ha....Great Cartoon

Attn cyclists: Anyone planning on doing RAGRBRAI this year?

Posting in forums can be frustrating.. Some snappy come-backs

thongs and yaks and TOONS (not a movie thread)

How do I get the banjo out of my ear

I don't think we're in Kansas any more, TOTO.

What's the BEST Jar You've Ever Owned???

Is DU's Catwoman Exceptionally Brilliant?

NRA propaganda

What is your preferred method of smoking marijuana?

Urban Legend Zeitgeist

Need some DU good karma please!

What's the best star you ever owned?

It is just plain awful here.

Man sentenced for marrying his 15-year-old cousin

"What would you do

OK, would you buy this?

Does this seem right (or $175 for a job)?

What's the name for the neurological phenomenon...

and the bumper sticker is goin' to texas

Are the mods telling us

Pitchers and Catcher report to spring training in 24 days

My name is Edge. I have a problem.

Does anyone know how and WHERE to get a health insurance quote online?

Do You Ever Wake Up Bitchy?

Most troublesome homograph?

Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum

Um, no offense to Southerners here but...

Sent folder for PMS

Another homophobic poll on same-sex marriage

Sat Through A 1 Hour Lunch - Staring At A Guy Who CHEWED WITH OPEN MOUTH!

I'm straight!

I'm a buy cars, I'm a get clothes, I'm a rock jewels

Do AP photographers attend a special "head-shot" class

Computer users, beware of ATi!

ABC to resurrect 'Millionaire' (w/ Regis)

What type of Coffee or Tea are you drinking this morning?

How do you pronounce 'February'?

What's going on with Outlook Express 6?

I saw a PBS special on Polar Bears last night

Handwriting analysts: What does Bush's signature tell us about him?

The Bush Family decked out in their Easter finery

Very Funny Video - Car stuck In the snow


Bands who should tour together

Where does the time go?

How can your cousin be your aunt??

Okay, according to my boss' thermometer its' -35f..... I quit

Is anyone going to watch the Traffic Miniseries on USA Tonight?

Are you a blanket thief?

Saw 21 Grams yesterday...

If you found a bottle, rubbed it, a genie popped out and granted 3 wishes.

I just withdrew from my Congressional race! Ask me anything!

Sex in a glass

Dear Sexy Knickers....

The DU diet. It really works!

What are the top three hated inventions?

What do you want to know about populistmom? Ask me anything!

What do you want to know about Me, ask me anything


DSL - is it worth it? One final question...

Favorite brand of bottled water?

Where do you live? (City/town and state/province/country)


Pro-labor/union DUers - A GREAT STEP FORWARD!

How much does it cost to get your radiator repaired?

Techies- a linux question

I'm OUT of here -- I've had enough of this stupid place!

Which side of the bed do you & your spouse sleep on?

The worst cars of all time...

any color blind DUers out there?

Anyone else have a cat that vomits too much?

Let's dish about the Oscars - what's your thoughts on the award show?

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad (The Late Edition)- January 26, 2004

How should concert and sports tickets be sold?

My nephew is being sent to Afghanistan.

irritating bumper stickers

What's the worst car you've ever owned?

Okay, I've got to tell you of our $15,000 drug dog and the personal dilemm

Why Marijuana isn't legal

Who would really want more than one spouse? (wife or husband)

Thunderbirds Crash Report And Video

"Unprecedented" and other documentaries on P2P Networks!?

Terrible film titles:

What's your "buffet buffoon" nightmare?

How long has it been since your last joint?

What do you want to know about TXlib? Ask me anything!

Homeowners & Renters: What Improvement Do You Want Most

Cat names -- What's in a name?

Who is your favorite all-time female singer?

What's the BEST Car You've Ever Owned???

IT's Movie Thread Time!!!

LOL -- This will make your day

Boston DUers: I Think It's Time For Another People's Republik Gathering

Momentum May Be Key in Missouri

Any New Hampshire DU'ers out there?

History repeats Itself with Dirty Tricks in NH

After all this crap from the media, why don't Dean and Clark just team up?

Some campaign humor....Dave Barry's latest 'report' from the campaign

If Dean and Clark are gone, I'm supporting Edwards

Dean's secret weapon?

Dean Clark Alliance How do we INSTITUTE this and get the message out?

Keep Cuba sanctions, Democratic presidential candidate Kerry says

Yikes.Just sent link on Kerry dirty tricks to media, dean, edwards camps

Don't know if it's been posted -- 1/23-1/25 ARG NH tracking poll

New CNN/USA Today Gallup Poll Released(1/24-1/25)

my shocking New Hampshire prediction!

1/25 Boston Globe N.H. tracking poll: Kerry 38, Dean 15, Clark 14

Kerry fires up N.H. supporters

Can Kerry fight off Edwards AND Dean?

Wes Clark on MTP repeat on CNBC 0100 ET - the real deal

Snow predicted for New Hampshire primary

Kerry's Watergate?

Can someone explain this Kerry quote to me...

"A strange sort of optimism in New Hampshire" - Salon

Clyburn plays S.C. kingmaker in quest for black vote

Thirty years on, why the ghosts of Vietnam may still haunt Bush

Kucinich does have appeal

The Media doing the bidding of their "masters" again in NH

ARG latest poll, Kerry 38%, Dean 20%, Edwards 16%, Clark 15%

Forgive me but TWO funny pictures from NH

Any poll experts out there to answer a question?

Clark calles for White House investigation into Cheney-Weekly Standard ...

Why do they never show Kucinich or Sharpton?

Bush vs Dean - Who's More Presidential - A Fair & Balanced Comparison

Any info on Feb 3 states?

Boston Globe/WBZ Poll (1/26) Kerry 37; Dean 17; Edwards 12

A most glaring newspaper error! From the Globe and Mail no less

Latest ARG for Arizona, South Carolina and Oklahoma, JK leads in Arizona

It seems as if the media is getting alot of mileage for Bush's AWOL...

Can the robo-calls in NH be traced?

Making sense of the tracking polls.

Edwards Plays Up Charisma (Newsday)

Dean- looks like he has "same Tax Cut Conerns " as Bill Clinton (1/25 AP)

Clark takes lumps while honing media savvy

Fearless New Hampshire Prediction And What It Portends For The Road Ahead

the "dirt" on Kerry

Another poll on why you support your Candidate

I'm still arguing against IWR as litmus test and...

Edwards best positioned for late surge - Ryan Lizza, The New Republic

Candidate Sleeping Habits - John Kerry

2 Clark Volunteers NEXT on C-SPAN!!

KEY finding in Newsweek poll: Solid majority wants Bush OUT!

A closer look at Kerry's Senate record

Seems like most everyone here thinks tomorrow is a done deal...

How did Clark lose ground in NH?

New Gallup/USA Today Tracking poll Kerry 36%, Dean 25%

GERT CLARK on CNN now!!!!!

Kerry rejects 'front-runner' label

Lieberman vs. Sharpton

Events will decide the 2004 election.

Is NH a winner take all state?

1/26 AM - Dean Report - Nashua Report: Breakfast of Champions

What does Edwards need to win the nomination?

Sharpton used a puke for research on Dean.

Who is running in NH against Sen Judd Gregg?

Another Republican piece of malarkey....

Kerry Lead Shrinks to Three Points in New Hampshire (Yahoo 1/26)

"Screamin' Dean" is a good nickname

Thank you Gamespot for reminding me why I can never support Lieberman....

National poll: Kerry holds double-digit lead over Dean

C-Span Shows Hopefuls in All Their Unedited Glory

Supporters scream for retired general

Dragging for Dean - Need a ride in the Snow?

I will not call Kerry "JFK"

Amid the smiles, a slight snarl

This Monday Morning's anti-Kerry/ anti-Dem media postings

Sharpton In For the Long Haul and Unifed Platform

I think Edwards will do well with the "Undecideds"

Vote in this poll early and often.

Withdrawing my support for JFK

Calling all Christian Clark Supporters!

"Deanfacts" web site no longer up?

The secret weapon is working!

Interview with Howard and Judy Dean at 5 EST CNN.

McGovern believes Democrats have shot

Kerry and Dean put differences behind them

The Dean GOTV effort seems pretty impressive

You don't have to like Dean to want to watch him on Wolf tonight

Don't forget, Dean on the Daily show tonight!!!

Latest Zogby Kerry 31 Dean 28

In hindsight, was it a mistake for Gen. Clark to skip the Iowa caucuses?

Will likeable mean electable?

This is probably a third rail quote, but: Words from another Howard...

Will the weather make a difference? What about absentee ballots?

Historian Douglas Brinkley on CNN:"Dean really hurt himself" re "sit down"

Kerry taps veteran Democratic operative Temple to run Missouri campaign

Reality Check For Lieberman and Sharpton

Guess what? It's fun to be a Democrat again.

Veterans see Kerry as powerful symbol

How much do the pubs influence Dem choice of nominee?

Snow predicted for New Hampshire primary

Wes Clark Jr. will be on C-Span 12:30 His friends are on now 12:25

"lesser known president candidates" forum on cspan 1:15 pm eastern

A race between Kerry and Edwards

Thank God for Howard Dean......

Article on Zogby ties to Repubs and how his polls are often biased

If Clark comes in fourth in NH does he stay in or withdrawl?

Why are Zogby's NH results so different from all the other polls?

Letters of Support to General Clark from Kosovo

Skull and Crossbones Goes to War

Shocking Dean quotes, weird how he switched

Edwards as Vice President

Suffolk University Poll:

Latest ARG Poll

LA Times: Dean Loses Ground as Primary Voters Shift Toward Stability

Honing the candidates' messages...

some interesting demographic information from Zogby's NH Poll

The subtle symbolism in the chat of John Edwards (race)

In hindsight, was it a mistake for Gen. Clark to skip the Iowa caucuses?

Congressman Bobby Rush Endorses Wes Clark

Jeebus...on MSNBC, the Clark embed just called Clark "desperate."

Does anyone on DU know what a resolution is?

NH Predictions

Yaaaay. My son's teacher just told me that she voted online in the

Sunday demonstrates Kerry's the front-runner

Boston GLobe/KRC Poll

Which Poll will win the Polling War?

Wesley Clark Admits Targeting Civilians In Yugoslavia

When Bush loses the election, what will he do with the rest of his life?

Quick! Tune into MSNBC for Tweety Interview with Dean and Judy

Bush Takes a Potshot at Kerry at his dinner tonight---why Kerry is doomed

Kucinich gets top spot for New York primary

Polls: New Hampshire may be uncallable

Kucinich: Iraq Policy Will Lead to Draft

Comin up on CNN: Historian Douglas Brinkley on Kerry book, Tour of Duty.

Gallop:Kerry Poised for N.H. Victory

I'm watching Wes Clark get interviewed on Democracy Now

1972 Election question...

Link to Democracy Now - 40 Minutes on Wesley Clark

Kerry leading in Michigan, Dean, Edwards tied for second

Even If Dean doesn't get the nomination, he is still the star of this race

Dean Hits Kerry's Judgment, Raises 'Dirty Tricks'

New Hampshire Results May Be Inconclusive

Winter Storm Watch

Are you satisfied with Kerry's defense of IWR?

Find your Prez candidate

Wesley Clark Jr. on C-SPAN NOW!!!!

Dean's wife is an albatross around his neck.

Does John McCain have any credibility campaigning for Bush in NH?

Clark plans to hit all 10 New Hampshire counties Monday

Wes Clark's candidacy gives me reason to hope again.

Which Early State Is LEAST Representative Of Average Democrats

Even non-Dean supporters should email Wolf today

eBay Founder Bids on Clark (Endorsement)

Our nominee? “Stop crying in your teacups. Get over it.”

Kerry Defends Votes On Military Action

Dean supporters: Where does Dean go after NH

Tonight I'm praying Lieberman does horribly

Why is Dean so angry?

Kerry, Dean in Foreign Policy spar; Clark: Republicans "heartless..."

SUSA Poll Matches Zogby Poll----Dean Closing In On Kerry Fast....

Hypothetical: New Hampshire results shock the nation

John Kerry voted for internet censorship

When will we know the results of the NH primary?

I broke down and turned on Imus this a.m. Tweety was on talking about NH

Dean tops Portsmouth cigar poll

Great letter in local paper (repuke might vote dem)

Howard Dean, good work smacking down Wolf Blitzer on CNNI!

Dean says he's closing fast on Kerry, accuses rivals of dirty tricks

My concerns with John Edwards

Ross Perot in 2004, sign the petition!!!!

Clark Supporters,

Could any other candidate take the beating from the press that Dean has ..

John Kerry 1971 (Doonesberry)

Grassroots can Elevate Sharpton

You won't believe it! CNN just mentioned the "dirty tricks" in NH!!

The use of conservative and republican sources in attacks on candidates

A question for Clark supporters

Did Kerry make a "gaffe" with his comments about the "Southern" vote?

What can the DLC take from these primaries ?

Is there any chance we could be looking at a brokered convention?

Which is worse: Democrats falling for pub propaganda or Dems tearing down

I just poured me a drink

Hilarious technical bungle on CNN a couple minutes ago...

NewsMax endorses Joe Lieberman

"It's the Economy" -- My Letter to the Dean People

Kerry the drug warrior with Beers by his side

Dean On TV Tonight - CNN 5PM, Tweety 7pm & Daily Show 11pm (EST)

Who is the better 'Democrat" - Clark or Lieberman ?

What is it about Edwards and Clark ?

Jamie Rubin coming up for Clark CNN Next 4:45

Dean response to applause "That makes me so Happy I could just scream" and

Hungry for a new poll? Here is one from Marist College on NH

TV Alert-----Dean and Judy Interview with Wolf Blitzer at 5PM or 5:30PM

DU Veterans: who do you support (and why)?

Freepers Questioning Kerry's war wounds (moved)

2 New Hampshire newspapers endorse John Edwards

anyone else tired of all the "joe-coverage" on tv

If (God Forbid) Clark loses...

2004..Are they Primary colors or Primary shades?

Clark supporters...our fate will be decided 2/3, not 1/27

I like our candidates, but I LOVE their wives...

How will Dean do in the Feb. 3 states?

I've decided on Wesley Clark, I think he's the best candidate

Lack of experience: Edwards biggest friend or foe?

Edwards on CNN: transcript of answer on gay marriage question

Winning the senate AND the presidency in 2004

Wes Clark Jr. Coming up on CNN...

where is a website showing the primary states

Dean.Clark.Clark.Dean- Rooting for both of you in NH

Hollywood to New York, coveted donors await a clear front-runner

Any Predictions\Info On How This Storm Will Effect NH Primary Turnout ???

How will Kerry do in the Feb. 3 states?

How important is the 3rd place finish in NH ?

A hard-nosed Repub in TN has just told me he's going Kerry

There's no dog more under than me!!!

Why I am now undecided..

New Viable Candidate Opposed to * Just Flew In....!

Deleted message

Chris Ruddy defending Howard Dean

NPR top of the hour: Bush v Edwards.

I'm still looking for the website that lists polls from primary states.

We Can't Just BURY Kerry's Record

Final Fox/WMUR poll is out:

CNN Wins the Dumb Teaser Award: The Deans: Two Doctors, One Candidate

How Zogby final polling compared in Iowa to actual caucus results...

Who has the experience that best recommends them for being President?

Democratic Candidates Photo Unity Thread

Is it ethical to buy (favors) endorsements?

Official MSNBC Poll Results

How will Clark do in the Feb. 3 states?


Electable???? The real Question is..........

Vermont ranks in the top 6 of the nation in balancing environment and jobs

THE AD CAMPAIGN : Kerry Plays Up His Endorsements and Support From Voters

DU'ers raise another $250 for Edwards (up to $950 now).

I must be in the minority here.....

Win or Lose: I'm still a proud supporter of John Kerry

Dean Supprters. How are you doing it?

Is it Kerry or Clark that is half Jewish? I thought I heard a bio on Kerry

Some info about Kerry that you need to know...

Any Body Hear About Franken Getting In A Scuffle At A Dean Rally ???

Interesting day at the University.. who the Repugs fear most

Kerry says he alone hasn't 'played games' on abortion

Please explain something about your electoral process to me!

Who drops out tomorrow? Predictions:

Clark responds to Democracy Now with Integrity and Character

Did anyone else see Blitzer defend Howard Dean comments about CNN

Re: EDWARDS's Good Looks: I Can Relate

How will Edwards do in the Feb. 3 states?

If Kerry says "Bring it on" one more time...

Why do people think Kucinich is staying in until the convention?

Is "Muslim" a language? Kerry thinks so.

I am a Clark Supporter who is a Clark Supporter

Howard Dean's "Smart ID" plan-

John Kerry is...

Dirty Tricks Targeting Dean. Who's responsible for this stuff?

To Democrats who say: My Candidate or Bush

Were Kerry & Edwards Right to Vote for IWR and Kucinich Wrong?

Big news! Edwards is going to be on The O'Reily Factor tonight.

Kerry and Allegations of Dirty Primary Tricks 30 years ago (Boston Globe)

I Wish More Democrats Could Have Gotten to Know Clark Sooner

Researching Dean

Is Clark a talented amateur or the real deal?

Contribute to the Dean campaign..if you appreciate his contribution to

Kerry to visit St. Louis on Wednesday

Think carefully, NH Democrats

Eric Alterman highly supportive of Kerry these days

Kerry: Forget the South

Okay Dean folks--you drove me to it. Let's play "who's corporate?"

different view of Kerry's vietnam history...but you have to pay for it.

Dean's deals with the Devil

If the pollsters screw up NH the way they did Iowa, is their credibility..

My prediction: Iowa Redux in NH

I never realised Kerry opposes the death penalty

The Washington Post tells us who Bush's advisors want least

Kerry: Israel can't provide goods in talks with Palestinians

My challenge to those who don't understand BCCI and why BushInc.

Clark CAN win NH

What will be the big story after NH?