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Archives: January 18, 2004

Friedman: War of Ideas, Part 4

Guardian: The Overruling of the President

Damned lies and war loot

London Observer (Sunday): US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

Deadliest Attacks in Iraq War So Far

Dowd: Dudgeons and Dragons

We're winning, says Bush, as three more soldiers die

Bush crew practicing to jack next election?

NY Times Editorial on Electronic Voting and Partisan Gerrymandering

Are You Going To Get Mad?

Wes Clark for President - in the Deepest South.

3 ways in which you can support our troops

1/29 - Protest Bush in Greenwich, CT

A very interesting event in NYC

Al Franken upcoming radio show discussed on "Fox News Watch"

Pastor To Be Tried For Being Lesbian

Pickering: Concerns about his handling of hate crimes, anti-gay position

Do the moderators respond to appeals?

Isn't "General" a nickname?

A request.

thanks again to all the mods and admin

Yassin says he's not afraid

Mountain of Israeli-Palestinian friendship

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): War of Ideas, Part 4

The Use and Abuse of Martin Luther King Jr. by Israel's Apologists

Jenifer Flowers next on FOX

Dark and bloody battle fields - In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King

* is sinking like a slimy, moss covered stone

Question about the California primary

Fred Barnes said tonight once Dems. choose candidate, rightwing will tear

What happened to that threat that New York would be nuked in 28 days?

Will Iraqis try to damage Bush in 2004 election

So Bush Is Having A SOTU Tuesday. How Long Do You Think His Nose

CNN "Seeds of Terror" with Arron Brown.

are the state's delegates based purely on population?

New video on - "Get Stupid" parody

Used car salesman running for state rep as a "conservative"

Gore Vidal: The war against lies

Osama's Shipping Peril

a local poll to unfreep

IBM: 15,000 New Hires...3,000 of them in "Developing Nations"

When will the labor market recover?

Low Intensity Conflict?

Social justice, poverty - Europe and the USA: a poll

Abraham, Martin And John

The Iraqis appear to have advanced Russian shoulder-fired missiles

Lieberman for EPA head?

Mayor aquires $1,000 bill for face value (legal theft)

TV Alert: Proof Nader is a Republican plant

Venezuela Decriminalized Drug Possession, Any US Media Cover It?

The person that can offer an antidote to the hate and partisanship....

Lie Pool!

Kevin Phillips is a Great American

I met Terry McAuliffe today

World Social Forum to plot moves against US

I've heard that gas prices are high because Bush is filling the strategic

LIBERALS IN SPACE: A Modest Proposal

I need your help, Re: Flame war with conservative

My ten seconds of fame on faux.

BBV: Lead Sunday NY Times Editorial Has All Guns Blazing!!!

Ask Ralph Nader not to run this year. (Easy form).

'04 Election Could Be 2000 Redux(effect of Bush's -50% -Approval)

Clerics Urge Shiites to Protest -

Film Producer Ray Stark Dies at 88

State of the Union speech: Top aides hone themes of U.S. progress, unity

Journalists Not Loath to Donate To Politicians

Seattle to Pay Protesters $250,000 to Settle WTO Lawsuit

UN Prepares for Meeting About Iraq, Wary of US Motives

College, Military Records Clash With Writers' Guild President's Statements

Dean Leads 'Superdelegate' Count

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

Schwarzenegger Budget Denies Some Health Care

Al-Qaeda launches online terrorist manual

O'Neill Says Bush Was Set on Cutting Taxes, Too

Study Says Iraq Insurgents Use Advanced Weapons -NYT

WP: (More) Confidential Passenger Data Used for Air Security Project

US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower (Katharine Gun from GCHQ)

Critics Say Park Service Is Letting Religion & Politics Affect Policies

US sugar barons 'block global war on obesity'

Hopes for Civility in Washington Are Dashed

(SOTU) Address Will Depict Bush as Above Politics

Clark Hints at Bush's Military Service

Democrats Plan Fence-Mending Session

Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins by Wal-Mart

A Poor Cousin of the Middle Class

Caravana al monte de Morelos

Facing Questions, Clark Backs Army School

I noticed a Movie at Hollywood Video called "TimeQuest"


Question For Wire Fans

Clam chowder, anyone?

PC Card experts...a question...

If it bleeds, I can kill it...

Now I lay me down to sleep.

Very Funny Dog Video


I am WAYYYYY drunk, but I want to do a DUer

DU chat on tonight

We're going to need a bigger boat.

I am sorry, they locked my post... Please forgive me...

Recognize the police captain on "Monk"?

Go Eagles!!!!!!!!

A bunch of posts

So what's the best movie review you've ever read? (warning, pertains to...

Good Night, y'all, I will go to bed now with LOTS of ...

My 300th POST! I have...

My sometimes annoying friend, Linda

Does anyone know if Oscar has been DNA

I want this T-shirt!!!

Test posting. Feel free to ignore it.

A bunch nasty of posts

Remembering what the vision thing is all about.

What's the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails?

Odd cremation rite question

Name that lyric

Popeye . . . one buff 75-year-old

Tonight on "THE PROCESS": Three hours of the Dark Side of the Eighties...

This seems like a good time: Tell us the most embarrassing thing...

Howard Dean spoof on SNL right now!

Many have asked for my picture. Here ya go.

Sink the Bismark!

Another use for duct tape. Remove your warts. Who would've known?

Just signed NRA Blacklist

Ok, I give up, I'm taking out my belly button ring

Stupidest thing I ever saw

Famous political quotes with underpants

How are you going to celebrate the day Bush leaves Al's House?

my speeding ticket

Need opinions re: Lasik surgery

Mad at someone?

I just finished watching PART I of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA...ask me anything.

Kucinich's Date gets someone else

Man, these candidates are working their butts off!

Internet voting in the Michigan caucus

Bush As Hitler? Dems Could Learn Lessons From Keynesian Hitler

Michael Bolton singing for Gephardt on CSPAN NOW

Stealth Negativity? Recording Reveals Kerry Operative Dissing Dean in Camp

Michael Bolton on C-SPAN for Gep now.

Clark, Kerry Camps Squabble Over Campaign Brochure

Under Attack, Kerry Appears to Build Momentum

Edwards on C-SPAN now

Which candidate has the most "governability"?

Analysis on latest Gallup poll of Wesley Clark

The Truth about Carol Moseley Braun

What happens if Un-Decided Wins?

Two Waves of Change; Dean and Kucinich (Long)

Michael Bolton singing at a Gephardt rally on CSPAN right now

Can Edwards bring together both Dean and Clark supporters?

Anyone watching Kerry on CSPAN? 9:45 pm EST

How Our Nominee is selected nationally?

Thoughts on the Des Moines Register Poll

Jesse Jackson on Fox now

Iowa Clark supporters to back Gephardt? Kucinich a spoiler?

I didn't know this: if your 17 now but 18 in November you can caucus

What if Dean doesn't get 15% in Iowa?

Howard Dean's sealed records: supporting view from an "opponent"

Recording Reveals Kerry Operative Dissing Dean in Campaign Call -J.Tapper

Michigan - The Other Perfect Storm...

Dean went from frontrunner to running scared in the final week before Iowa

First lady contender Teresa Heinz Kerry brings candor to campaign

Isn't a 4 way tie in Iowa the ideal for Wesley Clark?

The Fury of the Democratic Convert (Wes Clark)

Dean's in 3rd place, behind Kerry and Edwards?

Is Dean going for the sweater vote now?

are any candidates running ads AIMED at March 2nd states?

Clark explains: preemption vs preemption:

SNL Just Trashed DEAN in the Opening

Clark answers questions on School of the Americas....

New Des Moines Register Poll: Kerry opens 6 point lead over Dean

New poll shows...oh, who gives a crap.

Dean Campaign Rocks for Caucus of 3,500 strong on the ground!

What does everyone think of Super Delegates?

Iowa: Potential Winners and Losers (oh... and GEPHARDT's dead meat)

Concord Monitor in NH endorses Kerry

I'm extremely proud of John Kerry

when will Lieberman drop out?

In S.C., Edwards Talks Job Growth - State Wants Hope

Iowa Worries About Losing Its Franchise (Or Why Harkin Endorsed Dean)

Our candidates in Iowa are doing us all PROUD!

Clark Makes His Move (US News)

CapGang Outrage of the week: Dean's Selective Condemnation of IWR

Dean, his numbers, and what they don't mean

I saw Michael Moore at the Clark rally in NH today

Predictions on Tomorrows Des Moines Register Poll

Clark lines up support of Clintonites

New CBS poll: '04 Election Could Be 2000 Redux

Stop Dean Steams Full Speed Ahead in Iowa ...

I am pulling for an Edwards win on Monday.

Deleted message

They just showed a Dean skit on SNL

John Edwards: From long shot to serious contender

If Dean defeats Kerry in Iowa, will Kerry Supporters & Dems Rally to Him?

New ARG 1/17 Kerry up, Clark down, Dean level, undecided up

Clark suggests questions remain unanswered about Bush's military service

If Dean wins because he drives people to polls, and Edwards goes up

"For John Kerry": Concord-Monitor Endorses John Kerry

I just met Janene Garalifilo and Joan Jett at the Dean Camp/Iowa.

The biggest Clark photos (& GOP satire) website is calling you -NOW!

Wesley Clark's Argyle Sweater On Ebay! Bid Now To Benefit Liberty House.

Knight Ridder: Nov. election offers clearest choice in at least 25 years

Take Me off This Planet

America Votes | The art of democracy, in peculiar Iowa style

The Democracy Dream Team goes to Iraq!

delicious new product from gitmo foods: concentrated CAMP

Aussies shot first, to pre-empt Iraq War

Frank Rich: Chutzpah and spiritual McCarthyism

Administration All Around (parody; apologies to Maurice Sendak)

Scalia trip with VP raises eyebrows:Justice to hear case of energy task fo

An ethicist strips off Bush's moral veneer (does talk about morals=moral?)

WP great review of anti-Bush AMERICAN DYNASTY by Kevin Phillips

Excellent reply to "Time to stop hurling Hilter insults".

Iraq should teach Bush preemptive war's limits

The Bush Ongoing Assault on Women!

Ex-spy (Richard Steele) raps Bush, intelligence

America's War for Global Domination

Uh Oh--Is Dean A Closet Atheist?

Any protest actions in DC on the evening of the State of the Union?

Suicide Car Bomb - CNN Video

You just have to laugh - I was used as an example of "liberal confusion"

No surprise here: A "Bush/Cheney 04" bumper sticker

Reality vs. Fantasy - Perle and North (in Loonyland)

PNAC member of the week: Donald Rumsfeld

Anybody know how,

Ladies -- opinions, please

Bipartisan Move To Ban Gay Marriage In Illinois

The town that NAFTA killed

Please go watch Al Gore's speech on the Greenhouse effect.

Another perspective on the manned mission to Mars:

Germany, France linked as never before in crisis-hit EU

"Zogby American Values Survey 2004" = pro-fair issue CCW!!!

The LA Times- "Call it Reefer Madness"

New Mexico State Supreme Court Upholds Concealed-Carry Law

Regarding The Calendar Feature

Why did I have to download Hebrew text support just now?

A question...

The Ignore Feature

Can I post satire

Deleting the flame bait threads instead of locking was a brilliant idea

Rule #8

Would you still enforce the GE candidate rules if Lieberman gets nominated

Ha'aretz (Sunday): PM weighs changing separation fence route

"The Roots of Hatred" (new article 1/18/2004 newday)

Death toll in Haifa suicide bombing rises to 21

Sharon praises art vandalism

Two peoples and a single land

Memories of Flight 77's Dead

Silverstein, FDNY Razed WTC7 (WTF?)

Dean, Clark Lead in New Mexico

Rendell pushing for early 2008 presidential primary for Pennsylvania

Boxer in solid spot for Senate re-election race

How do we get Media to report the Truth about Bush's Unpopularity

Will Dean run out of gas?

BBV--don't forget caucus platform resolutions.

Do you support Gephardt, Lieberman, or Sharpton?

Just saw Dr. Meg Jamison (sp) on a "We Have a Dream" clip.

Gore supporters and other Dems, please join us!

Racism trumps Patriotism in Florida

Science is creationism?

Who will Bush pardon if he loses?

New Blair Accusation of war crimes in The Hague

Nader again puts ego ahead of his key issues

Other highly recommended 'Daily Show' clips....

Meanwhile, in Iraq...Surging Shiite Demands Put U.S. in a Bind

Iraqi Politics Pose Dilemma for U.S.

Help please for finding numbers concerning Reagan

My daughter has to do a paper on bush, name some accomplishments

Bombing rocks Shia holy city in Iraq

Should we push to have the wording "Well Regulated" taken out of

Saddam's Ghost Ships - did we ever find them?

What's the difference between Chemtrails and Contrails?

O'Neill book drives tonight's Nate Clay Show LIVE now -- link

Bush Tells Canadian Prime Minister's Scott that He has a Prettier Face

Now it's Social Security...

Check this out regarding former Prez Bill Clinton on the South Beach Diet

State of the Union preview, why bother watching it.

"Your Scott is better looking than my Scott"

I know when the violence will end in Iraq

Funny salon article about the Onion, Satan, and freepers

Political Outlook in November

ignorant people against Bush: good or bad?

The next time Bush pops up, it won't be a poll; he'll pop up toasted

Turn CNN on now - Live feed from a huge bomb in Iraq

Bush doesn't want REAL democracy for Iraq

As a Christian, do you put your arms up when you pray in church?

Must read: US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower

What does this mean? Just saw an interesting blip on the bottom

Imagine Chimpy trying to give Gore's environmental speech..

The Democrats should sit on their hands during Dubya's State of the Union!

I Do NOT Like The Eagles BUT I Would Like Them To Win For Two

NY Times Book Review: 'American Dynasty': Family Lies (Guess Who?)

Dick Cheney long profile in WP -- mum's the word

We're handing the election to Bush!

"Perception lags reality"-Ari Fleischer

Michael Moore = Freeper Tool...

Tom Brokaw on MTP just gave plug to "Clear Channel" said....he used to

Is it wrong to feel this way?

Can someone please explain to me

"Fixing Democracy" great-please spread to boards where both Republican and

was I on the right track in my reply? (income taxes)

Schwarzenegger budget to slash health and education in California

O'Neill story being put on back burner....

Campaign Managers

Moon over My-Hammy...........good story for a Sunday morning

Kevin Phillips on KPFA NOW (1:15p EST Sunday)

Jan Mickelson ridicules people who meditate for peace

Red Cross is upset over Gitmo - thank goodness

Bitter Sweets - The Labor Woes of Fannie May, Fannie Farmer Candies

Military casualties are way over 500!

"Healthy Marriage Initiative"

Live satellite and radio broadcast for Iran Regime Change?

"No President should fear public scrutiny of his program".

College GOP Brownshirt assaults rock legend Joan Jett

Direct-action DUers: Is a squirt gun "assault"?

Al Franken will be on c-span2 in a few minutes

Al Franken, Eric Alterman, Tucker, & Ingraham (Replay) 1pm Sun

Quotation about First Amendment - source?

Young Rethugs Try to Break up Dem Caucus Rally

One of the best quotes I've seen...

Bush White House Overnight Guest List 1/20/01 to 5/1/02

"You are one monkey head used Lipton tea bag." (Margaret Cho's blog)

If Cheney will betray his own daughter for his $pecial interest$...

Who determined 'red state' is republican and...

King a communist!?!?!

Leaving a mark on some rightie's (Education)

Al Franken, Eric Alterman, Tucker, & Ingraham on NOW (12 AM ET Sun)

Poll: * approval sinking

Who amongst you is registering new voters....

I'd love to see Roy Moore become a governor or a senator...

Aren't you glad you're not a gay Moonie?

DU is a depressing place for progressives (somtimes)

Has this been reported here? Queen and Blair get into it over Iraq

Unnamed Dem leads Bush 45-43

The Recruiters///Lying to our kids in every town in the USA (Liars)

Just had a repug tell me that the US never signed the Geneva Convention

Website row pits B.C. teen against Microsoft

Why do polls show more Americans trust Democrats with the economy?

Window on the Repub mind: "Ask America" survey

Memories of the Draft in Peace Time and In War

Ed Gillespie said (ABC) that * inherited a recession. not true, right?

MRS. O'Neill's Bush observations are intriguing

Cheney and Scalia are duck hunting together

Bush will wipe Iowa off the map with SOTU address.

Freepers to protest Jesse Jackson on MLK's Birthday! Tomorrow in LA

Divided We Stand (Clinton v Bush Culture War)

What caused the 180 from Republicans on civil rights?

Iraq Dead Exceeds First Four Years of Viet Nam

Could Iowa overshadow Bush's SOTU speech?

Will Bush propose a "Universal Healthcare Plan" in the SOTU?

U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground (Reuters)

My theory on why Gore didn't go after Bush's hazy military record

Browkow's comment on MTP

What is the US had an AWOL President and a draft dodging VP?

BBV: Fixing Democracy (NYT Lead Editorial)

Zero taxes

Academia, that bastion of inclusion.

CBS/NYT Poll has Bush* down to 50%! Negatives at 45%!

Put a fork in him: Evangelicals call Bush evil...

Professor protests U.S. fingerprinting policy (refuses job)

Zell Miller: What are the rules if any for party ouster?

5 MILLION World War II aerial photographs to go on the Internet on Monday

Why we should have a draft.

Military Families to Hold Candle Light Vigil During SOTU

You have GOT to see this video clip!! Pres. GW Bush vs. Gov. GW Bush

Football Fans: Don't forget to BOYCOTT COORS

Margolis article exposes Guantanamo Injustice

Yellow Journalism - how come noone is using this term?

Liberal Websites?

What's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

How do we stop corporate america?

The President chuckled. Well, you got a pretty face..."

Do you support Gephardt, Lieberman, or Sharpton?

Hollinger International Sues Conrad Black for Damages

(State of the Union) Address Will Depict Bush as Above Politics

"A Dishonest War" (Ted Kennedy Op Ed in WaPo)

We're winning, says Bush, as three more soldiers die

U.S. toll in Iraq over 500

Oil spill reaches Bonneville Dam

Bomber Kills 18 Near Coalition HQ in Iraq

2 Killed in Tikrit Car Explosion

Execution Pace Slows Amid Death Penalty Shifts

Musharraf vows to strengthen nuclear capability

Will Sierra Club get anti-immigration agenda?

Boxer, Dean's spirit take center stage

U.S. Eyes Space as Possible Battleground

WP: Bush Ad Scripts Test New Law and Tough Approach

Carter praises Dean's 'courageous and outspoken' stands

Dramatic divisions mark this election

Roy hopes Saddam's fate for Bush

Apparent bomb threat diverts Delta flight

Two Iranian state TV journalists briefly held after Baghdad bombing

Newsweek: The Syrian Connection (Company named Tatex to 9-11)

Car bomb rips entrance of US-led coalition HQ in Baghdad

U.S. School Segregation Now at '69 Level

U.S. toll in Iraq over 500 Count matches Vietnam in 1965

Woman is carrying first cloned embryo, claims doctor

Journalists Not Loathe to Donate to Politicians

Dean luring newcomers to politics

Inmate’s threat to Bush followed therapy - (used anger-management journal...

Surging Shiite Demands Put U.S. in a Bind

Keene (NH) Sentinel endorses Dean.

Clark wins endorsement from McGovern

US military will stay in Georgia

New Zealand Greens see red over missile plan

Danish Army: Iraqi Shells WMD-free

Newsweek: How the '20th Hijacker' Got Turned Away

IBM to add 15,000 new jobs

Shame is gone from politics of pork

CBS Cuts MoveOn, Allows White House Ads During Super Bowl

(Wife) Judy Flies In to Boost Hubby Howard (Dean)

Coalition uses 1918 British report on tribal system

Will Sierra Club get anti-immigration agenda?

Political Rallies End in Brawl (GOP College Blackshirt assaults Joan Jett)

Do you support Gephardt, Lieberman, or Sharpton?

to pick a nit it is anyway not anyways


Photographic Rorshach Caption

Picking more nits: The word is "Republican" not . . .

Someone with photoshop skills wanna play?

Right now my husband has a chainsaw in the backyard and he's

Your favorite part of a beer?

Can you believe it's been 40 years?!

Kerry-Patriots' logo...separated at birth?

The Georgia Trip for Dean

Interesting evening.

its not the same...

I've looked at clouds from both sides now......

Are you someones Valentine?

Durnk [email protected]!


I'm willing to make an embarassing wager on my candidate.

What was the dumbest argument you ever had over the internet?

Test thread - please ignore

doesn't Blink 182 have the best lyrics ever?

ok what is proper/ best ?

Today In Twisted History

Anyone up for a late night chat

Congrats on 300 posts Limbought

How do you cope with DU withdrawal?

Reuben James

Yeah! Patriots Go To The Superbowl!!!

Oh no! I like a Blink 182 song! AHHHHH!!!!

Today's Boonedocks--too true, too true!

Mute Buttons Are A Wonderful Thing. You Can Save Alot Of Anger. Push

LOTR Return of the King is awesome

Eagles vs Panthers game thread w/ pregame!!

Mars Lander discovers low life!


I'm just like Ben Franklin!

Pancake Fiasco Leaves Stain On Dean, Kerry, Political System (Humor)

I Do NOT Like The Eagles BUT I Would Like Them To Win For Two

How smart is the average person who supports *?

Does anyone else remove dust jackets with Bush's picture?

What's going on? Cops upset me to no end.

A simulation

TSA: In the Pocket of the powerful camping stove lobby

NFC Championship: Giants vs. Vikings thread

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really like Tom Brady!

Today is more ice inside the windows for me

Sunday afternoon chat

Here's another anti-war picture from last year

strange place to hold a caucus

I should find out if I get a raise next week

My washing machine is frozen

Let me take you down b/c I'm going to

OMG! A Hummer...

No offence to shortbuspresident but

One year ago today (photos)

I'm a locked thread rubbernecker

Can you name the 2 people in my sig picture?

Does anyone know the economics of postal reply envelopes?

Anyone know where I can BUY anti-War photos?

Who is going to the Super Bowl ?

What happened to (SNL comic) Chriss Kattan?

Bush*.......changing the Republican Party emblem to a condom ....

Great Cartoon

Skittles, Where Art Thou? "Valley of the Dolls" on Oxygen Channel NOW!

Help! In Search of A Responsible Area Rug

The Notorious C.H.O. - Margaret Cho

9800, 9800XT, or 9800 Pro?

Whitey on the Moon by Gil Scott-Heron

I am assembling a huge ikea closet system...How long will it take?

Anybody hear James Carville on NPR?

sinner, you better get ready . . .

Anyone here know of the singer/song writer Lynn Miles from Canada?

I have a nit to pick too, it's called "Democratic" not "Democrat" although

I just found my letter from Jimmy Carter

Today, I'm one year cigarette-free.

Important, hard-won lesson for the day:

What would you take for appraisal to "The Antiques Roadshow"?

Clarks sweater hits $1500.00 on Ebay

Fried bologna, scrambled eggs and grits

About 'Ignore'...

I must pick a nit--it's "Revlon", not "Revlons"

Half way to the Super Bowl!

My #$*%%$ Repuke brother-in-law

Colts vs Patriots official game thread w/ Pregame show

Do you boycott Wal-Mart?

Best National Anthem Singer of the day

I've just loaded 2 days worth of songs into my iTunes

What is it with trolls and Sundays?

Today it's barbecue by the swimming pool to me.

while roadtripping, do you deliberately not stop in red towns?

OTHER than Harry ......


Do you lie to your children?

Troy Aikman is on Fox right now, and I have a question....

Why you should support small business -One Duer's story

What's your favorite chicken part?

so . . . any Clay-Moms in the house? . . .

anyone lucky enough to be in a city where "Monster" is playing?

Dammit! Ruben Studdard is singing the National Anthem!

Office Space on Comedy Central....

Modern singers and the National Anthem (a rant)

Spam ads for 'male enhancement' just toy with men's egos

Latest poll I just made up in my head

What if God Smoked Cannabis?

What's to eat for the games today ?

Why no Catalator

I finally have internet at home again!

As a Christian, do you put your arms up when you pray in church?

More picking of nits: It's Donna "Summer" Not "Summers"

Who's got a single friend they wanna hook-up with HEyHEY?

DVD player advice needed

Thank you to all of you!

What are you boycotting?And what should we be boycotting?

check out these awesome sidewalk chalk drawings . . .


. . And God Created Canada . . . .

I need good-looking head-shots of all the candidates.


If Kerry Pulls Through It'll Be The Biggest Primary Comeback in History

Serious question about polls

Howard Dean is King of the Universe.

i don't trust polls

Latest Des Moines Register poll

Gephardt and Michael Bolton on cspan now

Kucinich running second to Dean

OMG!! New Iowa poll shows (in order) Kerrey, Edwards, Dean, Gephart

Should the Senators and Reps in the race attend the State of the Union?

Primary challenger to Lieberman in 2006?

Is Jimmy Carter going to pull an Arnold and endorse Dean?

Kerry, Gephardt blitz hits area

Should we have a national primary instead of state by state?

Dowd's column on Dean and Dr. Judith Steinberg is

Kerry, Edwards surge (Des Moines Register, Sunday)

Clark makes his move!

It pains me that the right has affected the way I consider candidates...

Everyone should take a deep breath and calm down a minute.

For those that haven't noticed. There is a bombing in Baghdad.

Elizabeth Edwards on C-SPAN now!

Edwards on Face the Nation now.

Clarks sweater hits $1500.00 on Ebay

Concord (NH) Monitor endorses Kerry

I'll try to be as innocuous as possible. RE: Luring new voters

Why Media Calling "Statistical Dead Heat" When Kerry/Dean Beyond MOE

Will you ever vote for someone who initially supported IWR?

how badly does Lieberman have to do in NH to drop out before Feb 3

For dreamers of a split convention.

If Gep is knocked out on Monday, who does he endorse

Zogby 1/18: Kerry 24, Dean 23, Gep 19, Edwards 18

New Mexico: Dean, Clark in statistical tie; neck and neck in California

So, any predictions on what devastating news will break on Iowa eve?

Lets pretend the caucus results folow the curent polls

My One Prediction About Tomorrow (Like Anyone Cares... ;-) )

Why should we nominate Bob Dole?....(Kerry, Gephardt) IA predictions up now

Kerry calls Clark on lobbying/Republican support

Edwards could attract second-choice caucus vote

John Kerry: the most searched person on google last week

ARG New Hampshire Tracking: Dean 28%, Clark 20%, Kerry 19%

Washington Journal- I feel sick.

Live Edwards rally coming up on C-SPAN.

Is the Clark/Dean 2-man race over?

Caucus night looms

Wouldn't it be wise at this point if people just waited

Clark puts his argyle sweater up for auction on Ebay

Will you vote for someone who voted for the IWR/Patriot act?

Small nitpick with Edwards from "Face the Nation"

Iowa Electronic Markets (Dem nomination betting) - Dean 2-1 / Clark 5-1

Do you support Gephardt, Lieberman, or Sharpton?

Question about the Iowa Caucuses

Is Clark too liberal to get elected?

Excerpt: Gen. Wesley Clark, Winning Modern Wars

"A Democrat's Democrat":

Excerpt: Sen. John Edwards, Four Trials

President Carter commends Dean for "Early and consistent opposition"

Excerpt: Rep. Richard Gephardt, An Even Better Place

Gephardt supporters Only -- write an endorsement for your candidate

Excerpt: Gov. Howard Dean, Winning Back America

List of Democratic Candidates' Foreign Policy Gurus

Extremely massive information dump on Gov. Howard Dean, M.D. (v2.5)

Here's an idea....

John & Teddy on C-Span

Dean on Iowa knife edge

"Issues of character and integrity"

Behind the Clark surge - How did it happen?

How much money will Kerry have after NH?

Faux News Alert: Mrs. Dean to join the campaign trail

Even with the nomination not decided, I give Wes Clark a 1 in 4

death penalty positions

Nader again puts ego ahead of his key issues

Lots of Clark video including Moore interview on CNN>

One day before caucus and the only news channel covering it - Faux

Clark internet fundraiser past $1 million mark

Davenport DEAN rally on C-SPAN now

Is Gephardts voting record in the house this bad?

In an alternate universe: Who can be the "stop LaRouche" candidate?

Will Dean people vote for Kerry if he wins the nomination?

"Clark Backer Questions Bush Guard Service"

Force the candidates into a progressive populist bidding war?

Adventures in Canvassing: the Media are Largely Right for a Change

Will Dean's appearing with President Carter help in Iowa?

Why doesn't Dean unveil his tax cut plans before February 2nd?

CLARK Wins the California Young Democrats' Straw Poll!

Edwards, Kerry edging Dean in Iowa

Words and a challenge from Bartcop (2004 primaries)

McGovern endorses Clark!

C-span 1 Event with Both Dean and wife Judy coming up

Dean and Clark supporters -- are you submitting group endorsements?

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